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    fruit PRESIDENT,
Subjett to thc.decision oT
ttie Mailp Alorning Post.
As..errittuteticran.- - During.tbe late campaign, we
'on ;enteral occasions exposed the dishonesty of the an
'dmaittlillt leaders of she city, and showed clearly that,
otrattathelautaing their loud professions of "distinctive
aMbiletsotuy,' they had time after time united with
she, "masonic whigs" and sold the intlurMce of the bon
ed until:salons to advance their own principles of
grasping cupidity. We predicted that if the whigs
should poll a pretty strong vote at the election, that the
*blue nose leaders, maugre all their denunciation of the
masonic whigs,"l would abandon their relay uoi
101 into the support of Grand ,Master CLAY. In no
ticing our prediction, the tottimasoni: organ could
scarcely find language in its vocabulary vile enough to
denounce us as calumniators. Nothing was further
from its thoughts than to cwaleice with the Clay whigs:
it was fixed on the platform of distinctive antitnasonry,
and from that position it would not recede one inch.
We, of course, did not believe this; we knew that all
the ranting of the editor was merely to force his party
to swallow the bitter pill the city clique had prepared'
fork, and frit after the election they would be willing I CISCINNATI. — The Enquirer sayst—Few are aware
iof the extent of the book-trade and its branches, in our
to sell their influence to the Clay whigs torn very small
There are upwards of twenty bookstores, inelu.
consideration, or for no consideration at all. And
ding several extensive publishing houses. three stereo
what is their position now! Saarzely a number of the
typs foundries, about seventeen book-binderies, and
Gazette appears thntiloes not contain something highly
twenty-film printing offices;—there are also twenty-six
complimentary of Grand Master Clay, and it is
newspaper:, including Daisy and Weekly, and some
pretty well understood that as soon as a little business ,
two or three manufactories of printing Ink. „Perhaps
arrangement earl bo perfected, the editor will hoist the
Ctair ' , Lao. This shows how mirk ilepmciance can &•iw are UWare that great ,plantities a school b o ok,
be placed in the antimasonry Or. editor of the GA- Published in Cincinnati are sent to the east, but it i s
the fact One house alone, send: from t hirtv tin lot ty
But further, we learn from the Sun of yesterday that thousandiiitheir own publications to the eastern cities
Mr, A. JAYNES, late nntimarroic cat dilate for Pro- yearly, and have on hn.d WA unulk 1, ordet s from
thonotary, has deserted to the enemy and joined the
Clay Cisb. By this desertion the leading blue noses
expect, that they can induce the witig, to stipp:ni. Mr.
Jaynes fur Mayor, and th , Wilig3 hope that Mr. J. and
the clique will, for this coatilecation. transfer to the
Grand Master the whole antimaiwaiit party of Alle
heny county. Such is the manner in which the city
leaders wishto make the honest antimasons of the coon-
Ay, articles of traffic, and they are willing to sell them
tosny moo or any party that will aid the office hunting
leaders to crawl into good fat places.
But we do not suppose that th! hia-st antim wins
oldie, county will ratify this bargain, by which they
are tobetransfeml to the Whi g ., and to humbly fol
low hereafter the dictation of the "masonic" leaders.
The treachery of the city digee will prove to them,
thatthere is no h mesty ju th in Alves of the prominent
brawlers fur antimasoury, and we have no doubt but
'hey will take the first opportunity that may offer, to let
%Ise political cheats know the ,letestationin whiclt they
hold such treacherY.
B KOTLI DI AMA.—[he Indiana State Sen
tinel of the 21st says:
"The Board of Directors of the State Bank at their
meeting last week, by an unaninmus vote, directed
the suspension of the Lawrenceburgh Branch. It is
oncWstonsi that this Branch has in repeated instances
ilisregaided the provisions of the charter, and through
the influence of he suspended dAt, its situation Las
been deemed unsafe, and its prospects of tisefillness
very limited. Col. A. C. Pepper. P. L. Spooner, and
H. IC. Hobbs, Lairs, were app dated Receivers. The
raper of the bank will be redeemed with specie as
Iteretofore at its counter, and received as usual by the
"rother branches. There is sonic mason to believe,and
it is to be hoped that this suspension will be only tem-
P° 1111 7."
This measure, if may judge from the tone of th e
papers, is craving s good deal of excitement a moug the
people of Indiana; and will no doubt cause some anx
ility in this city, and the towns, adjoining; where the
note's( that bank have heretoforecommanded a prem
him of 1 urn per cent, for the ordinary currency. The
seasons assigned for closing the Branch are, that it has
failed to make its 6 per cent the last year, and that its
tamers on several occasions have exceeded their pow
ers and.violated its charter The papers, however, in-
Shit SOW) other causes have induced this step.—
The Lawreaceburgh Beacon sounds the alarm in the
folkiwing style; we give its article without comment,
and every one may judge fur himself as to the condi
tion of the bank:—
"We have no doubt but the officers of some of the
branches, and perhaps old Nick Biddle, jr., from In
dianapolis, will be in Cincinnati and Louisville to try
and persuade tho bankers and brokers in these cities to
trust the State Bank of Indiana a little longer, and
sing the syren song theta is-a:cll. We say to thern,and
to all, and what we say we say advisedly—look out,
these is ruin—there is danger in the State Bank of In
&alma- She is, in our opinion, unsound, rotten and
corrupt—aye, even to the core."
And . again, in another article in the same paper,
headed "State Bank of Indiana." the editor anyst—
flit institution is on the eve of a general burst-up and
blow up. Wo conceivo it is a ditty we owe to the
public us warn them of their danger; and to caution
itheuanotto trust too far to this concern. We feel au
thorised to say, that from our own personal knowledge
tints condition, it is very little, if any better, than was
the ?ate Bank of Illinois just before it exploded; with
a ctrenlation exceeding two Millioll4, a suspended debt
of a million to a million and a half, with laws that I
prevent the collection of even good debts, how can it he
expected that it tan weather the crisis T With some
eight or ten thousand dollars in specie, and, perhaps,
two hendred thousand dollars in bank balances to meet
those liabilities, it is utterly impossible fur it to stand,
unless the public aro willing to take their "pr 'see
to pay" when there is nothing to pay with. We cau
tion our river traders who go south, not to touch this
trash, bring home the produce of your toil 41 the Cou
valuational tile,' in the "real Jackson there is
no danger of its failing or breaking. We again say to
all—beware ! diet e‘is dung-mi.—Acre is rein around
tt.ecTitos or SPEAKEIt.—We think there is but lit
dodoubt of the election of the Hen. AV.Ie. Wectrik's to
the Sprakership. The most valuable of the Washing
ton correspondents of the eastern ropers regard it UR
an event almost certain. A letter in the Philadelphia
Mercury says that the principal theme of the day is
the-40Mo° of Speaker, Printer and Clerk ;.o the
Wow he niatrprominent candidates for the fit st
see Mr. Militias, Mr. Dromgnolo and Mr. Lewis. One
of then proletrion will certainly be elected, and in all
prol*fifity Mt. Wilkins i 3 destined to be the choice.
Me is le,Stpooldzan than the mitenc, though an equally
aterfigisee Sanest's.] democrat, sod is likely to con•
tile Calm, judging and reasonable men of the
opposite polities.
Sata►ACTORY Earl...out - nat.—The great loss of
tbi whip in the Senate of New York was all owing to
the violent snow atom on the stay of tha election.
p ro jeT-s, th 7 didn't try to do anything!
l'OnT &V i Vu Sallytathe UillAnk Ledger dcelart s
that if n certain gomilan Q Bittatti was the "hot
trastan the tabu" be vreuld not ,:np,..lrt him for any
cacti. Bec:ttas: said Bri4ht refiNe.l to pay f.Jr the
printing of tickets at forme r election. The Ledger
monis tight; Bright must be a !neon fellow; but Wit
should ever happen that he would be the "ins: man up
on this globe," and then run fox office, we fear lie will
be elected in spite of our friend of the Ledger, as he
will most probably have left the country with the other
legal voters before that time.
FUNN Y.-Thp National Clay Club held a meeting
ou lust Saturday evening, at which some very amusing
resolutions were adopted. It appears that the Clay
C 0011.4 haven project on foot to hold a mass convention
of young men, at Baltimore, in May next, and that
Henry Clay is to present a harmer to the state that
will seed the largest delegation to said convention. Our
boys have got their spunk up and they arc determined
to make a bold stru4gle for the banner. Among other
things, they resolved at the meeting shut it is "ea pe
client to ensure the attendance of twenty thousand
count men nt the said convention." Where the '20,000
young. men, in favor of Clay, can be found within the
1 territory of Pennsylvania is a mystery to us, fur we do
not ',allure that a muter of all the Clay men in the
state would amount to once than half the nurnl.wr re
quired to attend the nut's conven;ion.
The only mole by which they cra hope to fill up
their delegation, is to employ the pipela)ers and yarn
m weliancs, %Oa r.,..:l.l2re.l'snch efficient service in 1340.
New York and Philadelphia, fur U 1 ,W:1111.7. of twenty
thousand volutnes. Success to wes:eru manufactures,
Two fires occurred in the city on ,Sanda), ;miming
last, at-one of which the kitchen of the Cincinnati Ho-
Itel was considerably damaged.
The Journeymen Carpenters held a m..etring on the
24th., and adopted tho following laconic and pithy
Resolved. That we will no longer take trade of the
BOASCS, for our labor.
Resolved, That we will not from, or after next
thy morning, Nov. 27th, 1843, work for nay man, un
less! fur ca4i.
Resolved. That from and after the fiat day of
March, we will not work for less than i 1,50 cts. per
I day, which price to continue until the first day of No
! vember followhm
Remdved, Th at we will not work for less than $1,25
! cents per day, from the first day of :litr.end , er up to
I the first day of March, 1845.
J. H. Kirby and the "Razor Strop m are the
"bright particular stars" of the city.
The price of Flour remains at $3,70; Whisk. , y 18c.
Thieves and burglars are as numerous as ever, and
they resort to every Apecie,a of device to -mite the
rg7The Cincinnati Enquirer of the 27th say.•:—
The steam! r Mail wa.t run into by the Columbiana, a
few days ago, near Marietta, damaging her of guard+
considerably. Both boat.. were here yestereay morn-
r:The Charleston Mercury say4:—"We are not
only not for Mr. Clay fur our second choice, hut we are
not for him unit. We not only prefer Mr. Van Buren,
but M. Buchanan, Mr. Cars, Mr. Tyler, aye, and Mr.
Webster, if the Banner is curious to know as to our
Whig ',referent:4.s."
RICHES or THY. WEST.—The Osage Yeoman of the
3d inst., says, emigration to the Osage country has re.
commenced, and that business is looking up. It says—
`•ln the. Osno country• we have plenty and to spare.
Crops of even• description are abundant. We can
boast of the largest corn, the heaviest wheat, the fattest
cattle, the finest flavored tobacco, the largest acorns
and hickory nuts, and the most 'if them in any part of
the State:and turnips, pumpkins fur thanksgiving day,
and all sorts of "muse" by the cord. And as for veni
son, grouse, turkeys, partridges, pheasants, wo
beat the nation. Our river at this season affords tine
; trout, and other fish—and in the season plenty of the
most delicious soft shell turtle. So who cares if mo
ney deed get plenty."
WEALTH OF KESTUCKY.—We condense the follow
ing statement of the amount and value of lands and
"live stock," in the state bf Kentuchy, from a report
receutly made by Taos. S. PAGE. C-q., Second Au
ditor :
Acres of Laud, 17,224 ,694 Value of Lana, 94,140,862
TOM' Luis, 23,453 Value t.l Lot, , , 13,003,592
No. of slaves, 176.107 Value of ri1ave,+,45,831,175
I Juries & mares, 357,334 Value of & tn,10,022,044
r_eln the United Stites circuit coutt,sitting nt. Pro
vidence, Rhode Island, the captain of the steamboat
Gladiator, was sentenced to pay a fine of $3OO fur mak.
log certain trips cram Providence to New York with
out being provided with three boats, as by law requir
ed, or of requisite dimensions.
DI3A9TER3 ON THE LAKES.—The brig Oseola has
been lost at Southport, Wiskonsan. She had a cargo
of 6000 bushels of Wheat, 2000 of which was saved.
The rest of the cargo, with the vessel, it a total loss.
She was insured in Butlido far $3OOO.
MOBILE received and aCCO33IOII of 500 to its popula
tion, by returns and otherwise, on the 13th and 14th
inst. Specie is also flowing rapidly maw that City;
and Business is iv‘iving
STEAMER bciutif , tl boat was gut
off Dauphin Island Shoak, on Thursday night week,
without having sustained much, if any injury. She
will shortly resume her trips between New Orleans
end Mobile.
Ni w YORK There was u. large meeting in New
Yotk, on Saturday last, in relation to a refotm in
the Postage Laws, and a Reduction of Postage.
The eitizenscelebruted on Saturday, the anniversary
fthat memorable day, when the British troops evacu
ated the city. The military made a splendid display
on the uccaiion and ive o lI:Vi2Wt) Iby Marshall Bert
tin of the 18th, says,-- , We have just now con versed
with a gentleman %Th./happened to circulate extensive
ly thmugh the sugar
. .lantationi, no 1 who is intelligent
and wholly disinterested, and he gives it as his free opin
ion, from all he has learned, that the crop of this year
although it may bo cf good quality, will fall short of
the quantity of that of last year full onc-atird. Should
this estimate prove correct, the sugar crop of Louisi
ana willhe no more than sufficient to supply the wants
of the upper country. t—r-.
SV", , rtim Ma sii.-tme of the British paper* DO this . LATRR FROM MEXICO—ATLANTIC AND PA- i
sobject, and the tott ers of planters wintmere sent from CIFIC CANAL—YUCATAN.
The New Orleans Bulletin ef the 18th instant has '
this co tmtry to India In the British autherities for the
later dates from Mexico. The surrey for a Canal to 1
purpose of raising cuttoa from the American seed, the unite the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean, by the Isth- 1
ex pori mmt seems to have faded. , I mus of Tchenantopec, having been completed, Santa
1 Anna ha 4 issued a decree annomming the wish of the
ILLNESS OF THE PRESIDEST.—A gentleman who G.tvernnte.tt to aid the Contractor Don Jose Garay,
arrived in Baltim ire on Friday evening. from Wash- with all the mxue.nt it (11441)0;4th ;Ind n prison capa
ington, states. that it was reported that Pre,itlent Ty-
, ble of arcomodatiag over three hundred convicts is to be
built under the direction oldie contractor fur the coo
ler was very much indis p owed on Thursday evcating.
templated canal; the judicial authorities of the depart
lie is attended by Dr Dmas. meats of Vern Cm and Oajaca, arc required to Acrid
to the said prison all persons found gailty,.in order
that they may be employed in digging and working on
the said canal. The convicts are to be clothed and
maintained by the contractor. The Belgian ship Hi
mndelle, from Antwerp, was lately wrecked near Ve
ra Cruz. A considerable part oilier cargo, . consist
ing mainly of dry good=, was saved, but. the vessel was
10, The Mexican paper , conhtin nothingregartlin,g
the expedition against Yucatan, neither do we learn
anything of the rumored resignation—or abdication of
Santa Aana. Vet hal Liformation from Laguna has
renchnd.New Orleans that the Commissioners on the
part of Mexico, had arrived for the purpose of settling
the difficulties between that Government dud Yuca ta a;
and from the articles of agreement stipulated, it was
supposed all difficulties between them would be alnico.-
blv arranged.
PATRIOTIsM. — THL Taxt.►a N•VT —Consisting of
the sloop of war Austin, brig %Vhartoo, and ichr. Sou
Bernard, were offered for sale on the 19th ult.. but
wera not sold, as no p:•r;on would bid for them. The
citizens generally are opposed to tho sale of their little
navy not wishing it to fall into the hands of nit!. other
ADAM Wilt/ has been on trial in Baltimore fur
the murder of his wile, has been founil"guilty of mur
der in the Grit degr..e."
iaic•r+cu:rti: I thlt, that. city
is becoming emphatically the greate,a prmision mar
ket in the world. Six pac!iing 11011412,1 have began this
season to put up beef. both sm .I:ed ;Ind salted, in the
very best style, for both the English and American
markets. The weekly receipts of cheese, it is putted,
average upwards of 10,000 pounds.
WON'T SERVE. - M L of New Orleans, and
Mr. limit of Charleston. have both declined the com
mission given them by 'he State of Nlass.. t 0 protect
the courts the negro citizens of the State who may
be caught in South Carolina or Louisiana, and arrest
ed without any chargeof crime. Their services were
requested only in the 0340 of free negro sailors.
L - Fr got up it mitgiii:icent irenic Dm
ma, called the -King cif the Mitt." Ile'e the man
or big shows
Six NIGHTi WITH THE W Al 4 tNuTuricANs.—R
G. Berford, Phi has iaued u very neat edi
tion of a serieo of Temperance Talcs. by T. S. AR
Turn entitled 'Sibx. nizlits with the Wa•iiiingtutii WM:
They are for sale at Cook';, fourth street.
TrigSTOLL:: IFE.—Cook Lnm aim) rrceived from
the came imbliJiler an American Itmn kuce, bearim; the
above natne, which is A. mid to b^ quite an interesting
CON V IMO!: 07 R AGE THE Fono::ll.—The trial of
this young man and hie wife. indicted with floury
Saunders., Jr. for forging a check on the Smenth %Yard
bank for $3OOO, on the 3lst of Anginal:nit. in the namo
of Austen, NYihnerding C. uoctioneers of Sew York
was f i ni s hed tel S.iturday. The j f ury', attar aliscnce rf
about thirty minutes, returned into Comt with a verdict
of guilty against stag •e, mad an acquittal fur his wife.
There are nine other indict m ints against him of similar
character. Young Sat/mkt-3, who has pleaded guilty
to an indictment for forgery. and who was Wed as
State's evidence this trial will he =rut to the !louse
Of Refuge.
Mitt. 5H1.151( is ISIIII.NrA. WOllike the following
paragraphs from as well written •trticle in the Blairsville
Record, of %V caae4d.ty svrit,r, whom we
believe to be a friend on judgment we place
much reliance in nil twitters concerning the welfare
of the patty, niapeara to speak from positive info •-
mation, and wo aye on doubt bat the result of the
delegate meeting. , will prove statenient of the
popul,trity of Mr. Situ:, halt an:a anal Westmore
land, to be correct. After a general ref-retire to the
cnta,balate‘, h e say,
" Entertaining, 33 I dn. the highest respect for the
gentlemen named, and without the least desitv to de
tract from the erns of either of them. I conceive
there cannot b. , a diTa once of opiaio t is awarding to
FR.vccis R. Sucsttthepnssesston tif all the requisite
qualifications that fit him for that high station in an
eminent degree, us a man of talents, imegrity. firm
ness, and purity of purpose; he stands second to no
man in this broad conummwealth; his long and per
fect acquaintance with all the details, and vat ious du
tier devolving on the. Chief Magistrate, peculiarly fit
him fur the proper discharge of all the itiportant du
ties or that other, iu such a manner that WO dd IW at
once useful to the public. mid creditable to himself.
There is no gentlatmin named for this office, that I
am aware of, that would be so entirely 11.11111j0C11011.
r p, one upon whom the Democracy of Pennsyl
vania could, and would, so readily and cordially unite.
I feel satisfied that such is tic' fact as far as my ob
servation has extended. and particularly so throughout
the counties of ltiestmore'and and Indiana; in both of
these counties my acv mintance is extensive, and I can
safely say that upon nu former oarasion have I foond so
much harm my amm;st the Democratic family, nor
such universal agreement in opinion, as upon the selec
tion of Francis R. Shrunk, us the Democratic candi
date for Governor. Thu nomi intim' of this gentleman
would be hailed as the certain pmcursor of the COM•
plete triumph of Democratic principles: it i t sult'll
candidate the people wish for, [lcing identified with
them, and emphatically amm of this people. To
those who know him personally it is superfluous to
speak, and to those who do not enjoy the plcasur of a
personal acquaintance, hit spotless character, and well
known `Jeffenionian Democratic principles, is a sate
guarantee that their confidence in him cannot be mis
placed. I will not trespass further on your patience,
or occupy further spate at present, by urging any of
the numerous mid strong claims that could be offered,
hick won'd entitle him to the confidence and support
of his fellow chimes. My only object being to call
the attention of our Denim:mile fellow citizens of this
section of the couutry, to this im p ortant subject, as
tire time is f ist appra aching, when it will present it
self to them for their action; on it they should and, I
Lave no doubt, will be pn pared to act with proper
reflection and sound julg ment."
The following in an extract of a letter, brought by
he I:unonuo, dated
No political new, of importance here. The Not th
ern part of the Province of Pernambuco is threstened
with it seri••n. outbreak and rebellion, principally
among the miners and hunters, who are dicitTected
with the laws. The mines are lying idle inconatnnence
and no wild cattle hue been taken in fora mouth; hides
are therefore scarce in the iwighborhuod. Trueps are
getting ready to proceed there and protect the laws.
under order of tlw Emperor.
The Commercial Trade of Bahia has greatly in
' creased within the last ,ix months, And there are as
many as forty square rigged vessels in the port, which
is more than have ever been known to be there at one
time before.
'The slavc•trtde is carried nn here to a greeter extent
than at any other port in South America. There are
at present three slave schooners in the harbor waiting
orders, one of which arrived a week ago with a cargo
of 350 slaves on hoard, all of whom are now far in the
interior. It is proper to state that this schooner and
its cargo were owned by an Englishman. There are
doubtless more vessels id - this description in the hum
bnr which arc unknown.
Some infurmatien had arrived at Bahia from the
Southern piirt of Brazil, but Wine of importance, except
what has been received before. Accounts from Rin
Grande were unfavorable to the Rebel cause. The
Rebel army, after having collected 10 to 1:2,000 men
from the Western part of the Province marched to
wards Rio Grande. and were met within ten miles of
the town by the Government forces, which nearly
doubled their number, and were entirely routed by
them. It is not probable they will be able to collect
such a force togetheragain, although the attempt will
doubtless be made.
There is nothing of importance from other portions
of the country. It is generally quiet, while business
is dull.—N. Y. Tsitnote.
The Wabash Express, of the 15th list., published at
Terre Haute, Indiana, says:—
“At the present term of the Circuit Court, in the
case of the State Bunk of Indiana, vs. Sikhs Bowers
and others, a very impertant decision has been made.
which we deem it proper to give to our readers. The
Court has decided that on a bill of exchange drawn 011
a la•rsoa residing in this State, payable at New Or
leans, damages of five per cent. against the rirawer and
endorsers, arc not recoverable under our net of the
Legislature giving damages on protested bills of ex
change in certain cases. The principles involved in
the present case are as follows:—Bowers, residing in
Parke outlay, in this State, drew a bill for $2.100, di
meted to himself, at New Orleans, payable nt tlw Com
mercial Bank in five months after date. The bill was
protested for non-payment; and, in a subseggent ar
rangement between the Bank of Terre Haute. (the
holder of the bill) and Bowers, by which he paid part.
and gave Ilk negotiabla note for the residue of the bill
with interest, cost, iftmages, &c., the Bank charged
COI damages, wider the. Act referred t o. There
were several renewals, and on the last note given by
Bowers, this snit was brouaht. The defendants,
mom: otht•r matte, s, insisted that the tin zungeA thus
collected by the Bank were nut collectable by law; and
as they had been wrongfully exacted, they should IK•
deducted Iron this note. die amount of which was uu
c.isiutied, in part, by the damages aforesaid.”
It strikes u= that we Live rarely, if ever, rend of an
incident -Interim; MOS , true genet osity of spirit than the
übjoined, which is copied front the Montreal Trans-
ACH pr. A momentary effort for another's good, even
if it sh odd be at th, risk of life, is comparatively tri
lling to die long enduring sa , ritice nkleh is 5 pakea of
'•ln Clllllletitietire ofthe long stay of the 71st regiment
amongst us th..re had been a numher of marriages with
tout leave, and in the order forthe \Vest India station
heMg melees]. great und natural nlartn pr..vailed tun trig
the families of those e. hose o i v.'s the regulation of the
sern ire. did not allow to pr weed in the tr in srirt.—
The number 1:f rnxi siillati . ll was large, and the sel''
eration would have been m,ist. painful. In this dileto. I
tor, th • gallantly and high fooling which prevailed in
the e t p., p u i a t e d tilt a w a y hi which the :jib:miry
might be OVta Carla% TO the surprise and admiration
or ti „, two hundred
men stepped fro m the malts of tho reserve battallion.
whicit remains at Chantilly and offered themselves in
place of then m trried el/1111 - .111121. By this truly uwr
oils and soldier-like conduct. ..ay, Gattlte.
theeeperation and consequent misery of (amides tins
prevented, all permanent volunteers fur Cut tufa, and
old who were iterniitted for rood gent rid con
duct to remain in the colony, prior to (Lich:ll4,e. or who
wt re ft tend until for tropical sers ice, were replaced.
"Honor to tit • gallant men, who have performed
this noble and disinterested act. Thal the British so'.
diver in a b ra ve in in, en en his enemies have been coat
riled to admit; that he is an generous 111 he is brave,
this and a Limns:m.l other similar instances pro, e; and
it 1411141 Witt as these that mark his true char.n•ter.—
To vi dunteer I.lr a forlorn 111111 e. requires a de snerate
rourage, which n soldier of depraved mind and b ed
disposition, mly 11111,14.1 in I'ollll7loll with a Mall Of Iteels
oraaul CiliV l'rous foeling 5; but to come fin-ward tr,s ti
icited, whim there is no excitement to urge Oct, not r.••
ward to be g a ined, and to utter to incur all the risk and
inconveniences of a voy tge to a foreign country, end
bad climate, in order that their married rottirad , s may
escape the sacrifice of a serration from tht•it
this requires tit co.arwation of a very tliT.lr mt sat
111 . feelings, and d,•mands a •: ince Ivhiah mow w •:i
command our admiration. the winds which take
these noble fellows from our shares he favorable, and
f by the blessings of the mother. the wife,aml the
child; may the: comet with tit it ha p piness is their new
rtartere;w . .6.;!) di siaterested coado -t. i i Canada
leads us to hope fur them."'
All our rivers comisue in goad order, and a good
deal of business al tiny oa them. oir c tnals may h. ,
considered closed for the season. The Pittsburgh
market is cm rem .ly xv. , 11 supplied with almo'st all
kinds of lurch. cc and d am. - )stie goods, groceries, anal
Pittsborgh inniatifactures—and price, low.
Flour. Flour i. rather scarce in this in and
sales are readily mil. of Toad brands at $3,50 L 3,
56 ft o:n boats and wag. Ins, and 83,6'2113,75 a barrel
from stores.
BAItIA, Oct. 4th, 1843
Fri.lay morning, Decene)er 1
Grain. \Vheat 63ia65, nati ta1.,20, corn 374a40
centi a bushel
ishes. Pot, 3i tI, scot cliings 31 tI, pearls 1 15
cent; a pound.
Beeswax. Ready sale in (1m quantity at 26 cents a
Cot./on Yarns. 16/117 cents a pound fur Nos 5 to
10, specie funds; long reel 5, 6 and 7. 84 cents a dome,
less 5 per cent, for cash.
Groceries. Stocks extremely well assorted, and
prices low. Coffee, Rio, 7Au9, St. Domingo, 71‘7,}
nod Havana green, 7,10 cents a pound. Sugar, New
Orleans by the hhd, 6u7, and by the b'sl 6,1a7 cents a
pound. Molasses sea:co at 31 cents a gallon. Tea,
Young llyson, 10a75, Impel ial, 62 la 80 cents a pound.
Prorisions. Butter, in kegs, 5a6; roll, in barrels,
Tall cents a pound; lava, 6 cents; cheese, 435 cents;
tallow, rough, 4, rendered, 6 cents a pound; beef cat
tle, 2.5043; hogs, 2,50353 per hundred pounds; sheep,
$111,25 and calves 2as4 each.
Feathers. Small sales at 28 cents a pound.
Fruit. Dried apples. 45; di led peaches, sales .sla
1,121,ana green apples by the barrel $1 for Marietta
and good; cranberries, V 2,25 a bushel; raisins, good
bunch, at $2,25n2,50 per box.
Seed. Clover seed selling from wagons at $4,25;
timothy. $1,25; flaxseed, sales of several hundred
bushels at 91 cents, cash.
Iron. Sales of Allegheny pig, 170 tons, at $24,
par fund , ; choice Ohio, sale, 26a527; 53a55
Lead has advanced a shade, large sides at 3.1, and
31 cents is now asked and the price firm.
Sall, Sales of ssveral hundred barrels at the river
$1,25, and from stores $1,31it51,374.
Coal. Price from wagons and carts 6 cents a bush
THE Committee of Councils appointed to exam
ine the city accounts, will commence their ses
sion at the Mayor's Office, on Monday evening, De
cember sth. at 6} o'clock, at which time Collectors
and others having accounts with the city will please
attend. JOHN SHIPTO7 , ;,Ch'n.
d 1-2 w (Gazette copy.)
DegbolFinale Sl"pet A, N ORDINANCE to authorize the Mayor se lair-
At a meeting of the Committee of Arrangement fin. Os- row sixty-one thousand two hundred dollars for
the Democratic Supper ut be given at the Washinvou the purpose of paying sundry loans contracted is tae
Howl— year 1338.
- Thu committee was organized by calling James Sec. 1. Be it or-a:Mica and emoted by the citizens of
CestalNOst•St. Eat., to the chuir, and appointing Ra.. rittsburgh in Select and Common Councils assembled,
ert i Voods,Secrewries. Thai the .Nlnyor be and he Is hereby authorites3 to bur-
Oa motion, Henry S Magraw, Thomas Hamilton, I tett the sum of sixty-one thousan"d two hundred dei
and Thomas Phillips, Esqs, %veto appointed a corm 'hire, and to issue certificates for the same under the
mittce on toasts Seal of the Corporation of the amorist of not less
On motion, James Anderson, Chambers .McKibbin ban tire limadred dollars, cinch hearing an interest of
and Henry Cassiday were appointed a committee to six per cent. per annum, which interest shall be pays.
select officers. ble half yearly on the first days of January and July in
o.i motion, Resolred, That add supper be prepa. each year, at the office of the city treasurer, and the
red by James Armstrong, and be served up nt the certificates so issued shall be signed by the Mayer and
Washington Hotel, on Thursday, the 7th day of De- countersigned by the Treasurer, and shall be transfers
cember next at 7 o'clock 41 the evening. i Welty the holders or their legal representatives a• the
Rejoiced, That till democratic citizens are invittxl i office of the tretuturer attain his presence, and shelling
I be redeemable without the consent of the holders In
to attend.
Rejoiced, That the proceedings of this meeting be funs the first of July in the year A D 1863.
published in the Democratic papers of the cities of I Sec. 2. Be it ordained, &c. That the certificates
Pittsburgh and Allegheny.
I authorized by this ordinance and the proceeds thereof
JAS. CUNNINGHAM, Chairman. I shall be appropriated to the redemption of the certifi-
Rouxur Woons, Secretary. I rates issued in pursuance of two several ordinances
' passed 29th October, 1633. as fulinvrs, viz:
To Thomas Scutt and L Hutchison, $l2OO
Hat mar Denny, 45000
Alexander Laughlin, 12500
•• James Adnms, 2500
and shall fait expended for no other purposeswhatever.
Sec. 3. That die faith, credit, funds, revenue and
corporate property ()falls city be and the satne is here
by pledged for the redemption of the certificates and
payment of the interest authorized and contracted by
the present onlinance.
Ordained and enacted into a law in CUUTICiIII this
27th day of November, 1843.
Attest: President Common Council.
E. J. lioncnrs, Clerk. C.C.
President Select Council.
MILLAR. Clerk, S. C. ri2l9-3t.
Postponement of the Buchanan
At a meeting ~f the Buchanan Committee of corn! 4.
pundence held on the 20th instant, it was
Resolved, That the Mass Meeting of the friend: of
Buchanan, fixed for the 30th of November, instant, be
postponed until the Bth of January next, and that we
devote thusamo day to the commemoration of the vic
tory of New and forwarding the nomination to
the 'Presidency of the dialingtushed
. friend of the il
lustrious vtc - rop.. CHARLES S A LER,
n 29 Chairman.
Allegheny County, so:
T Nthe matterof the Guardianship Account
L. S. } of David Reynolds and William Cavitt,
Guardian of the minor children of James
McElroy, late of the city of Pittsburgh, de
Nov 4, 1843: 0.1 motion of Mr M:Cittr&, who ap
pears for the minor children of Jnmes McElroy, de
cen.ed. 11 S J agraw, thigh Toner and Robert Por
ter. Esquims, are appointed Auditors, to adjust the ac
count within mentioned, and if necessary, to di-tri
bute the balance. By the Court.
The Auditors above named will attend for the pur
po:ei of appointment, at the Am. of Slagraw 4.
mcK light. on 4th street, in the city of Pittsburgh. on
Tot:Ad:iv, the '26th day of Decembvr, instant, at" 0%
el,,ck M, at which time and place all persons inter
ested are notified to attend.
HUGH TONER, Auditor,:.
For /lent
THE subscriber wishes to rent that old r
tablished Tavern Stand. on the east side
of the ‘rilliarnipart beidge, fur a term of yeas s. The
mansion house is a large brick, with stabling sufficicat
for forty horAes, with a good wagon yard, and a never
oiling running pump at the front door. Coal and wood
convenieat. Terms made easy, and possession given
the Ist April next, by the subscriber.
Elizabeth township, Allegheny comity. dl-3'tf
I N the re•ttAr 1 a new Township out of part= of
Main, deflexion, Upper and Lower St. Clair
To .vnihips.
And now to wit, Octob-r 9th, 1843; approved, and
the Court direct that notice be given by the Clerk, by
publication in the Da ilyrid Aurora, that the iame
will he confirmed at the December Term, 1343, unless
exceptions are filed before thaL time.
By the Coal!.
At.i.Entotsi Couxt 1 . , 53:
^•••'-'" 1, Tlmmas Farley. Clerk of the Court of
tarter Sessions of sai,i county. do rwrtify
.$ the foregoinl to be a correct copy of the or
der of Onirt.
Wit:leis my hand aid the seal of said Court, nt
Pittsburgh. this 2911iday of November. A D 1843.
n 39 THOMAS FARLEY, Clerk.
A. G. liteinhArt,
(sLT. •x4son. TO LLOYD Co.)
itlusiescile and Rciail G racer and Commission MC7
No. 140, Liberty st., a few d00r.4 above St. Clair,
families and others can at all tiines hf
furuith , 'j With t uKI G aatLi at maim ateprices. 1130
C it N BERRIES—just received and for sale by
n3O 1 40, Liberty street
Money to Lend.
PERSONS wishing to borrow money, upon Real
F.state security, would do well to call at the Wes-
tern Rent Estate °thee, Third .4 [met. next dorm to the
Post Office, where any amount can be procured on
security. EGO IX & FOSTER.
Dissolution of Copartnership.
rrHE copartnership heretofore existing between
the subscribers. in this city, under the firm of
Lloyd & Co.. H this day di•ozolved be mutual consent;
A G Reinhart 10i.,g purchased the entire intere,t of
S. Lloyd, jr. in the concern.
. .
All per.ons in.ktned to the late firm will make pac
mi•nt to A Reinhart, who will c..ntimte the Grocery
Itusine:s at the old srmtl, and who alone is authorized
to collect tho debts due the conrem and macipt for same.
Those also having claims against the late firm will
please present them to A 0 Reinhart for
Pittsburgh, Nov. 7, 1843. :(signed)
S. LLOYD. jr.,
In retiring from the übove firm of Lloyd & Co., I
would cheerfully recommend to my former friends and
customers, my - late partner and successor. Mr A G
Reinhart, who continues the Grocery Business at the
old stand, 140, Liberty street. (signed)
n S. LLOYD, jr.
Mr. Paul Emile Thevean
HA* the honor to inform the public that during his
sojourn in Pittsburgh he will give
From his having made the Spanish language the
sole object of his study during a residence of two years
in I lavatta, there is reason to suppose that he has ac
iluireil a good knowledge of their language, the casket
and moat harmonious of all modern languages.
Of his competency to tend, French there can b,• no
doubt, from the fact of his having been a cler! in a
Notary in Purls, where he has studied law. What Mr
Thevoau here states he can prove by the Or.lonnancc
of the King of France and by letters from the Minister
of the Navy.
Mr Theveau can be seen every day from 12 to 1 p m,
at Mr Fickeisen's house, Market street, behind the old
court house. n29-1m
BUCKW II EAT LOUR.—Fresh Buckwheat
Flour on hand and for sale by
n:29 A G REINHART, 140, Liberty et.
QT LOUIS CRACKERS.—John Davis'sSt Louis
LI water lout butter crackers always on hand and
for sale by
n 29
UST RECEIVED, 30 bbls bestground Cntnwood,
ut the drug store of JON. KIDD,
n'.2B corner 9th and Wood streets.
cL NE'S LUNG SYRUP, if taken in time,
will prevent a cough from settling on the lungs.
Delays are dangerous. Those afflicted with a slight
cold had better apply in time.
A fresh supply just received at the Drug Store of
Corner 4th and Wood streets.
BEAR SKINS, well dressed and full haired, a
suitable article for travellers' trunks, Ste., fur
sale by A. BEELEN.
All aorta of clothing and wearing apparel. Please
rail at No. 151, Liberty street.and sea for yourselves
"I' 7- J. McCL()SKEY.
ALM AN A CS, &c.—On hand, nu excellent Wort:
ment of Christian, Anti-Slavery and Temperance
Almanacs. Also. the Frauklin Ma oasine and Common
and Loomis' Pittsburgh Magnzine, - und common and
German Almanacs for 1341, for sale tiy the gross, doz
en or single. Also, a good assortment of Temperante
discus:aims, school hooks, slates, pencils, ink, writing
and letter paper and blanks; for sale low for cash or
approved exchange. ISAAC HARRIS,
n'29. Agent and Coin. Merchant, 9 Fifths!.
Allegheny County T. A. Association.
A quarterly meeting of the Allegheny County Total
Abstinence A:405416'm will be held on the 2d Friday,
(Bth December) next, at II o'clock, A. M., in Ililands'
church, near Perrysville.
ALARGE assortment of Quilts and Comforts,
suitable fur families. steamboats, &c., made ve
ry warm and first rate for this sea on, f or sa l t , tow f or
cash. WM. NOBLE, Upholsterer,
n25 - .1 NS - corner of Wood and Water streets.
outediately opposite tke new Market Horse
THE subscriber respectfully informs his friends an
the public in general that he has constantly or.
hand a fresh assortment of ail the most valuable kinds
of family groceries, viz: coffees, sugar, teas. pepper,
als pice, salerit us. starch, etc. Also, mackerel, bacon,
.alt. molus4cs, flour, tobacco, gegart, cotton, soap. Can
dles, and all other articles used by families. All of
which will he sold as cheap for cash as can ba purcha
sed elsewhere in the city. All are invited to call and
see for themselves.
kinds of country produce will be taken iu
exchange for goods, or (-mth paid for same as agree
ments may ho made. Butter, eggs, &c., always on
hand. Terms. cash, or good references.
n24-1w A. LACBA.UCti.
.‘, and nothiog &Agustin, in
her manners. She has been visited by thousands in
New Yoe.: a:id Boston, and by them pronounced the
greatest curiosity in the word. flours of Exhibition,
from 9 A. M., till 9P. m. Admission 124 cents.
nor 27
SEALED proposals will be received at the of of
the Monongahela Navigation Co-npany, nearly
opposite the Post Office, until 3 o'clock 1' M of Satur
day, the 211 December next, for building Locks and
Dams Nos 3 and 4, and fur repairing Dams Nos 1 and
2; nhm, for building four Brick Lock Houses.
Plans and specifications will be exhibited at. the of
fice one week previous to the letting.
nc24-1 ni
T DST RECEIVED and for sale by W NI. THORN,
eft No. 53, Market street,
500 lbs. pure palm soap in the bar,
600 •' " " " in casks,
100 " variegated soap,
50 " white Castile, (only lot in market)
100 " almond soap, in lb. casks,
50 duz . shaving soap,
10 " Glenn's rose spermacetti stair, for chapped
hands and for softening the skin.
The subscriber has on hand a larger assortment of
the above articles than any other establishment in this
city, and is also receiving a large supply of fresh arugs,
&c. WY. THORN,
No. 53, Market street.
85 SHARES Allegheny Bridge Steck, at pri
vote sole, by JOHN D. DAVIS,
scp I I Corner of Wood and Fifth streets.
HAVE in store and arc receiving
-425 bags Rio Coffee, part strong and green,
50 pkgs Y 11 and G P Teas,
25 boxes Russel & Robinson's s's Tobacco,
10 " Button's r s "
10 " Thompson's 3's "
5 " Robinson's 16's "
10 " 12's
5 boxes cocoa,
5 " Rice flour,
2000 lbs Oak 7'mtned Sole Leather,
1000 yank taw linen,
5 bales hops,
MI of which they offer, with a general ainwriment ted
groceries, the staffs and Pittsburgh manufactured
goods, on liberal terms. nl7
140, Liberty street
JUST received, 5000 Frevsnan's best Fire Brick.
which will hereafter be kept constantly on hard
and sold low for rash, by BIRMINGHAM & CO.
mar No. 60 Water N.
to bort ow, on good security, either in
endorsed notes or mortgages, on good Red
Estate in town or country, worth from three to five
time:id:be amount, and from ooe, trio, three to fire
years—sloo, $250. $:300, $7OO, $l,OOO, $1,500,52,-
000, $3,000, $4,000, $5,000, &c. Persons harriof
money to lend in large or small sums, will find a fon
uterest, and a good security fur it, on application at
Harris' Agency and Intelligence Office, N 0.9 Fifth
st. nov. 28
BY order,
Secretary to the Ex. Cum
CblfflU, Comforts, &c.
has arrived in our city, on
• way south. to remain a few t
'a only, f./r Exhil•ition at
Hall, Luck of
• old Court House, near the
irker, the little child is only
ht years old, or a l 'll eigba
/ lhs., her bright is 4 fret
It:hes, and measures 5 feet
rand the shoulders, perfectly
dilly and active, intellect
•d, and very playful, and free
Notice to Contractors.
5 " superior pound lump
100 " fresh Malaga Bunch Raisins,
2000 11H Loaf Sugar,
20 botoces No 1 and 2 mustard,
50 " No 4 chocolate,
25 " ground pepper,
10 kegs " ginger,
5 " "
Preemaa's Piro Brick for Sale.
Malay Wanted.