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    ellefonte, (Pa.) next door soudh of the Bank.
SATURDAY EVENING, November 18,1815.
OX of goverment 3 © the first, where sovercign|dent government, that is without union or Lo Pou oi !, to ly ae men kite
PRINTED & PUBLISHED power 1s lodged in ap aggregate assembly, {national connexion ; or to the consolidation **T3 *™ 50 woun ’ prisoners an
‘ missing-—=including 200 officers killed; 608
AT 790 DOLLARS PERLAN NUM consisting of all the free members of the lof the whole into one government withould woundedeseand 41 missing.
payable half yearly in gdvanee. community, which is called a democracy ;state governments. There is no democrat,} A few troops were about to embark in
BASS L Irs Ss srw sss rw rs 2 FE | he second, where sovereign power is lodg-{theretore, who ought not to be an ardent I Ee ede The will: probably
| ed in a counci} vomposed of select mem-| federalist, and, in like manner, cvery man
3 An armistice has taken place in India be~
bers styled an aristocracy 3 and lastly, wheniwho i8 sincerely a federalist ought, to beltween the British and the sovereign of the
sovercign powet is lodged in the hands of a/consistent, an ardent democrat. Napaul ¢ gb high will > ro by op
; ty 3 : : successful, as both sides seemed tired of the
Importance to every enquirer, and on every iqinole person, and then it is called monar.| It would be very desirable if we could J ne a, Rt
subject: it would prevent many uselessicgy, ” : devise such appellations as would distinct-
“8 The Danish Government is great’y incens
controversies ; and, in the discussion ot po-} = Qcher English writers, siz PAA War-ily mark the opinions and - principles of par-]sed against the Tripolitans forthe detention
Htical topics, would remove more than onc wicke for example, remarks, that there arejties according tothe edsoluse views and ac- obits Ve io ee Tr a
I s a BA : / . 3 % 3
balf the obstacles that prevent its freedom hree deviations or abuses of those forms{ iena ; but at present all appellations in use
; always paid its annual tribute ; but the bare
and usclulness, It the effects were nollof sovernment—the abuse of have been so much abused, as to have be- fharians now set up new pretentions. Neither
highly injurioug, one might laugh heartily Monarchy—~-is—-despotism or tyranny. {came perfectly absurd Nevertheless, the BD nor French flag 13
at the constant abuse of the wards democrat} friysacracy——-oligarchy. ood sense of tho people must always be The “Swedish Dict as appropriated meo-
and federalist. Ifone party in the United Democracym—emnchloctacy, their book of reference---they will always
ney to unite the East Sea with the West" |
States were to be believed, it wouldbe af Butit does not follow, that, because anci [find that he, who can wish or propose, any { Sea; or the encouragement of agrecults
TN .
: ia ny Cis i . Rr : : ; : and the mechanic arts and to provide
OT MOC eed slavical wy ‘enumerated bit three! "ipo itica ercdit renk or dige ure an . “ i
reproach to be a democrat ys ind h ent politcabay Nersy an ery : SO heaton Hercditary againstiihe possible failure of the harvest:
term is regarded by them as merely synoni- re, sifar forms of government, there, should
finction, or any sort of religious test or es-} Crp regiment, of which General Ross’
mous with ruffan-=and a cvgyman frome jo others : itis aniversally known that (@bliskment, cannot be a gosd demoerat (Killed at Baltimore.) was ouce Colonel,
the pulpit recently intimated that it wasieach of these thiee forms has been varied|nor a good federalist --whilst those who op-] fave eben. a) : is LN a a
gynonimous with Hit. And yet no word or modificd to suit the tempos or interestsipose both, and pain free and unco: residerice of bis family, in Ireland.
whatever, so explicitly and fully describesiof particular states: Tor instanee, sover- rupted the elections by the people, must
: The Loudon Piloty of Sept. 9, says—A
& (aver of the existing form of eur govern. eign power 13 not lodged in the hands of{be good federalists also. : messenger arrived this morning, with dess
ment, as the word democrat. the king of Engiand, and therefore the go CODRUS. |patches, understood to be of very great im=
: : RIG A Lah ) ht. I portance, and which is rumored to convey
Ve, air, (8aid chief justice Murshaily In| vernment is called a jimited monarchy ; and
x v the new “T'rcaty with France, containing
the Virginia convention) idolize democracy jit would be ridiculous to say that the Brite ii (i: BH HGN o the final souction which has been daily ex~
those who oppose it bestow ewlogies onlish form of government is not a monarchy = {pected sitice the Yecent journey of Lord
: i, TNE TR “3 PuiLapererra; Oct 30. |Stewart from Paris 10 London, and back a=
monarchy. because sovereign power is. not lodged inf 1 5 " cain to Paris, on a mission universally uns’
« All legal power, (said judg= Chase, In lthe hands of one man. With what propri-f Latest from England. derstood and stated to be connected with
the Maryland convention) originaics fromlety, then, can it be said that our govern
F. Bb Pallad Oct. 07 this object.” a Y
. a ; he rom the Dostom Pa ium, Oct. 27," : pane &ddgets :
ghe people—their power is hike the suny2¢-{ment is nota demaecracy, merely because} ¢ 0 , The same paper zdds he despatch
y ' ¥. aN ;
sind, inkcrent, sod anfimited by Hitelth le} f making | dem On Wednesday arrived at this port, the|es sent down to Falmouth to be forwarded
F mon inherent, and &uionite “it eC, 1mistead o makine law cm-l 3 ! Pp & 5 > 5 AL . Ty
five, orig pen y 9 peop nes PREYS . fast, soiling ship Milo, captam Glover, by a King's messenger to America, are
man authority ; the power of representa-isclves, or in person, choose representatives) . : said to relate to the lumits ‘of boundary in
a Te, ‘ ; A “from Liverpool, whence she sailed on the
« tives is like the light of the moon, 60r0w@- fo make them? We have not what some!
Upper Canada; on the subject of which
TH ee ‘ 1 thy and is (he Tatest arrival from that port {there scems to be some misconception ba
ed, delegated, and limited by the will of the wliters call a simple or aliree demociacy,] > 3 p A P Re
So. CRORE MM by Sve davs tween the Oerrt of Loddon. and the Amerig
ov any more than the English have a pure or Five London dates by tits medion ‘are can government. BE
The pretext for the abuse of the word 'simple monarchy ; but we have a repreaci- & Tic Eniperorof Russia afer reviewing.
ike! tat; to the 10th of September. the troops at Compeigne, will rei ;
bing lik : 1 peigne, eta to Pas
Aemocratyis founded upon something. like tative or delegate democracy, as the En- Itisasscried with great possitiveness in} ris
i 3 io : . gi ® " < hed b
Rliry quilhicy indeed» Too" Sopaiiny ; | glish have 8 limited monarchy withp dem ‘he Paris papers, that the treaty between| Aho trial of Marshal Ney had not come
the English word democrat, is derived from | ocratic or reprosentaiive branch annexed touts {bicad de Allied sarerciar Fad menced the 7th, and from his justification,
two Greek words signifying the freopic £9+ to monarchy and aristocracy.
vern. ‘Those who revile democracy, sayl The essence of democratic government,
writen by the most cclsbrated advocates
been signed; and the employment of sofof France, itis inferred that Fouche will
that i i ¢ formed of di Black e distinguished a person as Lord Stewart ep i all his ioBaenss ° save pion
ing is. a government torr even according t ckston ; yd x 15 said that Madame T i
BtRsuneauing isa g Eh Coorg toe © 18, that hel, pission from Lord Castlereagh to the} °° 5% England: ‘notd alicyrand stil}
‘the whale people, assembled together for righs to enact or abolish laws, resides in thee - \ ' remains in England: not deeming the af.
: Y £3 Xv} bi : Rh g . i Prinee regent, is considered as corrobora: {fais of France sudiciently settled to yicld
the purpese of declaring their will=~but people, anid not in any portion of them in. ¥
§ Ee ' itive. It being supposcd he was the bear-|that security which is necessary to give qui-
this 1s not the word which signifies this sort| dependently of the rest—surely no poof is! § supp give qui-
#f government, but ecilocracy, sigmiying
‘er ofacopy. But we have not seen any|C 0 the mind. As she is probubly goo
official arvicleion that sthieet. | Ci verned in this opinion by her husband, we
LI it 3 i ay Cindi hoi ole ‘official art: hat subject. The empe- . 1s aititle of ‘et fied :
multitude, or mobocracy ; it isa dishonest ting or abolishing laws resides in the ped- £ Russi 1A 3 BPC" fmay degn this article of sufficient impos
, ‘ond therefore, to cons iar 30, : .. ©. YOrs oi ilussia and Austiia, and the king ofjtance to give some coloring to the repeat
Sad UBROFhS, coun YS asl Cat farge, and is not partial or confined to Prussia, were to leave Paris in a short time|¢d reports of insurrcciionary movements
found two things so distinets for sinee it islany portion of them. ; : to attend agra d review at: Vorsus : Th wn the departments, as well as of seditious
dois : review : e Niird ui
not denied that the people’s willis thelaw,l The venerable Franklin: snide it ha8 pais; ditor i Pavia, |
does it net follow that there cen be no otherlran been a fixed political Opinich of mine. ! ansian ecllors say will not return to Pa-} The pictures and other valuable effects,
: the ; 8 4 xe cal opinion o Tine, ris. But this is rather evidence of a wish plundered during the wars ofthe revoiuti-
form of goverfiment in which the people s0{that in a democratical staté there onght. ©! shan a fact. The symptoms of prepara.’ 3r¢ ail claimed, and are daily taken
completely, govern, as if all personally pre-|be no offices of profit. In short, almostaly
sent, as inthe representative form, where
tat thd Scho. Forel away from the Museum at Pais,
: Onto withdraw any part of the foreign| The King of Naples has se it to Par
t r revolution i So ' $ hing pies has seat to Paris for
nH | hs a e great men of our revolution, speaking troops from France are very fant. Seri-| 150 pictures taken from his country, :
the people select thelr agents, or depusiofour form of government, do not merely! ous commotiors « xist in the Southern de-| Two French officers of high rank were
tgs? # suf our republican,” but © our democrats]. . : ._|arrested and imprisoned. at Moniabaud on
I have seen recently in a newspaper this{icel.” i LR dni re the Mn ie 27th Aue Their real names are une
: . a : : ranquil, and apparent isposed to make| known, as they had une i
sort of silly enquiry made If this govern-| Why should it then be held forth, by gut PP yu 2 y i, cd fictious names
i the best use otdear-bought experi f| 2nd disguises.
# ment be a democracy, or government ia x Ngee ght experience of &
the evils of revolutionary anarchy and tr j Sa0R
£0 ~ Lonpox, Sept. 9.
criminal ambition. By the accounts from the South 1t ape
~The king of France had summoned his|pears that the opposition of the Bouaparte
new houscs of Peers and Commons to vy ons 10 the FOveRP ment Saniine
LY - - €s. ) ve even a camp at Ners be-
meet on the 25th of September. tween Nismes and Algis, which is consid
The marquis Montcheme is appointedfered,in an article fibm Nismes. to bea
Democrat—federalist. A knowledge of
the true meaning of words is of essential
necessary to shew that this power of crea.
men toa who profess to be attached to the
“whieh the people are the sovereign, Iisgab lished principles of aur governnient,
- wish to know where the sovereignty Byes a reproach to be a democraz ? does it not
safte tic) i8 over P7-wThet® musty cieac an Ancrifish :
after the clectic is 0 =4. ned m betray “ap hostility fo Our government on
be in the head that could imagine this. partof those who would be as much
question an extreme impenctrability or in-1ofended at being called democrats os high
vapacity for the understanding ofa very {
vay robe Mast z 3 3 Fis J Bathnkaise
NOR — d way £72 F Must Dot any man who pos- {the French Commissioner: and M. Von{strong one; because it has became neces
simple fact ; for ame question would gosses understanding and honesty say, that | Maedein the Prussian commissioner, to re-} 27 20 assemble all the teoons of the line
. ed DINU » ¥ 3 1 - ) - - . . C-
equally serve to prove that there ‘was nei-l 1 be an cuciny (o demoeracy anda friend|side ar St Helena ng the nations] guards In geveral depart.
ther monarchy nor despotism ; nor aristo-|iq stabli : : i ig ; : $5.10 Jupich against it, ¢ Austrian
ha Dandi 2s os io the es ablished government, Is a contra’ | The duke of Angouleme has induced|troops are also marching to turn it. The
] i or) garchy 4 : Right t*|diction—and that he who uses the terms one Spanish army to retire from the French |1H00PS thus encamped consists. of federese
edwhen the mabarch oriidespot gives bis |in that way, has no choice but between the Lierritory, which they had just entered. But 2 deserters Io the army of Loire, and of
Se to execute them; or} character ofa knave ora foo} ? $f Serie sent ote Sosll Ae the most decided revolutionists. od
when he deicgates his authority to another: : Boy : ; > - : i
heve isthe = } h ¥ » : In like TAUREN, It 13 exceedingly impro-lny passed into France at another point. Bulletin of events occurred at Nismes.
-l ere 8 the MORALS iy or the despotism per to abuse the word federaiist, as is tion
tricks like this excite contempt and prove
t 18 expe 1. : : ; a tat
done ; that appellation i i : ria Xpected that the dukeawill i801 Nismzs, August 26.—The formentation
aT ; Ppeliation is applied to, and {cause this to withdraw. i d withi ; in thi
only the duplicity of those who use them; demanded by 1s renewed within these few days inthis
Reet oat tpn > jeemanded by men. who have done all that] At the lastdates Louis Benaparte was at} town and its neighborhood. The partisans
or that they have a conecaled purpose which they safely could do, to break the confed-! Rome~—Lucien at Turin, and Jero t of Napoleon affect a malignant joysaud cig
they disavow, but awkwardly betray. eracy of states; yet nothing <an be more ?
Acconding to the authority even of jude
Vik culate rumors of an appioaching triumph.
betrd. lt & Jedsraleies Flom borg ; {Some of them have even the audacity to
; TY : absurd. A federalist, in the honest sense! Ney is said to have neither hope nor wish
Blackstone, a writer inimical tore refive-
acnlative government, the political writers
raise the seditious cry of Five Napoleon I1#
ofthe word, is one who prefers the pro-|.* ©58P¢ death—and amuses himself play. “
“af antiquity allpaved hut three regular forms
ing on a flute with oreat frond re police arrested some of the agitators,
sent system of a unj . ¢ nreat sang roid, ut others couid not b 1¢
a a * iii Sf The a to the By a recent Prussia official account it ry of the peop'e Ssived font tcf,
{ nati I Lvora Stales wth ir Den 4 pears phat the arm of that’ tia a . : 4
depe |°P y “nate losh, Information bad been joccived tha
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