Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, November 06, 1843, Image 4

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leiviatp it co., Mew.. Plat-
Pose. Mr. IR. Wool Steset; Pittsktsvark,
atlas always oa hand an extensive asAortinepit .or Sails
01411111od and Wadi PAPER HANGINGS, Velvet and
liiiitation Borders, or the Irest otyle and handsome
patterns. for papering halls, parlors and chambers.
Thu , tuanufarture and have on hand at all limes-
Prieting. WrlUaz, Letter. Wrapping and Tea Pa pe r.Bon
nit( 'tad Pullers' goltdr—ail of which they otter fur sale
en the most accommodating terms; and to which they
Invite the ',tint ion of merchant. and others.
AL3O-.lllank Rooks orail kinds and the heat quality.
School Rooks, etc. always on hand and for /MC as above
!I. 8 Ita:at nd Taenvrs' deraps' taken in ezehartge.
ItERWV l'he undersigned begs leave to inform
toe entitle, t haute has removed from his old ,and.
lathe corer of Penn and Bt. Clair sts., opposhethe Ex
change lintel, where he has fitted up a large Puna Fears
Woos Root. and now offers for sale the most splendid
itismarl meat of PIAIII3/ ever offered in thi s market.
tils planes corona of dl:ferent patterns, of superior
Rolle Wool and hi ahegany. kesntlfnfy finished and mo•
4.1.8 and sonar tutted throughout of the Ivey best sta.
tentall•Willth.(br /stability. and quality of Woo. moron
as tenth. he Werra:its to be- superior to say ow seem
Le betas etearged ills ntansfactory, tad made smug*.
mitsitsto inapply the increasing dereand for ibis Astra•
be respectfully reoneals those intending to per.
these -1 0 Call sod .4,autine kis avortment before eureka.
sing elsewhere. as he is determined to sell Loma, for
eash,than any other establishment east or scat of the
uonotoloo. T. BLUME,
Corner of Penn and Ht. Clair streets,
dillet Se , Oppotite the Exchange Hotel, Pittsburgh. !a.
satwertber Madinat received front rhiladelpli la nod
T phi., York. with a etnpral and eiletitiVel assort.
every article in his line of business, which be is deter.
Withal to sell on tiro most retsonalde itreril for cash.—
Vie belieeres he can alter stronger indacentents than any
entablishment In this city to country Phystelmn.
and Merchants, who wish to slimily themselves with
Dm., and Medicines. His articles have been selected
witilins utmost care, and are warranted Oft lie best
It: awl uniform strenzthr Orders will be lined with am.
tutor 'matigegatice. Pandit can be supplied whit Fin*
and Fancy Soapy of every conceivable Variety. and of
tho.ntee exquisite perfumes; likewise whit Perfliatery
aai Cosapitics of every den rip•lon
The Andersigned returns his thanks fur the liberal 41.111:
port heretofore _ extended to him, and hopes by a constant
disposition to please and accommodate—A care in pro
miring, and setting only what is excellent and grnaten,A
gel tajletvidon of the sales anti transaction of the with
liehnteelc.—precantton and accuracy In compoundi med.
einmitd by Industry and perseverance. to mat oln
rem* 'of nubile patrona;e
mop 2S. WiLLIA St THORN.
Lai what makes your teeth so unusually white?
Quoth Josii'e dulcinia to him t'otber ni,ght, 1
Tu make yours look so, with a grin, replied bosh,
- Iye brought yoga bottle of Thorns' Tooth Wash, 1
'T.s the best now in use, so the gentlefolks say.
And since they have tried this. Cast all others away.
lot to provelt the best; to make the teeth shins,
Look attain, my dear Sal, at the lustre of mine.
Then try it is great tooth wash,
The Tesbercv tooth wash,
And see It this Tooth Wash of Thorn's lenot line.
Having tried Dr... Thorn's Tea Berry Tooth Wish,'
and become acquainted with the Ingredients of Its compo
'Mon.! cheerfully say, I consider it one of the safest, as
, his one of the most pleasant Tooth Wail es now in use,
Pittsburgh Sep. 15, 1842 DAVID HUNT, Dent lA.
Italie pleasure in stating, having made use of.Therit's
Tea Berry Tooth Wash." [het It is one of the hest den
t" trifices In use. Being In a liquid form, it comb:aes neat •
nears with convenience. White it cleanses the enamel
and removes the tartar from the teeth, its perfunieyelds
a fregranee peculiarly desirable. .1. P. TI BBETTS. M. D.
The undersigned babe used .iThorri's Coinrinunti Tea
1 Berry Tooth Wash," and have found II to bean extreme.
1" ly pleasant dentifrice, exercising a most salutary Win
'l . ' ante Aver the Teeth amid Gums; preserving those Ind's
, peasable members from premature decay preventing the
aciumniatlon of Tartar, and purifying the Breath. Ilay.
i log thoroughly tested its virtues, we take- pleasure in re.
commending it to the public, belieeing It to be the best ar
, tiele Of the kind nnw In use.
1 .111 ROBE RTSON, JAMES P filer,
Prepared and sold by WILLIAM TiltißN. Apotheca•
1 re stud Chemist, Na. 53 Market aireet, Pittsburgh; and
t at all the principa Druggists', and Tuttle's Medical Agen
y, Fourth street. sap
1 ' El
IYER COM Pt. Al NTS—Dyspepsiased fad, issass,
with costiveness, asldit y of ttte stomach, hut/Ines,
allied alter meals. heartburn, dm ulen , y. live. complaints
with lain In the side and sneakier, jaundice, bilious com.
plaints. dropsy. dianetelyeravel, stone. and innamatton
orate lungs, are most perfectly removed and cared by the
Tilltrartiele bag the astonishing feels In curing all corn
ilibibita of the etomich and digestive organ.. Mkny
17 gorpectable individuals In New York have been cured,
after trying every other remedy in vain, and have given
in their names with permission to icier to them. it is
pleasant to the east, and does not in the least interfere
with the daily avocation of one takina it. Many canti..
ties of the city have become so pleased with the medicine.
that trey are it as their only family medicine. By using
it deeasionally, It keeps the stomach free from Wing. di..
orders, and the liver active, with tile secretions of tile
beagle the most perfect activity. It is cnmposed entire.
ly of vegetable. Thecure will he gradual, but certain
r For sale at Trans's. St 3 Fuurth street.
Asp 6.
DC. Leidy's Tenet it Itch Ointment.
OX the core °revery variety of TETTER, the ITCH.
and all Abeam of the Skin, hac proved itself more
*Suda' Wan any other preparation for the Lime pap
Ore. In use.
Upwards of live hundred certificates might be procured
published of its efficacy front School Teachers, Pro.
atielore of Pommies. Parents, Guardians, Child Nurser.
it swains% or vessolo, and others, were It not for the den
t:ley in haying their nature published in connection with
faseh disagreeable affections,
By Ow titre of Dr Leidy's Tetter Ointment In empiric.
lion with his extract of Sarsaparilla or Blood Pills, he
l a s m e:l l 4;taranter to cure any disease common to the akin,
er bad, or of however long standing, or refund the
money. There are however very few Instances hut can
bstured by the Ointment alone,
?rite 25 texts 4 Betz.
Prepared only and sold wholesale and retail at Dr Lei.
sly's Health Emporium, 191 N. Second st. Philadelphia,
and by B. A. FAffNEBTOCK 4. Co. corner of Wood
Mad 1 1 14th streets, Agents for Pittsburg. July 12.
PPR milectlher would reepetthilly inform the chianti
ofTlf , arab. Allegy and thei vieiritles, that be
has eentmaneed manufac hen turing the article r
of Lard 01
' anti Canals*. fie intend. , making. hat one quality, st bleb
will !Val (behest made in the Union and not surpassed
by tb beat winter strained sperm oil either for machinery
or burning. without Its offensive propertkr, and one
URN IN ANr TEmPER.3TURS. The subsea.
ber wishes to Impress distinctly on the public mind that
It is not necessary to purr ha.e any new fhngled lamps trial
are daily palmed upon them as being requisite to burn the
lord oft In. Persons wlshina a pure and brilliant DIM
or-Ohtain it by calling at the old stand,ad street, nearls
• ek)ssite the Peet Mies.
t•• aDigollon of Wig Node dealers, Churc.hes and I Lie reopen fit .ys 'late;
16—All the no will tear the manufacturer'
he 19-ft---*c
For the rrsxsportatien ej Merchandits as/ Predate
nr EVIN respectfully inform be public that they
• have completed their arrangementsfor the above
Line on
The public has lung wished for I adividts4l competition
In Transportation on the Pablk Works, by which alone
it can be freed from unnecessary espouser and reduced
to It/lowest rates; that swish will now be ilealisedi the
Biate of Peoesylvaula having pleas' Trucks en thee nail
goads. fudividgeis casting Peetable Roots ate eaahled
to bid for the Carryfag Trade and wsecesoffft so COW
Pete with compan es.
This line lacomposed of Twenty new, Four Beeline
Portable Boat?, err ned by the Captains who emetwased
them and well known av enterprising. isituarknis and
ezperiented Boatmen.
The superiority and advantages of the Pariah's. Boat
over every other mode of Transportation, ate too wall
known to shippers generally. to requite comment; est
Bee it to say, that the afertratien. Lneeareparstiett gad dais
are to Goods. Invariably attending terse Trenskipmerges
between Pittsburgh and Phiadelphia amity the Portable
Boat most effectually removed
The Portable Boat possesses the great advantage too,
of being well ventilated and coal lit Satetwer; which pre
sanle Flour /eves centring, and Bacon and Tobacco from
fl. Devine, standing as he daer, between the owners
of goods aad the Boatmen who carry them, and stonily
interested In protecting the interacts of Seth, will make
no promises to the public he will not faithfUlly perform.
Ile is now prepared to receive and forward Produce
to Philadelphia. Baltimore, New York, and Boston In the
shortest time, and pledgee hirricel to enter 1510 no corn.
binat lon with other Lines,but always stand mod, to carry
out the principlesof his Line, and contract for freight Ott
the very lowest terms.
-To give andonided•security to owners end shippers
of goods an open policy of Insurance tray been effected,
by which all merchandise shipped by this Line will be
InSaled without an f additional expense to the owner.
IT, Devine wilt receive all produce consigned to him
at Pittsburgh, pay freight and charges to Steam Boats
• and forward the sailst without delay to Philadelphia,
Baltimore, New York, and Boston without any charge
, for advancing or commission
N 0.45 Water st., Pittoburgh.
272 Market street. Philadelphia.
73 Bewley's Wharf, Baltimore.
BOtVCN f lIIBRERD, Agents.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Madison Ind.
Thos. McADAM, it Ce , Agent.
March 10 .1342. 27 Old Alio New Yo
Beady made U. , ;n • • arehonse,
csisetk St . 2 deers tress tie U. 8. Beak.
t R RIhPECas e TPUL d LY hi lti re for d ins y m the de pu co li ffi lie n th w a o t r i:
house to the building recently occopied by Mr.
R. 0. Rerford, directly opposite his old stand,
where he is always prepared to attend promptly
to any orders lit his line, and by strict attention
to all the detallsof the business of an Undertaker,
be hopes to merit public confidence, He will be prepareo
at ALL DOORS to provide Hearses, Biers, C loges end
every requisite on the moss liberal terms. Calls from the
country will be promptly uncoiled to.
His residence is In the same building with his wart
house, where. those who need his services may Sod him
litany time.
w. w. turtle, DIV. /OHM lIIACX.D. D.
W. 11.W . CE.CRII, Ire. Jollll'll MR.
,&s: lIARRiI, Itrif..l•lllZO M. DAVIS,
sep 10 PIM Z. P. tWiIT.
Flt NI FOR LE.—The undersigned riders for sale
his farm, lying in Ro.is fownship 41 miles (rent the
Ch y of Pittstiorgh. containing 114 acres °flood of which
60 a e cleared and under fence, I tat 1510 20 `sere.. of
meadow, 2 good Orchard/ of Apple.. a few 'Leech and
Cherry trees—the Improvements are a ..tree frame house
containing 10 rooms , vellfurnisherl. calculated for a Ta
vent cn. private ftwelltns. a frame Para 2R by 60,atone
'harresran, and stabilne, shed: r nd other nut houses Imit
able for a senetnerw-2 rood Gardens surrounded with
cnrrani trueltra and a well of ezerltent water, with a
pump in at the front door. In relation to the 'Pittsburgh
and Allegheny market, there is no place now offered for
sa'e with more Induretnent to those wislotig to purchase
near Plltslitirgh. tire terms will he made moderate. for
further part icularsapply to the proprietor at Ills Clothing
Store: Liberty street, corner of Virgin Alley.
N.B. if not gold before the Ist of October next,
will be divided 11119 and flaere lots wsult
sere. gee 10
Regular morning Packet for Beaver.
'glue, Ibst running and well ktiowlr
1. Simmer
c' HARP HrortitcL, Marivr, will depart daily from
hurgh at 9 o'clock, A. M„ and Beaver at 1 o'clock P. M
For freight or passage, apply on board. or to
131101iNGHAN1 & CO.
No 60 Water street.
N. B.—The re.zuW canal pails( to Clevelava Ohl.
Greenville and Meadville Pa ; and I'd lIIC
Ohio Canal, connert;w4 with steamer Cleveland at Ilea
ver.will he in operation immediately on openii,, of ni.v.
rzation. mar
1 G .tt
Case of Lirer Complaint of 25 years standing.
This may certify that for twenty five years I was af
fiit ted with pain in my side, whirls was frequently so
severe as to entirely Incapacitate me from labor: I have
beau under the care and treatment of various physician=
without any permanent benefit. (tearing of the mauy
cures effected by the ['entitle. Elixir prepared by fir.
Starkiveather.l was Induced Waive it a trial, and am
happy in say that it has entirety removed. I hays felt
so symptoms of it for Isere f*ax a year past.
Sorthbrid:e, JnneBB9o. 1841 AMOS WlllTt,
The genuine to be had at TUTTLE'S Medical Agency,
Fourth at Fret.
mining's Tire roof Iron Chests.
PITTSBURGH, OCT. 22. 1642.
J. DllMPtico—On Friday, the 30t h of last month, about
9 o'clock at nighto he flaning.Groovhig and Sash Man
ufactory, owned by Gay, Dilworth k Co, with a large
quantity of dressed and andressed lumber, was alt conso.
med by dre.
The Iron Safe which I bought of you some time back
was in the most exposed situation during the fire, and
wan entirely red hot—l am pleased to Inform you it was
opened al„the close of the fire.and all the books, papers,
ke.saved;—this is the best recommendation I can give of
the utility of your safes.
ort 24—t( TfIOMAS SCOTT
Pitts .urgh Lard 011 Mann actory.
. .
5" 61-5 ' ":.
CONST. , INTL yon hand a superior article of Lard
Oil, warranted to burn at any lemon/lure, and
equal to the best winter strained sperm Oil, without
its offensive qualttes, and one third cheaper, man.
ufactured by the subscriber at the old stand, Third st.,
nearly opposite the Post Office. N. C. EDEY.
Jan 4,1843
sub Briber having opened a slim, hio 80, Second
IL street, bet ween Market and Wood street s;Pittsharth,
a connertic n with the Factory in Birmingham, respect.
fully Int wais his friends and the public, that he will be
?raptly to tie fhvorrd with their orders for any articles In
his line,
Door Locke and Psslettera,n 'rations d. seiiptions,
hand and made to order.
Totateen. Mill and Timber Strews.
leirge Serews,for Iron Works, and elerews for Presses,
made as Inay be rerpoWed,
Carseotar. and .litailders are reasestia to-esH helm
esobsnalitg for *km end examine hie arttetteand prices
Cocks titrettretintid lobbies sentrutly eget isNite best
eneermer.sed is the fewest terms. -
may 3—de MG. PATTI:II'I I OFr, Jr'
INrim erlaWl-lt% inns Timex. President
o AiiisC uisit ,edifilkiesebtoserica, do hereby de.
dare any snake known that public sales wilt be held
at ;ha undermentioned-Laird Offices, in the State of
MISSOURI, at the pstitnis hereinafter designated,
to wit:
AT PLATTSDURG, in Clinton county, the seat
of the Land Office for the Platte district of MISSOu.
ri, commencing on Monday, The ninth day of Geri.i
ber next, fsr the disposal at the public land* within
the undermentioned townships, and fractional town
ships. to wit:
North of the base line and west of the fifth prixei.
pal meridian. and west of the former webtern bum
dory of the State.
Township Sixty two, of range thirtyjour.
Townships sixty one and sixty three, of range
thirty five
Townships *Ott, two and sixty four, of range thirty
Terwitatips sixty atm and sixty three, of twigs
thirty seven.
Townships sixty two and sixty (our, of range thir
ty eight.
The west half of township 'racy one, of range
thirty nine.
Fractional township sixty two and township sixty
four, of range forty.
Fractional townships sixty two and sixty three, of
range forty one.
Fraciional townships sixty three and sixty four, of
ranee f rty two.
.Korth of the bar tine and east of the fifth prioeipoi
meridian, and west of theformer western boundary of
the Stale.
Towneh'ps billy one and sixty two, of range
twenty seven.
Townships sixty. sixty one and tatty two, of range
twenty eight.
T,iwnship sixty one. or range twenty nine.
Also at the same plate, commencing on Monday,
the thirteenth day of November next. for the disposal
of the public lands within the limits ot the undermen
tinne.t township/ and fractional towriMMit. v;s:
North rf the baseline and west of the fifth principal
meridian, and west of the former 'Dogtrot boundary of
the State.
Fractional townships fifty, filly one ' fifty three,
fif y five and fifty seven, of range thitty three.
Townships fi'ty two. fifty four, fifty six, fifty eight
and sixty, of range thirty four.
F. artional township fifty one, townships fifty three,
fifty fire, fractional tewnship fifty seven and town
ship fifty nine, of range dill ty five.
Fractional townships fifty four, fifty six, and fifty
seven and town hip sixty. of range thirty six.
Fractional townships fifty five, fifty sax, fifty eight
and filly nine, of range thirty seven.
Fractional townships fifty five and sixty of range
thirty eight.
At the Land office at LEXINGTON, commenc
'mg on Monday the second day of October n-xt, for
the disposal of the public lands within the limits of
the oudermentiooe.l townships, to wit:—
j North of the base line and west of the .fifth principa
nu rid lays
Townships thirty s . x, thirty seven and thirty eight
of range fourteen.
Townships thirty five and thirty seven, of range
Township thirty fire of ranges sixteen and nineteen
Townships thirty five. thirty six, thirty seven and
thirty eight. of range twenty one.
Township thirty eight, of range twenty three.
Township thirty nine, of range twenty eight.
Townships thirty eight and thirty nine, of range
twenty nine.
Township forty, of ranges thirty one, thirty two
and dn. ty three.
South west fractional quarter of secriona twenty
one, nod the north east and north west fractional
quarters of section twenty four in township fifty one,
south of ,%1 issouri river, of range twenty six.
South west quarter of section seven, in township
forty nine, of . ange twenty seven.
I,34oSappropriatrd by law, fur the use of schools
military or other purposes, will be excluded from
The sales will each be kept open for two weeks,
[unless the leads are Fanner itiQposed of) road no
longer; and to pirate entries "(laud hi the town
,hips su ()tiered i:1 be admitted, ant 11 alter he ex
piration ..1 ihe two weeks.
Given 11011. q toy hand at the City of Ww.hingt.iii.
this eighth day of J utie. A1,1101)9.1610, 1843.
By Ore Pr. Ni(iftit:
'No. H. 8t.% K
Cumner of the General Land o.ffice
Eves y nermii claiming Ike 'gilt of :,rc emption
to any knoll witoio the limits lithe 10IA t.shilOiaboyr
etionwis d , to esi abl nab the some Intl! ,
falkfacliou oi tr., Re4iste( and Ite• civ , r of the
nroper Land °flit:P. nod
o make pal meta therefor,
ass lon as practirable aflrr wing !his noitcr ) al.() tio
I,r e th e day app anted IA the e•lnote oar meat of flip
public sale of we tow 11'1)4), embracing the oaf
claimed, above designated: cther a Ise such daiwS
will be forfeited.
Tim. U. BLAKE,
Consmi=sioner of•the General Land Office
ju be :29-10b.
SI'RUMENTS!— T. .WeEurthy, Cutter and iargirai
inatrusteat Maker, Third street, "surly opposite the
Post Office. Pittsburgh
rhysicienr. Dentists and Druggists can have theirin•
struments made hy the subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears brut Scissors always on hand
also Hatters shears, a superior article. Orders respect
fully solicited.
N. B. ATl:inkier warranted or the best quality. wind
onhing done as usual. sep 10
110 FE %I A I,ES.—Theie is a large eta.. of Females in
t is City who frimi I heir continued iitttne. to which
their oeciwt I tons ohliee heimareatfected with costiveness
which elves rise to palpitation at the heart on the Ink, ex•
ertion.•ense of heavinetts extending over I lie whole head.
Intolerance of light and sound .an inanillty of fixing the
attention In any mental cipterittoacruniiillne in I he how•
els, sometimes a sense of suffocation, especially after
meals when any exertion is used. as going quickly up
stairs; 'emote lickli.; 'hese are symptoms which yield at
oneeto a few loses of the firandreth Pills The occa.
sional um of I hts medicine would save a deal of trouble
and year= of sufferin2. One, or two, or even three of
the Brandretti rillsitist before dinner, are ofen found
highly beneficial; many use them •ery advantageously in
this wny; they aid and :mkt digest ion, restore the bowels
to a proper condition.entiven the spirits, impart clear
nee. In the complexion, purify the blood, and promote a
general feeling of health and happiness.
Sold at Dr. 1 , 1-andreth's ()eke. In the Diamond
Pittsburgh_Price 4 25cenu per box, with fell directions.
MARK—Throaty place In Pittsburgh, where the
GENUINE Pills can be obtained, Is the Doctor's own Of
Diamond. Sep, 10
LEIDY'S Sanssesaitt BLOOO PILL., are spell
cable In all Calkal, whether for Par/stirs or Puri."
cation. They possess all the boasted virtues of other
pills, and are additionally efficacious, containing Plump
arilla their composition, which is not contained in soy
other pills Inexistence. They :trestle° different from oth.
er pills In composition, being purely vegetable, and can
be employed at all times, without any defier, and re
nutrias no restraint Goat occupation or iimarcoerse of
Notwithstanding Dr, Leidy never pretended his blood
Pills would cure all diseases, yet it is not saying too much
of them, from tbe innumerable cures performed by them
In every variety and form of disease (certificates of many
of which have been published from persons of all demam•
Mations, physichms. /Jerome., and others) that they
seem to be almost universal' In their effect; sad Persubs
using them for whatever sickliest or disease, may rest
assured they will be found more efficaciatn than any nth
er pills In extstence.
From the known reputation of Dr Leidy's Blood Pills,
deemed necessary to remind the public where they
may at all times procure the leonine, as it IS attempted
io impose other pills called 'Blood Pills' upon the public
on !be reputation of Dr. Leidy's. arße particular and
a=k for Dr Leidy's Sarsaparilla blood Pills, and sec that
the name of Dr N. B. Leidy Is coot Oiled on two sides
of each box, (the boxes being of paper, and oblong,sonare
thane, varrottnded by a yellow and black label.
PlffeK-2.5 cents a Box,
Prepared mile, and sold Wholesale and Retail, at Dr
Leidy's Width Ennio/ism, 191 North Second streel,
lOW Vlllll. Philadelphia, met Ity. B. 4. FABXEF TOCI
RQ.oorner et Wood aad streets. Agesu for PM.
birgh POT 12-Iy.
Alums , r vnuturitavorr • oxtail
WUrit now beta before
N public 3 years du•
ring which time several
thousands have been sold
and In daily use, We are
confident of being sustained
in saying they are fAs but
Coffee Mills in the United
States, any way you .fig
Several modifications are
madelo suit the f.ettcy of
wives and the purses if
Sold by the grow or dozen
at the manufaciory.—
,Malleable Castings made to
'Mese gentian nrl leles, of a 9 saes, and ghost improved
voirietion.comnantly on hang and {bit sale at very .educed
pekes by the eterenteteret. I. LIVINGPTON.
mar i. —.4.1 Front Itewreea Ross and araei sta.
HAVE removed that Paper store from Market
street to N0,.64 Wood one door from the
corner of 4th. where they k.-ep on hands their usual as
aortmem of WALL PAPERS. for papering pariors.en
trtes.chatribeesatc, and also PUNTING, WRITING
all of which they offer for sale on accommodating a rats,
fah 14.1843. —dtf
;K7-TO 111 V A.a4IDS. A.:10
flow 'lmportant it le that yvis commence without
loss of time wait Ntt►etinern's Pmts. They natdly but
surely remove all impurities from the blood,and no cave
of sickness can affect the human frame, that these cele•
Mated Pills do not relieve as much ar medicine can do.
Colds and coughs are more benentted by the Brandreth
Pills than by lozenges and canales. Very well, per•
haps.as paliatives. but worth nothing Re eradicators or
diseases from the human system. Tile Slumming rit.L.:
cure, they do not merely relit ve. they cure disease=.
whether chronic or retool, Infectious or otherwise, will
certainly be cured by the use of these all sufficient Pills.
Etna likno, January 21,1843
Doctor Denjeatia Brands-o.h —llooored Bin Owing to
you a dell of gratitude that money cannot pay, 1 sin
Induced to make a public acknowledgentlint of the benefit
my wife has derived from your Invaluable pills. About
three years this winter she wastaken with a pain In tier
ankle, which soon became very much inflamed and
swollen, so much so that we became alarmed, an d sent
for the doctor. During his attendance the pain and swell
in: increased to an alarming degree, and le three weeks
from its first commencing it breams a running sore
She could get no rest at night the pain Wll4 an great.—
Our first Doctor attended her for six months, and she
received no benefit whatever, the pain growing worse..
and the sore larger all the while. He said if it was heal
ed up it would bebier death, but he appeared to he ■t a
leas how V) proceed, and my poor wife still continued
to suffer the most teirible tortures. We therefore soustit
other aid In a Botanical doctor, who said when he first
saw it that he could soon cure the sore, and give her
ease at once. To our surprise he g . tee her no relief,
and acknowledged that ir ',Oiled all Ws skill.
Thus we felt after having tried during one whole year
the experience of two celebrated physicians In vain. in
absolute despair. My poor wife's consiltitilon rapidly
tailing in the prime of tier years from her continued
suffering, Under these cireumstatices we, concluded that
we would try your Universal Vegetable rills.determined
to fairly test their curative elferts. To my wife's ;real
comfort the first few doges afforded great relief of the
pain. Wit nin one week, to the astonishment of our
and every one who knew of the case, he swelling
and the inflammation began locatives° that she felt quite
easy. and would sleep comfortably, and, sir, after ill
weeks' use she was aide to go through the house. and
maim attend to Ore management of her family. which
she'haa not dune for nearly 14 months. In a little over
two manilla from Ihe time she first commenced the use
of your invaluable f' ills, her ankle was quite sound, and
her health better than it had been in quite a number of
years before. I send you this statement after two years
test of the cure. considering , it only an act of justice to
you and the public at large.
We nee, with much gra itude.
Very vespeetfutly,
P. :A. The Botariiral Doctor pronounced the gore can
remit:4. and finally said no 200.1 hr done. finless tie
whole of the flesh wa: rut otT, and the hone scraped.—
Thank a kind Providence, thig Made us revert to your
pills. which itiiethrt tig from nil !nether misery, and for
which we hone t he thankful. T. 4- C.
irrSoid at I.scenig per tins, with direction..
Ol•serve the new inheis, each having upon it IWO ritj
natures of Dr, Brand , ' h So each hox of the
ha. iiivialitreti—lltree Benjamin Brandreili and three
It Bra nil ret It Timm it.
The only plare wiles the re d [lran
4,11, Pitta ran I.e en:hilted, 14 the Doehn.'+ own o.nce.
In the Diamond, behind the Market hon., Mark,
the genuine Itrandrclii rillp ran never he obtained in any
dm , : soon..
The followi“1 are he. nails aTehis n0114)10E41 by Dr. 11
Bra , Irr•III, for the sale of his Vegetahte Uhiver4al Pillt
in Aile•nri4 co“uty;
pßorrup•L AmeNT.e , H I.EE, Pittsburgh.
Mr. Joh,' nl4, , —Allitlwny,
Rnbert Ihmean- Birmingham.
C. F. Weill—Elizabethtown.
H. Rotvlard—M'Keesport.
Pres.lv Irwin—Pleasant 11111.
John Johnston—Nottiestown.
Che.SMan SpaoOng -Stewartstown.
Odell 4 Connell—Clinton.
Rohert rover.-:-Tarenttm.
CPClfflt• NWPr-F.lllllff W.
Ihvid R Coon- Plum town.llllp.
Ranlei Nellei —Earl Liberiy.
Edward TlinmpFtrn—Wliklmthurgh.
6.llunter—Alten's Mill, mar 23. 1:143
The office Tit titbit rg h which was est altlDhen for Ihe
purpose of constituting, agents In the west, having accarn
pltshed 11 at raject, In now einsed, and Mr. G. 11. LEE
In the Dian md, Market street, appointed itv agent for
the sale of Pllts and Liniments 411 Dr. Braaten's agents
will tfinifore.understand,that DOI. will rend travelling
agent through the country once a year to Nuke' moneys
for sales made and re.so poly agclos. The said traveller
will be provided with a power of attorney, duly proved
'wrote the Clerk of the elly and county of New York,
together with alt necessary vouchers and papers,
Mr. J, J. Yoe, Is my travelllngagent now In Penal!.
vans', R. BR NDETII, M. DI
Rememtter r. G• H. Lee, In rear of the Mar.
kel is now my only agent In l'ltisbur:b.
New York,June lath, 1343,
10 - An Individual only wishes to know the right way
to pursue it; and there are none, were it 111:7RICLY made
known how We might be prolonged and flis.sitri re•
covered. w: u would not adopt the plan. Evidence Is
required that the right way Is discovered. This Is what
those suffering froin sickness want to he satisfied about.
For who is so foolish as not to enjoy alt the health lilt
body is outside oil Rho Is there that would not live
when his experience can so mulch henelit 61wt=elf and
family' It is a melanehnly fact that a very large pro.
portion of the most osell I members of society die he.
tween the ages of thirty and forty, flow many widows
and helpless orphans have been the consequence of man.
kind nut having In their own power the means of rester.
lug health when lost.
Now all these dangers nod difficulties can be prevented
and the long and certain sickness, and by assisting Na-
lure. in the outset, with a good dose of Brandreth's
This is a fact, wi II undeittood to be so by thousand' of
our citizens This medicine. if taken so as to purge
freely. will surely roreany curable disease. There is
no form or kind or sieknevothat It does not exert a cur.
alive influence upon. Thos, by their power in resisting
putrefaction, they cure measles. small pox, worms and
all contageousfevers. There Is not a medicine in the
world so able to purify the mars of blood nod restore it
to healthy condition, as the Brandreth Pills.
The grandreth Pills are purely vegetable, and se in
nocentthat the infaht of a mot th old may vise them if
medicine is required, not only with safety but with a ear.
Minty ofreceivlng all thebenellt medicine Is capable of
Imparting. Females may use them In all the critical
periods of their lives. The Brandri..th Pills will insure
their hezttk,and produce regularity in a'l the functions
of life.
The same may he said of Beendret A's Esterase! Rem
edy, area outward applleation in all external pains, or
swellings, or sores, it greatly assists the cure. When
used where the skin is very tender or broken, it should
be mixed with one or two pints of water.
A sure Tease pews.. BessdestA Pills. —Examine
the tics of Pills, Then look at the certificate of agency,
whose engraved date must he with!n the year, which
every authorised agent must posae,es; if the three labels
on the hog wee with the three labels on the certificate,
the Pills arise—if not, they are false.
Principal office, 241 Broadway, New York;
Jane lb.
:Otr To Till LatDl6l..-Vi by 1 you set nowt
I bat imperialist Ingig you Pave epos pat Amebae* and
li V itipt
upper tip 1 , - beVeriTyrd, ..116
, Faeterst..and
übtalnlngla - ales taidreg.dtabtlien. *bleb
wil l "IliVie4l: ill' boat erecting Militia . , Yoe
can 3150101004/**44irg tralycelberoted Mtn tiLlsout.e,
which willionSimovii, all freckles, ptelll l o l . met.
Lions oeti*iiirig i :Oil woke roar taciloot petrel), rale;
sod to tba . ' "w j iao - bridlt manila nature by addhly more
color to*ll4l, tier can pinata going oftnarlindA
ceietnatailLiiiblitMlie, evnteb clonat he robbed °leaven
he a wet , gtetb. Mao . may be rowed a good assortment vf
Per ru mei: bleebiagliCinioine, Deane Oil, Almond, rely,
Itcniettilier, al 'raffle% Medical Agency, 88 4th streeni
Draggiiiit aadotbtro tali besupplied at %V 1 ) 01esAle and
nail terms. way 2t 1842
Headache: Headache
CE now known toihousands a% a most extraordion
ry remedy for this affliction as well as the lacon
trovertibtefaet of their Ming DYSPEPSIA. Will those
sefferitig Only ask albOn: their friends if they base aut
known of the positias areas of said rms. and if they
do not bear them more warmly prahed (and deservedly
loo) than any other, thee let them net Way them. ID
these few remarks, all fancy or imagination is excluded,
and nothlue will be said of their merits at any time
hut what can be fairly proved by respectable snemters of
our community.
Read the follnwine eedifiCalt given by a respectable
citizen of Allegheny city, sold attested by one ofttiejudg.
es of the Court of Common Pleas of Alleabeity re.
A LLZONIIPIT MT, January 9, 1943.
Dear Sir—l have for a number of years part been af
flicted with a severe and almost constant Headarite,a
rim ng front derantetnent of stomach and bowels and al.
though I have taken nearly every kind of Illesfici-ie re
commended fur Its cure, have never derived any mate
Hal benefit until I used some of your truly valuable An.
ti Dyspeptic fills. I have not taken quite two boxes and
consider myself perfectly relieved from that distresqiie
complaint. I have no hesitation in recommending your
Pills as the best niedichie I have ever used.
Yours, Respectfully,
r am acquainted with Mr, none-, I have nn hesita
lion lit certifying that I consider thestatements of Mr,
T. resenting Dr. El odie's Pits. as entitled to the most
perfect and entire confidence. HUGH DAVIS.
For sale, Wholesale and Retail at the Srodonlan pill
Establishment Pittsburgh Pa ; au! by all authorised a
gents throughout the Union.
Alley city Jan 9 1345 Jan 13-17.
Evans's Camomile Pills.
CinTtrtcents.—Lelter from the lion. A leh'm
lan,Sutlivan County, ,Cost Tennessee,Meruberof Congress
W•IIIINGTOK. July 3d. 1338.
Sir—Since I have been in this city I have usedsome of
your Dyspeptic medicine with infinite benefit and ratty
friction, and believe It to hen most valuable remedy. One
of my :onsti went', Dr. A. Carden, of Campbell county,
Te'lneesee, wrote to me to send him Polite. which I did.
and he has niployed it very suctemfully in his practice.
aid ays It is invaluable. Mr. Johnson, your agent at
this place:. thinks you would probably like an agent In
Tennessee. If so, I would recommend Dr. A Carden, as
a proper per Font) Mfitlete for the sale of your celebrated
medicine. Shooldyou commission him he is willing to
act for you. You can send the medicine by water to Ibe
rare of Robert King fr Sons. Knoxville coutity.Tennes.
Fee, or by land to Graham k Houston, Tazewell, East
Tennessee. I have no rlonbl 'tint If you had agents in
several counties In East Tennessee, a great deal of medi.
tine would he sold. lam going to lake some of It home
for my own usc. and that of my Menai, and shonld
like to hear from you whether you would like en agent
at Montville, Sullivan County. East Tennesme; I cal' get
some of the merchants to act for you as I live near there.
Ycurs respectfully,
ABRAHAM fiI'CL'ELL.A floor Tennessee.
For sale Wholesale and Retail, by
B. E SELLERS, Agent,
seri 10 No. c 2O. Wood street,below Second.
This infalliMe remedy has preserved hundreds
when thought past recovery, from convulsions. As soon
as the Syrup is rubbed on the puma, the child will rem v.
er. This preparation Is so Innocent, co eilicaelotitt. ahrl no
pleasant, that no child will reftise to lel Its gums he rub
bed with It. When infantsare at the agteocrottr months
tho' there is to appearance of teeth, one bottle of the
Syrup should be used to open the pores. PaTents should
, ever be without the syrup In the nursery where there
are young children, for if a child wakes in the night with
pain in the V..) In A. the Syrup immediately !ryes ease, by
opt. elin the pores, and healing the gum.; therel,y prevent
ing Comm lions, Fevers, 4-c. For Sale Wholesale and
Retail by R. R. SELLERS. Agent,
fu7p 10 No. 20. Wo..ti •Ireet, below Second.
LIVER COMPLAINT cured by the irke of Dr. liar.
ilc10:4 compound sirenti bruin! and Aperient rpte.
Mr. Wm. of Piiklir±b, Pa,. entirelrenred of
the a,•nvedi<irra+in di.ma4e Ilk pyroplonk were pain
mot weit•h! in the left aide. In. , of rarpetite, Tomato!, acid
~r uciai nom n dimension of tee stootacit. Melt Ite.td-ache.
rurred ena nee chao2ed ton citron
y Jun:. disturbrd resu,.ttiended with a colgh,
2reat debility, with other #vmptonis iudtraling treat de
ran2enient of the functiork of the liver. Mr. Richard=
had the advice of several phy , lcions, hnt received no
reiirf,unmil , kin: Dr. llarlich's Medicine, which termina.
ted in etreelin7 a pe•feet cure.
Principal (Mire. 19 North 6iyhih :street. Philadelphia.
Far vale In P 01,141,111 by Saniutl Frew, corner of !Aber
ty and Wiidd rep 10
These Piny are composed of heirs, which exert
a Fneelfir action upon the heart, give impulse or
strength to the airier lei system; lite blood is quickened
and equalized in its circulation through all the vesyely,
whether 'little :k in, t he parts nit tinted Internal ly .or the
extremities; and as ail the seeretiony of the busty are
drawn front tlteidobd,thereice conerquent lacrease of
every accretion, and a quickened ton of the absorbent
and exhaleo , , or diodiareinx amorist. Any morbid action
which may have taken place is corrected. all °Wren:
Llano are ream - rel. t he blond is p unified and the Trudy
-.mines all ti tat! slate. h'o• 3 ate Wholesale and Re
pLYS cured by the t se of Dr. Harlirit's Of:impound
Strenethenine and iihrman Aperient Pil's
Dr. ilarlich—flear Sir—Shortly after I received the
Azenry from you for the sate or your medicine. I
formed an acqnnintance wi,h a lady of this place, who
was severely afflicted with the Piles. Poi right or ten
ren rs - thie lady was subject to frenneni painful Ittlackx,
and her phrdeian considered her case so romplicaleti.
that he very seldom prescribed medicine for her. Throne k
my persuasion, she commenced using vim Pills, and was
perfectly cured. Yours, 4-c. JAMES R. KI RBY
October :3. um, Cliambersbutt. Pa.
_ .
ir7Offiee nod General Depot, No. 19.1ilorill Eimiitil
Streei,Philadelphin. And by Samuel Frew, corer , o r
Liberty and Wood streets Pitisburzb. sep 10
O "Why will ye live al this paw
dying rate?" _IA
o l.e had at To rrLes Medical Agency, 86 Fourth at.
,only agent In Pitlsburgh.
Feb 22.
11\1 . 0 sooner does one of Dr. Leidy' preparations be.
4. come popular, in consequence of its careen and ef
ficacy, than it is counterfeited or Imitated.
To prevent imposition. Dr Leidy has now procured
moulded bottles for Ills celebrated Teller and Itch Oint
ment, with the words •Dr Leidy's Teller end Itch Oint.
nient,' blown in the glass, besides costalaing his written
signature en a yellow label outside.
Dr Leidy's Tetter and Itch Ointment, has proved more
efficacious than any other preparation for Teller, Itch,
Dry and Watery Pimples or Pustules, sad diseases of
the skin generally.
It has been employed in schools, &clod se, and on board
vessels carrying passengers ' whale children, as well as
grown persons, contract diseases of the skin from their
cogitations nature, with the most unexampled succes.::
certificates and recommendations have been heretofore
published 'from them, and numerous others might be ob.
rained for publication, but for the objections most persona
have, to having their names published in connection with
such disagreeable and loathsome affections
In no single instance his it ever been known to full.
It has been ased upon infants and by persons of all
I Rpm It is perfectly safe, contains no mercury in its
composition,and may be used under all circumstances.
Price Twenty-five cents a bottle. Prepared and sold
at Dr Leidy's Health Emporium. (sign of the Golden Ea
zte and irrpesit,l and ay R. A. FA IPS E.-TOCII 4. CO.
corner of Wood and Burth streets, Agents for Pittsburg
R C Sf A3ent.
• tlnd wt. below 4rotitt
rEsuitserlher just received bia seauelesitidy o
La 'id ret ler Garden Reds, corierstliqg isort oflh
°flowing kinds—lll of the lasi yearserop 4 irritated
Bely.igt Egg Plant, Parsaii4
Lleeis, &Oh% e, Peas,
Leans, Cale, replier.
Let.k ) Pumptin, Bror.coli,
W twee, - Radish, Durrcok,
Mater Melow, Rhubarb, Cat bar,
Nusk, ~ SabaCy, Cartel.
aaturtiusa, Cauliflower, Bpi:matt,
Squash, Celen',Okra, .
Toicainde, Code Crete, Onion,
Turnip, Cucumber, Parsley,
Corn, Mustard, (white and incurs)
&c. &c. &c.
Tozet be r witty a varlet y of Pot 4 Sweet berbs ar d4ll4ase
CP-Orders for seeds, Shrubs, Tr, es, 4c. from eardeo•
era and others wtH he received and promptly midwife&
F 1., '4 NOVk'DEN.
So. 164 Liberty. bend of Wood M.
Febrairy 15, 1840
Dr. Sway's—Dear -Ir:- Permit Ric to take the liberty.
of writing to you at this time lu capers, my apptcbation
and to recommend to the attention of heads of familits
and others your invaluable medicine—the Compound
syrup of Prelims 'Puglia:lna, or Wild Cherry Bark. ni
nay !resits of late I have sren In a Veal many iftalayeel ,
the wonderful effects of your medicine in relieving
deco of very obstinate complainis, such as Cissibint
Wheezing. I:hoakter of Pitiesm, ASt lanal if attacks. it; .
4.e. I should not have written this letter. however, at
i tre*ene althoueit I have felt it my duty to add my testi
stony ie it for sonic time, had it not been for a tate
cane where the medicine above alluded to,nraa tam rn•
mental in restoring to perfect health sn -only child: *
whose ease was almost hopeti n. in a family of my at
quaintance. '•I thank Denven," said the dusting motif.
r only child is saved from the Jaws of death! 0 hew
feared the relentless rava;er But my child is safe its
Beyond all doubt Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup •
Wild Cherry is the most valuable medicine is this or soy
other country. lam certain I!: ave witness"! more Lisa
one hundred cans where it ha, been attend& will, cow.
plete sucrest. I am using it myself in an obstinate at.
tack of Bronchitis. in which II proved effectual In a ex.
ceedingly snort time, considering the severity of the case.
I ran recon,end it in the fullest confidence ofits superiee
virtues; I would advise that no family should be wilhost
it; it is very pleasant and always beneficial--erertlß
double and often ten times Its r.. lee. The public are In.
cored t here is in quackery about R. R. JACKSON, D. D.
Formerly Pastor of the First Presbyterian Chunk,
Sold by WM. THORN. wholesale retail, only anent
for Pitistiarali. No. 53. Ma•ket , treet. seri 10
ABOON TO THE HUM A N Alll—..Disceser
what rill destroy Life. esti you are • greet sus
"Oil:corer what will prolosar Life. and the rerli will
call you Impostor.,"
"There are faculties,bodily and intellectual. Wein" to
rick mk:e.a certain here* have efEairy, and peer whisk
they have power."
Dr. B. Brandreth's External Remedy. or LinkeWok
which. by ha extraordinary powers, abstracts Polo Of
Sorene-s; Hies Sprains, Stiff SineweaKhite PlarotHeell
Rhtumatte. Pains, or Stiffness, Stiffness of the Deists
Talmors, Unnatural Hardness, Stiff Neck Pore Throat
Croup. Contractions of the muscles, Scrofttletnevirr
targements, Tender Feet, and every description of a
jury affecting the Exterior of the Human Fiarue,te
'cured or ;really relieved by his atoer•ts be evident
extolled remedy.
Ceirrincert.—The following letter from Major Cen
era' Sandford, as In the qualities of the External Reale.
dy, speaks volumes .
Dear Fir—Will yon ohltpe ma with another bottle t
yonr excellent Liniment? It is certainly the heat of the
kW 1 have ever reen. It has cured entirely my son's
knee, about which I was so uneasy.and I have found
productive of immediate relief in several eases of exlet
nal ininry in my family. A few evenings since. mi
youngest child was seized with a violent attack ofCrony
which was entirely removed In tartlety wis.ttes, by rub
blue her chest and throat freely with the External Rem
erly. I tl•ink you ought to manufneture this Liniment
for general nse, Invead of rnotioinr. the use of it . as you
have heretofore (bile, to your paritrular arquaintnittes.
Yours vnty, C . W. AA NIWORD
B. Elslnnarrn.24l Broadway. N. Y.
. .
r - F -.
For alr. at NI Pkondwat, New York. and at II).
o ffice in the 10 .Mond, Plualorrg.h. rt:lrE.-50 rent.,
„et bottle will. Mr...1.043n5. kept()
:.lasr ludirlilna'a is vet y nna,enwe. They are 11, re
who work in art nnheal'hv, atmosphere. Printer?, work
men in ferither glorPJ, Stone flitter!, 1)11kf ft, white. teat
nannufacrurerp, are ill men, or .es; sutifert to disease ar
cordine to the .trenetit of itittir constilut ion. The ant)
method to prevent disrive, is the 0cr11,10113 , U.f! of.t
Medlrine which abstracts from the errenlation all delete
Hens hitmors.and ihem by the bowels. 'Tonle
rn an' twin fire injurionit, as they only -at off the, evi
day to make it more fatal. The use of Brandretit's Pill
will insure health, because they tale RR 'impure matter
out of the blood; and the body is not weakened bat
strenetheried by their operation, for there valuable Pills
do not forre,but they assist nature, and arc not oppeeet
but harmonize with her.
Fold at Dr. Brandreth't Office, in the Dinmead
Plll.heryn. Price i 75 cents per hoe, with full direetions.
MARK—The only place in Pitistoirth wit. re the
DENUINE Pitisrau be oldatned,is the Doctor's own or
tire in the Diamond. tee 10
Caveat entered 9th June. 184'2- Estee; granted to
B.strileth.2 o th January, 1843. _
The extract. of which Brawireth MO are cots
po.ed are obtained by th , s n. w rovettle,d p rv etso.
without hoiling or RI y Appliretion of Ilea.. The ee—
live p.ittriple of the herb:: is thus ertut eri the seta•
as it is in the
The Plitze„ Fh,,n•cl be c .ttiiot.. or medicines ree—
earnatemie 4 in advt., li-ment- s °len from me, is
which the CONTrrirrisi.v. ROBBERS steals Ul7 laws
gitage, merely altertn_ the name. Time will stow
there wholesa'e (keel% art. ill their true light,
04 r Rit ANDRETH'S PILLS are the People's
Medicine, proved by thrwands who daily remain
mend them to the afflicted. The BRANDRETH
PILLS are growing -very day more popelar, their
vit furs are extenditi their usefulness. The sick of
both sexes are dai:y deriving benefit from num.
Nn case of disease but they run he used with 'advan
tage. Blotches tn. held lumps of the skin they speed-'
ilv rare, so with erysipelas, so with salt rheum, sit
w ith indieettinn, so with roughs and colds, to with
costiveness, so with cancer, so suit) hot parched lips
and canker in the mouth. Let the afflicted use shes
medicine, and they will find they require no other.
Sold at 25 cents per box, with directions.
Obcerce the new labels each havong upon it tiro
ignatitres of Dr. Brandreth. So each box of the
genuine has Rix signatures—three Benjamin Broad
reth and three B. Brandreth upon it.
The ORLY ?LACE in Pittsburgh where the Rea
Brandreth Pills CAN BE OBTAINED, is the Duette,
own Office. Diamond back of the Market, A f isuna
Mark, tbrfinsinpric Brandischrilht •:
tair ed in say Diem Stmt. 141
The foilin*iii ago** WILT_ :;*
edby M Dr. B Brasrietir,for
ble Mammal Pi kitei
GLeem.Priacipel Offreet,
Mr. Jct.bn Glass—LAllegheny.
Robert Duncan—Birmingham
C. F. Diehl—Elizabethtown.
H. Rowland—McKeetport.
Prenly Irvin—Pleasant Hill
Jchn J ohnson—Noblettown.
Cheiernan & Spaulding—Stewartstown.
As & Connell—Clinton .
Robert Smith Porter—Tarentum.
George Power—Fairview.
Devitt IL Conn—Plum Township.
Daniel Nee ley—East Lverty,
Edward Ti/OMpoon—WiLltnrAiiirgit
Wei. 0.
.~. -~
Nu• You, Feb, 9, 1842