American patriot. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1814-1817, November 18, 1815, Image 3

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ahas ervey wr som. meas Inc apy
aia of the forcion, bigaly 19 the sanisFiction)
of the officers. ¥ ics a gmat weil lormed
figure, about tive foot tear inches Bn height
possessed of considuble swenglh and
great activity ; her keaiuees are rather hand-fplain to Congress, the federalists will laugh
some for a black, and she app oars to be a-
tout 26 years olage. Her share of prize
money is said to Le considerable, respect
ing which suc has bec several times Wish
Wythe last for days at Semersct place. Io
British Lar, and takes her grog with ber
Jate messwaies with the greatest gaicty.
She savs she is a married woman, and wen!
to sea in consequence of a quarrel with he,
Juishand, who, It is sad, has entered aca
veal agaist her receiving her prize money.
She declares her intention of again enter:
ing the service as a volunteer. 3
American Patriot.
“ To sheak his thoughts——
Is every Freemans right.”
pr 7 Those indebted to the estate of T
M:Kee late of Walker township, will take
notice that agreeably tothe advertisement
pablished to-day, the day of settlement will
Be oa the 25th of this inswnt.
fo the first page of this day's paper will
he found a very excellent essay over the
strnature of « Codrus,” which we copy
from the Jurcra. We recommend it to the
scious and attentive perusal of our rea-
‘ders. A second number is now in our pos.
Bessiony from the same writer; written
in the same spirit, with the same liberal-
Ly, and upon a similar subject, which we
shall publish next week.
“* Sinee Napoleon the great has returned
to the dull pursuits of Skil life,” there is
no pews ati ring to gratify public curiosity.
“This gencration has grown too wise to be
diverted by marvellous stories concerning
monstrous births, horrid murders, terrible
thunder storms, &c. &c. Nothing but
“killing, and cutting throats on a large scale
will satisfy (he people. Be quiet good
folkes, Bona wiil soon escape from ‘his
‘Keepers to give the crowned heads a hutle
more business ; and t hen you will have fine
aport again, But if this should not happen.
you witl-eertainly te amused when the
wise ones of the nation assemble at Wash-
4ngton. There will be the Hartford Con-
ventionists from the Eas: j—the strong re-
publicans from Pennsylvania; the Back.
woodsmen from the west, and the nabobs
: €rom the south ; all loaded to the msusle
swith long-winded speeches, which they
have must wisely resolved todischarge
the first favorable opportunity.
The national Bank will be first brought
“upon the carpet The line of demarka-
_ tion will not be drawn between the parties
“upon this subject. Some will think such
yan establishment unconstitutional, Others
will fear it will create a monied fluence
dangerous to our liberties. But the great
difference of opinion will beas to the ex-
tent and regulation of this institution.
Some few may oppose it from selfish mo-
tives, being interested in state Banks; so
“that it will probably receive the go-by.
If the consideration of the late treaty
with Great Britain should come collateral.
-ly before the Louse of representatives as
ithe Jay treaty did, then will begin the
# tug of war.” The Calhouns, the Clays,
the Hanaons, the Grosvenors, and all the
knights of the Gub, will clear their pipes
and prepare for action. There will be
auch puffing and ‘blowing in this wordy
conflict, and many bloodless laurels pained
-at thecxpensc of tha nation. The one par-
ty will prove to a pretty nice certainty that
the Jay treaty, which was ratified by Wash-
ington, and the Monres treaty, which was
rejected by Jefferson, were far superior to
ccs of Madison. and that all the blood and
treasure which we have expended hath a-
will prove with equal certainty, that the
“present treaty is preferable to all former
ones ; that we have gained’ much honor
and forced a tribute from foreign nations,
After afl, the votes will be the same as if
_Mothing had een said on the subject.
80 the encouragement of a navy, both pan
Ron dll be prmbisions in shawiog their no. (j
‘hee fur the mere pleastre of opposition.
hey oughtio be content with the pay they
rained, and retire to private life without
per manner sie cxhibiis alt the waitsofal, Lonel Ap
sia would be his enly enemy, and thatto
the late treaty negociated under the auspi- [stand out against him, when all were in his§
overcame the marshal’s resolution, and thi
vailed us nothing ; while the other party lis his apoloyy for his treason. : g this
Asithe following important article sew
v Ranl OSE. =o Waele Clio
a Gi Ta 1 oid 3 Ao ah 12 oT! a. . ao
individuals who will oppose cach o-fcompletely commands al} the adjucent
soumtry. Governor Cass had received offi:
cial information of the intention of our
government, to place our Heet on lake
Eric, in an immediate state of readiness
for servi€e. A part of our armed vessels,
which were ordered to be scutied and sunk
last spring, are now to be raised and re-
Sted. The activity of the British in buidd-
ing, & procuring by purchase, a consider-
able flect has no doubt, excited our govern”
ment to sce the necessity of still keeping the
superiority on the lake. The British are
also very busily engaged in building a fleet
if the disbanded officers stould cow-
1t them, and the republicans will cil them
have received, and the honor they have
increase of the army will
se opposed by the most violent partizans;
while the more moderate will think a mili-
rary force necessery m our present situa-
ion. The adjustment of the claims of the
lificrent states upon the government of the
nlre Dako
The stockholders are hereby notified,
thas an Election for twenty one Directors
wil be held at the Bankinghouse in the
of ten and three o'clock of said day.
of Behiefonte, on Monday the 201k
November next, between the hours
A meeting of the Stockholders will he
held on the first Monday of November, wt
the Banking house in Beuetonie at 2 o'clock
P: M. agrecably to the provisions of the
“Act regulating Banke."
By Order of the Board,
Jno. Norris, Cas’y,
Berizroste, Oct. 9, 1815.
United States, will be a subject of difficulty.
fany distinction is made between the East-
stnand Western scction of the Union,
nuch warmth will be manifested. Cyrus
ing will pronounce a most vielent philip~
pte against the adininistration, applying a
Lew epithets superlatively abusive to the
chief magis rate of the nation. While the
ack woodsmen will reprobate with equal
severity the conduct of the Yankies during
ne war,and bestow a few hearty curses up- ; : i
wat on Hw % ly professor of Moral Philosopny, Logick,
on Uoyeror Laittenden and Strong, bye. in Columbia College, in the city of New
“ay of distinction. When the continuance: York, has accepted the unanimous invitati-
yr the discontinance of the taxcs come un-|on given to iss, of sincipa % this Se
ideration, there wi uch Nary=-and will commence the duucs 1g
der Sonsitierauon € wij bem °B office the beginning of next week. A pro-
interest excicd. The New England 2ien'yoqcor of the icarncd languages, of compe.
will cry most aanfully against any tax tent ability, and highly quaificd, it is pre-
which dra ss money from their pockets, to sumed will soon be procured; in the mean
: esionses of the late war. The HME arrangements are made, temporarily,
delray the $3 poses ot the la ar, 1 [to supply this vacancy, 1n order to meet
Pennsylvanians will make flaming specth-the present exigency. In the course of
vs against the tax on Iron, as discourage the yession or atthe mew ot
: : ; the next the trustees expect tha clures
ing to demestic manufactures. | The Backs on Chymigiry willbe delivered in tie €oi-
woodsmen will think whiskey too republi- ¥oge as asual.
can a liquor to pay a duty, and the south-| A gentleman highly qualified is now
ern planters will contend that the produg- aching the French and Spanish lan-
: Ba 0b od. BU3GES and a class will be taught by him in
tons of their foil ought to be exempted. the College in the course of the presen
Thus all the gentiemen will have an oppor- session.
wwity of displaying their oratorical powers,! ”«” 1iditors of newspapers friendly to li
: ‘ud i .. terawure, ave requested to give the above a
pleasing their’ constituents, and sceurihg
; : “® place in their papers.
their next clections ; while the taxes will DE ——————
probably remain. To make this session!
: : ; i Dividend.
of Congress still more amusing, Jonny! 2
Randolph has again obtained a seat in the _ Ine Directors of the Centre Bank of
oarcilor the oat Toh 7 fag Penosylvania have this day declared a divi.
Year He ation. Johnny 18a man of 4and on the stock paid in at the rate of nine
“infinite jest;” he no doubt will make per cent per annume-payable at the Bank!
some very quizical remarks upon the downs alter the 14th lnstant.
fall of Bonaparte ; Admiral Cockburn’s Jno. Norr is, Cas’r.
marauding expedition ; the burning of the Brtizrowrtr, Nev. 6, 1815.
Capital by the enemy ; the mecting of the
sages of the east, taking care to pay dea’
respect to his old friends, John Adams and
William Cobbet, whom he never fsils to Too htndred oi. htv Tour dollars in. Hf
; oly ‘ .. Two hundred eighty four do in Huns
notice, when he is in an ill humor, This ngdonand Centre County Bank Nates,
Johnny, though a staunch republican, acts a promissory note of Jacob Boas in Harris-
the despot aver the debates in the house of burg of § 2500--al80 an account curren.
representatives, always holding hin in With Jacob Boas, and an account current
readiness to Umea » 5 E mgelf In with the Harrisburg Bridge Company, all
7 HA ge-iash any impudent yan- ¢closed in 2 letter of Jacob Bucher, Esq.
koe, backwoods lawyer or prim prig slave Cashier of the H. B. Company.
holder of the south, who take airs upon The bundle with the above mentioned
: E . id money and paper j
themselves. This tyranical disposition of wk Da Tam fed om She tos
Johnny, must proceed from the royal blood mill. . The finder will be rewarded with
that runs in his veins. For report saps, tisas ten dollars at the delivery of the above men.
he claims kindred with a crowned head tioned money aud papers to Mr. George
oR Kraemer in Perrstown, Roush tavern, near
who swayed the sceptre over Virginia some je Narrows, John Stitzer in Youngman’s
hundred years ago. We ought to be as town, or John Nerris, Esq. Cashier of the
mused with these things, becauso they are| Contre Bank at Bellefonte
of our own manufacture ; and if we must P. A. Karthaus.
depend on foreign nations for news, or the] Bellefonte, Now. 10, 1815.
gratification of our curiosity, we are not an| :
independent nation. : Notice.
on jake Huron,and no doubt on all the
lakes, the will in time of peace, when they
think we are asleep, make every cxerton
to have Lhe ascendency.
Dickinson College.
The trustees of Dickinson College have
the pleasure of announcing its reorganiza-
Ten Dollars Reward.
1 OST or mislaid by the sabscriber, a
# 4bundle of papers containing as follows:
—— Ee hereby given to all persons inebted to
Marshal Ney's fate was not decided. A i the estate that was of Thomas McKee :
long memoir had been published in Paris, ©! Walker township Centre tounty, deceas-
defending his conduet. In it he is repre. SU>either by bond, note, or book account,
sented as having acted with perfect fidelity © make payment immediately to the sub
ta the king until the night of the 13tk of scribers; and all persons having demands
March last, when he was visited by the ex against said estate are requssted to produce
missaries of Bonaparte, who represente qi them for settlement on Saturday the 25th
that Austria was in alliance with him, that} OF thi3 inst. at the house of Thomas M«Cal-
the English had favored his escape from] oN: Eo.
“Iba, that Murat was advancing by rapid THOS. M(CALMON,
marches to join him, that the king of Prus- MATHEW WQODS
NoveMBER 4, 1815
? Adn're
i Neatly executed at this
! Office.
wanted at this Office.
Aan} N —__—
“A now FORT, oan eniteged seals Blank Executions for
favor, was only subjecting France to i
horrors of a civil war. These arguments
The «Western Citizen,” printed wa be
ieve somewhere pear the Lakes, containa|
‘The Rev. Dr. Jomw MKwienT, former. John I. Brown,
Eli Cadwallader,
Isaac Conden,
Mechacl Claper,
Jesse Cockson; 4
John Campbell.
Eliza Davis.
Samuel Everhart,
Susannah Elder,
Joseph Essington,
Thomas Elli
John Fury ; 2,
James Gardnes,
Philip Gulich.
Peter Hinkle,
John Himiljer,
~VIsaiah John,
| 38 Gallagher
List of Letiers
Remaining in che Post office 30th Septem.
ber 1815, which if not taken out and
postage paid, will be'sent tothe General
Pest Office in three moashs from this
date. :
A. Wiliam Kelley,
William Adams, ‘
Zacherah Albright, Josiah Lambourny
Wn. Ammerman:
Jocob Lamz,
John Long,
John Lamon,
Samuel Miles,
Richard Moore,
Samuel Miller,
Hannah Mackey,
William Mason,
William Moore,
Jacob Miller,
Andrew M’Kee,
John M:Kiunly, n
William McClure, /
James MiIntosh. ~N
Job Packer,
Samuel Parker,
John Patteuson,
Wm. Patterson,
Wm. Petrikin,
Abraham Fld
Daniel Rush,
John Robinson,
[homas Barlow,
Michzi Beaver.
Eleazar Evan,
Hannah Everhart,
Michael Fetrer,
Nancy Fleming.
James Sheechan,
Francis Steel,
Andrew C. Smit,
Christain Spars,
John Soloday,
Anthony Bmith,
Jonathan Sethsayes,
Hetty Stephongon;
John Shannon,
William Spencer,
Edward Southend
Jacob Holter,
Richard Hughs,
Thomas Hastings,
John Hutten,
Nehemiah Hadly,
Thomas Heney.
George Johnston, y
Charles Jacksen; 3, Andrew Thompson;
s Rebecca Templeton,
Catharine Johnston, Joseph Thorrdyke.
Hugh Johnston, Ve w,
£ homas Jacobs. William Underwood,
Jae Vanhorn,
oseph Updegrafl,
John Vorseg !
Join Kirk, Simeon Westfall,
Adam Krumrine,
R, 7. Stewart, P, M.
Causes for trial in the
Court of Common Pleas of Centre County,
at November Term 18135.
Les. of J. Moore ws R. Gordon
G R Terzie + ve G. Waggoner jun.
same vse G, Waggoner
B. Rush’s Ex’'re. we C. Lucas
J. Lukens's Ex’rs. vs C. Doner
S. Havvey ve J. Mahon
J. Harris ve I. Atchison
R. Barber & al. ve Miller & ai.
J. Davis's Adm'rs. ws D Barrett
Ww. Swangey vs Tho. Wilson
William 1'atq ve A. Reed
G. MiKee vs Mutchel & Mitchel
R.T. Stewart vs H. McClelland °
Brownfor B.& €. vs J. Johuston
A. Camphell ve J. P. de Haas
John Singer vs W. Campbell
J. Miles’s Ex'ts. v¢ Geo. Miles
J. Wharton ve Smith & Hunt
A. Albert ve D. Johnston
C. Whitehill ve W Patton
Geo. Mong vs Jacob Guist
N Harvey vs J. Hetherline
Jacob Ober vs Tho. Spencer
Zipernick’s Adm'rs vs J. Keen & al.
B. & Cambridge vs Tho. Wallis
Tho. Wallis vs Thou. Barlow
J. Philips’s Ex’rs. vs R Curtin
J. Ash & al. vs Herring & al.
same ve MiRow =
same vs Bailey & Fronk
same vs D. Bryan & ai.
same ve Cailor & Bear
same vs H. Spangler
same vy J. Strawcuiter
J. Shaencfelt #s John Keen
vs Lipton & Johnater
Oats Wanted mmeda-
William Keitd,
John Keen,
ately by
io be byilt kninddintely at Spring wens SAlE at this Office