Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, December 05, 1843, Image 1

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,'~ .: ~A .
6,1712 . tv r.aC :
- 4: ' l,a. •
:n t~rsr_~ -.
:7.A . (*U....i' . .1f.-,.;..N0 '.71.-.
d r*pliat rig&Uart NV*. n. warn
Zvir'4ei . of and F:fth Streets,
Timof —rive )llsrs-a- year, payable ttr alivance.
017: •J "1" ) Cr: pirs --for sale at the couutor of
J Het. : aatiLy:li .t)r,t Dr
• .
TiteLlirktirly Mercury ani Manufacturer
c the danm office, on a double sri.A.Ttin
.4hetn, nt `VW() DOLLARS a year, in advance. Sin
eurie.=, SIX CENTS.
L . -
Clad it;sertion, $0 50 10.1 e mouth, $5 00
Twitio.,l , - --- - -9 75 Two do.,
6 00
ThAte da ,, :i - A ''. ''2 00 Tiireedo., 7 00
°M -- Wtsdk,. 1 50 Ftne du., 3 00
Two d 0.,. .•'.3 00 Six do., 10 00
Vhric do., r - - '-• •..4 00 One year, 15 03
0./e Square. --; - Two Squares.
11.tix lwanthi,. 'sl.3 00 Six month?, $23 00
Ono year, 25 00 One year, 3.5 00
tar.vr'advertienients in proportion.
. ,
CARDS of four lines Six DOLLARS a rear.
Public Officce,
' City Peat Office, Third between Market and Wood
streets—R. M. Ridaie, Postmaster.
Cessions Howse, Water, 4th door from Wood st.,Po
&arson's buldings—lVilliam 13. Mowry, Collector.
c . , Ciky Treasury, Wool, between lira and Second
etrves--James A. Bartram, Treasurer.
Ce , s4ty Treasury, Third street, next door to the
PrciVterian Cirsreh--S. R. Jukaston, Treasu
- Qfcce, Fourth, between Market and Wood
vxeet#7rAlexataler Hay, Mayor.
!Orefeitaat's E.cchave, Fourth near Market st.
- •
•:*ei v ittebiererk; between Market and Wood streets on
Third and Fourth streets.
Atire.kmaas'axiManufaeturers' and Farmers' .De
r_reit ltarek, (formerly Saving Fund,) Fourth, between
Wood aid Market streets.
gxehange, Fiftlist. near Wood.
--- - •
Monongahela House, Water street, near the
Ezehanse Hotel, corner of Penn and St. Clair.
AfercUnte Hotel, corner of Third and Wood.
A micricaillited,curner orrlairdandSmittitield.
United States, corner of Penn st. and Cabal.
Spread Eagle, Liberty street, near seventh.
Mansion House, Libcrty St., opposite
Broali.urst's Metnilion House, Penn St., opposite
I nlar taut to 0 wners of Saw Mills.
57411' u.scivalled Self Setters, for 3LINV
which IllVt3 11:.11/1 AO ray tested indifferent parts
of the united. States, as well as in the cities ef Pitts
burgh aid c. 0.: be seen in operatign at a
number' f mills inthis nei;liberhuakl, viz: ut Mr. Wick
ershtm's mills, on Penn street; at Bowman & Cham
tlirs'A mills, near the tipper Allegheny bridge, and
at Marrisen's mills, on llare's Island, and others.—
The tvo nam::d machine can he obtained at W. W.
IVulltre's shap, on Liberty street, near Smithfield,
where it is fitting us, all where the machine will be
kept en:mu:lay on hands. Applf.: to B. F. Snyder, or
W. W. Wallace. mav 5 j
Evans' Chaausoile Pills.
A BRAIRM J. CLEMER, residing at 66, Mott
street, New York, was afflicted with Dyspepsia
.i:fgravated form. The symptom s were yi
liewlacho, great debility, fever, custiveness,cough,
Ill'aetbura, Pain iu the chest and stomach always after
eating, impaired appetite, sensation of sinking at the
stoMich, furred tono - ne, nausea, with frequent vomit
lags, dizziness towards night and restlessness. These
nil c stitinmed upwants of a twelvemonth, when, en
coiaulting Dr. Wm. Evzins, 100 Chatham street, and
s;iblnitting to his ever successful and agreeable mode
of treatment, the patient was completely restored to
health in the short space of one month, and grateful for
the incalculable benefit d Tived, gladly came forward '
gttd i'eluateered the above statement For sale, whole
sale and retail, by R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
• lap 10—y No. 20, Wood street, below Second.
Pease's Hoarhennd Candy.
UTTLE has received this day from New York,
1. afresh supply of the above celebrated cure for
C oughs, Colds and Consumptions; and is ready to sup
ply customers at wholesale or retail, at his Medical
Agency, 26 Fourth st. nov 12
-ttar 13Argains than ever, at the Three Big
r il sal,seriLier would respectfully inform his cu--
i_ I truer.; and the publicgenerully, that notwithstad
i tha n tpnecodented salos at the Three Big Doors,
daring the present season; he has still on hand the lar
gest and tnist varisd assortment of elegant CLO
THING titatcan be biught west ado: mountains.—
Theptililic may rest assured that all articles offered at
his store are maufactured from FItESII GOODS, pur
chase:l iu tlta Eastern markets this spring and made in
to garmeats by Pitttsburgh workmen.
In:cause:pence of the multiplication of slop shops h:
%torch], filled with pawn broke% clothes :Ind the mnsty,
c-tst offgar.n nits of form !r se z..):113, fru:n the eastern ci
ties, the puhlic should be cautious to ascertain the char
acter of the establishments in which they are invited to
parehlia, before they part with their maiey. The arti
cles offer.sl at set ern" of the concerns in this city, are
the m'rs ails of New York and Philadelphia slop
shops : and se n t out hore to be palmed off on the Pitts
burgh public. Pu.•,:hasers shot id be on their guard a
gsinst these irnpisitions, and they rimy rely on the fact
that nti establishment that advertises easeera made Chi.
thing, can give as good an article or a : : adearnageous
hitgaias MA can he had at the "Three Big Doors."
The public will please remember that all the subscri
her's g traa unsare mideinais city, by competent ethrk
snmi, and nut rithered up like die goods now offered by
tito "birds it immntze" from the r and patches of
r. tstera-slop shops. It will alwayA lie his eniktvor to
maintain tha reputation that the "Three Big Doors"
have obtain N 1 for furnishiog a superior style of CLO
THING inevery respect, and at prices below those of
u uy other establish:milt-
He wouldagain return his thanks to his friends and
the public for the unpm‘cesilented patronage bestowed
upon his establishment, and believing that they have
found it to their advantage to deal with him, he would
repeat his imitation :mall those seho wish. to purchase
Clothing, of every description at the lowest price,th call
at No. 151, Ltaearr Sr. JOHN M'CLOSKEY
[ — eol.4erve Metal Plate in then pavement. a? 26,
Look at This.
rliElE audition of those who have been somewh. ,
11 iscoptical in rcferouce to the. numerous certitk
eatts.publi=ljed in favor of Dr. Sw•ayue's Compouna
Syrup of Wikl Cherry, oa account of the persons being
iltiknowu in - this Section of the State, is rospectfully di
rected to the following certificate, the writer of which
has been a citizen of this bnrough for several years, and
is known as a gentleman of i ntegrity and responsibility.
To the Agent, Mr. J. KIRBY.
L have used Dr. Sway re's Cothpound Syrup of Wild
Cherry for a Cough, with which I have been severely
&flirted for about four months, and I have no hesitation
in =•tying that it is the most effective medicine that I
have been able to procure. It composesall uneasiness,
awl agrees well with mydlet,--and maintainsa regular
and good appetite. I can sincetely recommend it to all
sther , similarlyafllicred. J. MtSrNIC a, Borongh of
Much 9, 18./0. Chainbersbuqii.
• riir tale by Wit:LIAM THORN
53 . Market 4treel;
(oov 23)
- • j
J. G. & A. GORDON,
Commiuion and Forwarding Merchants,
Water street, Pittsburgh. se 10—v
Commission and Forwarding ' Merchants,
No. GO, Water street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
L . :RMS. — Receiving and shipping, 5 cents per
10011 h.. Commission on purchases zuzd sales, 24 per
cent mar 22—v
Brownsville Juniata Iron Works,
Edward Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
Wholesale Grocers, Commission and Pro
duce Merchants,
And dealers in Pittsburgh. Manufactures.
/war 17 No. 43, Wood street. Pittkur i c .
Bookbinders and Paper Bailors,
Continue business at the stand late of ACCandless
Johnson. Everydescription of work in their line ne, .
ly and promptly executer. may B—y
Coleman & Co.,
General Agents, Forwarding and Commission
- Merchants,
Levee Street, Yielotncrgi *Ws. They refpectfully so
n 22-if
R. Woods, Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Office. rcruoveil to Bpltew•ell's Offices, on Grunt street,
nearly opposite the new Court House, next rooms to J.
p. Aahoa, Esq., first fluor. sep 10
Hugh Toner, Attorney at Law,
North I.:J:1 corner of Smithfield and Fourth slue
sup 10-
- Attarnera mil Counsellors at "Law,
Offko in tho Diamond, back' of the old Court Iloo:4?
gel, 10
Francis B. Shank, Attorney at Law,
Fourth krr , t, above Waod,
sep 10-1 y Pittiburgh, Pa
Thomas liamilton, 'Attorney at Law
Fifth, between Wend and Smithfield sts.,
sep 0-3.
Pittsburgh, Pu.
'm. O'Hara Robinson, Attorney at Law,
Office on the North side of the Diamond, between Mar.
kot and Union streets, up stairs svp 10
; L Durboraw, Attorney at Law,
Tenders his professional services to the public. 0
sen 10 on sth st., above IVtincl, Pittsburgh.
Bystor & Buchanan, Attorneys at Law,
Office reinoredfrointho Dia ;flood to "Attorney's Row,
s Flak- sitl-.• of 4th, bet weeu 'Market mid ViroOd its.,
sap 10
- -
N. nuelnnaster, Attorney at Law,
Has removed his office to 13eares' Law 13uildiugs, It
st., above Smithfield, Pittsburgh. se 10
George W. Layng, Attorney at Law,
Office in Fourth street, near Smithfield, Pittsburg
Road° Washington, Attorney at Law,
Office in Bitkevrelfs building,Gn int Areet, rituburgii
nov 5, 1842
John J. Mitchell. Attorney at Law,
Office canter of Smithfield and Fifth st reet l'ittsburgh.
!..6 . 'Collections made. All It,:ioess entrusted to his
cure will he promptly atteinf'd to.
fel) 16—r
Wm. E. Austin., Attorney at Law,
Pittsburgh Pa. Office hi Fourth street, opposite Burke's
relYtt.ttex E. A gsrus, Int l ., trill give his atten
tion to my unfniihell business, and I rec. mm •rid
toiles patronag e of my friends.
Daniel 112. Curry, Attorney at Law,
Office on Fifth street, between \Vood and Smithlield,
rip 3
Robert Porter, Attorney at Law,
Office 0:1 thu corner of Fourth ald Smithfield stree•ts,
sq.) 10
Judson & Flanegin, attorneys at Law,
Smithfield, near 7th street. C dlecti•'ua made on mod
prate term:. l'oniion* for widim.3 of old Rude!
the late act of Congrei: oLUuuFvt. rape r ; a c i d
Eli .! pa ulit (office rreptircd. mu. 17—v
-- • -
H:ary S. Magraw,Att2rney at Law,
otti:•c 1., l,i; 11.4 FII , IIIII , "1
vt/ .1 Smith:ield.
. g . Craig]; Attorney at Law,
lirP oraer S. ni thlic.l4 aIA :Mir -v.- 0-444.e.....biergit,
L. Harper : Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
CADIZ, 11A11.121.5.)N CoUNT
Will attend pr,enpt:v to the collection or ?octirif y
(quint?, and a:I iirtifo,;:;itinul , ineits cot rtaited hi 4 ran.
in the counties of hoTiAon, leGeion, helm net, (loem
sev, Imitarawa4, Holmes, Coslioent a , Carroll, Stark
and Wayne. Ileeert TO
Metcalf 4. Loomis,
Hale ell 4- Flentin. ,
.lohn epee,
D. 7'. .410rgan,
my .27, IC 13—tf
U. morrow, Alderman,
Office north side of Fifth street, between Wood and
Smithfield, Pittsburgh. sep 10—:f
Ma gistrates Bs,
pnweedingi in attachment und lank
cr tho late law, fur
, e at this office.
Dr. S. IL Holmes,
Office in Second gtreet, stext door to Molvany Cn
Gin s.+ Wareitouge. =est 10—v
Dr. A. W. Patterson,
Wrice on Smithfield sheet, thint door from the Corner of
sixth street. sep 13
Ward di Bunt, Dentists,
Liberty street, a few doors below St. Clair,
ap 6, 181:3
Doctor Daniel McNeal,
on Fifth street, between IViood and Smithfield.
streets, Pittsburgh. d
N. 43, Ii god Street,
Igen ts for the sale of the Eagle Cotton Factory Yarns
roar 17—y
Williams do Dilworth,
Wholesale Grocers, Produce and Commission h 1 c
cha i n s , and Dealers in Pittsburgh 'Atmfacturrd A
tides, No. 29, Wood street. se • 10— • r,
IV/tar/role and Retail Dealers in
English, French and Domestic Dry Goods
No. 31, Market street, rittlatrgh.
Warehouse, No. 25, Wood st., Pittsburgh
e 10—v
Wholesale Grocers & Dealers in Produce,
116 Wood Street, 4 doors above Fifth st.,
may 15 Pittsburgh, l'n.
Birmingham & Co.,
\ Ill' 11 °I.
John FL Brant, Whale:aka-sneer,
Dealer in Grain, Gentral Forwarding and Coin
mission Merchant,
Ilarrishurgh, P.
T„ I 1.1. dispose ofull goods .eot for Cotnolissioti
V V Sales at the lowest t.innoi,sion rates.
Phila.—J.&W . s Day &Gel risli, D. Let vh &Cto
Baltimorc—W . SVinn & Ilerr,J. E. Elder
Ila r ryk.--34 ich'lßu rke,ILA nte3,..1 M. Holtman
july 1-6 m.
Booksellers, Printers and Paper Makers
No. 37, Market street. sop 10
TllO :IA3 B. Yousn 'FRANCIS . L. YUUNO
Thos. B. Young & Co.
Furniture Ware !towns, corner of I land street anti Ex
entage alley. Persons wishing to purchase furniture
will find it to their advantage to give us a rail. being . ful
ly satisfied that we can please a+ to quality and prica.
sep I 0
Wire Workers and Wire Manufactexers,
NO. 23, Market Au eet, between 21 and 33 streets,
sl) 10—y .
Corner of Penn and Saint Clair streets, by
trnriva-Ued Blacking,
iTI s IXlii : 4 TREET, Imy JrK below Smithfield.
(let til-Iv.
_ .
James Patterson, Jr.,
Birmingham, near Pitt Lana, l'a., to umfactur er o f
locks, hinges:mil tulra,•ru, fuller. mill and timber
s creW 11 1,1 1 Sen ,en . w. for rolling milk, r. vela 10—y
John IMl'Closkey, Tailor and Clothier,
wily street, between Skill street and Virgin alley
Smith Aide. !4(.1110
. _ _
Webb Cloaey's Boot and Shoe Manufactory,
83, 4th st., ne.rt door to the S. Brink.
prtinelia, Lnl aid tin shoes 111,..1e in the tient e
and by tlu• IW:ltt • st French pattern,. I 0
William Doherty,
411 A T ANDC
143 Lit,: r;'' litreet, bet ii ei!ti .‘ltirlset
and Sktit
John Cartwright,
CLER trgir a I itllllll,lll. JLunlfecunr r.
(I 1 titlt and Libtny-arruts, Pitt,tairg, Pa.
.N. 13.—Always ,m hand an i.xtonsivi: aisortminii
Sargi, al and Dvatal banker's,
I lattPC , , I lair 1.b,...a•Ci and Tal Tatum tilwars,
Saddler's ,K;r.
Oak and Poplar Lumber for Sale.
1 F:11 tlununudfi•rt of
` l - 1 -
ica..anall Oak and Poplin
C thins, E N . I oluid.ua hut.
• I.
Dr. Good's C 31.1 rate 1 Female Pills.
rip I 1E:4: Pills :Iry 1,1110.
I, , ,tice if la sa ft: aid ethci rcinedy 1.
rt•ta.r, pci•u:iar t. , tht•ii rti•X, from
W;tllt 411.0XCIV if the Tla•
obvi,tr• all I ly.i[,•61::11 :11111
gaittra AM:V.-
1111:1 a rat appr4at Ino,t cniii;olo l'llsiciang in
he I.7tdted States, and many .N1..0ir, , . For ICtle
lt. I:.SELLER:4, A2:1•10,
sop 111 NO. 11i•od Strom, bt.hiw Socm.al
Notice to Dr. Branir:th's Agents.
r 11111.: office it Pittsburgh, which ustablished for
_L. the Ilt" in; 11;4 . 1131S rn the west.
ha; a - coutplished that ooject, is now closed, and
Mr. G. 11. 1A:1.% in the I)iatnond, Market street, ap
pointed my iig,t•lit for the :ale of lily Pills and Lini
nn.nts. .111 1),.. 13ittnktretlds thereforlyin
deritatol that Dr. B. %% ill send a travelling agent
(brougham. country Mire a year to roller, mo n ies fo r
;ale. , made and re supply agents. The said traveller
trill he prtorided with power of attorney, daly proved
before the Clerk of the city anti ctruilty of New York,
together with all the necessary vouchers and papers.
:Mr Yoe is tnv traveling azetit now in Pennsyl
vania. 13 . BRA NDltral, M. D.
N. B.—Remember, Mr. G. H. LEE, in dm rearoftho
Nlne:et isn,nv my may agent in Pittsburgh.
jun(' 14
been afflicted fw• nearly two years, with a
hard a y elling on the cap of my knee, whic4i
prtslueed much pain, anti used various applications
recommended by the litculty—all in vain, was cured
completely by the use of nun bottle of Dr. Brandreth's
linatnent, or external remedy. .
Witness my hand, JAMES TAYLOR.
Ohio tp., Allegheny en. Pa. Jam 10, 1840.
Dr. Branthvties external remedy or linament; sold
at the store of GEORGE IL LEE, Pittsburgh, price
50 cents per bottle. felt 8.
Dr. Bechter's Pulmonary Preservative. ,
FOR roughs, colds, influenzas, catarrhs, whooping
cough, spitting of blood, pain in the breast, all
diseases of the breast and lungs, andarrest of approach-
ing consumption. Warranted free from mercury and
other minerals. B. A. FAHNESTOCK & CO.,
iy 12 Agents for Pittsburgh.
William C. Wall,
Plain and Fancy Portrait and Picture Pram('
Nu. 87. Fotisoh Anvil, Pittsburgh, Pa.
CA N VASS brushes,vuriiish,&c.,for artists, a 'war:
on hand. Looking Glasses, &e., promptly fin.
med to order. Repu i ring done nt the shortest unties..
Particular attention paid to regilding and jobbing 01
every description.
l'enons fitting gtninboats or Inoice4 will fincl it I,
heir advantage to call. Rep 10-y
Illannfactarer of Tin, Copper and Sheet
Iron Warc
No. 17, Fifth gtreet,hettreen It and Market,
Keeps constantly on hand a good assortmeat of warcx,
and solicits a share ofpublic patronage. Also, on hand,
thofdlowing articles: shovels, pokers, tongs, gridirons,
skillets,teakvaleA, pots, ovens, cot Tee mills. &c.. Met--
chants and others are invited to call and examine for
bemselves , she is determined to sell cheap forcash or
approved paper. mar7—tf
rait Painter, Fourth st., 3d story Burk's Buil
ding. .I. Olitmrne would solicit a calif - min those who
desire Portraits Speimens can he feenvrim r ooms
may 5.
A. G. Rain' h Art,
IVholesale and Retail Grocer and Commission Mer-
No. 110, Liberty it., -a few doors above St. Clair,
'Where families and others can at all times he
furuiehmi with good Goods at moderate prices. n3O
Joii Wick
L. & J. D. WICK,
II) i 0-tuu
Choap for Cosh...
Mori Red Yarn.
No. 5 at 15 eta per 11
6 at 15 do
ut 15 du
8 at 15 du
9 ut 15 du
10 at 15 du
II ut 15 du
12 at 15 do
13 ut 16 do
14 at 17 do
15 ut 18 du
16 at 19 du
17 at 20 du
18 at 21 do
19 at 22 'do
20 at f. 1 .. 1 3 do
M'Orders promptl .
Pairitte.,Logu 4 &Kew
f' 27
Circulating and Reference Library.
O r
po!itical and iniscellttneous
works, will be open every day, Sabbath except
eti, from 7 o'clock A. M. until 9 P. M., in the Ex
change building, corner of St. Clair street and Ex•
chmaga alley, where punctual attendance will be given
Springs and Axles for Carriages,
At East, rn Priecs.
T l ll:4ulilclibers manallarture uod keep constant
lv on hand Coach, C and Eliptic Springs (war
rantod,)Junittia iron Axles, Silver and Boast; plated
Dash Frames, Brass and plated Hub Bands, Stump
Joints, patent Leather, Silver and Brass Lamps,
Three fold Steps, Malleable Iron, Door Handles and
Hinges,re., &r. JONES .L• COLEMAN.
up 10 St. Clair st., near the Allegheny Bridge.
Cheaper and better than ran be had at any uther
place wrst of the moan loins.
Call for Bargains
N 0.151, Liberty St., near ficktou roundry.
HE subscriber wunld mispectfully inform his
friends mid the public, that his fall stuck of
Goods comprises a larger and more varied as:ailment
than has ever been opened at ;my house in this city,tid
from the favorable terms at which his pun-bases were
rock, h e is enabled to sell clothingchenper than it can
IK• had in ;my other e-dalilishmeut in this city. He
would request the public to call told examine his splen
did assiwtment of all the articles of dress, and from
the excellence of the material. the style of workman
ship and the very low price at whit ; all his articles ore
sold, he feels confident that c‘cry one frill lied it to
their advantage to porch ise at the ••Thr.•et3ig Doors."
As none but the best ratters and workmen me em
*yeti, orde to make chit him; will be attendeti to in n
marwer tan surpassed hr any other establishment in
the city.
lie would a tr.aiti mtrirn hi. thanks: to his filen& arid
the public for the itapreeederited patronage bestowed
upon his e , oahlishment, and believing- that thry have
fouptd it to their advantage to deal ‘t itL hits , lie would
reptant invitation to all thin who wish to parch:L.4!
Cleithinz of every de:wripti, in at tie' lowest price, to cull
rt 'O. 151, Liberty sr. .1011 N M'CLOSK
Ar — Observe tw-tai piare its the pavement. •
Iron Safcs.
I . :SIT( lo 1.1 infant I public ,dic th at I h av
I. an d k e e p a l wa ys oil hand an assortment o f li re
hoof Safes. Th, , pri m e, in consequenc e of the ma
terials atol lahor beim: mach lower, is reduced about
thirty per coat. They an.• kept for sale at my sht,p, in
Sixth stieet, ahoy, Smithfield, tie•t to the church on
the corner of n th ..tr,,,r— t also with Atw o ,,d, Junes
airl [hazel! & Flemin7. In regard to the qual
ity of my safes I leave those persons who have pur
chased and will purchas , 2 my safes to attest the util
ity of them. I desire it, now: Taper imffl on my safes;
Justice and truth warrant in , in-informing the public
that all toy safes which have hecti in buildings burnt
down for served yen! S since I commenced have pre
sein-ed all the papers, Inwks, &c., which they contain
ed. I have it card containing a toucher of certificates
of the sa toe, which arc in circulation and in my hands
sad the agentes. .10IIN DINNING.
N. B. few p tiruf steel Spring's for sale, made by
e, Coleman, and will be sold low. Also, a screw
press, with power to punch holes in half inch iron.
sep 20-tf
improved Magne , ia Safes.
--- _._ . _ _ _
CONSTABLE. & BURKF:, Horatio P. Young, Cabinet Maker,
1 . 71114 Street,between 11 7 4m1 and Smithfield,
tlier uzs be ines o : in n al F l im its t
o b n ra d ncies ,t a d t
(Late of the jinn of Young,;. 3PCardy)
H A \ S. si c on t i ntri l e v n , c 2l l
Pittsburgh, Pa.
sirs,, where he will keep constantly on hand a good as-
T HE relbscrilrers present their respects to their nu
merous frlends for their former liberal patron
sortment of well made FURNITURE, and hopes, by
age, and would take t hi r , met h o d ,d - sor i ng them and strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of
the public generally that all (route favors will be dui Y the patronage of the public.
"I'l . °"itit"d• 'f heir "'lid" tmve be"" fully tested, or , Every attention uillbepaid to furnishing COFFINS,
which sulliciiet testimony will be given to any jar:miner. S.:e. A:Furniture Car fur hire. July 11
The principles of their locks and safes are not sur- i - - -
passed in the Union.
The price also i s , inighlerably lessened, and will he Upholsterer an I Cabinet Maker,
foimd nslow, if rlot below any other responsible house
in the Union. Third at. between IVood and Market,
Respectfully' informs his friends and the public that he
We would take this opportnnity of thankirg the ca- is prepared to execate all orders for sofas, sideboards,
riot's Editors of this city and elsewhere, who have
bureaus, chairs, tables, bedsteads, stands, hair turd
spoken so highly of us and our safes.
mattresses; curtains, carpets; :disarms ofuphol-
Th.' public are "1"'"It . " 11 Y invited, to examine t'ur, springstering, work, which he will warrant equal to any made
articles before put'cliasing elsewhere, feeling assured
in the city, and .ar reasonable terms. sep 10
the superiority of our manufartum will he apparent to - - -
all candid spectittor. ! Matthew Jones, Barber and Hair Dresser,
N. CONSTABLE &E. BURK E. Has removed to Fourth stnet, opposite the Mayor's of-
N. B. Safes eau Ire obtained of any size or shape, lice, where he will be happy to wait upon permanen t or
or of any principle of lock oramtistrnetion, of the sub- transient customers. Ile solicits a share of public pa
scribers, or of S. Church, Second street, Pittsburgh, trmraze _ _ sep 10.
I'a. n2O-tf
Beware of a Settled Cough! HATS AND CAPS.
i - N R. M' LA NE.S Sudorific Lung Syr , tip, being a safe ; The subscriber having returned from the East with
15 an d eeeetind C
re medy for Cougs, Catarrhal Fever. the latest style elf! at s, has now on hand and. will con-
Influenza, Pleurasy, the first of forming stages of Con. stnntly keep a large assortment of his own Manufac
gumption, Asthma, Whooping Cough, &e. Some do- tore, which for lightness, service, beauty, and cheap
zen of certificates of its valuable effects can be pro- nest, cannot be surpassed, and would respectfully in
duced, one of which is now offered. -its his friends and the public to examine his stock of
This is to certify, that I hada very severe Cough all Hats and Caps, at the Manufactory, No. 73. Wood st.
last winter. and was very much reduced. After trying sep 9-3 m WILLIAM DOUGLAS...ASHIONABLEmedicaI aid to nopurpose, I was advised to procure a
bottle of Dr. M'Lane's Lung Syrup; it gave me relief NEW FASHIONABLE
immediately, and in two weeks 1 was able to go out, Lit Hat and Cap Maumfactory. iii
and it beone of most valuable mcd- No. 03 Wood street, 3 doors below Diamond Alley
and fully bebeve to the ...
icines now before the publir, Ihr Cough and breast coat- FP HE subscriber will keep constantly on hand every
plaints. ELIZABETH MORRIS. I 1 variety of the mostfashionahle H Ars and CA rs,
FIVPA fresh supplynf this valuable Cough medicine wholesale and retail. at reduced prices.
just received at the Drug store of J. KIDD, I Persons wishingto purchase will 'find itto their into.
eet Z No. 60, corner of Wood and Fourth AI s rest togive him 'scan. S. MOORE.
C. A. 211r,AINMITY, I Pittsburgh, aug. 29,1893.
round and fished. anvils and other kinds of
Canal Rash'', corner Wayne and Liberty streets, Pitts
d' g d Cast Steel File Mrtimfactcr • car
burgh. Agent Unite&Eintec, Portable Boat Line.' ;Tin Infr one at the
net- of Liberty and 0 Hera streets. Rug'
sept 4-3 m.
nion Cottftl
ito.o cLi.
Reel Yarn.
500 at 81 reots per down
600 at 7 do
700 nt tit - du
80i) at 53 alu
000 at 5 du
1000 at 5 du
Cutidlewiel: at 13 cents per lb
Com. Bottii.g, fr du
Family du., 12,i do
Carpet Clean, 20du
Cana)/ Twine, 20 at)
Stuc..4ing Yarn and CuNvr
lut Yarn al waybi -4)a hand.
CottOn %Vu-p made to or-
attetwlt'ql to if }eft at J & C.
A'sokr the I'o4 Otlice:adclrest
K. MOOltft 84. Co.
No. 9, Ati (MET STREET,
tIYSTEtSa n d other efrshments,w Pit
be bug d
Vin good order. Namely: Oysters raw,fried,steweil,
and on chafing dishes. Mitt, TH ns HELL at thestancl,
o r roasted as 4,ron the -a - iastin is stalleie,,tl advan
ced tier their 'taro transportation.
Tut.: Pito pa I f:701; is :lett-mined that this establish
ment hid' is the o!tl ov,tter depot) shall maintain
its n•putiltio n fur the good (polity of his ALE, LI
QUORS, CIGARS, and such refreshments 01 trav e l
o r eitizetts 171:IV ry:mint. oil 13-6 m.
st.ExasnEtt Attar, Al the old gland Young , 4. .1r Curdy, N". 43,
ra , /Rl,eet, betwee n IT'ood and Ma, let,
RESTECTFuLLy informs the friends of the late
firm, and the public generally, that he is prepa
red to till all order s for Cabinet ,York, of any kind,
with all possible despatch, and warranted to be equal
to any in the city.
Every attentio n will herald to furnishin g COFFINS,
&c , when required.
ie 16—v
File Manes
T srile.cribe r having minim= the numurar
lure of Cast Steel Files, from American materials
exclusively, merchants or other persons wanting can be
suppfirsl by him with a better article than the foreig n ,
and at lower prima. Intending, to use only the best
quality of File Steel, manufactured by the Messrs.
Suot:N n E R , which is now brought to a perfection
equal to the best English article, manufactured for the
Rime purpose, the subscriber has full confidence that he
will be able, in quality of artichn and prices, to realize
the hest hopes of the friends of American Industry.
Corner of O'Hara & Liberty stn.
.iy 15-v
To the Gentlemen of Pittsburgh.
TUE subscriber most respectfully
informs the gentlemen of this city and®
vicinity, that he has commenced the BOOT and
SHOE making business in Fourth street, opposite the
Mayor's office. 1 - I.3%iug been foreman in some of the
must fashionable boot eheps in the Eastern cities; and
having famished himself with the best French and
American calf skins, he hopes by his attention to linsi•
fleas to merit a share of public patronage.' To those
gentlemen who hare kindly patrus.iseci him he returns
Ilia sincere thanks, and can with confidence appeal
fur the guoilue,i of his work and knowhake of his
business. P. KF:RIUGAN.
may 11.
William Adair, Boot and Shoe Maker,
Liktiif at. opposite the head of Smithfield.
JThe subscriber having bought out the®
stock of the late Thoma s Rafferty, deceased,has
commenced business at the old stand of Mr. R.,
and is prepared to execute all descriptions of work in
his line, in the best manner, and on the shortest notice.
He keeps constantly on hand a large assortment of shoe
findings of all descriptions, and of the best quality. He
solicits the patronage of the public and of the craft.
sep 10—y IVM. ADAIR.
David Clark, Agl,
to No. 31 Market street, between Second and
Third streets, where he would he happy to see his
old customers, and all others who feel disposed to pa
tronise him. He uses nothing but first tate stock, and
employs the best of workmen; and as he gives his con
stant persenal attention to business, he trusts that h e
will deserve and receive a fair share of patronage.
scp 10
Pittsburgh Maaufitctures, Cheap for Cash.
So 8, Pe Ith sr. Two einorxfrom Mitrkel.
'YATES intends to tu re
nifactur a b,:t
tealleJ • ter article of Ladies', C 1 .0,1
—rens and
Misset , ' Shoes, and sell them cheaper fur cash than
they can be bought in the city. He will keep constant
kly on hand and makes to order Ladies' Shnes of all
inds and colors, at very low prices, of the following'
Ladies' Lasting Foxed Gaiter Boots, $1 7 5
" best quality Kid or Morocco Gaiters, 1 50
" Calfskin Bouts, 1 373
Foxed linlf Gaiters, all colors. 1 373
best kid and 111oroco buskin. 1 18i
- Doubly Soled Slippers, (Jeff.) 1 123
fine Kid Springs and Turas, best qual.l 00
Spriugo, heavy,
AU Shoe*matle here warranted. Misses' andthil
drens' in the saute proportion.
CRometnber the place, at the sign of the Red
Box, No. 8, Flab stre e t.
July 1
Paris has the appearance of ti City tinder Martial
Law. Its National Girard is doing duty as Polizesnen.
Sentinels are stationed at the entrances of all the
lic Tnstitations. Detachment of troops are quarter
ed neat each other, through the city. The number uf
soldiers now doing military and civil duty, in and about
Paris, is user 30,000. All the young- men of France.
over 18 years old, are liable to be drawn into the Ar
my. Indeed Bouapartt's odious Conscriptloh law, by
another name, is now praciically in operation. When
;new levies of troops are waisted ail the votive men of
Paris are warned to meet in their respeCtive"Aronelis
isements. If the number assembled be a thousand, and
a hundred soldiers are wanted, a thousand numbers
:are prepared, for which each draws, and those wile
!get the numbers from 'l' to '100: are doomed to the
army for eight years! Those who are able, or are
ferrunute in having wealthy relatiressor friends, pay
their seven, eight, nine, ten,and sometimes even fifteen
hundred francs for a substitute. The pay of a French
soldier is about one sous per day, or thirty-five dollars
fur eight years! Their meat resign is less thee half
the weight of a soldier's ration in the British or A
merican army. The troops are unsterilized men with
slight frames, but they arc alert in their movements,
and arc capable of performing hard service and en
during fatigue and privation.
The French live much out doors and at Cafes. They
are seen iu great numbers, in Gardens, iu Cafes and
around tables upon the Boulevards. Families in stead
of dining at home, go frequently to Cafes and Res
taurats. The guests of the Table d'Hotel of the
most fashiensble Hotels consist in part of Indies and
gentlemen who reside in Paris. The poorer classes
in great numbers en for their dinners without the city
barriers, where they get wine which has nut paid the
Octroi duty and is thestfure very cheap.
The /301: LEVARDS are tire ornament end the pride
of Paris. They surround and enclose the city. They
are to this Metropolis what Regent street is to London,
what Broadway is to New-York, and what Chesnut
street is to Philadelphia, though far surpassing either
and all in magnificence and beauty. This delightful
ANVIIUC, in its graceful sweep around the city, is nine
miles in length. There are rows of fine trees planted
upon te rraces which divide the braid carriageway
from the ample side-walks. In the eveuing the Boule.
vards are brilliantly illuminated, and then the fashion
able stores, the fancy shops and the various Picture and
print windows, resilendeist with all the productions of
genius and taste, produce a mere dazzling effect.
Then, too, the Boulevards arc graced by the fashion
and beauty of Paris. During the Summer seeming*
fruits aid creams and wine are served upon the tables
under the trees. These scones ere etiliyened by music,
particularly upon the "Boulevard des Italiens ' which
is the resort of the most fashionable. The humbler
classes congregate more in the '"Boulevard des Tem
ple," where they are amused with shows, pantomimes, a
rouges] en eoir, roulette, &r. &c. The gambling here,
however, is only fur cakes, fruit, candies, Sc. Among
other contrivances fur gaming (the French are curious
iu all such devices) they have something like a "ten
pin -alley," with this difference, that the pins are knock
ed down by the spinning of a top, instead of rolling a
ball among them. The great gambling houses or
" hells" of Paris, in which such frightful robberies
were formerly perpetrated, have all been suppressed.
The Revolution of 1830, Litnnfig other good things, put
an end to licensed Gambling-Houses and LtUeries.
But the French passion for play is is strong as ever.
though now indulged less injurious to themselves and
Monsieur Jan is had a fine steed for sale, which ho
re•:ontrneaded as "one ver One animalle—nbe horse
elegant extraordinaire."
"flow old do you call him!" askod, the purchaser.
•Huvv old?" said the Frenchman; ''ry, San', be - is
sumscn like ten upon cl4ren."
'Tint older?"
"No, sair, he is no older vat I tell you."
"Oil your honor?"
"Oui, mire, on me very seers honor; vat me telllsou
is de trute—he is no older as ten upon eleven; roe no
ch2aty you aver de azghe de horse. He is uo mdre
as vat I tell you."
The horse was purchased under the full helief that
he was nu more than ten or eleven years old. But the
new owner was a short time afterwards told by a
judge of horse flesh, that lie had gut MouitronslV blt•
ten by the Frenchman in regard to the age of the
steed, which was at least twice as old as he had pur
chased him for.
Upon -this he went in a great fury to the French
man, and exclaimed—
" Confound your French tongue! tae horse 14 twice
as 0:41 as von said."
"Sar,"Ciclainied Jarvsis, with %yell feigned anon
"Sar! sat. you, you lying smooth tongued *coon-
'Me lie! me ono scuuudrel! Vot for you accuse me?
ha! You is von lie yourself—you is von grand impu
dence, be gar! You mime here to curse me- fur he! be
"You needn't bristle up to me, Monsicnir, I can eat
np tiv.) Frenchmen just like ytlti at one meal."
"Diable! Vat! You clay rne--you von diaLle clam!
You von savage—von vild animalle bruit, be gar!"
"There is no use in all that, Monsieur. You're IS
lying villain; you told me a cock and burl story about
the age of that horse which is no such things."
'Be gar! 'tis no such thing; 'tis no bull and cock, vat
me sells you de 'torte. Sere, you bc---"
"Under von grand nii.,take, sare;...on grand rai , take;
I say nothing at. all about a bull and a cock. I tell
him vou von bore. Mon Dieu!"
"lint you cheated me in dos a„-,-e—the horse as Intl
credibly informed, is of least twenty, if not tiVrnSi
one ytutrs old!"
"Oui, Dui, dat is the a7ge; yes, sure, dat is what I
cull him."
"The devil it you told melee was ten or eleven."
"No sane, Ino tell you be ten or eleven. Dar is von
grand mistake, sare. Dat leetle word you put in, me
no put him dere. Me say de hose ten upon eleven."
"Well, what's the difli.rencer
"Difference! Be gar! you you Anglishe Arnericane,
and you Oct know do difference tell betwish von An
glishe vont! Or—he no upon—upon—he no or. Me
no Angli , lie, but pare, dare one grand diff•renc,, . !)c
-twi.ll de two 'eerie vord."
"1 know there's difilsrence," replied the iircous.r,
"but you meant to cheat mein the age of the horse; yett
meant I shordd understand you ten or eleven."
"Sa re." returned the Frenchman' cooly, "dere is ♦ere
you make de grand mistake. I tell you de horse vas
ten upon eleven; dat is vat me understand tea more
eleven—vot you call von and tie twenty."
"But you meant to deceive me," said the purchaser,
Deceive von! Mon Dieu! me deceive you, vo u
Americana Yankee, cot cheat de diable. Be gar! me
honest horse for vot you call one and de twenty; MI3
no can possibly cheat you. Be gar; no cart det you
put dr horse afore; de honest az,T,hee of de horse is vet
I r •Ils you, ten on eleven, and be gar, Ton find him
Bell, with necessary appendages, is nowa comae
of construction at Baltimore, by sester n e
gentlemen, who design shortly proceedititArith it to the
coast of the Si anish Main, for the ptuilosc oreedee—
voring to procure from a Spanish mao-of-ter_ mush
many years ago, bullion, silver and sokl,,to the 'exam*
of nearly a million of dollar*, whieh,together e - ith other
valuables, went down with the wreck.
.~~,, _ ,
tinily Morning Poi%
Mr. WEED, of the Albany Evening inornal, is Mier
of his hate letters from Paris, says of the French eapi•