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    /.01 i 'lO
am; sae tea as!' .7.-1% - n - i "*".l
, NOVEMBER. 9, 18,
V01: - . __NO._49
P tiBIASUED .131:
11011ff&S'PEIILLIPS & Vita. 8. SMIT E
TN, : earner of IVoail and, Fifth St rcets.
T eats .--1 ire cUllars a year, payable it advance.
Ingle copies Two Cir,S-rs. sale at the counter et
o:Fice, •
The Weekly Mercury and Manufacturer
pablislaii at the same office, on u double medium
beet, at TWO DOLLMIS a year, in advance. Sin
;6;:ilAiisi SiX BENTS.
)niyin3eition, $0 50 One month: sin
Iwo do., 0 75 Two do., 6 00
throe da., 200 Three do., 7 00
one week, . 150 Fotir do., 300
rvio d 0.,. • 300 Six do, 10 00
Three do„ 400 One year, 15 00
ate Square. I Two Squares.
"!..c. criontll4. sllt 00 Six nrnalw, $3 00
ki i ad year,, r
00 One rear,
35 00
Larger advertliementsin-prcrpOrtion.
0 •1' r.... t P : ......" four lines
•. - Public OffiCesoSce.
i...'ity P.st 0 fi.ce, Tnird between Ilrii.et and Wood
ttreuts--R. 7.v1:13..idd1e, l'oitmaster.
etis!of, ii.PAse, W tter, Ith il..ior.froin Wood at.,
to .75 3n',.thitilaiitzs---nljor John Willock
st , Colector.
City Trea3ury, 1V.,41,b2.tw2,211 Fir and Second'
t).-eeti---3ani is A. 1.3.1.rtram.. Tro.a.n.icr.
- Cgunt,g,Treasury, Third street, next door to the,
I titri rr2ibyteriau Churn.—S. R...Johniton. I tvniu
fer.' '' ' •.'
' '
if4e,Fota.th, between Market awl \V Lod
410 r.; 0.1
‘tr:•rilij.,- A.ir!!ciaaiter Illy. Mayor.
.Iferchant's Exchange. Fourth near Market st,
IT fil( rah., b2t.sy ~ e n. Market and Wool ,treets on
t oird and' Fon rth stre,t3.
ilferchtods'and Man !sfacture 74 . and Fa rat cr s' Pe
t4Ait Bank. (for.n . .rl!.. Stving• Fund, ) Fourth, between 1 -- - .
, i --
\V obi and. MArket qtreeti. 1 Wm. E. Austin, Attorney at Law,
Exehange, Fifth st. near Wo.d. , 1 l'itt,burgh ru. Office in Fourth 6tivet, opr/iite 'Barite
lIOT ELS. Bull‘Log.
Aranoaga.r&e/.; //vase, Water i....ret.. 11...af the 1 i•—•:syr7'W,.lL` Ot V .kt •••TIN, 1'.... , e,.. w ill give lii. atten
13i;age. i stun to my initial-bed bli4inct , , and 1 receinnwtal turn
Excka age Ilelel. C ' em ...:1' f r,,,,: As,. clair. Ito the patronage of ay.. friend:.
.iferehrints' Irot el, c..),c.ler ~f Third and Wood. ' -.op 10-s•
; . .
. 7 1 it: rican Ilo!cl, c wa..•rof f hirdattlz..Aniilitield. •
' ..,- I
U•si44 Stett, c4mer ...,,,c no it. and Canal ~ ,
Paula M. Barry, Attorney at Law,
:§p L rer/ia Ease, 1.111:4-tv itreet. near 'ieventli. >'`,'" ( a Fifth .6treet, bet.).veen Wood and Smithfield,
IlliTter'i 36/IsiJa. Ilp.asc. Lib ,9.i.y 5 , .. oppailte ' al . ' 3 Pitt:burgh.
Wayne. •
' proliiiiirsis 3.1../nii'en Ifoare, Penn St.. nprniite
Itiplrttat t 3 °suers of Siva: Mills. Judson &Plancgin, Attorneys at Law,
~........c NY
which u-triv.dle.l Self Sgtter.i. tor ztte milli, ...2. ; Ir , 11
~in,t,,........ near 7th ,tnr-et. Collection, ntade on nma.
ki which h ive h .1.t./ 4,0 fully tested in ditferc•nt parts 1 ~..rate,,,,,..i,,.. Th .,,, i ,,„, for svid,,",of,,id
~.3f the U•iit,a Stv.ei, a, well a. it, ti , t ''..i'''' °t. VI:"I'.
OW I:llt• :IC.t. of Congrei: obtained. 1' opyrs and dr
hlr rl.l ft id Mlegben:. can be •ieeit in ulieiatiou a t a
, ~, ~,, , ,
•.. ; ; 11i-iior the pat.,•nt office pceparca: liar 17-y
ft ..1 nb .r oL
:null; 3 L:16,3 )12.2..1i.) ,rll )0 l. \ ri.: ~t 11r. NI icl.- . -
. --uililll.4 milli, oa Voan tre••••,', at 1. 1 iv..0 in ,1,.. Chen- . tlallrY S. rilagrAllit Attorney
at Law ,
r.q.. Ili:as, 1 ,... , a,- tlta lipi,er All hcitize• )) 5 • 1 !1%••• , 111 , eti ill: ./Irlt, t/ bii residence, 4).1 14,10•111 -t
ii . " M ,rri:,33 -3 IfIWS, LI:1 haft'''. iglaaa. and otliel•-• I. 01l • ),••• :ilae. e S111;116(4)1. ..,• 1 , l 0
i'lla'alieva wen/ 1 inaf•;tine can b.: obtained at \V. W. • J. D. Croigh, Attorney at Law,
VS , Pate's Ato?, u.i. Lib,r4.y street. neat. Smill, 1,11, ;
..11 , re it. i 1 . 11ti. 1 1 ',,,'. a " 3 . W.3,,r, do. niv-hjw", I s ill be ( ,nci':•,!,.aer Switloi , 44l and Third imam.,
• 4..e0t e ititaut., °a li,vidi• A.ppl - to lk. I:. !•,rv....1..r_. or . nr, .!..,-:
W. IV. Walla -e• .
Harper. Attornvg and donnsellnk It Law,
-- ----------- ------
Evans' Chninomile Pills. c 11 , !4. H %It Ill'0):i c ot...ry ~,1k 10
k BtAlik\i J. CLI:M.B11, residid.2 a • cif, Me t " 11 , ".ktylA pr••••Ttly to the collectitio o r ..,e,,,,1, „,.
..1,, -stre .t. :' ,- ..2 v.- Yor'.... was atili:ted wlth D.c....1,,i,i1, . t'!".1111,• alnl•dl la •te-ti..nallniFineF,entrnite.ll.•'......• t.
. I ,, iti in lit y ,
,; -,.. a ,„.....,1 Tartu. Th, ,y,a)t,in; 5v ,...". ,„ i, , ill 11 le .:o:l,it i• r. ..1 . il .rri..or, Jeffermn, Belmont. ( me: ~.
to:eat:lE3l/ .111... g:ealdtd)ility.f..vec,e,,ttikene,t,couzli, 1 . 4. • 1 u-cztr.,.' "• I 101M'A, COAV)ct,m,
Ertrthara, plait to th...• clrest nail A.mricli iilwa‘s after •, ""d " "2•Tte- 11,.Fru. To
).tin, itn?airml. upiwtite, seasatioa d A1111.1'1.1. r.l tiw 1 !,f , teal f ,i• Loomfs,)
1),117c1: .S. Ph Inin . l, I . ri ,,,,,,, ; . 41 ,,
vta.n Ica, furred tonvt.t. na usea, with frequent vomit. '.
lap; dizziness towaxa, 16,4111.a:id r.,..Atie5.r.,,,,. 'lll.-.....• T. , i , n Hu rpe I",
n 1.1 C3l3tititted upward.; of t t twAsTutoutit, Nvhe . u, on D. T. Morgan, )
.:•-.l;ulting, Dr. N'Vro. Evani, 101) ChAtham street, 2111 "I:. `I; ,is 1. 3-1 f ..._
tcalmaitting. to his ever stier..!i;itil and agr2 (2,11)1c tno,le 'Man,
ot treatan2ut, die patient wa4 emnpletely reitored to
It^ iiith iu the shorts pace of one n.onth. and rrntrful for
th..• inealculahlt limetit illri , ed. gladly came fora and ta
and volunteered the almvestatemmt 1... tr 'ale. v. 11,11..-
eale and retail, by R. E. SF.I.I.:EIt N,:-r.t. .0 I
see 10-y - :` , 70. tO, Wood street , below Seeond y '25
castes lis*rhonna Canly.
frATLE has I.ccei,.elltltif, day from 'New York.
afresh supiill of the above celebrated cure fur
Coughs, Colas and Consumptions; and r..-ady to m i .-
ply CliitOltrati at wtralcsl,-_. or rom, his Medical
Arc y; C 6 Fourth At. nor 12
D :Ater Bargains than ever, at the Three Dii
TrHi: subscriber woul d respectfully inform his cu:
I- loan! Fs and the public generally, that notwithsoul
og this unpruceacmtcd , sales at the Three Big Door: , ,
.1 Aritig'ilie pic..Setit'Seont he hns 5611 mi hand the` u
gest and moat varied assortment of ele gam. O
THING thatzun be bought west of the mountains.—
The public nail rest assured that all art i,-les of at
his store are mautactured from l' It ESII GU( )DS, pur
chased in tha Eastern markets this spring and made in
to garments by Vittshurghworkmen.
Inconsequence of the molt iplieat irm of d
the slop sh mus ops
our city, filled with pawn brokers cloth- an
east off garments of former seasons, from I Inr eastern ci
ties, the public should be cautious to ascertain the char
the establishment; in which the:; aro inviu-d to
actor of
purchase, before they Tmrtwith their money. The arti
isles offered at seiend of the c oncerns in this city, are
the mere offals of New York and Philadelphia slop
shops- and tent mit here to be palmed oil' on the Pitts
burgh public. Purchasers she , . `el be oa their guard a
gainst these impositions, and they may rely on the fact
that no egablistmient thatadtertises caster n inn dc Clo
thing, can give 03 good an article or as a dvantag, - eous
bargains as can be had at the
etn"Three Big lih the s ubscri-
NIV, , ."
. The publie;will plea«? rem be
ber's garments are madein t his eity,by competen t work
men', and not gathered up like the goods now offered by
the obirds of passage" from the shreds and patches of
eastern slop shops. It will always be his endeavor to
maintain the reputation that the "Three Big Doors"
have obtained for furnishing a superior _style of C LO-
T lil NG in every.respect, and ut prices below those of
any other eateblishment.
Lie wouldagnit return his thanks to his friends and
the public for the unprecedented patronage bestowed
uponhis establishment, and believing that they have
Found it to their tiavuntavr to deal with him, he would
*teat his invitation to all those who wish to purchast ,
ClothinKof every description at the lowest price,to car
at tio. 151, Ltattair ST. J 011'S 'I'CLUSKEY.
re 010,erve Metal Plate in the pavement. al, :26
Look at This.
III: attention of those Who have been sontewlia,
. :optical iu reference to the numerous eertiti
cutos published in favor of Dr. Swaynes Compound
Syrup a yv iia Cherry, on account of the persons being
unkuo so in this Sr:ction of the State, is respectfully di
ha;lWh following certificate, the writer of which
h been a citizen of this borough for several years., and
is Isnown a- a gentleman of y ard integrit and responsibility.
; r. • . . Ts dite 4 i rest o f Wild
J. shunt
. .. I h'sve a;ed Dr. Swayue% t..omPound SVrtip
Cherry for a Cough, with which lhave been severely
idilicu4 for about four m onths, and I hare no hesitation
'itt shying that. it is the most effective medicine that I
have been able to prs>core. It composesall uneasiness,
.4,4-64i!ii well with my diet,—and maintains a regular
~t i de .750tl wetite• I can sincelely recommend it to all
oiner. timilarlyaglic.red. J. Nlrt slot, Borough of
"Y 1 ..,r,:tl 9. is to.
Chtinibersbur 4 o .
For sale.bv AVILLLett THORN,
No. 53 Market street.
1/ 1
IAo r 1,40
R. Woods, Attorney and Clionaiwnor at Law,
Office removed to Bakmvell's Offices, on Grant street,
nearly opposite the new Court House, ne.xt rooms to J
D. I\l'abon, Esq. first tloor. 10
lingh toner, Attorney at Law,
North East corner of Smithfield and Fourth streets,
Vitt:burgh. sep 10—y
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
Offlce in die Diamond. hack of the old Court House,
Francis 8. Shank, Attorney at Law,
Fourth street, above Avod,
Pittiburgh, Pa
sep 10-1)
Thordasr-Elatailtork,i Attorney at Law,
Fifth, between Wood and Smithfield 5t5.,
sop 10—y Pitt•thurgh.
Win. O'llars Robinson, Attorney at Law,
Office on the North side of the Diamond, between Mar
ket and Union streets, up stairs sup 10
A. L Drirboraw, Attorney at Law,
Te so nlO on nders his professional se h
rvices to te üblic. Otlice
sth st., above Wood. ittspburgh.
Eyster & Bnclmnan, Attorneys at Law,
Office removedfrom the Diamond to "Attorney'i Row ,"
sliaar side of 4th, between Market and Wood i t
N. BIICIEDWaSter, Attorney at Law,
ILI,: removed his offtet• to Boares s Law Buildings, 4th
abos- Smithfield, Pittdfurgh. sep 10
Georgo W. Layng, Attorney at Law,
Offic, in Fourth street, near Stnithfi.4l, Pittsburgh
Reade Washington, Attorney at Law,
Office in Bakt•wvli'sl,uilding, Grant street. Pitt,burgl
no v 5, 11;12
a•olui J. Mitchell, Attorney at Law,
(Waco corner Of :Imitlitiold and FlCtli
:jeCollecti.lUS inrob, Allbusiues.cutrurtedtohis
care will be promptly attv wird to.
fob 16—y
Robert Porter, Attdrney at Law,
()lice on the comer of Fourth midi Smithfield F•tri.,•ts.
.1. 10 Pitt
U. Morrow, alderman,
Otiiee north ,:ide
ithof Fifth .triti,bur g -t, between Wood and
m field, V itth.
..... _
Magistrate's Blanks,
1:..r proceeding:: in :ittaelinient under the late law, for
sa'.e at thi; . ottic,•.
Dr. S. R. Holmes,
See , rad street, next door to Mulvany
C;1:1,4 Wart•ltotn•e. se. , 10-v
Dr. A. W. Patterson,
Office 11;1 Stn;.tlifivid .1- , •(.t. third door frOm the corner ot
trre _ __
sixth 4t. ..er 111
. _ . -
Ward & Hunt, Dentists,
Lihertv str...et. a Im , : doors below St. Clair
tip 6, 12 1-3
Doctor Daniel Medal,
Ace 0;1 street, I)etweett Wood :out !=•:l6tit . iel ,l
See 10-y
streets, Pittsburzh.
No 43, Wood Sircei,
?ozent: for Ow ,ale id the Eugle Ciaton F a ctory Yarn,
WILLIASI 11. 'WILLIAMS...... JOHN S. 1)11.WOR I 11
Williams &Dilworth,
Wholesale Grocer,,, Produce and Conuai,sion
chants, and Dealeri , in l'itt.4burgli 3,l.anufaciured Ar
ticle,, N o . '29. NVond sq . ) 10—y
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
English, French and Domestic Dry Goods,
No. 81, Market 4reet,Pitt.sburgh.
Commission and ForwardingMercha 10 nts,
Water Areet, PittsbiLral). ezep
Commission and Forwarding Merchnuts,
N 0.1.10, Water street,l'ittsbareb. Pa.
s:7rTEnms.—ltereieing: and shipping_ S eent , per
100 lbs. Commission on purchase' and =ftle , ,
rent ni
Juniata Iron Works,
Edward. Hughes, Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
W arehuwe, Is; 0. 25, Wood t , t Vitt sburgh.
~e 1) 10-y
_ -
11.11 L:\ INN, JENNINGS & Cu..
WhOICSaiO GrOGCTS, Commission and Pro
duce Merchants,
dealers in Pittsburg Manna
'itt,,bur! rtures.
rmtr 17 No. 43,W,yiK h
Istr ect. i
. _
.1011NsON & DUVAL.
Bookbinders and Paper Iltders,
Continue businesr, the stand late o f andless
Johnson. Every dat
eAcription of work in their line ne.lp
andprumptlY executed. muy B—y
Coleman & Co.,
I General Agents, ForwardinE and Comini.ssion
Merchants ,
Levee Street,Vicksbure, Misi. The • y respectfully so.
licit consignments
Joll Anderson, Smithfield Foundry,
Water street, near rite'Mouongatiela 11ou,e, Pittsburgil
er 10-y
y . . - ,1• Gat Short Rt
No. 5 at 1
C. facerY LLOYD, Jr., Wholesiln and Ketail Oro:. 7 . at 1,
/3 at 1:
S .
and Fruiterer, No•• 1(0 Liberty :itreet Pitts
ijoi ', a t ,. 1 1 ! ,
9 at 11
burgh. . teat "O.
- -
... ............ Jr.ors D. \VICK.
L • & J. D. WIC K., 12 at 1:
13 '
Wholesale Grocers & Dealers is Produce, 14 at 11!
' 116 Wood SUCCty 4 doors above Fifth st., 15 at L
may 15 Pitt sblitigli, Pa. i t
at il
17 at 21
19 at 2
19 at 9.•
Birmingham &Co.,
March 22
John H. Brant, WholcsaleGrdcer,
Dealer in Grainm ion , General Forwar
1, ding and COM
ss Merch(l7l
Hurrisburgh, Ps_
Sale.L/.li,iaptozcoa‘l,lug:cm-lo.:,:nellii.ts for
I C a " t ufnii.iuu.
1 l E droan
\ It EY F. it EN C ES:
erch &Co.
Phila.—J . S:, \ V . 11,11er,Day SZGelri,ll,D• L
Balt intore— W .W inn S.: co. NV illaoli & llerr..l.E..lcier.
Ha rri...bli re h— \i ,11. : 1 / 4 nte.,J :11.10
iii.y I—Gni.
JoiiNsT(.)N sTocE.ToN,
Booksellers, Printers and Paper Makers,
No. 37, Marlset •Arept. ..ep 10
B. You so ............ ILA SCI S
Tkos. Young CO.
:iirniture Wart- lloonts, corner of Hand street and En
clianffe alley. 'Persons wishing to purchase furniture,
tind it to their arly.antatze to g-ive us a call, being Cul .
Iv satisfied that we can please as to gaality and price.
Wire Workers and Wire Manufacturers,
No. 23. Market street, betweett‘2,l:llta 33 streets,
p 10-y
Exchange Uotcl,
Co rn Penn Mc a int Clair s treets. by
sep 10
Pilkington's Unrivalled Blacking,
AT AN 1: ACT Ull ED 101,door bt•low with 1 sOl,l whal—ah: and r ,tai.
James Patterson. 3r.,
Birmingham, twar Vitt mairifacturcr of
,0“, tobacro, fuller. mill a1, , 1
srew ~ -en .-t-rew, for rolling mills, &4 7 . PAT 10••• V
John ItTeloskcy, Tailor anti Clothier,
Liberty 4trect, Iwtw SiNdli street and Virgin alley,
Smith stile. sep 10
Webb Closey's Boot sna Shoe tignfactsry,
nr.rl door to th, r. S. Bank.
Ladles:au~l ,ati n Alit/CS 111.1,1 e i tttlw ovate it
m anner, awl o tlw twatust Frearli patterns. ci, 10
William Doherty,
411 A r kNi.)
ict atrt , t• Iwo% c. a Nl.tr'n.•t
and Built.
John Cartwright,
1'T1.17,11 awl ..-l'avgical 1 wacul.•.lt Ntiwicarturer.
:lA l•ft.
01i 1111/11 an c
ntl,l I[o,u-1n:tell 4, I4anl;el . -.
I I ay. , a lair I lre,aa-% awl T;1,111111''.1 S;;P:11.:,
•1.0111,,1.111 -,VS,
Oak and Poplar Lambe? for Sale.
1-*ENv 1.11. , 1: -31141 l'iCt of Aon,ooftl Ortl: And poplar
I. 1,,t110,,r, f , r ~tlolo. sOlol.,:t11, I.;ocioire of .la met
Ci,,rllllinS. rtil. twartlr• V‘oinini3 liar. k •21.•
.. _._..._ .. .
Dr.tiootl l s Colobratod 'Female Pills.
rrIIESE Pill, a v,• :.tro•l,z1: tvrotninv,ill tl to thy
1... ..)-0.i... , r 1, ii— ~,, a .n.f.• n•It1 vihri mt rcmc.ly i.;
r.•r:iovitta• t ilo-ty romltlnijits v e••o:ittr to ftwo.s ,, s, from
watt: of,•x,reizte,orgencraltloltilit.oltltt. •,y4tettl. Thvy
..i,, late c ., 1 ir0n..5.., :Ina c onntf•vaet till 11y4torical and
Net-vott-,ltTccti.ms. The4o l'ill.linvy •‘aint.(l t h e 4anc
lion and approltatiott of the m om rotio,mt Physician. in
the United Starr., ntal m oue Nl•ttlter:.For sale
Nol(..tale and Iletnil.ltv B. I...SELLE
lw lm RS, ASat-tmd
scp 10 No. 2.0, NV,tmi S v
Notice to Dr. Drandretlis AgelltS.,
F 11111: office in l'iti,liiii7:ll, which %in. mdtildished for
-I- 1.110 illirpo,. of Con.titll6ll..; ng,•lllS i c' l t he l` and
lets ing :Wei olill,ll-11,a that oo jert, i: now m ,
Mr. (1. 11. 1,111:, in the Diamond, 1\ larket ,drcet.ap
pointed my meat for the stile of my Bilk and Lini
nient:4. All Dr. 11rnialretlig mrstit.Yrill; thervforimin
derstaml thm 1/r. B. will ' , end a travellinc agent
thin country Onee a year to collect inimies for
•ialetivale and rr -ittpply a...71.DH. The paid traVetier
will he pro , 'pled w Frith power of attorney, tlitly proved
hefore the (jerk of the city nntl county of New Y k.
together with all the tammmary otthin'A and Tray/era.
Mr .1. 3. Yoe is 111 V travelitte a gent now in Pen ney'
B BRAsilitrrti. M. 1)
N• .—t...member. :\ Ir. I,l'. . ar.'
,Maticß Im
i-lIDNV my only agent in Pitt•dittru M lt re .
pme 1.1
I raving been afflicted for nearly two year 6, with
1 hard f,WCIIIIir, 011 the rap of my knee, wh
prodtmed murk pain, and used variouvais
n, applicatured
ions ,
recommended by the famtlty--all in was c
completely by the use of one Itottle of Dr. Brandeeth'i
linament, or external remedy.
\Vitness my liana, .1 A NI F,S. TAY LOR:
Ohio tp.. lilletzdteny co. l'tt. Jan. 10, 11140 ,
Dr. Drandreth's external remedy or Imament; sold
nt the scan of (11'.0R(11.1 1.1 IL A EE, l'ittslutritth, price
50 vents per bottle felt 8.
_____— ____---
-------- ---- -
tit, tiecbtees rinioiditary tit' Citervative.
10,, coughs. ..,,,,, ~......„, atarrihi, whooping
cough, Apitting of blood, pain in the breast, all
(BietV•es of the hreast mid lungs, and:Wrest of appnach
ing tin, NV arrunhUl free from mercury and
other minerals. 1.1. A. FAIINESTOCK. S• Ct).,
Agents for rUtSbUrgh,„
William C. Wall,
Plain and Paltry Portrait and Pictur e Proof('
Mannfa cturc r,
No. 87, Fourth inrect, Pittsburgh, Pa.
CANVA SS bruidies,varni sh, SLe., for artists, always
on hand. Lookiniz Gla,se.A, &r . , promptly
mica to order. Repairing done at the fdiortest notice.
Particular attention paid to regibling and jobbing at
every description.
Per.ons fitainz, stambnats or houses will
find it to
their advantage to cull, ep ltby
Marrafo.ctarer .of. CePPer and Sheet
Iron Warr
No. 17, Fifth strect,betreen Wood and Marl. et,
Keeps constantly on band a good a.4sortment of wares,
and Solleit s shnre of public patronage. Also, en land,
the following articles: shovels, poke s, tongs, griclirons,
sk illets,teakettle s,pots , ovens, coffee mills, &c. 111er
shams and others arc invited to ca se ll ll chea and es.arnine fo
bemselvesoss he is determined to p fcreush
'Llpftiger. vita 7 —tf
1 rail Painter, Fourth st.. 3d story Burks Buil
din .T
. T. Osborne would solicit a calrfro
at m
thosethoom s e wh
desire.'Portraits .Spcimens can be seen
may 5.
Cheap for Cash...Arnim Cotter' Factory.
- 7a Yarn.
.Lon i Reel YOI-11.
pc.r dozen
5 eti per lb. 500 at SA cents
.5 do 600 at 7 A do
5 do 700 at 6,1 do
5 do 800 at 5,1 do
5 do 800" at 5 do
5 do 1000 at 5 do
5 do Candles-cid: at 15 cents per lb.
ti do Corn. i3itiiing, 8 do
7 do Family do., 12:1
8 do Carpct Chain, 20 do
9 do Cotton Twine, 21) do
!O do Socking Yarn and Cover
-1 do let Yarn always onhand.
-2 do Cotton Warps made to or
-20 at 23 do tor.
Orderspromptly attended to, if left at .1 & C.
'ainter's•,Lognat&KeninAv'tArthroOffi eetuddress
•6; g. MOIatAIF,AP Co. &
Circulating and Reference Library.
OF relic,ious,historical, political and miseellaneou3
works, will be open every ilav,Sal-T in
the Vsh4t except
eti; from 7 o'clock A. M. until 9 P. M.,
change billkling, corner of St. Clair street anti EN
changa tvhere punctual attquaance will
Mbe elven
Springs and Axles for Carriages,
it Easton Pricer.
f 111111'. s nbset ler; nianlicumme lual lo!ep enmaan).- ,
ly on band Cor.eb.o and Eliptic Spring! , (war-
ranted.) .1 uniuta loni Axles, SO\ er andplate d
\Dash Frame, Brass and plated nab B lt ands, Stump !
Joints, patent Lelther, Silver and Bra , 4 Lamps. !
Timm. fold Steps, Malleable Iron, Door Kindles and
11ingeA, &A.)., &c• JONES Sl: COLEMAN. i
sep 10 St. Clair st., mar the Allegheny Bridge. 1
L. Toy'
Chtaper and better than ran be had af any other
place teest •.t ft..- ' , l our:feting.
Call for Bargains ,
AT THE vutv.ll BIG Douits. Pittsburgh Manufactures, Cheap for Cash.
:cob, F"fth st. Two doors from .3la rt - et.
N 0.151, Liberty St., a. or the Jackgrtu Foultdry. I" lAT ES intend, to manufacturer a 1)0.-
71111 E auhscriher woohl reqpeetfolly i t
t on his , •4 1 110 44 0 • ter ankle '.l Ladies', Childrens and
i_ f, icindi and the pahhc. Ili:!I his fall stook of ' t Misses' Shoes, and sell them cheaper firo c a.dl than
Good» c omnri‘Vo a larger and more .AI :ed .1-.0! t meat ' Liley Can be bought in the city: He will keep constant
than lei» ever been opened at anr l'eu,c. in tin- eity.ai:d ly on hand and make , to order Ladies' ShoeJ of all
from the faserable t!•1111- at tshie h hi , p o rcliJ , c4 were , kinds and colors, at very low prices, of the follownv
ad°, he • enabled to sell elinliing cheaper thin' it rim li»t .
he had in nay .ither e.tabli»lone.it in t hi: city. Ile ',ache,' Lasting rimed Gaiter Boots. $1 75
.could requeg the puliliti to cltll and exathine hi:, splen , , " Len !lutilit:y Kldor i‘loroccoGaitcvs, 150
Calf , k in Butts,
did assortment of all the a rticle• of dre»s, and from I 1 3i
the excellence of the material. the st!.lo of workman- " Foxed Half Gaiters, all colors. 1 :IV,
.hit and the Vet y low price M nhich all hie article!' are " best kid ...a mc-,r0,0 buskin. 1 18i
;old, he fedi to that e, cry 41ile Will litlti it to Doubl,2 Soled Slippers, (Jeff.) 1 19... i,
their advantage to pore at the "Three Big !ors.' fine Kid Sluing!' and Titrn», best goal.l 00
A... non , h a l the he .'teett-i» and niaktrien are em " Springs, heuey, 137. i
',he:ea, onl! ts to owl. , clothing v. ill be a tti-tirlA to in a " Slippers, 75
nia..a tier not »tirpa,-ed b:. an:. other !e.tabli,lirnent in (32
----- -+'
ti ei!y.
Ile \soull . l avAM veturiiiis 11In t,l.- to lli• fri l.o nd , t and
tit, pololic f4tt tit , . tt....ptot,edoat,ol poti I,,Atted
~,,,t Ili: ,-.l.l.o.i.lnntott. 01,1 1•,n.. , . i n, th ,t , I „, y im v,
ronoti t, to 11,i, :0t5:,,AL,, , • , t , ,i,...,1 N , itti 111111. I'v wotal,l
I, , i , v'it hi- ills:I.:Ilion toall th. , . , .A bo ,‘ i-h to p•tr-lm ,,-
t 'l,,thin; 4 e% cry 10 -,:t tption at 11,..10,,,t pl;,.e. to call
No. IT,I, Li'tptrt -I. .1t 111 N . .‘1 1 '1. ( )I , :r.Y.
C7' t )n-erve mk•t 11 ptate in the pavement.
Iron Safes.
.(1-:S1'1:( I FULL inform the piiii . .ir that. I lia.e
:0.11 I.O•Vi , :1{ 1,1 - 011 11:111,1 an a-,irtinont of File ,
.iiif S ifc— .n, prick., in coli.,invia, ~ I tin , In:i
-nn/5 and la'ior liviii : :, tnii,•ll 10,,ct . , i: roduceil about
/Cul ‘ in•f r.L.nt. 1.11,) ;it": V,TI f ir =ali• at tRy •dit.p, in
Sixth ,ticnt. abode Stititlifylil. lic \ t to th.• church on
the e.or,n.f of 6111 -ti,•l—a- ni,o n 'lib At woiAl. Join ,
5,... Co., all 1 I )111 /.1..111 Ssl VIC i ,ling. In r 'Raril to Ow fluid
ity ,It uty .air'- I icayn thit-c per.ott. ‘ O,O have 1"m
-i:ha..wit ii.i.il %sill i iiinclia.i• lily. ...111 , 1 ,, 1,1 11•.. t 'OO , 1,111.
ity of thian. I ilc.iiin no iwnsiiillior puff- 011 iny safe:;
iii.tic , • 1,11,1 truth t.tirinlit 11'1. 111 1111..11"111i1: OW plll.lll.
that all WV .t.llte.l Wllie,ll lia,, 1 C•Cli i n I,,,ildiliz, burnt
down for ~.i.cr,tl Vt . ur . -tia . t . 1 (t,lnntiNiel'cl have litt -
...nry,:.l'.lll the train.,l3. Inn,h. S.:.'— wiliCli tlioy cnntiiin
tal. 1.11;o.e a l'Aril c.intaiiiiiig a n urnlicr of ccrtificitt ,,,,
of thiisatit, I) iiic.li ata• in cliculation and in my hand:
a.iil tin. atcf. JOIIN DNNING.
'N. R. Aft p ¢n . r -,,,••••1 Sprin.4: for -alt., made by
I,,in- , S; I lciii.iii. d will lt,• :olillii, 'Ow, n sCrt•V:
,r 1,44, with posver to I,Unt'll liti't. , s to halt Inch iron:
ter '2O-0' . .. .. _. . ___ _.___—
nEr tvgcsi \tome AND VlAliliEr 5 TUE K•
W( ti ‘ Li) in. .t r c.ipect Mil aunounce to the citirc.
lof Pittsburgh and the country generally.that I havit
commenced the manufacture of STOCKS, of evry .
riety, to and description, and would solicit mercha am nts
and others to call and (Namine for them -els es, as I
determined to sell on the most acrimortotlatiug term:
for cash, and hope, by strict attention to business, tc
merit a sham of public patronage. nog. 19-6 m.
. _
neWare of a dctileci Cough!
111. WI. AN ES Sudorific Lung Syrllp,beill,T, a safe
_.! and etTectual remedy far-0)11v, Catarrhal Fever,
Intineni.a, Pleorasy, the first of foredo! . stages cif Con
.iimption. A.thinii, Whooping Cough, &c. Some do
-7011 of certificates of its valuable effects can be pro
duced, 000 of wbich is now offered.
This is to certify, that I. had n very severe Coi!gb all
last winter: and wus very much minced, After tiying
medical aid to 00 ponlo,o, I WrIS advised taveo procure a
bottle of Dr. M' Lane's Ding Syrup; it g mc relief
immediately, mid in two weeks 1 vv2setble ti go out,
and tulh believe it to be one of the most valuable med
icines now before the public, for CoET ugh and breast com
i`"F, 'A fresh supply of this valuable Cough
KIDD, medicine
just received at the Dr,q; store of .1.
oct. 7 to. 60, co ---- rner of Wood and Fourth sts
- ----- -
.1011 N Li: I , r,ti:us.
Now& Cheap Stock Establishment,
New York Dyer.
S1:1 7 . 11l \11:5. wouldrespectfully inform his friends
vand the patine ut general, that le dyes Ladies'
dresses, Habits:laid Nlantels of every
to l l escription , blac k ;
au warrants them not tosmut, and ook egnel ttt
WA/11S. dyes limey colors of all ilescriptitins of rrlk
and carpet yarn: :''thso, cleans and restores the c olors of
gentlemen's clothing, so as to resemble new goods.
Mr. 11. flatters hinnielf that he can please the public,
as he has done an eNtensive business in 7SCNC York for
negate All work thine on moderate terms:, at his
establishment in sth st.,bctween Wool and Smithfield
near the Theatre
This is to certify that OSEI: HISIE:S has done
work for us, which has fully answered our expec
tations, and we consider him a competent dyer.
S. Hemphill, Andrew rurdv.
NVlTt:tarne,,• iv . D. Doies
J. 13, Shurtlefr, tyre . Porter,
David Hall, ti : 11:Smith ,
B. F. Mann, Henry javens
Dtetid Macs, A. Shockey,jr
Joseph Vera,
Jottph French, jr.,
:0 Barnes
Canal Ba.sin,corner Wavne and Liberty strrev,
burgh. Agent EnitedStatei,l'crrtableßoat Line:
reps 4-3rn,
To the Gentlemen of Pittsburgh.
THE subscriber most respectfully
informs the gentlemen of this city and' :
vicinity, that he has commenced the BOOT and
SHOE making, busiriess in Futitila street, opposite the
Mayor's office. Having been fore Man in some of the
most fashionable boot shops in the Eastern cities; and
having furnished himself with the best French tind
Amrican calf kins, e hopes by his attention to blisi- I
new s
to merit as share h of public patronage. Tu those
gentlemen who have kindly patronised him he returns
his sincere thanks, and, can with confidence appeal
for the gatdriess of his work and knowledge of
business. P. KERRIGA.
_,—=---------_e.------------ _-.-------''.'.------------,
The packet ship Liverpool, rapt Eldriae. arrived
at N. Y. on Friday, bringing London and Liverpool
dates tiara tiays later than those before iticeivcd. it
cessions in relation td eitpediting elm oirer=ltind mail
to ladle, and with the movements of the rinti-corn law
league, which latter appears to be very zetilonsly en
gaged in ills cause of free trade, and as its advta.tatei
thiuk, with very fair prospects of Ultimate success.
A yoeng man by the Hanle of NY Willits Abbott;
salesman and book-keeper to Abhl and J. .S: Buckley;
manufacturers, Manchester, Was arrested in that city
Oct. 33; chargtd with enthezzling £3,000 from his etn;
filiqer. i
I ; '4 .
cromm"and of the government vessel Lymt and order;
' ri
r2 l n: i ' gls.l) s i'dt h E.:hit:eld i lue±i t c: . 9: l ll:: . l;l3::::thnuolli:l ' p r lMl:6 l dets : 'o'do i a; s clab ei6U i doanLX S l nididNi o yY; ii
. t i aiul e a l'enuOtn: o dyo:a f ittudl3lllct t . te:c i e.jus i 2af°' - e l . fire
l r g intdduluata e tirlPgot i t l.:nidt Colt o n :_ n d lac a t ladi
i gel y t rct
I :LI-
i ti r l "1: n4gto Th e i
. '-' ` t S 4. lo t : C.
ti lllif Cibl i
r igu i t at
i t:. 1 :1 3:4: 1 b :if il
ever taken place in Liverpool.
Liverpool, Oct. 6.—The sal e: f
cotiou vitce Fri:
day amounted to 54,000 bales; of Which 9.).,000 balei
were tti apeculationt
The tetriporary presttire caused by the Eitclie pii:4
items into the Bank cif England hat not* entirely pass;
l ist awa . Y, and moneY f is in dbundance; Sortie of the
leadingeapiuiliata find so great tl eat that they havd
latge sting on liandfdi which they cane& find it mar.;
keit Others do nut, however; behete this abitndancei
to be tiaiversally felt, but are inclined to think dad
sombthlng lIIIE a fair demand is arising.
A "national Ear to be worn by all Itepetilets engaged
' in the pierEnt inoveriient, is now ready for delivery itt
Dublin by the agents of the assbciatiou:
aid 2
Oct, 6.::—State of l'radt.—lYe have Again
large spectiltitive putchases of cotton, tehich hate tend'
ed to raise prices, and the sales for the lait 'll*
not having been less than 60 , 000 bags, iinporters havi
generally stic,Cerded in realizing 1-8:1 to 1-41 per lb:
on last week's quotations:
We ttre still WidiCait any advice.; from India, sinst
China; and the arrival of the August mail is looked lot
with greater interest; since the intelligence tkets fetieiv;
ed of the loss of the July despatehes. Business is a
that footing at present that it May easily be affected lif
these ads ices.
The low rate at *bleb Money cast. Still tie obtaineth
is found greatly to stiniudate iave.stuients in low priced
goods, or at least in produce th at now rifles belew ad
average price, and the operations in this Way ate bo:
coming daily more extensive, prompted as they nr/
doubt at'a; by a strong mtpectation that the traded the
<reentry , is rapidly improving.
Our imports lacterly have been !:nail, and warehons3 '
' room, at one time scarcely obtainable, is now readilf
met eith. Some loud complaints are made at th res
alt higlt.
rates still demanded by the Fire offices; the of
the new Fire Bill on their scale of chargeS is aattitais:
ly lookek fur, and the reduction natal be rather im
p o rtant, otherwise it will be found thunhig cdtdrge; td
which almost all merchandise id utitV frtdde liable, wilt
serieusly detract from the businefis of thy, port.
In shares the business has been unitriporitini, but
very small patios have been obtained.
Los nos, o.it. 5, (evening.)--.‘ stiliject of some in:
wrest is at present under the consideration of the chief
legal advisers of the Crown. We allude to the conduct
--- of the French Vessels of war in the Southern Eatifir.;
SNUFF AND CIGAR STORE. to het majesty Pumate, the Queen bf hie Sandwich ls:
J. ruI.I.E.RTON, lands. It is represented to us thdt this Government
No. 116, ll'aad street,ane tinara'mrefith. has seat out a remonstrance very strongly worded a:
la— EEI'S constiettly on hand all kinds of the best , gainst the seizure of the Islands of Tahiti and in dui
11._ spam-It Cigzit:s. hecalias, Casadarre. roar-Ilium,. of the French nation, and thatprobably the pow:
manes, 7'ralateas, Prinripes. l et ut • tottare will soon be restored td iter:
Also, hail Spani!iii and common cietirs. I
ills Atigsberg Clazette of the 1.3t1.1 tilt:, slates that
Tobacco of all th e best brands. Caecndiah, 5., 1 inueli excitement prevails at Ravertna, where, enema . :
lump; Baltimore pin g , 1"s and 16s, lump. larchial movement was apprehended. The Austrian
Also, Mrs. Miller fine em cheitina tobacco. Garrison was prepared for any event. There were
S n --Rappeo, Scotch, 'Altitiouba,-High Tostate. found in the pockets of some of the insurgents lately at:
le lmi also, all other articles in his line, which
he rested near Bologna a quanlia of Rufskin cbiti; which'
', des ale and retail, at the lowest cash priees. it sapposed was procured by the chief conspirator 3 id
CALL AND SEE. je B—Vm order to excite suspicion in artot,„er than the real gums
Accotinta frcit. Athitis of the 19th tilt :, state tilit
the late revolution had nowise diiturbed the tranquil;
icy of the kitigdotti. The new ministry displayed the
greatest activity. They had issued, a decree relative.to the elections, and another for the tirgtinizatina of
NationalCiUdia,, dt Athena, which irdspldetsi un-.
der the command a Col. NinEraany. _
ing in favtif
The elections in the provinces were g i
of the Ministerial candidates.. M. Isturitz and Gen;
Concha, were likely to be returned for Madrid
BA Be et.os a, Sept. 2.4--atneder. after being joineshig
by the remnants of Mattel's brigade; Was meted
quarters at Barcelona, and is retredting on Mines--'
An order has been received from Madrid to
attache. other leaders as soon as taken•, The secretary
of the juatd, .lose Maria Montintiey Roma, has been
made prisoner at 'Marton!). Ile is now in the citadel
and stands a bad Chance for his life. This event, to;
ember with the heavy firing frOm Menjiiich and Prim's
success tit St. Andrea, quite disconcerted the
lt peopldle,-
the resu oie
and much anxiety was expressed as to.
___-___------ --------
William Adair, Boot and Shoe racer,
Liberty Id. oprosite the head of Smithfield.
jiThe subscriber having bout out theagia 1..
stock (if the law Thomas Rafferty, deecased,has
comnienCca bilsiness at the old stand of Mr. It.,
and is prepared to execute all descriptions of work in
his line, in the best manner, and on the s hortest notice.
tie keeps constantly on hand a large assoitment of shoe
findings of all descriptions, and of the best q uality. He
s olicits the patronage of the public and of the draft.
.w---r-r -----
Davad Clark, Agl4,
has reirioveA
to :No. 34 Market street, between Seco d n and
Third streets, where he would he happy to see his
old customers, and all others who feel dispiised to pa
tronise him. He uses nothing hut first rate stock, and
emplovs the best of workmen; kind as he gives his cur.-
', scant personal vtentiiin to business, he trusts that he
will deserve and receive a fair share df patronage
. ...
All Shoes matte bete %Veal:Lute('
in the 4a1111: proportion.
Retnemher the Once, at the sign or the Red
Box. No. 3, Firth stmet
LOOICAT 'rills!
rtraraTunt muutitsoolva.
At the old stand of Young 4- IPCu.rdy, o. 43, Se
cond street. betrce.cn lVood and Nat Act,
REsi,rcrrt- LLY informs the friends of the late
firm. and the public g enerally, that he is prepa
red to till all ordersl Canet Work, of any kind,
with all po.ssible dep or atch. a n d warranted ui lie equal
to am hi the city.
attention will be pair' to furnishing. COF
.@c , when required. Iti—v
rile ManufaCtory.
rrFIE s ubseriber having . commenced the manufacs
Lure of Ca't Steel Filed. from American materials
e N clusirelv. merchants Or other per:4ol3f,,iralltiWZ CACI he
suppie'd 1:y him with a better, article than the foreign,
anti at lower prices. Intending to use only the best
quality of File Steel. manufactured by the Messrs.
Sit 0 El% a FRGER ' S , Willett is now brought to a perfection
N ita' to the best English article, m anufactured for the
same purpose. the subscriber has full confidence that he
will be able, in quality of articles and prices, to realize
the best hopes of the friends of American Indust-17:
Corner of O'Hara & Liberty sts.
lioratia F. Young; Cabinct • cr,
(Late of the firm , j YOllll IT 4. ,ir Curdy)
HAS c omnieneed the ousiness in all its branches at
N 022, Wtaiii steeet: between First and_Second
Mrs., where he will keep constantly on hand a g ood ass
sortment of well made FURNITURE, and hopes, by
strict attention to business, to merit a c ontinuance 0
the patronage of the public.
Every attention ttillbe paid to furnishing COFFINS
& c . A Furniture Car for hire.
__ __________ July n
Upholsterer and Cabinet Maker, 7;1
ZV. Third st.,bctercen 11 - ood and Market, a
Respectfully informs his friends and the public that he
is prepared to eNeente all orders for sofas. sideht , si.rds.
bureaus, chairs, tables, bedsteads, stands, hair and
spring mattrasses, curtains, carpets; all sorts of uphol
stering work, which he will warrant equal to any inFule
in the city, and on rtasonable terms. sep 10
Matthew Jones, Barber and Bair
Has removed to Fourth street, opposite the 'Mayor's of
fice, where he xvill he happy to NV ;Lit upon permanent or
- ransient customers. lie solicits a share of public pa
tronage sep 10
11 ; 4°
The subscriber having returned from the East with
the latest 3tvle of Hats, has now on hand and will Con
stantly keep a large assortment of his own Manufac
ture, which for lightness, service, beauty, and cheap
ness, cannot he surpassed, and would respectfully in
vite his friends and the public to examine his stock of
liats and Caps, at the Manufactory, N 0.73. Ntood
Lit Hat and Cap Manufactory. 1
No. 93 Wood street, 3 doors below Diamond Alley
TILE subicriher willlteep constantly on hand every
variety of the most fashionable H APS and C IP f ,
wholesale and retail. at r cdocedprices.
PerAonswishingto purchase will iind fun their inte
rest togiye him a call. S. MOORE.
Pittsburgh, aug. 29,18.13.
--- --- —_
ground and polished, anvils and other kinds of
vinding done at the Cast Steel Elk.. Manufart.ry, nor
ner of Liberty and O'Hara streets. wi g is
• ',
Zig~~t~i~iiii 13osts
"lic.ctt . undChi
At) srAricb.;
The LCerLs.titutidnal, of this in:dining, in it S Correer
pondencts froth Madrid, stly.S. that Malaga, Grenada;
and Burgos. have seconded the rising here. But little
faith is put in this s.tatetnent, for this journal is not over
particular in what it says.
CADIZ, Sept., 2.2—The rumor of a rising at Seville;
in which Aeverdlliees were lost and the Canon Ceberg
b a rbarously ifttirdereti, Which Wds Propogstted
la,tweelijnst as the packet wasolsaut to sail, happily
turns out to be Unfounded..
The villageof Oberegeor Gental, says a
journal. was ntmrly destroyed by fire on the 23d ult.—
Out of 20ti hotises; of which the tillage consisted, 16ft
were burnt to the ground.
'file Journal des Debuts announces that the frena .
Govrinment has obtained from that of Piedmont a fur
ther reduction of the duties on the importation of wines..
and brandies on porcelain, and on Parisian articles et
mode. It his ceded in return the a beliticia of tonresgti
duties on ii,:e, white lead, and cattle.
Los Dos ,0ct.,5-IMadrid is still unquiet. The ac:
counts dated the .26th, state that the whole of the
naen gar
rison was under arms the previ nigh., as a movet
was expected by the authorities on the morning t
at of
i'26th. The night passed without any attemp to
lence or diaordet• -
The Countess of 131essington, good auth why ou Lg."
subject, .sayst
"What a multiplierty of pretty things *e women re-;
q uire to render us what we consider presentable!ch an ce
how few of us, however good looking we may
to be, d agree with the poet. that "homeliness
peel: not the foreign aid of ornament, but is when unz
adorned, adormelthe most." Even the fairest ofia the
sex liketo enhance the charms of nature by the o f d of
dress; and the piaiuest hope to become lc, ft so by its
'• NI 1 are n eve. - A.iticiently gensrJl6, bettur humility
in considering it go necessary to inereirie out aurae
in order to please them, nor grateful enough for
the pains we bestow in.attenipts. Husbands and fa.
titers are particularly' insensible 1.,, this arni„h:,,, ac.
sire on the parts of their %Sly es tnel datighter ,, , and when
askedto Trey the heavy bills incurred in consequence
of their praiseworthy humility and desire to please,'
evince any f. olingratficr than that of Fait-fa
said bills; Ii
is only sedereit, not called on to par these
who duly a ppreciate the cane and effect. anti who eels
hear of women passing whole hours to tempting stops/
without that elongation of countenance -peculiar lo bus:
bands and fatheri.
I' l' . • f.