Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, November 14, 1843, Image 1

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VOL. H. _NO. 53
N. W. corner of Wood 42X4i Fifa Streets.
Tr.axs.—Five dollars a year, payable in advance.
Single copies Two CLNTS —for sale at the counter of
the Office, and by News Boys.
The Weekly Mercury and Inannikcturer
Is puhliaked at the fume office, on a double medium
skeet, at TWO DOLLARS a year, in advance. Sin
gle copies, SIX CENTS.
74 " S 0 - 'a : CZ4 e
One insertion, $0 50 One month, $5 00
Two do., 0 75 Two do., 6 00
Titi.4e` au., 2 00 Threedo., 7 00
One week, 1 50 Four do., 8 00
T wt. 4,..., 300 Six. do., 10 00
Three do., 400 One year, 15 00
(Axe Square. ' Two Squ.ares.
Six munthi, $1: 00 Six mouths, $23 00
zinc year, 25 00 One year, 35 00
EneLarger advertisements in proportion.
L4PCARDS of four lines Svx V) ormaits a year.
Public Offices, &c.
City Post (Vice, Third between Market and Wood
streets—r. M. Riddle, Postmaster.
C Iteoll. Ifouse,‘Vator, 11l dour from Wood st.,Pe
icrsort's buildings—Maior John Willock, Collector.
City Treasury, V ir,)4:l,bstween First and Second
treelS—James A. B /arra, Treasurer.
County Treasury, Third street, next door to the
Third Przsbyterian Church—S. It. Johnston, Treasu
Mayor's Office, Fourth, between Market and Wood
stroets—Alexander Hay, Mawr.
Aferchara's Exchange, Fourth near Market et.
Pittsburgh, lynwven Market and Wood streets on
Third and Fourth streets.
Merchants' altd Manufacturers' and Farmers' De
posit Hank, (forin2rly Savin; Fund,) Fourth. between
W'oud. awl Market 3 treet4.
Exchange, Fifth st. near Wood.
.Monongahela House, Water street, near t. Le
B ridge.
Exekange Hotel, corocr of Penn and St. Cluir.
Merchants' Hotel, corner of Third and Wood.
American Hotei,coracrofThirdand Smithfield.
United States, corner of Penn st. and Canul.
7Spiead Eagle, Lib erty street, near seventh.
Miller's Mansion House, Liberty St., opposite
Broaliurst's Mansion Howe, Penn St., opposite
Important to Owners of Saw Mills.
Lt'S unrivalled Self Setters, for saw mills,
0 which have been so fully tested indifferent parts
if the Baited States, ai well as in the cities of Pitts
burgh aad Allegh 211 V, can be st.en in operation at a
ea niser of mills inthis neighborhood, viz: ut Mr. Wick
sesham's mills, on Penn street; at Bowman & Cll=-
021'3'1 Milli, near the upper Allegheny bridge, and
at Niscri.sen's mills, on flare's Island, and others.—
Theo above name.l machine can be obtained at W. W.
W ella•e's shop, on Liberty street, near Smithfield,
wit .re it is fitting ty, and where them WhillV will be
kept e*nitantly on hands. Apply to B. F. Snyder. or
W. W. Wulla-e. macs
Evans' Chamomile Pills
BRUIAM .1. C LEMER, residing at Gfi, Mott
jL :trout, New York, was atHicted with Dyspepsia
in its Ma it av,r ivated form. The sy.nptoms were vi
olenthea.lache, great debility, fever, costiveness,cought
. .leartbara, pain hi the chest and stomach ulway> after
eating - , en air. appetite, sensation of sinking at the
txn.Loh, furred tongue, nausea, with frequent vomit
logs, dicziness towards night and res dessness. These
ni,V continued upwards of a twelvemonth, when, on
eV:waiting Dr. Win. Evans, 100 Chatham street, nod
etlnnitting to his ever successful and agreeable mode
of treatment, the patient was completely restored to
health in the short space of one month, and grateful for
the incalculable benefit derived, gladly came forward
anti volunteered the above statement Fur sale, whole
sale and retail, by R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
sep 10. y No. '2O, Wood street, below Second.
Pease's lioarhound Candy.
yr LITTLE has received this day from New York,
1 it fresh supply of the above celebrated cure for
Coughs, Colds and Consumptions; and is reads to sup
customers at whJlesale or retail, at his Medical
'time y, SIG Fourth st, nov 12
p otter Bargains than ever, at the Three Big
rr RE subscriber would respectfully inform his cus
„l. looters and the public generally, that notwith stad
%the unprecedented sales at the Three Big Doors,
uring the present season; he has still on hand the lar
test and most varied assortment of elegant C LO
t RING that can be bought west of the mountains.—
The public may rest assured that all articles offered at
his store arssmaufactured from FRESH GOODS, pur
e-hese& in tha Eastern markets this spring and made in
to garments by Pitttsburgh workmen.
laconsequenee of the multiplication of slop shops in '
our cify., filled with pawn brokers clothes and the musty,
cast off garments of former seasons, from the eastern ci
ties, the public should be cautious to ascertain the char
seter of the establishments in which they are invited to
tiliramse, before they part with their money. The arti
cles efftrei at several of the concerns in this city, arc
the mere offuls of New York
. and Philadelphia slop
sZ o greitt - Mit here to be paliited off on the Pitts
b rurchasers she% ld he On their guard a
gairkirOtese impositions, and they may rely on the fact
thstaliktietablishment that advertises eastern made Clo
thing. -ean give as good an article or as advantageous
.baigaine as can be inul at the - ” three Big Doors."
The public will please remember that all the subscri
ber's garments arc made in this city,hy competent work
men, and not gathered up like the goals new offered by
the "birds of passage" from the shreds and patches of
eastern slop shops. It will always be his endeavor to
maintain the reputation that the "Three Big Doors"
have obtainell for furnishing a superior style CLO
THING in every.respect, and at prices below those of
s ny other establishment.
He lioehlagain retain his thanks to his friends and
the public for the unprecedented patronage bestowed
upon his establishment, and believing tht hey nine
found it to their advantage to deal with him, t
he wl v
repeat his invitation to all those who wish to purchase
Clothing of every description at the lowest prico,to call
4,4i'Obserre Metal Plate in the pavement. up 26.
Look at This.
pHE attention of those who hare been sornewb. ,
sceptical in reference to the numerous eertit
cute% published in favor of Dr. Swayne's Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry, on account of the persons being
unknown in this Section of the. State, is respectfully di
rected to the folk:twin.. certificate, the writer of which
has been a citizen of Ls '. borough for several years, and
is known as a gentleman of integrity and r esponsibility.
To the Agent, Mr. J. KIRBY.
1 have used Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild
Cherry for aCough, with which I have been severely
for *bout four months, and I have no hesitation
in saying that it is the most effective medicine that I
have been able to procure. It composes all uneasiness,
and agrees well with my diet,—and maintainsa regular
and good appetite. I cansinceiely recommend it to all
atherssimitarlyatllicred. J. Mutictot, Borough of
Mardi 9.1810. Chambersburgh.
For sale by WILLIAM THORN,
No. 53 Market street.
( op 2 3)
Pitt- - -bittAll)) ,11totinitg•____:Pti-L't
U. Woods, Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Office removed to Bakewell's Offices, on Grant street,
nearly oppOsite the new Court House, nextromns to J.
D. Mahon, Esq., first floor. scp 10
Hugh Toner, Attorney at Lane,
North East corner of Smithfield and Fourth streets,
Pittsburgli. sep 1.0-1
Attorneys and Counsellors at Lave,
Otlice in the Diamond, back of the old Court House,
sep 10 Pittsburgh.
Francis IL Shank, Attorney at Law,
Fourth street, above Wood,
scp 10-1 y Pittsburgh, Pa
Thomas na.milton, Attorney at Law,
Fifth, between Wood and Smithfield sts.,
sep IG-y Pittsburgh, Pa.
Wm. O'Hara Robinson, Attorney at Law,
Office on the North side of the Ditunond, between Mar
ket and Union streets, up stairs sep 10
A. I. Iturboraw, Attorney at Law,
Tenders his professional services to the public. Office
sep 10 on sth st., above Wood. Pittsburgh.
Alyster & Buchanan, Attorneys at Law,
ffiee removed from the Diamond to "Attorney's Row,"
shady side of 4th, between Market and Wood
el) /0 Pittsburgh.
N. Blickmaater, Attorney at Law,
las removed hisoffiee to Bearer' Law Buildings, 4th
Bt., above Smithfield, Pittsburgh. 5(1)10_
George W. Layag, - Attornty at Law,
Office in Fourth strvt, near Smithfield, Pittsburgh
Reads Washington, Attorney at Law,
Office in Bakewell's building, Grant street, Pittsburgh
nor 5, 184'2
John J. Mitchell, Attorney at Law,
Office corner of Smithfield and Fifth street., Pittsburgh
-.'Collections made. All busincis cliitruited to his
care will he promptly attended to.
fob 16—y
Wm. E. Austin, Attorney at Law,
Pittsburgh Pa. Offire in Fourth street, opp'sitc Burke's
u:iv - wILLIAm E. AuSTIN,E4q., will give his atten
tion to my unfinished business, and I recommend him
to the patronage of my friends.
Daniel M. Curry, Attorney at Law,
Office on Fifth street, between \Vuod and Smithfield
n 1) 8 Pitt:burgh.
Robert Porter, Attorney at Law,
Office on the corner of Fourth and Smithfield streets
sep 10 Pittsburgh.
Judson & rlanegin, Attorneys at Law,
Smithfield, near ith street. Collections made on mod
erate terms. Pensions for widow, of old soldier, under
the late act of Congress obtained. Papers and draw
ings for the patent office prepared. mar
Henry S. Magraw, Attorney at Law,
flas removed his othee to his residence, 1,3 Fllllllll
two door above Smithfield. st•p 10
J. D. Creigh, Attorney at Law,
ilice Gornor Smithfield and Third street', Pittsburgh
L. Harper, Attorney and Co=senor at Law,
cAD tz, rEtRRISW: COUNTY , 01110
\P ill attend promptly to the collection or :ecurity of
claim?, and all professional Misinest; entrthtleal to hi: can•
in the countirs of I larrimm, Jethtrson, Belnunit, Guern
sey, Tuscarawas, Holmes, Coshocton, Carroll, Stork
and Wayne. REFEn TO
Metcalf 4- Lomnis,)
Dakell S Fleming,
John Harper,
D. 7'. Morgan, J
2 7 , 13 13-t f
IL Morrow, Alderman,
Mice north side of Fifth street, between AVeiid and
Smithfield, Pittsburgh. 1 07tf
Magistrate's flanks,
'or proceedings in attachment under the late law, for
sale at this office. 2.5
Dr. S. IL Ilobries,
)ffice in Second street, next door to Mulvan & (o.'c
Glass Warehouse. sep 10—y
Office on Smithfield street, third door from the corner of
sixth street. se i i 10
Ward & Unlit, Dentists,
Liberty street, a few doors below St. Clair,
,t 6,1843
Doctor Daniel 'Halloo',
Office on Fifth street, between We,xl and S m ithfield
streets., Pittsburgh. dee 10-y
No. 43, Wood Street;
kf'ents for the sale of the Eagle Cotton Factoly Yarns
mar 17 -v
Williams & Dilworth,
Wholesale Grocers, Produce and Commission Me
chants, and Dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactured Ar
ticles, No. 29, Wood street. sep 10—y
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
English,' French and Domestic Dry Goods,
No. 81, Market street, Pittsburgh.
sop 14—y
.1. G. & A. GORDON,
Commission and Forwarding Merchants,
Water street, Pittsburgh. sep 10—y
Commission and Forwarding Merchants,
No. 60, Water street, Pittsburgh, I'a.
TE RMS.—Receiving and shipping, 5 cents per
1001 W. Commission on purchases and sales, 2i per
cent mar 22.--v
Brownsville Juniata Iron
Edi Card Hughes, Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
Warehouse, No. 25, Wood st., Pittsburgh.
sep LO—y
Wholesale Grocers, Commission and Pro-
duce Merchants,
And dealers in Pittsburgh. Manufactures.
mar 17 No. 43, Wood street. l'ittsbut)
Bookbinders and Paper Rulers,
Continue business at the stand law of M'Candless
Johnson. Every description of work in their line mi.,.
ly and promptly executed. may B—y
Coleman & Co.,
General Ageets, Forwarding and Commission
LereeStreet,Vicksburg, Miss. They respectfully so
licit consignments. n 22—tf
John Anderson, Smithfield Foundry,
Hater street, near the Monongahela House, Pittsburgh
Dr. A. W. Patterson,
S '
04 •
T_-keN LLOYD, Jr:, WhOleside And Retail Gro
cer and Fruiterer, No. 140 Liberty itrect Pitts
burgh. may 20.
L. &J. D. WICK,
leille Grocers & Dealers in Produce,
1111 Wood Street, 4 doors above Fifth st.,
may 15 Pittsburgh, Pa:
Birmingham & Co.,
March 2:1.
John EL Drosit, Wholesale Grocer,
Dealer in Grain, General Forwarding and Corn
mission Merchant,
Harrisburgli, Pa.
WILL dispose of all goods sent for Commission
Sales at the lowest commission rates,
Phi la .—J . & W Ether, Dar• &Geirish,D. Leech &C .J
Ba i ata re—W .Winn &co. Willson & Herr,J . E.Elder
lia r r rzh—Miell'lßurke,H.Antes,J M. Hoidman
July I—Gm.
Booksellers, Printers and Paper Makers
Ni'. 37, Market street. sep
Thos. D. Young & Co.
Furniture Ware 11.0.iins, corner of Hand street and F.k
change alley. Persons wishing to purchase furniture
will find it to their advantage to give us a call, being Cul
lv satilified that we can please us to quality and price.
sep 10
Wire Workers and Wire Manufacturers,
No. 23, Market street, between 2,1 and 3d streets,
sep 10—y
Corner of Penn and Saint Clair streets, by
aep 10 WKlllin N & SMITH
Pilkington's Unrivalled ablating,
- 1r ANUF:kurt:RED and.4ola wholesale and reta
9IXTII STREET, Oile doer below Staithlicqd,
net 21-Iv.
James Patterson, jr.,
Birtniwrimm, near Pin.hurgh. Pa., manufacturer of
hinge. and bolts; tobareo, fuller, mill and timbet
~crews; 111,,1 Pn Aerews for rolling mills. &c. sep I o—y
John FOrCloakey, Tailor aad Clothier,
Liberty street, between Sixth street and Virgin nliev
South side. sep 10
Webb Closey's Boot and Shoe ManneactGry
No. 33, 4th at., next door to thr I'. S. Bank.
Ladiei=pritneila, kid and made in the
manm•q mai liv the neate.t Freneti patterus. ,ep 10
William Doherty,
148 Liberty street, blqWCell Murket
and Sixth.
John Cartwright,
CUTLER and Surgical Instrument Manufacturer.
corner of tith and Liberty streets, Pittsburg, Pa.
N. B.—Always no hand an extensive assortment of
Surgical and Dental instruments. Hanker's, Tuilor's,
hatter's, II air Drt..7 , lWC , and Tanner's Patent Shears.
Saddler's Tools, Trusses. Szc. je
Oak and Poplar Lumber for Salo.
A FEW tinni, , ad fret of 4..a..:0nt.d (1 Lk and l'oplar
1 i.nmhrr,for 'ale wiii)l4‘salt.. 'ilia. of „Tames
C. Cummins, Esq. !war tho Fountain Inn. jy
Dr. Good's Celebrated Female Pills.
THESE Pills arc strongly recommended to the
notice of ladie , ;is a safe andefficient remedy in
removing those complaints puenliar to theirsex, from
want oft xereismorgeneruldebilit of the system. They
obviate co-tivencqs, and counteract all Hysterical and
Nervous affections. These Pills have gained the sane-
Lion and approbation of the most eminent Physicians in
the United States, and many Mothers. For sale
Wholesale and Itemil,by R. I::.SELLERS, Agent,
sop 10 No. 20, Wood Street, below Sacond.
Notice to Dr. Drandreth's Agents.
1111 E other in Pittsl 'argil, which WWI established for
the purpose Of constituting agents in the west,
ha' big accomplished that ooject, is now closed, and
Mr. G. 11. LEE, in the Diamond, Market street, ap
pointed my agent for the sale of my Pills and Lini
ments. All Dr. Brandreth's agents will, then foci
dill. Dr. B. will send a travelling agent
through the country once a year to collect ninnies for
sales made and re supply agents. The said traveller
will be provided with power of attorney, duly proved
before the Clerk of the city and county of New York,
together with all the necessary vouchers and papers.
Mr J. J. Yoe is my traveling agent now in Pennsyl
vania. B BRANDRETII, M. D.
N. B.—Remember, Mr. G. H. LEE, in the rear of the
Market is now my only agent in Pittsburgh.
.lung 14
HaVi been afflicted fur nearly two years, with a
hard 6wvlling on the cap of my knee, which
produced much pain, and used various applications
recommended by the faculty—all in vain, was cured
completely by the use of one bottle of Dr. Brandreth's
linament, or external remedy.
Witness my hand, JAMES TAYLOR.
Ohio tp., Allegheny co. Pa. Jan. 10, 1840.
Dr. Brandreth's external remedy or linament; sold
at the store of GEORGE 11 LEE, Pittsburgh, price
50 cents r bottle. feb 8.
Bechter's Pulmonary Preservative.
F;toughs, colds, influenzas, catarrhs, whooping
cough, spitting of blood, pain in the breast, all
diseases of the breast and lungs, andarrest of approach
ing c onsumption. Warranted free from mercury and
other minerals. B. A. FAI{NESTOCK & CO.,
iy 12 Agents for Pittsburgh-
William C. Wall,
Plain and Fancy Portrait and Picture Frame
No. 37, Fourth street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
CANYASS brushes, varnish, &c., for artists, always
on hand. Looking Glasses, &.c., promptly fia.
med to order. Repairing done at the shortest notice.
Particular attentMn paid to regilding and jobbing at
every description.
Persons fitting stamboats or houses will find it to
their advantage to cull. sep 10-y
Manufacturer of
Iron Tin, Copper and Sheet
No. 17, Fifth street, between Wood and Market,
Keeps constantly on hand a good assortment of wares,
and solicits a share ofpnblic patronage. Alle, on hand,
the following articles: shovels, pokers, tongs, gridirons,
skillets, teakettles, pot s, ovens, coffee mills, &c. Mer
chants and others are invited to call and examine for
hemselves, as he is determined to sell cheap forcash or
approved paper. mar 7—tf
rail Painter, Fourth rt., 3d story Burk's Buil
ding. J. Osborne would solicit acarfrom those who
desire Portraits .Spcimens can be seen at his rooms
___FlLANcis L. YounG
Exchango Hotel,
Short Reel Yarn.
Nu. 5 at 15 ctsperlb
6 at 15 do
7 at 15 do
8 at 15 do
9 at 15 do
10 at 15 do
11 at 15 do
12 at 15 do
13 at 16 do
14 at 17 do
15 at 18 do
16 at 19 do
17' at 20 do
18 at 21 do
19 at 9.2 do
I 20 at 23 do
rTP Orders promptl
Puinter's,Logan &Ke
f 27
Circulating and Reference Library.
OF religious, historital, political and miscellaneous
works, will lit , diie . ii EiVery adv, Stibblth eaCepl
ed, from 7 o'clock A. M., until 9 P. M., in the Ex
change building, corner of St. Clair street and Ex
change alley, wittt•re punctual attendance will be given
s(T 10.
Springs and Axles for Carriages,
At Eastern Prices.
TE subset ihers manufacture and kt.ep constant
i ly on hand Coach, C and Eliptic Springs ( war
ranted,) Juniata Iron Axles, Silver and Brass plated
Dash Frames, Brass and plated Huh Bands, Stump
Joints, patent Leather, Silver and Brans Lamps,
three fold Steps, Malleable Iron, Door Handles and
Hinges, Su., &c. JONES & COLEMAN:
sep ld St. Clair st., near the Allegheny liridgi'.
Cheaper and better than can be had at any other
place west of the mountains.
Gall for Bargain.
N 0.151, Liberty St., near the fricksou Foundry.
THE subscriber would respectfully inform his
friends and the public, that his fall stock of
Goods comprises a larger and more varied assortment
than has ever been opened at any house in this city, and
from the favorable terms at which his purchases were
made, he is enabled to sell clothing cheaper than it can
be had in any other establishment in this city. He
would retplest the public to call and examine his splem
did assortment of all the articles of dress, and front
the excellence of the material, the style of workman
ship and the very low price at which all his articles are
sold, he feels confident that every one will find it to
their advantage to purchase at the •!Three Big Doors."
As none but the best cutters and workmen are em
phiyed, orders to make clothing will he attended to in
manner nut surpassed by any other establishment in
the city.
Ile would again return his thanke, to htz 'friends and
the public for the unprecedented pattandge l.Ve:AtnA ed
upon his establishment, and believing that they hat's
found it to their advantage to deal with him, he
repeat hii invitation to all those who wish to purchrtse
Clothing of every description at the lowest pt ice, to
at No. 151, Liberty st. JOHN M'CLOSKEY.
Observe metal plate in the pavement.
it!, 10-6111
Iron Safes.
IRF.S PECTFU ELY inform the public that I have
and keep always on hand an assortment of Fire
Proof SafP3. The price, in consequence of the ma
terials and labor being mach lower, is mluced about
thirty per cent. They arc kept for sale at my shop, in
Sixth street, above Smithfield, next to the church On
the corner of 6th street—as also with Atwood, Jones
& Co., and Dalzell & Fleming. In regard to the qual
ity of my safes 1 leave those persons who have pur
chased a nd will purchase my safes to attest the util
ity of them. I desire no newspaper pas on my safes;
justice and truth warrant me in informing the public
that all my safes wnich have been in buildings burnt
down for several years since I commenced have pre
served all the papers, hocks, &c., which they contain
ed. I have a card containing a number of certificates
of the same, which arc in circulation and in my hands
and the writes. JOAN DENNING.
N. B. A few pair of steel Springs for sale, made by
Jones & Coleman, tuul will be sold low. Also, a screw
press, with power to punch holes in half inch iron.
sep 20—tf
New & Cheap Stock Establishment,
IWOULD most respectfully announce to the citizen.
of Pittsburgh and the country generally, that I have
commenced the manufacture of STOCKS, of every va
riety, form and description, and would solicit merchants
and others to call and examine for themselves, as I am
determined to sell on the most accommodating terms
for cash, and hope, by strict attention to business, to
merit a sham of public patronage. aug. 19-6 m,
Beware of a Settled Cough!
DR.m' LANES Sudorific Lung Syrup,being a safe
and effectual remedy for Cougs, Catarrhal Fever,
Influenza, Plcurasy, the first of forming
stages of Con
sumption, Asthma, 'Whooping Cough, &-c. Some do
zen of certificates of its valuable effects can be pro
duced, one of which is now offered.
This is to certify, that I had a very severe Cough all
last winter; and was very much reduced. After trying
medical aid to no purpose, I was advised to procure a ! .
bottle of Dr. NELane s Lung Syrup; it gave me relief I JOHN McFARLAND,
immediately, and in two weeks 1 was able to go out, &Upholsterer and Cabinet Ilialutr,El
and fully believe it to be one of the most valuable med- Third st., between Wood and Market, al
Respectfully' informs his friends and the public that he
icines now before the public, for Cough and breast com
plaints. ELIZABETH MORRIS. I ls preparedio execute all orders for sofas, sideboards,
M'A fresh supply of this valuable Cough medicine bureaus, chairs, tables, bedsteads, stands, hair and
lust received at the Drug store of ' l ' Kipp, I spring mattresses, curtains, carpets; all sorts of uphol
oct 7 No. 60, corner of Wood and Fourth 08 . stering work, which he will warrant equal to any made
in the city, and on reasonable terms. sep 10
rt SEE MMES. would respectfully inform his friends
and the public in general, that he dyes Ladies'
dresses, Habits and Mantels of every description, black;
and warrants them not to smut, and to look equal to new
goods. He dyes fancy colors of all descriptions of silk
and carpet yarn. Also, cleans and restores the colors of
gentlemen's clothing, so as to resemble new goods.
Mr. H. flutters himself that he can please the public,
as he has done en extensive business in New York for
twenty years. All work done on moderate terms, at his
establishment in sth st., between Wood and Smithfield
near the Theatre.
illeg"This is to certify that OSEE HIMBS has done
work for us, which has fully answered our expec
tations, and we consider him a competent dyer.
S. Hemphill, Andrew Purdy.
Wrn. Barnes, W. B. Boies
.1. B. Shurtleff, Wm. Porter,
David Hall, H. H. Smith,
B. F. Mann, Henn• .ravens
David Boies, A. Shockey, jr,
Joseph French, jr., Joseph Vera,
George Barnes. ap 20
Canal Basin, corner Wayne and Liberty streets, Pitts
burgh. Agent United States Portable Boat Line.
Sept 4-3 m.
I aloft • d%t.n Factory.
s REDucKti.
Long Reel Yarn.
500 at 8A cents per dozen
600 at 7A do
700 at 6. do
800 at 5A do
900 at 5 do
1000 at 5 do
Candlewick at 15 cents per lb.
Com. Batting, 8 du
Family do., 12. do
Carpet Chain, 20 do
Cotton Twine, 20 do
Stocking Yarn and Cover
let Yarn always on hand.
Cotton Warps made to or
• attended to, if left at J & C.
dy's,or the Post Office: address
New York Dyer.
To the Ckatlethen of - ltsburgh:
41 THE subscriber most respectfully
informs the gentlemen of this city and®
vicinity, that he has commenced the BOOT and
SHOE making business in Fourth street, opposite the
Maydt's office. Having been foreman in some of the
most fitshiunable boot shops in the Eastern cities; and
having flit-Dished himself with the best French and
American calf skins, he hopes by his attention to busi
ness to merit a shafe of public patronage. To those
gentlemen who have kindly patronised him he returns
his sincere thinks; rind can with confidence appeal
for the goodnees of his work and knowledge of his
business. P: KERRIGAN.
may 11.
William Adair, Boot and Shoo Maker,
Liberty st. opposite the head of Smithfield.
JThe subscriber having bought out the—
stock of the late Thomas Rafferty, deceased,has
commenced business at the old stand of Mr. R.,
and is prepared to exetute all descriptions of work in
his line, in the best manner, and on the shorteit notice:
He keeps constantly on hand a large assort - Most of Aloe
findings of all descriptions, and of the best. qiialitY. Ite
solicits the patronage of the public and of the craft.
tiUti 10—y WM. ADAIR.
David Clark, Aift,
to No. 34 Market street, between Second and
Third streets, where he would be happy to see his
old customers, and all others who feel disposed tO pa
tronise him. He uses nothing but first rate gait; Ana
employs the best of +workmen; and as he gibes his Eon;
stant personal attention to business, lie irlists that he
Will deserve and receives fair share of patronage.
sep 10
Pittsburgh Manufactures, Cheap ?or dial;
No 8, Fifth st. Two doorsfrom Market.
T YATES intends to manufacturer a bet
aggliWElJ • ter article of Ladies', Childrens and
Misses' Shoes, and sell theft cheaper for cash than
they can be bought in the city. He will keep eonstztnt
lv on hand and makes to order Ladies' Shoes of all
kinds and colors, at very low prices, of the following
Ladies' Lasting Fazed Gaiter Boots, $1 f 5
" hest quality Kidor MoroccoGaitcrs, 150
" Calfskin Boots, 1 37;
" Foxed Half Gaiters, all ergots, I 3T4
" best kid and MOTOCO buskin, 1181
" Double Soled Slippers, (Jeff.) 1 194
" flue Kid Springs and Turns, best (Fiala 00
" Spriags, heavy, 87.
" §littriers, 75
All Shoes made here Ntarranted. Misses' and Chil
arena' in the same proportion.
[Remember the place, at the sigh of the Red
Box. No. 8, Fifth street
July 1
No. 146, Wood sh‘cet, one door above 6111,
E E S i p ' a S ni 4 constantly. onPehggalll'ekasindaisiciorfestheCbcoor"
manes, 7'rabneas,Principes.
Also, half Spanish and common cigars.
Tobacco of all the best brands. Cavendish, 5s
lump; Baltimore Plug, 12s and 16s, lump.
Also, Mrs. Miller's fine cut chewing tobacco.
Sri ills Rappec, Scotch, Macouba:HigirToast,&c.
He has also, all other articles in his line, which he
offers, wholesale culd retail, at the lowest cash prices.
At the old stand of Young 4. lif'CUtelyi NO: 43, Se
cond street, between iVood and Mai ket,
RESPECTFELLY informs -the friends of die lrite
firm, and the public generally, that he is preptt ,
red to fill all orders for Cabinet Work, of any kind,
with all possible despatch, and warranted to be equal
to any in the city.
Every attention will be paid to furnishin,g . COFFINS,
&c. , when required. je 16—y
Pile Inaanfactory.
HE subscriber having commenced the manufac
ture of Cast Steel Files, from American materials
exclusively, merchants or other persons wanting can be
supplied by him with a better article than the foreign,
and at lower prices. Intending to use only the best
quality of File Steel, manufactured by the Messrs.
StmENBERGER'S, which is now brought to a perfection
equal to the best English article, manufactured for the
same purpose, the subscriber has full confidence that he
will be able, in quality of articles and prices, to realize
the best hopes of the friends of American Industry.
Corner of O'Hara & Liberty sts.
iY 15-1.
Horatio P. Young, Cabinet Maker,
(Late of the firm of Young 4. Ar Curdy)
HAS commenced the ousiness in all its branches at
N 022, Wood street, between First and Second
errs., where he will keep constantly on hand a good as
sortment of well made FURNITURE, and hopes, by
strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of
the patronage of the public.
Every attention willbe paid to furnishing COFFINS,
&c. A Furniture Car for hire. July 11
Matthew $6A611, Ilarbor aad flair Dresser,
Has removed to Fourth street, opposite the Mayor's of
fice, where he will be happy to wait upon permanent tor
transient customers. He solicits a share of public pa
tronage_ sep la.
The subscriber having returned from the East with
the latest style of Hats, has now on hand and will con
stantly keep a large assortment of his own Manufac
ture, which for lightness, service, beauty, and cheap
ness, cannot be surpassed, and would respectfully in
vite his friends and the public to examine his stock of
Hats and Caps, at the Manufactory, N 0.73. Wood st.
4141 Bat and Cap Mansfactory. 1 111 L
No. 93 Wood street, 3 doors below Diamond Alley
THE subscriber will keep constantly on hand every
variety ache most fashionable HATS and C• PS ,
wholesale and retail. at reduced prices.
Persons vtishingto purchase will find it to their inte
rest to give him a call. S. MOORE.
Pitbsburilf, aug. 29,1843.
ground and polished, anvils and other kinds of
grinding done at the Cast Steel File Mannfastory, cor
ner of Liberty and O'Hara streets. aug 19
The New Orleans Picayune gives the fdildwing NSW
pit of the efforts of some amateur vozalisis Of that elg
ty who ondertake imitations of the Italian trottikr!
"I feelo rrlOttld tonfounlitallyci
tfeeli his pockets. j
Hard opo fur a drinker.
Can't-youu [very low) run ylriur taco I"
"No, thegameo id bldeked-ilp4
I'm already - India ixiOlcso, •
And ean'tctimeit quiteo."
Basso—[With tiolent gesticul6tiop]= ,
"Canyottnotd Makearai4o of twebitsor
Tenore- - -=
"Nothereo, v, - here lanto soW€llo-knowno;
I haveo already-triedo, and found it nd go,"
Bass—[Turning furiously from Tenore, and wit.*
edly waving his hand to him to be of)
"Awastheno ! thonarto not the Memo I seekal
I win'thhiie) *hosiamisii tti..iitth"
"Friends and follow singerecli
Ihavegoto threedimeso,
And rathero than that you shouldo
Kick upa rowo, I will parto
Theblunto for drinks forallo,"
, t Basso is patited=-Tenore is pleased; three "goes or
i brandy-and-water" are called fur, and paid fol. Irj Bats
ItOno - . They all three drink and sing In clibt oil
11.. "If.we have nelt ittoney, *0 otigtlte;
l'l' hat odds-though so lung as we geed
The Mandy-and-watero!"
. The next part of the performance was the execill WI
of a very difficult air on the trombone an natal el ) after
which the concert broke op In 6. t olio.
A peculiar faculty which is called 'smartness' is lids:
sessed by the hack and cab-men of this city to perfee
Lion. Last Wednesday evening a gentleman and 1,61 f,
oncoming out of the Chatham theatti . , at itre clHlebf
the perftirmanCes 'Were astonished at finding the flirt
before the isonse wet, indicating a curious changii; bf
the weattier=a curious change, as but an hour Wore?
the stars tWinkled with unusual I rillianhy, did the,
Neatens were calm and serene as the countenance of *
sleCping infanr, or a slamberitig young Wife.
'Cab. sir?' shouted a score of drivers:
'Yes,' answered the ge.ntlemen, elec . :flea fof ate sits
ty of the lady's silks and satins, which had arrived
the mantua maker's shop only a week previous: being
ling into the first cab die encountered: Upon alight'
ing opposite his own door, he hot iced the dry and disc
ty state of the pavements and felt more puttied toad
•Wl4-, it could not have rained 'Much,' said hd t
handing the driver of the vehicle his fare:
'Hasn't mined at all, to-night.,' said Jehu.
said the genllerhan, interrogatingly.
'No,' responded the driver.
'How came the walks wet, then?' inquired our ans'
Sous seeker after the truth.
'You won't blow, sir?'
'Bidet!' mused ire ge r i tlE Man. not bleed) , ettititAr
heeding the meaning of the verb as used by the iniety
'Yes, sir ; eapose dle; 4
'No--cerotinly not.'
/*ell; sic, We got a water-ill-pot /NB srarNiiiff
dr watt.'
The gentle Min concluded he had me very b'sphdi
entertaindients=ene in the theatre and one in the,
streets. /id has not decided which of the twd afford
ed him the most pleasure:- '- . --Nooh's Nesse* get.
E....7P How unjustly a combination of circlihistanoei
may sometimes accuse a man; is well exelliplifted ld
the following actual occurrence *EMI *e translate!
-frorrt the New York "Deutsche Schnellpost."
"At a table-d'hote at Ludvvigsburgh. one of the cod/
pang. was showing a very rare gold loin, which was
passed round the table on a plate, end gave rise to mai
ny suppositions este its age, country, value, &c. Tbsi
cunversarion then branched off to other subjects,
the coin was forgotten, and on the owner dskittg for
it back - , to the surprise of all it was not to be fottM: A 4
gentleman sitting at the foot of the table was observed
to be in much agitation, and as his embaroistherul
seemed to incivase with the continuance of the search;
the company were about to propose a very ditagreeabld
measure, when suddenly a waiter' entered the rooms
sayingil="Here is the coin; the cook has just found if
in one of thi finger glasses." The relief to all wail
manifest; and nb* the uususpetted stranger for thd
first tittle spoke as folluirs:=Gentlemen, none of . Foe
can rejoice mote than myself at the recovery of did
coin; for picture to yourselves my painful situdinft-- 1
by a singular coincidence, I have a duplicate of the
very same coin in my parse! (here showing it to the
company.) The idea that, tilt the persoaed search
which would probably be proposed, I would be caked
for the purloiner of the coin, added to the fact that I am
a stranger here, with no one to vouch for my integrity,
had almost driven me distracted. The honesty' of
the cook, and lucky accident, has saved my honor.' --a
The friendly congratulations of the company soon elm
faced the remembrance of their unjust suspicions."
It is a reflection peculiarly gratifying to every itivef
of his country ; that, whatever May he the result if the
next Presidential election, no monster bank can ever
again receive the sanction of Congress: Whether
Calhoun, Van Buren-, or any other prominent Demo;
crat: or even Clay hitttself be elected, the result will he
the same; for the twenty-eighth Congress Will, not chard
ter such an institution, and before its trim is extolled
the people will learn that no such an institution is
needed. The people have at present all the security
they need in the House of Representatives, whicli
would, fora time at least, effectually check any schema
a Bank Executive might propose. In '45, we ohttll
be utile to redeem the Senate, which, in its turn / Would
be dhle to sentinel the people's fights ; should the
Whigs, by any incenteivable nieans, succeed in the
election of Clay; and in revolutionizing the House bet
fore his official term shall have expired.
But there is no danger of this: The *and of
magician has lost its enchantment. Like cillet EJs
ents, the Bank fabric lust its attorneys when it lost its
power to par, and, now that its rottenness has been ex
posed by a most shameful failure, it no longer stand
on the blind confidence of a deluded people. Though
we have had but a year or two's experience without a
Bank, even now we should pity any orator who would
undertake to urge again upon us the exploded monster,
or any of its whelps: Let us fancy him now Upon the
rostrum, "Fellow-citizens," says he "we Must have'
a Bank,—we cannot get along without it." The re=
sponse comes up from the forum—" Sir, we leave got
along without it, and we defy you to point to any year
during the existence of the late Bank, when we got,
along so well
"But Our nioniej ddmidt be stitch kept *thou! k."
"Sir, we never last scent by the Independent Tnnisha
"But we want something ttl regulate the curreney.'i
"Sir, the currency was never so regular uudcr a Bank
regime as now."
"But the exchanges mast be regulated." "Sir, led
want no more of your Nationat Bank regahseksn. The
rates of exchange are steadier and lower now than
ever before."
"But wo—must have a Bank." "Sir, we do not
want a Bank, nor will we have it."
Such, Mr. Orator, id your reception not. Two
more years of experience, and you alight as well advo
cate an absolute monarchy, or a State Religion, as a
National Bank. Your arguments are sadly at logger
heads with well attested facts-4acts which not oaly
show the ab s olute inutility of a Bank, but also its per•
vicious iulluence on the buginess and prosperity of the
country.— Frtdcricksbargh Recordor.