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    DAILY POST. To Printers. •
TATE have received, and will hereon:erre keep cen-
V T stantly on hand, a full supply of Printing Ink,
WRDNESDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 18, 1843. in large and small kegs, which we will be able to sell
cheaper than it has heretofore been sold in this city.
Orders from the country accompanied by the oash
(IN ALL CASES) will be promptly attended to.
Office of the Post and Nlanufactuier.
23 , F0r business cants. &c., see first page
W. J. Howard—J. B. Semple—George Ogden
ilitt.ttoottfrs offers lots of good things to thoso who
ifliy! good eating. Sec his advertisement.
BIIRGLART.—We learn from the Gazette, that
the house of Rev. EDWARD SMITH, in Allegheny, was
brokers open on Monday night, last and ninety dollars
stolen from his vest pocket, which hung near his Led .
Frs'AL! LA con.—The following startling facts
wore elicited at a meeting of the Boston "United Be
nevolent Association of Ladies." It is certainly a de
plorable state of society, and one which calls for every
exertion of the philanthropist to reform, when delicate
.and helpless women are subjected to the slavery and
wretchedness which the following facts exhibit.
"A widow lady at South Boston, with two children,
worked from halfpast 6 o'clock in the morning till 11.
14 and 1 at night, and could only make two blue
woollen shirts, for which she got 12 cents from the em
plo,yer,' whose name was stated. She had not had a
pound of meat in the house since she worked fur him.
.and a week ago last saturday night she was obliged to
pet her-children .to bed without food. Again it' was
-stated by a young lady that she could only make two
flannel shirts with extra work per day, wotking 16
and 18 hours, fur which she gut eight cents apiece! It
, was further stated that shirts had been made at four
• cents apiece, oil cloth jackets at ono shilling; and thi,,
• work mistaken from a lady because she would not do
iit and find the cotton and trimmings. The merlin,
"was adjourned to Friday next."
'MANCFACTURES IN It.t.rmois.—The editor of the
'Chicago Democrat states that the cloths now being
enenufeerared at Groan's mill, in La Salle county, are
...Neal to anybrought from the East and better at the
-Price. • Flaving been recently elected to Congress, Mr.
Wentworth, editor of the Democrat, has bought a suit
uor this"yl cloth" on purpose to take to Wash
iiegion,e,na thus show by acts rather than talk that he
lbelievel. la patronizing, home industry—the best kiud of
rziP we see it stated in the New York Herald that
some heartless speculators in that city are buying up
large quantities of Flour, and decline selling it, hoping
thereby to cause a rise in the article, and thus realize a
aremendousprofit. The man who would thus coolly set
aboutoppressing the poor, that he may wringfrom them
aninerdinate price fur the necessaries of life, is just as
wurthyrof the Penitentiary, as he who openly robs them
of the means wherewith to procure them.
The following Extra from the office of the Saratoga
Sentinel gives the particulars of the destruction by. fire
of the Pavilion Hotel at Saratoga Springs, on Wednes
day morning. The Pavilion was one of the largest
Public Houses in the \
The Pavilion hotel was burnt CO the ground this
aitereing. The alarm was given about 4 o'clock, and
theseeiViloarrived at the scene early say that the flames
werclmrseing out in two plates, the attic story and
nearthe end tithe east wing. The fire spread with
groat sapidity, and all efforts to subdue it were of
coaraiineTectual. The exc.! tion.s of the authorities of
the sillagoicid the fire companies were therefore di
rected to the preservation of the property in the vi
cinity, in which they were eminently snccedul; nothing
beiardestroyed off of-the block occupied by the Pavil-
lrhe'Varition• Wll4 "Avoca ty 31tr. Quackenbush, o
New 'York, oat learn was i flgn red for $lO,OOO.
portion of tize'fitruiture %Vali saved, though the mos
vaiteside twas'cL•stroyed. It was insured r.zr $3,000.
Mite tire; beyond qteottion, W 1.13 the work of an incen
diary. A man named Harper ocenpiett a part of tic
Witting, in the extretw• west end, and dr. ultit.itory,
wad inztuot the whole of thenk tin building,-tii. not beef
trectupiect (sr some weeks.
KIDNAPPIIG.—Thu St. to:tis Organ of the ' ? th . indt.
km the following: "We learn from the Illinois Stute.s
man, that a fellow from St. aided by amt. her
from 'Aladison county, in that State, both armmi to th
teeth, assaulted and kidnapped. a mulatto girl, on the
loaf - inst., in the vicinity of Jacksonville, but was caught
null lodged in jail at Carlinville:"
In exchange indulges in the fol/oWing: "Courtship
is a consequence of original sin. Adam and Eve did
not-do any thing of the sort. There was no blowing
out.the light and kissing behind the door with them—
no popping the question, or sending wedding cake to
the printer—the great mother of the human race
wasn't as delicate as our modern ladies—she loved
Aiken and said so, and there was an end to it. Now
if a young man loves a girl, he must be mighty cau
tious how he tells her, for if there's any one near to
catch her, she's sure to faint—of course it would not be
proper to fall in his arms, such u thing would be high
ly indecorous."
Titry think of Hymen and can't help sighing; when
their lovers forsake thcrn, they can't help crying
they sit at the window and can't help spying; to get
each a.beau' they can't help trying. At the mirror,
they can't help twisting, and turning. and lacing, and
tying. Thev screw up theircnrsets, bring on the coil.
sumpfien, and can't help dying.
W" The ft iemds ofthe Liberty party will meet at
Temperance Hall, Smithfield street, on Thursday even
ing, the 19th inst., at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of Con
sidering the subject of Human Liberty, Northern rights,
and &pal rights. All parties and the public arc in
vited to attend.
James Dunlop, William Elder, William E. A ustin,
John F. Beaveas and E. Smith, Esqrs., are expected
to alms the meeting.
Oct 18
DlED—Yesterday morning, at half past nine o'clock,
Mrs. ELtZL C., wife of Alexander M. M'Cutcheon,
in din 21st year of her age.
TlMfriends of the family nre requested to attend her
funeral this morning, at 10 o'clock, from the residence
of her mother, Jane Allison. on Water street, between
Federal and Sandusky streets, Allegheny City.
2rk lk BAGS GREEN RIO COFFEE, for kilo
V low, by
43, Wood street
10 do Gro. Pepper,
3 do " Allspice, together with .Mtitard,
Ginger arid Cocoa, will be sold very low to Ouse con.
sigornent, by HAIL MAN, JENNINGS & CO.
oil!. 43. Wood street.
2i - ine, LBS. very superior W. R. Chests, just
1../ II 1J received and fur sale low, by
tray Horse.
the residence of the subscriber in
Pitt township, about the 20th of September last,
a middle sized BAT nOtts E.; he has no white spots, ex
cept one, on his back, produced by a saddle. A liber
al reward will be paid for the return of the horse.
Farms Wanted.
SEVERAL improved farms wanted, (within 20
miles of the Pittsburgh market). l'ersons dis
posed to sell will please call at my office, iu Smithfield
street, near 4th, soon
140, Liberty St
oct 10—tf
New Ciroceties!!
IN addition to their former Excellent Stotk of rftEs.
FAMILY GROCERIES, the subscribers have this day
received No's. 1, 2 and 3 Mackerel. No's. 1 and 2 Shad
and Salmon, Susquehanna and Labrador Herring, Cod
Fish, Liquorice, Cocoa Nuts, Ground Nuts, Lemons,
Sultana Raisins, Prepared Cocoa, Sago, Mace, Saltera
tus, Saltpetre, SpermCandlcs, Chalk, Whiting; Rotten
Stone, &c. &c.; together with a great vat iety of rarettnd
choice articles in their line; all of which they offer at
Wholesale or Retail, on very reasonable terms.
LLOYD & Co.,
Oct. 9. 140, Liberty at,
Now Fall and Winter Goods.
ARE now opening and offer for sale a very large
and general assortment of seasonable Dry Goods,
consisting of plain waved, and diamond beaver cloth,
broad cloths of every color, cassimeres. sat ti netts, jeans,
kerseys, linseys, flannels, bnizes, bleached and brown
cottons, dribs. ticks. Alpacca lustres black and colored,
plain and printed merinos, mouslin de labia, Irish li
nens, Mattiotti andother silks, ribbons, laces,cambrics,
muslins, merino, fancy and blanket shawls, sewing
silks, spool and skein threads. &c., &c..together with
an assortment of carpets, rugs floor cloths, &c , all of
which we are able to sell as cheap as goods can now be
bought in any market, cast or west. sep 21—tf
Alleghany_County u.
"^-^ 11 - n the matter of the estato of ROBERT
L. S. Kum, deed.
And now, Sept. 16, 1843, on motion 4
George P. Hamilton, the money considered
in Court and Robert Woods appointed Auditor to dis
tribute proceeds of sale. By the Court,
Notice is h ••reby even to all persons interested, that
I will attend to the duties assigned to me by thr Court
in the above ease, at my office on Grant street, Pitts
burgh, on the 30th of Oct., 1843, at 2 o'clock. P. N.
sapt 28-3 wd ROBT. WOODS, Auditor.
Lippincott bills,
THE subscriber having purchased and thoroughly
repaired these MILLS, is now manufacturing,
and will keep constantly on hand, a full supply of all
the different kinds of Nails, Spikes mid Bradt's, etc.,—
made from the best quality of Juniata Blooms, and as
soon as the necessary additions can be made to the
machinery, he will nwufaeture every description of
Bar and Sheet Iron, usually made in this market.
Orders loft with S. Cuthbert, at No. 35 Wend st.
or at the Mills in the Fifth Rani, will be promptly at
tended to. JAMES ANDERSON. 1 .
sep 29-3 m
Iron Safes.
IRESPECTFULLY inform the public that I have
and keep always on hand an assortment of Fire
Patti( Safes. The price, in consequence of the ma
terials and labor being much lower, is reduced about
thirty percent. They are kept for sale atmy shop, in
Sixth street, above Smithfield, next to the church on
the corner of Bth street—as also with Atwood, Jones
&Co., and Dalton & Fleming. In regard to the qual
ity of my safes I leave those persons who have pur
chased and will purchase my safes to attest the util
ity of them. 1 desire no newspaper putts on my safes;
justice and truth warrant me in informing the public
that all my safes which have been in buildings burnt
down fur several years since I commenced have pre
:en-Mall the papers, books, &c.. which they contain
ed. I have a card containing, a number of certificates
of the same, which are in circulation and in my hands
the agentes. JOHN DENNING.
N. 11, A few pair:if steel Spring, for sale, made by
Jo:IPA Lt. Coleman, and will be sold to iv. Also, a screw
press, with power to punch holes in half ioch
set , -L,O-tf
'New & Cheap Stock Establishment,
. .
IXVOCL D m 10 respectfully announce to the citizens
of l'ittsbur F lt and the country eenerallv, that I have
cimmenced the ingnufacture of STOCKS, of every va
riety, form and description, and would solicit merchant-,
anti others to call and examine for themsdves, as I an
determined to sell on the most accotamodating term,
for cash, and horse, by strict attention to business, to
merit a share of yublic patronage, ring.
racLane's American Worm specific.
m OT:l m l e 'R O OO ln. F H S tii. - 5
a ll o t L I m' e s h 4 s ' e o d it S ia r i kV e N ic e:
Lane's American Worm ago,
I gave a boy - of
mine most or a vial; ho passed 10 very large worms.
From that time his health improved very mud . I had
tried two other Vermifuges to no purpose. I believe
Dr. Mcl.ll:le'i the best article before the pbblic.
Mifflin tp., Allegheny to., Sept. 30.
For sale at the Drag Store of JON. KIDD.
oct 3 Corner 4th and Wood sts.
Mr. J KIDD-Sir-A child of mine about 44 years
old, was constantly indisposed, and of pale complex
ion; but had always a good appetite. In order to have
the child well, I bought a small bottle of McLane's Ver
mifuge of which I gavo him :3 spoonfuls, after which
20 or 25 large worms were expelled. 1 wish all der
mans would read the above facts, The child's health
is much improved. MICH XEL RIHN.
Chartier s Creek, Sept. 26 1393.
ri"For sale at the Drug Store of
Corner of 4th and Wood sts. Pittsbg., Pa
' J. W. Burbridge & Co.,
A GENTS for the sale of BEAITY . S Powder, IVater
street, between Wood and Smithfield streets,
P.ttsburg:h. Oct .5 Dn.
Bargains to be Bad.
will be sukl a bargain in lots tomtit
purchasers. The land lies in Tyler and Nicholas
For particulars inquire of the sub3clibers, if by letter,
postpaid, LLOYD &CO.,
Oct 10 140 Liberty sireet, Pittsburgh.
flitter Almonds and Ginger Root.
RECEIVED this day, a choice lot of Bitter Al
monds, real Jamaica Ginger Root, rind common
Acso, a few catty boxes choice Guts rowomi.
oc.t 7. 190, Liberty at.
JUST RECEIVED and for sale on consignment,
7 Idals bacon,
7 hhds sugar,
Can be seen at the store of Jacob Painter& Co
aug 29 J. K. MOORHEAD & CO.
T EAS.—Received on consignment,
12 Chests Young Hyson Tea,
4 " Black Tea,
44 " 'lmperial,
54 " Gunpowder. by
J. G. & A, GOR DON,
sep 13. 12 Water street.
Pig Lead.
RECEIVED by S. B. "New York," five tons ofFig
Lead. Fur sale by
0.12-3 t A. BEELEN.
drying, in store, and for sale at the DRUG
oct 2 Corner of 4th and Wood sus.
B UTTER -27 Kegs.
5 Barrels Western Reserve.
Dairy Butter just received and for sale by
sep 26 43 Wood st
85 SHARES Allegheny Bridge Stock, at pri
vate sale, by JOHN D. DAVIS,
sep 11 Corner ofVrood and Fifth streets.
uttton alto.
John D. Davis,
earner of ' , Visor/ and sth sts., Ptittsburgk,
I S ready to receive merchandize of every description
oriconsignment, for public or private sale, and
from long experience in tho above business, fl atters
himself that he will be able to give entire satisfaction
to all who may favor him with their patronage.
Regular sales on MONDAYS and THORSD•YS, of Dry
Goods and fancy articles, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Of Groceries, Pittsburgh manufactured articles, now
and second hand furniture, &c., at 2 o'clock; P. M.
Sales every o veni ng, at early gas light, tug 1.!.1,-y
(AN Thursday the lOtli inst. at id o'clock A. M.
be sold at the Commercial auction rooms,
corner of Wood and Fifth greets, a large and valuable
assortment of seasonable DRY GOODS. consisting in
part of Cloths, Cassimeres, Cassinetts, Domestic and
Canton Flannel, Brown .i.nd Bleached muslin, Cali
coes, &c.
At 2 o'clock P. M. Ono splendid curled maple sofa,
also, a variety of hOusehold and kitchen furniture.—
Evening sale at early gas light, of dry goods and fancy
unities, and at 74 o'clock an invoice of Silver Patent
lever and plain 'catches just recivea from New York.
oct 18 J. D. DAVIS.
AT DAVIS' Commercial Auction Rooms, corner
of Wood and Fifth streets. An extensive as
sortment of DRY GOODS, recently purchased in the
East fur cash, and which will be sold at a small ad
vance on Eastern prices, for currency or approved en
dorsed notes. The assortment consisuin partof
20 pieces wool dyed blue black cloths;
15 " super. blue cloth;
10 " brown, olive and mixed cloths;
4 " super. Beaver cloths;
5 " pilot cloths;
90 " cassinetts, assorted colors; some very
50 " gunnels, twilled and plain white, rad,
green and yellow.
20 " English merino, assorted colors;
100 all wool blanket shawls,
200 cotton plaid shawls;
1,000 doz. spool cotton, all colors;
100 pieces bleached and brown muslins, and a
great variety of other articles usually found in a Dry
Goods House.
Also, an assortment of boots, shoes, and hats,
which will all be sold at prices without regard to the
late advances in the East. sept 23.
0. b ascAArtriaT,
Canal Basin, corner Wayne and Liberty streets, Pitts
bomb. Agent United States Portable Beet Line.
Sept 4-3 m.
D CAWFWLDhas removed his marble Estah
. liahment to Wood at. opposite Fahnestock's
Drug Store, where he will keep constantly on hand
Tomb Stones, Monuments etc. ttpl9-4yr
Dissolution of Partnership.
rrl HE partnership heretofore existing under the
1 style of Devine & Anulty, is this day dissolved
by mutual consent, fi. Devine is to collect all sums
due to the c mcern, and pay all claims contracted for
the concern up to this date.
Pittsburgh, Sept. 1. 1843.
H. Devine respletfully informs his friends and the
that he still continues in the Transporting
hu.inesq.and that he ha 3 removed the office of the U.
S. Portable Boat Lite, to No. 45 Water street, next
door below Lewis Hutchinson, where he will receive
onto forward Freight to the East, on the very lowest
MOK FIERRINGS.-25 boxes smoked her
rii)ga jU.st received and for sale by
43, IVood street
Dissolution of Partnership.
rr r.ietnor:hip Ivirctofirre ex i,iting under the firm
of DICKEY' Wid ALEXANDER., is this Cl* 1.162101-
ViA by mutual c.m.cut. JAMES DICKEY.
Sept. 1, ‘V M.G. ALEXAN DER.
JANIES DICKEY re;p•titfdtly infitrrits his friends
and the public, that he still contianes in the Transpor
tation Bil , iness, At his Warehouse, eons MI n►Ydattt-
TT ANT) WAYNE 3TREET3, Canal Basin, under the
name of the "Independent Portable float Line,"
w here he will receive and forward freight to the kttst at
the lewt•At terms sepk. 4—tf•
ABorr the last week in June, in a Clothing Store
in Liberty street. a Note of hand, considerably
soiledand worn. It is signed by Jatnes Gaston and
Another, and drawn in fie.or of W. Black. The own
er can have it by identifying and paying expenses
July 31.—tcf.
Beware of a Settled Cough!
R. M' LANES Sudorific Lung Syrup, being a safe
and effectual remedy for Gongs, Catarrhal Fever,
Influenza, Pleurasy, the first of forming stag-es of Con
sumption. Whooping Cough,&c. Aorrle o
zen of certificates of its valuable effects Call he pro
duced. one of which is now offered,
This is to certify, that I hada very severe Cough all
last winter: and was very much reduced. After trying
medical aid to no purpose, I was advised to procure a
bottle of Dr. M'Lane's Lung Syrup; it gave me relief
itmnediatrly, and in two weeks 1 was able to go out,
and fully believe it to be one of the most valuable mml
'eines now before the public, for Cough and breast com
E A rA fresh supply of this valuable Cough medicine
just received at the Drug store of J. KIDD,
oct 7 Noi GO, corner of Wood and Fourth sts
Test RECEIVED and for sale by WM. THORN,
kl No. 53, Market street,
500 lbsi pare paltn soap in the bar,
GOO " " " " in casks ;
100 " variegated soap,
50 " white Castile, (only lot in market)
100 " almond soap, in lb. casks,
50 doz. shaving soap,
10 " Glenn's ruse spermacetti soap, for chapped
hands and for softening. the skin.
The subscriber has on hand a larger assortment of
the above articles than any other establishment in this
city, and is also receiving a lafge supply afresh drugs,
&e. WY. THORN,
Oct 7 No. 53, Market street.
For Sale.
ODOZ EN Patent Buckets and tubs assorted sizes,
30 dozen of all sizes of Window sash window
glass of all sizes to suit, by the box or retail—Nails and
spikes—Carpet chain—A variety of shovels, spades,
axe-handles, hoes, augtits, brushes, coffee-mills, Louis
villa lime, the balin of life, Brodie's anti-billious and
anti-dispeptic pills, Evans' camomile and aperient
pills,;Haisley's anti billious pills, events in Indian histo
ry, history of the backwoods, American pioneer. Sew
all's pathology of drunkeness, permanent tempcmnce
documents, Imcchus and anti-bncchus, and a large vari
ety of temperance documents, Sabbath and day school
books, ink, quills, writing and wrapping paper, &c.
for sale low for cash or approved country produce.
LIVER COMPLAINTS--Dyspepsia and indi
g estion, with costiveness, ascidity of the stem
ach, hardness of food after meals, heartburn, flatulency,
liver complaints, with pain in the side and shoulder
jaundice, bilious complaints, dropsy, diabetes, gravel,
stone, and inflammation of the lungs, are most perfectly
removed and cured by the HEPATIC ELIXIR.
This article has the most astonish ingeffeets in curing
all complaints of the stomach and digestive organs. ,
Many highly respectable individuals in New York
have been cured. after trying every other remedy in
vain, and have given in theirnames with permission to
refer to them. It is pleasant to the taste, and does
not in the least interfere witlrthe daily avocation of one
taking it. Many families of this city have become so
pleased with the medicine, that they use it as their
only family medicine. By using it occasionally, it
keeps the stomach free from bilious disorders, and the
liver active, with the secretions of the body in the most
perfect activity. It Is composed entirely of vegetable 3.
The cure will be gradual, but certain and permanent.
For sale at TtiTTLieS, 86 Foanki street.
top 6.
BM* NOtto anb texcliangt
coaruseTzb DAILY BY
101A111318, EXCIIIANGE
Merchants and Manufacturers' Surip - . .. .
Extkange Rank Scrip - 1
Currency . . 1
Erie Bank Set'ip
Pkiktde/pkia •
Nets York
Baliinao re
Bank of Pittsburgh par
Merchants and Manufaaturers' bank ...par
Exchange II - . . . par
Do. Hollidaysburgh ....par
Bank of North America
Do Northern Liberties par
Do Pennsylvania
Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania par
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank par
Kensington bank par
Manufacturer:and Mechanics'. par
Mechanics par
Moyamensing par
Philadelphia bank par
Schuylkill II
Southwark ..... ".... par
Western it
• . ........ . . . . par 1
Bank of Penn Township
Girard bank
U. B. bank and branches
Bank of Genial&town
" Chester county par
" Delaware county
" Montgomery coanly .......
6 '
Nortkumberland par
Farmers' bank of Bucks county
Easton bank par
Doylestown bank par
Franklin bank of Washington
Bank of Chambersburgli....
" Middletown ......... .....
" Cellystrurgh
" Lewistown
" Susquehanna .
Berk* county bank ....75
Columbia Bankand Bridge Company 11
Carlisle bank
Erie bank
Fanners and Drovers bank
" Bank of Lancaster
" Bank of Reading
Harrisburg bank
Honesdale " . .
Lancaster "
Lancaster co. "
Lebanon "
Miners' bank of Pottsville ..
Atononreakela bank of Brownsville ...
New Hope and Delaware Bridge company.
Northampton hank..
Towanda book._
Wyoming bank....
West Branch bank
rork bank.
neinsont bank of St.
Clinton bank of Columbus ..
Columbiana bank of New Lisbon....
Circleville (Lawrence, cashier ). .
" ( Warren, easkier)....
Cincinnati banks ..........
Ckillicothe bank
Commercial bank of Lake Erie.... .
Dayton bank
Franklin bank of Columbus...
Parmers'and Mechanics' bank of Steubewiille..l.l
Farmers' bank of Canton 40
Granville • .
Hamilton .
Massillon . .
Mechanics' anti I'reu2crs'. 'Cincinnati. :: :
Mount Pleasant
Norwalk ...
Scioto: .
Stale brin.k and brandeis
kait gcrip
All banks
Stale bank
Bank of Illinois, SkatOner.loton
Bank of the Valtey oi Virginia ... . ..
Bank of 'Virginia
Erckange bank of Virginia
Parmers' bankof Virgin.fa
Norik-IVesiern bank of Virginia.... ..
Merchants' and Mechanics' bank of Virginia
Baltimore City banks ..
Al? other solvent
All sol Vent :banks —. . • •..
All solvent banks.
All solvent banks
Mobile banks..
Country banks
New Orleans banks (g00d).,..
All banks
The proprietors of the MORNING Po I T anti MER
CURY AND MANurAteruran respectfully inform their
friends and the patrons of those papers, that they have
a large and well chosen assortment of
astcp oearaa ata2aztau,E)
Necessary to a Job Printing Office, and that they are
prepared to execute
Books, Bills of Lading,l Circulars,
Pamphlets, Bill Heads, Cis; Handbills, Blank Checks, Hat Tips.
lall ittnbs of 331aults,
Stage, Steamboat and Canal Boat Bills, with, di p
propriate nuts,
Printed on the shortest notice and most reasonable
We respectfully ask the patronage of ourfriends and
the public in general in this branch of our business.
July 31, 1843. PHILLIPS & SMITH.
Peace's BoarUm& candy.
A .
Fresh supply just received from Ne York. and
for sale at TUTTLE'S, 86 Feurthst.
All sorts &clothing and wearing apperal. Please
mil at No. ISI Liberty street, and see for yourselves
asp 7. J. MeCLOSKEY.
Forwarding and amnudision Iflorchants,
AGENTS for the Merchants' Transportation Com
pany composed of the Merchants' Line, Eric
Canal; Washington, Line. Hunter, Palmer & Co.'s
Line of Steam boats and vessels on the lakes. Cleve
land Line, Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal. Proprio
tors (Atha Merchants, Line, Ohio Canal.
Wilkie & Ensworth, No. 9, CoQnties Slip. N. Y.
R. Hunter & Co. Albany.
Otis Chaff, Boyton.
Hunter, Palmer & Co., Buffalo,
M. T. Williams & now, )
lion. John M. Allen, % Clerelatid.
Charles M. Giddings, S
J. S. Dickey, Bearer.
Birmingham & Co., Pittsburgh.
ap 1 1843-Iy.
.. par
7toi 5.4,400 THE canal packet ERIE, J. M.
Shaw,mas ter, will run 03 regular
weekly packet between the above named ports, leaves
Beaver on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays' morn
ing, leaves Warren on Tuesdays, Thursdays and _ .
urdays; connecting with the Stage Lines to Cleveland
direct, For freight or passage apply an board, or to
BIRMINGHAM & CO., Pittsburgh,
J. S. DICKEY, Beaver.
r e `...L.. tit4 . _t W . 7
AND RAIL ROAD CARS, from Pittsburgh, via Bed
ford, Chambersburg, Harrisburg. and Lancaster, to
Philadelphia, connecting with the Main train of ears to
N. Y. &c. Only 150 miles staging and one night out.
Also, the direct line Baltimore.
Fare to Philadelphia $9.
Baltimore 9.
Leaves daily at 8 o'clock A. M.
Office 2d door below the Merchants' lintel Wood at.
feb23, 1843-Iy. Proprietors. I
Via National Road and Baltimore and Ohio Rail
JG , 171.
. 21
THIS line is in full operation and Ica% cs ritt,trar.gh
daily at 6 o'clock A. I‘l., via Pa.
and national road to Cumberland, connecting here
with the rail road Cu', to all the above places: Trav
elers will find this a ipeed‘, Sad comfortable route,
it being a separate and distinct Pittsburgh and Cum
berland line ) facilities will be afforded which have not
been heretofore enjoyed. 2xtra coaches furnished at
the shortest notice. with the privilege of going through
direct or taking one nights res: at their option.
For tickets, apply at our office at the Monongahela
febPresident of N. R. Stage Co.
— ll - efitilar — 'PiCkcts, for Cincinnati.
- .mr sale
The Swiftsure, Robinson, Master, lealos ovcry
Thursday at 10 o'clock, a. m.
The Cotter, Collins, Master, leaves even• Friday nt
19 o'clatk as m.
The Montgomery, Bennett, Master, leaven every 'Sat
arday at JO o'clock a.
The Express, l'arkinsun, Master, leaves every Sun
day at 10 o'clock a. m.
• ....no rale
United States Portable tout Line Depot.
ir 1 A. MeANULTY very respectfully iliftants his
NJ . friends and the public, that he hasmade Lrrange
meats to continue the agenry the boats forming the
U. S. Portable Boat Line, at the large new Warehouse,
Basin, where goods will be received and forwarded
with usual despatch, and on the most favorable terms,
to Baltitnore, Philadelphia,'Newlvtak or Boston.
272. Market st., Philadelphia.
MOORE & CHASE, Agents.
Bondy', Wharf, Baltimore.
sepr. 4-3nl
ALEEN KRANIEB., Eichunge Broker, No. 46,
corner of Wood and Third streets, Pittsburg
Pa. Gold, Silver, and Servent Bank notes, bought
and sold. Sight cheeks riu the Eastern cities, for sale.
Drafts notes and bills, collected.
... ..; .11
•••• •••• ....
Alex. Bronson &Co - .
John 11 Brown &Co.
James :111'Cantlless.
J. R. :11'Donald.
W. H. Pope, Esq., Pres't Bank
. McLane's American Worm S • —familiar..
THIS is to certify that with McLANE'S 1110
1. SP ECIFIC, a child of mine passed upwards of 600
worms; it is the most powerful Worm Specific now in
- .1
e. 13.totruot.emtw
Middlebury, 0.. Oct, 4. 1843.
For sale at the Drug Store of JON. KIDD,
Sept. 12. Corner 4th and Wood
Dvi Stub Just neceiikisi:
Vitriol, Camwood, Alum, and a general stock of
DYE IVOODS, in store, and for sale at the Drug Store
sept. 12. Cornor 4th and Wood sts.
•. . . . . €js
AL-IDY who is capable of taking charge of a
household, is desirous of obtaining a situation
as housekeeper in a private family, ores superintendent
in a respectable hotel. She would hive no objection
to leave the city if desired to do so. For further infor
motion inquire at this office: aug 21—If
MACkEeivLIEL.d7i6 r
‘4:1 13b13 1 .. No. 3 Mackerel, jo- . , t
Td chants and Ott ers .
AGENTLEMAN, who thornrghly under „ands
Book Keeping, wishes a s A - nation in that capa
city the best or references will ' oe given. Address H.,
at this office.
TOBACCO.-10b axes Burton's 5 b lump tobacco,-
!Zs do Russell & Robinsons do
S do Hare's do
10 do assorted sires and brands,
just mei-A l i and f ee t a l e by
43, Wood street
SAMUEL MOttilow,
Dianditatarer ef
Iron Ware PPS glad Sheet
No. 2 7, yvfa stied, between Woad aisd Afariet,
Keeps constantly on hand a good tasSortment of wares,
and solicits a sliare ofpublic patronage. Also on hand,
the following articles: shovels, pokers, tong., ividirons,
skillets, toialtottlesiptits, ovens, coffee mills, &c. Mer•
chants and altars are invited to call and examine for
thernasdres, as he is determined to sell cheap forcash or
approved paper. mar 7--tf
Toothache! Toothache!! Toothache!!!
THE above complaints can be cured in Eve min•
uses, by using the celebrated MUSLIM/TUE DROPS
which is warranted. There are many imitations and
counterfeits, oftbe above. The only true and gout
ine article is to be had at TUTTLE'S 86 Fetrrth et.
sort 12.
Beaver and Warren Packet.
The Great Central Route
' g r.''' . 14
Wm. Bell & Co.,
John D. Davis,
F. Lorenzo,
J. Painter & Co.,
Joseph 'Woodv,all,
James May,
• ?*o Paitiit For Sit
TWO good Farms on the Loyally:tato
treek, Westmoreland county, ahont
1 9 m ile s from tlrtonsburg,, on the main ftlatt to 1 -
vine, Smiles from it, and about 8 mile. tram Denitttsa;
town, one mile from a brick Catholic ChurCia arid two
miles from a Presbyterian Church, viz.: No 1. SW
acres and allowances, from 150 to IGO acres ciliated
and under fence, has on it a log hot:lst , . log barn, &co=
No. 2. 150 acres of land adjoining the above. 75 to 100
acres cleared and under fence, a g ood' s frame house and
also a wagon shade and corn crib and a sttme Jivtiap
house, all in good order. The above will be aold-tlta
fair price for cash and paymentt; made to accorormxiitfi
or exchanvisi for property in Pittsburgh or Allegheny.
Forfurther particular; enquire at Harris' Cormral Aen
ry and Intelligence Office, No. 9,5 th st. ()la
Ettalint Lots Por Sale.
THE undersigned IS authorized to sell Et number of
lots beautifully situatedin Aaton Hart'splan of
lots on 'Grove Hill." The rapid improvement and
extension of the city in the vicinity of these lots mist
greatly increase their value in a very short pericd.--.,
Claims against the estate, properly authenticated, will
tkc received in part prwment.
gir.TWO STORY brick house, suitable' far a
1 - 1. dwelling and Grocery, situate on the comer
of Fifth and Union streets. Possession given immddi•
ately. Enquire of
01 l
GROVE HILL. the late residence of
Aaron Hort, deceased. The Maar=
is well filled with choice fruit trees, vines, &c.
Also, a convenient tenement lately occupied by U.
I. Langhorne.
rosgession will be given immediately. For term!
apply to GEO. COCHRAN,
Building Lots in Dirneingissuw . . .
13 LOTS, suitable for building, most eligibly i.rk
iiatecl, and within two minutes' walk c the
steam ferry boat landing., will be sold at prices to suit
the times. The terms of payment will be made es
either for cash or such barteras can be madeavailably
Apply to the subscribers in Birmingham, or Mr.•Pe .
Peterson, No. 4, Ferry street, Pittsburgh. - - •
june 1. JAS. PATTERSON jr
, .
Lots for Sale.
4Lots in Manchester. One and a fourth Acres of
Land on Holmes' Hill. Lots nos. 41,42,52,53,54
181, 182, andlB4,in Cook's plan of Lots, on Holmes
Hill. 4lso, Lotsnos. 26, and 27, In Cook's plan of Lots
on Hi el 'tract, near the new Court I !,nake. For tering
apply to Z. NV. 111311NGTON •
sep 10
- -
rer gale.
T OTS on the North East Corner of Cosi Lane end
111:1.1 street. Apply to
Markot near Fourth !meet
Por Rent.
m t. T i... ht . i tv t re C n O es 7tG
i f: ;; situated
. in .1 1 ,.10T;ug j it ol o u f:
ille present occupsed
The place has a very firm garden and good auartl
ment or fruit trees. Any person renting can have the
privilege of en tieing for the ensuing your. Posses
sion given on the Ist of October next.
Apply at No. 5 Commercial Row, Liberty street ;
br to Wm. Tnman, Smithfield street.
scp. 1, 1841.
A SMALL Farm in Upper St. Clair towrtgirtip
bout 44 miles from Pt tt..-burg h.and about 60 yards
of the Washington turnpike, containingl64 acres goo&
land, well located anc) improved. and almost uncleared
and under gond fence; and will be a good placA for ati
extenshegardner, It has on it a good dwelling
honse anti hare; and b. well watered. It v. ill be said
low for rash—or part cash actl part credit. Apply et
and Intclligenre Of or
To Beni.
D LEASANT rooms and good stt,am power, at *go
cast steel file manufactory, corner of Liberty as*
O'Hara streets. Apply on the prcrnisys. july 16.
_ _ _
Souses and Farms to dent,
THE slibp-riherhns opened nn rffice (in cOnnexiciii
with his Medical Azenm.) for the renting stns
selling of Houses and Farms. As many persons nri
constantly ~, tinting to . rent houses without having the
tune to run about the cite in ',inch i f one, can in; call
ing upon the subscriber. and gta tine due kind • (Louse
they want. find 011 e Atli Will suit ILUm. also know 2110
number of roolos, situation and tent, a ithout further
-of inukes would find it to their intrust
cull, and give n description of them. and the rent they
require, as they would then find their hthiseb eoitt4l
itx,ner and tt-ith le,s
The nattphago of the public ropertfillfy iteifeited
t , ep T. U. TUTTLE, g 6; 4th st.
• . Eloixsea, Far Rent
subscriber has opened n hook any
dwelling house, 'warehouse, more, siratt, mettle
or country farms and scatsfor toht,,rhartting the own
crs 25 cents each record. Heir ill keep it upen for all
who wish to rent an . ) kind of provehy to examine, and
charge them 12. gents: and for a small compensation.
will attend to renting all kinds of property, and attend'
to all kinds of btv.incs,i heti:cern landlord nod tenant,
rcpt I. No. 9, Fifth st.
rittaliurgb, Pa
Cincinnati, 0.
St. Lunis,
Good Farm Sale or Exchange.
AFARM of 130 acres on Sugar Creek, Armstrong
cuttnty,. ,100 of which is improved. This farm is.
well watered by springs and two large runs which pass,
nearly through it and then unite. forming an excellent
Mill Seat: 40 acres are first rate for meadmv or
spring crops, and the balance is good for fall grain.—
There is no waste land, and it is yl ell adapted for a dal.
rY or for sheep, and lies ver well. There is en it a,
good apple orchard, a substantial hewed log house, so
large log barn and a good coal bank, easily aceeitailrle.
in good order. and the quantity- inexhaustible. This
fami lies within IC of Freeport, 9 miles frost
Kittanning, 4 miles from a Catholic charel, and 2 miles,
from a PresbYterirm and Seceder churches It will b
sold at a bare - 7 , 2 n fur rash. cr e.rcZtangeri far a gne
three story 'prick house and lot in Pittsburgh. For
terms ar particulars enquire at Harris' General. A
gencY and Intelligence cince, or of the subscriber oak
the. prernis ts , S. J.
sop 27
T HEREBY certify that I have known a number of
people who have taken Dr. McLane's Liver Pills,,
and have been much benefitted by them, and I believe.
them to be the best pills for liver complaints, and for
general use, of any pill now before the public.
I hereby certify that I have been afflicted for 6 years
with a liver cornplaint; and have applied to difereut,
physicians, and all to little or no effect, until I made.
use of Dr. McLane's Pills. In taking two boxes of thesni
T am nearlv testorecT to perfect health.
Millersbnrgit, near Pittsburgh, August 10, 1843
r*Forsale at the Drug:Store of
aug corner 4th and Wood street*, Pittsburgh
Freeman's Pitt brick , Ss Sale.
received, 5000 Freeman is best Fire Brick,
which will iscrrafter be kept constantly on ham),
and sold low for cash, bf BIRMINGIiASI & CO.
may 27 No. 60 Waters
gib THE sutkscriber has just received fro m th e line.
=sery of Landreth and Fulton, near Philadelphia
a lot of the choicest variety of peach trees, to which ND
would call the anemias of the pabnc...
may 8. F. L. SNOWDEN.
184 Liberty's, head of Wood:
HOPKINS' EXTRA ALCOHOL, for retailiof,
for tale et tbe DRUG STORE of
Carney of% and . Wtrid
Tot sale rilto fit
GEO. COCHRAN, Executor,
No. 26, Wood street
016-3 w
Per Sent.
Peach Trees.