Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, October 14, 1843, Image 3

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AIA T DAVIS' Commercial Auction Rooms, corner
of Wood and Fifth streets. An extensive as
sortment of DR Y GOODS recently purchased in the
East for cash, and which will be sold at a small ad
vance on Eastern prices, for curreecy or approved en
domed notes. The assortment consist s in part of
20 pieces wool dyed blue black broadcloths;
1,- da
0 atiPer• blue cloth;
10 " brown. olive and mixed cloths;
4 " super. Beaver cloths;
5 ' pilotcloths;
40 " cassninote;tts, assorted colors; some very
50 " flannels, twilled and plain white, rod,
green and yellow.
20 " English merino, as colors;
We learn from the Van Buren (Arkartsas)lntelligem.
100 all wool blauket shawls;
O'er, of the 22d ult., the particular s of a most frightfut -
n seperpetrated in the Cherokee Nation, in them ght
_ _ _______
200 cotton plaid shawls;
AMERICAN A THEN-EUM IN PARIS. 1,000 doz. spool C r all colors;
grata 15th ult. 0 t that nig:it. Mr. Baja
Yore, his
The American resident s in Paris have establish e d a 100 pieces bleach:d and brown might's, and a '
WA and a traveller, wanse nam e is supposed to be
libra7 and reading. room, under the above name, fur creat variety of other articles usually found in a Dry
Stephens, ware all murdered at the rasidence of Mr.
the aurpose of nffurding an agreeable place of meetin g , Goods House.
VOra. upon the military mad, and the house burned to
for American citizens, and a place where they may ab- I riP` Also, an assortment ofboots, shoes, and hats,
thegrouad in er,l m, if passible, to conceal the horri
tain publications relativ e to theft native lane. The/ which will all be sold at prices without regard to the
hie eriat 3 of znurdar. Mr. Vora 1 1 / 1 3 a licensed tra
represent"' rive of the United States at. the Court of ' late advance s in the East.
ept ... .
der - hubs N Won, and was an honest and respectable
France, with his consent, is to be the presider' of the l ------------__-- ---- s
- I
WIC' Tito fire wls first discovere.l by two travellers
C. 11., Thled..P7l7LTlr,
association, and the Consul 'it . the [Tithe States at Par-
dnthadireeti on of the house. They put spurs to their
is, the vice nresid-int; besides whom there am thre e di- I
Canal Basin, corner Wayne and Liberty streets, Pitts- i
harserotal sea:lntel-id tht spot where they feu:id an
rectors. The president, at the pres,mt time, is Henry 1 ,
burgh. Agent United States Portable Boat Line.
sex 4-302.
Indian ns in and tw, ' women whn had discovered the
Levdael. Esq., Chare6 d' A.fairs ~ rth e IT iit ,: - .1 States, I
Sin; aid Nem c iti tg fn. liiiit:l had
Thsro were two
and Vile presi lent Lorenzo Draper Fs-.. United ,
room s in the house, with a stune chimney between
StAtes C msul n Paris. Auth irs and pablishe rs of vre- i --s----------------.._aoe,-------------i---__.__
.-. thOp--otie occupied as a stoto tad tho other as a res
ua vat.
u , ' , le lm-mi c in w , ) r'ii, ) iv •Irs.rdiag thern rl this instiot- 1 -r i
- ideace.
CAIVFIELD has remov,d • -
~. Ins marble Estab
lion, may place them where they may become
:- , r/..., riser had fille r in b ,flre .11C per^san arrived nn
m ure X-• lishment to %Wood ark. opposite Fahnesttick's
theep.n. Such property as could be reached. •was ekten'ivelY known a i woad, and at the same time ren- 'r.
a/re: where h" .
will eep coostantle on hand l
dm a , iercice to reddrets or, ‘i•iitori i in Paris, and par- T omb sto Store,, . "
oared •Wlien the fire had buert down, and pimmitted
. Afo - .talents cm
ap i9-•-lyr
tirl'ark• to the members of the association..—Boston • ------z-eg . '
0 -111 ate once to the diZ.rout apartm3./t, th- ncrsoo..
i D issolution of Partn 41 ------ 7 1 -- ------....
or p.
lisia4etled could disti,rtly see three human bodies, al- Dail Ade
firosehtirot to a cinder. The shed. la which llrs.
--- -----
TRIUMPH OF SCIENCE. i THE partnership heretofore existing tinder the
ypr c , did h 1- cunt The
was untorreL e d by the tire, a:- . -
style of Devine& 51 'Anu!ty, is this day dissolved
. ,
A snlemlid triumph of -icience said Nruegin to :
flsoughbot n few feet from thle mai a Minding. There h;, w ,r,.. D , , . P Mr• e g by mutual eonsent. H. Devin.. is to collect all sums
, i
lip, ctor.E:sivorth of Dartford has given a
trite sniper dishe s were foiled on a bus. azl,l most of ..' '
due to the cencern, and pay all claims contract'
q for
buy n new which hr took iron) the cheeks.'
the concern up to this date.
tAsithed.heen washed. Near the bux were two tomb-
That's nothi ic, l sa w }
, Pat ienewdoctor take two i
H. DEvrNE.
bur, Slid a,mnall tin pan, besmeared withl,lood; a quart- 1 .- '- ' ' -
zps . from our Putty's rheek the other dav, and the op- I
City uftdood was 11380 011 the grmind, and a hair comb
xli„. eration didn't seem to beat all painful either.
I Piusburgh, Sept. 1. 18.13.
w as roused broken into several pieces.
biefr.s. Muggins, put that boy to bed as soot" as possi-
Vora several neirdiwed. It was not known bow
tit* retbers-tztet their Reath. bet of toerse they were al- '
H. Devine respectfully informs his (Hem& and the
murdered befor e-thehan,e eras fi red. Mr. Vore's body ----;-----------------7-• . .
, pub,ic, that he still tontinues in the ran.portin
Atilientilleihy"the keys in his pocket.
tiort of fiittsburc(l) i business, and that he has removed the office of the U.
' The beery obtained by the roLbrr s is suppo.ed to be i
, • iS. Portable Boat Line, to No. 45 Water st t
me , nett
abput rd4Xl, and a considerable quantity of goods was pe - po ticd B --;4---ij----------7--------_____ I door below Lewis Hutchinson, wher e h e •
7 .S. c c and :Ihtchell, General Steam ,
will receive
ilki,;taik.ett. It was conjectuta'd that timrprsns were
, and forward Freight to the East, on the verylowest
Boat Agents, ;Voter street.
; terms.
el/Med 41 this horrid work, and that they header ached
-- _
44 place and left it on horseback. The aid of the ----------e r.;., :,;._,_.,,,. .--------,----_____
I - .
Q mohrr) HERRINGS. -25 boxes smoked her
,. .i.i vr ATE'S
.. E C .
i ,-1 HAMNI•L
eprnananding officer at Fort Gibsoir lutd been solicited
_ , I,„) rings just received and for sale by
Illiftbepursuit of the murderers..
ARI 111."
' , Throe men by the name of Starr had been apprehen
- -
rug 9
43, %Wood strret
dedfor the murder. They expressed a perfect willing
ness to be tried by the whites, but not the Cherokee
Dissolution of Part ut
Aultui. After having been examinrd befor e a magia-
THE Pitrtnership heretofore existing under the firm
fie: and whilst on their way to ter jail, at Fayette
of Dicker and 91.4 x
. ANDER. is this day chase!.
vill, underanesen rt of seven men, they made their es
yed by mutual consent. JAMES DICKEY,
cape. byjumpingfrom their horses and runuin g on foot
sept. 1, 1843,
o the muuntains which tote near at heed.
Tile bitter hatred borne to tobacco by that singular
Mart, Jaeles E., and inherited by his unfortunamion,
was manifested by varioas edicts of prohibition durtig
[twit- ntigns, thinizh it became such an important arti- I Turnpike Notice.
N election wid be held at the house of Robert M
ch! of cornmo:e that Charles laid a heavy impost up-
A_ Ayeal, on the l'ittsbargh and Steubenrille Turn
onit, it anon Charles
a soor,:e of revenu e and he!
Pike. on Thursday, the reth day of November next, for
atterispt.4 .to monopolis e i. But beside these exer
the purpon e of elertia g one Presicl .or, one Treasurer,
tionn of rayal aethority, King Jarmis, who has been
'an -,ix Nfariazer, to serv e as officers for the Pittg
cahel "A oocltit aan tz.st liit2,s, and akin, amon g
bur z fi And stenhenvide Turn it
Road Copany, M e
paiants,'? trieti the tsre:_t of arzument of ridicule, aari
,b ni s, i n A treati,, w hi,!,. i, l the style
,ifth,, literatur, erisoinz. year. The electi on will be rmened :it the hour
of the day , . he calleci, '•A Counter Binst on Tobareo:" of I , o 4 ° , ) ° ,, h) ek' A. M. 11V.1.1. 111 ARKS,
ho said., "it was the lively i-na re. nid o uteri of hell, 1 °'''''''"l'v
Treastne r .
Cur it "it
all the parts and vices by which bell is ....-....-...-.;24 g Lima..
tole reanheti; fir=t it is smok e , n o :Ire the e-toi t i,,, ~,r •
1?.. LIT
'l,y S. B. "New Yor!:," five tons of Pie
tie wails; ..in•co i i!y. it d ‘'i.-.7ht: tha , e who , lhe it co (10
th, phr l 4 , lr:o3 of t'i - w trid o 1 ke men I .nthe to leaVe
of,..;Len,ld. ir°r sckle b .Y
isttomi.; thitilv, ii It tketh me men
ri,l liellit in the -------c
tsrif, art ditlt tho vatitv or th e v., .rld—me n Ire dronk-
thor-witi : C,' of
he ,hat tecerh tobiaro suith ho ' •
0. 1 S I
tallnix ittiv u it, it howitch,th him. evert so the
p lu s - I\T No
. i . 37,...,7:3 Aiti0k,,,.,„4
eros.of the word Mate men loathe to leave them,
No. 1 and 2, Macke
they ere so enchanted, for the tit,),,t part, with them;
No I. Lahntdor Gibbed Horiing,
and. be all this, filthy it in like hell in the very
sad 80d .lat. lion dry Cod Fish.
stibsoinee of it. for it in a stinking, loathsome thing, F or
~,i le fur c m i i , Lis , b y
nnd so Li hell." The monarch. esti, in one of the
140, Lib e rtyar.
conceit' s of the dav, aayn, wiVere I to invite the devil
todioner, he Shouhl have three dishe,,, a pig, a polo. a
Young Etyston ea.
Tin end mustard and a pipe for digesturc."—Po/31- i 7 CHESTS, half chests and boxes i r tiun , t Fi r
l i i
1.(.) son Tea, of good quality, just received, at7d fur
sale low fur cash.
corner of Wood and Fifth At j•
them was at court a sea captain who .
2.-...._ --
wail boos rnadeprison er at Algiers. fie was complain- Penmanship and 800k -Seeping.
ing.boss cruelly he had been used. Th ey asked, how? Fp HOSE wh o wish a thoroug,h; knowledge of these
t 'Why„' he said, 'you see la m net strong, and could 1 branches. would do well to calla[ M. S. IV.
Ado, no hard labnr, si they put m hatch eggse but his Artr's Commercial AeadMV, On Fourth Street.
gmatest Bri e
w i that when ha I hatched a brood near the corne r of .llarke t az;d Fou-rth before engaging
they took away his chickens. Did you ever hear of a elswhere.
()et 3-Im.
anoositooder-hanrted old_ hen ? I laughed till I cried. ----
B UFFALO ROBES by'shag/ 0 robe or bale, for sale
We saw
four $5O notes of the Blackstone Bank in
o,) _,- ti .
Uxbridge. Mass., offered the
mornin g at the
conmer of one of our most prominent brokers. From
the suspicious appearanc e of the bills, it was the opin•
J im irate broker that they had been altered. lie bad
on goaliiine notes to compare them with—the engraving
dots rood but they were very short, and the dies in the
Landreths Garden Seeds.
annser looked quite pale, as though they might have A full supply of Landreth's Garden seed, e j way , en
been shared front notes of a J mall denotnination.—Cin• hand and for sale, at his agency, the Drug store of
sep /0
184, Liberty st., head of Wood,
treftenjarnin Rathbun returned to ButTalo, says
ohe tte, on Toes.] tv ni.r-ht, and was visited the fol- -
lawit.sglayhy many of the citizens. The public press .
lias bben rife with s - colitio a as to what he would set .
himself about--siras that he wool , / 1 to finishing off
tb, b u ildi ng , I , , c,ina „ need i , i 8 „r ai; and then that TUST RECEIVED and for sale on consi,mmen;
7 hinds bacon,
herisli take Op praztising phsic; and, lastly, that he t' l
7 birds Ntizar,
laioadal to bis , :a as as exteasiye to
PreA , r in 'Wi.e.. 0.1
sin. - Ord h Jae he'll 1 ,, t :t.. kl,p.v which he'll do, us Can be seen at the store of Painter& Co
aug 0.9
J. K. mooRREA D & CO.
ittssa aa coavesielL-- ajrcto .4 Irertiser.
al...pm story is told of Judgo Tapprin one or our
Sena Gra in C N.Tross. who is trifortitiately (Togged
Igeyed. A nornberofp-ars ago he w Jude..e of anew
taia...Renaised connty court, in 'he ea.itera part of this
fa thews days of primitive simplicity or perh,,ps ...._
Povertr, the box room or a avern wits used as a Court Ct UNDRIES.-50 boxes chocolate,
teem, and the stable as a jail. One day durin g he 10
5 do cocoa,
gessiert Of the coati to jade had occasion to severe-
3 do rice flour,
ly rapt-inn:ld two of hc• li.i.wyeri, who were w aag-i
25 du ground pepper,
nog. An o . l,l loo l iin g 0:d r.us °tiler, who sat in one ear
-5 do C Lyeane dn.,
see listeniag apparently wi h great te ion to the
36 elms ground mustard,
ra IC mod pre . sumio z nn laid acquaintance and Mu'
5 kegs do allspice,
ize'ii well known goOd htnor, sun= out' "Give it to
5 da da ginger,
item old filaiet eyes!" •1171, wai ca_i.•?" inquirxi the 1 '
12 bale ria ril., tozetber with
ind.fe. "I. Vrai hi 4 'ere old boss," a.tswerrd the chap. every thing in the grocery line, all or whidi is afire.'
ming up. 'SheritT," observod the jucio With great at extreme'', lowpriests, for club.
graviry, "take tbat old hoes &Id put bite lo the sta.
kkg"Cteasetateal Herald.
__ _
43,1licsod street
I /Nlctits774ll
E-R-7_ • ! The popularity of Mesmerism appears SOFM to base de- I
'cowed frnm the his 4.-
without givin ~r to the poorer classes; and
--_-__, be no doubt fhcat. elittht:rlt3by?runruag.tti-ivieut7olrnecotsr'o.tthheerr7viesane,
some very palpable effects 'are occasionally produced
noes the brain. A melancholy case of this kind has
occurred within the last few days, to a fine intelligent
boy about ten years of age., named John Hewitt the
W. J. Howard ---J. B. Semple—George Ogden.
son of a cotTee-hou.se keepe r in Bunhill-row. which has
caused much excitement in the neiorhood. The
41,#,Poitasseomnitsrs.—The space occupied by the
ylv-ohuoth was operated upon by one off ose pretemiers
41011itretitras of the election, has crowded from our
habit of . giving lectures and per
,.lllol4llSts another number from "Cssistiatlhaa,;
on the
very popu.ar. At several
8 , 1 1 1 4) . • . .
• fofith_ese trials the experiments were said to be 81.1CCe83-
,!lult has.been that, although healthy
4,ilsettommunication respecting tho' strike' in Lorenz before, the final
t ri
or fit :his zo ici r child cibcas since been subject to a series
mad esdly's Nail Factory would have been inserted,
he iq, in fact, fast appruaccuinhienfLTsatanetlencif fate qty and if dui writer had sent his name with his article. In
child has been under the car; of Dr. Elliotson, fur the
an; Ittttisieiof the kind referred to, it is necessary that
purpose of being de- mesmerised, but without any
lei should have some respaasiblo person to substantiate chance of permanent succes s in his treatinent.--Thi;
seats made.
case should be a warning to pretenders not to tamper
with what may or may not be a powerful agent, as a
41 114 1.9 r ?Hz STEANER Foarterr We regret to, remedy, ur upon the im .I..ina donand which had, in
annountss that the Steamer "Forrest," Capt. Haller I instanCe, been p r ,„. ed to' '
posses sa very bad influence.
'with% ma as a regular Packet between this city and fL°l4Ol DisPa/ch.
r,„.„ 4 i.„ on tbe Allegheny River, struck a snag at Ba
*ads Isdand, while on her upward trip, and sunk in five!
efeet s e wer. The boat, it i. supposed, will be raised.
erie consisted of Tobacco and Copperas and
. Sinifs allied in a damaged state.
1rt1.i.,.......,-• .
• ,
the name of ItfcC/intocic jumped over
was drowned.
fil** - - _____
Viast4aTesa.—Yesterday Was cold, wet and more
than a clear frost d a yin Janu s . The
Y ry
Ithitthet made amend s fur its unpleasantness,was
n t a rtfag of the Return Judges to foot up the demo
enclin triumph. This circumstance, however, gav e no
nitistactiOn wour blue nose friends, but on th ! contra-
Mimi the effect of making them look more blue and
Mineable than ever.
. .....__
}Joao) Mira D
OZT.For basines.s cards, &c., see firstPage'
Zan Zv
esille ED.
Duvol, Parkersburh
Crooks Crooks St. Louis, g
Lancaster, Klinefelter, Louisvile,
"Cutter, Allen, Cin.
Monon2.lnda, St , vne, St. Luta.
Pinta. Vandegriti; Plnrerree,
"Marietta, Martin, Nashville.
-,.A II boats mat knd thug (") inithe above list, art provi
ded with Evans' Safety Guard toprevent thees
steam boilers. plosion
111 ed and forsale by
SHARES AlleghenyjoßEV\d.7).SLokrvk,4t pri
111 ei rate sole, by
sop Corner of Wood and Fifth streets.
'lTEAS.—Receiv e d on con,:ignmcnt,
/2 Chests Young llyson Tea,
4 " Black Tea,
4 "
S " Guapnwdpr. by
12 Water street.
A 11/4713-787§-E.
The New York Exptess notices the eaaa of two
young ladies named Delaney, who atrived in that city
in August last ~• an aged m )ther, from Now Or
leans, having left the lacer city to avoid the yellow fe
ver, which had set in. On the 11th Sept. they' Were
arrested on a suit for<lebt (but brought against them in
the form ofa troyer) and thr.,wn into a rhefgeon at Eld
riciTe street prison where they still remain. Their
mother, distracted at the thought, in a strange city, of
separation from her children, pled, and was fin.•tily
permitted to share their dungeon, and they are all now
in prison tng.ether, not so much the victims of a cruel
law as, apparently, a vet y severe constructio n of that
law, which enab,e+ the plaintiff to declare fraud in
stead of cc/tumult, alai throw, if the affidavits are cor
rect, Perfectly innoruot per,o:i.9, strangers, and unfortu
nate females withal, into prison, and there keep them
immured, unless they can obtain bail, till the law, with
all its delay, sh dl have enabled them to show the facts
as they really exist• The plait/611'i+ a trader, he
business at N. Orleans. Ide claims that the defendants
are indebted to him $5290, which theydeny."
St Opened.
r essecr, just receiv
JANIES DICKEY respectfully informs his friends
and the public, that he still continues in the Traaspnr
cation Business, at his lYarelanusc, cottxu t or LIEIER
vr exn era_lY! srustrs, Canal Basin, under the
name of the ".tadepertd,nt Portable Boat Line,"
where be will receive and forward freight to the East at
the lowest terms
sent. 4—tf:
riktind, ----------
A BOUT the last Week in June. in a Clothing Store
...'3,. in Liberty' street, a Note of hand, considirably
soiled and worn. It is signed by Tames Gaston and
another, and drawn in favor of W. Black. The own
er can have it by identifying
July 31 .--tcf. and paying expenses
Beware of a Battled eolith!
liThi R....W1...1NES S Idorific Lung Syrup, being a safe
1 , tI: id effectual remedy for Conzs. Catarrhal Fever,
Influenza, Pleurasy, the first of forminz stage s of Con
sumption, A.tlnna, Whoopin g ;. 'flush, dtc. Some do
zen of certificate s of its valuable effects ran be pro
ducrd, one of which is now offered-.
This is to certify, that I hada very severe Cough all
last %Omer: Ind was very much reduced. After trying
medical aid to ,09 purpose, I was achised to pro core a
bottle of Dr. M'lntne's Lung Syrup; it gave me relief
nunediatly; and in tWo weeks I was able to go out,
and fully believ e it to be one of the most valuable med
icines now before the public, for Cough and breast orn
fresh supplyofthis valuable Cough medicine
just received at the Drug store of J: K1,D15,
oat 7
No: 60, corner of Wood and Fourth ALS.
___ ___
JUST RECEIVED and for sale by 1,1 - 47:1 7----, H 0 i iii ,
No. 53, Market Street-,
500 lbs.. pureptilm soap in the bar,
600 " . " " " in casks,
100 "
50 •, vntjemtted snap, . ~......
white Castile,
.(only let in market)
100 " almond soap, in 4 lb. casks;
50 &tr.. shaving soap;
10 " Glenn's rose sperniiietti seep, for chin:ea
hands and for softening the skin.
The subscriber has on hand a larger asSortnient of
the above articles than any other establishment in this
city, and is also receivin g ti largo simply of fresh drgs.
act 7
No, 53, Market street.
2tt- id
W & D. RINEHART cin cfple!
Alanu acturers
dealers in all kinds of Tcbacco,f Snuff and Ci
ears,No. 138, Liberty street, and head of Canal Basin,
Pittsburgh, Pa., would respectfully announce to mer
chants and dealers generally. that they have determined
to adopt the atcwr entxcietE with regard to th e
tares of tobacco kegs. &c. The people may rely upon
it, that hereafter, the tares of kegs and boxes v. ill be
coati...cr. They hope, by strict attention to busines,
to with fnrni4hing the very beat articles in their
line. to merit., as heretofor e , a liberal share of patron
Orders promptly executed.
The proprietor s of the MORNING POST and Attu.-
CURT AND Alssur.scronza respectfully info their
friends andthe patron s of those papers, that they have
a largeand well chosen assortrnen t of .
011ritaillE11 71VilrealPiarCi
a TiZ all c04...1/4 4taglaslitaZO
Necessary to a Job Printing Office, and that they are
prepared to execute
2 , ..„
20 DOZEN Patent Buckets and tubs assorted sizes, I Books,
30 dozen oral! sizes of tubs
sash lrindoel I Pamphlets,
Klass oral] sizes to suit, by the box or re tail - Nail s and 1 Handbills, , Blank Checks, Hat Tips.
spikes--Carpet rhain--A variety of shovels, spades, 1
all ittnbs of 33Iaufts,
axe - handles, hoes augrs, brushes, coffee- mills, Louis- I s taie Steamboat and Canal Boat Bills, with ap
vine lime, the balm of life, B ro d ie ' mills,
and 1 - ' •
p 'ate
anti-diipetic pillA Evans' camomile and aperien t i
Printed on the short ate
notice and most reasonable
pills,;Haisley's anti billious pills, prems in Indian hints. Ito .
ry, history ft he backwoods, American pioneer. Sew- I we re,pe ct i e ll y oa k the patronag e of our friends and,
all's patholes 7 ,y of drunkeness, permanent tempera nce ,
the publi c in general in this branch of our Eitisiness:
d)conionts, bacchus and a nti - bacchus. and a large vari- j J u l, : 3 1 , 1,5.4 3 J:
Pry ulrern-Jeranco documents, Sabbath and day school -
hooks. i rk a , quills, writine, or;d wrapping Pancr. &c. 1 Pease's Ilearbettind Candy:
for Rale /ow for cash or approved ennotry orodoce,
1 A Fresh supple ,nst rereiverl frona New York and
oft 4.
Fourth ISAACHARRIS. I /A_ for .ale at TUTTLE'S, 86 Fe st.
1 sept 172
B UTTER--27 Kez,-
i _._
S Blrreff; 'Western Reserve.
Dairy Butter just received and for sale by
1 _L3 All sorts of' clothing and wearing apperal. Pease
• cal/ at No. 151 Liberty street. and see fur you
sop 2,6
43 Wood se. '
ISCorner of Wood and sth refs., itt'l;burgh,
r eady to receive
, Me rchandise of ereiir description
gumenr, for public or private sale, and
from long experience in the above business, flatters
himself that he will be able to give entiie satisfaction
to all who may favor him with their patronage.
Regular sales on Mores rs and TallitSDA I'S, of Dry
Goods and fancy rticles, at 10 o'c/oCk, A: i.
Of Groeries, Pittsburgh manufactured articles, new
and second hand furniture, &c., at 2 o'clock, P. M.
Sales every everiing,at car/y gas light. nag 12y
WILLit e;1----4itto a n 6 t .----— km.
be sold, on Monday, the 16tli inst., at 11
o'clock, A. M., at the. Commercial Auction
Rooms, corne r of Wood and sth streets, the following
described property, viz:
Part of lot numbeted in the Original plan of Pitts.
burgh /8.5, bounded as follows: beginning on Front st ,
nt the north west corne r of said lot,' and running thence
I' First or Front street e astwarcilv 30 feet, thence
south wardly at right angles to said Front street, by the
east half of said for 80 feet to a pan of said lot owned
by James Hughes thence w estwardly by Hughes' pan
of said lot thirty feet o. 184, thence along said No.
189 to place of begin ning
Term s at sale.
............ par
• • ---------------------------- Par
Bank of Pittsburgh --------------- . ........ par
ExMerchants and Manufacturers' bank ...... ...par
change ..................... ...... ....par
Do. HollidaysburgA .......... .... • ..par
Bank of North America......... ...... • .par
Do Northern Liberties .............. ...par
Do Pennsylvania .................. -par
Commercial Bank of Pennsylowlia ........... per
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank. ..... . ..... ..par
Kensington hank........ ................par
MechManufacturersand Afechanics' ......... . ... par
Mayn:anics,-,..... .... ....par
cuing ............................. par
Sch Philadelphia bank ......................... par
Southuylkill ..... " .......................... par
IVestwark ..... "... ..................... par
ern ....... " ...................... .
Giraßank of Penn Township .................. .peer
rd bank ................. .. • . .......... 16
U. S. bank and branches ............ . .....
Bank o f a
Ch_se aniac% ...... . ....... . ..... ..par
Del ester c0unty....... : ... .. • ...... par
aware county ........... ... .. •• .par
Montgomery county.. ..... . .. • . • .par
East" No .—. •• .. ......... par
Farmers' bunk of Bucks county . . ...... .par
onbanki ..... .. —.. .... ...... • • ......pctr
Doylestown bank ....... ... • • ............. par
Franklin bank of IVashington ........... ....
Bank of Ch ambersburgl i . .. . • ......
Afiddletown ...• ........
Getty:burgh .
Lewistow n . ... _.
• .. ...........
Sus yuchanna county.... • . . ..... ,
Berkscounty bank..
CaColumbia Bank and Brid g e Compton, ........
Erierlisle bank ......................... .....
bank. ............................ ...
Farmers and Drovers' bank .................
Bank of Lancaster .................
Harri" Bank of Reading. ...................
Honessburg bank. ....... . ... ... • ...........
Lancadalc. " ............................
Lancaster " ...... . ........... .. • . ...... .•
Lebanster co. " ............ .... . • • . ......... 2
on " .............. ............... 2
AtOnongahela bank of Brownsville ........... 1
New Hope and Delaware Bridge co mpany.... 10
Northampton bank .................... ..no tale
WyomiTowanda bank ........................ .... 85
n a. bank .....................
West Branch bank ... -
Y • -
ork bank
01 - 110.
Behnont bank of St. Clairsville.. • . ..........
Clinton bank of Columbus .............. .• ..1
Columbiana bank of New Lisbon. .. ..... .•1
Circleville (Lawrence, cashier)... • . .......... 1
Cincinnati( Warren, cashier) .......... . •no sale
s . ......... .......... I
Chillicothe bank... • ........... . -
Commercial bank
__.... of Lake L'rie.... .......... 20
Dayton bank. ............... ..... ...... ....li
Franklin bank of Co lumbus. - • . ........... • 1 4
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank of Ste nbennihie— 14
GennFarmers' bank of Canton ................... 40
ga . , ......................
Granville ........ .. : .... Ifamilton ... . . .... : i.... ......
Lancaster ...... :........ . . ....
.4(a:4 -Won ...... . . . ..................
MMechanics' and Traders',. Cincinnati ......
Noount Pleasant .......................
Putnarwalk ..........................
Sandu nt ............... ........
sky ..................
Scioto .............. .....
Urbana..-. _ .
........... ..
Wooster ..........
Xenia , .. _ -
... -
----- - • •
State bank and branaes ......
State Scrip..... .
All flanks
State bank ..... .. ...... .., .... . .... ......-.0.
Bank of llariois •
Skatoneeionns ............ -. 69•
Bank of eke Valles? of Virginia . ...- ... ....... 1
Bank of Virginia .... .. ... ... ............ .. I
Exchange bank of
Farmers: bank of V irginia.. . .. . ...... .• . • .1
Nora: We siernbeink of Vir ginia.... .. . • . • .. .. li
Aferedants' and Afeckanies' bank of Vi rrinia.... li )
1 •.. • .... ...... .....
14irhore City banks.: .. . • • • •-• .. .. .: ..
1 other Solvent banks..
All aolveht banks.: .: .'..'..: .: .. ..
. .. ..
'4ilsotventban4B.. .. -
*bile bank,
Cointry hani;
New Orkant banks (fvori)::.l.
All 6a,.
ank Notts in* exchatt
inuania, macaw/an tinaosz4,
consxn. 07 woon AND TUIRD STN.
Afire/taws and Atanufacture rs ' Scrip.. —.
Exchange BccnkSerip.
............. .
..... .....
Erie &Usk Seri), .......................
0,g .....
New Y0rk...... ..
• - ----- • - 72
• - .. ..... 25
•.. ....25
• - . . .... 45
...... i f
• -par
• ..2~
: f.),5
ACKEREL.—IS Bbls. No. 3 Mackerel, just
received and for =ale by
43 I Vood st.
To Met chant., and Others:
A GENTLEMAN, who thoroughly understands
Book Keeping, wishei a situation in that capa
city: the best of references will be given. Address H.
at this office.
ang 26—tf
OBACCO.—IO boxes Burton's 5 b lump tobaxeo,-
25 do Russell it Robinsous
5 do Hare' s do
just received
10 do
by assorted sizes ar.d brands,
and for sale
413, _Wood street
lit ctaftr of , S.ANIVE.L MORROW, . .
ain4 Tin,
Copper an 4 Sham
• b e
No. 17, IVA street bettoeels Wood ailfasket,
Keeps cOnsramly on hand go a gaortzitent of wares.
and solicits a share ofpublic patronage Also, on hand.
the following articlet: shovels; pokers, tongg, ridirons.
skillets, teakettles, puts; ovens, coffee mills, &c. Mer
chants and Others &re : ierited to call and examine for
themseles, as he is clitentLed to sell cheap forces!) to
alli r we'd piper.
marl— , f
! - ------
rpl s ol'ha h i T th ha " Toothache!!'
TIE . 14C-) v -,l3 com °, . ° ai r . rx ,; I 7.4, (”ir-1 in f.w. in; .
..i._ Rt. 9. 7')V ,TSIIIE. thP, ": . ! - r1!• ri 311-srovrry. Tf.l'
IVI:C.Ch i , W irra-,d. ThN^P ar, rnlny irni.l.ion. a :
C lunterfeitA, of above. Tee o-.2v true azidg.tlzu
hie article is to be had. at TUTTLE'S 86 Fourth at.
sept 12.
44.14 - aTiti'tiksz i
IPone sn ,
.11*11. Aiiikedation ere— hauls,
cratviti.AND,, °tato.
A GENTS for the Merchants' Transportation Com
-411.. pany composed of the Merchants' Line Erie
Canal; Wnshington, Line. Hunter, Palmer & Co.'s
Line of Steam boats and vessels on the lakes. Cleve
land Line, Pennsy/vatia and Canal zud. Proprie
tors of the Merchants, Line, Ohi
Wilkie & Ensworth, No. 9, Coentisw Slip, N. Y.
R. Hunter & Co. Albany Otis Chaff, Boston.
Hunter, Palmer & CO,. Buffalo,
M. I`. Wi/liam & Dow,
Hon. John M. Allen, Cleve/sad.
Charles M. Giddings,
S. Dickey, Bearer.
B irtninghazn & Co., Pittsburgh.
ap t 1 18431 y.
n earer d
aziWarren Packet
THE canal packet ERIE, J. M.
....,....,, mmi,,,„„ •
--•,-'"...%- --W.---- Shaw,mas ter, will run as regular
weekly packet between the above named ports, leaves
Beaver on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays' morn
ing', leaves Warren on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat
urdays; connecting with the Stage Lines to Cleveland
direct, For freiabt or passage apply ea board, or to
__DIRINGHAM & CO., Pittsburgh,
J. S. DIC/CEY Beaver.
..1;.1. s. •-. . _ --_
......... 1.7'::-.7;:t 4:01-ur". "trms / 2 Al i a
1 843.
FARE RE DUCE D.-17. S. Af.t rr. LINE Cd, Sraozs
AHD RAIL ROAD CARS. from Pittsburgh, via Bed
ford, Chambersburg, Harrisburg and Lancastr, to
Philadelphia, connecting with the Main train of cars to
N. Y. &c. Only 1.50 miles staging anci ono night out.
A/so, the direct line to Baltimom.
Fare to Philadelphia
Baltimore ;i..
Leaves daily at 8 o'clock A. M. 9.
Office 2d door below the Merchants' Hotel Wood st,
Feb 23, 1843-Iy.
JAMES 3[A 1':
loor pan t.
ist.GROAVE HALakcibe late reai r cto s !V e
is well filled rya/min:ace troll Mom met, dc. Also,*
miens teimamit iately oar:void bir it
I. Laisgh orze.
Posses/um will be even immedlatfy_y. Per twee
apply ta
1 Building Lots In abutiniritane.
9 LOTS, stutabie for bundler die
-I- e., mated, and within two mss' wa& if die
steciesferry boat imsdsag, will be , id at paced Wash
the times. The tertas of payment vri/1 be atati_u_Olara
either for cash or auch barter at CaZI be made s tab
Apply to the subscribeel in Birmingham, (r /41 - 7,
Poterson, No 4, Ferry street, Pittaburgh.
between the abovc -
s, Wednesdays, and r 1.
June 1
. Tuesdays, ThursdaYsanu ..
the Stag,e Lines to Cleveland /
.... Isola firr flale. . . A
A Lots In niaachmter
Lots and a room stem ret
sage apply on board, or to
,s.. CO , pit.surgil, 'it Land on Holt, Hill. Lou nos. 41,42,51.'53,34
/81, 112, ancllB4, in Cook's plan of_ Latio.oe mabeas
Hill Also, Lots ties• 28,and ,27, In ~spina** Lots
on High street, neat th enewCourt I . use. For LNEIS.
IlLta apply to
sep 10
..,zs .
?or Bale.
I T OTS on the North East corner of r..lcisa El a 0 assi
1....2 High street, Apolv to
sep 10
Market near Fourth stew,
Per Rent
TiThat COTTAGE, situates in the B
i ".-
rA. Law renceville, at present occupied baba
• - .
Parke r
• 2 ,
The place Ens a very 6ne ganfen and good assort?
'ZIPIIt of fruit treeti. Any person renting can have die
. .hrir
t'roprietors. !prat-liege of engus . ing for the must :r
sion gi,cin on.the Ist of Oct,^l-----neixt Year
The G reZCenfr a i jite 1
App at. No. $ Commercial Row, Liberty
I lisa Nai4onal Road and Balt:more and Ohm Rail or to Wm Toman, Smithfield street. ' .
Road Company,
sep. 1, 1893.
~.,......„..t.,z,' ''
......,....,„=7 1.....,11,, A S %IA L L CHEAP FARM FOR SALE.
.3 . :st aal 4 -
...t1et."4,174.,:, -„,...-.. -4 A SMALL Pa rm in Upper St. Clair townsap, 111.
NEW LINE OF U. S. M 11l CO I.CHES FOR f (1.. bout 4i mfies from Pitt.burgh anti about 0 yenta
ii,r,ssruziarox Curl., liLLmrortz PR/LADELPRIA n i the Washington turnpike, eentair me 164 seresgood
AND :\ En YORK ,
I land, well located and improved, and alt a l l elea
THIS lino is in full operation and lent C. Pitt.burgh I and under food &nee; and will be a good Place for ms,
r.ia 11, a.,aiatoa pa. extensisegardner, ak.c. It has on it a goad dweaint
daily at 6 o'clock A 11 ,
here house arnl berm andls well watered • It will be o
and national road to Cumber a...d, c, meeting
with the rail road Co' s t o all the noose places' T ray- low for c-ish—orpart cash and pan melt Andy at
elers wit] find this a speedy a id com.inatile route, i FlarTu'A P ne .Y fand rateilig"" Ipf6ee'°r
it being a separate and di,t/..ict Pitt bt.rah and CL‘rn. i
Berland line, facthttes will be afforded which bare net I
8 t
been heretofore enjoyed. Extra coache s fu SAMUEL
at -p LEAsANT roo ms ir°anderx„32l its.
the shortest notice with the privilege of going Lirough
a, cast steel &le manufactory, corne — r opcnyf Lile er t ' at
Hara str Beta . Apply on the .
_........0renr,..., July le.
director taking one ments rest at their option . For ock.ets, appl3, at our of'fice at the Niononeraiela
L.W.STOCKTON, Preeneales Fire brick !
be Sale.
feb 3--citf.
President of NT R.StaTe Co. "'CST received, 5000 Freeman's best Fire B
---nefirtiliz.-Tra-ire-----hl, for ucuu,--------tt. which will hereafter be ek in constantly cal Mimi
and sold low for cash, by B/RAI/NGFIAM dr CO.
iniCait I
No. 60 Water at.
rf oaa e 2 azutil.l 2 e
The S.,s, ifisure, Robinson , Master, leases ever:.
U s ,PS 4 eericy) for renting and
The Cutter, Collins, Master, leave n es ever FridaY at sellin of HOU•PS and Farm's As man, persons ant
10 o'clock a m
i corstaentls wantin b ses without having the
The Montgorrier), Bennett, Master, leave s ere Sat- time to run about th e crtyreatin se °ll ,arch of one can by call:
urday nt 10 o'clock a in
I ine• upon the subscriber and stating the kind i ?I l e um
The Express, Parkinson Master, leaves e s every Sun- they trans, find one that will suit them, al
know the
chiq at 10 o'clock a. m
number of rooms, situation and rent, without furl/HR.
at 20
Ossners of hou•es would End it to their Interest to
raze DA:penott: call end s se a desenntion of them told the rent they
Vatted States Portable Boat
roouire, rt eey ould then find their houses reoteld
; sooner and with lc ks tronhlo.
The Patronage of the raib or is res.oerrfulv soliel. .........'
i sep .21-rf
T• II TUTTLF, 86, 4th st
it ------------- • --- ------ i; __ i _________________ ..................orilent
I THE l'b'cnber
°Pen" ed a book to record AEI
.... 1.-NULTY ,er relacctfulls informs hie
lAelllnz hou.e r are I nose, store, q/op, rooms
C • friend s and the public, dia. he has made r r - ar ma nge
n"ndt farm and 'wat.fia rent, charging the ovra
menu to continue the a,e lc% ot the boats forrun. the
, ° ,.. r 05 - r ‘
cents each record. He will keep it open for all
U.S. Portab/e Boat Line St the large new it arell'ou.e, i s ..
to rent an., lilnd of property to examine, and
CORVER OF 11 ATNIE AND L/13ERrY STREETS Coral ~,,,,,,), - - I } .:
d for a small compensate**.
Basin, v. here good. will be rec. - lied and fans arded i wilt titetEt,iiderrtol:37lternngtSztll an d
prom„, ands
with usual despatch, and on the mot fast, terms,
all kinds of gal!
between land ord and tenant.
to Baltnnore, P1,11..1,1p10a "s., IA• York or Bo.tor to
, t o,t
272 Mirket st Philadelphia • se'
MOORE & C H ISC kg-o m ,
75 Bond ) 3 V, hart* 13altimc-e
ALLEmiNerK,lti..AuM,OLoll4,anEdr7citzletßrereottl,erptiileBb'e 46,
P. Gold, Silver and Solvent Bank notcs„ bought
and sold. Sight cheeks on the I•astern cities, for sale
Drafts, notes and bills, collected
IVin Bell & Co N,
Co., John D D
/ FLo Davis,
J. Painter , ' lr Co Put3bur g h ' Pa
Joseph Woodwail,
James May,
Alex. Bronson &Co
Joh J
nll Brown &Co i.? Phi ladelphia.
arnes I FCandless } Cincinnati, 0,,
J. R• M'Donald ) St. Low., Mo .
W.ll. Pope, Esq., Pres't Bank Ky. } Lai:Eu..llle.
THlSnut , a an:-.._azie enema Wernt Speatfic•
is to certify that voth sod 'WORN
SP ECIFIC, a child of mine pa sed upss upwards of 600
worms; it is the most powerful Worm Specific now in
H 13aarnoLonaw
Middlebury 0 Oct I, 1843
For sale at the Drug Stow of JON. KIDD,
Corner 4th and Wood its
iept. 4-3 m
1 • ,
....!. Dye Stuffs Just Received.
Vitriol, Camwood, Alum. and a general stock of,
Drs. I Vooris, in store, and for sale at the Drug Store
sept. I'2. ON. KIDD.
Col-no r 4th and Wood sts.
A L A.DY who is capable of taking charze of a
household, is desirous of obtaining a situation
as housekeepe r in a private fa mily, or as super-intendent
in a respectable hotel. She Would have no objection
to leave the citjlif desired to do so. For furtherinfor-
!nation inquire at this office,
aus; 4 1—tf I
t`i O. 9, Fifth 'it.
ii Good for Sate of z .. . ,
lea acres on Sugar Creek, Artnatmne
..t-l_ entinty, 100 of which is improved. This &MA
well watered by springs and two large runs whiela paati
nearly through it and then unite. formingan excelleo!
Mill Seat. 40 acres are first rate for meatioar or
Mill crops. and the balanc e is good for fall min....
There is no waste land, and it is well adapted fora dai..
ry or for sheep. and lies Nest well. There is OD h D
good apple orchard, a substantial hewed log house, ii
large log barn and a good coal bank, easily ccessible'
in good order, and the quantiy inexhaustibl. Thti;
farm lies withi n 18 miles of Freeport, 9 miles frorti
Kitt anning', 4 miles from a Catholic chapel and 2 miles
from a Presbyterian end Seceder churches. It will bi
sold at a bargain for cash or ezchnrtzed for a goal
three story brirk house and lot in Pittsburgh. rot'
terms anti particulars enquire at Haris' General ./C.
eeney and Intelligence office, or of the subacriber of the premises.
S. J. 1 1, "
sep 27
. _ . WHITE,-"
gs. lai THE su bs Peach Tree
sere of Land her has just received from the NO
and Fulton, near PhiladelPide
a lot of the chOicest variety of peach trees, to whittling
would call the attention of the public. -
N ,
o. 184 Liberty st . . be of Wood-
R. ife.L.4.ll7E'S L rvEA, PILLS.
I lIEREBY certify that I have known a number oF
people who have taken Dr. ItlcLane's Liver Pink'
and have been much becelitted by thfro. and I believe'
them to he the best pills For liver compiaints, a.nd for
general use, of any pill now before the public. -
I hereby certify that I have been alitieted for 8 yeaw
with a liver complaint; and have applied to air=
physicians, and all to little or 150 t, %Mill 7
ll s e of Dr...llcLane's Pills. 111ra eiree:sing two boxes aria.*
T am nearly restored to Perfect health.
Millerslan SAMUEL DAVIS.
gh, near burgh,
re Au
To - sale at, th e D Fltts
ru g Sto ot gust 36, 1843
. -- - -
aug 2!:', corner 4th and Woodstreets, Pittsburgh
Id / VER COATP—LAlNTS—Dyspcp.rise ere,
gesifen, wit costiveness asridito of the item
ach, hardness with ood after meals, heartbUrn.llatulency.
li...er complaints, with pain in the side and shouler..
, jaundice. biliou s i complaints, dnrpsy, diabets, gravel,
i stone, d lammation ofthe lungs, ara most perfectly
I removed and cared by the HEPATIC ELIXIR.
This article has themes: astonishing effects in curing
all complaint s of the stomach and digestive organs...-
Many highly respectable individuals in New York -
have been cured. after trying every other reatedyik
vain, and have given in theirnames with petroisaion t ai refer to them. It is pleasant to the taste, arid d
not in
the least interfere with the daZy avocado.
taking it. Many familie s of this thy have beco me se
pleased with the medicine, that they use it as their
only family medicine. By using it ocessiczaDv, it
- keeps the stomach free from bilious disord er
ars, and tbs,
, Kver active. with the secretions of the Weil in the e'en
nerfect activity. It is Composed entirely of vegetable*.
The cure will be gradurd, but per t ain and permasent.
For sale at T urrtz's, 86 Fotirth street. •
sep 6.
TIOPETNS' EXTRA ALCOL, or refer:loc.,
for sale at the DRUG STO O R TT E of f .
C' , -‘,- ne , f4tl: n- d. li-n.d sta.
ii.l MITH'S NEI!' YORK "v- ARNI"Id, No. 1. (mirk
i.... 7 rve. in ,tc..rc, a:4 - I fo: sa/e at rhe nue,
Comer of 4th evil Wow stc
d T ve l eTi ST ORYbricA o
arc it nse, sußnble
orritch - and unio a st ng
" d
GmcerY' situi°2lth
reets. Possession given i . annnott o cclale
ely. .
E mpire a