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    rit 7. ?I:. 111
_PER ANt• UM. PAYABLE IN A 1),::'Altil-CE
VOL. 11. _NO. I 8
N. W. earlier of Woo r el dizei Fifth Streets.
dollara a year, payable in arlvanae.
Sirle 6pr.1.3 Two Csirs—for :vale at the counter of
thillUcts, and by Newi Boys.
Tire Weekly Mercury and Manufacturer
Is pulilfscied at the. ,arno office, on a double medium
sheet, at TWO DOLLARS a yoar, in advance. Sin
gle copies, SIX CENTS.
Oae in3ertioa, $0 50 One month, $5 OJ
Two .do., 0 75 Two do., 6 Ob
Threbdo., 2 00 Threedo., 7 'O9
Olio week, 150 \Four do., 200
, Two do., 300 Six do., 10 00
Three do., 4 00 One year, 15 00
' . tpn.i. Siaiee. " - Two Squares.• • •
Six,manths,. $lB 00 Six months, . $23 DO
Otio,year, , 25 00 One year, 35 00
;Larger advertisements in proportion.
.'CARDS of four lines Stx Dot.t..tits a year.
Public Officcs, &c.
Plii o,hee, Third between Market and Wood
streets7—R. 11. Riddle, Postmaster.
Clt . ttong Hente, 111 Stsr, lth claer.froin Wood.st„,pa-.
terse,d's buildings—Major John Willock, Collector.
•City.Treeturg, \Vied, between First and Second
itreets--Jann es A. Bartrarn, Treasurer.
Comity Trea3ury, Third street, nest door to the
Thiii Presbyterian Church—S. R. John:ton, Treasu-
Mayor's (Vice, Fourth, bc.twoen 'Atari:et and Wood
strain--Xtexaaaer Hay, ,Mayor.
Merciant's Exchange, Fourth near Market st.
-Pittsburgh, b nwaen Market and Wood streets on
third and Fourth streeu:
- Me rehants' and 3fan tifaCt ure Ts' and Farmers' De
pofit B2nk, (formerly Sushi; Foacl,) Fourth, between
W. 34 19.14 Maetet streets.
Exchange, Fifth st. near Wood.
Mortonaiela House, Water street, near. the
.E.rehasige Hotel, corner of Penn aad St. Clair.
Me/4W Hotel, 'corner of Third and Wood.
44:.rican Hotel, corner of Third aniSmithGeld.
Tate Slates, corner of Penn st. and Canal.
Spread Emie. Lib •rty street, near seventh - .
111 Vier's Afinsioa House, Libeity St., opposite.
Broaliurst's Mansion /buy:, Pcnn St., opposite
Canal. el •
. Istyntint b Owners of S.iw Mills.
unrivalled Self Setters, for saw mills,
which hire becia so folly tested in different parts
of tlia t/oited States,,as well as is the cities of Pitts
bargli mad Allegli.ntv, can be 'leen ia operation at a
+atimblr of *tills in this ned;liborlitted, viv. at 'Mr. Wick
'crAtities• tiiills, nn Penn street; at Bowm in & Chant
isedif mills, near the .upper Allegheny bridge, and
at' Merrison's mills, 03 Hare's Island, and others.—
rhe above named unchite can be obtained at W. W.
tp, oa Liberty street, near Smithfield,
where it is little; ft ), It a 3 witere the to whine will he
kept c.)aaLtiotlzi +pi luatLs. Apply to Pr. F. Stayd2r. or
W. W. Wallace. m IV 5
.-Ehrtuk4'.Chamontile Pills.
WISH AM J. CLEMER. 633i.liag, at (fii, Mitt
. street, Nmv York, V,13 afflicted with D . , , pepsia
i.tiT3 Tn )st.L;ravat2l.l farm. nit na: wore vi
olenthooliche, great d fever, enstivent 35,C OUgl I
liofirtiftuviepain in Yttif'ch.3.3t and stomach always after
eating,bripaired appetite, sensation of sinking at the
ritotnok; Crirred ton , rue,. nausea, with frequent vomit
ing+jifizacirtess towaAS night and T osflossiress. These
ersritianed upwards of a twelvemonth, when, on
'edt:4llring' Dr. NVm. Evans, 100 Chatham street, and
-irdbfietittiog to his ever so:fee-331u' and agreeable mode
•okretatnent, the patient Was ecmipletely restored to
'beat:kali:the short spate of One tOotith, And gratefel for
the inealvtable benefit derived, gladly came furwOrd
fond the'llfave statement For sale, whale
retall, by R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
No. 20, Wood street, below Second.
L"..itta,e's iloarhonnd Candy.
-fiE has received this day from New York,
17_ afresh Opply of the above celebrated cure for
Cougito:sll4ettadOlittiumptiatmatill is ready to sup
ply rett4omens wholesale - or retail, at his Medical
Agifaey, 86 Fourth at. nov 14
Dotter Bargains thin over, it the Three Dig
. Doors.
subscriber would respectfully inform his ens:.
J_ toror4 alai the public gellel ally,that uotwithstad
lug the uapracedented sales at the Three Big Doors,
Lain...the present season; he has still on hand the lar
gest and , most varied assortment of elegant CLO
THI.NO that can be bought west of the mountains.—
The public may rest assured that all articles offered at
his store are maufactured from FRESH GOODS, pur
chased in tha Eastern markets this spring and made in
to- gt it-meats by Pitttsburgh workmen,
j, coneequence of the multiplication of slop shops in
oar elty, - filled with pawn brokers clothes and themusty,
cast Off.garorints of former seasons, from the eastern.ci
tieS, the public should be cautious to ascertain the char
osier Of the establishments in which they are invited to
purchase, before they part with their money. The arti
cles Offered at sex eral of the concerns in this city, are
the mere offals of New York and Philadelphia slop
shops, and sent out hero to be palmed off on the Pius
public,._ Purchasers , hr 'd be on their guard a
gal ist thesisinspositions; and they Itly rely oil. the fact
thus° estaNishment that advertises eastern macte-Clo
thins, can give as good an article or as aivantageous
bargains as can be had at the "Three Bi g Doors."
The public Will please rem ember thatall the subscri
ber's garments are made in th is city, by competent work
men, and Dot gathered up like the goods now offeredby
tha 'Thirds of passage" from the shreds and patches of
eastern slop shop . s. It Will always be his endeavor tri
maintain the reputation that the "Three Big Doors"
bale obtained fur furnishing a superior style of CLO
THINCsin every respect,. and at prices below those of
any other establishment.
Itio.wriallia,ain return his thanks to his friends and
• tirepatac for -s tile .unprecedented patronage bestowed
smart his establishment, and believing that they have
frumait to their advantageptu deal with him, he would
repoat hisinvitation to all those who wish to purchase
Clothing - of every description et the lowest price,to cell
'Observe Metal Plato in the pavement. up 26.
• Look at This.
'r HE attention of those who have been somewhat
sceptical in reference to the numerous certifi
cates published in favor of Dr. Swayne's Compound
Syrup uf Wild Cherry, on account of the persons being,
unknown in this Section of the State, is respectfully di
ioClCd to the following certificate, the writer of which
has been a citizen of this borough for several years, and
s known as a gentleman of integrity and responsibility.
To the .4gera, Mr. J. Kittny.
I have used Dr. Swarm's Compound Syrup of Wild
Cherry for a Couch, with which I have been severely
~filleted for about four month;, end I have no hesitation
in saying that it is the mast effective medicine that I
hays been able to pro. ure. It composesall uneasiness,
and:agrees well with my diet,--nd maintains a. rcguiar
and good appetite. I cansinceiely recommend it to ull
litlast. similarly afflicted. J . !situ tc a, Borough of
MIK)). 9.1819. •. Chambersburgh.
For aaletry WILLIAM THORN,
.No. 53 Market stree
Woo!is, Ationiey and Counsellor at Law,
OtEce removed .
Bakewell'a Offices, on Grant street,
nearly nppusite the. new Court House * next rooms to J,
D. Mahon, tail., firat,floor. sop 10
11sigh Toner, AttOrnoy at Law,
North Dist corner of Smithfield and Fourth streets,
Pittsbarzh. sep 10-y
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
UTICA) in the Diamond, back of the old Court HMV',
sep 10 Pittsbnrch.
Francis R. Shnnk, Attorney at Law,
Fourth street, above Wood,
sep 10-1 y Pittsburgh, Pa
Thomas. Hamilton, Attorney at Law,
Fifth, between Wood acdSmithfield its.
sop 10—v Pitt,burc4. Pn.
Wm. O'Hara Robinson, Attorney at Law,
Office on the North side of' the Diamond, between Mar
-- ket and Union streets, up stairs ' sep 10
_ • _
Darborawi Attorney . -at Law,
Tenders his professional serv!ces to the public. Office
scp 1.0 On sth st., above Wood. Pittsburgh.
. .
oyster & lluthartaz, Attoisieys at Lim,
()ace. rcmoved from tht Mamma to "Attorney's Raw,"
sh'ally side. of 4th, bCtween Market and Wood
scp 10 Pittiburgli
N. Buckmaster, Attornoy at Law,
Has .rempyed. his office to Il:arei' Law Buildings,
above S'mithfield. Pittsburj): set) 10-
George W. Layng, Attorney ai Law,
Office in •Fourtli street, near Pittsburgh.
Bey 27—y
Ileatie Washington, Attorney at Law,
Office in Bal:ewell'iLuilding, Grant strect,.Pitt3hurgh
nor 5, 1842
John J. Mitchell. Attorney at Law,
Oflic , t corner of Smithfield and Fifth si roet 4. Pittsburgh.
F - " Collections made- All business entrusted to his
care will be promptly attend .4 to.
feb 16—y
Willi to Elder, Attorney at Law,
Oliee is Secaad .trect, sceoul4oor ;glove the corner
up 2.9 —tf Smithfield, north side.
Wm. E. Austin, Attorney at Law,
liittshurgh Pa. Office in Fourth street, opposite Burke's
M'AVILLTAM E. AusTIN. Eli. will give his atten
tion to my unfitiiili-d buiine4i, and I recommend him
to the patronage of my frenaz , .
sep 10-y WALTER FO ARD.
Daniel M. Carry, Attorney at Law,
Office on Fifth street, between Wood and Smithfield
apll Pittsburgh.
nobert Porter, Attorney at Law,
Vile :• 0.1 I.lv , c3:aer of Four:h a:al Smitilliela tret.t
sep i
i) - rittsburzh.
___________ ___
Judson &Planazin, Attorneys at Law,
Smithfield, a.,..ar 7th iar.•o!. Cad .::tioa: 10.1,1_! tr.; 01,41-
erate term- , . l'enii..; , f.ir Id rx.,,t - ~',l -•.:ler, :Ina ~
thehte act of C,J:lzt-e;, 11 ' 11 li tl•ti. l'a),:-; and dt.tv. -
inl. la: th - pa! -lc oh :.• pi 'par 'l. m ix 17-y
_ .
Henry S. IVI/graw, Attsrney at Law,
11a. , r.i.m “.,(i h; t Oill •c . :'llli l r:;11 . H . : •, 0 i Fot,•th ,t.
t wo (I , ,ar• aLmy • S nitlyiehl. :3,-, 10
S. D. Creig,h, Attorney at Law,
Lace ,onior 5.11412 tio:d Th
my 25-y
L. Harper : Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
c.tniz, IT t;:sot; cousn .oulo
Will a..tund trroin pt ly to tli? collodion or security of
and all profcsiional buencss enirat.ted to Ins care
in counties of Liarri.:ion. ictierson, Ilviniont, Guern
sey, Tuscarawas, .1101 mes, Cwllucton, Carroll, Stark
and Wayne. B.f. E Kit 1 )
Metcalf ti•
Uaizell i• Flcnin
Joh IL Harper,
D.7'. Morgan :
, illy 27, 1F; 13—t
EL Morrow, z • • an,
Office north side of Fifth street, between Wood and
Smithfield, Pittsburgh. per 10—tf
Magistrate's Blanks,
Foila'Oee'edinpt in attatiltment under the late hip, for
slle at this Inc-. jyc.ls
Blank Petitions, Notices, &c.,
To be Used in litutkruptny proceedingAi printed on good
paper, and in the itirrns approved by the Court, fur sale
a t office.
Dr. S. B.
Oifice in Secoild.iitri..et, dom. Lilvany S.: Co.'s
Glass War , thouse. 10-v
Dr. A. W. Patterson,
Office on Smithfield street, third door from the corner of
sixth Fvtreet. sep 10
EL D. Sellers, M. D„
Office and dwelling in Fourth street, near Ferry,
13—y Vitt Alotrgh
Ward & Hunt, Dentists,
Liberty street, a few doors below St. Clair,
ap 6,1843
Doctor Daniel Maißeal,
Office on Fifth street, between Wood and
streets, Pittsburgh. aec 10—v d
No. .rj, IVood Sired,
Age nu. for the sale of the Eagle Cotton Factor• Yarns
mar 17—v
Wn.LtAx H. Wltt.TAms..._
Williams &Dilworth;
Whole ;Ale. Grocers', Penance a!al Conanision
chants, and Dealers in Pittsburgh 31anniactured :iir
tie.es. No. 29. Vona 'P sep 10—t
Witelesale and Retail Denlcrs in
English, French and Domestic Dry Goods,
No. 81, Market tteet, Pittbur._llt.
sep 10—y.
J. G. & A. GORDON,
Commission and Forwarding Merchants,
Water street, Pittsburgh. sep 10y
Commission lad Forwarding Merchants,
N 0.60, Water street, Pittaburgli, l'a.
F.V--TERMs.—Receiring, and shipping, 5 cents per
100 Commission on purchases and salus, 2.A per
cent mar22—y
Brownswille Juniata Iron Works,
Edward Hughes, Manufacturer. of Iron and Nails
Warehouse, N 0.25, Wood st., Pittsburgh.
Wholesale Grocers, Commission and Pro
duce Merchants,
And dealers in Putsturgh Manufactures
mar 17 No. 43, Wood street l'ittsburi •
Bookbinders and Paper Marrs,
Continue taaincas at the stand late of I%
Johnson. Every description of work in their line ne. 1.-
ly and promptly executed- rnavl/1-v
Coleman & Cioy
Gencral .Agoits, Parsaarding , and Commissitm
LereeStrect,Vickstburg, Miss. They respectfully sot
licit consignments n22—tf
titivEt. "Mot
L. &J. to. WICK,
Wholesale Grocers & Dealers is Produce,
116 Wood. Street, 4 doors above Fifth st.,
may 15 rittsburkh, Pa
STACY LLOYD, Jr. ' NVitolegale dad, Retail Gro
cer and Fruiterer, INo. 140 Liberty street Pitts
bur"h. may 0.
Birmingham &Co.,
March '2 2
John B. Brant, Wholesalearrocor,
Dealer in Grain, General Forwarding and Corn
mission Merck ant,
Harrisburgh, PA.
WL L dispose of all goods sent fur Commission.
Sales at the lowest c ommission rates.
Phila.-3. & W. Eslicr,Day &Gin rish. D. Lereh &Co
Baltintort—W .Winn &co. Willsou Herr,J E. Eider
Ilarrisburgl—Miclellilurke,lLAntes,J M. Holdinan
Booksellers, Printer% and Paper Makers,
No. 37, Market Street. sep 10
John Anderson, Smithfield Foundry,
Water --Area, near the Minousrahela House, Pitt.burgli
Thos. B. Young & Co.
Yurniturc Ware Rootni,coriicr of bland street Land Ex
change alley. Persons wishing to purchase furniture,
will find it to their advantage to ul a call, being ful
ly satisfied that we can pleas , - as to quality 3.:1d
Wire Workers and Wire Manufacturers
31 ntreets,
St'y —y
Corner 0 . 1 Pcnn and Saint Clair strcei, by
JIcFiII3F3I\ S smnit
Pilkington's Unrivallc a Blacking.
AN RE I) ald ‘vliole,,i,c awl
six It <1 a LLT, or S:nithfichl.
u. t I—lv.
m-tr I'itt-Lar_;!/, l';‘.. m twir.u.tuo-r
and t,)l arr.n, fuv.er, mill ,t .1 timber
s et Itousen ,crc,‘. b.; rullim.; &c. ;or 10—y
John 14I'Closkcy, Tailor and Clothier,
I,..tween ,trect Virzin
S.ottli title. •
sep 10
Webb Clo/ey's Boot and Shoe Manufactory,
No. 83, 4'4 s'., ,u•.r! dour lodic U. S. Bask.
La&e:pru-:ella.1{1,1 :her 3 ill OW L'.l'.l
Ina:1111•1",,Esti Frell, pattei'llz. 10
William Doherty,
4 411.1."1 ANL) CAP .NIANCFACTURI.:I3.4 ) ZA
113 strcet, :`tlatAct.
,lohn Cartwright,
1.:II 4 1 4 1 s • c• • •.•
co j rnLr Xt . t 1 b .: 1- s u t ' r el; t s
N. B.—AlsoNys on an ei....teusi Liiiof
LPA'nt of
arid Denial iattrumel.ts, liarlers,
llatt , r's, Hair Dreiscr's and Tanner's I'atent Shears.
Saddler's Tol)l.i.TrassL's , &r• je
bik Mid Poplar Lumber for Sale.
AFEW thousand feet of seaiomd Oak and Poplar
Lumber, for ~ a loby Nvliale3 . ale. Enquire of James
C. Cummins, Esq. march.? Fountain Inn. jy 21.
Dr. Good's Celebrated Petri - ale Pills.
T 11 ESE are stroagly mcommended to the
_L notice of la.die , as a safe mod efficitnt minedyin
removing those complaints peculiar to theirvx, from
want olexereiso,orgeneraldebbityof the system. They
obviate costiveness, and counteract all nyeLterical and
Nervous affections. These l'ills Ivaco gained the sanc
tion and approbation of the most eminent Physicians in
the Baited Stntes . . aid many Mothers. For sale
Win)le,:nle and FZrtail.ln It. P.. SIILEits, Agent,
FAT 10 No. 26, Wood Strout, heluat Sacond.
Notice Dr. Bran Iroth's Agents. •
r r H L office. in Pitt sburgb, Nvllich was establisLed for
1_ the purpose of con:dituting ag.ents in the west,
haying; a ccomplished that ooject, is now closed, and
Mr. G. H. LEE, in the Dili - mind, Market street, ap
pointed my assent for the sale of my rills and Lini
ments. All Dr. s Brandreth's agents will, therclore,un
derstand that Dr. 13. will send a travelling azertt
throuJithe country nice a year to collect monies for
sales Made and re s upply agents. The said traveller
Will be provided with power of attorney, duly proved
before the Clerk of the city and crranty of New York,
together with all the necessary valet:yrs and papern.
' .:Mr J. J. Yue is my travelioc - tiz,.nt now in Penns'yl
vania. B 1311ANDRETH, M. D.
N. B.—Remember, Mr. G. ILIA:L.Ift Out rearof the
Market is now my only agent in Pittsburgh.
june 11
JOTTS S. Ditwoirrn
Hving a
been afflicted for nearly two years, with a
, hard swelli.ig on the cap of my knee, which
produced much pain, and used various applications
recommended by the faculty—all in vain; was cured
completely by the use of one bottle of Dr. Brandreth's
'Mame lit, or external remedy.
Witness my hand, JAMES T LO R.
Ohio tr., Allegheny co. Pa. Jan. 10, 1840.
Dr. Branch-061's external remedy or 'moment; ;sold
at the store of GEORGE H . LEE, Pittsburgh, price
50 cents per bottle. • fel, 8.
Dr. Dechter's Pulmonary Preservative.
-1 0 R coughs, colds, intluenzas, catarrhs, NVlloopulg
cough. spitting of blood, pain in the breast, all
diseases of the breast and lungs, am3.arrest of approach
ing consumption. Warranted free from mercury and
other minerals. B. A. FAHNESTOCK & CO.,
jy 12 Agents for Pittsburgh.
William C. Wall,
Plain. and Fancy Portrait altd. Picture Frame
No. 87. rourth street, Pittsburgh, I--a..
ANVASSbrashes,varnish, (Tee., for artists, always
V on hand. Looking Glasses, &e., promptly fla
med to order. Repairing done at the shortest notice.
Particular getentionpaid to regilding and jobbing m
every description.
Persons fitting stamboats or houses will find it to
their advantage to call. Sep 10-y
rait Painter, Fourth st., 3d story Burk's Buil
ding. J. o,sborne would solicit a call - from those who
desire Portraits ,Srcimens Can seen at his rooms
may h.
.... Jowl D. Wm k
I it. cis
Exchange Hotel,
James Patterson, Jr.,
OBER 4, 1843.
Cheap for Cash.--17aioa Cottila Factory.
plicts nieuer.D:
Long Ilea Yarn.
.50 et Bicen4 pox cloznp,
600 at 7 do
76 , 0 at
,GA •
800 at
. 5h ao
.90Q at 5 do
1000 at 5 . do,
Short Reel Yarn.
No. 5 at 15 eta per lb.
6 at 15 do
7 at )5 do
8 at 15 do
. 9 4.15 do .
10 at 15 do
• 11 at J 5: do
12 at - 15 ark
13 at 116 dv
14 at 17 do
15 at 18 do
16 at 19 do
17 at 20 , do
18 at 21 do
19 at 22 do
20 at 23 do
Orders rmaripti
Painter'g,Logtto &Ken
f 27
Candle.‘rick ce.otaper
Coro. 13a4ing, 8
Family dn., 124 do
Call4t Chain, 28 do
Cotton Ty ine,2o do
Stocking Yarn and. Coyer•
let Yarn .11waya on hand.
Cotton IVarps made, to or
attended to, if left. at J S 4 C.
ed v' s ,o r the I'olt OfTic:e.:adariti
Circulating and Reference Library.
OF repligibus,bi,storical, pokical and misccilanequi
%vorks, will be open evary day, sl.bbath except
ed, from 7 o'clock A.'until 9 P. M., in the EX--
change building, corner of St. Clair street and Ex.-
change alley, where punctual attendance will he elven
by J. 01n11111 L.
sop 10
Springs and hisle3 - for Carriages,
At Eastetvt,Pricer.
/11 - IHE subSe ibers manufacture and keep onstant
ly on band Coach, C and Eliptic Springs (war.
ranted.) Juniata Iron Axles, Silvvr and Brass plated.
Dash Frames, Brass and plated Huh Bands, Stump
Joints, patent Leather, Silver and Brass La.mps.
Three fold Steps, Malleable Iron, Door Handles and
liingea, Cc., Szt , . JONES & COLF.MA!'%:.
sep 10 St. Clair st., near the Allegheny Bridge.
TrarciE:-1 select !:.tats Izah
Evan's Safety Guirrrisfor prt cent in•t• Explosion of
Steam Br.i:er,s
IT wild be well for the tris elm extereanny to
bele is mind that their -eouti:v depends entirely
upon their own eticolaw.en:cnt of houts that ha; e or
may be at the esmense of procuring the above alipara- I
nt. .11:d that every individual makin; such selec
tio..-; is coutribmint; towards a general introduction of
hive:aim) ad:l - Mul by all men who understand the
lit helve iil'e+ of the S‘eani Enc-ine, to be a sure preventa-
Live a g ainst those dreadful disasters: You have cer
taitily,ia the hundreds of explosions that have alreade t
talon plauo, their almost daily occurrence, and the
th lis, s that have ah early been lost, a sai
-1 cient warning, oral huhu:tone:it to make inquiry for a
Suety guard Boat, aLI ia every case-to give it the
preference. They hare ss cut to an additional espenele
that your lives only he secure. Ooqiit you not therethre
to 1117. Ct them with a corwspolaiuut (twee of liberality,
and by your pr,A . :mence show that you appreciatu their I
htudatit , ! erdeavots to st this awful sacrifice of hu
man ht , . Thee do not charge more than other bouts;
their accommodations in other respects are equal, aad
io many eases superior; and as there is one Icariug
l'itt-hur;li es,'ry day, why wiil you run any risk, when
it to 50 completelyia your own power to avoid those dis
All boats marked thus 3in the List of Arrivals and
Departures, in another part of this paper, are supplied
with the Safety Guard.
Lisdef Boats provicLd with the &Veil Guard.
CANTON, -110 S T OM E ,
EDWIN incKmits, QUEEN of the SOUTH
J. H. BILLS, mar 22
, __ JOHN Mi.FAIrLANP, .
_______-------- • a Upholsterer' .and Cabinet ' /Calmer,
New York Dyer. ! ~,q,0 . . / Tar.' ..1.. &ctiteeiE IT'ocd had ItrarZet, El '
OSEE MMES. wouidreApecifullyinform hisfrirraL4 . li"Spcczfully 't- , his friends nrd thrrtilc that iy , -
and the public ia genrrll, that he dyes Ladies' i'llrv'ellm,l(.. exctace a.:l (wd-r 4 for sofas. ri..lel,oaca- , .
drc , ,,es. Habits and Mantel. of every description, black; bureau , . c:lair-, tables. ir a., ,a.,.. s::".a.„ 1.,,i, a.,.a
and warrants thorn out to smut, and to look. equal to new ,p Hng matt rar, , e .-.. c oria i r ,-, ca.-pct=; all s,,nr, , di . ,h, ) 1:
p 0041 . 4. lii ayes fancy co l or s of a ll d escr ip t i o , is of 61k , styling work. which he iv i: i war, ant eqnal 1. anV ta-ide
i in the city. and on reasonable term , . sep 10
and carpet yarn. Also, rleansimdrestores the colors of
ir‘t tlemen's clothing - , so :13 to resemble new goods.. ...._
_t_ Matthew Jones. Barber and Nair Dresser,
Mr. H. flatters himself that lie can please tl.e., public, l i 1 .
where . he will be happy to . welt upon permar.cnt oy
as he has (low an extensive business in New York for , ~"/"'` rcmoeed to Vo u t .th bL f e ut, l'OP°site the 1 ‘ 1,1 v0r .5 of
! twenty rears. All work done on moderate terrns, at. his I " r '''
tra-zi-at c ,,, .l ,, iaer=. lii ~,olleil..s a ~ E arc of public pa
-1 establishment in stb st., bemen Wood and Smithfield I ''- -- -- -- 7
t:%.1(n." - ... - • ROp 1(1.
1 near the Theatre.
L" -- "This i. to certify that OSEI.; I LIMES has done
\cork for us, whirls has fully answered our expec
tatiomz, and we consider bird a competent dyer.
S. Hemphill, Andrew Rudy.
Wm. Barnes, W. D. Boica
.1. B. Shurtleff, I,Vm.l'Orter.
David Hall, H.H. Smith,
B. F. Mama. Hence Javens
David tidies, A. Shocltcyjr. _
Joseph French, jr.. yesept, Vera,
George Barnes- -ar 20
1I Naylor & Co.'s Best Balsa Out Steel.
THE undersigned, agents for the abovercelebrated
stamp of Steel; will always keep on hand an-as
sortment of the same, consisting in
BcstrefinedCast Steel, squared,flat, round and octaron,
do do do do aac temper,
Extra do do do for nail cutters,
Best do Double and Single Shear steel, -
Enelish Blister, Girman, Gratrite; Wed-re and Craw
leytteel. at wholesale, by the case. or in smaller tots
to suitpurchasers. LYON, SHORB & CO.,
-3rrr root of Wood stre,t
To tho Gentlaiiieit of • ittshurgh.
._ .
THE sub.scniber posc.respectfully
informs the gentlemen. oflthis city and - '-' lllll6 ' lll
vicinity, that hphas-ccmi'mOoted tho - 1300 T and
S OE mukinsr.business ja Fourth. , 3trect,..opposite the
Mayor's 0.0 •Fiz4f . . Hawing We l l forc cr.=
_ill some of the
most fashionable boot shoilg in I,l4.Ear.trti citie,; and
having furnished himself v.ith : the het French and
American calf iikir..i . Oso h0pe.3)4 1 / 6 attention to busi
ness to merit a share of putolin- paw -,,age. To those
gentlemeu.u.'oo bare kindly putroaied him he returns
his sincere thanks, and can with f,e,fidenee apnea,
for the good:loss of. hit: work, atfi 3 / 4 kntaciedg:e of hi.,
ibuainc::,.. I'. KEItHIGAN.
I may 11. ... '
W Adair, Sept .and Shoe I/Laker,
Liberty st: rtmorite thetren , '.. - t of .*_t ~:ithii ail.
I The 3nbicriloer havini . i.:talrl,t - outlthe.,46
. _ . ..
stock of tho lat.: Thomas Ra.,forty, cleccai. , d,ha3
commrice4.l business att'n,-..01d. stand of Mr. R.,
and is prepared to execnto. nil &icription6 of work in
his line, in the best manner, rind 1... i idle .shcritest no t ice.
He keeps nonstantlY fr , handiklirgen.stirtmeilof shoe
findings of all &scrip:ions and.of the bast quality. He
'solicits the patrona..:e. of the.p4blic and of ene crafi.
sep 10-y NV M. AD A nu.
- David Clark, Ag't.,
to No. 34 Market street. botween Secord and
Third. streets, tN her.: he would. be happy to F,eclll3
OW cuitornen. and all totl:Pri INLO feel (li.-.Toed to, pa
troniie, him. He tucs mocking lint fir.t. rpto .., , tcc.k, aml
employs thetirt of wortrnen; and t: lie - g-ivi- 15 is Cat,
stain. !servant] etentioti• to buciite,r, he trttitA that he
will deserve aud reeetve a fair sham of patrorigo
tep 10 . . . - • - -
PittsburgL laanuacturcz, Cheap :for
_\o 8. Flltk
T '‘'ATE.7.3 intOn,l 4to rha::...:l , :flirel a bet
4111121•11 - --41 , 4 . ter artic:e ~C Laflit.s', Child:- . ._rs !trl
:NI i.ses' Shoei, ttr.cl .+Qii them cheaper for ca , h than
they ca,, be bought ia tiv. city. He wi:i . y.cep constant
;ly art hand a:-.d mri.i. - P3 to order Ladies`, Shoes of Atli
kinds and co:or3 ; a: x cr- kutv :Tices, of the fuliu - : -. in2, -
I.a.:tulg Foxed Ga.iter Boots, $175
•• be3te t ualizy Kidia . .N.lerot:coGaiters, 1 50
Boots." 1 371
•• Foxed If waiters, all colors. 1 371
best kid and Nloruco 1 18/
Double Soled Slipper., (Jeti.) • 1 I'2l
" fine h.," Si - ill:pa:A ur:: J. I JCST ]ua.....1 00
Lay. , 87i
All Sho-s 11^.::evarta_t , .:(i. :di 3 tlUd
drynA' in the ,o UV' pi•op.r.ie
tlO pick
Box. No. str.nt
Jul , : 1
r0i;.\( . (1 . 0. s:\ u:• - •,.. ,AN) c.ic.li. STORE
rt:LLLIC:oN, •
Nn.ll6,ll'ood ereet,mie door above l',lll,
i, hand r the c best
Si ani h Cigar oar
primes, rt -, bucas,
Also, half Spanish and common cigars.
Tobacco of nil The be bra.:o:. Caven,li,‘i, $s
luosp; Baltimore Plug, 12, and 165, lump.
U3O. cut clflwinz tniiaren
S 1141fS - 13:-K11Ce Scotch, Maceulta.
lie has a 15 0.3
ail other rtic:e: in his line, which ho
cre, wholesale and retail. at the lowest ca:,ll prices.
-CALL AND SEE. ..je 8-6rn
At the old stand of Yn;mg M'Curdy, ICo. 43, Sc
ct,-.71 1 street. betzteen ll'opd antl-Maeket
RESPECTITLLY informsthe frler.ds of the late
firm. and the pilblk7 renerallC. that lie is prepa
red to fill all orders.for Cabinet il'ork; of any kind,
with all possible despatch, and warranted to be equal
to any in the city.
Every attention will be paid to furnishing COFFINS,
&e , when required. ' ie 16L1
Filo Manufactory.
THE subscriber haNina commmicad the , rnanufac
turee of Cits,t frockArnerican materials
exclusively, merchants Or ether persins nand ,e can be
qupplied by hint with a better article' than the foreign,
and at lower priceiC Inteting the only the beet
quality of File Steel, manufactured by the 11Iess , r3.
Sti oexn Eno Ell's, which ii unsvbrou ; riitCo a perfection
equal to the best Etvglish article, manufactured for the
same purpose. the sul,z.ra ibex' has full c °nible:ice that he
will he able, in quality of articles and roves, to realize
the best hoped of the friend 4 of American Industry.
Citrner or O'Flara S Liberty stc.
jr 15-‘'.
Eroratici P. Young, Cabinct }Vialzer,
(Lire of the feria of Young 4. .31Culq! , )
lI AS commenced the tet,-iness in all its i:raneltes at
Wo s od - .street. between First ana Second
Etr.„ where ho Neill keep cons.tasitiv nr. hand'a good a.-
sonnient of well made FURNITURE, and {topes, by
strict attention to lihsice. , s, to merit a continuance (if
t h e pit t rora .. 2 e ofthe
Even attention wiliberaid tofun , ihind COFFINS,
&e. A Furniture Cur for hire. July 11
The subscriber havingyeturced from the East With
the latest style of Hats, lus.inow oa hood..and will cr:r.-
standy I:cep otsortrnent of hi: c:ra .Manufac
tore, vinirb If7,lltatiss:, service, benurF, and cheap
ness, canaot hesurpassed. tuna respectfully
ki.,Sfieitds and the public to examine his stock of
Cans, at the M a nufac:9r:,•.*.s,;o, '3. Wend st.
- seri 9-3rn WILLIAM DOUGLAS.
- -
14, Vat and Cap Manufactory.
Na. 9S Wood street, 3 d.cors below Digru-nd AZIe7.
P I 1:11, subscriber will keep constantly rat hand. every
JL variety of the roost ftsbionableliaTs and CA es,
.vintlesale and retail. at reduced prices.
Persons wishint.-to pnrchase will find it to their inte
rest to give him a rlll. S. moortE.
:shur7b, any. 29. 1843.
eronna and poiiibea. nnvilis nrd other Iclna , of
;riadina•dulte at Ole Cast Steel File 11.1 a trufactnry. -
ger of Liberty and CVHPra streets. seirlS
31344 Itlinuittg Poi
.. .. .
~ _,
ejj the Dena , 4rztie State qtlitr;al C'6 , limitt4c lo,Me
Demottall bfßekk.sitvitnic.a -
, ~.. . .. _ . .... -... . •
.FE.1...t0W-Ctt 12ints;--I.inat the
. -ii4l43o.iiiy Of a ms
q'ne...st or.the.Deini:iit .: :ratic State Convention, which 111.•
ieiti l 4l4;d_at
. 14 - 44 - 1.1-ur ril on tite.Eitii instant. the Stan
Ce - ntitil Committee a d.lress you , on the.. , siecii. of iiii,
~,,..,,Ling election fur Canal Cornmissiwns. 1.4, is
with no ordinary feeling 4 of gratificatiukthat we enter
upon the discharge,of this duty, The select* of she
nominees of thattunvont Convention was moat hippy andjedi:
cienu. With -such an array of anexceptiotaahle• lames ,
i .•
A . I
las was sumn: , ,...eu .o.tele nominating , it was. hei r
- body; • •60t.
pvroa.ps,a, Flatter of .surpriae, that a good ticket would
ho ,the result of its deliberations. tut
.irt p ti .., '
,:1:1i.. SO much wawa ilitisv.. „itac .ring,„4, -.
su l
i CLARKS, Jr.sst mtar.n, ...a ym i ta - l i-,.
f`OSTLII, Jr., to the Democracy of Pennaylviinia, .41
ft and proper peratms to take charge of dm sin 414
jirri7ortant interests of th.:?. Improvement System, II -
' c.Larantee was given, that strict integrity, unqsestitu
ed - ability, Fearless lux:esty, and en entire, devotion**
the bevt ititerests oftiorgre'at and growing commutsier,
predominated therein; arid that all personal feeling oral
individual preference bad been,with or.e accord, Merv.
iedin a general anxiety 1 - m.ll:ere:mon weal. In this
s piri t qin•ca,,dilttes Were noininatntl—ia this spirit,
taro, :''-y will be. trii.mnlic.,n,Sly elected. ' ,
... ...,
JAm . Es CtsitsE, 6r TrAT,.., is well Known to this
Itieople of tl,is state. He was born in the vintr.l7B3",
i in Fr-inklin coJnty. Pa., a few miles east ce 6 reeteas l
, t.. e. His fathit.r was a native of Ireland. his mother of
I York, Pa. ft, 1785. his fathrn removed his family to
i lll,..r.chsteiwri.lVe.tm ircland county, and subsequent.
I 1; to Armstrong county. where he died in the- year
1799. At the ace cfll wars. Mr. Clarke was depriv..
' ed of the benefit oreven the poor apologies for schools,
Iwhich our fronting settiornents then afforded, and at
16 Le apprenticed himself to the tr itie of a spinning
wheelsvriEht nod chair maker, which trade he subset
fi:entry worked at, in the COMItiC3 of Franklin, York
'rind 11 estmorelanci. In 1804 he made a voyage be.
fore the toast to :be West Indi-s, and spent the en
suin, winter In St. D.ni,..go. Mr. Clarke married in
1810 in Lancaster county, and fixed his 'resilience in
L Lufdin , town Westmoreland county, where he resl
- fur a poriZA orrilmost twenty years. He retaore.d
Ito 13iairsvillr. 'lndiana county. Lis prescnt place of res.
idence. in 1330.
Iv 1214. on the ,pontrine u; and general petition of
his Oighbor , , Cue. 5.,-,.der appointed him a justice or
the peace, the duties cf which station he perfciamedfee.
several rears.
In 1219. he was eiccted a County Cumissioner,atud
served us such, during a term ef three years.
He repre....v.nted ',l',..is.mnreitisnd county in the House
„1 It, presentalivLs, doling the sessions of the pearl,
1822 al,d '23.
In 1824. be 'rite zip7.,iated a member of the Board
of Canal Commissionets.
1 It; 1325. be was re-electA a ria2t-n 1 ,.-r of the House
of Renreset...iitii . es i',.010 \Ves-mioreland county.
nu 1327, he :1;11:i took his s•.iit in the Canal Board.
suet:conristirg of Lin , ...‘ vn2rnhers, arid was by the
[ Buird anr,ohite.licsin: Commissioner for the Juniata
1 Division of the l'eanssivania Canal—which charge he
onntu,ned in, by re-appointrr.,..t:.:, for three successive
In 1329, the L.7,2.is'.ature'eler.cd Cu:. Bormi, in Ivbich
Mr. Clarke was still continued.
In 1930. the Li.sislar,...re chanced the pee era anct
duties of the Board
. a.,d redlized the Lumber to three,
restorinc. the appointinz. power to the Governor, Irk
%%ham Mr.•Clar!,.e was re-appoinic a.
In 1331. his colleafues coi,Lirri ci upon him the lair
poi-t-UN t of l're , iti..r.t iJOI-e , Batted. an I,,anur which
Ihe had beim e declini d in 1629 sad 1830.
He was coati fined in that eta. ion from yeartn year
until the year 1836, when a chat , e of adnainistration
overturned the 01,1 economical / rfer of things.
In 1836, NI , . C.arke. wits cie........c1 a Senatorial deli=
rate to the Itel , iim en.ive.ition. 1!!.: took his seat in
[ll:alio...lc in :11iiv 1837, and cdntliri , d 19 attendance
iliort•u , ..ut.ril it closed its hib,..re in 1833.
Is 1337. he was elected by the stockholtkrs, Presi.
dent of the Monommiscla Navhcatio-, cotnpuny, which
sitnationhe held five rears, arid then resigned.
In Innustv 1639, he was again ai.p.lited ii. member
of the 13aard of Canal Commis.io,..irs, but resigned
February Ist. 1840, In the same rn-inth lie was ithciii
ion I'msideut of the Union Canal company, and re;;
mained iii that situation until November of the follow;
Ut el the Re
At the lAA: Fe.sAion of the Legislature, Mr. Clarke was
appointed o:,e of the clromissioners fur the safe of the
State Storks. •
.Nr. Clarke has been, throughout his tabula life, l•
uniLirru and consistent democrat of the Jeffers:in,.
s.7ito'; and a pit and. exit/apiary Chriitian: He its
se f-wu_lu and se lf.rnade, poi-zikt...ie.o an active and aver
inquiriog, mina, a clear
. ..pa,/ ;ment, will pdi,ed intolleet,-
sorn.d pcacticai -euse.and a memory that never fails.
His has been a long life of pultlic .service. Repotted
tutenyts disappuiited and mall&
:,not mid, to destroy Li , fair fame, I at he has passed
tin ough every such ordeal pure and unsullied; and he.,
now s;:loa before yon conitealy that "noblest work
olGud"-sue hcnezt man. The Convention, 'nada:tea
name we a,laz - Qss yule. put him forward on this ocea-,
by aiela-,litioa, and it gives tlta cumsait
tee as meek pleasure to :peak of him. as it will to his •
'El.llow-eitizenF,tu place lam Figain .in charge of those
input taut :::t^rt caned he ha. so disiuttirratedly ttt
.IF?Sc MULLF.r, is. a:vv.:ye of now the coon. -
re of Per,•:. lie %ViLi brf.'lZllt 'T a farmer, but with :
tLeactive and erguriti,g mind v. Lich has always been
hie ri-tie, be sotizit every ol , l).lrtunit) . ef so•
quirier ur , .etL.k
the ant..: r.:: ^d wiatsr szason, following the pr..lession
of ait neh,r, cluinei 6))CCt.,)sill. 0:. the or
, t„-a;.ii;rin ihe'entinty of Perry, he was elected clerk
to the Come;' Conuri;.i,,crs. , Dui ir es :he lime nf his
see ire in th - at eapaeit;.,.. lie devoted his it sure t.) the
anal,• ~f the low - tinder Mr. ‘N'ad,orort h. In 1823 ho
eleetcd Shelia' of Petry C. a very large
ti..er a I.i ,1 y reeecin'ole an ri :thy competi
tor ft 7-5:711 -At the ex; i au'on of hi , term
o f, Me e . e,,c,nti a metilAr of ;ix linese uf Rep
wid,out im •
! 1:, ct , -1.: is the s raarnct.
Iturin; Coe . f 1327-2/3 a v.t-aa.7y occur.ei
:11:limn as
itt it, Tr. Cr, and Mr Mi;itT ty,rnirrat-n.l ar.d
dcare large i-nal.c):::y over Ritner, the
east rt eorrilf.)3).l.l the eetn,tirii of Curialocriand
nod l'erry. expi.a.;ioa c.F th-, term for which
Mr. Mall m harTien Mr. Miller was norr.ina,
tud and fuLT tr... - nt; , .ifith•vit any scriellS
oppositioa. , .
In 1332, he , .&:ottha, e 11 of hi, Senatorial terra
he was rVirrilnat;)7l elcrae3 to riTri,..;7ll - thermanties
of Ceriab..rlani, Perry to.-.d Junl7.3 i.t thrt House 'of
Reitreientative; 4 the Uni:ea States. fie tank his'
in - r. r 1333. Thin is rernem
tiered an the celehri red Panic Senrion, and is rendered
rn.ern.trable Lie haVin 1...t11(1 ti ring the most
peried of the Bank War. It WI. 3 daring this JCS-
Cnat Mr. Char in. nee nf his az:air st Gem.
.IJc:icon, -"Vreare in the midst of a re:.
c sere Wooi:est es y-/." Throurhmit the a hole of
this so-called "revolution," Mr. 'Stiller remained firm
in the; stroport of Oil edmiii.tratiar., mad 61.i - di:E. - Airier -
resented his constittter,re.
In 1334 he sirsa again nominated and le-elermd. to
Conicre,s. Hit relleisterl oral triumphant elrcticess is
districts proverbial fr;r their rigid tone of Democracy,
• he..t zuaran•ee we re:4:a addive far the sterainz
r.-7,,,blicanisro Jest.ee Per his actions in
hi; we refer with greateonf,desea
to the journals. It is enClugh to Puy. that he neverfal
tered in his political courne--never betrayed I trait...
end never di:appointed and to-aermbitt expects.