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4 1 9#40Jrt MORNING. OCTOBER 17, 1843
rirftirbusialeas cards, &c., see Arstpar
W. J. Howard—T. B. Seninle--George Ogden
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nrapoely Curtiss' new paper, the Cincinnati Daily
Constosasiil, is a neat, interesting sheet, and must
1:0R6 TAILOItS.—The mechanics all over the
iareprg,tinizing, associations to protect themselves
fr,tOtithitsparity of their employers. The Tailors
aeons to labor under the greatest grievances. We pub
lished some a:too:Kling facts elicited at a meeting of
the craft in Boston, and further disclosures were made
fit a meeting held in Ni* York nn the 12th inst. It
'wee there stated that some, journeymen had to work '
'cc)* zonriss to mii-nig?tt to earn one dollar. so low
Item the pricespaid by several tailoring establishment=
which were named. Others were supposed to receive
better prices. After mature deliberation, t"i- ber
organized - themselves into an association, auxiliary to
theillonrneymen Tailors' Benevolent Society, each per•
rpn 6.lding in his name. All the Journeymen were
Wised o aaite in the new assozjation. The follow
* bit! of prices was proposed: or a dress frock
eillt36; surtnat. $6; coats, very plain, $4l: sack
cants, plain, $4l: men's jackets, $1; do. cloaks $4:l
causes; s.s;hoys' coats,large size, $3; do. small. $2l
boys' sack coats. $3l: U. S. uniform dress, $11; do. '
'marine, $10; breeches, $2; pants sli, all exclusive
'of trimmings and extra work.
Peter Sible a native of Germany, after a residence
of about three years in this vicinity, without a known
cause, committed suicide on Tuesday inst. by hanging
himself lathe following mast sintmlar manner:
On the morning of that day he left his father's house
in tiotnpany with ano her brother, from whom however
bejthortly parted, as they had intended working for dif
forint individuals for the day. .11r. Slide did not re
. •
tetn as was expected when evening came, w ich how
ever did.not excite suspicion in consequence of an en
gagement he had made with a wagon maker nearer by,
and fur whom he had been to work previously. On
Thartday, however, it was nsc.:rzained that he had not
been at the afimementioned place, and upon more strict
.enquiry, that ho had not in the meantime been seen by
any person, which cached suspicion for hi , safety, and
ori Friday, accordingly, a search was male in a woad
through which Sible had to pass, and which resulted
in,finding him suspended by a small cord from a tree
that projected over a precipice some twenty-five feet
raisin!, him is all shut forty feet over a brook
that was winding its way beneath. So ditEcult was
the ascent, that of some forty persons present, when
tbb coroner arrived, not one mild, b. prevailed upon to
ascend tlat tees to loose the unfortunate victim. Thy
trets'iwas then felled, which probably was th • only safe
wily of me overias the hody.—Minien, itiOntgo-O: Co.,
N. Y., Oct. 9.
WHEAT AND FL lun.—[f the esti:ante °Nile !ample.
wheit of tho United States for 1343 approximates to
the tenth, fl our rcriq corm" down in price, and that ma=
It . is sad that there will be asnnt 118,010,-
033 buihAs >a• wit at over and :6 >re th • gaa.itity no
casilry ftr h•> n-> coain nxian. twerpina in the
taw states of O'Lia, 1> I: Ili. lili ni 4, ant
will, it I, > 41,11) 3;). f teat e >Li n Ate.>
aapa sr Tim , st i ao is in• I/I-
V-MN are of opinion that th-y too large by
But even taki the rn •i ity a+ the in': cum .mati s
what is to be done with the enormous surplos?
nine bushels of wheat reduced to flour. ht flee bifshrls .
to th, barrel,. wauld ifr.f.in 11.303.033 barrels, %Thiel.
at 34 waall give the airn of $17,0).00). The ex
ports of t t-o>i lyi )7, b'afore its. hay.•
is n . year exceeded $17,033,000, winch was the value
elrrarted in 1317- Fr rn this view it is i2vi dent that
if oar surplus flailr is to fiat a foreign market, it must
be at a reduced price, unless very short crops in Eu
rope'(of which there is no probability) should occasion
an unprecedented transatlantic demand. That the
price can be kept up by monopoly with such an im
mense overplus in the country. seems equally improba:
ble: We infer, therefore, that the price of flour mild
fall. This is good news for all tv'ao live by the sweat
of their brows. Thu Controller of the Seasons has
'blessed our soil, and crowned it With a plentecns har
-sest; so plenteous that the speculators and monopo'Aists
`Whoigraw fst by concentrating-In a few hands what He
•• so fraely diffuse., cc snot mar His benevolent plirpeses.
Ftotin —Ttr3 principal part ur Flour hai been t
Iziten at $3 sa . per b trr.A. in , r) , .-ctrA. 3000 barrels city
:q u a, sold thi:, ntarain,4 at $3 621 z:ler
TOO , River m )rriUg.—Swe, Oct. 12.
port of PittAtlviith.
Reported blo S'te! , :e ai i _MT 1.!
. (;
. te 4ge3d4. ru.'• rst
_ •
.5 PEET 9 INca.•:i IVATEit IS THE CIIA:;S:.L
* (:oiunthia ta, 11 , 1 rd
Clarion, Hutc.hi.lio.l.7.-thesville,
Ar..t.i 1 B .3opt. St. L ,uii,
Fre. , ..1)-n, Par',er,hur',
M iuteztrna, Dic'c4on,
*North Bend, May, St. L
Belfau, Wheeling
of Oil It', is Li 1611(1)1 will meet
this eVe.ii (Drsil-y)rael7rh ut eacly ca I ileli2;ht, at
theArinJry, .if tha Crib .r Cir.s.sas. Pa.itrtusl atrea
...dance is raquestel. By order
2000 LBS:very su;)erior W. R. Cheese, just
received mud fur sale li,w, by
• Stray florae.
• , QTRAYED from the residence of the subscriber in
1..) Pitt-township, about the 20th of September last,
:a middle sized BAT HOME: he has no white spots, ex
-cept one, on his back, produced by a saddle. A liber
lil.reward will be paid fur the return of the horse
Farms Wanted.
SEVERAL improved farms wanted, (within 20
miles of The Pittsburgh market). Persons clis
posod to sell will please call at my alike, iu Smithiieh/
street. sear 4th, soon.
SUNDRIES. -50 boxes chocolate,
5 do cocoa,
3 do rice flour,
23 do ground popper.
5 do Cayeune do.,
36 cans ground naugtard,
5 Legg do tut:pine,
da d giug-cr,
12 C11:18 d 3 d to-ether
emery thing in the AT 'beery liae, 11 of i s 06' er ,...1
ast eutretasly low pric f pr. culitr.
-B.+l -v. Steel:, at pri-
HAILNI.AIsi, •JETC.SItiGS & CO— • v a xikLe , by JjaN D. OXVIS,
43, Wood street. sep 11 Corner of Wood sad Fifth 'greets .
TE subscriber having purchased and thoroughly
repaired these MILLS, is now manufacturing,
and will keep constantly on hand, n fun supply of al
the didorent kinds of Nails, Spikes and Brades,
made from the hest quality of Juniata Blooms, and as
soon as the ne-,iessary additions can be triadr. t ) the
machinery, he will mamiliteture every description of
Bar and Sheet Iron. usually made in this market.
Orders left with S. Cuililiert. nt No. 35 Wood st.
or at the :Mills in the Fifth Ward, will be promptly at
terldri to: JAMES ANDERSON.
sep 9.9-3 m
T RESPECTFULLY inform rite public that I have
and livrp alway+ on hand an assortment of Fire
Pioof Ssfes. The price, in consequence of the ma
terials and Inhor being mud' lower, is reduced about
thirty percent. They ore kept ftr sale at my shop. in
Sixth street, above Smithfield, next to the church on
the corner of Gth street—as also with Atwood, Jones
&Co., &rid Darzell & Fleming. In regard to the qual
ity of My safes I leave those persons who bare pur
chased and will purchase my safes to attest util
ity of them. I desire no newspaper pills on my safes;
ustice and truth warrant me in int; It-mini , . the public
that all my safes which have been in huildiogs. Luria
doem for several yoars Ai ice T com-nenced have pre
served nil the pap-rs, bo &-.. which they c tntain
eti. I have a c anu nher of crrtiCrAt...
of t h e vi , tich arc in circu:ntion 3.,r1 i i my
%td the a;entes. JOIN PENNING.
T wo ULD n ist r:-sp,Ttlui.v announce to the- citizens
of pi t t.tylr g h :IA the cotimry IrPnerally, that I have
corritt. , nc:Ni :he m biufacture of STOCKS, of every va
ritety, form aid 1 mi.) 1, a id .vJuld nrnebant
and others to call and examine for themselves, as I am
ehitermined to sell on the most accommodatir.c tcrme
ca-M, and hope, by strict attention to business, to
merit a share of public pat rona 19-6rn.
n,': O:L 4
J. P. BARR, Seey
140, Liberty st
• l r EAS.---itneeived on consignment,
I°2 Chess :Clung Hon Tea,
4 " — Nock Tea, "
4 4 "
5 " • Gunpnwiler. by
J. G. & A, GORDON',
12 Water street.
WE bare received, and will hereafter to kin oar
stnntly On band, a full supply of Printing rnk,
iiiho t ettnd mall kegs, which we will be-ebbe. wiled
i"A , toper than it has heretofore. been sold in thitcity.
Orders frc.m tho country aecornpanied by the clash
Cur CASES) will be promptly attended is.
oct 1 o—tf Office of the Post and Manufactu
New Groceries!!
TN addition to.theirformer Excellent Stock of F figsH
FAMILY GnoccatEs, the sukscribers have this day
received No's. 1, 2 atal3 Mackerel. No's. 1 and 2Shad
and Salmon, Susquehanna and Labrador Herring, Cod
Fish. Liquorice, Cocoa Nuts, Ground Nuts, Lemons,
Sultana Raisins. Prepared. Cocoa, Sago, Mace, Saltera
tus, Saltpetre, SperroCandles, Chalk, Wldtink, Rotten
Stone, &c. &c.; together with a great vat iety of rareand
choice articles in their line; all of which they offer at
Wholesale or Retail, on vary reasonable terms.
LLOYD $. Co.,
Oct. 9. 140. Liberty st.
New Pall and Wintei Goods.
No. 112 Woon STIZEET,
A RE now opening and offer for sale a very large
and general a:sortmcnt of seasonable Dry Goods,
consisting of plain' waved, and diamond beaver cloth,
b ma% cloths of eVPß•color, cassimeres. sat tinettsjeans,
kenteys, lin:eys. baize:, bleached and brown
cottons, dribs. ticks. Alparca lustros black and colored,
plain and printed merinos, mouslin de babas, Irish li
nens, Mattioni andother silks, ribbons, laces.cauabric3,
inn:lins, merino, fancy and blanket shawls, 9ewing
silks, spool and skein threads. &c., &c..together with
an assortment of carpets, russ floor cloths. &c , all of
which Nye are able to sell as cheap as goodscan now be
bong,ht in any market, east or west. sep 21—ti'
Allegheny County ss.
n the muter or the estatn of ROBERT
S. KIRK. der'd.
} And now. Sept. 16, 1813, on rximMn of
Georze P. Hamilton, the money considered
in Court and Robert Woods appointed Auditor to dis
tributeproceeds of sale. By the Court.
Notice is h Tehy given to all p,q.srins interested, that
I will at tend to the duties as , ig.ned to me by thr Court
in the above ease, at my office on Grant street, Pitts
burgh, nn the 30th 'of Oct.. 1813. at 2 o'clock. P. M.
sapt 23-3 ml ROBT.,WOODS, A ndiior.
Lippincott Mills
Iron Safes.
N. B. A f , 'Vt • plir if stc& Snrin.l, f,r by
11).wg. C,1101113:1, aatl Ir 2 : , ..0!(.1 screw
,rOA, with power to pun..h ho:ei ia ha.ei..c!) iron.
Ae? 9.0 —tf
Now & Cheap Stock Establishment,
McLane's American Worm SpeGine.
NrottE Pitoovs.—McLANt's Wotot SPKCIFIC.
.01 361 - 2 months ago, 1 purchased a vial of Mr-
Lane's Ani , ricaa Worm Specific. I gave a boy of
mine most of a vial; he palscd 40 very large worm..
Froth that time health improved very mud . I had
flied ts., - ) nth^r Verarfuges to uo parpose. I believe
Dr. McLane'sthe best article before the public.
D. CALI - 101.7N
Mifflin tp., AlleTheny ro., Sept. 30.
Forsrdo at the Drug Stor• aC JON. KIDD.
Oct 3 Corner 4th and NVood A(5
K IDD—Sir.—A chid 0111111 W 11f1011: 41 years
oTd. eousmatly imli,po,e(l, and of pain complex
ion; but limi a.vciy: a Elm,' ammlit c. Ia orcl••r to ha% c
the , chi (I we !, J ~011-zllt cf Vor
-rsif,mre of v..1.:-41 I cave Lim 3 . mmr
Wk.), 25 ti: 11711‘ V61`1%. , `N pH:ed. I 1 , 1 , 11 a
rwL-, •11 1 rn'l above' I:lC` 4 . , 111 , 1% , t1.••l; ,.
Mrit .. l im , t• MICHAEL RI H N.
C • i & mi. 26 13.13.
-tle at the D,lt! Sir of
oe: Cnr I, N.,1 Wo,ql Ft;
J. W. Diarbrilge & Co,
A GF,N'TS for the sale of Brit ITy's Powcior, 'Water
lx.tween IVood ami Smitlifio;d streets,
Pa:Atari-1. 6m 5 im..
Bargains t 3 be lied.
will be ao.d u bar.tift in 1,1r:1.14114
rurch a :,or4.- The land lit.A in Tilcr and Nicholas
CO'S., Virginia—and Cr.A R OF ALL EN CLI )1 Tilt A N CE3.
For rwarticu:ats iuquire of the :+111)Ael iherr.4, if hy letter,
po.,t Paid, LLOYD St: CO.,
ocr 10 140 Liberty greet, Pittsburzh.
Bitter Alm7nds and Ginger Boot.
Ecr..l vEn thi4 d iv, a choice or of Bitter Al-
JUL, m.oal real Jam-C.va Ciinfror Rom. aid coirmin
Ate(), a low catty Luxes choice (icsrownna
LLOYD - 8.; CO'S,
141). .t.
J UST RECEIVED and for sale on consignment,
7 bids sugar,
Can be seen at the store of.racob Painier& Co
auz =29 J. K.34.I)(IItHEAD & CO
• Lea&
RECEIVED by S. B." New York," five tons ofFig
Lead. For sale by
S.IIITH'S NEW YORK VARltiSti, Net. i.qtri : :l(
drvinE, In store, and for sale et the DRL.f3
oct 2 Corner of 4th stud Wood ets.
1110,10 UTTER-27 _
1.) 5 Barre::: Wo-t , rn Reserve.
D,i ry B utter j u o r 1, ,, (1:ool for a I.t hv
43 Wood
Sohn D. Davis,
Corner of Wood and sth its., Pittsburgh,
IS ready to r. - xeive merchanclize of every description
on cou , ignment, for public or private sale, and
from long experience in the above business, flatters
himself that he will be able to give entire satisfaction
to all who may favor him with their patronage.
Regular sales on MONDA YS and TADRSDAYS, of Dry
Goods and fancy articles, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Of Groceries, Pittsburgh manufactured articles, new
and second hand furniture, &c., at 2 o'clock, P. M.
Sales every evening,atearly gas light. aug 12-y
AT DAVIS' Commercial Auction Rooms, Corner
uf Wood and Fifth streets. An extensive as
sortment of DR Y GOODS, recently purchased in the
East fur cash, and which will he sold at a small ad-
vance on Eastern prices. fur currency or approved en
dorsed notes. The assortment consists in part of
20 pieces wool dyed blue black broadcloths;
15 sneer. blue cloth;
10 " brown, olive and mixed cloths;
4 " super. Boaver cloths;
5 " pilotcloths;
40 " cassinetts, assorted colors; some very
50 " flannels, twilled and plain white, red,
green and yellow.
20 " English mcri-m, assorted colors;
100 all wool blanket shawls;
200 cotton plaid shawls;
1,000 doz. spool cotton. all colors;
100 pieces bleached and brown =Wins, and a
Treat variety of other articles usually found in a Dry
Good; House.
ILTP Also, an assortment of boot=, shoes, and hats,
which will all 13r sold at prices Nv th °lit regard to the
late advances in the East. sept 23.
Canal Basin, corner Wayne and Liberty streets, Pitts.
burgh. Agent United States Portable Boat Line.
Sept 4-3 m.
PCAWFIELD hag removed his amble Eatab
• liahment to Wood at. opposite Fahnestock*a
Drug Store ; where ho will keep constantly on hand
Tomb Stones, Montimentg etc. up 1.9-Iyr
Dissolution of Partnership.
THEpartner.hip heretofore exiting under the
style of Devine & M'Anuity, is this day dissolved
by mutual consent. H. Devine is to collect all sums
due to the concern, and pay all claims contracted for
the conaern up to this date.
Pittsburgh, Sept. 1. 1843.
H. Devine recrw.ctfully informs his friends and the
pulidc., that h.. still continues in the Transporting.
business. and that he has removed the office of the U.
S. Portable Boat Line, to No. 95 Water street, next
door below Lpwis Hutchinson, where ho will receive
and forward Freight to the East, on the very lowest
terms. DEVINE.
MOKED HERRINGS.-21 boxes smoked he rings just roceived and for ale bY
Dissolution of Partnership.
rirl E f I ilOratofore eti sting under the firm
Of Dlcitgr and AtExs it. is this day dissol
ved by ina.llli consent. JAMES DICKEY.
Anpt. I, 1343. W.M.G. ALEXANDER.
JAMES DICKEY ru4nAetfolv i:tforrnt his friends
and th nuh ir, thath rontinue4 in the Tran4por-
Lntion B at his W trnhonle, non:cite or LIBER-
Tr AgD I VAYN 4 : ATREET., Canal Ruin. under the
name of the '• lc,treqt•-lt P ,, rletsle Boar Liu',"
wh-•re he wiil a.:l,lflrwani fruight to the East at
the low •-t t-rm, gept. 4—tf.
A BOUT the last we.ilt in June, in a Clothing store
"A.. id Liberty strert. a Note of hand, cxyaiderabls
soiled vid worn. It k signed bv Jamrs Gaston and
another, and drawn in favor of W. Mink. The own
cr can have it by identifying and paying expeihes
.litiv 31.—tef.
Doware of a Settled Cough!
I) R. M . l. 1N ES S aloritie Lan2, Syrup, being n safe
n.id -emu: romedvi forCougs, Catarrhal Fever,
Influenza, Pleunisy. the first of forming stages of Cons
somption, A , thina. Whoopiug &r. Some do..
Zell of certificates of its valuable e ff ects ea n h o pro
duersl, one of a hirh is now offered.
This is to certify, that I had a very severe Cough all
winter., aad wa: very notch ridliced. After trying
m..dicul Rid to no purpose, I iv is ad% Ised to procure a
bottle of Dr. M'Latin's Lang Syrup; it gave me relief
imin-idiately, and in two weeks I was able to go out,
and fulh believe it to Inc one of the most valuable med
icimisl,ow before the for Couzh and breast corn
fre‘li supply of Ili* valuable Cough mcilliocine
just received at the Drug storeof J. KIDD,
oct 7 No. 60, cormr of Wood and Fourth sts
JCST RECEIVED and foraale by WM. THORN.
No. 53. Market street,
501 lh,. pun , po!in soap in the bar,
fiUU " " "in casks,
100 N - irii . vited soap.
50 .• C.A4ti.e, (only lot in -narket)
100 " almond sonp,la f lb. casks,
d 17.. 016
" tote sperameettl hap, for chapped
and for s , ,flooioz, the skin.
The sitb.irtiher on hand a larger askortment of
the above artiele; than !toy ()TILT establishm..nt in this
min•, and is also receiving a Itirgt. '4l pply of fresh &up,
Sze. IV:t . 1 HORN,
oct 7 No. 53, Nltirket street.
The 8i ht Prin c iple! l l
T l. vb .. , ,t c ,, o uti s ict n u itr re an ra d a r u i ll .
(1 &. It I o tt a l it S kin i ls A of
trirs,No. 138, Liin rty street, and head of Canal Basin,
gb, Pa., would re:Teeth:lily announce to mer
chants and d generally. that they have determined
to adopt the RIGHT PRIScIPLK with regaill to the
tares of tohneeo kegs. tic. The people may rely Upon Mobile
it, that hereafter, the tares of kegs and boxes si he.'""
ank. s
. . • •-
et)RRECT. They hope, by sttict attention to bmdnes, b
together with forniithlng thievery beat articles in their
line. tv merit, as heretofore, a !Moral share of patron- V LOVI WA.
Orleans banks (goo
O ders promptly executed. 04-1 w All banks ...
(is) fi DOZEN Pate/a Buckets and tubs assorted sizes;
~rAJ 30 dozen of all sizes of Window sash window
, lass of all sizes to stilt, by the box or retail—Nails and
spikes—Carpet chain—A variety of shovels, spades,
Axe-handles, hoes. attains, Ivo shes. Lduis
s-i..ie lime, the bit;tri of life, Br idie's tinti-billiiinS and
anti-dispeptic pills, Evans' camomile and aperient
pills,tliaisley's anti billions pills, events in Indian histo.:
ry, hi story of the backwoods, A inerican pioneer. Sew
all's putliolozy of cirlial:•4lo,44, permanent temperance
d icitments, barchus and anti-bacchus, and a large vari
ety of terriperance documents, Sabbath and day school
books, ink, quills, writing and wrapping paper. &c.
for sale low for c ash or approved country produce.
T4IVER COMPLAINTS—Dyspepsia and indi
gestion, with costiveness, ascidity of the 8(0M
ach, hardness of fond after meals, heartburn, flatulency,
liver complaints, with pain in the side and shoulder
jaundice, bilious complaints, dropsy, diabetes, gravel,
stone, and inflammation oftbe lung., are most perfectly
removed and cured by the I-lEPATIC ELIXIR.
This article has the most astonishingeffects in curing
all complaints of the stomach and digestive organs. ,
Many highly respectable indivisluuh in New York
have been cured. after trying every other remedy in
vain, and have given in theirnames with permission to
refor to them. Jr is pleasant to the taste, and does
:.ot in thr innn inter:7 Tr V' . 1
th the dnily avocation of one
na!nirn- it. Many fami ies of this city have hecom' so
and a e, that they use it as their
only finlw: Fv u , in^ it n een ,„i or , f cc s , i t
- . 0 e1).3 the , t , mach free from Y:i-usdi. , orders, and the
liver aetive. 4eeretioni of t he hedv in the mr,t
tNerfett urtiv'ty: It is enninoscd en tirolv ofvogemble.4.
The mire will be gradual, 1 - Mt rortain and. permanent.
For sale at Turnes, EG Fourth street.
imp 6.
atittint Bank Nauss an i-r4ange
43. Wnod Atrpet
For Salo.
01111.4e5/1D tuLar UT
Merchants and 3f anufacturers' Scrip
Exchange Bank Scrip
Erie Bank Scrip --.. 4
On Philadelphia
Nets York
Gold Par
Silver par
Bank of Pittiburgh. par
Merchants and Manufaclurers' bank ...par
Exchan , n
Do. Hollidaysburgh
Bank of N.lrth America par
Do Nor!hern LilJertici par
Do Pennsylvania
Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania par
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank par
Kensington bank .par
Manufacturers and Mechanics' par
Mechanics par
Afoyamensing par
Philadelphia bank par
Schuylkill ..par
SOU thwark " par
Western " • .... ...... ._..par
Bank of Penn Township . par
Girard bank 16
U. S. bank and brenches 36
Bank of Germantown .. par
" Chester county ..... par
" Delaware county par
" Montgomery county ......... ...
" Northumberland .... par
Farmers' Lurk of Bucks eannty........ —par
Easton bank ,Jar
Doylestow n par
Franklin bank of Washington
Bank of Charnbersbnrgh ..
" Middletown .._.
" Gettyaburgh
" .Lesciilown
" Susluehanna county.... ....
Berkscounty bank
Columbia Bankand Bridge Company
Carlisle bank
Erie bank
Farmers and Drovers' bank ..
" Bank of Lancaster
" Bank of Reading
Harrisburg bank
Honesdale "
Lancaster "
Lancaster co. "
Lebanon... ....... ...
Miners'bank of Pottsville .....
Monongahela bankof Brolosurville
New Hope and Delaware Bridge company.
Northampton be h
Towanda bank
Wyoming bank
West Branch bank.
Rel.nont bank of St. Clairsville.... 14
Clinton bunk of Columbus 14
Columbiana bank of New Lisbon -... .. ....14
Circleville (Lawrence, cashier).... 14
" ( Warren, cashier) no sale
Cincinnatibanks .. 14
Chillicothe bank . ....... .. 14
Contra bank of Lake Erie - • 20
Dayton Akita. ..... ....... ......
Franklin bank of Columbus
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank of Steubenville.. 14
Farmers' bank of Canton 40
Mrt cx Mon .
3f...01a-flies' and Traders', Cincinnati
Mount Pleasant
Xenia ...
State hank and branches
State Scrip
All banks
State banklso
Bank of Illinois, Shawneelawn .. .. 60
Rank of the Valley of Virginia: .. li
Bank of Virginia- li
Exch.anze hank of Virginia
Farmers' bankof Virzinia ............ . .. 1
North- IVeirn bank of Vir ginia....... • .1i
Merchants' and Mechanics' bank of Virginia .. ..I.i
Branches . . .. . . ..
Ralttrnore City bents.
All other solvent 4anks
All adveng banks
All solvenibanks
411 solvent banks..
The proprietois of the MORS ING POST ancl .ME)t,
CURT •ND MAxvric . tttiEtt respectftilly inform their
friends and the patrons of those papers, that they have
a large and well chosen assortment of
.TO NES 7111C 4 Mr 31P.31119
:4 5 11
Necestary to Job Printing Office, and that they are
prepared to execute
Books, Bills of Lading, Circulars,
Pamphlets, . Bill Heads, Cards,
Handbills, Blank Chocks, Hat Tips.
Alt titnbs of 33Iautts.
Stage, Steamboat and Canal Boat Bills, with ap
propriate cuts,
Printed on the shortest notice and most reasonable
We respectfully ask the Patronage of our friends and
the nuti'.ie in 4.laeral in this branch of onr business.
July 31, 1843. PHILLIPS & SMITH.
Pease's Boarhound Candy.
A Fresh supply just received {rota New York. and
for salc at TUTTLE'S, 86 Fourth st.
sent 12
Ad sorts of aid wearing - apperaL Please
cant's. No. 151 Liberty street, and We for vouroeives
*op 7. McCLOSKLY.
eaM 1843.
Forwa r di ng an d annirnission Merchants,
cLEvrtAxe, ewe.
AGENTS for the Merchants' Transportation Corn
pally composed of the Merchants' Line. Erie
Canal; Wnshingtun, Line. Hunter, Palmer & Co.'s
Line of Steam boats and vessels on the lakes. Cleve
laud Line, Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal. Proprie
tors oftho Merchants, Line, Ohio Canal.
Wilkie & Enawortli, No. 9, Coantiaa Slip, N. Y.
R. Hunter & Co. Albany.
Otis Chaff, Boston.
Hunter, Palmer & Co., Buffalo,
M. T. 'Williams & Dow,
Hon. John . 111. - .Mica, Clovelanci..
Charles M. Giddings, • • '
J. S. Dickey, Beaver.
Birmingham & Co., Pittsburgh.
an 1 1943-Iy.
TEIE canal packet ERIE ; J. M.
- Shaw,muster, will run as regular tri
weekly packet between the above named ports,leaver
Beaver on Moadays, %Vedaesdays, and Fridays-! marn
ing, leaves Warren on Tuesdaya, Tlinrsdays and Sat
urdays- connecting with the Stage Lives to Cleveland
directt ? For freight or pa:sage apply on board, or to
BIRMINGHAM & CO., Pittsburgh,
J. S. DICKEY, Beaver.
--t Gar
AND RAIL ROAD CAR 4, from Pittsburgh, via Bed
ford, Chambersburg, Harrisburg and Lancaster, to
Philadelphia, connective with tile Main train ofcars to.
N. Y. &c. Only 150 miles ,taring and one night ow.
Also, the direct line to Baltimore.
Fare to Philadelphia
Baltimore t , P.
Leaves daily at 8 o'clock A. M.
Office 2d door below the Merchants' Hntel Wood st.
feb 23, 1843-1)% Proprietors.
Via National Road and Baltimore and Ohio Rail
Road 'Company.
THIS lino i> in 'Atli ~Ty2rution and leaves Pittsburgh
daily at G o'cloclt A. M., via ‘tiailiington
and national read to Cumberland, connecting here
with the rail road to all the above places: Trav
elers will find this a spccily and comfortable route,
it being a separate and distinct Pitt3burgh and Cum
berland line, facilities will be afforded which have not
been heretofore enjoyed. Extra coaches furnished at
the shortest notice. with the privilege of going through
direct or taking one nights rc: at their option.
For tickets, apply at our office at the Monongahela
House. L. W. STOCKTON,
fob 3—dtf. President of N. R. Stage Co.
— Regular Packets, for Cincinnati,
• ....no sale
The Swiftsure, Robinson, Master, leaves every
Thursday at 10 o'clock, a. ni.
The Cutter, Collins., Master, leaves every Friday at
10 o'clock a. to.
The :11mitgomery, Bennett, Ma.3ter, leaves every Sat
urday at 10 o'clock a. m.
The Express, Parkinson, ...11ater, leaves every Sun
day at 10 o'clock n. Tn.
united States Portable lEloat "Lino Depot
..... ....... 25
CA. McANCLTY very respectfully informs his
• friends and the public, that he has made r. rruzige
metal, to continue the areacy of the boats f,rming the
U. S. Portable Boat Line, at the larze nets Warehouse,
Basin, where goods wid be received and forwarded
with usual despatch, and on the rnot.t favorable terms.
to Baltimore, t , r Boston.
272 M Piti!ltdelphia.
MOORE, & CHASE. Agents.
75 Beady',. Wharf, Baltimore.
ALLEN KnAmErt, Exc'zang.c. Erckcr. 16,
Co , zer of Wood and 7'hir.7: s!rects. Pit!slntrg
Pa. Sold, Silvor, and Solvent Bank notes, twaghl
and sold. Sight chocks ...I the I;a:ster:-.CI:ICS, for sale.
Drafts, notes and bills, collected.
James. M'Candlr.ss. 'Cincinnati, 0.,
J. R. Wnoaa!ri. ,
St. Louis, Mo.
W. H. Pope, Esq., Pres•t Bank Ky. }Lonicille.
BicLane's American Worm Specific.
HIS is te ceitify that with McLA NE'S Wortm
SPECtric, a child of minepa, , Gril lip:yards of 600
worms; it is the most piiiverful W(irm Srwcifie now in
e. 11. 13..taruoLomsw
Middlebury, 0.. Oct. 1, 1343.
Far sale at the Drug Score of JON. lei DD,
'wilt. 12. Corner 4th and Wood sts
Vi rinl, Carnwnta, Alum. and a zenentl steel: of
Dr.( WOODS, in store, and for sale at the Drat , . Store
..... - .. 25
sept. 12
At kil
, Y W:1 Jis capable of tilting charize of a
household, is desirous of obtaining a situation
as housekeeper in a private family, or as superintendent
lea inspectable hotel. She would have no ob j ection
to leave the city if desired to do so. for further infor
mation inquire nt this office. auc. 21—tf
ATACKEREL.-16 Bbl 9. No. 3 Mackerel, just
I. received and for ,=nlo by
sep S. 43
AGENTLEMAN, who thariiugh.y understand
Wioi Keeping. wishes a situation in that cripa
city: the best of references will La given. Address H.
at this office. aug 23—tf
T OBACCO. --10 boxes Burton's 5 h lump tobacco,
25 do Ru:sell & Robinsons do
5 do liare's do
10 do assorted sizes end brands,
jiitt, received and for ;Elle by
awe 9 43, Wood street
Manufacturer of Tin, Copper and Sheet
Iron Ware,
N o , 17, Fifth street,behreen Wood and Market,
Keeps constantly on hand a good assornc o e n t, of wares
and solicits a share of public patronage, Also, on hand
the following articles: shovels, pricer, tongs. eridirona
skillets, teakettles, pots, ovens, coffee mills. &c. Mer
chants and others are invited to call and examine for
themselves, a. he is determined to sell cheap for cash cm
approved paper. mar 7 —tf
Toothache! Toothache!! Toothache!!!
Tat,rwc, corn:,:nln[s cn.n b• cured in 'F. , ' rnln
uzAs,lTc ilsinetbc , -IPbratAnd :` , .1 , ..75C0VVM S DE.;,:•
which is warranred.srt. mar 7
cmunt2-f . eitA, of :be Thn nnh• true aid gc.nu
ine s rtirieis to Ira had at TUTTLE'S 88 Fou,-tlx t.
"rpt. 12.
Beaver and Warren Packet.
Tho Groat Control Routo
Wm. Pen Sz... Co.,
John D. Davis,
F. Lerenze,
Pittebur;h, Pa,
J. Pail/ter Sz, CO.,
Joseph Woodwell,
James May,
Alex. Bron.- or; C 0 ,
Dve Stria Just Receivoi
Cnrnor 4th awl 'Wood Rt.
To MI chants and Others.
ox> Sate a
Two .Fai~ai you Eta.
I r i: rt?etr o „ d- e i. ,:t a znai7e: ob and Ca L u ' il Y" ty lh arotitailli
from Greensbar;., on the main rod to kt..airs.
ville, 8 mi:es from it, and nhamt 8 miies from Dcsiistop.
town, one mile from a brick Cath..lic Church and [Way
miles from a Presbyterian Church, air: No 1. 2111@
acres and allowances, from 159 to 160 acres eearld
and under fence, has on it a log house. log-barn.
No. 2. 150 acres of land adjoining the above. 75 to 10"
acres tleered and seder fence, a good ['ran:mimosa and
also a wagon shade and . i.ortrerib and n stone sprint
hcuse, all in gaud order. The above win be said at a
fair price fur ca , ..h and payments made tna=emastalata s .
o r exchanged for propene iu Pittsburgh or Allegheny.
For further oarti,.:ulari enqoi re at Harris' C.nacral Agee;
ry and Intel iigenco Office, Nc. 9, sth at. 016
• Daildinir Lots For Salo,
THE under.ignPd is sue:ratted to sOl. a nutnbee of
lots beautifully gin:stet:Hu Aaron three FL's! .0f
lots on 'Grove Hill.", The rapid improvement and
extension of the city in the ,vicinity of these /out taut
st - tratly increase their value In a very short
Claims against the estate, properly„autlutiticated,
be received in part ettvrnem. -
GEO. COCHRAN, Executor,
016-3 w Woodstreet.
TO LtT. •
ATWO STORY brick hett4e, 'inhabit far a
dwelling and Grocery, situate nn the coveter
of Fifth and Union streets. Possession given imadedi
ately. Enquire of
Per Rent.
r e l G -RO A V ar E ctiVae L , d h - e oe l as a te ed 143( T ie . be t'aes pi ce °f t )
well filled with choice fruit tress, vines, eke.
Also, a convenient tenement latsiy ccorpioki by R.
I. Langhorne.
Possession will Le given immediately. Put tenni
oit- tf OEO. COCIMA/sT, Ez'f
Building Lots in Birmingham.
14) LOTS, suitable for building, moat eligibly siPb
uated, and within two minutes? walk of tbs,
steam ferry boat landing, will be sold at price. to suit
the times. The terms of payment a-Pl be made mum
either for cash or such trart r as can be made avallaiste.
Apply to the &übscribers in Birmingham, or Mr, PI
Peterson, No. 4, Ferry street. Pittsburgh.
Lots for Sale.
A Lots in Manchester. (Jre and ct fourth Aems of
Land on Holmes' Hill. Lots nos. 41.12,52.53,54
181, 132. andlBl.in Cook's plan of Lots, on Ho!rnet
Hill. Alco, Lots nos. 26,and 27, in Cook's plan of Lou,
on High stroct, near thenew Court "! For ter
apply to Z. W. REIIINGTON •
sep 10
• t
For Sale.
L°'on the North Ens! corner of Coal Late toid
High street. Armlr to
sep 10 'Market rear Faartll *treat;
For Pent
That COTTAGE. Aituitcci in the Brrouphoj
-Al Lawrenceville, at present occupied Ly John
The n'ffro 11-o n vory fin? Arden find cnnii
mont of fruit tree=. An; ncr3on mnting cnn race tha
privilPge of end=ine fn- rho e 1 1 ,111117, peer. Posses
sion riven. on 1 Of Of-nt-wr n,,x%
Apply a! No. 5 Com-n^r^i 11 Row s Llcrty st.mer f :
o r t o Wm. Tortrm, atrt - vt.
set,. 1. 1843.
A SMALL Farm io F . pper St. Chair township, a;
brut• 4.; from Pitt,hurgh,and about GO yards
of the Washington turnpike, contaiuing .16i acres good
land, well located and improved, and almost all cleared
and under good fenee; and will be a good place for an
extensive zardner, &•• It Eason it a good dwelling
horse and horn; and is well watered. It will Le POW
low for cash—or port cash and vizi. credit. Apply tit
Harr s' agent and Intelligrnee Cifev. or
To Pert.
PLEASANT rooms nml cood steam- TN -Aver, nt the
L cast , n. , rl filrs rnanMaclory. C . ( IT.Pr of LibariV
O'Hara street,. Apply on the . rminlig•cs. jut'
Masts and Farms to Rent.
fr.ce (in ennuettion
wit) , 2-rrcy) for the renting and
;La FIrT-1:. A. more reri:ots art
onnstur,t: rri.z w , •lrut haying the._
t ;netnru,t oh-tr city 1.• ofin }n enlle-
n uron sn+z , re. r} r kind f house'
'hey ‘vnnt• fir.ti su't !I , M. LI I FO krew the
ni:rni.er efrrnms, situation and rent. ith:Qut further
o.yrrr, nr hne,rs frd it to their interest to
ran. and ,ive n de-erintier rn. ard :he rent they
as tilnv th , n find their houses rented
and with Iraq
The entionai, , ,e of the nehlie rn•ne , -trurv.rlicited, - .
Fell 21,1 T. 11. TITTLE, 'B6, 4th .t.
I:Tenses. &c., For Tient.
THE ~.,b, c riber h.-- a rrcord arty
dwellit.g u=. , . Kyle, LrF,rgcros
or emottly farms- and scats f, rtari , ingthe; owl
ors 45 era tf., each !Tema. Ile w1:1 keep it epenror al/
who wish to rent arty kind ofnroperty to me.amire, and
charge them 19. ci•rts: a: d frm a =r.:r',i cernpor -, ation.,
will attend to rentirr leircis o f p i o n , t•tc, and atte tr a
to all kinds of bushier , botweer. L•o-rrnrd and tenant:
Fifth t
A Good Farm for Salo or Erchazge,
A l l_
FARM of 130 acre; ern Su2-3:- Creel:. -Armstrong
2.crunty, 100 of which r. irnrrnvod. This farm irk .
well watered by srni-oa and own ar i .io runs Ns hich
.rearly through it and thou unity. fortn'r.g. an c.1.c.e11,e4- .
111111 Seat. 40 acres are fr rare tucader or
;print eneps, and tho la'ar co irr rd Inc fall
There is no w•a.to land. a: ir r- ridarrf d for & Ain•
nor for sheer?. a , ]iCs , cr. wed. T 1 ere is on it a
-ood'nprie crehnl a .•,..ut , s!an: in: he vre d in,:r house, s.
.inge 10, barn and a aced coal hal accessible,.
a good order. and the quantity' ines.hausri hie. - This
"ism lira tai:L`n 13 mire. of Freer. rri. 9 mile from
, •:iLiannit.2-. 4 mi'.e:frc.rn a Catholic el.arel, and '2 miles
"ram a Preshyter'an and Seceder cht:: ches It will be
.old at a hacTain for cosh cr exchong.rd for a rood
•hree story hoick housr and lot in Pirtshurgh. For
tn•rms and particulars enquire at Harris' General
and Intelligence office, or of the snh.criber on,
1,0 rrervi:es. S. J. WHITE..
sep '27
lIIEREkI . certify thatkave kiewri a tirtinthes of
people who have taken Dr. McLane's
and have been much he/1(f ttcd by Attn.), and T%Oros'
, ,
them to be the best pills for liver eumplairta, and tim
;eneral use, of any pill now} I ferP th•• ru Ni e . ' •
I hereby certify that f !mute, 1 eet, trfilict , d fbr yeirs
with a liver complaint; and have applifd to clifertiiit
Phy.iciatts. and nil I.n little or no effect. until 'lontadec
nee of Dr. McLane' r. ink-ire two boml either»
T am nearly restczed to perfect hce",h, f •
PittOmr;:h, Angu3t 16, 1844
r , "'Forsaleacthe DrugFo• , rt. rf
all , 7orner 4 rl-, TVf,na Pittsburib
Freeman's; -v ire 'Slick fci Sad&
rsT received., 5000 Frei - reni.'b I eat Fire Prick.
NVhiCh Will laereafter ICf rn-Frarf v ban;
and 40:e. low for alli)ll:\GHAs.l & CO.
may 27 ;Cc. 60 Water it.
Peach T'rceu.
dili k THE &scriber has just receive& from, tkie
eery of Lar.ciret'n azd Fulton, :car Fhi adelpidir:-
a ~.3t the choicest varie:y (Iv - ad:trees, to whicit
.rould call the azter.6Or. of the 1)* -
ma:. 8. :Co. 184 Liberty st. head of Wood..
Co: - !alt. at the DRur; (.7
(,brae: of 4.ti: and