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as a spy, proves to have been the butcher
. of the ship, and there is no doubt he isa
On the 18th instant there were but few
oops at Halilax. Among them was the
k regiment, about 1000 strong, consist-
entirely of Germans, and clad in 2
green uniform.
ir A boat from Eastport, with major Put-
‘nam and his officers, arrived at Portland on
2 © y.
New York, August 10.
Reinforcements have arrived in the mouth
of Long Island Sound.
on Sunday, in Gardiners Bay, 2
ninety gun ships, 4 seventy-fours. 4 frigates
and one brig---total 11 sail. Other ac
counts increase the number by smaller ves-
gels, to 15 sail in the neighborhood and off
New London. There was no (ransports
or troops on board the shipping, the crews
of which weresickly and were to be landed
at Montaux Point, it was said to the number
of 500 or 600 to recover and recruit.
Whether the ships were direct from Eu-
parts of our
[ Montaux is
rope, or gathered from other
coast was not yet known.
sommon pasture for about 1500 cattle, 1400
sheep, and 200 horses, belonging to the citi-
zens of East Hampton, and would furnish
refreshment for the well, as well as the
sick, if not removed by the owners. |
We understand the gallant commodore
Perry, is to superintend the equipping of
the Java, to which he isappointed to com-
SO ——
We learn, from a source entitled to full
credit, that thejcommander of this district,
brigadier general Winder, has called into
service: 3000 of the drafted militia, to be
stationed near Bladensburg. He has also,
authority from the secretary of wary in case
of exigency, to call in from the adjacent
coutitics of Pennsylvania 5000 in addition ;
who are already in readiness to march ata
@ moment's notice. These with gen. Stans
bury’s brigade, the regulars and the Balti-
more volunteers, will form a force of 15,000
"men, that can meet the enemy at any one
point between Washington and Baltimore,
in a few hours.
Balt. Pat.
We understand the President of the U.
States has conferred brevet rank on the fol-
lowing gallant soldiers for their distinguish-
ed merit in the present campaign in Upper
Brig. Gen. W. Scott, Maj. Gen.
; [Cal]
Major H. Leavensworth, 9th inf. Lieut.
Major T. 8. Jessup, 25th inf. lieut. col.
Major J. M'Neal, 1 1th wf. lieut: cok
Captain T. Crooker, 9th inf. maj.
Captain ‘F. Harrison, artillery maj.
Captain L. Austin, 46th Inf. aid to maj.
gen. Brown, maj. ;
Fist lieut. W. J. Worth, 23d inf aid to
gen. Scott, captain.
Second lieut. (. Watts, dragoons, do. do.
first lieut.
Lieut. Col. G. E. Mitchell, of artillery,
has received the prevet rank of col. for his
defence of Oswego.
Major. D. Appling, 1st rifle regiment
Lieut. col, for his gallant enterprise in cap-
turing the whole of the enemy's force at
Sandy Creek.
Extract ofa letter from a gentleman in
Amelia. to his friend in Charleston,
dated Amelia, July to.
‘Ihe most alarming news has reach-
ed us concerning the inhabitants of Cu-
a. Ferdinand VH having vefused to
adopt the new constitution the people of
Spin rose against him. The army is
in iis favor—When this news reached
the ITavanna, the peopie were exaspe-
ated with the King, every stove ia the
place was shut up, mobs collected every
where, abusing Ferdinand and commit-
every species of depredation—and
1 *
a i QQ Je > / bY, rere
Our informant.
plunder was the order of the day '—The
most alarming scene that could possibly
be imagined was witnessed. How this
will terminate Gou only knows!”
Copy of a letter from Capi. L. Austin,
aid to Gen. Brown, tothe Secretary
of War, daled
Head Quarters, Buffalo,
29th July, 181%.
I have the honor of addressing you
by desire of gen, Brown, who is now
confined by wounds received in a sev re
and desperate engagement with the e-
nemy, on the afternoon and night of
the 25th inst.
Our army had fallen back to Chippa-
wa. The enemy collecting every re-
8 ; :
giment from Burlington and York, and
meeting with no opposition on Lake
Outario, tra sported by water to Fort
George, troops from Kingston and e-
ven Prescott, which enabled them to
bring against us a force vastly superior,
under the commas d of lienienant Gen-
eral Dru umond and major general Ri-
all. They were met by us near the
fails of Niagara, where a most severe
conflict ensued, The disputed
the ground with resolution, yet were
drive: fiom every position, they. at-
tempted to bold. We stormed his
batteries directly in froat and took pos-
session of all his artillery, Notwith-
standing his immense superiority oth
in numbers and position, he was com
pletely defeated and our troops reé-
mained on the battleground without a-
ny interruption. As however, both
General Brown and Scott had recieved
severe wounds, almost every chick of
battalion disabled, and our men quiie
exhausted, it was thought prudent to
retive to our encampment, which was
done in good order, —out wounded
having firs been removed.
viajor general Riall, with the Aid
de Camp of lieurenant general Drum-
mond and about twenty o:het officers,
with two handred privates, are taken
The loss on both sides is immense—
but no account has yet been returned.
The Aid aod brigade major of general
Scott are both severely wounded, and
captain Spencer, an aid of general
Brown, most probably dead, haviag re-
ceived two balls throagh his body.
Both general Brown and Scott are on
this side confi.ied by their wounase
General Ripley commands on ihe o-
J have the houvour to be, very re-
spectfully, sir, your most obedient ser-
vant. \
L. AUSTIN, 4. D. Camp.
Hon. Scer-ford of ans
P S - Geaeral Bicwn received his
wounds at the same instant durisg a
late part of the action, but still contin.
ed to keep bis horse until exhausted by
the loss of blood This probably has
rendered his wounds more painful than
they would otherswise tave been. i
We andeistaud from piivate lett
that general Broww’s wounds are, the
one in his shoulder, in the uper part of
the thigh ~~ General Scott has also two
wounds in the shoulde: and leg ~~ On
the other side, lieutenant Gen Drum-
mond is woauded, it is said dangerous-
ly and general Riall in the arm.
Wilkesbarre, August g,
Monday, last was a day of unus.
ual excitement tn our village. The
Untied States troops, inlisted in
this vicinity, were under orders to
march. The parting of frieds, and
the seperation of husbands trom
wives was 1n no httle degree af.
tecting, and this paintul feeling
was in some cases hightened by
the opinion, whether weil or ill
founded | pretend not to say, that
some of the soldiers had not been
very fairly attached to the service
A sergeant by the name ot
Brack, conspicuous for his knowl
edge of discipline, and morc so by
his severity to the solders,in the
course of Sunday, broke his sword
over the head of a Mr. Cook, a sot-
dier, and severely wounded him
in the arm, Brack was justly tur
ned into the ranks—but the next
morning restored to his shoulder.
dildo YMA [7 ~~
FS 7
ry fel Res loon
knots and marched off with the
troops as sergeant.
During the forenoon after the
troops had marched the whole
town was thrown into confusion.
A man by the name of M’ Wiggen
was said to have eplisted. He pro
tested: he had not. Force was
used to send him after the troops.
He used his stick with such effect
that he cleared himself but »as
again taken, put on horseback un-
der a guard, an officer by his side,
having two pistols and marched
off. To seea citizen thus compel.
led to march who solemnly declar
ed he was not an enlisted soldier,
awakened feelings in most bosoms
that saw it worthy of freemen.
The citizens gathered round.” A
Hageas Corpus was obtained——
{ he military were forcing the man
along as fast as possible, when a
nuinber of spirited citizens, step-
ed before the cavalcade and stop-
ped at,
pistol to their breast, and threat
ed Lo blow them through = One of
them seeing Judge Fell, called
upon him to interfere that the
mad might bave a legal hearing,
Vhe Juoge in the name of the com-
moowesl:h oroered chem to stop.
Tie Habeas Gorpus was served.
Ihe quistnon was tried before
Judge G bsonand M’Wiggen dis
As Monday was a day of agita.
tion and alarm—— l uesday was a
day of feartul gloom and sorrow.
Mr Dixon, a civil, offensive,
but fceble man, who had enlisted
anda was marching out with the
troops, was kiticd on the mountain
by scrpeaat Brak Dixon, itis
said, complained of fatigue and
lingered behind the rest, Brack
sent of him and he did not
come. Brack went back, cut him
seif a stk, and beat poor Dixon
on the head, and k .cked him in the
sides, ‘till, as he afterwards com
plained, his toes were'sore Dx
oa was putin a waggon and did
very soon. 1 he people went atrer
him yesterday to bring him in,
but he was so bruised he had be
come too puirid.— He has left a
wife and four childrem to mourn
for him: An inquest was held
on the body— Verdict, * Wilful
Murder ? Brack is confined in
( Late from Harrisburg. )
Respectfully informs the citizens of Belle-
foute and its vicinity, that he has lately
cammenced ‘business in the above line, in
the House formerly occupied by Mr Tho-
mas Beatty gs a store, immediately adjoin-
ing the store of Mr. Cambridge, where he
will make according to-order, all descripti-
ons of Hats, in the neatest and most fashion-
abie manner.
Those who may please to favor him with
their custom may depend upon having their
work executed with the greatest punctual-
ity and despatch.
Orders from the country will be thank-
fully received and punctually attended to.
Bellefonte, August 6, 1814.
" Agreably to the provisions of an Act of
Assembly, passed the 28th March, 1814,
entitled, « An Act authorizing the holding of
Special Courts in the Counties of Hunting-
don, Mifflin and Centre,” the President of
the eight judicial district (the Hon. SeTn
Cuarman,) has appointed a Special Court,
to be held in Centre County, on Monday the
10th day of October next, and to continue
one week ; for the trial of all causes, now
pending in the Common Pleas of Centre
County, in which the Hon Judge Walker is
concerned in interest, or was of council be-
fore his appointment.
J. G. LOWREY, Prot.
Bellefonte, August 6, 1814,
The officer presented his
LAWS OF 1314.
_ The quota for Centre, Clearfield and Mis
Kean counties, ot the laws passed by the
Legisiatare ot Pennsylvania, at their last
session, are.received, to be distributed to
the several officers entitied tocopies. The
judges of the Court, Justices of the Peace,
and the Constables of the s« veral towuships,
will please to apply personally. as receipts
must be taken for the delivery thereof.
Prothonotary’s Office,
Bellefonte, August 4, 1814.
An Ordinance, to extend all ordinances heres
tofore frassed by the Town Council of the
Borough of Bellcfonte to the town of
Smithficld, and other fiurfioses.
Sec. 1. Be it ordained and enacted bff
aaa ad
the Town Council of the Borough af Belles
JSonte, and it is hereby ordained and enacted
by the authority of the same, ‘That from and
after the due promulgation of this Ordi=
nance, all ordinances heretofore passed by
the Town Council of the said Borough, that
are now in force be, and the same are here-
by extended to the town'of Smirkfizld, and
the other parts of Spring creek township,
that were annexed to the said Borough, by
an act of the Legislature, at their last ses=
sion. \
Sec. 2. And be it ordained, That, that
part of all ordinances heretofore passed by
the said Town Council, making it the duty
of the first named of the Council to act in
a judicial capacity, in the absence ina-
bility to act, or otherwise, of the burgess, be
and the same is hereby repealed. Passed
into an ordinance July i5, 1814.
Attest—ErLisaa Moore, Clk,
Where the subscriber now lives, situate
in the town of Newry, Huntingdon county,
on which are erected a large two story Log -
Dwelling House, 50 hy 36 feet, neatly wea-
therboarded and painted white. "The house
is finished in the neatest manner, a room of
which is now occupt <i as a Store ; to which
is attached, a good Kitchen, and a weil of
excellent water inthe yard: On the premi-
ses there are a neat One Story Log building
wich has been occupied as a Distillery, a
good Stable, and a large frame Shed, 50 feet
in length.
A large two story Log House, 36 by 30
feet, situate in said town, opposite the above
property, to which is attached a large frame
Kitchen, making a front of nearly 80 feet in
length, wiih good Stabling ; thls house.
is also welk calculated for public busi-
July 5, 1814.
re, eet ED ~ CR i ten {HPs
Resorvep, That the Stockholders be di
rected to pay in Ten Dollars on each share
by them held, viz; Five Dollars on or be~
fore the 22d day of August, and a further
sum of five dollars on or before the ‘19th,
day of September next; which payments
will complete twenty dollars on ¢gch share.
By order of the Board.
INO. NORRIS, Cashier.
Bellefonte, July 11, 1814. :
REIS etl) § Grr a er QU ts 0 5 cn: QI APE ne,
Causes for trial at August term, 1814, in
at the Court of Common Pleas of Centre
R. M¢Neely v¢ Miles, Dunlop & Miies
Tench Coxe vs. John Fugate, !
S. White’s divis. vs. David Evans.
Tho. Grant vs. Richards & Farson.
David Lenox vs. C. Doner.
John Miles & al. vs. G Knox.
Johm Duniop vs. Leonard Peters.
Tho. Burnside vs. Bodine & Whitacre.
J. Richardson vs. Patrick Linn, a
J. Nixon’s Ex’rs vs. J. Gardner, & al.
Sam. Harvey ~~ vs. A. Mahon,
Charles Huston vs. William Moore,
David Love vs. Kerr & Gerhart.
R. Curtin, Sh’ff. vs J. Alexander.
R. Barber & al. vs. Miller & Harshberger
Philip Benner William Tate. _ °
Wm. Riddle s. Glenn & Sherch.
J. M:Nail . Casper Richards,
John Penn, jun. . A. Allison.
W. Goodfellow . Jos. Boone,
C. Evans . Andrew Linn.
W. Swanzy . John Wilson & al.
Same vs. Thomas Wilson.
Tousey for Ogden vs. J. Shaw.
John Miles vs. J. Taylor.
A. Robinson & wife vs. J. Stephenson.
James Milper vs. DL Thompson, ~~