Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, December 04, 1843, Image 2

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Subject to the decision of
Subject to the decision of
ID a i itionfill-post.
Tliii Sacra lli t xtviN a.—The meeting of the friends
of FRO/tots R Sansa, held at the Washington Ho
tel; on Friday evening, was one of the old fashioned
gatherings of the democracy, in which the heart and
et , cl of th. , audien'en were warmly committed in favor
of the objest that called them together. Many of the
"old, consistent demacratsfrom the c.rantry, who have,
since the days of Jefferson, pursued the plain, clear,
honest course of democracy, and who were foremost
among the hosts who rai H r dto the support of Jackson,
were present and joined onthaiia , :tically in the pro
ceedings. The meeting was ably addres , ed by Messrs
Kr.r.a., and MAGRAW, and th:fir rem - trk3 in favor of the
nomination o FR.A5.7.15 R SBLINg ware warmly re
" Tended to by the vast assemblage.
Thii ie the second indicatioo that ha: given in
Allegheny county on the Gubernatotial qurstim within
a short time, and from L'ae 'thunder of the pflopie" on
both a - ....e.asions, we thick no parson can doubt now
bat 5i1.11 . 113 13 TIE: MAX. At th. it f.,..tivals and pnb
lic tb2 people of Alle;irmy have p:oclai.ned
'heir preference forFaAscts R Sri UNK, and we be
lieve the resolution pledging the co Lary for one
gandntajority, if he ihoald be clad' late, will bo
made good next October.
•Inaccard ince with tin Ca: , haw ,
tired dannerats of tha county. we this d his
name at the head of our a id win ex?rt w'nat
ever in c loanco we may have to s;co .- .! him an lElora
bleao 71 in id on. Public opinion ece . ..y.cher.• indicates
him to bo th^ ch of thn peopla, and at exponents
ofthe sentiments of the d.milcracy we deem it our do
yto lend our aid in pronlainilog the a 'nest and well
ascertained preference of the party.
We can assure our readers, tlvit h li.`Pit received
Irm - a other portions of the State, there is not the slight
est doubt of Mr SU l; K's nominnthm if the real voice
or the Envie is permitted to be heard, and we are cer
taMl:::,t irthe welfare of the parry is properly consid
fred he will he the democratic can,lid.kte in 1314. •
REGi:LATiKG TH le CURRENCY. — Our exchange pa-'
pets says: that the whigs arc getting to be as shy of
these words al they are of burl r: but we must ne
vertheless otteasionally disturls tileii• nerVeS, by remind
ing teem of their old sayings. Every body knows that
through all the bank war, the cry was, that the ex
changes fiever could be regained witheut a national
money despot; but the dem cer ,:s on the other hand
contended that the free !twit of trade, like the free
laws of Republic, were better for the exchanges and
every thing else, than any money king. This was the
great q testion that divided money monarchists
o i the one side, the unbought dem )ereey oa tha other.
Th question is now settled; the exchanges never were
s r staple. and so unif trmly good, daring the reign of
the United States Bank, as they have been since.—
We clip the following as the present specie rates, from
the Jout nal of Corn Tierce.' It will be scan, that on the
principtl pointa of the Somb, New Orleans and INIo
bile, instead of there being a discount a formerly, there
is now a prerniu:n of at least one per cent in on r fa
vor. Tait is, a northern manufacturer or trader, who
has soil :is toads in those markets, and has $lOOO
lying there n: the avails, can not only receive the spe
cie for it in New York with rat disc.:et:lt, but will get
$lOlO for the a.rn sun:. This never happened while
the United States Bank win in existence. On all uth--
er points, it will also be seen the rates are altogether
!invert:n:la they used to Le uni?.f the United States
Batik. We ask the attention of business men, wheth
er whigs or democrats, to these figures. It has tam
ed out in this, as on every other great question that
has ewer divided the public mind, the democrats
in the end came out right; and the federalists, instead
of owning it; run off to something e'.se—:u be proved
wrong there also, when tested by experience.
Boston Ito/ disiMacon 1 to—dis
Philadelphia par to 1 dis Columbus 1/ to 1 4,1 i:
Baltimore par to dis t Sio. alai) /to dis
Washington. D C 4 disMobfle 1 to 1 j prom
Richmond' Ito 1 dis N Orlean Ito I. prom
Raleigh 14 to 2 di. St Louis chs 1/ to 14 ai,
wihnir T um 14 to 2 dis Lottisvilln Ito 14 dis
Charleston par to 4 dis Cincinnati 1.4 to dis
Augusta it° / die Nashville 2 to 24 dis
New Haven Register.
EXTRAORDINARY FEAT.—The Limerick Reporter
siys that a man named famed for many sur
prising acts Of - pedestrianism, undertOok to walk forty
miles in nine hours. The place marked out was from
the head of the Military walk to near Rallinacurra
pike, half a mile. What makes this feat loon, extra
ordinary is, that twenty of the forty miles were per
formed backward. He began at twenty minutes post
Irina, and concluded at about balf-past tire, thus accom
,Flishing his task in abouteight hours and tea minutes,
'being fifty less than tho ti ne speciiied. At the con
clusion he was loudly cheered, A collection was
made during the day, and it is understood the officers
.of the garrison subscribed a liberal sum. 3,l'Mullen
is an Irishman. Thousands of persons congregated
cluring-the day to witness this singular feat of pedes.-
WESIZRN W.treas.—We are pleased to learn from
.our Cincinnati papers, that the citizens of the west
are early moving in relation to the improvement of
the western Rivers. A meeting has been held in Cin
cinnati, at which it was resolved to memorialize Con
gress on the subject. Thirteen states of this Union
are directly interested in the navigation of these waters,
and if theysend forth their united appeal, it cannot he
disregarded. Speaking of this mov:Nr.ent a Cincin
nati paper sayst--
"We hope our sister cities on the Lake and Ins.g
the Western !livers, everywhere, will make a similar
movement and that the leading press ()fine West, es
- pcpially that portion of it at the seats of government
of the various States, will urge our Legislatures to net
promptly on the subject.
It is time that we should preseat a bold front, and
take a decided stand, as regards these great interests.
'We brow tke pocer if we are weittd. Let that uni
on be manifested this winter, and we shall have more
attention paid to oar home affairs both by out own re
9,reeppituptres, and the representatives of the Union."
CouvrauszTs.—A large aramberr of altered notes,
purporting to be genuine t**l4 dollar notes -of -ilae
Doylessown Bank, have head pat in circulation in Phil
adelphia. They boas bsalet ahemd from the tyro dol.
larbills of the Ternblirriiii Bank. New York. Two
nun bare *Kt committed to prison for passing them.
Shank meeting.
A general meeting of the Domocrary of Allegheny
county. friendly to tbe-notnitration aid election it Fru n•
cio It Slunk ua Goverlibr of Penus , ylva:iii ill IS4I. will
be held lathe Washington Hotel. it the city of Pitta,
burgh, On Friday, the lit day of liecemb , :r next, at G
o'clock I' M.
The friends "of" Old Shank" throughout the county
are requested to attend.
S H Woodward Wilson McCandless
Joh - it Andersim T Blackmore a"`
C McKibben mns Cu.ninghatn
John Birmingham NVm Kerr
James Ormstrm Wm C Meredith
Join Irvin W H Lowrie
S Magraw B. A Bausman
Jonatlfan Large Augustus Hartje
.1 C McCully Fred E Kremer
E Trovillo Geo Bauer
Geo H Riddle John C Smith
Henry Walsh John M Daais
R H Patterson J Parr
S W Black Ch Wettengel
David Beeler James McDevitt
W H Smith A Beelen
Hugh Turner Robt MeKewer
John W Blair Martin lintiman
J 1) W White Jacob Frey
J C Cummins L Keinhard
Wm NUJ unkin A Brenermun
O II Browne L Alnhausen
J WAteer Ludcig Alborn
Thomas Quart Ch Ilartje
Henry Cool Conrad G:irbart
Thin 13 Davit' H Saimaa
Robs E Phillips F Holzman
James P Barr R Boemheld
John Maclii 3 William Ryan
James Wilson, Thomas IV ikon
George 'McCandless ThomasMcGlaughlin
James Das-ino Bernard MeKenna
Patrick DOirey John Kerney
John Young, Andrew Scutt
James Kerney, Andrew Mcllwain
James McLaughlin James Allison
Alexander Glass Patrick Donnelly
-Richard Dosett Neil Donnelly
Samuel Bigham Thomas Farley
An-lid .McCollum - George Irvine
Emanuel Reis Samuel Reed, sr
Fret E Kremer James Leang
Arthur Ternau Capt Sum! Nlorgan
Geort.e Scott John Blnck
Chillies Mi:Kerma Joseph M Long
David Ray IV ni L Hunter
Amos Holland S C Felker
Jelin Conner, jr S Austin
IN' iniarn Ramsey , James Boyd
Josiah Ramsey John Chess
thorripson Benton G L Drane
David Ramsey John Montgomery
James H Robb James Blakely
John Haworth, John Wlihe
I.4uac S Roler Lawrence 3,liteliel
John Davidson William Jackson'
Coles Townsend James McAdams
Andrew Barclay . Thomas A Hinton
1V iiiia:n Hulett, jr Hugh McCann
S Scott John Fnrran
A W (Newt. David Sloan
D II Scott James Owens
W G M'Cartney Joseph H inton
Wm I illerich R L Agnew
A Hoch John S Kenedy
Henry Jackson John Grny
John Woods John Downey
Joseph Jackson John 14.flien
John 3 Mitchel Michael McCullough
John Chnenan Wm J Davin
James Cochran Wm Wood
Isaac MorFord Z G Brown
Daniel French J Aitken
William Dar J D Lchmer
Samuel Richards James Dillon
James Hughes H Kennedy
David Glass James McShane
James Hamilton Dawson Downey
AJam Ti Human Fred linter
Jacob Seeker E Ecker
Dr Reieliheim H Gererig
W Wolf F Gerwig
D Herwig F G Shenk
Jacob Zimmerly Jacob France
Michael Thomas John Wiseniva
G Draetz 11 Lerdeino
L Sterne John Warner
Lewis Shaler E Forster
Ch F Diehl A S Schasfuit
Erasmus Grigg J W 'Lender
Caspar Gang H Von Sendo
M Robitzcr Ch T Mon
Jacob Mulheim J R Schroder
Joseph Groe:ill 3 Dahl
A Kraws George Manver
Fred Shilling 0 D enhard
0 Stein Jacob Kohler
A Klein Jacob Rauch
John Hus Ph Miller, Sr
Anton Walter Wrn Krum ...hoar
John Groesh Henry Stolid
J W Brodsccht F Adams
George Shafrert H Eig,enmuch
A Buchner T C Schmidt
P Pull N Leonard
A Bemin J M Wolf
John Wee: G Scbneemnn
Jacob Ackerman C Kern
N Ackerman J Guckert
J R Hinman Jacob Frey
J W Krentzcamp C L Ritter
John Ebcrhart C Arnold
Jacob Miller Alex Hartley
Jacob Romel John von Ohlin
Ph MenbarJ J Beaselstein
Jacob Schwarm P Musser
N Schenkol J Helbing
H Holzmanit C Zentner
Cbna P Giesertheiver S Jones
C Ochs L Bo) ha
11 Hirsch l' Bock
1 Gott Seif H Zoller
' N Guber H Metz
H Metz John Weber
F Thomas Melchoir Gerst
M Kane, jr Adam Kraus •
S Lindsay F Freivogel
John Levalla Edw Fenderiei
Andrew Mullen Ch Kuhn
, Francis Marron Jacob Hoeh
Otto Hoffman Dr M Forster
J T Backon Ernest Heidelberg,
John .• Anderee Joseph Ilersorin
Wm B McCi.;:logiscr M Dorslinger
Henri: Detomler Dan F Milipen
Fred.Sttaub S C Robinson
Hammer if: Daujer Conrad :Mossier
Fend Stark M K 'dem
M Schwan Andw Scherer
John Mussler Joseph Kraft
James C Richey Anthony Pfrangia
Wm Brown C Hein
i Joseph McFarland H Wissman
Wm M'Cormick John Deihl
Samuel Varner John Giesle
Samuel Black Jacob Gerber
A Liggitt John Beck
Hugh Cow-an John Wagner
\Vnt M Michael Mar iti Seitz
:11 Snce C J Backofen
Samuel Thornburg Valentine Hoch
Alexander Phillip: Peter Hurls
Jamas Adam Weber
Joseph Lawson Adam Hoch
.lu:seph B Law n Jacob Seibert
Samuel Duff Gaorg,e Schroeder
James M'Kuight Morgenstoin
Gottfried Ritt Leonard Fryer
J Brooks Joseph Logan
Matt Lngrin Geo Robinson
John Logan Wm Ewing
I Rob' Logan Solomon Hays
Bartley Butler S W Ewing
Thos Neel James McCregor
Saml Thornburgh Isaac A Ewing
Charles Maus Matt Herbison jr
James Miller Pinker Lorain
James Butler Mich Mitchell
Thos McLane Wm Logan
`Stephen Wood John !McMichael
John Fryer John Cowan
Henry Cowan Amos Mitchell
Wm McKindley Saml McFarland
Wre Scott Nelson Ewing
John B Lna'e Thos Anderson
Wm J Ankrim Chit Moor
Owen McCandless • Francis Fitzgerald
Victor Gingorgillar John Walker
Samuel M'Curuiey James Walker
Ross McMagen Jacob Thornburg
Jeremiah Halbert M Weigand
Peter McCar J N Hraule
James Merivan' P Bardonaer
Omen McKenna G Gerd
Ant..a Benitz ' SiegfOraleing
Francis Henge P Lohfoik
Leopold Said George iVeyman
John Nage P M PheitTer
Fr Rocher J Schulz
John R Bleietein J Tricia
Fr Sherman G Wickly
W Keller Carl Rombach
G Leppe Jo Alleman
Nic Zinsmeister H Klehcr, se.n
F Hoax John Shuster
Jus Dnbtril CI) L Ritter
Fred Mei4enzahl F Blinker
Ph .1 Meyer
L Yeager
T Trantiran Gen F Honrioi
I'h Ackerman H Gellman
Wm liovvier H (ohs
John Beck G Woe Hater
Adorn Edenhom F Lauth
C H'Beormon C Shirk
Dr Wm Werneburg A Miller
IVm Hillerich T Ruppert
R Degenhard Jas Zimmerman
A Schmertz John Long
Charles Hoffman H Zoller
John L Kuhn Gnu Urban
A Stewart Jacob Becker
Sylvester Seymour John Grille
James Hamil Joseph Shetlein
Wm Aiken Ch Barkhauser
Wm Hamilton Ph Sell
Hugh Toner Dan Herwig
Thns J Pearson , Fred Bock
Joseph Bradley Frs Ginhart
Hugh Gallagher John Vedder
, D M Evans Jacob K .ebler
B Montgomery Valentine Burg
W W Bachop John Fleck
R W Moon Joseph Krafts
Henry Moon Joseph May
Daniel Mohler John N Straub
Alex Stewart H Feldbusob
Jos VY Graham M Visler
I' Wiggins John Keller
James I' eely William Cook
John Kerr G A Kurtz
SS Shields John Lorimer
James Longmoor A Husellongh
James Orr Hugh K••or
A Douglass Thou M'Call
And Lerch S M'Kaia
Thos Edgar A Talnct
!I us , h Sweeny J l' Smith
Jacob Lf/Wman James O'Bden
George Lowman J w Riddle
W m Coleman Thos Ward
Tilos Dunlap 'J O'Lestiy
John Miles V Snivan
Eber To wn sari 1 Ch ,rles Cole:nem
James Ray F Yost
It Corbit J Goehrin7
D Brown M Conning ' ham
Peter Bata S Young
Edward Dunu Francis Dunn
.lames Dunn J F Quigg
James Watson 113 Duolap
F Lyon Jog MX!anon
James Lanbie Joh) MrClzren
\Vm Davidson P Calhoun
Jos ft Riddle It Cu howl
M Beitzhoover J Calhoun,
W C Anderson James Ray
P Reynicr D D Shepley
A Alexander F .1 S,:hirl.
E M Beacb ,„.._. L Per
‘Vin Smith . Cbr S-iin
A Burns J,,hu Leurzalip
J M'Shnne J Wern-r
M D nigherty C Hose:ler
P I/ iTy Dian i i ; II IA
P NFK , inna Fr Sug
M M'Carty \V wi.,,n2r,
.1.1M...i Nlorithy U Willifah
Oven Cassidy Nicolas °cis
Just Renal A Side;
LialthiAar G-rmy Henry IVimer
William I loedlit John Kuhn
James D Thornburg Minh Smiili
Wm Hoevler .1 Miller
David Ellis 'A W,,lf
Jacob Gass 3 Dobai!
John Gass Conrad linkman
Jacob Turner Bedias Aiken
George Lake Wm J Anderson
H Hauptmann .1 G Me% ir
A Karcher J He rii,„;
Andw Hank F A Scletchleitor
H Guzman Wm Portsa
G Hoffman 5 littler
: Martin . Jacob J Scharer
P S e ip Win Wassinouth
! N M Shaw Wm Baker
A ndereas Shuer florid Jones
(le' -or r! e Sapp: , Frank White
John Greesel Win NI illseca
John Wilson Thomas Donnelly
James Larkin James McKertha
i Andw Larkin II H 'Van A mringe
1 Caleb Saddens W., FJordam
Joseph Ritchardson Jacob Buughtean
Th Mnlseer M P Fitzpatrick
Alexander Mg:Kimono P Broidentbal
A Bardomer Martin Sing
Geo Moder Th Thompson
C Alleys John A Merselis
Wm Goslin John McClelland
Geo Barth Philip Bloom
J L Moody John Thompson
I Henry Moises% Jos Kernan
C Jones P Mc Hale
William Gifford Jacob Myers
Ri , hard Straw John Price
Edw Fl zpntriek Thus Moreland
it M Dawson Hugh Gurney
P Delany William Thomas
Henry Kano John Lutz
1 •
John Wynn Moses Thompson
i John 3.lcCuskey .10,. , cph Crawl
1 Francis Smith Gustavus Soght,
John Coyle, Jr. John Fux
1 P B M'Aleece Matthew Reilly
l Philip NVlCenna M Siloam
Richard Swords David Conner
John M'Guiro James Lindsey
Henry Kline Robert Bayeres
E D Gazznm Mortin Byrns
Jnmes M'Afee J O'Lenry
John Donnhy Andrew Christee
J. Cnlly
Jai Kane
H. Ctigsidy R,lhert J Dickey
John Dolan Wm Jones
F. Tinon George Funston
M Confirm) Samuel M'Clurkan
J Simpson John Graham
B Murry JaTTICA G Arbuthnot
Edward M'Cluskey Thos Gibson
Daniel M'Kinney Samuel Arbuthnot
Patrick Kirk Fred Pe %N'ree
Hugh Kann Robert Nl'Donald
Thomas Kirk John M'Kown
John Fitzgerald Daniel Fogel
Luke Nolan John Fogel
Marks I.nslio Wm Cochran
lic t. hael Brady Johnston Hughes
Francis Donahy James M'Clintock
B. M'Kennu, Jr G W Cochran
E. Borne Cochran Evans
C Yeager A ndrew Emmitt
C Bente' Nimrnd J Mariner
F Haman Samuel Emmitt
Paul Hugus G Anger
J P Bachman G P Mellon
George Lloyd William H Edwards
J G Mama E McGinley
I M'Benett G G Frethy
John Mason John Kerr
Jas Burns James Yates
Jas Murphy Soul reys
Jas Brown Henry Grant
Jas Smith William Ellis
John Taylor F Carr
Wm M'Elory John Curran
John Mimic
C Melchuir
Sun Nowlan
Thomas Shaw
John Donn
John Murphy Xavier Picard
Patrick Cui;il William Emmitt
J hl'eann
P Rsenah Henry Marshall
Wm M'Dor aid Samuel Handrail
J M'Dimals Charles Austen
Robert : Biosley John M'Clintock
Thua Newell Thos Austin
Wiliam Lcinninn Thoi G Arbuthnot
Wt,iirimGate4 John M Philips
Jeremiah Frau , George Whitesell
Samuel L Hamilton Jets Whitesell •
James Hamilton John Hare
John Hamilton Nicholas Dunn
D R Derry Ricirird Knowle
J Mercer Joseph Bradley
Joseph M'Fadden D. Fickeson
George Hamilton Wm B Thompson
Homy Whitfield James Boyd
Wm. Gallaher J Curtiss
J McK, 121
T Campbell Wm Boyd
Wm L Hirper Capt Andrew• Craig
John McFarland J Hannan
A ahnr Toner
Thus Graham Abraham Slough
James McGurgill AVrri S Bradley
John Sinnott H B Alward
IVrn W Campbell Jitmes Coon
Sarni Gektun It Dunlap'
John Givenough John Gall
S T Spnrgo John Mackie
Scudder Hart P Cunningham
Sumncl McKinley Rnbert Mourn
John C Duvitt K Vunee
S Jones V It Roberts
John Birminghum James Adams
Thos D Rhoads Doye. Adams
Jas Mullen B NPGinn
Andrew Mullen Henry Cassidy
M 0 Birno John Smith
Joseph Nlers David Sinnott
Vim Kntter Patrick O'llardon
D B Shebley M Btuwdy
J K Riddle R Dunn
John St old T Tinan
Lewis Weyinati D flay
John P Bully Jesepb Carrel
Wm Grurn James Sweeny
John Lawton Sandford Clemear
James Garvin William Smith
Thou Doyle r"Marrion
Thom Armstrong Jnmes M'Afee
John Armstrong George Stewart
B S Noyes Daniel W Ross
J C Noyes Pefrr M Ross
J . A Brooks Samuel Tusler
Dmi-I Berg. David Debaven
Daniel McK .e Robert Stewart
William Barns C4:-orgo Kertz
Bernhard Louth Henry Cutting
James Burr Michael Leaby
Gen Drake John IVaish
P Ritter Robert Duffy
Reece Ern-it John Neluon
Isaac Wa!;ace Jac Weigh
G •orze Dunlap Alexander Popo
Jahn Conrmiun Henry Morrison
William Beek James Stewert
J N 13ausman Thomas Henry
Bernhard Lauth jr John Fittsimmons
W Duffy George Wilson
James Taylor Joseph Swift
limns Gr:IIIRITI John Murray
Harvey Barret John Lamb
George W Hart James Kvsna
John Savage Michael Smith
11 N Stone Nl'!,l Walker
T B Graham W B. Phillipi
J C ShlloT lit)gh Ditrvaan
Brawn Irvin Phi , lias A Hatt.
Mows Keller Thomas El!iot
Robert Pahner Edward M Cluskey
Junes Ewing, jr Tholt.i., Kerr
J Szniur Pitt ark Trainar
James Gallagher John li.e,rott
Patrick Philips Titania. .McDonough
John Carmirk .I.lm ..s Evans
G Nelan Il..nry Catiin:
Joh , ' M !klrChastaty Nonli Ii irielts
Michnel Hanlon Co!eb Bait!'
Wi:li i m I) tltell II Da'zell
Jatmss Fitetiev diet Al :Fersan
rurprlnt t t tha a:r .cc call, a v..r 141tg.• and rezl
I.ltho 1).• n of .Inegilofiv cuun
tk teat 11 . :ti .1t the \1'.14111111:71,.I.
• M r . JWIN I,IRLAVN,, of Pine town-hip, wag r
erl In til:• chair, and .1 AMY.S Ct.:4N INg.V.IA M.
jolt): 11:11.4:N:.FIAM,
AN (110SY Bk:r.t.xx
JAMES Me..ll.Er: a,
CA Mtlir LI., Were app , in
tVI Vice Prciadents, and Thorna Blaekmore,
Thomas Phillips,
31 Kane. Jr.,
Thoinqs Donnelly. and
Thomas Hamilion, were. :up
poimed Secretaries.
On nmtion of El. S. Msons.w, a Comnittee , or twen.
ly was appointed to draft Resolutions for the action of
this meeting. The chair appointed the following g gen-
Cemem--11. S. Macraw. It A. Barinian, John W.
Blair, Coles Townsend, James Hamill, dolor Irwin.
Samuel Snowden, It. li. Petterson, Thos. Fariey, Fri
Quinette. J. L. Artnitrore.f, E. Ileidlebergli.
Peterson, L. Ilenrici, Samuel Jones, Ilugh Sweeny,
Co'. %rm. Meredith, G. W. Lavng, 11. Dornmicr,
Wm. Lehmer. The committee, through their chair
man. made the fo)lowing report, which, after b-i7t;
rend, was unanimously agreed mot—
Reso!red, That t h e petiple of Allegheny county do
hereby most cordially present to the state convention
robe held on the 4th of March next. Francis R. Shtudt
as theit choice &A candidate for Governor. and, if ho
receive the nomination, do pledge themselves to give
him a most cheerful, hearty and enthusiastic support:
Because•, we believe that there is no man in the state,
who has been named as a candidate for the office, who
is so well qualified to perform it s duties—
Because, we believe that there is no man in the
state of purer virtue, more honorable principles. more
unblemished reputation, and more amiable character,
whether we consider his public or his privnto life—
Because, %% c have confidence in the sterling purity
of his democrtioiiii principles, well tried and proved in
the fiercest fires of political strife—
Because, we have confidence that his democracy
does not depend on the temporary ascendancy of pis
litiral parties, 01 the temporary popularity of new avid
changing opinions. nor arise from accidental attach
ment to a particular party; but flows from the kilid.,.t
fee inns of humanity, nourished a7.d cultivated in him
from his earliest infancy—
Because, we have colificience that his democracy is
too firm nod too lofty to he undermined or overtopped
by the insidious- encroachments or ttrrogant assump
tions of federal heresies, or aristocratic monopolies—
Because, we believe that his election would he a
free will offering" of an enthusiastic people to Itizh
but humble and unpretending worth, imattended by
any of the ostentatious trappings of wealth and pow
Decruse, we owe him, as a people, a debt of grati
tude for the heroic stand which he took in the from
rank of the democratic host in the fearful strife of 113 . 38;
when he nobly dared, in the face of swords, and mus
kets, rind cannons. and all the panoply of political and
military power, to stand forward in favor of liberty and
the constitution, and to assist in their defence when
assailed in their most vital parts—
Because, we believe that a large majority of the
people, who attend to politics only so far us is neces
sary for the public good, prefer Francis R. Shunk to
any other into that can be named, and point to him as
one of themselves, and one to whose honesty, irmness,
intelligence and care they can cheerfully and cuutident
ly commit the public interest,
Because, we b-heve the west has claims upon the
rest of the state which should not be resisted when we
ask to have, at least for once, a western democratic
governor, and when we cbbose as our candidate one
born and bred in an esetern county, but who, in his
short residence among us, has been cordially received
"as one brought up with us"—has secured. by his in
telligence and virtue, our utmost confilence, and by his
kindness of heart has attached us to him by bonds of
affection which tenant easily be severed.
&value, we believe hie name isdear to the demo-
Samuel Manilall, Jr
Janie Thompson
Cain 17m Ward
cmcy of Pennsylvania, and that ho has never done any
thing that has rendered him obnoxious to any portion
of the party—
in the approaching highly important .con
test of 1849. v e expect to struggle against the force of
the most popular man of the opposition fur President
and the must popular man for Governor, and we must
+-cot risk our success on a doubtful candidate, or one
1 who can receive but n lukewarm support from any
pottier of the party—we must select our strongest
man, and with Francis R. Shank. as the people's can
, didato, we are sure we can bent all the hosts of the
i opposition, no matter bow fortified, arrayed or combi.
Because, we believe with Francis R. Shank as our
candidate, we can recall to our ranks the old demo
crats who have of late years acted with the opposition
—crush the power of federalism in Allegheny county
—re-establish the ascendancy of COMM principles.
and secure a permanent democratic majority.
R/solvcd, That we ! l ive to Francis It. - Shard: the
Pledge of all our might in his support, Ind to our
fi Heads in the state the sure promise of a thousand
majority in old Allegheny.
In the course of the evening WILSON M'CANDLESS,
Esq., was loudly called for. A gaotleman present sta
ted that Mr. M'C. was very notch intlispo3e 1, and read
the following letter from him apologizing, for his ab
sence which was triumphantly applauded.
Dcconber lit, 1813.
Fellow Democrats:—A severe cold incvents me
from being present at the Shu:ik rmeting this evening.
called to promote the nomination of that estimable
nod incorruptible Democrat, Francis B. Shunk, to the
gubernatorial chair t.A . Penns*anat.
I wish I could be with Isju--)Tm do not know what
a deliAht it would be to me. But. I cannot spfz.k
above a whisper, and I hope there will be no whisper
ing there, thr "when the people thunder 'Old Shut,k's'
the man."
Your fellow citizen,
al motion, the following gentiernm wore oppuiuted
to write on address in the German language:
B. Louth, A. Hartz, F. Yost, WM. Hoeveler, Con
rad Mussier, L Reinhard, Joseph Herman. F. G
Schenk. Dr. Forster. C. Beuirman, Carl Melchier, L.
Muller, E. Heidelberg
On motion of Mr. IseAc Cause, the following re
salution was adopted.
Rewired, that the pro.-eedings and Resolutions of
this meeting be pnhlished in all the Democratic pa
pers is Allegheny Cstinty, and the Democratic papers
at Harrisburg. and all the Democratic papers in the
State, friendly to FRANCIS R. SHI;NK.
The meeting was addressed by Dr. Gazzam and
Mr. Van Amringe; the latter of whom spoke at great
length, and very much to the inn-pose. He traced the
history, personal and political, of Francis IL Shunk.
from his earls life, and gave. many happy illustrations
of hk personal integrity, his political consistency, and
his unsullied patriotism.
Samuel W. Black, Esq., was then loudly called
upon, and he came forward and nrldressed the
meeting in his moml spirited and happy manner. His
remarks were received withfrevent burstsof applause.
G. W. Layng. Esq., was then called on, and ad
dressed the meeting at considerable length and with
much feeling.
Samtiel Jones oSer,:d the
Resolved, That t committee of seventeen he ap
pointed, as Ito shall art as n Shunk Committee of Cor
respondence, lot the purpose of furthering the sit ws
of 11,4 tneeting. Ind producing a 'concert of action•
ptmoag sell democratic fellow-citi.tens in miler noun
the state; and that th , said corm/dune prepare
nn :s hires to the People of rennsylvatin.
Ittefallowing gentlemen were 11 r%pe: Jonci.
J. 4151 Anderson, Wm. Cukunan. Wilson McCandless.
S. W. 13 -wk, T. 1):, loch)'. 11. IL Van Amrinev. Jon.
Large, Jas. Cu:min:olnm, D. Miller, C. McKibben.
M. Km-, Jr., J BM miu4liam, 11. S. :',lagnaw, G.
After giving thr.• , - cheers for '•OLD St-tutot.." which
le the I iII ne shake, the nwe i g adjourned.
it: pos t .
Toast by :1:71L.F. C , 11!11:1g:11!11.Thr next G
r.—NVltat, tas ta.k. sa.neln; ly else is untn•rd.
but ,viten the p, ()plc tbnaslar, ula
P,ltsb urgh Cciebr Wien.
Twit?, "Yankee Doodle"
When politiciaas talk about,
Who next the State shall rule, sirs?
They're sure to e.iak nod blink and name
One of their crafty' school, sirs;
But w 1 1 ,39 the people—as is right,
The question closely scan, sirs,
In thunder tones you hear them shout,
"Old Stu: K'S the very man, sirs...
Wr haven forty million del t,
Extravapnco incurCd,
And mange e'en our plighted faith,
The payment is defei eir3;
The People think—to save th 9 State—
Econorny't: the p!an,
%ad Any, to carry oat attic vi yn-4,
"Old SHUNICS the very man, ,ir.,!"
The taxcalevind, ere will pay,
Tulare us from disgrace, sirs,
But then we want one or oursolves.
To fill the highest place, sirs;
Let politicians name !Lir choice,
We know their very plan, sirs,
To check the plundering now abroad,
"Old SHUN les the very man, sire
The farmers who attend the plough,
And toil by day and night, sirs,
By tricks of politicians find
Their purses getting light, sirs
Mechanics, too, arc asking who,
Extravagance will barn, sirs,
And the echo answers from the hills,
•"Oid Stiesx's the very man, sirs!"
Let rule and ruin, banhers scheme,
With rags to cheat us all, sirs,
We'll hare a clause to make them pay,
When honest m ni shall call, sirs:—
We think we Knair who'll lend his aid,
To consummate this plan, sirs,
The "Smulie Tuwn" boys indeed, hare said,
'•Old SHUSKS the very man, sirs!"
Under date of the 16th Nov. the Key West cones
poadent of the New York Courier say=:—"At the
November term of the Superior Court fur the Southern
District of Florida, eight negroes were indicted for
minder and rubbery. They are the same who fled
from St. Augastine come time past with a sail boat.
They wont to Winans., Cape Florida, where they re
mained some time, during which they entered the
house of one Geeren. and in the presence of two chil
dren, the one 10 and the other 6 years old, wok what
ever they found and wanted and then went away. Mr.
Geeren, on his return, learning what had transpired,
took his gun and pursued, and soon after, the children
heard the reports of guns. Mr. Geeren was afterwards
found dead, having been shot. But the nezroes have
arrived safely at Nassau. It it the intent& of the au
thmitiei here to have them demanded of the British
Government as fugitvica from justice. The above de
tailed facts, I believe are the substance of what was
disclosedhefure the GrandJurv."
CLOSED.—The Fr►nklin Bank of Cincinnati has
closed its doors Reason, won't do business under
the recent Banking Lam. "
DROWS ED.—A Iran named Cummins fell overboard
from the steamer Evelio., just below Wheeling. on
Thursday night, and was drowned.
gl7 -. Persons in Pittsburgh, and vicinity, who fl•c(
aa iatereat in the "Aistateas PHALANX," arc infurti.-
ed that a meeting will be held at the U States Hotel,
(Thompson's) on Monday evening next, at 7 o'clock.
Copies of the "Articles of Association" will be given.
hs. D. TEIOI.IIIIITROII. AV for Pittigh.
:f; 33):#1.
B' sirt Iv of sur,dry writs of Venditionit
..-i Facies, iscrect out °E do Court of Curtstern
pieus °FA. egher.v County, and to mejareeted,v4ll.lse
expriart ;o sa!e at the Coureflocse,ha .heihyrit
nn Monday the 25th day of Deem:rarer, A..
D. 184.3, at 10 cicloJk A. M., the folowing pritrerty,
A.. the right, titie, interest and claim et ...,.enry
Campbell. of, in and td, all that certain piece nfgowLsi .
situated on Hillsborough Alley, in the city of Fitittiegf;
and bounded and dinsciibed as follows: Beginning mi
the alloy aforesaid, at the distance of one hundred a: d
iv., feet five inches (1031 t. 5 inches) Northwardlv
l - t
Fih street. thcrce running along said alley I' .. :ortlt
wnittlly twenty feet, (20 feet) thence Westwardly in a
parallel lie with Fifth st...eot twenty-font- feet six Fn
ches (2.1 fey t 6 inches)l , o Robe L Campbell's:line,thente
by the same Sou:haerlly inn pardlell line with sail
alley twenty feet, (20 feet) and thence Lastwardly its
aparallel yvi h Fifth street, twenty-four feat six inches
(24 fet 6 inches) to the place of beginning. Being
the stibl lot of ground conveyed to the said Henry
Campbell. by 13enjatnim Weaver. High Sherif of AL.
le henv Comity, by a DNA l.earing date Attigwit 3d
1811, and oerdvd in the Hero:inlet's Office of said
County, 11.ecord Beal: O. 3rd, page 136. Seised
and ta'..en i,...xecuti.m at the property of the said Ma
ry Cain.l, •U, at the st:it ni Wail:Mg:on Johnson & vt
A t e rioi.t. tile, interest and cairn of Washiltg
ton R:.-hnris 4.f, la and to, A c• rain 14 t of ground sit
u. ited the Ttt,tr.ug Gl' HI 11 i it. Jttlin
I.'itr; described as fellows, to wit:
Csrgiat jag on Cat.tre strot-1, at the distance of Eighty
f.tot from Wnshi I.7 r ton str..'et, and rnnning thence along
Centre stret t towards lot No. 43. in said plan tweet , /
feet, and running thrice at rizlit angles with Centre
st ret't shr.ty-:hree and a half feat back. and thence par
+Vied with Center streat, t.J..v.trds Washington snort
twenty feat, and thence ty a line paralel with Wash!
ington streat, sixty-three and a half feet to the place
of beginning. O.l which is cr.:cud a two story frame
tonement and kitchen. Seized and taken in Execu
tion as the prontirtv of the said IVasl..in,gton Richards,
at the suit of Thomas Ha rnikon.
All eie right, it.tariist and claim of John Fairly,
jr., of, in and to a c.irtnia tract or piece of land; situ
ar~ in towaship, Allegheny cou.ity,sdjairinglandt.
of Alexander N.ieley, Burns and others, containing one
hundrt-d acres with the allowance &r., be the same
more. or less, whirl: said tract ur piece of land John
Fairley. sr. by deed bearing date :IL! Phil day of Jan
rv, D. 13:G, and record:ll in the office for rect.td
ngdeeds Ste., in and Err said County, in book G.
2nd page 430, g ra: Ited and convc•yed to the said John
Fairlev, jr. tru:t fur the s tid John Fairley, jr.
ring his naturil life, as by the said record will mane
folly appear. Se's and taken in Execution as the
f,roperty of John Fairle2.. jr., at the suit of S. Kings
ton, EFq
All the right, title. interest and claim of John W.
and Jacob Sprinkle, contractors, and Benjamin
M. 1 isterlie, owner or r.puted owner, of, in and to a
c.-1.;.,in two story brick Baildiog, situate in Allegheny
city and erected on part of Lit No 40, containing in
front on the west side of Federal street ftunteen feet,
and mending back cert.:: feet, (being the some building
which is now occupied by the said Benjamin M Ester
and the lot or piece of around and curtiia;ye al -
putte: nnt to said buileing. Seized and taken i;; exe
cution as the prepei ty of John \V. Barr and Jacob
.".inrialle, contractors, nod Benjamin M. I:- owe
ar reputed owner. at tho RI/it efiJi,lia Dickson.
All ttn - right, title interest and claim of John W.
B:trr And Jacob Sprinkle, en: t.-netors, and 13, njamin
ti. E.:r er tie, r.yr: T or reputed owner, of, in and to a
eerr.,i n Iwo st o r y brick building, situate in Allegheny
city, and erected on part of Lot No. 40. containing in
ft.:HA on the went ,ide of FedcrirLgtrret, fourteen fret
extending back fatty-five feet, with a kitchen of
0:20 .tnry high, and twelve feet in lenatth attreird to
the rear of snid hailding.. Said huilding is now
ettpi-ml let John St rgeant, rind their t or piece of groin d
and curtil.r.ge aptitirteitant to said building. Salted
and :fett.:".l,li! xeention tic tLepropcny of John tV. Barr
.Inenh Sprinkle contractors, and 1 .3.-rj twin M. FAI•
lei iie, W.l ner or t eputed owner, at the au:t of John
.VI the right. tit!o, interest and ehtim of Dac:d Ft)'dart
in ni.d to Lot No 20. in Mrs Fetterman's pla-t, re
ranled ia vn! 62. pm.Te 530; said lut twine - on the south
oa-t corner i f Wy!ie. ilnd Firth stmcts, and bounded by
'aid streets and •by Lo:s Non 2.1 and 25 in the same
',lan, and of a triangnlnr slinpr. For further panic's
'ars sor Plan asr:coy ded. Seized and taken in execu
l",.n as the'proprr of David Foliart at the fruit of Ra-
I crt 31artin.
ail the. right, biter rt and claim of.l °lin Irwin, if,
to the foam log piee or parcel of property, to
w't: nli that lot ei zround, abotr. 20 feet by 40, with
:1 Iron, Luc-e !hereon erected. about, 16 feet square,
froa i t±nn llit!y alley. b.-tut ern Pros rect. street and Coal
bro., in the city bounded by property of
Celern In an the oneside. arid property of Porter
Arlailra nit the other; the interest of said Irwin therein,
beine. the unexpirt d term of a IL'a5C made by Harrnar
Donny and wife, dated Ist October, 1832, tu James
Harper, and afterwards by divers Sltles nod transfer*
rested in the said John Irwin, subject to a ',light ground
rent. Seized and taken in execution ai the rroperty
of John Irwin, at the suit of Samuel W right.
All the right, title, interest and claim of Robert Thomp
son, of, in and to the following described tract or piece
of land, containing 200 acres, more or less, e , ittinto is
West Deer township, A Ileg,lictly county, and boundel
by lands of the heirs of Edward Bartholorocw on the
south and west, or Jahn Riley anti George Stewart on
the North. on which is erectel a &militia; house. Sei
zed and taken in execution as the property of %Ann
Thompson, at the suit of Benjamin F Brewster.
Ancl to tht sold liv ELIJAH TROVILLO,
Sheriti's Office, Dec. 2, 18-13. Sheriff.
&o. &e.
THE undersi! 4 n^d, laying usseciated themselves
for the transaction of all business relative to Real
l3state, will hencensrfi attend to the pnrrha.se and stile
as well as red fug of city and country r r .perty, eolleet
ing rents iitc. &c.
Tins senior member of the firm baying had much ex
perience, and being extensivv'y known a= an agent of
Real Estate, th-y hope to receive a lihr r.. 1 =fin re of pub
lie patronage. For the accommodation atile public,
there will be two offices, where business will be receiv
ed; at the Real Estate Agency o James Blakely. Penn
st., sth Ward, and at the Law office of John J. Mitch
ell, S. W. side of SmitiAeld St.. (near s:h) t either
of which. persons wishing to have instruments of wri
ting, legally aad neatly executed, titles investigated, or
desirous to purchase or dispose of Real Estate wi I
apply. J. J. Mitchell will continue to attend to the
duties of his p,rofession, as heretefore,
die 4—d&w6m
United States Wagon and Rail Road Line.
HE subscribers have made arrangement,: to for
ward goixii during the winter to and from Pius
burgh, Philadelphia and New York.
Canal Bit:in, Liberty street. Pittsbur g h.
d4-3m 2f2.. Market street, Philvdelphier..
Fe-Mho , s.
25 SACKS Feather 3 joit rec'd and for sale by
43 Wood at.
-10 KEGS Ky. Toiracco, in store and for sale low
to close nonsignment, by
13 Wcod at
f 46