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    r ULt tiu kAiN Ott,
Subject to-the decision of
-411)t Mailt) Morning Post.
Fa IDA r MORS ILI. __ - gave no part of the fees to Cie Sheriffi 1 that Mr Piee-ers claimed a 1 efer fee fur bisservices than
i _ also served bread notices and for all such notices I the boy scorned willing to allow; and Mr Morris offer.
Henry Kennedy. sworn—Nine years last summer, charged .500. These were all cif" eases. The bank ed to pay over h ; whole amount in the presence of
Mr Morris went down the river with a boat load of stock was huh. in '36. From Nov 5, '34 to April Ist, all the parties who were present.
furniture,' helped to load the e.t, it was a big flit boat '36,1 received from the Comrnis.i tiers $2781,06. The James ilfc Qatte,s , rorn—l was jailor underMi Bay
covered; it was all good valuable furnitur ,the furniture 24th March, 1836, the note of Thns Simmons, Irwin, I should suppose the profits of the jail to be worth
was taken frem his shop, I don't know =minty worth- and Rueeteur g h was deposited in the bank for collet- 10 500 per year.
er betook all his furniture or not, think he did. I w $
as tion and it fell due shortly-afterwards, I think i I April. Mr Wrenshall,reeettted—Hi s foot was a very del
connected with the police and it was customary to put I I item. positively. that I did not assist, aid or connive kilt° one, a very small heel; I am placed under pace
persons arrested immediately into the jail; there was at the escape o f Cuwau, i n any :shape or form; nor did liar circumstances; I could throw a great deal of light
a room appropriated for. the purpose in the jail. I receive any money, or any other consideration from upon the subject if I were nut thus situated: old Mr
Cross E.c.—That team wa s u se d as a watchhouse any brother, friend, companion, or any other persoi. in Cowan was anxious that Cie law ghoul I take its course,
inthe same way they usa the svatchhuuee at present; j nay shape or form, except :dalt $2,50 which I was that the best counsel should be employed, that was all
Itwas s 3111.16111.! in the summer; can't say wha t month paid by Mr Wrenshall fo r his boarding. I never ' that should he dine.
the boat was loaded, the beet was loathed with hu- received any money from any man by the name of Air Morris recalled—l loaned Mr. Fetterman I
reaus, side'ooortla, tables and bedsteads, can't form Rogers in jail to my knowledge. think i $500; more than $lOOO all toge th er; Wil
any estim tte of the value; I dent remember Morris Cross EX. I never received bat one note of Mr Sim- son Nl'Candless was on one of the notes.
carrying oat business, or having furniture on hand after aorta. I think it is the same; I thine it had a year I Jos C Cummins, sworn—l Was endorser on a note
this boat was loaded, Mr M trrie did not give mu any to run. Simmons might have aeplied for a loan, dont j for Mr Fetterman; I think for $1000; I think it was
reason for taking this furniture down the river; I cannot i remember exactly. I bo't this note of Mr Simmons. I paid before Mr. F.'s death, there were several re
lay whether this was before - June or not; I think it was 1 have always considered that oebtors were kept tel newale, I think I endorsed the note in the spring
before, I think it was after April, it mast have been in the jail fees were paid. I thoh I was right; [suppose i of '3B, or perhaps the winter of '37; this note spoken
I was. Ido not mind the precise words of the bread of, the one to Mr Morris, was the note on which I was
Jos Watt; sworn—l remember a boat was loaded notices. I generally went up to the Prothonotury's of. endorser: Mr M'Candless was an endorser for MrFet
with furniture; it was a pretty large size boat; it was -flee to swear out persons who had notified plaintiffs ,i ternian, but I du not know whether to Mr Morris of
loaded on the Allegheny river; it was pretty well filled with bread notices. I have served notices when they en,
with furniture of One kind or other. It was as far as I had moat.) , and when they had mine. It sometimes
can judge, good furnitur e . I should think to the b es t happened that they could not take the (oath and e e
would keep them. I thi,l I went up to see Mr Fehl
of my calculation 12 or $1503 worth. It was either
on the day that the buy !idler was discharged Isom
late in Spring or early in the Summer; he took the
prison. It was from Fehl I think I first learned that
principal part of his furniture. I think he did not
the boy was dissatisfied. I went to see Mr Fehl a se
carry on that business afterward. We lived neighbors
coed time. I told Mr Fehl if he we old go with Inc
to o they in Sixth street . I went part of the way down
we would settle the metier immediately, I think I had
with the bone I think as far as M'Kee's racks; we were
$3O in my possession. It might be I went twice to
several days engaged leading the boat.
Mr F. I dent know whetter Mr Mahon was preeent
Jas R Murray, recalled—ft was in April '36, when
at Mr. Eros' office elr Livingston and I were on
Mr Morris purchased the 50 shares of stock: $ O 5O
good terms, also with Mr Enos. The usual course
iv is paid in April: 2/15250 was paid in July, 3(1 P. 50
was to keep a prisoner committed over night until die
in Aug., 4th $250 in Se; tzmber, sth, October; 6th in
February '37; $lO per share was then paid, $5OO. charged by due course of law. The mast usual cus
next instalment May 31, $250; the next and last inst. tom to receive the iliso h irge of a justice. Received
the fees at the office arch° Justine and discharged him
in May'3B, $500; one year aft., r Mr Morris bongo e 1
on the payment of my: fees. I oloah think all the tan-
$2lO of the Bank to pay the last iteralment; the stuck
no-y tto buy ladwis U S money, 1 cunt say certainly.
Wl9 sold at IS small premium, some 2 or $3, cant
r It is CL111:0113ary to give the in iney back tt het: persoesl
member exactly the precise arco trot.
nee discharged, unless when attorney: had a claim
Dawson Wadsworth, recalled—Morris was not
i-. I believe there is a civil suit entered; I only knee
in the prison the night after he hail retired, nn ihe
i (rem Mr McCandlees, my at ternsny. I think thel
night of the escape; I saw Mr Young i eatei da v i n
bark stock rated from $5l to 53 when I bought it, I
court; I never told Mr Young that :Morrie and 1 gear
reed on the night of the escape; it was in the June fel- cart say precisely. 1
Ecnj IVeaver, :zeal n.—Weha.c. load men in prism
Flowing Morris and I. quarreled, and Youn e Cle111('Cl(31
WIIOII it was imioessilole to have devisee made for with the Cowan'; escape. There were but two
1 persons confined in the long bolt; the key was in th which they moul.l net draw out their hands and feet
ides': where I slept all night I think de, I usually pot
I recollect that Hir Ison rtes such a case. I put ions
on him, and the next morning they were off. lie to'd,
them there, it Wl3 generally in the desk: I found the
key next morning where I loft it in the evomingnio coei•
er person had the key that night lam positive of that. me it was no use to put iron! on him for I coodoin't keep
them on. I then sent for allikeacksmith and had their
pat on hint so tight that they rather }elicited tile leg
I Cross EC — ...1t se t; after I.) u'el i n's tee •aI Ini I
Idown, I dial not get up till morning; after I hail lain We put him down to the ling; they caused his leg.
dowe between 13 at tI 11 m,',-lock I visited the room of to swell so much that I was forced to take them off.—
the prisoner and lo.(ked through the lees! noel thou g ht . H° I ' ll a° h -el ,Cereal' or a '''''7l small one.
1 all right. I did not hold the conversation with Young
Col. E. TrOriilo, Slea'n. —I nimemher Cowen's
ha few days after the escape ea stated by him; I bud a escape, I heard it on the morning of the 17th; Mr.
Wadsworth informed me. I came over to the jail to
short conversation with Mr Young a few days after
ascertain the particulars; I went :0 work and got out -, the escape, I cant say whether it was in the Diamond
hendeel offering s reward for him; we get out the heed
' or in the otfiese I did not see Youn; in the prison the
of the escape.
day bill the aame day. I started as sun las I could in
. per -
John .Marshall, steorn—l got the winodow. of the' suit, nod directed Mr Morris to take root also; he wasl
tom able to ride having hid the Rhr.uniatisint ha had
Old Jail w work up, that is the old irma; the grating
came to us in parts, and some were whole; I saw them been 111 'm lir' Pr" a few dove hefere the Lew: l PP. I
%vele t, Butler with the intention of fullest-ho g him to
after they came to Inv slim; semi: of the bars had been
mended, and some were cut with a saw. 1 Camels; night overtook me ;,bout the Iron Were.; the
A Morris recalled—l state positively, that 1 did roe Is were very had. When I returned Mr Morris
Wits in potreme he returned in a few days after having I
not state to Mr Youlg, that I wee in the jail that
' heard nothing of him. The bare in window had beers
night afserl gave the key to D resort ‘Varlsworiii, nor
cut previous te the emotlineremot of Cowan, and had been
did I state to him that there were three persons coine
, paoeheil; it was done set-ere' years before. This patch
fined in that rouse, lee saei tit ice wis t W. 3. I never
a indow load Clamps and was re. ited on the inside and
wis particular when I ad nitted members of the bar;
; outside; these rivets had been cur between the liars and
I had noeplarrel with Wei swot to oe eh • day before
I could not be easily diseevere I. beteg between the har
the °s ,t
or on tie tl ty after, nor did I drive hint ni-
I like. Thu bars F.II) halls wars in the. ' , ivied eve, bed)
wayfrem the jail t'i it re ellt. I do rem eneer 11 ir o m
Heller, I have his com nionent• (Commitment rend, h''riz"ra! mind vertical. T h is tyres the safest room: 1
) thought t h e jail Was in very bad, ntelition, aid I applied
dated 22nd Octeher, '36; committed for want of bail.
i to the coon. to get a watchtn In to watch the inside of
He was discharged on writ of Habeas Corpus at the time
the jail; it was cam Cowan' s account I got the watchman.
of hie cenfinement in jail he left some mosey i I my
i The boors named in the handbill I gut from Mr Wads
hands for safe keeping, and reeeestod Milt,/ see ❑an a• -
worth who informed me of the escape. I don't remem.
torney Cur him; I waited on Mr Rogers, the writ was !
taken out in the Court of Common Pleas before Judge her "'I" any co:were-Ilion with Mr Young the day
before the °incepts of Cowan concerning the safety of
Dallas. Valentine Fehl called at the jail to see him;
: Cowan, or of any conversation at any time (on the sore
in conversation I said he could lee discharged on ha
Stier 111.11 SELF.—A youth named Buuhill aged 16 boas corpus; from the money which was placed in my „)em. previou to rho escape I did not know Mr Young;
II know Morris had considerable money when he came
hands; 1 thought him innocent; I paid about $lO or
years, at Liverett Mass., on the Bth inst. lie show
heels; his family was with me during hisabeence deem
$2O by the boy's direction; Mr Rogers wanted more,
ed much determination in the manner of his death.—
I am
cult 1 the river. I gave him all he could mthe out of the jail.
Mr. Rogers thoughthe ought to have $4O,
After deliberately arranging all hie plans, he placed
I saw the rope; it was a bed cord tied to a grapnel, 3
certain about the sum, when he left I gave him $4O I
the breach of rho gun on the floor, and the meals a-
I I pronged, there was some blood on the rope and on the
and told him there was some difficulty with his coun
gainst hi; head, just above his eyes, where he held it
of an hour after he left the
sel about his fee; I think I went with the boy to Fehl, 1 wiruluss in Michael O'Brien was in prison and wait
with his hand and fired it off with his toe. He was
ed on Cowan who was not able to help himself. This
Mr Feld told me that the boy was dissatisfied about i
found about three quarters
it, and that he had spoken to Livingston about it. O'Brien was tried and plead guilty to the escape, and
house, by his mother, lying on his buck with his gain
resting across his right leg, the breach split—the top of The boy came for me and I went to F...ei. Enos; when i was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment, which he
his head blown off, and his scalp, skull and brains acct- I went up I said there was a balance in my hand, and lunderwentI underwent in conseqiience of the sentence.
tered in every diree e ion. that the Attorney was not satisfied and w anted - more, I Cress E.c. 1 tend >red the appointment of Jailor as
being, more profitable than Deputy Sheriff.
A LADY t 23 Coeovtoss.—Sundity morning. but I was willing to pay it over to his (the boy') Attys. to the in presence of Rogers, so that all might he tunnelled; 1 (Here the Court took a recess fur one hour.)
Capitol, the members had a splendid sermon from Mrs. think Jas Gray of 4th at. was in the office at the time; 1
Riche] Barker.—She lashed Members ofCongress and I went up to Mr Fehl and told him if he would come hat
politicians of all grades, without mercy. She tie- down to the Sqs. office we would aettlethe mstter but r•I
dared that the practice of duelling was sustained by do not recollect that I told him to Come to some private
of t,
cowards, who'were afraid cf a perverted public opinion place. I think he told me I might settle it with Mr
'e n
tO refuse a Thallenge. She said all they wanted was a
er %
Livingston. I paid the whole amount of the mime:-
little honesty. After she had spoken her mind for a- that was in my hands, and took a receipt for the money
' Ye
ts it
,out two hours, she put on her bonnet and shawl, and from Mr Livingston alter deducting the amount paid
' ste.
bid the audience an effectionate farewell. No mad to Rogers, the whole amount was paid to Livingstn n .
r he
would have dared to say the things she did.
i I cant find the name of Christian Shrum on the book
probable that Mr Roseburg paid ne,e
Case c ELLA TiaN9 07 RELIEF No - res.—On the last ' el. the Jail. It is
, rteo
day of November, the State Treasurer cancelled the me $2; I sometimes received the costs, I have some.
dly, ,
times dismissed Persons who have been committed
iirs I.
amount of the 4th May issues required by law, being
over night by their paying the cost; I never charged
e sat
one hut:died thousand dollars issued by die following
'Y m
Banks, viz: more then the legal fees unless it might happen in
Erie Bank, $37,000 00 making up the odd cents. in 1839 1 loaded a large
e was
Niereh. & Mama. Bank, Pittsburgh. 8.000 00 flat boat with furniture and took it down the river on
1 0WII
Exchange Bank. do. 3,000 00 a trading excursion; I left Pittsburgh with that boat
her o.
Lewistown Bank,
9'o" 00 with Jos Watt and Col Trovillo, who went down as
hloyamensi ig Bank. 8,000 00
Misers' Book Pottsvile 8,000 00 far as the rock; I traded betterthan half the loading of - matt
- into
Wyornire Bank, 4,000 00 the boat between Wheeling a n d Cincinnati. At Cin• '
Northumberland Bank,
5,000 00 cinnati I sold the boat and landed the balance of the
Columbet Bank & Bridge Company, 3,300 00
goods which I loaded and took to St Louis and return- 'than
Susquehanna Bank, 3,800 00
h ad a
Nowthernpron Bank, 3,200 00 ed to Pittsburgh the last of July.
ent re
Farmers' and Drovers' Bank. 1000 00 After paying all expenses the furniture which I took 1
NI illi
Towanda Bank.
1,900 00 down the ever amounted to 15 or $1600; I hail dig- i
I by t,
West Branch Bank.
1,700 00 charged most of my obligations before I left Pittsburgh /lied
Ilarrisborg Bank,
500 00
except a very few. I paid John Sampson and others;
slOO,OOOOO 00 had left after paying all at least $l3OO. self i,
Aeornt Oura..tox.—Wm. Zabriskie, a freeman of
I got back in July and mov e d w i t h my family Le, the
a Jail in Sep t , 1334 .
ylVill o, -
color, was on the 15th inst. charged befose Recorder
Baldwin, of N. Orleans, with having violated the pe r . i In 3 years, 4579 commonwealths ermnitmenta. ill t
ion of Amy Goozey, a white woman. The case was 687 debtor commitments, is .
, The watch house cases were all excluded. Total num. C'111)
sent before the criminal Court, and the defetident 000 v
security in
of ssoo.fur his
pesrapce het e I her of commltments 5266, as well as I can recollect.—
1 The amount received of Commissioner
that tribunal. s $6934,70.
1 This was exclusiea , f those who paid mejnil fees,. Thee
this mornieg,Ja communication from a citizen of Tex.
as, containing - some strictures on a paragraph of ours
in relation to the meeting called to protest against the
' annexational' Texas. The argument employed by the
• writer - will scarcely convince the American people of
• the propriety oftlint measure, or be received as a sac
' cessful vindication of his country from the numerous
and well grounded objections which have been made
to its connexion with the United States. The gist of
of his argument appears to be, that inasmuch as the
Rev Sidney Smith has pronounced the people of Penn
' sylvania dishonest, thus therefore we have no right to
object to the Texians on account of their lack of ho
- eesty. But this, the writer must be aware, is no vindi
- cation of his country frOTTI the charge; and the objec
tion noticed is itself the least impokant perhaps, that
has been urged. As to the chnraCter of the present
population of Texas we are willing to relieve that it is
not so bad as represented; but we know, and we feel
- -cattails the writer himself will admit, that Texas would
be no acquisition to the moral strength of our country
If the character of a people may be judged by the char.
tenter of those who administer its affairs, (and moral
ists tell us it is the most unerring test) the "lone star
of Texas," we fear, will scarcely deserve the respect
• oar correspondent claims for it. The present Execu
=tive is certainly the most popular man in the country;
behns been twice elected President of the Republic.
His conduct while in tl'ic United States was more ch.ar
acteristic of the madman and libertine than of the
statesman and patriot. The leaders in their revolution,
whom some fuoira historian will doubtless swell into
...heroes, and who are placed by the side of those who
fell at Bunker Hill, were never celebrated for those
virtuous qualities which should and do command the
respect and veneration of mankin I.
'We have thought it right to say this much in defence
of our pres.ious assertion; though, as we have said,
there are many mon.. weighty considerations against
the annrxation, some cf which our friend has embodi
ed in the has: paragraph of his article. These are in
porta It enauA to engar the attend n 1 of our peo
ple, without entering into a di4cussion of the relative
znora'ity of the Iwo countries..
DECLINZ OF THE DRAnA. — Bolmoil. of the New
York Het ald. • •the usu't oiv a experience
and observation during our late tour in England, and
also in this city since our return. quite convinces us of
the decline of the drama. During the last week Mn_
trendy. acknowledged to be the groatest artist in the
line, has been playing to three or four hundred dollar
houses—me:l7,re. empty. cold, cheerless, inhospitable
houses. And all this, whilst the great musicians, and
the vocalists of all kinds are making their thousand
and two thousand dollars a night!"
Wednrs lay afternoon, says the BoStjti Pont, Col.
Pratt held an inquest on the body of Celia, M'Devitt,
wife of William M'D., found dead in a cellar in Cross
street. Thy deceased and her husband were very ir.•
temperate in there habits, and lived in the cellar with
scarcely any article of domestic convenience. A small
heap of shavens answered fur a bed, and the floor wan
nearly overflowed with water from the street. They !
hid frequent quarrels, and there were marks of blows
nn various parts of her body. but not severe in charaet•
Cr, or recent date. The jury returned a verdict, that
•she came to her death from exprsare, cold, and want,
and frem the neglect and abuse of her husband.--
While she MIS lying dead in one part of the room, he
was lying drunk in another. They had two young
GRAND LIBEL SUIT rt Nzw YORK.—Park 13enjr.-
man, of tha New World, has sued for libel. eNery one
of the lady editors of the "Ladies', Companion," in
consequence of the appearance of an article in rela
tion to him in the January number of that periodical.
Tasistro is presumed to he the author of tha article in
question, but as the publisher refused to give up the
name, the "man with the big eye," has arres
t-d all concerned. The ladies are frightened.—
Mrs. Embury scolds, and MN. Sigoorney has retired,
en' soy, from the "Companion . ' in disgust.
Comnonvrealth, In the Court of Qr S.
vs - No. 32. of Oct. T. 1543.
Jas. W. Biddle. Indcl- Libel.
Messrs. Morn:wean, tis! U p. Cnneral,
and Loomis, for the er,,secutiv:l,
And Messrs. BLACK, and DARRAGH, fur tho Defeo
may be a small amount for blankets ineudost in this
amount. I served a great many writs of habeas carpets
and alsofilled up a great mtuiy insolvent bonds for per
sons who werein jail. I charged for my services in ' '
such cases $l. I always kept Com'uealth prisoners
until they were discliarzed by the Course of law, and
all other prisoners, the Sheriff gave me all that I made I
in the Jail. I
Col. Trovillo continued.-1 have seen men that
your: iu!d not put any irons on them which would stay
on; I once had a nan,M'Collough.of thatdescriptiou, I
had irons put On him and in 15 rnimites after they were
off: when I came bark I asked him where they were
and he said he did not know—that he threw them out
of the window. I got another pair put on and they
were taken offin the same way, and missing I had
the third pair, and he said it was no miss to put irons
en him for he could take them off ns flist as they were
put on; he wore the last pair until the trial—which he
finally took off by soaping his hand and arm; he wore
them he said to oblige me.
Record of June Sessions. 1835, offered—of 11lichael
O'Brien's conviction and sentence upon the informa
tion of E. Trovilln for the offence of assisting in the
escape of James Cowan.
Capt. James fferriott, sleorn.—l have been jailor
for more than 2 years, from April 1, 1841 till Dec'r
1. 1343, two years seven and a half months: after pay
ing- all expenses there was during that tima about
$3OOO profit to Sheriff: after paying bread bill, meat
bill, and service expense, after all was paid my expen
ses; included, the net profit .ens something like $lOOO
• year.
Cross Ex.—We had a good many commitments du
ring the manth of October—amounted to about 120:
wa hada good many United States cases, we charged
higher fur them than others—we charged them 2:i
cents a day and 50 cents for turnkey; vagrant s w e
charge 10 cents per day, and Court cases 15 cents per
day; one of the bills amounted to over s3oo—one of
the U. S. cases: I suppose there were ten or twelve al
together of U. S. cases: I cannot state the amount on
account oft:. S. prisoners altogether: I think the num
berof commitments was a little over 3200 when I left
' Alfred Sution, crone—l have been Pritilo:iotaTr;
ofthis Co.; I shou:d suppose the profits of the jail to
be worth $2500 per year.
James Grey, of 4th St., aurora,-4 knew Mr M
ris when he wai jailor I was in Mr Enos's when a
' , Jung man i a rp: in and ma lea complaint against Mr
Hines; Morris said he lira $ .10 of the boy'r money and
Resolved, That the Mayor be autbmized to issue
five certificates or Luau, countersigned by the Treas
urer, of one thousand dollars each, and one certificate
for five hundred and forty three dollars and sixty-six
cents, in favor of Pennock & Mitchell, all at one year
from the Ist Oct. 1343, agreeably to a resolution pas
sed 28th Nov. 1843, irt full fur 12 or 3 inch pipes for
sth Ward.
Mr. Etitenr effered the following resolution, w!ech i The following gentlemen were announced na having
was read three timee—adopted and sent to S C., viz: I been eppointed by the Speaker, to serve on the select
Rese/ved, That the Mayor be, and he is, I ' l ' l 'Y i committee which has charge of the abolition resole
ar th sized to iis in a prate amation offering a reward t f ; icons of the leg,ialature of Massachusetts, viz: Mr Ad
(ere hondred dollars for the apprehension and convic- urn-,, Chairman, Messrs Mule 3 R Ingersoll, Gamer,
Him of tiny person or persons, who may! be. guilty of 10 Davis. Bure, Semple, Morse, and Giddings.—
reisinea false alarm of fire within the limits °file. rity,
! There Deis.
I believe, a majority of abolition members.
provided ho.vever that the benefit of lire reward shall i
The follow lug are Iles comes of members of the so
not be extended to any member or members of the
I lest committee uppointed to consider the expediency
City Police.
Mr. Howard moved to take up the following teem
i of establishing a yational foundry, viz: Mr Broadhead,
Chairman, Mossier Barnard, Peyton, Moore, Black,
lution: which was rend once and laid over en the 11th : Hubbard, Williams, .1 Clingrnan.
of Jruatary. 1843, which was read a second tied third After the disensal of some unimportant businers, the
time, and arloptedt. viz:
Resolved, That thecall on the several States for petitions was resumed.—
requested to dense h e
warrant surer in here'ry
Alr. Payne, of Alahema, desired to give notice that he
e Mayor be,
on the and he
will on the first opportunity, ask leave to introduce it.
favor of McCord & King, for the slim of three dollars, bill repealing the net authorizing the distribution of the
being amount of bill presented 27th December. 1391. proceeds from the sales of the public lands.
for twine furnished Joseph Barker, Street Cornmissio- After the adoption of BOTTIC resolutions of no pub'ric
her in 1840 and 7841, for mending hose; and in favor interest, a resolution offered by Mr Burke was takeu
of Sheriff and Gallagher for five dollars, for a taper up. It provides that on the dth of January next, the
screw for the House used fur cleaning markets, and House will proceed to the election of a postmaster fur
charge contingent fend.
the mesent Congrees.
TEXAS AND THE UNITED STATES. Mr. Stoner presented An Ordinance entitled "An Mr Holmes Moved to la the resolution on the table.
MR. EDITOR.—A few years since I was reading a Ordinance in reference to the market in the 0:d Court This motion foiled. Yeas 72, nays 84. The retto
work from the cheap literary press of the day, styled House," which was read three times and passed, and !mien was then adopted. It is understood that Mr.
"Travels in Bothnia," by a lady of quality, an En- concurred in by SC.
McCormick, the present incumbent. will be re-elected.
elish Countess, I believe, and to my utter surprise, I . Mr. Howard offered the fel:uwinr, resolution which The reeolution calling for a list of the names of those
found that in a country generally supposed to be tii le, was read three times, adopted and concurred in by S heirs of soldiets of the lust war. and others who
rough and uncultivated, as its climate and lands must C., vie:
not yet recived their land warrants, was ta
be, rind which might fairly shake hands with the North Resolved, That they City Treasurer be directed to k en up, and after several ineffectual attempts to ti-
Pole, a degree of polish, refinement of m inners and an- place to the credit of No. 12 (Wharves and Landings) mend, it was „doped.
quaintanc e with the works (d'art which would put to the sum of fourteen hundred dollars, being the emount A resolution bet etofcre offered by Mr. Hale, calling 4
the blush some of the more happily cultivated regions; stipulated as the cost of the improvement, in the
for information relative to the Home St
I felt ne wise flettered with my previous ienoranceond lution authorizing the contract for paving the Wharf came up, and continued under discussion until the hour
registered a resolution forthwith to take nothing for betwee n Cherry Alley and Grant street.
Of the departure of the cars.
erartted which I could not verify front personal hives- The Clerk of the Select Council presented a regain- !
tigation, and to think hardly of no nation or country :inn in favor of R& J Williams, which was read and
Nat'l facts shotirl prove the justice of the verdict. I nut agreed to, but referred to the Committee on streets,
are led to this reflection by eeeirtgan article in parr pa- grading and paving, sent to S C and reference con
oer the other day, relative to a martini , to be called to curred i n ,
frown down any thing verging tosin annexation of Tex- Al. ~ a report from the Co:ntni; tee on Fire Engines
as, and very quietly arid pungently concluding the or- reel Hose, accompanied by a resolution as having been
cement in oppesition, by styling them rascals and refs
read a third tim e and concurred in as t'ollows sic:
gees, and consequently ve r y unfit cu-citizens of your Resolved, Th it the Mayor be and he is hereby au
own more happily peopled ceontry.
1 thori , ed to draw his warrant on the City Treasurer in
New it happens very oddly. that while the writer of i favor ofdarnes Patterson) & Co. for the sum of twent v•
mar ar t icle was noting down his dernnetory chitties one dollars and thirty cents. beetle the balance due
egainst the citizens of Texas, the Rev Sidney Smith them in full for building Pittsburgh Hose Reel.
was plying the citizens of the United States the. some Also. An Ordinance entitled "An Ordinance fix!"g
etmeliment, arid seems to have based his convictions the salary itod pay of the It tcoreine, Regulator ri.. I
led noel-nem on a somewhat solid found ohm. A cit- Assistant Regulators" which was read and laid on the
teen or Texas reading the Reverend's homily mast table.
ehthdile at the even handed justice meted out to the Also, An Ordinance, entitled "An °ordinance re-
Pennsylvanians, and respectfully bow in urge (-sconce biting to the Register and Assessor of Water Tax," as
to the reci prorated I.f illation W e shall Time the having been read a third ti..te and adopted, read a
clergyman's bold, racy styleofdenundation: "I repeat
•t first mid soceond t• me rind held over.
eain that no conduct wets even mar.: profligate than Also. a bill or b Fenwicped by the f .1-
that of Pennsylvania; their people have tasted of the lowinz resolution as havine k,
beenacco o. m al ani three times and
I il•?errtror (rith.-r profitable) luxury of dishonesty, and passed, which was concurred in, viz:
thee is ill never be brought back to the homely rule of Resolved, That the Mayor be and he is hereby an
right." Now, this sentiment says nothing of creiree of thorized to draw his warrint on the City Treasurer in
visor beme refugees; yet neverthleee its sound is hearse, favor of David Felivrick far twelve dollars and sixty
'rise, pregnant with meaning. It lints riot even the nee,- eight cents, and charge the came to contingent final
vice &heavy orhinling that ynu are raerale. It saye Also. a communication enclosed the following pa
what vou are, in the shortest, most terse and epigram- pens, Yin
ttie manner, and he bases the chaige of your rascal- A bill of Dr C L Armstrong with reference of same
itv on the fact of your having borrowed from the capi- to the Sanitary committee, concurred in.
trdists of England, himself anew the number, for cer- Two bills of J T Kincaid, accompanied by the fbl
r rain retire ler or ons and certain conditions, neither of lowing. resolution as hastier been adopted, which was
which have been complied wit h. But you got the ma- concurred in, viz; Resolved. That the Mayor be art
ery however. the main part of the transaction. Now, thorized to draw his warrant. in favor of J T Kincaid,
although lam a citizen of Texas, yet my American I for seven dollars and thirty-eight cents, and charge to
birth indispose s me trl see with satisfaction my eat ly contingent fund.
compatriots handled without gloves and in so uncere- A letter from Mears. Black and Liggett, with Ter
me:64ms a tweeter. For although veil have tiecitred erence of same to the committee on claims and ac
the cash, without forking, over the stinalated conditions coonts, reference concurred in. He also presented the
(a neat financial operation, by the way) it by no means t proceedings of a Public Meetingin reference to the
follows thar VOU won' t hand over. some fine morning city Poor Holise as having been read and recommend
when a trebled unfertunnte fit of honesty may seize ed to the early attention of the next Council, coacur
!you; hn even has the impedence•to style the pay day red in.
tartlet dividends, the Greek Calende, which merino the I 11e also presented the following resolution as hay-
little end of no day at all, or the m untie; after the day hi; beeN I , ',rd terse times and adopted, which was
concurred in, viz:
Gentlemen of Pennsylvania: you live in a glass house r Resolved, "I hat the Mayor be authorizer) to draw
and therefore should throw ne Mint", If the verdict his 'varmint nn the Treasurer in favor of the collector
of Europe pronounces vent- want of frith and common of Pitt Township for the State Tax of 1843, on the
honesty, why add to the civic bevy of good qualitie s , city property in said Township exclusive of the Gas
that of wholesale slander and injustice to your friends Works.
in Texas I It is unkind to try rind argue us into the I Also, the following resolution as having been read
same doom of felony. IVhen Europe shall have pro. thr:e time. and adopte I. Concurred in, viz:
nounced as pointedly on us as she has on you, we will I Resolved, That the NI tyor be and fin is hereby ne
aten seen the,bond of fellowship; but until we are able thetized to issue Certificates of Lean, rooster-igned
to handle the cash, do not make non sharer of the corn- I by the Treasurer, in favor of Thomas M.:Cu:lough for
man odium. Het etofore they have doubted our abil- the folluss irie sums, viz:
ity to pay hark; perhaps our honesty ton. They have I Ore at ono year for $64 26
been just enough not to brand us with rascality, tilde) . Oae nt one Year for 8
I they wredd loan us no money 75 8, and you will allow that o.re at two years for 144 14
had we tineered the loan, we could not have hooted the All to be dated
idea or the pro-ties of revalVMent With more sovereign date at 6 per cent, in full for painting Engine House
contempt than you have done. fur now Water Works
In conclusion, !scout at, frown down the annexation Also, a repo r t ft orn the Committee on claims and
of Tex es as uremitly, or pertjnacion.lv, as V . Oll think ace tines, ticreenttartied by the f 'flowing reselut ions, as
prope r ; put your objection on the score of servile in- !Javier ,
O been read and report accepted and s il
re tniolA: on having already me territory than you read three tim es and adopted. con re
curred in, viz:olution
know how to use: nn the fear of committing voereelf Resolved, That the Mayor be and he is hereby art
with N.' vice er - England; or any other arimment which thoriee Ito dem his warrante in favor of the follow
may se am to Hews any force; bet fir consistency's sake ing persons out of any money in the Treasury nor orb
sink the question of "rascality:" "let that flea stick in et et itel zeproptiated and charge the same to the con
the wall. '
tingeto fund.
Thom is McFadden for forty-threed , llara. and Jas.
Jackson fur use of Tlionme McFadden fur twenty
nine dollurs ninety seven cents. ..
Also, a Bill of White & Grant, amerintingro .851.00
with reference of same to the Committee on City
Printing. Concurred in.
Also, the fellowing resolufienne having been read
and adopted, which was concurred in. viz:
Resolved, That the Street Commissioner be and is
hereby authorized re advertise fur proposals fur grad
ing Grant and Fith streets, and report to Council,: the
several bids and estimates as soon as practicable, the
whole to be done wader the superintendenceof the
Committee on Streets and Street Commissioners.
Hero the testimony on both sides closed.
[The [Court adjourned till this morning, at 9
o'clock. Mr MOORHEAD will commence the argument
to the July.]
A 'terrible occurrence melt place at Reeve. Chemire
(where there area great many Mormons,) on the 23d
November last.
The priest of thn order is a blacksmith, of the name
of Cartwrigh, and among the devotees is a fanatic of
the name Pugmire, also a smith, or engineer. The
latter was married to a respectable wmnan of about
thirty years °lnv, who had borne him three children,
and was within three months of her next confinement.
She had steadily refused to adopt the fanatical opin
ions of her husband. and mach altercation had ensued
ut consequence. Worn out, however. with his repeat
ed solicitations, and his con inued declarations that un
less she submitted to be baptised into the order she
would be eternally lost, sho declared her intention to
one of her neig,hhors to obey her husband's wishes, be
ing satisfied, as she said, that unless she did so, "she
would never have any mare peace with him."
Os rh ..,day, the 2:31 ult., at 8 o'clock at night, the
pear, worn-out creature was taken by her husband and
the blacksmith priest down to the river belaw the
works. was denudtd of all her clothing, except a small
flannel singlet, and, notwithstanding her interesting
situatian, these wretched fanatics, after muttering
some incantations, plunged her into the stream ! The
night was dreadfully dark and cold, and, in conse
rwence of the late heavy rains; the river was running at
a great rate, and was much higher than ordinary.
The priest, having hold of her naked arm, unfortu
nately let go his grasp and the current runnin k dike
a mill rare, immtaliately carried her away; and it aeinv
pitch dark, she was instantly overwhelmed by the boil
ing flood and drowned ! The husband walked home
deliberatiun and nonchalance , and told his neighbors
what had occurred; and, after seating himself in a
chair, rolled himself in fl noel, and d .cla red conviction
“that it was the will of Gad that she should he drewn
ed," addia g ••thar it was the wickedness of her faith
that caused it, but that be was now satisfied she was in
The body was Aub3equently found. and a Coroner' ,
vcrdier '•manslaughter" rendered against the priest
and tl,e husband both of whom were arn-sted. Talk
of romance, indeed I Why, the every day occurrence
of life, present appalling realities which set at naught
the wildest creations of fiction.
TUESDAY, Dec. 2 1 S, 11116.
Conncil met...—Present, Boreland , Povarri, Irwin, Licch, Mag r s ,& ,
Patrick. Pratt, Robertson, Small, Stens-, Ihßiggina
and President. M., Eichbaum, President in the Chai r ,
A Bill of• S. .Roseburgh, Recorder of Allegheny
County, amouming to $32.621 was read and referred
to the Committee of Claims and Accounts, and concur
ed in by S C
Mr. Edgar presentad a communication from a com
mittee of the Neptune Engine and Hose Co., which
was read and referred to the Commit-se on Gas
LiglitinA , . and concurred in by S C
Mr. Howard offered the following resolution which
was read three times, adopted aim concurred iu by S
NEWS FROM HATTI.—The late news from Hayti
lo qnite black—the darkirs have so far advanced
in their knowledge of Republican Government that
they are foriniog conspiracies to cut one another's
h roars.
RIVER IND.Ltrortica.—The Van Buren
gencer save that ithe Arkansas River is falling, but
small boats can come up. The Governor Morehead is
azroand on Campbell's bar, ab ntt 8 miles below. The
Arkansas has been lying on the bar about two miles
below town--bas got over the bar, now taking in her
freight and will be up to-day.
The Missouri river is again quite low. The e.eam
er Omega is aground at St. Charles, in 3i feet water.
The Lebanon is also aground higher up the river.
Western University of Pennsylvania.
Fr HE next term of the %Vcstern Univer-ity will
1 commence on Tuesday next. the 24 of Janua ry.— ,
New Fruits.
Prof. Stenhens having returned from Eitrope, nod ac
cented tit . ? prof•s4arship of n,,
i , ),,i,a:14 N !mt. 3 BOXES CHOICE BEN CH RAISINS:
tl ,
1 I 50 ha •o
Phi'tc , ophy, will be rea
ter do do; to enter upon hi. datie.ear- . ,-,
9 ilar
CV 4, f boxes do d
it• ia the term. Arrangements hare been made to pru-
~ 0 0 bin's Dried Peachest . inst mc:ived and for sale by
vi suz..l3
apparatus as will be needed in his depart- !
DAVID 11. RIDDLE, - I-10 Liberty at.
Pflm mi r 1 ft. .1n Edocatinn.
'l'l4 ENT ./ER: trE Owl GU Eig&
[Reported for the Baltimore amt.)
WAR H I /1113700, Dpvember 27, 1843
The reiolotina heretofore offered by Mt Walker,
wise g alled up. It calls on the Secretary'of the Treas
ury to furnish information ns to the specific amounts,
locufines,and pongees of can:4ll4lm by. theiriener.
e Otrrermtieiit rim tSir - onatmeacetroent of the gov
ernment down tosbe present time.
MriEvans opposes, the resolution with voaiideraltle
warmth. He cotenaed that it would occlusion great
expanse ar.d bses of lime, without Loy adequate ben
Mr. Walker defended it on the ground, that itch
information WWI due to the people, whose ear had
been abused by the charge that the General Govern
' tnent has made lavish appropriations for the States.
His object was to show that these immense Bums had
been lavished on the old States. After further de
bate, the resolution was adopted, as were several tabu.
re of no special importance. The Senate then ad
"The Roman Catholics hare in India, China
and the West nf A iia, 67 bi,hops, 20 eJadjtatnrad,Bs6
prienit, and 2.211.000 members.
A T t!:e For S
Agel.cy of BLAKELY Ss.
.MITCIIF.L. Penn street (sth ward) and
Sin'ti:tiold, hour =;rce:.
Two l us of gro , :nd on Pine street, 10 by GO feet,
on which is erected two from,: hihlinge, each contain
kg 6 u part:item s besides 3 cellars, and renting fur
$9O each.
Also, 2 lots of ground on Lornit street, 41 by 60
feet. on which is en.cted 5 fiunie dwelling houses ,
rentinz for $l6O per ani.tun.
Ake,, :t three story brick dwelling end lot on 7th it.
a house und lot o t 7th street, near tin new
Court Huai
Al4o, a farm is noes townsi.ip, contetintng 114
A:-o, 2 acres oflacd, adjoining the town of flanu
Also, a farm in Columbiana county, Ohio, contain
ing 144 acre.
Also, a lot of ground on sth street, 30 feet front by
130 fat drop.
Also, a lot of ground in the itoserve Tract, opposite
PittsLiiirgli. 20 feet front 1 ) 230 deep, on which is
erected a neat Cottage House, a %alloy oi shrubbery.
fruß,troos, grape vines, 4.c, have bm.i lately planted.
on the lot.
Also, six acres of land, adjoining, the town of East
Liverpool, on is hich is erected a rope walk, &c.
AIA", a hone and lo: on Prosp-ct-street, beautifully
situated (would be exchanged for a farm within
rni!ps of the city). Apply trs
FARM. within 1•? miles of the city, containing
rl\ nbnilt.lol) acres, moderately improved, and for
v. Eirh fi, 1000 will be pnid.
Apply at the Real Estate Agency of
i • -&ar
AND xd.
_L r PATRONS tx ran-
TICULAR:—.If I could h 1 controlled the ele
ments oldie Universe. and foreseen every contingency
and delay in the execution of na ) plans to contribute tiz
ytylr comtlwr, and dye n Zest to thr ph esure of the o
petite by the addition to my ordinary Lill alloy samo
of !he. luxuries which the Eastern market affords, I
shouid have done so in time of their enjoyment tat as
earlier pericd.
But since I have been disappointed and delayed un
necessarily by a dei - angement in the Line of Transpor
tation. I hope my friends and Patrons s‘ ill re2dilyexcuse
in me any apparatit want of enterprise or attention to the
bwit eis of my profession; twisting in :,aitiriindulgrnce
on this occasion, I take the to solicit a continu
ance of a liberal patronage. The following luxuries
are now added to my in•dinary bill of fire, namely—
this day. Canvass Back Ducks, and to-tnormw, Fresh
Rock Flab Pike. arid Yellow Perch, and on Thursday
fid low kg. another splended lot of Pike, ?et-lapin', and
a lot of the very best Shell Oysturs! The above will
c served up to individuals ur parties. And families
or Hotel keepers may also he supplied as long as the
assortimmt lasts, by making immediate application for
the same, to either Mr. Charles Quigly or George Haw
kiti:=, at the Western Exchange
Oyster= Depot, No. 6.
Market, or 74 Front street. Oysters by the canuister
as usual, at the customary pike, also in the stew, by
theilozen or hundred. Shires' superior premium Ale
ill be an the tap this day. Families supplied by the
Presh Butter.
/1- A LOT of prime fresh Roll Butter. just received:
and fur sale by REINHART & STRONG.
(129. 140 Liberty street.
T HEpartnership hei etofare existing" between Ow 'subscribers, subscribers. under tbe firm oil:10)51AS BL'RCH
& Co., is this day dissolved by mutual constnit. The of the firm will be ctrrerd by Giliaspie & Kee--
nedy. THOS. BL'RCII, Jr,
subscriber hovink this day sold out his
interest in the Looking Busine=s tie his late nut- - ro
llers, John J and Thos. Kenney, cordially
recommends; them lathe favor of his friends, as every
way worthy of the patronage so liberally bestowed on
the late firm. THOS. BURCH, Jr.
(lee 29, 1843.
fl ILL ASPIE AND KENNEDY niil .-ontinee the
mannfa:turc ai.d sale of LOOKING GLASSES,
&c. &r., in its varinns branrhes.. They gill also keep
up a ryz.elar uf Looking Glass Plater, of their
Tian , - , , pt.etfolly solicit the enotinunore of the pet
ronoge so liberally exte,ded to the Ititc. firm
200 by BLS Cider Vinogar in store and for sale