Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, December 01, 1843, Image 4

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VNO* t,,,wte, gi, r 004,-,06•,40,,,,,, , t o- , di' -,. i - i i ~,, ar: );e.l 4 - r '' t
... Nide, - Xi: lir; ',raid Street, Pitaigrik, a..: - ,s. . 4'l, • -
1 " - Ihtige always on hand an extensive anortateit - Of Salk -
Glaadd and ri!ain PAPER HANGINGS, Velvet and lii 11 11 [3 aww50••5nti....:..,.., '
..: ~ .
Alkallielbr eh rankr• . , ot JAW Inlest .111.07 had: handsome_____ . r .
patters., fne papering balls, a e arlorz and chambers. .
They tnanuracture and hive on hand at all limes- IN:DiVIDU It T - ENXIIRPRIZE -
Printiqz. tV Ming, Letter, Wrapping and Ten Pa per,Bo n
net and Fullers' Boards—all of which am) , offer for rale
on the most accommodating terms; and to which they PORTABLE 110:11,T LINE.
'lnvite the attention of merchants and others. For the Tranepartution of Mere/wadi:o and Prudie
; ALSO—thank Books ()rail kinds and the bestigitality, Between
. .dcitool Monks, etc. always on hand and for sale as above PITTSBURGH AND PHILA DEL 2 /ild AND
N. II Ragst nd Tanners' Scraps' taken In exchange. I FirrseußomAND BALTIMORE,
HII EVIN C respect iully inform Ike public I hai !hey
• have conißieted their arrangenieninfor the shove
ir MOVA L.—The podersigned begs leave to inform
tlf , r'srtibilc,t bat be bas removed from his old stand,
to the co , n-r of Penn and 13t. Clair oppovitethe Ei
chan;e , w bre he has !Stied up a tare PtAno Poityz
Wane 11.(Kom, and now otters for sale the most splendid
nanny.' nic:.l of Ni.mus ever olTerenl in I Ilk market
Hie pianos consist of different patierlia, of superior
Rose Wood and aliotfany, beautifully finished and mo
dele.l And ennstimeted throughout of the very heat ma•
terfaia, which.for durability. and quality of tone, as well
at wan, he warrants to be superior to any ever seen
.. , here•.
• A 5 he has rri!:trzeti his manufactory, and made ;mange.
ote. i t•t,to supply the increasing demand for this instrn•
. . . . .
merit, he re..iectrillly roquesis those Wending to Poe.
elms., to call and, gnmlne his as , ortme.id before uurclia.
-.site?, elsewhere. as he is determined to sell LOWER, Inc
-.Aettitli,thanan , other establishment cast or' west of the
• saountains. F. BLUME,
.. .
Earner of Penn and St. Clair streets,
. ato 10 t)on “lie the Exchange lintel, Pittsburgh. Pa.
hasjust received from Phitadi4phla and
- New York, with a general and extensive assort.
every article. in Ills !inept' littUitess, which he is deter.
„mined to sell (Alm most reasonable terms for cash.-
410 believes he can offer stronger inducements than any
establishment in this city to country Physicians
and "Met - chants, who wish to - supply themselves with
... Dings and Medicines. - ilis articles have been selected
-` With the utmost care, and are warranted only! hest coal
'it y and iiniforin strength. Orders will be filled with ac
eitrary and elegance. Fauitli a can Resupplied with Fine
and Fnacy Soaps .of every conceivable variety, and of
the most exquisite perfumes; likewise with Perfumery
an.l t:osmetici of every descrip'lon.'
'The undersigned returns 111,4 tha n!:s for the liberal sup:
' part-heretofore encoded to film, and hopes by a constant
dtsposition'to please and accommodate—a rare In pro
curing and selliog only whit is excellent and genuine—a
close supervision ofthe sales and transaction of the ...stab
itsliment—preCanfion and accuracy n row poundi med.
,sines—and by Industry and perseverance, to uteri n in:
tease . of public riationage
ina V . 25. WILLIAM THORN.
atioth Josh's dulcinis to him t'uther night,
To make yours look so, with a grin, replied Tosh,
I ve biought youa bottle of Thorns' Tooth Wash,
"T.s the best now in nit, so the gentlefolks say,
And since they have tried this, cast nil others away
fiat to provelt the best, to make the teeth ■pine,
' Look again, my dear sat, at the Ill Are scmine,
Then try this great tooth wash,
The Teaberry tooth wash,
And sec if this Tooth Wash of Thorn's is not fine
Dr.. , Titorn's Tea Berry Tooth Wash,'
and becoute.acquatnted.willt the Ingredients of its compo
anion, I cheerfully say, I consider it one of the safest, as
it is one of the most pleasant Tooth Wasl:es now In use.
Pittsburgh Sep. 15,1842 DAVID AUNT, Dentist.
I take pleasure in stating, batting made use of . .. Thorn's
'Pea Berry Tooth Wash,' that iris one of the best den
triflers In use. Being in a liquid form, it combine? neat
ness with convenience. White it cleanses ,the enamel
and removes the tartar from the teeth, lit perfume yelds
a fragrance peculiarly- desirable. J. P. TIBBETTS. M.D.
' The undersigned have used ..Tho-n's Compound Tea
Berry ,Tooth Wash,"and have fonnd It to bean extreme.
I, pleasant dentifrice; exercising a Mast salutary influ.
ease over the Teeth and Gum.; preserving those Indis
pensable members front premature decay. preventing the
accumulation of Tartar. and purify ing the Breath. Day.
fag thoroughly tested its virtues, we take pleasure in re.
commending it to the public, belieeing it to be the beet ar
ticle of the kind now in use.
Prepared and sold by WILLIAM THORN. A potheca•
ry and Chemist, No. 53 Market street,' Pittsburgh; and
ikt all the prlnelpa Druggists', and Tuttle's Medical Agen •
y, 4 Foutth 'street. sep
0 FEN' A L t ES.—Tliel cm a lam gm' cia.s ot retiue,. an
thisCityWho from their continued sitting, to which
thek occupitiorisobliget betn,are affected with costiveness
skiiich gives rise to palpitation at the heart on the least ex•
ertion, sense of.hea witless extending over the whole head,
intolerance of light and sound .an inability of fixing the
attention to any mental operations; rumbling,in the bow•
als, sometimes°. sense of stitrocation, especially after
Meals' when any riextiou Is used, as going quickly up'
stairs; tempre tickle; these are symptoms which yield al
once to a few dosesof the itrandreth Pills The ocra.
zonal use of this medicine would save a deal of trouble
and years of suffering. One, or two, or even thrre of
the Brandreth Pills just before dinner, arc of en found
flighty beneficial; many use them very advantageously ill
this way; they aid and assist digestion, restore the bowels
tb a proper condition,enliven- the sptrik, Impart clear.
Dm to the complexionourify thelilood, and promote a
general feeling of health and happiness.
' 'gold at Dr. B-audreth's Oftire. in the Diariiond
Pittsburth—Price 25 cent.) per box, with full directions.
id A lIK,The only place In Pittsburgh, velere the
GENUINE Pills can be obtained, is the Doctor's own Of.
tee; Diamond. Sep, 10
-- -
Dr. Leidy's Teller Si; Itch Ointment.
FOR the cure of every iartely of 'VETTER , t he ITCH,
and all diseases of the Skin, has proved itself more
'efficacious than any other preparation for the &line pur
'Tose In Ose. . . ~ .
.. . , .
.T.Tpwarda of fivelinnared 01'1111e:31es might be procured
.and pulifisfied of its efficacy drum School Teachers. Pro.
prielors of Factories. P.trent=, Guardians, Child Nurses,
Captains of vessels and other., %vete it not for the deli
cacy in liavil_ t hei? 'names - published in connection v. till
iucb disagreeable aretitons.
By the use of Dr Leidy's Teller Ointment in eot June.
lion with his extract of zzarsaparilla or Blood Pills, he
willuarantce to cure any disease common to the skin,
*ow cr haiL Graf howevestour, standing. or refund the
-mon 2 'There are however vet y few InStences but can
Iligteureti by Mel:Ham:tent aim..
prise 2.5 eespr it Bee. . •
Prenared only4t2d sold wholesale and retail at lit Lei
jig's Health Ediporlutn, 191 N. second st. Philadeinhia,
44.0.113,1g:...e.tairirESTOCK.:0;- Co. corner of Wood '
ENstifsiOleti,Asents.tbr Pittsburg. !July 12.
- . ' FACTORY.
Pr flEsetteiwibertveuld reepectfully inform the citizens
JL. Allegheny and their vicicitics, that he
has cmmeneed manufacturing the article of Lard 01
and Canates. He intend= making but one quality, which
.• Witt equal the best made in the Union and .not surpassed
by the best winter strained sperm oil either for machinery
or horning, without Its offensive properties, and one
third cheaper. THE ABOVE IS WARRANTED To
her wishes to impress distinctly on the public mind that
it is not necessary tepareltate any new tangled lamps that
are daily palmed upon them as being requisite to burn the
lard oil in. Persons•vvishing a pore and brilliant light
carrobtaie it by calling at the old Etand,3d street, nearly
opoesite the Post Ocoee.
The attention of Wholesale dealers, Churches andi mai
chintsts respecifullysaticued.
N. IL—Alt theterreht ail! bear the manufactu G rer
Jen 2; 1943 4
I Line on .
The public has long wished for Individual competition
. in Transportation nn the Public. Works, by which alone
it can he freed from nuneceetary expenAes and reduced
to Its lowest rate!; that wish will now he realized; the
j State of Pennsylvania having placed frocks on her Finn
l Roads, Indivldua,s owning Portable Boatv are enabled
[ to bid fbr the : earrylog trade and ottcceitsfully to coin•
pets with enittpatree.
This line iscomposed of Twenty new, l'uur Section
! Portable Boats, owned by the Captains who command
them and well known as ewer pr'tsing, industrious and
experienced Boatmen.
The superiority and advantages of Ilia Portable Boat
over every other mode of Van:wort:llton, lire too well
known to shippers generally, to requlre, comment; SO r- I
; lice it to say. that the detention, lois.separation and dart
ago ti; Goods.invarmilly attending three Traashiatatats
between Pit isintigh Rua Phisdelphia ere by the Portable
_ .
Boat most etTertually remitted
The Portable Boat p tssesses the great advantage too,
of being well reatilated and cool in Sullener; witch pre.
Cants Flour from soaring, and Bacon and Tobaccufrom
II • Devine, standing as he doe+, between the owners
of tZtlatiA a oci the Boat nieu who carry them, and eqaally
lot Crested ill protecting the interests of both, will make
no prumkes lothe ',utile he will not fit itlichlty perform.
He is now prepared In receive and lanyard Produce
to Philadelphia. Battidtore, New Ydrk,vind Boston in the
shortest time, anti pledee's bionvief to enter Into uo.corn.
bleat ion with other Lines,hut always stand read) incur!,
out the principlesof his Line, and contract for freight on
(hearty lOwest terms.
Ce:rro give andoutoed security to owners and shippers
of goods an open policy of Insurance has been effected,
by which all mereltandizi shipped by thia Line will be
I it , need without any additional gsprinse i o the owner.
H. Deiittie will receive all produce Consigned to him
at Pittsburgh, pay freight and chards to meant Boats
and forward the satne tottliopt delay to Philade , plita,
Baltimore, New York, and Boston wltliont any charge
for ndvancing or cominkelon
H DEV,INE A:cot,
No. 43 Water Ft., Pittehnreh.
T1110:3, kOR Fll .1; A:eiit,
272 Market st r eet, Philadelphia.
MOORE 4, 7 ASE Atentr.
73 Elowley's Wharf, Baltimore.
BOWEN 4- 11111 SERB, A:enta,
Ciiirinoati, Ohio
!Madonna Ind,
Thos Mc 1D %NI, /1. fe . A :rid
!llarch 10 .Ire-12. 27 Old slip New Yo
Ready Wade Coffin Warehouse,
Furth St . 3 doers/row the (1 S. Hank.
R E 4P Ee' l
re `FULLY informs the motile that I e
nt.)lCtl his ready made coffin ware.
'house to the holldloz recently ,cruplud by Mr.
R. C. rterford, directly opposite his old cued,
where he is always aretored to attsad promptly
in Noy orders In his line, and ky strict att. nt .an
to all the details of the business of an Undertake , .
'le hopes lament public confidence. Ile Will he prepare°
tt •t.t.oorrts to provide tlearAert. Bier,. ( ia.re and
t.ery rrontsfte on the moil Illmr rat ic,nis. Calls front the
.ount y will lie promptly attended to.
the residence is in the saute buiidme. with HP wart
house, where Illo.se who need his servlcemo um .t find his
at any time. R [MI [NCR
31,130 k PATTON
imp 10
VARN volt SA L£..—The undersigned offer. for sate
JIL his farm, lying In RO,s Township 41 mites I rout Ihe
City of Pittsburgh, root altting 114 nerve ofla nil of whirl,
60 ale cleared and under fenre, I mlsto :0 acre of
meadow, 2:cod Orchards of Annie , i few Pearl; and
Cherry tree.—the Improvements are a ..tree frame boy -1 ,
containing 10 rooms wef1ft1I11,141140, 1011646141011 7*„ n Ta
vernAgOrl . .. *o4o44.letisike Aim ts-11 0n e
aid •Blitaint; pods 04 other out, !Atari so i t
Oka:foe - a ianimeat:-.23o4.eartiMut sueniiitded wit I,
ci.icaut iiislaus.aad a .well-stf-Jasuefiest wa‘eiNfith h
pYm tu:it Ibe "trost,door. fit 'Marion W the Plush. r 2
aft t Allit:hemy market, there is no place now of erPtl for
;;Ve with morelndurement to tho:e winMng to port Ita.r
near Pit tsltureli, l Ire terms will he rude moderate, foe
further partirutarsapply to t tie ornp, ietnr at ht. (7tothlie,
Shore, Liberty st reel, corner of Virzin A iler .
N. R. If not sold before the lot of October Jest.
will be divided into 10 and '2O acre lots to Ault pur.-101
nor,. ger,
Regular Blorninit Packet for Beaver.
rffillE at running and well katowr
T Strainer
s:=VAPA- :
.111 RP nr.xrnit.t.. Master, will depart daily from Pitt—
burgh at 9 o'clock, A. M„ and Benver at I o'clock P. M
For freight or paisage, apply on board. or to
No GO ‘Vaier struet.
N. B.—The re2u lar canal pa(Ltl to Clevelano Ohio
Greenville and Meadville. Pa ; and Ma•silton
Ohio canal, eonnect:na with Wainer Cleveland at Ben
Yer,will he in operation lininediatrly on openios of or. v•
igation, war '6 -It
PILLS cured by the tee of Dr.'llarlich's Compound
Si rengt hening and German A perictit Mite
Dr. Hartlch—Denr Sir—Shortly after I received the
Agency from yiin for the sale . of your medicine, I
formed an aronaintancewi•h a lady of thi• place. who
%vas severely afflicted with the Piles. Poi eight or ten
years this lady was subject to frequent p a inful a ttnek,i,
and her physician conaidered her case so complicated.
that he very seldomprescrilted medicine for her. Through
mypersuasina.sp e c . nmmenced using your Pills, and was
perfectly cuteil, Yours, tc. JAMES R. KIRBY
October 3. 18.10.Chatnt,eriding, Pa.
11:70fiice and General Depot, No 19. North Eighth
t!rr.ef, , And by Snutort Frew, corner of
Liberty and Wood street e Pittsburgh. srp 10
~..riX- Z :ES t!: -.- .-ii:.tti,t. : :44;
0;r- "Il'hy will ye lire 0 this pwir
dying rale?'
44 4 4
ohe had at rTIA's Medical Agency 81.3 Fourth et.
the only agent in Pittsburgh.
Fel, 22.
sooner does one of Dr. Leidy' preparations be
. 1.11 Mlle popular, in consequence of its success and ef
ficacy, titan it is counterfeited or imitated.
To prevent imposition, Dr Leidy has now procured
moulded ',utiles for iris celebrated Teter and . Itch Dint.
ment, with the words •Dr Leidy's 'fetter end Itch Olni.
mem,' blown in the glass, besides cbstaining Iris written
-rignature en a yellow label outside.
Dr Leidy's Teller and Del; Ointment, has proved more
r Mcaciuus than any other preparation for Teller, !tell,
Dry and Wain!? Pimples or Pustules, and discuses of
the skin rleperally,
I t has been employed lit srhools,factori ts, and on board
'muck carrying passengers, where children. as well as
1 grown persons, contract diseases of the skin from their
Contagious flat ire, with the most unexampled suceesq
certificates and recommendations have been heretofore
published from them, and numerous (ohms might be ob.
tinned tor publlcation,but for the oiled ions most persons
have, to Navin_ their names published in connect ion with
'Such disagreeable and loathsome affections
In no single instance has it ever been known to fall.
It has been used upon Infants and by persons of nil
eget. It .is perfectly sa*, contains no mercury in Its
i consposltion,and may be used all circumstances.
, Price Twenty-deo cents!' bottle. Plcpared and sold
atPr Leidy's Dearth Emporiuns.(aign niche Golden Ea
gie.and f3crpents,) and by E. A. FARIVES IC 4. TOC CO.
onef 'bf Wood and Sixth streets, Agents for Pittsburg.
• joii , 12.,.. ,
- - A
REV. JODM ELL•ro.o. D.
*AV. DoELET Witco, D. o
poptagfeis.. Piptsibie,sl ie ti
nr4Vnter must be 'adapted Id the nature of the fi,lr
on there - en I I floe -aid-peewee' ton , of Ike species. The
soil must he ndaired to this seed, or iltere will le no i.,
cream. The elitnale must have those mailers in it which
will suite and keep olive epidemical or conlagiou.' pot
ion', or they Will 'heroine eslinenishrd, as a lump that
is unsetriplied with oil. :nu It is likewise with the lin
sago frame. lk cannot he materially affeeted h} epidenr
deism contaglOUs maladies, unless there by those mallets
limiting in Inc circulation whicri offer the appropriate
soil. ily I urifying our bodies with tlie Bit otofteTti
PILL', which t tine :tinnily with those Impurities upon
Which rontaglon - feeds, tve may .Iways feel secure,
whatever disease may rare around its. l'rne, we may
have it, lift it will coon he over. our sirkneis will he
I lie affair of a day or two, while thii.e who have hero
too wise to use thi , simple and excellent remedy, t it her
die, or have weeks perhaps tot:milts ‘.l oicknew,r.
:-Mdilen cluing,es from very hot to chilly weather Hie
nulnyttrahle to health; and it is a fact universally admit.
lei!, that heat nod moisture are powerful agent s In pro.
11101012 ili-10;l,;e. and that congta lit nay and constant wt:T
weather are hot li favor Ode to its uyitcral ion; It dom not
s'.liiify WIRAT weeall it; it unity he nzue, it clay lie bilious
fever; it pia y he yellow lever. it may he dyi , erilary; it
mac he rheiimati-m; it may he Mondani.; it any he chol
- it may he constipation of I lie towels; It may i.e Info.
ovation of the bowls, il may be inflateation of the stout.
rich; it may lie a tern it affeci Inn; still it in di-0 is', aid
a disease curalile by the flrandreth Pills, lteratise the)
remove ill tnipitrities'froiti the body, all that can in ally
no niter !red the further progr.s. , of the malady, no mat.
ter how called; thus these pills am not only the most
oroper me,ticine. hut reneralty the only medicine that
nee.l or cluzla to lie used. At the p "sent time it is every
man's dilly who wishes to secore his health to use them;
it Is lite duty of ever v.one who knows anything of their
health restoring poweis,lo make it known in his imme•
diale circle, For there are some alarming siltoig, vOlieli
tell of tae approach of disen.e. The sudden r Images of
temperament nee:note to he feared and guarded against
i than any rOatagious m July.
The INFLUir.SZ k lids Icft inany.insych a state of weak
ness that 'there Is in them a :real susceptibility to he al.
iZr.fed by these changes of the atmosphere and rantditions
roa'al e hill by the timely use of Rrandreln's Pill., oven
now this sitsceroill!ity ran heir a peat Measure I molly
eil, and power eiveu 111(1 system to restSl limn. motbilie
poisons, and the sudden clioniee in the weattn•r with
which it niny he brought in contact during the next fifty
days. Nature has formed the bowel. , or i he evacual ton of
all unhealthy Immo' s. allit if inan would Ina !:se common
sen-e, lie would take care they Performed this office I'M It.
fully, If the bowel- , are out of order; if too slow or too
fast, a few dos..a or Its LNDRICI7I P1t.1.5 Will 1/6112 than
In order. Ask the man who was dying from roost tr ri.
irgl bowels what cured him; he tells von, litatnirelli's
Pills. Ask him who had tlyien.ary frets month., and
every 'mortify had failed; lie will a'so tell yon the Bra.,
dret it Pillscuredlitin In a week. 'ea 011111 other diseaes.
Twrive n ma d r , 11 l p,in. ,ni.l.,•d town in I, it pint of an,.
lasses, Cured a lull toy of au nicer or !he rare, A . M. li
.vas rapid'y spreading to ll+ ors, and which a doz
en doctors had tried to cute, lint could not; it,e
poor pa rests wand have eiven hisir they were ty,,rth
to have had It cured, lUot every thine they tried did no
rood, Until they f. 171 It a te is,miiiiii,l of iliolas,its ever)
day, in half a pm) of w belt they had told. d down
t welve Brandt ,- 1h P 111:: before ilie *.llOlll of the mote ,s/s
was taken the Ore,* wa.. curi-d. AnJ )et some foo:isli
pcop'e tall Brandreili'v r il:s a quo 14 medirioe. It wo u ld
IT well if tilde w. re a few more •urlill.laCk medicines.
Will all your pretro led 'arsapttilla Con/potted: I'lll/
like Illift Brandt . . ti Pill,! Can limy smut ) nu is perKons
cuttro, as Dr. firl.irein r.t, 7 I'so they point 0111 10
you people who had !een for ram 1:o.
and SI. Vi 711. .• ponce who have been cared by
their reniedieii? If they cahoot. Dr. 13randieiti ran
ran they point out to von a person whit for twill
}earn hind nee., Fiat witlinnl havfnir
nerd mn,i-
Irine..ir mechanical tr to and V. 11,11, the Brandr" ll t
cured in a niontli, and rave iin a% le althe I vzrn..ii in, •
as it had when he WWI child. if they Caiii.ol.
Orandre;ii rat.
Thr Dr:ANN:I:1'11 rt .not Dolt 40 err, rtllru red
.to di-rase. 1 .111 IL es,l I.r delioostr.ilid, the
timely u.-o llur timid 111 rai I 10 V corr. In a orri. , t,llll
ltior Di.todreth will arm l rldri the oittilir coli—
c, (ration of 1 . 110 virtue: ailr ftraritlrrth lath hi
Or form of :,,r1 1 , 1 form, and 11. if hr nth
expoiin'thr r rif the 111, 4 I limit WWI
nerr••arilr 6q
the ',mil tilt ‘N ETI,Vii RCVEU rg,
rarther lhr y Iw internal nr rxlrr rn l .l h:1 j•I .1 I -
trivral the r. , iit" r. mutual mrutle nit ,11., e-Ider .mi
Shrrtirook, Can mild, who for IwiAiiy t earn war •orrty
afflicted with dirt:lee. rvlr.rh r...nie nut hi I li.tehe• and
ten L. all over his liody. 1 les ten. it Mem •.1
fire quaker WI 'lt teen et;:ete
lee nilp!riOn..nnall) , to Dr. Itroadrirlt, end Ii n o n
proved a happy one:melt hist Mx waralha km Wry ' t
eller., of hi. rut•ernhle sod trirtenitillts elota,e
er••_ , of the flratid” th I'll
The use 01 111 e Pa,' lit , Ili Pl!1.1,11 in 03 e,.0.10 )....-
ry.I.(CIIII2IC Iltny are made of It e•r heel . - vett ren.l% , s, e•
reere 1::n 00 IC wilt 11l lent
man homy lend v the nn r, f 1 , u!:111 it them
eases ref sick ertee . r, I•olien tier c• nee ot a!eergaltarA ultra
enAln_tnnly by rn•nell env of ill .
110V1' 11111$0flAn1 i 1. 1 14 411111 4 pnlin‘ sbnul,l he illy • 14.1:
it Will not only Le sitrest tors o• 01 fe•10.11.:. but
it 1%01 to a reat teea•ri•e iorreent Ihr err tit tee Cr 01
ronstitni ma'ailirs— it al l rtire:e u r..Lt n .1..•
01 11. e lit lime tuner r.. 111.1 lean 11
A• with all valuer air medicines the 11re:el:rite l't
have been .ban riutic rgalnler eilenl. l . I I terse -Oreete•t.
eel lee li:retell est-Aced Till. EC I. ‘lll-:1.4.z, w
Are ruled I•t each Ln , II 1 , 1 .0101 intrinsic is otkatate•teip
as In html defiance Loath future imvalot rt. Now, Menet'.
11 (ICW CS it presents itai If Sly adyrti torment- are
taken verbatim, aril ~.Cr! by all the medicine man_
gen of the do , . who inerek take my name nut and
Ins rt the name of het' medicine In the plate of limn
dreilri, upird in lire nelverti,ement thus streets
from nee. Time wilt prove how these etpecirlal lye Urn
I lotion ..111.13.11
Sly Falcon, mot. r , .1 11i1.I I than. t e l Li,:
11 mt . 'ife and enct:in• are !1...111111.d Inn I.y tin 11V1:1:-
111 . 1,1 NC riIOVIDENCE., per.inaik le, the
preparation of the Itraneltrillytlis, and tie. I ee,
',rope rtie• which have item , fir rend , re; tiepin so pry - u
tar, will retell twenllll.lll o .litniniplirrit.
The Pr:teethe:All Pill' ore •trl by nor neeni 1.1 I r,ry
Ware of importance 1111011j110111 ihr world; trcell er:rlo
having a eel elic.tie of agency from Dr. Ilt and rtle,
lug of I the:" on the flranddrelh Pitl hoses en:
graved thereon.
BRA N E I IFS PILLS ore •old at 25 c's. per lens.
with full direction. PI Ilia PRI+ , test ()sett s 241 Itrond
way, 174 flowery. IBP/ 111111400 firer!.
The fol'owlyi: ale duly appointed a:ent, for the rale
of the Ryan-limn ('ills in
PirTsiltitt.iii--0. It. 1.1111.
Stewaristown—Che•-triall4',4 113 u! ri7.
Clinton —in•
Craniterry •-K. 11. kleKt r.
Butler —Lane. Campuell 4 . Co.
Prot t pt ct —G. r'ke. IY. irkpai e ick.
Perrier•ville—reter Musser.
Portersetile John °Weer.
Ml. 11, k 1, loppenreett.
L ang !. 1114100,0-1 4 C. Ste•ole.
West N. winn— NI P. Smith.
Ytitiir: - town — alcA lie 4 Co.
new 13—W31.
SFRUIIEIN'II,! T. .11cCarth y , Cutter and Surgical
instrument ',Maker, Third street. nehrty opposite the
Post Office, l'itte bur! h
rhyslcians. ne•uri=rs and Druggists ran have their in•
st rurnents made hy the nuhcriher of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent rilwnis anti Srissors always on hand.
also Hatters Shears, a .mperior article. Orders respect.
fully solicited.
N. R. Allartleles warranted of theliest quality. and
olthlng done as usual. sep 10
Cast of Liter Complaint of 25 years standing.
This may certify that for twrnty five years 1 wits af •
flirted wilt pain in toy side, tviticli was frequently CO
severe as to entirely incapacitate me from labor. I have
been under the eve and treatment of various P111'1 , 168 n•
without any 'imminent bellyful. Dearing of the many
cures effected by the Hepatic Elixir prepared by Dr.
Start:weather. I was Induced to give It a trial, and
happy to any that it has entocly removed. I h.aes felt
no symptoms of it for more than a sear pooh.
Northhrldte, ittneB6 30, 1841 A MOS WHITE,
The genuine to ho had al TUTTLE'S Medical Agency,
Denning's Dire ;-roof Iron Chests.
PITTSBURGH, OCT. 22, 1842.
J. Desrusri—On Friday , . he 30th oflast montli.about
9 o'clock at niaht.the Ptaning.Grooviriz and Sash titan•
ufaciory, owned by Cay, Dilworth 4- Co, with a large
quantity of dressed and undressed lumber, was all consu.
rued by fire.
The Iron Safe which I bought of you some time back
was In the most unwed situation din ing the fire, and
was entirely red hot —I am pleaked to inform you it was
opened at the close of the fire, and all the books, papers,
ke.saved;—this ti the hest recommendation I can give of
the utility of your safes.
Adainve-RatOst SIEWse
WtYE now been before
he pntnic 3 years dtt•
ring which time several
thousands have been sold
and In daily nee, We are
confident ef being sustained
In saying they are he hest
Coffee Mills intim Unbed
States, any way yoa . ...fic ti.'
Eeveral modifications arc
madeto suit the ftney of
wives and Ibe purses. if
Sold !Iv the gross or (tarn
at the manufactory.---
Malleable Castings nnyle to
These ;genuine articles, of all awe, and most improved
varietie4,constantly on hand anti for sole ni very tednrea
orlees by the. manufacturer, L R. LIVINGI 4 TON.
mar 2. —t( Front isetwecn Ro4s and Grant std.
IFIA V E removed thr: raper Store from Market
E. street to Nn. 64 Wood et reel , o ne door from the
corner of 411, Where they It, ep on hands their II 1.1111
"Ailment of WALL PAPERS, for papering parlors. en
tries, chonitters. tc. and also PRINTING, IVBITING
nil of w hid, they offer for pale on accommOdatin; terms,
frit 14, I f
11 - I'o IN V AAADS. .-1
floty important it that yott commence without
los. , of lime with ItnA.Notta-th's They n Ildly but
surely remove all iMpllfiliCS from the blood, and no race
of sackne , 4 can aft, ct the human frame, that Ittee cele•
mated Pills do nut relieve :is Muth uc medicine rue do.
Coils nod coughs are gore benentled by the ltrandreth
Pills than by lozenees . nod ca [nice. Very well, per•
have , . as penal Ives. but wort It toliim: as eradicator- tlt .
do:ease4 from the human =y Stein. The ffitatrottict I 11.1.. s
core, they do not merely relit ve, they cure rliAran , ,
whether chronic or recent, infOtliflllg or 01 herwiir, it ill
certainly he cured by the use of these all sufficient Pin:.
SING Sixo, January 21.11343
Doctor Lle,jamio Heandectik-Lllottored Sir:Owing to
von a dell ol grntittide that motley Cannot pay, I am
Induced to make a !mini.. nowtridgenittitt of the benefit
my wl'e 039 , der I, ed Irum ycour Invaltoilde pill.. it hoot
three years ibis winter she was taken with a pain in ;ter
ankle, which .00n beraild• very much inflamed and
swollen, so notch so that we become alarmed, an d :sent
for the doetur Dunne his atiendanee t lie pain and ...well
ing increased lo On a la rni in; degree, and in three weeks
from it; first commencing II became n running RGIe.-
51te ronld ill no rest at night the pain wac so great.—
Out lirio Doctor attended her for ;II month., and the
received no Ircefir whatever, the rain :rowing iirse.
Ind the sole la ri.ii•r all the w pile. fie said if it wit- in ,i 1
eit tip ii would he her death, lint Ile a Pflear'J to
Ines how t proceed. and my poor wife still r niiiiiiuril
In sutler lire most teirliiiii tortures. IVe the.erne. Muni h;
oilier aid In a Itinanieal doctor, who said when he first
saw it that he could anon cure Die <ore. and give her
ease al once. To our sorpriseshe giiiVe tier no relief,
and acknowledged that It I.:ill - kit all his
Thus we felt after having tried &MO: one w;101e year
the experience of two celetira'ed physician. in vain,
absolute despair. Nv poor wife's conotintion rapidly
failing in I ler prime Of her yr. iris front her eon , Dined
sutriirtng, rioter t r trout!" I 1 lee, wr eo o ,ooled 11,0
We would try your Ciiivers i t Vegi•l ride l'lll%.thoefodled
to fairly lest their curative ioncia. To my wife's great
comfort the fir *I fern dues afrirded gri,l yr Lel 01
;Pain. IVIIOIII o,tr 0,1'0,, to lip 011..eid 01 our
seiVf • and uric who I. new of Ole • . 0 4e.110 , 4,0:1002
and the Inflammation la.ga 10 r,a•t• so deal she lit; twits.
racy. and IVCYI'd •10,d rionforts'ity, and, air, alter -is
%f01..' nor .he *J. 100.. 10 eo 111.'12;11 11,e lime, sod
112:1n .11 1 et01 10 110 r manaTrati.ot of her 1 . :m.0v ,‘ 106.
,hrirrd not r1•,e•• lor ne.lf!v 1.1 month+. Ina ',lite o,e,
"lb'.. !".." •1.0 11,1 crinimenecd the 0,
llf rot?, r di.. TIC, ankle TV:, .1,0
her lornish hrEer Ih.an 11 had Iwrn In quilrp I ti01•1.•g 01
yr:lrst•r!fore. 1 send 'no rm. Ai riemeni ‘Co 1.• al •
g, of 11, r,ii,starlll,,: II only -in :VI o f .! I.
) .10d Ihr pahlle a , 1/11Iirr.
Wi• svII It murk itude.
Veil t••p..ctrariv,
r s. T!, 4 1 tpc,..lw .1 1 '1,1• f11(1
1 1 ..ftl'U• 3011 ti t ! uo zrvo c t r:lii`cl Lr elan.* I
n-hni , . 01 live vt.. , rot Itif hone rapra.-
1 , ,,,,,k a 1.11 1 4 1 . / rol l .lo 0. , . t'r 11111.1 p 11- l. , ” 1 10 1 , 111'
wrnh ..,ve,t ;1 , Lnhit I' 111
1 / 1 . II tilvt• 1,1,1 I* lit ' , lt. it,'
25 row , !.ro, w rtll ifirr4-4.,..
f )I , tr rvf• fit•W 11:11/1111111;11111 if Imn
n.ottrea tlf fir. 11ra.t.1• p.' It S (-art' Iwo% of lire co.toine.
11,fre P.. 11.111111 81.11id,111 .11111
ft nrattriorllo typo', it.
T nnly ir4. In Nil Otiipt h I 11.• r.• I l'rl.l
.lirrt II Polo ra Is I- the Ilm mi 'a On I. Wie,
in the Diattoml, the Altirkrt
hone Mari:,
Ow:Timmy 01,131n1 J
eru: &lore.
The follow iu^ err (ln ., ' .1:r1LI.11 itpotol end 1,, 1 , ,
Vlr.tmiret It. fat lire' 4.1:1 . :11 111, V,:ena 17iiiirrr-at
in V COMO% :
tral. II LEE:,
Mr. J..bn 1111 'soy-A
C. F. Melil—Clivitirituriurn.
II 1101V1711 . (1-- /I 'Ken ,wvrl
Pre , •l%
rho+, 51ew:1,1,1,u% ~
'irdeli A- Connell- Ctin ,
R o bert rivorr --TarTrilurit
GrOl ralrv.e w.
Itly,lll coon- l'!umn township.
hanlel N , r l e , i..tfl i•ilor , iv.
Wm, o.llunier Mill
TLC office r i osikur 4 ll whvh war ••0131.11.1.t..1 nun
porposeof agent- in tile ‘re•t,liaviii: air MI
pi surd I l':11 edjeci, I 11,101 ri,•0•41, and Mr. t.. II
in lbe DIAID Ind. TI irket sitvri , appuulted ur ar.cul lur
..de 01 rol, .111 Dr. Era,i.l , lll•
will inerforraniderslando hat W.lt. will Pe , 111.1 IraVellinP
nffent IhrOult) Slip canal! y a yr. n r t ui • in ii ecn in ,
to, eaten mail' and fr.clintly aff,lo. The slid traveller
will Inn provided with a wove , ot 3,1nr”..V. duty pf ,••• ,, n1
before the Uterk 01 the ruy nod county of New York ,
tocealter with all ne,tessary vatic Oere nod paper.,
Mr. J, J. Yoe, Isuty travellinl agent now in Priingyl.
vanfr., 11. 811 virworti. i. 111
N. J 3, Reiticiu‘Jer ihr. G • 11. Lee, in rear of the Mar.
knit is fIOW illy only l'itibbur;ll,
New York,.ll.lw 1401,1:;47.
0- An individual only wishes to know the rhtlit way
to !totem. ii; and there are voile, were II etcetcett made
known how !Are mtoti he prolonged and lIICA'III re.
covered. w: o woold not adopt the plan. Ev olio, I`
required that the right way in discovered. This us what
those differing from sickness W4llllO I/C n.ttt.lied 1110114.
For who le so foolish as not to enjoy all the health his
only is capable of? if ho is there that would not live
when tutu rant min c can so much benefit Itirlrrlf and
family? It Ina melancholy fad that a vexy iaiet• pro
portion of the nioni I members of 'metro die he.
tween the ages of limo v and forty. flow inaliv
Ind hell - MSS orphan. hove hero the emiketpience of man.
kind not havilig In their own power the mean , of restorn
int: health when lost.
Now all 1111.2!" si ngers and ditheithies ran he il(rventrd
and the lone, and certain siekness, and by astosaitur. Nan
lure. in the outset, with a izond dose of Pretnireili** Pills.
Thus IS 2 tact, wt ll undeistood to be so by Ilion-ands of
our citizens Tills medicine. if taken so n.n to purge
freely. will Purely cure any curable di , easc. I here Is
Ito form or kind of siekitreethat it does not exert a cur
ative tiallnence upon. Thus, by their power in resisting
puirefaction, they tore measles Mall poX, Wilting and
all c ontar.enuSrrVerS. There Is not a medicine In the
world no able to purify the mans of blood ?Ind real ore it
to healthy condlticio, as the ftrandrelli Pills.
The Rrandreill Pills rue purely vevlalilc, and so in
nocent that the Infant of a mot its nit mny use them if
medicine is required, tint only with safety lint 'whit a car.
tato! y of receiving ott the benefit inedteme in tenable or
Imparting. Females may use them in all the critical
peflildS of their lives. The Brand nJh l ids will insure
their liez.llh, and produce regularity in a'l the functions
of life.
The same may be said of BreatdretA's F.xter.al Rem
edy, as an outward application in nll external pains, or
swellings, or sores, it :really assists Use. cure. When
used where the *kin is very tender or broken. it should
he mixed with one or two pints of water.
A earn Tests! Genuine Bcandrellt
the box of Pills, Then look et tire certificate of agency,
whose engraved date !nun be within the year, which
every authorised agent must passim; It the three labels
on the box agree wills three labels on the certificate,
the Pills are true—lf not, they are false.
Principal office, 241 Broadway, New York
June lb.
Headache :. Headache !
- De,,BR.ODIE'S ANTI DkriPEP7'IC P1 ... 41.--
. WS*. known loutononde„..ia.enost cstraorclina•
for this adltetion4weriWon the incon
t - A. Will thoFe
U m.
An • *link wound:* heir frieritis if they have IRA
k nfirtge,dUilllif PlPlititle
. Ikred2.at ißid Pills: and it I hey
do- ifotlbear picot
. Ivp re ;vorrnif prated and deservedly
lois) (lion ify other. 1 ',edict them net levy aseirt. In
iltddeSliKiellidris, all finify or imagination hi excluded,
and - Ucalitit will raid of t h eir merits at any time
initysinkt can he fairly proved by respeetahle memters of
Read_ the following certificate:leen by a respectable
Otitis:oi of Allogbeny city, and allured by ore of tbejudg
es of the Court cf Common Pleas of Allegheny co.
A LIACCIIIZNY CPIS' January 9, 184:3.
Deur Sir-1 hare for a number of years past been af
flicted with a severe and almost con-itant ile•.tdache, a
risitiLi from deraneemeni of stomach and bowels and al
though I have taken nearly every kind of kleilici , e ye
commended fur its Cll.e, have never derived any mile
vial benefit until I used some of your truly valuable An.
i Dyspeptic Pills. I have not taken quite two hoses and
consider myself perfectly relieved front that distresiteg
complaint. I have no hesitation In recommending your
Pills as the best medicine. I have ever used.
Yon ri, Respectfully,
I am ncquaat:ell with Mr, Tonle - , I have no hesita
lion lu certifying that I consider the statements of Mr,
T. respsciing Dr. Riodie's Pits, as entitled to the most
perfect and entire confidence.
For vale, Wholesale and Retail nt the Srodonian Pill
Establishment Pittsburgh Pa :all I by all authorised a
gents throughout I he Union
Alley city Jan 9 154 S
EVallS'S CainWHOP Ma,
VERTIFICATES.—Letter from the non. Ali'h'ut
lan,Sullivan County, Cast TennegFee,MembetorConvess.
W•811INGTON, July sd. 15311.
Sir_Siner I leave bran In this city I have used some of
your Dyspeptic nterliclne with infinite benefit and mitts
faction, and believe It to be n most valuable remedy. One
of my :onsti uents, Dr. A. Carden, of Canipteeli county,
Tennessee. wrote to me to send him some. which I did.
and he has nipirled it very soccessfully In his practice.
and says It is invaluable. Mr. JotenSon. your agent at
flees place, thinks you would probably tike an aunt
Teeenessee. If so, I would recommend Dr. A Carden. as
a proper person 13 officiate for the sale of your celebrated
medicine. Should you commission him he is willing to
act for you. You can send the meltable by water to the
ea re of Cohen Killf. F Sons. Knoxville county. Tennes.
.rn, or by laud to Graham ek Houston. Tazewell. East
feeeneesee. I have no doubt hut if you had arenas In
.:rvern I counties in F.ast. Tennessee. a treat deal of merit.
nine would he sold. lam ,goletiz to take some of II home
for my own the. and that of my friends, and should
like to hear from you whether you would like an agent
t flltt Ovine. Sullivan County. East Tennessee; I can set
some of the mrrrhanls to act for you as 1 live near there.
Yours ronpectrolly,
ARR ADAM AI 'CI.ELLA N. of Tennessee.
ror sale lAllolesale and flartall, by
R E SF:LL ERlF,.Aznnt.
No. 20. Wood street ,helow
I) %viT.Lt EVANS'S sonTiiiNc syrsur.—
This Inrallo.lr remedy ha. preserved hundred+
when tbonrht pa:4 recovery, font ronvul=lomr. As soon
run i• rttlthed on the ,ponr. r hild will r ye ( v ,
er. Ttite premtrallrm Is *0 Innocent, mu etticarionit. and ,m
plea ant, th..l 040 Child will reill•re to let lie come he MI.
he.l with it. Ai' ben Iniantsare at the a Pof four mouth , .
I,' here i 4 I'o appearance of teeth. one bottle or Ihe
St rip tied to open the porrs. Parents shosid
ever beWllliPatthemyrop in the nursery where there
chliaren.for if a child wakrm in the vizlit with
tvtain In Ilic vim/. the Syrup immediately rives ras.e.by
tie pores, and heal in: Ihr ntin:;th . f.trefl pr e sent,
,n 1 Cones dons, Fevers, For baleWhole...ate and
I; rtaii by R. E. si:i.Lens.
p II) No. 20. Wu ,r 1 reel, below Rectund.
lIV En cOIIPI..IJST cured hy the ti.e of Dr. iinr•
A ilatt • . compound t,:trrnt?iltri.l , l and Aperlrni
Mr Wm. Rtritord•, of ritt , tturth, Pa.. ent it el y cured of
the al.ovediAressin: siker!, Ili. symptoms Wr rt.
3r.1 weith to Ihr left stop(
croon! 10t... a dotleolKi!lro of the .tiont.trti. skit Itrktil•arbe.
fur led rouni enanre rha Wier, 10:1 C 0 1017 , 010 e, dißb
roll oliqratiainT. ti:Onrtwil rest,nitt•nded aGh a r'onfh,
deltiitly on other nymptolt• tothratirrl .2rt•ttr d•
r,,,:etoncnt of • tiir fanaticism of the flyer. Mr. Richard ,
had the ntivire rf serrral phy.'cinn., but rrrriir.l no
Wirt. netll 12 , tn: Pr. Ilarltrhl Medicine. %%loch irtntinn.
led In etteeitne n pc - feet OUP.
(Mi.' , 19 N.,rtli F. 121011 .ztrer,+. Phil:1,1,11111in
by Fa ruutl Ftcw, corner 4/1 LI!..
.1 and SN'ood rirror.. in , 10
• • 11• r
1* 4 E .
Ali Therr ruts air r-omooserl of twrba, winch rcrre
I opr c•fir nr; .on 41(1011 lb. Ire:ari, give jorrosll.,, or
tn . i!to IA! •1 , "111; tlre 11110611
I r. 1,111,7.41 in fig citeuhrion lbron.;,h all the vr.•<, 1 , ,
whirls r of il,r• •klut. I In. part; ,rionird inkernally,or
'lltemiticy; god at all the ;ecrellorra of the boa) , ;Iry
c, 0., I o a c0... 1 0 on!
every •er•elioa. a nd lon or th•ab.ort.,,,
-Lod ea halpo., nr 41o•lirrrzln Any morbid art lon
which ntry trzye lakro plater is rorrerled, all obsirot
;lon. sr* r•AIC 'red. lb,' blond Ts u rifled and rho y
-mimes aft! sate. Fo• 4 ale Wholf.,3le and Rt.
tat' y rz. T. St I.I.F:RS. Atrnl,
stp 114) • Wand st . 'below rbl
Pittsburgh Lard Oil Manufactory•
;:7 us . •
mar 2.i. 13-I.i
0.V5T.1.V7 LY on baud a superior article of Lard
w.ll ralited to burn at any tenter;,titre, and
erinal in the best winter strained Sperm nil, without
n. otTeo4ive qualites, and one third cheaper. man.
niactored by lite sill,eriher at the old stand, Third st.,
itrirly.oppotite the rust Otficr• M. C. ED KY.
IlltlE nonFcrilier havinz orriied shoo No 61. Second
IL RI reet between Market a ndWond
roiinci tic n with the Factory in Birrnitozharn,
fully iof inn% hits f.ietids and the polite, that he will It
happy lc tie favored with their orders for any orioles in
liar Lark, and P;.teneia,a various d script ions, or.
hand ant tn..de io ordrr.
Toharro NM and Thnher Screws.
Lt r?.r Setews, for Iron Work4,and rews for Presger,
made nr may he requirrol,
Carpentr, and Hu Wiry' nrr regnestrd to ea:l I.efort
1 . 941i1 or t int! for johr, and r !anti ne him article!' and pr Ire ! :
I ockr rep:ll,4:lnd jonhint ttenerully I one In .he beet
than ner.ainl on I lie lowest terms
luny 2—fito
TAR, (11":4. Sin i,arsttici.• Fithian° PIUS, are nppll.
cable in all cas e , whrl hcf for Purgation: or Prriji.
e Ilion. They possess all the boasted virtues of other
p-tis, and are addition:illy CffiCliClolll, containing Sarrap
atilt:, In their rnmpn.ltion, which is not contained in any
other pills in existence. They meals° different front oth.
rr pills In composition. being purely vegetable, and-can
he employed at all times, without any dancer, and re
qtariny, no restraint Loin occupation or usual course of
Notwithstandlnx Dr. Leidy never pretended 164 lirlied
Pills would cure all diseases. yet It Is not nyiuy too niurli
of t brut, from the Innumerable cures perforated by them
1,, every vat let,. and form acclimate,- (pert Meetly of ma n y
of which have been published from persons ofall &nom
thatlons, physicians. clergymen, and ethers) that they
seem to be almost universal in their effect; and pe,w,its
using them for whatever sickness or disease, may rest
nssured they will he found more efficacious than nny oil.
er pills In existence.
Front the known reputation of Dr Lehly's Blood rills.
'Us deemed twee:wary In remind the public where they
may at ,alt times procure the [ermine, as it is attempted
io Impoie other pills called 'Blood Pills' upon the public
on the reputation Drill.. Leidy's. Orrne particular and
ask for Dr Leidy's Sarsaparilla Blood Pills, and see that
the name of Dr N. B. Leidy is coat ,Ined on two sides
of each hox.(the boxes being of paper, and oblong, square
surrounded by a yellow and black labil.
PRICE-25 cents a Box.
Prepared only, and sold Wholesale and Retail, at Dr
t.eldy's Health Emporium, 191 North Second sired, be
low Vine, Philadelphia, and by d.. 1. PAWNEE rocK
COottorner of Wood and Sixth streets, Agents for Mita'
burgh July 12-Iy.
Jan 13-1 Y
4 c)
, R\ p,r4
it l / 4 ,,,,k0„. p it ANJ
suhscraher has just received Ws 2Ontiol supply
I- La miret • Carlen Seeds, consisting In part On*
following kinds-8110f the last ycarserop t *unwed
Egg Plant, Parsnip,
Endive, . Peas,
Kale, Pepper, .
Pumpkin, Byncolii
Radish, Doreenle,
Rhubarb, Cal bar,
Saleafy, Carrot,
Caulifluwer, Spinach,
Celery, Okra,
Curled Clefs, Oni,n,
Cucumber, Parsley,-
Mustard, (a bite and brr.wu) •
Mater Melon,
Ton atOCF,
Coro ,
&c. &C.
To2ei her %tilt varlet yof Pot 4- Sweet hcrlitt at d Bow( r
Orders for i•eede.Shrttbs, Tr. es, itc kora fiaralireo.
Pt! at El ()theta will be received and promptly attended
No. J 34 !Abort y. heed ofWoodit,
Cincinnati, February
. 15, 1840
Dr. Syvvirg—Dear Permit arc to take the nitrify
of writing to you at this time In express my a ppthbatiner
and tu.recoinnintid to the attention of heads of families
and others your invaluable medicine—the ( C oMpound
Syrnp or Prunus Virglniatia, or Wild Cherry Bark•. in
my travels of late I have seen in a great um ny„instances
the wonderful effects of your medicine in relieving Wl
drem of very obstinate complaints, such 25 Colleting,
Wheeling. Choaking of PlitSgm, Asthmatic attacks, kr,
kc. I should not have written this letter s ,.howeves, at
present although I have felt it my duty to add my tett?
mony 1.. It for some time, had it not been fot a late Irt.
stance where the medicine above alluded to was me WM
mental in restoring to perfect health an ••only child,"
whose rase was almost hopelss, in a family . of uty ac•
quaintance. '•1 thank Hewer n," said the dont inn moth.
nr, ""my child Is saved from the jaws of death! 0 how I
feared the relentless ravager But my child is safe! is
Beyond all doubt Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of
ltd Cherry Is the most valuable medictne In this or ant
other country. I ant certain I have witnessed more Ibis
one hundred eases where it Iris been :mended with com.
Wee suCces! , . 1 am using II myself in an obstinate at.
tart: of Browellitis, in which it proved ef f ectual In a 'ex
reedingly s;tort time. considcring the severity of the case.
I can reromend It bathe fullest cenliderire arils superior
virtues; I would advise that no family should be without
it; it is very pleasant and always heneficial—worry
double and often ten limes Its price. The public arc at
surrd there is no quackery about it. R. Jicesos. D. P.
Formerly Castor of the First rreab3terlan Church,
N. Y.
Sold by W5l. Timor. wlso'csnle ref all, only ntent
for Pitisl•orcb. No. 53. Mot kct •=1 rect. Fey 1U
ABOON TO TIIE HUMAN ACEf— . ..rtiseseer
what will destroy Life. awd yea are a , beat woo
•Diecraer what will rssiseg Life, sad ca's lit *rib
call goat Imposter." • oUI
.• Mrs are faculties. bodily.aud iatellsclual; irinist ma
. with watch ccrtois !wet:lau ajiwity, arid Stier •rsAish
they have power."
Or. B. Biamiteili's Extertitil Remedy, or. Liniment.
which, by its eitraorilinary powers, algitracis Pain 0
Soreness; thus Sprains. Stiff FiErWit, White Swellings ,
Rheumatic Pains, or Stiffness, Stiffness or the Joints
Temors, Unnainial flardnelis, Stiff Neck Fore Threat'
Croup, Contractions of the muscles, Scrofulous en'
lareements. Tender reet.'and description of
Jury atTecting the • Exterior of the ilooian Ti Etna, It b
cured or greatly relieved by his never-to l• sefritai
extolled rtniedy.. •
riMOWIII.I letter 60111 Valor Ger.
era! FUTl4.llofil, as to ;be qualities of the Paternal Beale
di', speak:. volumes
• Dear gir—Wi'lynn ul.li , e me w•ith . znnther bottle 01
your exerlleoi Liniceeni? II ie crrlajoly tile hest of me
Lind Iha ye ever seen. It has cilied rntin ly my wet
knee.nhout which I wan Fo uneasy.and I have 'found II
produci Ice of Wined, a ielra'inveveral eaves of eater
nal injury In my family. A few evenirla ounen. toy
younee4l rl• . ild want:rimed with n viniensiiiiack oferonp.
whir h tray entirely removed In twenty mihttes, by rub.
blur; her rliru and throat freely %% It t the F.xternal tem ,
edy. I think yun nia:111 to manor:Wore thin;
inoentl of confining the ure of il, av you
hay,. lit rt•lofurr• to your particular arritinintalleleqk
Vilure truly. C. W. sANDroito
lie. IT. neAeoerre.2.ll rtroeoway. N. 1: •
17 — Fdr al 241 Ornbilway, Ness , 'York, and at his
..dire In the DI .umnd, Pitishurgh. Price,-50 cents
,er 1.111. with dlrrel inn*, sepla
_ _
I rrtonucE Oh ACCRAVATE. EiIt 4 EASE:-Ilue
:lags of indrvidtials Is very nutnerous. They a re.thicts
'whip work in'an unhealthy atmosphere. Trlnters wntk .
men in feather stores. stone cutters, bak . ers,. white feat
manufacturers. are all more or 1E35 subj e c t to disease tt
cording to the strength of their constitution The wilt
method so prevent digest*. Is the occasional use of
medicine which anstrack from the carentatior. all delete
-1 riOUS humors, and expel:. them by the bowels. Tonga
In any form are Injurious, as they only -..it Millie evi.
! lay to make it more fatal. The use of Brandrelles PM(
wiitinanre health, because they lake all impure matter
out of the 1.lootl; and the body k not weakened lilt
, strenal betted by their operation, Err these valuable Pills
do nor forrr,l,ul they asti , t nature, and are not opposed,
' but harmonize with her.
1 Soltrat Dr. Drandreth't Of fi ce, in the Disment!,
, Pit isbn rgn. Price '5 cents per box, with full dirt dittos.
MARK—The only place in Pittsbureh where the
GENUINE Piller-on be obtatnetys the Doctc,r's own er
, IMP In the. Di:mond ._
Caveat entered 9th June, 1841— Patent granted t 6
B, orrt,e+.,t2Oth January, 1843.
The extract. of Branrire:o s Pills are com
posed are ob•ained by this new patented process,
withont boiling or ail appliertinu of hen , . The ac—
tive principle of the herbs is ihus secured the same
as it is in the
The Public should be minions of mPdieines tec::
comment:lei in advertismenix smlen from The, in
which the CoNTEMPTIIILE 11081 MRS stettb. my lan—
guage, mei ely alterin,,, the name. Time will t bow
these wholesa'e deeei%ers in their true light.
0:r. BRAN DR ETIFS: PILLS are the People's
•e, ',roved by thin-ands who daily f ere um
mend them to the afflicted. The BR ANDIZETH
na t s pre . L rowi n g every day more-popul4s, -Aga
vii tues are extenciit.g their usefulness. The sick of
both seaes are dai:y deriving benefit from
No ca..e if disease but they can he use d n i t h
tage. Blotchest.r held !limps of the skin tf.ey speed :.
ily ra re, so with erysipelas, so with salt flit in n , se
with indigestion, sn ilb conchs and colds, sn with
costiveness, so with cancer, so w i h hot parched lips
and canker in the month. Let the afflic•ed use thi;
medicine, and they will find they require no other:
So!ri at 25 cents per box, with directions.
Observe the new labels each having upon it to o
signatures of Dr. Brandfeth. So each b.* of the
genuine has six signatures—three Benjamin. Bra m &
reth and three B. Brandreth upon it.
The orri.v PLACE in Pittsburgh where the RLA
Brandreth Pills CAN BE DETAINEE., is the Doctor.,
own Office, Diamond back of the Markel Dre w "
Mark, the C FlNuirm BrandrethPills can never be ub
tair ed in any DRUG SToas.
The following are the ONLY AGENTS appnint
ed by Dr. B Brandreth, for the aide of his 't egvia
ble 17niver,a1 P.II, in Allegheny County,
G H Lee—Pi iocivel Office, Diamond, rinsheigh,
Mr. John lilacs—Allegheny.
Robert Dmican—Birmingham.
C. F. Diehl—Elizabethtown.
H. Rowland- 7 14Iclivesport.
Pressly Irwin—Pleasant J 1 iii.
Jcho Johnson—Noblestown. i ,
Chessman & Spaulding—Stewartatewa.
Asdell & Couneli—Clintoe '
Robert Smith Porter—Tarentuns.` - ,
George Power--Fairview.
, • David R. Crxm—Plum Township.
Daniel Negley—East Liberty.
Edward Thompson—Wilkint.burgh
Wm. 0 . fluntet—Allou's Mills.
NEw YORE, Fri.. 9. MI.