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Qom'dtbturiness cards, &c., 5t.43 tirdt page
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w. J. Howard—.l• $ • Semple—Ci:orge. Ogden
thiiittiguine,hasbeen rot eiced and is renAly for delivery
ekOcioh!sLiterarydopot, 4th itrect. cnatains the usu
al amount of original matter, and is embellished with
twebetatiful steel engravings and a plate o f t l, l fall
HvilveroT.CArrAmi, embracing a history of the stir
ringicici'dents of the reign of Charles IX. and Henry
IV or France, is also for sale atCook's. This is a very
itotrooting book.
Titit gsn's WIF P., a novel by Mrs. Gat.: is just
puSiished and for sale at Cook's. The last work writ
ten by this lady—"Abadaego, the Moncy Lender,"
vat very popular and established her with the-I : subtle
11.5-11 charming writer of fiction.
M . /joss's M.'t.a Ronvince of the Revolution, by
a*thor of "Old Loyalist" has also been recei
veil and is fur sale at the same place.
Cas - At Commtsstoseas.—We insert today the ex
qalierstaddress tithe Stew Central Committee of the
Democratic party. It is an ably written document,
Wltich'aets forth the merits and services of our candi
dates it; a brief but clear manner, and malteszood their
claltrts to the support of our party. We hope it will
be 'extensively read, for it is in all respects worthy of
attention and perusal.
!Mr:. E. Roamsos's FIRST LECTURE will be giv
enthio, evening at Temperance Hall. His talents as a
lecturer are highly spoken of at the east, and the soh
jet Oriels discourses is a most interestins; one to very
miry of our ritivms, and is eminently worthy the atten
tion of all. Wo hvo to sue a lar,;a attendance.
Ptho brig Plutas, from Boston. for Jacmcl, was.
woockod ua Laona Island cmt end of St. Domingo on
31teor.Tuli—partof cargo saved—resAd and cargo in.
supad. 13uatoia.
,larrhe fattest oxen at the State Agricultural Fair
w‘iits,e.ithibited by Jeremiah Brown of Orleans county.
1110 , 0- r.re three of thum, weighing severally 3'200,
3303 and 4011 21-I.lds. Thy larzest of these falls more
th. l 433'p )(tab sham. of th^ ex now exhibiting in this
city; whioh notice]. ea Saturday. Ile weighs
4 143, nlis an u.nr as fat as the owner intends
ttt make him.
Mott* ItT.LP Pea REP 6AI, —..At a Repeal meeting
h fail.iitcia, ea Mau lay, 25th ult., the Rev. C. W.
proucatoat 'clergyman, avowed himself to
h"%n nrl at rep:mler, and eloquently replied to the
g•tii4l4i3.4...iquetttly thrown out, that 11.2!peal is a Cath
olio-inoverttent. Tilia he emithatit:ally and
iiittainett that it w.ti Daly a ;rent aad golinti political
ntoceraent. , •
_ 7 -
14 - c;T Veonnt Tax DL;TY.--.The Ililifas. (N. S•)that
• eirr'4ty4:llnc,33.2Ct!.o.lc.. or:randy mid Win. which
-41111afv•cm . §CiiAvib.l the revonue offieers: were emptied
iato.the it4mrnoa sewer near the Cua.,,al H d a.,e, as
tl4,;(nula not (etch sit puhlic auctinn the am mat
d•ttieato which they woo 'MIA,: Thu NV ashMatoni
uns irdtst hiveberm in the tieigldwwhemd of Halifax,
tly Wile°lin Trot'. sap, that a Mr.:. Nlityln.ll
that tniOn Ite4 week, who had ',wen gmplio.wil to
110 .. 4ilil:;ilat, 6. id had partially suhizi.4teA on charity f.r
e , ,mint years plAt. lu lte r house were tot!.l cloven
Ihtuateitgininish dollare, anti ii.n:)penrs that
slug al:n
nveapsta yalnable farm in l'enniylvania.
lOlt CIT . --The real and perminal e•nate in
tbwrity, R 4 county of NCW York, has decreased in val
ue eltieß-184f.', $9,883811. The taxer , to be raised
uti i t f3 property this year are estimated in all at $1-
'80,71,11361., T 8
he amount of the real e.itate for 13-
4.2lll'give9t at 164,959,514. Perional $63.
0 i
110 1 " ; The Be*. S. 14. Tyng is pteaehing sermons in
Nnef,tx.k.agaitist 1113 fellow christians, the noman
Cathbliei. The Spirit nettle Timer says;—•`fre is the
Tyng who published his letters for Sunday
scisneloseulegising British institutions, and deprica
tit thatintlepettaent feeling *hick a luck of those ti
tles to 4o honor to in this counuT oetasions. He i s La
s r.theauthorefthe letter reviling Thomas Jefferson.—
Weil& Divine Ma.ster when on earth: so arro:,-ant, so
captipus, er so tnielemntt"
The U. S. brig Bainbridge, Lieut. Com'g. Johnson,
act . iiyed at Norfolkon Sunday hut, in twenty-foor tlays
fruuj "rem er1 4 ,
Thd brint4 intellig - ence th tt their. S. ship Vin
cennes, Capt. Buchanan, was tit anchor off Sacriticios
od.the 'At Sept. awaiting the arrival of despatches
from the Hon. Watidy Thompson, our Minister at
,The .second Instalment of the Mlxienn indemnity
htta , bems and the Coadtteta. with the amount
sll.4lll',ooo'vra4 on its way to Vera Cruz when the Bain
bridtm left that port. It was expected to arrive there
on the 4th instant. -
The Norfolk Herald says--
~T be Vincennes was ordered to Vera Ciuz for the
intreesettf corree!,,ing the Money to the United States,
bts ttavis understold at the rime the Bainbridge sail
ed, that a.m. Thonipson, Minister at Mexico, had en
carol iota: an arrangement with the how° of H a rgcnts &
Cti.,ltolship the money to New York in. the brig Pe
tersburgh. at the carman of the claimants.'
Tlw,re'snn one in rubbing one's eyes and
tibtishering over all "tbe ills that 11..5h in heir tn."—
lt4B eyes caused by any thing but brandy or its kind
exkl,are scandalous looking affairs. The best way is
eo"ntand up to the rack," and take the good things and
t. 464.61 ac they come tan lg. without repining.; alwitys
eh-Jelin; yourself with that pliiloaaphical ejaculation,
"better luck next time!"
- Ii dame fortune as shy a. a weasel? Tell her to '
to thus ter, and laugh lwr in the flee. The happiest
(Ana we ever saw., slept upon a plunk—and bad'nt a
shilling . in hi. pocket, not a coot to bin back.
find "dlsappoinmerat lurkingin many a prize?"
Then throw it away and iaugh at your own folly for so
lots Putiming it.
IB Dat.3 Panto elude your gram? Then laugh at the
fills th'at aro so often her favorites. She's of no can
segnento any how, and neverbuttered a piece of bread
or furnishe4a,ruan clean dickey.
14 Your heart' broken by
"Some maiden fair, -
(Jbrigbt blue eyes and auburn hale"
."11heri thank your stars that you have escaped with
your neck, and make the welkin ring with a h'as'ty I
laugh. It lightens the woight of one's heart amazing - Iy.
Take oar a 7t 0 4
ci Mre D V:I ::L:IT , )•"' r-XTR-\ -‘- 1)1.1)1I ' l;L •
ward. t: 11. ) t :,-.t I_ • Diti-n, ~
tb I.•!'t . .I.u . is n sa , ': a m.N.\TI:.;;.: , , v'm,
T Clif•'.l' rep !etftill!, informs his friends
man cut lii4tht•nit:Wit'l r, , 111: : • •:1-• ;m:•11r. that .116mM. in the Trttn,por
gra nr , .!lr htttivc of
• -es , . at hi= Wirelirin=e, CORNER OT
IVO t, itl.r,ihinZ; Ahlr.vA a clear Si M V
" TT ASD IV.%T . NR 4TREETS, Ba.in, under the
and gratituie for the gond things afire, aid el..vates disin...7, in store, and for sale at the DRUG tram, of the —/elepen , lln2 Portable Boat Line,"
above the brute creation. Sp - here - gnes for •fuu—and w A R FAIOUSE o f J. KIDD, where he will receive ti,.orl forward freight to die East at
we'll rti t for not share white the ball is rolling. ' e r r 2 Cortierof 4th and Wood sts• the lowest trans. Sept. 4 —if.
li A
Oininty Chnumisadoner. - John II: Davis, .
A T the solicitation of a number of friends of all
11.- political parties, I peetfullv crffer myself to AUCTIONEER AND'COMMISSION MERCHT,
the consideration of my fellow -citizens for the office of Corner of Wood and sth sts., Pittshurgh,
County Commissioner. That my sentiments may not Ts ready to receive merchandize of every description
be misunderstood, either as to political or private -.1.- on consignment, for public or private sale, and
affairs, I make free to say that I hare been all my life from long experience in the above business, flatters
a consistent Republican, in the true sense of the word. himself that ho will be able to give entire Satisfaction
As the country is somewhat e mbarrussed in its finan- to all who may favor him with their patronage.
cial affairs, and the reduction of sa.laries of public Regular sales on Mos DA T 5 and TIIIIRSOLYS4 of Dry
One s has received the approbation of large majori- Goods and fancy articles, at 10 O'clock, A. M.
ties of the people, the end...l - signed would not should Of Groceries, Pittshiirghmanufacmred articles,new
he be so fortunate as to be elected, in any manner at- and second hand furniture, Sec., at 2 o'clock, P. M.
tempt to resist this salutary reform; should it reach Sales every evening,atearly gas light. sag 12—y
the office of County Commissioner.
Prothonotary. •
To the: voters of Allegheny counly:—l respect
fully offer myself to ybur consideration as a candidate
(independent of parties) for the office of PRO
THONOTARY of Allegheny county, at the ensuing
election. As Ido not come before you recommended
by a Convention, those of you to whom I am not per
sonally known will please examine into my qualifica
tions, &c.; and if so fortunate ak to obtain a majority
of your saifrages, I shall endeavor by strict attention
to the (lodes of the office, 1G satisfy you with your
eh -.Ace. ALEX MILLAR.
Iron Safes.
IRESPECTFULLY Worm the public that I have
and keep always on hand an assortment of Fire
Proof Safes. The price, in comequence of the ma
terials and labor being much lower, is reduced about
thirty per cent. They are kept for sale nt my shop, in
Sixth street, above Smithfield, neat to the alma on
the corner of ' Gth street—as also with Atwood, Jones
&Co., and Dalzell & Fleming. In regard to the qual
ity of my safes I leave those persons who have pur
chased and will purchase my safes to attest the util
ity of them. I desire no newspaper puffs on my safes;
justice and truth warrunt me in informing the public
that all my safes which have been in buildings burnt
down for several years since I commenced have pre
served all the papers, books, &c., which they contain
ed. I have a card containing a number of certificates
of the same, which are in circulation and in ma hands
and the agentes. JOHN DENNING.
N. 13. A few pair of steel Springs for sale, made hy
Jones & Coleman, and will be sold low. Also, ascrew
press, with power to punch holes in half inch iron.
re ) 20—tf
LET all those la want of a first rate Over Coat,
fashionable %%inter Frock, or Pelto, remember
that the best made, m fashionable cut, tastiest trim
med, and cheapest, article, (if not the lowest priced,)
can be had only at the
4 251, LtnEwri STREET.
A few specimen coats on hood, which have just been
finished according to the latest mode. We will be
pleased to show them to any ganitleman wanting the ar
City custonv-rs oiil pm eui% e the whamagn that this
esta blishment can give. when they arc intlirmed that
we will-in die to order every 11,:cription of garments in
a sup rior style, and according to the latest fashions . ,
as low as the soul article can he liteight in this city.
AL:iEt) L Nli-GUIBE.
7,-tAtiv lIIIr line made and ttimmed,
wh Nt It ,nit..; the cm:tomer to forni.th hi= own material,::
evety paias will he ta ' tsea, :rat a h calsmn: lit Wlly•
sep •
New & Cheap Stock Establishment,
..\ - 0 61. LI3fOND ALLEY.
n w Et:s ‘V i)1111 311.111iET STREET .
I‘v LT LD ut t,t respectfully ttiIUOUIICX to OW Citizen<
of l'itt:hurgli awl the country G enerally, that I have
eqnniteneed the in:maim:tare of STOCKS. of every a
riety, f , trio mtd description, and would solicit merchant.
and others to call and examine for themselves, as I ant
determined to sell tot the most accommodating . term,
for cash, and hope, by strict attention to basitteAs, tc
merit a share of public patronage. mug. 19-6 m.
A BOUT the last week in J une, in a Clothin e,Store
At_ in liberty stn , el,a ti(tte of hand, considerably
soiled and worn. It is signed by James Gaston and
another, and drawn in titvor of W. Black. The own
ex can have it by identifyingit and paying expense*.
Jul• 3 1 .--tc •
The Fashions! TheFashiOni ! !
T UST received at ALGEO & WGU IRE'S Fashion
di able Head Quarter:. a splendid lot of goods for the
fall trade; amongst which will be f nind superior buck
skin plain and fanny enssimeres, new style woolen vel-
Vet vestings, plain satin and figured silk do.; diamond.
waved and plain Beaver Cloths; a few pieces extia
henry and fine Broad Cloths, fashionable colors for
winter, sad: real; coats, extra suyerfine blue and wool
dyed black, English and French broad cloths. All of
which will be made to order in the most supwrior
style, at very low priees. ALGEO &M'GUI RE,
sett —lotd. 2dl, Liberty street,
Allegheny County u.
the matter of the estate of ROBERT
KIRK, decd.
L ' s " And now, Sept. 16, 11313, on motion of
OcorLm I'. Hamilton, the money considered
in Court and Robert Woods appointed Auditor to di3-
tribute proceed: ofßy thy Codrt,
h...reby g:von to all persons interested, that
I will Mond to the ditties assigned to me by thr Court
in the above cast-, at my (ace on Grant street, PlUS
burgh, on the 30th of Oct., 10 , 13, at a o'clock. K.
sapt 211-3 wd ROBT. WOODS, Auditor.
Lippincott Mills.
rp HE subscriber having purrha.sed and thoroughly
_L • repaired these Mitts, is now manufacturing,
and will keep constantly on hand, a full supply of nll
the different kinds of Nails, Spikes tout Braden, etc.,—
made from the hest qua:itv of Juniata Blooms, a w las
,000 as the necessary additions can he made t i the
machinery, ho will m inufacture every description of
HAI- and Sheet Iron. usually made in this market.
Orders left withS. Cuthbert. at No. 35 Wood st.
or at tito Milk in the Fifth 'Ward, nil he promptly at
tended to. JAMES ANDERSON.
sup 23-3 m.
LTTEIt-27 Kegs.
513arrels ‘Vestern Reservv.
Dairy Buttcrinst received and for Auk. by
sop 43 Wood ft.
Mr. J Kton—Sir—A child of mine alstietdi yard
old, was constantly indisposed, and of pale coserldent
ion; but had always a good appetite. In order to have
the child well, I bought a small bottle of MeLane's Ver.
mifu.ge of which 1 gave him 3 Apnonfuls, after which
20 or 2.3 largr, worms were expelled. I wish all Ger
mans would read the aliiwe Tacts. The child's health
is much improved. MICHAEL
Chnrtier r s Creek, Sept. '26 1343.
;j 'For sale at the Drug Store of
Conte/ of 4th and Wood eta. Pi ttshg., Pa.
the 12th inst., at the Cotruttercial
. Auction
Rots, corner of Wood 'and Fifth streets; order of
Wm. P. Baum, Assignee °fin°. H. Mellor by &
Co., the
entire stock of goods remaining oaltand, among Which
are the following, vist—n
Two splendid Piano 'Fortes,
Violins of different qualities,
Superior Violinr.ellos, with patent heads,
Claritmetts aid Flutes,
French Horns, Trombones. aud Bugles,
Opbeclides, Bass Horns and Bassoons,
One Guitar, Music Boxes, [Bugle,
Mouthpieces for Clarionetts, limn, Trombone and
Violin strings, Clarionett reeds, bridges, &c., .
Tenor Drums, •
Mestin't Harp and U. S. Psalmody,
10300 sheets of Music for Piano,
A variety of Flute Music,
Preceptors for differeut instruments,
Steel Pens, Quills, Drawing Pencils,
Looking Glasses, Chessmen and Boards,
Printer's Cords, Pocket bricks and %relicts,
A variety of Combs,
Wax. Dolls, jointed Dolls,
Needles and Skein Cotten,
Best ColognelVater,
Brittania. Teapots and Spittoons,
Silver Pencils and Toothpick, •
Ivory head and conanon Canes,
Window Glass and White Lead,
One 8 day Clock, brass- werk , ,
One 24 hour " " "
Twu racy Chin Timepieces,
Three pair Scale Beams,
An assortment of variety Goods and Toys,
Fifty yards Floor Oil Cloth,
Show cases, Counter, Stove, Venitian Blinds,
Writing Desks, Chairs, largo IRON SAFE,
Setts of Drawers, &.c.
The sale will be positive and without reserve, and
will be continued from day till day until the whole arc
disposed of. Terms cash, par money.
W.NI P. B 31. Assignee.
oct2 '43 J:CO D. DAVIS.
[ Advocate and Chronicle copy l Auctioneer
AT DAVIS' Commercial Auction Roma. corner
of Wood and Fifth streets. An extensive as
sortment of DRY GOODS. rexently purchased in the
East for ea:h, and which will be sold ut a small ad
vance on Eastern prices. for currency or approved en
dorsed notes. The assortment consi.itsin part of
'2O pieces wool dye' blue black broadcloths;
t 5 " super. blue cloth;
10 " brown, olive and ;nixed cloths;
1 " •ittper. Boaver cloths:
pilot clotloq
" cussiuetts, assorted colors; some very
50 tlartnel6, is illea and plain white, red,
_teen ;EA yellow.
" merino ; color-:
100 ;ill wool blanket shawl-:
200 eott4ei plaid :hawk
1,010,10 z. -pool eotto.i. all cAlor-;
100 pit c,•.: bleached and brows niuditis, and a
zr.at variety of whet article, ussilly found is u Dry
r .11, , 5, an n:surtisent shoe:, and hats,
which will all 11.2 ,old at prie,es without regard to the
rulranres in the stpt
lia.in.eorner Wayne and T.iliertv meeetA, Pitt.
bnr h. Aeont United State , ' Portalile Boat Line.
'low 4.-Im.
p(• i'11:1,1) Irta num), ed EAtulp
• liAlynent to Wood at: opposite I:alm:stock's
Drug Store, where he will keep cuustantly on halm]
Tomb Stone!=, Montimentdctc. ap 1 9 —ly r
J CST vED iuni lot sale o' ,ignu►rut,
7 till& buena,
Can Le 4een nt the f.t. , lll.of.l7temb Puinier& Co
auk .L K. 11001111 F: 1D & CO
bissOlttioa of Partnership.
purtnenthip heretofore existing under the
, style of Devine& :11'Anitity, is thiit day dissubed
by in:itual ennient, 11. Devine is to (Alert nll SUMS
due to th•i c,:teern, and pay all I.:taint:4 coutracted for
the tip date
Scrt. 1. 1811
11. Devine revectfal4 informs his frimuls and thy
publi , , that ha still imatinues in the Traitsporting
business, and thnt he has removed the office of the U.
S. Portable Bout Line, to Nni 4.3 Water street, next
door below Lewis Hutchinson, where he will receive
and forward Ereii.rlit to the East, on the very lowest
terms. D. DEVINE.
S U N Mil ES }mites auk°late,
t, do cocoa,
:3 do rice flour, .
2.5 do ground pepper,
5 do Cayenne do.,
36 cans ground mustard,
5 kegs do allspice,
5 do do ginger,
12 cans do do,, together with
every thing in the grocery line, all of whioll is offered
. •
at extremely low prices, for cash.
13, Wood street
D AC \V ANTED; in town or country, for a
nun%ber of salesmen, book , keepers, shop Men and
brlys, in stores and vvarehon see' Also, for collecting,
and for a number of mechanics, farmers and laborers,
coachmen, waiters, bostiers, and nil kinds of hands for
e teamboats, hotels, and private families; for 3elect and
common school teachers.
Cooks, chambermaids, dry and wet mirsee; and girls
for housework provided at short notice. 'Place; pro
cured for hands of all kind: a scion as possible: And
all kinds of Agencies and Intelligence bilsincse titttintl
ed to for moderate charges. 12 to 15 Varna.: for sale.
beveral farms wanted to rent. Cull at ISAAC HA it
it lS' Intelligence Office, No. 9, Fifth street.
Q SHARES Alicg,hcny Bridge Stock, at rni
ot, cute stile, by JOHN D. DAVIS,
Corner alVnimi and Fifth iltret4,4:
Mom TEM&
JUST RECEIVED from the Eastwdrri on Ctiwizn
mcnt, direct from the Importers, 15 het - chests
Young Ilyson TEA, also ten 13 lb. boxes ditto, 01l of
which I which I will sell nt the very lowest price.
198 Liberty street.
:+ept, 22-1 w
MOKED HERRINGS.-25 boxes smoked her
riagsjast received and for sale by
43, Wood street
Dili ObeelOW,lit
I.HE Partnership heretofore existing under the firm
of DICKEY :t.td ALEXAND::II.. i 3 this day dissnl
vf,d JAME:S . DICK,IA%
I. 1311. W.A. G. ALEXANDER.
& =MEM SE.CILUIGNA ,111t011111,
Mere/tants and Manufacturers' Scrip..
Exchange Bank Scrip .............
Currency .............
Erie Bank Scrip ..................
On Philadelphia. ... ... . • .......
Neuo York..
Boston ...... . ... . . .....
Baltimore ........ . . . ... . . ..
Chid ,
Bank cf Pittsburgh .. .... . .... . . . .
Merekants and Manufacturers' bank..
Exchange.— ....... .... .. "
. . ....
Bank of North America
Do Northern Liberties .
Do Pennsylvania ......
Commercial - Bank of Pennsylvania.
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank.. ..
Kensinglon"bernk .. . . . . . . .; .
hfanufacturc rs and Mechanics'.....
Moyamensing ........... ..
Philadelphia bank
Schuylkill " ... . ..
Southwark ..... ........
Bank of Penn Township ...... ... •
Girard bank.... "
U. S. bank arid branches:
Bank of Germantown ......
Chester county ......
" Delaware county
" Montgomery county....
Northumberland -.•
Farmeri,bank of Bucks county...
Easton bank......
Doylestown bank ....... ........
Franklin bank of Washington
Sank of Clurmberstrurgh ........
Afield/clown • . •
. Gettysburgh —• •
0 Lewistown.
Susquelsanna county ....
Berke county bank
Columbia Bankand Bridge Company.
Carlisle bank .......
Eric bank
Farmers and Drovers' bank
" Bank of Lancaster .• •
Bank of Reading
Harrisburg bank ...... ....
Honesdak "
Lancaster "
Lancaster co. • • •
Lebancnt "
'Mine's bank of Pattsi-;lle ..... • .. • • .
Monongahela bank of Brownsrille 1
New Hope and Delaware Bridge company....lo
Northampton bank .... no sale
Towanda bank...... ......
It'yo nein g bank .. . .... .• . • ..... 4
West Branch bank . ...........
York bank— . • . 24
Belmont bunk , t r St. Clairsrille
Clinton bank of Collin:bus
Columbiana bank of Sew Lisbon
( Lawrence. cashier)
( cushier)..
Chillicothe Gant
Commercial hank of Lake Erie.
Dayton bank .. .
Franklin bank of Columbus....
Farmers' 71 I Mechanics' bank (!f
Farmers' bun k of Canto
lb:sulfas . .
Mechanics' and Traders'. Cincinnati.
Mount Pleasant
Norwalk . ....
I Scioto . •-•
Xenia .........
State bank- and branches
State Scrip
411 banks
Stale bank
Bank of Illinois, Shammedusen:,
Bank o f the Valley of Virginia 1
Bank of Virginia I
Exchange bank of Virginia .. .. . I
Partners' bank of Virginia.. .. .. .. .1 . ; .. 1
North-IVestern bank of Virginia .... , .... .. ..1
Merchants' and Mechanics' bank of viroxia....l
Baltimore City banks ......... • .
All other solvent banks.. .. • .
All solvent banks...:..
AU solventbanks.. .. ...
• .....:par
All sof re ite banks
Mobile bald:J.l ..
Country bank*.l ..........
New Onerins ban** ( OA) .....
Wt coaNER or WOOD di MTH 5Th
The proprietors of the Mottvita; Post -Ititd. Mtn
cultr A.ND MANer4e - rvtiotrespeetfoliy infhrrn their
friends and the patrons of those pimper4, that they have
a large and well chosen assortment of
ar41113111111 PAL'llltlllol'3lM,
avs 2,111..C.M24.11 atatittathei
Neces:Aary to o Job 'Orbiting Office, and that they are
prepared to execute '
Book, Bills of Lacling, Circulars
Parnplileti, Bill Heads, Cards,
handbills. Blank Chiacks, Hat Tips.
grt ktntis of litauks.
Marc, Stcanaboist 'and Canal Boat Bills, with ap
preprints cuts,
Printed On the shortest notice and most retsoiale
We respectfully ask the patrcin4s of our friends and
the public in general in this branch of our bulkiness.
July 31, 1843. rillLLiks & SMITH.
A FEW CONES BiAmp Doane ; s Pamphlet on .1 ,
sevinri" received And far sale at Fesster's Liter
ary Depot, St. Clair street; eippdsite the Exchange.
WANTED, a ,tealllAtteiS, a first rate hand. Ai,
ply at the.slol - C, Nil. 4, Wood curet.
In-tf WM. NOBLE, 014°1st...ref.
iakaiillB 43 4
Formlutathe and newarnissiexe Ilikerchants,
cl.evr.t.hen, onto:
AGENTS for the Meta/sots' Tranapartaii3b Corn
pally composed of the Merchants' Line, Erie
Canal; Wrishington, Line, liantvr, Palmer & Co.' s
Line of Steamboats and vessels on the lakes. Cleve
, land Line, Pennsylvtimia and Ohio Canal. Proprie
tors ofthe Merchants, Line, Ohio Camd.
st.tistt To
Wilkie & Ensworth, No, 9, Germicide SlipeN• 1•
R. Hunter & Co. Albany.
Ode Chaff, Bostez.
„. Hunter, Painter St Cu.., Buffalo,
M. T. Williami & Dow,
Hon. John M. Allen,
Charles M. Giitdingi, •
J. S. Dickey, Beaver.
Birmingham & Co., Pittsburgh•
ap 1'1843-Iy.
Skewer and Warren Packet.
ataiTHE canal packet ERIE, J. M.
Shaw,master, wig run u regular tri
weekly packet between the above named ports, leaves
Beaver on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays' morn
ing, lenyes Warren on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sa
turdays; connecting with the Stage Linos to Cleveland
direct, For froicht or passage apply on board, or to
BIRMINGHAM &CO., Pittsburgl,
3. S. DICKEY, Bearer.
• .... _.par
. . ......
.... par
..... par
• • ;*: • • •-;1'; •-• I 111 . 7 -71 41 nreAr ,
r— • =
14 . ° , r -; - •c .
1- AND RAIL ROAD CARS. from Pittsburgh, via Bed
ford, Chanabersburg, Harrisburg and. Lancaster, to
Philadelphia, connecting with the Main train of cars to
N. Y. &e. Only 150 miles staging undone night out.
Also, the direct line to Baltimore.
Fare to Philadelphia
Baltimore 9.
Leaves daily at 8 o'clock A. M.
Office 2d door below the Merchants' Hotel Wood st.
feb 23, 1843-Iy. • r
.. pa r
.. ...... par
. . .. ...par
The Great Central Ratite
Via National Road and Baltimore and Ohio Rail
„=‘,...111:411;:di -
min Ntn:
THIS line is in lull oiler - 163 n and leaves Pittsburgh
daily at 6 o'clock A.. M.. via Wa.altington I'a.
and national read to Cumber:end, CJllu ,,, tir.g here
with the rail road C.,'s to all the &Jove plac..s: Trav
elers will find this a spe-d_ anti cointortsble, route,
it being a separate and distinct Pitt-burgh and Cum.
berlaud line, facilities will be afforded tvhich have not
been hetetofore enjoyed. Extra coaches furnished at
the chortost notice. with the privilege of going through
direct or taking one nights rest at their option.
For tickets, apply at our office at the Monongahela
House. L. W. STOCKTON',
feh 3-4.ltf. President of N. R. Stage Co.
- 11sgtaar Packets, uicianati
The Swiftsure. Robinson, Master, leaved every
Thursday at 10 o'clock. a. m.
The Cutter, Collins, .Master., leaves every Frulay at
10 o'clock a. m.
The 3,loutgomer,. Bennett, :llaster, leaves every Sat
urday at 10 o'clock a. tn.
. The Express. Parkinson, Nlasttr, leaves even - Sun
day art° o'Cli.x.th a. tn.
JOHN 13101!;\611AM & CO. :
- maN 20
------- -
united States Portable Seat Liao Depot.
4 Li
- - _
_• " -
A. 'AL ANULTY very rezpectfully informs his
and the puhlic, that he lia.nlade .-_rrange
rarute to tooth - me the a.g.t.acy of the boats forming the
U. S. Portable 13oat Lilac, at the large new \ drelieuse.
Basin, where goods will be received and forwarded
with usual despatrh and on the most favorable t e r ms.
to Baltimore, Philadelphia. New York or Boston.
72 Market it., Philadelphia.
.-. MOORE &CHASE, Agents.
75 Bondy'. Wharf, Baltimore.
Sept. 4-3 m.
A LLEN KRA! 3 / 4 4ER, Exchange Broker * No. 46,
Corner, of Wood and Third streets, Pittsburg
Pa. Gold, Silver, and Solvent flank notes, bought
and sold. Sight cheek& cat the Eastern cities, for sale.
Drsfts, notes and bills, collecned.
XVIII. Bell & Co.,
John!). Davis,
F. l e orears,
.1. muter & Co.. Pittsburgh, P.
Joseph Woodtvcll.
James May,
Alex. Bronson &Co. pliilatlelplua.
John II Browu &Co.
James .M'Candless. Cincinnati, 0.,
J. R. M'Donald. }St. Louis, Mo.
IV. H. Pope, Esq., Pres% Bauk Ky. }
Diclaine's AnieriesuiWervi
THIS is to certify that with ItlcLPEllifV•otot
SPECIFIC, a child of mine passed upwards of 800
worm s it is the most rowel - Ad Worm Specific now in
use. BAnTuotoxzw.
Middlebury, 0.. Oct: 1, 1343.
For sale at the Drty , Store of JON: KIDO,
sent. 12. Corner 4th and Wood sts.
Dve Stuffs Just lisoeivadi
Vitriol, Camwoorl, Alum, and a general stock of
DYE Wooos, in store, and for sale at the Drug Store
Comm. 4th and Wood sta.
A,. thy is capable of tilting charge of a
household; is desirous of obtaluiirg a situation
as housekeeper in a private tardily, or as superintendent
in a respectable hotel: She would have no objection
t. , ) leave the city if desired to do so. For further infor
mation inquire at this office. aug 9.l—tf
Road Corpany.
sept. 12
ACKF.REL.—Ifi tibt;. No. 3 Mackerel, just
IYI. meowed tualfor sale by
43 Wood st.
To Diet chants anti Others.
AGENTLEMAN, who thoroughly naderstand,
Book Keeping. vrisheA a sitatttion in that cape
the best of references *rill be given. Address H..
at this office: aiig Litiztf
C BurtOo'3 5 b lump tobsocr,-
4 25 do ItAtisoll & Robinsons do
5 do Ilarc'a
10 do , assorted sizes and brands,
ina -rt;ceiN cd and fel- rale by
43, Wood street
Ntannfic - turer of Tin,
i t: -sheet
Iron VI7 -
Mai street, betwestlit • an 4 la rte:.
Keeps constantly on blinks gia4 wont:nem of
and solielts a share of public rstrisonge.
the following arti des: shovels, rsslc els, uno4trisliror
skillets, teakettles, pots, irretrt, coffee hiMs,&e. 311 ,
chants and othttes arc halted to and examine for
themselves, a s he is determined to sell cheap forcash or
appr papet. Mar 7—tf
. *ositiache! Tooth:Stile !! Toetitadie!!!
T _
above complaints can be cured in five MM.
utes, by using the celebrated Mt ILgor taws Mar ,
wbizh is warranted. There are many imitations at,
counterfeit., fifth° abene. The only true and Ft nu
in C Snide I. tu be had at TI'TTLE'S 86 Fourth 4t
tart V!.
Build* zotifili siaboogi.
LUIS, s uaakk*lstsiiiitliA4 0 a 441 8 001 Y oiy•
ttate4 - sud witkia law ssisamee walk of sha
stem* forty !mat willb*►ekrrtpupassAil
the tissue. The terms of payment . 41111 I* araike map
eitherfur dash or such birteras can tantiaae ainainbio ,
Appiy to the subscriber" in Dirminghtut, ad Mr.
Paterson. No. 4, Forty *rat. Pittsburgh.
fats fie Oils.
A towisslSianchester , One and sloanh Aosta of
Holm's' HaV Lett al/J.410i 5243414
181, 11114 andl.B4, in CoollNflairef ims,ati Hakim
Hill. Also, Lots nos. 126,ttst 'PG in Cooleilianit Ifstp
on High meet, Ivor thonontifost ./141/141&"
apply to 7. W. iII',.I4.IIIRIMW
stip PI
For Salo.
T OTS on the North ant -outer ai C. 0411 Litue ion
-1-4 High street, Agpi7 to
biationneer Fostnb street
_ .
- ror gent
That COTTAGE, satiated in fun r. oranes
Latvret.c.i.‘ii:e, at. presentoawpul.L7 .Julio
The place has a very fine garden aTMI podium*
meta of font tram. Any peraeortrating can bate the
privilre of engaging for die ensuing year. Pones
sion given on the litt of October nest.
Apply at No. 5 Commercial Rnw, I.ibcrtl straw.
or to Wm. Tom an, Smithfield suet.
seri, 1, 1843. ,
mn LL,
d it i e lt inte
. catHiclenee slor nfili
is weil Acteltect with choice fruit trees, visis f 4e.
Also, a convenient tencineatlately o=pidbrilL
Possession will be givetl en the first et OctoVeftesti.
For terms apply to OEO, COCElitatai,, Olt
oug -
LEASANT rooms curl good steam power, of awl
I.ctsi steel file manufactory; corner of Liberty =4
O'Hara streets. Apply on tlie premise,. jai) , 16.
Troeinaies Piro Brick for bale.
IirUST received, 5000 Freeman's best Fire Briel;
el which will hereafter be kept constantly oe hazel
and sold low for cash, by BIRMINGHAM & CO.
may 27 No. 60 Waterst.
leiotsts aad rartns to Rent
THE übsenl , er has opened an otEce (in cooisesaba
with his Medical Agency) for the rentintiad
selling of Hou.zes and Farms. As many persami Are
constantly wonting to rent. houses without baying the
time to run about the city in 'watch of one, can by call•
ing upon the subscriber, and stating the kind t f house
they want, find one that will stilt them, also know the
number of Towns, situp/ion and rent, without ibrthet
owners of houses would find it os thete-iotetrat
call, and give a description of them, and the rent they
require, as they wonld then find their haws :entail
sooner and with leas trouble.
The pat: cmage of the . publie is reweelfay solicited
ep 21—tf T. It TUTTLE, le, 4th it.
"louses, &c, Por sent
THE subscriber has opened n. hook to record any
dwelling house, warehouse, store, shop, rootns
or country farms and seats far rent, charring the own
ers 9.5 centc each record. He will keepit open for all
who Sri-41 to rent any kind of property toastamine, and
charge them 124 tents; and for a Stull cotisprasition.
will attend to renting all kinds of property ' andattend
to all kinds of business between 1/31;13111rd and tpnatt.
No. 9, Fifth
A flood Para for-Sale or Elzehaosto .
, FARM of 130 arms on Super Creel:, Armstrong
1 - 1 ccunty, 100 of which i 4 improved. Wks farm is
well watered by springs and two large runs which 's*
nearly through it and then unite. formingan egeelltrot
Mill Seat. 40 acres are first rate for meadow nr
spring crops. and the balance is good for fall gtain.'=.
There is no waste land, and it is well adapted for t dais
ty or for sheep, and lies very well. There is on it st
good apple orchard. a substaniial hetvetl log house , . a
!urge log barn and a good coal hank, easily accessible.
in good order, anti the quantity itealiausti He. This
farm lies within 18 miles of Freeport, 9 miles. Gem
Kittanning. 4 miles from a Catholic tbarel, and 2 miles
from a Presbyterian and Seceder churches It will be
sold at a bargain for rbs.i Cr e.rchangrd fur a good
three story brick house and lot in Pittsburgh: ,F'ar
term= and particulars 4nquire at Harris' General
geney and Intelligence office. or of the subscriber t*
the prerniz-es. S.
Landreth'E Garden Ike .
A fait strtply bf Landretlis Garden Seeds always no
hand ar:d for sale, at his agtary. tle Thug stone of
184, Liberty:a.. bead of Woad.
Peach Trees.
• •
=I . H sutseriberhaz just receiNed from the Ntii
sere of Lataretb aul Fulton, t.car rhiladelyLia,
a lot of the choicest variety of pc aria trees, to vrtueb-ho
would call the attentic r. cf the pullie. -
F. 1.. ,b,'S , 6\VDI.: - IN:
Nu. 184 Ll'at rte A. bead of WOOd•
T HEREBY certify thait I have knoivn a niihibei 4
iptople who have taken Dr. McLar,e's Liver rills,
and have been much IDeuefitted by thun, and I bliew i ts
them to be the best pills for liver cctaplaints, ar4l.*
general use, of [ivy pill now l.efore the public.
1 hereby certiTy that I have Lett, ufflicud for 6 years
with a liver complaint; and bare applied to aiffirent
physicians, and all to little or no effect, until I ills&
use of Dr. McLane's Pills: In taking two boxes of tbtra
I am nearly testored to perfect health.
near Pittrburch, Aueust 16, 1843
I'For sale at the rhitg Store of •
aug corner ith and Woodtre ed, Pittsburgh
LivErt COMPLAINTS—Dyti.cizia end hill
gestion. with costiveness, viscidity of the di:m
ach. harduess of food after meals. heartburn, flatuiene-y,
liver complaints, with pain iu the side and Fitoultier.
jaundice, bilious complaints, dropsy, diabetes, gravel,
stone, and inflammation ofthe lungs, arc moat perfectly
removed and cured by the HEPATIC ELIXIR.
'This article has the rc.cet astonishing effects in croring
all complaiuts of the stomach and digestive . organs. ? —.
ltltusy highly resreittable indiv itlua:* iu I.Ncw Yark
have been cured, after trying every other remedy in
vain, and have given in theirt:smes ulth peienissia.o
refer to them. It is pleasant to the taste, and -does
not in the kart interft re with the daily at °cation of ape
taking it. Many faMilies cf this city have be t onae so
, pleased with the medicine., that they arc it as their
only fainily medicine. By using it occasionally, •it
Iseeps the stomach frcc from bi,ious dia.:wares, and the
tiver active, with the secretinm of the body in themost
Perfect activity. It is composed entirely et - vegetables.
The cure will be gradual, but certain dnd permeneut
For sale at Turvtr's, 96 Fonttb stree t .
sep 6.
In the Dietrict Court of .11Zegl:eny Cootty, sf
July Term, 18 , 43, N 0.53•
John "%Volker. Jr.
N I L. S e Pe. Vett.ditzoni E4. - actri.
( ) I ter Wilsna.
Awl now, to wit, Attru-t '.26th. 18-13, On. - ittettent
of G. 1" the Coact appOjilt. F rt. 13.
Shunls Nwlit.or. to dittriLute the i•r , reeds of tole
in this cuic. From the. Brent& •
Notice i-s herviyy gv...sr. to ail preFon* j u i e remed, foo t
I will attend to tlit. autier awpir ea to me by tbn
Court in the a 11.% ca.c. a t me ofFee.4l7 Your+ Street,
"itrohurth, on Tuesdn:: the 20th thy Si.-itternber, •t.
o'clock. A. M. Fli.S.:Tt. - FITUNK,
nug 30.
reasc's Boa:hound Oa 4y.
AFrrt4h supply inn rcreirrd firm NewtiticilTA
for •aio at TUTTLE'S, EG Feuabilt.
se t
All ~.orta of clnthing and weariag appeal. Flame
cal) at No. 151 Litany titrcat. awl ortrft, youtaahea.
7. t 1• MtCOSACET.