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Subject to the decision of
1511)c Malin Illorning
vE Is:gvE*BEß 1.
are glad tia-szethe, -Advocara- a crimmitthsg
itaislfjoktttuirtjr ragaiait the strifiii-oneandef:iag lati4
imp ' poli4 of a high pro Lactic-a Tariff'. Ns
. _ _
• • • • ..ifispositlen Maw
n teirlltl4 vi r t PlNVOlNiwneourning hope
thatthe t soon be withdrawn from the
chvi9ppediagitical w,axfareandadjusted in that spirit of
bohethest, motion' and liberal concession which
can alone render erideffectii 0. The oil
kor saysitfit r tiqr:li.744for a Pro 4etlye, Tariff "ad vacates
the raisin of iinolose turns of rummy. by the Tara!:
",They knowlreerviell - i" he sayi, "that whetirthe oh:
jars is itasee4 to , raise revenue, and that, in die great,
artrio:ii 6 ut tli 3 tiic:,..4n be little or no pivioeilou." For our
part, wo hoxvosver heard the
-policy of raising large
revennossustaird, except by the friends .of a high scale
of dliee...3t4s hot boon ' ten days since we ware told
or an tiltrallarittlrran-who Went in for raising au *sew.
ftionstwillsow, ISM wh6 said that it cue:Leto be raised
for the sake of the 1113,!InfaC Wring intereit,even if it were
thrown into the sea wholie3lLcvii. shall not con.
trovert the AetebOste's issatirtionthat extiiiili-e - ta ri
"cube littleaFn) ttrOtACtiOTl.' i But it is gertainthat
the tarifforle(the highest, we believe, ever laid) did
bring immense amounts into the Treasury, and was
decuao*.ii i ltallniptsrtsnee Co the sttece s t of manufac
tumors. So impoEtant, indeed, that /klt'. CLAY bassist
aseelleeiry, dumb in the estimation of some of them for
the part ho took in reducing it—and that political act
has inisss*,usssiouslrused against him in-this county
bye portioa-ef des .gtefitoool:l party. "But ther (bends
offrotairain'4ant.;" aiys the Advocate, "dasim ins.
®e iUIU '6
be raised." Doubtless, the moderate
. and sensibleitartion of themdo am _lithe ultra tariff ,
men, those whit wish to turn the question to their own
1 2iirapti1itioal use, or thou whose blind pursuit of
.34wheyxleens their own pecuniaryinterests, wiltnot
lelkithiststakeLa liberal view of the subject. have not
Sbabdobed the idea ofan excessive mats of duties.
'the ittivocate asks for "facts" to support what we
144440 be a plain and undeniable fact in - Itself, that
*As* ow foreign goods is. added to their original cost
!od paid by the consumer. It asks `if"iron is dearer 1 1
1044.19ng ran than it would be if not pr.stected."—
tio- - a:onfess we do -plot exactly comprehend she goes.
imam, bitiwillatate . that the object of a high pretecrieg
raisethe foreign article ts a price
Stro4what the home made 'article Can be afforded at;
thet,inconsequence ."iron is dearer" than it.would
ha if - cciartnome were unrestrioted,though, of cortsi,oar
tillotehilli 'would not prosrier as at present. The
4.4N441/4sa as Its t'....kre pur oottim fabric 3 dearer by
the ArnAunt. the thity - an a:.trinii:ar foreign itirticle."
doltaohiii they ate am, at left those are nut which are
~ale a prat extant in our own colintry,--
n4pfar r a of coarse cotton (it was said about
tit;ttieset adj testing the present tariff law) did nce. ask
aryiTriet4iion. 'They - were able - to goon without it.
118 t. aware that coarse cotton fabrics are now
iplpnrtrd at al/...itaeents ittiprubahle that they should
bq,Wisetywe daily read in the papers how successfully
AdieriCancoarse cottons compete with those of Britain
Eireign to bosh, and it was lately stated
enrusanuf,se-turers could even send such goods to
Eingiuscheind sell them to advantage. it 13 not proba
btifilhatillarchns is Of these goods would, under such
choose to have them from England's
Icolii% Olen the American article could be had cheap
etcata roidu not therefore 'oppose that a duty upon
foreign goods of this kind would affect their price, for
aiidphi teas'on thatllo.lo would he imported.
.0 1 4:t7ouldseetni that the politicians a:New York
ctif, sollatrely ever taker thought that till United States
ce!trofisess a vast tract of country. stretching several
41* r id &tiers d i Mctio L ns i frum that 111 L! tropoli a, and that
lif.94taius thaly intiebitantl i who have some political
preferences and interests, which are as important nr.d
earsetirthp of attentfoit, 83 are those of the people of
ttl i AW If the aforesaid liticians had reflected a
ragateavo.n; these things, they would certainly have fee
basren inlet forth the ridictilons proposition contained
to coriiimnicition in the Evening Post, and which is I
isiiAtii;riior3 nor leas than that Meesrs. Cat. HOE; N and
V* liclaimr shall, by proxy, draw lots as to which of
(Mirk . Wilt rim fbr Vice President, and the winning
is to be a 'andidate for President
„All mill ulmitthat . •
tins would be a summary and very
; anew way of dividing the honors—provided, that those
14fittiii worn the undoubted and exclusive property of
ti.iintigsitem who are to play this portentous game,
bglgtr the netional convention. But it is not yet con
ceded that the choice of President must necessartly lie
InfiweerHi those aspirants,--Old Pennsylvania has some
ter, say .about it, we presume, and se have the
st tmißwhicitthefriends of Cass and JOHNSON are
moving. And until it is given up that the choice must
be made between the two gentlemen thus mad 3
promifietit, their friends, will not insist on their "draw
Fee be little dioubt that the magnisceut plan
Prepeoualis whites more nor less than a panacea for a
litsisfarnily qiiarrel f which raps just now in the city
ofiliinilork; between the friends of :%Sessrs Calhoun
a4,VoinSuren. It would answer exceedingly weld,
ifoakresaid before, the people of the territory round
Yark,'• had nothing further to do then to seek out
viiyOurd means to pacify these contending factions,
asasttp gratify the ambitious aspirations of those who
erogarornineat in them. But inasmuch as this does not
mititit to them to'be the chief Object of their political
hipuitzation, and a 3 there are merlin the party equally
&Miming, who are not in any way connected with the
unhappy broils of oar brethren in Gotham, we rug.
fist that one of there be taken for President, with a
man for Vice President. And further, we would
beim venture to suggest the name ofJasiss Beeman...a
as the Presidential candidate. Who will sty that our
fitir fire settlingthe dificulties in New York, and what
itat leait equally important, securing the triumph of
411-pany throughout the unwary, is not a good one 7
........ :.,
idr -16, .iineric..., i., very indignant at the Gazette
or vultiapting to crawl into the whig ranks, after hay
lac •abased- that parry so outragemoly. It took the
start of its neighbor, and having given inits adhesion
to the-1044 trims ref- blest that the Deacon, who man
- s Wad* elikbikitgrotind while Antima-
atm , shaXliolseii to follow hint into
, Z ni
1411111111111.1-.64 14 Ipedegahl;iO4 Put the_American's
alittlOveo - 1 . 4a soodelSbi_fltieldte will become d "whig
thirpSratid we to predistjltbdt before a twilve
41.10 - ,:ic 0 . ,4 - o,s***, manage it will asstany to
eetaioitaell,`Fonivdtatti wing patty." The Aelrecate
aattlArnerktari as . tty snarl as they please ; tail if toes- are
titaliiiilait; - thefiiiiltiot en li hive - to - tintl - iii-i - itiasSO-
elation hut to folioW it= dictum, in the management of
their party. As we predicted before the election, the
Intitwisnary of it+ editor hoc' 1 1 1 o , arerlted; and if it
- "/TH ' IB' .fad
he necessary to secutilire ' mice of his new friends, DRATH 0/TRE EDITOR OP' Till JEFFS' 'X 1 ' .
.441 XX Of TES UNI ATR3.—The New
, .„„.. .
.yrs.„lmay eystr-to bOr %um
. nounce Anti ag511.7,7110s
.„.., 4 , •
.. : . :-. ' ' t . „ . ~ . 'es Solledpntains the fell tlOO-teladn 4.
,i .. 14-evitZid 0
.. ' er d c whiggery.t &Mb 411 P us 'at, : . in t -C , r •'- d- ...'"; of ''' '''
' tillYi funti eemaining in the diiOfthafruactesortili
... r. ,,,
TiathigAlbe liesitfpn ellf.atiairii:the mhi gs rna4o
.„ . sg , . dy. „.p. ..,d cohz u :.,. :t i ....As
lainkVahe United Susgs:-.ti ;
~---- '-' . ~.
1' 'lt
stake a vireue.nineceisety, triad rerei‘e the
f.. , st '
.. qtalter*Er...f- • t-.... ) ' - e - ,,,k"7 i... •. 4 'lVe vett endy stated Ametheraileatisiliplicultku;
adherence to s itay,rwiZ - as much cheerfulnialh as if , "Mr. Lust( emigrated to this State from Cum'.er- now before the Supreme Co ihia relativlato the funds re
maining in the hands of the suryiving - Tmeitee s of the
land county, Pennsylvania, in the year 1839; and
liethsti e t.,
they believed its motives honest, and its ab
_,.. . . .. e , __ _ ...,- -- - ----,- •-,..-4.----i-derrosee --- isimistsit' - ittu - real' -ran' fti-feire-"liiiiitiG '14444 . 1 ' 1 " 1118 _ thii " l 414444 "• - 'Aboilt , e... Year age 011 `.
-Di nisitein tionorani .
•asriculturl.. ite r std, sermeet i v h i s owne - t h e, p ropr i etor MAY., r itnitli nni,ice was given by T these rusteea that
Mei hatVpreschited the accennts . of their` trust to the
ofthei Inquirer% and' to idtinhhe gave'all his attention
proper Court, accompanied with a statement, in which
and industry. He was a vigoroes and active thinker
a bold tv
esihitio - 156
men over i i ,,,m w e h rr o ' hail
01..-shir tiers on thee hint the Parties en
-I'o2 atwi en intrepid adtcfar4e'cith o i.d ese l e ; the,y Amid the .
tithed to receive it. This amount if was then presu-
A nge of honor; and -110,3 1. 111 ,mer-r_igitilenXla. Mtwe char._ 4 , n .li la h 4 ., ' l) 9ve twenty thtalisand dollars
ifalroßiirbe: . A.rdmtkie 4ithi,a4ohip. ga d jib ma ra n d f 61.64 ;' 66- .l3ta In Part erlEffifeeitb'derlateirsiddle the'
bank was to operation , and' Which'had never been rip
' cottrieonild his itttercourse .
.M' society, society, he had at
lied for, and in part also' tiedepeirks—A's balances which
tached to himselfa largo circle o frierifts who ?sweat- p
•ed and•lnt : actlifint, 'l4ei waa an ere'O'donitte huSbe e d,, may heverremained tumal ksafior;butprincipally,-it was
an in.dulgrantliither, amlakinclnei4hbos:. ..,14e 64 been supposed, of unclaimed installments on the capital from
.• The charter of the Bank-expired:on
' prostrated for marl ntbn4 with a4ml mtitiarkdiseaso. • the Inalt44l3d3 '
He had ho fear ar deith . 1 , - ', ''lln hi.4' boyliclird, 'he had 614th 41 March ' 1811 ' and as nanntlisan thir4 Y .4 ' ir°
been an actor in die Mainly fight ofthippliw'a and; Lun- n ar ioll'Pel since elapsed, many of thpse who were
dy's Lane; and when ho sunk. under his -BiSeaie, he straboldeil . at the
.tim . e . are now deceased; and their
met death with the coaragevfa soldier, aid the - • . heirs or represemetisoes tnay not tii3 *ware of these in
.e restg
nation of a christian. ,! • ' enahnisotelting Mei matheie. *stemma -It. its therefbitof
suggested . dim, ptkblic retie/Am given,l,n. which.might 1 A
be specified thewames and residences of the:several ! • it ' . °II °" '-
sto#,co en - w t l2 „ s h em o m „ tmene , it , ~,e „ , yet tin _ all the cotton factory stocks, and especially the LoWell,
called( tllitt-;a4.1 fhe afneinte s dire et 'Veer sv,4,d'et'ii t ..6..,_. have , &stagy. advanced. in princ f swithir a..filsy : grkomhs,
also the dividends and- of deposi ts . it is l and are still rising: - The cau.4et of thittsmiden advance
quite probable that chess .of
and fam
ilies to whom the seats' ' - rwou/d be entitled to —amOunti' hg to fifty prr cent, jt.remarks-Lirn_i teLbe
wof thi Chiaanuariiet - -, artdelfsivislit
receive from this soureitseeltPosi be essentially ser- feu 14'414 ' b P infiff b.
. - •
1 - vicecaile.
, i off surplus stocks, the low rate of wages paid t h e oper
-1 ,The folloWing instalments on ihO CaPitl stock hove eave s ; nr,,4, withal, an unusually low_ price of raw rea
-1 been paid to the shareholders since the diss olu t i on of terio... -,-....,;
~, 22; , '. ' ; ,•.." . .•'..--'_. r.: . -- ....:".. 7 ." . ('''
the Bank, viz;- 1
' - •
! 1812, June 1, 7414 per eent, au the . 'tal stock. ' r
Do. Oct.), 18, .. -do . do IS ' A S atan L.O 'IA Af' Ctioa,--The Planters.' Banner
• 1813, Api-il I, f -ao do . say,l, fr. . wa l d k.illat- 0 .1.c4? 4 ± 1 .4 New :iit '' . 4 o 4 ll ncher , _ the
making togethe r 100 per cent, or $4OO per share. ' ' will be made before the first of next month. In At.
Also:daterkwiing"extra instaireentst - 7 • ' '
,„ hehooo "tisane coon
_ i4 t
r ." ter , t h as
1817, Feb. 28, 4 per cent, being 116 per share, tok",
1820, April 24, 11 do - 7 ..Ltifiourebe, but it.will fail fer,stext of our.planters'ev
,May 9,2 f do 9 o pectations. The best orwps that wo-hive seen are on
1830, May ..I, 4 . do . 2. • d3ce
; the Bayousuf and Black.
1834, Sept. 4, do 205 " 1r '
: I
DUTY Os Fteca.—The Charleston Courier state,
Amount of MUM ill*LailllOnta , $36, 05rr sh
being a tittle morothart 9 per cent. are, that official itifurnottion bps been received from F. IV.
,Robesert,,Esq., United States Cctasul us-StuitaXesstha,
1 ------- ---------..
THOSE $lOOO NOTES -NO MURDER. Now Grenada. that the Legislatuns of Santa Martha
1 1 0. M. LOWlldli, Esq., returned from Philadisphia has imp , ,sed a duty of one dollar per barrel on dour,in
last evening, says a Now Y or k pepee. of yesterday, additiarusi a. previous - oat of fifty cents- onalung-the
IL.r whither herhaditelm to investigate tbamye c tefy smiesi , ve , citwioowp,' barrel $ g 52 ''
-..c she two one thousand dollar Dotes •o, t h e rAntimi- • • ' • •'
al Beak -of this city, one of which was taken frem, she c...lF', There was nice feet water is the river at Cizt
persod`Wheoffered it hu 144114'4Ni sit karadee's; and - -,, -_r• ',i n s . -y r I - 2 - a ~- '• -`-' rri - "
the other from the colored man/rim Win row. Thu cjimatil " 6 " re ' "'" f " . "'t'' unu* "Rne 7 ' . - "elin" 9'
L afrair confirms the statements of the two colored men, prodace by thcCanni werefight„ ennserrunaly freightsi
Tilrnan and Augustus, wl,O came on from Philudephia particularly to 'New Orleans, were scarce,
Ito rhanie tile notes, and who weLe arrested with Win- Flour was selling at '3,50 a 3,36, and IVlsts' key at
row. IYhen theivretvarrestad by eater Boyer, they 17
I both StAtOthhat the money tuul b. en gib 1. I,2 ento them by . ' 2 4 . L 4 1.41 !t__..._ ' ' .t___,...,:.. 7_, , .„;. - i!! IX'
a colonal waiter named Hisdoe Bacon; 'of the 'United I NOT ficont. , -Tho Steamer “Harkttwinv," se stated
Show Hotel,in Philadelphia who said he bad found i n on poo , r
_resk.,rdriy. '
the notes is one of the water h ut s ef the is Af.. r - • -
‘ ril l' " • • '
ter their arrival here th ey s a id they applied to Winrow, Tut '"'Qt: Et CITY.".-Thiii, is:tbe name ofabeauti
who is a waiter at II said egablishment in Broad- ful new Steamer, of 40'J tons burthen, Which has fast
way, to get one tithe notes changed, and he nude up
„„ww.two_to the yoir - k , whim
man who ofeeed it oe ,. boest completed at Cincinnati. Shais intended tortin
/147,0de0,,, tad =to w h om h e peoiniwd one h,,,d r ..d in the New Orleans trade, and-will beroommanded by
dollar, Jr he succeeded in the operation. Oa the arri- Capt. T. S. Dugan,
rival of Mr. Lowndes p.t Philadelphia, lie immediately . ......---------
railed upon the Mayor of that city, and informed him .
of t he natore °lbis business, when the Mayor 34 prOmpt •
iv replied that he knew all about it, and their stated, '
that a Gentleman who tudbovn boarding at the United
Reported 4y b"Acbie wed At4ekeil, Ociserakrnear n
States Hotel, in that city, fur nlew din-i, hail ralIM up .:
on him. and stated that he had recently, while in !"Str.sr Beat digests. II er street .
York, drawn nineteen $lOOO notes, e( the Na iernal
Bank, a pmnion ;f” whirl, kv• era. about tf)•i"•f•grin
....OM,' p r .;.orty its tho S' ire of Ohio. That on hi. 3r- .-
risni 1., Pui;ll.l(.lrthi./ ho tl)'. r , v - ., "MOO noto. fr-mt th
. •
parksr., irltich /rid b• - ••• 1 placed •
. .
JAMES Bt I CMANAN.—The friends of this geri
-tietnan will observe that a pub:ir meeting is called for
next Tuesdly evening, for the purpose of adopting
measures to secure him the Presidential nomination.
The ehtirl 3o f. renTuulr#lta:puitir Mate - .OV . :*t*iokid..
and they if - heil4llitda *uppcorkanc4rge
thetalij4th ''roper vigor.. Every right . thinking Aims
crat, and ; very Pe nneyivaniatn'tehcrbas ajsist estimate'
Aft therigirut of his state, Aetires Mr, Iltichanan's nom _irtatihnf wei - expelti that the, meeting of Tuesday
ujght i‘in demand itin a apimießoot to he disregarded;.
,• , •
teryibleAjsclkaa pr : evailit ZO
isljiimntiN;ioi*nt inJeferionColloge, La.. .111#31:01.
44,11411*-travabeen saspenciel i - and most of the
vthitenrithitvettintiltome: The whole state of totiiS
iana ittspe:ars . frbin`account s to bo more than 44nally
unhealthy this season,
Youtto Fssamov•The New Mien I : forget:if iVed
neadq, sap, the: father of young Fasaitt firth* in
town yeatettiny:Arnomplutied by: the Rev. Alpert
Barrie*, ofPitilachtlphth, to netenethe examination Of
hip son. on th 6? charge' preferred against bun by the
Grand Juiy.
pie Tailors andShoontaktr s of Now York. faY 4
ono aflhovaper s , will undoubtedly obtain etpeaneablo
and eornr,:eie trisarripli, and inaufti the:payment of fair
wain! for theirJabilr. . This is Lilo way. No
mobs nor riuw-their day is oast:-
AGRICULTURE IR EttOLANDAttb Antatti..;--Somo
interesting and important facts vette - developed at the
late Agricultural Fair at Rochester, Ni York, Fur
insulate, pr:. teektnan stated to his address that 10,-
000 caitle 'anci 44,000,000 of sheep are kept in Englund
advantageously on a territory but little larger than the
State cf Now York. This is not far from twice the
number of sheep no* to the whole, United States.—
The English otativotors of the soil, harvest annually,
according to De 43. 284400,000 bushels of grain.—
The fanners of leer York about 51,000,000.-
'Claus "rt— P-
A BarrissCptiousbatit;'
er of hersja.lKt,xa brig of aitsielgmcb, on
the Irish Pak auras long ago - , and 10as guil ty
of one of the maddest actiitntigiable. But for the
presatkeand firmness or - his first lieutenant and other
Mficers, it would have had a most tragical result.—
Captain Beralem, the commander, ordered the
beat to qua rtzr#, and then directed the deck cleared for
action, and the guns /double shnted, printed, and fired
into the town or Cork. The officers, however, inter
fered. enticed the captain into the cabin, and confined
him. I-le was immediately removed, awl the brig
placed in the command of the first Lieutenant
Foe Sre.Axete.--The Pittsburgh Post recornmco&
the Ron. William WilLins,metzther of CoDgress from
Pittsburgh clistrict,asa suitable parson koeSpeaker of
of the next Flouse of rt - presentstives. A better . r
perhaps, could tot be made.—Phila. Times
- This gentlerrtanWAl. 3 , i r okeh of by many of the Demo
cratic papers as the next Speaker of the 11..5. lions.
of Reptesentatives. His. recent election as member of
Canirrt.s, from federal Allegheny by a majority "(near
ly 540 over all his Col:apt:dun-A is a +iron; argument in
his favor. IV° hope that Pohnsylvania br• serves
this time in the person ocher worthy representative.—
Let the press speak out in behalf of his claims.
York Gazette.
y aver Packet..
p m 4 I*lt nrniutil his
'Cicero, Pittintson, Sr. Louts
1 testy, :slid tiopro..ted tit , min es portset wallet, lii :1 '
Moores -.10e.
"Alps. Tislit, Chi.
I•h 'ft tiny: nfierv.-ord. If', mivseil the svlNei and r.:3,. ,
AZlreahly to the N. Y. fier dd. th , Min. 'tor,
. Orp4,. us, I)alen. Len.ss Lir, .. 7
14 ' 4 I inns ditite iuterintition on the le aprirtar sifiltii.: ;tun...,
' !Alin-. c.,i,r; Dc‘imiely, Nisleiile
circular dater} - Joly Idth, prohiiiitel firriirri Yin-els I
~i iii, , r
~i th„ ii
~.. T:, ~ hi , i „ 1 „,.. i .„ „..,..,},,, i t bhd
. A Ipri:r. Uorlitiurn, Bro‘ansville. •
from tra.img to the port Burr .% at the east of Monte-
‘,,, ” f r „ i , I ,i, „, , •i,., , ssi,A,. ;u ear „r 0 ,,, uu t h,,,,,,
video, theo in tho hands of Oribe, who obtainint 1114
~:.:?,,, ~...,,,1 , ; i4, ,,,:„„. 1 : ;u : . . ~ '. . , , ,
1 .,.... V 1..”, ..14 1.. 4.11.1, Ilit MCX:111:th1, Parkioson. 31en. City.
supplies there.
, _t.ricsics. testae sereft, vitas Imola m the sink. *ids ' Nyw if q :.. Grovele
The British Consul sloes no; hositote to assent to thr ' e • . i -1
.11li l ite n y, 1) -au, St. ',mils.
1., toe p, pe7i sons, ott t.n.• t.. , 4 4 , 001) %W, IT , '.`le min.
1,., ,otr. Mi.rri..,i n . do
proh ih;tion. and promise. to warn his c iuntryrren a.i. i ,, , , ,:: I
,„ a , ..,
~,„,, „/
,„ ~,,,, us , :.,1,,,,. i .,,,-p i ,-, : ,.
alio ‘ Lc' Boilev Cie
FE.:II ALE LABOR. paint riidatine i%
, ~.1i , !,, i , ~,, ilw arr., al of Mi. 1-iwnd•s, Iii:: I•nied .1:: - - '' : • ' '':'
s•V .• ,
i ' DEP I.kit KO.
Many of . the most influential journals of the rot:ate:if t•Tne .I.m.:rien.:: Csien!
' l ' n , i" any right " '-. ' I. , ano .i. kil.:ii .1 li ti in g - footiii ill , ' 'tuna-, .r hf it ...In, :
. DU' it' 13,..a)vr l'aiikets
have begun to azitate in favor a it,: oppressed learns te)adetn ToYfritnent to n'elline the train' ne af' t"' , a , ~.,.„ ~ ~, t ,„.. „1,,, e 4 t n r. n . I t i rg y an a nd A e;e...,., to
' it it /: , I:l'..l , lfC:r/ j ', St./. , ui t i,
stres.ne-i. We notice the following suggestion s i n ti,p in the hands of their enermie. He snows, '1! c'er - -"*""ts : , one rase /II Ca, and change. Tit-, stanith....:t unitle be
• ilrettette. Irwin, du.
Natiored IteellieonePr:— of thr Sirprem-• Court. tent the Frited S!eat , l claim - them have, ; 1 ,:.,,,, c „„„., . i ., i ,„,i , , „, ~..,..,,,in t r a, ia l„ ,
Alpine, Co.:kin:re, 1111)1V115‘ille.
PCS.; I st.—Let the Merl form a Aoeietv to he cal- n o such priliie,re themselves; and for these noinimn, itic,in a
i .„, n , aiii.. . ,1 1 ,,,. 0 „„ M
at ,
~r p,,p 1 ,1,. 44 , Ein
led "The Brother's of the Good Woirien." Let th e he protests RT./Oas t the dosin g of the putt of lIIICCO,
~. orl a chae of Col atruc.tp.,• Lar.,•l,,V, ass,l v.... end Nlax,thels, Parkinson, Altai. City.
Be!fast, Smith, Wheeling.
merri:iers sign a pledge to buy the cloth for all their , and tst)) . --' that if' , *ball protest nPinst gilt- setzure ' An.;, w i il be, sent taitissieji as witit,, , .., a...flirt-I ----, , 1 _ . . si
.., s
, ~
~ 47: .111 , oata marked t h i n[ are pro% Rica nIUI
..:1(.0111:;g, hoe° it cat by the gentlomea tailors. mid Antert'ln I . "". 14 made under it. He "like" the' .. , ,r. , inn,. 11„ gentleman who lost the ettottoy left: I int
I , in, tratei Gourd, to prevent. t e Explosiun ofSteam
made by females, 11.:?d at prioes tixed by the.S.ON. to OCel ' i "" t" Pritte't a- 7 ")"" th e "tz"re hiretu ll." cnctue. de l bid the morottig after the wallet was Lund, cr , d 1 ; .. ;, „
be paid in can l t dorm. by the individual s h a s i ng the on the 17th, on the schioner La rinitta, at .Nlontes-ul ta ti ;
will b „„
, rp ,.. i . Nit.
..,., b y thin
.third li,:
.will, work done. Let it be a p r i v il ege d "L t i ma ..,„4,,, i n „ L . , _ , going at len g th Imo a coniitlorstion of that ease. The i in ail p rn b a bili tyi r ,,,,, i 4 i t . 0k,,,,, that the h i il s b ase
_-..,._.. .
It Es i I TEAS, COFFEE. and other Grocer s
dspressed hearts he , iificaup. - ; brig Trafalgar bed elan ' , eon " 11 -I'l- 1 nn the 19th, it I -b een recovered through the ti , fore meniioned strange 4 11 1 1 i ie
, _! ,:ive,l l , m i, o d . . i i: j i r se . i ft . ,k. er ir y 7 t. te omit terms, for cash,
.iast re
PLAN 2 e.—(Somethin g for our no bl e bidi va .)_-. - seems: but tile C. _ . s.ii i , .i .1 Adorns
45.4 . 1 '' ' hadi ng a "' l I eiretunstitiren. Had tire
WAI. mrraiELTREF:,
Let there be a Female &icier), to lie called "Th e S as - I her. the prize crew deserted, and she prsscoeded to Ito change the note taken it N t v o u ri u n g v I b n ii a til 'A s h ir u
ill-lwdsvir . No. 160, Liberty street
tern of the Sisters." Let them giro a pledge to wear I Buenos Ayres.
• %Vail street, instead of baking it to Flarsaden's Expre s ,
nothing but what is made up by females ken e. at prices _.......__________________
office, it would have been changed in an
e l ROUND NLTS, Just received from 1 4
to be fixed also by the Society, as near an may be.' Bt V tgitur.v r op Vingicu.—The Prefect of Pole ____
Rest ARE.—By the above modes of action not only ,h, n ,tin e d V idLIC4 I LO leave P i.is. The order rune
would large sums be distributed among the good le- 1 , am,:
I.._ir phio, on eoti,i i -nment, lee bestir°
ground nuts, which will be sold in lots to
secs' toy JOHN P
males of our city, to support, to comfort themselves I ••It'he reas one Vidocq was emel.mned the 7th or :.'T' i„e mi,.,,5, v0„,ba,,,-;„ IMig entertained our iver- ti t
'.. corner' ood a
and families, but there • wou!d be so much saved to our' Nivose, sear 5. (rovolutiouary calendar,) by the mini- j , thy citizens, have et length taken their departure Go
wealth and circulation, which now vies abroad, end , in n ! tribe:nil nf Dailey, to eight years imprisonment fur brie), Jeron ae and Antoine, with their families. sailed Money Wr
would of conrse be a himefit to the dry goods dealer, I .reery—aed, being pardoned in 1818, he pretends to on Morulay in the Burgundy for Havre. to visit their TITANTED immediatel•
the grocer, the markespeople, and every other Litorent l i Ivo since received letters re-instating him in his for- father and grandfather at Toulouse, in the south of VV on mortgage or
in the community, Let one city—an admirable and me r privileges.as citizen, a pre! • , y• • proved to be false I Fr a n ce . The father and grandfather have both aClitti- and country, and ein ge
excellent one, I think—be renowned for benevolence, ', upon examinatiore- end wh ~ I. in consequence, the red fortunes in the came h , 151T104.1 that is now raining a n d for ditietrinper:
industry, and comfort, as well as for morals, religion l, se e I Vidocri in any obnoxi ins L. the decrees ofthe 19th i we a l t h on the children. r,ribriel takes out seo,ooo, $5OO O . $3OOO.
awl honor.
iI of Wentroge, year 13; and 17th el July. 1806; f which he hail earned in the last ten years in Havane $l5O, $lOO.
In relation to the same subject we quote the fellowj "Therefere. the s till Via,,,, i i s ~,i r iin ed to appear at 1 mud the Unitrd Snares The other . members of the undoubted
hag from the Philadelphia Ledger:—
the office. of the Prefiset of police withi n eight days, (Ist i family, with Francoise at their hoed. left % esterrla for cases a '
And what i s this way of as werld/ We answer, , division, lstbstre.ati.) in order to receive a passport fur Permtaco and the Brazils, wlsore they expect to be on an
the degradation of tabor; the reduction of Wages he- : the renitence he may think proper to choose." joined again by Gabriel and his compa nions' Awing the fir
low the compensation of every thing else; the doctrine I Vidocq, who now lives in la grille des Pas Perdas, w i nter . Th e * family are very much united, and it in
which teaches that tabor is merely an instrument of hn e declared his intention not to obey this order, to I a id th e parting scene on board the vessel was err
wealth to the employer, and 'not an instrumeut of awai t a summon s from the Courts in rnder to test the t ouc hi ng ? ,
wealth to the laborer. And what is the remedyl The legality of the measures taken against him, after the
determination of the laborer to make his labor an in- r acquittal that hal just been gi) en by the Royal Court 11110 SHALL DECIDE.
strurstrument or wealth to himse/f, and not merely an in- of Paris.—Courrier des Etats Unit , Mr. Webster, in the speech which he IT.
neaut of wretched subsistence to himself, and or ;
the agriculturists of Rochester, was plea
walh and power to his employer. And how shall this ! CONIMODORE TL'CICE ft. "I do say, gentlemen. that the rage'
be clonal We answer, by a larif. We mean not a I W e remember of hearing thissemeruble man relate country IS the great matter which rt
tariff of dudes upon foreign manufnctures, but a tariff his receivin g hi s first commis s i on i n our Navy. He It is a misnomer to talk about th
of prices upo n lab or . L et bib urers b e tru e to them , : was 'at Nlerblehead , soon after his I °turn front Enlaced, ufacturet thrt is not the thing r
selves, and capita/ will b e t rue ' to the m , L e t them ' arc at the tim e Washington wan at Cambridge, Triers- protection of the agriculturr
combine, not to beat andklll each other: but to aid each Cr, then a p s ning Mill, was cutting wood before his moths ed cheers. ]
.ther in enforring their eartf. Peaceful combinations e r ' s do ur , whe n a gaily dressed etfic er rude dawn the But a few weeks h
flabonnrs, like the same cnmhinationsamong capital- stre et . It w as in the dark of the evening, said the. of. writing to the edt'
ists, if propsrly devised auto conducted, yvill prod, nee firer dyeing Teeke r thus employed, r,de up to him and Journal, was at
i sir natural results, the pioteetiort of the associates. 1 asked if lie would hirer,n hill when: the "Ilimorahle" "Owing, to
Samuel Tucker resided,. l'neker, nstotii,bi•d, answer-tur
cal in the negative, sitting, I t tisere is ?to such man lives fined tr•
here, there is no other Soon Tueker in this town bat my. oche
self." Immediately no hearing this, the officer raised o
bis beaver, and bowing less, presented wigs his corn-'
mission in the Navy.
‘Vt , 'learn from the Cumberland Civilian, that Wm.
S. Clarise, recently convicted in Allegeny county court,
of the murder of Abraham Frey, has made a full con
fession of his guilt. He states that being about 90
yards from the !muse, he overheard a quarrel between
Frey and wife, of which he was the subject. It was
then that the idea of munlering his victim first &lobed
on his mind: to use his own language, "it came upon
him like powder." As soon as Frey wis out of sight
of the house. be approached him fmm behind, nod as
they quarrelled, struck him with a large stone which
he held in his tisf, auel - which brake tie skull. Ho
gave him one blow mere with the hOe after he was
down to make the deed - ser'ure. After this, hecarried
the body from the mad to. where it was found.
Chrise is now apparently deeply penitent, and the
Rev. Mr. Buol of the Epikr-mal Church, hal visited
him several times since his conviction. His death
warrant from the Governor is expected in a day or two.
Balt. Clipper. 7
The British Re4cmter gives a comparitve table of
malt made in .Greet Britian and Ireland for. dna yetis
/ 83 6 k / 84 0, atid 1842, showingit decrateiv
years from 1834 i to 1840, of 51. millions of
and in two year*, from 1840 seer 1642, a forthur de
crease of millions, or; ib biz years, a decrease of
11,090069 bushels, or 25 per rent. From the same
soutesi we lean) that there has beeninthree years ado
crease in rum 0f26 per cent;andin wiliest& aLlainds'
illik7glulTrreriod,22:, patent. In F.reack braadg,
tti two yeliiii"l4 per cent end. Geneva 33 . yier cent---•
In irelana, in threeyear.4, whiskey . has
_ diini, , ishcd 50
per cent; 8,800 beer shops have been closed in the past
five or six years. The extracts'are from official re
turns brocicht down to thn y ,, itr. 1843.
Mr. Rs.nsoos,• the new cefletten• at illciettp, has
made several new aiyeintinents in the custom hciuse,
which The whiga ! ...fo,not lilCe. One!o I the Dew iocum
benta haa heenfinstul guilty, by theAthrs, of niisspolling a
word. As an oirset, the Poet gives the following ,
(tete:- • •
"As the. A that.gires nanniplonfdentocratioarielliag,
if yira
,will pernot.me L will offer x mall spechrtnn of
comery particouljvirtment, ue given by one
of the predeCessura (whals a whig) of this guilty 'loco
foco.' There being. altithfaugar.tti be one of
the cauent:honie wric l ere , to ;Site jin'itifarrna
don to of liis associates, method one of the plicka.
ges tieti—Voie wade.' One ufbi• detmocratic friends;
who noticed the orthogrAphy;..' . aukgested to this whit.;
impurutuce of a little alterntinto whoa up flared the
learned gentleman' and said * 'lf twit-D-E doeitn'tspell
weighed t I shoukl like to know what the d*'*l it does
spar A whig victory was immediately proclaimed."
undursl,apd th:/!4„:4)1. Andreg.s will be a candidate fur
re-election to the ClerlcOip ofrto Ilsitise of 'represent
atirei, at the coming session. Tht Colonel ma good
clerk, a clever fellow, and personally Tery l+l.'l)ll4lr.
PAriht. Sp. Times.
1 The Cincinnati Message thou speaks of the
inana•trr of a two cent Theatre in *that city. It is
highly touceotrated:--
"No human being can conceire the estamt of Nil
liarn Shims' popularity; and no man can imagine a
spare so small, in which the little mule • fins enemies
could not find ample room to hop about. William
Shiresl- 7 tile bright lustre of his fame will never be tar
Mao!' lopir patriot sires, or
bean res! - IF 0.0 . Coloolla ore food- of pickled
•Rbtobold Zitt/24430
&ing• *
%yap MAIM."
Yuiefl4ftin4l6.4evuoto tall house
on •
_ -
• - 4!,-
Aurrrktainipin g #Wl6 find die following
be a ilientint in i corner et an of =entry pa
per. - Whose is le
• • 0 7.'hsr: the tlitina,,r drowned men, in all their
elistliness rise to the tups of their watery Zrive4.—
EvOnso ashen the stotrrior afflietion'is heard, our bit
terest thoughts ri..e ur from the still depths °tato soul,
and make us gnze with strained eve 4 and blanched
cheeks on the curses of br .:1C
.►TER THOM Movrxvitlao"....A Fy areup w it 4
AMOricart COASIII. CuLwt., at 13,34 ten, infli
news to the 19th Auzust. A emtesp.in Inn en it.td ta
ken phice between the !Willmar rsi ForoLgii ,Itilir t of
grngttn• and the British tad American
An editor out West has just come out with a new
paper.: His inaugural is the most radical thing we
have lately read. He saye—"We haven't gat any
political principles, except we believe in "roast beef'
and "hard cider," and go John Tyler the whole hog,
including, the tail. We love all the girls harder than a
mule can kick—the pretty cotes in particular--and one
we knows, double refuted particular. We ere out for
total absurnatioa of all &irk cushions as makes the
wunsen'.s coats stand out behind, (we're a modest boy,
and don't like to say "bustles.") We're in for the ab
rogulation of all soap looks, cheek locks, lip locks.—
We abominate all stimps ti because they impodeidOco
motion. We go the whole temptation society to the
bottom of the Intrcid-,"
Tbe Sew Bedford Mercury learns that ae unusual
rumbling nnint -- TUelday morning at 10
minutes before 8 o'sl $ll the towns of Canton, Shar
on, Stoughton, loath
,Dedliiitn; arty other tbwits in that
vicinity.. The first sound was like tx,heavy- explosion,
bp. it ,ootinued like the rumbling of thunder for up.
wards ore minute sad then died.away. The bp s
Were. iteosiblishalten - iii the towns above mentioned,
..the &Graven! jarred open, and disbes on the beak.
feattables rattled. Various conjectures were given as
to the cause, but front it; heavy and continued shaking
of the-ground for so great a distance, it was IFenerally
believed to have been a slight shock of an earthquake,
timugh 2uch phenomena are rare in that quarter.
an4ol* at
Telt \ew Tusk Tribuire
l "The Ravels, Whobave - no long entertained our wor
thy citizens, have nt length taken theirdepartme. Gn
brie!, Jerome and Antoine, with their families, saiied
on Monday in the Burgundy for Havre. to visit their
father and grandfather at Tindonse, in the south of
France. The father and grandfather have both acsini
red fortunes in the c ame business that is now raining
wealth on the children. Gabriel takes out seo.ooo.
which he has earned in the last ten rears in Havana
mud the United 5t101.4 The other members of the
family, with Francoise nt their head. left yesterrla for
Pernambuco and the Brazil'', whore they czpoct to he
joined again by Gabriel and his companiom , 'Aurin g the
winter. The family are very much united, and it is
said the iarting scene on hoard the vessel was very
touching. '
Mr. Webster, in the speech which ho made before
the agriculturists of Rochester. was pleased to remark.
"I do say, gentlemen. that the agriculture of this
country IA the great matter which demands protection.
It is 8 OthBOTTAr to talk about the protection of mit
ufacturet thrt is not the thing we want or need: it in the
protection of the agriculture of the country !" [Repeat
cd cheers.]
But a few weeks before this Wai Stilll . ll, :llr. Clay,
writing to thu editors of the Tennessee Agricultural
Journal, wan also pleat .ed to remark.
"Owing, to the peculiar position of the United Staten,
tut' icolture requires but little protection, and that con
fined to a few branches of it. It in Inberwise with the
other two interests. They :lapin) souse protection
against the selfish legislation and thetivalry of funsign
powers." dt..
Either one or the other of these I , arned doctors
mast be in the wmni; and we shook! tike to be inform
ed, by some of their admirers, which one of the two in
to be believed. As n high authority has nominated the
gentlemen to run respectively as the Whig candidate
for the Presidency and Vice Prenieteney, perhaps they
intend, as in thocauspaign of 1840, to adapt themselves
to all classes ofopinion.—N. Y. Eve. Poet.
At a meeting of the friends of the Hon, James Bu
chanan holden on the 28th inst., it was unanimonsl3
IResolved, That a committee consisting of the subscri
bers to this call be . appointed fur the purpose of calling
ti, general meeting of the friends of that gentleman, at
some convenient place and qi-an early period, for the
purpose of. urging big claims to the PlicsiDENra-tr.
NOMINATION on the Democracy of Pennsylvania and
of the Union,
In pursuance of the abovetesolution wohereby ,itive
notice tint a replier meethigof the friends of Mr. BU
CHANANaiII be held ou Tuesday evening, Novem
ber the 74, at hallyout six ticitiek, at the Washing
ton Hotel, kept by James Armstrong, at, the corner of
Perm and St. Clair streets, rice the city of Pittsburgh,
for the purposes named in the resolution.
Ssturdly, Oct. 28, 1843. Cemmittee
Ftwr.--There ' 1 7 c0u 7,77 _
ar tit. „,„,..„ .4 : a
E., . , .0, r.„,,. : s 0;r ra ,
"44 Iv wit 3 , 0 Rlip ili obt bo,
PlTOKni,lren3 i t mA d dit o invi:e . 0
Ohio RIVER. October It ii; '
` .. -E, the undersigned, Passengers on board the S.
•• B. 'Cicero," taka great pleasure in leeonsmend
-41311.1EL flout, as being a polite, attentive and
eban'y Steward, and are of the opinion that he
New COUNTERFEITS.—The New York Sun say 3
AM-lys, to the utmost of his power, endeavor to
/1 itthose who travel en said Boat.
liat4e4 144 / 1 &c,iiii4. a /ll° A°. ;41- = Rix- B4akvaltg I
rait. •yt ha Barry, •siosaidfen s k- Tt -=..1-, P. A. Laugborne,
from a gentile, two, are in eirculatiea.. ,The altera- -1,1 Alartlialericarn, •‘ i ibittgrit n•
'iionsare well done - , - Int ilie genuine bill of the jenoMi- L - 44 enrietfa ( F. Ethesi, I
natbn of $lO have on the two corners of one end the / 'c 21j a h 111
.C. Coulihan , _ - Jamea= B M: 18 M
• -Fa V 9 IF;
pity Eacipplif
word TEN, and on the other the number X: ,vhile in the I
false bills all the four corners have upon them the head 1 Jerome Cousville • g• an d,
__ ,........... a .
of.,3yashiApLuoi as inAlill two- -11011 4.0eilirt .- = - -- - ' --- [Il Oft k.l 4 44§E f St
.....,....... 'A . ' ze.
STiA 4 BOATACcIDENTs OA VIE LAX6s.:—The. Steam; ierriSl:7lsicduire"4l:oll6,o-47•41111•60, NAIIIIVAII
II muncist- Fikertt, Create Ifties-• Ground IlliattigAf
beat;l4Ptaaoun. struck a rock in Lake Huro n and low- iric44),4c.cloimis-an . '
dCranberres. ! . -........ , 1 .-_ ; ,,_
run aground 4n ,the St. Clair river.
„,,Sl-#e will , robably i,
..,, z. „... : , - „.,,
. I.i. -, _ :, - : _ '"`
tt•OXllt 41,c/A --.•-
oct 41: ' . . ; 1...4030
,41411jit; ,'
begot.diti4ihatil, sbrioti. lose. The . Steamboat 800- 1 .
lietillil4 ran into the Propeller Independence, neer Mil- I. -----T-------'---± .
waukte. in tl3e - ,night, the
_latter disabled, and - the
wheel-hoa 4 ,e oethe former carried aivny - . -
port of Pittointigh.
ft ET !Cl i Elt )11 TAT 711.4.5 Tr
I ROUND NUTS,—Just received from Phitadel
!thin, on 'consignroont, lee bushels African
:round nuts, which will be sold in lots to ark purrha
,ers. toy JOHN D. DAVIS,
corner Wood and lih [greets.
money Wanted,
ANTED immediately and on the best. security,
V V on mortgage on exceillsmt property in town
and country, and em good prak, sectnity, if preferred,
and for different peritsts, the f , llowing sams, vitt $5OOO,
$5OOO. $3OOO. $21300, $lOOO, $750, $5OO, $9OO,
$l5O, $lOO. Persons having money to lend will find
undoubted socurity. A fair interest," and in several
ca.es a good premium fiir money, and in in coofidence,
on applying, at HARRIS' Agracy and Intelligence Of
fice, No. 9.5 th street. . n 1
farms, and_ farms with mills, for sale on ac
commodating terms. SOTCYlilfaxm4hrealed to rent by
good farmers. Ferias who with farms t011..1m-hose.
or have them to rent will please apply at HARMS"
Gen •rid Acency and Intelligence Office, No. 9, sth st.
T HE subscribers respectfully inform their friends
and the y>ihhlie that they:have curnt9enced Jig
At No. 20, Wood 5 tre ,, t, two idea, from the corner o
Front street, under the firm of W. J. How.kfic &Co.,
where they will he Prepared to supply all those who
may favor them with their mien, iiir:iro.7erier+ rual
PittAurgh manufactured articles, on terms which can
not fail to give satisfectiee.
A 4.'S 'ORDINANCE rulatiaw Mealati
SECTION 1. Be it ordaim-d and enacted by the citi
zens of Pittsburgh in Select and Common Councils as
sembled, -
Thair6OM and after the passage 'of this Ordinatici,
any Board Measurer who shall neglect or refuse to
make returns to the Wharf Muter, of the number of
feet of f boards and, lumber, he may measure for um
person or persons, prerious to collecting his own fees,
shall, fur every such neglect or refusal,
.forfeit and r a y
to Tito city the sum of two dollars; ;ad shat) also. be
held liable for the wharfatre or said boaids or lumber.
Ordained and enactedintohm in Councils. the 30th
day of October, .L LT, IBM:kV • '• - z 1,7
E. J. ROBERTS, Cl'k, C. C.
Preldent..SCifet Council .
ALzxAtipzit f . 011 E, S. C
nl -3t
- 10 do Gm. Pepper, .
3 do " .Allspiee, together with Mustard,
Ginger and Cocoa, Wirbe'sold very low to close con
signmentrrby- •ELA,II3IAS, JEKNINGLECO.
43.- Wixxl 'greet. •
UF FA LO ROBES by single' ittbe or bale,foreaki
05-1 f
IYI/4.-M3444-1 TlfLirP-41.-ALA•l4."ritttitct.9
, ti y:ttiat a ''''' or mine waayery,al Wit
, 4 , F.: i
er comfit:lor, She puechasea abox. 411+re:A
er Pills, Wok them as per directions,. telt.pnich tglipYi...
ed, used a second box, and is uearl eitrea.' 'T believe it' '
i f
I wa s the 11.!lf-fraltki,!149tfteikr. rt - ..pktranti cheer
ft.dly sof (14inn ifi'd 2 31 - Lanes • L.Tiff x,.. Ur, to t In Ps 4 /lcErrtr i
whose - Lifer Is clis6iistid." ''' Ins EPA 'Bon),
riffle's 'from PittikttiV I ,
For sale at the Drug Shiro tit' t ' JON. KlfrM, ' '.
. _
, - oct 31. Corner ni 4K l and Wood sts. POL .- 1 ' '
,0111 ceived and thr•anle at the Dritig Store of.-t , t , • -- - - Hil
oct 31 • , : - r
_, - • 40;1. A T 141. hi i KIDD.
svEtv . ,r,,u received and ecir";aie v
• •" • - JIP H 6 1
K D , ""
Coriler did Wood sti
COME, TRA,...r4, •
/.7) c -ti
1..7 150 pvasplawarge,y24llol qualities, part
• • • • • •
'2O boxes loaf and.h.lw
New (Means Suer, ir! Orls tO )1 A. . •
Nl4. j. I.l!u*lrfel, io bI.IA ,
In slAiin.na,ll . ol.*7-ie un uc N niniNlrri by
. .
it, ~;,‘ L
No,. 1 . Corn'l r.r4.117 cpepj,
. .
fresh supply of this vuluaiiin
for expelling worms from thasystltlL• FP ren/-1-21.3.
child !? n are afflicted with worms liayldepead.on*:s
article if giver acc9rdiazto,ctirections. Certificates of
its efficacy can beshowa (2 . Coai:ince any person of jts
stirprising activity any proitituess iti expel ling we Ir l3
and thus saripgtho lire; of hundradv of children: • 7 ''•
Porsale sr the Drag Stolle of KIDD, ,
Oct di • Corner of and Wbod sts.
. •.. -.•,, •
LOOS IN ELlr . 13011 0 YEE'S,
Corner of Wood and l i iitcrili"- _
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17[7 - HERF..as choice in assortinpnt n of ready;
1 V riot funa, efoths, eassentetts, =line'', vest,
flannel !MO'S, dravk 4 rs:, viittorr; Angola and littnii's ' " I
hose atid'lndf +hose; silk and gingham einvits,"hinlfs,
stuck., and in -short, a Little of everything*ttpi;lto
the use crgenthinen, al f or which I pareTraaerS,Wil .4
made up, and also made to °riles-if-it/re latest 'and Sri4;
improved style, and at prices which, he flattershhaust4l,
wirsoeiressftilly compete-&ith any eitabliihnienta4st
of the mountains.
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strects. ' • ' '.ii,S6-3itt-1.
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' M. 3il. - rte,
• - CHass Cutting, Establishment,
VVF.II E Ilia& of crat. „„ ltalnontititesied glass.
!gall do...cnpt.uns, ran Ise rurrhased at...rarTrep
sonable priceo, u a gr_,:a variety splc.n44
CUL T,114.7, LiZats )r itcan3boaLi., 444004
l'eraong warning flay .artfic ahove articles,
ex:Thrice fur tlcins.clvea, before piTC,4 4 .-.,
sing elgewilieru.
E__TiPN. R. Watch. 434 Time piece Ciiassps 4 .
St. Peter's Clvarch at Some.
A LARGE PAINTING cf this splendid Temple '
will be exhibited for a short time at, Irmits'i
Lox C ROOM, corner of Fourth and Market streets. 'OP,
this Picture, Bi=linp England gave the highest ettle=.
gium in the Catholic Miscellany, 30th January, I.BX.
I t I s on its many to New Orleans, togother with S 0 otkiei
paintings, which are now open to the public.
.Idotittance Item tsttielattritilhe season 50 cents;
children halfprice. G..COOKR4
irpitOpen daily from 9 A. 3f 6114 P. M. end a.So
from 6 nill9 in the evening.:
Ni. B: The Per. Clergy of all denorninations- an"
relacctfuny invited, free of charge. : . " 023., t
- • - FASHTONAgIiIg,c tt
.No. 13, Fifth street, betweeat At:l aid
' Prowl, and corner of Si zat and Gar.lrosststs
& H. WAIST...it feel grateful to the
_L. • public for the liberal Tratronage bestow.
Td upon them, and heg. leave to state that they-arc/Aloe'
f mantifacturing and have constantly on hand a very ad.
perior article in "Beaver, Rut4sia, Neutria, and every
other description of Hats. Atsio, a variety of cloth,
sealett and fur cap; all of which will he soiChut theses
ry lowest prices. As no port of their rnanufncturti is
dune by machinery, but by the best workmen by'hand;
they can recommend with ctintidenee their Hats: tiabe
fetedsuperior and more durnble than those generally of:
to the tmblic. MrTchants and storekeepers can
to supplied upon equally as low terms as in the East
ern Markets I. & H. IVALKER-.
023--3 m.
Situation. Wanted:
S Teacher of French, Spanish, Greek, and the Le:,
tin Language.
The undersigned lViShO3 to acquire a perfect know!•
edge of the Englis I, sl/ that the recompense looked for
will be very moderate, if be could get lessens ; to En
glish from those whom he may instruct. He was late
ly a Professor of the above lingtrages in oho Collette*
of Baton Rouge and St.. Charles.
For a characterfor compctenry and morality, he ewe
gal:pit-it, letters of the moat respectable gentkaess.
New Orleans and Cincinnati.
E__.vßeference in this city can be made to Rev; IL
J. J. Dean, of St. Paul'. Church, and CaptairgJames
019. . Washington House; Water sts
mss TEIR4( - Z'CUANGIA .. . . '
- ',- .No. 9, IWARICST STRUT,
ftYS T E if . 7 • Pittibergh.
RS and-
other re G•esh mcints, will be served ttp
IV in good order. Namely:- Oysters raw,frietlostewed,
and on chafing dishes:' Wl44rte'rel s ii ELL at the stand,
or roasted, as soon as the season is sufficieutly.idirtd.
cad for their safe trans pornnion. • _
Tar PECOPRitTOIS is determined that thistemblish•
meet (which is the old oyster depot) skill nraintakt
its reputation for the good quality of his 14. LE„ LI.
QUORS, CIGARS, and such refreshments. as travel. - 4
ers or citizens may ntquise:‘- * . Oct It -.41117.
'' .
. _
Pensnanibiti and
T HOSE. who wish a thorough krmirlettre of these
ear nebranchea. would+) well to ealtat Ma. "S. W.
iw.te+ ,
ochermmercial Academy, on Fourth Street.
ar the c al lifitket, rind Fourth, befog rimies t
ehere. " • oct 3-Im.
S EVERAL itiipssWeif firms witoted(withi I%
miles of thh'Pittiburgh market). Pe n
rgrms die
powtito rillYtAti rks e i aii at my office. in Smithfield
stre4. netir 4th, soon.
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