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    TAME ar tiWA R .t
Co„ .ffauftioinnrs of Wilt
Paper, No. 18, Wood Strict, P . itteburga, Pa.—
Have always on hand an extensive assortment of Satir
°kited and Wain PAPER HANGINGS, Velvet and
sil,litaion Borders, of the latest style and handsome
tratteris, for papering halls, parlors and chambers.
They manufacture and have on baud at all i lutes-
Pr' sting. Writing, Letter, Wrapping and Ten Paper, (ton
eat" and Falters' Boat ds—stil of which they offer fur sale
en the man accommodating terms; and to which they
invite the attention of merckalits and oiliere.
ALSO—Blank Rooks ofail kinds and the best quality.
3e:tool Mans, etc. always on hand and for sale as above
t4f. 11 flags' nd Tanners'Sereps' taken In exchange.
tE•daV s. 'he undersigned beg icave to inform
the public.. I lini he hae removed from ills old nand,
to the core • r of Penn and St.. Clair els., oppositetlie Ea
change lintel, where he has filled up a large. PIANO FOWL 6
WARW. Roo*. and now olfers for sale the most splendid
now:o inent of PIAPIO3 ever offered in Ihij ninr krt.
His Pianos C0113i3l of diTerent patterus, of superior
Rose Wood and Matmanny,henntifully, finished and rno
riPled and eonsitueted thronehout of the very hest ma•
terials,vi hichaor ditra!Plity, and quality atone, as well
as touch, tie warrants to be superior to any ever seen
At he hal enured his manufactory, a nd made arrange.
trienti to slimily the itiereaiiinz demand for thia instru•
Merit, he respect filly remie.os those intending to oar.
Chase to call and • xit mine his as:ortment before onrcha.
ain4 cliatrliere, as ha is determined to sell LOWER, for
visit, titan any other establishment east or west of tile
inoantains. F. BLUM C.,
Corner of Penn and St. Clair streets,
seallo rkiturixiie the Exchange Hotel. Pittsburgh, Pa
till II L.l .m'. , cryter rec•uved from P hitadetunia and
New York, wMt a ecnrral and extensive assort.
every artiek in hi; line of I.lt.iness, width !leis deter.
Mined to veil on the most reasonable t"ra» for cash,—
He believes he can .tffer stroncer Itiduretneuts than any
slntila • establishment in this city to country Physician,
and Merchants, who wish to supply thettr.elees with
Prtf“ and Medicines. II is aritcles have been selected
with the utmo:t rare, and are warranted of the 1)(.31 goal.
tip and an for tistrens . th. Orders wax he filled with nr•
curacy and etemoc , .. Fault s can lie supplied Fine
aml. Fancy Soat,a of every conceivable variety, and of
the most exTtUtele perl'antr.; !New hoc with Perfumery
and Cosmetics of eve r v deerrip•ton.
'The it ndertil.ted returns his thanks for the Ithera I 511 p:
port heretofore Mended to him, and hopes by a ronstant
disposition to please and accommodate—a rare In pro
curial and seltiott only what excellent aid cenulne—a
close .ttpervision of the sales and transaction of the Isiah
Ilsliment—precatit ion and accuracy In rompoantli med..
cines—and by viti4:ry and perseverance. to men in in]
tease of public patruna4e
La b l whit mdays your teeth so unusually white?
finoth Josh's dulcinia to hitn Cother night,
To makeyours took so, with a grin, replied Josh,
ve brought you t bottle of Thorns' Tooth Wash,
'l'.a the best now in use, so illegentiefUlkS say,
And since they It:tve tried !hie, cast ail others away
. .
Dot to proveii t!ie hest, to make the teeth shine,
Look again, sly derir Sal, at the m, tte praline.
Then try It I= _rent tooth sva , ..i.h,
The Teaberry tooth waft,
And see if this Tooth Wash of Thorn's is not fine
Having tried Dr...Thers'a Tea Berry Tooth Wish,'
and become acquainted with the in2rellients of it 3 compo
oltion, I cheerfully say, I consider it one of the safest, as
IL 13 o.ll2a.the most pleasant Tito, it N.tsl. es now in use.
Pittsburgh Sep. 15,1/342 DAVID HUNT, Dentist.
take pleasure In stating, having made use of-Thorn's
'res . perry Tooth Wash," thzt it is one of the best deu•
trifieci in use. Being in a liquid form, it coniWnes neat•
nuns with convenience. While it cleanses the enamel
and removes the tartar from the teeth, its perfume yells
a fragrance peculiarly desirable. J. P. TIBBETTS. M. D.
The undersigned have used "Thorn's Compound Tea
Derry Tooth ‘Vaili,"avitl have (blind it to bean extreme.
ly pleasant dentifrice, exercising a most salutary info.
eine over the Teeth and Gums; preserving those Indis
pensable members front premature decay. preventing the
accumulation of Tartar, and purifying the ItreaNi. Hay.
lug thorou7.!ily tested Its virtues, we take pleasure In re.
eommendrig it to the public, kneeing it to be the best ar•
tide of the kind oaw in usc.
Prepared and sold by WI f. LI .1 MI THOR N. Apothem
cv and Chemist, No. 53 Market street,' Pittsburgh; and
at all the principa Druggists',and Tuttle's Medical il,gen
it. Fourth street. sep
0 FENIA LES.—Theteis a large class of Females i
this City who from their coal lotted iltting, to iv Welt
their occupations obliges hem,are a llected with costiveness
which:lves rise to palpitation at the heart on the least ex
ertion, sense of heaviness extending over the whole head,
Intolerance of light and sound .an inability of fixing the
attention to any mental operations; rumbling in ihe bow•
*tele, somellnies a sense of suffocation, especially after
'infests when any exertion is used, as going quickly up
-gtairti; temprefickle; these are symptoms which yield at
once to a few dosesof the Brandreth Pills The occa
atonal use of (1115 medicine 11,111111 save a deal of trouble
and years of suffering. One, or two, or even three of
the Brandreth Pills just before dinner, arc of en found
highly beneficial; many not them very advantageously In
this way; they aid and asslQt digestion, restore the hovvels
to a proper condition,enliven the spirits, Impart clear.
nese to theromplexion,puriiy the blood, and promote a
general feeling of health and happiness.
Bald at Dr. 11 - audreth's Office. In the Diamond
Plihtburgh_.Price 25 cent; per Los, with full direct ions,
MARK—The only plate In l'ittAliurgli, where the
GENUINE Pills can he obtained, is the Doctor's own Of.
dee, Diamond. Sep. 10
Dr. Leidy's Tetter Sc. Itch Ointment.
OR the cure °revery v.-v tety of TETTErt, the ITCH,
and all tlkea.es of the Skin, has timed Itself more
ettleaciountilan ally other preparation for the slime pur•
pose In use.
Upwards of five hundred certificntes iii ht Ise proi tired
and pni,lislied of its efficacy trout Srlinol . l'eacher , , Pro.
pricier; of Facioi les. Parents, Guardians, Chill Nurses,
Captains of vessels and others, were it not for the deli
cacy in havinu, thE.ir names published in connection with
such Al.:agreeable affections,
o ffy the use of Dr Leiiiv'!: Teller Ointment in cot June.
lion with his extract of sarsaparilla or Blood Pills, he
wilt Unarantce to core any disease coninkon to the skin,
however had, or of however long standing„ or resind the
money. There are however ye, y foss , Instances but can
be cured by the Ointment alone,
Prins 25 cents a Bez.
Prepared only and sold wholet.ale and retail at Dr Lel.
dy's Health Emporium, 191 N . - Second t,t. Philadelphia,
mid by B. R. FRANF.STOCK 4- co. corner of Wood
and Sixth street!, Agents for Pittshu rg • juiy 12.
THEieurrther would reepect fully inform theritlzens
Of Pit'. utrgh, Allegheny and their vim that he
has ecmmenced manufacturing the article of Lard 01
and Candies. He intends making but one quality, which
virtu equal the heat made It& the Union and not surpassed
by the best winter strained sperm oil either for ntactilner!,
orhurning. without its olTvitrive properties, and one
ber wishes to impress distinctly on the public mind that
It is riot necessary to purchase any new tangled ramps that
are daily palmed upon them as being requisite to burn the
bard oil in. Persons wishing a pure and brilliant light
can obtain it by calling at the old stand,3d street, nearly
opposite the Post Office
Th4attention of Wholesale dealers, Churches and ma.
eishaleta respectfully witched.
S,—All the barrels wt!l bear the manufacturer.
Jan 2, 1343, tf.
Far the Transportation of Merchandire and Preane
MINE respectfully inform the public that they
• have completed their atrangementsfor the above
Line on
The public tan long wished for Individual competition
In Transportation on the Public Works, by which alone
it can be freed from unnecessary expenses and reduced
to its lowest rates; that wish will now be realized; the
Stale of Pennsylvania having placed Trucks on her Rail
[toads. Individuais owning Portable floats are enabled
to hid for the Carrying Trade and :accession) , to con•
pete with rotnpanies.
This linr, iscoinonsed of Twenty new, Four Section
Pop. ;rhle Boats, owned by the Captains who command
then' and well known as enterprising, tedustrious and
experienced Boatmen.
The superiority and advintazes of the Portable Boat
over every other moar of Tran.portallon, ere too wen
known to shippers a e TIP ra Ity. to require cnoitoetii; f
fiCe it tos.ty, that the detention, los a.separation and dam
age to Goods, invartably allentlint! three 7'raushipments
between Pitt S l lllr2 l l and riihriclpiiia are by the turtle-41e
Boat molt effeetnallv remored.
The l'o - rtabin Boat pls,:esse; the ;treat advaniage ton.
of being well ventilated and cool In Summer; which pry
crams Flouv from souring, and Bacon and l'obacco from
11. Devine., standing as he doeß, between the owners
of goods a nil the floatmen who carry them, and egaally
interested in protecting the intervsis of both, will make
no promises to the pub: ic he will not faithfully perform.
❑e is 11001 prepared to receive and forward Proilnee
to Philadelphia. ilettimore, New Vor k, and Boston in the
shorir.t time, and pled4i's Itini,el to enter into no com.
hinal ion with other Line4,l,nt always stand ready to carry
nut the principlesof ilia Line, and contract for freight on
the very totwcst terms.
itirT o give ondonhted-serority to owners and shippers
of goads an open policy or 111,11-ante has heen effeeted.
by which all merchaildize shipped by 014 Line will be
In=rated without any additional f.goetise to the owner.
H. Devine will receive all produce consietted to hlm
at Pittsburgh, pay frei.zlit and chants to t 4 train Boat:
and forward the same without delay to Philadelphia,
Baltimore, New York, and Boston without any charge
for advancing or commission.
It DEVINE A:cot,
N 0.4,5 'Miter st.,
EtORBID:;E Arent,
1272 Market street, Philadelphia
MOORE hC ASE Auenta,
75 Bowlev's Wharf, Baltimore
BOWEN 4 , lIIBBERD, A'e,ent.
Cincinnati, In
Madison toil.
Thos. 'Mc.% I) 1M , Ca. A,, rl
27 Old slip New Yo
March 10 .1::42
Ready made Coffin Warehouse,
141tteth. St , 2,teors from the U. S. Ranh.
R E I h L ' L r . e . ' ll i L e
i l l ' n re r 7ti n y ' n i ] e d
e P n e
e n
I % l :a t h e re
house to the buildlnt: recently , ocetipied by Mr.
R. G. It,:riord, directly opposite his old st
where he is always urepared to aWncl promptly
to any orders in his line, and by Firirt aft: noon
to all the details of the tirt , iness of an Undertaker,
he hopes to merit public confidence; He will he preparen
at ♦L!.ftoCRF to provide Hearses, Birrs, C io.es and
every requisite on the MO3l liberal terms. Calls from the
country will he promptly attended to.
His residence is in the same building with his Wart.
house, where those who need his services may find him
stony time. RITTEEPCIf , :
W.W. IRWIN. SKY. .7011?.1 ELar R. D. D.
W. H. hi'CLCRE,
imp 10
R FOR S A I.E.—The underslgued offers for 6:11e
farm, lying in ROY Township 41 tniles trom the
City of Pittstiorgh, containing 114 acres ofland of which
60 arc cleared nod under fence, Its to 15 to 20 acres of
meadow, 2 gcod Orchards of A poles t few Pearl; and
Cherry trees—the improvements are a i.trge fra me home
cunt:the! ug 10 rooms wellfurni hed,calrulated for a Ta
vern o, private Dwelling. a frame Barn 23 by 60,stone
baseinoit, and maligns!, sheds ntd other out hollFes Snit •
able for a tertemenit-2 :Irma Gardens surrounded with
corral!' bushes, and a well of excellent water, with a
pump in at the front door. In relation to the Pitishurgli
and A Ile.,:heny market, there is no place nosy offered for
sale with moreindutement to those wishing to purchase
near Pittsburgh, the terms will he made moderate, for
further ortrticuinrsappiv to the proprietor at his Clothing
Store, Liberty street, corner of Virgin Alley.
N. N. If not sold before the Ist of Ortnlu•r 11.-x t. it
wilt be divided into 10 and 20 acre lots to sull pur - fra
!UV. Sep I
Regular Morning Packet for Beaver.
cast runiiii.g and well knowr.
SHARP Ugh:J . llm.. Master, will depart d.IIIV from
burgh at 9 o'clock, A. M,, and Reaverat 1 o'clock P. 51,
For freight or pass.oge, apply on hoard, or to
No 60 Water street.
N. B.—The rezu lar canal pact.et to (level° no Ohlo
Greenville and Meadville. Pa ; and M assillon on the
Ohio Canal,ennnect;ny, with strainer Cleveland at flea•
ver.will be in °petition immediately on openins of r.::v•
igation, mar t( -ir
PILES cured by the t se of Dr. flarlirh's Compound
Etrenzthening and German A perient Pilrs
Dr. Ilarlich—Dear Sir—Shortly after 1 received the
Agency from yttu for the sale of your medicine. I
formed an aminaintanrewi.b a lady of this place. who
was severely afflicted with the Piles. rot eight or len
years this lady was subject to frequent painful attacks,
and her physician ronsidsred her case so complicated,
that he very seldom preset ihed medicine for her. Through
my persuasion, she commenced using sour Pills, and was
perfectly cured. Yours, 4-e. JAMES R. K I RRY
October 3, IR4O. Chamttershmj, Pa.
11 —,7 0tlice and General Depot, No 10.Nortit Eighth
Street, Philadelphia. And by Samuel Frew, corner of
Liberty and Wood streets Pittsburgh. sep 10
. •
" I Vity will ye lice at this p.m
dying rale?'
444 4 4
FISSURES, 4 , c.
o be had al TUTTLE'S Medical Agency, 86 Fourth st,
the only agent in Pitisburgh.
Feb -22.
ATO sooner does one or Dr. Leidy' preparations be
come popular, in conSefillelleC of Its swain and ef
ficitcy, llmo it is counterfeited or imitated.
To prevent imposition, Dr Lrnly has now procured
moulded bottles for his celebrated Teller and lien Oct.i
meat, with the words , Dr Lctily's Toler end Itch
nivnl;hlown in the glass, besides containing Ills written
signatui e on a yellow lobel outside.
Dr Leidy's 'Vetter and Itch Ointment, has proved more
rffienci ou s titan any other preparation for Teller, I (Hi,
Dry and Watery Pimples or Pustules, and diseases of
toe skin generally,
It has bees employed in schools, factori ts, and on I'oard
veels carrying passengers, where children. as well as
grown persons, contract diseases of tie skin from their
contagious nat fie, with the most unexampled surcesz;
certificates and recommendations have been heretofore
published from them, and nnm,•rous others might he ob.
t ained 10f publication, but for I he objections most perfuns
have, to having, their names publi s hed In connection w ilt
such disagreeable and loathsome affections
In no single instance has it ever been known to fall.
It has been used upon infants and by persons of all
ages. It Is perfectly safe, contains no mercury in Its
composition, and may be used under all circumstances.
Price Twenty-five cents a bottle- Prepared and sold
at Dr Leidy's Health Emporium, (sign of the Golden Ea•
gle and Serpents,land by B. A. FALINEitTOCE it CO.
oner of Wood arid Ellgth streets, Agents for Pittsburg,.
ju'y 12
Contagious Diseases, and Change of
Ole-Water mast be adapted to- the nature of the fists
ur these will he. no propogatlon of the species. The
Soil tonal he adapted lo the seed, or there will be no In
crease. Tim climate must have those matters in It which
will unite and keep alive epidemical or contagion., poi
sons, or Hwy will become eninguislicd, as a lamp lam
is sinsimplsed with oil. So It Is likewise with the hu
man frame, II raitnot lie materially affected by epideml.
calor conta.;iaus in [ladies, unless there be those matters
floating in I,re circulation which offer the appropriate
soil. By I urifyins our bodies with the BRANDtIXT
Pit.i,s, which awe affinity with those impurities upon
which contagion feeds, we may .sways Teel secure,
whatever disease may rage around us. True, we may
have It, tint it will soon be over, our sickness will tie
the utralr of a day or two, while those who have been
too wise to use this simple and excellent remedy, tither
die, or have weeks perhaps months of sickness.
Sudden changes from very hot to chilly weather ate
unfavorable, to health; and IL is a fact universally admit
ted, that heat and e»oistitre are powerful agents In pro
during disease, and that constant DRY and constant WET
weather are both favorable to its generation; it does not
signify mist we call it; it may be ague, it nay be hippos
lever; it may lie yellow fevers it may be dysentery; It
litav he rheumatism; it may he bronchitis; it may Ise chol
ic; it may he constipation of I he bowels; it may he infla.
illation of the how.' Is, it may lie inhumation of the sham.
ach: it miy be a new its aSrect ion; siftl it is di=ease, and
a disease coralsle by the Drandreth Piits, because they
remove all liumirit les from the body, all that can In ally
manner teed the furl her progress of the malady, no m.o_
ter how called; thus these pills are not only the most
ornper medicine. but generally the only medicine that
need or ought to he used. At the present time it is every
Ina a 's duly who wishes 10 secure his heal!li to Use them;
it is t he duty ()revery one who knows anything of their
health restoring powers,t o make it known in Ins imme
diate circle, For there are some alartnintt signn, Whielt
tell of Ire approach of disease. The sudden changes of
semperament sire more to be feared and guarded against
Cm., an, CO ildsious in it hly.
The I Nrixtsz t has left many in such a state of weak
ness that !herd is in them a erect su.ceplibllity lo lie al
reeled 11 ilr•go (11:Inv's of the at nin:etTere and caniagiotts
bui by 'homy ass oflirandret les Pills, even
n "ttt this sitscepl lie is a great measure ternov
ed, and power givea the system to resist these morbilic
poisons, and the sudden changes in the weather with
which it may he hrosis lit In contact during the next fifty
days. N attire has formed the bowels of the evacuation of
all unliellihv 111111111 r., and if man would Mit !see commos
=en e. lie would take care they performed this office fal' [i
rony, If the bowel: are aril of order; if too slow or too
suet, a few doses of Heroines rn PILL! will Orlin% them
to nrdrr, Ask the wan whO was dying from constira.
led !towels what Mired him; lie tells you, Etrandreth's
rills. Ask him who had dysentary for six months, and
every remedy had fared; lie will ako tell you the ltran
sire'h Pills curedhilninn week. So with other diseases.
Twelve Braisdrs-th Pills ruhbrd fowls in a pint of um.
las , es, cured a little boy of an 'Weer of [lie fare, wide!'
was rapid'y spreading to Id+ ryes, and which a doz
en il,) , :;cir4 had tried to en-e, 1,111 eisuhl not: the
poor parents vented have 2• veal half thee were worth
In have had it cured, but every thing they tried did no
good, until they gave It 1 te I or molasses every
day, half a pint of st We l; they hail rublird down
serve Drawl , is h,fore the whole of the molasses
was isssom the ulcer was cli , ell. Arid some foolish
prop'.' call PI i:s a quark medirine. It would
I , e well if i here were a few more such quack medicine!.
Will ail vane ofeteuhl. , arsausrilla Compounds cure
like the lirandrelli Pills? Can they send you is itersons
ct• Rico, as Dr. Itr.tvittreth fan? Can they point out 10
you itenole Who had heen helplr=e for years f out EP
'levy sr d Ft. Vim.' Dance who have been cured by
Iha it reitiedie-? If they easinni, Or. Itrandretti rats --
l'a ft Hier point out In tall a person who for tweet)
scar. hail never hash a slo , tl Without list, Ina used Mel—
trine, or n s erhanien r ears.; and WllOl. the Praildr( to Dills
cured ill n month, and gave him as 'mantis evacuations
as no had when be was a child. If they cannot, 1).
Bra tlilrel Is run.
Tile BRANDI: EMI rI Lt.s not only do cure, ail curea
eliseense.c, but it era lin (tenoned raieil, that Icy fierier
strode' toe. Dicey mast inialitely Cure. 1111 a Very short
time, Dr Ittandreth will hiller: before the public a con—
ceentrat too of Ih•• virtues oleic Brandreth rius, both ire
the form or rill:. and in a !Mid form, and that hr rs 11l
explain the r, a , on of tin• cenrei that most oereseearily lee
the i result of 11 , if12 the PR 'et DRETI.I N It EM 1 7 . D. ES.
wtertlwr the y be inlern•tt ur c xecronl. I have Ju>t re
rieivied the rase Cl I. tneetiral reeidleodan to-idea at
She I hriok, raifila, who for I vecenly years was sorely
afflicted re ill! disease, which (a ine out to lilolcbes and
scales all over his lovely. hes erntleom bso far forgot
the ft . l judice; which too ()lien curse his pia , SSiol l , as
(0 apply personally In Dr. lir, nelrei le, and hes court•
proved a happy one; within six tweed li. bn Was cicieree,
tilted of rahhe and totinenting t•tsease 112, the
use of the Brand , tit Ptl's.
The UN.' 01 . I Ile Brar.droili rill.: ran in 110 nnFr do ioja
ry. heenuse they art , made of 1 ho=e herb: and ro, is xI e•
net , ce Its. fon° proved atwHys harowtrze wt:h U e hu
man body. Tile oinl,s on of ourone with thorn
C:.ito, ofAirkno-s, is oilen the vtu-t7 ul a lopg attack,ofter
endirtztoidy by ces , at ton of Id . •
How important i ie that this course oliosild t e pursed;
it will not 001) he the SUreAt 11,1111111 ofrenloriutt, bin It
it will In a great measure prevent the rerur re. ce of
roes , iluilonal maladies—it w1:1 surely weaken the ma.
I nett of t I: , and in 11010 seruce robust health..
A • writ tr all v.. or.rrrte 'trier/repo. , the Mato/to I i Ti'
have been aiau riulir courrter 'erred, h t I have rucceerl%
erl or 11.11'1112 I.Xl`, 'Ol,l 'I'IIh E 1 LADEI.S, (and which
.‘ re :roof 116110 of se • h Inlrinsie workronneloo
a- I o Ir:r1 Ileflaere 10311 feline nni' Mors. Now, bowel:-
e.. 3 errs r% it pr. -reefs it,e.ll My advert kereent , are
ink., v, rha I in, a'ld 13-4,1 by all the tner/lcitte mon.
of the day. WllO merely take my name ten nod
rt the 'mole of I heir medicine in the Ware of Bran
Pills occupied in the atiVeiliseinent (hut Ololc❑
from the. Time will prove how these speculative gen
tleinen Fu.tain tbrmcr Iven.
MY rllttarni may rest satisfied that to on
a , my iiro and erter2ies are permitted lie by an OV ER -
RULI NI: PROVIDENCE, attend personally to the
preparation of the Brandreth Pills, and tit; t thoAe
properties which have thus far remlerel them no popu
tar, will still be cool toned uointilared.
. _
The BramDein rills are mold by one anent in every
place of intunriance throughout the world; each 821'111
haying a cettificale of agency from Dr. Biand'elli, hay.
ing facsimiles of label!! on the Branddrelli rill boxes en
graved thereon.
BR ANDREI N'S PILLS are sold al 25 els. per bnx,
with full diFfTIiODS At IhePRINiIeALOFFiiC,24I Broad
way, 274 Flowery. 1891 Hodson et reet.
The lohowihd ale duly appointed agent; for the rale
of the Elrandteth Pine In
Stewart,lown —Cite:4 , llmo k Spaulding.
Clinton —Jo; Carmel!.
Cranberry 'l'p.—R. 11. McKee.
Butler—Lane. Campbell k Co.
. Prospect—G.:\. Kirkpatrick.
Put - tem/Me—Peter Musser,
Purlersyille John 011ieer.
Mi. Pleasant—ll. ' J. Lippencalt.
k C. Moore.
We'd N. Winn—M. P. Smith.
Youti2.-town—McAtte 4 co:
ens .
-17 S PRUNI ENTS!— T. McCarthy, Cutler and Vurgi , al
Instrument .111aker, Third Street, nearly opposite the
Post Office. Pitt,burfh
Dentists and Itru:4l , ts can have their in•
rutnents wade bv the subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears and Scissors always nn hand
also Ilalterg Shears. a superior article. Orders respect
fully solicited.
N. B. Allartlelef warranted of the best quatity.and
obidng Bane u , nal. sup 10
Case of Liver Complaint of 25 years fitandtng
This may certify that far twenty five years I was af •
flitted with pain In my side, which was frequently en
severe as to entirely Incapacitate me front labor. I have
been natter the care c 1 treatment of various !flit siman
wit limit any permatient 'learnt. Ilearing of the many
cures effected by the Hepatic Elixir prepared by
Start:weather, I was induced to give it a trial, and ant
happy in say that It has entirely removed. I have felt
no eymptoms of it for ages than a year poet.
Noel httrirtte,l,ineBll3o. 1841 A NI OS WHITE.
The genuine to be had at 11JT1'LE'S Medical Agency,
Fourth street.
Denning's rite ~ 'roof Iron Chests.
PITTSBURGH, OCT. 22, 1842.
J. Daman—On Friday, the3olll of last niontlt,about
9 o'clock at night.the Fianing.Grcioving and Sash Man
ufactory, owned by Gay, Dilworth k Co, with a large
quantity of dressed and undressed lumber, was all tonsil.
toed by fire.
The Iron safe which f bought of you some time back
was in the must exposed situation during the fire, and
was entirely red hot —I am pleased to Inform you it was
opened at the close of the 6re, and all the books, papers,
frc.saved;—this is the best recommendation I can give of
the utility of your safes.
The same may he said of BrandretA's Frternal Rem
edy, as an outward application in all external pains, or
swellings, or sores, it great!) , as.‘ists toe cure. When
used where the skin is very tender or broken, it should
he mixed with one or two pints of water.
A sure near Genuine BrandretA Pills,—Exumine
the box of Pills, Then look at the certificate of agency,
whose engraved date must he within the year, which
every authorised agent must possess; if the three labels
on the box agree with the ihrte labels on the certificate,
the Pills are true—if not, they are false,
Principal office, 241 Broadway, New York:
Adam. Patent "Zanghphy" Mills.
HAPE now been before
the public 3 rears du•
ring which time several
thousands have been sold
and in daily use, We are
confident of being suoained
in saying they are the beat
Coffee Mills in the United
States, any way you .fizit.'
Several modifications are
madelo suit the fancy of
wives and the purses -if
Sold by the gross or dozen
at the manufactory,—
Malleable Castings made to
These genuine articles, of all sizes. and ittml improved
varieties,constantly on hand and for sale at very reduced
prices by the manufacturer, L R. LIVINGSTON,
mar 2. —if Front between Ross and Grant sta.
I_IA VE removed the! raper Store from Market
A street to No. Ott Wood street, one door from the
corner of iltn, where they kt-ep on hands their 113(1:11 as
gm - intent or WALL PAPERS, fnr papering pariors,en
tries, rhamiterg. c, and also PRINTING, WRITING
aii of whirl' they offer for sale on accommodating terms,
felt la, 1343.—dt f
ti:/ - TO IN VA.,IaS.
it:7-Ilow important it is that you commence without
ISSS 011 km. WWI 13n ♦lt oneru's Pitta. They 0 ildly but
surely remove all linpllrities from the hi nod, and no case
of sickness can affect the human frame, that these cele-
Mated Pills do not relieve :In mach tie medicine can do.
Colds and coughs are more benefited by the Brandreili
Pills than by lozenges and cannies. Very well, per-
It:Jos.:ls paliatives. but worth nothing, ne eradicators u r
diseases front the human system. The BR•NDRRru PILLS
cuse..they do not merely relit ve, they cure disease:..,
whether chronic or recent, Infectious or otherwise, will
Certainly be cured by the use of these all 811111(1mi( Pills.
Einu Stan, iiirillarY 21,1843
Doctor Benjamin Braadreth—limmrml Sir:Owllig to
you a debt of gratitude that money cannot pay, I ant
Induced to make a public acknowledge/Moil of the benefit
my wi:'s Itas derived front your invalitable pills. About
three years this winter site was taken with a pain in tier
ankle, which soon became very much inflamed and
swollen, so touch no that we became alarmed, an 1.1 sent
for the doctor Duel lie higatiendance the pain and swell
tog increased to an alarming degree,and In three weeks
r , oin its first commencing it became a running sore—
She could gel ho rest at iii;;ltt the pat n was so great.—
Our first Doctor attended tier for six months, and she
received no bettell' whatever, the. pain growing worse.
arid the sore larger all the while. He sad if it was heal
ed tip it would be her death, but he appeared to he at a
losA how t. proceed, and my poor wife still continued
to suffer the most terrible tortures. lA'e therefore sought
other aid In a Botanical doctor, who said when he first
saw it that he could soon cure the ,ore, and give her
case at once, To our surprise he g: ye her no relief,
and acknowledged that it baffled all skill.
Thus we felt after having tried during one vvitole year
the experience of two celebrated physicians in vain, In
alt.mlute despair. My poor wife's constitution rapidß
tailing in the prime of her years front her continued
suirerine . Under cireun,tances we concluded that
we would try your Universal Vo,vttaltle l'ills.deterinined
to fairly les , their rural tve effects. To my wife's veal
comfort the first few do.e. afforded .zr, at relief of the
pain. Wilitin tine week, In the astonishment of our
seise,. a tol every one who knew of the case. the swelling
and the iiii.mitorti ion began in rem, so that she fell quite
easy. aid woohl sleep crunfortahly, and, sir, oiler sin
weeks' use she was able In 7,0 thrOU,:li the house. and
nesin attend to the management of her family which
she had not dine for nearly 19 month'''. In a Rule over
two months front the time she first commenced the use
of your invaluable Pills, her ankle was quite sound, and
her hrntth better titan it had bren ia quite a number et
v,arc art ore. I send you this stslement after ' vi
test of tie cure, considering It only an act of justice tr
you and the nubile a , large,
Wt. arr, with much gra itude.
Vet y re=prci
P. F. The Rivaiiirit ftn-to- prorioniiceil !hest:re fall
rfirma.. ! finally said no 2n...1 cool.' he 11.111 P,
whole of the flesh wa , cut off, and t tic bone scraped.—
Tlintik a kind Providence, 110 , made u, re-iort to your
pills, which sated it , froll! nil and for
which we hopes be thankful. k E. 1..
ter Sold at 25 eentri per hoc. with directions.
Ohser ve the nets labetc, each Navin;; upon it two vi -
natures of Dr, Brandretli. 1 4 . each 1 , 0 \of the genuine
has FIN signal tires—three Be iijamin Brandretti and three
It Brandreth upon it.
Tine only place In Pittsburgh where the re,ll Bran
dreth rill, ran i•e obtained, ic the Doctor's 011,11 %)41C1..
1.1 tile Diam,nnd , behind the Markt' I house. Mark,
the 4eimine 11randrctli Pills can never he obtained in any
drub 51.1 Te.
The followily: are lite only a: , ogarinothied by Dr. FT
Rrandreili, for theealeaf his I'egeinhle Uttiver , al Pills
in A ile.theny county:
Mr. John (1 , 0,—A y.
Hobert Donenn—lttrmin9l.ara.
C. F. D'ehl—Elizaheilii Own.
H. Rowland—M'Keesport.
Pressly Irwin—Pleas:lnt
John Johnsion.—NohleNtown,
ChP , CIIIIII S 117111111,11.1 -Plewnristown.
A Mel! ,Sr Connell—Clinton.
Robert: 4 lmill Porter—Tatenioni.
GcorZ' Pinver—Fairett w.
Dav! , l ft Conti- Plots township.
Daniel Nez!ek —Enti Liberty,
E•llVard Thompson--N ' II 11.
o.llunter—Allen's MIII. mar 23, 1843
The office rittslittrall which was estahliAliett for the
purpose of constiintiug agents in the west, having, accarn
Wished 11.al object, is now closed, and Mr. C. H. I.CE
in the Diatn and, Ntarket street, appointed my agent for
the sale of and Liniments Ali Dr. Brancletlis agems
will tnerfore.underwand,t hat DOI. will send a travelling
agent through lite coUntry once a year incolloct moneys
for sales made and re-supply agrees. The said traveler
will he provided with a power of al torney, , duly proved
before the Clerk 01 the city and county of Sew York,
together will' all nec , ssary vouchers and papers,
Mt. J, J. Yoe, Is ny now in Ponnsyl
N. 8, Reinentlier Mr. • 11, L,'e, i n rear of the Mar
ket is now iny only a'2Clll hi Pittsburgh.
New Yosls,June 14111, 11:43,
An Individual oily wishes to know the right way
to pursue ii; and there are roue, welt it seneux made
known 110 W Lift iniyut Lr prolonged and II •ITII re•
Covered. o would not adopt Ihe plan. Evidence is
required that the rezlit way is discovered. This is what
those suffering from sick ins, want to he isitistied al mu.
For who is so foolish as rot to enjoy all the health his
body is cellulite 017 If ho is there that would not live
when hi; rzot rienre ran so much benefit Itial‘.elf and
family? It is a nielaneholy fart that a very tare(' pro
portion of the most tt sett I members of society die be
tween the ages of thirty and forty. flow many widows
and helpless oridnins have been the consequence of man.
kind not having In their own power the mean, or restor
iir health when lost.
Now au these dancers and difficulties can be prevented
and the long and ccrlalit sirkness, nod by assisting
nue.in the outset, with a good dose of Itrandreth's Pills.
This is a fart, writ millet stood to be sin by thousands of
nor citizens This medicine, if taken so as to purge
freely. wili surely cure any curable disease. There is
no form or kind of sirko,, , , that it does not exert a cur
ative influence upon. 'I lius.by their power In resisting
putrefaction, they cure measles. small pox, worms and
all rout ageolts fevers. There is not a niedicine In the
world Au aide to purify the mass of Mood and restore it
in healthy condition, as the ftrandreth
The ftrandrolli Fills are purely ve..!etatile, and 1.0 in
nocent that the infant of a mot th old may use them if
medicine is rrquired, not only with garety but with a cer.
(allay of receivinl all the benefit meilietnit capable of
imparlintt. Females may use them in all tile critical
periods of their lives. The Brandrith Pills will insure
their he Ilh, and produce regularity in a'l the functions
of life.
Headache ! Headache !
A ES now known tothousands asa most eztraorditta
ry remedy for this riff3ietlon as well as the incon
trovertiblefset of their curing DYSPEPSIA. Will those
suffering only ask among their friends if they have Dot
known of the positive effects of said Pills. and if they
do not hear them more warmly pralixd (and deservedly
too) than any other, then let them net buy them. 1u
these few remarks, all fancy or imagination is excluded,
and nothing will be said of their merits at any time
but what can be Inlay proved by respectable insulters of
our community.
Read the following certificate riven by a respectable
citizen of .llloglieny citv,and atulsted by one of theiudg
CS of the Court of Common Pleas of. Allegheny ro.
ALTA:MIENS( CITY, January 9, I ,5 , 1.3-
Dn. Pconte,
Dear Sir—l have for a number of years past becn af—
flicted with a severe and almost constant Headacite.3—
rising front derangement of stomach and bowels and al.
though I have taken nearly every kind of Medicine, re
commended for its cure, have never derived any mate
rial benefit until I used some of your truly valuable A n .
ti Dy.peptie Pills. 1 have not taken quite two holes and
consider myself perfectly relieved from that distressing
complaint. I have no hesitalidii in recommending your
Pills as the best medicine I have t ver used.
Yours, Respectfully,
f am arqua.nted with Mr, Turtle-, I have no hesita
ton in certifying that I consider the statements or Slr,
T. respscoing Dr. Brodie's P.lts, as entitled to tile most
pert - erg and entire confidence. HUCH DAVIS
For sale, Wholesale and Retail at the Brodonlan Pill
F.statilisninent Pittsburgh Pa ; aid by all authorised a
gents throughout t he Union.
Alle'y city Jan 9 1x45 jan 13—.1 y.
Evaos's Camomile
CERTIIICA.TeS.-I.e , ler from the floe. A 1WCIrl•
lan,Sullivaii County, East Ter.necF.ec,ltlemberof Convess
W.L. , IIiNGTON, July 3,1. 1828.
Sir—Since I have been in this city 1 have used some of
vuor Dyspeptic medicine with infinite benefit and sails
faction, and believe it to ben coact valuable remedy. One
of my :onstituents, Dr. A. Carden, of Campbell crupy,
Teurreesee. wrote to me to send him some. which 1 did.
and he has niployed it very successfully in his practice,
and says It is Invaluable. Mr. Johnson, yonr agent al
tleis place,e thinks you would probably like an agent in
Tennessee. If so, I would recommend Dr. A Carden, as
a proper per , on to officials :or the sale of yJur celebrated
medicine. Shonld you commission hint he Is witting: to
act for you. Yon can send the medicine by water to the
rare of Robert Kin% 4. Sons. Knoxville county. Tennes.
see, or by land to Graham 4 tlonsion, Tazewell, Cast
Tennessee. 1 have no doubt but If you had agents In
several counties in East Tennessee, a great deal of medi
cine would he sold. lam going to take entire of it home
for my own use, and that of my friends, and should
like to hear from you whether yon would like all agent
at Rluntville. Sullivan County, Cast Tennessee; I cart get
some of the merchants to act for you as 1 live near there.
Yours respectfully,
ARR ADAM itI•CI,F.LI.V.I, of Tennessee.
For sale Wholesale and Retail, by
R C SOLI ERS..Agent,
cep 10 No.-211, Wood slreet.below Second.
1...1 This Infatlttle remedy has preserved hutuireds
when thought past recovery, hens convulsion.. An coon
ac the Syrup k rubbed on the onk, the rltitil will rent v.
er. This preparation is so Innerent, so 4'n:tar-Uwe. and so
pleasant, that ro child will refuge to let its emus lie rub
hod with It. %Vitro infantAare at the age of four months
Ito' there is ro appearance of teeth. One Lott le of the
Syrup should he wird to open the pores. Parents shotit i i
ev. r 6e without the syrup In I lie nursery where there
are flune rhildren.for if a child wakes in the night with
naitt in the 41tin A. the Setup illllll..liialeiy tIVCA cane, by
opeuHlT he porez+, and healing the _urns; thereby prevent-
trio rouvu mins, Fevers, Far . Sate hole.ale and
Retail by R. E. SCLI.F.P.S,
No. 30. IVo,(1 si reel, lir luw Secolij
y IVER COMPL..AINTcurrd by the 11 ,.e of Dr. Bar.
1.1 ilcil'a compound SI renv Lenin: and Aperient rills.
Wtn. Richard., of Pa.• entirely cured of
the above diAresiin.l diNeai.e symptoms were pain
and weii!ht in the left side, less of appetite, vomitiniz, acid
eructations. a distension of the stomach..iiick heart-ache,
furred tonttue. counienance changed Ina citron color. dA•
rutty of lireathinz. disturbed rest, attended n tilt n cough,
seat debility. with other symptom. indica! intr !real de.
ranzemeni of the functions of the liver. Mr. Richard
had the advice of several phy , ielawc, hut tereiv”d on
relief. nil tiqn.i. Dr. Ilarlicio's Medicine. which tertoina.
ted in elTrictinz a pe•feel CM' P.
Prinripal Offke, 19 .Numb Street. Phihdaluhirt.
For vale in Pittsburgh by Samuel Frew, corner of Mabee
y and Wood streets. sep 10
These Pills are ectutitn4ed of het Is, %Ow, exert
a specific ac.inn upon the heart, dive impulse or
si reneth to lhe arterial st stem; the blood is quickened
:1.,11 equalized in its circulation Ihroudh all the vessel=,
whether nf the the pails si nated Internally, or the
Prinentitie,; and as all the secretions of the body are
drawn front the lilood Mitt e k a consequent idcreas, of
every secretion, and a quickened 'shoe of the ahmrben'•
and en paten', r.r i.:lfeliart:intz vessels. Any mordid ac: itm
which may Itzve taken place is corrected, all Wviratt.-
:lOUS are re:ate - red. t blond tan unfied. and the body
eeTtines at nt tkfr.!itate. Fos i ale Wlinle,n le end R e
tal'hy F 1 SF LLEFS„Anent,
) Wood st. below ~•cr.ond
Pittsburgh Lard Oil Manufactory.
Ofv'ST.I.VTL 1' on hand a superior articlairf Lard
Oil, wit! ranted to hum at any tenyer.:ture, and
equal to the bust winter strained Sperm Oit , without
its ”trenzive go:1 , 01es. and one third cheaper. man_
ulactured by !lie qtbscriber at the old nu ed Thi st.,
n• , arly oppo,ite the Cost Otfice• 3 1 . C. EDEY.
Jan. 4 .1843
E snitseriher having opened a shop No 6'4, Perntid
so reel het ween Mar Let tindWOotl st reelStP I: isiturZlit
n colt nehit n with tue l'ittlery in Eirmitittltain, rt
fully ittf tritt.s his It ientls and the pultrie, that he o itt t
happy to he favorrd with their orders for any article: , in
his tine,
Door Locks and ra-deners,o various d.scriptirms. or.
liana and made to ordrr.
Tobacco Mill and Serews.
Screws, for Iron Work.s,and Screws for I'reescs •
made as may be required,
Corneae, and Builders are requested to call 1..-fore
coniraciin2 fur joba, and examini , leis aHides nod to ices
Cocks repaire.lanii joi,hing acne rully untie in be first
matiner.au.loti the lowest terms.
may 2-6..ai JAS. PATTr.IZSON. Jr'
I) R. LEIDY'S SlasneAalLt.t, BLOOD Pius, are apali•
cable in all ca,,,q, whether fur Purgation. or Purifi
cation. They po=-r , n all the boasted viri ors of other
pills, and are. additionally efficacious, conlaittitir. Sar.ap
arilla iu ti it composit ion. which Is not conialeed in any
other pills inexistence. They arealso different from 0111
er pills in composition. being purely vegetable, and can
he employed at ail times, without any dai...ter, and re
quiring no restraint foot oc,upation or ii.sual course of
Not with.tandinT, Dr. Leidy once,. pretended Mil Wood
Pills would cure all ditease.s, t el it is not satin_ Inn timrh
of t hem, from the innomeral le cureit performed by I Item
In every vat isit v and form of disease (rertifientes of toasty
or whirl, kiss been publkbed from persona of all ietintn•
Itiatiomt, Ills aterns. Clergymen, and other.) that [het'
seem to he almost universal in their effect; and peistsies
usinz them for whatever sickness or disease, may rest
assured they will he found more efficacious than any oil,
er pills in existence.
From the known reputation of Dr Lelily's flood riitQ,
lir , deemed necesnry to remind the pudic where they
may at all times procure the sennine, as it is attempted
io impose other pills called •Illood Pills' upon ttie pnblie
on the reputation of Dr. Leidy's. fri-Be partirtear and
ask for Dr Leidy's Sarsaparilla flood Pills. and see that
the name of Dr N. B. Leidy Is cant . Died on two sides
of each hox.(the boxes halos ofpaper, and oloong,square
shape, surrounded by a yellow and black lat.cl.
PRICE-2.5 cents a Box.
Prepared only, and sold Wholesale and Retails at Dr
Leidy's Health Emporium, 191 North Second street, he
low Vine. Philadelphia, and by B. A. FA HiVE.F TO C
CO. corner of Wood and ?lzth st re• ta. Agents for Pitts
.... •
ISSN—kt Eat
,N-,1,-Ti,csv. -IS
re .0 )- ,/
/5/ ~. ,
, ~. -,
1111 E. sub9cril.er leas just received Ws anneal supity
L Landreth's Garden Seeds, eonruslioe in part of tie
following kluds—all of the tart yearacrop 4- warranted
Egg Plant,
Bearag s
W twee,
Mater Melon,
Etidit e,
Rhubarb, Cabbage,
Solitary, Carrot,
Cauliflower, Spinach,
Celery, Okra, •
Curled Cress, Onion,
Cucumber, Parsley,
Mustard, (white and brown)
Coro ,
&c. &c.
To:ether Wllll.l varlet y arm 4- Sweet herbe.sr.d ElowEr
C4r Orders for Seeds, Slirub.?; Tr , es, 4c from Garden.
era and others wilt he received and promptly attended
No. 11:4 Liberty. head of Wood at.
Cincinnati, Fcbraary 15. 1840
Dr. SWAYNE—Dear > irt- Perini! Inc to take the liberty
of writing to you at I Ws time to express my a ppratation,
and to recommend to the attention of heads of families
and others your invaluable medicine—the Compound
Syrup of Prunus Virginiana. or Wild Cherry Bark. to
my travels of late I Ilan, Sett' in a great many instance,
the wonderftil effects of your medicine in relieving chil
dren of very obstinate complaints, such as Coughing.,
Wheezing, Choaking of Phiezm, Asthmatic attacks, 4e,
.ke. I should not have written this letter. 'towers; at
pre , •en. although I have felt It my duty to add my tesVn
ninny It for some time, had it not been for a late In.
stance where the medicine above alluded to was instru
mental in restoring to perfect health an "only child,"
whose ease t%ns almost hopeless, inn family of any as.
quaintance. ol thank heaven." saint the Boating moth.
er, omy child is saved from the Jaws of death' 0 how IF
feared the reletilles , s ravager But my child is safe! id
Beyond all doubt Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of
Cherry is the most valuable medicine in thta or any
other country. lam certain I have witnessed more than
one hundred cases where it has been attended with com
plete sue, rev. I am using ft myself in an obstinate at.
tack of Liscrreckilis, in which It proved effectual in a •x.
ceedincly sitort time. considering the severity of the ease.
I ran reromend it in the fullest confidence of Its superior
vlrittrs; I would advise that no family should be without
it; it Is very pleasant and always beneficial—worth
double and viten ten timee it , pi ice. The public are as
sored there is no quackery about It. R. Jarasos.D.
Formerly Pastor of the First Presb)terlan Chorea.,
N. Y.
Sold by WM. THORN. who'esate .• retail, only agent
(Or Pittslmrc!s. No. 53. Nla•ket •tree!. pep 10
A nooN 'l'o I'll H I.'lll A N 1 ACI:!-- , .Discover
- achat traldeetrt,y Life, and you are a great SUM
thsccrer arlll prolong Life, and tire /sold sit.
call you fraraetar.”
• There are faeuttiea hada:, and intellectual, within us
. wish which certain herbs have affinity, and over whiaA
they hare rawer."
Dr. U. Biandrelh's External Remedy, or Linlmenl•
by Its extraordinary power... nistrtiele Palo of
Sort ne-to this Sprains. Ft '
•ff Sinews. Swellings,
Rheumatic Pains, or Slane" i'llrihess or tile Joitlix,
'rumors, I'nnarural Ilardoess, Stiff' Neck yore Throat,
Croup, CollirathilllS of the muscles, Scrottibms en.
larcemeqs. Tender reel, and every description or lo•
j., r y alreettne the Exterior of the Unman Fiume, tale
d or areatly relieve, by his never•to be abffetest
CERTIFI , . —The followlmt letter from Itlnior Cr.P
rear Sandford, as to the qualitlasofthe External Reme•
dy, speaks volumes.
Dear Sir—Wilyou °Mize ore with another bottle of
your excellent Liniment? It a...certainly the hest of the
kind I have ever peen. It has cured courtly my son's
knee, ahout which 1 W 1 sn tineacy.and I have found it
productive of immediate relief in cevcral ears of extet -
nal injury in my fami!y. A few eVeldr.g,i 9111C1.. my
von nee<t thud vensertzed with a violent attack ofCroup.
which way eutitelv removed In twenty mantes. by rub_
tin; her chest anti throat freely V. it It ire External Rem
edy. I thin!: you ottliti to manufacture this Liniment
Gtr erneral nee, instead cf confining the use of it, as you
have heretofore done, to your particular acquaintances.
Yours truly, C. V. BANDrORD
Da. B. BRANORETII.2-11 Broadway, N. Y.
Irr•For Frile rit 241 Brnadti ii, Sew York, and at hi,
ntilee in :he Di mond, ritishiargh. PIIICE—.SO cents
I,ott le with direction , . UPI()
alas of individuals is vet y numerouo. They are tkobe
who work in an unhealthy atmosphere. Printers work
men in le.:titer stores. stone cutters, bakers, white load
manufatturere, are all more or ?ma suhje.t to dieeemoi
cording to Itte Irenst h of their constitution. The only
method to prevent dieerve, is the occasional use of
medicine which abstracts 1.010 the circulation alldelete•
riour huinors, arid expel, them by the bowels. Tonics
in ally form are injurious, za: - they only fat off tire evi
day to make_ it more fats!. The use of Brandreth's Pill
will insure health, !treatise they take all impure matter
out of the Mood; and the body is not weakened but
strensthened by their operation, fur these valuable Pills
do not force,but they assid nature, and arc not opposed
hut harmonize with her.
Sold at Dr. Brandreth't Office, in the Diamond,
Piti.hurgh. Price 35 cents per hoe, with fall directions.
MARK—The only place In Pittsburgh where the
GENUINE Pills ran be obtatned,is the Doctor's own Of
Lire In t h e Diamond. rep 10
Caveat entered 9th June, .1847—Patent granted to
Benjamin EL ;Judi e+..f2.oili January, 1843.
The extracts of which Brandretn's t ills are Cam
prts-d are oh , aineri by this n.tv patented procer,
w i t h out Foiling or at y 7,pplicetion of heat. The •e—
-live pr of the herbs is thus sr cured the same
as it is in tire
The Public shno'd be esioicms of medicines rec—
comineude-1 in wive' ti,tnent< stolen from me, in
which the CONTEMPTIBLE ROBBERS steals my lan—
guage, metric alterm,, the 11:1 , 11e. Time will show
these tviedess'e deceit ers io the r true light,
Bit ANDRETH'S PILLS are the People's
Meal, iAe, proved by thon , ands who daily recrom
mend Olew to the afflicted. The BRANDRETH
PILLS are growieg every day more popular, their
virtues are extemtit,g their usettilness. The sick of
both sexes arei4ei4 Deriving benefit from them.
No case of &sense but the) can be used with advan-
Mee. thatches or lumps of the skin they speed
dv core. so with erpipeles, so with salt rheum, so
with indigestion, so %%huh roughs and colds, so with
cos..ivene:F, cn writ cancer, so with hot parched lips
:Jed etcher in the month. Let the afflicted use this
medicine, and they will find thee require no other.
Sod at 25 ceuts per tnr, with directions.
01.cerve the new 'abets each having upon it two
.ti:itiiri?s of Dr. Biandreth. So each box of the
genuine haE six sig,natitrest—three Benjamin Brand
t rth and three B. Brandretis upon it.
The 0,11.1" PLACE in Pittsburgh where the RE t l .
Brand.ion NHS CAS BE OBTAINED, i 5 the Doctor,e,
own Offve. Distrintict back 'of the Market Hai m
Mark. the Gc:cutse BrandrethPills can never be ba
twit ed in any DRUG STORE.
The fniltivring are the ONLY AG4NTE appoint
ed by Dr. 13 lisnotirei h. for the side of his Vegeta
ble Universal P 11. in Allegheny County.
G H Lee—Principal Office, Diamond, Pittsburgh
C. F Diehl—Elizabethtown.
H. Rowland—McKeesport.
Pre•sly Irwin—Pleasant Hill.
Jchn J oho ion—Noblestow
Chessman & Spaulding—Stewartstown
Asrlell & Connell—Clinton.
Robert Smith Porter—Tarentum.
George Power—Fairview.
David R. Coon—Plum Towniiip.
Daniel NiAley—East Liberty.
Edward' Thompson—Wilkinvbwiltgl
Wm. 0 . Huntrtr—Altou'il Mint.
Pepper; -
IC INV YORK, F€b. 9,1842.