American patriot. (Bellefonte, Pa.) 1814-1817, March 26, 1814, Image 1

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The meri an Patriot igh
every Saturday, and forward to S|
by the earliest opportunities, |
will be two dollars per anim,
of postage ; one half to be paid af
of subscribing, and the residue
piration of six months. 8 |
No subscription will be take
than a half year ; nor will any §
be at liberty to discontinue his ‘pi
all arrearages are paid off. 1}
x any subscriber to notifyia dis tinue
BAL. WA By ad i
of Lis paper, will be consider ’
ongagement. 7 i
Advertisements, not exceedit :
will be inserted three I n
far, and for every subsequent i
'wenty five cents ; those of great
Ih proportion. id
« Intelligence is the life of liber.”
Proposes fublishing weekly, i )
» { J Borough of Lebanon;
accom pany a
with propriety be expected t
he principles
soligitation for patronage.
of thet Editor are decidedly d
shailbe his constant endea
rights and interest of the peopl
to preserve the purity of 0 r rexttblican
form of government.
The Editor, under an tmp re
citizens of Lebanon county are desrous of
having an English paper inted n their
own county, flatters himselflthat they will
liberally patronize the « L@anon Demos
ora hi
While Congress or the I. fg islati'e may
be in session, the Editor wilf have orress
or 10 keep the
ssionthat the
pondents at the city of Wasllington ind at
Harrisburg, who will furnisifhim regularly
with the proceedings of those bodies,
piculture. man-
ces and itera-
Internal improvements, a
ufactures, the ars, the scid
ture gencrally, are subject$that will te no-
; tced in as comprehensive manner 2; the
Jimits of the paper will admit.
An abstract of the prices Surrent ag Pala
dciphia and Baltimore, w ll appear reg ilar
‘ 1
iV 33 :
if, by the first of May, three Jundred sith.
scribers be obtained, the first number othe
LD mocrat wy ifappedr about the Just of tha,
ti Gan R
"od every Saturday morning, on a handsone
The Lebanon Democrat will be
medium sheety with a fair type.
The terms of the Democrat is two dols
pe anti, half yearly infadvance. Ade
cerisements will be published at the uss
dai prices.
¥ .* Subscriptions received ay the Office of
. :
¢ Amertoan Baten.
For reviving, in the town of Northumbers
land, the weekly Neewspafier
AS several presses nave recently been
established at no great distance, the present
may be deemed an inauspiciodis moment for
the resuscitation of the Argus. This ob-
jection is much reduced if uot entirely ob-
viated, in the editors mind, by considerin
that, ene of these papers has announced its
mended departure for Danviiie, and ano-
ther disclaiming any attachment to either of
the parties, which divide the nation. Under
this aspect, if the editor succeeds, in estab
lishing a press to which the republicans of
Northumberiand, Columbia and Uliiion, can
again resort with a warm heart, and a just
coufidence, he will realise ali his expectas
tions. f ;
The revival of the Argus virtually im-
plics ‘an adoption of the same political cha-
Pactely and an attachment to the same poli-
tical principles, which distinguished its for-
mer existance. ——ilaving purchased Mr.
Huston’s' establishment, the editor desires
his inténsions may be distinctly understond,
and will pot merely pledge himself by im-
plication. As democratic republicanism has
been dear to him from infancy, 80 his veie-
ration for its principles he never will rein.
yuish while intellect hoids its scat,
The editor has no hesitation in avowing
his poiitical character. The Argus never
was, nor will He ever render it $any. this...
Cer UUTHITE CT TUB at ie will never wrolig any
mam, or any party; nor will he ever wilful.
ly offend the majesty of truth. The sancs
tuary of domestic peace shall not be bros
ken; nor shall private reputation be the
sport of maliguity, or the
revenge. a
The times require’ the most decisive ens
ergy in the government, and the firmest
union among the people—to promote these
will be a primary object of the editor. But
all attempts to consolidate our sovereign re-
publics, or to disever the confederation, Le
holds in utter abhorrence. The state of our
country arrests the solicitude of the patriot,
while the situation of the world excites tye
commiseration of the philanthropist. The
desolation of a wide spreading war destroys
the lives of the whole human race; from tue
old world to the new extends its ravages,
with aggravations of brutality and barbarity,
unknown to civilized nations. Que country
has been reluctaikly compelled io draw the
sword in defence ot that indepengence so
gloriously wrested from British tyranny. —
United America has unfoided the vanners
of justice and solemnly determined to de-
fend the laws of nature and nations, and the
rights of persecuted humanity. Freemen
will never shrink from the defence of a
cause so precious, of priucipies 80 condu«
cive to the happiness of man To support
this cause, to advocate these principics, snall
be the primary duty of the editor,
The local concerns of Northumberland,
Columbia, Union, and the adjoinig counties
shall receive particular attention. Lie cab-
liest information shall be given respecting
the interesting affairs of the state and the
union ; and, especially, concerning the proa
gress of the war. Legislative proceedings
shall be diligently obtained and communi-
cated. The cHusions of wit shall not be ex=
cluded, and the muses shali be wooed with
unabated fervor.
The Argus, will'be published every Sa.
turday morning, on paper of a good quality
and printed with a good type—~The first
number to appear as soon as 400 subscri-
bers are obtained. ;
‘The price will be two dollars per annum,
exclusive of postage—one haif to be paid on
delivery of the first number and the remain.
der in six months.
No subscription will be received for less
than one year; nor any person discontinue
until all arrearages are paid:
B= Subscriptions received at this Op-
f Fick,
rir rar arrests For ranrsr ssa
; IR
prey of individigal
Na eS
TA a A SL, Bp dR AR
Ss Pr ri fr rss,
eT La Ex
] »~ id ’ ’ ro 3 " ” Yh , » 5 os
4 i? a » wk ’ $
TT: following tracts of Land, lying in
the county of Centre and state of
Peansyivania, viz. 4200 acres of first rate
lime-stone Land, on Slab Cabbin branch of
Spring creek.—13600 acres lying in Spring
and Patton Lownships.—=4000 acres lying
onthe waters of Clearfield creek.—3000 as
Cres iymg on the waters of the Moshannon.
L Also, about 1 0 acres lying on the wa-
ters or South Wald ‘Bagle creek, in the
county of Huntingdon, begining near Ty-
ronc Forge and rung north easterly to
the Centre county line,
The first mentioned tract of 4200 acres,
may be divided into many farms, ali of
wich will be wef watered, well timbeped
and coutain a quantity of cleared land,
asitis supposed there are about 1000 a-
res of cleared land on the tract, including
large aud gooy meadows,
The second mentioned tract of 13600 a-
Cres is, caiculated chiefly for Iren works,
being rough and staney, but well timbered.
he third mentioned tract of 4000 acr g
Is chie good Land for grazing.
Of the fourd mentioned tract of 3000 acres
on the Moshannon, not ng can be said in
praise, but that it contains great abundance
of Sandstone, and may probably contain I~
rou oar, Stone coal and Limestone.
The fifth mentioned tract of twelve thou-
sand acres, with the exception of a few
farms, is alone, useful for Iron works
Alsos two. other farm i - the. county
Ceriroy “une aupotaing Tands of General
Benner, son the head of Spruce creek
(known by the nanic of Kerr's Place) con=
ining 300 acres, Upwards of one hundred
acres of which, are ip a state of cultivation,
The other tract containing two hundred
and twenty seven and hajf acres, adjoin,
the estate of thomas Ferguson, Iisq. “dec
CIghty or nmety acres of which are ajso in
a state of cultivation. Both the last men.
toned farms are excellent lime-stone Land,
Indisputable tities will be given. For terms
2pply to R. T. Stewart. Esq. Bellefonte ;
Vm. R. Smith, - Esq. Huntingdon ; and
Whi. Pation residing on the first mentions
ed tract.
Bell fine, Feb. se. 1814,
N. 8B. The tracts will be divided so as
to accommodate purchasers.
Dec. 27. 1813
IT 15 HEREBY MADE kNown. That
pursuant to the second scction of an
act passed on the 2d day of August, 1813,
eititled « Ap act laying duties on notes of
banks, bankers and certain companies ; on
notes, bods and’ obligations discounted by
banks, bankers and certain companies ;
and on bills of exchange of certain descrip-
tions,” an agreement has been made by
the Secretary of the Treasury with the Cen-
ire Bank of Liennsylvania for the payment
by the said Bank of an annual composition
in lieu of (he stamp duty oh notes by them
issued, of one and a half per cent: on the a=
mount of the annual dividend made by the
said Bank to theip stock inlders.
Acting Secretary of the Treasury,
T a meeting of the Directors held on
LA the 4th day of February, the following
resolution was adopted :
Resolved, That a further payment of five
dollars on each and every share of capital
stock, subscribed for in the C- nire Bank of
Pennsulvania (being the 7thand 8th iustals
ments) be, and are hereby directed to be
paid into the Bank, on or before the 6th
day of April next.
By order of the Board,
JNO. NORRIS, Car heir
Bellofante;, Xep, 4 18134,
Of yon 35 Lott St
rrr Vr rors ’ For rrr , rrr B®
i] 5 i: T ¥ ARSE
List of letters remaining in the frost office
at Bellefonte, December 31 y fr08t1813.
(A.) Samuel Ardery, 4; Joseph An-
drew, B. John Bowersock, John ‘Barren
Samuel Barr, David Bowman, William
Baily, Richard Bush, Caleb Bailey. James
Boarland, Michael Boyers, Nicholas Bush,
Joseph Boone (C.) “John & Washington
Corsse, John Copenhaven, Samuel Carnell,
Doctor Cowden, Richard Canoll, Thomas
Cornway, William Cooper. (D.) Jesse
Dale, John Dunkle. (E) Deocter Frede-
rick Essig, 2; Magaret Eaken, Henry Ei,
scohavey, Job England. (F) Rebecca Far-
low, James Fulton, Alexander Fulton, Jue.
Feavon, Samuel Fulton, William Fisher;
(3) George Gieim, Robert Gardner, Philip
Trove, (H) Daniel Hammer Abraham
Hardsock, Thomas Hall, Matthias Heps
sha, Nancy Hood, Daniel Horn, John Has-
tel, George Michael*Hollenback. 9
David Jones, Elizabeth Jack. (K) Wil»
liam Kennedy, Josiah Kirk, Nicholas Ke]
ler, Merinas King, Frederick ellop, 2. (L
Thomas Lewis, Amos Lewis, Isaac Lyman,
(Wn John Miller, Mary M«Canna, William
orrow, James McIntosh, Hannah Mach-
lan, Hugh M:Mellin, John MGee, Sarah %
M:Clintock, Mary Meyredy, Joseph: Mors:
rison, Andrew Moore, James McCray, Jas
cthb Menich, Daniel M:Cracken, Jno. Ms
Carting. (N) Mary Nesselrote, 2; Chris+
tian Nesselvote. (0) Margaret Prentice, =
Joshua Prentice, John Pennington; James
Packer, Joshua Potts. (R) Jobn Rey. (S)«
Savouck Bout, William Searcy;
tratton, Richdrd Saddler (T
Me. Thorndyke, 23 David Tweed, 2 ol
Andrew Thompson, Thomas Thomas. (E)
Evan Williams, Jesse Willams, James
Woodside, Jacob Way, Adam Weavery
Henry Work, (Y.) Herman Young.
R. I. STEWART, p, \.
Joor one or more years, and possessiap
given on the first day of April next,
a farm on the south side’ of Bald Eagle
Creek, near the mouth of the Same; forty or
fifty acres cleared, a proportion of which
is meadow. There is on the premises .¢
good Apple Orchard, with a number of on
ther fruit trees. A Saw Mill, two square
log Dwelling Houses ; a number of othep
buildings and Sugar Camps. For terms,
apply to ¥
February 19,1814.
THE Subscriber respectfully informs.
his friends, and the public in general, that
he bas commenced the Saddle and Harness
making business, in Bellefonte, next door
to Mr. Roland Curtin’s store, where all or-
ders will be thankfully received, and puncs
tually attended to, by '
Bellefonte, February 12, 1814.
THE subscriber respectfully informs yrs
friends, and the public in general, that he
intends carrying on the Cabinetsmaking by
siness in all its various branches, in the bg
rough of Bellefonte. He flatters himself;
that from an attention to business, and the
superior quality of his work, to merit a share
of the public patronage. ;
Bellefonte, Feb, 12, 1814, ’
N. B. One or two Journeymen wanted gs
the above mentioned business, to whom
good encouragement will be given, ;
One or two apprentices to the above mens
tioned business will meet with good encon «
rigemet by applying to the subscriber.
ui Shares