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11. _NO. 35.
TIMMS' PnrraLlPS & WM. Lt. dnitirs
1111 W. corner of Wood and Fifth Streets.
. .
'-tFivo dollars a year, payable in advance.
ci;ple; Two CENTS—For sale at the counter of
It4lethfice, and 5y News Boys.
lirks Weekly Mercnry and Manufkcturer
rP;~ifibed at the same office, on a double medium
abibilisii TWO DOLLARS a year, in advance. Sin
glV..i.s4l*ltLX CENTS.
1: ::
' ol l?jusert, ion, $0 50 One month, $5 00
Two- i sle, 0 73 TWO do., 600
' .Thrpe du.,. 2 00 Throedo., 7 00
One ..etteek, 150 1 Four do., 200
Vito do., 300 Six do., 10 00
Three d 0.,!, - - - -.. 2 4:430- One year, 15 00
li , •
One Square. Two Squares.
:-Siximohets, , $l2 00 Six months, $23 00
*One year, 25 00 One year, • 35 00
t gar Larger advertisements in proportion.
igr miltbs of D e w lines SLX DOLLARS a year.
- Pcibhc Offices, &c.
OAce, Third betwaen Market and Wood
streets—R. M. Riddle, Pokmaker.
W aln
Ater, 4th door fr. Wood t.,Pe
teilisun'ilad,i.;qa---7Atajor John IVillock, Collector..
eit,k Tiecsturry, I'Vu4cl, between First and Second
wtrlidis-:4ticnes A. Bartram, Treasurer.
aileireP7Yeasury,' Third street, neett dune -to the
Thiriero3byteritut Church—S. R. Joluiiton, Treasu-
Mayor's Office, Fourth, between Market and Wood
4treets—alexainder Ray, Mtiyor.
Jaki-ekonts Exchange, Fourth near Market st.
'en et and Wuod streets on
TT . tiVA'ible,„.... Mark
F i.,,?„,,ii . ,5.,,,i,d,..ifa,.. f acture,8. and Fanners' De-
To l, mt4o4lc, (formerly Saving Fund,) Fourth, between
:Magid tind;Market streets.
icillomg se,' -Fifth st. near Wood.
Monongahela House, Water street, near the
4s roc It n e • fro t el, corner of Penn and St. Clair:
Aferdifkante Hotel, corner of Third and Wood.
I/merit:en Hotel, corner ofThirci and Smithfield. -
Maigesl States, corner of Penn st. and Canal
gisriEesSi• Eagle, Libarty street, near seventh.
Miller's Mansion House, 'Liberty St., oppnsite
BrOwlicurst's Mcinsion Howse, Penh St., opp,,:ite
Inspartant..to OWIICTS of Saw rains.
• Q Ny4,2O.ER'S antis:ailed Self Setters, for saw mills,
- j :irhiali have been so fully tested in different - parts
orate United States, as well as in the cities of Pitts
butiet.and: Allegheny, can be seen in operation at a
nutifiki of inthis neighborhood, viz: at Mr. Wick
ersham% mills, on Penn street; at Bowman & eh:mi
l/014N ' mills, near the ripper Allegheny bridge; and
at -IVforriion's mills; - on Hare's Island, and other.:.—
The above named machine ran be obtained at W. W.
allacelk shoo 'ml Liberty street, near Smithfield,
whe.tetit is. fitting where the machine will be
kept constaqtly m, hand=. Apply to B. F. Snyd , r, or
\V. W. Wallace. irelv
Evans' Chamomile Pills
VIRMI.I3I residing'CLEMEß,
at 06, -'Lott
, street, New York, was afflicted With Dyspepsia
'in 6 most aggravated form. The symptoms were vi
-9 elUtlieu,daelte, greatd,tbility, fever, cus ti cou
. .isturtbnat,.pain in . the chest and stomach alivays after
eating, iMpaired,appetite, sensation of,siaking at the
stomach,. furred tongue, nausea, with frequent vomit
ito towards night and rcstle.,sAess. These
nad continued upwards of a twc.ivemonth, when, on
comMlting Di-. NVm. Evans, 100 Chatham street, an d
submitting to his ever successful and agreeti.ble mode
of treatment, the patient was completely restored to
healthin the short space of one month. and grateful fur
'the incideuLable benefit derived, gladly came forward
and volunteered the above statement Tor sale, whole
-sale and retail, by A. E. SELLERS,A , 4ent,
sep 10—y No. L'o, Wood str:.et,l3..lOw Second.
Peasa's Hoarhound Candy.
U•TTLZ ha= received this day from Nen• Yuri:,
,afresh supply or the above celebrated cure for
Coitglas,.Coas and Consumptions; and is ready to sup
ply customers at. VaJlcsale or retail, at his Medical
A gpl.cy, 86 Fourth st. nor 12
:Batter Bargains than ever, at the Three Big
• HE subscriber would respectfully inform his co-
. 1-.f.toruers and the public generally, that notwithstail
,iinribe unprecedented sales at the Three Big Doors,
.luring the present season; he has still on hand the la r
,gest and. most varied assortment of elegant CLO
THING that can be bought west of the moon; ains.—
Thef_puliic may rest assured that alb \ articles offered at
- .liis.strartaso maufactured from FRESH GOODS, par
.chssecl M Lit 2 Eastern markets this spring and made in-
Ito garments by Pitttsburgh workmen.
In consequence of the multiplication of slop shops in
.ur city, filled with pawn brokers clothes and the musty,
cast off garments of former seasons, from the caste ro ci
ties, the public should be cautious to ascertain the char
acter of the establifihmeats in which they are invited
vareshase, before they part with their money. The art is
cles7offered at SON end of the concerns in this city, ore
the mere offals of New York and Philadelphia slop
shops, and sent out here to be palmed off on the Pitts
burgh)public. Purchasers shot Id be on their guard a
gainst theseimpositions, and they may rely on the fact
ihatno establishment that advertises eastern made Clo
thinG can give as good an article or as advantageous
'bargain ascan be had at the "Three Big Doors."
The public will please remember that all the subseri
ler4garmentstre made ingis city;by coMpetent work
mon and not gathered up like the goods now offered by
thetirds of passage" from the shreds and patches of
eastern slop shops. It will always be his endeavor to
maintain the reputation that the "Three Big Doors"
have - Obtained for furnishing a superior style of CLO
THING in every inaPect.; and sa.pnoesbelow those of
any other establishment.
He would again return his thanks to his friends and
the, public for the unprecedented patronage bestowed
upon his establishment, and believin. , that they have
found it to their advantage to deal with him, he would
repeat his imitation m all those who wish to purchase
Clething of ewery description at the lowest price.to call;
r4i7Observe Metal Plate in the pavement. ap 26.
Look at This
Tilt attention of those who have been somewhat
sceptical in reference to the numerous certifi
cates: published in favor of Dr. Sway-he's Compound
Syrup of Wild Cherry, on account of the persons being
unknown in this Section of the State,is respectfully di
rected to the following certificate, the writer of which
has Been a citizen of this borough for se-veral years, and
; is kisawn as:a gentleman of integrity and responsibility.
To the Agent, Mr. 1. KIRBY.
Ihare used Dr. Swayne'S Compound S3-rup of Wild
, Cheri' for a Cough, with which I have been severely
,utilicted for about four months, and I have no hesitation
in saying that it is the most effective 'medicine thut I
Ihni t elie'en'tilde to procure. It composes all uneasiness,
sun, 4rees well with my diet,—and maiiitains a regular
.14.1110:4 1 /rPeeltel- I can sinceaely recommend it to all
ssiseitraafllicred. J. M yrs lex, Borough of
Oil., •
a :stllt 9, IS $O. 'Chambersburgh.
For side by WILLIAM THORN,
No: 53 Market street.
(..ep 23)
R. Woods, Attorney and Counsellor at '4;.airry
Otfice removed to Bakewell's Offices, on Grant street,
nearly opposite the new Court Hansa, next rooms to J.
D. Mahon, Esq., first floor, sep 10
Hugh Toner, Attorney at Loot,
North East corner of Smithfield and Fourth strectn,
Pittsburgh. sep 10—y
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
Office in the Diamond, back of the old Court House,
sep 10 Pittsburgh.
Francis IL Shank, Attorney at Law,
Fourth street, above Wood,
Pittsbuigh, Pa
@ET 10-1 y
Thou= 7 1IaraAton, Attorney at Law,
Fifth, between Wood and Smithfield sts.,
sop IQ-y' Pittsburgh. Pa.
Wm. O'Hara Robinson, Attorney at Law,
Office on the North , ide of the Diamond, bctween Mar
ket and Union streets, up stair!? st:p 10
A. I. Durboraw, Attorney at Law,
Tenders his professional gerviccr: to the public. Oiric
gen 10 on sth st., above W:Aci. Pitt gbar,th
Eyster & Buchan4n, Attorneys at Law,
Office remorod Crom tin. Di I , riotia to "Attorney's Row,'
slrady side of ith ? between Market. and Wood.
sep 10 Pith:burgli
N. Bncianaster, Attorney at Law,
Has removed his °frier. tn - Boares' Law Buildings. 4th
st., above Smithfield, Pirtsbut-A. .ep 10
• Geo.rge W. Layng, Attorney at Law,
Oißce in Fourth street, near Smithfield, Pittsburgh
sep 27—v
Reade Washington, Attorney at Law,
°Aire in Bakewell's building, Grant street, Pittsburgh
nov 5, 184
John J. Mitchell, Attorney at Law,
Office corner of Smithfield iwd Fifth trect .4. Pi tb4bUr77ll.
'fgr'Colleetions made. All busineAB catruraed to his
care will he promptly attendNl to.
William Elder, Attorney at Law,
Office in Second street, saCand door nbare the earner of
ap'29—tf Smithfield, north side.
Wm. E. Austin, A.ttorney at Law,
Pittsburgh Pu. (Mice in Fourth street, oppu6ito Burk&
L e-wiLLIA. E. Acsris, Esq., will give lri= atten
tion to my unfinished businvis, and I recommend him
to the patronage of my friends.
Daniel M. Carry, Attorney at Law,
°Tire on Fifth street, between Wood and Smithfield,
ap 8 Pitt,dairg,l3.
Robert Porter, Attorney at Law,
olne,fl en the earlier of Fourth and Srnithtivid qrreets
sep 10
Judson & Planegin, Attorneys at 1127 v ,
thfield, near 7th street. Collections rmule on moii
crate tenni. Pen 2 ion:4 for widow:, of' old sn!dier:: under
the late act of Congre,:i ohtai ad. l'ap,ri awl draw
ingF. for tic patent office pr. pared• mar 17—y
Henry S. Slag.raw, Attorney at Law,
Ha<rmmar,d nls^e to !ti.: o f Fo .:.th
two (-loon; a)ove•Sinith:i.l.l. =rp 111
J. D. Crei,gh, Attorney at Law,
vornor tnd Tuna s!Te.'t Pitt,lmrd2
L. Harper, Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Will attend priArptly to tlio coliectiim or security of
dnims, and all latsiness entrusted to his (-are
in the eirnit ins of Harrison, deli on, Beiniont, Gnorn
sev. Tu =i•arawa-1, Co:lionton, Carroll, Stark
and Way 'ie. REF 1: It TO
/calfl7. 4. Lamnis,)
' t
.1 . 4 n Harper,
D. 7'. Morgan,
niv IS 13—tf •
R. Morrow, Alderman,
Office [moil side of Firth street, between Weed and
I Smithfield, Pitt_sburgh. sep 10—ti •
Magistrate's Blanks,
For proceedings in attachment binder the late law, for
,:ale at this office. 25
Blank Petitions, Notices, &c.,
To be us.e.a Bani;raptcy proceed; te.:s, prin; el on good
paper, and in the forms appruN ed by the Court, for stile
at this office. jy 25
Dr. S. R. Holmes,
Office in Second gtreet, next door to Mulvany
Gias4 WarehouArt. sep 10—y
Dr. A. W. Patterson,
Office On Smithfield stroo, third door f rom t h e co r ne r of
5: \ill Street .
H. D. Sellers, N. D.,
Odicr . and dwelling in Fourth 'divot, near Ferry,
sep 13—y Fitt =burgh.
Ward & Mint Dentists
Liberty c-ir._tet, a few dut,r bylow St. Clair,
ap 6,1343
Doctor Daniel 111c1Vical,
t ) Filth \A - 0441 1::(1 Smithr,o l
dee 10—y (I
11.111,MA N, JENN I NOS & CO
An. 43, Wood Street,
Agents for the saleof the Eagle Cotton Factory Yarns
mar 17—v
Williams & Dilworth,
Wholesale Grocers, Produce and Commission Me
chants, and Dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactured Ar
ticles, '2O, Wood street. sep 10—y
W'hole'sale and Retail Dealers in
English; Preach and Domestic Dry Goods,
No. 81, Market street,Pittsburgb..
sep lO—y
J. G. & A. GORDON,
Commission and Forararding Merchants,
- Writer street, Pittsburgh. se p 10—y
I.ll.ltAtlNctil,&M & CO.,
Commission and Forwarding IVlcrdiants,
NO Water street,Pittaburgh:Pz
'TEmits.—Receiving and 5. hippiLz, 5 cents per
10 . 011;..3. Commission on purchases and :iles, 2i per
cent mar 22—y
Brownsville Juniata Iron Works,
Eduard Hughes, Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
Warehouse, No. 25, Wood .It., TittsburOi
Qep 10—y
Wholesale Grocers, Commission and Pro
duce Merchants,
And dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactures.
mar 17 No. da, Wood street. Pittgburi i .
Bookbinders and Paper Macre,
Continue business of the stand late of M'Candless
Johnson. Every description of work in their line nei t.
ly and promptly executed. may B—y
Coleraitit & Co,
Gencral AgentB, Por'±&rding and b oninaissi . on
Levee Street, Vicksburg, Miss. They respectfully so
licit consignments. u 22—tf
Wholesale Grocers & Dealers in Produce,
Q TACY LLOYD, Jr., Wholesale dnd. Retail Gro
cor and Fruiterer, No. 140 Liberty street Pitts
mar 20.
John IL Brant, WholcsaloGrocer,
Dealer is Grain, General Forwarding an4i Corn
7111,klult )11 1•Citt1;?!
II:11'1'1 , 1'W ;2.1'
.I ' 2ll D ,,, d.= -rut lot
:it do , tArmlli,--i,,;]
ila. —J. S.: \V. E,1,- r , Day&
linlJtnt -ook I lerr..l.E.Ekler
I a 31. Anti•-•,.1 :\ I. II oldwan
.I()iINsTuN c sTouNTON,
Booksellers, Printers and Paper Makers,
N. :37. \I:11-1,3t ep 1,0
John Anderson, Smithfield i'oruadry,
Water 4treot, livax tht. Mon( ,:r;all,.1:1 Pitt,burgh
, ;IP 10-y
Thos. B. Young & Co.
Furnitun , I Van. To: . I la7)(1. , ti•cot and Ex
elnunie allcy. purcirt.,•
will find it to tho.:r ant .4o L-iv.• era cul!,l•iiiig
ly C'11110.1!:1 , 1` :1:111 rriCe
SCII It) -
R. c. 'f()\VNI:Nt) & ( . 4).,
Wire Workers arid Wire Manufacturers
N.. 23. •.: vet, Iwt ot•:, - 2,1 3 I streets,
Pilkington 's Unrivalled Blacking, N-ccItED and
111 -1 \ TII - r.
,Tames Patterson, jr.,
L . . , - 10;r_;:. Pa.. 111U,Illit :
lock , . 1;1111 ;VA ii!n!m;
John M'Closkcy. Tailor and Clothier,
Lil, ;Itt , l
So-. 01 Sir. ,ff;,
Webb Closcy's Boot and Shoe ManufacL:ny,
• r U. Bun
- , "1 - ,T1 , ):' , " , {c•inthonratn
1 , 01 , y th- Fre::!•1! I:wter:F.. =tin it)
11'3 Lib.l-yitr..-1,1%.••,, Mar!,4•l
alld Si` Th. :II) I (.)-!;n1.
John Cartwright,
Cl 1:T1.1:i. ;Ind z 4 .1r.._-I,•.ii 1.1,tr,.71 !I,l,l:irtur•
:iurl Lifyrrly ri. l'a
N. I;•—Al‘va:, - .., un hu , 41 all t• 11.
Scr : zica.l 1)...11t,t1 i
I ralter',. nffil Tarner't P:rlent Shear ,
Saddler's Ti!o, je
Oak and Poplar Lumber for Sale.
A FEly tlio,nna lot‘t and
Lumbor. for • , u!:•hy Ewiniire of JanICS
C. Gummi ns, Esq. 'war tic, Fountain Inn. jy
:Dr. Good's Celebrated Female Pills.
rrti 19E: IVCOMMeildell to the
_L 1:1 :I remedy in
co:11' 1 .1;6w, per Idi,n.to theirs. , x, from
walo ofexerci,:.orzeueraddebilitvoC the ,:'stein. They
ob%bue :031. couutet act ail Ilyiteieultold
Ncryou, afli tiuu Th.•"• I'ilL have gabled till
tion and u1!1 l! of Ii!! 1111 , ;.t •n:inrnt I'Lv man it:
ihr • ( t oiled Stat. , . lull ymniv INfotber.:. For sale
W1tole:3;11e :1:1(1 Itetnibby R. E.SEI,LEItS,Azent,
sir 111 N. '2O, Wood Strict, below Socood.
Notice to Dr. Brandretlis Agents.
1:3111: ollice in Pitt... 1 ,11. 4 ,1i, wa, established f,a.
the purpo,. ron-Ce win!: t.t., in the west . ,
havinfr :treornoli , hed that nnjeot. i c tam cloud, ;old
111 r. G. H. LEE, in the Diamond. Market .I.treet,np
poi.aed azent for the ,311.' of my l'ills and Lini
ment 4. .111 Hr. 131..1ndr. th , refn
[hat l)r. 13. 3% tr a:ent
limns the counts onee ar to collect (made, her
, al , , made nod re eniply The ...aid travelJer
will tirroc-ided with powee' of attorney, ibily primed
beforo the Clerk of the city and county of Now York,
togeth , r with [Ol the t‘ecc,..,Ttry t ouchers and paperi.
llr .1. J. Yoe i., my travelia.,- agent now iii
8.-11.(Inember. Mr. G. H. LEE, in tic rorir of the
Market i now iny only agent in Pittsburgh,
jilite 14
.1.)!1N S. DILWO/LTH
Having been afflicted for nearly two years, with a
hard ,:welling on the cap of my knee, which
produced much pain, told used various applications
recommended by the faculty—all in vain, wits cured
completely by the Ilse of one bottle of Dr. Brtindreth's
linament, or external remedy
• Witilc , ss my hand,
011ie tp., Allegheny co. Pa
Dr. Brandreth's external remedy or hnament; sold
at the store of GEORGE 11. LEE, Pittsburgh, pripe
50 cents per bottle. feb B.
Dr. Dechter's Pulmonary Preservative.
OR coumli. cold. influenza., catarrh., whooping
conzli, slotting of blood, pain in the breast, all
diseases of the breastarnilunz-s, andarregrof approach
in.consumption. Warranted fro° from mercnry and
other minerals. 13. A. FAIINESTOGK& CO.,
jy Agents for Pittsburgh.
William C. Wall,
Plain and Fancy Portrait and Picture Frame
No. 87, Fourth start, Pittsburgh, Pa.
. _ .
NVASS lirushes, varnish, S,-.. ! c., fur artists, always
on band. Looking Glasses, &c., promptly Eta
med to order. Repairing, done at the shortest not ice.
Particular attention paid to regilding and jobbing or
every description.
Persons fitting stamboats or houses Nql find it to
their advantage to call. sep 10-y
rail Painter, Fourth st., 3d story Bnik's Buil
di4r. J. Osborne would solicit a ealrfrinm those who
detire Portraits .Sprimens rin be seen tit his rooms
L. & J. D. WICK,
116 'Wood Street, 4 doors above Fifth st.,
Pittsburgh, Pa,
may 15
.. ~.
Birmingham & Co.,
'llnrcil 22
Ea - change liotcl,
COrre Pt nn oad .",r;,'! 'lrtr r
:zeil 1 0 )I,•Til TIBTN
Jomr D. WICK.
All!, ,it% u11,%t:,1 thus
D, T ;u-ou,. it' part ”: chi: r i p e r . ar ,
with 111.•
Lzi , / Bodis pro ri dea y
A MAR .! LADY or L
BRl:l,\* ET TE. M
13 RID G ETV-ITER. 0 UR I -41 A IL.
El) 117 N /I /1 - 21/.4, Q UEEV i,7
E VELINE, It'E .1i
rweN s RAH As
POR 7' PITT. SA I: AT( j(i A.
(;.;LEN. t , S.l 1"A \'\A,
1114, • VI ' TRESS,
BILLS, max 512
°SEE MMES. would respect - 11111y infrumi his friends
and the public in general, that he, dyes Ladies'
dresses, Habits and Mantels of every description, black;
and warrants them not to smut, and t In look equal to new
goods. I lerlyes fancy cadors of all descriptions Of .silk
and carpet yarn. • Also, cleans and restores the colors of
gentlemen's clot fling, so as to resemble new goods.
Mr. 11. flatters himself that he can please the puldi6
as he has done an extensive business in New York for
twenty years. All work done On moderate terms, at his
establishment in sth st., bet Ween Wood and Smithfield
near the Theatre.
inn. 10, 1840.
..inF This is to certify Orat,OSEE DIMES has done
work for us, whirl,— his fully answered our expec
tatimas, and we .consider hint a competent dyer.
S. Hemphill, Andrew Purdy
WM. Barnes, . W. B. Buies
.1. B. Shurtioff, Wm, Pprter,
David Hall, - - Smith,
B. F. :Slum. henry livens
David Boles, A. Slsockey,jr,
Joseph French,ir,._ . Joseph Vera.
George Barnes.
Manufacturer of Tin,Copper and- Sheet
Iron rare,
No. 17, FVfthstrert, between froo'clandMorket,
Keeps constantly On hand a good assortment of wares,
and solicits a share of public patronage. Also, rrh hand,
the follow in, articles: ?hovels, pokers, tongs, gridi r on s ,
ekillets.teakettles, pots, ovens, coffee tnilrs,&c. Mer
chants and others are jutted to call and examine for
themselves. as he is determined to cell cheap fcr cash or
approved pater: mar7--tf
-~ .y. w _~F_..~.. ,
Cheap for Cash.--
Sltort Rrcl Yarn
No. 5 at 15 cts per lb
6 at 15 do
7 at 15 do
Bat 15 do
9 at 15 do
10 at 15 do
11 at 15 - -
12 at 15 do Candlewick ntls cents per lb
13 tit... 10 do Com. Baiting, 8 do
14 at 17 do Family do., 124 do
15 at 18 ,do Caring Chain, 20 do •
16 at 19 do Cotton Twiue, 2.0. do
17 at 20 do Stocking Yarn and Coven.
18 or 21 do lot Yarn always °Dhabi.
19 at 22 do Cotton Warps made to- or
-20 at 23 do I.or.
rap: =— Orders promptly atteeded.to, if left at.J & C.
Painter's,Lagun &Kennetly's,ortlieP6,4 . olTicetadaress
f 27 S. K. MOORHEAD & CO.
Circulating and. Reference Library.
r religinti,lii,torical, political and nil eellaneoui
bf . ( lion ever:v . dar, Sabbath i-ikcr;Tn
it& from 7 n',!l‘x.:k A. M . ., mail 9 I'. M., in the Ex
change buihiirg, corner of S. Clair iipa.xit, anti Ex
change alley, where punctual uncial:MCl/ rill be given
sep 10.
Springs and Axles for Carriages,
Fersici.n Pric:•z.
fri!E sub , eriliers manufaet tire and keep constant
ly f ‘ri hand Coach; C 'and
Eliptie Spring , (war
ranted.) JIIIIiHtfI Iron Aideti, Silver and Braxs plated
Dash Franies. 13ra.s aial plated Hub Bandit, Stump
patent Leather, Siker and Bri.ss Lamps,
Three fold Steps, Malleable Iron, Door Handles and
Hines, fir. JONES & COLEMAN.
sop 10 St. Clair f!., near tho Alleg:lieny Bridge.
Tr l ,• ( Sr . ?ert Trr,rirlr• I
I:retre'g 5.7
. f , ty tr of
Sterna Baiierg
'FT would It, %vett f)t- t trave:inu: c()mmuttiry to
_l Leas iu 7:0ti,1 that their scocurity dt•pericts entirely
;:pun th , •ir ~ w ii crroraa r a . .:ernerit ut brrat, that have or
\ he at tho rrs:;)oaso rrrproettrir;:: the above appara
tar,. Anti that every individual nirtl;in_7 , fleh se . hl•-
Li , g,, is coutribut int lioxur& it general intnhinctiou of
adatitttai by an 111‘111 o ho urrder,hind the
?Lt. sit .am t i. I, a -iiro prevrata
a_ lin-I r'
. in ti;ohnndr , l+of explosion.: tint have ar,,adv
.41ails "ccurttaice.
• 01 I:11,A that 11JVC. already been 10. L.
;tad hl•aa:mant to nn; ko fOr a
t . is _ , lard 11,0, aa.l in (•N ,:ay ea- , to giV( : U Illt•
pr..!.-. Th , y lrlVe. 1 , ) an at Mit jowl! ex-ptai.:e
that Nvariivcs M7l V bc.sceartt. yott Rot therefore
them o itit a cory,,puntlitt.l.l.rgrt..c of libut-ality,
31,11,. yoar profot :alot• that app ro ,i, te t h,j r
ta,,lorvor- h. ,top rat ,acriftra of hu-
In !if a.O liot t•lia ro• twin than oth,r Lunt
arrotaroo,lation- in ot‘a...r ic.to,a,-, arc oqaal. and
mat:y t-a , 04 and as. there is one Iris jug
-very dav, wily still yott 1110 any
,oinplett2'l 3 yuar own poma.r:l) :1001d ti/OSC
New York Dyer
nion Cotton Factory
Long fled Yarn.
500 at 84 Cents per dozen
600 at' 7a do
700 at 64 do
800 at 54 du
900 at ,5 do
1000 at 5 do
To the Gentlemen of Pittsburgh.
jTHE subscriber most respectfully
informs the gentlemen of this city and' 4lll
vicinity, that he has commenced the BOOT and
SHOE making business in Fourth street, opposite the
Mayor's office. Having been foreman in some of the
most fashionable boot shops in the Eastern cities; and
having furnished himself with the best French and
American calf skins, he hopes by his attention to busi
ness to merit a share of public patronage. To those
h , rentlemen who have kindly patrunised him he returns
is sincere thanks, and can 'ivith confidence appeal
for the goodness of his work and knowledge of his
business. P. KERRIGAN.
mar 11.
Wiliam l+dair,
foot and ,Shoe Maker,
c rt y at. opposite the head of Smithfield.
'The subscriber having bought out the®
stock * of the late Thomas Rafferty, deceaseddias
commenced business at the old stand of Mr. R.,
and ispreparnd to execute nil descriptions of work in
his line, in the best manner, end on the shortest notice:
11e keeps constantly on band a large assortment of shoe
findings of all descriptions, and of the best quality. Ife
solicits the patrona , 7c of the public and of the craft.
sep 10—y WM. ADAIR.
David Clark, Ag't.,
IFA SH lONB LE BOOT MA KER, has remove,'
to - No. 3-1 Market stteet, between Second and
Thinl streets, where he would be happy to see his
old customers and all other who feel disposed to pa-
tronisc him. He uses nothing hut first rate stock, and
emplovs the best ofworkmen; and as he gives his con
stant personal attention •to business, he trusts that he
will deserve and receive a fair share of patron*.
sep 10
Pittsburgh Manufactures, Cheap for Cash.
..vn n, Pi f st. Tiro ch,ors from r 1; cl.
intend,‘ t t manuf,,cLaver a
• tor nrtick. of Ladies', Chi!dron..; and
Slioe4, and sell them cheaper for casli thao
can !Jortglit in the city. Ile ‘vill keep cuastaut
lvon I:and and make 4 to Si mes of all
Icicle and volor , , at very Imv price:4, of tic k!owing.
Ladle . Lasting Foxed Gaiter Boot:4. $1 75
" is tquality Kid or MoruccoCiaiters, 150
Calf Ail 137.
" Foxed Half Guiter3, all c010r, , . 137;{
Lost kid and Mor(ieu buskin, 1 181
Doubla Soled Slippers, (Jetf.) 1 12.
fine Kid Spring? and Turns, be , t. qua] 1 00
" heavy, 87,
" Slippers, 75
All Shoes made here warranted. Misses' andChii:
d rens' in th. aatne proportion.
f,',. . - e. - - ;'Renienilier the place, at the sign of the Red
Box. No. C. Fifth greet.
.r. Trl.l - -
NO. I -16, 1 r',;,/ s'irel,one donrahove6lll,
EEPS ~,n , t antly on hand all kinds of the best
1,.‘„ Spani , h Cigars, .T?rgalias, t:usalorcs, Coor
m,mes, TraAuras. Pr . inripC.. , ..
Also, half Spanish and common cigars:.
Tobacco of all The ' , CV' brandi. Cavindish, 58
lurtir Ballionore PI: and IGs, lump.
Also. Mr , . Miller', tinr , cut clr - nvinz tol.acco.
He Ire; also. nll other articles in his line, ‘'..hiCh he
offers, Nyholesale nil cash prices.
CALL AND .S1:1:. je B—Gni
At the oil stand of ro wig 4. m - s Curd?/. No. 43, se
T . ) ESPECTFI'LLY iurorins the friends of the late
firm, and the' public generally, that lie is prepa
red to fill all orders for Cal,inct iVerk, of any kind,
with all possible dc..ipateh, and warranted to be equal
to nn• in the city.
hvery attention mill br paia furnisliingCOFFlNS;
S:e. when regniret3. je 16—y
File Dlazufactory.
having commenced the inanufac
time of Cast Steel Files, front American materials
exclesively. mertinuits other persoens warning Can be
supplied by him with a better article than the foroipi,
and at lower prices. Intending to use only the hest
qunlitv of File Steel. manufactured by the Messrs.
.SHOES BERGE:it's, which now brought to a perfection
equal to the best English article, manufactured fertile
Kim ° pmposo. the subscriber has full confidence that he
will be alde, in quality of articles and prices, to realize
the Le>t leper ail:, friends of American hulustry.
Corner . of O'llarri & Liberty st_g.
Horatio P. Yonne, Cabinet Maker,
- (Late (!f the dirm of Youn 4. .'Curdy)
HAS commenced the DliAirte.a in all its bra ichcs nt
No 22, Wood street, between First and Second
strs.. where he will keep eonstantiv on hand n good as
sortment of well made FURNIPTRF., rind hopes, by
strict attention to business, to merit n continuance of
the pat image of the public.
• Every attention willbepaid to furnishing COFFINS,
&c. A Furniture Car for (tire. Jul 11
.1N 15-‘
Ritlpholsteror and cabinet rdaker,l 4
Third st., kehceen Woad and Market,
Respectfully informs his friends and the public that he
is prepared to execute all orders for sofas, sideboards,
bureaus, chairs, tables, bedsteads; stands, hair and
spring mattresses, curtains, carpets; all sorts of uphol
sterin! work, Which he will warrant equal to any made
in the city. and on reasonable terms. sep 10
Matthiw Jones, Barber and Flair Dresser,
I las removed to Fourth street, opposite the dare's of
fice, where he will be happy to waampon permanent or
transient customers. Ile solicits a share of public pa
sep 10.
The subscriber havin 7 , returned from the East with
the latest st le of Hats, has now on band and will c ot ,
stantly keep a large a.asortment of his own Mat:nfac
ture, which for lightness, service, beauty, and cheap
ness, cannot he surpassed, and would rgspectfully in
vite his friends and the public to examine his stock of
Hatsand Caps, at the Manufactory. No. 73. Wood st.
Hat and Cap Manufactory . .
Ao• 93 Woad Atreet, 3 doors below Diamond Arley
T HE subscriber will keep constantly on hand every
variety of the most fashionable likrs and CA F'S.
wholesale and retail. at reduced prices.
Persons wishinzto purchase will find it to their inte
rest to crive hirn a call. S. MOORE.
Pittsburzli, nog. 29, 1893.
ground and polished, and other kinds of
Trindiug;done id the Cast Steel File Manufactory, cor
ner of Liberty anti O'Hara streets. aug 18
~_..., ,_..,... ._ ..._......,..a.ai~.:~.
- q:be lailn ,omit g Po-
O'Kelly having one evening lest himself in the taxi:
row streets and dangerous purlieus of the 'lsle Se.
Louis,' in Paris, the following adventure occurred :sii
him. .
. .
A tall figure, wrapped in a cloak, produced a tindeli.
' box, and began to clink deliberately with wsteel. wed
flint. Every flash showed. me. some savage looking
fare, where crime and famine struggled for mastery;
while I could mark that many had large clubs of woo
and one or two were armed with swords. I drew.
breath breath with short efforts, and was preparingcoyielf foe
the strug,gle, in which, though I saw death before - the,
t I resolved to sell life dearly, when a band was passed
across the pillar of the door and rested upon t ry . leg. ,
For a second it never stirred; then slowlycacp.74 . tkpetai
my knee, where it stopped r e gain. My heartiemd
Ito - cea ~ e . its beating
g; I felt like one around whose heir
snake is coiling fold after fold his slimy gptuip.—W
i The hand was gently withdrawn, and before I eoakt
recover from my surprise, I was seized by the throat
and hurled imo thestreer. A savage laugh rang dee!
the crowd, and a lanternjust lighted was . held up to_l4
face, a idle he who spoke first called out-- 7 • .-, •_.
'You did'nt decant Of escaping us, bet; did yceil'.
At the same moment hands were thrust into my variA•
oils pockets; the few silver pieces I possessed were tie.
ken, my Watch torn oft; my hat examined, and the sip
ring of my coat ripped open, and all so speedily that I
saw at once I had fallen into experienced. 61;4. .
•Where do von live in Paris?' said the first speake . t ,
still holding the light in my face, and staring focidlyrit
me while I answered.
.1 am a stranger, and alone,' said I, the th
for o . -
' ughi
4 rock me, that in such a circumstance frankness was .
as good policy as any other. 'I camp hero to see the..
cathedral, and lost my way in returning.'
'But where do you live? in what guarier of 'Parisi'
'The Rue d'Alg,er No 14, the second story.'
'What effects have vou there in money ?' .
'One English bank note for five pounds', nothing
'.,ln . v jewels, or valuable of any kind?'
'None: I am as poor as any man in Paris.'
'Does the porter know your name in the house ?'
'No:I am only known as the Enzlishman of No. 14.
'What are year Lours?—irregular, are the'y not?'
'Yes; I often come home very bite.'
'That's all right. You speah French ii-ell. CaA
yynt write it.'
'Yes; sufficiently-SO for any common purpose.
'Here tlen,' said he opening a large TioCketbook,
'write an order which I'll tell you, in the concierge of,
the house: Take this pen:
With a trembling hand I took the pen, and waitest
for his direction. .
'ls it a woman who keeps the door of your botel?
said T.
'Well, then, begin—Madame la Concierge, let the
bearer of this note have the key of my apartment.'
As I (Mowed with my- hand the words, 'could ianik.
that. one of the party was whispering in the i ar of the
speaker, and then moving, slowly around, to my beat,
•Th A b. what's that? said the chief speaker—To_
still there": and as we listened, the rich Chorui, of
number of voices singing in par,?, was heard at sorup
:ode distance off.
'This inthrnal neat of fidlows must lie aimed out of
this, one day or other,' said the chief; 'and if I end my
days on the Place de la Gi eve. PI try and do it.--
flush there—be still—the3're Passing on;' true enough;
the sound began to wax fainter, and my heart sank
heavily, as I thought die last kope was leaving me;
Suddenly a thouflit dashed through nty mind; death
one shape is as bail as another. I'll do it—d stOope4
down as if to continue my wilting, and then collecting
my strength for the Ma.t, and taking a deeli
I struck tlie.man in front a blow with all my : might, -
that felled him to the ground, and clearing him with
a spring, Imunded down the street. My old Indian
teaching bud done me good service here few white
men could have caught me in an open plain, with space
and sight to guide me, and I gained at every stride;.
hut ales, I dared not stop to listen whence the sounds
pro:teed-A, and could only flash straight forward, not
where it might lead ntr, down a steep ruggtd
street, that grew narrower as I went, I plunged—WhiM;
horror of horrors, I heard the Seine plashing at ihe'endl
-the rapid current of the river surged against the hilly?y
timbers that defended the banks with a sound
A solitary trmnbiing light lay afar off in that river
from some barge that was at nuchorthere, for I fixed
lay eye upon it, and was preparing to pinup, whcri;
with a half suppressed cry me pursuers sprrimg - np from
tz low wharf I had not seen below the quay and stoca
l in front tif me; in an instant they were upon 'nit; a
6hower of blown fell on my head and shaulders; .- Eind
one armed with desperate re4ohition, struck me On
She forehend and felled me on the trot.
'Be quick, now, be quick!' suit/ a voice I ‘relfloleir
—'into the river with him; the fillets de St: elo'nd will
catch him by day-hreak: into the river with him,' •
TheYtrire off my coat and shoes, and dragied'tite . -ii- •
long toward the wharf; my senses vveretlear`
the blow had deprived me of all poWet to resist and i •
'could calculate the little chance still left Me; whens - - 1
once 1 had reached the river, when a loud yell and is
whistle was heard afar off—another, loader followed!
the fellows around me sprang to their legs, and with:..
a mattered curse and a cry of terror, darted off la
different dhections. I could hear now several pistol
ihots following quick on each other, end the noise of—
a r crifFle with swot-34; in an in:tantit was over, and a
cheer burst forth like a try of iritunph. • '•-
'Any one wounded there?' shouted a deepi-mmnly '
voice from the end of the street. I endeavdted tonal!
out, hut my voice failed me.
`Hallo there, any one wounded?' said the *Meet ,
again, when a window was open ther my head,itnit R
man held a candle out, and looked into the street: -=
`This way, thin way,' Eaid he, as he caught Fight of
my shadow where 1 lay.
. .
'Ay, 1 guessed they went down here,' said the' same
voice I beard first. us he came along., followed by seseri
al others. Il'ell, friend r are you much hart; any blood
‘Nn, only stunted,' said I, 'and almost well already."
'Have you any friends here.--were you quite alone?'
'Yes, quite alone.'
'Of course you were-- w hy should I ask? That
murderous gang neNer dared to face two men yet:—
Come, are you able to walk? Oh, you're a stout
low, I see—come, alon,e- with ter. Come Ludwig, put
a hand u..ider him, and we'll soon bring himap.'
When they lifted me op, the sudden motion enti4
a weakness so complete, that I fainted, and knew
mare of their proceedings, till I found myself lying on
a sofa in a large low room where some forty persona
were seated at along-table, most of them sinoking from.
huge pipes of regular German proportions.
'Where nm I?' a-as my question: its I looked about,
and perceired that the party waren kind of blue voi—
form, with for on the collar and cuffs, and a greyhound
worked in gold on the arm.
'Why, you're safe, my good friend,' said. a volotrbe
side me—'that's quite caougls to knais at present,
is'nt it?'
'I begin to a-rt t with you,' said I, cooly; tea so
turning round en me side. closed rrry eyes, and fell intg
s pleasant a .1( ep a; ever I rememsererl in my life.
They were, indeed, a very singular of !espy*.
thes which my friends Clough!: proper to administer ta .
me; 1, ,, r am I quite sure that a rarearoise of chocolate,
dashed with rum and friction over the face, with hot
eau de Cologne, are aufficiently appreciated byth
'faculty;' but this 1 du know, that I felt very much ze n , !
dived be the application without and within. and with .
n face somewhat the coior of a copper preserviiig paw.,
and far too hot to put anything on. I. *sit up Imo:110*A
:Hound me. A m-trier eut of tn.:Wet/on nfat.eseapr -
experience had ever beheld. They were mostly 494.
dle-aged, grirly looking c w i k il wwwt with ter". pccitawt
r_ a`~?RZa'l
BY L-:lsrt