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• • f 2tllCtiett . V-Ctito.
' 'IL ..lust received , a few copies of Mitchell's el&
.. I - .:-. • ' . .
- t gantig“ l ch - etiP (price 1it.1,501 Maps .of The U. States, .
, together with .M ttps-:of 32 of. ffie prinCiPal.cittes and .''
.'_-. 'ilia D. Davis,
, tow - 09 in- tiie_Union handsomely colored: Also, - a few AUCTIONEER AND COMMISSICYNME.RCH'T:,
' copies' al Mitchell's Aocurao; . * l l4)Pgi. s. of the-Sixth Corner o 7 W0,,i5 - 4 and 3th sts., Pittsburgh,
1 Census of the United States, at 25 cents. 'e- -- TS ready: toreceive merehandrze . of every description
onconsignment, for public or private' sale, and
I -- • " - ISAAC HARRIS, Agent .j_
frOm loindexpeilenco in the above business, flatters
InrOnynotioa of Moses Hampton, - Esq., Wm. D. • - 021 - and Commission *Merchant; NO: 9, sth et.
, himself that he, will be able to give entire satisfaction
T ASS LT, EMI.; of Allegheny city; was admitted as an . c; jLivi c iortry .-- TY,. .
to . all who may favor hilt! with their patronage.
Court ,
Attorney of the Cou of Common Pleas ?jr - Allegheny FORWARDING & COMM.ISSION MERCHANT, Regular sales on Mosnivis aria THURSDAYS of Dry
• - . - canal Basin, corner Wayne and Liberty streets,
.Pitts- Goods
an d rancy
article ' s', at 10 o'clock, -,..‘' . M. '
1 111ntYr". -"- - . - . ..-• - • 1 buigh. Agent United .States portable - Boat Lino. .
Of Groceries, Pittsburgh manufact iirrd articles, nev
and second !mad furniture, at '2 o'Clock, P.M..
• jgrau motion -of John A._ Wills, Esq., Gicoßay. L. .°1 Pt A-3m.
_,____‘ .
._ - . _ _&c.,
Itasisios , Esci.., of Allegheny city, was admitted as • .Ecmovil. 0 - ,-- .. 1 Saks - every evening,atearly out light. aug 12-y
- ...
en Ation4evof the Cou
• .. tt of.Coinmon Please(' Alleglie- 1) CAEIELD has rmoved his arble Estill,
*3 4 .° 001 7. - - 1 ..1_ .--righm W ept. to Wood. e 3t. opposita m Fat:me:stock:a
Drug, Store, where he will-hoop constantly on hand
T o mb -Stones, Meinutnent3 et 6. - u p 19-Iyr
_ , .
cormlrritx FOR OCTOBER.
-Owd4-4. B. Semple—George Ogden
. ,
- - GitlPLues trirscrAzusie- , -The embellishments are
*ideal Steel -Engraving,_"Love among the Roses,"
kkaigen rate and the "Rose Tulip." There-ii also
allustgreur ErigraVingby Yeager,illustratinga.Comic
Stretchlrt Nest.- The number is eminently a rich one.
Fer aaleat, Cr3rok's, 8 1 . 4th street, • - -
Gonitr's Boots. "Rosalie,"- the "Rama.
wap Elg.atrit," and a Fashion Plate,_ constitute - the pie
. until OrnaßlClith. of "aria number. The literary con.
;tents arefurnisherf by Professor Frost, 3. C. NCal,
lOrs..Embury,Mrs.Hale, and•other distinguished-wri
ters. • FOr sale at cook's.
ktiitruts' NATION/IL SLSOAZINIL. This seems to be
344112.fi1e of Fashion. Winter style of "Cloaks,
.4Criipirti,RedingOtes," &c. in advance, are to be found
The engravings are fore, and the lit
„itry_striater is good. Cook is the agent;
By the affital at New Orleans on the_l2th inst. of
-.the sehooner Juniata from• Vera Cruz, the.edimrs of
the Bechtive received .files ot papers from' the city of
-Mexlextc - ato the 23d ult., inclusive. a The neivs from
SiartetAis". or little importance, h - (it the- fedlcwing nn
lia*mement made by the Courier Franceis of - the 23d
Impottanc— - •
"We teee,ive the subjoined intelligence front an au
thientie. and trust-worthy sOurcet—
the 26tH July AdMiral Thothas, comman
der of H:_tt..M. ship Dublin arrive 43. before Honolulu.
Heatpullettevery thingthat Lord Paulet had deme,and:
- ie-eitahrishect the authority of King Karvieha.meha
oo . :the 31st Jnly,the Hawaiau flag was disOli.3ed; 'and
Was saluted with 21 guns by the forts of Honolulu and
liy dig: Dublin.' Carysfort and. Ilayard, as well as the
4.lneirieak frigate Constellation;. In our next number
44) . 1611 publish an accaunt or the circuinstances Which
- brrioglitibout'this msteratilr." - .
&singular ; Incident occurred at a inigniticent .ball
at the PreSidential Palace in _Mexico, (01 the 221
ln.caletiration of the anniversary of the victory of
-istitpitto -over - the Spaniards.- - The -Ball-room was de
corated with the flags of other nations conquered by.
the i'diutienis ins various_ occasions. ,Among these
til'aphies was nn English flag which had -been taken
'11`0)1 'the Te:ums. The BritishCharge.d'Affairs who
wsOrKesent - at the ball, became indignant at beholding
, the British standard in the midst - of these evidences of
Molde= tritiniphs.and insisted upon its removed.
His yet:rest not being immediately complied with, he
left-the ball-room, followed - by every Englishman pres
. •
eat. .
- W01167"., says the Courtier Francais, that this inci
dent: which doubtless arose from some mistake, will
- pat be attended by serious consequences..
-The Minister of Finance has mad-known a decree
of the - President, in virtue ofwhich the - th 4 narture of the
various 'fondue:as sent froni Mexico and San Louis
rotrisi to qrac - nnd Santa Ana de Tamaulipas. is
positively fixed, without any delay whatover, for every
fun - Rh moat, that is, on the lit January, Ist March,
- and - Ist September.
• - - ay- another'decree all sum's' of manes sent from. the
intetierto the different ports in Mexicc., are subjected
to ditties ofeircniation and importation, whether 'des
erted. to VaYe ilio eouatiy or not. This decreo-virtual
ly abolishla a former orJanaara qscribi og.a fixed du
tv of rent. on the ciretti.ation, and 6 per cent. on
the eXportatioa of . money.
• As far as - ,tn be ascertained, the elections for Co.i
'gross- have resulted somewhat unfavorably to Santa
Alien. There are three candidates for the Presidency.
- vixt—FranciSco Elotiaga.,_ Juan Ignacio 00(10y, and
Manuel Rineore. . Whether they - will all run in oppo
itkin to Santa. Anna, we'did not learn.
laPThe body of Mr Cutting,. one of the messengers
at .the State House, tvhode disappearance we mention
ed ten days since was found yesterdlty, thialing ia the
- stream at a.considerable distance outside of Charles
River Bridge- Teh apprehensions of his suicide were
tilts fully confirmed. At the time die body was found,
the current was rapidly flowing cut. A stone was
fastened in the dress - of the unhappy man. weighing
teti4anandsl he had undoubtedly attached it there that
het:night make sure of his purpose.—Boaten Daily
.• . ,
Witter 'Almonds and GiAger Root
10/tCEIVEI). this day, a choice lot of Bitter Al
monds, real Jamaica Ginger . Root, and common
an, ALSO, fat , / _catty boxes choke Gu N rote DF: R
opt 7 .. - 'l4O, Liberty Yt.
October 20th, 1843.
N...eloctiOn for thirteen. Director:=.of thi3 lfank, to
germ for the ensuing yea f; will be held at the
Binking,..House, on Monday, the 20th (by of isiovem
-ber_next,tpetween the hrair. of 9 A: M. and 3 P. M.
opts . THpmas M. HOWL,
- PittsbUrgb, October 20, 1843.
N,tilectionler thirteen Directors of this Bank, for
the enfillKng year. will be held at the 13anking
Hpitas;iin Monday, thi2Ottrllay of NoVember next.
021.-te ' W. H. DI:ANY Cashier.
• . -} l i
.. ..
October-19,1843. • , oc I
A. N election for thirteen directors a this !lank, for ------_—_— _
:XL; ihe en;iuirtg year, wilt be held at the Bunking J. W.,Burbridge & Co.,
}:fouse oo Monday ,the .90th-day of_Novernher next I A GENTS-for-the sale - of BEAT TY'S 'Powder, Water
JOHN SNIDER, _ I .1 - 1:. street, between Wood and Smithfield streets,
Cashier. Pittsburgh, or t 5 1171.
oct 20=te.
__ . .
BE." SKlNS,dressed and undresssixl, just reedit , .
ES -PEC •' TFULLY M /1"04 Safe*.
the public that T have
- •
edamforsale by _ A. BE ELEN. i I Rforrn
' o3ertr _ • • - • -• 1 and keep alway.• On hand an assortment of hire
Ptoof Safes. The price, in ronstipepee of the ma
-BUFFALO BOBES.bY . single robe or bale, rorsale serials and labor being much lower, is reduced about
by - ._ '-. ,A. BEELEN, i thirty per cent. They. are kept for sale at my shop; in
034 - „ ' , , . .. Sixth street, above Smithfield, next to the church on
. the corner of 6th, street—as alsn with Atwood, dolma
&Co., and Dalzell Si. Fleming. Cu regard to the yid's.
ity of my safes I leave those persons NVII.I have pur
chased and will purchase my safes to attests the util
ity of them. I-desire no newspaper puffs on my safes;
justice and'rrittli warrant me in informing. the public
that all my safes which Ittv:v been in buildings burnt
down for several yertrii since I commenced hive pre
served all the papers, books, &c., which they contain=
ed. I have a card - containing a number ofcartificatcs
of the same,whieh are in circulation and in my thands
an d the agentes. - - JOHN DENNING.
N. 8.. A feW pairof.„ steel Springs fur sale, made by
Jones &- Colerriab,.und will be gold Iciw. Also, a screw
press, with power to punch holes in half inch iron.
sep 20-tf . .
110.1 . TTER-.-2T Kegs. •
.1.3 • S Barrels Western Raerve.
Dairy Blateriust received and for a ate by
43 Vinod st
TUST RECEIVED, and for sale on consignment,
7 lags bacon, •
7 Waif suvrr, • •
Can bereie!n et the store ofJa.cob Pnintcr& Co
~6 29 - J. K. MOORHEAD &
r on cOnSignment,
1 - • 12 Chests Young Hyson
4 . Black Tea, _
46 4 , - - -
5 Gunpowder. -- by -
J. G. & A ;GORDON,
12 Water street.
-sop 13
Pig Lead.
RRECEIVED by S. B. Fork," five tons of Pig
Lead. For sale by
012-3 t
drying, in *tore, and for kale at the DRUG
oct2 Corner of 4th and Wood icts.
SMOKED HERRINGS.-25 boxes smoked her
rings just received and for sale by
43, Wood street
'.~, ~,rfs~' < .fir ~..-. ,__
T_TOPKT.NS' EXTRA ALCOHOL; for retailing
ii for sale at the - DRUG STORE of •
Corner of 44h and Wood RiS.
-s•JAJ 10 do • Gro. Pepper,' •
3 do together with Mustard,
Ginger. and Cocoa,` will be sold . \Try low to close con
signtrteitt, by IISIL MAN, 3EN NI NGS &CO.
018. • - - 43. Wood street.
Laiarethls Garden Seeds.
- .
A full s upply of Landreth's Garden Seeds-always on
hand and forsale, a his agency, the Druttstmr of
184, 'Liberty st., head of Wood.
- DissolutiOn of Partnerihip. -
T" partnership heretofore existing "under the
style of Devine Sz - NrAnoity, is this day dissolved
by mutual consent., H . —Devine is to collect all sums
due to the,,c.,mcirn, and pay all claims erintractiscl for
the cocci - a' up to this _Linde
ittslmFgh ; Sept. 1, 1643
. . . .
. .
11. Devine rdspectfully'itifornts his friends and th 44
public, that Ile still truitinucs in the Transporting
business, and that he has removed the office of the U.
S. Portable. Boat I,loe, to No. 45, \Voter street, next
door below Lewis ilutchinson, where he will receive
and forward Freight. to the East, on the very lowest
terms. . U DEVTNE.
. _
To Printers. ,
WE have received, and wilthereafterm keep con
stantly on band, a full supply of Printing Ink,
in large - Find small kegs, which we - will he able to sell
cheaper than it has heretofore been sold in this city.
Orders from the country accompanied by the cash
CASE:z. , )Nyill be promptly attended tn.
net Office of the 'Past and ISlannfactuter.
New Groceries!!
TN arldition'to their filmier Es:celle.ut Stack of E.:11
A-FAMILY GROCERIES'. the FubscriberA have this day
received No's. 1, :2 tindl:Nlarkerel. No's-1 and 2Shati
and Sal mon, Sn s,piehanna. and Labrador Herri ng;
Fish, Liquorice, Cocoa Nuts, Gr , uud Nuts, Lemons,
Sultana Ttitisins.rtamared Cocoa, Sago. Mace, Saltera
ttis. Saltpetre, Sperm Candle's, Chalk, Whiting. Rotten
Stone, &,e. &.c.; together with a aent vat icty of m re alai
choice article's in their line; all of which they offer at
‘Vholesale or Retail, on very reasonable term+.
LLOYD & Co.,
140, Liberty St.
Dissolution of Partnership.
iiE l'artn,Tsbip heretofvreexistiwz MAUI' tilV firm
of I)icszY and Ar.r:s. DrAi, is 41-v diF.;Ol
veil by mutual cori,:cat. .IAMES DICKEY,
spt. 1, 1843. WM. G. XI.EXANIII.7.R.
.I:I..NIES DICKEY re4Nctfully informs his friends'
and the public, that ii Mill continitei in the TrateTor- !
tatiou BterinesA,nt his Warehouse, col iit Of Lilly It-
TY ADD WA Ytt iTREKTi, Canal Basin, under the
name of th 6 "Independent Portable Boat Line,"
where he will receive and forward freight to the East at
the lowest terms ,opt, !I—tf.
New Tall and Winter Goode
No. 112 IVtaw
A R{•:tun,. openiwz. and offer Cor ;title , a ver: lartre
and general rt:iton mem of seasonable Dry Good
eon ,i-tting of plain xvuvutl, and dianna.d lwan.s r cloth,
broad cloth; of ever ! ..00 1 ,,,r, ea , simeces.
keriey;, hose , : baiv.es, blcaelictl and brown '!
cottons, drilh. ticks. Alpacca lu , trer. black and colonel,
plain and printeal mellow , . mon:lin de lams, Irish li
nem., Mattioni andothcr sid;a, laccs,cumbric 4 ,
merinn, fancy and blankil Avlcine,
F•pool anti threada, &c.. together with
hn a stantment of carpet=, TUSS floor cloth, kc. , all of
which we are able to sell a=cheaper gnods , ran now be
bought in any marliet, cast or west. sap .2.l—tf
.Lippincott Mills.
Tll E s ub3criber having purchased and thoroughly
repaired these MILLS, is now manufacturing,
and will koop constantly on hand, a fall supply of all
the different kinds of Spikes and Brades,
made from the best quality of J nniata Blooms, and us
soon as tbe iiecesSary additions, can It- made t•i
machinery, he will manufacture every description of
Bar and Sheet Iron. us4tilly made in this market.
Orders left with S. Cuthbert, at No. 35 Woad st .
or at the Mills in. the Firth Ward, will be promptly at
tended to. . JAMES ANDERSON. •
sep 29-3 m
Mr. J child of mine about 4,1 years
old, was constantly indisposed. and of pale complex
ion; but had always a good appetite. In order to base
the child well, I bought a small bottle of McLane's Ver
of which I gave him 3 spoonfuls, after which
20 or 2.5 large worms were expelled. I wish all Ger
mans would read the above facts. The child's health
is muCh improved. MICHAEL RHIN.
Charticr's Creek, Sept. 9.6 11343.
11:f POI . sale at the Dru Store of
Corner of Ith and Wood ste. Pittsbg.,
McLane's American Worm Specific.
- I,IORE. PROOFS.—Mci..ANE's Wolof Set:eine.
_LT_L Some 2 months ago, I purchased a. vial of Mc-
Lane's American Worm Specific. eve a boy of
mine most of a vial; he passed 40 very large worms.
From that time his health improved very mud . I had
tried two other Vermifuges to no purpose. I believe
Dr. McLane's die best article before the public.
Muffin tp., Allegheny co., Sept. 30.
For sale at the Drug Store of. JON. KIDD.
oct 3 Corner 4th and Wood sts.
2000 LBS. Very superior W. R. CHEESE, jUS
received - and-for sale low, br
LLOYD . 8.7. CO..
140, Liberty st.
4 ".25k- Aft .111116.,
Buggy at Anaiera.
T Davis' Commercial Auction Rooms, Corner of
. Wood told sth streets; on 111 - Onday next October
30th, at 2 o'clock in the afterumm, will be sold with
out reserve.
Buggy itearty new, latest modern 5 tsle.
J. D. Davin.
oft Auct'r.
T DAY IS' Commercial Auction llooms, corner of
21 Wood an:l Fifth streets, on MONDAY next, Oc
tober 30th, at 10 o'clock, in the forenoon, will be sold,
the balance oft% Dry Goods Store, comprising nearly
every .variety of goods in that line.. At the smile time;
withoutreserve, a large lot Uf.DrV GoO(14, of every rles
cription, suitable - for the' approaching season, compris
ing in part:
Superfine lirowlelotb3, various color:,
Pilot and Beaver cloth, dO dig
- _
Superfine Cassimeres and Cassinetts,
All of which will be sold inlerig,ths to suit purchnAers.
They arc the beAt and finest set nt clothe offered at
Auction this season.. _ •
A lure Invoke of Calicos and Mtislin3,• Merinos,
Vitus de Laines, Flannels, Fancy Dress Ildfs., and
Shawls, Steubenville Jeans &c.
At the same titne,for cash ,pur money,
8 CMS of Hats,
The above goot.ls will be ready for inspection on the
murninr of sale.
oe4 . JOHN D. DAVIS, Auctioneer. •
AT Davis' Commercial Auction Rooms, Corner of
Wood and sth streets, to-morrow, 'Tharmlay,
October . 26th at 10 o'clock in the forenorm; will be said
large lot of Seasonable Dry Goods, in lots to init. pur
chasers, among which are--
Beaver and Pilot Cloths, various colors, Superfine
and Fine English and American Broad Cloths. Silks,
Muslin?, Calicoes, Irish Linen. plain and twilled Flan
nels, very fine. Alpacco, and Merinoes.
Blankets, Hillefs, Shawls &e.
AT 2 O'CLOL'K. I'. M.
LI Kegs 6 Twist Tobacco, (Wright - & Jobasten's
6 Pacitets Champagne Wine, Choice Brands.
10 Half Chests Y. IL Ten.
21 Cada., boxes do.' 11 lb, each. for caniily
1 Atli a.• Sri Hair Seat Sofa.
I a, Barran.
11 , 1 Oni;r-.. Tables.
1 Pot•nt Lover Watch
rwt -fit
AT DAVIS' Commercial Auction R0(11.11S. corner
of Wooil and Fifth street'. An extensive as- i
sortment of PRY GOODS, recently tn trchasied in the 1
East for cash, and which will be sold at a small ad- Belmont bank of St. Clairsrille
yance on Eastern prices, for currency lir approved en-; Clintanbankof Columbus ...
di irsed notes. The assortment con.ists in part of , Calninbiana bank of New Lisbon..
20 pieces wool dyed blue hlac.k broadcloths; Girder/lie (Laurence, cashier).
15 " super. blue cloth; ( Warren, cashier)..
10 " brown. olive aud mixed cloths; ,Ci 71 rill n: ti banks .
4 " super. Beaver cloths; . Chillicothe bank
5 " pilot cloths; . Commercial bank of Lake Erie 20
40 n cassinetts, assorted colors . ; sonic very ' pardon bank li
fine; , Pranklin hank of Colirmbus . _ . . • _ _ . .... ..1h
50 " tlannek, twilled and plain white, red, : Pariners'and Mechanics' bank of Steubenville.-
areen and yellow. l Farmers' bank of Canton 40
20 " Ett
alish merino it
, ssiated i•Olor1; !Gra7 , f: a I
100 all w0..il blan!ol Aliaw hq Gra rival(' 7'2
200 cotton 'plaid Thawl*: Hainiltnn nr
I OM 11117.. ::1)04.1 cotton. all colors; i.e a rasti• r '
100 pieces bleached and brown nwFlinc, alma It ' Marietta
2 rcytt N.urioty of other articles usualk foam] in a Dry Massillon . . .
(1,o1:1411oa„o.' . Mcchrznics' and Traders'. Cinrinnati.. ,
r 75-7 P A 1,0,1:, a s.i.irtment or bump., shoes, am! hats. MOW ni Pleasant .:.. . —..
which ..Yili• .a he .oil at prices without regard to the Nornma
late advances in the East. sept 23. ' Putnam . ....
• - - - Sandusky .
Teas, Leather and Mustard. . Scioi,
REC 11l VED ou con sitm meat, alai for sale li .1(11IN . r'rbatia ....
iS. 1)1VIS. at the Cithouerci a! A iLititut Room,'. ' Ii weice
corner iif IV,. id and Fifilt•street— , A - raiii
1000 Th-t:, HaliCiet , ts, and Bow:. of Young Upton Zuni. sr il!,-
Teas, fresh importations;
3009 lbs. Sole Leather:
50 Klec's best Philadelphia Mo;turd. Also,
100 Ream: Crown Wrapping' Paper;
All of which a ill be sold low tar Cash, or City accep
tances. ' oct 23.
0 "" SI! 111 I.:S , Xlleglveny 13ridce Steck, t Pr' i
(....)•-1 vate sale, le: IOIIN D. D.IIS, ~ Stale bank ... , .
.. .
sop 11 Corner of NYotal and Fifth streets. ', Bank of Illinois, Sltarnerlorrn
... -
Bearare of a Settled Cough! ,
Bank of the Valtryaf Virginia
TAR. NV LANES Smlorific Lung Syrup, being n safe "). Ban virginia
1.1 and effectual remedy for Cougs, Catarrhal Fever, ! Lx
rhange bank bf Virginia .. .. ...
Influenza, Pleurasy, the first of forminw ' stages of Con- ,
Farmer. , " bank of Virsrinia... _...... ..
sumption, Asthma, Whooping, Cough,&c. Some do- ; North- weftternhank o f l yr irc i n i a
reit of certificates of its %%Junkie effects can be p rG " i Merchants' and Mechanics' banker Virrinia -
(Weed, nne of which is now offered. .• -
This is to certify, that I hymn very severe Cough all l Branehej"
last winter; and was very much reduced. After trying .
medical aid to nopurpose, I was advised to procure a
bottle of Dr. AVLane's Lung Syrup; it gave me relief
immediately, and in two weeks I was able to go out,
and filly believe it to he one of the most valuable med
icines now before the public, for Cough and breast com
A fresh supply of this valuable Cough medicine
just received at the Drug store of . .1. KIDD,
oct7 No. GO, corner of Wood and Fourth sts
JLAT RECEIVED and for sale by WM. T11011:*
No. 53, Market street, 1
500 lbs. ,purepalm soap in the bar,
600 " • "• in casks,
100 " variegutedsoup,
50 " white Castile, (only lot in market)
100." almond soap, in j lb. ceski, •
50 doz. shaving soap,
10 " Glenn's rose .sperniwati soap, for chapped
hands and for softening the skin.
The subscriber hits on hand a larger assortment of
the above articles-than any other establishment in this
city, and is also receiving a large supply of fresh drugs,
&c. WV. THORN,
oct 7 No. 53, Market stre
The proprietors of the MORNING POST and Mott.
CURT A N 11, MAN UFNCTU RER respectfully inform their
LIVER COMPLAINTS - 7 D yspepsia crnd Ind friend: andthe patrons of those papers, that they have
gestion s with costiveness, acidity of the balm 1 a large and well chosen assortment of
Etch, hardnessoffood after ineals,heartburn, flatulem.y,
liver complaitus, with pain in the side and shoulder as7s carear23 • m .3 l , l ,2uktuact
jaundice, bilions complaints, dropsy, diabetes, grave), ,
iT.cossary to a Job Printing Office, and_that. they are
stone, and inflammation ofthe lungs, are most perfectly
removed - and cured by the HEPATIC ELIXIR. prepared to execute
This article has the most astonfshing effects in curing, I. LETTER PRESS - PRINTING
all complaints of the stomachand digestive org,ans.
Many highly respectable individuals in NeW York 4. 3
have been cured, after trying every o.ther remedy in i
vain, and have given in.theirnatnes with permiision to
refer to them: It is pleasant to the taste, and does
not in the least interfEre with the dairy avocation of one
taking it. Many families of this city have become so
pleased' with the medieineA l that they use it as their
only_family medicine. By using it occasionally, it
keeps the stomach free from bilious disorders. and the
liveractive, with the secretions of the body in the most.
perfect activiiy. his composed entirely of vegetables.
The care will be gradual, but certain and pertitanent.
For sale at TurTtr.'s, 66 Fourth street.
sep 6.
dek THE subscriber has just received from the Nur
sery of Landreth and F,ulton, near Phibuielphin
a lot of the choicest variety Of peach trees, to which he
would call the Attention - e? the
L. pnhlie.
may 8. No. 184 Liberty at. head of Wood.
Merchants and Mansfactu;e i Scrip
Exchangs Bank Scrip: .. ...
Erie Bank Scrip.
Ou Plain -
Nov Yo rk.
Bali »to re
3. D. DAVIS,
Peach Treas.
coans.ctr.v DAIL! BY • _
Gobi..'... . . . .... ...... par
Siltperr pa r....-•'
Bank of Pittsburgh . -- par
Merchants and Mannfacturcre bank ...par
Exchange '
.. --par
. Po. Hollidayiburgh .-
Bank. of North. AtT!tried- • par
Do Northern Liberties par.l
Do' . Pennsylvania ......
Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania ._...par
Farmers and Mechanics' bank - _par
Kensington bank par
Manufacturersand Mechanics'
Moyamenting -par
Philadelphia bank —..... par
Schuylkill " . ....
Southwark . .. :." ...... par.
Bank Of Penn Township .......... ....par
Girard bank. .. . .
U. &hank and branches.-- .... -
G c razanlown.
Chester county
Delaware county
Montgomery county ..
Nara u mberland
Farmers' bank of Bucks county _
Easton bank
Doylestown bank -
Franklin bank of Washington
Bank of .Chambersburgh„ .....
" Middletown -
" Gettysburgh
" Lewistown -
Snsquelain77o county
Be rk3 county bank
Columbia Bank and Bridge, Company
Carlisle bank . -
Erie bank ...... -•- •
Farmers and Drovers' bank ..
' Bank of Lancaster
Bank of Readino.
Harrisburg bank --... • ---. • .-
1 Honeadah;
Lai:easier " ..
Lancaster co. ......
Lebanon "..-
Mi n e rs ' bank of Pottsville
m„nonzahela hank of Bromnsrille .... -
New Hope and Delaware Bridge company
Northampton bank
Towanda bank—.
Wyoming bank.. ..
Wext Branch bank
York bank
Bank of
; -
• Stab , bank and branches
Slate Srrip
All hnnA-s
Baltimore City banks-. •• ..
All other sot cent banks..
All solved 4qnks-
Alisolrent banks
All solvent batiks
Mobilt banks..
Country banks
4 Ncic Orleans banks (g00d)....
All banks.
N. W. cortxr.R or WOOD Jtr. FIFTH STS
1 - Books - ,Bills of Lisdlls . g; Circulars,
Pamphlets.. Bill Heads., Cards,
Handbills, - Blank Cheeks,. Hat Ti e,
i ELI tntis of 131 auks, -
I Stage, Steamboat' altd 'Canal Boat 131114, with, ap
propriate cuts,
Printed - on the shortest notice and most reasonable
We respectfully ask the patronage of our friends and
the public in general in this branch - of coi f , business,
July 31, 1843. PHILLIPS & SMITH.
, by
43, Wood street.
_LP All sorts of clothing and wearing apperal. Iledst
call at No. 151 Liberty . street, and see for yoursekes
se? 7. J. MeCLOSKEY.
-.a..~... _..~.._`` sue.
no sale
..... ..14
~.no Sale .
_ .
11101M1843 .7 n- --- alra 1
- . 1 , :t.STkINDART, INGft...HAM. & co..
, . .
forwarding - And centudeeten. Merchants,
Canal; - NVtishing,i - C o . :
'anti Line. Pennsylvania and. Olio Canal. Prnprie-
A GETS for the Merchants' Transportation Com
-1-- •
pain coruPosed of the Merchants'. Line. Erie
7.,srLEitiel—t.NDl'l:l•o.lc.:•, Palmer & Co.'s
Line of Steam boats anti-vessels nn the lakos. Cleve
lora ofthc Mt2reltants, Lim, Ohio Canal.
Wilkie & EiAivorth, No. 9, C,o4orititut Slip, :ci • Y •
It. 'Hunter & Co. Albany. '
l i Otis Chaff, Boston. .• . • -
1 limiter, Palmer & Co., Boiralo, „
M. T. Williams & 'Tow.
1 , Flom. , John M. Allen, Cluvoliiiici. ... •"'
I . Charles M. cliatiiiirg, ~ -. • - '
J. S. -Hickey, Beavar.- -
Hirmingb,arn & Co, Pittsburgh: • ~ • .
ap 1 1843, 7 -Iy. -_•• - - . .
/kiwi/at - and Warrea Packet..
.-Mitern.. THE. canal packet ERIE, J. M.
Straw,tnaster, will rtin as molar tri
weekly pranket between the'-above named port's, leaves
Beaver on 'Mondays, IVedneAdays,. aria Fridays' rnoili
lag, leaves Warren on. Tnosdays, 'Thursdays and Sat
urdays; conn9cting with the Stuze Lines to Cleveland
direct, For freiabt or passage apply on hoard, or to
• al RNI LNGHA.W.t. CO., Pittsburgh.
DICKEY, Beaver.
•';..14 . 74 - TZletcrTrin •
' - 18
AND RAIL ROADC.uts. from 4'ittsburgli, Via Bed
ford, Chamberiburg, llarrisburz and Lancaster, to
Philadelphia, counectins with the Main train of cars to
N. Y. &c. Only 150 miles staging and one night out.
Also, the direct tine toßaltimore: '
Fare to Philailelptlia. $O.
Baltimore • 9.
Leaves daily at 8 o'clock A. M. •
Office 9 l dnor below the Merchants' Hotel Wood st.
feb 9.3, 1843-4 y. • 'Proprietor:
The Great Central Route
Via Naiianal Road and Balefinare and Ohio Rail
Road Coe part
-•- •7 7 1 -
-N ••••
••• • • ' •• • ••. n. M C- -••.- 1. 77' 94 • •
• ft7",1.0.
For Sale. -
------- 4-, LOTS on the North East corner of Cool 'Lane and
i High street.. Apphr_to •
AND Nrw YORK.. - '
1 sep. 10 . Market near Fourth street.
THIS lino ii in full operation and leaves Pittsburgh - ..• -
• • .---
daily at 6 o'clock A. INT.. via W a shington Fa:' . -- - F.: Rent. -• •
and national road t, Cumberland, conueeting here :l iasTit That COTTAGE, situated in the Borough oi
with the rail read Co' , so all tlle abr,ve olncr-s: Tray- ' 1 .- -s=ll_ Lawrenceville. at present occupied by John
elers will find this a speedy and comfortable route, Parker. . -
it being a siparate and distinet Pittsburgh and Cum-
The place has a very fine -garden and good assort?
berland line, facilities will I l e afforded which have not meat of fruit trees. Any person renting can have dui
I been heretofore enjoyed. Extra coaches furnished at privilege orenzazing for._the -ep:liiiing -year. Possei
the sliortest notice with the priyile of going through - sion given an the let of October ries.r. .
direct or taking one nights rest at then-option. , Apply at No. 5 ClRllMerriril ROW), 'Liberty street)
I For tickets, apply at our office tit the Monongahela or to \Vm. Taman, Smithfield street:: ' •
House. . • L - . W. STOCKTON,
---sop. I. is4a.
1;4, a--41tf. - President. of N.. - R. Stage Co. _
, A S,NI 81,1, Farm ill Upper St. Clair township, a;.
I tl bout 4A Miles from Pittsburgh, and about 60 yard/
of the -Washington turnpike, confainir . ig ibtacrea good
land, well TOC at ed ~,a improved. and alltuitstidleleared
Thu Suiftsure,. Robinson,, Mate', leaves even - and. under . good fence; and will be aeiuoll Placa for la
Thursday at 10 o'clock, a. rm. . - extensiveenrdncr, gardner, &....-- It has on it it-tood dwellin4
The Cutter, Collins, Master, leaves ever! Friday at honse and born: and is Well Watered. It will be sold
10 o'clock a. m. - low for cash—or part cash and part credit.' Apply at
The Montgomery, Bennett, Master,leayes every-Sat- Flarris'A ,, vnev and I uteilioltnip OfF CP.or , , ..
urdny at 10 o'clock a. rn. SAMUEL istALLAND.
The Express, Parkinson, Master, leaves every Sun-' —...--------------------.
day at 10 o'clock a. tn. Toner:et.,
JOHN 11l RMI NG 11 AM & CO., 19LEASANT rooms and good steam power, tit
Agents. 1. can steel file mnufactOry, corner of :Liberty at
O'Hara streets. Apply- on the premises'. july 16:
des Portable Boat Line Deport., ____
itivilar - Packets, for Cincinnati.
I Et.._ .
onses and Farms to Bea.
THE subscriber has opened an office (in connex
with his Medical Agency) for the renting and
1 selling of Houses and Farms. As many persons are
constantly wanting to rent houses without having the
____ . .
-! time to run alxrut the city in search of one,.dan try call-
A. MCANCLTY very respectfully infortns his i nc -U pon the snb...eriber, and stating the kind t f house
C .. . friends and the public, that he hasinad& crrun!.. - es they want. find otie - tbat Will suit them, also know the
meats to continite the agency of the boats forming the' number of rootna,„sitnation and rent, withobt furtheV
C. S. Portable Boat Line, at the.largenCW Warehouse,}
CORNER 0 n ..t:sn Lturar 'Tatars. Canal I Owners of beuses would find it to their interest td
Basin, where goods will be rectived add forwarded ..ronble.
1 , NVS.V.i
call, and dye a description of them. and the rent they
with usual de,:patch, and on the nto4t favorable terms, ' requ i re , as they would then find. their honsos rented
to Baltirnore.i'llibulelrhia, Now t or Boston.
sonner and with leks tt made.
The nattonage.of the Public is reSPPMAIIIF o..iiielieit;
'272 Market st., Philadelphia. , i ~,..r , 21 _,- T. H. TT:TTLE, C 6, 4th sr.
MOORE 5..--ell A SE.. Agruts.
75 Buinly's LW harf:Baltimore
United Sta
girt., 4-3 m.
LLE KRAMER; Exchange Broker, No. 46,
Cornrr of Wood rind 'Pin . . e trefte,Pitt.sburg
Pa. Crold. Silver Mid Sollient Bank ,notes, botiett
and sold_ Sight cliceki on the Easton/Oh:lei, for sale.
Drafts, notes and bills, rollocta
Wm. Bell & Co.,
`,lnlin D. Davis,-
F. LOrenze,
J. Painter &
May, J
Ales fileongon&Co. / Philadelphia
John ri Brown
James } Cincinnati, 0.,
J. R. St. Nfo.
Eml.,Pre.i't.Bani: Ky. Louisville.
e Dv a - Staffs Just Received..
Comwood, Mom, and a 4eneral stook of
Dick: WooDs, in store, and for sale at the Drug Store
of . ;lON. KIDD.
sept. Comor 4th antiWood.sts.
Air ACKE REL.—I 6 libls. No. 3 Mucketel, just
received andlor sale by
sep 3.34 Wood St.
To me? chants and Others. -
AGENTLEMAN, who thorouOly uoderstanas
Book Keeping, wishes a situation in - that capa
city: the best of references trill be given, Adaress - 14.,
at this office. ,an,gld—tf
T 013.1.CC0.-10 homes Burton's 5 . h 'limp tobaeco i .
25 •do Russell & Robinson do
5 tin .flare's do
10 do A ssorterlsizes_and brands,
just received and fer sale.by •
nuz 9 43, wood street
_ - -
Toothache! Toothache!! Toothache?!!
HE above complainx 4 can be cured in , five
utes„by using, the celebrated Mtiscovrrus - Dnors
*bleb is warranted. There are many imitation and
counterfeit*, of the above. The on l y -true on gtnu
ine articleis to be had at TUTTLE'S 88 Fourth st
sept 12-
BOUT the last week in Jone, in a Clothing Store
AL in Liberty street, a Note. of hand, considembly
aoiledand worn. his signed bv- James Gaston and
another, and.drawn in favor "of' Sir. Black. The own,
er can have it - bv. identifying . and paying, mtrenses
July 31=-cc
- • Jizit Opened..
JO. 1; Salmon. .• • .
- -
Nn 1, 21Ana.3 Nlackerel,
No.l arta 2, Maine Shad,
No 1. Labrador Gibbed Herring, -
- Ancl,Boollr,t. fine diy 641
For sale for family - u'ae, by LLOYD & CO.
nl2. • _ i 40, L4)erty
• Young Bpoon Tea.
115,,Cositil.onSToSr,glioaoyqchesitstva:t.adtbox.71::moinng I;
sale low for cash. 30 . 1-PS D. DAVIS,
of 1. corner of Wood and Fiftja sta.
Penmanship and Book-tamping. - -
THOSE who wish a thorough knowiedge•ofthese
branches. would do to enlist MR. S. W.
STEWART'S Glintnereial ACftdeltly, on Fourth Street.
near the corner of Market and Fourth, before engaging
elsvrhere. oct 3—lm.
for Salt nub to ttt._
Tivo Tarms For Sabi.
T" good Fai-maon the Loyalbanna
creek, Westmoi - oland county, about
9 miles from Greensburg, on the main road ts Blain;
villa, 8 miles from it, and itboat 8 miles from Dentinal&
town, one mile from a brick Catholic Chu;nita
miles from a, Presbyterian Church, sir: NO. 1. 20
acres and allowances, from 150 to 160 acros oleangS
and under fence, has on it a log home. log ham ebe.—,
No. 2. 150 acres of land adjoining, the above. 75 to 100
acres cleared and under fence, a good frame boose and
also e.witgon shade and corn crib and a stone spring
house, all in good order. Thmabove will bo sold at a
fair price for cash and payments made to accommodate.,
ore hanged for property in Pittsburgb,or Allegheny.
Torfarther particulars enquire at Harris' Getuital Ag ,
cyand letelligence (ace, No. 9,sthst. 016
-gnilding Lots For Sale.. •
THE undersigned is authorized to sell a number et
torn beantifellv situated-in Aaron Harsplan of
lots on "Grove , The rapid improvement and
extension of city in the vicinity of these, lots. most
Oreatly increase their value in a very !triort
Claims against the estate, properly authEiniicittea,
be received in pact Payment. - . --
GEO. COCHRAN, Exi'critor,
13113-3. v No. 2 6 ; Wood-street:
ATWO STORY brick house, ;amble for I
.. dwelling and Grocery, sitnate.on the corner
of Fifthand.-Union streets. POSSCSIIiOI2 given irotned.P
atelv. Enquire of - •
JA.' - VES 'MAY:.
tioildbig Lots in Ellisnihighatn. •
L un O tea TS,
a g n u a i ta v b r l i e th f i or u b t uviladirrinfri,.uirtoteltt:Xtyi, the
steam fer ry boat landint, he gold at prices to sulk
the times. The terms of' payment tvill.be made „cuu6l
either fur cash or such barter as can be made available&
Apply to the subscribers in Birmingham, or Mr. P:
Peterson, Nu. 4, Ferry street, Pittsburgh.,
June 1. ' JAS. PATTED:S'I2; O N "
.1r •
• Lots for Sale.
A Lott in l'S'ln.nclm , .4ter. One and a fourth'Aores n
L- 1 - Landon Holmes' Hill. Lotg nom. 41,42,
. 181, 182, and 1 8 ,1,171 Cook's
.plan of Lots,on 1111
Hill. Alto, Lots nog. 28, and 27, in. Cook's plaid" Lod
111,g4t street, near the new Court 11,mr.p. tenni
apply to
Z. Vtr - . RPM INV3TOI4;
sep 1.0
Rouses, &c., For Rent.
THE subscriber has opened a hook to record any
dwelling house, warehouse. store, shop, iroorni
or counity farms and s.eat , for rent. charging the own
ers 25 cents each record. He Neill keep it open for all
-who to rent any kind of property to examine, and
charge tberr.l2.l cents; end for a sznall compensation,
-wilT attendto renting all kinds of property, acitiatiend
kinds of business between Jaudloid and tenant.
No. 9, Fifth at.
Ml6:burgh, Pa
A good Farm for Sale or Exchange ,
A FAP.III of 130 arres on Sugar Creek. Armstrong
t 3. county, ID° of which i.. improved. This tarrn is
well ' , Altered by springs and t wolarge rims_which pass
nehrlr throughirand then unite. forming an - excellent
Mill Seat. " 40 acres are first rate for meadow or ".•
gpring crops,- and the balance is good for fall - grain.--•
There is no waste laud, end it is well adapted for a dai
ry or fur sheep, and lies very well. There is on it a;-
good apple orchard,
_a substantial bewed log house, i
'_large log barn and a good coarbanli, easily_actessible,-- -
hi good order, and the quantity inexhaustible. This --
farm lies within IS miles of Freeport, Pmiles f • ‘• •.:
- Kittanning, A milesfrom a Calholic chttrek and 2 mil- •
from a .Presbyterian and Seceder churches h will be
sold at a bargain for &ask nr exrhonge d for a good
three story brick hone and lot in Pittsburils. For
terms and particulars enqrilre at Harris'. GeneralA 4
gency and Intelligence office, or of the subscriber on
the-premises. S. J, WHITE.
Bargains to be Had;
_11_ . .1.i) / 1,3410,1 wII t'>e, fold a bargain in lots to suit
purchasers: , The land lies in Tyler and Prickotail
Virginia—ond CLEAR 017 ALL EscuPtasftcia ,
For particulars inquire of the subsci iberS, if bilatiisfr
postpaid, • - LLOYD CO.;
oct 10 - • 140 Liberty srrect, PittsbUrgb-
THEREBY certify that I have looWn a number of,
.Ipeople who have taken Dr. McLane's Liver Pins,
and have been-much benefitted by them, ima holism*
them to be the best pills for liver complaints, and for
general use, of any pill now• before the public.
I Irereb) certify that I have been afflicted foi 6 gears
with a liver complaint; and haxv applied to different
physicians, arid all to little or no effect, until I mad.
-use of Dr. Mci. g ane's Pills. In taking tvco boxes of them
grn nearly restored tri perfect health.
MU tersinirgh, near Pittsburgh, Arteust 16. 1313 _
M' For'sale at the Dr %Store of
aug 22 corner 4th and-Wood streets, PittsbUrgb
rreeman's Fire Brick for Sale. ,
JUST received, 5000 .Freean'a . best Fire t riet. .
which Will hereafter be kept constantly on hanti 4 -
and sold low for cash, by BIRMINGHAM & CO.
may 27 'No. ttl Water ft. I
0... UNDSIES.-50 boos chocolate, 1
0 5 do coco a; 1
. . .
.4.00...._........1 .....
3 do rice flour,
45 do ground pepper,
5 do Cayenne do.,
95 eans ground mustard,
$ kegs do allspice,
s s - do do _ ginger,
12 cans ~do do., tcmither wits #
every thing in the grocery line, all of which isoffer4
at extremely low Flees, tor rash.
-liAlLitiAN, JENNINGS & CO- 1
43. Wood strive.