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, . Naivrithstandin g the inclemency of the weather on
Monday, this fine company turned out with full ranks,
for:the rpose of drilling for the medal. They were
to the Arsenal by the Birmingham Guards.
Capt. !larding and Lieut. Rodman were chosen by
the Officers of the company to award the medal to the
bas drilled soldier in the ranks. They expressed an
opinion that never, even in the regular service, had they
met with a better drilled company than the G reys. _
, Tice fallowing is a copy of the award of she judges:
The undersigned being called upon by the officers of
•the Dequesne Greys to award a medal to the best dril
,kat soldier—decid e that the merits (W.f. Appleby D.
B. Sheble, Charles - Glenn and R. B. Guthrie ire equal,
sad Ihit they draw lots for the prize.
B. HsrtniNc, Capt. Ordnance.
- • .
The four T. J. RODMAN, Lt. Ordnance.
gentlemen designated proceeded to draw
44 for the medal which was won by Mr. B. 13. Guth
.,. Wham all were such well drilled soldiers, it was a
- A wow of difficulty to select the best, and the adjudica
tion of the gentlemen chosen to decide, gave perfect
on to all parties.—Chronicle.
... ,
William Goc/dard, of Petersham, Mass., whose for
ge/11.10430 the amount of some $41,000, we have before
pillfiaett, we learn from the Worcester Xgis, on be
istiLiiiiiigned on three indictments, pleaded guilty to
Blain ell. Major Aaron Brooks, of Petersham, who
abkeilnAred on account of the forgeries to a consider
tent, was voluntarily pu
y to the untarnished ch t upon the stand to tes
tifaracter w
e hich Mr. Goddard
laidstlgnsys sustained—it being th purpose of the tes
timony to . appeal to the Court in mitigation of punish
ment. The. ether witnesses did not appear against
this: prisoner. On Saturday morning Goddard was
massteneed to two years' confinement and labor in the
State Prison upon each indictment, in all :ix years.
IFMr. G. bad been a ragged, half-starved poor
gereemm, how anxious would have been all these ele
ant individuals to appear against him, aid twenty
lassiirwould bar.ll tn y have been thought suMeient punish.
mem fin- the scap.
GOVERNKf ENT Th - 51gj E ------ - lARGEs.
.Hartt, a clerk in the v Treasury Department, a
Withinon, has been discharged be he accept
ed a gift of $l5O of General Van Nesss, after ha , ing
rafaidiy paAsed the General's claim again s t Go: ern
meet for a large amount. Dr. Vantye, anothe r c'erk,
lust also been dischaTed.
, ilar On Thursday evening about II o'clock one of
the Croton pipes in Canal street burst, with a loud re
port, throwing stones and earth several feet in the air,
and fit a few minutes the street presented the appear
tilfce of a lake. !Co one understanding bow to turn oir
t water, it continued to run for half an hour or more,
to the ao small damage of the . nei hborin-• cellars.—
I". sun.
Crl.t is serioudy sail, and believed by persons
arktc:lare looked up to as Court authorities in France,
iillit the King of the French has formally declared Ids
Itgontitnl of nut permitting any one of his sons to be
Candidate .for the band of the Queen of Spain. There
is nothing new in this languale; for it has been all
iilottg held. But people are now inclined to think it
ANNIE eincere. And they add, Louis Phillipe has de
kko-fared it to be utterly inilitE.Tent to him whether a
rein' ee of Coburg or a son of Don Francisco de Paula
lie the hitsband of Igaboht.
'THE EXPLOSION AT Ss uot:itri Es•—Our correspnu
ntgives us the following furth• r particular, in vela-
Otits: to. the blowing up of Messrs. Lallin and Smith's
CrtFtkrr mills in Sau gerties:—"o:l e of the proprietors
kd the.physician, who prcmptly left for the scene of
thu diaaster, immediately after hearing the exploi:iou,
have just returned.
atastro The account they give of this 11yr--
fig:cphe beggard delcription. Six individuals
*tie literally torn into fragment:l. The largest portion
14ilf & body that waj found was the foot and a part of a
lotet. man, thrown several hundred feet from the
taig. The boarding house and several other buildines
here atom or /OSS injured. Glass broken, and clam
hey' torn down anti othtrwisedatnazed. A man who
W walking with a ' O - an in his hand, a few rods from
the mill; erns violently thrbivn to the ground, arid upon
rettinifni tc; clinacititisni;ss.; found large piece s of tim-
Itia 4 7 , itoeies; bottirls and shingles falling about hitir in ei•-
tritaliection: The names of those who ivdi-e killed
weivi.:—Fliram Norcott, John CaA, Virgil LO.W n, --:--
lirptahliias, a boy of James Cash, and a Swiis name
.V. Y. sun.
, tAt the trotting on the Beacon Course - 7, n
Thunicla, the first beat of two miles wits won by Lady
n/folk in 5' minutes and 19 seconds; the second by
itfclotian in Ai 20; the third was a dead heat hewcen
sneticus find Dutchman in 5 22, and the fourth was
won by Dutchman in 5 29.
At al adjourned m - .tetin , r of the repeal as.sociatim,
ld on•ltio ath y9tin:t. at the arm ny of, the
Hibernia-Cfnsnris. .1.1 NIES P. B I.lot, wAS called to
the chair, W. Dostigrirr Si; VV. B. CoNt.oace Were
eleet/d'vice Prcnsid.nts and J. S. Cosgrer t/-,S cretarv.
jectSiveral rnilern3 a a idresse.l them
.‘etin g upo n sub
s that the ohje-.t, wiPn mation it was
Reeobretl- association proceed to the selection
of regular officers for the ensuing term.
The rasult of this election, WZI.4 ay.! sOIOCIIOO of the
following gentlemen to 611 the ras p ct ivo offices annex
ed tattteir mimes:
Axonew Butocr.,
John Anderson,
James !lay,
SL Vice Preaidents;
Daniel Mc Deal,
John S, Cosgrove,
Treas urer.
Jetties P. Barr and Robert E. Phillips, Secretaries.
OR motion, adjourned, to meet on Tuesday evening,
16th inst. at 7 o'clock.
, Young Upson Tea.
7 i rHEsTs half chests and brvte i Yana Hy
_,..,,.:5 A ... )i Tea . , ofg ' Joi ri u2l itr, laic reeci vod, ai;d fo - r
sale 'low for ca.lh. JO FIN
oil.' D. D.1V15,
corner of Wool aad Fifth sts.
at A
,T, v , e vp iin S,T a J mi lt Y bor,..iervk
((Fifths-NI Union stra it;, Po3ries3ion given
abilyt. Enquire of
To ticliossorable the Ad ges of the Court of Gene
ral Quarter Sessions of tke Peace, in an2l for the
y of Allegheny.
Til 'petition of Griffith Jones, of Lower St. Clair
. ,toweship, in the county aforesaid, humble shew
eth, that your petitioner bath provided himself with
materials for the ac commodation of travelers and oth
adden, et hie dwelling house, in the township aforesaid,
Rays that your honors will be pleased to grant him
y lintinos r
petitiotokeepa public house of entertainment. And
ottner, as in duty bound, will pray.
Yfit.. the subscribers, citizens of Lower St. Clair
toWnshiy, do certify, that the above petitione r is of
gold roPute for honesty and ternperhoce, and is well
provided with house room and conveniences for thew
noodation and lodging of Amngers and travelers, and
that slid taver n is necessary.
John Obey,
James Flaniga n ,John Buchanan, John Sk,
John Robinson, J'h Due nil
rge S/avy,
Jonathan Neele,y. GO S.
say s ,
John Brawdy,
E. INPlaincit,
Eli ?field
Ephraim Jones, jr.,
Chaa. Quigley, - IL. Sterreu,
J. P. Ross,
James _Varian.
?40RM NG, O CTOBER 1843
CP'For business earth, &c., see firstpage.
W. J. Howard—J. B. Semple—George Ogden.
iARRIFAL:EXTRAORDINARY.—That distinguished
forsousee, the "Razor-Strap man," has arrived in ear
Anotber number from "Cassius" will appear tri
Bargains to be ad.
3,68 , A (...R
willEbe 0
bargainUA B L i
n E i, LANDS
i s
i D i S t
purchasers. The land lies in Tyler and Nicholas
For particulars inquire of the subsci ibers, if bv letter,
oct 10 LLOYD & CO.,
140 Liberty street, Pittsburgh.
WE have receiveTo Printers.
d, and will hereafter to keep con.
stantly on hand, a full supply of Printing Ink,
in large and small kegs, which we will be able to sell
cheaper than it has heretofore been sold in this city.
Ordure from the country accompanied by the cash
IN ALL CASES) will be promptly attended to.
Oct 10—tf
Office of the Post and Manufacturer,
NO TICE—Tha t my wife ESTHER, having
a left my bed and board, this is to caution the public
gainzt trusting
tensible for any her b oard,
account, as I will not be res
debts she may contract.
oct. 10-3t'.
INew Groceries !I
N addition to their former Excellent Stock of FRXSA
IFArtuLy Gnocr: ark: s. the subscribers have this day
received Nu's. 1, 2 and 3 Mackerel. No's. 1 and 2Shad
and Salmon, Susquehann a and Labrador Herring, Cod
Fish, Liquorice. Cocoa Nuts, Ground Nuts, Lemons,.
Sultana Raisins, Prepared Cocoa, Sago, Mace, Saltera
rus, Saltpetre, Sperm Candles, Chalk, IVhiting, Rotten
Stone, &c. &c.; togethe r with a great vat iety of rare and
choice article s in their line; all of which they offer at
Wholesal e or Retail, on very reasonable terms.
LLOYD & Co.,
. 7 Cows.
C ,- 1 1 4 iii t. , ,E s , t t o h ll e n p ,
i r: i .
IT i:lseuotftthi:.einsiudld'slcern"rSre'ptlievmintirti
Two COWS. One of them is a Red Cotr, with a white
li.we,nbo nt six years old; the other is a Brindle, witha
white face, large horns, very old; no other marks per
eeivable. The owner is desired to come forward, prove i
Property and take them away, or they will be dielloted
of to law.
oct 9-3t*
RECHitter Almonds and Gin' ger Boot
EIVED this day, a choice lot of Bitter Al
real Jamaica GinTer Root, and common
do. ALSO, a few catty boxes choice Guttrottogn
LLOYD 8:. CO's,
oct 7.
140, Liberty st.
J UST RECEIVED and for sale by WM. THORN,
No. 53, Market street,
500 lbs. pure palm soap in the bar,
GOO " " in casks,
100 " vitriegnted soar,
50 " ii bite Castile, (only lot in market)
i A T DAVIS' Commercial Auction Rooms. corner
100 " almond soap, in 4 lb. casks,
i AI L of IVothi arid
Fifth streets. An extensive as
-50 doz. shaving soap,
sortment of DRY GOODS, recently purchased in the
10 ." Glenn's rose spermacetti soap, Air chapp e d
East fur cash, aryl which will be sold at u small ad•
hands and for softening the shin.
vance on Eastern prices. for curmacy or approved ea-
The subscriber has on band a larger assortmen t ~r
the above articles than any other establishmen t in this ; d"r''ed " Yes. Tim' Th"rtment cunlist ' in !art of
i - 10 pit-c. , s wool dyed blue black broadcloths;
city, and is also receiving, a large supply or fresh re g. o• ,
15 " super. blue cloth;
Vi c ,
W 3 . THORN,
10 " biow a , olive and mixed cloths;
oct 7
No. 53, %Act street.l
4 " super. Beaver cloth s;
5 pilot clothi;
40 " rassinetts, u.ssorted colors; some very
50 flannel., twilled and plain white, red,
green and yellow.
00 " Engiisli merino, assorted colors:
100 all wool blanket shawls;
200 cotton plaid:shawl.;
1,000 doz. sp ml cotton, all colu N;
100 piece.: !de:Jelled and brown inn dins, and a
great variety of other articles usually found in a Dry
limmig !lousy.
ST7IFr" A Ise, a., assortment of boots, shoes, and bats
which will all be sold at prices without regani to the
late advances in the East.
The Right Principhg
& D. RINEHART. Alanufacturers and t
Tv - ,
I v • dealers in all kinds of TGbacco, Snuff and Ci- I
gars,No. 133. Liberty street, and head of Cattail Bin, .
Pittsburgh, I'n., wou!tl respectfully announc.e to 'mer
t and sl.ttalers generally, that they have determined I
to doA the TUCOIT ritisetPLE with regard to the !
tares of tobacco kegs &e. The people may rely upon i
it, that hereafter, the tares of kegs and boxes u ill he
1 •
CORRECT. They hope, by 611 let (MOO tiOTI to ./1.1.31t/C9,
together with furnishin g the re, y best articles in their
line, to merit, as heretofore, a liberal share of patron- t
Order.; ptomptly executed.
o— w /
New Lishon Patriot, Stark County Democr4ntlßu
ler Herald, and Franklin Arch publish to amount of
one dollar, send One copy of paper to advertiser, and
charge this office:
Por S.
fi DOZEN Patents Bu ke ale
ts and tubs assorted sizes,
21J 30 dozen of all sizes of Window sash window
glass °fail sizes to suit, by the box or retail—Naiis and
spikes—Carpet chain—A variety of shovels, spades,
axe-handle=, hoei, augurs, brushe.s, cottee-mills, Louis
ville lime, the balm of life, 13rodie's anti-billious and
anti-dispepti c pills, Evans' camomile and aperient
pills , ;Haisley' s anti billion; pills; events in Indian bisto
rv. history of the backwoods, American pioneer. Sew
all's path'ology of drunkeness, perrridnentlemperance
doeunients; bacHnis and an ti-bricchus, and a large vari
ety of temperance doctinients, Sabbath ind ddy school
books, ink, quills, ‘6 - iting., and wrapping paper, &c.
for sale low fur cash or approved coontry product,.
oct 4.
:ONES, nztruPur & co
Z .
A ce
RE now rei% ing an e No. 48, WOOD
xt ensivenvsortme nt of
which have been purchased in Philadelphia and New
York, at the lercest pricegfor Cash. Their stock con
sists in part of blue, black and invisible gmen cloths;
blue and black pilot and beaver cloths.; plain and fan
ev cissimeres, sattinetts, Kentucky jeans mal.kerjevs,
Ida -I, and colored merinos; bl?ck, colored; wo:tered,
chap,;, nbleand figured alParras; plain anal rich printed
muslin de Mine; domestic, Earl,ton and Cluisari ging
ham::: linseys. plain, striped and plaid; tichings, checks,
bleached and brown cottons, a great variety of Riney
prints; giraffe and buffalo cloths, Genoa cords, hosiery,
gloves, suspenders, buttons, canvass, padding and
buckram, besides an infinite variety of other articles,
all of which they will take crest pleasure in shewing
to the mercantile community. They flatter themselves
that the variety and prices will be found such as to in
duce all who give them acid!. to make a bill with them,
02-1 w
E. A. .11Eta cre,
i n n w A
Is cs- D e
WINTERi v and opened
,o their Stockol,
prising the greatest rariOty to be found in any house
in the city.
These goods have been very carefully, and it is ho
lievedjudirionsly purchased for cash, most of them at
the lowest spring prices, and will be sold accordingly.
Goods can now be bought cheape r thnn in any of the
Eastern citieA, and merchants will do well to examint
here, before going farther and faring worse.
see r),)
New Pall and Winter Good&
No. 112 WOOD Srnttr,
A RaEmingeovineoznaainganetanlndenotifeefraefor s n a a l b e le a
D vetj G large ,
consi-tin g of plain waved, and diamond bearer , cloth,
broad cloths of everycolor, cassimeres, sattinetts, jeans,
kerseys, linsevs. flannels, baizes, bleached and brown
cottons, drills, ticks, Alpacca lustres black and colored,
plain and printed merinos, mouslin de lains, Irish li
nens, Mattioni and other silks, ribbons, Inces,cambrics,
musline, merino, fancy and blanket shawls, sewing
silks, spool and skein threads. &c., &c.. togethe r wiih
an assortment of carpets, russ floor cloths, &c , all cf
which we are able to sell as cheap as goods can now be
bought in anv market, east or west.
sop 21—tf
CI.2%ifTWS NEW YORK Y ARNISHrA o . 1. quick
dryieg, store,
VA REHOUSE of and for sale at the DRUG
oel 2
Corner of 4th and Wood rea.
In tic Aar* Cox
of . 41 kgbev county,, of Jodi
Ter wo B4 3, P. No. 3.
M. St 14. Bank or Pittsburgh,
William Pentland.
• • A ND now, to.wit, October 7, 1843, on
motion of Mr. l4lcCandless,the Court
appoint F. R- Shunk, Esqr. Auditor, to
distribute proceeds of sale in this case.
From the Record,
The Auditor above named will attend for the pur
poses of his appointment, at his officein Fourth street,
in the city of Pittsburgh, on Thursday, 16th day of
November, A. D. 184.3, at 2 o'clock, P. M. ofsaid day,
when and where he will hear all persons interested.
oll—d/tw3t. F. R. SHUNK, Auditor,
'OPKINS' EXTRA ALCOHOL, for retailing,
for sale at dm DRUG STORE of
Cornerof4di and Wand sts.
Real Estate at Auction.
WILL be sold, on Monday, the 16th inst., at
o'clock, A. M., at the Commercial Auction
Rooms, corner of Wood and sth streets, the following
described property. viz;
Part of lot numbered in the orieinal plan of Pitts
burgh 185, bounded as follows: beginnin g on Front st ,
at the north west corner of said lot, and running thence
by First or Front street eastwardlv 30 feet, thence
south wardly at right angles to said Front street, by the
east half of said lot 80 feet to a part of said lot owned
by James Hughes, thence westwardly by Hughes' part
of said lot thirty feet to No. 184, thence along said No.
184 to place of beginning.
Terms at sale.
the 12th inst., at the Commercial Auction
Rooms, corner of Wood and Fifth streets, by order of
W m . P. Baum, Assignee ofJno. H. Mellor &Co., the
entire e
foll stock ow f o goods remaining on hand, among, which
are thing, Two splendid Piano Fortes,
Violins of different qualities,
Superior Violincello s , with patent heads,
Clarionett s and Flutes,
French Horns, Trombone s and Bugles,
Opheclides, Bass Horns and Bassoons,
One Guitar, Music Boxes,
Mouthpieee s for Clarionetts, Horn, [Bugle,
Violin strings, Clarionett reeds, bridges, &e., and
Tenor Drums,
Mas,n's Harp and U. S. Psalmody,
10500 sheets of Music for Piano,
A variety of Flute Music,
Precepto rs for different instrument*,
Steel Pens, Quills, Drawing Pencils,
Looking Glasses, Chessmen and Board
Printer's Cards, Pocket books and Walles,
A variety of Combs,
Wax Dolls, jointed Dolls,
Needles and Skein Cotton,
Be,t Cologne Water,
Brittania. Teapots and Spittoons,
Silver Pencils and Toothpick,
Ivory head and common Canes,
Window Glass and 'White Lead,
One 8 day Clock, brass works,
One 24 hour " " "
Twu lacy elfin Timepieces,
Three pair Scale Beams,
An assortment of variety Goods and Toys,
Fifty yards Fluor Oil Cloth,
Show eases, Counter, Stove, Venitian Blinds,
Writing Desks, Chairs, large IRON SAFE,
Setts of Drawers, &c., &c.
The sale will be positive arid without reserve, and
will be continued from day till day until the whole are
disposed of. Terms cash, par money.
oct2 '43
WM P. BAUM, Assignee.
[ Advocate and Chronicle copy) ANclimirer
Basin, corner Mlityne and Liberty streets, Pitts
burgh. Agent United States Portable Boat Line.
_sept 9-3 m.
80 03 , 017aL
i c i :i t i
m l 14-
t i It.:OL Dwhi,a.ximiresitn.ovoepdpohiitse n t r , a rhlo
ine9E s taL k.A
Drug Store, where he will hoop constandy on hand
Tomb Stones Monuments etc. ' , -.r. ap 19-Iyr
JUST RECEIVED and for sale en consignment,
7 hluis bacon,
7 hhds sugar, .. .
. _
Can be seen at the store ofjacob Painter(; co .
aug 29
of Pirtziersii*
T"' partner, Di
hip hf.retor9r.e existinz under the
style of Devine& M'Anttay, is this day Llifisolyed
by mutual iorisent. H. Devino i 4 to collect all /RIMS
due to th'.3 c.nictirn, and pay all claims Contracted for
the concern up to this date.
Pittriburgh, Sept. 1. 1843:
IL Devine respectfully inform s his friends and the
thdt he still continues in the Transporting
business, and that he has removed the °ince of the . U.
S. Portable Boat Line, to No. 45 Water ssreet, next
dder below Lewis Hutchinson, where he will receive
and forward Freight to the East, on the very lowest
MOKED HERRINGS -25 boxes smoked her.
ringsjust received and for sole by .
43 • Wood street.
THEDissolution of Portent:ship.
Partnership heretofore existing under the firm
of Dicicar and ALEXANDER, is this day dissol
ved by mutual consent. JAMES DICKEY,.
Kept. I, 1843, WM. G. ALEXANDER.
JAMES DICKEY respectfully informs his friends
and the public, thathe still continues in the Transpor
tation Business, at his Warehouse, CORNER or Lreza-
TY AND WAYNE STREETS, Canal Basin, under the
name of the "Independent Portable Boat Line,"
where he will receive and forward freight to the East at
the lowest terms
sept. 4—tf.
~. tie pmprietor s of
_the MORNING Posr and MER
CURY AND MANUFACTURER respectfully inform . their
friends and the patrons of those papers, that they have
a large and well chosen assortment of
,r ip
4 /r 411 31 1 ;1161i 3-4
:11F33 4111 c0t1313 aa.g.3aaact
rcnuu_c;_____ , Necessary to a Job Printing Office, and that they are
. prepared to execute ~ ~
~ .
A BOUT the last week in June, in a Clothing Store
in Liberty street, a Note of hand, considerabl
soiledand worn. It is signed bv James Gaston and(
another, and drawn in favor of W. Black. The own- Books,
f Bills of La:ding, Circulars,
er can have it by identifying and paying expenses Pamphlets,
Bill Heads, Cards,
Julv - 3cf. •
Handbills, Blank Check's, Hat Tips.
all ttinbs ig 33lauks.
Stage, Steamboat and Canal Boat Bills, will/. op
Printed on
pr . vriale crcts,
the s ,
hortest notice and most reasonable
We respectfully a s k the patronage of our friends and
the public in general in this branch of mar business.
July 31, 1813. PHILLIPS & SMITH.
of a Settled Cou gh !
1 - 1 R. NFLANES Sudorific Lung Syrup, being a safe
1./ and effectoal remedy for Cour, Catarrhal Fever,
Influenza, Pleurisy, the first of fog stars of Con
sumption, Asthma, Whooping Couch, &e. Some do
zen of certificate s of its valuable effects can be pro
duced, one of which is now offered.
This is to certify, that I hada very severe Cough all
last winter; and was very much reduced. After trying
medical aid to no purpose, I was advised to procure a
bottle of Dr. , M'Lane's Lung Syrvp; it gave me relief
immediately, and in two weeks I was able to go out,
and fully believe it to be one of the most valuable med
icines now before the public, for Cough and breast com
A fresh supply of this valuable Cough medicine
just received at the Drug store of DD,
oct 7 No. 60, corner of Wood an J. d
ourth sts
John D. Davi s
Corner o Wood and sth sti., Pittsburgh,
y to f
receive mercimadize of every description
on consignment, for public or private sale, and
from long experienc e in the above business; flatters
himself that he will be able to give entire satitfitction
to all who may favor him with their patronage.
Regular sales on MON DA I'S and THIIELSDAYS, of Dry
Goods and fancy articles, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Of Groceries, Pittsburgh manufactured articles,new
and second hand furniture, &c., at 2 o'clock, P. M.
Sales every evening; at early gas light aug 12-7
Bank of Pittsburgh -----------------
Merchante and Manufacturers' bank..
..... "
Do. Hollidaysburgh ...........
Bank of North A merica .........
Do Northern Liberties.-.-_
Do Pennsylvania ...... .... .
Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania.
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank....
fien.rington hank........
Manufacturers and Mechanics'
lltoyamensing ....................
Philadelphia bank .............. ..
Schuylkill ..... ......... - .......
Southwark ..... " .............. ....
Western ....... "
........... .
Bank of Penn Township ............
Girard bank ......................
U. S. bank and branches
Bank of Germantown ..........
" Chester county ...
Delaware county .. : ......
" Montgomery county. .....
Northumberland .... ..-
1 Farmers' bunk of Bucks county--
1 Eastonbank ...... ..... .......
Doyleseown bank ...... .. —.. ...
Franklin bank of Washington ......
Bank of Ch-ambersburgh.... .......
" Middletown .... ...
Gettysb urgh .... ..
Lewistown ......
" Susquehisnna county
Berkscounly bank........ . .....
Columbia Bankand Bridge Company.
Carlisle bank ..........
Eris bank ........................ .......... ....
Farmers and Drovers' bank..... -.
" Bank of Lancaster........
Nar a,
Bank of 12eadifig ............ .
risburg bank ............ . .......
f Honesdale " .................... .... ...
Lancaster co. .... . _.,. .....
" .....................
MLebanon " ...................
iners' bank of ................ .... —...;
Monongahela bank of Brozenarille .............
Veto Hope and Delaware Bridge' company. —lO
Northampton bank -.__.•
—.no sak
Towanda batik ..................
Wyomin g bank ...... -
West Branch bank
York bank
Belmont bank of St. Clairsva le
Clinton bank of Columbus .......
Columbiana bank of .Volo Lisbon-
Circleville (Lawrence, cashier).
" ( Warren, cashier).
Cincinnati banks . ...... . ... . .
Chillicothe bask ............
Commercial bank of Lake Erie_
Dayton bank.. —.. • . ........ .
Franklin bank of Columbus-_..
Partners' and Mechanics' bank of Ste tibettrille
Farmers' bank of Canton ..............
Geansea .... ....
.................... .
Granville .......................
Hamilton ....
Lancaster ......................
3 larictta ...... ..
. • . ............
Massillon...--- . ............
Mechanics' and Traders'. Cincinnati
Ilmtnt Pleasant.._-__
N ,, rwalk
Sandusky, .
Urbana... -
State bank and branckes .....
State Scrip._.._.
All bank* ..... L
State bank.... .. ......
Bank of Illittois, Shateneetown
Bank of ihc Valley of Virginia.--_..; ........
Bank of Virginia...... . .... 1......
Exchange hank of Virginia.....---.. : ....... 1
Farmers' bank of Vi rain ia . • . ...... . ......
Nora- IVesiern bank of Virginia —•. • . . I
rckante and Mechanics' bank of Virginia. I
Branches —.— .
_Nit/mo re Ci MARYLAND.
All ty banks.. .
other solvent banks..
All solvent banks...,„ N
All solvent bank* A
All solo bcinks
Mobile banks..
Cokntry banks
Loulstm A.
New'drietini d. (g00d.,. .
AU banks—
lidot Ain' nip -
K. W. CORSZR or wOOD rirrn are
,Pdase's Boarhound Candy:
A F .
ms supply just received, from New York, and
11 for salc at TUTTLE'S, 86 Fourth st.
sept 12.
All sorts of clothing and wearing apperal. Please
call at No. LSI Liberty street, and see for yourselves.
lisp 7.
1 ' Otte a MCAT a t
Merchants and Manufacturer.' Scrip
Exchange Bankb'crip ........
Currency . .... ...........
Brig Bank Scrip.
On Pkiladelphia ...... .......
New York..__.,
.......... ....4
''''''' :::::::::: ::::
-. par
-- par
- • -par
• - .....par
-•- • - - -par
• • • ----- par
- par . :-.7t.':_•;g.- r; 147.31-t- M t*ftl_'\'''
. par vzi.7.1.::: zr..--z,.. 7; _. „ -7,--..
8 3
.parAND RAIL RoAn CA.R . 3, from Pittsburgh, via r ,
ford, Chambersburtr, Hanishur g and Lancater, to
.par Philadelphia, connectinz with the Main train of Clir3 to
.16 N. Y. &c. Only 150 miles star,ing and one night out.
36 Also, the dirPct line to Baltimore.
Fare to Philadelphia
Baltimore $9.
Leaves daily at 8 o'clock A. M. 9.
Office 2,1 door below the Merchants' Hotel Wood st.
feb 23, 1813-Iy.
.._....par par
...... ..par
....-•••• par
........ .par
. ........ par
...... par
The Groat Central Route
Via National Road and Baltimore and Oliio Rai.
Road Company.
....,:_ ..,.7.,.,T
;,..--FiTLV..,..! frzLoi: ..-
'''' 1,14
. -
To Rent.
THIS line is in full operation and 1,--tves Pittsbur.Th
to LEASANT rooms and good steam power, at the
daily at 6 o'clock A. M.. via Walling -to n Pa. I
and national road to Cuml)er:7.„d, cor.r.c„ing here I i cast steel file rinundut ° l 7' eerier of Libert Y arid
O'Hara meets. Apply on the premises. july 16.
with the rail road C ,'s to all the above places: Tray- 1
elers will find this a ;ne , •tly and comfortable route, ) -----reemait's Piro Mick for Sale.
it being a separate and distinct Pitt burgh and Cum- I ir UST received, 5000 Freeman's besc Eire Brick]
Berland line, facilitie s will be afforded which have not I al which will hereafter be kept coos tan fly ort hand
been heretofore enjoyed. Extra coaches furnished at I and sold low far cash, by BIRMINGHAM & CO.
the shortest notice. with the privilege of-going through 1 may 27
No. 61 1. Water at.
! Y
direct or taking one nights ms: at their option. i
For tickets, apply at our office at the Monongahel a 1 Efoitseo and Ferias to neat,
L. W. STOCKTON, I rri HE subscriber has opened an office (in connexion
feb 3--dtf.
President of . R. Stage Co.
.t. with his Medical AzencY) for tbe r "ming sad
---iffeirtairfor Cimizi
sellin g of Hou=es and Farms.. As many persons are
i constantly wanting to rent liorases without having tho
-...c.‘ e..-- -
1 time to run about thr, city in search of cme, can by call
; La. upon the subscriber, and stating the kind r f bourns
The Swiftsure, Robinson .Ma_ster, leaves every I ths "J . want, fi nd one t hat 'in sui t then ; Eilii° kn°W LEI 4
I number of rcorns, situation and rent without further
Thursday at 10 o'clock a. m.
The Cutter, Collins, Master, leaves even. Friday at I truubie *
• Owners of hou3e s would End it to their interest.to
10 o'clock a. m.
call and give a descriYtion of t hem , and the rent the , .
The Alonusomerv. Bennett, Master, leaves every Sat- ,' • • '
; rr•quire as they "cold then End their houses sewed
urday at 10 o'clock a. m.
The Ex Parkiasun Ma,ter leave s every Sun- i "`'”er and with leas ttut Lie`
day a, press
a. al. ' ' ' 1 The ' , menage of the rl/b:ir il ~,,nertruil%
T. II Tr TTLL, 66, 4th at.
JOHN B IRMINGHA.II & CO. ' e l' 2/-tr
Aeenitt. 1 -----':"------------.-_---
----- --......35
United State. Portable Boat Line Depot,
!louses, sc., For Bent.
snbseriber has opened a hook to record any
dwellic house, trarehon,e, store. shop, Ferule
or country far n ms and seats for rent, rb arsine the own
erg 2.5 cents each record. H. will keep it opon for all
Iwho tybdt to rent any hind of property tn c7.amint, end
charge them
.19.1 r.,,;; _p nrd for a small cornpentation,
I c. ill attend to renting all hinds of prererty. and attend
C A. ,Ic.iN FIJI' ..„ ~..,. r.e., 1 -,,.,,. t i„,j, i,je,i ire;
,: :..) all I;II:d3 of. busiLe.:: b•-•!;:coi, landlord t:d tenant
' • friends and the public. that ltu stmt
cr V/IP:re- i •
No. 9, Fifth it.
meats to continue the titt - enc. of tb , boat.: fon:dr - 1,7 the I Sept 21 -
U. S. Portable Boat Line, lit the liana, net% Warehouse, i -----
' A Good Farm for Sale or Exeharige
Basin, t‘ hem good , : will be ro-, ired and fnrtt ardcd ; A FARM 0f.130 acres on Sugar creel:, Armstrong
~.-1 county. IRO of which is improved. Tills fartn is
with usual despatch, and on th, 0r...t facoraLle tt'itn,, :
well watered by sprinns unite,rn IN iliCh pass
to Baltimore, Phelphia, Nev, yotli nr Bosun. TT-1011.1S Pun 13 rDt;E. Agent, nearly through it and then fort:linear} excellent
31b0R2 7 . ) m , rk ,.,
, r. , 1 , ! ,,, ia , ! ,, ii , 1 , th. , Am . ' Spat. 40 acres are fires rate for rnendow Cr
T.: & el l A sa A c,,,,,,,. I ernin T crops. and the balarre iA rood for fall rFain.......
i Tliefr is no 11%71C,C lard, and it is well adurtrd for a dat
-75. Bou,l ‘ .., IV.harf, Bahl:nom 1
ry nr fry sheen. and
lies ~ or- wo.!1. ?herr is on ft 4
1 I rood npro, nrch.nrrl. a ,tubttan•ial he - weri lee hotte. a.
larce Intr Fare nrrl a coed coal hank. easily accessible.
in ,-;‘,- , d , wl-r. and :I e
Fi onenti,,y irexhansti We. 71.. t i a
Ki rm lies ‘N itl , '.r 10 illi'.eS of Freernrt. 9 miles from
t anrYng, 4 trni:e,; - fr; rn 11C:1th:olio chare.l, and e miles
front a Preshyt, Han and Seceder churches lt will be
so'd at a I argail, fur cask or r.rchanged far a gixal
three story brick hrotse and
'"t' in ri,tsFurgh. Fur
terms and particu'ens ercnire ri , Harris' General. A,-
7nry and Intelligence cif.ne, or of the sul ., •criher on
the rmrridter.
e? 27
sept. 4-3 m
ALLEN Erchance Br( ker. No. 46,
Corner of Wood and Third erects, Pitt.s3ur x;
Pa. Gold, Silver, and Solveet Bank notes, bought
and sold. Sight cheeks on the I:a3:ern citieq, for sale.
Drafts, notes and bills, Collected.
Wm. &
John I). Davis,
F. Lorenzo,
J. Painter S Co., ( Pittsburgh, Pa•
Joseph Woodwc:11,
Jar, Nfriv.
amen Alav, J
Jnl e i:H . B B ro r n oIN 1) m u & & C C o o ; phijudelphia.
James M'Candless. Cincinnati, 0.,
J. R..ll'Donald. Sr. Loni 4, Mo.
V. H. Pope, Esq., Pres't Bank Ky. }
,IlicLane's Amerl7;lll7;rno.
Yr His is to certify that wit McLANE'S, Wtann
SPECIFIC, a child of mine ! assedupwara s of 64)0
Worms; it is the most powerful Worm Spocifie no w i n
Middlebury. 0.. Om 4. 1343 H. BARTHOLO.M.F.W.
For sale at the Drug: Store of JON. KIDD,
aept. 12.
Corner 4th acd Wood sts. i
CHIPD vs Stuffs Just Re.ceived.
Vitriol, Camwoofi, Alm. and a eeneral stook of
DYE WOODS, in store, and for sale at the Drug Store
Cornor 4th and IVood sts . i
sepL 12
A LID Y who is capable of tatting charze of a
household, is desirous of obtaining a situation
as housekeepe r in a private family, or sta superint..-ndent
ma respectable hotel. She would have no objection
to leave the city if desired to do so. For further infor
mation inquire at this office.
au„ .r.',l—tf 1
ACKEREL.-16 8b1.3. No. 3 Mackerel, just
received andfor sale by
43 Wood at.
To Mei chants and Othcrs.
A G . EN T I 4 E NUN , who thoroughly understands
Book Keeping. wishe s a situation in that capa
city: the best of references will be given. Address H.,
at thi: office.
aug 28—tf
OBACCO.-10b axen
25 , do
5 do
10 do
just received and fpr sale by
43. Wood Amer t
Dlauttlactnzer of
, copper and Sheet
Iron Ware,
yo. Affth itreet,bet}ceen ll'ood frket,
Keeps constantly on hand a good assortment of wares.
and solicits a sha're ofpublic patrogare• Also, on hand,
the followingarticles: _hovels, pokers, tongs, gridirons.
skillets, teakettles, pots, oven!, coffee mills , &c. Mer
chants and others are invited to call and examine for
themselves, as he is determined to sell-cheap forcash
approved paper.
Toothache! Toothache!! Toothac
T he!!!
!uses,FlE above complaints can ha cured in „n.
which is w
uses, urine thg Celebrated MUIteOfITCS DROP.
arranted. There are many imita , ion= and
counterfeits, of the above. The only true anti geuu
ine article is to be hid at TUTTLE'S 86 Fourth st.;
sept 12.
HAM & 00,
, , .
Parma:lbw and noniuni :won Illterchants,
A GENTS for the Merchants' Transpornation Com-.
-4 - 1- pany composed of the Merchants' Line, Erie
Canal; Wnshington, Line. Hunter, Palmer & CO ' Line of Stearn boats and vessels on the lakes. Cleve
land Line, Pennsylvani a and Ohio Canal. Proprie
tors ofthe Merchalts, Line, Ohio Canal.
REFfill TO
Wilkie & Ensworth No. 9,
R. Hunte r & Co. Albany. Coenties Slip, N. Y
Otis Chaff Boston.
Hunter, Palmer& Co., Buffalo,
AI. T. William s & Dow,
Hon. John M. Allen, C/avolaud
Charles M. Giddings,
J. S. Dickey, Beaver.
Birmingha m & Co., Pittsburgh
ap 1 1842-Iy.
! Beaver and Warren Packet.
,„,„, THE canal Packet ERIE, J. M.
s haw,master, will run as regular tri
weekly packet between the above named ports, leaves
Beaver on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays' morn
ing, leaves Warren on Tuesday's, Thursdays and Sat
urdays; connecting- with the Stage Lines to Cleveland
direct, For freirht or pi -s,--, apply on bard, or to
BIRMINGHAM 8,:: CO., Pittsbtugh,
J. S. DICKEY, Beaver.
Burton's .5 h lump tobacco,-
&; Robinson s do
assorted size; and brands,
Lots; for Sale:.
A Lots in Manch , ..ster. Ono and n fourth Acres or
9t- Land on Holmes' Hill. Lots 1103. 41,42,n,53,54
181, 182, and 184, in Co' plan of Lots, on Holtneig
Hill Also, Lots nos. 20, and 27, in Cook's plan of 1004
on High iitzect, near tile new Court / i.;uce. For terros
apply to
sep 10
Z. IV. RF:3I/AGTO:44.-
LOTS Fo r Sale.
Hi gh on the North East earner of Coal Lana eati
street. Apply to
Market tear Feet.
For neat
_m, I'Lbaant,relCrcvillikelt, s p ituat b ed t
ociacupthe. /?orcrogja_of
led bey Jobe
The place has a very fine garden and good eseortil
ment of fruit tmes. Any person renting nazi hame the
nriviiPee of engaging for the ensuing year. PIONS
sion given on the Ist of October next. ,
Apply at No. 5 Commercial Row, Liberty street,
or to Wm. Toman, SmithEeld street.
sep. 1, 1843.
A SMALL Farm in Upper St. Clair township, a.
LA. bout 4.1 miles-from Pittsburgb, and about 60 milli
of the Vitashington turnpike, containingls4 aclrscood
land, well located and improved, and almost alleleared
and under good fence; and will be a good place for as
extensive aardner, &-. It bas on it a good ciaTlling
bons? and barn; and. is well watered. It will be saia
low for cash--orpart cash and part credit. Apply as
Harris'Agan cy and Intellig-ence Office. or
Peach TrCCS.
eith, THE subscriber has just received from the Nur
sere of Landreth mvl Fulton, near Philadelphia
a lot of rise choicest variety ofpcach trees, tonhich he
would call the aitclition . of the pu} , lio.
xo.. 184 Libcrtyst. head of Wood.
T HEREBY certify that I bt.p I:rni.vn a number of
I.o.nple who have taken Dr. Air Lane's Liver Pills,
acd have been much benefitted by thrtm and I believe
them to be the best pills for liver errnplaints, and for
general use, of bay pill now before the puhlir.
I hereby certify that I have Leen H afflictedFOßN for 6 years
with .a liver complaint; and have applied to different
physicians ; and all to little or no effect, ur.til I made
use of Dr. McLane's Pills. In talc it,g tern boxes of thr.m
T am nearlyiestored to perfect heaitb,
Afillersburch, near Pittsburgh. SAMUEL DAVIS.
E August. 16, 1843
. .Forsale atthe Drug of
:2 corner 4th and Wood ztreets, Pitt.4burgli
IVER CO:IIPLALT7'S-Dy.spe.gsia atic, Indi.
.1..1 gestion, with costiveness, aseiditv of t i zie storn
ach, hardness of food after meals. heartburn, natideacy,
liver complaints, with pain in the side and shoulaer,
jaundice, bilious complaints, dropsy, diabetes, gravel,
stone, and inflammation of the lungs, are must perf
removed and cured by the HEPATIC ELIXI ,
This article has the most
effects in curing
all complaint s of the stomach and digestiv e organtr,..;.i.
Many highly respectable individuals in New
have been cored. after trying every other remedy ib
vain, and have g iven in theirnnmes with rennisiion to
rer-r to therm It is plea:t
not ant to the taste, and aces
in the:east interf . ere with the daily avccatiGn of mass
taking it. Many families Ofthis city have become so
pleased with the medicine, that they use it as tlteir
only family medicine. By using it nceniionally i it
keeps the stomach free from bilious disorder:, and the s
liver active, tvith the secretion, of the body inthe to ~,.."
Perfect activity. It is composed entirely ofregetatlai„
The cure will h. Eratinal, but certain and permanent,
Forsale at TurrLE's, 86 Fourth street.
sep 6.
= 1
I . Penmanship mut Elook4Leeplag
THOSE who wish a thoroozh konwletiort of thew"
branches. would do well to rail at M. S. W.
STEWART'S Commercial Academy, no Fourth Street;
nen.r 'hecorner of JJarket and Fourth, before enro",
- ont 3-Im.
/GENTJ. W. Iturbrie.go & C 0.., .
S for the ..ale BEA, T Powder WaSitif
herween Wood and. Smithfield Welk%
Oct 4a.
110 p UFFALO ROBES t. ; , tingle robe or la*
J_J by
(It AO,
IPor Belt
. •
m G ROVE HILL, the late residence of 7
Aaron Hirt, deceased. The place
is Well filled with choice inzit trees, vines, dm.
Mso, a convenient tenement DIY occupied. by IL
I. Langhorne.
Possession will be given immediately. For usrme
apply to
Btilan, Lots is Pilliatigha_,„ .... 142 .
I . fi.) LOTS, suitable for building most eupoty as
t,) uated, and within two mazurka' ten& of,
steonsferry beat landing, will be sold at prices te Nit
the times. The terms of payment will be made easy.
either for cash or such hast rr as can be made eraitsile.
Apply to the sin Birmingham, ar Mr. Pr.
Peterson, No. s ubscribers
erry street, Pittsbdtgb•
june 1.