Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, October 25, 1843, Image 4

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JAMES HOWARD k ZO„ - MamsfatturdrrAr Orott
Paper, Xe. Hl, Weed SLOW, Pittelkrgl!, Pa.—
Hailkaftrays On hand au extensive ansortnient of Satin -
Glalk:tlind Wain PAPER. HANGINGS, Velvet and
insUattiusi Borders-, of the latest style and handsome
patkretoi, for papering halls, parlors and chambers.
They., Inasufactu re and have on hand at all times-
Prk0 111 :• W citing, Letter, Wrapping and Tea Paper,Bon
seS 114 tellers' Boards—all of which they offer for sale
on Vie dont accommodating tertm,; and to which they
laiTte,,tfte attention of merchant , and others.
Hooka oral kinds and the lest quality,
8 Itottl xrkl, ete. always on hand and for sate as above
R.B. ftdvt nd racaers' Scraps' taken in exchange
RENA)VXL.-I'lto utidersigned Iteg,*lenve to inform
. .the. public, that Itc has removed from his old bland,
to the cora •t• of Penn and St. Clair stti., oppo,ite the Ei
change note), where he has fitted tip a lare PIANO Fortore.
WAR! Room, and now osiers for sale I lie most splendid
aasonment of PtAkosever offered in rhea market.
qin,obluos consist. of diScreitt patterns, of superior
Ron° Wood and Mali:it:any, beautifully finished and too
detork,:aid constructed thront!lialit of the very be-t Ina
tcrit!ti, which, for dorability, and (panty of tone, as well
as leach; he warrants to be superior to any ever seen
As he has en!ar:,ed his mann f4ctory. and rude arrange.
meats to supply the increastitin deal Ind for this Instru•
anent, be respectfully requests those intending to pur.
chase 10 call and s xarnine his as“tirt,tie nt before purcha
sin% elsewhere, as he is determined to :gel! LOWER, for
eash,than any other establishment east or west of the
mountains. 1 7 . BLUME,
Corner nr Penn and St. Clair streets,
Sip le epnaiite the Etch:Flee Hotel, Pittshnrgh, Pa.
THG;ailtscriber hasjitst received from - Pltitadelph la an.
Wew York. with a cc neral and extensive assort.
ment of DRUG : S, ctrEmrC'.Bl4, PERFUMERY. and
every artick : In hiS line of - nes., w Melt •he is &ter
mined to sell on he most reasonable trrins ror rash.—
Hal-believes he'can alrer stronger Inducements than any
sirkitu7 establishment in this city to country Physicians
and Merchants, who wish to supply themselves IA Ph
Drugs and Medicines, Il is articles M,ve here selected
with the o tmost core, and are warranted °film best qual
ity and uniform strength. o:tiers w.ll be tilled with ac•
curacy and ele;nnre. Famili s can he supplied with Fine
and Fancy Soaps of every ronrcivalile y, and of
the most exquisite perfultr , ; likewise with Perfumery
an* Cosmetics of eve ry descrip ion.
1111bo anderAgoed returns his thanks for be liberal sup:
porpteretofore eVended to hint, and hones by a constant
dlsppsHipoti to please aid accommodate—a rare In prco
eoritil and selling only what is exerllrrit and genuine—a
claim supervision of the sales and transaction of the t Stab
Ilshaulit—piycnot lon and nerarany ; u roili pound' med.
eines—and by Industry and perseverance. to mer nin
cease or public patronage
may 25.
kat wak^s yourlcrih so unusually while
Q.Uoth Jos dulcinia to him Cother night,
To'raake yours look so, with a grin, replied tosh,
I ire IN - might youa bottle of Thorns' Tooth Wash,
hest now in use, so the gentlefolks say.
And spice they have triad this, cast all others away
But to proiett the hest; maie the teeth shine,
[kook atain, my dear at the lustre amine.
Then try II is great tooth wash,
The 'l'caherry tooth wash,
Mid see if this Tooth Wash of TiloFll . 6 is not fine
Illivialtrfed Dr. "Thorn's Tea terry Tooth Wash,'
and beentoe acquainted with the ingredients of its compo
saw, I cheerfully say, I consider it one of the safest, as
It Drone of the, most pleasant Tooth Vl'asl es now in use.
Silltisburgti Sep. 15, 1842 DAVID HUNT, Dentist.
I take pleasure in stating, having made use of" Thorn's
Tel Berry Tooth Wash,"' tr.! it is one of th e h est d en .
UMW! (ruse. Being In a liquid form, it comb!nes neat
nein with convenience. While it cleanses the enamel
and removes the tartar from the teeth, its perfume yelds
a ftligranee. peculiarly desirable. J. P. TIBBC.TTS.
Th, undersigned have used il'ho•tt's Compound Tea
Bevy Tooth Wash,"and have found it to be an extreme.
.ly pleasant dentifrice, exercising a tram salutary t u lle.
cites over the Tielh and Gums; preserving Those indis
pensable members from premature decay. preventing the
treentuntistlon of Tartar, and purifying the Breath. Bay.
In; thoroughly tested Its virtues, we take pleasure In re.
eotettinendlng It to the public, belicein,g it to be the best ar
tle4etof the kind new hi use.
-- . .
Prtpared and gold by WI LL lAMTII OR N. A poi been •
or and Chartist, Nn. 53 Market street,' Pittsburgh; and
at all the prinelpa Druggists', and Tuti le's Medical Agen
yi Fourth wee% tep
IVER COMPLAIN I'S—Dyspepsianed Indigestion,
with costiveness, asidity of the stomach, hardnes s
of focid after meals, heartburn, flatulency, livetcomplaints
with pain lathe side and slit ulderjaundice, bilious coin
plaints, dropsy, diabetes, gravel, stone, and inflaination
ofthe lenge, are most perfestly removed and cured I•ythe
l'hisirticle has the astonishing feels in curing all com•
dlatirtsof the stomach and digestive organs. Many high-
Iretilifoectal.le Indivldualsia New York have been cured,
agar frylocevery other rented, in vain, and have given
milt& names with permissinn to rclei to them. It is
plaaaantloilie last, and does not in the least interfere
with the daily avocation el one taking it. Many ram'.
hes of the city have become so pleased with the niedictne.
that tley nse it as their only family medicine. By using
it occastonalti, It keeps the stomach free from liPions dist
orders, and the liver active, with the secretions of the
body in the most perfect activity. It is composed entire•
Iy of vegetable. The cure will he gradual, hut certain
sal permanent-
For sate al Terms's, 86 Fourth street.
4ep P:. .
tor..adyls Tetter Se: Itch ointment.
IVMI the cure of every variety of 'FETTER , Ih. ITCH.
AL' and all diseai.es of the Skin, has proved itself more
efficitchworthatrany other preparation for the slow par
piw,s in use.,
>Upwprdsoffive hundred certificates might he procured
apt paldished of its etTicary Irmo .'shoot Teachers, Pro.
ptielOrs of Factolies. Parents, Guardians, Child Nurses,
Captahisof vessels and other., were it not for the deli
cacy in havina their names published in connection with
such 41.4irecable affect h,rl s,
By the rise of Dr Leidy's Teller Ointment in cot Jane.
lion with his extract of Sarsaparilla or Blood rills, he
wi r l4triiiiites-ti tore any disease common to th e skin,
hier had, or of however long standing, or rellind the
money. -There ere-however vet y few instocces lint can
becored by the Ointroint aidoe,
PS** 2,5 revue a Box. ~
Prepared only tun' cold wholl..tate and retail nt Dr I..ei
dv's Health Emporionr,l9l N. Second r.t. Philadelphia,
and IT B. A. FAHNI,STOCK 4 - Co. corner of Wood
and sixth ilreent, A g,nt.. fu Piitsbor,tt. ply 12.
THEstilut fiber would respectfully inform thecillzens
orpitb, march; tlttb=lieny - and their v ir o. it ies, that he
has eenmeoced manufacturing the article of Lard Oi
aniti Cattales. * He Intends making but one quality, which
will equal the test made in the Union and not surpassed
by the best winter strainedsperin oil tither for machinery
Of burning. without its. offensive properties, and one
third cheaper, THE ABOVE is WARRANTED TG
ber wishes to impress distinctly on the public mind that
it is not necessary to purchaix any new fancied lamps that
are dully palmed upon them as being requisite to burn the
lard oil in. Persons wishing a rare and brilliant light
gig *Main it by calling at the old stand:3d street, nrarls
exdirtts the Post Office
M. C CD2Y.
I is atteation of Was .4ahlaka!ers, Churches and
.11.3 . 1 mares cutid.
Ulf .1 1 1 I will bear the manufacturer'
/an 2; 1343--tr.
For the Transportation of Merchandiza arid Prodtsc
VITTSB UR P1111.91)EL '111.9 AND
EVIN E respectfully. inform the public that thry
11. have completed their al rangementsfor the shove
Line on
The public has long w khed fur I ridivirinul competnion
in Transmutation on the Public Works, I.y which alone
it can be freed from .anticcesisry expemtes and reduced
to Its In wen, Tales; that wieit will now be realized; the
State of Pennsylvania having placed Trucks Sail
(toads. individna.s ownlbg, Portable Boats are — citalilcd
to bid for the Carrying Trade and rtuccessful.y to corn•
pete with companTs.
This line is composed of Twenty new, Pour Section
Portable Boats, owned by the Captains who command
them and well known as enterprising, industrious and
experienced Boatmen.
- .
The superiority and advantages of the Portable Boat
over every other mode of T•ansportation, are too welt
known to shippers generally, to require comment; suf
fice it to say, that the detention, loss,scparation and dam
age to Goods, invariably attending three Transhipments
between Pittsburgh and Phiadelphia are by the Portable
Boat most eff e ctually removed .
The Portable Boat possesses the great advantage too,
of beim.; well ventilated and coo/ In Summer; which pre.
vants Flour from soaring, and Bacon and Tobacco from
li. Devine, standing as he does, lietween the owners
of goods:tint the Boatmen who carry them, and eriaally
Interested in protecting the interests of bath, will make
no promi, ,, es to t lir public he will not faithfully perform.
Ile is now prepared to receive and forward Produre
to Philadelphia. Baltimore, New Yotk,and Boston In'the
shortest tittle, and pletlue's Itio , elto enter into no coin.
binni ion with other Li nes,hut always stand ready to carry
out the principlestif his Line, fi nd contract for freight on
'the very lowest teems.
KT - TO give andounied sentray to owners and Shippers
of goals an open policy of Insurance has been effected,
by which all merchandise shipped by this Line will be
in , uted without auy additional exppnie lathe owner.
li, bovine %till receive all produce consigned to him
at Pittsburgh, pay freight and ch,argts to Steam Boats
and forward the same !without delay to Philadelphia,
lialtimore,New York, and Boston waken% any ,charge
for advancing or commission,
N 0.43 Water Ft., Pittsburgh.
THUS. BORpl Agent,
272 Market street, philadeipbia.
7.5 Bowley's Wharf, Baltimore.
dOWEN !HUBERT), Agents.
Chirinnnii, Ohio
Madison Ind.
'rhos NIcADASI, t a . Aer nt
March 10 -134 - 2. .21. Old Silo New Yo
Ready Made Coffirt Warehouse,
Fourth St . 2 rivers front (ha V. 8. Bank.
1111 E.!IP EItYI'FILILL I' informs the pulilic that he.
Kg) has removed kis ready made coffin ware.
house to the building recently occupied by Mr.
Ft. C. Berford, diieetly opposite his old st Ind,
where he Is always arepared to attstri promptly
to any orders in his line, and by strict all - ntion
to all the detailsathe liminess OfisUltlitderiaker,
tie hopes to merit public vonfidencet He will be prepared
It ALL notes to provide Hearses, Biers, C isges and
avery requisite on the most liberal tetras. Calls from the
country will lie promptly attended to.
Ills residence is in the same building with his wart
house, where those who nerd it Is services may find hint
at any tittle. RICTERIENC6::
11[1.•411.X.1tt 31. PAYIS,
p 10 REV. Y. P. SWIFT.
F\1:)1 FOR SALE.—TiIe undersigned niter s lair sale
hi; Rai* tr °in ll e
y of flitstairgb,.sontiedla:_ll4atres 41104 whir h
60 a e eleired bud andef react, 'LA 5t1540.26 1 11:irc - of
meadow, :cod Orchards of Apples A ff.* lietic It and
Cherry trees—the ittiproveint eta arc a mrge frame house
containing 10 rooms well fort;ishecl, calculated for a Ta
vcrn- o. private Dwelling. a frame Barn 28 by 60,stone
basement, and stabling, sheds t ad other out houses suit•
Mile for a tenentetil!-2 good Gardens surrounded with
chrrant bushes. and a well of excellent water, with a
pump in at the front door. In relation to the Pittshurgh
and A Ilezheny market, there is no place now offered for
sa'e with moreinducement to those wishing to purchase
near Pittsburgh, the terms will lie mule moderate. for
further lortieularsapply in lhe prnpi iet or al ilk Clothing
Store, Liberty street, corner of Virgin Alley.
N. R. If not told before the Ist of October next, it
will he divided into 10 and 20 acre loss 'insult pur , ba
e a seii 10
Regular morning Packet for Beaver.
• fast vanillin; and well kilo% r.
SHARP Hxstrint.t., Maslrr, will depart daily from MlAs
lough at 9 o'clock, A. It," and Beaver at 1 o'clock P
For freight er passage, apply on board, or to
No 60 Water street.
N. R.—The regular canal pa Let in Clevelai n Ohln
Greenville and Meadville l'a ; and Massillon 0.. the
Ohio Canal,sontierraig with sleainer Cleveland at Pea•
ver,will be in operation Immediately on opening of Ili:A , -
igation. mar 'll
Case of Liper Complaint of 25 years itaadrn r.
This may certify that for twenty five-years I was •
flicted with pain in my side, which was fit quell ly co
severeas to entirely incapacitate me from labor I have
been under the care and treatment rf various i•icia
without any prmant•nt I,rircit. Hearing of the wady
cures rtrerted by' the Hepatic Elixir prepared by Dr.
Btarlaveathrr, I was induced in give it a trial, arid am
happy to say that it has entii cly removed. I hare felt
no symptoms of it for more than a year past.
NorthbrtJce,lnuerdi3o, 111.1.1 AMOR WHITE.
Thegennine to lie had at TUTI'LE'S Medical Agency,
Enurthsi reel.
Itenning's Fire -- roof Iron Chests.
PITTSBURGH, OCT. 22, 1842.
J. DENNINO—On Friday, theSOth of last month , about
9o'clockto 0011,111 e Planing,Grooving and :ash Man
ufactory, owned by Day, Dilworth Co, with a large
quantity of dressed and indressed lumber, was all tonsil::
med by fire.
The Iron Safe which I bought of you some time hack
was in the must exposed situation doting lite fire, and
was entirely red hot —I am pleased to inform you it was
opened at the close of the fire,and all the hooks, papers,
4ec.saverl;—this Is the hest recommendation I can give of
the utility of your safes.
CONSTANTL Yonhand a superior article of Lard.
Oil, warranted to burn at any tenyerz:n3re, and
equal to the best winter strained Sperm Oil, without
its otTen , ive quail es, and one third cheaper. man.
ufactured by the subsrriber al the old stand, Third sta r
hearty opposite the Post Oflice• M. C. EDEN.
sultscriber havintt opened a shop No 6 t, second
street,between Market a act Wend tdrecgs,Ptltsbtirgh,
I n conner tic n witiatherttetervAn laMiri tham, rvs pert.
folly Int terns his friends and the public; that belyili - bi
happy to be favored with their orders for any attiehie i
his line,
Door Locks and Fasteners,') various d scriptions. or.
band and made to order.
. . .
Tobacco,3llll and Ilmikor &rms.
Large ScrCurs,fdr Iron Works,and Screws for Prestrit
p;ade:r may be required,
Carpenters and Builders are requested to call before
cuktracting for jabs, and examine his articles and prices.
Locks repaired and jobbing eeneruily one in .he heal
inanner, and on the lowest terms.
may 2-6 m MS. PATTER3O:4, Jr•
REV. .1011 N Br-kr/I.D. P.
REV. 11011YRT RRccx, n. D
li r a.4?l,trec_ifthee'tit 1it;7 ,. .! • I;Jotirr TYLER. President
idt or Aiii;rl hereby de.
dare and make-known that public sales will be held
at the undermentioned Land Offices, in the State of
MISSOURI, at the pet iodsheteinafter designated,
to wit:
AT PLATTSBURG, in Clinton county, the seat
of the land °dice for the Platte, district of Missou
commencing on Monday, the ninth day of OW.
ber next, flr the disposal of the public lands within
the nndernienti , med townships, and fractional town-
Snips, to wt::
.N*Qrfh of the base line and lets! of the fifth princi
pal tn.>"riditin, ctn.d west of the former western bam
dal* of the State.
•rt,wiiship Sixty two, of range thirty four.
Town4ups 'sixty one end sixty three, of range
thirty fie
Towm•hipe sixty two and sixty four, of range thirty
Townst•ipS sixty one and (sixty three, of range
thirty seveti.
Townships sixty two and sixty four, of range thir
ty eight. - -
The west half of township sixty one, of range
thirty nine.
Fractional township sixty two and township sixty
four, of range forty.
Fractional townships sixty two and sixty three, of
range fofty one.
Fractional townships sixty three and sixty four, of
range f. rty two.
Noith of the base line and east of the fifth principal
meridian, and west °I'LL. former western boundary of
the Stale.
Toivnah'ps sixty one and sixty two, of range
twenty seven.
T ow ,, F hip s sixty. F ,xiy one and sixty two, of range
twenty eight.
Tm.vtislito sixty one, of range twenty nine.
Also at the same place, commencing on ltlnedaY,
the thirteenth day of November next, for the disposal
oldie public lands within the limits of the undermen
tiiinei townships and fractional toWnshins.
.North of the haw line and west of the Nth principall
meridian, and west of the former teeattraboundary of
the State.
fractional townships fifty, fitly one, fifty three,
fill five and fifty seven, of range thiity three.
'Townships fifty two, fifty four, fifty six, fifty eight
and sixty, of ratt;e thirty four.
F. actinnal fifty one, townships fifty three,
fifty fire, factional tr wtiship fifty seven and town
ship fifty nii.e, of range [bitty five.
Fractional townships fill four, fifty six, end fifty
seven and town hip ,ixty, of range thirty six.
Frectioatd townships fifty five, fifty six, fifty eight
,aid fifty tone, of range thirty seven.
n etio mil townships fifty five and sixty of range
thirty eight. l
At the Land iillice at LEXINGTON, contmenc
on Monday the se .mud day of October n-'xt, fin
the disposal of the public Itinde within the limits of
the tindertnimtioned townships, to %Nat—
i North l!" . the base line and west of the gthprinteipa
Townships thirty s x, 'bitty raven and titi.ty eight
fro rigs. (inn teen•
Townships thirty free and tinily se ve it, of range
Town-hip 'hilly five of ranges sixteen and nineteen
Tt wnships. thirty five, thirty six, thirty seven - arid
eigh'. of range twenty tine.
Town-hip thirty eight, of range twenty three.
trowil , h•p t 6 t.ty nuie, of range twenty eight.
Townships thirty eight and this iv nirle, of range
Township forty, of ranges thirty one, thirty two
and thirty three.
South west fractional quarter of sec fiona twenty
one, and the north east and north west fracti. nal
quit ters of section twenty four iu township silty one,
south of i river, of riutgeSarni} six, •
South west quarter of section sevi•Th, in township
forty nine, of iange to rury seven.
LAW! , appl( , p; iate,l by taw, for the we of schools
I military or u her purpwes, will be excluded trout
The sales will each be kei4 open fur two weeks,
are stoiliel dii9sosect of] &NI oo
longer; and o ate entries of land in the town
-{tips co will be adinited, toad alter he ex
piny:ion Thc etl,B.
Gi% my kind at the City of W.o.l.iogf , m.
this eighth day of June. A1111111)01111111, 1a 13,
By he Pr, sident:
Tkin. H. BLAK
Cornner of the Gentral Land (ere
F.sery person clainting the tight of prt•einption
to any lands nit. , in the Inuits of the tnoanshipsabove
&mono:rat , d, is requirel to establish tie sante to the
salisfacnou rd the Itegkter and Receivrr of the.
proper Land Office. and to make pai, merit t tietelor,
as s )on as pray' icabb_ afirr suing 'his mulct., and he
fore the day appointeLt for thee.unmeliceineitt of thr
pubic s 3 le of the tour n-hip, einhtliChlg the tram
above designated: otherwise such claims
will be forfeited.
Cwarni-siuncr lhe Genarul Land Office
jute 29—t('s.
S T. McCarthy, Cutler and Surgical
Instrument Maker, Third street, nearly opposite the
Pont Office, Pitteburgh
rhysiclans. Dentis.to and Druggists can have their in•
strums:lts made ity the subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears and Scissors always on hand.
also Hatters :Shears, a superior article. Orders respect.
N. B. A Harticles warranted of thebest quality, and
obttinr: done as usual. sep 10
1110 I , EU LES.—Thele V a large class of Females in
i his City %%Ito from their contlimedititting, to which
t net, ormtm.l ions oblige iliern,areaffected with costiveness
gives rise to palpitation at the heaelon the least ex
ertion, sense of heaviness extending over the whule head,
intolerance of light and suunid .an inability of fixing the
attention to arty mental operations; rumbling in the how•
els, spinet inies a sense of suffocation, especially after
tarots when ;illy exertion is used, ay going quickly up
stairs; tempre tickle; !hese are sympionis - which yield at
once to a few doses of the Crandreth Pills The occa.
Sioll3l MC of this medicine would save a deal of trouble
and years of suffering. One, or two, or even three of
the Braniiireth Pills Jost before dinner, are of'en found
highly Item many use them vtry advantageously In
tins way; they aid and assist digestion, restore the bowels
to a proper condition,enliven (he spirits, impart clear.
fIeSS to the complexion,purlfy the blood, and promote a
general feeling of itapp4lo6o4,,
sold st pr. 11-asdreth's Office* is the piarsopd
25licepu per boa, full directions.
MARK—l'he only place in Pittsburgh, where the
ENCTI N Pills can he ohtained;is the Doctor's own Of.
fire, Diamond. Sep, 10
DR. I.F,IDV'S SAn•rAitittli fltmon Plccs, are appli
cable Is all eases, whether for Purgation or Porifi
cation. Ther plakitis fl4.boastiffiNielitter orothcr
pills, and are additiona,By efficacious, conjaluing Sarsap
aritta in their compoiltiOn,Vritieh is not c6nrairted 1n any
other pills inexistence. They nreniso different from oth•
Cr pills In compostrton, being, pittety vegetable, and can
be einplilityeiliißk Mime, without arty daugeri and -ret
quirtl4:oo f, tun occupation or usudi ciursc of
Notwithstanding Dr. Leidy never pretended his Blood
Pills %%maid cure all dlicases, yet it Is not saying too much
of them, Crain the innumerable cures performed by them
In every vatietYnad form of disease (certificates of many .
of which havelklemmukOstrial - from . personiotall denom
hations, phisiclaos. clergyman, and others) that they
stern to he 'altnam universal in their effect; and persuns
using them for whatevet sickness or disease, may rest
assured they will be fbiind more effiCacioni titan any oth
er pllis . in existence. •
From the known repotatiori of Dr Leidy's Blood Pills,
'Ds deemed necessary to remind the public where they
may at all times procure the genuine, as It be attempted
to impose other pills called 'Blood Pills' upon the public
on the reputation'orDr. Leidy's. Itrße particulal..aUf
ask for Dr Leidy's Sarsapar il la Blood Pills.amd kik Via
the nanw of Dr N. B. Leidy Is 'coot/tried on two sides
of each box,(the holes being of paper, and oblong,squarc
shape, surrounded hy a yellow and black label.
PRICE -7S Celli.% a Box.
prepared only, and sold Wholesale and Retail, at Dr
Lady's Health Emporium, 191 North Fecond street, be-
Phltadelppia, and by B. A. .10..dirivw.cTOCIC
ir co. of Wood and Sixth streets, Agents for Pitts
burgh July 12
Adams' Patent "Maughphy" ills, Dtr To I.III " 4IDISS ' —WhY _;.... 11813 71
!bat superfluous trair you have upon yonr forctwtetar
P.E now been before upper Ilp 7 By c3llingatTertLa's, 86 Fourth st.,ailif
the public 3 years da• oblalnina a bottle of Gouraud's Bemires Sultthis, which
ring which time several will remove it at once without atfeei In the skin, You
thousands have been sold I can also obtain ouraud's truly reiterated Eau de &ante,
and in daily use, We are which will at once remove all fteckles, pimples, ettip.
confident of being sustained lions of the skin, and make your face look perfectly fai•;
in saying they are the best and to these who whim to assist nature by adding more
Coffee Mills in the United color to their cheeks, they eat' obtain eoineofGouraud,s
States, any way you 'fix It.' celebrated Liquid Rouge, wnich cannot be rubbed off even
Several modifications are by a wet ['kith. Also may be found a good assortment of
inadeto snit the fancy of Perfumery, such as cologne, Bears' Oil, Almond, Pt IT,
wives and the purses of Witalsotthful other clasps.
husbands 1 Remember. at Tolle', Medical Agency, 86 diit stremd
Sold by the gross or dozen Druggist and others can besupplied at Who'esale and
at the mattutactory.-- retail terms, may 26 184 - 2
Malleable Calltings made to
l'lleFe 2ennine articles, oral sites, and most improved
vari e ti e s, constantly on hand and for sale nt very 'educed
prices by 1110 mgmlfacturer. 1. C. LIVING? 'ON,
marl.. —if Front 6ei weon Etozs and Gcant sln.
HAVE removed thy; toper Store from Markel
street to 1110.01 Wood street, one door from the
corner of 4th, where they keep on hands their usual us
Borman% of WALL PAPERS, for papering parlomen
tries,chamhers, 4.c. and also PRINTING, %WRITING
all of which they offer for sale ou accommodating terms,
fen 14, 1:14.3.—dtf
St: - TO IN VA,,IDS.
y-liow important it is that you commence without
loss of lime with Et it•rinarra's Pmts. They n.ildly hut
surely remove all impurities from the blood,and no case
of sickness ran a if..ct the human frame, that the-se cele•
hinted Pilln do nut relieve as much m . medicine cam do.
Colds and coughs are more berientleit by the ilrandreili
Pills than by lozenges nth canaies. Very well, per•
Ithpre.as pnliatiyes, hell worth nothing as eradicators or
diseases fruit the human system. The HItaNDIAL - TIIPILIAI
care, they do not merely relit ye, they cure diseases,
whether chtonic or recent, infectious or otherwise, will
certainly be cured by the use of these all sufficient Pills,
Fisa Sum, Juntiat y 21,1843
Dodge Besjamis Beitudestii—Hortoreri Sir:Owing le
you a debt of gratitude that money cannot pay, ► am
induced to make a pukka aeknowledgernhitl of the hienetit,
my wife Irasaiertved from your Invaluable pills. About ,
three keateihis winter she was taken with a pain la her
ankle, which soon became very much inhumed amid
swollen, so much so that we became alarmed, amid sent
for the doctor During his at.endance the pain and.swell
inz increased to an alarming degree, aud in three weeks
from its first comiliencinz it became a running sore
She could gel no rest at night the pain war so great.—
Our tir,t Do forattended her for six months, arid she
received no benefit whatever, the gain growing worse,
and the sore all the while. Re said if it was heal
"ed np it would be her deaf 4, but he apiteared to he at a
lost how ma proceed, awl my poor wife still continued
to suffer the roost terribletortures. Wetherefore sought
other aid In a Botanical doctor, who said when he first
raw it that he could soon cure the sore, and - give her
ease at mice. To our surprise he g;•ve her min relict,
and acknowledged that it baffled all his skill.
Thus we felt after having I ried during one whole year
the experience of two celebrated physicians in vain, in
absolute despair. y poor wife's constitution rapidly
laliing in 111C . rrlare of her years from her continued
aulTering. Under three rircum.tattees we concluded that
we would try your Universal Ve;et Ole Pills,determined
to fairly test their curative etr,•cts. To my w 7reat
comfort the Ira few do , es afforded great rr her of the
pain. Within one week, to the astonishment of our-
SeiVey and every one who knew of the case, the swelllna
and the lullaniniation began tortures° that she felt quite
easy, and would sleep comfortaltly, and, sir, after six
weeks' use she was a!,le to ;o tbrou4ll the house, and
again attend to the ittanagement of her family. which
she had not d u ne for nearly 14 month , . In a little over
two indoths from the time she firit commenced the 11,...e
of your invaluable runs, her ankle was quite sound, and
her health better than it had been in quite a !Mintier or
yearstdquer. I send you this statement rifler •wo vear
lest of the fare. it only min act ju , tice to
you and the politic at large.
We are, with !Mich era itude,
Very respectfully,
P. S. 'rye Rot rtniral Doctor pronounced Ili, sore ran
cernus. acid finally ,hod no _nod could he done. iintr•st
whole of 1., wa• rut of. and the bone scraped.—
Thank a I.lnd Prov,lcnce. I made u. resort to your
pills. which saved ni from all r Ii iser y, nod for
which we trope t be thankful. T. i f E. L.
(0 - Sold al 25 renig t , r box, with dirertion.
Ol•ser v.- I !le new tabeir., each having upon it two Pi_
natures of Dr. Ilraml:eth. S., each Lot of the cennine
ha. 2 4.1% sigtralliryS—ltlfer Benjamin Qra udret Ii and three
D. Brandreth 1111011 it.
The only (114 Ce ill Pill shu rp,ll where the real Cris
drrth Pills ran he obtained, Is the DortOr'o, own odic...
In the Diamond, behind the Market 11011., Mark,
the genuine Brandreth Pills ran never he obtained in any
druz, store.
The fullowin2.:lllr lhe oni. w.rents appointed by Dr. R.
flrandrellc. for lire sate a f his Vegetable Universal P 111 e.
in lieziwny rout,!):
PfttneteAt. Arno:2%G li LEE, Pittsburgh
Mr. Jelin Gars—Ailegliens ,
Robert Ibinean,—Rtriniii2 haw,
C. F. Die h l—mizabctiouwu•
Rowlard—M'Kee , port.
John Johnston—Noldestown.
Clie , smon t Spaulding —Stewortstown
Ardell dr Connell—Cl!won.
Robert :Smith Rorter—Tarentum.
George Power—Fairvit w.
David R Coon— Mom township.
Daniel Negle—Enst Liberty.,
Edward Thonip4riii--Witkinsburgli
Win. 0. Gunter—Allen's Milt
The office 1'11k:11111'g!) which was establllheit for the
piirpose of constittitin2 ti tints In tile west, havinr. :wean)
plistied tl'at ot.ject, 10 wow closed, and Mr, C. 11. LEE
in the Iliumted,H.trket street, appointed my aeent for
the sale of Pills and Liniments 411 Dr. Brandellts a:tents
will t lierforeminiers l and,that Dr.II, will lend a travelling
agent through the country once a year In collect moneys
for sale; made and re-supply agents, The said traveller
will be provided with a power of altorney, duly proved
before the Clerk ot the city and roomy of Sew York,
Imether with all nec...ssary vouchers and papers,
Mr. J, J. Yoe, I, my trav,iliwza.lont now in Penn4yl_
vanh., U. 1111. %spurn. M.
N. 8, Jitenient!ler S 1 r. r: • fl, Lee, in rear of the Mar
ket is new my only agent i t Pltisharqh.
New York,inne 14th, 1393,
An individual only wishes to know the right way
to pursue hi and there ate cone, were it sunray made
known bow Lies might -be prolonged and 11 IL•ITII re•
covered. iv - . o would not adopt the plan. Evidence is
required that the right way Is discovered. This is what
those suffering from sickness want to he sati,fied about.
For who is soloollsh as not In enjoy till the health his
body is capantecill (rho Is there that would not live
when his experience can so much benefit himself and
family? It Is a melancholy fact that a very large pro
portion of the most insert 1 members of society die be
tweenthe, ages of thirty and forty. flow many widows
and helpless orphans have been the consequence of Mail.
kind nut having in their own power the means of restor
ing health when lost.
. Note all these dangers and difficulties can be prevented
and the long and' certain sickness, and by assisiiiig
lure; in theontsel, with a good dose of Brandreth'sTills.
This is a fact, vecllundeistood to be so by thousands of
our citizens This medicine. if taken so as to piirge
freely. will surely cure any cnrabfe disease. There is
no form or kinder sicknewithat daieu'Utaiszert a cur.
Mice ilillUettfe upon. Titus, by their pollees, in resisting
putrefaction,they care measles. small pox, worms and
all contiumostafevers. There is not a medicine In the
world mixable to purify the mass of blood and restore it
to healthy condition, as the Brandreth Pills.
The Brandtolib-pills ate 'surety -veleuihie, and PO in
nocent that tile infant of a mot lb old may use them if,
medicine is required, not only with safely but with a cer—
tainty ofrereiying all the benefit tundlethe Is capable of
imparting. Females may - nse'them In all the critical
periods of their fiver'. The Brabdrrth Fills will insure
their health, and produce regularity in a'l the functions
of life.
The same stay he said of Brandeeth's External Rem
edy, as an outward application ip all external pains, or
swellings, or sores, it greatly .assists the cure. When
used where the skin is very tender or broken. it should
he mixed with one or two pints of waier.
We Teat of Genuine Ltrandrept
the box of Pills, Then look at the certificate of agency,
whose engraved date must be within the year, which
every authorised agent most posers; if the three labels
on the ho! agree with the rhre• labels on the certificate,
the Pills are true—if not, they are false.
Principal °thee, 241 Croadway, New York;
june lb.
t.rsiKeeiWgml.ev, • r+!.*010.17.4r57---:,4 ,- ,
Headache! Headache!
ACE now known to Won-ands as a most extraordina
ry remedy for thin affliction as well as the incon
trovertible fact of their coring DYSPEPSIA. Will those
sutrerimg only ask among their friends If they have not
known of the positire eff ccts of said Pills. and if they
do not hear them inure warmly praisred (anti deservedly
too) than any oilier, then let them net boy them. Inn
these few retuat all fancy or ihiagitiat ion is excluded,
and nothlne. Will lie said of their merits at any time
but what can he fairly proved by respectable meintera of
our community.
Read the following certificate given by a respectable
citizen of A llog,lieny riiy, and alirsird by ore of llit.jutig
el of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny co.
ALLEGHENY CITY, January 9, 1843.,
DR. nil ()DIY. •
Dear Sir—l have for a number of years past berm af
flicted with n severe and alitia , f eonst ant IleNdaelic, a
rising. from deran7.ernent of stomach and bowels and al.
though have taken nearly every kind of Medicine re
commended fur its cure, have never derived any mate.
Hal benefit until I used sonic of your truly valuable An.
Dyspepticit Pills. I have not taken quite two boxes and
consider myself perfectly relieved front that distressing
complaint. I have no hesitation in recommending your
Pills as the ben medicine I have ever used.
Your!, Respectfully,
f wittr Mr, Turtle-, I have no hesita
tion itr,certifying that I consider the statetneuts of Mr,
T. respsetlß: Dr. ft od ie's Pits, as entitled to the !nosl
perfect and entire colifulenc , . HUGH
' For sale, Wholesale and Retail at the 3rndonian Pill
Establishment Pittsburgh Pa ; ani by all authorised
gents throughout the Union
Alfe'y city Jan 9 1;:45
Evaos's Camomile Plll5.
riCRTIVIrITES . —Lefler from fllc 11on. M'Clet•
lan,Sulliva it County, E,,st TetilteTskee,Men.bet of Conzress
WAsiumrroN, ittly 3d. 1838.
Sir—Si ricel have been in this city 1 have used - some of
your Dyspeptic medicine wilt Infinite I ebefit and salts
faction, and believe it to hen rmyst valuame remedy. One
of lay .tonsti luents, Dr. A. Carden, of Ca 11 county,
Tennessee; wrote to me to send him some. which I did,
and he has mployed it very successfully in his practice.,
and says IL is Invaluable. *Mr. Johnson, your agent at
this place,e thinks you would probably like an agent in
Tennessee. If so,l would recommend Dr. A Carden. as
a proper per t officiate for the sale of your celebrated
medicine. Should you commission hint he. Is willing to
act for yon. You can send the medicine by water to the
care of Hobert King A- Sons. Knoxville county. Ten nes.
see, or by land to Graham 4. Houston, Tazewell, East
Tennessee. 1 have no doubt but If 'nu had agents in
several counties in East Tennessee, a great deal of rnedi.
rine would be sold. lam going to take some of it home
for my , own use, and that of my friends, and should
like to hear from you whether you would like an agent
at Blunivillc,Fullivan County. East Tennessee; I can get
crime of the merchants to act for you as I live near there.
Ycurn respectfully,
For sale Wholesale and Retail, by
DR. %VILA.' ANI 17.1 i a NS'S SOOTHING SY Rt.tr.—
This Infaltil.le remedy has preserved hundred+
when thought past recovery, from convulsions. As soon
as the Syrup is rubbed on the the child will reer v.
er. This preparation Is.) Innocent. so etlienrion4, and so
pleasant. that nuctiUd will refuse to let ilia gums he rub
bed with it. When Illrantr - rarf , at the age or four
Ono' there is lin appearance of teeth. one bottle nithe
Syrup should Ire used to open the pores. Parents should
ever he without the "y rup In the nursery where there
arc young clilhiren,for if a child wakes in the night with
Pain in the von .4. the Syrup immediately gives case. hy.
°venlig the pore , , and heathy.; the gum.; thereby prevent•
mg Comm rions. Fevers, 4'c. For Sale Whole.ale and
Retail by R. C. - SELLERS, Agenl,
si , p 10 No. 20. Wood street. helow Second.
LI VEi it COM PLAI NT cured by the nse of Dr. Dar.
lir It's compound Strengthening and .Iperient Pitts.
Mr. Wm. Richards, of Piltshorgli,Fa„ politely cured of
the above ili , tiessing Ilk symptoms wi re pain
and weight in the left tide, le.' , of appetite, vomiting, acid
, ruciations, a distension of the stomach, skit lie‘id•ache,
furred tongne, countenance changed loa citron rolor,flitTi
ettlty 01hreallting. disturbed rest, attended with a cough,
great debility, wilt • other symptoms Indiratine great de•
ran:ement of the functions of the liver. Mr. R ichards
had the advice of several phys;cians, but received no
relief, until using Dr. flarlicli's Medicine, which termina
led in etrecting a pe , fect cute.
Principal Office, 19 North ci4htti
Fur Attic in Pittsburgh '.y Samutl Frew, corner of Llhcr
ty and Wood treeta. sep 10
Tftse Pills art composed of herbs, which exert
a specific: action upon the heart, give impuisd or
strength to the arterial system; the blood is quickened
and equalized in its circulation through all the vessels,
whether nf the skin, the parts situated internally,or
extremities; and as all the secretions of the body are
drawn from the blood, there is a consequent i;tcrease of
every sevetion, anti a quickened action of the absorbent
and exhalent, or discharging vessels. Any morbid action
which may have taken place is corrected. all obstrin.-
tides are rrats zed. Its blond is purified. and the body
:qS'imcs at a ttnals:atc. For i ale Wholesale end Re
tak.Oy T's E SELLERS, Agent,
rep 1(1 y ) Wood si. below Second
mar 23, 1843
curd by the LSE Or Dr. IlatticVs Compound
F:tren2thenTnt and aerman A nPriint Pills
Drina! lich—Dear Sir—Shortly after I received the
A;enry flout yuu for the sale of your medicine. I
formed an acemainiance wi h a lady of this place. who
wasseverely afflicted with the Piles. For cult or ten
years this lady was subject to frequent minful attacks,
and her physician considered her case so compile:l4th
that he very seldom prescribed medicine for her. Throush
my persitasion, she commenced usin! your Pit k. and was
perfectly cured. Yours, 4-c. JAMES R. K IRBY
October 3. 1840
a — rollieetind Ceneral Depot, No.l9,North Eighth
Street, Philadelphia. And by Samuel Frew, corner of
Liberty and Wood strew , Pittsburgh. sPp 10
piLEsirr- -4.- - • - 1 5 ' 4 "'"c - " , '
• ..-
(g 7 "Why will ye lice al ti is
dying rate?".__o3
44 4 4
o be had at Turrme's bledical Agency, R 6 Fourth st.
the only agent In Pittsburgh.
Feb 22.
NO. sooner does one of Dr. Leidy' preparations be.
come popular, in consequence of its success and ef
ficacy, than It is counterfeited or imitated.
To prevent imposition, Dr Leidy has now procured
moulded bottles for igs celebrated Tater aad Itch Oint
ment, with the words 'Dr Leady's Tetter a n d lids °int
ment;ldown in the glass. besides costaibing his written
signature en a yellow label outside.
Dr Leidy's Tester and Itch Ointment, has proved more
efficacious than any other preparation fur Totter, Itch,
Dry and Watery Pimples or Pusiules, and diseases of
the skin generally,
It has been employed in schools, facturfys, and on board
vessels carrying passengers, where children. a , well as
grown persons, contract diseases of the skin from their
contagious notate, with the most unexampled success;
certificates and recommendations have been heretofore
published from them, and numerous others might be ou
t ained for puirlication,but for the object ions most persons
have, to having (heir names published in connection with
such disagreeable and loathsome affections
In no single instance has it ever been known to fail,
It has been used upon infants and by persons of nil
ages. It is perfectly safe, contains no mercury In its
composition. and may be used under all circumstances.
Price Twenty-five cents a bottle. Prepared and sold
at Dr Leidy's Health Emporium. (sign of the Golden En•
;de and derpentso and by B. A. F A LIN Ez-TOCK k CO.
corner of Wood and Sixth streets, Agents for Pittsburg.
'toy 12
R. E SELL ERS, Azoot,
21). Wood !I reet,helow Second
.•AR. •••••1•/
.--/- /
cklt.F)li Stt.l%
1 /
lIIIC sulTscriber has just received his annual supply 1 ,,
Ldidiretb's Garden Sends,cousietir in part ofth
following kinds—ail of the last yearscrop 4. warranted
Eff,g . Plant,
Bea i,;;
Mater Melon,
Celery, Okra,
Cu. led CI eSS,
Cucumber, Parsley, "
Mustard, (white and broway
Corn ,
&c. &c. &C
Together kt ith „I variety of rot k Sweet herbs rh,rd ElTive
seeds, _ _
OCr Orders for Seeds, Shrubs; Tr es, kr.. from Garden? •
ers and Otileig will be received and promptly attended
No. 1r,4 Liberty. Read of Wood at. 2
Cincinnati, February LS, 1840,
Dr. SWATNE—Dear • ir:— Permit me to take the llticrty
of writing to you at this time to express my apprthathail
and to recommend to the attention of heads of families
n i t i others your ilivalualtlet medicine—the Compound
Fylllp of Pru ins or Wild Cherry Bark. In
Dry travels of late I have see nista great many Instancen'
the wonderful effects or tour mediortein relieving otenlo , - -
dreii of very obstinate complaints, such as Collier
Wheezing, Clionising of Phtegm, Ist limatir attacks, .
4-e. I should not have written this letter, howefet , -'
present although I have fel it my duty to add my testi , *-
mony u. It for some time, had it not been for a tale In. !
stance where the medicine shove alluded to was lost ro•
mental in restoring to perfect health an "only cblidr
whose ease was almost hope! , an, in a family of my ac
quaint:lnce. r , i thank !eaven," said lire doating; math':
er. "my child is saved from the jaws of denthl 0 Isovi
feared the relentless ravager But my rittftt is safe! to
i safe!"
Beyond all doubt Pr. 9 ! wayne': Compound Syrup c 0,..
(1, lid Cherry is the 1110 , 1 valuable medicine in thin or atty..
other country. lam certain Ita vc witnessed otere - thin
one hundred cases u here it has been attended:
p!ete succese. I alit it myself In an okstirtatc
Lark of Bronchitis, in which i/ proved etTecluarin4
ceedingly s/lort time. ciul , "dering the severity Mille case., ;f
I ran term/lend it in the 1./Hest confidence nuts isuperlOr
virtues; I would advise That no - family t horrid he without'
it; It Is very plea , ant and always beneficial—worth
double and often ten times its price. The rul.lic are al.
sured there is no quackery about it. R. Lit - WHOM, A. D. -
Portncrly Pastor of the rir.st Prosh3terlan Cburch,•
N. Y. .
Sold by WM. TIIOB.N. who'csale retail, only agent
for Pitlslmrah. No. 5/3. :Simi:et , t met. sep 10
BOON TO THE HUMAN nAccr--. , DisiAier
.111.. what will destroy Lffe. and you are a great iwien
Dlscarcr tr hat will prolong Life, and - the varlet
call you Impostor."
-There arc faculties, bodily and intellectual, within no
. Kith iokick certain herbs have affinity, and ewer sahib
they have power." - •
Dr. B. Biandreth's - External Remedy, or Lialosent..",
which, by its extraordinary powe rs, abstracts Pain or
Sorene-s; thus Sprains. Sti ff Sinews, Irrhiie Swellings.
Rheumatic Paine, or Stiffness, Stiffness of the Joints . 1
Tumors, Unnatural Hardness. Stiff Neck Sore Throat
Crony, Contractions of the muscles, Scrofulous en '
largenients, Tender Feet, and every description of t
jury affecting the Exterior of the Human Fiame,tr
cured or greatly relieved by his nerer•to be svfficient
extolled remedy.
Uicansic.sx/..—The following letter_ Stow. - 1 1 1 1 4aL-C0mb.....
(seat Sandford, as to the qualities of the External onie•
dy, speaks volume.; f
New Yoari, Feb. 9,18412.
Pear Sir—Vt. - 11 yon oblige rite wilt, another bottle of
your excellent Liniment? It is certainly the best of Mus
kind Iha ve ever seen. It has cured entirely my son's
knee, about which I was m uneasy. and I have found it
prodoct ive of immediate relief in several eases of eater
nal injury in n.y family. A few evenings since. rut
youngest child was seized with a violent attack of Crops
which was entirely removed In twenty missace, by • ruh
Mug her chest and throat fr.ely mitt. the External Rem
edy. I think you °Lula to manufacture this Liniment
for general use, instead of confining the use of it, as you
have heretofore (lane, to your partleutar acquaintances.
Vent= truly, C. W. SANDFORD
DR. B. BRANDRETII. 241 Broadway N. Y.
rts' For sale at 241 Broadway, NAL' York. and ar his
o ffice' in the Di tumuli, Pittsburgh. PRICE-3Q cents
p er bottle will, directions. sep 10
:lass of individttals is very numerous. 'They are ll.swe•
who work in an unhealthy atmosphere. Printers. work
men in feather stores, stone cutters, bakers, white. teat
manufacturers, are all mom or tGSS,subject_tudisease ac
cordine to t he strength of - their tOnStitution. - The Gni)
method to prevent disease,' is the occasional use oft
medicine which abstracts floor the circulation. alifdelet e
riot's humors, and expels - them by the bowels: " S tonic
In any form are Injurious, as they only tat °title evi
day to make it more fatal. The use of Brandretli's PIII
mill insure health, because they take all impure matte
qiitout of the blood; and the body is not wealienell b
strengthened by their operation, for these valuable Pill.
do not force, hut they assist nature, and arc not oppcsed
but harmonize with her.
Sold at Dr. Brandreth't. Office, in the Diainond •
Pith burgh, Price '25 cents per hoz, with full diceellonti2
MARK—The only place in Pluslinreh whore the —
GENUINE Pills can be olitaincit,is rite Doctor's own ftc. -
are in the Diamond. •sep TO -
Caveat entered 9th June, lE4'2- Patent grar4ed
Beoj,onin 8,ati,e•i . ...20111 January, 1843.
The c-xtracts of which Craotheto s rills ar e coin
po , cd are obtained by this to W patented process,
without boiling or any a pplicoiota of heat. The ae
lice of the herbs is thu, sece: ed the seine
as it is in tie •
The Public itii , .‘Cd be ee.iitioos oi ttoolicine,s rec.,
coot:net:de I in ad , eitisments s oleo from ale , i n
which the CosTrmrrtuht: Hot: 3ERS steali my lan—
ofloge, morel} alterto; the nanti•. Time will show
these wholesale deceit ens iu their title light., ,
BRANDEETI - r; PILLS are the Peopierr
Medicitie, proved by tly u-ands who daily reccorti
memo them to th e afflicted. the f3RANDRETH
PILLS are grow ieg every day more popular, their.
tii Cues are extending their useltilnees-. The sick of
both sexes are dai..y deriving benefit from themj. ,
No case of disease but they can be used with adve
Cage. Blotches or hardlumps of the skin they speed- I
ily cure, so with erysipelas, so with salt rheum,
with indi.e,eqina, so tlith roughs and colds, so with
costivenes.s, so with cancer, so IA hot parched lip.
and canker in the mend,. Let the afflicted use tails,
medicine, and they will find they require no other./
Sod at 25 cents per box, with clirectiousii
Observe the new 'abets each having upon it two ' s
signatures of Dr. Brandreth. So each box of the
genuine has six signatures—three Benjamin Bread
reth and three B. Brand reth upon it. 1
The (,:vt.v PLACE io Pittsburgh where the REA' -
Brandretb Pills cAe BE OBTAINED, is the .- Doert7 .
own Of fi ce. Diamond back of the Market Housa
Mark. the GENOIN BrandrethPills can never be dr
taired tit ft Or DRUG STORE
The following are the ONLY AGENT Sa Ti i pottliio,
ed by Dr. 13 Brandreth, for the sale of his rl eget*.
ble Universal Pills in Allegheny County.
G H Lee—Principal Office, Diamond, Pittsbergki •
Mr. John Glass—Allegheny.
Robert Duncan—Birmingham.
C. F. Diehl—Elizabethtown.
H. Rowland—McKeesport. (
Pressty Irwin—Pleasant Hilt. •
Jchn Johnson—Noblestown.. _
Ches•rman & Spaulding—Stewartstown.
Asdell &
i (
Robert Smith Porter—Tarentum.
George. Power—Fairview.
David R. Coon—Plum Township.
Daniel Negley—East Liberty.
Edward Thompson—Willonsburgb.
Wm. 0. Hunter—Altou's Mills.
Pr PPery:
Ctil bate,