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    JAMILTON, in
¢ Published we ALEXANDER
emer 2. al. eo en aa
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ow SATURDAY EV ENING. Saglonber 1
SHO mY MEMOIR 1 EF jrearly all bis army | destroyed Bolvar|the younger, who is at pregént iy HR, De dies on
, farnous. (rol) wneede ¢gimade his escape, leaving behind him, in ted States, has been released by Louis thewidia of the ny
‘Of the famous Grotius, an anecdote Off | Lu fhe enemy, all his batgage.18th; with his unfortunate companionjand fifty yards,
which Laviletie’s is 3 countetpatt, camp quipage, &¢. and succeeded in get-| Count Toreno. The whole extent of
Hugo Grotius, or Dz Groot, was born atl oo «%0n +na rd his fleet at Ocumares, with - river which has no other cataract ov Ho
Dictt, in !olland, in 1533. He wasa per-l, gow of his followers ; but the commander |[ From the Naticnal Inelligencer, Aug, 21.]isiderable impediment, from the point of
son of incomparable genius, and without co. foe¢ (Biron) refused to pat to Sea, STATE BANKS. Jefferson river, the Jargest of the thre
controversy one of the greatest men of hish eso in want of provisions. The meni The convention of delegates from the orks, to its entrance to ‘the Mississippi,
age. When but eight years old, he made} oC ipen turned on shore, except a suffi | Banks of New York, Philadelpnia and Bal is three thousand and ninety six miles 5
Latin verses which would have been 10} ....¢ number to man the fleet, and all mas- 'timore, which lately mei at Philadelphia, no sther tributary stfeam in the world pos
discredit to the mature age of an accredit-} 1.4 by a furious populace. The fleet decided to postpone the resumption of spe-{sessesed such a navigation
ed poet. When hut fifteen be had acquir-f oo. steered for the island of Buyenayres,|cie payments until, at the earliest the 1st of
ed 2 very critical knowledge of philosophysl ich Gen. Bolivar on beard. July next. The dccision was communicat-
mathematics, and jurisprudence. At 24} eo ed, as stated in an’ extract froma Baltimore
he was made advocate general. In 1613 bef
ot paper, published ib this pap rn the 15th
seitled at Roverdan, and became Syndick © The petgrn from Elba. [inst to the Secretary of the Tieasuiy ; but
ol that city. Al this time Holland was : : we understand, that the Secretary was far
grealy agitated with the disputes of the] That there was a plot actively carried oblfu,m approving it, or suggesting, that in
remonstrants and contra remonsuants.lwhile Bopaperte was at Eiba, though soli e discharge of his official duties, he could
B racveldt, the intimate friend and patfonjofien and so boldly enied, is evident from acquiesce in the proposed arrangement.
of Grotius, declared in favor of the former,lthe proofs on the trial of Rigar ¢, who him-
5 employed not less than 27,000 francs,
: The decision is in manifest collision with
and Grotiue by his writing and influence ot ! ; the measures of the Legislature, for estab-
support:d the pamy of his benefactors in-douceurs, to alight infantry regiment—iyighine the Bank of the United States, and fifteen undies’ Wie, Sob at least
Thils business epic in gre cuin of Barnc-lin cotertaining the Poles—in secret expen jy ion of fhe. revenues Mm the sederd-aiiomsehioh is oven: wide
wh wy Bo Bs aT TY I ead IRVORSHOUTIIG dUPKITIICLE met BEX POU fi] ist neh Ca Sad DUA (ee tring BEIEht Yuncere 5 Bs o) ry where,
ds, Win Ros go Re A : Heer ath rs Po TEAR we ded Wal Babak. add lige iden
#olved in his fall, wae coudeind hper-§ ces ol printing—ia keeping an officer its effects may U9 gE Go ow {The vicotioy pe ay
petual ithprisonment, and shut WER Ah | Paris to transmit orders to him on the partispeegions of a letédr wiiicl *lncdiment one hinred id. fifty miles up:
castle of Louvestein, foi Bonaparte trom Lall>mand and Lefebre: ed to the Bank Commissioners at Philadel. FRCITREE oF Gi iy
His wife observing the chest in whik! j—emin employing iif Smissyty of Che joni ; and of which the following is a COPY:| jon01h, the breadth of the river two hun-
was his linen, &c. passed and repussed [ons to act as a spy on the Duke of Belluno, - : er 0 hun
fora the prison, had ceased to beinspectedficc. Itis to be observed that ail his oc- Letter from the Secretary 3 . aft A hrtecitre ea nes
by the guards, adviced him to shut himsclif curred while Rigard was acting as Lom- ; RR PL A
up in it, and endeavour to make his escape wmandant of the department of La Marde, of the Tr easury to the ht a gy Ay
Te he ee ie olson a ne oy p ys | Bank Commissioners at|with much more justice than the Mississip=
gif, +1 Goiius was locked up in It dndg : (Lon. Pap. July os : a igsisrins
carried ¥ ut unobserved, his wite remaining : Philadelphia.
\ Treasury Department, 15th August, 1818,
cary, TH ied iu safety 10d GL — try hies on its borders more extensive than
3 Lis sieady, He Was carjjsoin hmily Ho vi Lt ET Egypt, and ofa soil the richest perhaps in
friend’s house al Goreumn, where dressing Origin of the late King EyD’ ? porhape
MU R AT + 1 Gexrtresan~The information com®
. municated to this Department renders it
: the world, Its waters, which aren >
Limoeeid like a mason, and taking a trowe! table, are very red, a
apd ‘ule in his band, he pissed unnoticed mineral. The river is remarkably narrows
tough (the market-place took aboat, andl pre unhonny termination of this unfors|probable, that in the course of afew days iis seldom spreads to the width of (wo hums
erriving safe at Velvet, in Brabant, he tooky, 00 wan, who was raised to’ a throne by, the sum of 8,400,000 dollars in gold and sil- ry
Bonaparte, is well known. But his birth|ver coin, and in the publie debt, will have
and family are in greater obscurity than abs actually received, on account of the
It takes its source in the Cordill
at no great distance north of SuntaRe |
is navigable six or eight hundred m
with scarcely any obstruction. There is
at that point a curious raft, formed ol lo
and earth, which entirely covery itd chan
nel ; trees are growing upon it, aod one
might pass over without perceiving the
river. Red Riverruns in a valley on an
Sonic of the Judges were of opinon that
the wife of Grotius should be kept in pri-
son iu his stead ; but she was liberated by a
“yhajority of voices, and her conduct univer-
jo Ziti apalanded. Gearing ofter this retired
tofrance, where Louis XII. gave hima
oa of 1000 crowns per annum ; but of
<his be was. deprived by the infuence ol
ceedingly crooked. The annual swell,
which is early in the spring ofthe year,
he United States, exclu ‘raises the water fifty or sixty feet, when
5 subscriptions ; and it will tuen be your du- 3 flows with great rapidity ; but during the
The following anecdote which has been "Fano timesnd plece within the 6 cuniner aud season of low watch, ic is sunk
related by several writers, tends to throw of Philadelphia, for the election of the di-|yi hin deep and ragged clay banks, of an
some light upon his history After his e- rectors, who are to be chosen by the stock- unsightly appearance, and has not more
levation to the rank of a prince of the holders.
: dred and fifty yards, and is more gencrally.
cartilage, and got thence to Antwerp — contracted to one hundred ; it is also ex-
most of the French generals who distin [subscriptions to ithe capital of the Bank of
ruished themselves in the reign of Napole- the United States, exclusively of the public
Cardinal de Richelien in 1631. In 1634,
Ye became councellor of Chistiana, queen
of Sweden, who sent him ambassador to
France eleven years 3 and when he rewried
to Sweden fo ive an account of his inissi-
on, he asked, and with great difficulty ob-
tained his dismission On his return to
his owa country, whither he bad been
warmly wvited, (his enemies being almost
aif dead.) he was taken ill ou the way; aud
diced at Rostock, April 28, 1645. Grotius
was a great lawyer, a great critic, great di-
vine, and a good man His mmerous wit
tings have immortalized him, especially his
truth of the christian Religion, and his trea-
tisc on peace and war.
. re etn BGD | () ; GES
A letter from New Orleans, dated the
A71h of July, states that sufficient returns
di the late election in Louisiana bave been
received to ascertain that General Villere
is the Governor elect.
In speaking of the late disturbances in
England, the Liverpool Advertiser thus
remarks : « We are concerned to learn
that in addition to the disturbances in the
eastern district of the kingdom, some daa-
gerous tumaults have lately broken out in
the south west; chiefly in the seat of the
superfine cloth manufactories. In that
quarter the distress, we believe, has long
been urgent, but as they have always been
noted tor their orderly habits, we had not
ex ccted dny public disturbances. They
have of course been quickly put down ; fo
these unfortunate persons must know, and
ought to be made sensible, that nothing is
to be remedied by a violation of the laws.
and that men never succeed who try by
such means to redress their own giievan-
From the Spanish Maine
Capt. Bowers. of the schr. Bonna arrived
at New York in 17 days from Porto Cavel.
lo, states that Gen. Bolivar landed on the
5th of July, at QJcumaces, a small port 15
miles to the windward of Porto Cavello,
with his patriot army amounting to 800
10, principaily blacks frem St. Domingo:
snd was on his march far Carraccas, when
hie was met by Gen. Morales at the head
I"rench empire, he stopped at a small town
three days ; and on finding the bread pre-
pared fou his table of an inferior kind, he
dispatched one of his suite to order the best
baker in town, to attend him, to receive
from him his directions respecting this
precious article of life. A baker who had
heen long eciablished in that place was se-
lected for this purpose; and upon the aid.
Jde-camp ordering him to wait upon the
Prince immediately, he observed, to the no
little surprise of the officer, «itis useless
my going, the prince will never employ
me.” Upon being pressed to state his rea-
sons, he declined assigning any ; but as the
or ier of the messenger was preremptory he
ted to Murat, with whom he stayed about
ten minutes and then retived As he quit-
ted the house in which the Prince lodged,
he observed to the aid-de-camp, ¢¢ I told
you the Prince would not employ me, he
has dismissed me with this,’ displaying a
purse of ducats —~Upon being again pres-
sed toexplain the reason of this singular
conduct, he replied, © The Prince Murat,
when a boy, was apprentice to a biscuit ba-
ker in south of France, at the time Iwasa
journeyman to him, and 1 have often
threshed him for being idle ; the moment
he saw me just now, he instantly remem:
bered me, and without entering into the
subject of our acquaintance, or of that
which led me to his presence, he hastily
took his purse of ducats from the drawer
of the table where he sat, gave it to me
and ordered me to reure.”
A lawyer, upon a circuit in Ireland, who
was pleading the cause of an infant plaintiff,
took the child up in his arms and present-
ed itto the jury, suffused with tears. This
had a great effect, until the opposite law-
yer asked the child what made it cry!
‘He pinched me !” answered the little in-
nocent. The whole court was convulsed
with laughter.
From the Baltimore American of Aug. 20.
We have the great satisfaction of announ-
cing that Gencral Espezand Mina, uncle
of the royal army, and after a most sangui-iand successor in the command of Navarre
gay battle, was completely eut up, and duting the late Spanish was, to'(zen. Mina,
r *
in Germany, where he stayed for two or
duty, it is presumed that
commencing the business of the Bank at
file place designated for holding the elec:
ition ; and conforming to the general nature
1of your trust you. will no doubt, be disposed
to make such other preparatory arrange-
ments as will facilitate and accelerate the
‘operations of the institution. It is, inde-d,
of high importance to the people, as well
‘a8 to the government, that the Bank of the
‘United States should be in an organizcd
‘and active state, before the 20th of Februa
‘ry next, when the paper of the State Banks,
‘which have not returned (o metallic pay-
ments, must be rejected in the collection
followed him, and was immediately admit. | of duties and taxes ; and when such banks
will, unavoidably, cease to be the deposita-
ries of the public revenue.
In this view ofthe subject, Tam author-
jised by the President to recommend that
you cause to be prepared such books, en-
gravings, and paper, as you shall deem ne-
cessary for the commencement of the busi-
ness of the bank, as soon as the directors
shall be chosen by the stoekholoers. If;
however, an opportunity occurs, it will be
proper to consujt the directors who have
been appointed by the government, altho’
not members of your Board, upon the mea-
sures parsued, in consequence of this re-
With the advantages of the proposed
anticipation it is believed, that the Bauk of
the United States may be in operation bes
fore the first of January next; and a hope
is stiil iudulged, that the State Banks will
either conform to that event o* adopt the
period contemplated by the l.egislature
(the 20th of February) for a general re-
sumption of specic payments.
1 have the honor to be, gentlergen, very
respectiully, your most obedient servant,
Louisiana Rivers.
The cataract of the Missouri, from eve-
ry discription, are next to those of Niagara,
the most stupendious in tie world. The
decent in the distance of eighteen miles,
according to the estimation of Lewis and
Clerk is 362 feet nine inches.
Fhe first great pitch 98 feet
second 16
~third 47—8 inches
As an incident, in the performance of this
you will deem It
proper to provide a. suitable building for
than eight or ten feet water. The outlets
from this river are more numerous than
even from the Mississippi, and joined by
streams which flow from the uplands, oe
pine woods. The course of the river is cof
istantly subject to change ; many of the
boyoux which at present appear inconsid-
erable, at no distant period constituted tives
bed of the principal river.
The Buffsloe, may be said te have ‘fo
tired north of the Illinois, and west of the
Mississippi The plains of Indianna and
Iilinois, were ohce his place of favorite rex
sort, and he loved to frequent the banks
of the beautiful Grice: bo encroaching
settlements have drives him away. Hi.
proper country appears to be the plain
of Missouri ; those of Indianna and llii-
nois, are miniatures of these Here the
Buffaloe is found in immense herds ; fre
quently covering the plain as far as the eyn
can reach. Some ot thesc heards have
been estimated at fifty thousand heaus. In
the dry season, they are found in the neigh
borhood of the great rivers, but there ars
also regular migrations of them from north
to south, when they are seen passing the
Missourl, for scveral days in succession
like the march ot Xerxes’ army,
The wool of the buffaloe has a peculiar
fineness, even surpassing that of the me
I have seen gloves made of it, lite
tle inferior to silk But for the difficlty
of seperating the hair it might become g
very important article of commerce. Should
any means be discovered of effecung (his,
or should it be found that at certain seas
sons, there is less cf this mixoire. th: bute
faloc wool must become of prime .anpor-
tance in manufactures
The Prairie dog or squirrel, is a great
cuiiosity. It lives in buriows, or as they’
are called towns, and is about a third lar
ger than the fox squirrel. The head ig
thick and clumsy, it has large jaws, full
large eyes, but the ear is not prominenty
consisting of little more than the orifice.
The budy is long. and legs short, the ‘ail
not much Jarger than that of 2 commoty
ground squirrel, and very delicate; the
hair shoit and sleek, of a light grey ex<
cepting on the belley where it 1s white;
It is without doubt a species of squirrel
houeh it has a cloven lip like tbe iabit.
mz cs a 1 oise very similar to that of
e ground squirrel, though uch londer;
fand resembling in a-slight degree he bags