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Jyt.MILS P. IC ditor and Proprietor.
WEDNESDAY ...... 21, 1958
Irvi: Slit-AEU k: JUDGE,
V*" 31 P it E 1.
We return our thanks to H Townsend,
Esx , POEIt Master, at Olivet, Armstrong Co
lve., for a large club of subsc•thers tv for
Post. Our country friends are swel
ling our weekly I;st in a most gratifying man
ner. The paper costa but 'l,l per year in
clubs of ten.
We have seen a letter addressed to Mr.
John Murdoch,from Judge Heister, announc%
ing that the Committee to decide apou the
place of holding the State Agricultural Fair
this fall, will meet at. the Monongahela House
in this city, on Friday next. The Conanitte.e
consists of Judge A. O. Holster, David Tag
gart, Esq., and Alleys A. Kapp, Esq. it is
greatly to tLe interest of our business men that
the fair should be secured for Pittsburgh, sod
ire hope they will be prepared by 'I bureday
to give the Committee reascws for
selecting this locality.
Llt4u4,2t i•:1
estate has new a u,w Liquor Law.—
As agreed upon by the Committee 01 Con.
ftrenct and adopted, it it, eubstantaaliy tt e
same 4LS the Bill passed by the louse of; Sep
retied:datives, the provisions ot which we have
already laid before the readers of the Pest.—
yhe Senate untended the b•ll and struck out
the free license system ot the douse, w - here.
by no discretion was lodged in the Courts as
to the number c i t licenses to be granted, and
inserted Use dII4IICLIOiIai y word ; "may, — for
the imperative, ' This the t. Ontat ace
Uocunlittee disagreed to, and the:void, '
has been restored. I_ niter this pro , ardon, all
Applicants tatrwise qualified are eutitled
right to,receive a license.
Hebrew Benevolent ~z_osotlat lon
The Israulites , of this city ha - ve an asscmia-
Lion, which haS been in existence for s we
years for the relief of their own persuasion,
whether residents or strangers, as may by
chance require aid Since the establishment
Wt the association, we are informed that no
Israelite has been a recipient of public, charity
la this city, but that all who require assis' mice
Lave received it promptly from thu society's
'funds. This is highiy creditable to tho char
toter of the children of Israel who have
'pitched• their tents among us. A similar as
iodation exists in the city of Philadelphia, or
ganized on the 22d of November last, and
'which, since the - GU' of December, when it
'first commenced receiving applications for re
lief, has rendered assistance to one hundred
and ten families composed of one hundered
rod fitly persons The amount of cash re
ceived and distributed by the treasurer since
the formation of the association has b e en
$2,632 Measures have been adopted
within a day to wake the society in Philadel ,
phis a pormainent one, as it is in this city.
`t • tec Joia,to K:owu Story, a VI,: ilod • ad
a Plc.gla vista.
"he pribtt:i story of Jessie Brown and the
Scotch slogan at Luck - now has been spoiled
by some malicious tuat.plot, who has dtscov
ered in it a very suspicions likeue s to a story
" The Betrothed,' One of Scott's tales of
the Crusaders. 'I he story referred to is ~t an
incident ut the siege or the castle ut as uld
Norman »airier named Sir Haywood Brien
ger, on the Marches of W aka, by the ‘‘ etch
tutees nuclei , taweuwyu. The retaint IN 01
the Norman were iu the meet critical Saud. ,
two and anxiety Rene' v.-as n aututz:rily
expected, while at the same-tune the kVelob
were looked fur every instant, to endeavor to
storm the castle. Evelke. the daughtir
Belthgt:f atteuded by the dam.hter ‘..t the
good Fleming who had teen entrusted with
the charge of the castle, unatle to sleep from
the intense anxiety, determined to watch upon
the battlements while those in cutnniilud
slumbered from tatigue. While thus \vat._ h.,
ing she heard the sounds, long belove they
were audible to her attendant, of the titittip
of the horses of the chivalry 01 the March
coming to the toilet of the castle. the scene
which then takes place is might ay Id. that
described iu the story ul Jessie Brown A
writer in the New York. Herold maliciously
puts the. storto,4 Bitie by side, cool potty
clusiiely wakes out a uuso ut plagthrtew
A few years back , it was the ppilltar
ian atat wheat was not a profitable crop in
Middle and West Tennessee fins,' says a
late number of the Nashville tl,i4on, 2 was a
great error, and happily for the coiliatry
now Bo lunge( exists. Wheat is to be the
great staple of Tennessee The people el
Taunisssee have heretofore won the highest
renown in vindicating the rights and 11Juor
the country upon the field of battle. Oar
Warriors are amongst the bravest of history.
-but Peace Huth its triumph itu ic6.4 reuowd
eJ thati war." Our people LOW Qaltivnte the
A rte of Peal,t) We recd bread to lersi favor
ed /Stated. toruut every secEttu of the C.3tits
utunwealtti we have the ieuet favorable a--
counts. 'Clituusauds tied teas tit thousultds of
broad acitt7e are tfi , day "arrayed in living
green ;" in a little uiure than a mouth the yell
low berveet will come, and the golden fields
will be ready for the Biotite
na full barus, stalling tacos and
hippy hearts. Peace and plenty will abound
It is a favored land in wbicb we live. From
the facts before us, we estimate the coining
crop, should uo misfortune happeu between
now and harvest, at fifteen million bushels .
We shall not be surprised if it should yield
oven more
Dun ttlete!s Circus.
This famous institution will pitch its tent
on Ben Trimble's yard about the first of May.
The elephant, the rhinoceros, and the camel,
have arrived, and Dan himself is shortly ex ,
pected from the eastern cities, where he has
been playing a series of most succesiful en
gagements during'the winter
Cools Slalna
Messrs. Smith & Co., of Chicago, recently
shipped via Michigan CentraPßailroad direct
to London, England, by way of New York
city, a single lot of eighteen thousand coon
simu. The skins were made up in sixty cows
pactly pressed bales of three hundred skins
each. At the average value of fifty ten's
apiece the shipment leaches a total value of
--Ex-Governor Bashford, of %Viscously, states
that be was offered $160,1100 to approve of the
tint bi 11 reported for distributing the lauds
granted by Congress in aid or the railroads of
that State.
- __._Z , -
- sap Cta 6overe.gri, , - ,n-Lnuuly known
Ad a moment when the public ire en :tie yui oils
in regard to the appearanoe in our midst of the die-
hy the soubriquet King 'Jambe," bas been
quat telling with the teat of [ha European ru
tinguished abtress whose name heads this article, it „
may not seem unmoot in us as journalists to briefly I len', and (like the boy in the story) the more
sketch a few of the prominent features of her bright I they ask him to behave himself, the more he will
and wonderful career. There is always a strange not. Against Queen Victoria he has been par
and melancholy interest attached to "Last Appear- I ticularly demonstrative, or rather against her
ances " and "Farewell Engagements," even when subj.:Ws seizing them, imprisoning them, half
the individuate whew we are to see for the last time star ving them, cad rut trying them. All this,
are of but ordinary mould and moderate reputation;
too, on the merest suspicion. France and AUS-
Gut ashen at is the departure of a genius Sc altogether
tria have Leen treated iu much the same way,
unapproachable as that of Charlotte Cushman which
and the miracle is that, months and months ago,
attracts our attention, one cannot but experience a
these powers did not steam or sail into
sensation of profound melancholy, tempered perhaps me of
by the reflection that by such voluntary retirement the Bay of Naples, and tftwabord the city, until
King Bombe made, atonement for the past, and
the object 3 securing a fume more decided from the
feet I b._ ros.illeetious being possible in the future gave pledges for goad n,lnot in the future.
three conoeted alto the btiil 61,,aning powers Miss Davenp.:rt i 3 pia:, lag at Memphis,
4 a rigor,us maturity This is the ease with the '
eu1,j , ...2t sit cur adot,A3 ~tier L'admg adieu to her
natl . e,untry, gee. rot a brief space to England,
Otero her genius is fully recognized. and then sinks
into the elegant retirement tihieh her wcaith
honorably earned) and her many social advantages
enable her to command,
Adise C s tamen began her career as an Cleve of the
lyric ge, and essayed under the tuition cf Mr.
Macdc-r, to become a proficient in music, with a view
to ei, giug to opera. Like Mrs. Ferrets, however,
and wan, other ladies who subsequel fly took rank
as actroeses, stio hbandoned the intention after a
sho,i trial, and turned her attention to ticgmiy
Witt, the or-Unary preezmption of y uth, Cho made
her tirA flight a tier, high ine—nttompting, a' bile a
mere racier, Ilia arduous arA ditEenit chataider at
Lath. Alacic-ith-- a piece of acting in which we fancy,
few cool I ha:2 realized the germ of that ruagLifi,:_nt
embodiment I ealanie ambition which Lac art r
electrified th•;Lied nds of persons Lath in Europe and
TLL first .nae3gerricrd fit, .u p .L
Li) an .1 , überan:c ci
1.),) iblte I
Lcr t.i CLc
.1) ii•IT Ir,l „i cur k.. 1% 0, lit:
t.72:..1:17 if TLeoraaue
isli al, I C
alchytuio prepuraticoa bel.re ,t
iail , :r(ttati.r; It is ihld sta C
11,playai the steri;l
that acuacipaui,:u true geit.t,
and .i,t.tt , utelted :t frual LIG feloe A viow4a of
oc hy the applause of the
d,soundlings" (who are ever ready to pay the
tribute of loud-mouthed praise to startling postures
and hrill'oig de..aaatations., would have liugersd
a he .to•neut tha Laud at the E
all her life a very ut.
thr v,ohJerlul, but extremely unnatiarhi aoJ
Lad t o. chit taut•it real intellect h,t
'Lc~:~.ra, .cad [l;u
t, preei the; sa..th n ,_,hoot was not the school ot
bhakspeare or id nature and voluntarily leaViug
her unwelcome greatness, took a stook position (that
of " walking lady ") at the Old Park Theatre. Here,
while cheerful;; tilling the }tumble requirements of
her position, she way aieb:ed to Cl ,, s‘Ay study the
best European inedeld that eAtailishinent inonupu-
Hying, at t bet time, all the oeleltr,ited ,Lard who vis
ited the country., and in this wanner her toted be
cent.) educated tar the formation of a style for her
oar elupnquent following. To this wide of cultiva
tion she added a habit ut original composition, and
her reflections naturally taking a pootirfurw, liar
revue toss frequently before the public through the
medium of the newspapers, the editors of which
gladly accepted such fugitive poetry se she furnished
thew with. This kind of notoriety established a
kind of familiar connection between the public, anti
the yuurig aetress, and propared thou.' to recognize
her as k friend, when at leng`h her genius Lurets the
trammels of insignih , iance and places her ainang the
great of her profession.
tier first striking, hit ens made ha Nancy : - .13 , 1305 in
a dramatization of Dickens' Oliver Twist, pod it
+ails su true to nature, ao tearfully ii.4,...urato a portrait
of the depraved creation of tan author, that it et once
ple , t-d her high above any o(.mpttition in the race
tor drarustie fewe. Old ..ritios, the reauguize all the
w. uderful I,erfutAion she has tiriCe thrown into inure
classic uud pleasanter oreat i uue, ehy tkivit that per
bee occur Leon surpaset.d. Frum this mu-
uliiot Ler positioe as a rising light was fixed--
foon the Pe!li ileatre she went to ' EUrtull
in Philadelphia and thbie her career was E.o
beial'ael that at tOe the aniiaon she
re aimed to New Yorlr ue the leading uetress
of the American stage. hot a short tiwc after this,
Mr Macready'a emit to the United ‘i - 3tates opened to
Lei the red to London, honors were Leaped
before au,di eVels' OD
fad Lakre r erase. Her Romeo, her Lady Mac
beth, her QULGII C.JaltalLlo, and, lastly , her Meg
MthrileS, Were pronounced by the eritics as ureot,
ond any I...tenet in the history et the EaglieL
ige, and be was enabled to return to this country
th the comfortable Melina that her name Lad a
p , , n,t,' , Je that no other Ameri.au aeireea could claim.
What bee been hey Otticui aei bVelj one kneeii
n.umpli atter triumph had attended Ler, and her en
ti,r,ugL tAttt cvtiroti — t have - tteer: a Suite,:
bone ilnw, 6ho is al—ut to resign the sceptre
:ice. Lae 60 I, ILY it 31,10 I re=ign it. in the Very I,kni
tale of her grodtoes6 acid perfectibn if her Lit etas
eud giving up the epplaudee of the multitude, the
tributary paragraphs of delighted critics.. the ellent
etepattiy of the beautiful and good, the thousand
and one gratifications received by the SUCCC,SSfiII
sources— ,he alu)ut to return
the quirt h. , Lue Le ,nILA
h~„aaer, Lampe entirely t eeexpe a zhate .
her takatd are to,' bright to tavulder is .bscurity,
the iipplituBe ehe has been a oust,imea to in the
heatre null attend hat to the a ucLal ;Lida
ti zport 41t 01 Appralesr6
The board of Appraisers to assess dam
g's to transporters and others; by reason of
the sale of the Mato Line, have presented
their (6ptort to the Legislature. The total
amount of damages awarded is U 43,165, The
several awards are as follows
leer U U. W
; lit, $3OO, t•apt I),wry,
!•;',30(1, A r,L, Ni ; riawuul Black,
'CSS, Tiros 11111 liken, Jr , si6o; Kean,
Thus Gott, t John Cowden, $6OO,
Tbomus M'Counell, ste.), John Sturwer, $4OO ;
Robert Brown, s'26o; John Brown, $lOl, J o h.
B;,lte, $100; S,xatuel Kerr, 4;i3IJU; Ira
,$&00; E U. & W. :Rai, Lloyd Co ,
$4,625 ; Lloyd L. Co., Western Division, $2,400;
Cookinau st Bru , ; B Appold & Co
51,000; Henry Adams, $l5O i Wm. Hall, $150;
,Lis. Layton, $160; Lear & Walkinetiaw, $100;
John Lung, $10t: , Hance, Ferguson, $160; Je.
Uteler, $l5O ; William Ford, $125, William
Juhustun 5t Bro , $lOO ; Deo. B.ishberger, $5O ,
U. L Lloyd, $'2,250; J. Miller, $2,160; Lloyd,
liolliday & Co , $750; Lloyd, Holliday & Cu ,
11asteru Jivioiuu, $450; Robert M Lemon, $l,-
.ltobt M. Lemon, Eastern Division, $600;
'Thomas Bingham, $2,326; Thomas Bingham,
Eastern Division, $360; Porter, Milliken 3 Co ,
$3OO , J. 11PGunigle, $i:00 , Charles Hughes,
$300; Bernard M'Colgau, 5600; Arch. All'ad
deu, $2OO
The eleventh annual report of the commit
tee having in charge the construction of the
Cathedral of 8t Peters and Bt. Paul Philadel.
phia,opposite Logan Bquare,exhibits the fact that
$13,0133 134 was collected during the past year.
cettunittee state that the covering of the
with a substantial roof, the erection of
the main altar, and plastering the interior, will,
;la a short time be completed.
andiord and Tenant
The following legal decision, given in a Phil
adelphia Court, will he interesting to those own
ing or leasing real estate:
Grove vs. Hughes —This was an action tried
before Judge Strong, at Nisi Prins, the facts of
which are these : —Win. Hughes had leased to
U. P. Grove, for seven years, the premises, 102
North Eighth Street, at the annual rent of $4,-
600 These premises were burned in about one
year from the commencement of the lease. They
were insured, and the policy was held by the
landlord, who drew, the insurance money, and
did not rebuild. The tenant did rebuild, and
having paid his rent, brought this action to recov
er the amount expended by him in rebuilding.
Judge Strong held that in ease of a lease con
taining no express covenant on the part of the
landlord to rebuild; that the fact of hie receiv
ing insurance created no obligation to rebuild ;
that the rent was not suspended by the destruc
tion of the premises, but the tenant must con
tinue to pay it; and that since the lease provide
ed that at its expiration the tenant should sur
render It "in good order, reasonable wear and
tear excepted," it was questionable whether the
tenant himself was not at all events bound to
rebuild. The Judge therefore directed a non
he hut watch were purchased by the
erchaats of Boston for Gen Pierce, previous to
his inauguration, for $1,500, were sold at auc
tion in New York, on Frikl,..y last, for $445 --
They are tea or twelve years uld.
—The heavy rains are said to have greatly
damaged the crops on the Arkansas and lower
Mississippi rivers.
—Strawberries are vended in the streets of
Augusta, Georgia ; the crop is said to be abun
- A Londou letter states that the house of
t.ihmtgo Peabody have repaid the Bulk of Eug
laud the aivaus.es made to th4tri by that im-titu
[Jou during the recent panic
- iu /thuds island they have a curious 41:c
tion taw It requires all the candidates wahss
for its Legislature to be printed in the 881113 or
der ou ull the tickets, or the ticket which is not
so prtUted lint counted c. ruin was nr.
lt,hit I t pruw,te tLi pratlce 3 t
doh, etime . ,.. very :...-erieuient wheu
is upon a, ticket
- Judge, Thompson, of the New York Marine
❑ the I,ugh
(*.airt, do,ided, on Thursday, that LT:grace may
be permitted, but are hot entitled, to sea's in
public couvvyatize, and Lhe jury, before s ❑om
a the point ..ad tried, erohroed
ttio opiiiion
- ChariH3 A Woolworin, a member of the
Leavenworth Convention, hae arrived at it a2h
ingion with a certitiod oopy of the new Cu
tut, n of liansas If there is much wisdom in
a funititude ~t e..un , :durs, the State of Kansas
ought to be ic.garLiQd ae fortunate. This ni.dies
C,,not;tution Thres," and in due Cinc,
it' the Crittenden amendment carries, "Nutaber
Vont' will lie presented to Congress
—ln boring an artesian well in StoeLton,
recently, the borer struck a redwood slump
3&U feet below the surface of the ground, and
more '..!5t) feel below the level of the Peoifte
thican The earth ahoy., e.t.e.l helow won of
stratified itley and sand, whet, nad apnareqtly
utit been dieturbed 6ILICM its original daptisillUlL
Bia hundred barrels of new I.!,.,iniuda I•Aa
toee art ived al New York on Friday. Some to.
matocs from the same place also arrived, with
new peas from Charleston. Tomatoes sell at $2
per box, green peas $lO per barrel, and aspire
gas ht1e.7512 ler bunch.
—The Ohio Legislature adjourned April 13,
last scenes consisted of singing Auld Lang
Syne, Oft in the 3tilly Night, Home, Sweet
Home, and Star Spangled Banner.
- Muller, the murderer of the -old
seven-mile Dutchman," near Wilitesharre, is to
be hung on Friday next Ile Is so desp, rate
that h. is kept chained close to the door of the
Ou Thursday last, MIS"? Elizabeth ciarwacei
aged 1t years, daughter of Benjatniu Clarv,,a) ,
or Fayette euuuty, oorumitted
tahiug ~ trychtiloe.
- —Mr. editor of the Worlitilginun n .i 4J
cotatc, who was ootivicteil of libel
tan! eeiera.l 1110Eltii8 . impridoai.eb
bat. d.kied by liuvorb.; l'a.cter .
CuLamander Niel:Stair f the United Lit.tts
eteywer Nii,:higue, at Et.e. Pa , been Elle
oecde , l Ly I:utrimatider LitLulea!
C.u6ti:ribit "10'6" uu the :louthwark hank
of l'hiladelphiß were attempted Lo Le plat, in oil
oulati.b to Now York on Friday and riatarday.
'ftio fraudulent trauliaetions of (belt, the
Kiehl:l_lunit forger, are known to amount is ovrr
Visini,utiu. Such was the insinuating elianict , r
of the scamp, and his sticuess in gaining the
cunliiieuee of the people, that the men who for
six months wore aware of his transactions, the;r
own namee be.ving teen forged, refrained from
es.pcsine• Mu , on account of personal feelings
and delicacy 7 They even suffered themselves
to be bllcti and judgments obtained on forged
paper The shrew,lost dil not escape his wiles,
and quite a number of persons have been ruined
by their confidence in bird
--How closely very many of the public men
mea`whose lives have been run Within our time,
and with whose mimes the journals for jests
have bean familiar, were cdevals, few are aware
The year 1 which occupies in American
history very much the same place that 1769 time
in the viorlire history, is the birth year of matey
of them Mr Webster's date is January 1.6 (as
is well known 1) that of Wm Lowndes three
weeks later (Feburary ,) Cob Benton's at five
weeks interval t March l 1 ;) J C. Calhoun's but
four days behind (the lECth ;) while Lewis Cabs
completes the list on the 9th of tiotober
The New Independent proposes that a
day be set apart wherein all praying people shall
fervently petition the common Father of us all
to oonvert the rulers of this ration Isn't that
a project more stupendous aid magnificent, in
prospective, than the Pacific) Railroad or Sub..
marina Telegraph '
it is proposed by somebody in New York
to fuse into ne institution all the corporate
banks of New York city. There are fifty-four
of them, with an aggregate capital of sixty five
millions. The idea is to centralize in Now York
all the financial and business movements of the
country, by means of this one great engine.
•---The recent statement that Father Uhiniquy
had teen restored to the Catholic Church is de
nied by the Bishop of Dubuque (also adminis
trator of Chicago) and the the Archbishop of Ht.
Louis. They declare that they " believe him to
have been duly and lawfully suspended from the
exercise of the sacred ministry."
—.hones H. Lucas, the banker of St. Louis
has adjusted his pecuniary troubles with his de
positors. He has a surplus of four or fivo millions
of dollars
—We see it staled that the wife of Ueneral
Mongas, late President of Venezuela, has $.101.1-
000 a year pin money_ It is also asserted that
the Menages family have, during a few years
remitted five millions of dollars to Europe foreafe
investment, and as a provision against revolu-
tionary contingencies.
-- N. B. Curtiss St Co., bankers of Peoria,
Illinois, who suspended last fall, have resumed
specie payment
The NlcConnelsville Ohio Enquirer says " the
peach trees in this vicinity, are now in full bloom
and the prospect for an abundant crop of this
most delicious of all fruits was never fairer."
The same paper says "the wheat fields through
our county, as we are informed by those who
have had an opportunity of knowing, never at
this season of the year, looked finer than they
now do."
—Susan Dania is playing at the Arch street
Theatre Philadelphia.
We are gratified to learn from peach grow
ere of northern Ohio that the prospect in the
vicinity of the Lake is now fair for from a third
to half a crop of this delicious fruit Other
fruits promise abundantly
- Porter's Spirit of the Times eaye that Mr
Ten Broach does not mean to remain content
wail Lie victory in the Caesareviitch,' but in.
tends to renew his campaign against the flyers
of the English turf during the coming summer.
W fa a 1 V
DEATH is NOT PAINFUL --7. C. 7.• piaoid feeling-, From Vitasningtoia.
which accompany natural cent 1; ,re known it oat ' Wasarmaron CITY, April 20.—1 n Ser. M.e yesterday .
the evidence of multitudes, echo have testified to Mr. Meson, of Virginia, offered a resolution calling tt
It - tiE CHANCE lOU A 13117:I:\ EIS
and centirn
their ease with their latest breath. The very on the Secretary of the Navy for information respect- itAN.—The proprietu 'UtiLl, dU llt I ',. ..•• ~
pleasurable feelings which accompany drowning lag the treatment of the officers and crew of the turope, wilt toll his Grist .41Piuf tour 'tu!.es , i in' a . ~ Si ,
and hanging have been recorded by riuMbers who United States steam frigate Susquehanna, at Jamaica, ,t,cantl ongloe, three ran of 9toot. soul all the ulachie. , y, a
have been recovered after eareseious ess had with the view of considering whether the courtesy ' .O
order;ll:cghoolued acorn
si and tab cracker, etc t-.° t ill CO-, :13,0
Ceased. Death from cold. we would (311 pose to
of the British officers requires an acknowledgment. h our rooms
with a Luse stable. :s t a ho ca lo n t b h o done; a dcrellin , ,;ll ?se of •
be ono of the worst forms in which th ing of Adopted,
st first, South Pittibar ßobo
Bill teed lot dt I I
Committee of Conference on the Kansas I 6 a oang th
met this ruornie , Mr. Euglish submitted a props- as a front of 40 te..t on driegg
toßealt ro b , t f te feet front on s
r o a o nor tipt, .
y 80 deep to an alley. Aiso, a
sit ' i,o '. e ' i:il m ar to that indicated in ye . sterday'a des- Will he tak en in part pay for the above. For rice t a me:
tc; p .
~ 2 1)/ y at our office.
terrors could approach; but instead of th frosty
amount t, or ~e 0
S. CUTHBERT p it skirl.
horrors we picture, the victim finds himsef rock
ed, at last, Into a eootbing slumber. " I had patch. The Senate Committee asked time to e..,11•
treated," says br. Kane, iu his Artie Explora- eider' i!. kiloliter meeting wiis to be held at two .- _ of Martr.t streA.
Lions, " the sleepy comfort of freezing as some- o'clock.
. i (
3 .
r ELN a .:
d , N I?
el ENIETE It )( LOT 11 0L1)E It S,
'LoSuer:.Ewililrip:2lLZor:fi'le t
thing like the embellishment of romance I had The steamer Fulton, which proceeded from Key adroit
evidence, now, to the contrary. Two of our West to Tampico, ten days ago, was under special
stoutest men came to toe, begging permission to orders to protect American property in that quarter, t/v ER Y,, U R L 0 ' t 8
sleep : " they were not cold; the - wind did not ! c n accordance with a request from the State to the And
Wavy Department, based on the representations o And your
cuter them now ; a little sleep was all they want- NOW to the proper d asou.
By th e ktg, "oat, • """ati " .
GUI Consul at Tampico. directio,, 3 for
ed." ' From this sleep, if they had been allowed Al] the midshipmen who passed examination sevc use, can be had of W. T. POWELL, Agent,
to indulge in it, they would never have waked atAnnapolis h ave eon orderedinto
rat days ago h b Pare, $1,50. (ep2.o:ltd,tC,:tw ) ~..„ 9 7 i .
lidt err_:
The pain was not in dying, but its the effort l c , avoid active service
it : the descent to the grave was easy cud Mr. English's bill is still under censiderati .1a of tho
graceful ; all the resolution was required ia keep Senate's Committee of Conference with a fair pros
'l,,, sleep and leilstme road which led 1 Lek to pact of ultimate agreement. Many oonsidtr this as
tiread - y curtain. Messrs. Seward and Howard diem
,00t 'Die sti. anal political parties wore this after.
ne..n tail are t -night much interested iu privately
di,ou9s,itg the measure, of the success ut which no
880E5 FOR. H ENB --A correspondent of the New
liaglaial Farmer states that an old lady in hie
vicinity has been in the habit for several
years of shoeing her chickens in order to prevent
them from scratching, and suggests that a patent
right be obtained for the novel invention.
An elderly lady in the vicinity of Baltimore,
well versed in chickenoloyy, says —"Nonsense ?
there is no novelty in the thing at all,for chickens
have been shooed ever since there was anybody
to shoo them --an l further--it often happens
that they are shaved beet when scratching the
worst." This matron ie of the opinion that
Noah shooed those he had in the ark.
14.-, , ipa1‘21.1 L. , Hit: fticAbilig Moat
FititiNtit i, V a Ni I.,Ef4tSLiVi‘utti:
HARRISBURti, April 20.-lia:e. Senate bill 650,
repealing, the penalties Lir usury, but not altering
the rata ~1 interest, passed finally, and goes to the
House; the vote was ayes 15, nays 14.
- The Hausa concurred in the Senate amend
meets tu the bill relative to attachment* of vessels.
Senate bill r , iiative to Claysviile (Washington
eiunty) public: .ols passed finally, and needs bit
the t]overnor's apnr oval to be a law
House bill to abolish toll gates in Manchester. Al
legheny ceuaty, ;..as lost.
Senate. The bill to abolish Wilmot's District was
passed by a vAe of 17 against tlfi, by nearly a party
vote; Messrs. Randall and Wilkins voted nay; Mr.
Schell was absent.
Hose.—The House concurred in souie of the Sen
ate amendments to the In'urance and Mililia bills.
The Senate iusisted un those non-concurred in, and
conferees will be appointed.
Several votoes were received in both Houses
The tiovern.r has appointed r. Buekalew and
Judges Lewi an , t Knox, Commissioners to revise the
penal code.
The bill relative to attachments cf vessels, and the
Liquor bill, have been signed by the Governor.
In the Senate, a bill has Leon introduced to refund
to persons licensed this month the surplus over the
rates of the now liquor bill.
The bill relative to sheriffs' sales has been returned
to the Senate; not signed by the tie.. , ertior, as err.-
neously 8 tated.
►'oa[etdny'a E',co.3:“adingh,
Mr. Houston, of Texas, spoke in favor of the es ,
tablishment of a protectorate over Mexico. After
pointing out the difference between the Northern and
t;oulhern States of the Union, he went on to define
hie plan, and show the benefits that would accrue to
the Uuion and to Mexico. The protectorate, he said,
must be self-supporting, the protected paying the ex
pence which they could do by assigning her revvty,
for ton years. udr Gulf squadron is sufficient io
protect her commerce; five thousand reliable troops,
judiciously posted, would preserve internal ardor.
Mr. Houston explained the circumstances under
which Mexico funded her debtof $55,1100,000, which
is mostly owing to British creditors. All that tiraat
Britain can reasonably expect In the event of a pro
teetor4tiiis, that we strait see that portion of the cus
toms settapart toward the oeht, and the dividends
foithfiill appropriated to the purpose.
Mr. Houston paid a feeling tribute to the memory
of his former companions in the Senate, now that ult
had passed away. Mr. Houston spoke more largely
of the State 'rights of Texas than of the protectorate,
respecting which he said it might be either like that
of the lonion Islands or in a new form, but wl.hout
exercising mere authority than was necessary.
Tho resolution says that whereas every attempt of
Mesieo to regulate her internal affairs results in fail
ures, and there is danger of it falling into anarchy 7
and whereas, the United States, on account of their
continental policy, can never permit Mexico to Le
subjugated by Spain, or permit her tc pass into the
hands of any foreign power ; therefore, a select Coal
mitten of seven be; appointed to enquire whether it
be necessary to establish a protectorate.
The resolution win laid over till , o morrow to be
The Deficiency Lill was then taken up and dis
cussed all day.
Mr. Halo's amendment was lost by u vote of 30
Eiglialtli 21.
Mr. Feseenden 'moved en additional suction, to
confine thi; appropriations to the fiscal your and
specify the branch tor which they voted.
The motion wan still under discussi•,n her: Air
Clark moved to re-consider the ..;te on the Pacihe
Railroad, which wan agreed to
Senate adjourned.
Mr. Merrill, of Vermont, spoke in favor of his bill
granting lands in various States Gar the establish
ment of colleges for the pr:nati.,n of agri.zulture
and the mechanic arts.
Mr. Buffington, of Illassachusett, uttered a resolu
tion, which was adopted, calling tor the cerrespen
demos with the government of Chili relative t the
detention at Taloahuana of the Amertoan vessels
Uood Baum and Franklin.
The Washington Police bill was taken up, which
the House rejected by II majority.
Mr. Dodd's substitute, agreed to ;n Committee
yesterday, proposing that the policemen be appointed
by a Board of Commissioners to he eleeted, instead
of giving the President the power in the pretudie, , ,
was tabled by 110 against 79,
The Military - Academy bill was considered in com•
Mr. Shaw, of North Carolina, replied to the Anti
Lecompton speech of hie colleague, Mr. Uilimer,
who, he said, was, on its conclusion, congratulated
by Mr. Giddings, with both hands, as though Ltl.
stowing benedictions.
; Mr. Giddings said that Mr. Shaw was entirely mis
Mr. Shaw---I witnessed the scene with my can
eyes. Did not the gentleman approach my col
league ?
Mr. Giddings. emphatically--I did.
Mr. Shaw—Fifteen or twenty others saw you ap.
preach my colleague.
Mr. Giddings further replied, but his voice was
entirely drowned in load cries of order from the
Democr9tio side.
Mr. Koitt pretested against Mr. Shaw, who was on
the doer, being interrupted. This was followed by
cries of order from the Republican side, and laughter.
Mr. Keitt said that such blackguardism was better
out than in the House.
Mr. Shaw repeated that there was a smile of com
plaisance on Mr. Giddings' faco as he approached
Mr. Gilmer on that occasion. When he should bring
upon him such congratulations, he would exelaito
wnat have I dune that my enemies should praie,
me." (Cries of good.)
Mr. Giddings said that there was not a word of
truth in Mr. Shaw's statement. Instead of eengrat.
slating Mr. Gilmer, he had asked him why he had
used his name in connection with that of Buchanan,
and told him that he should hold' him responsible for
it. (Laughter.)
Mr. Campbell, having been near Mr. Gilmer at
that time, corroborated Mr. Giddings' statement.
Mr. Clingman, in justice to his colleay,uo, Shaw,
who was now absent, said that he saw the Sleek Re
publicans congratulating Mr: Gilmer, and Mr. Gid
dings was in the crowd near enough to do so. He
did not know whether Mr. Giddings grasped Mr.
Gilmer's hand, but he recollected distinctly Mr.
Houston exclaiming "Kiss him, Giddings." Fit ty
other gentlemen also witnessed the scene.
The committee rose, and the House adjourned.
Arrival of the Steamship Arago
NEW YORK, April 20.—The steamship Arago ar
rived at a late hour last night, quite unexpectedly,
bringing Havre and Southampton dates of the 7th
The Canada, from Boston via Halifax, arrived out
on the 4th inst.
: Among the passengers on the:Axago ara: Nathaniel
Bolton, American Consul at (Minya • J. H. Latrobe,
Hearer of Despatches from Eit. Petersburg, and Austin
L. Main, Bearer of Despatches from Paris.
The Leviathan had accidentally got adrift from
her moorings, but was seoureir - without being dam
'The American bark Potrea has been totally
wrecked. Her passepgers and crew were saved.
D'lsraeli was to bripg the Budget before Parliament
on the 16th •
detioite opinions Can yet bo formed. It is probable
tlid.t the Committee of Conference will report tu•
It is generally believed that the President will ac
cept the two regiments of volunteers offered from
Kentucky and Ohio. The regiment from Ohio con
si-ts of five companies, mustered in Cincinnati; one
from Columbus, one from Toledo, one from Spring
field, one from Mount Ililead, and one from Coehoc-
tun. All the officers and wally of the mon served in
the Mexican war. The entire regiment can be reedy
fur the field at a short notice.
Execution In Chicago=- -'l'he Minnesota
CU IC , April 20,—Staub, who murdered Lauer
man in Docember last, was executed to-day.
The niajorit; in fay.r of a five million lean in
prebebly exceed twenty thouz.o J
DFl4.ntehes from Gen. Jokliason
eT. Lbets, April 20.—1 t is said that an express
puised through this city on Sduduy night, with Gov
eminent despetehea from Gee. Johnson. No news
transpired here
.tooth of Judge Ste venia.
IziotaNssous, April 20. —Judge Stevens, ono of
the oldest residents of th.-1 pity, brother of Hon.
'fballeus ~r d;ed suddenly
fait evoLing
Death of Dr. Tyng
PIiII.d.bELPRIA, April 20. - R. DudMy A. Tyng
died yesterday, freak the effects the Miury received
hy the threshing machine.
Reward Offered
For the detection of any person counterfeiting, imi
tating, or the vender of any such counterfeit or itni
t,tion of ittEItHAVE'6 DuLLANi) FITTERS.
The genuine, highly concentrated Holland Bitters is
put up in half pint bottles only, having the name of
the proprietor, B. Peak:, Jr., blown in them, and his
signature around the neck of each and every bottle.
This delightful Aroma has been received by Alfieri
cane with that favor which is only exttrided to really
scientific preparations. When we maksidex the
marked success attending its adminis.:ration, in the
most stubborn oases of Fever and Ague, Neakness of
.my kind, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Acidity of the
Stomach, Siok and Nervous Headache, Indigestion,
Costiveness and Piles, together with the complete
control it exercises over all Nervous, Rheumatic, and
Neuralgic Affections, we cannot wonder at its ppm..
larity. Well may the invalid value this remedy.
Carstiuti I—Be careful to ask fur BobrAavo's Holland
&eters. dull at $1 per bottle, at !ILI bottlad fur $5,
by the sole Propriotore, I;43Eljanlin Page, Jr., & Co.,
No. 27 Wood etreot, between First and Suoond streets,
and Druggists generally.
A 47.300 D COMPARISON.—The Rev. Win Rouhitt, a
woltkuown Methodist clurgytuau, residing at Naples df awe
the ivilowialt auiusiuti but apt c.auparisuu te.tweeu Dr. Mc
L•Da'a ce'ebrated Veradiuge, prepared by ielenilug Bros, of
Pittsburgh, aud a forret :
"A ferret, when placed at the sotrauce ~f a rat-holy,
furs the aperture, travels al,ug the passage, :sizes apoa the
rat, extertaivates his oxisteac,i, and draws ,t,,iiiars ie
luuct to the light. Aud, In Jibe tirVid /
tLund 14..NITAMetiAmsallJaN Vxasurtr,is Ik , opotatm upon
WOki.MS, idn,3c) dcnadf al and d ;ngnrous l,rluvnint aof (gill.
Thin ialun,ly, lILn the , !no apt,. . t.t
thn tinvcln LLAV Li ILO gulltt, hunil t..titnt iLu sttn•
aLh, lays hold of the ehatium lhu hie 1,1 •
Wu; sw6i3O ,loan their dcri, and d (heir CLlLL.ddemb
Juni :•ikt 01 LIId d)dltfill. lib, tit futlcti.,l.-Vi LacdU ,Lo udrn
of 1.1.10 Va , ulifugn upon wy children."
A t... , ighbot of Mr. It.niatt, Vc, John nnggri, allot ,d IL.
..1 t6O ovin end Lot tilt,. thud ,i,LLIL
btrprOVell of Iflld Wed!. apeciti , vk
uram L di. n Lot
t. y
liaqers Will La eat Elul wall. 1 . Ali. Al
\.:El.ftLiitit'ilED Vttili.LltUJn , 4.l3{-111:11, / l,y t. I
Fiteitaiigt., Fa 911
nn, 1./1". Sl'Lltao'l VcrUtil.ke
zaiSu bid C.OLUbIBitiA 1.1 , 1b1 PAN, Citsl.l uu.. Lc, bed et ell to
tip, table drUit 'Acres .11:ne il,t.trie. wit '.Ertal Iriu ac ute qi
nplt; lcz.lber
E IDV MT S Ellin.
Tvir tt4 IVY .ra. If_s.
nAN inuti~'_: u['c.RA IiUU I , Plfil aUr HI A
1,10;10A VIC:4 Mu APRIL 10111,
Iu lbar uilgi“ll Al,-,i u , t , u „i it,.
hold ttfiLlLLiellttl. Ttatr /.c
AMEMUA, JAM Et!, Yul.lah and JULIA
Thid gtotti utiroei, [ion of Inicut uppctai I
J. 46 e 0411../g • My, t.ttl lttUlitib nub CLinLI 1.1 46.
AJWlaniuu, 3L Gouts louvre iJpdtiut;
to b (ep2l) COOL 'W Fctige tilnuay,er
r riEIE UliE NI la!A 1, EttASI E
soap, Ll4bnuletctured by B C. a J. B. Blawyer, re
LLeeiviee the pieteietv, ',roc nil ulliet Mode ever ...dot cti 1.4
ite u.t.aataw.e aver tither l'isqis are ist It Is eteapo
tuum, vac pound Loll% equal to “1 Cuttlalun 1'1,141
: - 4,,hp :14 atilt Lll. L.lll. ~pled in 11 ettliliLig
ill OW, lir Bt] Lutot.a
it. wnnhiug etlu U. utarly dieprhde.l o LI. as the clothes
will require little It hay a tail...wit, thus 'ding their wait,
uti the wrail,hocuil 4th. thalauB .Jotted in tamer:es/41i)
wtieri this soap Id useit'nuit Laid ur atilt water ausrrete
equally se well an suit. 6th Pi ultras, Aleietaulsts, Pstuteli,
add °thole, [hid It tar superior to .ither It speedily rw
rhuveNt gram.., tar, paita, tllll.ltOile ink tbild dirt (Into the
1111121, leaving the shlu suit, suit tree Irvin chapping.
'l'. tavolat ttio labor tit rubblaag ILo clothes, and the ode of
the wash•li,srd, the hilluwlurc diiu boon tli.lolllll 1.10 totl,.wed
Fui the wastriug of eight or tea of a !wilily, take sae
pound eat it foto sharitigs, owl dissolve in
t yelluu ,t hot watof ; put the clothes into a tub Cu/AWL/111g
aLLiut toe gallous of warca water; pout la the ilitint/hicil
tlun p, and stir thoroughly. Let them &ark twenty to thirty
wluutoa, wring nut , aud rinse iu w - aatu water oube, Loki
water hiele.c. Army di/ Ly wrist baud, or eoalti ' or
8/ c-,lc
spots, way require a alight rubbing, but uttierwise &Le
,lotheis will come out Licata aud white, without rubblug
Cold water may be used lu platy ut but,
I.ll.Juut double Oulu lu eoaklog
c* - Observe our ~awe Lill eat., bar.
k•ur oak, to ituy qumntity, .t vut warehous e , No 47
hticet, awl at OW .44 Pcuu•
dyliatuits nvoLtu,, u. ti A J it. tiAWYI.4It,
QII0U1,1) you atilt we, should y - cou w.,llder
w Lir Luy your Shuns uu.l
linprtrte fur your .set iu apriugt:uw,
Huore Olt heels, and pi pity 11L..mti.Ns
Nice Yttl:ltuti SUPPIMS fur the eutuutut,
Leather, Glues-Kid
Where to buy Owen cheap and guu..l tuo ,
I should ultewer, I would tell you,
Uu uutu We PEOPLES' 13110 E STORE.
Tu the Peoples' Cheap `Shun Store,
Tu the Store of DIYPEN
ap2l Nu. 17 Fifth street
collier Wood street and Diamond alley, would remind his
customer's and the public that his brilliant aasort meat of all
kinds of seasonable Piece Goods, aro now open for selection
and sale He would particularly eugguet the propriety of
Laving orders early in the week. Nvery garment wail aut.
ed na to tit, materials, workman, hip dud triututiugs. None
but first ides workmen employed. ap2l
LS, Mantles, Black and Fancy Drees
extra rich Berages, Orgaudies, Lawns, Mourn
ing (tools, White Goods, N, edle Work Collard and Behr, au d
A Nu. 1 stock of Domestic tiouds,all cheap for cash.
Formerly Lore Brothers,
Na. 74 Market streeL
POTATOES -200 bus Nesbannoek Potatoes
to aarrlve, and tor sale by
bbla Pickled Herring;
OO du Dry Salt Earring, for sale by
Q _
TARCII —3OO has. Rochester Pearl Starch
received and for sale by HENRY H. COLLINS.
BROOMS. -100 doz. Extra Corn Brooms,
on band and for bale by
ap2l B. C. A J. H. SAWYER
Safety aad Economy lily
ANL FLUID, when you can get a cheaper and bet
ter light. Pure Kerosene Oil, made from the gas of Cannel
Coal, produces the cheapest, moat brilliant, steady, pleasant
and safe portable light ever offered to the public, and no
danger of explosion; more brilliant than gee; and quite as
cheap; Lamps of the most simple and easily managed con
struction. For sale by T. D. HODKINSON,
No. 79 Smithfield street
na„ Beware cd a counterfeit already in the market, made
from Camphene, with a little Coal ill to scent it. ffe27:ly
lATTERN PAPER—In rolls, sold by the
yard, at WM. O. JOHNSTON 00'8,
_Paper Warehouse 67 Wood street.
11.110NNET FRAMES of the Latest Styles.-
10 (1, - ,zon All Hire Bonnet Frames:
10 " Half " "
10 Buckram
Received WI dry at
SEED SWEET POTATOES.-20 barrels Seed Sweet P•442,;e4i, racaived and fur nale
tuts A. FEMUR,
C..,41:181 Ilarkat and Find son nix
DOTASII, POTASH.—A large euppl y ut
the ti e r li.,.ludnd and J. Let ,t 1 - o t
A very te. Pc,:zbeb, received tide day, by
I_l AV ANA CIGARS.--I havo this day, re
m c,ivtd a larg4 licii - .1,:v of gt,nutrie Havana Oi;aca , of
Ma not.“ battill. TiaJda NIL:111111g a b , .i of u.,a , .1, t 10"
a1.0u1.1,511 aiid ~,aaima uly titock, Lefura pu:chasiu, .13.
Cornet Diainoud mid Market tr, et.
A largo supply of those articles constantly Cu hand
Those wishing a Burning Fluid, superior and cheaper than
can be had elsewhere In the city, can always procure it at
ap2o Corner Diautuld and Market street.
OILS. --Lard, Linseed and Neats Foot Oils,
constantly on hand, at JOB. FLEMING'S,
ap2o Corner Market strati, and DiaLavud
t4RAH MAGAZINE, l a May ;
Eivii-EkI , A.D WORDS, f.l :lay
for tale Ly R. A. LOOM N,
.1,2 u P.„t tuatdl.., 6 , 41 lath
DALNI LEAl+' VANS. just retiveti
nod fur dale very luw, by the easa ur titzea, et
ap2U JOB. But Is;'E, 71 Alarka
11 , OUNI) CANE 1100 P . -1. 1(1 gio,t it, a
L/i/LCL 77 alarat...tti
BLACK CRAPE V EIES- i)f extra t aie
and quality —y, .y I': 3
apt 0 71 :clarkvt au oet.
tom tut vale , et JuSKPLI tiORN
al,2u 77 Mad...q. rtr ut.
TUE I.IA ENTS v 1 our rank a, 16tiogui.i,..1
hair BEAUTY, 6L Eti INUIsi: uF F r, 4:11 • tSL y
❑g to part .I
iti AKE: (..PRDLR ut Nikil,EhATE R. , . 14.:
my entire stuck o Cutlery, Surgical Instruments, etc.,
m Messrs. W. W. VOUNU and W.M. CARTWItIOII I, who
will continue tin t 11.3ilieSJ I.r the old stand, under the :MU,'
of CARTWitlil LIT .t YOUNG. Sly brother, Will. Cart
a has been engaged with toe h,r many years, sit eu
tern the new tbla with a thorough knowledge I)! the bud]
nee - a. I che•,tl lie recommend the new Min to nay f. ruler
patrons and fri.m.hr, wlr, have heretotore so liberal! pa
tronized my establishment. JOUN CARTWRILMT.
CO -PARTNERSHIP. --- The uudersigned
have Ibis day formed a par Unship, under the melee(
CARTWitai YOU NU, fur the purpose of umuutector
lug and dealing iu Cutlery, Surgical Instruments, etc 'llkley
have purchased the stock of Mr. 3 elm Cartwright, and whi
continue the business, at No. 86 Wood street.
WSI CAdtTWitftild I',
April Ist, 1858. W. W. YOUNO.
(2,,,,,50r5. to Cartwit;yll4)
of Pocket arid Table Ourlery, Burgle .1 and and Den
tal lustruureute, Gunn, Pietcht, Piehiug, Tackle, etc., 1.0. tit;
Wood street. They gibe apcciat attautiJu the ittouut .ctur•
tug of Trustee, Supporters, etc. Johltug and Itep mud
with punctuality and despatch. „Xi
JR-1.4 , , save,* t .., h
etc , eli ,
A. e p..r.tht.., who %ill. t cl tt.,
duns .11,..p1y, HL
apt: GA L, ,( Wv..4 etrrrt wk.; InEttut,:l u, , y
Cootsart for Suppl 3 On' itittridie
L tft,i`u.ll lft,Lztr', t
hit April 1•2111,ltd.
1‘ ,4 1 UI V EN, TitA't'
teulad hop. 8.1" ne cutuyn wed by prat Cr ell,. 0
LICC, rdwe to forum to be turuirltt.ti, uu applicalrad at this
ottke, will h 0 it:coved thereat until asofidi LI, WI
the Plit'il"f iiEBL/AY iu due., 0081, for th e eopply
Marine fiunpitrel, hoar this city, with tho articles of 1 • rOr1,-
I.ne, Medicine, etc., ouuttioruted lu nail hauls, Tito looo.
tios statod tire estliusted with reforouco to the tleruntl uw
her of patients lu the Hospital, but the Eluitod State 1 ,ter.e
the t fight to take worn t r leas t.i tali.' articled, art'utt!tagly
sa they may be actually rktitti rad. if the articlde delivered
at the Ltudpital out nut to tun Judfwcut t 4 the l'it tent. ion,
of the host quality, toil adapted to the Hospital be %. ill
liberty to reject thy) same, p
. Rurctik.... other art', to to
their ateod, anal to charge the coutra..toi with holy oN.,3en lu
cost over the contract prices.
The United 13tatea reserve the right to accept the pi,tit.teal
tiro whole or auy purtbat of the attlelos spot:Hied
kl ING ititON
C ~. L IN-,
LA ehtt.TY,
-1 iNti, nia ern ad 7 tho taCcuLl. - ../ L att s
fa.A. that
l'n~ La duos with with,. up; r ez.ilc
tuOt, nod with dei9iili,h—the tilwaya tur,')
niusguawen Gas Moro;
We tr.3p,ctfully invit alte.ll.• •,
.tuittalold etr«C :1 A JUkiNtio
4.1,-nackty uLd int" iiigLti LA . isdlo
J BLAciLmvar
Produce it. COEIIIIIIBBIOII Merchants,
N10110"i HAI f H0175 . F. 4
Pill Sti P A
'PION to our utouit of the erticLa
No. 47 Wood dttett
- - - .
Manilla Ropes of all sizes stud lengths. beet Navy Oa sure.
Tar and Pitch. Finest qualities o Coffee's, tial,l
011 d. Spires of every dolor ititluu. Ecbt alitl4 of E,
i r k , Uf—together with every description at articled ter deli)
use fled boat etureer. (NA) BLAIIKAIUR.F. DA
First Premium Blind Factor),
Howie with VENITIAN BLINDS, of the Inuit y4,kuh
site and elaborate finish, will find it to their luta - vets C.Agive
me a call before purchasing elsewhere. My work is g...t LT,
by the best mechanics (not apprentices.) Every attention
given to the wants of customers. Prices low. All 11 or
varrantia No. T 2 THIRD Street, Pittsburgh. eiyB:l ybi
Itcs. J. B. Tli,A V gLI.I, A. M., Pt loc.pal. The Thlrly-S,.
ucui eension will coluulence May 3d, LlAbl
Fur Circulars uud other purticultard, CllqUltd
John Irwin & SOUB, a 7 Vilatur 'r
Cu , IU7 Llborty street, or or tho priucipra, So lci lay vil!,-
-. .l.inuy w., [apl2:2wu.sw
POdl Othea, Alleg
44 -I RESII DUNIES'fIC Ft{lll'l'S.-
26 d trash Penchrs,
50 " CAL,;
" Pin Fruit, weiort,d ;
r of Tsthas:s,li, 60tt1,6
fur "Rilblimitnt. Nl,bv,,Eodll66()trne'
wit rtrelv.d 0u..1
OPPOdite 8t- Charles Hotel
10 catlea whole cant, Cola Hai tin ;
10 " half "
5 " third "
Juat receives and for sale by
No. 39 Wax! btrent.
MUClLAGE—Prepared for counting house
cue.—cold by WM. G. JOHNSTuN d CO.,
Stationers, b 7 Wood tit rtnt
all alzea and qualltl.a fur hale by
a. 17 Curunr awl IStooriel dtrt..t.m.
GOLD PENS—Of very superior qua.
fur pain, by WSJ. 6. JOHNSTON & CO.
Anl7 Nu. 457 Wt.a.tistrEet
GREEN APPLES.-15 bbld. choice Ap
plea received, and for sale by
Corner of Wood and Water lariat+.
constantly on hand, fresh
White Lime, superior to stay brought to the market
77 Market atietL
bus -nuke Scat Swat Poltava% fur sale by
J. A. Fian.lll.
Corner Market and First streets
FANC)i CABSillEtti:6
titiCftelt hND t Fir,
et,t• L,le, AND ii.,;(rti
Iturveyta Bad .Agota Martub fitreq,.L.l
ki 0 lie 11. h 111 '
N. 1.3 d Wool> STiii b:v
Pao. 10 tiiialliallel4l 4LL ae
Sewtekley Aoadeiu y.
Flit/MIAs a
N. W. Cloassx SzcoKa AND WALNUT STt.
Tax tollowiag statement exhibits the business and condi
tion of the Company to January Ist, 1848 :
Premiur re cocci - trod for Mario, Kick. 1111tUILLALI
ed In 1851
Marine Pramiunci tel dot icp, the )0.1 cod
jog Dect,r.i.ror it. 115b7.
Fir e erculioacr co,olvcd toLdtog
lioccialbor 81.31, Inc? ha,655 85
interest . - 8,446 Mt
Total re,:eli..te for the pwi
Pahl Marine Led. 9,3
Feld Fire •
Fa - pensea, Retarned Pruatiaiad and Hr
t(atarlea and Corami23l,ma
v,ith Company
A.S6ETS vt the Coutiottay are as
Betas and Alortgagel, 41rotiud Rents, tittuk and
. ..... . . .012,460 oa
......... 67,1160 tn)
Tr - ut Fnnd Iu Nap Yolk 33,1151 60
beteLr,,l. .... . . 97,70 0 k),)
ladle.. 74.404 bl
bath uu bend tad Übe Iron . ..... . 4J,UJU U 7
Prerunalu reLeully heuvd , nut debte
LIU° the
$6,0,5U4 US
Thu officers and inincLore, of this InetitutlM , 4,1 groat
pleasure iu laying before the public the above IL t taeut,
with a view of drinstlug their atteutioo to the yr , port
ante of Insuring their property.
Thin Liatupaily has uutered upon the flt , t e a•X•
istauod, during whi,h purivel the iteeeiphi smuctoted
to eight hurvird and fifty thouiand d,,Utar.t, oeve paid
LO4.Sa over lax hundred thoLsiund ilellars, wh,ch ). equal In
respect to character of Lamiuene to the ,erg Le of rend oldest
We append the nanieJ of a few large wet influential Mar.
chanta ul Philadelptea,who pain., LI laelbeCorayany by giving
it a large auionnt of their Insurance, end t., vi bow are rte
apentrully referred auy geutlecueu !nay wiyb to twiny
with this Dumpany.
M. Baldwin, Steam Engine Ilauntact tire'; David S. Brown,
Merchant; John H. Brown, Merchant; TlArd. 6varks, Mer
chant; T. & L Tboulp.loo, Slerebauts; k'aitet & Winebren
ner, Litre/I:10W; D. P. Dear ich, Gum Elo.uti, 211,autacturer;
Michael Bouvier, Fikrchaut ; Butchet t brov., &Li - chants;
J. Vau Brunt, Moral/ant; Ww. Hulas, Haber ; Gehl.
anuth & Co, Clothiele; N. M. Seely d. tier, Merchants; Jes•
per Li,. ding R gun, FliuletA hlcua Belly, Phoebera ;
K. F,ALectal , P lieshoug & gnus; Abilene & Tay Ito ; John
Hare Powell; John L. Brooine .51i Co.; William F ilughEa;
Davis; A. a C iHanufeettii ere ; Uharlea
Bat, , , &iglu itnilucr.
HA_ The tlionpany have dlacnnlinued the ocean Marine
Lualueea slues August let, ltita, and ,uudee tht,theelv,l et•
cluei,el3, to F lie and I ulaad
TIIONIAS b P1.08,L;Ni.;6,
bb iV A ii.O It. 11C1,51110L0, Viecietary.
JOHN THOMASON, lieneral Superintendent.
THUS J Agent, Pittsburgh,
No. 30 Water street.
jab) :).:1
iNo,apoßATrb EV THE LEtikArATE PeNN
SY 1, V AN.1.1,
0 Piqc'E„‘i. Et' Giiii.NEß THIRD 31.4
kOLI by Rival', Caulkls, dad 1,11 tea
all patti of thu I.llllob
VI .11 I N IJ H. -N S
Mcrubanclite gebor.,ity .
..Is,yl;:r. OF Tat.', o_ u.tt. t' I'.
Novnallier 2, 1354
No. 83 Wood Its et
Bookie, Mortgages, mid Ittial Eststis.. SIUI,3LU 104
Philittiolphia City, ut.lothsr ial,uti 45
iu Bsuks, Railroads 2,5 8 oil
Lk/input, ice ......... ..... . .....
Bills ............ . . ........ ....... NE4 0 tit U 6
(Atilt un hand ..........._.........,.... :fsott 00
Bultinca w 111.1.1 i ui Agout3, h cattut.vi
oil M. 04,7 3 0 a 7
tlubserlia Notss
II Vico erasi
U 3na I I r 8,., t„00
r It Itl A W s 'l' h: It N
I , 'is skid Dyurinn ItEditranco edr,
I . IIILA 1.)E1.1'.11 I A
e C,h4pany . 3 Badding,
(',,rner Putir:l4 Sfrer !
A U f ZED 0.4..1?1'PA I
earplud, !nut:. y 113 b.!!.
• ---- j',77,b141)1)
II ft I NUE--Litultud
IN I.IN liA i;LIE 0,0 all, lake and
Labd IZLf i lAt:b
CLui lea 11. Lutiii 1-11 rd uti - ect,
IV 'Claw batllug,lblU l'au)
Nl.rdlaut, 1D i•iutll3 kluut
lean: 11.32.1eburat, Attonlov
JuLu U. Hunter, firm ut linutur A. Co
1 , 3 'rrucy, tires ut Tmey
Juhu tt. '11,01.33 . 1.1y, nun Whitt, .4 AleOuttly.
Thomas; 1.. iilleepie, tirm di 11kt .
thee It Smith, tirsu of Jaaii.d 13. Su3l[l3 9 Co.
11..0 11,131 y M Budlnr , otiacti Tbir,l 61140 t.
Juhu U . Voplcu o ottlce cotticr of Sert lith Acit
Weight, lat. Cuslil,r 131.uk. ut Tiu y a.
A lit Tui..r utlica Cuirti City Property.
L... t Pl. cuuk, offieu :3126 8uut14;11.31r..1
U. 1",A'111 .I.OP, Pf,hsidcnt.
vv. Preslitoit
It a a lutit , 4Bl` rfre: 4caD
i d A iiut LiBou
iusairtuiet Company,
t I) it (I ft .
A t t;ilrld,
a. U. :31aupe,t,
k ha: itr¢J 1.,21,11.;.1
I- 1 'l"i' b U 1:U H
Capital ttepreecut4Ll, 03,000010 0.
uuale AN It ur r,TA:4 DJ Nti, l:betlrsv] LT
L'in 6, .111...1 "4 1: AND Lice. itI6KM TA Nti,
EG O. bs c)UILTI.3
L. IVY n'llUEoll,
'I .4 W111.1[11,11 (dtaq•ly I
koor Sala Whobesala at Manufa.turctre
Prices by
commissooru ME C; MANI,
No. 14 Wood street, between Diamoud
alloy cad V'ourth 'Arcot,
Siff` Tassubscriber 13 now opening a well selected 0 1..41
meat of foreign and domestic Hardware, ell nuw,and will ha
sold on as good terns as buy other house. In this city, its
will always keep on hand a general sesortmeut of
17. whial he respectfully lovit,:s the attention of 1 1 , rth s4er
ulbld BAldt9M., V 1011124'00K .
ftINIONS.---10 bb6 Onions for fain by
w.rti 6 ItIN n i ki !JUL ,/.6
a t-1, r
t it 1,11,1E1T,
Jubei.th li. 8..§1,
Edmund A. 8...u.1,r,
Juhu C. fifty b,
Juba It Putiromi,
Ururgt.: G. Lnipur,
EIJI" ea 11 I.l.,ALlugtou,
br. IL M. Hunt.t..,,
C. Ludwld,
LI ugh Craig.,
J. b . . Pou,:th..,
Jlwhuu P. Eyre,
13htu...1 11. r.itoi.
cui y
'l'lwruali v. Illit,d
huLert hortuu, Jr.,
J;:1111 ;2%. , /111.10, Vataliurgh
t r/
Ej.itl VALI
Ullurlint Kelley,
U. Joliet! !flu:4. a
Jur . “l.., P. Ji
AIAiLF.ItIA, Agent,
!Avoca, Patsburgh
LEWIS "iK6. ntfh,. 5 V-1,1! st , N. Y.
I. Pi t,.t,
i A Mr , \% It 1011 T T.,tit.a.z.
tt. 11. tiIetIARIMON, Filir6tary.
It. W. I•OI.NDIi.N.T.Ett, Agent.
97 Vt'ataf PlRAtirgh.
IVA 4..)N Ili: A A •
ft t f<l oTSYUUL, y
t I lee td /1; IPM Vt! t 25 4 a en,
.n A t'Ati,zit
63 V.:till.. 4:41,7,1164.
it E. LI T
1 I .
4 ultou
Pupti Wady /LAD pt.
Rot ol t rat/ wile,
3 1.1 J.liu Tugg.//,
A. tIA .! r
r,tls/ y It 11• It
From two to sir, iacA, cAlibre.
l'ItlUE6 from 1:4 to L;tr Coate per Foot.-.
BUTTL:it, .I.4llSif ,
NO. 25 Wool) STREET, llTTBBilatal. D. 16
Cologne Spirits and Fusel OU,
Noe. 167 I,ncl 170 Second Street.
. vu,463
64,21 b t,t)
--tP4).1,663 63
sllB,BtB 68.
,10,oSb ig
I UO,OOll 04.)
LOA, fi '1
L ,, vOA,) 00
ass sup UU
t 6,4.7
A. kirn y,
t:Ji.cfl bah ell,
Thuthfts Y. Cloth e.
Il'. Ziht
A J. June 4,
'l'k t .1 uI I .I.stlt.i 4,1.11,1q1