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. Bellefonte, (Pa.) nex
Published weeldy by A
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SHTURDAY EVENING, Fibrucry 17, 1016,
—— Es I A Err mere
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ty as if it We3é forma
Eontneat yy n
Ant. WV. Ths stare of disquiet and
myentation 10. which Frauce, after so many
violent shocks, 30d more especially Since
the last catastrophe, notwithstanding the
Paternal intentions of the king, and the ad-
vantages assured by the constitutional
charter to all classes of her subjects, must
necessarily be subjceted, requiring for the
secutity'of the neighboring states, meas.
ures'of precaution end temporary puaran.
Lees, thie occupation, for a certain time, of
the military positions aleng the frontiers of
france, by a corps of the allied troops, has
been judged indispensable; undef the cx-
Pes reseryaticn that such occupancy shall
10 no wise tend to prejudige the fovercign-
Fy of his most Christain majesty, nog the
state of possession, Such as it 1s recognized
ind confirmcd by the present freaty. The
navober of those tioups shall not exceed
150,000 men. ‘The commander in chief of
his arty 10 be apgointed by the allied pow -
08. The torps of the anny shall occupy
the niaces of Conde, Valenciennes, Bouch-
ais, Cambrai Le Quesnoy, Maubeuge, Lane
drecy, Avrones, Rocroy, (Fives and Charle-
monty Mezieves, Sedan, YMontmedt, Thion-
ville, Longwy, Biche and the tote du point
of fort Louis. France having to furnish
subsistence for the army destiued to this
sepvice, every thing that hus relation theres
toiwill be repulared by a particular conven-
tion. Thls convention, which shall be of
the same force and validity as it it were ver-
ally inserted in the present treaty, will, in
like manner, regulate the relations of the
army of éccupation with the civil and milis
tary 2uthorities of the country. The maxis
mim of the duration of such militaiy occu
panty, is fixed at five years. It tay tere
minate before that time, if at the expiration
of three years, the allied SOVETEIZns, in Cone
cert with his majesty the king of France,
ter having mutyully examined. the situa.
tion, tic revipreckl interests and the pro-
gress which the re.estaltishment of ciyil
Which that river Raws, shal
remain) ending to France itl) a smalbpore
fig ot te rrity ty on the left bank pot 16 ox.
ceed ond thoUsand toises, and Awlilch will
be more \particularly determized by fhe
commissiogers who are to rau the boun.
dary line.
2. From ¢’
ithe 'deparime:
Rhine, Doubs }
1a Paid
Qld NU}
fag 200A ¢Fiton du Vaud; +
Corr PTE Lr PPP rr
Payable holt nearly dn advance.
J Lak DE for
Troaty between France and 1:2
ers, concluded ar Parte, on
wWouvember, 1815.
In the name of the Most Holy and Un.
divided Trinity !
¢ mouth of the Kauta, 2lon
s o\ the Lowe and Upper
2d faarsas faras the Can.
he frontiers shall remain
{asthe were fixe by. the treaty of Paris.
The bed or couse of the Riine shall from
the demarcation \between France and the
The allied powers having by <heir forts etates of Germany but the right to the
and by the success of their army preserved islands therein ? uch Te toe same shall
France snd Forage, fui nie destruction hereafier be decilded upon, on 3 new sar
with which they were menace the] ey of the course of the gad river, shall
Jdastattempis of Napoleon Honaparte, ancjremain immutabl whatever changes Ye
by the revolutionary svetem Be procugea course of said r Very may Budergo mn tie
In France in support of tetapis. lapse of time. ( ommussioners shall be ap-
dot anal in inted on both ides by the high contract-
Participating with Ba be the Bi ing parties withih the rerin of thres months
Majesty 11a Wishito Ur done ntioo oto. LHe phiaosiE of proceching to the sai
viciable preservation PEFR TOY RII duiye ihe dng Half of the bridge be-
1 Aud spray er Tai oe tech. Bidwheirg and Ken! shall belong
charter to its IE OT ;
* .
Ly y
Ai ake 1 DO
ti Christian |:
fiw. |
- AVZ)
ean oh Ae A
anit Brapeesan
Cidade Heft Badel
Ce L tl
wie in acknowledping that the motives
which ied theny to the adoption of these
UIres Dave cessed to exist,
maw be the result ef their deliverations
ali tac placts and positions occapied by the
allied troops. shall, atthe expiration of the
tevin of {ive years, be evacuated without
any further delay, and restored to his most
whirls da majesty, his heirs and sucesse
I } vhow (haf :
happily’ re established Etec halite the grand
“fo rostove the relations o
Feciprocal good will hotween between the c pnton of Geneva vad Switzer.
surrouniag Batons, a : * % land, the part (pt the country of Géx, bound
effects of the revolution and A othe east iY the luke Te tr red
conquest haye Jong eR {by the terri. ¥ of the car®on of Geneva, to
NB rpuadud that this I ou) : o.ithe north by t Ae canton of Vai, 21d to the
fyBe Sccomplisncd by ai PE th [west by the.clourse of the Vérgoix, and by
( EaRteLto Mpa Just nde ¢ HG ba line which includes the districts of Cols
past, and a solid guaranties for the: Sr Bozo apt Myron, ring ne. dal
rein : : ti Yernle Pras es :
Have taken into consideration, in goncert/Hict Of LST rane vai be caged
[with his majesty the king of Frances he renited © Vio thon of ~ 0 oh
means of realizing this Waluemeit; 2° line of French customr-house shul be placed
having acknowledged that the udemnnity tie wind of Toil on id
ye lopthe pomory Sel geithes Se wholly whole country| of Gex without the line.
teyritorial or pecuniary, without interfering Rg From ti Bo ter. i )¢ ii
in some degree with the essential Interests no! Tap bi fe Mottin ono
of Franceyand tt Aijpraald be: Most EXD fine of demarcakion stall be that hich in
dient to combine the obJecte proposed, in; 1730 separated | France Fon ee the
order toravoid those two SOR CHichRrS, | unty of Nice. | The relearn ore
ti:eir imperial and royal majesties have ty of PoTaol I a i
Jf: © pos fepitnei actaul apgocia- ‘tween France ahd the principality (f¢ Mun-|
ttidus; and being, mutually, convinced of uco shall cease forever, and the sat. Amel
{ the necessity of preserving, fora detemi. ‘tions shall cottinire betwr en that ari fin
pate period, in the frontier provieces of
France a certain number of allied troops,
“they have agreed to combine the different;
.dispsiotions founded upon this basis, in 3
“definitive treaty.
5 To'this end and for this purpose, his ma-
‘Jesty the king of France and Navarre, of the
. a arty, and tis maizsty the emperor of
Austria, king of Hungary and Bohemia,
for himself and his allies of the other pare,
have named their plenipotentiaries, discuss,
“to conclude, and sign the said defihitive
, treaty, to wit : :
v {Here follows the names and qualities
Qf the pirnipoténtiaries.) :
"ArT. I The fronters 6 France shall re-
‘main as they were dn 1790, with the eX+
. ception of the modification of both prrties
a CITito-]
ned by
1ed (0
ty and his majediy the king of Sard
§ ‘All the territories and district.
'ded within the limits of the French
{res suchas they have been deterin
ithe present aruele; shall remain w
| France.
6 Whe high contracing parties.) within
three months after the spring of t As pre.
senttreaty, shall eppoh commissicfnérs for
the purpo-¢ of regulating what fo or way
have relation to the boundaries off counties
on either side; and ou the cor pnletion oi
their labors, maps shall be draw. 4. and botm-
dary marks piaced, to siew Uije resncetive
limits. :
t ART IIL The places and d'tricts which.
(according to the precedin ii shall
cep he . le. RO longer composé a paA of the French
which are indicated fn ihe present srycle territory, shall ie oF he posi of
Sak On the frontiers of the north, the line the allied powers, 14 the Aerms fixed by the
af demarcation shall remain such as the 9th article of the 4nil ‘ry convention ag-
‘treaty of Paris had fixed it umil it reaches ‘nexed to the prégent tieaty; and his majes-
opisite to Quicerain ; from thence it shall ty the King of ['rance, for himself, his heirs
follow the ancient limits of the Belgic pro- and successors, perpetually renounces the
vinees, of the {cmmer bishoprick of Licgesirights of sovertienty 10d vr
and the duchy of Routilion, sich. 28 it €x-'hath hitherto Crore: :
sted in 1790; leaving the enclesed ter- places and districts
ritories of Phillipville and Mari -nibourg Art. Hi, The fortifigation of
together with the places by that name, and, pvgen having been cous futly an
the whole duchy of Bouilion, without uneasiness to the town Lf B:
the frontiers of France ; from Villas near'cantractin
Orva on the confines of the department of; Helevotic
Ardennes and the grand duchy of Luxem-|
hourg, as far as Pale, upon the causewa
which leads trom Thinoville in Neves,
te tials adi]
Aur VI. The foreign troops, exclusive
those rwhich shall composeia part of the
army of cocupation, shall’ evacuate the
Freuch territory within the pervigr five by
rie Sv atticle of the “military convention
annexed to the present treaty.
Any. VIL In all countries where the
sove:cignly is transferred, either by virtue
of the present tresty, or if arrangements
tijat ure to be mde in consequence thereof,
tire inhabitants, najives as well as s al
gers, of hat €&udition and pation soever
they may be, shatl “be allowed the space
$IX yes, to be computed from the exe
{change of the ratifications. hereof, to dis-
[pose of their property, if they see fit, and
to such country a3 they may
per [remove
Axe. VIR. All the dispositions of the |
rs: jieaiy of Paris, of the 30th ci May, 1814,
Relative to countries ceded by this treaty, |
“shall equally apply to the diffarent territoa!
oy [ries and districis ceded by this treaty. ;
Arr. 1X. The high contracting parties!
having taken inte covsideration the differ!
lee claims arising frova thy Mon-cxecution!
[ofithe 19ih article of the treaty of May 30,!
11814, as well as the additional articles to!
said treaty, signed between Great B tain]
and France ; desiriog to render tore efit!
caciows the dispositions coatamed in the
said articles, and having for that purpose |
determined Ly two separate conventions the|
measures “to be executed by Loth powers;
for the comnilgite execution ot tre aforemen |
tioned asticle8, the two conventions such
as annexe El the pidsent treaty shall have
the same tore and validity as if the same
were Lerciiipse¥od verbatim.
z ed ra
Ant. XO Al prisoners made during
hostilities, astvell as all hostares that ljave
been piven of detained, shall bie restored!
withthe shortest ‘possible delay, together
with a!l prisoners made anterior 10 the trea-
ty of the 30th of May, 1814, and the jast act
of the congress © Vienna of the 92h of June
‘818, sre cunfirmog and shall be maintain:
‘din ail their parts, which have Bot Dren
undid by he presont treaty.
TY property which he
Yor PG aT ara ia]
SVQ OFC tne alotesald|
=o ed
#30 WX
a S
& parties, in grder (0 ¢ t
confederati bn a new proot of
their good will and sodicitude, have agreed
¥ between each other 4 demolish the fortfi-
: thefcations of Hunting sn; and the Franch oo
line shall remain such as it was desirun- vernment, {rom t'Ae Same motives. 8%.
ted by the treaty of Paris. From Pale lates, that they s#all never be rebuilt, and
it will pass by Launsdor, Wallerlerish, not replaced by ther fortifications sta dis.
chardosf, Nicdaveilling, Pellwoila, all tance less hayes leacues from the town
which “places, with their liberties (fran-lof Basle, The neutrality of Switzerland
¢hics ) shall remain to France, as far asighaij be exteaded to the territory which is
Houve, and from thence shall fellow thelio'the ton éh of aline tobe drawn irom U-
ancient boundaries of the conntry of Sanc. gine, incloding that city. to the south of the
bruck, leaving Sana Louis and the course lake of Anncey, by Favorape, as $ur 25 Loe.
of the Sana, with the places situated to the beraitte, and from hones to the lake of
right of the line above designed, and their Brouget and the Rhone, in the same man-
Lberties without the limits of France. Aerhat it was extended tothe provinces
virom the boundaries of Sancbruck the of Chablais and Faucigny, by the 52d arti
line of demarcation shall be the sama cle of the final act of the congres Vien-
hg now seperates from {®rmany the jig,
departments of the Mosell and the Lowerl Apr. IV. The
Rhine, as far as Louta which shall hereaf- be furnished by France to the allied paw.
. ter be the frontiers until where it empties ers Is fixed at the sum of seven hundred
Into &&e Rhine the whole of the teriiory millions of francs. The mede, ters, ahd
and the left bank ot the Louta including: sla vanice of the payment of said SIT shail}
Louta, shall cempese part of Germany be revulated by a purtienlar convention |
~neveithelesgthe towy of Weissergb » Which hall have the same foren and shad
tve Li }
= J
pecuniary indemnity to
Ly.inserted in the pres
order shall have made in France, shall ye.
But what-
t door south of the Bank,
Ng ey
A ad
=: bt
x A oy 4 Sr rs mo nn pl
TE wo pA rane At 3 _ 5
| Anr XII. The recent treajy. with tl e
[Smvendons hereunto atipxed, suid ke Tue
fed in a single act, ahd the ralcatins
thereof exchanged within twa mouths, or
sconer if possiole. a
fo faith whereof. the respective plifipo-
tent'aries have signed the sane, and heres
unto affixed the seal of their arms.
Done at Paris the 20th of November; ia
the year of grace, ene thousand eight Livus
dred rod Bfteen.
The high contracting powers, sincerely
derirous oA cairying ino effect the meas-
ures which wem the subject of their deli-
besationsin the congress of Vicuna, vela-
tive to the comnplele and Aniversal abolition
in the traffee of thenezroes of Afitca; and
having already in their several states iater-
dicted their colonics and subjects from any
part whatever therein, ehgare anew to y=
tite their efforts ih order to ensure the -
nal success of the principles which they
have proclaimed’ in the declaration of the
4th*Fobiuary, 1818, and to concert without
iss of tine, by their ‘ministers at London
and Faris, on the most efficacious measures
to procure the complete and definitive bo-
lition of 2 commerce us odious as it is
highly reprobated by the laws of relision
aud of nature The present additional ar-
title shal have the same force und vaiidity
as if it were iggerted verbatim in the trealy
of this day. :
In faith whereof, the respective plenipo-
tentiares have signed (huse presents, ond
have hereunto affixed the seals of thes
arins. 3 3
Done at Paris, the 30th November, yoax
of grace. 1815. efig
Signed, Te.
On the same day. in the $ame place, and
at the same meinent, the same treaty, tos
gether with the cdaventions and articles
thereunto armexed, was signed between.
France and ‘rear Britain, France Pride
sia, Brgnce and Russia. EEE
nity OF GD 1D) irene
(Our Relations with Spain
| To the House of Representatives
of the United States: 9
In tomplience with the resolution of the
Sith, 1 tran mit two letters from the Envy
Extraordivary and ministeral Plenipotens
tiary of Spam, to (he sccretary of State,
with his answer.
James Mapisow.
January 2A8ch, 1816
Translation ofa letter from the Diimistes
of Spain, te the Secictary of State, dated
Wasiington December 36, 1815.
SIB—The deplomatic relation betwen
the king my master, and the United Staes
{being bappily restored, and both LOVE! The
ments being disposed mutuilly to strengt/ie
jen the ties of the mot pure and perfect
friendship, it is my duty inform the Prog.
ident of what ever may contiibute to £0
desirable an object; and remove the obra.
cles which may prevent it On the spore
tant points which this note must tum,
have written to you under other civeusn.
stances less favourable thanthe present
will now confine my self to a pian and sia
pie explanation of them.
The first of these points iswthat the di.
rect and official relation between Spain
and the United States, having been broken
off, since the year 1508 he affairs of both
ations, as weil as tue respective fron.
tiers, should now be placed iu the same
state and situation 1 which tier were at
that period; ard that, In conformity to
this prigeiple, aed part of West Florida,
which the Unit d States took prestesian
of during ‘the glorious inzurisction of
Spain. and h&ve until this duy,
should Bo restored thes catholic majssey,
This just and conciliatory iitasure, at
the sume time thot it will ‘con¥ince the
King, my master, of the phrity andl sin-
cerity of the sentiments of the American
governmenyy and of ther diSpedition to ae»
range and termunate amicabiy the gavetal
paints of negotiation, will not, in the least
inpatr the right whice it way believe it hag
to the whole, or a part of hie terfitory oc.
cupied, sinoe it will remain subject, exacts
ly as xz wasbefere its occupation, to a frank
and friendly discussion betweon the twa
* *
- 2