Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, October 16, 1843, Image 4

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_BOVV_ARD CO„ Arum/astir/re of •rrigit
Paps?, Nrr . 18, growl -Strut, Pittsburgh, Pi.—
kilos ttlistagtou hand an extensive nssortntent-of Satit
Glixed and Wain PAPER. HANGINGS, Velvet- and
lasfintinn Borders, of the West style and handsome
paitee WIN for papering halts, parlors and chambers.
They ina.nu(acture and have on hand at all times—
i'Flatlngt-Wsilting, Letter, tVrappin7 and Tea Pa per,Bon
net earl Fullers' Boards—all of which they offer fur sale
•e the maaxaccommodating terms; and to which they
aliteetite alterytion of merchanlitand others. -
41116::—Iiiiettilt Books of ail kinds and the 'Ant quality,
Ikhooll Rooks:its: always on hand and for sale as above
Tacaers'Scraps' taken In exchange
OVAL.T-4e undersigned begs leave to Inform'
the pubtle', - that he Itas removed from his old stand,
to the eorrpr of Penn and St. Clair ate., opposite the Ex
change Floteloy here - he has fitted up a large Pun° FORTS
WARN Roo*, and now offers for sate the moat splendid
manatee& of Pt‘iroi ever offered in this market. •
NW pianos comas!. of diluent patterns, of superior
Rime Wood and Mahogany, beautifully finished and mo•
de)ed and eons/laded throughout of the very beat ma
terialsosbleh,tbr durability, and quality of tone, as well
at louch, be warrants to be stiyerlor to any ever seen
As he has enlarged his manufactory, and made arrange
mouts to supply the Increasing demand for this Instru
ment; he respectfully requests those intending to pur•
chase to call and examine his assortment before purcha.
sing elsewhere, as he is determined to set! Lonna. for
cash Alma any other establishment east or west of the
sleantAlns. - F. BLU E,
Corner of Penn and St. Clair streets.
epp.lo Omit:mile the Exchange Hotel, Pittshuree. Pa
4 •
"beady Ittado Coffin Warehouse,
Fourth. St., 2daersfrom Eke - U. S. Bank
irRE 3 11 f!
4 E 1; 1 LT 111 .1 L ed L Y ii
is i neefoaraiyiis
tradettie p u
coffinhtic that
;,1r he
.1146118 i.O the building recently Jrcunind by Air.
4c-Berford, directly opposite his old stint!,
where - he is always arepared to att'tid promptly
to %ay orders in his iine, and by strict attention
. . , to all the details of the business of an Untiertatier,
be hopes to merit public confidence. Ile will Ire prepared
1114iikittooits to provide hearses, Fliers, C lazes and
u . tummiqutsite on the most liberal le, nis. Calls from the
clgirsigv lit 1)e. promptly attended to.
s residence is In the same building, with his wart
house, where those who need his services may find him
aiiiiii time. REFERENCE?:
JODUZ t . ..errotr. REV. ItiNt/El. WILLIAMS, I
sitta z t tupelo', REV. PiIIIES M. DAVIS,
' ,SOO 10 - REV. E. P. SWIM.
La I what makes your teeth so unusually white?
4tootli Josh's dutcinia to him ?'other night,
-To make yours look so, with a grin, replied Toslt,
1 ye brought you a bottle of Thorns"footh Wash,
'T.s the best now in use, so the gentlefolks say,
And since they have tried this, cast all others away
'Bat to provelt the hest; to make the teeth shine,
Look again, my dear Sat, at the lustre of inltie.
Thcn try this great tooth wash,
- The Teaberry tooth wash,
11.4c1 see if this Tooth Wash of Thorn's is not fine.
,Saving tried Dr. "Thorn's 'Pea Berry Tooth Wash,'
sittPastcome acquainted with the Ingredients of its compo-
Shlon, 1 cheerfully say, I consider it one of the safest, as
ftl~orie of the most pleasant Tooth Washes now in use,
— Pfttite rah Sep. 15, 1842 DAVID HUNT, Dentist.
thko pleasure In stating, having made use of“ Thorn's
TeS Berry 'Thoth Wash," that it is one of the best den-
Wake, in ate. Being In a liquid form, it combines neat
nalaNwith Convenience. While it cleanses the enamel
stuttemoves the tartar from the teeth!, its perfume yelds
fragranee peculiarly desirable. J. P. TIBBETTS. M. D.
The undersigned have used "Thorn's Compound Tea
ibirrx.Tooth Wash,"and have found It to bean eat reme•
111 p l leasant dentifrice, exercising a most salutary influ.
Win over the Teeth and Gums; preserving those indis-
Silhishle members from premature decay. preventing the
leciannlatlon of Tartar, and purifying the Breath. flay.
fortharuughly tested its virtues, we take pleasure in re.
onOnsending it to the public, belieeing it to be the bent ar•
jJele of the kind now in use.
-Prepared and suld by WILLIAM THORN, .A potheca•
ry and Chemist, No. 53 Market street,' Pittsburgh; and
the arincipa Druggists', and Tuttle's Mcdteal It;en
el; Wourth street. sep
1111H113 subscriber having opened a shun No BR, Second
..a.„ street, between Markel andWond sireets,Plitshurglii
ITFOartertien with me Factory iu Birmingham, re9Piviet•
Pint inf +ruts his friends and the public, !lint he will he
eiteiney to tie favored with their orders for any articles it
his line,
Regular mornin g Packet for Beaver.
11 , 1 /At running and well kilowatt
SHARI' IiCMULILL, Mast( r, will depart daily from Pitts
burgh at 9 o'clock, A. M„ and beaver at 1 o'clock P. M
Door. todts and fasteners, o various d seriptions. or. For freight er passage, apply on board, or to
baltd aria made to order. BIRMINGIIIII & CO.
- Tobacco, Mill and Timber Screws. No 60 %Your street.
Lard.. Screws, for Iron Woric-t t and Screws for Presses, N. B.—The rent tar canal parl et to Clevt lan° Ohl.,
- :te.atie at may be required, Greenville and Meadville Pa ; and Massillon oa the
,Carpenters and builders are requested to call berm Ohio Canal, connect:lT with steamer Cleveland at Rea.
•cootractl ng for Jobs, and examine ht.. articles and prices ver,will be in operation immediately on opening of rmv .
=Locks rcpalred and jobbing eenerully t one In .he best Ttntion, mar , 6 -IC
etiinner.and on the lowest terms.
may 2-6 m JAS. PA TTERSON, Jr' i 13'
, : ,,pr. Leidy's Tetter S.: Itch Ointment.
.j R Hie vire ofevery variety of TETTER, the ITCH,
, -_ pod all disea-es of the Skin, has proved itself more
eine/dons than any other preparation for the 8.11114 par
' poe m Nie••.
ellirards of five hundred certificates might be procured
and published of its efficacy from School Teachers, Pro.
prielsiss of Factories, Parents, Guardians, Child Nurses,
..laisfittikrattof vessels and others, were it nut for the dell
-414 In having their tomes published in connection with
,_ Tilis
:-- agreeable affections,
.7 . "prthr use of Dr Leidy's 'fetter Oiru ment in corJunc.
ilia. with his extract of Sarsaparilla or Blood Puna, he
.stsintet to cure any disease common to the skin,
. ' had, or of however long standing, or rerun d the
goipn . There are however very few instances hut can
bel f
beamed by the Ointment atone,
Pik,: 25 cents 4 Box.
~- ftpitted only and sold wholesale and retail at Dr Lel.
.111110/, Health Emporium, 191 N, second st. Philadelphia,
.I!*eft b% B. 4. FAHNESTOCK k Co. corner of Wood
drink/31in) streets, Agents for Pittsburg. July 11.
übscriber would respectfully inform thecitlzens
mrgh, A llegheny and their vicir flies, that ht
. 0 4 4 4 4 4 11 Vel e tn in a tt nu n f d a:: , u ,a r tt in in g g t h h u e t a o rt n i e ci g e ua o f f itI L , ar w d b O ic l h
Liffill NOM Ole bat
snide in the Union and not surpassed
AprfirChlitiprieter strained sperm oil either for msehtner)
OIN111611 1 1101:10tboist Its offensive properties, and one
•Ilappigkiwto• Impress distinctly on the public mind that
~ , • ..• to purchase any new (angled lamps that
'. , ...thr doily pilled upon them as being sequislteto burn the
W oe
-• . ';', ' remons wishing a pure and brilliamli7ht
unity caning at the old atand,Sd street, nearly
!oat Office.
"i - ept rs I ' - -, M. C EDEY.
CiriVatieittioa of Wtst l.ale dealers, Churches and
_ •
rear,wHl bear the martufacturer's
Jan:: 1341—tf.
Denning's l'ire : = roof Iron Chests.
J. Dormiso—On Friday, the3Oth oflast month, about
9 o'clock at night,the Planing. Grooving and Sash Man
ufactory, owned by Gay, Dilworth 4- Co, with a large
quantity of dressed and undressed lumber, was all consu.
med by fire.
The Iron Safe which I bouelit of you some time back
was in the must exposed situation during the fire, and
was entirely red hot—l urn pleased to Inform you it was
opened at the close of the fire,and all the books, papers,
.tc.savedt— e this is the best recommendation I can give of
the utility of your safee.
ort 24—If TEOM A S SCOTT
Pittslirtrgh Lard Oil altar
- • -
CaIYST.RNTL Yon hand a superior article of Lard
Oil, warranted to burn at any temperature, and
equal to the best winter strained Sperm Oil, without
its olrensive qualities, and one third cheaper, inalt•
ufactured by the subscriber at the old stand, Third at,
nearly opposite the Post Office. IC C. EDEIi,
Jan 4,1845
For t he Transportation of Merchandi:e and Produc
H EVIN E respectfully inform the public that they
• have completed their arrangementsfur the above
The fluidic hag long wished fur Individual competition
in 'Transportation on the Public Works, by which atone
it can be freed from unnecessary expenses and reduced
to its lowest rates; that wish will now be realized; the
Siate ofrennsylyanla having placed Trucks on tier Rail
Loads. Individual owning Portable Boats are enabled
to bid for the Carrying 'trade and successfully to coal.
pete with conipan:es.
This line iscomposcd of Twenty new, rour Section
Portable Boats, ow.tied by the Captains who command
them and well known as civcrp'risi lig, industrious and
experienced Boatmen.
The superiority and advantages of the Portable Boat
over every other mode orrearisportation, are too well
known to shippers generally, to require comment; suf
fi e it to Nay, that the dctention.loss.scparation and dam
ag • to Goods, invariably attending three Transhipments
between Pittsburgh and Phiadelphia are by the Portable
Boat most effectually rower:ad
The Portable Boat possesses the great advantage too,
of being well ventilated and cool in Summer; which pre.
yams Flail> . from soaring, and Bacon and Tobacco from
ff. Devine, standing as he doe 4, hetween the owners
of goo. 1: and the Boatmen who carry them, aid et - pally
Interested in protecting the ititercsts of both, will matte
no promises to the public he wia not faithfully perform,
Ile is now nrepared to receive and forward Produce
Ralthimre. New York, and Boston In the
shortest time, and pledge's hint , e to enter into no coo.
idnat ion with other Lines,hut always- stand ready to carry
out the principles❑( his Line, and contract for freight on
the very lowest terms.
::r - To give undonMed.secarily to owners and shippers
of goods au open policy of I osurante ha; been effected,
by which all mereltandiztt shipped by this Line will be
In-used without an! additional expense to the owner.
11. Devine will receive all produce consigned to him
at Pitt:shut:2h, pay freight and charges to'F•lennt Boats
and forward the same without delay to Philadelphia,
Baltimore, New York, and EOSIOII without any charge
for advancing or commission.
No 4, lVater et., PinAhrgh
THOS. BORBID ;1..; Agent,
273 Market s:rect, Philadelphia
75 flowley's 41'harr, naliimore
tiOWEN 1111113P.RD, A2ents
Cincinnati. Ohio
Tl.os d• co Agent
27 Old :Alin New Yo
March 10 .1r,12
R3l FOIL ;SALE.—The undersigned offers for sale
his farm, lying in iiOS9 Township di miles Iron. the
City of Pittslinr2h, conlaMing 114 acres olland of which
60 arc cleared and unde- fence. I tin 15 to amen of
meadow, 2 gcod Orchards of Apple, 1 few Peach and
glicrry trees—the Improvements are a ..irge frame house
containing 10 roums wetlfuriiklied, calculated for a Ta
vent tr. private Dwelling, a frame Barn 26 by 60,siorie
liasein,,m, and at abling,, sheds ; rid other out house:snit
aide for a Icooluettll-2 good Gardena surrounded with
curram timilies. and a well of excellent water, with a
pump in at the front door. In relation to the Pittsburgh
and Alle; , ,lieny market, there Is no place row offered for
sare with more inducement to those wishing to purchase
near Pittsburgh, the terms will he made moderate, for
further partteularsapply to the proprietor at his Clothing
Store, Liberty street, corner of 'Virgin Alley.
N. B. It not sold he fore the Ist of October next. i
twill be divided into 10 and 20 acre Iws to suit puroha
sers. Feri 10
has Just received from Philadelphia arid
New York, with a crneral and extensive assort
ment of DRUGS, CHEM./C-11.S, PERFUMERY, and
every artirlc in bis line of business, wloch he is deter.
mined to sell °lithe roost !Towable terms for cash.—
Ile believes he eau otrer stronger inducements than any
simila 'establishment In this city to country Physician
and Merchants, who MO) to supply themselves elth
Dri l 4 4 and Medicit,es. Ili, articles have been selected
wit It t i,e utmost core, and are warranted of Mr hest qua',
ily and uniform strength. Ordi•rs will be filled will, ac
curacy and elegance. l'antili s can be supplied wit It rim
and Fancy Soaps of every conceivable varlrity, and of
the most exquisite perfumes; likewise with Perfumery
and Cosmetic. or evi ry inn.
'rite undersigned returns his thanks for the liberal Fop.
port heretofore extended to him, arid hopes by a ronstant
di , position to please and accommodate—a rare in pro—
curing and selling only what ii excellent and genuirie—a
close supervision of tire sales and transaction of theali.
lishment—precaution and accuracy In rompoundi wed_
tines—and by industry and perseverance, to mei% nin
rease of public patronage
Upholstery Furnishings.
THEsuinTrihers respectfully inform their friends and
the puhlic that they have just opened I be store No
30 Fifth street, near tho Exchange Bank. and adjoining
Mr. J D. Williams' G rocery, where they intend to manu
facture in the lie , t style, and have ready for sale a full
szorunent of the first wieldy of Uphoister.v Furnish
ings, such as Hair, Shuck and Straw Mattrassex. Fria ill.
er Beds, Sacklug4, 4.r. which they wi , t sell for CasA at
nearly 100 per cent less than former prices.
AL,..3o;Sofas, Chairs, etc. Uphulsiered, carpets madx.
and Cut tains arranged after the neweft fashions—A II of
which they offer to execute in a manner unequaled in
this or unsurpassed in any other city,
inn r 201 v
Case of Liver Complaint of 25 years standsnit.
This luny certify that for twenty five yenrs I Wain af•
flirted with pain In my side, which was frequently ro
severe as to entirely Incapacitate the from labor, 1 have
been under the care and treatment of various physicians
without any permanent benefit, Dearing of the !navy
cures effected by the Hepatic Elixir prepared by Dr.
Starl;iveather.l was induced to give it a trial, and am
happy tu sae that it has entirely removed. I hot, fa t
no symptoms of it foe sore than a year past.
Nortlitiridse,Junefiti AO, 11141. AMOS WHITE,
Thegenuilie to be had at TUTTLE'S Medical Agency,
rout! it street.
Prepared only, and sold Wholesale and Retail, at Dr
Leidy's Health Emporium, 191 North Second sired, be
low Vine, Philadelphia, and by 8..4. P.4l4.7eZtlTOCiff
Co.eornet of Woodand Sixth streets, Agents for Pitts
burgh jniy 12-Iy.
EY. Tilt n'ESID
IN pursuance of law,. I, Inure TYLER, President
of the United States of America, du hereby de.
Clare and mate'knowii' that public sales wilt be held
at the undermentioned Land otfice.F, in the State of
MISSOURI, at the periods hereinafter designated,
to wit:
AT PLATTSBURG, in Clinton county, the seat
of the Lind Office for the Platte district of Missou
ri, commencing on Monday, the ninth day of Ono,
her next, for the disposal of the public landb within
the undermentioned townships, and fractional town-
.nrile of the base line and teesl of tht fifth princi
pal meridian. and tccsl of the former we fern born
dory of the Slate.
Sixty two, of range thirty four.
Towodlips sixty one and sixty three, of range
thirty fire
Townships ,ixty two and sixty four, of range thirty
Townsl'ipa Eix y one and sixty three, of range
thirty seven.
owo ships sixty two and sixty four, of range thir—
ty eight.
Tr w'st halt of township i;x:y one, of rat e
thi ty nine.
Fractional township sixty two and township sixty
four, of range forty.
Fractional tnwu:hips sixty two and sixty three, ui
range fo-ty one.
i , ',artiolu t i townships sixty three and sixty four, of
range forty two.
,Vorth of the base line and east of the fifth principai
meridian, and west of the former western botnetary of
the Stale.
TOWIISII'pS sixty 01IC and sixty twcr, of rouge
twenty se ve i).
Townships sixty, sixty one and sixty two, of range
twenty eight.
T ,, witsity sixty one. of range twenty nine.
Also at the same plate, commencing on l'itondaY,
the Itortcentli day of November next, for the dispusal
of the public lands within the limits of the wolel men
tioned townr,hms nod frnr•.tional
. .
North of the base line and west of the fifth principal
rncrirlian, and *test of the formeer west,rnhoundary of
the Stale_
Fractional townships fifty, fifty one, fitly three,
fifiy five and fifty sever, of range thiity three.
To%vt,ships lily two, fifly four, idly biz, fifty eight
and sixty, of ran;e thirty four.
F. aetionst town...nip tiny one, townships fifty three,
fifty five, f actional township filly seven ant tow
ship fifty 111.6, .fruogr thi ty fire.
Fractional township lily four, firy six, end fifty
and town h p sixty, ut range thirty six.
Ft actio.~al townships fifty five, fifty six, fifty eight
and filly Dine, of range thirty seven.
. factional townighips fluty five and sixty of range
thiriy eight.
At t h e Land nflice at LEXINGTON, coinmenc
:ng of t Monday the be. , 7offif day of Uctubr ti-xt, fhn
the disposal 01 the public I ,n is within the limits of
the tiud , rmentioned townships, to rs it:—
Nor:h of the base lint and weal of the jifth printipa
Townrhip• thirty s x, thirty eleven and 'Wily eight
of range tour teen.
Townships thirty five and thirty teve,i, of range
Tot' nt•hip thirty tiie of ranges 5 ilterii and nineteen
Ti , wiiships thirty five, thirty six, thirty seven and
thirty range twrnty one.
Tun:m.llp th:rty eight, of rang.• twenty three.
Towiith p finery nine, of range twenty tight.
Township unity eight ai.d dti ty nine, of range
twenty nine.
Township forty, of ranges thirty one, thirty two
amt tt,i ty three.
South west fractional quarter of sections twenty
one, and the vomit east and north west fraeti , nal
VIA ter9 of srction twenty four in tun ut.ttici fifty one,
WWI et AI i*souri river, of range twenty six.
South west (platter of sectitm seven, iu township
laity ninny, of lance twridy
Lands appropriated by law, for the ei.e 41.6 , 1014
military or giber partrevett, will be excinded front
The safes will carp be kept open for two weeks,
(unless the levies ere 'writer disposed of] 11.41 no
longer; and tto private entries ()Nana io the town
.btps brr offered will be admitted, until alter he ex
piratind of the two S 4 eek a .
Given und•-r my hand at the 'Pay of Wa.hingtm,
this eighth day of .Ittate. Anno Domini, 1843
By .he Pnsident
Ten. 11. Bt...tice,
Cumner of the General Land o.ffire
Every person claiming the eight of prc-einpiinti
to any lands wit,iirt the limits nf the townships:rho',
enumerated, it , required in establish the mime loth
saliAfactimi of the Register and Receiver of the
proper Land Office, and to make payment therefor,
as soon as practicable of swing this notice, and be
fore the day appointed L., the notntwericenterit of the
public sale of ftre township, embracing the tract
claimed, above designated: otherwise such daiwa
will be forfeited.
Commi , sioaer of Use General Land Office
-1.• 13 Pit 'UM ENTS!— T.ifcCiertAy, Cut/sr sad Ssirgirs/
instrainest Maker, Tkii'd street, xesr/y yypeeite the
Post Oct. Pittrestrga
Physicians. Dentists and Druggists can have their In •
strumenismadeby the subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears and Scissors always on hand
also Hat:ers shears, a superior article. Orders respect
fully solicited..
N. B. Al!articles warranted or thebest quality. and
ailing done as usual. two 10
/110 FE it A LES.—There is a large clam of Females in
this City who froreillinelr contlnned4ltring. to which
their occupt.tionsobligethem.areaffirmed with mrsilveness
which gives rise to palpitation at the heart on the teas, ex
ertion, sense of heaviness extending over the whole head,
intolerance of light and sonnti.an Inability of fixing the
attention to any mental operations; rumbling In I he IstOw
els, sometimes a sense of suffocation, especially after
meals when any exertion is used, as going quickly up
stairs; tempre fickle; these are symptoms which yield at
once to a few doscs of the Rrandreth Pills The oeca.
glottal nee or this medicine would save a deal of trouble
and yearn of suffering. One, or two, or even three of
the Brandreiti Pritsfust before dinner, are ofen found
highly beneficial; many use them very advantageously in
this way; they aid and assiti digestion, restore the bowels
to a proper condition.cmlleen the spirits, impart clear.
nega io the complexion,potify the blood, and promote a
general feeling of health end happiness.
Sold at Dr. 11 - andrelles Of f ice. In the Diamond
Pilisburgh—Prlce 2.scenti per box, with full directions.
MARK—The only place in Pittsburgh, where the
GENUINE Pills can be obtalned,is the Doctor's : oWD Of
flee, Diarnnnd. Sell, 10
lir cable in all cases, whether for Purgatipu or Purifi
cation. They possess nit the boasted virtues of other
end are additionally efficacious, containing Sa ['rap
arilla in their composition, which is not cootaleed in any
other pills in existence. They arealso different from oth
er pills la composition, being purely ve.tretable, and can
he employed at all times, without any dahver, and re
nulling no restraint Bom occupation or usual course of
Notwithstanding Dr, Leidy never pretended his Blood
Pills would cure all diseases, yet it is not saying too mud)
of i hem, from the innumerable cures performed by them
in every vat lety and form of disease (certificates of many
of which have been published front persons of all deuom•
htations, physicians. clergymen, and others) that they
seem to he almost universal in their effect; and persons
Using them for whatever sickness or disease, may rest
assured they will he found more efficacious titan any oth
er pills in existence.
From the known reputation of Dr Leidy's Blood Pills,
'tis deemed necessary to remind the puhlic where they
may at alt times procure the !ermine, as it is attempted
io impose other pills called •Blood Pills' upon tile Public
on the reputation of Dr. Leidy's. frrite particular and
ask for Dr Leidy's Sarsaparilla Blood Pills, and see that
tie name of fir N. B. Leidy Is coot toed on two sides
of each box,(the boxes being °limper, and oblon,square
shape, surrounded by a yellow and black label.
PRICE-25 cents a Box.
Tortitt U. STATE:.
nit ridian
I Adams* Pt H itaillthpbr .
TT BPE now been before
the public 3 years du
ring which time several
thousands have been sold
and in daily use, We are
confident of being sustaitird
in saving they are the best
Coffee Mills in the United
States, any way you 'fix it.'
Several modifications are
madeto suit the fancy of
wives and the parses -a
Hold by the gross or dozen
at the ma no fact o ry,---
Malleable Castings made to
These genuine articles, of all sizes. and most improved
varieties,constantly on hand and for sale at very reduced
prices hy the marufacturer, L R. LIVINGSTON,
mar 2. —tf front hetween Riazs and Grant sta.
HAVE removed thvi raper Store from Market
street to Nit). GI IVood street, one door from the
corner of Out, where they kt ep on hands their usual as
sort went of WALL PAPERS, for papering pariors,en
tries, chambers, 4.e. and also PRINTING, WRITING
all or which they offer for sale on acronimodaiing
feh 14,1343. —dt f
ifCr flow impornant It is that yon commence without
toss offline With flttAhrievrit's PILLS. l'hey wildly but
surely remove all impurities from the blood, and no case
of sickness can affect the human frame, that these cele
brated Pills do not relieve as such OF medicine can do.
Colds and coughs are more henentted by the Brandreill
Pills than by lozenges and canalcs. Very well, 'ter-
Itaps.:l3 palialives, hut worth lico hint: as eradicators or
diseases from the human system. The BnLrinet: - rn FILLS
cure, they do not merely relieve, they cure disease , ,
whether chronic or reretit, Infectious or otherwise, will
certainly be cured by the use of these all sufficient Pills.
Doctor Benjum.(•, Brandrettt —Honored Sir: Owing to
you a debt of gratitude that money cannot pay, I am
induced to make a public, acknowledgenthilt of the benefit
iny wi!e has derived from your Invaluable pills. About
three years this winter she was taken with a pain in Her
ankle, which soon became very much inflamed and
swollen, so much so that we became ularnied, and cent
for the doctor. During hisat , endunee the pain and s',well
ing tnereaged to an alarming degree, and in three weeks
fiont its first commencing it became a running sore
She (Quid get no rest at night the pain was so great
Our first Do( for attended her fur six month:, and she
received no benefit whatever, the pain growing worse,
and the sore larger all the v. title. I;t: said if It wa s
ed up it would he her death, but lie appeared to Iw at :,
loss how t, proceed. and my pour wife st,lt continued
to suffer the most terrible 'Griner3. IVe threerore ..0.2111
other aid Ina I lotani-al dicer, who!..ard when he it
r aw ii th a t he could curia cure the sore, and give live
ease at mace, To our surprise he g ve her no relict, I
and acknowledged that t r baffled all his skirl.
Thus we felt after having tried during one whole year
the experienreof two celebrated physician, in vain, iu
altmlute despair. My poor wife's constitution rapidly
priute of tier year front her cannoned
sutferin:. Coda these eircu(ll , l3FlCPs wr, coneluded that
we would try your Universal Vezet tide Pilla.deterntined
to fairly tee' their rural Wt. cfn.ri, To thy tviTe's :treat
comfort the first few do-es afforded vent relief of the
Men. Witnin one week, to the astonishment of our
selves and every one who knew of the case, the
and the Inflammation beaan to cease ea that she fell unite
easy, and would +Jeep comfortably, and, sir, after
weeks' use she was able to ;To through the house and
again attend to the management of her family. which
she had net done for nearly 14 MOM IN. In a little over
twornonlit front the time she first commenced the u,e
of your invaluable Tilts, her ankle was quite sound, and
her health better than It had been la quite a ' , umber of
years ~e fore. I send you this statement after 'wu yrarF
lest of the cure, considrrin: It only an act of joqice to
you and the nubile 2 , large.
We are, with much gra itude,
Very respectfully,
P. S. The Botanical Doctor pronounerd the sore can
rerotta. and finally said no aood could he done,
.t.ts I 1,
whole of the flr.sh wa• rut oft, and the hone scraped._
Thank a kind Providence, 111, made um re.ort tO your
pille, which saved from all firther utiverv, and for
whirl] we hope t he thankful. T. Jr E. 1..
Roll al 23 ePIIII per has, %lib direct lonx.
01. serve t4r o,hv ninel4.eaell havln2 upon al two
natures or Dr. tirandietti. So earn hit% or the gwndinr
bap ph vignalureis—three Benivoin Brandrei It and three
It Brandt,' h upon
The only place in Pitt:lough *here the real Bran
dreth P Illa ran le obtained, is the Diactur'4 own odic",
In the Diamond, behind the Market house. Mark,
the genuine flealidrrth Ptllaean never be obtained in any
drug route.
The foilowinT are I he only oizetite appointed by Dr. H
Urandreth, for the sale of las Vegetable Universal Pille
In Allegheny county:
PsturctrAL Aoincr.G H LEE, Pittsburgh
Mr. 'oho Glass—Allegheny,
Robert Duncan—Pinning
C. r. D ehl—Elizaheihiown.
H. Rowlard—M'Keesport.
Preens Irwin--Pleasont
John Johnston—Nohlestown,
Che.sman 4 f. Spaulding -Simonstown
.4 Connell—Clinton.
Robert Smith Porter—Tarenium.
Georg,. Power—Fairview.
Divot ft Coon- Plum township.
Daniel Neste , —Enrt Liberty,
Eilumro ihnintimn insliorgh
Wm. 0 hunter_ Aren's Milt
- The oilier was establinherl tort at,
purpose of consti•ttiv.g agent, iii the went, having accam
filtrated tl at at jeer, i. nti,v cloned, and Mr, G. 11. LEE
In the Diem md, tl,oket street, appointed my agent for
the sale of Plll4 and Liniments 411 Dr. Brantleths agems
will inerforemilderieartdo hot Dr.,11. will ,ends travelling
agent through the country once a year to euilect timneyn
for sales made and re-supply agents. The said traveller
will Ire provided with a power of attorney, dtily proved
nefwe the Clerk n 1 the city and county of New York,
together with air necessary vouchers and papers.
r.. 1, J. Yoe, Is my travelling agent now In Pennsyl.
N, 8, Remember Mr. G• 11, Lee, In rear of the Mar.
ket Is now my only agent In Pittsburgh.
New York,June 14 1 11.134 - 3,
{•• An individual only wishes tu know the right way
to pursue it; and there are none, were Li SUILEI.7 made
known how Luc might be prolonged and lisslTH re
covered. u would not adopt the plan. Evidence is
required that the r,glit way in discnvered. This in what
those suffering Groin Nickne s+ want to be satisfied about.
Fur who Is so foolish as not to enjoy all the health his
body Is capable ol? If ho Is there that would not live
when hin rapt rience can so much benefit hlnt•etf aid
family? It Is a melanchnly fact that a very large pro.
portion of the most usell I tnenitters or , octetv die lie.
tween the ages of thirty and forty. liow many widows
and helpless orphans have beet. the rousewleitce of matt.
kind rum baying In their own power the means of rector.
Hg Iseunh when lost
Nuw allthese dangers and d nen [ties can be prevented
and the lon_ and certain sirkness, nod by agsistine Na-
tore. in tier otiose'. with a good dose of Brandreih's
This is a fact, well undetstood to be so by thousands of
our citizens medicine. If taken no as to purge
freely. will sorely cure any eurahle disease. There Is
no form or kind of sieknes,:that it does not exert a eur
ative Infinence upon. Thu.. by their power in resisting
putrefaction, they cure measles. small pox, worms and
all contarreciusfeverz. There is not a metlicine in the
world =o able to purify the Mass of blood and vcslore it
to healthy condition, as the nrandreill Pills.
The Rrandreth Pills are purely yeietable, and so in
norent that the infant of a mot th old may nee them if
medicine is required, not only with safety but %%Hi a cer.
tainty ofreceiving all the benefit medicine In capable of
Imparting. Females may use them in all the critical
periods of their lives. The Brandrith Fitls will insure
their health, and produce regularity in a'l the functions
of life,
The same may he said of Brandretiez External Rem
edy, as an outward application in all external pains, or
swellings, Or sores, it greatly assists the cure. When
used where the skin is very lender or broken. ti should
be mixed Wilt one or two pints of water,
A sure Tesor Genuine BrandretA
the box of Pills, Then look at the certificate of agency,
whose engraved date must be within the year, which
every authorised agent most possess; if the three labels
on the box agree with the t hree labels op the certificate,
the Pitts are true —lf not, they are &Ise,
Principal office, 24t Broadway, New York:
June le.
Sinn Stna, January 21,1843
mar 23, 1843
It ha: tires employed in srhools, factorirs,andon board
vessel- carrying passengers, where children. as well as
grown persons, contract diseases of t he skin from their
contagious not in, with the most unexampled surer's , :
certificates and recommendations have been heretofore
published from them, and numerous others Might he ob
tained for publ ICEII lan, but fort he object ions most persons
have, to having their names published in connection with
such disagreeable and loathsome affections
In no single instance has it ever been known to flit.
It has been used upon infants and by persons of all
ages. It Is perfectly safe, contains no mercury in its
composition, and may be used under all circumstances.
Pike Tvrenty.flve cents a bottle. Piepared and sold
at Dr Leidy's Health Emporium, (sign of the Golden Ea
gle and Berpenis,t and byFAHNETOCK CO.
corner of Wood and Fixth :trate, Agents for Plusbuu. 11 1
Icily 12
Otr TO THE — Why do you not remove
that superfluous hitir you - have upon tunrforehrads and
super tip 1 By atTurrues, 86 Fourth st.,and
obtaining a bottle of Gouraud's PUUdrei Subtles, which
wilt remove it at once without affecting the skin. You
can also obtain Goura ties truly tclnerated Ealide Besste,
which will at once remove all freckles, pimples, et up.
tiong or the skln,.ana wake your facelook perfectly fair;
and to those who wish lo asion nature by adding more
color to their cheeks, they can °again seine ofGourand,s
celebrated Liquid Rouge, which cannot he rtmbed nil - even
by a wet cloth, Also may be found a good assortment of
Perfumery, such as Cologne, Bears' Oil, .91roond,Ps17r,
Windsor; and oilier Soaps,
Remember. at Tuttle's Nledical Agency, 86 4th streeid
Druggists arid others cat; besupplied at Whotesale and
retail terms. may 26 1842
Headache! Headache!
AE now known to thousands asa most extraordina
ry remedy for this affliction an well as the mom ) ._
trovertilde fact of their curing DYSPEPCiI A. Will those
suffering only ask among their friends if they have nut
known of the positive effects of said Pills. and if they
do not hear them more warmly praised (and deservedly
too) than any other, then let them net buy them. In
these few remark., all fancy or imagination is excluded,
and nothing will be said of their merits at any time
but what can he fairly proved by respectable mernhers of
our community.
rlead the following certificate given by a respectable
eitiEen orAliogtreny cil y, and aitcsted by one of tliejudg
es of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny co.
ALLEGHENY CITY, January 9,1343.
Dear Sir-1 have for a number of year:, past been af—
flicted with a severe and almost constant Headache, a—
rlsinz from derangement of =twitch and bowels and al
though I have taken nearly every kind of Medici”e re
commended fur its cure, have never derived any mate
vial benefit until I used some of your truly valnalile An.
ti Dv!ipeptic Pills. 1 have not taken quite Iwo boxes and
cow-liter myself perfectly relieved from Ilia( distres , tni:
complaint. I have no inisilation in recommending your
Pills as the best medicine I have ever used..
You re, Respectfully,
I am arqua,nted with Mr, Turtle - , I have 'no hesita•
Lion In certifying that I consider the statements of Mr.
T. re.riFetial Dr. Hi odic's I' Ds. as entitled to the most
perfect and entire confidence. HUGH DAVIS.
For sate, Whidesrile and Remit at the Brodoninn Pill
EstaMisiintent Pittsburgh Pa ; ani by ail authorised a
gents throughout the Union
Alley city Jan 9 1:343
Evatis'.; Camomile Pins.
C/LIII/FlC•Tr.S.—Lever from the lieu. M t eirl
i4n,:Fullivati County, C.l.st l'cr.nessee.Meurhetereungress
WASHINGTON, July 3d. 1838.
Sir.......Sinrc I have been in this city I have toed some of
your Dyspeptic medicine with Infinite benefit and sails
faction, and believe it to be a mart valuable remedy. One
of my zonstl tuents, Dr. A. Carden, of Campbell county,
Te . iiee , ee. wrote to me to send him some. which I did,.
and he has niployed it very circrPs.4l.lll V in his practice,
aid , nys is invaluable. Mr. Johnson, your acent - at
this place," think. you would probably like an agent it,
Tennessee. If so, I wou.l,ecommund Dr. A Carden, as
a proper 1), , ,0n I) utitc tale :or t sale of your celeb, and
medicine. Should you commission hfro lie is to
act for yon. You ran , end tire by water to the
rare of listen King.' Sons, Knoxville coon! y. Teilneq
tie, or by land to Craha or Ilous.ton, Tazewell, East
renne , see. I have no ,Iciftlit hut if you had acents in
~=ceir•ra I counties In Ea..l Tennessee, a Zreat deal of rnedi•
rine would he sold. lam goin2 to take some or it ha m ,
for my own nt,'!, and that of my friends. and should
like to hear from you whether you would like an agent
at Montville. Fit'livan COunty, East Tennessee; I eau ..et
<rne of the Merchants to act for you :is I live near there.
Yours respectfully.
AIM A HAM M'CLELLA N, of Tennessee
For sale 1% hoicsa'c and Retail, by
R E ERS.A. , ent,
No. 'a). Wood virret,l,elow Second
Tills infallilde remedy has preserved hundred ,
when thought past recovery, from convulsions. As soon
as the Syrup Is ruhhed on the the child will rect v.
er. 'rhis preparat ion is solnnnrent,soeficacious,and sii
pleasant, that NO Child wiz refuse to lel its 21.1 ms lie rub
hed with 1,. When i Want sore at the ale or foUr months
Mu' there is ro appearance or teeth. one bottle of the
Syrup should Le u-ed to open the pores. rarents should
ever he without the syrup In time nursery where there
are young children, fur if a rhild wakes in the nizlit with
vain in the sane A. the rirrttp immediately gives case, by
openiug Ihepure, and healln2 thereby prevent.
ing l'onvu ;toms, Fevers, Pot . Sale Whole.uile and
Retaithy R. E. SCLLEP.S, Agent,
sep 10 No. 2(1. Wei-d -tree!. Irelo, Second
LIVER COMPIA INi 'tired hp the it , c of Dr. /gar.
Den's Caninound . . 4 1rentonenhoz and ‘perlt•tir
Mr. Wm. of ritt,lnirulk, Pa., entirely cored 01
the auovedistressin f di-ea-e :voodoins Were Palo
and welch' in thole() side. Ina: 01 3,•pel Nr , yo, k ot u4z , ac id
eructations, a dour n.ion of lI n .onroacti. :irk he
furred lonvic. Countenn tire rlinnVni ioa Citron olor.AifT
rulty of lireathinc. disturb e d rest, attended hi, a conch.
areal deltitily, with other itidtraling a r.-at de
run2Cruent of the functions of the liver. Mr. Richard
had the advice of severe I nhv , ciatis, hut rnrniu t d oc
relief, until !vin_ Dr. llatiirh 4 s Medicine. which rennin:,
ted in efierlina a re-feet Cute.
Principal Office. 19 North El2lllll SZI feel . Philadelphia
For sale in Ptitslot rgit l y Samuel Frew, turner of 1.111121'
ty and Wood streets. sep 10
Theae Pilts are &unloosed of he!6c, which ezer,
a sperriflr. action upon the heart, give imholg, or
.11rength to the attecial system; the blood is quickened
and egnaltzed in its circulation through all the vessels.
whether of the Orin, the parts situated loiernally,or the
extremliies; and as all the secretions of the oily are
drawn from the Mood. Inert. is a consequent increase of
every ..evet ion, and a quickened 'clic)" of the ahsorbeni
and ex haterr.or Likelittrging vei.sek. Any morbid action
which may have taken place is corrected, all obstrut•
[tans are reatt Teti, the blood is urtited and the lindr
- "Alines aY ri ant' a.ate. For i ale Vt'llidesa le and R e
tat •_)), F. C Sr A.•ent,
.Pp • Al I Wood cl. below Sternmi
piLFS cured by Ike I of Dr. liarli,h's Compound
Sirenvhertin. and (:'rman Pil's
Dr. Harlich—Dear SU—Shortly after I rc•rt'ived lhr
A . !eney from yttu for the sale of your imedictee.
formed an ntimaittlauce wi li a lady of this pinee,
was severely afflicted With the POPS. rn, ,•j21,1 or
rears 1111, Ind"' IP:1.11111 , jPe1 10 frequent painful attacks.
and her pliy-ieian considrtred her ease so complicated.
that lie very seldom preserihed medicine for her, Thrnoch
my persuasion, she roinineliced urine sour Pills, and was
perfecilt , cured. Yours, 4-c. JAMES: R. KI RBY
October 3. 1:140. fliambersho.2, Pa.
trrollice:ind ftenetal Depot, No 19.Norib Ei,btli
s'ireat, Philadelphia. And by Samuel Frew. corn,, of
Liberty and Wand streets rittstirzli. v.() 10
.1" st tk, • *.
K l' ;'; 4*- 4 . .....„,
• 4 ' C 440
'T'lay will ge lace at
dying rate?'
444 4 4
had al TurILICS Aletlicil Agency, 86 Fourth st,
he only agent in Pitlaburgh.
Feb 22.
N - 0 sooner does one of Dr. Leidy' preparations be
-LI Caine popular, in constottence of its Fut cess and ef
ficacy, than it is counterfeited or imitated.
To prevent imposition, Dr Leidy has now procured
moulded bottles for ills celebrated Teller and Itch Oint.
went, with tile words 'Dr Leidy's 'Fetter and Itch Dint.
went,' blown in the glass, besides containing his written
si2nature on a yellow 1..hel outside.
Dr Lelily's Tester and kelt Oiiitment, has proved more
rtflearious than any other preparation for Tether, Itch,
Dry and Watery Pimples or Pustules, and diseases of
he skin generally.
-7 , 0,1a.1475L
111FIESilbserlber lass just received ms-senvoliwpikkro
ift. Landreth', Garden (reds, consoling, is part oft .
following kinds—ell of the last year.serop
Bea, igt
Mater Melon,
&c. &c.
Together with v variety of Pot 4- sweet herbs acd 111'0.4'
otr Orders for Seeds,Shtubs, Tr•eb; ij•c. from Cardin.
ers and others will be received and promptly aucoded,
• - F. IsNOWDLN i
No. 184 Liberty. head of WOoOrkt
Cincinnati. February 15, 1840.
Dr. Sworse—Dear "'Jr:— Permit me to take the liberty'
of writing to yO9 at this time to express my apprt,batiblif:
and. to recommend to the attention of heads of WEIN.
and others your invalaahte medicine—the Command'
Syrup of Prunus Virslturina. or Wild Cherry Bavk.: :la
my travels of late I have wen in a great many instances
the wonderful etTects of your medicine in relieving clts
drew of very obstinate complaints, such as Cooghloe,
Wheezing. I:boat:mg of Phlegm, Asthmatic auacks. $
Ire. I should riot have written this letter, hupevet, at
present although I have felt it my duty to add My testi ,
mony w it for sometime, had it not been for a. late 11Xa
stance where the medicine above alluded to was thlitrikt•
mental In restoring to perfect health an "only t4rfo, lb
whore ease was almost hopeless, in a family sor my Sc" -
quaintanee. ..t thank tleaven," said the (foaling molls:
ftalV child is saved from the Jaws of dem hi Otuxw i
feared the relentless ravager But my child is cafe! is
j-in 13--1 p
Beyond all doubt Dr. Swayne's Compound; Syrup .1r
t \
lid Cherry is the must ‘valtiahle medicine in this or any '
other cutiotrv. lam certain I t ave witnessed morn (has
One hundred cases %%bete it has been attended with corn._
plele sue , ese. I am tisln_ it myself in an nltsfinale ..
tack or Bronchitis. in which It ',loved effectual to
reedingly siiort lime, considering the severity uf the e
I ran reromend ii it, the (Mittst confidence of lin cape r'
virtues; I would advise that no family should be wit hout'
it; it is very pleasant and always beneficial—worth
double and often ten times Its pi ice. The public arc Ct.'
surer! Mere is t.o quackery about it. R Jaricanx, D. D.
Fortnerly Pastor of 1 1 .1 c First Presh . tterlan Chtlrth;
N. v.
So!d by WM. THORN. who'rgale 4 rein°, only 3eetoll
for Pittqhur2l). Nla , kci street. gr'n jij
A coos TO VIC 111:M A N
what w2l/ Jostroy Lift. aril you are a great wits
'Discover whiz , will prolong Life, and the vorlit tein
call you Impostor."
"There are faculties, bodily and intellectual, teitkia its
with which certain herbs have affixity, azd over 'whisk
they have power."
Dr. B. Biandroh's External Remedy, or Liniment
`which, by its extraordinary posters, abstracts polo or
Sorene...s; thus Sprains. star Sinews, While. Swelling's
Rhenniatic Pains, or Stiffness, Stiffness of the Joint*
I Tumors. Unnatural Hardness. star Neck Sore Throat .
i Croup, Cunirartions or the muscles, Scrofulous ea
largenients - . Tender Feet. and terry description of t
jury affecting the Iltteriur of the Human Ftame,te
curi-d or greatly relieved by his nerer•lo be *efficient
eztolltd rested y.
roiloWine letter from Major Ce%
erat Sandford, as to the Ves of the Elleri') R eme
d y , speaks voittme'S:
New Yonn, tikt. -
Dear Sir—Wl!! you uhlize me with another bottle of ,
your ear Liniment? It is certainly the best of UN
kind Iha Ve ever seen. It has cured entirely my son's
knee, about which 1 was so unrasy.and I have found I'
productive of immediate relief In several eases of eziet
nal injury in my family. A few evening,: since nil
vonmzest child was seized with a violent attack uferout
which teas entirely removed In ttormly mis , rtet, 1w rub
hing her chest and throat freely with the External Rem
edy. I think you oiv.:ht to mann fßeture thir Liniment
for !crier:ll me. inslead efrontin ine. the tore of it, as you
have heretofore done, to your particular acquatnianens.
Yuursiruty, C. W. SANDFORD
Dn. B. Batunsiern, 241 Broadway, N. Y.
T=77--Fer sale at 241 L'roallway. New York, and at bk.
,trteel in the DI mend ; rl:tce--50 eenli
,er I.ottle wit 4 dirpriions. cep iQ
ritonuct Oft.AGf:RAVATE h
elms of individoat's is very numerous. They are those
who work in an Unhealthy nimnfloiere Printers. work
Tien in feather Mores, stone cutters, bakers. whit.. lout
manufacitirerg, are alt aim., or 'Ea , t to droemee ac
eordine to t he. strength of their constitotion The entj
method to pretmnt disest•ie, Is the oreasional use nra
medicine which abstracts from the eirmiliotkim all delete
Hans htimor, and expels them by the inidrets. Tonic
In any form are injorinuri, as they only off the Pvi
day to rnalre it more fatal. TIIP tl,r of Brandreth.,, Pifi
will insure hPaltil, because they take all impure matter
Out of the and !lie body la • not weakened hot
strenethetted by their omiratinii, fir these valuable Pills
do not force. but they assist nature, and are not opposed
but harmonize with her.
Sold at Dr. Brandreth't Offire, in the Diamond
Pitkiiiiren. Price tis cents per hoc, with full directions,
MARK—The only place in Pitishn reh where ;he
GENUI E Pills rail be obtained,is the Doctor's own of
lire in ilie Dhtnnud. seri )4)
_ .
Caveat entered 9(1, June, Patera granted to
B,anrire,E.2olh January, 1843-
V he
, xtr , c ,, o f which Brawl/81W., i- Ills are corn
1, ,,, ed are ohraineri hv this iir,cv patented prnersti,
without ' , oilin g - or any .pplirpiicin of hea.. The ae
live of the herbs is 'hos secured the some
as it is in the
The Public should be cautions or medicines rec.--
cominetirde-t in advertisments stolen ( rem me , -i n ,
which the CoNTEMPTIBLE ROBBERS steals my lan
itage, merely alterin_ the name. Time will show
these whotesiVe deceit er.• in their true light.
Ott- BiZANDRETI - r- , PILLS are the People'v..,
Medirn e, proved by tiiiinsand, who daily rerrom
mend them to Ow afflicted. The PR ANDRETH
PI L I,S. are gr.mi.g -yen Oa, o , or, poplin... li ne j i
tues. are exteimit g ilQet.dress hr sic 1 / 4 a'
hoth sexes are dai:y deriYing benefit Isom tt . * tn.
Ni ease or disease but , till can be 1001 iib advert
rage,. Blotches Gr. haul lumps ofthe Skin te ) ,peede
ily cure, so with erysi l teiat, SO salt rheum. 6 , 0
with iudikrstion, =0 vtith rom..h, and colds, Xq with
costivenn.ls, so tA , it.it cancer, so tni• It hot paroled lips
and canker in the mouth. Let the afflicted use-this.
medicine, and they will 6n4 they require no other..
Sold at 25 cents per I:.x, with directions.
Observe the new labels each having upon it tiro
t , i,:natores of Dr. I:tenth-cut. So each box of the
genuine has six signatures—three Benjamin Brand.
reth and three B. Branereih upon it.
The ONLY PLACE in Pittsburgh where the REA.
Brandreth Pitia CAN BE OBTAINED, is the Doctor,.
own Orrice, Diamond back of the Market Jiousis
Mark the GENtrixe ArandrethPills can ver be ob -
tatted in any DRUG STORE
The n , llowing are the ONLY AGENTS appeinse
eri by Dr. B Brundreth, for the mle of his !Vegeta.
ble Universal Pills in Allegheny County.
G H Lee.--Principal Office, Diamond, Pittsburgh
Mr. John Glass--Alie l gheny.
Robert Dunce n—Birmingbotm.
C. F. Diehl.e.-Elizahrthtowa.
H. Rowland.—McKeesport.
Pressly Irwin—Pleasant Hill.
Jchn Johnena...-Nnhlestown.
Chessman & Bpaulding—Stewartstown.
Asde it Jr- Connell—ClinlOn.
Rnbert Poeter.—Tarentum. -
George Poreer—Fairaiew.
David R. Coon—Plum Township.
Daniel Nenley—Enst Liberty.
Edward Thompson—Wilkinsburgh.
Wet. 0. Huuutr—Aiton'a
FAR Plant, ratan ip i , .
Eusli% a, Pe4 l 4 .
Kale, Pepper,
Pumpkin, Brsr..cokli,
Radish, Bares*lr
Rhubarb, Cat hage r
SaWry, Carta , • •
Cauliflower, ilpinaa s '°'
Celery, Okras y
Curled. Cress, Onitm,
Cucurntwar, Parole',
Mustard, (white and brows)