Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, October 13, 1843, Image 4

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    Jlab WA RD tr Manifacturers ail Wall
pager, No. 113, Wood Strict, Pittsburgh,
'nave always on hand an extensive assortment of Sail!
led and plain PAPER. HANGINGS, Velvet and
filtration Borders, of the lamst style and handsome
- *Here., for papering hall*, parlors and chambers.
They mansfitetere and have on hand at all times-
Printla.,Wrltlng, Letter, 1V rapplim. and lea Pa per,Bon
aei:ar Boards—all of width they otfer for sale
not the most accommodating terms; and to which they
Invite the attent on of merchants and others.
. 2 :26 LSO—Blank Books ()rail kinds and the hest quality,
c!! Rooks, etc. always on hand and , or sale as above
N. B. Rapt nd Tanners'Scraps' taken In exchange
JEVEMOVAL.—T he undersigned begsleaceto inform
the public, t bathe has removed from his old stand,
to the eornPr of. Pnnn'and Et. Clair sts., oppositethe Ex
thaw Hotel, where he has fitted up a large Plano FORTH.
Witte Roos, and now offers fer sale the most splendid
a3soitinent of Pwros ever offered in this market.
Hls filanos consist of different patterns, of superior
Itgse Wood and Malieg:any, beautifully finished and rno•
'dkei au& eonstrueted throughout of the very be=t ma
ietqati,which, for durability, and quality of tone. as well
itl! Ai:mitt, he warrants to be superior to any ever seen
Al, he has eri!ar;ml his manufactory, and made arrange.
meats to supply the Increasing demand for this instru
ments be respectfully rcquesis those Intending to pur.
chase to call and examine tie assortment before nureha.
sine elsewhere, as he is determined to sell towntt, for
eash,than any other establishment east or west of the
asbuotains. F. BLUME,
Corner of Penn and St. Clair streets,
Sep 10 . Opposite the Exchange Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Beady Matte Coffin Warehouse,
Fourth St . , 2 doors from the U. S. Bank.
ti - R ESPECTFULLY informs the public that he
has rem y.ied his ready made coffin ware
house to the building recently Jectipied by Mr.
IL G. Beriord, directly opposite his old stint],
hore be Is always prepared to attscd promptly
to any orders in his line, and t,3 , strict attention
to all the details of the business of an Undertaker,
!ass bo?es to merit public confidence: He will be prepared
at A.LL HOURS to provide Hearses, Biers, C loges and
.requisite on the most liberal trims. Calls from the
Country will be promptly attended to.
His residence Is in the same building with his wart
benie, where tlio , e who need his services wily find him
at any time. ItitnETtENCES:
Wow. tetwix,
W. a. 'emu,
KiLC 1.111.M111,
IPeP 10
La 1 what makes your teeth so unusually white&
Quoth Josh's dulcinia to hint Cother night,
To make yours look so, with a grin, replied Josh,
I ve brought you a bottle of Thorns' Tooth Wash,
'T.s the best now in use, so tie gentlefolks say,
And since they have tried this, cast all others away
But to provelt the best, to make the teeth shine,
Look again, my dear Bat, at the lustre amine.
Then try V. is great tooth wash,
The Teaberry tooth wash,
And see if this Tooth Wash of Thorn's is not one.
Having treed Dr. ,, Thore's 'Ten Berry Tooth Wash,'
todbecome acquainted with the ingredients of its compo.
, OMNI cheerfully say, I consider it one of the safest, as
ft isone of the most pleasant Tooth Washes now in use.
", Pittsburgh Sep. 15,13-12 DAVID HUNT, Dentist.
1 take pleasure in stating, having made use of" Thorn's
Tea Berry Tooth Wash," tty.t it is one of the hest den
tritkes in use. Being in a liquid form, it combines neat•
nets with convenience. While it cleanses the enamel
and removes the tartar from the teeth, its perfume yelds
a fragrance peculiarly desirable. J. P. is BETTS. M.D.
The undersigned have used "Tim , Cs Compound Tea
Berry Thoth Wash," and have found ii to bean extreme.
ty pleasant dentifrice, exercising a most salutary influ.
Mice over the Teeth and Gums; preserving those indis
pensable members from premature decay, preventing the
accumulation of Tartar, and purifying the Breath. Ilay.
iwg thoroughly tested its virtues, we take pleasure in re.
commending it to the public, belieeing it to be the best ar
ticle of the kind now in use.
Prepared and sold by WILLIAM THORN. A potheca•
r? and Chemist, No. 53 Market street,' Pittsburgh; and
at aft the prlnelpa Druggists', and Tuttle's Medical Agen
ejr.l l aiirth street. sep
rtHE subscriber having opened a shop No 68, second
street, between Market and Wood streets,Plitsburgh,
i n connection with the Factory in Birmingham, respect.
filly [aunts his friends and the public, that he will be
happy to be favored with their orders for any articles in
his Doe,
Door Locks and Fasteners, o ' various d ecriptions, or.
band and made to ordcr.
Tobacco, Mill and Timber Screws.
Large Screws, for Iron Work.,', and Screws for Presses,
wade as may be required,
Carpenters and Builders are requested to call befall
contracting for Jobs, and examine his articles and prices.
Locks repaired and Jobbing generutly [one in .he best
u•anner,and on the lowest terms.
may t2-6m JAS. PATTCRSON, Jr•
pr. Leidy's Tetter Itch Ointment.
FON. the cure of every variety of TETTER, the ITCH,
and all diseases of the skin, has proved itself more
efficacious than any other preparation for the SMIC par.
pose In use.
Upwards of five hundred certificates might be procured
and published of its efficacy from School Teachers, Pro
prietors of Facto' les. Parents, Guardians, Child Nurses,
Captains of vessels and others, were it not for the deli
cacy in having their names published in connection with
Nth disagrecaye affections.
By the use of Dr Leidy's 'Fetter Ointment In corjunc.
Lion with his extract of Sarsaparilla or Blood Pills, he
will uarantce to cure any disease common to the skin,
pDw er bad, or of however long standing, or refund the
' , There are however very few instances hut can
beeitred by the Ointment alone,
Pries - 25 cents a Box.
Prepared only and ■old ivliolesale and retail at Dr Lel.
dy's Health Emporium, 191 N. Second st. Philadelphia,
and by B. R. FAHNESTOCK 4 Co. corner of Wood
and Sixth streets, Agents for Pittsburg. juiy 12.
npnEsub,criLer would respectfully inform the citizens
twat), Allegheny and their yieir itieF, that he
IYyl•etmmenced manufacturing the article of Lard 01
MO Canute,. He intends making but one quality, which
will equal the best made in the Union and not surpassed
by tbe hest winter strained sperm oil either for machinery
exhuming, without its offensive properties, and one
ber wishes to impress distinctly on the public mind that
It hi tst itecbtorary to purchase any new fangled lamps that
bre daily palmed upon them as being requisite to burn the
lard 01l in. Persons wishing a pure and brilliant light
Clia obtain it by calling at the old stand ,3d street, nearly
tweslte the Post Office.
_ _ .
131 atteution of SVnt. sale dealers, Churches and
i.l's reamer •
S.—All Its :33 3 will (scar the nianufacinrers
Jan 2; 1343—tf.
REV. 'erns BL&CK.D.D
REV. Joszrri KERR,
For the Transportation of .Merchandise and Pr utinc
DEVINE respectfully inform the public thatilicy
• have completed their arrangsnents.for the above
Line on
The public has tang wished for I ndtvidnal competition
in Transportation on the Public Worhs, by which alone
it can be freed front tinnecesiary expense; and reduced
to its lowest rates; that wish will now be realized; the
State of Pennsylvania having placed Trucks on her Rail
Roads. Inclivldtia,s owning Portable Boats are enabled
to hid for the Carrying Trade and successfully to com
pete with companies.
This line iscomposed of Twenty new, Cour Section
Portable Boats, owned by the Captains who command
them and well known a• enrerpritittg, industrious and
experienced Boatmen.
The superiority and tidy:at:l;es of the Portable Boat
Over every other mode of 'Pt:in:l,o,l.loon, are too well
known to shippers q,eneraliy.to require comment; F u
e it to say, that the detention, loss,separation and dam
age to Goods, invariably attending t hree Transhipments
between Pittsburgh and Phiadelphia are by the Portable
Boat Most efreetUally removed.
The Portable [font possesses the great advantage too,
of bring Well ccntaated and cool in Summer; which pre.
cants Flour from souring. tied Bacon and Tobacco from
11, Devine, standing as he does, between the owners,
of goods and the Boatmen who carry them, and ennally
intcrested In protecting the interests of both. will make
no proinkci to the public he will not faithfully perform.
tie is now prepared to receive and 'forward Produce
to Philadelphia. Baltimore, New York, and Boston In the
shortest time, and pledge's himecif to enter Into no com.
bination with other Lines,but always stand ready to carry
out the principleguf hit Line, and contract for freight on
the very lowest terms.
}-To give andoubted•srcurity to owners and shippers
of goods an open policy of insurance has been effected.
by which all ine.rchandize shipped by this Line will be
rosined without any additional expense to the owner.
H. Devine will receive all produce consigned to him
at Pittsburgh, pay freight and charge! to Steam Boats
and forward the same without delay to Philadelphia,
Baltimore, New York, and Boston without any charge
for advancing or commission
No. 45 Water sc., Pittsburgh
11106, 13ORBID::E Agent,
272 Market sireci, Philadelphia
15 Bowlev's Wharf, Baltimore.
DOW EN k lIIBBF.RD, Agents,
Cincinnati, Ohio
Madtson Ind,
'rhos cADA 31, 4• CO Agent.
27 Ohl Slip New Yo
March 10 _1:;42
R V FOlt :ALE.—The undersigned ••tlers for sale
A.' his farm, lying In lion Township 41 mites tram the
City of Pittsburgh, containing 114 arms ofland of which
60 ale cleared and under fence, I • to 15 to 20 VI" of
meadow, 2 good Orchards of Apples t few Pearl' and
Cherry trees—the improvements are a targe frame home
cow ainmg 10 rooms well furnished, calculated fur a Ta
vcrn w. private Dwelling, a frame Para 28 by titbstooe
Ivent,mt, and stabling, sheds • ad oilier out hous••s suit
able for a tenement!-2 good Gardens surrounded with
corral)t hushes, and a well of excellent water, with a
pump in at the front door. In relation to the Pittsburgh
and Allegheny market, there is no place now offered for
with more ieducement to those wishing to purchase
near Pittsburgh, the terms will be made moderate. for
further itarticularsamily to the prop: ietor at his Clothing
Store, Liberty street, corner of Virgin Alley.
N. R. If not sold before the Ist of October next. it
will be divided into 10 and 20 acre lots tosnit put.-ha
sere. rep 111
rilli ebs
suci Pier hasjusi received front Philadelpitiaand
New York, with a viler:it and extensive assort -
reeM of DR UGS, PERFUMERY, and
every article in his line of business. t% bleb It is deter
mined to sell on the most reasonable terms for cash.—
lie believes he can offer stronger inducements than any
siniita • establishment in Ihiscity to country Physician
tid itlerehants, who wish to supply tlierntieter, ‘t rth
Drugs and Medicines. fl is articles have boil seicotti
with the utmost (Tire, and are warranted (tribe ec , i quul.
ity and uniform strength. Orders will be filled with ac
curacy and elegance. Fautiii s can be supplied with Fier
and Fancy Soaps of every coriceivaitle variriy, and of
the most exquisite perfumes; likewise with Perfumery
and Cosmetics of evr ry ett-rriplon.
The undersigned returns his thanks for the liberal sup
port heretofore extended to bin', and hopes by a roust:tat
di...position to please arid accommodate—n rare In pro—
curing and selling only what is exrellNit and genuine— a
close F u per vis io of - the sale:. and transaction of the %Ann.
lishment —precant ion and accuracy in compound' med.
tines—and by induAtry and perseverance, to nier n ill
reese of public patronage
may 25.
tirpholstery Furnishings.
rplIE suliscrilteis respectfully inform their ft tend, and
the patine that they have just opened the store No
30 rinhittreet, near the Exchange Batik, and adjoining
Mr. J. D. Williams'Grocery, where they Intend to manu
facture in the hest style, and have 'catty for sale a fail
assortment of the first quality of Upholatery Furniah•
in.ns. such as Hair, Shuck and Straw Mattrasses, Feath
er Reds, Sackings, 4.r. which they wilt sell for Cask at
nearly 100 per cent less than former prices.
ALSO; Sofas, Chairs, etc Upholstered, carpets made.
and Cut tains arranged after the newest fashions—A II of
which they offer to execute in a manner unequaled in
this or unsurpassed In any other city.
mar 20 lY
Regular Morning Packet for Beaver.
lIILIE fast running and well known
I &minter
Snertr Hictientbt., Master, will depart daily from Pitt,,
burgh at 9 o'clock, A. M„ and Beaver at 1 o'clock P. M
For freight or pass.lge, apply on board, or to
No 60 %Voter street.
N. 13.—The regular canal pael.ct to Cleveland, Ohlit
Greenville and Meadville Pa•; and Massillon on the
Ohio Canal, connect:lig with Wainer Cleveland at Gem.
ver,will he in operation immediately on opening of nav•
igation. mar !G
Case of Liver Complaint of 25 years standing.
This may certify that for twenty five years 1 WaS af
flicted with pain in my side, which was frequently so
severe as to entirely incapacitate roe from labor. 1 have
been under the care and treatment of various physicians
without any permanent benefit. !fearing of the many
cures effected by the Depatle Elixir prepared by Dr.
Starkweather,l was induced to give it a trial, and ant
happy to say that h has entirely removed. have felt
no symptoms of it for store than a year part.
Northbridge, JuneBi3 SO, 1841. AMOS WHITE.
Thegenuino to be had at TUTTLE'S Medical Agency,
Fourth street.
Denning's Fire eroof Iron Chests.
PITTSBURGH, OCT. 22, 184,2.
J. DKNNINO—On Friday, thealth oflast month, about
9 o'clock at nieht, lie Planing, G rooving and Sash titan•
ufactory, owned by Gay, Dilworth 4- co, with a large
quantity of dressed and andressed lumber, was all comm.
med by fire.
The Iron safe which I bought of you some time hack
was an the must expord situation during the fire, and
was entirely red hot—l am pleased to inform you it was
opened at the close of the fire,and all the books, papers,
4-c.saved;—this is the best retool anendation I can give of
the utility of your safes.
cart 24—lf T1:011AS SCOTT
Pittsburgh Lard Oil Pdanufactors.
CONS7'.9.VTL on hand a superior article of Lard
Oil, warranted to burn at any temperature, and
equal to the best winter strained Sperm Oil, without
Its offensive qualties, and one third cheaper, man.
ufactured by the subscriber at the old stand, Third st..,
nearly opposite the Post Office. M. C. EDEY.
Jan 4,1843
'BY THEASA' 14!).E3iT :43 - tTfi F. U.' STATE'S! I
N pursuance of law, I, Jona TYLER, President
of the United States bf America, do hereby de.
clare and make known that public sales will be held
at the undermentioned Land o;fices. in the State of ;
MISSOURI, at the peiiods lief einafier designated,
to wit:
AT PLAT'IsSBURG, in Clinton county, the seat
of the L aud Office for the Platte district of Missou
ti, cummencing on Monday, the ninth day of Oco
her next, for the disposal of the public lands within
the undermentioned t o wnships, and fractional tOwn
sTh:3, to '.Vi;:
North of the base line and west of the fifth print?",
pal meridian, and west of the former western bum
dory of the State.
Township Sixty two, of range thirty fohr.
Townships sixty one and sixty three, of range
thirty five
Townships ixty two and sixty four, of range thirty
Townships sixty one and sixty three, 01 range
thirty seven.
Townships sixty two and sixty four, of range thir
ty eight.
The west half of township Sixty one, of range
thirty nine.
Fractional township sixty two and township sixty
four, of range forty. .
Fractional townships sixty two and sixty three, oil
range catty one.
Fractional townships sixty three and sixty four, of
range forty two.
North of the base line and east of the fifth principal
meridian, and west of the former western boundary
the State.
Townsh : ps sixty one and sixty two, of range
twenty seven.
Townships sixty. &xty one and sixty two, of range
twenty eight. •
T.wnship sixty one. of range twenty nine.
Also at the some place, commencing on Monday.
the thirteenth day of November next, for the disposal
of the public lauds within the limits of the uncle/men
tioned townships and fractional townsliMs, v;y.
North of the bare line and west of the fifth principal
meridian, and west of the former weitern boundary of
the Slate.
- -
Fractional townships fifty, fitly one, fifty t h ree,
fifty five and fifty seven, of range thirty three.
Townships•fily two, filly four, fifty sir, fifty eight
and sixty . , of range thirty four.
F ia r ti o n al township fitly nne, townships fifty three,
filly five, f, actional- trwnship fifty seven and town
ship fifty trin6, of range thirty five.
Fractional townships fifty four, fifty six, and fifty
seven and town nip sixty, of range thirty sir.
Fractional townships fifty five, fifty six, fifty eight
and fitly nine, of range thirty seven:
Fractional townships tiny five and sixty of rango
thirty eight.
At the Land office at LEXINGTON, rotnntenc-
:og 6} , 1 Monday the s.econd day of October n-st, fa,
the disposal of the public !Ands within the limits of
the undermentioned townships, to wit:—
North of the base line and west of the fifth principa
m rielian
Townships thirty s x, thirty seven and thi.ty eight
or range fon; teen.
Townships thirty five and thirty reveu, of range
nit, en,
To, whip thirty fir e of ranges qixtern and nineteen
T.wndi.pc thirty five, thirty six, thirty seven and
chi: ty eigh , . (- range twenty nne .
Tuwwhip thirty eight, of roar twenty three.
p thirty owe, of range twenty eight.
Townships thirty eight and thin ty nine, of range
twenty nine.
Township forty, of ranges thirty one, thirty two
and thi• three.
South west fra , tional quarter of sections twenty
nin ., an d Itio rorih east and north %vest fracti-nal
qua, teri Of section twenty fiair in tow usliip fifty onr,
booth of M isour i river, of range twenty - biz.
:South west (Oar ti.r of Seel a seven, ill township
fei ty nine, of i ange twenty erg eu.
Lands iippropi fated hy lain ; for the use of sehool6
military or o.ber purposis, be excluded from
Tile Fates ff ill ea h he kept open for two weeks,
[unless the lawl3 ore Ft) net tti.spoßsd of] oFsd no
longer; and tio pirate e.ltries of laud in tile town
ships s” cgrefed wig be whinged, untd alter hr ex
pincion Wit) uer s.
l; twg-r li•tnd at the Cgs . of Washington.
this right! . day ol Jour. Ala). Domini, 16 , 13.
By .6t: Pr sident:
C'untm'r of the Central Land Office
NOTICE 'l'o l'iZE-E lirrteN cLAIMANTS
y p, r.on claiming the right of i • r e -emption
to any ;:tm's tt it !in the limits of the ton oratips above
cowrie:at , d, i. rout - Imre , ' ti cs . ablisb the sante to tho
ba~lelae•non `. tie Itegister and IZueiver of the
proper Lard ()like, and to make par went therefor,
at s,on as prartiral,l,' aft r sr, ing this n,tice,
and be
f•ve the day appointed 1 . .1 the eernnteneemeht
pubic sale of the town hip, embracing the Ira •1
c!aimrrl, above designated: ot!lero Ise such claims
will be forleited.
Commi•sianer of The Gtneral Land Office
jtitre :29—ots.
S MUM ENTS!— T. McCarthy, Cutler and Surgical
Instrument Maker, TAird street, nearly opposite the
Poet Office. Pittsburgh
Physicians. Denti,ts and Druggists can have their In•
strumenisniadeby the subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears and Scissors always on hand.
also Batters Shears, a superior article. Orders respect.
fully solicited.
N. B. Allarticles warranted of the hest quality, and
obbing done as usual. sep 10
filo FEB A LES.—Tlieie is a large class of Females in
this City who from their continued sltti ng, to which
their occupLtlons oblige I hem,a re a 'reeled with costiveness
which gives rise to palpitation at the heart on the least ex
ertion, sense of heaviness extending over the whole head,
intolerance of light and sound ,an inability of fixing the
attention to any mental operations; rumbling in the bow•
els, sometimes a sense of suffocation, especially after
meals when any exertion Is used, as going quickly up
stairs; tempre fickle; these aresymptoms which yield al
once to a few dosesof the Brandreth Pills. The oeca•
sional use of this medicine would save a deal of trouble
and years of suffering. One, or two, or even three of
the Brandreth Pills just before dinner, are ofen found
highly beneficial; many use them very advantageously In
this way; they aid and assist digestion, restore the bowels
to a proper condition,enliven the spirits, Impart clear.
ness to the complexion, purify the blood, and promote a
general feeling of health and happiness.
Sold at Dr. 6•audreth's Office. In the Diamond
Pittsburgh—Price 24 tent. 3 per box, wlth full directions.
MARK—The - only place In Pittsburgh, where the
GENUINE Pills can be obtalned,ls the Doctor's own Of.
flee, Diamond. Sep, 10
DLEIDY'S Ssassesetu.s BLOOD Puts, are anvil
15 cable in all cases, whether for Purgation or Purifi
cation. They possess ail the boasted virtues of other
pills, and are additionally ellicacioui, containing Sarsap
arilla in their composition, which is not contained in any
other pills in existence, They are also different from otter
er pills in composition, being purely vegetable, and can
he employed at all times, without any danger, and re
nutting no restraint from occupation or usual course of
Notwithstanding Dr, Leidy never pretended his Blood
Pills would cure all diseases, yet it is not saying too much
of them, from !lie innumerable cures performed by them
in every vailety and Form of disease (certificates of many
of which - have been published from persons of all denom•
kations, physicians, clergymen, and others) that they
seem to be almost universal in their effect; and persons
using them for whatever sickness or disease, may rest
assured they will he found more efficacious than any 0111
er pills in existence.
From the known reputation of Dr Leidy's Blood Pills,
'tis deemed necessary to remind the public where they
may at all limes procure the "genuine, as it is attempted
io Impose other pills called Blood Pills' upon the pablic
on the reputation of Dr. Leidy's. Erße particular and
a=k for Dr Leidy's Sarsaparilla Blood Pills, and see that
the name of Dr N. B. Leidy Is cant. toed on two sides
of each box,(the bores being of paper, and oblong,squarc
shape, surrounded by a yellow and black label.
PRICE-25 cents a Box.
Prepared only, and sold Wholesale and Retail, at Dr
Leldy's Health Ernporiam, 191 North Second street, be
low Vine, Philadelphia, ant by B. A. FAILMEETOCK
4- CO. corner of Wood and Sixth st recto, Agents for nets
burgh July 12 y
Adams' Patent sfitatgliphy" Wins.
HAVE now been before
the public 3 years du•
ring which time several
thousands have been sold
and in daily use. We are
confident of being sustained
in saying they are the best
Coffee Mills in the United
States, any way you , fix it.'
Several modifications are
madeto suit the fancy of
wive! and the purses of
Sold by the gross or dozen
at the manuractory.---
Malleable Castings made to
These genuine nrtlcles, of all SlZCs,..anciposl improved
vorietles,constantly on hand and for saleit itry reduced
prices by the mattufacturer, L. R. LIVINGSTON,
mar 2. —ll Front between Ross and Grant 513.
HAVE removed the' taper Store front Market
street to No. GI Wood street, one door from the
corner of 4th, where they keep on hands their untat as
sartment of WALL PAPERS, for papering partors,en
ttles,eltambers, 4c. and also PRINTING, WRITING
AB of which they offer for sale on accommodating tertni,
feb 14, 1843. —dl f
Flow important it k that you commence without
loss of Buie. with BR•933ETII'S The) mildly hut
surely remove all impurities (rein tee blood, and no case
of sickness can affect the human frame, that these cele
brated Pins do not relieve 39 much as medicine can do.
Colds and' coughs are more henentted by the Brandreth
Pills than by lozenges and tamales, Very well, per
haps.as pallatives, but,wortit nothing as eradicators or
diseases from the human system. The flassiontrniFtzts
cure, they do not merely relitve, they cure disease.,
whether chronic or recent, infectious or otherwise, will
certainly he cured by the use of these all sufficient Pills.
SINO B ixO,January 21,1843
Doctor Beojosnin Braifretk—llonored Sir: Owing to
you a dent of gratitude that money cannot pay, 1 am
induced to make a ptilt:ic aeknowledgemlant of the benefit
my wire has derived from your Invaluable pills. About
three years lids winter she was taken with a pain In her
ankle, which soon became very much inflamed and
swollen, ro much so that we became alarmed, and scut
for the doctor. Durittg, his attendance the paiu and swell
lug Increased to an alarming degree,and in three weeks
from its first comineticiug, it became a running sore—
She could get no rest at night the pain was so great.—
Onr first Doctor attended her fur six months, and she
received no tiet,elt vvitatever, the Fain growing worse.
and the sore larger all the w bile. lie said if it was heal
ed up It would be her death, hut he appeared to he at a
loss how to proceed, and my pour wife still continued
to suffer the most terrible tortures. We therefore sought
other aid In a Botanical doctor, who said when he first
saw it that he could soon true the sore, and give her
ease at once. To our surprise he gave her no relief,
and acknowledged that it baffled all his skill.
Thus we felt after having tried during one whole year
the experience of two celebrated physicians in vain, In
absolute despair. My poor wife's constitution rapidly
tatting in the prime of her years from her continued
suffering, Coder these circumstances we coneluded that
we would try your universal Vegetable rills,determined
to fairly test their curative effects. To my wife's great
comfort the first. few doses afforded great relief of the
pain. ‘Vatnin one ,week, to the utontaliment of our
selves and every one who knew of the case, the swelling
and the inflammation began to cease no that site felt quite
easy, and would sleep romCortably, and, sir, after sin
weeks' use she ta as able to go through the house, and
again attend to the management of her family. which
she had lint (lane I . or ,:.!y 14 months. In a little over
two itimittis from the ttu•e she tir,t can,itiencrd the use
of your invaluable rills, her ankle wits quite sound, and
tier h. alth meter than it had lava lit mitte a number of
yenis hefure. I send cot this statement after •wo years
teat of the cure, considrring It only an act of justice to
you and the politic a• la •ge.
We are, with null rh gra it ude,
Very re.rincifully,
P. S. The Bo antral Dodo: pronounced Ilte sore can
cerout, att.; finally eald nu _nod cou'd tot done, lint, sts the
whole of the theft war rlll °X, and the bone scraped.--
Thank a kind Provident,. I hir made tir re-ort In your
'dn.:, Which trr vett ur front 311 Itirthcr utter ry, and for
w•tilrh we. hope t In thankful.
irrl="° lll 0 1 '25 cow, per hoc. nit It dirt rtianr.
01.,ar.r yr 14r now r:ie liarlog upon it two giz
nature. of Or. fluittd,tl; tu.‘ of the cehhihe
ha. Ail bier Brandreili and three
FS.Drandrath upon it.
The only place in PittAl.tir::ll where the real Bran
drrllt ride earl ! e "! , :ttne.l, i. the Dorlorht own otre,
In the Diairt ,, l, helittni the Market hour. Mark,
the cenni or Prandreln can never be obtained In any
The followirv: are the only a^,efill n plftlnted hp Dr. 11,
Bra .ar ills Ve4etable Ur, yer.al
In A Ile,lllend connt
PeascirAt AGExT.G II LEE, Pitl4hurgh
Mr. John int , - , —AllezhenY•
Robert Duncan— Ilinnin2ham.
C, P. D'elil—Elizabetlalown•
11. Rowlard—M'Ref2fpnrt.
PreFKiy lrw•ut—Pica+.ant Fl ill.
John Johnston—NoblvAto .
Che 4 Finan Spanblin2 —Ste wa rtslown
Robert Smith Pnrier—Tarentuni.
Georze Power —Eairvit w.
David R Coon— Plum township.
Denial , :etOes —nl , l Liherl y.
Ed,: nd Thoo , o
o.llunt,r—Arc , Mil
NOT l'o DR.' r,:, !.: 171'S G ENTS.
The office Pc'' ,in esinblidied for the
piirpoete of connii.iii i••• • west. having accom
Wished II n; .j , r.t, :tilt! Mr, G. H. LEE
In Die Dlarn mil, Market tdreet , appointed no , agent for
the sale of Pill: ant Liniments All Dr. Brandettpi agents
will tnerfore.understand,that Dr.B. will .end a travelling
agent through the country once a year tocatlect moneys
fur sales made and re-supply .I:coin. The said traveller
will be provided with a power of attorney, duly proved
before the Clerk at the city and county of New York,
together with all necessary vouchers and papers.
Mr. J, J. Yoe, billy travdling agent now lit Pennsyl-
N. 11, Remember Mr. G • 11, Lee, In rear of the Mar
ket is now my only agent in Pittsburgh.
New York,itine 1418,1843,
ri• An individual only wishes to know the right way
to pursue it; and there are none, were It sunety made
known how Luz might be prolonged and flicitlnt re•
covered. w: o would nut adopt the plan. Evidence is
required that the right way Is discovered. This is what
those sutTcring from sickness want to be satisfied about.
For who is no foolish as cot to enjoy all the health his
body is capaide oil fr Ito Is there that would not live
when hi.i expt rlenre can so much benefit himself and
famllyl It Is a melancholy fact that a very large pro
portion of the most a-eft I members of society die b e ,
tweet, the ages of thirty and forty. How many widows
and helpless orphans have been the consequence of man.
kind not having In their own power the means of restor
ing health when lost.
Now all these dangers nod difficulties can be prevented
and the long and eel rain sickness, and by assisting Na.
lure, In the outset, with a good dose of Brandreth's Pills.
Tins is a fact, mil understood to be so by thousands of
our citizens This medicine, if taken so as to purge
freely. wilt surely fluently curable disease. There Is
no form or kind of sickintsstilat it does not exert a cur
ative influence upon. Thus, by their power in resisting
putrefaction, they cure measles small pox, worms and
all contascousfevers. There is not a medicine In the
world so able to purify the mass of blood and restore it
to healthy condition, as the Brandreth Pills.
The Brandreth Pills are purely vegetable, and so in
nocent that the inlaid of a mot Ili old may ' , se them if
medicine is required, not only with safety but wi'll a ter.
tainty ofreeeivins all the benefit.medicine is capable of
imparting. Females may tine them In all the critical
periods of their lives. The Brandrttn tills will insure
their health, and produce regularity in a'l the functions
of life.
The same may I.e said of Brandreil'• External Rem
edy, as an outward application In all external wain., or
swellings, or sores, it greatly as=ists t h e cure. When
used where the skin is very lender or broken. it should
be mixed with one or two pints or wilier,
A •nee Test of nemlerne Brandrea
the box of Pills, Then look at the certificate of agency,
whose engraved date must be within the year, which
every authorised agent must posse's; if the three labels
on the box agree with the 'twee labels 011 the certificate,
the Pills are True--if not, they are false.
Principal office, 211. Broadway, New York;
June 16.
CI::r TO THE LADLES'.—Why 'do you not remOve
that supsrflUouS hair you have upon your forehead's and
upper tip 7 By calling atTva - rue's, 86
Su Fourth st.,litud
obtaining a bottle of Gouraud'. Pou4res btles, which
will remove it at once without arrectinz the skin. You
can also obtain Gouraud'. truly celberated Eau deßeaufe,
which alit at once rein,ve .iti freckles, pimples, crap.'
lions of the skin, and !flake your race low:, perfectly fair;
and to those who wish to a--ost nature by adding, more
color to their cheeks, they can obtain some of Gouraud,s
celebrated Liquid R.wqe, which cannot ito rubbed oil evon
by a Wet cloth, Also rosy be found a good as.ortinentof
Perfumery, such as cologne, Bears' Oil, Almond,Pa
Windsor; and other Soaps,
Remember, at 't'attle's Medical Agency, 86 4th streetd
Drugaists and others call besupplied at Wholesale and
retail terms. may 21.; 1842
Headache! Headache!
4 P.E now know n to thousands as a most extraordina•
1 - 1. ry remedy for this affliction as well as the incon—
trovertible fact of their curing DYSPEPSIA. Will those
sutTering only ask among their friends if they have net
known of the positive effects of said Pills. and if they
do not hear [ltem more warmly praised (and deservedly
too) than any other, then let them net troy tlrein. In
these few remarks, all fancy or imagination is excluded,
and nothing will be said of their merits at any time
but what can be fairly proved by respectable mem) era of
our community,
Read the following certificate given by a respectable
citizen or .ktloglieny city, and attested by ace of thejudg.
es of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny co.
ALIA:G[I6NY CITY, January 9,1343.
DR. heonig,
. . ,
Dear Sir —T have for a number of years past been af—
flicted with a severe and almost constant headache, a—
rising from derangement of stomach and bowels and al.
though I have taken nearly every kind of Medieile re
commended fur its cure, have never derived any mate
rial benefit until 1 used some of your truly valuable An.
Ii Dyspeptic rills. 1 have not taken quite two boxes and
consider nlyFelf perfectly relieved from that distres;ing
complaint_ I have no hesitation in recommending your
Pills as the best medicine I have ever used.
Yours, Respectfully,
I am acqua.nted with Mr, Turtle-, I have no hesita
tion In certifying that 1 consider the statements of Mr,
T. respsetins Dr. Brodie's Pits, as entitled to cite most
perfect and entire confidence. num! DAVIS.
For sale, Wholesale and Retail at the Brodonian Pill
Establishment Pittsburgh Pa ; ani by all authbrised a
gent throughout the Union.
Ailey city Jan 9 1,W5 • Jan 13-Iy.
Evans's Camomile Pills,
(IKRTIVICATES.—Let(er.from the non. Wl,' tn 'Weld
lan,Sullivail County, Gast Tennessee, Mentherof Congress
WASHINGTON, July 3d, 1338.
Sir—Since I have been in this city I have used some of
your Dyspeptic medicine with infinite benefit and saris
faction, and believe it to be a most valuable remedy. One
of my zonstiluents, Dr. A. Cdrden, of Campbell county.
Tennessee. wrote to me In send hint sonic. which 1 did,
and be has mployed It very successfully in his practice,
and sayslt is Invaluable. Mr. Johrd ,, on, your agent al
this place,t" thinks you would probably like an agent in
Tennessee. If so, I would recommend Dr. A Carden, as
a proper per , On 13 officiate for the sale of your celebrated
medicine. Should you commission hint lie is willing to
act for you. You can seed the medicier by water to the
rare of Robert King Sons, Knoxville coo illy. Tennes.
see, or by land to Graham Q• Houston, Tazewell, East
Tennessee. I have no doubt but if you had agents in
several COUTItiCS in East Ten TIPFACI., a grt at deal of medl•
eine would he sold. I ant goirv2 to take some of it home
for my own use, and that of my friends, and should
like to bear from you whether you would like an agent
at Bluniville, Sullivan County. East Tennessee:l can get
some of the merchants to act for Foil as I live near there.
Ycurs respectfully,
AN:ADAM •CLEI.I.A N. or Tennessee.
For sale I , V holesatd d Retail, by
R E SELL ERR, Azent,
sec. 10 No. N. Wood sire. t.i:/ilow Second.
I). I Lt.{ .1 MEV A NS'S SOCIT II I \ Sl' ft t. 7 P.—
This inf..lliLle remedy 1.15 pre?er ved hundred ,
when thought past tecovery, C out eonvukion , . As soon
as the Synth Is rubbed ou the nm , , the thihl will rect v.
er. Thls preparation iq , 45 I nnorent, and
pleasant, that no child will refit •4. to let its rums Ire ntb
bed with it. When iMant. re ut the are or fen r
I ho' there krn appearance of teeth. one bottle of the
Syrup Thould he w.ed to open the pores. Parent: should
ever he withnut the rap In time nursery where there
:Ate chl'dren„Cor if a child wakes in the night with
pain in the : t aw,. lice Syrup immediately rives rase, by
npenti,r the pore., and healinu the uttni , ; thereby prevent.
lOC 3ions, Fevers, 4'c. For .9.11.. and
Ertail by R. E. FF.LLETZ.F. 'I rent,
LIVER COMPLAINT cured by the rite or Dr. liar-
Itch's compound Strenizihrnin7 and Aperient mil,.
Mr. Wm. Richard., or entirely cured of
by a hove di , trra , in2 di-ettae His avniptoms were pain
and weitlhi. to the left ocarramitc, voinititiz, acid
eructations, a diatenaton orllte alomarli. sick b.-Attache.
lu r red l ona.nr. countenance chanted Ina citron color,
entry ntlireathimt.cti.turtird resi.atiended w till a ronzi.,
:real rlehiql v. with other Pymptonis e rent do-
ratiernient of the, functions of the liver. Mr. Richard,
Ind the ndlriee of several phracians, hut. received no
relief, unlit rain: Dr. Ilarlich's Medicine, which lernona.
led In effeetine a pe•fert cute.
Prineipnl ()Mee. 19 North street, Philadelphia.
For wile in Pit ishurell mutt Frew, corner of Liher
wand Wood streets. cep 10
These PIPS are composed or 'piths, which rzr ,
it specific action npnv the heart, knell Ise or
strength to the arterial systeo.; the blood is ouickenr. ,
and equalized in its rirctilation through all the vessels,
whether nftlie skin. the pa its situated Internal ly ,or the
eztremilles; and as all the .recret inns Or the burly art
drawn from theblnod,therelsn consequent iarrease of
every secretion, and a quickened , ctiori of the absorbent
and exhalent. or Oscharein2 vr,iiels. Any morbid action
which may hi:ye taken place is corrected, all obsirtit•
atm , are reatirved. the blood ts a untied and the beck
otairnes det! cate. For i ale Wholesale and Re
tar ay R F SF LLERia. Aaent.
;art 10 12 1 W and st. below second
war 23, 1;143
PM. VS cured by the t se of Dr. Harlirh's Contrtnund
Strengtheninz nod German Aperient Pipe
Dr.Harlicli—Dear Sir—Shortly after I received the
A.zenry from you for the sale of your medicine, I
formed an acqnnininnre wi.h a lady of this place, who
was severely afflicted with the Piles. Foi eiTiit or ten
years this lady was subject to frequent painful allarkQ.
and her physician considered her case so complicated.
that he very seldom prescribed medicine for her. Throueli
my persuasion, she commenced usinil von!. Pills, and was
perfealy cured. Yours, tr. JAMES R.KIREY
October 3, 1840
17 - Olitee and General Depot, tin. 19. North El;lob
Street,Phlindelplila. And by Sa mile' Frew, corner of
Liberty and Wood streets Pivslinrah. sea 10
0:r "Why will ye !we at finis p,,a
dying rater JA
444 4 4
o be had at Te ems's ,Medical Agency, 86 Fourth st,
the only agent in Pittsburgh.
Feb 22.
NO sooner does one of Dr. Leidy' preparations be
come popular, In consequence of its success and ef
ficacy, than it is connierfelled or imitated.
To prevent imposition, Dr Leidy has now procured
moulded bottles for his celebrated 'letter and Itch Oint
ment, with the words .Dr LeirWs 'Fetter P nd Itch Oint.
meal; blown in the glass, besides covtainlng his written
signature on a yellow Ishel outside.
Dr Leidy's Teller and Itch Ointment, has proved more
efficacious than any other preparation for Tester, Itch,
Dry and Watery Pimples or Pustules, and diseases of
the skin generally.
It has been employed in schools, factori and on hoard
vessel , earryinq passergera, where childien. as well as
grown persona, contract diseases of lire skin from their
COfl;32iOUS nat lie, with the nios.t unexampled sauce
certificates and rerommendatio ,, s have been tier. tofore
tintoisheti from them, and norm roit• others mhtlit he oh
, aired ;nr mi ir.lttnn, but (or he clbjeel Intirl MO*l person.
live, to h.0. , M., ! their naym-, poloist ed in connection with
such dis,t2tect,hte and !oat li.ome ati•-et , ons
In no s rte instance in= it ever teen known to 1,11.
ft has been liked upon infants anti by pernr> Of ail
leg. It is perfectly safe, contains no mercury in it,
composition.and may he used under all circumstances.
Price Twenty-five cents a bottle. Picpared and sold
at Dr Leldy's Health Emporium. (sign of the Golden Ea
gle and Serpents.% and by B. A. FAHNEi:.TOCK k CO.
corner of Wood and Sixth streets, Agents for Pittsburg.
Nn. rort. 11.1710, Second
Chn nAerslm2, Pa
;4! ' S ,- -
.--r'4 7i"
VIM subscriber hal , JUSI. received his annual supply •
Landreth's Garden reeds, consisting in part cOrth
following kinds—all oC tho last years crop ir war.ranjwi
Egg Plant, Parsnip,'
Endive, Pea* •
Kale, Pepper, •
Pumpkin, Broscoli,
Radish, Borer°le,
Rhnbarb, Cat bate;
Salsafy, Carrot,
Cauliflower, Spinach,
Celery, Okra,
Curled Cress, Oniitt,
Cucumber, Parsley,
Mustard, (white and hi-twit)
Bea t igi
Mater Melon,
&c. &e. &c.
Together with a variety of Pot 4. Sweet herbs and &we
14r-Orders for Seeds. Shrubs, Tr. es, 4-c. from Gudeo,
ers and others will be received and promptly attended
F. L• 4 3NOWDEN,
No. 184 Liberty. head of Waage.
Cincinnati, February 1.5. 1840:
Dr. Swsynt —Dear Permit nie to take the liberty
of writing to you at this time to express my approbation
and to recommend to the attention of heads of families
and others your invaluable medicine—the Compound
Syrup of Prunus Virginiana, or Wild Cherry Bark. I•
my travels of late I Dave seen in a great many Instances
the wonderful effects of your medicine In relieving ebil
dean of very obstinate complaints, such as Coughing
heezing, Choaking of Phlegm, .Asthmatic attacks, 4-c,
kc. I should not have written this letter, however, at
present although 1 have felt It my duty to add my test}
moray te, it fur some time, had it not been for a late. In.
stance where the medicine above alluded to was tnst ru•
mental in restoring to perfect health an •.only child,"
whose rase was almost hopeless, in a family of my se
quaintanre. i•I thank Ileavc n," said the doating
er, me child Is saved front the Jaws of death! 0 ItOw
feared the relentless ravager But sty child is safe! to
Beyond all doubt Dr. Swavne's Compound Byrup o
Lt. ild Cherry Is the most valuable medicine in thisor nay
other country. I ant certain I tave w finessed more than
one hundred cases where it has been attended with corn.
piece success. I ant using it myself in an obstinate at.
Sari. of Bronchitis, in which It proved effectual in a ex.
ceedingly time. considering the severity of the case.
I ran reentered IL in the fullest confidence of Its superior
L virtues; I would advise I bat no family should he without
I it; it is very pleasant and always beneficial—worth
' double and often ten times It, pi ice. The public are as.
cured there in no quackery about It. B. J•exsosr, D. D.
Formerly Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.
Sind by NV NI. THORN, wl:o'esale 4• retail, only agent
for Pit tsLurgb. Nn. 53. Sla•ket , treet. sep 10
what will Jeatroy Life. and yOU are a great MIMI
"Discover wha' will prt.lorg Life, and the tterld thin
call you Impostor."
.‘ There are faculties, bodily and intellectual, within wa
with which certain herbs hart affinity, and over which
they hart power."
Dr. R. fli and reili's External Remedy, or Liniment
which, by ite extraordinary powers. alistracis Pain Or
Soren,s; thus Sprains. Stlff Sinews, White Swellings
Rheumatic Pains, or Stiffness, Stiffness of the )(Anti
Tumors, Unnatnral Hardness, Stiff Neck Sore Throat
Croup, Contractions of the muscles, Scrofulous en
targements, Tender Feet, and every description of t
Jury affecting the Exterior of the Human Ftane,te
ear, d ur greatly relieved by his nerer•te be 54 - tied
shelled remedy.
CLRTIFIrATE- - Thr rolioWinz leller from Major Gal
era' Sandford, as to the qualities of the External Ren.e
dy. speaks wn!onies
near tzir—Wi'l you oblicx me with another bottle eef
your ri , ellettl Liniment? It is certainly the best or the
kind I have ever Fern. It has cured entirely my eon,
knee, ahnut which I was sr+ uneasy,and I have found l'
productive of immediate relief in seVeral eases of enter
nal injury in my family. A few eveninE.s r.inett_ ml
youn. , e,t child wassetzed wi:h a violent attack of Crotit
which was entirely removed In twenty et it.stes, by rub
hind her elirsi and throat freely with the. External Rew
0 4. I think you mint to inanunicture this Llnltnint
rot "eneral nye, instead cf ron6nin2 the use of it, as ycit
tiave heretofore dine, Co your particular acquaintance's.
Yours truly, C. %Y. SANDFORD
DR. B. Etnsttne.rvn.2.4l Broadway, N. Y.
rrrFor =alr at 2.11 Treadway, New Ynrk, and at his
trice , in the Diamond, Pitishitrr.h. PT ICC-50 eenft
.er I.ettle with direction , . se.p 10
.11a , s of individnalsia very numerous. They are ILnie
who work in an unhealthy atmosphere. Printers, work
men in feather stores, stone cutters, linkers, white leati
manufacturers, are all more or les: subject to disease 2C
cordine to the strength of their constitution The only
method to prevent dista , e. Is the occasional 'Use ofa
medicine which abstracts from the circulation all delete
!lolls humors, and expel., them by the hoWels. Tonic
In any form are injurious. ao they only -at off the evi
day to make it more fatal. The use of Brandreilfs Pill
wilt insure health, hecause they tale all impure matter
out of the blood; and the body is not weakened hut
st renst hefted by their operation, f,r these valuable Pills
do not force, lot they assist nature, and are not opposed
hut ttT7gnon ice with ter.
Sold at Dr. Brandreth', Office, in the Diamond
Pltl , htirzn. Price :5 cents per bet, with full direction - S.
MACK—The only place in Plitsburch where the
GENUINE Pills can tie ohtained,is the Doctor's own
fire in the
T cTs
Caveat enteteri 9th .1 tilw. Pat grantrd to
13 , 1,jtmin B.Horite.i..2oth Janua•y, 1843
The P xtracr. 01 which Flraiiriteth's • ills are corn
are nhtainri by this n' .w patented process,
tr, ;atom hulling or any .pplirhtion of hea.. Thr sic
kir pi 'writ& of the herbs is 'ha. srcu eit the same
it is in the
Thy Public sholi:d hr wttitio , is tti nfrdicines rec—
commPudel in adverti , ment= s . olen from me, in
which the CONTEMpTIBLE ROBBERS gtealg my lan—
airage. merely alierm,.. name. Time will sbow
thee wholes:l'e deePiver, in their true light,
BR AN DR ETH'S.' PILLS are the Pe0 . P69. -
Medic.e, proved by tht u•ands who daily recrom
mend them to the afflicted. The BE A NDRETH
PT LLS are growing every day more popular, their
ii toe , . are extending their uselnlness. The sick of
hoth r - eX , ' , are dai:y deriving benefit from them,
No care of disease but they can he used with advan
tage. Blotches or hail lumps, of the skin they speed
11v cure, so with eryripelas, so with salt rheum, so
with indi2,estirm, so 'a lilt coughs and colds, so with
costiveness, so with cancer, so u 1,11 hot parched sips
and canker in the mouth. Let the afflicted use this
medicine, and they will find then require no other.
Sold at 25 cents per box, with directiOns.
Observe the new labels each having upon it two
signatures or Dr. Brandreth. So each box of the
genuiue ha, aix signatures—three Benjatnin Br4pd
relh and three B. Brandreth upon it.
The ONLY PLACE in Pittsburgh where the Rita
Brandreth Pills CAN BE OBTAINED, is the Doctor,
nivn Office, Diamond back of the Market House
Mark. the GENUINE BrandrethPills Call never been.
taihed in any DRUG STong
The following are the ONLY AGENTS appoint
ed hv Dr. B Brandreih, for the sale of his !Vegeta.
ble Uoiver , al Pills in AllPghenv County.
G Office. Diamond, Pittbbargb
Mr. John Glass—A Ileg.hrmy.
Rohe, I I)nona n—Birmi.eham.
C . F
IT. Itmv!a! d—Nleh,-eport.
j r , n ohng n—Nohle.town.
& Siliiiii.llll2SteWartSiOWng
& Cool ell— Clinton .
Robert Smith Porter—Tarentum.
George Power—Fairview.
David R. Coon—Plum Township.
Daniel Nerzley—East Liberty.
Edward Thompson—Wilkinsburgb,
Win. O. Hunter—Alton's Mills.
NSW YORE, Feb. 9. 1842.