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    taking the bit between his teeth, started off at a mad
gallop, closely followed by myself, and the orderly, to
whose horses the panic seemed to have cammunica- -
ted itself. The clouds .3f dust raised by the animals'
feet, prevented us from seeing whither he was going.
Suddenly there was an explosion that seemed to shake
the very earth under w, and Ready, the orderly and my
self, lay sprawling with our horses on the ground.—
Before we could collect our senses and get up, we
woneitaarly deafened by a treneendoos roar of artillery
close taus, and at the same moment a shower of stones
and fragments of bricks and mortar clattered about our
Tbearderly was stunned by the fall; I was bruised
and bewildered. Ready was the only man who semi
setiaao way , pet out, and with his usual phlegm, elan
.' oal/ng himself from under his horse, he came to our ea
iristaiscie. I was 110013 on logs, and endeavoring to dia
• liver the cause of all this uproar.
Our unruly steeds had brought us close to the new
battery, at the rely moment when the train of a mine
under the houses in front of it had been fired. The in
...eat the obstacle was removed, the artillerymen had
• opened a tremendous fire on the fort. The Spaniards
a were trot slow to return the compliment, and fortunate
It was that a solid fragment of wall intervened between
us end their fire, or all our troubles about the brig, and
every thing else, would have been at an end. Already
zspwani of twenty balls had struck the old broken wall.
Shot and shell were flying in every direction, the
smokestifiing, the uproar indescribable. It was so
dark,from the smoke and dust from the fallen houses,
that we could notsee an arm's length before us. The
captain asked two or three soldiers who were hurrying
by, where the battery was, but they were in too great
haste to answer, and it was only when the smoke clear
ed away a little, that we discovered we were not twen
itypacea from it. Ready seized my arm, and pulling
ate with him, I the nexemoment found myself stand
' ing beside a gun, under cover of the breastworks.
The battery consisted of thirty, twenty-four and thir. ,
Veil" pounders, served with a zeal and courage which
fist-exceeded any thing I had expected to find in the
patriot army. The fellows were really more than brave:
they were fool-hardy. They danced rather than walk
ed round the guns, and exhibited a contempt of death
that could not well be surpassed. As to drawing the
guns bask from theembrasures while they loaded them,
they never dreamed of such a thing. They stood jeer
ing andscoffun the Spailardi, and bidding them take
better aim
/t must be remembered that this was only three
months after the battle of Ayachncho, the greatest feat
of arms which the South American patriots had achiev
ed during the whole of their protracted struggle with
Spain. That victory had literally electrified the troops
sod inspiredthem with courage and contempt of their
enemy, that frequ ently showed itself , and on this meet
sion, in acts of t egreatest daring and temerity.
At the gun by which Ready and myself took oar
stand, half of the artillerymen were already killed. and
e - we had namely come there when a cannon shot took
off the bead of aman standing close to tne. The wind
of the ball was so great, that I believe it would have
suffocated me. had I not been fortunately standing
sideways in the battery. At the same moment, some
thing hot splashed ?ter my neck and face and near
blinded me. I looked, and saw a man lying without
his head before me. I cannot describe the sickening
feelings that came over me. It was net the first man
I had seen killed in my life, but it was the first whose
blood and brains had spu rted into my face. My knees
shook and me head swam.; i was obliged to lean against
the wall, or I should have fallen.
Another ball fell elms beside me, and strange to say,
it brought me partly to myself again; and by the time
a third and fourth had bounced into the battery, I be
gin to take the thing pretty cooly—my heart beating
rather quicker than usual I acknowledge; but neverthe
less, I began to find an indescribable sort of pleasure,
a mischievous joy, 111 mty so call it, in the peril and
excitement of the scene.
While I was gettineever my terrors, my compan
ion was mcning &boucle battery with his usual sang
'roil, reconnoitering the enemy. He ran no useless
risk, kept himself well behind the breastwork, stoop
ing down when necessary, and taking all propercare of
himself. When he had completed his reconnoissance,
he, to my ne small astonithrnent, took off his coat and
meek-handkerchief, the latter of which be tied tight
round his waist, then taking a rammer from the hand
of a soldier who had just fallen, he ordered, or rather
signed to the artillerymen to draw the gun back.
There was something so cool and decided in his
Isteener, that they obeyed without testifying any surprise
atehie interference, and as though he had been one of
their own officers. He loaded the piece, had it drawn
forward again, pointed and fired it. He then went to
the next gun and did the sense thing there. He seem
exiso perfectly at home in the battery, that no one ever
dreamed of disputing his authority, and the two guns
were entirely under his direction. I had now got used
to the thing myself, so I went forward and offered my
services, which, in the scarcity of men (so many hav
ing been killed) were not to be refused, and I hnlped
to draw the gun, irackward and forward, and load
them. The captain kept ri ening from one to the other,
pointing them and admirably well to; for every shot
took effect within a circumference of a few feet on the
bastion in front of us.
this lasted nearly an hour, at the end of which time
the fire was considerably slackened,for the greater part
of our guns hall become unserviceable. Only about a
dozen kept up the fire' (the hall 1 was going to say,)
and among them were the two that Ready command
ed. Hehad given them time to cool after firing, where
as meld the others, in their desperate baste and ea
gerness, had neglected that precaution. Although the
patriots had new been fifteen years at war with the j
Spaniarde,they were still very indifferent artillerymen,
for artillery bad little to do in most of the fights, which
were generally decided by cavalry and infantry, and
even in that of Ayacucho there were only a few am dl
field pieces in use on either side. The mountainous
nature of thecountry, intersected, too, by mighty rivers,
and the want of good roads, were the reasons of the in
significant part played by artillery in these wars.
While we were thus herd at work, who should en
ter the battery but the very officer we had left Lima
to 'visit 1 He was attended by a very numerous staff,
and was evidently of a very high rank. He stoo-1 a
little beck, watching every movement of Captain Rea
dy, and rubbing his hands with visible satisfaction.—
Jolt at that moment therm:nein fired one of the guns,
and as the smoke cleared away a little, we saw the op
poe/te bastiori rock, and then sink down into the moat.
A jtiyous hurra greeted its fall, and the General and
hie mar sprang forward.
It would be necessary to have witnessed the scene
that followed in order to form any adequate idea of the
mid joy and enthusiasm of its actors. The General
seized Ready in his arms, and eagerly embraced him,
then almost threw him to one of his officers, who per
formed a like ceremony, and in his turn, passed him
to it third. The imperturable captain flew, or was toss
edlike a ball, from one to the other. I also came in
for my share of the embraces.
I thought them all stark mad; and, indeed, I do not
believe they were far from it. The bailee ere still hail
ing into the battery; one of them cut a poor devil of an
orderly nearly in two, but no notice was taken of such
trifles. It was a curious scene enough; the cannon
balls pouncing about our ears—the ground under our
feet slippery with blood—wounded and dying lying on
all sides—and we ourselves pushed and passed about
fromthe arms of one black bearded fellow to another.
?Isere was something thoroughly exotic, completely
SeuthAmerican and tropical in this impromptu.
Amiga to say, now that the breach was made, and
a breech such that a determined regiment, assisted by
well directed fin of artillery, could have no difficulty
in seeming the town, there was no appearance of any
disposition to profit by it. The patriots seemed quite
contented with what had been done; most of the 0.`6-
ears left the batteries, and the thing was evidently over
for the day. 1 knew little of Spanish Am ricatos then,
or I should have felt less surprised than I did at their
aotfollowing up their advantage. It was not frons want
of courage, for it was impossible to have exhibited more
tlaaa they had done that morning. But they had their
saaatent of fury, of wild energy and exertion, and the
other-aide of the national character, indolence now
'bologna itself. Alter fighting like devils, at the very
nsolitent when activity was of the most importance,
dopy* down and took their siesta.
VII• wete about leaving the battery, with the inten
tion ofosisithq 110026 of the otbers, when our orderly
awls up is uh haus with orders to conduct us to the
1 0211011,PWe Tanen. We followed him and soon reach
illitglabilimilil4-st. asesioor of which a guard was sta
rMAwe we were given over to a wet of majordo
ho led us through a crowd of aidede-camp, staff
and orderlies, to a chamber whither our valises
iiiii preceded us, We were desired to make haste
with our toilet, as dinner would be served so soon as
his Excellency returned from the batteries; and, indeed,
we had scarcely chunked our dress and washed the
blood and smoke from our person*, when the major do :
mo le-appeared and announced the General's return.
Dinner was laid out in a large saloon,in which some
sixtyofficers were assembled when we entered it. 'With
small regard to etiquette, and not waiting locate gen
eral to welcome us, they all sprang to meet us with a
"Rues venidos, capitancs
The dinner was such as might be expected at the ta
ble of a general who commanded at the same time an
army and the blockade of a much frequentodport. The
most delicious Ftenrh and Spanish wines wore there
in the greatestprofusion; the conviviality of the guests
was unbounded; but, although tht.7 drank their chant
paign out of tumblers, no one showed the smallest
symptom of inebriety.
The first toast given was , —Bolivar.
The socond—Sucre.
The..l,e 1— 1, battle of Ayacucho.
The fourth—Union between Colombia and Pere,
The fifth--Huslero
The General rose to return thanks, and we now for
the first time knew his name. Ho raised his glass and
spoke evidently with much emotion.
"Senores ! —migos !" said ho, "unit I am this day
among you, and able to thank you for kindly sentiments
towards your General and brother in arms. is owing,
under Providene.e.to the good and 'nave stranger whose
acquaintance you have only this day made, and who is
one of my oldest and best friends."
And so saying he left his place and approaching Cap
tain Ready, affectionately embraced him. The sea
man's iron features lost their usual impertureabiliay,and
his lips quivered as he stammered out.
"Amigo siempre."
The following day we passed in the camp,and the one
after returned to Lima, the General insisting on our
taking up our quarters in his house.
From Hualero and his lady I learned the originof the
friendship existing between the distinguished Colom
bian General and my taciturn Yankee captain. It was
the honorable explanation of the mysterious stain upon
Ready's character.
Our difficulties regarding the brig were now soon at
an end. The vessel and cargo were returned to us,
with the exception offs large quantity of segars belong
ing to the Spanish government. These were of course
confiscated, but the General bought them and made
them a present to Captain Ready, who sold them by
auction, and stagers being in no small demand among
that tobacco loving population, they fetched immense
prices, and put thirty thousand dollars into my friend's
To be brief, at the end of three weeks we sailed from
Lima, and in a vast better humor than when we arrived
Subject to the decision of
iTil)e 1n lu illorning Post.
19 1.; 1618 7.F r 4 (HP CO:t.bg
GEORGE R. RIDDLE, Allegheny.
DAVID HARTZ, Allegheny.
All the accounts speak favorably of the state of
trade throughout the country. Confidence is restored •
and money plenty. The European Times says that the!
non-arrival of the Overland Mail, which is now more
than a fortnight behind its time, has excited some un
easiness. The delay has occurred on the other side of
Suez. The belief at present is, that the Steamer has
been beaten back by the monsoon, altheu e sh there arc
croakers who contend that worse than this ha. happen
ed—that ells has gone to the bottom.
Capt. James ROSS has returned from his voym r se of
discovery to the South Seas; but the amount mid nature
of the information obtained has not transpired.
The most important news by this arrival is that nf the
NOW FOR IT! total loss of the steamer Missouri. Charles Wilmer's
News Letter says: "It appear s that when she Was
I burnt in Gibraltar bay she was at anch ir in abeut four
The time for talking and electioneering bas passed,
and the moment for action has arrived. To-morrow ens News
order to ive coloring to the infamous accusation, I fathoms of water. and the part of the hull which sank,
l after burning to the water's edge, is consequent} coy-;
n A n h b d i n n u e b t tt,
being divines nb e in e it:co
has been more g than insivated by the chit f slanderers
comes the battle, and if the democrats do but turn out
it that J. F. IVRENSHALL. Esq., "could tell" how much i sari by
and o a n t i C y ri a br f 7tar rett. h A a l s .
with only ordinary spirit, there is not a doubt of
Morris got from the Cowan estate. The affidavit of recover some valuable property flout the wreck; but be result. Of our ticket we need say nothing now; w e
• . - ' fore h commences operations the commander of the
Mr. Wrenshall will settle that question beyond contra e
have spoken of it before, and shewn that all the can-
Missouri waits the arrival of the American commodore
versy. Mr. W.'s testimony is as full, clear and expli- i
dilates are worthy the support of every democrat in
' from the eastern pnrtof the Mediterranean. to negotiate
can be.
the county. We feel assured that every one is mods
-1 r the diver's services, and it was expected his sub-
evidence l a t s isnot a matter of wonder that malignant men I for
emelo ment wu ' uld be entered in the course of
fled with the soundness of their principles, and their
should impute this crime to Morris, nor is it surprising 1 ten dnye.'" i )
capacity, and we would only urge upon them now, the
that their
that their perseverance in the charge should induce ma- !LOSS OF THE U. S. STEAM FRIGATE MlS
necessity of a spirited turn out to-morrow at the polls. . .
ray disinterested persons to believe it. But it was left Our enemies are making every effort that the despe
haveto announce the total destruction
I for the superior malignity of those who are opposing by i fi V r e e. re of th t es to plendid American steam frigate .Mi settee
ration of their cause can suggest. They are flooding
Elijah Trovillo in this contest, to implicate him in the ' I n', while at aechor iii Gibraltar hay. on -- ..4 , '• pro ber 9th.
the county with forgeries and falsehoods against the '
business, and seek to hunt hi :n diver with the same ' She had the Hon. Mr. Cushing on board, proceeding I
Alexandria, en male for China, as minister
prominent candidates on our ticket, and their leaders in
hounds of malice, that they had set upon Mr. Morris. I t° . rhe
the city are employed day and night in the most deepi
alarm was firstgiven at eight o'clock precisely,
It were uselese to waste words in vindication of a man ! and was immediately followed by such a burst of dame
cable attempts to foment discord in our party, and des- :
so far above the shafts of the creatures who have as- ; from the engineer's store-room as to lead to the belief
troy the standing of our men. The grossest calumnies I
have been secretly circulated in the country with the
sailed hi n. Suffice it to say, that James Youect, the 1 that it originated among the oil andspirits. Every ex
view to injure the irreproachable characters of some of
only brother of JOHNSON Yousue, who is said to have I ertionwasmad . e to subdueit ,
a t ud e the
larg e ress p o u f in t
I T : e
democrats, all their foul slanders and vile tricks have, user took
our candidates. Bin, thanks to the vigilance of the
, fallen by Cowan's hand; the only relative of his who i flameswer instantly wweirre so ra m pid
operation;but h
that it became necessarypr oe
to flood
er took any interest in having Cowan tried and pun- i the two magazines, which was done so effectually that ARRIVED.
' 'shed, denied the authorship and publication of the in- :it was not until twenty minutes after 3, A. M., that wig Allegheny, Dean, St. Louis
thus far, we believe, 'leen discovered and exposed.—
explosion took . place,
ina.d then not to an extent to en- North Queen, McClean, Cincinnati
famouspapisr in which Col. Trovillo and Morris is at- ,
Their calumnies have been refuted; their fraudulent
danger the shipping the bay, the nearest of which R. Clayton, Hough, Nashville
tacked—thus branding it as an infanwus forgery.—
had already been removed by the exertions of the acting Alpine, Cockburn, Brownsville
tickets detected, and their infamous handbill,
a" its ' From the character and conduct of Mr. Young, and captain of the port.
unprincipled publishers, held up as marks for scorn to
Zeaesyille Duval, Marietta
' his strong desire to have Cowan punished, there is no 1 Assistance was promptly sent from the Malabar, un- * Bridgewater. Clarke, Wheeling
ipeint its finger at. Notwithstanding the efforts of our ;
the personal superintenden ce of Sir George Same. Harrieburgh, Smith, St. Louis
I doubt but that he would have acknowledged the hand-;der
r opponents have been untiring and unscrupoloae, they ; bill, if the charges in it had been for one moment tens-' 1
' nue; and the Locust gut up her steam and ran along- Alllegheny Bell, Hanna, Cincinnati
side the Missouri, with the view of towing her into Utica, Klinefelter, Cincinnati
have rather strengthened than injured the democratic ble. His denial of it fixes upon it the stamp of a meshes- : deeper water, or rendering any other aid: but, unfortu- . *Daily Beaver Packets
ticket—the complete refutation of all their falsehoods,
'ble and slanderous forgery. We confidently leave ' nately, she had already grounded, which rendered it DEPARTED.
has gained us many friends who before were hesitating . impossible to
Impossible to s her- I Lehig, Mills, Cincinnati
' this matter with the people, not doubting but they will i
and inactive.
do what is just in the issue between Cal. Trovillo and iAs soon as the fire broke out, the Governor ordered *Aele.aide, &nigher, Cincinnati
the Waterport gate to be opened, and proceeded him- *Cicero, Gallaher, St. LOISill C '
Indeed, so completely have these frauds and calum- his persecutors.
self to the wharf, from whence ho despatched two en-' •
* Daman, McClay, St. Louis
nies been exposed, that we fear not any that may fol. 1 larThe Gazette of Saturday, has the following gross g e nes under charge of the artillery and sappers; but in *Daily Befiver tickets.
' P
low, however gross they it lay be. We would only urge ' attack on the memory of the late Wx. B. Conw ay . spite of the united' efforts of the crew of thfethMflissnuri All boats marked thue G (*) in the above %i l l., are pro i vi r:
on our friends a strong turn out, and an united and _lt is from the pen of Nzvottor. B. Cita to, and is in anhdcthseartforineendtileauaxp'il..iaarireesd,ttohebepgroogtrvunsdser,
wasasmn,ehs, d if ed ste e ft e m th b E ni v l a e n r e: Safety t prevent eeplos
mighty effort for the whole ticket. Pay no attention reply to an article that appeared in the Advocate of
that at length Capt. Newton was forced to abandon his
to the misrepresentations of the opposition or their em- that morning. Ho says: "Will the reader believe that ship, after summoning a council of his officers and those New Groceries!!
issaries; let there be no scratching; mark every man who •
the editor of the Advocate, a professing Christian, British officers about him, who unanimously decided
IN addition to their former Excellent Stock OtFRESH
opposes any part of the ticket, and treat him as an en- quotesagainst Inm the vile slang of Wis. B. CONWAY, I there was no hope of waving the ship.
FA/4 , .
ILY GROCERIES the subscribem have this tiny
The order was then given by Capt. Newton for all
received No s. 1, 2 and 3 Mackerel, No's. 1 and 2 Shad
emy hereafter. Let all exert themselves to remove
an open and malignant Infidel."
to quit the ship, which was done immediately by the
any personal objection that mty be alleged against a
idate. Call upon your friends; urge them to their crew taking the water, and receiving the ready assist- and Salmon, Susquehanna and Labrador Herring, Cod
Fish, Liqu •
ante of boats sent, in anticipation of the exigency. from eeithha
Liquorice, Cocoa Nuts, Ground Nuts, Lemons,
Raisins, Prepared Cocoa, Sago, Mace, Salters
duty, and bringthena to the polls! In short, do every
the Malabar, and from the vessels in the harbor. •''
tus. Saltpetre, SpertuCandles, Chalk, Whiting, Rotten
Such was the state of the ship when the officers and
thing that good democrats should do, and our entire
Stone, &c. &re.; together wither green variety of rare and
crew left her, that they saved nothing but what they had -
on. Capt. Newton did not quit the ship until all had
choice articles in
proud evidence of what the Democracy of Allegheny
left her, about a quarter past 11 o'clock. We are hap- i Wholesale or Retail, on very reasonable terms.
can accomplish, whoa united.
py to add, that the officers and crew are believed to be I LLOYD Co.,
all all saved.
I Oct. 9.
140, Liberty et.
His Excellency, the American Minister, after secu
his papers of importance, returned to the ship, Par neat
and zealously united his exertions to those of her oil- ~ ('1 ROVE HILL, the late residence of dih
: t i - Ur Aaron Hart. deceased. The place
The line wall was crowded until a very late hour ,is well filled with . choice fruit trees, vines, &c.
with spectators, anxiously watching the fate of the no- I Also, a convenient tenement lately occupied by R
ble ship. The sight was awfully greed; until the masts I. Langhorne.
at length fell overboard, the tracery of her spars and I Possession
_will be given immediately. For terms
shrouds standing oat in bold relief' against the dark , apply to GEO. COCHRAN, Ex'r.
sky, was beautiful. The whole rock was as light lugl 09-tf
day; and probably such a sight has not been witnessed l ----------------......._____________
in the bay since the conflagration of the floating bane- I Stray Oqe
ries in the memorable siege. el AME to the premises of the suhscriber, living in
We trait it will not be considered presumptuous to V Wilkins townshiu, about tbe middle of September.
refer to the discipline on board this ill-fated vessel; but I two cows. One of them I; a Red Cow, with a white
lapel-sons employed alongside during the progress of ftwe,abont six years old; the other is e Brindle, with a
the calamity, !Lind on whose veracity we can place thewhite face , large horns, very old; no other marks tier
utmost reliar I
eb, have been desirous of bearing nndeni- ceivable. The owner is desired to come forwerd. prov -
able testimony on this most important subject, we beg I property and take them away, or they will be disposed
to inform our readers that they describe the discipline
according to law.
and order on board as most admirable : the several or- 1 oct 9-3t5
JAMES CLARKE, of Indiana,
B FOSTER, Jr. of Bradford
Poetic MERTZ:W.—The meeting on Friday evening
was a very large gathering of the members of all par
ties. The three candidates for Congress were present
and defined their posttioos on the Tariff and National
Bank questions. The sentiments of Judge Warms,
on these matters, are well known to our:readers: he is
what he always has been, a zealons advocate of the
tariff, and an uncompromising opponent of a National
Bank. MR. BRACICRRIDCZ. ofcourse,dec.lamcl him
self a tariff man, and in favcr of a National Curren
cy—not our Constitutional currency. gold and silver
—but a paper currency, such as the bankers and
stockjobbers have been swindling the people with for
some years, and the value of which can be enhanced or
depreciated at any moment that the money hucksters
wish to make a speculation off the industrious portion
of the community. MR. CRAM, with characteristic
For nearly nine years Alsalom Mon-is has been cru
elty abased and defam id by political and personal
foes, for the imputed crime of assisting in Cowan's es
cape, and every novice in slander who may have ta
ken offence at lint, has gratified his malice by an allu
sion to the "Cowan affair." During all this time, his
assailants were careful to say nothing upon which a le
gal proceeding could 'oe sustained, until the editor of
the American tried his hand at the business. He put
the charge in an actionable form, as the legal adviser s
of Mr. Morris suppose, and a suit for libel has been
instituted, where those who have been defaming him,
can have a chance to bring out the proof of their char-
It is a duty we owe to the memory of a lamented
friend, to give this wanton and unprovoked falsehood
' most emphatic contradiction. Wm B. Colmar wes
not only a believer in Christianity, but a rigid observer
of its precepts; and lived in strict accordance with the
discipline of the Church of which he was ever a worth y
member. We had opportunities of knowing him well,
and we do not believe be entertained a malignant feel_
ing for a single fellow-being. His goodness of hear t
and his Christian principles induced him to forgive and
pity his worttenemies, and even the man who thus ea'
emulates him, received mach more of his pity than his
Some ic"AY clergymen of-the diocese met in St.
John's chapel on Saturday last, and from thence went
in procession to the residence of Bishop Onderdonk, to
congratulate him on the happy results of the late Con
Dr. Wainwright was their spokesman, and in behalf
of his brethren expressed in a fervid strain of eloquence
their unbounded confidence in their diocean, and their
admiratioaWhis firmness and decision. The Bishop
responded' in so touchily a manner, that there was
scarcely adry eve in tbe whole of the assembly. At
the conclusion of kis remarks the clergy all knelt down
and received the Bishop's blessing. Y. Y. Express.
. . _.
cunning, gave out throughthe week, that he wuold not 1 Ma* JD ELILVTIOIC-41 3 ; more the whip deist were given and obeyed as if the vessel had been
nothiag h ad occurred to excite
attend the, meeting, but at the same time, he was in- have obtained a slight advantage, through a strong se- in tOlieCirVifettl Mid_
i alarm or confienon. Gibr alta r
dextrin* engaged in getting up a little speech to de- ' Met organization, and the indifference of large rime-
liver on the occasion. He declared himself in favor bee of democrats. In speaking of the result the Re-1 ' REPEAL ,
of a protective tariff; and raid he was willing to make publican sayst '"The vote of the Democrat, was Herat 1 The agitation in Ireland mores on at the usual p ac e . The weekly repeal rent has for some months past ex
any promises to prove his sincerity, but the meetin g the polls. The vote received by Mr. StansbUty, the lead- c eded
but last Week it Cell to £735. This,
appeared to receive his pledges coldly, as they cauld lag Democratic candidate, was but 6484, Whilst the however, appears to have been a manceuvre to increase
place but little dependence in the sincerity of a man' vote received by ht.. Legrand, the leading Democratic the nom in al
; amount - oLl'lftcillwingi week's
d subseri p
who bad misrepresented so outrageously the conduct ' candidate in 1841, was 7449 , making a difference of
' 9 a ror . Connaught. Pent° r ‘f:i ° c ( h )
lion, iro mr h r ilti e ta e t I Ph i ta vi a e nd £39
of Judge Wilkins on the Tariff'question. He attempt- 955. The vote by which Mr. Curley, the leading will of course go to swell the sum total of the next an
ed the (to him) unnatural feat of treating his cotripeti- 1 Whig candidate has been elected, is but 6565, being nouncement. This association have issued a counter
tors courteously, and bungled for some time In trying less by 885 votes than that received by Mr. Legrand manifesto to the Queen's speech, addressed "to the
of the countr.es subject to the British
to say something pleasant tithe democratic candidate, :in 1841. From this it clearly appears, that our partial
c in ro ha w b n it ' lli a u ndsigried by Daniel O'Connell. The
but it was like the fl oundering of a fish out of water, defeat is not owing t 3 a want of strength ; but the fail- peelers are anxiously looking forward to the assem
and Mr.'Craig soon abandoned the uncongenial task. are of our friends to go to the polls. The Democracy bling of Mr. O'Connell's parliament, to consist of 300
He said ho was opposed to a National Bank, because ;of Baltimore have at least one thousand of a majority i members,each of whom is to bring £lOO with him,
tow d a w r r t l ie m o e b e ta ti i n n g m is en to t constitute the "nextgreat atop"
ho believed a majority of rho people were opposed to :at this time in this city. This will be shown at the ap
of the grand object of their de
it. It is thus clear that Mr. Craig would make the ! preaching election.
sires. Meanwhile Government is evidently preparing
most important provisions of the Constitution changes- I In Annapolis their majority last year was 70, nowit for the worst. The MO3t formidable military ope ra
ble with every anneal election, if the Whigs could sue- . is but 40.
trans are making throughout Ireland. in the evident
of a coming struegle; and such is their ceed as effectually in deceiving a majority of the peo. 1 The Whig ticket gees into Howard District with an tent that, ordia the
et they •g to opectatur, caused some
ple, as they did in 1840. If the Constitution has de- average majority of 79 votes.
alarm in the money market last week, which was e
finedgold and silver as the only currency of the country, In Montgomery four whigs elected by a majority of vineed by a reaction in the funds.
There was another immense meeting of Repealers at
Mr. Craig's authority for voting for a National Bank is 20 votes.
Loughsea, on Sunday the 10th ult., at which O'Con
insufficient, and if an informal expression of the ma- In Baltimore county the democratic candidates are Hell presided.
jority is sufficient to render void the provisions of that , elected.
According to his testi mony,there were 10,000 horse
iastramere4 we cannot understand the necessity of hav- In Cecil county four democrats elected. men present at this Repeal gatlieriag. It rained &doily.
lug a Constitution at all. In Kent county three while elected. Mr. O'Connell was obliged to address his drenched
Som e perso ns ha v i ng ob s e rve d th a t SA3w EL BLtcx I . In Hartford county three whigs and one democrat. hearers with an umbrella near his head, hut he corn-
Esq., was present, he was called on for a speech, and ln Carroll county three democrats and one whig. the just and forted them by o the assurance that the "nsin fell alike ou
that n the unjuat." After the a din
the blue noses cheered up with the expectation at he In Ann Arundel, three democrats and twc whip. nor wok place, at which Dr. 141cH ale and Other ,I igni-
I caries of the Roman Catholic Church were present.—
would lather the democrats like "blue blazes." But In Washington county five democrats.
they were wofully disappointed: he had spoken but a From Allegany county we have not received full re
t s il ees e
f te e h eli O n y o f f m a n t e ta ll c s h a m id e . n h t n.. ,, s .h h: c ul b a r i t e e nidr,i2h
few moments until hedeclared to themeeting that he had ;turns, but what have come to hand indicate that the people entertained for
person of the Queen t . The
severed all political connexion with the Whigs and anti- I democratic ticket is elected. proceedings at the Corn Exehange have not possessed
masons, and that from this time forward, ho would be I In Prince George county where there was no re g ular more than the average interest. Ainnev continue s Lo
an out and out democrat. This announcement was democratic, opposition, the whig ticket is elected. i r: e ll e l n in co ff l o er m tei i d t i m n e p ri e ca nn ,— syl l v a an at w a ee vi k . .£so d o :n whi l la had
received with enthusiastic cheers by the democrats, In Frederick county four whip and one democrat. ter from Mr. John T. ler, s on or the a' Pre ' s l i t cl n ent a , ex t . -
pressing sympathy with the Repeal movement, was
and the whigs and antes looked quite chap-fallen— DEscitirTlON or A YASkite.—"We are born in
ordered to be entered on the journals of the associa
prominentMr. Black has heretofore been a warm partizan and haste," says an American writer; "we finish our educe
tion, and a respectful answer returned.
leader in the opposition ranks, and his tion on the run; wo marry on the wing; we make a for
tune at a stroke, and lose it in the same manner, to REPEAL MEETING IN LIVERPOOL.
change may be taken as an indication of the workings
make and lose it in the twinkling of an eye. Our ' bo- A repeal meeting was held in the Aniphitheatre.nn
of public opinion in Allegheny county.
dylocomotive, going at the rate of twenty.five miles Tuesday night last. The house was crowded. The
It was late before the meeting dispersed, but the an hour; our soul a hi g h pressure engine; our life is a principal speakers were Mr. Daniel O'Connell, Mr.
shooting star; sod death overtakes us at last, likes O'Neil Daunt, Dr. Murphy, of Dublin, and Mr_fly!ey,
democrats who attended were in no wise wearied, as
flash of lightning."
member niche Town Council of Dublin. The principal
every os currence that took place was calculated to
feature of the meeting was a terrible and a disgraceful
cheerthem fur the struggle to-morrow. The adjourn
row between the Repealer, and a number of Orange
men (ship carpenters and others) who were present.
client was the only thing that seemed to gratify the an
timaions and whip, and we have no doubt it will be The Orangemen appear to have been the t"gressors.
On Wednesday evening there was a repeal dinner at
long before they will again consent to let their candi- the Queen's Theatre.
dates--or at least suck as they have this year—meet
those of the densocratieparty in public debate, on lead-
The French government mail steam packet Darien,
leg national questions.
of 1100 tons, and 500 horse power, was launched at
Cherbourg, on Sunday. This vessel is to form one of
the line of French West India and North America pack
"FCIPLOICAT EXPOSED."...We have transferred to our
columns a handbill issued on Saturday, in reply to a
I most infamous attack on Col. TROVILLO and ABSA
LOM bfolllll, wbich was circutated over the county in
handbill form, headed "Cowan the murderer," and
signed "Jos. Young." The authors and getters-up of
this moat slanderous document did not dare to show it
about the city, but with the secret cunning and adroit
ness of practised defamers, managed to have it distrit
uted over the country in such a manner as to keep (as
they think) its origia a prefoand secret. Fortunately,
however, for the cause of justice, several copies of it
were found on Thursday last, about 20 miles from the
city, and immediate measures were taken to discover
the scoundrels who issued the slander, and refute the
principal charge it contained.
.~~ ti -
The Paris Moniteur announces the opening of a
credit of six hundred thousand francs for the depart
ment of Foreign Affairs, chiefly as an appropriation for
the French diplomatic mission to China. According
to some of the journals, it will include three delegates
as special rvpresentatives of the interests of Ftench
commerce--oneforthe west, another f.rr the east, and
a third for the south of this realm.
foreign News.
Arrival of the Steamship ACADIA.
_ .
TheSteam.hip Acadia, Capt. Ryrie, arrived at her
wharf in East Boston, at ball put five o'cl ick, Tuesday
morning, Oct. 3d, bringing fifteen days later from Eng
Lieut. IVinslnw, of the U. S. steamship Missouri,
which was lost in the bay of Gibralter, came passenger
in the Acadia with special despatches from Mr. Cush
ing, our Minister to China.
Among the passengers in the Acadia from Liverpool
are Rev. Mr. Hague and Rev. Mr. Neale.
The Overland mail from India and Caine had not ar
rived when the Steamer left.
- - -
The outrazes in South Wales. so far from shewin."
symptoms of dimunition, are on the increase. Blood'
has been shed, the Rebeccaites daily become more
I bold and daring. It is and .niable that the Welsh have
grievances unredressed. and extortions tocomplain of,
from which other parts of the kingdom are compara
tively free. The toll gate grievance is only one, and
not the most oppressive of the many galling social ma
ladies under which the IVeLsh in the south labor. Ex
cessive rents, wretched farms, a rude state of agricul
ture, tithes, and ruinous expenditures, far exceeding
the measure of income. produced partly by competi
tion, partly arising out of the relative position of land
lord and tenant, are amongst the causes which fret and
harass the occupier of the Land, and make him a mid
night marauder.
The Paris Globe pretends that the marriage of Queen
Isabella. of Spain, was di.scussed at dae late meeting at
the Chateau d'Eu, and that a husband was pointed oat
and agreed upon by all parties. The "'turning Chron
icle supposes the Due de Alontpensier. (a son of Louis
Phillippe) ur a Saxe Coblig Lobe alluded to.
The Journal des Dehnts statrs that the French trans
atlantic steamers will begin to ply inn few months.—
There are to be four grand lines nud four secondary
The new governtnent of Spain is busily engaged in
a conflict with the discordant elements which called it
into being. Barcelona is in arms, and the expulsion
of Espartero is likely to he succeeded by a sanguinary
civil war. The Fort of Monjuich has been firing on
; Atsrazatias. As the army cannot be depended upon,
measures of extreme severity have been adopted to
awe it into subjection. A ban &Ilion of the' third regi
ment at Barcelona mutinied a few days ago; numher
ing. about five hundred men, it wasfeared that the ex
ample might he contry , ious. Narvaez promised, if they
laid down their arms, they should have what they
wanted—they did so, and a number of them were im
mediately placed under arrest; priests were introduced
to them, and soon after, five sergeants, two corporals
and a private were led out and shot within sight of the
barracks. Spain is in a condition of transition. and the
present condition of that fine and distrartedicountry, is
a libel upon civilization.
I port of Pittsburgh.
Reported by Si4eble and Mitchell, Gemereil Steam
Boat Agents, Water street.
According to Copper M.trks at the Wood street Sewer
New Pall and Whiter Goods.'
A RE now opening and offer for sale a very larg e
an d genera l assorrme nt of seasonable Dry Goods.
consisting of plain waved , and diamond beave r a w l.
broad cloths of every C 010(), cassimeree, santinetts, jeans,
kerseys, linseys, flannels, baizes, Need l ed and brown
cottons, drills. ticks, Mpacca ltatres black and colored,
plain and printed merinos, mouslin de 'sins, Irish
Dens, Mat tioni andatber si;ks. ribbons, laoes, cambric'',
mnslins, merino, fancy and blanket shawls, seismic
silks, spool and skein threads. &c., &e..togetber with
an assortment of carpets, rasa floor cloths, dec , of
which we are able to sell ea cheap as goods can oar. be
~o nght in any market, east or west. sep 21—tf
0 dryine. in store, anti for sLI , - at it.e 1 qui c k
«t 2 Corner of 4th and Wood Its.
The new light draught steamer MUS
KINGUNI VALLEY, Bowen, Master,
wilt heave as above, on Tuesday the 10th, at 10 o'clock
A. M. For freight or pa...sage apply on board, or to
The Valley has been thoroughly repaired and is sup
pliedwith Evans' Safety Guard, Shippers may depend
on hergoing through without reshipping. .
Bitter Almonds and CHager /Nit
R ECEIVED this day, a choice lot of Bitter Al
month, real Jamaica Ginger Root, and common
ALSO, a few catty boxes choice Goseeneasit
JUST RECEIVED and for sale by Wild. THORN,
No. 53, Market street,
' 500 lbs. pure palm soap in the bar,
600 " " " " in casks,
100 " variegated soap,
50 " white Castile, (only lot in market)
100 " almond soap, in lb. casks,
50 doz. shaving soap,
10 " Glenn's rose spermacetti soap, fix chapped
hands and for softening the skin.
The subscriber has on hand a larger assortment of
the above articles than any other estalishment in this
city, and is also receiving a large supply of fresh drugs,
&c. WA . THORN,
oct 7 No. 53, Market street.
Beware of a Settled Cough!
TAR. M . LAN ES Sudorific Ltinj„ Syrup, being a safe
1.1 and effectual remedy for Couz,s, Catarrhal Fever,
Influenza, Pleurisy. the first of forming' stages of Col2*.
sumptinn. Asthma. Whooping tough, - &-..c. Some do.
zen of certificates of its valuable effects can be pro.
duccd, one of which is now offered.
This is to certify, that I had a very severe Cough
last winter: mind was very much reduced. After trying
medical aid to no purpose, I was advised to procure a
bottle of Dr. M'Lane's Lung Syrup; it gave me relief
immediately, and in two weeks I was able to go out,
and fully believe it to be one of the most valuable med.
icines now before the public, for Couch and breast Com- -
fresh supply of this valuable Cough medicine
just received at the Drug store of J. KIDD,
oct 7 No. 60, corner of Wood and Fourth Nu.
T -
wish a and
orough k Book
rTHOSE who thge or these
1. branches, would do well to call at Ma. S. W.
STEWART'S Commercial Academy, on Fourth Street,
near the corner of Market and Fourth, before engaging
ort 3-lna.
W. 13n:bridge & Co.,
A GENTS for the sale of Ities.-trys Powder. Witter
street, between Wood and Smithfield streets,
oct 5 1m-
UFFALO ROBES by single robe or bale, ft - wink &
CHEESE. CIIee; o f
7;i l , lot West ernorde s r up l :rio wf r orm e
a tserve ra
Apply to A. BEELEN.
05-3 t
• Notice.
rr HE Rev. James F. Clarke, of Boston, intends to
1 deliver a course of Lectures on Uaitarianiatn,at this
Unitarian church in Smithfield at., commencing oss
Friday evening the 6th inst., at 7 o'clock.
The subject will be:
First.—The necessity of reform in Theology anti
the Church.
Second.—What is Unitarianism
Thirdly —What think ye of Christ?
Fourthly.—An examination of the Rev. W.I. Bake
well's pamphlet entitled “Unitarianism untenable."
Mr. Clarke will also deliver a discourse on Sunday
morning. the Bth inst. nn the text "What shall I do to
be saved?" and in the evening on "Will ycalso be kis
disciples ?"
The morning serliceto commence at half past ten;
the evening service at seven o'clock.
All persons desirous of knowing what are the opin
ions of that"sect which is every where spoken against,"
are earnestly and affectionately invited to attend.
The Right Principle!
anufacturers and
AV R. .
dealers in all kinds of Tobacco, Snuff' and Ci
ears,No. 138. Liberty street, and head of Canal Basin,
Pittsburgh, i'a., would respectfully announce to met•
chants and d....alers generally, that they have determined
to adopt the RIGHT PRINCIPLE with regard to the
tares of tobacco kegs, &c. The people may rely upon
it, that hereafter, the tares of kegs and boxes sill be
CORRECT. They hope, by stlict attention to burins,
together with faraishing the ce7y beat articles in their
line, to merit, as heretofore, a lit.eral share of patron.
Orders promptly exerazted. 04-1 sir
Now Lisbon Patriot, Stark County Democrat, But
ler Herald, and Franklin Arch publish to amount of
one dollar, send one copy of paper to advertiser, and
charge this office.
For Sale.
9 fk DOZEN Patent Buckets and tubs assorted sizes,
1J 30 dozen oral! sizes of Window sash window
glass of all sizes to snit, by the box or retail—Nails sad
spikes—Carpet chain—A variety of shovels, spadm4,
axe-handles, hoes, augurs, brushes, coffee-mills, Louis
ville lime, the balm of life, Brodie's anti-hillious and
anti-dispeptic pills, Evans' camomile and aperient
Pills,;Haisley's anti billions pills, events in Indian histo.
rv, history of the backwoods, American pioneer. Sew
all's pathology of drunkoness, permanent temperance
documents, bacchus and anti-bacchus, and a large vreri
ety of temperance documents, Sabbath and day school
books, ink, quills, writing and wrapping paper, &c.
for sale low for cash or approved country produce,
oct 4.
JONES, nurapny & co,,
No. 48, WOOD Stator,
ARE now receiving an extensive assortment of
which have been purchased in Philadelphia and New
York, at the Icuyst prices for rash. Their stock con
sists in part of blue, black and invisible green cloths;
blue and black pilot and heaver cloths; plait, and fan
cy cassimeres, sattinetts, Kentucky jeans and kerseys,
black and colored merinos; black, colored, watered,
changeable and figured alparcas; plain and rich printed
muslin de laine; domestic, Earlston and Chusan gink
hams; linseys. plain, striped and plaid; tickings, checks,
bleached and brown cottons, a great variety of fancy
prints; giraffe and buffalocloths, Genoa cords, hosiery,
gloves, suspenders, buttons, canvass, padding and
buckram, besides an infinite variety of other articles,
all of which they will take great pleasure in sheaving
to the mercantile community. They flatter themselves
that the variety and prices will be found such as to in
duce all who give them a call. to make a bill with them.
02-1 w
13 AVE now received and opened their Stock of
prising the greatest rariety to be found in any bemais,
in the city.
These goods have been very carefully, and is is be
lieved judiciously purchased for cash, most of them at
the lowest spring prices, and will be soldacsorderney.,
Goods can now be bought cheaper than in any of the
Eastern cities, and merchants will do well to examtoe
here, before going farther and faring worse,
sep 22
140, Liberty st.