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    From the N. 0.
A it1.1%;:(47..: SOHIEE.
Once more-upon the prairie, yet once mute! Once.,
more a wanderer over the great scene of grass that for
long ugea yet.taust remain a gigantic v.-ouster of the
mighty west.
About Lila middle. of Mac, and while we were still
lying cocain pod hulls or SO outside the town of West
--p_orsovaitior, for sew necessary eortipletions of our'
equipment, that were still to be made, Old rar'.:l , --a
sort of uavage. guedrenni, being three pails whiletina
-one part Shawnee—told ns of a great festival among i
the 6diaris aboutniaarniles from where nu r tent, were ,
piicEatlS Ptir',:s *sinned us that the annual, or rather
seinl-annual''..l3read Dunce" tfthe Shawnees was a
very nteresung and curious affair, at the-same time fa
i9rinJ ;t» with en invitation to be present, as ';'diatin
gu.b.7-A'stctitagers," on the occasion. Of our whole
camp six ‘ir seven only started off to this fashion: to
bail ta Shawrivet2y, n. We found the whole, Shawnee
N'tti,m, or at !cast a very fair representation of it, as
sembled an toe ph-a . sur.t gt'ound, whielt n-e reached
ear:yin the :•veaing. The monotonous utpping'of a
doll chum first smote upon raw tyrnParillny. as we near.
` t•dtre c tile. and then ntoime opened upon oar vh. , ion
es ma.;..7 - triii,-ent an exhibition 'of the wild and grotesque
es Ile coal( have wished for. A few corn fields and
. einster4 c.f log buildirigs were srattered %bout the vi
ciwcy, while the Indians were assembled in various
thick grnitps - upon a broad piece I/ level laml it. the
centre. We Goon moved to where 'the :revel seemed
• liveliest, and there a sort of limn Team was set 'apart.
- in which about two hundred dancers, area and women,
weir m ming in setsand figures ultogetber new and cu
. rimes to our observation We thought of Fanny La
Deelse,.and were satisfied that withall her perfectisms
cf "the• Academy," we saw here many of the reline
m^ ;s of the art of motion yet undreamed of by the Pa
- tisianpirase. Funny will smile and sweetly sjnealate.
• - ‘jt"est dina/e. l # when she is told that the most distin
guisla:d perfection in dancing, among the ladies of
Shaw:lreland, - is to keep their ten tees all together, and
neVer,iet them rise fmm the ground!
The dimensions of the hail tonm were shout one him..
sired and twenty feet by eighty, and a number of isid
• irarlieri I , egs laid in this u,b!ong inannt.r enclosed the now
crmates; spot used by the dancers. The logs were at
nnec dna limits of this open salon:). n ad c.ravenient seeds
for OM puny within. The orler of proceedings
iss..6ts; d to give the gentlemen precedence, who rase.
'one after another as a set commenced, and matched
about, stamping in time with the before mentioned old
strum which area neither mare nor less than a little emp
tY powder be liquor keg, with a rarroon skin stretched
.siver it: This was beaten with a stick by alivic, shri-. j
veiled, pock-marked, blear.eyed oid man, who seemed
: tat:a n sort of blind Apollo a.nong the revellers, arid
- Mgr/It/Net instru:nent he accompnidecl with a sharp j
set voice, in a low, continuous sort ofhewl, that chimed
with the song of the dancers in a way singularly
The large tires lighting up the strange groups—the men
.going lininigh contortions 'the darkness outside the;
-bat' room Ines, while many a Ere blazed in the woors. j
- teriaand, where small groups were citron .g—all !
this called still stranger inruges to the mind, and it
seemed :to ha ti dance of demon=, while the. voice of j
drummer Ar.)lln came like a shrill ye: hollow resonance I
from tinder ground, as do captive enemy enchni.led.
The gentlemen having fully commenced their opern
tions salient and fantastical, the Indies limit arose, Mrs
Jon Day, ti creat beauty, (if bwanty is a thing that. one
can't Inve too ;ranch of) taking the lead. As close be.
hind as they could pack themselves rime the female
partithi afflict company, all in feath-rs, beads, long
frocks, leggi.ogs and mnecasinsi. Their Method of j
dancing was to Move forward inch, their ads j
vanes?, heitig indeed hardly an inch wi each motion.— •
With their feet Muse toe-ether, as if fastened SO, thee
progress in a niltieing shuffle anal id the men. deseri- I
j g-cirales and scroihs, and i - ari els fanciful curves,
subtriplicate, subpadruplicate and parnbolically inert- j
cam. But the women all moving together in this tray.
particularly as now and then a riling and pretty face ;
or two - wottld csirm round. formed by no means an un- :
piens/tit druninteresting spectacle for the eye.
There were sums, but not a superablindance, dregs
'liar, pleasing-featured women hinong the Shawnees;
the this evening., however, in ear sophisticated
.indgmmt, were arnong some ten nr fifteen Dela ware
sininsels,•wh scorer to the hail, compietely outshining
their Sit twoee rivals, both in personal beauty and ;
grandeurof decoration. One young-lady of -sweet ,
teen" could sramely have bad less than fort:y pounds of :
silver hanging. about her 'person.
But we have som.!thing fanny to ten nimat this sni
ate dans...vac that cannot be crowded into our present
space, and we mina have further mention of Joe D a y j
and his Prying pea Lamp fir another occasion.
FA cro RY HOU iti. — The practice of requiring per's
sans to labor the number of hours per day the factory
.4v. , ratives in the mills work, we consider to be die...a...-
right haiharisin Nor is the number of hours the only
eiql) of barbarism that may he found in the manner el
their employment and treatment. Awl while to th
late apperti Seltrn, , tl . C...ii.Sei Of Boston, the community
have lent their liommisseration and aid, it is passing
stritn.le that a deaf ear is' always turned to every word
or even whisrr that is breathed about the evils suf
fered the ''facto y It is in fete% considered
lib itOS a crime, PIA it ha/loge/ter nr,p ipular for nay
one tts iiinLsgest any improvement in their- contlitinn..
The pre , s and the pulpit are silent upon the subject,
and the harangues of political caueu4es, those warm
levers of the people (who have vote=,) never think
of such a thing as uttering a ward fur bettering thn
cord it ion of tine tartar operatic,,. Why is this indif
f 'retire to tho ea^ls suffered by this class of people? Ts
it he • .0 the co m ntunity think their condition sn goo i
that it needs no amelioration? Or. knov their tea:
coe,l,zioo, do tlicy consider the evil so deep rooted as
to t* Test r . il hope, of relief? Or does the power of
wealth and e- in blind the eye and steel the heart against
thwcall of salrering humanity.
But. that ignorance may not bt nn excuse for apathy,
we wiil state some facts in relation to the hours olfac
tory. ittlytr. NVe (In this, her:lase our duty calls us to
the. .irtpleasatit task, althou:li not so doing we shall
meet with the censure of Mont: interested.
Let ii see. then, whit is the history of one day's
of an opet alive. In the morning she -is called up
in - aeasoa to eat breakfast at half past five—say five
-k. She eats her breukfa4, having just risen
from bed. At six o'clock she goes, at the ringing of
the hell, into the mill, and works a time by lamp
nut continues to work till half past twelve; she
then goes to dinner, for which twenty minutes are al
between hells, and hurries hack to the mill,
and works till half post seven, o'elGek at night. She
probably gets home and finishes her supper by 8 o'clt.ck.
She has devoted her time to her employment incessrtnt
without ono minute she can call her own, since 5
o'clork in the marning— ; iffieen hones. She will be
rimin in the morning at five, in nine hours, to
-3 through tine same routine of the day past. Where
is her tin-re for recreation and amusement? IVhere is
, lier time Sro t! - :e eultivationepd improvement of the re
moi-al and intelleattal nature that God has
iMalantei in her? She has just nine hours for sleep,
amusement and social culture, religious, morgsl and
intellectual improvement? We make no further re
marks nt pressor, but leave our tenders to think—
to t'sink - vdiother human nature was ever designed to
i.e thus misused?-I..otrell Herald.
Fmeane's wheel keeps continually ;using, and
sometimes we go up and men we go down. Prince
Christopher, brother of the lute Emperor cf Hayti,
lately applied to the - Lord Mayor of London, at the
Mansion House, fur relief. He stated that his wife
had been recently confined, and ;hat they were in a
elate of utter destitution. Cln•istophe, Emperor of
Hayti, it will he recollected, committed suicide some
twenty-foar years ago, in his Castle in the midst of
Ini:!;:rts of treasure, on finding- that hie soldiers had
Ai:boiled agaiirst him. The spoil found in his po■ees
&on was subsequently divided among the insurgent
trJops, by order of Boyer,their Cummauder, and was
the niemp r , of elevating the latter to the Presidency.
fr...r. A-Lich he has it 'nil turn been compelled to fly--
Profiting, however, by the example of improvidence
offered by predecessor, the wary old Governor took
gold cAre to carry ufi . treasure enough to make his fa
mily lordly " Ulu laud of Princes and paupers," for
generalities yet to come. When last heard of, he was
travelling in Europe with the pomp and magnificence
of ,a erioce t and exciting un attention worthy of his
shrewdness and bit money
t.... The Philadelphia Srpirit of tho Times is in favor
at granting licences to grbggeries of all kinds, big and
little, dirty aildelenn. elegant and otherwise I—What
ever =cern malltions they may lack For man, heaven
kn' w they entertain mint a beast.
..j.-.4.54 - :-,-,.1113 QII AIN A'N :
t340111(X;- if* I '
ir4t..34511 010 LCL , Nr 7.. 1 el:N.t
_ a _ • FOR GOVERNent,
1 1 1 .11.5. R. SIT.UIN.
Subject to tho clecivioa of :•
THE: nrstOcit.i rzc s tATF. CONY INTIoN
41[4c 'Cloth) itiortritig Post.
PHILtIPS it'S3HT4I . , 1!'DITOR1.1 AND l'itOrittliTuit,
MAKOTACTUREIt.-.-The 'subscriber respectfully tint
neunecs, tbat his engagement in other avocations; will
prevent hereafter his participation Mtheireditorial or
business department. These duties will now devolve
solely upon his partner, Mr. Phillips. who will con-
duct the concern upon the some principles, and ia the
same manner, which have the fir secured to it sl
flattering a de7roo of success. In making this with
drawal, the subscriber taker occasion to return his
sincere thanlts'.for the substantial patroungs which
has heretofore been bestowed amen the estalilistaseut.
[' In talkin; with many of the democrats from the
reentry, we find tit it the desire for an early appoint.
meat of delegates is Anent unanimous. The, MI sap
poiethat after the decision of the county enticentirm all
discussion in relation to men trill cense,ntoi evory mem
ber of the party will be wilting to submit to iLlt will of
the majority, whether it • lie fr-nr ntmiioit his favor
ite. We Imre 'Our p , eference, because we believe s him
to he emin'tintly qualified for the onice,and the pelf Jrl
who is tnr)st liic -iy to receive n harmonious support from
the party But altlinnli we wiii ace all honorable
means to secure hi; nomination. we can cheerfully sup
putt other man, ;four own choice shothi fail to he
the choice of conventien. Oar great is to
sectrre halmony in our mats for tan grand stru:zee of
1814, and we believe the most certain mode of accom
plishing this, is to-complete our primary arrange
ment; before the public mind is excited b. useies;
disrussioos about men.
Tic democratic members of the last Legislature held
na iecting and adopted anarklress Mul a series of res.r !
ulmians, iorehtfon-to the nest 4th of March con‘cn
ticn. The fullheing, wltfeh we talus from the pri•
c erdings, suggests '/# iii*datrornt of 41elegute.
January, and we think the suggestion will meet the ap
probation of thc people:—
"Hese/red, That we recommend is democratic state
to be held on the 4th of Marv!, next, 1. D.
1844. to be composed of delegates equal to the
Inc of Scnatorsand Representatives in the stute locis
latore, and to bc,eleeted by the several comities and
senatorial districts according to the reprr-sentatinti to
direr may sevcraLy be entitled, and for the pot
po oofpraluelng as :a tch i rot in it yas may be prac
ticable as to the time.: of the election of delegates
th..oughout the state. it is recomm ruled that ecit (let
e,.;att's b....•lectad in the several c 'unties at any time
succeeding thelst of January, A. I). 1344.
Reso!ced, That the deter'. ite' to the erm'enitial of
the 41.1) March 1844, will have the in - I:ler:ant ;lyrics to
prf irm of - , electing Nuitable defecates to rerre , ent the
iv a National Cuts ien; ,g an F.'-clonal
Tielcet, and also of nominating a candidate he 'tip
perted by the Democratic party in ()motor 1844. fir
the hi alt :mil important office of U wernoc of 1 'cnnay l. vania, and it is recommended to the sever t! counties
to cas e arch notice to tit..., primary and county -n,ctinas,
ns will procure n full attendance of the metnhers cr o w
party fr im which wul ile .11C ike4 eft delegates, wi,n n ill
faithfully promote tb,, ssd.hes ea wall as .;•••
tint interests of tiv2 people they tepro.,ent.
We presume the Committer of Co:-re.pondenc, am
as anxious as any of theft democratic brethren to Lase a
Lair expression (lithe wishes niche peopli ,tt the prima
cy rmietings, and we tl,erefare hope they uiis adopt the
an; t? ti on of the democratic rhom6ers, and appoint an
cat ly day far the selection of Delegate,.
STEAM Pd.ctotTs.—We uribestand says the 11,111..
days Standard, that a company of enterprising riti.
lens of this State imend placing a line of Stearn Canal
Pa-ket Boats on the Pennsylyatke Ctertlfor the trans
portation of paisen;ters; also a snlileient supply of new
,anti improved Passenger Cats on the Columl is and
Postage Itailroacdt. We 1110 with pleasure this desi
mble improvemaht, and wish to the entm
ing gentlemen em.....tt;ed in the undertaking. Wnh
line of Stearn Pncl.:et Boats, pazseng ,, rs will leave Phil
aticiphi tat G M., and arrko nt Pittsburgh at 10
A. M. of the third day. making the entire trip in two
days and r o ar hours. Ibis mean, of (moven niece will
be much less expense than the old mole of towing by
horses. We arc informed that it is intended to u s e
boats with paddle wheels at the how cf the boat, which
it is said, have been tried and fund to answer every
FLOCK AND f s:CF.—About two millhms of barrels
of flour passed through the Eric Canal this year, and
the Lansinburgh Company have done n slaughtering
business in the way of beef fur the fl,reign market.-
-This company have igeneies in vi.tri"us srsctions of the
%Vest, located at shipping points. At Racine, Wis
consin Territory, an extensive business has been done
this season. About 1000 barrels and 600 hides have
art 'wed here during the present month from that place.
Several thousand cattle have also been slaughtered at
Cleveland, this fill far, foreign markets; and at Daley
ale, Indiana, some 2000 head hive been pricked. which
N% ill seek a European mart. It is understood that the
beefhas all been put up after the mode practised in
Ireland, when seeking the English consumption.
SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE.—The N. Y. Tribune, a
rank federal paper, thus speaks cf the different gen
tlemen who will probably bo brought forward for
Speaker of Congress. The prospects of Mr. Wilkins
everyday brighten, and we think there i 3 not a doubt
of hie st.oness:—
"THE SPEAKERSHIP.—SamuuI Beardsley orN.
Charles J. Ingersoll and William Wilkins of Pa., Geo.
C. Dromgooft• and John W. Jones of Va., John Camp
of S. C., and Dixon H. Lewis, of Ala., are nam
ed as competitors for the post of Speaker of the new
house. Mr. Jones would be Mr. Van Duren's man,
but he had only 33 majority on his return and his seat
is contested by Mr. Butts; so it would be grossly im
proper to make him-the creator of the committee on
elections. Mr. Dromguole killed a man in a duel a few
years since, which-will operate against him. Mr. Lew
is a Calhoun man, which settles his case.' Mr. Camp
bell is a nondescript in polities mid is known to he i n
favor of excluding. the members from the states which
have defied the districting requirement, so there
is net chance for him. Mr. Beardsley, being a New
YOrlrer, ailldecline fioni delicacy ormodesty, or what-,
ever - You may cad it. We rather think the choice will
he between Mr. Ingersoll as the Van Bursa arid Mr.
\Vilkine as the anti-Van Buren candidate,"
The Ciaciantitinies umein nn extacy.lf delight
at the completion and opening of the White Water
Canal. They celebrated the event with a- great deal
of enthusiasm on the 28th ult.
I ,7The Razor Strop man delivered n Temperance
leeture in Cincinnati on last Wedneiday night.
fa' It has been repotted in I;taiti more 'that siticetbe
conviction of Horn, kw has sevetal limes attempted to
commit suicide. .
Muni: or ktKvil,ittolo 1,A9 sow
Anti Jl:4
operueion in! on__ono the
Attris of t* ichith Trigt4 u4statitgrs wet the
Th4rd rge
ieouaih rig seojin te4 feetiniolifiV;awbibr 5t ni f
thoronghly byS , volume of .tram being thrown
upon it. lis then conveyed to another eat beneath,
th•-waterrarenitiOgy evaporated, tho melted Inrd
-drawn grintr'in . keg7 and barrels. .One huntilvd.ned rift)
barrels per clay can be thus rendered, with the tuber of
two mco; there is au possibility/41hp land beingbortit,
and every particle of it in the hlig is she* saved, which
eatattot be dquehyney prss,s. h i14.1314/l powerful.
bcF.tutsuta.—We learn froni die New York
Sun arm the Secretary of the .Etna Fire Insurance
Ceiniiany tilt' city ix a :13:4ulter to the am..iu.it of
THT, RIGHT WA I% — T/10,6e:3i - sof ihu Harritburgh
Bank have had a new plate of twenty dollar notea en
graved, with n %low of withdrawing f culation
the note.s thlt.havu recently been euunterfeited. . The
pinLe was executed. by Spencer & C,.., and th 3 engra•
ving is beautiful.
SILL IN 0 OUT • CITT.-.-Thl fire ling ilie.t.portrditi of
M 'pots, offiee furniture, en. I tor pro:perry, belonging
to the city of Brooklyn, hrtvc Leda advertised fur sa. u
at public auction Ha Situ! day next, to pari#ly a credi
tor's judgment. The Board of Altimn in word to meet
on the 30th and m Ike an chart to pr wile for the pay.
inent Of the debt 11., whid, tie seieura h id b mn made.
FljtY: IN PHILADELPHIA.- way doatructiwe fire
oceitireci in Philadelphia nn the morning of the 40th.
which deatroyed the white Iliad red kal rn.toufuettory
of Mrssr. & Co.. Kcnsingto.i. The prverty
‘ro.owlied by M•inuel Eyr...and not insured. Tito foal
is estimated at bi-, ween G aria 8000 ,I 'Ears. It will ho
recollected tint on the sun m trai:ii a fire occurred
in Kensington in this city.
CtitITTERTPAT fon% WARTt Vit'S—A puck
afkiniN es ha , ...! proccro.l the printing of a large lot of
blank warratit4, in Illinois. and after coon-
tereigniiq them is various wavy, ore putting them in
circulation. The filling up of those seen is dole hr
ti ne per.vm, the imitatioa c,ond and liablo to d .cPive.
t r..7p'Coal has been iiiticovisrerl in the viril,vv of 111-
.ter, New York, end the people of that place alrendy
tails peou P.y oltbo pro:RA ctrl oulcusta,;r4 of the dis
PROGR: - .54 OY AMERICAN !roes r,,r.—From n va'„
irth;e report on dumnstie runniinsetio es to the H vtrur,l
Cumity (Cuun.) Aericiiitiind Society, by Plii!lip ipley,
, w•e learn that, is our imports or (amigo
fdbrirs amounted to $79,93J,394 In I R 3I , they
reduced In $16,`238,95 • 2 in la 4.1--!ess than one huh'
Tlietr b.ive keen very great improy•mimits and'exten
sions Of manuca . ztures whhil the last Imar :ars, as this
roport satbductorily exhibits.
A FATED F/0111.1 —TII4 lait of the "S , li.•
tClranea.a" contain , a s'..etch of Mike Walsh, which,
:thee - timing that hit father. who xv 3 a once worth NO,.
039, hue Ntoo inwlvent , n..il tI 41 of a Eraken helm
iays:—"The chialreit, hr nher,, of
e,hoin Mike em the y•iii.ito,t, and a girl, scattered in
all direction,, the hitter al,ie onyio:,. %licit the mother.
A singul t, fatality attes, led than 11: 7 .. 0 lc of Ole
6. others felt 11 . ) the ~:de of Croi_ket at the maisacre of
the A lamn. A liglier n• ohot i da-i fnaFLt ace .90
lithe The third wilt I.ornt hi the Bei
Shi•rm 1, and the .itter per:4l , -d is, the i!l•Eireil
in zton. (Aloft ,i.l G./.1 i. ah ire ii!A !) The antrti2Cl'
Si' !;!:owed, lad left him, 11*.ir L 13 , 4 sta r Ilif,,
NEW M . AstrAL tont 14 ittqlsi .—Th•
C•impilvr i:tf , rinatinn or a lia-
en in3.nn.i.:tnry ‘1141.:11 i. ninita to Lo ell , :161101 , d is or
nenr thi4 city. \Ve have ...en a letter t , . Mr. W. I.
Grim-1.1; .11n thr• gontl •.n:a h.) pace u.l.l.•rtaken this
etiterri:c.. They hul irwit tic..flai,d, the
great nronthetruring t.tyrn, and are tharnttell) lLtilcd
in the hit.ine.i th , ..y will mann ern'etr4 in hem. The
letter states that tl it m t ieny ninint bring ship
red, a•ifl ne m i th..ref so.m expect ar:;,al.
ALL THE do we twat -
Cie d.t.nortraut stipnati.t-t1 at . 1 ‘ ; ;0: 11:1t1101Y often ha VC
wv h •arti th arrorhr t t't tt :111 ui u wIS 1/C.C.I. 4131 V to
ni14.09 the A1111" ... 111 of n...tiz prineiplet, %yeti t ed•
ueat.•• the p' u•'!e. TJ 4!),,W h tI.V t.ttel ' oy N., are tneh
HI It d •in .cri - y t it.re tiC , T , •st
root 10./ ti bail a;.' rect itel . _ n ).); a I !ICU%
rd. , , it it hit nesei.ary in anti' the ft t, that in New
II ntshirt—the Gil:raker of D •nt i r try—out of a
populat io9 - . 01r2114,474. Orne. are blt 911 por.ons ho
can not re itlOAttita.
P •:T re. •IrAin 7Ti tak ManuEict , tring
Comparr4 et Lowell modes seini.annull dividend of
TZS P [lt cert. Protection of itself. All the mattu
factorie. are doing a thriving bu•inots. The (topical
of the Merrimack Company is two millions of Aolars
—the Llwronte 41,503.000, the Hamilton, Bout, and
Ma.‘sacitusett., $1,201,010 card], .12pletoo, I,oa-ell,
tddle.ex, and Tromoot, $6,000;000 elicit.—
The number of yar h of cloth nilnufamoted per week
51,351 250. hale of cotton used I,o9s—and 8,720
persons employed, 6,375 femiles and 3.315 males.
TSP D.—The Isout•tvlie Journal say:—" We
learn that the New Soltann, built here, and uotv on her
first trip from this city to New Orleans, ran from
ro to Mars Point, a distance cf 35 mites, in on
hour and three nanytes."
Fut:ft i 1113!! IN 01110.—in 13clinaut county a Fourier
Association harc purchased a tine farm of 2100 a
cres. Twenty familit•s or marts and 60 single men will
arrive in April. Their building will contain accomo
dations for 1000 Stuck is held at $25 a share, on
which is promised 7 per cent. to the holder.
rp The N. Orleans pa:ieranre bragging about their
burying grounds. A city that does so 'urge a tusiness
in yellow fever, bowie knives, and cold lead, can
atrard go ut gravo yank and blndsoll3 sextons.
i'll.-een Peas wore plenty in the New Orleans
markets on the 16th ult. They were not very dear con
sidering the season. and for two dimes, n full modicum
could bo purchased for two persrms.
IT is E.STIMATED lint ten tons of turkeys were dis
posed uf in Boston, the day before the celebration of
Thanksgiving. Perfect Gobblers thr:sz New England•
TUE DEMOCRATS of Yoe: county will meet on the
first Monday in linoary for tho pnrpo3e of appointing
rlelegateii, to the 4th of ',larch Convention
COON CANDIDATE roa GJveallott.-A writer in
the Philadelphia Forum recommends Gen. l J . AM
IRVIN, of Centre, as a suitable person for the Whig
Gubernatorial candidate la 1844. We would like to
beat G..n. Irwin as well as any 0t1r.. , r Coon in the
Nr.sys FROM MR. Caitretro.;—Tho Hon. C. Cuih
ing,...Amtrcosndor to China, writes to a trieiid in New
York from Suez, gut be had : a apoody and mini. hair
eating journey. throuth •Egyfir,•`ind Was on - the:loi
SerifTter t n 'siting a steamer from Barnbay.
A Osshar Sex!: k. — Bur ing ‘Vysnan's trial at LOW• no port dare the Sluv.:. snip run, frtriti nottessol a tririt& M. E 701.,.... ... .......1 • ltssuti kintrlit:
iii, the.l3uston Post says tiokili_the ca.yesof Jiidge AI: .'k fo- as, d,tin
/ce-2 4nt
Luan J./pings-without wigs r i EOOLF &. FOSTER,
fen's cbarge he was tvminitea tOlrfiVebiter that bt. ar fncia ' rralmna4 in 4) a s P ace nutin g b4n "el f u ' &4 ' l ' i W"tera Seal Sethi. 411001 / 1 11 71 ,_
, ~.,, ~. - when iving,down in inie posit io: n for iiweniv aays -Geld i Third st. , next door ;Ll Om Pos - t t blie,els, .._. imild*.a:
was miksken in erii poiet/4_4'_ of ; the erileher, whero- ekght s , w ia a twie*tid :Yr-WI the r ow . I. filth. ~ .iihnul.- - v' en- ) , larAgeney fur the purchvis skid sale of Edb-...
.- .. , . . . . .
fliaol, lig iiiiii k e replted-- 4 1he,./e/nutmsesglt... De int 4 r. Illation, with a - putt-Id nod feu::,tinospher.., oa a dock, rate, Stooks, ttegtrtiuring of I,..:4tsni, stA.,Collec6s..
ruotcd,-lr." And I will it.n. reso
be miOsepnt...d, may thirty tw" ii'cbe' in.'" the c'i•in":-• ( w' al'Y t They will also attend to the sallinit of pi/metal fur
any romance, portlay what might have been the bitter , „ wile! , eta dietanee. . _-,,..
it pleao/ yrrar h inor," was iwspoodA.4: :4l 76ie down, apny—the torture ofrh,.se Africans! A ,lave can be i -
sir,' iingrity cerement/IPd the wart. Letters, post paid, will rnecs, ih.iiptSll6lll , _
purchased fur ten hnrs of' haft, or ten pieces of blue I ti , pn. Terms rmulerate. The best okief ‘ . ... ften
..closh—say twenty shillings, and will fetch at 13caz11 . 1 c ,“ application tit tise Ate: . 1... 412
$4BO, oruften £12.9; the i nin.n.se profit renders the
'hive traders regardless of hnman life— I
one slave in es-
e . n, ten, if broaglat to Cuba or Brazil, yields an am
ple returntund anxioos us our cruisers are tocheck
this wretched traffic, the western coast of Africa is too
vast and extensive 14 the fleet emphiyocl to watt, it.
Cot. Caxzss..f ttio 8..)3t0a Post tins b2en ultsctad
a delepte t.O the Nitipr!m Convention. We know
th l t 111 r. t.':uoteituina n 1140' ofaukm CA" tio:
JAilt3 Bucu.ts•s, and, tiltb.mth he may have 801 M,
other "fiat choLe," ha would 1* %yell sittliacd %%itri)
the nomination of our candidate.
THE PLACE. WHEIt7: Witttsr.:n WANT; TO 03.
A eurrzspJa.l..tit, of CI.? atitim.tro Patriut, states that
he has it from Mr. Ch 'ate's mvn lii)s that ha intend;
to rosip before tha en:l ufthe aet3iva,huit that there is
little or no prutiabi:ity that he will he su.-ceeded by
Mc. Webster.
ni has sz.nit n koecial mei.
Algo tar legkliture. rec innmonding n plnn fir with
& iwiJg thr:(nr,nlllllo3 of th Centi-al Bank. It sug
grits Out p wag. of a law 1-.1 dria; th: b a tk to imlua
c.•ctia.:.‘t NI of‘l:.p)iite, in swot of not le.tA th al fifty
ciallarr, for thr r....l2aytiJa of its cirzalttio 1, which
s'l.lll'bear na iate....•st at the rate of eiett por cent per
aanurn, nri.f be rad.til:n3.l in eightaan Ell.ll s, or sum
er. at the will of the bank.
NaIRR Tartu rtt.ty l'Or.Tltr —The H. Tcle•
griptli4 of the upiniun - that "nil editor who moot
sup r:4 In. in the Ile of o.te. of the finest train:. of
tit that It_ is punia; 04 paper, to minute the di•
of a huge pumpkin, or writa an advertise
m maw a .1 ;,t• kw-0 enter the mini? of a new rub
setilwr, or to ta'te pay fir an receiv: a cow
sen Ithin; It ha+ said, ur e a
bl.twiag up fur
sto t thiag had not said—and after all to return..
'the thr.'a.l of in. disc mrse,' and carry out the idea in
its urti,iall 1,..zat0 an,' beauty, it next to no editor at
BArK CS. iTA ie. PM, )I.4s.—file. New Yorlt
fly 'Cr th St-tt! prig in 4 st!l ntu.l,l the
cl•litry s uti th . tir ev.?znils, nil layin;
tt•l4"-n) %%iiiist the Links are loving mun
ev. Pa tt.i, the reason is obvious. In Banks they
!rive a-u ur little ditcr.itioa, nitile Ott- prisons QM
chiefly filled by rn•n rrJoie every J udp.usent is indis
A CUNifoRTAIII.o. SALARIL—The sulory oftho Ri
Ri•ii )11 o.a 1 -rd It:, of the I:,)kcopal Church,
fir,. 6 rfanii do!htri per annum. At n recent in-e
tiny of the V,intry of Trinity Church New York. the
1114 imp the Vencey the abcolute ticceisity he
w.. u ider ul an ni liti ,n to hie o,Al.iiy, of Eftzcit
lrtdJ.:'-t{'s. Twehelundrcd
w tWA t M —S.tivtt ty
rintentv h •••0 teeent.l% been ninde in thili seitirris l,y Le
I:ov II . Ha Ant Leen krturing is lio.ton
gni IN . f..fir`d • • :iv. .„r 0 , o f hi,
elprci c) la; Ia ly wh t waa ea" sat'sjiict
Carta; io w lot Cal •i iir
1 . ... tr ;1 •i‘ et U lA< ii irhi4 i hit •i
-ilihoOnnoF tit.? Lid v w If, sing th,, s sc
owl, (the 1.••• it, otio4 oh, ,e ho.‘i l if iz
to hmath --tar , •tr I, Inlra',-
bin;hrr land•.. ai if ••!, • f..:t t, •r It •Art
•rit iil!.atir joy, a id ahoot r ov.ly
'omit..., and aas iv hill, ~,,fohrnti.:"
in t a"t1) i
I 1 oiiirr, 1 ~h,trt ti the !ific4t tint lit,
ectia•n i b How g'ori
bow tioany I ft• - •!!" "a v oiriivea di•
r.srtio i,"a d tin hi , ottr..r.o i to ai lt i t o id( or
ti.-• "aid till tio )iso 1,4, there." sh,•• tor•
n h•il ail Y 1 , . • h t, olio tit oc Cat
fat op 11 fIYY ri ti ti IL/ it t 1 111 •.1 .1 :
Y11;1:1,11'1. n•I .% r• n ri, 1,,
I 4:,•',1y is; / . 11' II ix I,) ‘• n•i• , •1•! " W. , it
; th-• ihirtor. 0:i!" 4h • ~ x •
• ,
Wittvtt a Ir,l. •1, .1 f.•,, 111 • 1) • 11..
z.,l•itl+l,l' I " 1/,...1:11•1'! NI, hr ! I
ti•i , !Jr 111. H" • • •
I n . .. 2) • li
thi4, na • uC tic- y r 11 . b •;•••1•1 In :t!)
ii - rllll I. in I . a t.i t 11,r rire
u•tranl- the taii.iir; o‘iiir!itiat! " 011! IJ 'NV
h v4.:,f 4.: :AV rirct: - • • 1ra11.4..0 i•
tit' lyctilli•y. "0 . 1! !:14•• , •! how htsaii
t:r What elite do von to. 1 I! AL. 1.11111 14 to toil!
ni , •!" "Oh! I ~•,• ,ny later!
Oh, hoo• 1 4 :” hint •diltely °I - ter thi4 41/ , `
SV - 1•16 /i01.•11, •h - ^, a
dy. an 1 tlv• o'h •rll I: ‘sh ) 11, I r ilitiet
_r'oa'd ia and Bang the second."
By the steamship N-w Y,i, 'I:, at New Orivaris, fro m
Gaki:sicia,, we have news from Teta: e 13th ult.
hhe• army ititelligenoe or' itn,rot twice, ii the
which wr tmt. fro m Itit• N. 0. Picas thir:
1 - tir re,iel which chi rit.tl the corn :nixitioneri to Mvx.
wria fond to h•ali con4iLlocib!y after the left (ial-
Yo‘ton. Oa ex Enination, pater renOing the point of
dostinati.w, is wA. di icok oro.l th:tt a con‘iderabl,•
operdec had been mule in her b‘dow the caster
tiro-. by t h e cs.e of an nognr and rhis , l. The Ctvid in
denounces the net asune, the motile of which wal de
liberate murder.
The British Goverment has rr.sented elnitns on
its subjects to hind in Texan, amounting to from ten to
twenty million', of ncren! They are principally Etn
prestitio grants. Them demands will probably cover
marl-' all the public domain Went of the Colorado riv
er; and the Governtroin of Texas has been notified by
Capt. El ibtt, in neeordince with the instrumions he
has received, that unless the fact." set f nib by these
claimants, are refit d. nr a :cuit.factory es:plnnotion
eivett, her Majesty's Goverment would feel fully au
thorized to take the neeen-ary step. to enforce the
just e'a iron of these, her liege subjects.
With reference to this subject, the editor of the 11:11-
Inhder says:—
"This movement on the part of the British Govern
moot is somewhat StrithZe and singulttr, to say the ICIISI.
ofit. While the friendly interpositio,t of that power
has been apparently e4)rcitelly extended as a medintm
iiettswii Texan and Mexico. see have been willing to
dismiss eyery . ierdous denht that has sometimes arisen
reg 'Ming- Its sincerit). But we an no longer hani4l
our doubts and fears upon thin subject. It is too ap
parent that there is some hidden motive, some a.kan
taze sought, ot some desirable end to be nttained, unit
we fear detrimental to Texas, or this unexpected ques
tion would not Inve been presonttd at this critical
jnnct are of our alrairs. At any rate, it cannot be con
sidered in any other light than indicative of a mecca-
nary policy on the parr of Great Britain, or that the
friendship of England for Texas is to be remunerated
either by the saerinee of a portion of her territory fur
13ritinh Colonization, or, perharts, by a submission ttl
Ike policy of that Government relative to our domestic
We learn front the Naval and Military G tzette, that
the Portuguese schooner Eepentnza of 44 ton:‘, has
been co aim/uteri by the Mixed COW MiSijOil Court. and
lirrikce im for sale, a;recaf•ly to oar treaty with Pura
g tl. Her inatrections coatain a tale of horror, trtlioir
hug i.o varaishiag to ruder it a romance. She was
eoininisaioned for the cua •t of :Africa. for the Miti..am
hique, and o ith crew of ten me•n and pmvision form:
teen days (! !) war tutake is 230 '4laves, or if small
1)004—so the slaves are termed-250! and easily rack
ed in the hold of a yeasel of 44 ton,, with a height of
thirty-Iwo inches! ay, inches! between the slave or
an ler aad the upper deck !. Manacles and chain.
ere on bond to the nu:nh •r of 903 for another car.
go. And with provii,ions for "fifteen dap," with thin
frightful freight, this cargo of human misery. to cross
the wide Atlantic, to traverse at a bird'i nearly
4000 miler.
Suppose rain: war givers.? wincb - or atoms occurred
roprn.se the voyage- V 4116 delayed for tirenty day, to.
Sr. Loots, Nor. 24.
The rivers continue very lov. , and are falling. In the
channel of the Mississippi, from this place to Cairo,
there it but 5 j feet wtster in th , : shallowest places. On
the lower rap Is there is reported kallt 3 feet. Busts .
drawing 31 feet only arc enabled to nnend the Mis
souri, and in the channel of the Illinois there is but 20
to 22 inches,
T HE light draught Steamer CTCE
RO, Patterson, Miter, will leave
1;4 ttie Robot:a:al Mterawaliate tnarliagi., on Ttluitspar
next,7zh instant, at 10 o'clock, A. M. ForFteit:lat or
Passage apply on board, or to J W BUTLER,
d 5. • nr JAMES MAY. •
WThis boat is pr.witied with Evans' Safety Guard;
to pr,.vent the exllosinn of Boiler..
THZ stew and .splendell passenger
NiZitr.. Stramer W HITE CLOUD, tit w
man Rubin's, Master, will fence fur the
al)o%e sad iutermediote iandinga. on Wy.Ds vanAr nev,
fth in.q at 10 o'clock, A. M. For frefght or pa4sage
appiyonbnardorto JAMES MAY.
f7e Ihis Bout furnished trith Evans' Safely
Western University Lectures.
The third Lecture of the cuurse %El ho delivered
this evening. Subject:
"The 6•rondaryline controrev9 twee* Pennsyl
vania and Virginia," Neville B Craig, Esq.
N. B. Tickets for the whole course. admitting zi
Gentleman and Lady, $1 30; Single Lectures 25 cents:
to be had at tit.: bunk store of C H Kay ti. Go., the
Mr.tilAi..t. book store; at the Periodical publication of
-es of .1 lV Cook aid J II Foster, and of the Janitor
at the d,,or.
open at 6} i;clock, arai_the Lee
turci will canna:nee at 7j u'clo:k preeiiely.
S ILE-4 cnriti4ious lots of Ground, conteM•
1_ leg 60 feet front on Locust street, rind 6U feet on
Pine st., by 120 feet deep, (sth Ward) on which
:t ',erected' temlnents,ret.i 41 present for s336ler
13tli.dinz3 I;erv, title %%a:ranted and clear of
i:.cumbrunce. Ap •Iv et
Real Estate °lee, Smithfield street and
d 5 Penn streets. (sth Want)
1 -4 OR SALE-.% Int rf Ground on sth street. (be
Wina sneers.) 30 feet frunt
by 120 f.rt deep, on whirh is emeteil 5 tenements and
reatA for $lll per Ilaklun). This property offer:
itl , lrernetits to Capin*lists, it is ia a badness Pail of
tiny Cit}' , tad nn tho leadia; atreet to the New Court
&e.., it tvill diiiinied of a harzain.
Apply at BLAKELY & ITcll F:LL'S
Real &ante Otriczs, Smithfield st. an -I
l'e in Street, (sth Wrird.)
I; OR SALE—Two aer,-.3 of G:Jutd, fronti:q cn
the Sa :dr and :Ojai:ling- the
town 4111torer, Colirreinn County, Ohio.
Loa property wind be cxchan:;eri for property ia
1.,c45, :rz h, 0 , In- InanufActured urticl s.
1;T:r at the E.tate Othe.o4 ttf
S rem sth, and Penn stre4
(sth IV:nd.)
- 14 1 Olt SALE—Six arms ni Ground (0..1 wltie!t
11. eoete4 a Rttre SS i k &o.) adjoining the Town
tt• E las L . ...n.64. C. 614.. A rply - to
S 41 Street tr: tr 3tb, en I P,tnn st..
Ai •
(sth Ward )
r.'ie Cunt al Ccnonon /':tax of 'll4ga-tug corm
s w, 11:. June Ic7 en , 13-11.
j;111 . ..1 MC.FeritAt
tition for Divorce
Ihry Jaw. , li'rerd•ll. )
ND now to wit, 1.),-...ncJtst. the , 3.1, 1843; a -tulopre
n t an.llli s inhi,ce:ta ha v ing been is: to t 1:.:
'lent in tit.... C,4 , !, and proof hiving been mode
. Nrti.l could not befourta in said cntr.tv;
t it to th , t ati.l ro9ande:lt drat the
i 1! ho n•q tir.•d to apdear is Aail court On the 4th
M kndav ~ f Dorematwr nay. ursnsswertotlirc.,mpla iats
.t f firth in &ail p .tit inn, tit:tom-I:to such prucetqling
will ba. bad n 4 tire directed by the a:t of Aisembly, in
cti:.!trtl , :e to „let and provided.
(1-c 5- I 4t E TROVILLO Sheriff".
Sheriff's Sales.
1111 . s irtu,-. of sa..dry Wri!A Of Vt . : A/110Ni Expoting anti
rat:: t 4. out of the Court. of Com
mon PO' 14 .trllegirt•ny iii.d to m• directed.
will 1,0 exn.l3A to piib:ie sale ut the Conn !Long.., in
the e:t , of un ,Nl:middy, the :25th day of
I)i eember, A I) 1`443, at 111de:ix!: A NI, the following
r oper t y, to wit:
All the ri:;10, title. i arrest and claim .
..tsf Thomas
M'cir,e, 'f, in and to, n lot of gentry?, supposed to et.n.
fain art note and n halt. *invited on the Youghi , Theny
ricer, h township, All •gheny, connty, tudjoinin.:
hinds or I) 'Mel Get.4l4lW,llt. and Whe', on which is
erected a frame dwelling house. Seizes and taken in
execution as the property of the said Thomas M'Cune,
at the suit of John IValker, jr.
Ali the right, title. interest andclaint of Samuel Sutma,
of, in rind to, a certain hit °fgt.:it:a, situate in the city
of Alle bent, fronting on Beaver street, adjoining lots
ofincob Park and other, , on which is erected a tan 510-
ry frame dwelling house. Seized and taken in execu
tion n+ the property of the said Samuel Sutton, at the
suit of Mathew Irwin.
Alai to be :4,)!(1 h ELVA H TROV IL LO,
Sheriffs Offivo, Dec. 4, 1843. Sheriff.
Alleghey County, ist
—M —N the matter of the Ad -nini strazion ac .omit
L.S. of William Stewart. Mathew Stewart
} and Robert Porter. Esqs., Administratws of
....+..' the tatAttie of Mary Morrow, dtc'd.
And now, to wit, June 19. 1913. On motion of A
Burke, Es+. who appears far MrS Elizabeth NrCul
-I,.ugh, et al. W 1.1 Lowrie, AV illiam Elder and Thomas
Mellon, E•rqs, appointed auditors to nicht said account
unit diistribote the balance.
By the Court,
The auditors above n;rned will meet for the purpose
of their appointment at the office rd' 1V H Lowrie, 'E.,
4th street, Pitteburtth, on the 19th day of December
Mat, at 3 o'clock P M. when and when• they will hear
all persons interested. W H LOWRIE.
tlec 5-3L'
&c. St.c
THE undersigned, baying associated themselves
for the transletion Or all business 4... dative to Real
E.:etate, will hencerartirnrtend to the pulthase and hide
ae well ni rentinz - et;citytincFenttntry property, collect
ing. rents, &C. &C.
The senior member of tha firm having had much ex
perience, and being entensively known a: an agent of
Real Estate, they hope to irceive a liberal share of
public patronare. For this sityweniwrintion ofthe pub
lic, there will lb• twu offices, where business will be te
vetved; at the Real Estate Agency of Jaines Blakely,
Penn st., sth Ward. and at the Lawoffice of John J.
Mitchell, S. \V. side of Smithfield, (near sth.) at either
of which. persons wishing to have iustruments of wri
ting, logally anti ncatiyes.e.cated t titles investigated, or
desirous to purchase o r di4pose . rif Beal Estate, will
apply. J. J. Mitchell will continue to attend to the
duties of his profession, as heretofore.
dec 4—dtw•6m
Notice. _
IIE Committoo of Cuonciis appoint.) to awn
ihe -the city ascotertts, will cowirsottrieticir Sis
al= at the .Irkyor',s cofkis„..oc Mcettay-fne. 2444-.l)e
-oembersth. at 6i o'clock, at whieb Ord! Collectors
awl o:bora hating scot/outs eiri Pileidie
.10,111r"ttlIPTON;Clert. -
rl 1-4 w (G3tetto copy.)
I HALESnew 1 . 1,,p0, in store arxi follpslo
rlec 4. 43 Wood dic
A FA It itlt all the n.s.,:isary impn.seravat, ard
tinder good •eultivution, wi l be" sold n bargain
if applied fur *coon, situated ua the watdis of Loweie'•
it , 34 COWn3ilip, Cu:11411114E1Z 271) ticr.2l‘. Gltv of which
is niaatiuw. Apply at EGOLF & FOSTERS,
- doe 4. Real E4tate Agency. 3d st
Feathers. •
Fe3thcrs ju;t roeit and for sale 1,,y
dee 4. 43 Wood st.
KEGS Ky. To'zacco, m inure and fur aidelvtir
to Ck).4eroniignmant, by
43 Wood it.
Mr. Point tulle Thevean
HAs the boner to iuf,;rm the puhlic that during his
sojourn in Vittaburgh he will give
From his having made tho Spanish language the
ioir object of his study during a residence of two years
in Havana, there is reason to suppose that he has ae r
quired a gond knowledge of rheir langtage, the easiest
and most harmonious of aq modern languages.
Of his competency to teach French there can hello
Juist, from the fact of his haring been a clerk in ti
Notary in Paris, when) he has studied law. WhatMr
Theveaukzre states he can prove by the Ordonnanee
or the King of France and h; letters frort the Miniver
of the N.11.-y.
Mr Tbcveau can be seen every dr.y from 12 tit 1 P X,
at Mr Fickeisen's house, .Marktt street, behind the old
court house. 1.29-Ita
Daguerreotype Miniature Portraits,
Attke corner of Market and 511 t stz.
THE s uloscti he r would most respectfully inform - the
Litdiea and Gentlemen of Pittsburhn and vi
cinity, that they have opened rooms at the above men
tioned place, over the store of Messrs Lloyd Sc Co,
a.,d are myw prepared to take Mit:lett:leaky this beau
tiful art, in a style heretofore unsurpassed. 82,..the
combination of a quirk and powerful apparatus, andan
entirely new !nude of operating., they are enabled to
produce pictures of a surprising accuracy and beauty,
combining entire durability of impresaion, clear and
distinct expression, perfect delineation, and last, tho'
not least. the color ~f the face and dress. The color
big of Photographic Pictures, forms n new era is the
art. a= i: enables us to au:tibiae with accu In' Of nntirret
the advantages of art. Tim under.dglied do not wish,
nor is it their intention to dioreive the public by prowl-
RCS. ‘A bich they cannot fulfil, fur they depend solely on
tire character of their pic:ni es fur patrannge. Citizens
aid strangers, one a:1,1 ail, arc invited to call and ea
ansi -e specimons.
N 13.—Com,r7ele sets of the improved peen/ ap
paratus fiernie".4 t4e :rust reasonable t erms .—
e;ases, !Tames, Chemir. 21s, and reerl thing
eonneeted with the bzreinos... at the texest rad prt-
Ce 7. •. 1 M EMERSON &
Dissolution of Copartnership.
rp LIE coparracrillip heretofore existing between
1. the suhscri!,or., io tl,is u: der the firm of
Po% d & Co.. is :his d ty dis3ol.-,:d by mutual consent;"
A (I Reinhart Ivo i:.g. purchased the entire interest of:
S. Lloyd. jr. in the concern.
An persons Lido Lied to the late firm Nt make pay
in.n.t. to A G who will continue the Grocery
iness at the old stand, and who alone is authorized
thedu!,t, dttt the c.nici:ira and receipt for same.
- claims ai.nii!st the late firm will
r o., 1. • preterit them to A C Reinhart for ietecraent.
Nov. 7, 1813. (signed)
S. LLOYD, jr.,
Ia retiri.ig from the aheyr firm of Lloyd q Co.. I
wilidd cheerfully reisim-rend to my former friends and
customers, my an, p.irtrier and suneezior. Mr A - 0
itviiih art , to m c.aatinnes the Grocery Busiires, at the
old stand, 140, Liberty street. (signed) •
r S. LLOYD, ir:
The Stearn Boat Cutter
L leave Pittsburgh on Than
days instead of Fridays, ma
Leretofore. This altetation has been
made to avoid rtinnii;g oft Sundays.
For freight or pa;sag-e apply on beard onto
n 2 5 CO Water st.
Two New and First Nato Steam Engines.
ONE is 20 horse power, 10 inch cylinder, and 4
foot stroke, will be sold with or 1% ithoot boilers.
The other engine is 12 horse power, 7i inch cylinder,
3 foot stroke, one hoikr about 22 feet long. 30 inches
in diameter. These eng,ines are made of the best ma
terials and in the most subltantinl manner, and will he
sulA on accommoriating terms. They can be seen at
the warehouse of the subscriber at any time
118-ti H. DEVINE, States Llre.
THEpartnership heretofore exi,ticg, between F. A
Frethcy and G. G. Frethey baying been dissolv
ed by mutual consent on the 1, , t instant, the business
will be conducted in future by F. A. Frethey, who is
fully authorized to settle all the partnership concerns.
Ho respectfully nsks for the continuation of the ra•
trtnne of friends anti the public generally. 1,7-1 m
ALMANACS, &c.—On hand, au excellent assort
ment of CI)! Anti4clavery and TempiTaneu
Al vnanurs. A lso,the Franklin Magazine and Cnmrroin
and Loomis' Pittsburgh Magazine, and Common nrd
German Almanacs for 1844. for sale by the g,rnss, drix
en or single. Also, a good masurtment of Temperanco
docuricints, school books, slates, pencils, ink, writing
and letter paper and blanks; far sale low for cash or
approved exchange. ISAAC HARRIS,
n 99. Agent and Cum. Merchant. 9 Fifth st.
HAVE in store and aro receiving--
925 bags Rio Coffee, part strung and green,
50 pkgs Y Id and G P Tess,
25 boxes Russel & Robinson's s's Tobacco,
10 " Button's "
10 " Thompson's
5 " Robinson's
10 "
5 " mmerior pound lump
100 " fresh 7.11a!a,;-,a Bunch Raisins,
2000 Ih4 Lost' Su g ar,
_ _
bo x e, :57,1 I
and 2 mustard,
50 " 4 chinolate,
25 " ground pepper, .
10 kegs" ging r,
5 " " all.pire,
5 boxes cocoa,
5 " Rice flour, •
2000 lbs Oak Tanned Sole L.atber,
1000 yards is w linen,
.5 bales hops,
Ail of which they pier, with a general assortment or
groceries, dye stuff's end Pittsburgh mandamus:art
geode, an liberal terias., nit
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12's •a