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VOL. 11.,N0. SO.
N. W. earner of Wood and Fifth Streets.
Taasss.--Five dollars a year, payable in advance.
Biasle copies Two GE:its—for sale at the counter of
the Office; - eaxlby News Boys.
- The Weekly Mercury and Manufacturer
• published at the same office, on a double medium
sheet, at TWO DOLLARS a year, in advance. Sin
gle **pies, SIX CENTS.
One insertion, $0 50
Two d0., 0 75
nibs do.,' 2 00
One week, 1 50
Two do., 3 00
Three do., 4 00
One Square. TzooSqlgares.
litx months, $l2 00 Six months, $23 00
Ose year, 25 00 One year, 35 00
• raPLarge advertisements in proportion.
['CARDS of four lines SIR DOLLARS a year.
Public Oflices, &c.
tCity Post Office, Third between Market and Wood
crests—R. M. Riddle, Postmaster.
Cusfeg le House, Water, Ith door from 'Woad st.,Pe
torsoves buildings—William B. Mowry, Collector.
Oily Treasury, Woad, between First and Second
lit:reelts-James A. Bartrarn, Treasurer.
Camay Treasury, Third street, next door to the
third Presbyterian Cherch—S. R. Johnston, Treasu
Mayor's Office, Fourth, IK:two:ten Market and Wood
cseets—Atexander say, Mayor.
Afescianes ExcAange, Fourth near Market st.
Pittsburg, b3twaen Mitket end Wood streets on
Tnircl and Fourth streets.
Alterehants'andAfanufacturers' and Farmers' De.
p)sit Bank, (for:nzrly Saving. Fund,) Fourth, between
Iv.a and Marker streets.
E.rekange, Fifth st. near Wood.
Monongaitela House, Water stroet, near the
Exchange Hotel, corner of Penn and St. Clair.
iferci ants' Hotel, corner of Third and Wood.
A neri:an Hoiel,cornerof ThinlardSmithfield.
Mated States, corner of Penn et. and Caual.
_ .
. Spread _Eagle, Libarty street, near seventh.
211.2.15i0n. Howe, Libarty St., opposite
Broadiurst's Mansion House, Peon St., opposite
Important to Owners of Saw Slabs.
SNYDER'S unrivalled Self Setters, for saw mills,
he 13e2n . so fully tested - in different peals
nt the United States, as well as in the cities of Pitts
burgh and Allegheny, cm be seen in operation at a
number of mills inthis neighborhood, viz: at Mr. Wick
erAhom's mills, on Penn street; at Bowman & Cham
ps:Les mills, near the upper Allegheny bridge, and
at IVlarrison's nntii9, az Ilare's Island, and others.—
The above named martins can be obtained at W. W.
lifsllaso's shop, on Liberty street. near Smithfield,
where it is titling. up, aa3 where tlht maclline will be
kept coasts fitly on Apply to B. F. Snyder, or
W. W. Wallace. may 5
E cr=vs' Chamomile Pills.
ABRAHAM J. CLEMER, rasitling . at 66, Mott
street, New York, was aglicted with Dyspepsia
in its rn3st algravated form- The symptomi were vi
oleathea heti?, greatd ebility, fever, cestiveness,cough,
is:sabers, pain in the chest and stomach always after
rating, impired appetite, sensation of sinking at the
stomach, furred ton;u; nausea, with frequent vomit.
kri,',lizziposs towards night and restlessness. These
nd continued upwards ef a twelvemonth, when, en
eaasaltiug Dr. Wm. Evans, 100 Chatham :treet, and
1111 1 4,niczing to his ever successful and agreeable mode
of traitment, the patient was cample:ely restored to
health in the short space of one =nth. and grateful for
the benefit derived, glad:y came forward
and volunteered the above statement For sale, whole
sale and retail, by R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
sap la-y No. 20, Wood street, below Second.
Paasa's Haarhound Candy.
r 1 U T TLE' ha 3 received this day frs:n New York,
-L a fro..ih supply of the above celebrated cure for
C oust's, Colds and Consumptions; and is ready to sup
ply customers nt wholesale or retail, at his Medical
Agency, 26 Fourth St. nov 12
. tier Bargains than ever, at the Threeßig
r HE subscriber would respectfullvinform his cus
tlartra and the publicgeneraliy, tliat notwithstad
ing the u•rpracedented sales at the Three Big Doors,
during the present season; he has still on hand the lar
gest and most varied assortment of elegant CLO
THING that can be bought west of the mountains.—
The public may rest assured that all articles offered at
his store are maufactured from FRESH GOODS, pur
chased in tha Eastern markets this spring and made in
to garments by Pitttsburgh workmen.
In consequence of the multiplication of slop shops in
oar city, filled with pawn brokers clothes and themusty,
.east offgarments of former seasons, from the eastern ci
ties, the public should be cautious to ascertain the char
meter of the establishments in which they are invited to
purchase, before they part with their money. The arti
cles- offered at several of the concerns in this city, are
the mere offals of New York and Philadelphia slop
shops, and sent out here to be palmed off on the Pitts
kirgh public. Purchasers Ethel Id be on their guard a
t these impositions, and they may rely on the fact
ithainoestaNishment that adverti=es eastern made Clo
can give as good an article or as advantageous
bargains as can be had at the "Three Big Doors."
The public will please remember that all the subscri
ipew'a garmentsare made in air city, by competent work
men, and not gathered up like the goods now offered by
:the "birds of passage" from the shreds and patches of
eastern slop shops. It will always be his endeavor to
maintain the reputation that the "Three Big Doers"
hale obtained for ftu-nishing a superior style of CLO
THING in every respect, and at prices below those of
-111 g other establishment.
He would again return his thanks to his friends and
-44, public for the unprecedented patronage bestowed
span his establishment, and believing that they have
found it to their advantage to deal with him, he would
repeat his invitation to all those who wish to purchase
Clothing ()revery description at the lowest price,to call
nr'Observe Metal Plate in the pavement. ap 26.
Look at This.
THE attention of those who have been soniewh.i
*caption' in reference to the numerous certih
4sutes published in favor of Dr. Swayne's Comperuno
Syr" of Wild Cherry, on account of the persons being
unknown in this Section of the State, is respectfully di
rected to the following certificate, the writer of which
has been a citizen of this borough for several years, and
is known as a gentleman of integrity and responsibility.
To the Agent, Mr. J. Kraal , .
I hare used Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild
Cherry -fora Cough, with which 'h ave been severe l y
addicted for about four months, and I have no hesitation
in saying that it is the most effective medicine that I
Isae been able to procure. It composesall uneasiness,
and agrees well with my diet,—and maintains a regular
and good appetite. I can sinctuely recommend it to all
ethers similarly adhered. J. MIIINICH, Borough of
March 9,1810. Chambersburgh.
For sale by WILLIAM THORN,. .
tie. 53 Murketirtreet.
(sop 23
Ono month,. $5 00
Two do., 6 00
.Threedo., 7 00
Four do., $ 00
Six do., 10 00
Oao year, 15 00
Doctor Daniel McMeal,
( - Mica on Fifth street, between Wood and Smithfield
streets, Pittsburgh. • dec 10—y
Ne. 43, Wood Street,
Agent 4 for thc sale of the Eagle Cotton Factory Yarns
mar 17—y
Williams & Dilworth,
Wholesale Grocers, Produce and Commission M e
chants, and Dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactured A
tides, No. 29, Wood street. sep 10—y r-
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
English, French and Domestic Dry Goods,
No. 131, Market street, Pittsburgh.
sep 10—y
J. G. & A. GORDON,
Commission and Forwarding Merchants,
Water street, Pittsburgh. sep 10-y
Commission and Forwarding Merchants,
' No. 60, Water street, P ittsburgh, Pa.
TERM3.—Receiving and shipping, 5 cents per
100 ibs. Commission on purchases and sales, 21 per
cent mar 22—y
Brownsville Juniata Iron Works, •
Edward Hughes, Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
Warehouse, No. 25, Wood st., Pittsburgh.
sep I,o—y
Wholesale Grocers, Commission and Pro
duce Merchants,
And dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactures.
*oar 17 No. 43, Wood street. Pittsbar t . t
Continue business at the stand late of M'Candless
Johnson. Every description of work in their line ne4 t.
ly and promptly executed. may B—y
Coleman & C 0.,.
General Agents, Fbmersrding and Commission
Levee Street, Vicksburg, Hiss. They respectfully
hcitconsignments. s 22—tf
IL Woods, Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Office removed to Bakewell's Offices, on Grant street,
nearly opposite the new Court House, next rooms to J.
D. Mahon, Esq., first floor. sep 10
Hugh Toner, Attorney at Law,
North East corner of Smithfield and Fourth streets,
Pittsburgh. sep 10-y
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
Office in the Diamond, back of the old Court House,
sep 10. Pittsburgh.
Francis IL Skunk, Attorney at Law,
Fourth street, above Wood,
sep 10—ly Pittsburgh, Pa.
Thomas Hamilton, Attorney at Law
Fifth, between Wood and Smithfield sts.,
sep 10-y Pittsburgh, Pa,
Wm. °Mara Robinson, Attorney at Law,
Office on the North side of the Diamond, between Mar
ket and Union streets, up stairs sep 10
A. L Durboraw, Attorney at Law,
Tenders his professional services to the public. Office
sap 10 03 sth st., above Wood, Pittsburgh.
Eyster & Buchanan, Attorneys at Law,
Office removed from the Diamond to "Attorney's Row,"
shady side of 4th, between Market and Wood sts.,
sep 10 Pittsburgh
N. B'
uckrnaster, Attorney at Law,
Has removed his office to Bearee Law 4th
st., above Smithfield, Pittsburgh. sep 10
George W. Layng, Attorney at Law,
Office in Fourth street, near Smithileld, Pittsburgh
sep 27—y
Reade Washington, Attorney at Law,
Office B ake well's building, Grant street, Pittsburgh
nov 5, 1242
John J. Mitchell. Attorney at Law,
Office corner of Smithfield and Fifth streets, Pittsburgh.
17'Collections made. All bu3iness entrusted to his
care will be promptly attended to.
feb 16—v
Wm. E. Austin Attorney at Law,
Pittsburgh Pa. Office in Fourth street, opposite B urke's
(WILLIAM E. AU TN, Esq., will give his atten
tion to my unfinished business, and I recomtisznd him
to the patronage of my friends.
Daniel lit Curry, Attorney at Law,
Offi,..e on Fifth street, between Wood and Smithfield,
ap 8 Pittsburgh.
Porter & Perkins, Attorneys at Law,
01lice on the corner of Fourth aid SnUthileld streets
sep 10 Pittsburgh.
Jndson & Flanegin, Jittarneys at Law,
Smithfield, near 7th street. Colhictions made on niod
crate terms. Pensions for widows of old soldiers mole
the late act of Congress obtained. Papers and draw•
ings fur the patent office prepared. mar 17—y
Henry S. Illagraw,.Att2rney at Law,
11a3 removed his olllee to hi 3 r.!sithutc:±, o:k Fourth ,t
two &rs above Smithlo.l,l. sep 10
J. D. Creigh, Attorney at Law,
OdicecorrierSmithfield aad Third streets, Pitt Burgh
fly 25—y
L. Harper. Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
cAolz, ii,at BISON Cul/STY, OH/0
IV/11 attend promptly to the collection or security of
claims, and all professional business entrusted to his care
in the counties of Harrison, Jefferson, Belmont, Gt-rn
sev, Tuscarawal, Holmes, Coshocton, Carroll, Stark
and Wayne. REFER TO
Metcalf 4 Loomis,
Dalzell ‘5. Fleming,
. 1 . Pittsburgh.
John Harper,
D. T. Morgan, )
my ‘27,1813—tf
B. Morrow, Alderman,
Office north side of Fifth street, between Wood and
Smithfield, Pittsburgh. sep 10-tf
Magistrate's Blanks,
For proceedings in attachment under the late law, for
sale at this office. 2.5
Dr. S. B. Holmes,
Office la Second street, next door to Mulvanv C Co.'s
Glass Warehouse. se p 10—v
Dr. A. W. Patterson,
Office o a Smithfield street, third door from the corner of
sixth street
Ward & Hunt, Dentists,
Liberty street, a few doori below St. Clair,
Bookbinders and Paper Balers,
Wholesale Grocers & Dealers in Produce,
116 Wood Street, 4 doors above Fifth St.,
may 15 Pittsburgh, Pa.
March 22
John H. Brant, Wholesale Grocer,
Dealer in Grain, General Forwarding and Com-
Harrisburgh, Pa.
WILL dispose ofall goods gent for Commission
Sales at the lowest commission rates.
. Esher, Day &Gel rish, D. Leech &Co
Ba Ulm re-••W .W inn &co. Willson& Herr,J. E. Elder
Ha rri sb urgh—Mich'lßurke,H.Antes,J M. Holdman
july 1-6 m.
Booksellers, Printers and Paper Makers
No. V, Market street. sep 10
TnomAs B. You so FliAscls iir Youso
Thos. B. Young & Co.
Furniture Ware Rooms, corner of Hand s treet and Ex
change alley. Persons wishing to purchase furniture,
will find it to their advantage to rive us a call, being ful
ly satisfied that we can please as to quality and price.
sep 10
Wire Workers and Wire Manufacturers,
No. 23, Market sweet, between ?. and 3d streets,
sep 10—y
Corner of Penn and Saint Clair streets, by
Pilkington's Varivallell Blacking,
AT A N I_7F AC TUft ED and wild wholeialo and retail,
JL SIXTH STREET, ono door below Smithfield.
Oct 21-Iy.
Birttiucham, near Pittsburgh, Pa.. manufacturer of
locks, hinges and bolts; tobacco, fuller. mill and timber
s crews: lumsen screws for rolling mills. Scr. sep I o—y
Sohn 911 4 Cloekey, Tailor and Clothier,
Liberty street, between Sixth street and Virgin alley,
Smith Bide. sep 10
Webb Clbseif s fleet and Shoo Manufactory,
No. 83,1(h. a.. nest door to the U. S. Bank.
Ladies pram 110., kiti and satin shoes made in the neatest
manner, and In the neatest French pact ern A. =ep 10
William Doherty,
t. 118 Liberty street, betwech Market
ami Sixth. rip 10-6 m.
John Cartwright,
CUTLER and Surgical In.trument Manufacturer
corner et Cali and Libcrt:. itrect4.Pittsbur , , I'a.
8.—.-11 w acs on hand an eNtonsh c a.sortnient of
Sargical and Licn tal insuluner:ts. thuilser's,
hatter's, Hair Dresser's and ilaitner'l Patent Sla•ari.
Saidler's 'fools. "fru,,es. &,••
Oak and Poplar Lumber for Sale.
A I'm thougand frvz.Jl seasor,...d Oak and Poplar
Lmilwr, for F ale by wbolo sa le, i_:•lquir , of .fa airs
Cumulins, Zsq. twat - the Fountain Inn. .iy
Dr. Goods slel:irate/ Female Pills.
TH ESE Fills are stro:p;ly recommended t the
notice of ladies as a :Life and efficient remedy in
removing those complaints peculiar to theirsex, from
want ofexercise i orgeneraldeliilityof the system. They
obviate e.,...tivenes:, and counteract all Hysterical and
Nervous affection.. Thee l'ifls have gained the sanc
tion and approbation of the most eminent I'lisicians in
the United States, and many Mothers. r For sale
Wholesale and Retail,by R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
see lU No. '2O, IVood Street, below Socund
Notice to Dr. Drandreth's Agents.
THE office in Pittsburgh, which v as estabiishedfur
the purpose of constituting agents ill the west,
having accomplished that ooject, is now closed, and
Mr. G. H. LEC, in the Diamond, Market street, np
pointed my agent for the sale of my Pills and Lini
ments. All Dr. Drandreth's agent., will, thercfbre,un
derstand tint Dr. 13. will send a travelling agent
through the ct»umry once a year to collect monies for
sales made and re supply agents. The said traveller
will be provided with power of attorney, duly proved
before the Clerk of the city and county of New York,
together with all the necessary vouchers and papers.
Mrsd. J. Yoe is toy traveling agent now in Pennsyl
vania. B BRANDRETH,M. D.
N. B.—lteinernber, Mr. G. H. LEE, in the rear of the
Market iA now my only agent in Pittsburgh.
Having been afflicted for nearly two years, with a
hard swelling on the cap of my knee, whioh
produced much pain, and used various applications
recommended by the faculty—all in vain, was cured
completely by the use of one: bottle of Dr. Brandreth's
linament, or external remedy.
Witness my hand, JAMES TAYLOR.
Ohio tp., Allegheny co. Pa. Jan. 10, 1840.
Dr. Brandreth's external remedy or !moment; sold
at the store of GEORGE H. LEE, Pittsburgh, price
50 cents per bottle. feb 8.
Dr. Bechter's Pulmonary Preservative.
FOR coughs, colds, influenzas, catarrhs, whooping
cough, spitting of blood, pain in the breast, all
diseases of the breast and lungs, andarrestof approach
ing consumption. Warranted free from mercury and
other minerals. B. A. FAHNESTOCK & CO.,
iy 12 Agents for Pittsburgh.
William C. Wall,
Plain and Fancy Portrait and Picture Frame
No. 87, Fourth street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
fl AN VASS brushes, varnish, &c., for artists, always
V on hand. Looking, Glasses, &c., promptly fra.
med to order. Repairing done at the shortest notice.
Particular attention paid to regildingand jobbing of
every description.
Persons fitting stamboats or houses will find it to
their advantage to call. eep 10-y
Itlannfaetnrlr of Tin, Copper and Sheet
• Iron Ware
No. 17, Fifth street, between TT'ood and Marko',
Keeps constantly on hand a gocxl assortment of wares,
and solicits a share of public patronage. Also, on hand,
the following-articles: shovels, pokers, tongs, gridirons,
skillets, teakettles, pots, ovens, coffee mills, dc. Mer
chants and others are invited to call and examine for
bemselves, a s he is determined to sell cheap forcash Of
approved paper. mar7—tf
rait Painter, Fourth st., 3d story Burk's Buil
ding. J. Osborne would solicit a callfrom those who
desire Portraits .Spcimens can be seensui IC r ooms
may 5.
W7wlesal. and Retail Grocer and Commission Mer
No. 140, Liberty st., a few doors above St. Clair,
.1.4V - rWhere families and others can at all times be
fainished with good Goods at moderate prices. a3O
L. & J. D. WICK,
Birmingham & Co.,
mission Merchant,
Exchange Hotel,
James Patterson, jr,
A. G. lieinhut,
(13VCCE.35OR TO LLOYD & co.)
Cheap for Cash.—
JOHN D. Wzca
Elhorl Reel Yarn.
No. 5 at 15 cts per lb
Bat 15 do
7 at 15 do
8 at 15 do
9 at 15 do
10 at 16 do•
11 at 15 do
12 at 15 do
13 at 16 du
14 at it do
15 at 18 do
16 at 19 do
17 at 2.0 do
18 at 21 do
19 at 22 do
20 at 23 do
ri p Orders promptly
Painter's,Logan &Kenn
f 27 J.
Circulating and Reference Litorstry.
OF religious, historical, political and miscellaneous
works, will be open every day, Sabbath except
ed, from 7 o'clock A. M., until 9 P. M., in the Ex
change building, corner of St. Clair street and Ex
change alley, where punctual attendance will be given
sep 10.
Springs and Axles for Carriages,
At Eastern Prices.
HEsubsctibers manufacture and keep constant
'. ly on hand Coach, C and Eliptie Springs (war
ranted,) Juniata Iron Axles, Silver and Brass plated
Dash Frames, Brass and plated Hub Bands, Stump
Joints, patent Leather, Silver and Brass Lamps,
Three fold Steps, Malleable Iron, Door Handles and
Hinges, &c., &c. JONES & COLEMAN.
sep 10 St. Clair st., near the Allegheny Bridge.
Cheaper and better than can be had at any nther
place west of the mountetins,
Call for Bargains
N 0.151, Liberty St., near Me Jaeksou Foundry.
subscriber would respectfully inform his
friends and the public, that his fall stock of
Goods comprises a larger and more varied assortment
than has ever been opened at any house in this city,and
from the favorable terms at which his purchases were
made, he isenabled to sell clothing, cheaper than it can
he had in any other establishment in this city. He
won:dm/pest the public to call and examine his splen
did assortment of till the articles of dress, and from
the excellence of the material. the style of workman
ship and the very low price at which all his articles are
sold, he feels confident that every one will find it to
their advantage to purchase at the "Three Big Doors."
As none hut the best cutters and workmen are em
ployed, orders to make clothing will be attended to in n
manner not surpasted by any other establishment in
the ci(v.
lle would amain return his thanks to his friends and
the public for th , imprereihmted patronage be.towed
hie ..2i.tabliihment, and believing that they have
found it to their toiva-staze to demi with him, ho would
ripeat his i , tvitatiort to ail those who wish to purchase
Ciothingoioyery ho.:cription at the lowest price, to call
at. No. 131, Liherty r. . 1 011 N M'CLOSK EY.
reObserve• metal prate :n tile pavement.
RESPECTFULLY inform the publiz that I have
and keep ale , a:.• on hand an assortment ref Fire
Proof Safes. The price, in consequence of the ma
, tt , c i a i s and labor being much lower, is reduced about
thirty rer cent. They um kept for sale nt my sbcp, in
Sixth street, ahoy:. Smithfield, next to the church on
the corner of fith street -14 ; 113 'o with Atwood, Jones
&Co., and Datzell & Fleming. In regard to the qual
ity of my safes I leave those persona who have pur
chased and will purchas, , me sail-, to attest the util
ity of them. I de‘ire 11,, newspaper pull% CM my safe:;
justice and truth warrant me in informing the public
that Jill my safes wnich have Leen in buildings burnt
down for several years since I commenced have pre
set-m(42l Lite papers, hooks, &c., which they contain
ed. I have a card containing a number of certificates
of the same, which are in circulation and in my hands
and the agentes. JOHN DENNEsIG.
N. B. A f'w pair of steel Springs for sale, made by
Jones & Coleman, and will be soldlow. Also, a screw
press, with power to punch holes in half inch iron.
sep ?O—tf
Improved Magnesia Safes,
Fifth Street, between If and Smithfield,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
THE subscribers present their respects to their nu
merous friends fur their former liberal patron
age, and would take this method of assuring them and
the public generally that all future favors will be duly
appreciated. Their articles have been fully tested, of
which sufficient testimony will be given to any inquirer.
The principles of their lucks and safes are not sur
passed in the Union.
The price also is considerably lessened, and will be
found as low, if nut below any other responsible house
in the Union.
We would take this opportunity of thanking the va
rious Editors of this city and elsewhere, who have
spoken so highly of us and our safes.
The public ore respectfully invited to examine our
articles berme purchasing elsewhere, feeling assured
the superiority of our manufacture will be apparent to
all candid spectators.
N. B. Safes can be obtained of any size or shape,
or of any principle of lock or construction, of the sub
scribers, sir of S. Church, Second street, Pittsburgh,
Pa. u2o—tf
Beware of a Settled Cough!
TAR. Nr LANES Sudorific Lung Syrtip,being a safe
and effectual remedy for Cougs, Catarrhal Fever,
Influenza, Pleurasy, the first of forming stages of Con
sumption, Asthma, Whooping Cough, &e. Some do
zen of certificates of its valuable effects can be pro
duced, one of which is now offered.
This is to certify, that I hsdn very severe Cough all
last winter: and was very mach reduced. After trying
medical aid to no purpose, I was advised to procure a
bottle of Dr. 111,unc's Lung Syrup; it gave me relief
immediately, and in two weeks 1 was able to go out,
and fully believe it to be one of the mostvaluable med
icines now before the public, for Cough taxi breast com
Er'A fresh supply ofthis valuable Cough medicine
just received nt the Drug store of - .1. KIDD,
OCE 7 No. GO, corner of Wood and Foarth sts
Canal Basin,corner Wayne and Liberty streets, Pitts
bergh. Agent United Smell Pertableßoat Lira.
Bert 4-3 m.
• Ilion Cotton Factory
Long Reel Yarn.
500 at 13i cents per dozen
600 at 7do
700 at 61 do
800 at 5i do
900 at 5 do
1000 at 5 do
Candlewick atls cents per lb.
Corn. Batting, 8 do
Family do., 12} do
Carpet Chain, 20 do
Cotton Twine, 20 do
Stocking Yarn and Cover
let Yarn always on hand !
Cotton Warps made to or•
• attended to, if left at .1 & C.
edy's,orthe Post Oflice:address
Iron Sakti.
THE subscriber most respectfully .
vicinity, that he has commenced the BOOT and 1
From Me Baltimore American.
.., s - -
• I . ,_,
To the Ge r ntletnei of Pittsburgh. ; ' lic $ n u n oloriang vosti
informs the gentlemen of this city and j
SHOE making business in Fourth street, opposite the
Mayor's office. Having been foreman in some of the 1
must fashionable boot shops in the Eastern cities; and It appears that the Council General of Corsica, some
having furnished himself with the best French and time since, unanimously declared its desire that the
American calf skins, he hopes by his attention to buai- !family of Napoleon should be recalled from exile, and
nest: to merit a share of public patronage. To those 'Prince Louis be restored to liberty, and his rights as
gentlemen who have kindly patronised him be returns a French citien. The journal du Loire ita+fnE at
his sincere thanks, and can with confidence appeal , this occasion called upon the Prince, now confined ifl
for the goodness of his work and knowledge of his ' the prison of Ham, to declare what rights he would
business. P. KERRIGAN. assume l were he re-admitted 'rito the great family of
may 11. i France, a reply was given in the faux ing letter:
William Adair, Boot and Shoe Maker,
Liberty at. opporite the head of Smithfield.
jiThe subscriber having bought out the, 4 o
stock of the Into Thomas Rafferty, dcceased,has
commenced business at the old stand of Mr; R:,
and is prepared tb execute all descriptions of work in
his line, in the best manner, and on the shortest notice.
He keeps constantly on hand a large assortment of shoe
findings of all descriptions, and of the best quality. He
solicits the patronage of the public and tithe craft.
sep 10—y WM. ADAIR.
bavid Clark, Ag't,
to No. 34 Market etreet, between Second and
Third streets, where he would be happy to see his
old customers, and all others who feel disposed to pa
tronise him. He uses nothing but first rate stock, and
employs the best of workmen; and as he gives his con
stant personal attention to business, he trusts that he
will deserve and receive a fair share of patronage.
sop 10
Corner of Wood and Water sts,
W HERE as choice an assortment of ready made
clothing, cloths, cassimeres, sntinetts, vestings,
flannel shirts, drawers. cotton, A m•rola and lamb's wool
hose and half hose, silk and gingham cravats, hdkfs,
stocks, and in short, a little of everything adapted to
the tise of gentlemen, all of which purchasers will fir.d
made up, and also made to order in the latest and most
improved style, and at prices which, he flatters himself,
will successfully compete with any establishMent west
of the mountains.
Having made arrangements in the eastern cities, he
will be constantly receiving accessions to his alrett.ly
well selected and seasonable stocks: Give him a call,
then. if you wish to furnish your3elf with choice articles.
Goad and yet Cheap, for Cash! .49
Remember the place—corner of Wood and Water
026-6 m
Peach Treos.
A ft THE subscriber has just received from the Nor
=sery of Landreth and Fulton, near Philadelphia.
a lot of the choicest variety of peach trees, to which he
would call the attention of the pubiic.
may 8. No Liberty st. head of Wood.
YSTERS and other refrcshments,will be server' up
in good order. Namely: Oysters raw,fried,stewed,
and on ehnfina dishes. Also, TN Luz slut?. et the stand,
ur roasted, its soon as the saroon is suffirie..tly advan
ced for their safe transportation.
Tti E Pnorut E Ton is determined that this establish
ment (which is the old oyster depot) shall maintain
it: reoutatirm for the good quality of his ALE, LI
QUORS, CIGARS, and such refreshments as travel
ers or citizens may require. oct 18-6 m.
At the obi st,:n.l Young 4AT Curdy, No. 93, Se
cond street, between ISPood and .3fa' keto
RESPECTFULLY informs the friends of the bite
firm. and the public generally, that he is prepa
red to fill all orders for Cabinet 'Work, of any kind,
with all possible despatch, and warranted to be equal
to any in tho city.
Every attention will be paid to furnishing COFFINS,
&c , when required. je 16—y
File Manufactory.
IIE subscriber having commenced the manufac
ture of Ca3t Steel Files, from American materials
exclusivelv, merchants or other persons wanting can be
supplied by him with a better article than the foreign,
and at lower prices. Intending to use only the best
quality of File Steel, manufactured by the Messrs.
SHOEN BERGER ' S, which is now brought to a perfection
equal to the best English article, manufactured for the
same purpose. the subscriber has full confidence that he
will be able, in quality of articles and prices, to realize
the best hopes of the friends of American Industry.
Corner of O'Hara & Liberty sts
3Y 15-y
Horatio P. Young, 'Cabinet Maker,
(Late of the firm of Young 4. (Curdy)
HAS commenced the nosiness in all its branches at
No r.r.?, Wood street, between First and Second
Fars., where he will keep constantly on hand a good as
sortment of well made FURNITURE, and hopes, by
strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of
the patronage of the public. *
Every attention vrillbe paid to furnishing COFFINS,
&c. A Furniture Car for hire. July 11
1117pholsterer and Cabinet Maker, 7.1
Third st.,between Wood and Market,
Respectfully informs his friends and the public that he
is prepare(' to execute all orders for sofas, sideboards.
bureaus, chairs, tables, bedsteads, stands, hair and
spring mattrasses, curtains, carpets; all sorts of uphol
stering work, which he will warrant equal to any made
in the city, and on reasonable terms. se 10
Matthew Jones, Harbor and Hair Dresser,
Has removed to Fourth street, opposite the Mayor's of
fice, where he will be happy to wait upon permanent or
transient customers. He solicits a share of public pa
trxmaFe, sep 10-
The subscriber having returned from the East with
the latest style of Hats, has now on hand and will con
stantly keep a large assortment of his own Manufac
ture, which for lightness, service, beauty, and cheap.
ness, cannot be surpassed, and would respectfully in
vite his friends and the public to examine his stock of
Hats and Caps, at the Manufactory. No. 73. Wood st.
flat and Cap Ellanufbictory. I St
No. 93 Wood street, 3 doors below Diamond Alley
T"subscriber willkeep constantly on hand every
variety of the most rishionable He TS and CAPS,
wholesale and retail. at reduced pricer.
Persons wishing to purchase will find it to theirinte
rest to give him a call. S. N i , r E.
Pittsburgh, aug. 29,1343.
ground and polished, anvils and other kinds of
grinding done at the Cast Steel File Polanufartory,oor
ner of Liberty and O'Hara streets. 18
. .
- Slat I reply without hesitation to the interroga
tion you addressed to me in your number of the lath:
Never have I believed—never can I believe, France
to be an appanage of any one . man, any one family:
Never have I claimed any other tights than those of a
French citizen, and never shall I have any other desire
than to see the whole people; legally Convoked, freely
choosing that form of governmentwhichiithink3 Most
fitting. Being the issue of a family which owes its
elevation to the suffrages of the nation, I should belie
my origin and my nature, and even common sense;
did I not admit the sovereignty of the people to be the
fundamental basis of every political organization. My
anterior actions and words have been in accordance
with this sentiment. If I have not been understood;
it is bemuse defeats are condemned Without explane:
lion, 1 hare, it is true, claimed the first place; but
this was on the breach. I had a high ambition, but
it was openly avowed—the ambition of rallying around.
my plebeian name all the partisans of natidoal sovej
reignty —all those who desired glory and freedom. Is
it for those who hold democratic opinions to complaint
of me? Is it for France to punish me? Believe; sir,
that whatever may be the future lot reserved for me, it ,
shall never be said of me that, during exile or captivi
ty, I have nothing learned, nothing forgotten. Accept;
It will be recollected that, in his (lefenee befoie the
Chamber of Peers. on the occasion of the Boulogne
affair, the Prince avowed the position of the poll:ictil
sovereignty of the people as here declared. He re- -
garded himself then, as now, 29 the victim of a politie
cal, not of a judicial ocncierrinaticre:
c - rser V.kiv Hocsr.tr, a colored woman, formerif
of this city, died in the State Prison at Sing Sing, ort
the Bth ult., of consumption.
It will Le remembered by our renders, that she was
convicted at the Circuit Court in April, 1837, of the
murder of her own chile, and was sentenced to be hung
on the 2d of June following, but which wal,- on the
petition of a large number of oUr citizens, Commutes/
by the Governor to iraprisonment for life.
On the trial she Strongly denied her guilt, although.
the eNidence, which was entirely circumstantial, lefino
doubt of her guilt on the minde of thu jury and the pub
lic. We understand that up Lb' the ni g ht of her death,
shoprotested her innocence, and denie d all knoWledge
of the death of her child, not only to the matron of the'
prison, but to the honorable J. W. Edmonds, who was
her counsel, and in whose family she bad formerly re.;
The night before she died, vt.ben she was asiqrre that
she could lire only a short tirrre, she made a full con:
fession to the :nation.
She said She had made many effort,: to get a place,
but in vain, as no one would have her on account of
her child, and she could not bear the idea of being
compell,.d to live among the low blacks, as she had
always been accustomed to living in respectable fami
lies. And no sit r assed the pond is which th , .: body
of her child was afterwards found, she 'threw herself
and her baby both into the water, with the intention
of committing suicide as well as murder. The love
of life returned upon her, and she struggled ;11,1.H she
reached the shore, nearly exbristed. tler boy had
sunk not to rise again alive, end testing herself for
awhile on the bank, she left the place and went to ser
vice with Mr. Ford, in this city, where she was some ,
time afterwards arrested.
The body of her boy had been found some months
before her arrest, and suspicion iris directed towards
her because she could not satisfactorily. account for
She said she had put him out to board, but
could not tell where.
It was also proved on her tlnti ilse last time
she *as seen With the Child, it was in the neli,rhhorhuod
df the pond where her child was found. All the cir
cumstances being so conclusive, it left no doubt as to
her guilt. and she was accordingly convicted.—HusP
son Gazette.
Although, perhaps, the most iritporttiat discovery of
of modern times, at least towards the enlightenment
of the human race, yet There tire hut few acquainied
with the details of the printing business. We were
not a little amused, the Other day, at one of our busi
ness ndvertisers, wlidse intelligence and industry hare
so increased his btilness, that he wished to fill more
than his proportion of the "Organ" with Itertise-
Enents. Upon being told that he had alretidy his right
ful quantity- of matter in the paper, and that he could
not overreach his proportion, without paying an ad
ditional price, "zounds!" says he, very pettishly, "I
slim? I base to start another paper/ the cost of adeerti- ,
sing is entirely too much, [lnd I will publish a paper
and fill it with advertising myself," But on being told
of the expense of publislitriga paper, he very wisely
opened his eve?, and cooly observed, "You May add
another "square" to my ac-c!
This reminds us ofan old country school masterovhe
having an old Arithmet:c very much the worse tot
"wear and tear," and whose pages, probably, be bail
conned better than any other, and knowing oar voce•
tion, applied to us "to print him one," that he "would
pay us a dollar," and he "had no doubt if we would
print more, we could sell half a dozen in his school S r
Another case is related to us actually to haw taken
place inn country printing office down east. An old
lady, who had been in the habit of reading her Bible
from "time out of mind" (for what we know) all at
once found her eye sight to fail so that she could not read
the "small print of her Bible any longer." So she
bundled up her knitting, posted off to the printing of
fice, entered, and calmly seriii.ig herself with her knit
ting in hand, told the printer that she wanted him try
"print a Bible in large type immediately. and that as
she had brought her knitting along, she could wait for
it."—St. Louis Organ.
A letter from Clear Creek, Mississippi, dated Nor,
21, details one of the most daring feuts of bravery
in a youth twelve years of see, now on record, Aquilla
Whittaker, on of Isreal Whittaker, Esq., started out
on a bunting excursion about day break on Friday the
17th of November; and had not gone far before his
dogs broke ont in a fine cry, and ran about a quarter
of a mileand treed. He approached the tree and saw
4omothing which he supposed at first was a larger n.
After getting a fair view, he raised his gun and fired
—he made the animal very uneasy--in a few moments
he shot him with the other barrel. His amunitioo
was now out and he saw from the size that it was ria•
coon. He had a small negro boy. about 3 y , irs old f
with him, whom ho sent home after more arnsmition,
but before he had gone far, the pant ht r began to get
uneasy, and sp r a ng f r om the tree on one of his fa
vorite dogs; he knew in a mn•nent after
ground that it was a panther, (as ii• ...hi his: E. Id
thorn in sbowsand read of them in i,istur:•:l scoff as it
caught his dog heseiv.d a lar4e stick of wood, as much
as he could lift, and shock it with Ili his miginacross
bin track. at the same time hi, re.l Pr dogs begun sghz
and berate the mar() boy returt.etl with powder and
shot, they had conquered the pat.tber. It meantraci
7 feet 8 inches in length from tip totip, his claws were
from an itch to an inch and a half in length, a: d al
sharp as a cat's.