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    itn itr i tiewAiirp 4t.w. iguitiyas•Cir. , i sof -
MI. It lined Street, - liletshoti,Te.-=
.11.114isSilteta heed - an eatenslve assortment of Soil(
Glazed and pblAlt PAMIR HANGINGS, Velvet and
WOO* Wen, et the Wen styte and handsome
tieria, foupeptriug balls, parlors and chambers.
They .manufacture and have on hand at all times
lirtatiof;WSting, Letter, Wrapping sod Tea Pa per,Bo
met and Pellere Boards-all Of Which they offer for sale
int-thootteteoeoisietoitting terms; and to which they
fettle the attention of merchants and others.
ALSO.-Blank Books of ail kinds and the !testa aunty,
thattitol %mks, 4re, always on hand and for sale as above
N. B. Nagel nd Tanners' Scraps' taken In exchange
REILOVAL.—The undersigned begsteave to inform
thteublie, that he has removed from his old stand,
the corne r
. or Penn and St. Clair sts., opposite the Ei
flange Hotel, where he has fitted up a large Puma FORTL
iitilreelig, and now offers for sale the most splendid
assortment of Paso! ever offered in 014 market.
lA* pianos consist of different patterns, of superior
114taa Wood and Mahogany, beautifully finished and mo•
doled and constmeted throughout of thievery beg ma
terials,strbleh,for durability, and quality of tone, as well
Ille.t9ueJt,.he .warrants to be superior to any ever seen
Isere. .
- he has enlarged lils manufactory, and made arrange.
'pots to supply, the increasing demand for this Instru
melit, he respectfully requests those Intending to pur.
Chase to call and ..:samitie Ills assortment before purcha.
Nisneelsewbere, as he is determined to sell LOWER, for
ottollt,than any other establishment east or Wt•.st of the
alatiataio 0. F. BLUSI C.,
Corner or Penn an St. Clair streets,
Akip 10 Oppogile the Exchange Hotel, Piltsinirgh, Pe..
m7:l4scriber haiiiiTst received from Ptilladelpu ea and
—New York, will a general and extensive assort-
Altai, article in his line of business, w Well lie in deter.
deed to sell on the most reasonable Penns 'or cash.—
t?. iltelleveS lie can offer stronger inducements than any
ittiar establishment in t his city to country Physicians
ilia-Merchants, who wish to supply themselves with
Dings and` Medicines. • flis articles have been selected
itith tire utmost esre, and are warranted ofthc best qual
y and osvform strength. Orders will be filled with an
cistraey and elegance. Famili. s can be supplied with Fine
and Vancy Slaps of every conceivable varlet y. and of
the most exquisite perfumes; likewise with Perfumery
alleCosmetics of every description.
"The-undersigned returns his thanks for the liberal su rt.
attetheretofore extended to him, and hopes by a constant
dlattosttion to please and accommodate—a care in pro
eariltg,and selling only what is excellent and genuine—a
dew japperyiAon of the sales and transaction of the stab
lialbspept—precaution and accuracy in compoundi med.
etosot 7 and by Industry and perseverance, to tneri nia
rease of public patronage
taiiY 25.
1411.. -- y.. eeth so unusually white?
4unth Josh's rlulcinia to him Vother night,
q!0 make yours look so, with a grin, replied foals,
ye brought you a bottle of Thorns"rooth Wash,
1 1%s the best now is use, so the gentlefolks say,
dtid ellice they have tried this, past all others away.
Ititt to provelt thO best, to make the teeth shine,
irdeok a tarn, my dear Sal, at the lustre of mine.
• Then try HIS areal tallith Weill,
The Teanerry-tooth
And see If thi2Tooth Viath of t'horn's is not fine
itivingtrletl Dr.s.Thorh's Tea Berry Thoth Wash,'
atiothreottte - aertuamted - evlth - thelng,renients of Ile cornpO•
sitibn v ieheerfs By -say, f consider tt one of the safest, as
It &sone of the most pleasant• Teeth Wastes now in use.
Pittsburgh Sep. 15,1842 DAVID HUNT, Dentist.
, !.takepleasstre in stating, having made use of•'Thorn's
Tast Berry Tank ttr.t it isone of the best den
tal:lces in use. Beteg in a liquid form, it combines neat
ness with convenience. While it cleanses the enamel
ainfreincives . thitartar from the Teeth, its performagelds
a Dagranee peculiarly - desirable. J. P. TIBBETTS. M.D.
The anderstlnell haVE used "Thorn's Compound Tea
Bally Tooth Wash'," and have Blond II to be an extreme.
ly Pleasant tienilfrice, exercising a most salutary infitt.
enetvrwor the Teeth and Gums; preserving those India
pealable members from premature decay, preventing the
accumulation of Tartar, and purifying the Breath. Hay.
Ins thoronghly tested Its virtues. we take pleasure In re.
commending it to the public, belieeing It to be the beat ar
ticle of the kind now In use.
Prepared and soh' by WILLIAM THORN. A potbeea•
ra aid Chemist, No. 53 Market street! Piiishargh; and
tat allthe.urtnelpa Druatslat, and Tuttle's Medical Agen
y, Vowed wee- Sep
Q.k . PSlA l X6.—Thereis a large Man of Females In
thsCity who from their continnedsitting, to which
, thaireeco4tionsobligeihem.areaffccted with costiveness
which givesrise to palpitation at the heart on the least ex.
ertibn; itinserofifeavitiesi extending over the whole head,
inprbrance Of light and sound ,an inability of fixing the
atfratton to - any mental operations', rumbling in I he bow
el!, sometimes, sense of suffocation, especially after
meals when any exertion Is used, as going quickly up
stAnn temprelickle; these are symptoms which yield at
once Sio - a few dimes of the Brandreth Pills. The mace.
Attie . Ilse of thits Medicine would save a deal of trouble
and years of suffering. One, or two, or even three of
theßrandreth Pilisinst before dinner, nre °Pen found
highly beneficial; many nee them very advantageously in
this way; they aid and assist digestion, restore the bowels
to a proper condition,enitsen the spirits, impart clear.
nesato theconsplexion,parify the blood, and promote a
gtlderal.feeliar, of health and happiness.
Sold at Dr. B-audreth's Office. in the Diamond
Plustruhrh—Price 25cenu per box, with full directions.
%Aar—The only place In Pittsburgh, where the
GENUINE ?Ills can be obtained,ls the Doctor's own Of.
Ace, Dlamnnd. Sep, 10
- Of. Leidy's Teller dr. Itch Ointment.
LlOtt the cure ofevery variety of TETTER the ITCH,
•and nil -diseases of the Skin, has proved itself more
efiletrekrus than any other_ preparation for the ILIUM par.
;Joss In use. . .
ITfiviards of live hundred eertificates might be procured
.and published of its efficacy tram School Teachers. Pro.
prletorg of Factories. Parents, Guardians, Child Nurses,
Captainsof vessels and others, were it nut for the deli
writ Wring their names published in connection with
web disagreeable affections.
4.8 y the ust: of Dr Leidy's Tetter Ointment In cosjune.
Abaft with his extract of Sarsaparilla or Blood Pills, he
'win guarantee to cure any disease common to the skin,
ttow*lffitad, oriof however long standing, or reVand the
- Where are however very few Instances but can
its * eit - red`trrihe - 43firtment alone.
retort - 'Zeros et
Prepared only andsold wholesale end relnil-at Dr Let.
4 / 9 1 1rrilatkl , Easpirilairt, In N. Second sc. Phitadeialan.
;r A. S. Jr.4III.IISVOCIC 4. CO. corner or Wood
sod Sixth streets, A;ents for Pittsburg. July 12.
arms subitrlbet wduld respectfully Inform thecitizena
A. of Plt. Atle:heny and their viririties, dml be
his commenced mannfactoring the article of Lard 01
411 1 14111enales. Re Intends within: but one quality, which
will equal the befit made In the Union and not surpassed
4tjaeb.fiatwlsterstrainedspermoil either tbrassehimert
ettintridaw: without its offensive properties, and one
ber wishes to impress distiamly on the public mind that
{}sot necessary to purchase any new (angled lamps tent
elllnfally palmed upon them as being requisite to burn - the
Oildn. 'Persons wishing a pure and twilllant light
enentAtisin ittY Calling et the old stand,3d street, nearil
tqa!te .. the Post 9111cei
W. C
The Omen et Wholesale dealers, Cloire.hes lad at
shields feartekilialtilniklind.
:*-4141:111bberrels all bete the isaas6avers
Jos% 1349 if,
For tAi Transportation of Merchandizo and Produt
HIIEVENE respectfully inform the public that they
• have completed their arrangementsfor the above
Line on
Thu public has long wished for Individual competition
in Transportation on the Public Works. by which atone
it can be freed from unnecessary expenses and reduced
to itsiewesi rates; that wish will now be realized; the
Sialeof Pennsylvania having placed 'Truck■ on her Rat'
ttoads.individuais owning Portable floats are enabled
to bid for the Carrying Trade and successfully to com
pete with compames.
This iine iscomposed of Twenty new, Four Section
Portable Boats, owned by the Captains who command
them and well known as einerprising, industrlons and
experienced Boatmen.
The superiority nod advantaces of the Portable Boat
over every otter m 'ide of Transportation, are too well
known to still per. lenerally, to reqvilre comment; set
face it to say, that the detestion, lees,aeparatineasd dam
age to Goode. lOvartably at tendinc tires Transhipments
between Pitishurch and Phladeiptlia wetly the Portable
Boat most effectually removed.
The Portable Boat preesses the great advantage too,
of brio: well ventilated and cool to Summer; which pre
yams /Pinar from emeriaz,and Bacon and Tobacco COM
11, Devine, standing as he does, between the owners
of goods and the Boatmen who carry them, and euaelly
Interested In protecting the interests of bath, will make
no promises to the public he will not faithfully perform.
Be Is now prepared to receive nod forward Produce
to Philadelphia. Baltimore, New York, and Poston in the
shorteet time. and pledge's himself to enter into no cons.
moat ion with other Linee,but always stand ready to carry
out the nrinciplestif his Line, sad contract for freight on
the very lowest terms:. .
To give andoutrieOsecurity to owner, and shippers
orgoods an open policy of insurance 1104 been effected%
by which all merchandize shipped by this Line will be
.Inslned without any additional expense to the owner.,
Devine will receive all produce consigned to him
at Pittsburgh, pay freight and charges to Steam floats
and forward the sante without delay to Philadelphia,
Baltimore, New York, and Boston without any charge
for advancing or commission
Nor4.s.Wattlr M., Piitatorgh .
THOS. BORBID it': Agent..
27 . 2 Market street. Philadelphia.
MOORE k ASE Agents.
75 Bowles's Wharf. Baltimore.
00WEN k HIBBERD, Agents.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Madison Ind.
Thos 111c.11) A5l, (• Ca .Agent
March 10.1342. 27 Old Slip New Yo
Ready blade Coffin Warehouse,
F.Kr:A St 2 dafrsfrews the U. B. Bah h.
1111311 EiffECTFUL
informs the public that he
11L , has rem rre t his ready made coffin I ware
house to the building recently occupied by Mr. R. G. Berford, directly opposite his old atind,
where he is always arepared to attand promptly
to any orders in his line, and by strict attention
to all the details of the business of an Undertaker,
be hopes to merit public confidence,. He will be prepared
at ALLIIOCEI to provide Rearm, Biers. C Isges• an d
every requisite on the most liberal taints. Calls from the
country will he promptly attended to.
His residence is in the same building with his wart
house, where those who need his services may find hitt ,
stony time. REYREINCT. , !:
W.W. to Wllf. age. JOHN EL•CI.D D.
rocostioniz, Rev. Rostra"' Bocce. D. D.
JUDOS PATTON. Ray. 1111107 Rt. WILLI•NIP, f
w. a. teccurris, lay. JOSEPH [ERR.
sap 10 REV, a. P. MIST.
RAI FOR SALE.—The undersigned otTers for sale
his harm. tying In Ross Township 41 miles from the
City of Pittsburgh, containing 114. acresof tand of which
60 aic cleared anitunde . f fence, Le ml 5 to 20 acres of
meadow, 2 gcod Orchards of Appteo a few Peach and
Cherry trees—the improvements are a .arge frame house
containing 10 room well furnished, calculated for a Ts
vein of private Dwelling. a frame tarn 26 by 60,stone
ha•etn~nt, and stabling, sheds i ild other out houses stilt
aide for a tenement!:-2 good Gardens Formatted with
currant bashes. and a welt of exceltent water, with o
pumpin at the front door. In relation to the Pittsburgh
and Allegheny market, there la no place now offered for
sale with snare Inducement to those wishing to purchase
near Pittsburgh, the terms will he made moderate, for
further partmularsapply to the proprietor at his Clothlag
Store, Liberty street, corner of Virein Ailey.
N. B. If not 'lobl before ibe Ist of October neat. it
will be divided into 10 and 20 acre lots tosuit puirha
sers. sep 10
Regular Morning Packet for Beaver.
T HE sif fasi p running and welt k oases
S 'Liar Elastestr.s, blaster, will depart daily from Pitt,
bomb at 9 o'clock, A. 11„ and Beaver at 1 o'clock P. M.
For freight or pass, m apply_ onboard, or to
No 60 Water street.
N. B.—The molar-tonal ;mart to Cleveland OMa
Oren:Mit. and Meath** Pa.; and Monition on the
Ohio Canal,eonnertlng with steamer Cleveinnd at Ben •
ver,wlll be in operation immediately on openins of nay.
igation, mar 1 6 -if
pIIES cured by the racial' Dr. ilarliclea Compound
Strengthening and German Aperient Pille
Dr. liarlich—Dear Sir—Shortly nfler i received the
Agency from you for the sale of your medicine. I
formed an acqsainlancewlih a lady of this ;Once, who
was severely aglieted with the Piles. For eight or ten
years this lady was subject to frequent painful attacks,
and her phyidcian considered her ease so complicated,
that he very seldom prescribed medicine for her. Through
my persuasion, shecrinimeneed using your Pills, and was
perfectly cured. Yours, te. JAMES It. KIRBY
October 3. 1840. Chamhersin, Pa.
IrrOffieeand General Depot. No. 19. North Eighth
Street, Philadelphia. ,eind by Samuel Frew, corner of
Liberty and. Wood streets. Plitslturgh. up JO
Oz:r "Why kill ye live at this porn
dying nue?" ..t
44 4 4
o he had at Torrt.s's Medical Agency. R 6 Fourth it.
the only-agent in Pittsburgh.
Feb 22.
IVO sooner does one of Dr. Leidy' preparations be
11 come popular, in consequence of its success and of
fiency, than it lecounterfelted Or Imitated.
To present 'imposition, Dr Leidy has now procured
moulded hottlesfor his celebrated Toter and Itch Oint.
ment, with the words •Dr Leidy's Toler r nd itch Olni.
moot; blown in the glass, besides cost tithing his written
signature on a yellow tAel outside.
Dr Leldy's Totter and Itch Ointment, has proved more
'Moutons than any other preparation for Teller, Itch,
Dry and
. Watery Pimples or Pustules, and diseases Of
the skin nencrolly,
It has heen employed In schools, factor' is, and on board
vessels:carrying passengers, where children. as well as
grown persons, contract diseases of tLe skin from yeti
contagious oat ne, with the most unexampled' success;
certificates and recommendations have been heretotcrie
published from them, and numerous others might be ob.
t ained tor subtlest lon, bat fort he objections most person
have, to nostril their names published in eolineetieh with
tneeh dlsagrtsestble and loathsome affections
In no single instance has it ever been known
IL has been used upon Infants and by persons of all
ages. IL is perfectly safe, contains no mercury lit its
composition.and may be ed naderaU circumstances.
Price Twenty.dve cents* bottle. Prepared and sold
Leldy's Flesh h Emporium, (sign of the Golden Ba
llo Bentents,l and by B. A. rAusEvroct k CO.
oiler of Wood and Sixth streets, Agents for Pittsburg.
July 12
c1?nY. 1 0 0 .4 3 Alltftef. , a Imi - Challia of I
iry•Water most' be - adapted to the nature of the hsh
or Mere Will be .no propogation of the species. The
soil must he adapted to the seed, or there will be no in
crease. The climate must have those matters in it which
will unite and 'keep alive epidemical or comasiou.; pol
sans, or they wilt become extinguished, as a lamp that
Is unsamplied with oil. So it is likewise with the hu
man frame, it cannot be materially affected by epidemi.
calor contagious maladies, unless there be tense matters
floating in tee circulation which offer the appropriate
soil. By I urifying our bodies with the tlssnortsTo
PILL., which Lave affinity with those impurities upon
which contagion feeds, we may .Iways feel secure,
whatever disease may rage around us. True, we may
have It, bat it will soon be over, our sickness will he
the affair of a day or two, while those who have been
too wise to use this simple and excellent remedy, either
die, or have Weeks perhaps months of sickness.
Sudden changes from very hot to chilly weather are
unfavnrable I o health; and it Is a fact universally admit.
ted, that heat and moisture are powerful agents In pro.
dating, disease, and that constant DRY and constant WET
weather n re leelifavoraine to its generation; It does not
slant fy weer we cell it; it may be Hogue, it nay he bilious
fever; it may he yellow fever. it may be dysentery; It
may be rheumatism; it may be bronehithe it may be chob
it': it may he constipation of the bowels; it may he Dille..
motion of the bowels; it may be Inflarnation or i he stoat.
aeb; it may 1w a. nery us affection; still it is disease, and
a disease curable loy the Brandreth Pills, because the)
remove all impurities from the body, all that can to any
manner teed the briber progrras of the malady, no mat
ter how called; thus these pills are not only the most
proper medielne, hut generally the only medicine that
need or ought to he used. At the present time it is every
man's duly who wishes losecnre his health to use them;
it lathe dolga every one who knows anything of their
health restoring pnwers,to make It known In his name
diare circle. For there are some alarming signs, which
tell of the approach of dinars!. The sudden changes of
temperament are more. to he feared and guarded against
than any costaglous mil tdy.
The trastearz a has left annoy la such a state of weak
mess that there Is in them a great susceptibility to be af
fected by these changes or the at innsphere and eantagious
malad'eo; but by the lintel) , nee of Brandreth's Nil-,even
now this susceptibility can be it a peat measure t emov
col, and power given the system to resist these morbltic
poisons, and the sudden changes In the weather with
which Runty be brought In colonel during the lie/11111y
days. Nature has formed the bowels of the evaenalton of
all unhealthy humors. and I fume would but are entnanos
sense, he would take care they perforated this office faiths
fully, If the bowels ire nut of order; a too slow or too
fast. a few doses of eIt•NDRIVID PILLS will bring them
to order, Ask the man who was dying from COMllira.
led bowels WWII cured ham he tells you, Brandreth's
Pills. Ask hate who had dysentery for els menthe. and
every remedy had failed; be will also tell yon the Bran.
deceit Pills cured hitn Ina went. So with other dleeases.
Twelve Brandreth Pills rubbed Journ as 1 a pint of ma.
lasses, cured a little. Troy of an ulcer of the thee, whir h
was rapid's , spreading so hi• eyrie and which a doz
en dotter* had tried to cure, tint could not; the'
floc parents would have given awl( they were worth
to have lied it cured, but every tiling they tried did no
good, until they gave it a teaspoon rui of molasses every
day, In half a pint of which they hail rubbed down
twelve Brandreth Pills: before the whole of the molass.s
was taken the ulcer was cored, And set lODIC fOiDISh
people call Brandreth's Palma quark medicine. It would
be well if there were n few more such quack medicine,.
Wilt all your pretended S'arsapatitta Compounds cure
like the Brandreth Pills? Can they send you is persons
CURED. as Dr. Brandreth cant Can they point out to
you people who had been helpless fur years f om Ep
ilepsy and IR. VPUS' Dance who have been cured by
their remedies? If they cannot. Dr. Brandreth ran
Can they point oat to you a person who for twenty
l years hail never had a stonl without having used med-
lei ne, or mechanical means; and whom the Itrandrstoi Pills
cured in a month, and gave him as healthy evacuations
ns he had when he was a child. If they cannot, Dr,
Brandreth ran.
The BRANDF Ertl PILLS not only do Cafe, alleurea
tits disease., but it caa he demonstrated. that by their
timely use, they must Ml:flinty cure. la a very short
time, Dr Brandreth will bring befora Site public a con
ei•otration of the virtues of the Brandreth' Pills, both itt
the form of Pills, and In a Mild rum, and that he will
explain the rt. nson of the cures that must neces-arily he
the result of using the RR ANDRE:TIAN REAM° ES,
whether they he internal or external. I have just re
ceived lime case of is medical gentler. an who le-ides at
SOPtheoult, Cattail*, who for twenty years was sorely
afflicted with disease, wierh Cattle out In litotches and
scabs nll over his body. 'This gentleman so far largos
the repine/et ultikb too often coarse his prufesslon, as
to S ee : ) , .perserrallyle Dve igendreth, and kis tour e
proved a hippy one; within ado menthe be was entirely
cured of hi. mitterettle and totmentleg (heave by Illy
use of the Brandreth Pil s.
The use of 1 he, Brandreth Pills ens in no ease do hint
ry. because they are made of those herbs androids Cape.
r.enee has Nilo proved always harmonize wi.li the Mei
man body body, The oaniss.on of pursing with them
Cases rifsickee,s, is mien the esuseol a Meg attack,uftee
eneingtoolly by cessation of ill*.
How important I as that this course sliotild be permed;
It will not only be the surest means of restoring, but it
it will in a treat measure prevent the rerurre. ce of
constitutional ma . adies—lt will surely weaken the ma.
llgnity of the attacks and In It me secure robust health,
As with all valuable medicines the Brandreth Peas
' have been than efully counterfeited, b i I have succeed.
ed in having executed TIIREE LABELS, (and which
areappcnded to each box) of surh intrinsic workmanship
as to bid defiance tonal Mute Mentors. Now, howcv.
eu, a new evil presents itself. My advertisements are
taken verbatim, and used by all the medicine mon.
gers of the day. who merely take my llama out and
ins. rt the name of their medicine in the place of Bran
dretles Pills occupied to the advertisement thus stolen
from me. Time will prove how these speculative gen
Denten sustain themselves.
MT FRIENDi may rest satisfied that I *hail. so long
as my life and energies arc permitted me by an OVER
RULING PROVIDENCE, attend personally to the
preparation of the Brandreth Pills, and tit. t those
properties which have thus far renderel them so popu
lar, will still be continued unimpaired.
The Rrandreth Pills are said by one agent in every
place of Importance throughout the world; each ageet
having a certificate of agency from Dr. Brand et It, hav
ing fee.slmlles of labels on the Branddrath Pall boxes el
graved thereon. .
BR.ANDItEI H'S PILLS are sold at 25 etc per box,
with full directions at the PRINCIPAL OPTIC:Z.24I Broad
way, 274 Bowels , , 1894 Hudson street. enrilm'
The following ate duly appointed agents for the rale
of the Brandreth Pills in
Stewartstown—Chewman k Spaulding.
Clinton —Joe Carmen.
Cranberry Tp.—R. 11, McKee.
Butler—Larte,Canipbell 4.• Co.
Prospect —G. A. Kirkpatrick.
Portersvine—Pater Messer.
Portetsvalle John Oltiver.
Mt. Pleasant—H. 4' J. Llppencoll.
Laughiinstown—J. 4- C. Moore.
West No wton—M. P. Smith.
Youngstown—Mc/toe off Co;
nov IB—w9t.
SuiwicAt. irts•l' RUM EN TS! SURGICAL IN -
STRUM ENTS!— T. McCast/ay, Cutter and gassiest
instruatent Maker, Third street, musty opposite the
Pose Office, Pittsburgh •
Physicians, Dentists and Druggists can have their in•
struments madeby the subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears and Scimnrs always on hand,
also Hatters Pleats, a superior article. Orders respect.
fully solicited.
N. B. Al!article? warranted of the hest quallty.and
ribbing done as usual. sep 10
Case of Liver Complaint of 25 years slandmg.
This may certify that for twenty live years I was af •
flitted with pain In my side, which was frequently co
severe as to entirely Incapacitate me from labor. I have
!welt ladder the care and treatment of various physician •
Svithont i atty permanent benefit • Hearing of the many
cures effected by the Hepatic Elixir prepared by Dr.
t3tarktveather.l was induced to give it a trial, and am
happy to say that it has entirely removed. I hare felt
so symptoms of it for wore than a year past.
Northhridte, lhneB6 SO, 1841 AMOS ‘VIIITE.
The genuine to be had at TUTTLE'S Medical Agency,
Fourth street.
Denning's Fire eroof Iron Chests.
PITTSBURGH, OCT. 22, 1842.
.1. Droxisto—On Fridayobe3Oth of last month ,about
9 o'clock at Matti., he Pianing.Groovin: and Sash Man
ufactory, owned by Coy, Dilworth 4. Co, with a large
Quantity of dressed and undressed lumber, was all eosin.
med by fire.
The Iron Safe which I knight of yon some time beck
was in the must exposed situation during the fire, and
was entirely red hot —I am pleased to inform you it wee
opened at the eieue of' the fire,and ail the books, palters,
ke. stied;—thlsit the best recommendation I can give of
the utility of your safes
Oct 24--1
AdaalieriMat . li Agatitittkir °9 1 " 11 1
. 112Frknowiwen before
public 3 years du
ring which time several
thousands have been sold
and in daily use, We are
confident of being sustained
in saying they are the best
CotTce Mills in the Untied
States, any way you .fix tt.'
Several modifications are
madmo suit the Taney of
wives and the purse, )f
Sold by the gross or dozen
at the manufactory.-- •
Malleable Castings made to
These zenuine articies. of WI sizes, and most improved
Varielies,constanlly on baud and for.sate at very reduced
prices by the inticuractnrer, L R. LIVINGSTON.
mar 2. —if Front between. Ro:u and Grant sta.
HAVE removed thei r raper Store from Market
street to Nw.Ge, Wood street, one door from the
corner of 4th, where they keep on hands their omitl as
sortwent of WALL PAPERS, for papering flarlotioln
tries,chamhers, itc. and also PRINTING, WRITING
altar which they otTer ftor sale on accommodating terms,
feb 14, 1845.—dt '
fg;rllow important it Is that yon commence without
loss of tittle with ItnoteasTa's Pmts. They n Ildly but
surely remove rill impurities front the Mood, and no ease
of sickness can affect the human frame, that these cele.
Mated Pills do not relieve. as much as medicine eau do. -
Colds and coughs are mord benetttrid by the Brandied§
Pills than by lozenges and cannics. Very well, per
linps.as paliatives, hut worth nothing as eradicators or
diseases from the human system. The Bltsnnetzrn FILLS
cure, they do not merely relit ve, they cure diseases,
whether chronic er recent, infectious or otherwise, will
certainly he cured by the use of these all sndielent
Doctor Beujami4 Beandestt —llonored Bic Owing
. 10
you a debt of gratitude that money cannot pay, 1 an;
Induced to make a public acknosvledgemlint of the benefit
my win has derived from your Invaluable . pills. About
three years this winter she was taken °Rh a pain in Per
ankle, which soon became very much Inflamed and
swollen, so muchPO Ilia'. we became alarmed, aa d sent
for the doctor (luring his at.endarme the pain and swell.
lug increased to an alarming degree, tad la three weeks
font Its first commencing it became a running sore.—
She could get no rest at night the pain was so great.—
Our Hest Doctor attended her fur sit months. and she
received no benefit whatever, the rain growing worse.
and the sore larger all the white. lie said If It was heal
ed up It would be her death, but he appeared to be at a
loss how t proceed, and toy poor wife still continued
to stiffer the most terrible tortures. We therefore sought
of her aid In a Botanical doctor, who said when he firm
mw It that tic could soon cure the sore, and give her
ease at once. To our surprise he gsve her no relief,
and acknowledged that it baffled al I his skill.
Thus we felt after having tried during one whole year
the experience of two celebrated physicians In vain, in
absolute despair. My poor wife's constitntion rapidly
tailing in the prime of her years from her continued
suffering. Under these circumstances we concluded that
we would try your Universal Veget side Pllls.determined
to fairly ter their curative egrets. To my wife's great
comfort the first few do=es afforded great relief of the
pain. Wit nin one week, to the astonishment of our
salver and every one who Knew attic case. the swelling
and the inflammation began to ceases° that she felt quite
easy. and would sleep comfortably, and, sir, after Pis
weeks' use she was able to to through the house. and
again attend to the management of her family which
she had not done for nearly 14 months. In a little over
two mouths from the time she first eonimeticcd the tier
of your invaluable Pills, her ankle was quite sound, and
her health better than it had been in quite a tiumber of
years herore. I seed von 11113 sislemeni after *viro years
test of the cure. considering it only an act of Justice
you and the public a , large.
We are, with notch gra Bode,
Very respectfully,
P. S. The Rolauirai [Maw' pronounced the sore can
cerous. and finally 'aid zon.l conict he done. lIIIIPSS the
whole of the flesh *ea- cut off, and the bone scraped.—
Thank a kind Providence, this made as re.uart to your
pills. which eased us from all twitter misery, and for
which we hope t be thankful. T. 4
.E. 1..
0::-Sold at 25 cent, rwr IKti, with directions.
Observe the new lehete,enelt having upon It two sir:-
natures of Dr. Rrandreth. each linN of the genuine
has Rix .ienaiuree—i hree Benjamin Brandrelh and three
B. Bramtreth upon It.
The only place In Pittsburgh where the real Bran
&Tilt Pllls ran he obtained, Id the I'torlor'a own oMce.
In the Diamond, behind the Market house. Mark,
the genuine ltrandrctli Pills can never be obtained in any
drug store.
The following are the only agents appointed by Dr. R
Brand roll. for the sale ar his Vegetable Universal Pill
In Allegheny tomtit.:
PRucctr•t. Aor.wr.o H I.EE, Pittsburgh
Mr. Jahn Glass—Allegheny,
Robert Duncan—Flirmlne ham.
C. P. D'elil—Elizabeilitown.
H. Rowland—ltt'Ketsport.
Preside Irwin—Plearrnnt Hill.
John Johnston—Hohlesiown.
Chessman t Spaulding —Stewartstawn
Ardell tt Connell—Clinton.
Robert Smith Porter—Tarenturn.
George Power—Fairvitw.
David R Coon— Plum township.
Daniel Nettle% —East Liberty.
Edward Thompson —Wilk insiturgle
Wm. 0. Hunter—Alien's Mill
The office Pittsburgh which was established for the
purpose of constituting, agents in the west. having accam
plislied that ohject, Is now closed, and Mr, G. H. LEE
la the Dism ind. Market street, appointed sly agent for
the sale of Pills and Liniments Mt Dr. Brandetlts agents
will therforedinderstand,lhat Dr.R. will rend a travelling
agent through the country once a year to collect tultieys
for sales made and resupply ages le. The said traveller
will be provided with a power of attorney, duly proved
before the Clerk of the city and county of New York,
together with all neceigtary vouchers and papers,
Mr. J, J. Yoe, is my travelling agent now in Penasyl.
van's, R. REA NDETII, M. Di
N. IS, Remember Mr. C• H. Lee, In rear of the Mar.
ket is now my only agent in Pittsburgh.
New York,June 14th, 1a43,
An individual only wisitesto know the right way
to pursue It; and there are roue, were It seems matte
known how Lira might be prolonged and iiirstzts re
covered. w: u would not adopt the plan. Evidence is
required that the right way is discovered. This is what
those suffering from sickness want to he satisfied about.
For who Is sofoollsh as not to enjoy all the health his
body is capable of? Rho is there that would not live
when his experience c.an so much benefit himself and
family? it Is a melancholy fact that a very large pro
portion of the must usefi. I members of society die he.
tween the ages of thirty and forty, flow many widows
and helpless orphans have been the consequence of :nun.
kind not having In their own power the means of restor
ing health when lost.
Now all these dangers and diffirmities can he prevented
and the long and certain sickness, and by assisting Na
ture, in the outset, with a coed dose of Brandreth's Pills,
This is a fact, wr II understood to be so by thousands of
our citizens This medicine. if taken ito as to purge
freely. will surely rare any curable diease. There Is
no form or kind of sickness that it does not exert a cur
ative infinence upon. Thuv. by their power in resisting
pu:refaclion,they cure measles small pox, worms and
alt rontageousfevers. There Is not a medicine In the
world so able to purify the rnays of blood nod restore it
to healthy condition, as the ftrandreth Pulls.
The Brandreth Pills are purely ve-retable, and so in
nocent that thejnfarri of a mot th old may use them if
medicine is required, not only with safety but with a err.
tainty of reeetving all the benefit medicine is Capable of
Imparting. Females may use them In nil the critical
periods of theft lives. The Brandrah Fills will insure
their bes,lo, and produce re ularity In a'l the functions
of life.
The same may he said of ErrasdretA's Actress' Rem.
edy, as an outward application in all extents; Rine, or
swellings,or cores, IL greatly assists the cure. When
used where the skin is very tender or broken. 11 should
be mixed with one or two pints of water,
A sure Teeof &mune Bresdreti Pillc—Exacoloe
the box of Pills, Then look at the certificate of agency,
whose estraved date muse he within tbe' year, which
every authertsed agent meet peaseve; if the three labels
on the-bix wee with the bre* labels on the certificate,
the Pills are trua—if not, they are false,
, Princi p al office, 241 Broadway, New York
CO - TO INVA.J.IDS. 1111
Sim; Sum, Janunry 21,1843
Headache Headache I
ARR wate:iitsiown.to thousendias a Mast extraordi na•
11 - remedy Sar this affliction atiwallas the ineon
trovertlitefactOtheir curing EltSPErillA. Will those
sufferisqi oalfask among their friend, If they have nut
known Of.. the *mit Jog affints. Of said PIP.. and If they
do not hear them mete warmly prated (and detervedty
too) titan attfothehriten let them set buy them. In
these few remarks, all fancy or Imagination is excluded,
and nothing will be said of their merits at any time
but what can su fairly proved by respectable members of
our community,
Read. iite following' certificate given by a respectable
citizen of Minglieny city, and attested by one oitlirjutig
es of the Court of Common Pleas of A Ileghcoy co.
A LLa411:1111T CITV, January 9, 1343•
Deer Sir—l have for a number of year. past been af—
flicted with a severe and almost constant Headache, a—
rising from derangement of stomach and bowels and al.
though I have taken nearly every kind of Medicine re
commended for ilFeure, have never derived any mate.
rial Itenebt until I used come of your truly valuahle An.
ti Dyspeptic Pills. I have not takenquite two hoxes and
consider myself perfectly relieved from that distreving
complaint. 1 have no hesitation In recommending your
Pills as the bad medicine I have ever used.
I am nequa.nleJ with Mr, Turne-, f have no hesita
tion In certifying that I consider the statements of Mi.
T. remisciln2 Dr. Brodle's r.tia, as entitled to the most
perfect and entire confidence. RUCH DAVIS.
For sale, Whotesale and Retail at the Brodonino Pill
Establishment Pittsburgh Pa ; aol by all authorised a
gents throughout the Union.
Alle'y city Jan 9 1545 jan 13-Iy.
Eviins's Camomile Pills,
Citurtricarts.—Leitertrom the lion. Ab'Wm M'Clel
lan,,Su Wynn County, East Tenneme,lllentherofConeress
WASHINGTON, July 3d. 1838.
Sir.,—Since 1 have been in this city I have used some of
Yilur Dyspeptic medicine with infinite benefit and sails
faction, and believe It to be a most valuable remedy. One
of my zoned uents, Dr. A. Carden, of Campbell county.
TenneeSee. wrote to me to send hint some. which 1 did,
and he has mployed it very Eimceszrully in his practice.
and=aysit Is Invaluable. Mr. Johnson, yonr agent at
this place," thinks you would probably like an agent in
Tennessee. If SO, I would recommend Dr. A Carden, as
a proper person to officiate for the sale of your celebrated
medicine. Should you commission him he is willing to
act for you. You can send the medicine by water to the
care of llottert King .¢ Sons. Knosville con nty, Tehnes.
see, or by land to Cralians * Houston, Tazewell, East
Tennessee. I haven° doubt but if you, bad agents in
several counties In East Tennessee,a great deal of medi
cine would he sold. 3am going to takesome of it home
for my own use.- and that of my friends, and should
like to hear froni you whether' you would like an agent
at Blunt villa. Eollivan County. East Tennessee; I can get
some of the merchants to act for you as I live near there.
Yours respectfolly,
ARRAH AM M'CLELLAN.of Tennessee.
For sale Wholesaleand Retail, by
R. E SELL EES,Agent,
sep 10 No. 2.0. Wood street.lielow Second.
This Infallilde remedy has preserved hundreds
when thought past recovery. front convulsions. As soon
as the Syrup In rubbed on the pito., the child will recce.
er. This preparation luso Inottrent, so efficacious, and so
pleasant, that isoctilld will refuse to let Its gums be rub•
bed with It. When Infanhrare at the age of four months,
tho' there is co appearance of teeth. one bottle of the
Syrup should he used to open the pores. Parents should
ever he without the syrup In the nursery where there
are young chltdren, for if st child wakes in the night with
pain In the gums. the Syntp immediately gives ease, by
opening I he pores, and healing the gums; thereby prevent.
ing Votivu skins, Fevers, 4-c. For Sale. Wholesale and
Retail by R. E. scu,orts„A g ent,
se p 10 N 0.2.0. Wood street, below Second.
LIVER COM MA INrcured hy the 135 e. of Dr. Har•
ilch's compound Sirensi hcninc and Aperient Pill!.
Mr. WM. Richards, of tilt...smirch, Pa., entirety cured of
the ahovedistressine discrom His symptoms were pain
and welch , to the left sidc: los4 of aepetitc, vomitind, acid
eruciations, a distension of the stomach. sick hrid•achc,
furred innutr, countenance changed too citronfolur,doll
- y of breathing. disturbed resi,attended whit a cough,
great debility. with taker symptoms indicating great de
rangement of the fungtions of the flyer. Mr. Richards
hnd the advice of severs! physicians, het received no
relief...until mien: Dr.liarlicli's Medicine, which lumina
tcd in effecting n pe-feet cure.
Prinripnl office. 19 :yowl Figldli Street. Philadelphia.
Fur sale in pittobargii by Samuel Frew, corner of Llber
ty and Wood streets. sep 10
These Fills are •-ocriposed of herb, which exert
a specific action upon the heart, give impulse ,or
strength to the arterial system; the blood is quickened
sod equalised in its circulation through all the vessels,
whether nf the skin, the parts situated Internally,or the
extremities; and an alt the secretions of the body are
drawn from the Mood. there Ist consequent lacrease of
every sec.etion, and a quickened action of the absorbent•
and ex ha lent, or discharging vetutels. Any morbid action
which, may Urn taken place is corrected. all obstruc
tions are rrs.t - red. the blond is p unified. and the body
- a - tmes aI rt let! slate. For ale Wholesale and Re•
tta:'Sy S E SE LLERS, Agent,
-010 x ) 'Wood st. below second
Pittsburgh Lard Oil Manufactory.
. "1/4
;••• 5 k.ll
I 4,4A(/*
mar 23.1893
CONST.INTLY on hand a superior article of Lard
Oil, warranted to burn at any temomture, and
equal to the best winter strained Sperm Oil, without
its olTenive qualties, and one third cheaper. man.
illactured by the subscriber at the old stand, Third st.,
nearly opposite the Post Office• M. C. EDCY.
Jan 4 .1843
snliscriher having opened a shop No 68, Farond
street.hetween Market andVir'ond streets,PittsLursh,
i n cOnnet tic n with inn Fatlvry in Birmingham, reenter.
fully Inf tram his Mends and the publk, that hewill ht
happy to he favored with their orders for any 'inlets In
his line,
Door Locks and Pasteners,o ' various d scriptions. or.
hand and made le .order.
Tobacco. Mill and Timber Screws.
Luce Screws, for iron Worksond Screws for Presses,
made as may be required,
Carpenters and Builders are requested to tall before
contracting for juhs, nna ciamine his articles and prices
Locks repaired and Jobbing cencrully tone in .he best
manner, and on the lowest terms.
may 2-6 in JAS. PATTERSON. Jr°
DR. LEIDY'S Sansartatia.• BLOOD PILLS. are appli
cable In all coma, whether for Purgation Or Parift
cation. They possess all the boasted virtues of other
pills, and are additionally efficacious, containing Sarsap
arilla in their composition, which is not contained in any
other pills in existence. They are also different from oth•
er pills In composttfon, being purely vegetable, and CAD
he employed at all times, without any danger, and re
quiring no restraint f.ern occupation or usual course of
Notwithstanding Dr. Leidy never pretended his Blood
Pills would care all diseases, yet it is not saying toomuch
of them, front the innumerable cures performed by them
la every variety and forma . or disease (certificates of many
of which have bees publiehed from persons ofall denom•
Watkins, physicians. clergymen, and others) that they
seem to he almost universal in their effect; and persons
using them for whatever sickness or disease, may rest
assured they will he found more efficacious than any oih
er pills in existence.
From thc known reputation of Dr Leidy's Blood Pills.
'tie deemed necessary to remind the public where they
may at all times procure the genuine, as it is attempted
to impose other Oils called 'Blood Pills' upon the pnitlic
on the reputation of Dr- Leidy's. ([ 3 -Be particular and
ask for Dr Leidy's Sarsaparilla Blood Pills, and see that
the name of Dr N. B. Leidy Is tont .ined on two sides
of each hos,(the hales being of paper, and oblon:,squarc
shape, surrounded by a yeltowand black lakel.
PRICZ-25 cents a Box.
Prepared oaly, and sold Wholesale and Retail, at Dr
Lekly's Health Earporlaan, 191 North Second street, be•
low Vine,.pbiladelphia, ant by B. d. 7.BHXZSTOCK
4 co. corner of Wood and Sixth streets, Agents for Pitts
burgh jnly 12— 1 y.
Yours, Respectruliy,
UHE subscriber has Jost received ble would supply,
IL Landreth's Gardeti Pleas, consisting la .part Dub
following kinds—rill of thelost yearterop t warraered
Bea car;
Mater Melon,
Nusk, 4,
Egg Plant,
Rhubarb, Cabbage.
Salsary, Carrot.
Cauliflower, Spinach,
Celery, Okra, '
Curled Cress, Opine,• •
Cucumber, Parsley,
Mustard, (white and broom)
&c. &C. &c.
l'ocetlier m.lllt a variety of Pot 4. Sweet herbs ar.d flower
ccrOrders for Seeds,Sbrubs; Trres, itc. trots Gordian.
ers and otheia will be received and prciaiptly attended
No. 184 Liberty. bead of Wood at.
Cincinnati, February 15, 1840
Dr. Swsraz—Dear Fir:— Permit n,e to like the Ilbertk
orw riling to you at t4ls time le express my approbation,
and to recommend to the attention of heads of familleit
and others your invaluable mediclne—the Compound
Syrup of Prunus Virginians, or Wild Cherry Bark. In
my travels of late I have seen in a great many instanced
the wonderful effects of your medicine in relieving ek*l"
dren of very obstinate complaints, such as Coughing,
Wheezing, Chcaking of Phlegm, Asthmatic attacks, 4.c..
4-c. I should not have written this letter, hosrevet, at
presen• although I have felt It my duty foul sty teal} -
molly t, it for some time, had it not been for a We
stance where the medicine above alluded to was tostru- .
mental in restoring to perfect health an "only. Child,"
whose case teas almost hopeless, In a family of my ae•
quaintance. ••1 thank Heaven," said the doating tortilw
er,•"my child is saved from the jaws of death! 0 how i.
feared the relentless ravager But my child is safe! to
Beyond all doubt Dr. Swayne's Compoutid Syrup: ern
Wild Cherry is the most valuable medicine In this oz any
other country. lam certain I t aye witnessed more thee
one hundred cases where It has been attended with eon.
mete suerers. T 3111 using it myselna an obstinate at.
tack of Brendan:, in which is proved effectual in ss ex..
ceedingly Minn time. considering tire severity tattle ease.,
ran reromend it in the fullest confidence of its superior_
virtue!: I would advise that no family should be Winton'
it; it is. very pleasant and always beneficial—worth. -
double and often ten times its price. The public ace as
sured there ism, quackery about It. rt. Ja.casos, D. D.
Formerly Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.'
N. Y.
Sold by WM. THORN. ivnoTesale k retail, only arrni
for Pittsburgh. No. 53. Market street. sep 10
what will destroy Life, astd you are a great tests
"Discover what will proloug Life, aud the world aii/o
col/ yak Impostor."
"There are faculties, bodily and iutellettiusl, within sit
With which dertain herbs hare ejfixity, andorer
they have power."
Dr. B. Biandreth's External Remedy, or Liniment.
which, by Its extraordinary powers, abstract' Pain
Sorene-s; thus Sprains, Stiff Sinews, White Swelling,.
Rheumatic Pains, or Stiffness, Stiffness of the Joints
Tumors, Unnatural Hardness. Stir Neck Sore Throat'
Croup, Contractions of the muscles, Scrofulous en
larcements, Tender Feet, and every description of la.
jury nffectlng the Exterior of the Human Flume, tab
cured or creatly relieved by his wetter-to be 'efficient
extolled remedy.
CLRTIFIrATI.—Thc fullowirr teuer from Major GM
eras Sandford, as to the qualh les of the External Resume
dy, speaks volumes:
Dear Sir—Will you oblige me with another bottle of
your excellent Liniment? It is certainly the best of lb.
hind I have ever seen. It has cured entirely my son's
knee. about which I was so tineasy.and I have found it
productive of immediate relief In several cases of eater •
nal injury In my family. A few evenings store, th 3/
youmzest child was seised with a violent attack of Croup.
which was entirely removed lu twenty wiaalea, by rub_
!ling her chest and throat freely with the External Rem
edy. I think you oug.ht to manufacture this Liniment
for general use, Instead of confining the use of it, as you
have heretofore done, to your particular acquaintances.
Yours truly, C. %V. SANDFORD
Da. R. fta►snxnu.24l Broadway, N. Y.
[rT•For sale at 241 Broadway, New York, and at hill
office In the. DI mood, Pittsburgh. PC ICE-50 rents/
per bottle with diremiuns. kep 10
:lass of individuals is very numerous. They ZIT' thus.
who work in an unhealthy atmosphere. Printers work
men In feather stnres, stone cutters, bakers, white leas
manufacturers, are all mom or tem subject to disease se -
cording to the strength of their constitution. The tail
method to prevent disease. is the occasional our of
medicine which abstracts from the circulation all deities
rious humors,and expels them by the bowels. Tonics.
In any form are injurious, as they only :At off the evi.
day to make it more fatal. The use of Brandreth's Pllif
will insure health, because they take all Impure mattes
out of the blood; and the body Is not weakened bat
strengthened by their operation; for these valtiahle Pills
do not force, hut they assist nature, and are not opplet
but harmonize aithl.er.
Sold at Dr. Brandretlt't Office, In the Diamond,
Pitigniirgn. Price 25 cents per box, with full directions.
MA ER—The only place In Pittsburgh where the
GENUINE Pills ran be obtained,ts the Doctor's own Of
[ice In the Diamond. rep 10
Caveat entered 9th June, 734:2—•Patent granted to
Benjamin B. a ndi ett:,2oth January, ]843.
The extracts of which Brandreth's Pills are corn•
posed are obtained by this nr.sy patented process,
without boiling or any applicetion of heat, The ac_
live principle of the herbs is thus secured the earns
as it is in the
The Public should be cautions of medicines rec—
commended in advertinnentq stolen from me, in
which the CONTEMPTIBLIK ROBBERS steals my lan—
guage, merely altenm, the name. Time will show
these wholesale deceivers in their true light,
BRANDRETH'S PILLS are the People's
Medicine, proved by thnn'ands who daily reccom
mend them to the afflicted. The BRANDRETH
PILLS are groveiog every day more popular, their
vit tues are extendibg their usefulness. The sick of
both sexes are daisy deriving benefit from them.
No case of disease but they can be used with advent.
tage. Blotches or hair! lumps of the skin they speed
ily ewe, so Wi!.4losikela s s, so w jib Fait xingrge,
with indigestion, so %jib coughs and colds, so with
coviveness, so wi:h cancer, so with hot parched lips
and canker in the mouth. Let the afflicted use ihis
medicine, and they will find the? require no other.
Sold at 25 cents per box, with directions.
Observe the new labels each having upon it two
signatures of Dr. Brandreth. So each box of the
genuine has six signatures—three Benjamin Broad
reth and three B. Brandreth upon it.
The ONLY PLact; in Pittsburgh where the RCA
Brandreth Pills CAN BE OBTAINED, is the Doctor's
own Office, Diamond back of the Market M ont
Mark. the Gssunse BrandrethPins can never be .b
taired in any Dacc Svone. t
The following are the ONLY AGENTS appoint
ed by Dr. B Brandreth. for the WO of hit vegeta
ble Univlrsal Pills in Allegheny County.
G H Lee—Principal Office, Diamond, rittsbursk,
Mr. John Glass—Allegheny.
Robert Duncan—Birmingham.
C. F. Diehl—Elizabethtown.
H. Rowland—McKee:port..
Pressty Trvvin—Pleasant Hill.
Jchn Johnson—Noblestown.
Chessman & Spaulding—Stewarestown.
Asdell & Connell—Clinton.
Robert Smith Porter—Tarantino.
George Powee—Fairview.
David K. Coon—Plum Township.
Daniel Negley—East Liberty.
Edward Thompalon—Wilkineburgb.
Wm. 0. Huntetr—Alton's
Brocie '
Bette° in
NEW YORE, Feb: 9, 1042.