Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, December 08, 1843, Image 2

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... . , - . . --a---- ----__---_--__—_-----_--_---,--- _.....----•••-• -----_____ • ______, •
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tof threatened morneetayiy the cepio•sons o rise up
-1/11-S.IIIL-i - * -Lit -------- v 1,--c--Q --.1 t .r. 'c commie iol inter.. w ilk with confidence throw itsetf up----ou tli-e----prob-a-b-le—de-ficirrn-7y -tor the vet vice of the the last sessioe, and as to the importance ,
II alai; &Ell ! 1 'V 4111161.15101 Et te)eo°olut‘itleitcl.at:lnttliterwn Fol \lv irbl:),r-eil: 0 •331,c... offc7s to 1)61.6469,0 of tee Juni 30te, 1545, of up- which nay opinion bas undecgone hp I plied niagazinee, the officers exhildeed no sign' of fear,
reol le_ to sustain -the' fiscal yea.t. etidiitig
.ouarB. treadle men obeyed every order with elacrity. Nor
_______---------_ tee altar the most vtililible ee-lee er- 41 I 1"ii1C,111de„ GllVeitirilent iti ill eilerSe Of aCIAOn.
To the Senate and wards ol about our mi tons d change, was she abandooeil mild the last gleam ot hope of sa- 1
more libernl titian lire ° the rel in tle• fi ,ein. syseerj of any • ' tem to an eitermousty excessive lia• In view of the dleordeted condition of the currency at \ •
House. of Representatives: other Europe:lll poi.ver. From its i....-
-2.1;. 1',4.• iMpor- Isleastyas of. an unusteal characte: have T"E'delue'‘” " c" ~ - tue to I lithe Web rate!' of eirliangelistweee differtht A t te ; .:
, per clacniation, w Men gave a ficottous Ira , . the I nie,an - ving her bad eepired. It it well werthy of your CO9r
If aro./ People ever had cause to render up thanks tance Of the Germun Cid:tit lins•ne;ea.r.lieerte.„lo.,•S•t•t‘s.igbot, i rs.ecerttly been.
Itultliptead by the Mexican \ssr, ~.• initql, and stimulated adveuturc anti specutrUir one et me country, i ttil it IC. be IncllMbVta Ott tut, ~e .
1,0 ystenred.on whether the losses sustained by tho officers
%.0 the klererrie Wee for parental care mid protection of by lite Cpited Stitt es• The Ir:intim y.
.. -a:11.10. :_ t ° ,.. ier OVerto ,
Tient caomaatee in Ito small ele- \ 111101 f 31r;‘,,,:,,,,,, .10 e , •
xict.l lass beee barely I succeeded 11 present to the consideration of your.,utt,eldbeee_ssorg, ~, p.to• ~.. and crew in this unfortenate afair should_ not be Minx
ektendeid to them in all the teials and difficulties to nilierplutilde minlitit sor the trerman mitten 1
tv W.
\ 1).• gyre to alYect the 'rade of other nal • lon s , tta suasteuuon or ese, preemie. moats. aria eze'rc position coetticting i
••• hursed to them•
which they have amen frorri time to •tinv= eispe.sed, we ways beim well hnown antdi,ltppreetated. 011 tblE SU \ .I[ollllllly Wirt 11titille 1„ PVECIC, 31Td thus fts!soe_ v•a,ltie..s or „...01, the.ri;llls of the ei Mein awl bating i Ile sanction. ~ ,
. c cc
"C'ree w‘..- - c ( ccstlicucc‘ I cannut take leave or ties painrui subject without
nprl.the commander,
certainly are the People. P,om the firet settlement of ject 1 invite the a„ttentio t f Cun'gre•sg.
,tolitlti,e Ceermrttboaft `A 'Oh Meltico, and to operate Ir:3er-10101y In nave dis art eari it, aini a• smolder c• 0 dition
.i LI , ii ..s.. 0,0,1 1,, ,inm,i, ite in principle, of .ntue 01 the eminent A maven -mg tO tbe aid rendered uPou the uuctoiratetc3ll4lat
our fore-father on this continent• --through the dangers the Secretary of State. coral which it NI ee . c
\ the United Stales. A.II foreignets by ft iitas tieett itilfritacad. Ilia traesitiun of thin,- al shi *of hie line "The
C C.I tr....,b„m0 r..,d t""le-I' " "" th " 'ettheethd vnth the Pre••.‘" -• . • n ot lo.v tllnti five bor mote loan elle ~ Malablir," which Wus lying at t • I _
decree o, the 23‘.1 day ot ae'p•rst• se, a" callboy, ine, iteverthi less been am( ded with mute tin of ,h,„,,,,,,0tti0n. ._ . _
propos tion :etymon -den the te-,teint of Treaser,y nntes ' officers and crew of thGe i rai n
i-'he time in the biy.---6 ,
tateadant upon Ono occupation of a .savan,:i wilderness , while um ciotten is it,tiltait‘t•e•Li.fr•ce,(l•fitclie,tt:nadh.telii,LA‘
,t.lilietya , 1 en v. ito had preceded rn.e. it( Ote Executive (Ince, l'llat ',, 'British authorities nt
•-e-threugh-e. long period of Colon:id dependenc.e- 'on rice has i•etiii me., I after six months from the day li' hundred dollars, to be empire, ed in nal, mi nt o . ~,
f the rili- i r- •Int thin,- tlint generosity ur hurea.nity coo d tante,
through the War Of the ReVOliltiOn--in the wisdom to a greatly ii melee(' l';.'i.'il:ll“inheicip'ti‘lo.i',a,,-trolie di- ti-tition tif its' pro . bar.esswent to the Cevertuneet •in its til ealt"ei::1( r‘o‘'e
t ern.. f o Meg as the foreign inn orterts could receive lisations ot the C,overnmetit le lieu oi "old and silver, , was nromptly performed. It is by such aces of good
which led to the adoption of the eeeistir.e, Republican has been reeent,y e , int tn If t ift• t. ~, ~. a
'''3l. InsdNl: to IC- mitigation; are fotbidden to carry un 111 e cpayntent fur iheir ea' gees le 3 currency of greatly lead a i tee option tn the pnblic credlior,and Jo an -amount nut A , „ill p f . 0,,,., r"o3,,orber of theaforoily of saripsst rbar ivra..••
foams of Government --le the •hazerds incident ton \ ance,upoil eefteiti Conditions, their present %tr.. on • hotness of sellin b retail any goods with saws, ra„„ teat 01 Europe. hut fuey aveihitee here le . exceeding 815,00 000. ernal banings are nounshe and the blessings of per
war subsequentiv wageel with ene LS the must poWer- A bacco. t Thisbeing the first. intirnatiou of a entices -Wu
- g Y . • I" ne puretias.• ol Mir agritultural productions, tnelr pro- ~,,,tvat,.., everywhere. and to esta iis a •
\in the coefoiess of •Mexieo. A gatnst t Its 11 V:113 p.kolpot,,e.dt
v t onmi
ort,lt,:ptotiirritn, ; . , ,
fill nations of tbe earth-ein the inerease.orour poplin- lon this mtere•sting suhject eeer made by enelEuurotpeeriii: u , _ ~I,e , manent pewit seeuree.
dee ree our Nlinister has not tailed to rye 1,,1S sons immeasttrably augmented bv the oper ,tion, I , depositories of geld and silver lobe field in tr. Ft tor . •
', redemption of Poch netes, ~ , d t . ta . 01 _1, , .i. •q ' ~• b moa.
1 The Iteport of the Postma.eter Generttl will bring
tion-in the spread of the ruts awl scienee:e t,ain pnWern, I cannet buyegned it:shwell Ice i e t d - so its to iosure teetr converti. ; •
the sbeenents Were lame and tlie rcvenees of tne Gov nine uainted with the operati ores of that Deerartettent _
the strength and durehility conferred on politival,:lw move the on•ly imee inientetsl'c: hae so ar r:istea (t.,‘,-1 tr.0.11%,11. ate. • er moon became sit tieratei tidaiit. Rat ina chanee in 'lle "Linty Into specie. :`,.. o doudt wa. entertatne. I t
stitutions emanatine from the people and set,st• air,n.:
1. 1 by (, l b o_ n„, oit liberal commercial intercourse between 3 1.110 1.1 atle heretofore carrie' el on by teitial and appat - note., weeld be maittlained at par value wt ~ ,
c , durine the ast Year anti will su est tu louse.
th "old led •P. i• • .gg • • •
their will--tbe seperintendenee of an everr',lme I '
.o'l- 1 \ and them. In this view., our Min"- er ot Berlin, who • n o u r ram arm( of the circulation from ano .
.. . . ifientions of the existing laws as in von! °mama the,:
to • ' f risisliiiiii a paper currency tif (quell value ~'
•• . • t , ,i n a '.' ' C 1.1/Te• Thin
coley real value, Iti the first st.met of its exist( nce, . . over, thus tt .. . • ~ ,10„,. e c , exneet.cies of tit, puotic _erxine may r q
deuce has been plainly vi,d,le. les eteeeratorY, \ lias heretofore Irdustemeety itecsies,, t •
• ti
' '''a
he itb"-ct has "citize -5 Vvlth Sal'te 'Fe, t" whiclt ("eh on obviously depreciated value in its secend, so tivat it
jt'att',„l, ..l capital was already invest, etta which was no lona , . .
eer answered I he purposes of eseliange or barter, , the '0,0,1, tont telfdines. the mote, ,a pa , • . f tete •ears
f - let eal Govern- ' eh:lnge whii.di the countrn has undergone Li y
therefore, te entering once more trim the 111,igh‘diutaies (been i•restructed to cuter uron th,eitliieetiontiocna,
aacaatia. , over the Union, tbereby alert ice: ite Just ei.pec a . ,
of legislntion, it becomes us humbly
•to ac :no
; v e ge 1 , mercial treaty: whielt,_ while it N s .listliuilo.te by a sound metallic and i meoe I,v tweet, the deresitories sheen} be permitted to ',
in the mode of travel nri'd treneportation has acrorded
I becomito) of clni y '„iticreasttng icr'Pentancea . n•de"r3ritlrrtlum'a'l\e" c°" l''""•1135 1"" "'ended " di- A seo or pracbase bets nude r very limited restrictioes, ia. ', mate; fecilitie3 for tbe trunsportation of Mail mass .
tier'llepen•ience teflon' Ilim as oer *tele cold pi ()teeter \ ges to the agricultural interests o . •
ramercv 0
f ettl'lLenttlinitca States, \ bas su,ltlerily been arrested b V 8 decree of 10',\In' isnrd imooriation9, and • a cwt.:tensed falling off in I, „,,1„,;0,,,, togemer win) all its other Wens, was su.- 'ft7e.r out - of tbe
_ria-,11.1! as to require the greatest
'and to icneldre 3 coll6nltanec of ills eareetal watchful- i • rest a more ere° and ex.pneded field for co .
e t .,t P t , , virtual prohibition on the part of the Me): ',ft:revenue 'ilia iiits iiiitliced reneres.e, f rem IA3I. meted to tbe wisdom of t. , ,
' dir•lss over ote beloved country. \ eratione, will afiect. injuriously no eetstine inter -
.." t Thtl^fe`s and wns redn,ded "s , viellunee and LircienspLution in order to enable the
Te9oo ld lite exprilieitt of ts-tiiiie rreesury eteee \of secondary imporiance. i tbotenit 1 tee. , , wer et t 4, F • •1 i •
er„,„„a „aa ,caa Goeeinmettt. Wbatever may be the t 1 alat "II"a 'IT I•had of the De mamma to reetrain the
'We have cause for tbe e%pression of our gratitude ~ the 'Union. Should t•he negotiatiou he and Onally of fitudioe them, in order to supply de ficien• A „OW . lilllt such arr a It:Lenten: wo‘nii3O•,.
0.11,J. . te• pe ._
l '"` e I•een 'diem" , \ -ridlture welnu the income. here is also too
in the preservation of tile bealth of our fellowecitieens, , ,emeess, its reaults will he cornrnune•atet to i •,_
: l 1 othliott• richt of ;Mexico to pt ohihit any partir ular ees. i cannot ,Ito,veven withhold tite remark tliat it is \ ynti, Lp„ happle.4 re.ults I 'l,,,ldcoiel
re l t,y, of the cut , much r,•ason to fear that the frdnising privilege has rim
with some partial rind locul exiceptions, during the , ses of Congress. coursa of trade. to the citizens or suberts, I into,reat abuse. The Depot .
viva eevertheless has ,t,
past season ---fur the abut. , •
eller,' with ‘`'hlch tho , I communicate herewith certain despatches re ie no way compatible with tile 'Pettily or the Govern.
meld that a public debt shou 1 be crealcd in lime °C Ait w:,.: di sietied I have heen r need un e h in).
Tetley Aimed have:fen psr . , ._ tiiherCionestiminteiomn.f .
•_.• •
' , f • f 'trim' powers, this late procedure, to , ; been conaticted with the gi-entest Vigot-, and hae_ at
earth bag yielded up Its fruits to the Weir:, tif the hand. : eeieee from elie Minister nt :Si -xico. mei filen tt, cot.- ware to meet the current expensee of the Gs:7;n tittoen:,,, and cotorot of Conciess. Tile actlon of , •
rnan--for the renewed actieity which bashicen im- i sa the leaat of il,
, respondence which has recently oecur ea sneer n lee \ _
.1 , ,
et wea's a harsh 811t1 1111- or that temporat y expedienisshoold
•he tt a \ at°
'Cuttetvi-17,,f wouie eave beon Independent of all cor • A t-nine,d at the least possib p
le. es !hese, all the useful ohe
a' m al l its ' Fiero •of that Re üblic nnd the SeCreltir; of 'ltlte. Ittee tlyasie • ,
parted to commerce -40r the revival of Ira - • ~ y P ••
~ • , r _
t.,at• _ • • hour longer Man it is pocsible to avoid thein• T • poratlop. •
lie Ex- tl‘
“wesnuaned Ole sante eve which rests unceasingly on \jects fur which it WaS established.
departments -for the increaSed rev:in-Is attemlant on emdtive CRO do tto more Man apety Ilie means whicli the. srecie currencye sten.
It meat be regarded as not a lte t. i • semis (I,is a „
al.,••0 The installuelds, on tile c,a.ms recently c„„ yes. plarcs in Ids hands for the supi.ort of Govdetre. wonld also have.:., d to contru'l Ain the belief that nothing has been left undone evlatch
(1 enards it asainst adulteration •In regard to all the Departmente, lam quite liapyy •
the mechanic arts-for the continued growth of our the GovernMent or Mexico, in anticmatiou • f p
f l It settled by one conveni ion b‘es nod pro-IPert it sealnsl depreciat',on. 'NS 35 called fur by a true spirit of economy, orhy• a sys
' population and the rapidly reviving prosperity o, , , ; p . r
C the di-ell -shin which it has been leased. to in er tom VA It Mexico met"; rind Intently for the gond of the coantry at, •
the preservation of its liliertles, It pos.sesses no pnv.er •ppe „..,„, ~,,, on, v , ~,
1' li would forbid Congress front ; tem i f aceountability rigidly enforced. This is insomo
t e „ .
ochau'e cow.' views etner uhlications. as likell to mite lintel! In , , c
~.er- Illat'e been putty-1101\Y Piti " lb"' Ila,v.e to Ic.l a:actions on the people, or to ferce front theni woos. with the cower over lec n „ • „1 , _ •
,m and temente it: t e .
b ol a^e would seem to ' deeree apparent from the fact, that the Government
11-nines ef ',
grej, ni,datiPngto the nunexinion of Te•xas t i n) thleyeistatect , I a,,e.n due, and our Minister is teigageo If% COtarii•ollons to the 'Rehm: rev enite la any Win. li ran operate With near „ ,
Iv emial force to regard ts, any s it 'so , , has sustame no oss 1, tic , .
a 1 - b- I derault of any of its agents.
Coneress, on these auspicious cheienetances, mid to , States, mei ebould have sei far anticionte( t t,... tn.,. 1 A • only rccornMentl such measnres as 'nay, hi its °einem. lution for the precious mita 9
I in the turtn of a circula
f a new cornetts .
urging the estaidisl'arleat " . be caned for \ln tho complee, but at the same time, beautiful ma
rrow° you, in advance., of my rendy dispositiou to con- uf sech discussiuti as to have aneti•unced itc iptentem I.y elle Wants of the public. service, to Com tin, mown,
aec. slim in putsuatice. of the Convention ' shiner: dour system of Govetnment, itis pot a matter
"'co', " to visit tiey such antici teed deci-lon le, a formal •er to ...lay taxes
fur ereea gaol room alone rests the pun • rape, ort,r,2, ,
wben subsiltuted•for specte,conatltut" sts"d' Aof s - • e that some remote agenel may have failed
chllthe.Plue, l i n ttehde ra(iinlti(rln (t'IC 1 11 1";1' 'ne7
- .." - ; r 11 1.1 •ed Suite- .If designed the settlement of unadjusted ClaftiB•
8-9- -C -8•-u-a•-- •,, -• -re-io -Ie .app.ness 0 ourcon - , laration oi war aes.:ifst t. c• '' lb" dull l'a,' uPou cev- aril of value by wbich ibe operntions of society to an el- - --ie-d office; but I feel coat
dulic., intrust. and excises. •r . i
of , . h a
' for an instant to fulfil it, at, ~
stituents and to aavence the glory oe oar common court - ~ to prevent Gongres- rom i • i•rig 1
tif 1
.0,•,..• . . , •
nttr"ctsdue: ;at( uestion, as eV itb the miter American States otir re- ieretofore been perfcrrned. . tie frre,elit tent nearly if not eutte, erinal to t te.
eerna::l7l".".o7liblifos glves a fiatieriee srendie 'bat Ira.le the coin, leer can i withhold the remark, thnt its ad- i dent in the aesertion, that rrothing as occeree
tee • a fit subject for its calm deliberation an. Ana j I I
a, ,ations ot amity aft gone %k 1 It
ll I'.ll • Ye rem'alns and cloinitinuterce at; rapidlY reviving. , terrupt the harmonious ection of the Governmentitaelf,
Siocetbelast aajourunient or Ctmerese, the ree•eent , rnent, the Estecutive has no reason
to await diet it ‘... 1,, mai roan:lo..oy fur santatte., • Ontrasted with a Bann of Ole tinbed Fdtates, , . . :
•• ,
t , e
t•,ea o f aed Mil ,t‘ rtopled, Our 'al nister near the lac country, the iteurces of revrtue have oily te t e apa,t n,„„-, the c o • •
ct Wit 3 Wilt 1.V115 esteemed as u ewe. . and that nitilt. li I .
tivehns 'relaxed 110 effolt to render inaostraetibid tlie entirely fail of its object. The Itepreet.eta i
beesion 1 Merv: and vieeer, the rights neither of States nor ivy , -
relation, or arrata Re uldic of New Grenada, leas suc,•eeded s ~•
o ened itt ord.'. to prove eland:tot ious to tile public sentiment, a• well on the score. of ex. ,••. •• , .1) .. 0 .
which so happile. eeist between the brave awl patrioticpeople will suffer no apptcew
coarse. • ri • •
•• a 0
0..0n ‘l% hile we can anticipate no consolera• pediency itteiortalliv* appeared to tne to le .t s
as of const • , 1 , clltial- have een trampled nor ihsregarded•
Unitea States Dna otber countrice. The treaty latele of future , onsectnences toembarrass them In I- _ _ t le effeellll,_ a 1) f striking and °nylons. Inerec x I.
li fvl ich a hank would A 1. the mean time the come •
ry has been stetudily ad- :,
concluded with Great Britain has tended greatly to in- te theirproposed deliberations. Nor Will the t.Y.eCit that G tiara , i lament for ow ari,„„,ier ,P. 13, \ b'e increse
the Pc`weeds ef the, sa,tee ',." arrora hy an isuie of 615.000.000 of Its notes, pelging ~ enocior,„ i n , riAirhal apor, .
ibutes to national greatness.-- •;',-...-
cacao. ~he good teiderstanding 1
w _deli a reeiprocity of tive Departmeut of the Govcrrina il.f,orri Mrs. sach ,•• ' the pvlalic lands for reasons bltl to flow lo
af Umtata United 'States Bann ,svottld ' The tide of population continues un ro en y •
•, t dincr for ma- perteetty ,In front Ihr experienc; I
twin ,
interest is calculate:a to encoUrage, nnil it is Most ar- vilierea'i ' to the States and territoriee, where a retagels found
cati3O, to dischurge its wens, 1 (. 1-, t° , _ or , a ne,),., 1,,_ a., -.ears.
s• 1 wtnvt lathe count,- ... taltallee," wittco :lad 13 e - 0 lleil-•"? ri,oto to all, for several years to come noednavel
aris.ing fon , \
°al, . for oar native felioencitigens, but far emigrants
dently to be hoped that upthing mey trauspire to in- -i`kiew,v,. which ioi, 0,...i,t0a or
ja. ? , The clai nf ,r the brig "Mor
terrupt the relations of amity eshich it is so obvieuely . t ween '')..leitico and Torsos, since the att e S •
._ flat w lc
" h . h had its. orlain dttliog the exis- Ye- 'l e p
~i üblic landa cannot otherwise than' 0n,',:,..,`,:, „,°r s'o,ooo 000 of Treasary notes Would have fr 11 p rts of thts civilized weal& who come•among
Mil 0 a ,•
the policy of limb notions to cultivate. ' cinto, coneisted for the olost. part or predatore Wee
, tence cif the Republic ol Colon, •
bia and he regarded as the foutolation of the pub- man renominated in one year, thus furnishins in on e " u 3 to partake ot the blessings of our free institutions,
' A question of much importance, still rema.
ins to be ' • i t art of i he. • tme in which a bauk could have . i • • , • • , t \
of our
been attended wen •
0 , , canna, which. while they lic credit. With so large a body of the frfent i_Pni 0, ~,.... a elcirange,
coat in . ,
• anu to ind bY tneir latter o s N it id
eljustea bet eeen thern• Tlidteriltorial hunts t I°2 much of euffering to indiv tdua s
l!'s.cl. arid bnve leept the indemnification I•or wllleil. Fl`.l
•ce the disso- 1 ..coniplt.hed it, a paper Meow.. wealth and power•
teve eountiies 'in relation to ‘;`that ie err.nnleale l'"?`.'" borders of the two countries in a stnte o
• c n
iit .
f o stant a- lu'inn of that Reptiblic, has devolvetlain its 1 , , , „,
_., 1 f
I most fertine latttle ill the vir"ria "Baer the amount to me rest wanis of the•country, et ear va lue , lie ; d e e to every coesideration of public policy that :
its the Oregon territorY, still remain in... -
dispute. f he Intro, hace foiled to approach to rmy defirote reisn 1 -.1 several .
members.l will be urged with renew. \ •ontrolc and at the is a
li 1.1'83. 0. ...te Govern- won som and silver. The savtng to the Government , _.• ,
0 _
the _est
United States would be. at, all times imeeppsed to ag- Mexico lins fitted mit rio formidnble armatnimi re 1113 a nat. the would nave Veit ,
equal to ,sii the Intereci Villich it has , the 1,t1“.3 au lri _ f • ',.lc
Ment' " nu°
reasenehlY -°- had to pay un Tieasury notes of prr.v , .
lous 39 Well as Feb- . sucliatteetion at, the hands of wipes ,C. ta
ed zeal.
. grimaize themselve,s nt thoci.pruse Of any oth r nation: it Years I•bl - ' b -tow V orlts in fivorahle
or by sea for the subjugation of Tes.age.
ea. 1.1 e ritAl e ability of the Government to meet ea,,,,,, lit.urs,therehy reiieryelyteotote
lie. GOVernment, and at , ninon wit end L. it .to es .
hut while tlie would he res rafnea bY Princ3.Ples ° C heve now elapsed slime Teem declar
ail I base much pleasure in sasing that te , p ple. 11, dee all ' aria proper situations on the laltes weeld be found to be
es engag,ements under every erne: gene y the. same time aff• oreilierb 1
boaor,which shoula govern the conduct of nations as ' th
I ' n
• cieen Government of Brazil has atbutslca the \ ree; to ibe ftalion which i ocru A, as indespensably neceasare in case of war to carry Oil
(knee of 'eateetico, and divine that tie e s e i e
- up a demand
well a. 3 that of individuals, from setting • • 1 , - - flltl ( 2 iffieult similar la be "sP,••.nsibineB,T , i c o r a plea:, •Aiven to ti,e. last co, .
,re sea3:ol3 o tra al y
~, recognisea ns a sovereign powe •
,•. c „,n,
rby several of the rens niane that G,,,,rerttrnen.
tln toe case \, t •nv , Mtn in reeen p o , safe and successful navel operations., tis fortifications
fur territory whir-banes not belong to them, they wt•utct t nose tairough which we are p • ,
assine the cress at the close ot is T - .
'' • fi st sec3lo„, 1 sabmilled the sng_ ,
P'l"ciPaiclasl:l7"cia stctr. M"icc. "I. yl,l,_„‘"r„P;,_ (xi the schooner "John S. 1 ,
lar an " and that t - . ,on the Atlantic sc-a• board. The appropriation made
ail 11.11 Willingly Colliiellt tO a 9111'render of thei • reVs• ' severe, ii, oet home oi reconquest, ati re .
•• capitalist makes his Investment in the GO,: 3eation toes consideration at two consecin ive sessions. ,
, 1 y ti - lest C oneress for the iraprovemerit of the reivige
'‘Cter tbe tl'elst ''' Oa' aua as I'''' as l'flteticals'le" ulliitas' ' coenise her imlepe„dence. Th„ p re -,,,tr0,rd5,,,a,
rn be
neursions sanguine hopes are entertained thst t. \ '''''''''"‘" a° fa'''. at I" ''
' ay.:- -•- p; riser has been diligently and ef-
Tilt recommendation bowever, .. ' tion ache . iseae,ip •, ,
. '.. - t he most assured cora
• ' eminent ewer..., wit It- • wool:. Whilei ain•free to adn •
tit that the necessities of ~ , • 1, ~,,,
• sea examination of the subkce . the Ciiited .„ tatesi ave , nt which .1 11••,,r,
anua,„.l, have /wen a „
c. . 1
st, .
. en ill influence its •
- e et-rit °C
Pia"- w• • I fideece of ultimate reimhtirsemenr, and Ole times,,lia aab i , nciento: aiPoLu• , ,
ve since become v,reatly nmeliorate an t n \ _ •
•-.,1* e en- •
always contended that thrir rieles topertain ti l t t 1 , lo„lanco•witittltc,itical,ing op (f 1 .
en 3
en n .
inv._ . .
[the court:so eistice iv t•I cos in acii‘ __
tire reeion of country lying on tae Vasitie. tint embrae t i, ~,,,jej„g epori the pel'ou n t ‘'.' P l b , ..,*(,,,,',„ia, \ upon the remaining claims•
ced within the forty-eccond and efte-fout th AO num of , rr•
North latitude. The clnimbeieg, controverted by the toe 0.-cers of the come. and araeceng t Ern ‘• _ , •
nn.irm,•‘.l. and therefore non- comb:omM. eel; L lis.
riii, \ln g •aat an early decision '
y retro ,
a I cause of eliasensicn between two
tiler-ea, _ \ whatever may be sa p
1 i some years i reason to Wipe 1 , annut clo,C tin 3 corn
that the country is safely --- . •
itl in a (stied of peat tbe's " -°° . c the aaa„,,l„ „a en,t,nrra„. , out recorn , e • •
imancial prosperity, such as eilsted for e„,,,,,„;,„ „,,,‘,,,„„ ,„„„., • .
after 1833, I eliould reaard it coin(' Wlmication, gentlemen, wide
menaina to your most favorable contidera
r"1415. rrae"'"
i need it le 1841. vet 1 time the interesta of this Distriet• APPointed by Lir .
,I beg , think that its restoration to a - 1
et nil and heal Constitution ita eeclusive legialatora, rol forming in
'' • - Great Britain, thosie who hive preceded the
Executive, actuated, no acubt, by an earnest desire to •
present ~ a cool aha 01,,,,,,,we nimeaee, the,: leaving c
..n_e p,,,,,,,e , .
to oo nummisbed and immorality to pees ilia,,Prild,, itaeretroveit w ith each et
u&rust'll"•"""''''''• "P" tern." "")"/"1/' '-'"ti4."""-"-Y t° 1 P. border warfare is evermote vibe &pun( atv,tla,‘ ant
ish , -s he
. il, hothuarties, have Caiised to be submitted to the Britt
_., rorer 5,01 a war
a., to, exi,ted for 50 ,J,,,,,ta,...„,,,,t
Goverement • propositions for settlement and finn ad taco,. alto,„ taco
•,•mtr•••• Immamtv h••,,.•
I'. ,
be re to aome extent
Is whose interest a ,
se•cidai i
Our Miniatcr at her•
Cbili has succe I
ea a in, rasameet, e.
inducing a recognition b s that Government, ~ ,• • • r. a season of financial ember
alter to e .
I selves, or the proceeds raisin", fr m thy sondition woutd he Ireatly
thr pipet 'met In a modified form.
expedited by a resort to i t this particular t •
1 ., s ,
TreaF,ll nov.. rEt5
ltntate the lanas theM• Tho nperntions of Os ry ,
. he onlv anomaly in our sys
i, (ailment of the Legis ate. e y
- t on the net I than these for \these advantage they tem of Gov
bed - being electedbei others
'ire to legislate,
ISI6 and those lEr.rs :r, at will feel a super-laded obligation to look into their
: o Bleu of IVO, and the reaolu'ion of , ,•• • 1
1 The first and paramouat of those hayebeen so a
, \la es. drnini,tered as to ?reduce, na great a condition, and to: cave no cause for complaint Otter
• .11.1WOCTI • • I -
• t whicti however have not proved heretofore 1.,, lan•c.nr• Noy ii
t, conainco o I
~,,...,: oi , ale
03, , . .
"; dwelt r ffected by los predect n- , vl f good. to the count yas their pro,.
•Isions are I niet. The Seet et CI •
e __overtime nt of our associated Re-
A o• :
seceptable to it. OtIC miuister at London has, un-e i , "• i 1 a l setferine at- fhel to w erne may be entruste.
a the sam,inis- "anttun° . d - - ~ if tyrre hid been am, distioct publics cannot but be regurcled no worthy o p
f our ater
lclms to the case o I , • A tmpable, of yiel lase • e , , -by e .,„ I. 1 ,
instructions, mealy brought thy subiect to tho cres...i b
der - • 1
iiep,ortel onle because of the inoiveiti • 8,,t• o f the fo tt r • , " tuition of j 011ie
•affett 8. 15 : g •
',mama apon a. The effects; nre far More e%tensive. 10 I.lBru the eeeression of opinion gowieg to souw that pu tc 3• , I,a cars. • • •
ntion of that. GoVerniTientt real while nothing win , ie , •
' TI Creatorof diet:nivel se hns elven the earth to man "Macedonian.
• " l'he first eustahmero has 1 • •
credit. le re eetablishing the credit tiMent is a.
.erse to the plan either ns ereto c recom
h- f •j In connection with ite other interests, as woll as
,f the 13 itt
(tone to cornpromit the rieles, or honor c ,‘,,,_ 1
for his testier: place. nit, s
- lii :fruit, for his sii,,,istence. I been receive'
• dby the claimants in tl , 151..; pliblic
ie. , ; t mendeate Congo..
-ae of in a nue-lifted form, hat at your
while mv \ those of the whole country, I recommend t• _
\ '..
States., every proper eepedient will be resorted to
1" °T- , ly (lawyer tderefere. shall rnidte thi- cost or 'tn.. part of oil, Li st .aIL
g ~f this cent' al Or'rerit"'"nt the r' el'''ea •,,vn opitiion in regard to it would remain undhanged, 1 , present session eou adopt the •
h measures, in order tay
der tebring the negotiation new in the proeress•of , ce s jecee„„...,,, le, bee,
.1 a scene of desolation. :erect • -. \ and most obvious mode is taken to restore 'ea,,,iiabe yen. far from again presenting it to your con - 1 cerry- into effect the Smaiithsonian behuast, as in emir
sumetion, to a speedy and happy In the ;
tertnination.c . t, • talte•tvtanias bc
re_nrac ,
(I as a genera culanitte. s. ars atifi eations;
v Notice of the exchange of r the credit of the Sta • •
t • The extremities ,Ideration. The Gevetnment has origionated with t judgment will be best c culated to consummate the
b I
‘ meantime it is proper to recreirlt, that many o our co -', may smnetirrms lie ''ner•e„,,ar,!•• I mt a
isly 0 a
' ieens ere either alreaely established in the territory:, 111 vetions bave aof the treaty with Vent, whith \till 15". e ; only be made sound by pro.lueing a f. 1..
1 , reeve •Irt interest in bringing Ideret !pee,. 1. •
. 1:I
,:e. 0 ace at IA . ,
fro bto tt.,l yet reached this \ an•atay art i,,, in the Ceatral Government, 'e slates and °le rnf'le, Co t 'eve nn" 'en- 1 u
1 ' • I -f t nil ad- \ libeled in cnt of the testator.
a . • - 1 b nhver-iye of Me foundation , 'When:polder a dispensation of Divine
.1.111112ji; iITI 0. n 031( C S , , Providence,
\ . their arm; thither fur the put pnie. of forming per
are on . • eto fol- 1 The:l7l6lA SUITT'S have tin immetlinte imert•st
inanent settlements. while other? are preparin, _ ine an end put to the state i
low---andin view of theae facts, 1 meat repeat the re
• COMmenevition contained in pre ; tween Mexice and Teene. ice
,f hostilities ey.i4Olg. be- t•ountrv, but 15 abottly e r
V nre (etc neithbore calved, when the c
'l°' '"'sl"ges'Cur the of the snme continent. with whom we nte tee only de- itc wiji amblit,,s
on the . •
establisbment of utilitur7' l'''''''' a t s"eli P`ace' . , sirous of enitivatine t. .. •
lined travel. as will fureish security aud proteatiou to .
'ii, sof Indians ; , •.. be relatioos of amilv. lett i
•lal intercourse, n
'• .hborliotel le ' spiel
(tor liard • a lYeuturers agninst hostile ttnee ~ 1,,i the 1••••eht• oi • , tt , t_ •
7 ' 1.311
11,'e iit coaseatience of U. trt son
% eeted to be re.
I fled the hiatory of the present day fully e- principles or the political edifice which thee h
red to preserve in a measute %added%
din await- mature ' l , afra ta irs
l'i %woo t h 't Itel" 1- I a II a II e fart that au inctease la the ailsmenta.theylvia eitber repudiate
l or k.,.ii e:r?nc10...3, \
.la•is es i "
t'e "qui'lale`l 31'3 P''.lll' I va!ue of the stocks of tilts 1,
' derslantling; •
; m a mayn't
kie• ; •
1"1•''' Prtru'e I etw ,ell tila• Government and that of 11 • ,
an illetv.oe In i 1
liky .
\ vos Ay les, s• 1 , ars aeo this , . •• r orerement will The will of our constitueut3, c•es-ly e -fi -,,, ,( . .
• 'is' of lest awes, be attended by
' oceticllng : a v s r a ' Y ' . •al Rt e. it Fboul,i, On ertfore , -
-limild be rot:anted as the light to guide our ootsup., \ t ne 0 eingoo , _
, the true difierence bete.
. 1 e "lee ''r the '1"6"5 " C '''he llocrancal eawernneelt flild 3 Ili, '4" .e the state Odle
• _ace rect.- , 1 suecceened to the Presider:Lim eine , p _
was embarrassing and cntical. To sad to the
' • dou consequent upon a long standing controversy
•nen' a monarchical or aria- the most favorible circum
one of the most powerful nations of Ulnae/31 tiTnen
1 I'. t 031 V ueetions uf bon:teary wbich unaer
stances, are always ember
and highprin
-Public being that ill tossing, but at the same time important •
ve • e ,
he will of \ c'-eles of maritime law--border controversies twe I
be 8 %Patter I Sae first the will of the few prevails over t . ~ ..:.
~, . , . .
\ - inhabiting those eetensive reqiow. 0 _
urinws suould i A
~ . ' al the matt, r.
ri-t ces f 1 '-'''''' ""'w`el"ls a're
'l"Plv lusu'.ce:i; •, we cannot Government remained intrepteset•a• tl a t ';
of eeneral congratulteien that ano
raso follow them, so modified as. the cheat ,an - o . .• , ,
~wri 1:,,,
0., 1
.1 • • i 1 e, '''ile ve 11 uf the In my seoala the Ltti.,,n, and subjecta
' 3st• as, t..e M Inv , While in We tast t - 1 of the two countries had en
lie influence of , .4,1t,e, no . be aiorM c °floated • \ genderel a atate ef fee E.,
lineancl of conduct which threat
• •
ma!' ' '
ceSul'e. I:nd'r I hope to escape the effects of II ,p0 -,t c• .
.• m
mt. i
~ if jealou:v on the that ("mut, wobe a minister fro•II it: bas been ;, the ernbarca„wpt aristrig from Butt, told- -
onr free system of government, new tepublics are des-4., • The revert otle ec . ;t n ost calamitous consequences. The hazard/
f 1 S retary of War . eaml lie 1 , • _
il -1 if the powers• Nor can Iles „exert. l constantly re,3l,leitt here.
, met e mt . , l . The Call.'Ct% uf '‘ • .
tined to spriee up, at no dietent des, on the tree, t . ~ , ~,r ch rts is wa- ing aircurnatances• the ere:lit of the Grove i • ,1 eau) this state of th b
in"'s were grealey heightened
n 3 li'e pASFed '1
07' inieoerent to the fact that a Warfare• sti _
1.,. I,
riudion ilace itt 2 groat ata - ',. , et nment should have be•ar so t will bring you acqttain
• ted with the ermai. \ act -
• ler the arrest and imprisonment of a st.
diject. of Great -
' tbell6elEr'. sin'lla‘
P°ViCY "a
f'-'eling t°
t ''°!t e \-
\ ned be. ween those two nations, 19 ralrlilatea to wt t •
\i CU" re't°r- A lion Of Ih'lt i nportant branch of the public \ t'ritain, who actine as was alleged, as a pact of a mil-
R -1o; Onuntains and evente a e .
- istingon this side the 0.. _ e . .
•• ,•.• ler them, and espe- aterec, anti It 18 in conte al p••'6011' ‘ll vlet' Ic a thut it has been enabled to effect a lean
\ wiaer Ana more eettensive spread to the piincip Li „ .
~ .1 ,
..,,,, ,eaker Of the two, tht• subjects o inti 1i 1 e_ Important tti -
j • Cvo botlt powers• and finally to root • i• •
.f.... c . .
~, c _ , n
, 11, 11:., l" , 0 bi.l. e sereir The Arm may he regarded in 1 itare force, had ai‘ded in the
•curnmission of aa act v
.e. io-
Y a -Li , n of the Enited States,
ive of the territorial ,juris ie e
number of the I lee • s • •
civil aria religious liberty. "v'er '""1
''''''''Pri"l "a-
' di 1 that country, at some earla P
hich ', eece on toe part of str, , •
1 .
••• r
__ „km. , 1.1
' lam happy to inform asa are th" Ca'''' s V ! ,
~,.. tiocia. VllllOll, intent only or. nil, mit In_ le i t • " r eriOa .
I amount of Treasury times, on se
• rots mare c.,nservience of 1.1,e small
rank tied file in each Company and Reg ana involvitez the movie . .
I r Mei:ewer! of the State of
have arieen, from ame to tune, or tint detentior a , \\„,
vattwa, eve sooner or later attempt to woe., •
.. •
e eheet derteg, the prese to ses,ion of C"gn°•s' ',, favorable than any that aseve been offered -1., \ Nee.-I•nrli. A. lame amouut of claims rigainst the
; ment, as little more than tt nucleus arocune \ 6,,,axam0t,,,, . • .
• ..
• f Ale;icorernair.eil unadjusted, and awar
ryttericsn ve"els hY
1161." It crul'e" en
eett.'t ot.
aco radiance With tel-M.3, a: thc condition. of tocir ‘n• Wl l It,e c t •
I I- •o icurrenee of the Senate, to re.,
\, , for many years. Mal I
Lie six. per eel, . L .. ,
\ w,,,ca to tally 'Ale twins T y force o t 1 1 s ae eral J ; ear, cur.
elot -- • - etnuance with the savarre ttibes of
Africa, under pretence of being engaged in
•thet slay,:
ortls, act.ogator,
to ow
allil ,
°matte telati,ms between the two „ • 1842 has ads • 'd
01 t'on
' credal-aye:been placed in a fair train of a,ll3usurtren •, v stock whical was created la • ; coo n'ry in case of war, and yet its set -• •• I taoriaa. seal revailed, attended with the es ai •
e I,e, , r
11 ent .vid doViinental to tlie lur-rests of tb• ..:.• Lc-, countlics. . .
In the case of the William ..Ce••• Francis., fiii • .
istar- ', , ' vanced in the'hands of the ho'dera to neatly • of that beautiful territoty, and with
; or a lame portion •
nit me, melt
a a xv,,,,01d not he espected (vainly to pert, •: T Cl. of Con ; ;in preserving the peace of the frontiers ate
tion will be allowed. In the case of the le \Un 'et the proal••ions nf ail n • *ta ar veloe.-- , I tee seeriliceuf clime valua'ule It,e, To increase tho
14w. '' • c , 1 0 00e et eade ante V•,eon,:l.le on, not ee.
..,,Li,.. Intrr ,rence I'vventY VI cent. al:3''ve 1 P .\of a mast impottant n•ature• , • ;, en) arras,,m 1,
In ai cases ' b - c I's Oi" . the Government, individual and
Seamen', the British Goverument tadmita that - ' an . i s separated Cron) the United 'States liy a mere greo- \ g ,
ress of the 18‘1 SO i,81071, •
• a \llntater was ','Fbc confidence of the people in the in- \
faction i 3 due. la the case of the 3orma the surrviic-c , Chi '• . of emergency, the reliance -•en nearly stricken down, and cone
of tne coun"rs \ State c(edit badly, • . h • .o,a
, ^ra.phical line, that ber territorin in the memo!,
•nri.„-. • deapairbeti ft om the United States to , teertly or their, Govttoment bas t .
iIIIS been • •
eyeing from the sale of that vessel and cargo en _, , r 1 ', 15 properly placed in the militva o
• r the siva a•-• e • •
--ce it te General Government eo mire impai .
v,elf , •
paid to Me owners --while I. cannot hot finftter,
,„, w 110 ' -
'iv mom, n pi/Ohm of the territory of the Utop I j ng • je Miguel. of the present year, • , \ e,p„nany rearetest ,
•n ed These ()plutons re- • .... , , a Ova loans of a srnall aMount could only be negotiated
ion ,itta , ,
tsta,•-•., not it 1,.• 110Mozenorni: in it: , srat ta,es, ant
I it may vvell deneive toe \at a considerable .theridee• AS a neva seary conic
that full indemnification will be allowed or a Li e • i,
nai(t.initt, 5„,,,.
c„ 0
~ 1
I;'7l°.'“- intrilm- " !COM the latest act•outos We lialie (rem him, '
'Wive to the public lands do not in any ; • 1 • f c re•ens whether a neer ,
flees sustained by the detention of the vessel --ant in " _ . 1 Se ;
OD the 26th of p • coesiceranon o 0r,,• • . quenco dale beght which had fallen On conimerm
is at Suez ie Vas:apt,
, eons .0 1.10 COITITTIOVCC Of 010'3011d In din aaTTIO 3,11 ,I,\w ~ , . .• VT the observance of the ,
the case of the. Doeglass, her Male v . ' (wanner concha wti.- a ' a ' anu more perfect organ za , ,
' tion TTl' Al rotbe I and mechanical industry. the ships of the. one were
''`-'''' (3'nverntnen• ';
with theni, and that Most or ber inliabitnnis speals the \ tember last. ep bis route to • ~, I, most liberal poliey t mastitis tdoso oi 011 r ..s.tro he oaeratioins ofibe
thrown oet or employment, and. t
tine expreesed its aeterrnination to melte indenamilllcs- ; il • ititta mainly toVitt volunteer
1 eneee and live tinder einillar political instil,. ,
, ~i• 1 same an_ , le regard to the lindian taibes residing \ dtth ' '--a3ere-' I°'-' --- e , t other had been greatly dimipished.
t ja 1-„"lIlli hl.' CV-
Catilni• StrUnE4IIOPCS 31-e, therefore entertaimr.
•i • . :e n lions with reieeelvee. this Goverinnee
of . , . fellow cetiZ ree alto press forwar 1 1 . o e '
c,,travoioa of the uttitlo for the wet, 0 ,
most. 'Snot all of these will he speedily adjust •,(•• 'Nth, ,
or lotere,t
tl v \ within our l•ursdictional lirnita, the ereat.; lie
wilderness and are the pitmeers in t Owing to tbe condition of the currency, exc • .
lianges -,
ac."ec slcc"
catificaluan I.
• . ' \ to see that she shall be left. -flee to net, .c,71 ifeln:,,,;
n lll \ est has been 1
vigilance of tbe Geverement ,
, wink of its reclamatton. dv
and of e ,sy applica"io• s to the great bo • aetween different parts oC the coentry Inel;becorne rum- ,
Treaty of Weehington; end, it is confident ymitioceple-c ~
tobor d0me,..t.,,, ,„,if,,i,..,„,,,,a,a1.y ~,,e,.„.:,. il- exerted to preserve them at peace among " • • la's of' of the malitia to lime of v,•ar. \ ously high, and tra P
de had to de end on a depreciated ..
• ted, that the shore trade, under the operation it 1 . Ireg In securirig to ;II such their We • be A cnrrency in coaducting its transactions. I shall be
The is eji•nses of tke War Department have. e_ri
•• • _
~, I restreineelbe the policy or Viell'i Of other cone, i - .• ;
eighth orticle of that treaty, e ell be ~.
-'t°seibnl s'''
- ' ' ' ' . f 11 1 eseconsiderntions. the l',%eciliire 1,
; =.•
' themselves, and to inspire them with fees 1 pre ernetion, the G ivernment per( • •• WO vear:e coetentele dt c re- ratulate the country that under the o
p...venue o L . , ,
mama hat considerably retitled in the lie- t, , e. ~ • .
\ln foil view p t t i . . .
pressed• . ....weed to es.'press to t
ho Government of I, tinge of contidencn • •• •
le the Justice of this ; an ar t o f rettibutive Justice, for suffe ~ . " •. .
tint/ 4 ' cie•:, how,ver, nits. ariAe, Which wollo. Can. , _ .
T 11 cor tee ell. verruling i reel lence pc , .
ace was preserved without a
ee be 0,0. eei_ lute not h, . , ; ft." I ational honor; the war in Florida
The oecasienal interruption eep•erienc h 1 11C011111111311C.e er tbe I Government, and to culti •
vt`te filendßl,6l-' ; encountered and hardships endured, and ,P a • 1 rat - -tell •reent ot meti then ct, ot tie n
. i l ia 30, too regiment, wita 3 9 LO, ,l . _
'Tie., Athor. Mexico hew de(ple it deprecat,,a 1
tnes. \ lee o a eneede• termination; a laree portion
IN as bro e ht t , ,
. low cititens ere-mesa in the fisherea on te ,
.... its ter- ' • and Trizi.Ke it very t. esira ~ Lo iLirt
1 ' bl- • • ount the corps of Dra
the j war, %willow aneiousle it dese et ti • - j with the bordsr inhabitants• This " a' ';
fitola ample remuneration in the comforts' of the claims on "eleeico have been felly u'crjudicatell
inie coasts of Nova Scocio, has not foiled to c,aun , - direc
; goons, viddeliliv nu act of thn lesl Congress NV :la
mirratiou .
ions upoe \ 1.. j bappily succeedad to n tg,,r i•
e't eNte,,cl; bet 11 \ wilich its policy ensures and the hippiness tea tohedissoorea. and are in course of paernent, while ,jusiice WO been
-attention of the Executive Ropreeentat
iiiv, \
'title subject have been m•ede, bat as yet no t • ,
~ 1 cannot but thiek that it becomes 1-", e I a -i • tof regrstt thot 1-he.o a"11 -'-r then"' I wllich it imparts.
aau lac I I refer yoa t.o the accompanying report. ‘. - „
r th, eteeee_ reneere t
1 d ll us in other mattera by other nations; eon
-answers to those represeutatioes
' ' I've been rec''`st I:nited Slates, as the oldest of the Arnett- , I ion ts the I,;avy otn• 1, ro
fI , IS i- fidepce between rdan and Man 13 in a great measu _
1 selves in some!instacces ti 1 , . tea are
t h e .1111 '''se a"PISI la vision ot tile tariff, with a ',. i-• isle ;s-• -,cf tha- been and will be j restored, and the etc •• , •
dit of thia eovernment fully sad
from the British Government . A ean Reptil :lien, tO 1101 a .n. \engem,
oe to I.ex,•• • '
\ tare for information in re at
leo :.-,. taws. 'II e e‘.,1,., rOl s .
miner irneof- i thte ' •
' utt by atlful aed tles,ut ‘e. men-ana • -establi-hed. Commerce is becoming mere
esary to the • • trenc'n all Ell l , . '
, view to I evlntie, bocome noce • , map,. to re p •
e eluitiea and lop off all eecre- 1 firmly re _• •
lewerother sulliects of commontively 'l' .0 upon this sehject of an enambigtioas
li consequence to be i IL \ nolvvithstanaing all Ole t fforts Oi toe
' Gt v- I • • h. -• erown up. 1 ancl more eetended le ite operations, isnil mannfaetue
- soma, bat nevertheless
•of too mixtv
le had ' estimation of Conate.9, 1 . .
doubt, not \TOO , scences which from time to time may as, n
Iseglecteaa remembet still to be s jes ,
„,„,•tea •
ween the character. It is tun^ that this war \
ern _
nt 0
It. I evil approach the subject with a just aro ''beeel ul 39 „'''9l. 01' 11131TICT1t lo re- \Mg and meabaraca
1 • 5 ,4 it has not ern le „al e. - ,_ , ; 1 indeetre. once more reap tale re
• - . ,
-two countries. 'l3v the Treata betv`,''',." l' tstj,:o
... cease •
0 'lniere must ba a limit to all „Te • • wards 0[51;311 and labor houestly applied• Tbe °per
t tie receipts to o
t the Tressuly for the I commend any material ehange in couture appropriation. • r 1
I enUglitened reglad to the inlerests of the \. O • : vh"ch are involved are of too important aliens ° 1., •
, rates re - t on a. soiled currency, and the rates or
• States arid- Great tritain, of July. 10.1.),.,
a t • ent Stute, after an , t ,le interest. i 1
1,60`,1„. wars, and if the par . 1 Insive of loans, I, , el" ed o the smallest amount. 1n this
aded that no hizherrluties shall be .evi iAn •• 11 ' n The ntincioles and views '
, a choractec to lead to the recommendation or any o.
"le eechangc are i uc t
calanaat ae4 1813, e%c • , wurt,e •-•nio •r• , . ; .- • als ste aperopridtions c e •
cieurery on articles imporied Trom t 1
he otlter, than on tie) duce
It a eare strugale, has fatlet. to le . , wet e little more than eighteen millions of t • ondition uf thines I felt it to be a duty to bring to your
1 which. i have heretofore hail OCC891(ill %0 'er than a. liberal polies.. s i Lqn, . • , •
h , e. s iele, ati on matterrs of great interestin their
alio same articles imported from any ot ler i _ -•:
.• 0
aere In \ 1 sebrrossioo a portion of its su J • dollars and the evpeuditnee4, exclusive of ; ' et, to be made to enaidle the Lisecutive to fit out all favoral,lellM,lis t
It a aitiat it, arid who ; 6 11‘)mit, remain
• unchanged. It care hews\ eaest, • • e•ults aud Mc only desire which
1836, roug rice., bv octet 'Parliament, Was admitted 1 standing out in revo g _ayinf,nts no the Ina .
bile debt, will have I I. -hies that are now in a cour. ,
s• of building. or that Presen'auu ull''t.'ale r e'hi h ` e cum • .
froth the coast of Africa into
. Great Britain on the pay- L, be too often repeated, toat t , .
'he ' tw. • ••h h rt -ea. po-- I feel in connection wit ti ,
re le and will eI:M
-imed themselves, to la re re eirs for actual aervice int eso e. , •
, \ ever, never f. • , retell •p- , , ,
VI • the saine \ ta•v e not only ptccla . illions et name vs .resperous, and its in
a oven about twentyataree en wake mav re- tinue to be, to lea Ye. the count , r 0 , .
. tneat of a' a uty or one penny -a Vatter. NS 1
ht..e •nt interest (neve' importent Dere ; able ems, shoule any emergence, atisc , . • •
article from all other countries iocluding United be independent, bnt have been recognize
1 Ilv the Act af 1842, a new arrangement o
f 'PTc"'ne
' y .''-• en ff .ient navy while it i 5 the cuea-sest stittittuns unimpaired 3 hEe, TILER.
suit el lib, c nu,. it, .e n. .. ,•• • u
fta dots of requires for succese,permanan- , i ,
br .
its s
~ e _ Vi eseteGTOS, Decem cr,
b . 18•13-
Stetes, eves stib.jeoted ;to ' the paymell e as such by other Po • ,
were she °tight not to t ,•, foc_,
to ,
aae so that it should • • means opule( en , th- feel
eteMdon letly look t 1`• a' )7_ ls , a j v cv Boa stability in legislaton. These can r i l _ • • -
hat other nations will qu
twenty shlilliugs a quarter. Our 'Minister a u ,the
eon. expect, t . . , 'wee 0, veto: alai coral hbll • •e,
dence whir ri lant LI, Is and
commence on tne tat l a 7 -- - u‘v 11,1 each ly be at'ained by edopting as the basis,
on ,• ;heroic valor have heretofore served to stren;then and
has from timo to time broneht this subject t...mt.
forr II a protrace
on, to their obvious inaury, era() s
siaeration or the 'Bridal, Government, I year, 'I• he accoun . •
ts and eati•"atee '''r the of action, moderation in all things. whic coufiteu.
• h'
without success- tie is instructed to qu c
e.• his Terre- 600 Of bOBIllitleg• These United tates r I i r
current fiscal year, will show that the ta a. inai„ponsibly necPssary t•o se r he Secrete.-
cure toe . re.er V :•Uparticillarly to that part o, t •
acne:along upon It. . threw ~lf, their colonial depeudence, and es made aerl issued ,a . • 1 r . 9 Ile - 'l. '111135 reference. to recent eeperiments
port NN 111,
of the political as of ~ ,
' Some vears sinee n claim s,r;33p c
referred aeuinst the
c t • n'temeet ..,, established Mile • ,oa
spentlent Governmente; anti a r
ns and TEBBBllry liol f• r, as to , •
°trove the cloese of the last, taring, . 1 aTMOTIIOIIB 'action iza
' \ tantmal eastern. In oer pnliticel ergot, I
' in die application ot steurn and in t
• he construction of
. nu
113 rt °.
- etriai i poia L biNt, Great Britian, after having, wasted her en- , war steamers, made under the superi
3: t
'ntendence of chi
. nc • have not .
meet the anticipated deficte 3 , tton, no one section of the co uotr a shoul d I tirtenished canes of the nave. to other
In aa noon
e - - 1.,1 eraies in the attempt to eubdoe them tor a
been entirely aelecalate. Although on tbe desire to have all its supposed in ereits a ,
I. • a; A-MifestimnrelTements in the construction of the-Steam
- Mraico has attempted. to 1 "Wine and application of the motive power, which
et of Ocrbet laet, there was a balance in dat he toscrifice of all others ; but
- •elarlom and jus- 6 . vance \ ha's rendered them Tllofe, appropriate to the llies of thips
• - the Treasura in cr .
Insequence of the provi. • terest c tall
. _ fficers has broug,ht into uee a pow
-llnion beincr the great; la , q Y• or war, one of thosao • f. _
b. •t _
•if $3 914,082. 77. yet the precieus to all, should 118 roSlr. red and sus., ,erw na . .
1 i • al makes the steam slit? most ormela le ci h
Congress ' I for attack or defence. I c.annot too strongly recom
tainea by mutual concessions and the culti.
I mend this, subject to your consideration, and ao not
spirit of cornprcmise from ; hesitateto exptess my entire conviction of its great am
-Idea. I
, portance•
e. ..
British Government •
meschants, for the return of esport -
'sheen on shipments of woollen gooas to the 'Unite.
States, after the duty on similar atticles exported to
...other countries bad been repealed, and consequently
in contravation of the commercial convention between
the two nation secur; ng to us equality in such cases.
The principle on which the rests has long since
"been virtulaly admitted fromcleat Britain, but obsta
cles to a settlement have time to time been in
teeposed, so that alarge portion of the amouut claimed
'ctta not yet been refunded Our Minister Is now en
. egea in the proFectition of the elttitr, and I OM' OtbUt.
-rsuade myself that the 13ritish Govetnment will no
ru n ger delay its adjustment. .
1. am happy tobe able. to say that nothing Was oc
'et:treed to disturb in any decree the relations of amity
-which esist between the United States offer
rame ,
Austria -ail/ Russia, ns well as with the other powers
•of Crrrope, since the adjournment of Congress• Spain
'has been agitatid with irocincil convulsions for may
.. ears,from the effects of which it is to ba hoped she is
*destined speedily to recover--wl.en, under a more
liberal system of commercial pclicy on hot part, our
trade with her may again fill its old and so Sor usher
continental possession are concerned, its sled"
saken channels, thereby adding to the mutual pros
- PeritY of the two countries
The Gerscanic Association of Custases and Com
merce, 'Alia, since its establishment :i n 133, has
been steadily growing in poser and importance, and
.-- consists at this time of more than twenty German
?s. *braces a population of '27,0-00,000 of
ess petioil than
ujugate 1: ex as:, had the wiarlot..
tice to acknowledge their independenze,
thereby recognizing the obligation which
rested un her as one of the family of na
tions. Pin example thus set by one of the
Proudest as well as most powet Cul the
o f the earth, it could to no way disparage
Mexico to imitate, While, the.' efore, the
executive would deplore any coll.sion with
Meico, or soy disturbance of the frond
ly relations which exist between the two
countties, it copilot pertoit that Csorvern
racnt to control its policy, whatrver it may
be, towards Texas: but will -treat her as
b . ") , the recilnition of her independence
the United States have long since declat ed
they would do, as entirely independent of
Mexico: The high obligations of public
duty may enforce from the uonstituted
authorities of the United States a po icy
which the course persevered in by blexico
will have mainly contributed to produce;
and the Executive, in such a cuntigeuey,
sion thus merle, t.. _
appropriations already made by ....
will absorb that balance, and leave a p ro b.i cat i o u of that .4:o
able deficiency of two millions of dollars which the Constilution itself pence
at the close of the present fistTal leer. Yon will be informed, by the report
There are out-taniling Troasury notes to from the Treasury Deprrtment,of the meas..
b,tut the
o f four mitlions silt hurt-
ores taken under the act of the last session
led thousand dollars; and should tl.ey be lauthorizing the re-issue of Tteasury Nous
retUine upon the 'lsreattry during the
.. in heti of those outstanding.—The system
fis cosi year, they w ill 11 quire provission tor aanpted in pnratienee of existing lawa,
redemption• l do not however re -1 seems well calculated to save the country
card this as probable; Bice they have obvi a tat ge amount of interes,, while it affords
ously enter
into the currency of the convenience and obviates &angora awl ex
couary, and will continue to form a pop.
penes in the transmission i f fonds to di s _
tion of it, if the system now adobted be
Ibursinef aQenta• 1 refer you also to that
certinued The loan of 184, amounting \ report for the means proposed by the Sec
to $5,672,9'79 86, falls dua on the Ist of \ retary to increase the revenue, aril rattle-
J aullary, 1645. and must be provided for \ uvarly to that portion of it which relates to
or postponed by a new loan. Anti uuless the subject of the ware -housing, *nen.
the resourc.es o f revenue shoo he mate. which I earnestly urged upon Congress at
rially increased by you, there ?rill be a
my pal ticular attention also to that portion
-hich has reference to tha act
-fitted the
I call yet.
of the Secretary's report w..
of the late session of Congress which prohiln,
transfer of c opy balance of appropriation from other \ ......,--, , _
heads of app ation to that for building, equipment 1 , _W- , -""1 twat. Tn 4 - -
F anii Safety Guard, to prevent the ~
and repair.
the department to give renewed emp,,,,yrnen to e i0,,..tt0 l, B'voilers.________
class of worl..men who hare been necessarily dsc,iar- ,
ged. in consequence of the want of means to pay them ,
—a circumstar.ce attended, espec'ally at !hi, 3C3.5011 of I.
A Remedy for Streiled, 'and Inflamed.
the year, with much pricati ,nand cuff`' Breasts•
It giceime ;L-rfsatpa,n to announce to you the loss of 1 10 E.. SELLERS will furnish a uliia ana 5
this sleamshdp -The Mis.sori," by lire, in the Bay of ~ 1%.,. ter, for tVIC cure
of swelled and infiaroot
Gibraltar, where she loa stopped to
NV la:r sui-- to which ladies nursing children are subject.
plie. cf coal. on her voyage to Ades.andria, with Mr. As tha plaster has be su ffi ciently tested
oshing, the American minister to China on board.-- runt confidence in its lx•enn
be them otley ik,'
There is ground for hi?..,h commendation of the offt-...ers cases, if not relieved by it, be returned, provii
and men, fir the coolness and intrepidity and perfect applied in good time before suppration.
submission to diicipline evinced under the most p er} tug
11. E.. SELLI
circumstauces. Surrounded by a raging fire, winiti • Itio '2O
the utmost exertion 3 could not subdue, and which
*Pot% of P:T_o_
Reported h 9 Sheble and Mitche/l, GenescaStomia
root Agents. Water street.
tiF.T-NV--A.T.11. IS SHY C2l CIF
1 ! M .- . . . • • • gl
*Daily Beaver Vacketi,
Oella, Bowman, Brownsville, •
ult on , Forsytti, Cincinnati,
Arcade, Bennet, Louisville.
"Daily Beaver Fackess
Cockburn, Brownsville
Alpine,Molabaa., 'Parkinson, Monongahela City,
Belmont, 'Poe, \Nlieeling,
Little Rock, Millard, Cincinati.p
- —nri-Led thus are rovided
• - Esplosion of
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