Pittsburgh morning post. (Pittsburgh, Pa.) 1843-1846, October 03, 1843, Image 1

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W. earner of Wood and Fifik Streets.
Tzax4,—Five dollars a year, payable in advance.
fitiatgln "ivies Two CENTS—for sale at the count'r of
thethfiee, arpi by News Boys.
The Weedy Mercury and Manufacturer
_puh,iiAcd at the same office, on a double medium
diet*, at TWO DOLLARS a year, in advance. Sin
e, copies, SIX CENTS.
One insertion, .- 80 50 One mouth, $5 00
Two do., 075 Two do., C, 00
Threedo., • 200 Threedo., 700
Om week, 1 50 Four do., 8 00
Two Ain., 300 Six do., 10 00
- Thiiise-ilo., ‘-' 400 One year, 15 -00
~. att./Square. Two Squares.
:S*;nepths, . $lB 00 Six months, . s‘23 00
4 .-kuR Yom,. ...?.5 00 One year, 35 00
far Larger advertisements in proportion.
LIPTAII.DS of four lines Stx DOLLARS a year.
, Public Oflice:, &c.
Nig Post Qfflee, Thiid between Market and Wood
stroass--it. M. Riddle, Postmaster.
Ai*Ulu* farame t , Water, lth door from Wood st.,Pe
ter:sol!eii htuldiage—Major John AViHock, Collector.
Os ; rrestury, Wood, betwooo Fir.t and Spco.id
.a.t2tLts.7.famos A. Bartram, Treuittrer.
Treasury, Third street, next door to the
"Ada Presbyterimn Church—S. IL. Johniton, Trea.m
MayiPr's Office, Fourth, between Market and Wood
st . ,r,st—Alexarkaer Hay, Mayor.
Werat4exes Exchaiwe, Fourth near Market st.
Pit4lntgii, between Market and Wood 3 treets on
Chirdind Fourth 'stMets.
Are . idiantennditanufacturer s • and Farmers' Dc
poia3,l44, (formWSaving Fund ; ) Fourth, between
Wad aO,l Market streeti.
gieiVaittri, Fifth st. near Wood.
Mootompshela House, \Voter street, war tip
.e.coAa age Hotel,et)racr of l'onn and St. (Tar.
.iferrhamtis' Holel, corner of Third and Wood.
Anterilian.Hotel,cornerofThird and Smithfield.
thsiteil States, corner of Penn sr. and Canal
Spread Eagle, Liltmly street, near eventh.
_KY lcr's Mansi'oit hf,nse , fdlierly St., opposite
Broadkarit's 3lan,,ion House, Penn Sr., oppo,iite
konartant to Owners of Saw kills.
Q NYDER'S unrivalled Self Setters, for euty [villa,
wuieh have been so fully teSted in different parts
Unitful States, ns well as in the cities of Pitts
burgh and Alletclunty, can int seen in operation MI
aumbnr of mills inthis nei4liburlood, vii: at Mr. Wick
;ersiuun'a milli, on Penn street; nt Ill‘ - man & Charn
-ICeJeg mills. near the upper Allegheny bridge, and
at Nlncrison's milk, oil Ilary's Island, arid nthers.--
The above named machine can be ofithinerl itt W. W.
41Lace'3 ahup, on Liberty street, near Snaitliftekl,
: where it is lit ti•l7, Up, reel where will be
kept constantly on liaads. Apply to B. I'. Snyder, 4,r
may 5
Chamomile Pills.
FIRAHAISI J. CLEMER, residing ut 06, Mutt
14...katiteet, New York, was afflicted with IV;tfrepsia
I ra its mostaggravated lona. The Ay.rr i lt :1814 W:',11"
ohwthetadaeite,, great rT.hility, tl-wer, co:6N elle -s,cough,
'rttstrddtrd, pain inthe'chest and stomach alw:tys after
'eatirstiO . impairtai.appetite, sensation eef aiuking at the
Furred torme, nausea, with Irequelit 1:1114-
10ine34 towards trightand restlessness. These
'condoned upwards of a twelvemonth, when, on
'otitis - akin Dr. - Wm. Evans, 100 Chatham street, and
erer . sitecesiful and agreeable mode
o f Itiotu t itera, the patient ivas votiipletely, restored to
fiesishitrthis short space of one month, and grateful for
eh. iiiiiii&ukaae benefit derived, gladly came forward '
'and eoluitteie d the above stat em eta For sale, wh
;:aleatiretail, by R. E..,sEtLERs, Agent, 1
. rP /6"Y No. 20; Wood street, below Second. I
. -•- Paaseets Noarhonid
Turrue, has received this day frum New York,
' fresh supply of the above celehmted cure for
Onsighs t Cadds and Consumptions; and is 'ready re, in
=tossers at wholesale or retail, at his
• ,46 Featilt sr. nor 12
SAW Serra/as thee ever, at the Three Dig
TFIE sabscriber would respecifidly inform his ells.
miners and the public generally. that notwi denad
ing the unprecedented sales at the 'Three lli Door:,
during the present season; he has stall on baud the ler-
T-bt ara Tama vaned assortment vfelegant CLO
AINII:doit ctua fiii Fitimthz west el the niountains.—
The pidkliC may rest smarm!. that all articles offered at
e 1 3 are,maufactured from FRESH GOODS, par.
ti Rho:Eastern markets this spring and made in.
ttiEfisments by Pitttsbtirgh workmen-
In consequence of the intiltiplication of slop shops in
our city, filled with pawn brokers clothes and the musty,
cast offgarinents of former season:, from the eastern ci
ties, the public should be ca,utious to ascertain the char
acter ofthe establishments in which they am invited to
lonrchase, before they part with their money. The arti
cles, offered at severe/ of the concerns in this city, are
et• - _•eiere offals of New York and ' Slop
shops; and sent out hem to be palmed off on the Pitts
burgh public. Purchasers oho• be on their guard a
'iptiast dose impositions, and they may rely on the fact ,
shuns, establishment that advertises casters made Clo.
that - eat ;o r as good en article or as arlvaritageous
'ar,gainir =Fa' be had at the "Three Big Dota . ."
Thelibtic'Will please rememb3i chat all the subscri
ber', .:fOsttaptits are madeinthis city,by competent work
menAtisd not gathered up like the goods now offered by
the' 'fish is ofpassage" from the shreds and patches of
4iasterodop shops. It will al ways be his endeavor to
uminusin reputation that the "Three Big Doors"
iiatemilitabsed for furnishing a superior style of CLO-
TiIING in every respect, and at prices below those of
Ifetaisolsbikgnin return his , thanks to his Mends and
the iihialliefor the unprecedented patronaze bestowed
opted& eetehlishment, and believing that they have
their arlwanta.ge to deal with him, he would
,relietthis ineltazion to all those who wish to purchase
Chathiegivitenrery description at the lowest price,to eall
Metal Plate in the pavement. ap 26.
; 2 Look at This.
lIE attention of those who have been somewhat
isitirtioal: in reference to the numerous certiti
*aca in faior of Dr. Svrayne's Compound
*.yrupof Wald Cherry, on account of the persons being
Issillseelitjai sifts Section of the State, is respectfully di
die following certificate, the writer of which
k iiisestitcitiaen of this kroronii for several years, and
is knemits a gentleman of integrity and. responsibility.
1"° Lire Agent, Mr, J. Krum.
Jibe IDrc Swayoe's Compound ,Syrup of Wild
0044 ter &Cough., with which I have Wen severely
rOteted for about four months, and I have no tseyitzuiun
iy ikayiligthat it is the most effective medicine that I
irvo bail* able to procure. It composes all uneasiness,
Nan: pima well with my diet,--and maintains& regular
put and appetite. I Ca/lbinceiely recommend it to all
0 6ori sitailoriv
.J, Mixrticg, 13ormatth of
M arch. 9,1 U lit. Chatnhersburgh.
For 'ale by WILLIAM THORN,
N 0.53 Market %tree
( • r=s)
'lO ittbtirlA .. illtitiii##
R. Woods, Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Office removed to Bakewell's Offices, on Giant street,
nearly opposite the new Court House, next rooms to J.
D. Mahon, Esq., first floor. sep 10
Hugh Toner, Attorney at Law,
North East corner of Sruithfie4 and Fourth streets,
Pittsburgh. seiilo—y
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
Office in the Diamond, back of the old Court. lottAe,
sep 10 PittAu , : -h..
Francis R. Shanty Attorney at Law,
Fourth street, above 'Wood.
Pittsburgh, Pa,
Sep 10- ly
Thomas Hamilton, AttOncy at Law,
Fifth; between Wood and Situ Otfteklsts.,
sep 10—y Fitt4lOl7ll,PH.
Wm, O'Hara Robinson, Attorney at Law,
Office on the North side of the Diamond, between Mar
ket and Union streets, up stairs seji 10
L Dartooraar, Attorney at Law,
Tenders. his professional services to tin , public. Office
se t 10 on sth st., above Wood, Pittsburgh.
- -
Eystor & Buchanan, Attorneys at Law,
Office removed from the Diamond to :"Attorney's Row,"
shady side of 4 th, bet ween Mark,* and Wood.sts.,
itsp 10 Pitri,burgh.
N. Eluckmastar, Attorney at Law,
ILL; removed his office to Benre,' Law Buildingi, •Ith
st., above Smithfield, l'ittAtimh. se 10
George W. Layag, artterttey at Law,
02 - ice in Fourth street, near Smithfield, Pittsburg}
sop 27--y
Reade Washington, Attontey at Law,
Office 1 3 akeivell'sLuil,ling, Grant street, Pittsburgh
nor 5, 1342
John J. Mitchell, Attorney at Law,
Officecorner of Smichfiotdalicl Fifth atrects, Pittsburg:li
LlT P Collectionsmacl , .. All busine,.: cutriiited to hi
care will be promptly attended to.
feb 16—v
. •
William Elder , Attorney-at Law,
St•coc,lomn, secoad door abpve the c , wrtier
ap29—tr Smithfield, north side.
Wm. E. Austin, Attorney
~;it Law,
Pittsburgh Pa. Office in Fourth ,treet,iopposite
At •TIN, give his atten
tion to my and I'reeolniund Min
tothe pittromigv friends.
sei) 16-y _ NV A T.T1 7 . It Flit WARD.
Vaniel M. Curry, AttOratlr at Law,
Office on Fiftlystrect, bo:w.;,•o. IVoolt and Switlifivid
ap E Pitt-li
Robert Porter, Attorney , st Law,
4 .
Onic,..:r the Four: h :cut
sep 10.
Judson & Planegin, Attorneys at Law,
tirnitlifivld.Trln- -tr,t.t. tn•trt •nu mod
erato term:. ~1 to).1,
tlii,latr art of (..00gi-e-1 t lq ti . nvl. ati•l tlrna
thopan•Tit oflic.•privir,••l. a tr I
Henry S. rilagraw, titt oracy at Law,
.I iu...1 mn,..,,•.1 hi.. oalt , :,, h:: ,• •-: 1.......; ~ 1•'-..,••!1,
E WI/ sows 41,1.A.._•S 1);I:I.1..A. SI•l 10
!• _— -- _ —— -
J. D. Croigh, Attorney at Law.
Office 4.6ritri Smitteiehl and Tii,l,l -trt-,1,, l'l , t. 1, 11,:ii.
my 723- - -y
L.Rarper. Aftorney and Counsellor at Law,
C 1 DI; 14.1111,;f IS (OU STV,oIIII.,
Will 11.
mtmol promptly to lir?. collection c.r ~ . , - .1 ri 1 v or
elriim,;;Mitlall profe.AMDM im: illl,, l • . 11 r 1140,1 to 111, ,•:Irt•
in the comitiei of Harrisah, Jvth.r.so I:1, 11 , !', 1ii,, ;t, (;;;orri-
Ae,',. Tuscan. vt.iis, 1 !ohm., LuAllorpm, Cap-ult.. Sin rk
and' itym , . li.Er En TO
.:Welcalf 4. Loomis,)'
Dalzell .j. Fleming.
, o l,t3 it , shuri.
John Harper, I
'D. T. Morgan, J
, .
my •17,1313—tf
• R. Morrow, Alderman,
Office nprth side of Firth street, betiveon 'Wood nod
Smithfield, l'itythizrgh. s•p..lo—tf
litagisti-ite's Blanks,'
For proceedings in attachment under the late law, fin
414 e at thin offiee.
rrt Blank Petitions, Notices, &c.,
Übe used in Ilan': ruptey Proceeding. s, •ed 1
, prna p;or
poer, and in the fora,: approved by the Court, for sale
at this office.
.ly 25
'Dr. S. R. Holmes',
01rce it] 57,ecutid utrrct, zwxt door to Mulvanv S: Cu
' IVa redirot ger, l 0
Dr. A. W. Patterson, •
Office on Smithfield street, third door frdiri the corner of
sixth street -=
N. D. Sellers, M. D,
Office and dwelling iii Fourth street, near Ferry,
ep i3—y •
• - • ,PittAl-mrgli
• Ward & Thud, Dentists,
Liberty street, a few ditiori below St: Clair,
ape, 1843
Doctor Daniel McNeal,
Office ou Filth street, bettit•c Wood :Lod Sluitbrie/
streets, Pittsburgh• dee 10—v d
No. 43, 'Mod Wired, '
Agents. for the sule of die Eagle Cotton Factory YaruF.
mot 17-7 y
111llaex.11. Iviy.t.i.ims JoilN $. DiLwontu
Williams &Di/worth E
11/holosale Grocers, Produce and Ccurrahmion Me
chants, and Dealers in Pittsbuqtrh Manti*L onc d 1r
doles, No. 29, Wood ?=treet. sop 10—y
Wholesale and Retail ))caters in
English, Preach and Doriestic Dry Good*,
No. 81, Market street, Pittsborgl4;
sep 1 ti,y
S. G. &. A. GORDON,
Commission and Forwarding Net fAuusis,
Water st met, Pittsburgh. seri 10-y
COMMiSSIOI and Forwarding Merchants,
No. 60, Water Btreet, Pittsburgh, Pa.
.TERMS.—Rexciving and shipping, 5 cents per
100 lbs. Commission on purchases and =ales, 24, per
cent mar 2.2.—y
Drown:wine Juniata Iron Works,
Edward Hughes, Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
Warehouse, N 0.25, Wood st., Fittsbuigh
sep 10—y
Wholesale Grocers, C0M1011151,013 cud Pro
duce Merchants,
dealers is Pittsburgh Manufactures.
niar 17 Nn. 43. ,treet Pittsburi
Bookbinders and Paper Rulers,
Continue business at the stand lnzt. 11'Car.dless
Johnson. Every description of work iu their Thiene. %.•
Iv aid promptly executed. may B—y
Coleman &
General Agents, Forwarding and Commission
Levee Street, Vicksburg, Miss. They respectfully so
licit consignments. n 22—tf
Wholesale Grocers & Dealers in P r oduce,
116 Wood Street, 4 dyers above Fifth st..,
mac 15 . Pittsburgh, Pa.
Q TACY LLOYD, Jr., Wholeside nd Retail Gro
cer and Fruiterer, No. 140 Liberty street Pitts
burgh. may 90.
Birmingham & Co.,
March •"'
John IL Brant, Wholesalotirocer,
Dealer in Grain, General Forwardiv and Cow
litission ttilerclwnt , •
Ilarrisburgh, Pa.
WILL divose 'full goads sent
,for Commission
Sales ut the lowest Commission rates.
. .
. S W. F.Nlier, Day&Getrish, D. Leech &Co
Ballimore—W .Wian &co. & E. Elder
Harrishu reit —Muhl 13urke,11.Aza,J Holdman
July I—Gin.
Booksellers, Printers and Paper Makers,
Nu. 37, Market street. eep 10
John Anaet son, Smithfield Foundry,
Iv. tv:r ,:treet, near the Monongahela House, Pittsburgh
sep 10-y
Thos. B. Young & Co.
Furniture Ware Rooms, corner of Hand street and Ex
change alley. Persons wishing to purchase furniture,
will find it to their advantage to give u; a call, being ful
ly sati lied that we can please as to quality and price.
sep 10
C. 'n)IVNSEND & Co.,
Wire Workers and Wire Mannfacturers,
N,,. Mar!:•.: , trees, be; N. 44 1131and 3tltreeti.
. Exchange Hotel,
Ce,i •!1 . Pt all a n..! Clnir stieds, by
Pilkington's unrivalled Blacking,
A r FACT!' 10: a.:24 gold wholo:ali: ttnci retail
, in n e dem- h-Lmy Smithfield.
lames Patterson, jr.,
tioor inamilacturrr
mill a•tii timber
- t'or & 10--v
- -
John al'Closkey, Tailor and Clothier,
.ri I, nineti Sixth strict arid Virgin idler,
-ep 10
Webb Closey's Boot and Shoe Manufactory,
N". 83, Ph .J., r eU. Z.... Rani:.
prtmella,kiil .t. 1.1 - erin '.e c•s tiv• iwate-t
ntanmv,anal actin. rwat• . -IFre:irli pattecti,. .e? 111
Willi am Doherty,
411 AT -1 NI) CAP
Lilwry nireet, we,a Market
nml Sixth. ap
John Cartwright,
I 1 - 1.1,1:11 and Sqrgkal instrum,nt Manufacturer
01 titli arid Libort:,. streets, Pittsburg, l'a
N. li.—Ala ac, an zissartinent
Stirgi..al and Dontal in4trurnerits, 13anker's, Tailor' s
Batter's, 1 lair Dres,er . , and Tanner's Patent Shears
Sadd!or', TruSsc:, &c. " je 24.
All boats marked thus [.] in the List of Arrival* and
Departures, in anothei part althis paper, tire supplied
with the Safety Guard.
Lis/of Boats provid,:d v.ieh the,:s'afety Guard.
-ILL'S, .IEI I 'E.,SS,
BR ILLLIN T, 31 AR I E 7'7A ,
BR ID G EWA TER, of issou ie 1 m ..1.11.,
OTC: Li? 0, MES,4jENGER,
C A N T 0 N,
.1 1 1 . ON TG OMER Y,
CECELIA, :, ' - :-. 4 4'EP TUNE,
GA S'PI/N, NARA GANSE './':/',
CL ll' .15 - E R. - _WAG AR A,
. .
'olden to Dr. Drantroth's Agents. COLUMBIANA 'o aro,
T DE oirice in Pitudittrgh, which was established for DUQUEBNE,
the purpose of constituting agents in the west,. /UWE of ORLEANS, OLIVE BRANCH,
hating accomplished that ooject, is now closed, and ECLIPSE, PENELOPE •
Mr. G. H. LEE, in the Diamond, Market street,to- EMM A , PANAMA, - c
pointed my agent for the sale of my Pills and Lini- ED IVIN Hirrni . ;l-V, QVEAN/ f t 1 i r ~t t /,,''11,
E ,
mews. All Dr. Brandreth's agents will, the re f ore ", , E VELIN R 0 WEAA
derstand that Dr. 13. will send a travelling - agent t EXP RESS -VAR. RJR/TAN, •
through the contitry once a year to collect monies for FORMOSA, SARAH ANN,
I sales made and re supply .agents. The said traveller FORT PITT', SARATOGA.
I will be provided with mower of attorney, duly roved I GALENA; !
before the L'lcik of the city and civil:Nay of New York, TALLEY RAND,
together with nil the necessary vouchers and papers. GALLANT, TOBACCO PLANT,
Mr J. J. Yoe is my traveling- agent now in Penrii,yl- 1D.,-1.,, VIC:TRESS,
N. B.—Remember Mr. G. H. LEE, in the. rearof the ILLINOIS , : IVES T WIND,
Market is now my only agent iti Pittsburgh. J. 11. BILLS, 22
June 14 mar--------
Oak and Poplar Lumber for Sale.
l'E IV LI/mt.:and feet of ,;ea,.ont.d Oak and Poplar
Luther, for salr ‘ by echo!, ale. Enquire of Jamrs
('. Cummins, .Egq. Dearth!. fountain Inn. 21.
Zr. Good's Colobratcd'Vemalo Pills.
9111 ESE Pills are strongly- recommended to the
notice of ladies its 0 safe and efficient remedy in
removing those complaints peruliar to theirsets, from
want of exercise, orceneral debility of' the system. They
ululate co , tiveness, and countt , ract all Hysterical and
Nervous affections. These ba'we gained tile sane
! ion find apprtbation of the most cmicentl'hy;:irians itt
the United 5t1110, , , and many ,rlfotlie'rs. For sale
WholtuialcaoA Retai 1 , by Ti.. E. S LEES, A grnt ,
sep 10 No. 20, Wood Street, below Sacond
Having been afflicted for nearly two years, with a
hard swelling on the cap of my knee,,—which
produced witch pain, and used various applications
recommended by the faculty—all in vain, was cured
completely by the use of one bottle of Dr. Brandreth's
!hutment, or external remedy
Witness my hand
. .
Ohio tp., Allegheny co. Pa. Jan. 10,1910.
Dr. Bmndreth's external remedy or hnamenn sold
at the store or GEORGE 11. LEE, Pittsburgh, price
50 cents per bottle, feb 8,
Dr. Decbter's Pulmonary Preservative.
coughs, colds, influenzas, catarrhs, whooping
cough, spitting of Mood, pain in the breast, all
disen.t;s of the breast and lungs, andarrest of approach
ing coasiamption• Warranted free from mercury and
other minerals. B: FAHNtSTOCK & CO.,
j 91 2 Agents for Pittsburgh.
William C. Wall,
Plain and Fancy Portrait and Aldan. Frame
No. 87, Fourth stmet. Piaui:awe', Pa,
ANVASS brushes, varnish, &c., for artists, always
on hand.. Lookinr Glasses, &c., promptly Eta,
med to order. Repairing done et the shortest notice..
Particular attention paid to regilding sod jobbing of
- Persons -fitting stamboats or houses will find it to
their - advantage to call. s= 10-
rail Painter, Fourth st., 3da n Burka Bull
(Br rn
din.. J. Osboe would solicit aca iti,ose who
desire Portraits .Spcimens tan ba,„a ri..erns
may 5. •••
roux D. Wide
L. & J. D. WICK,
•• •k
. •
FitANCLS L. torso
Cheap for Cash.—
Short Rect Yarn.
No. 5 ut 15 ctA
6 at. 15 do
7 at 15 do
ut 15 do
9 at 15 do
10 at 15 do
11 at 15 do
12 ut 15 do
13 at 16 do
14 at 17 do
15 at 18 do
16 at 19 du
17 at 20 do
19 at 21 do
19 at 22 do
20 at 23 do
'o.rdtTs promptly
Painter's,Logan &Kelm,
f 27 J.
Circulating and Reference Libriry.
OF relHous,hbanrical, political and miscellaneous
works, will be open every dav, Sabbath except
ed, from 7. "clock A. M., until J Y. M., in the Ex
change building, corner of St. Clair street and Ex
change alley, where punctual attendance will be given
David Clark, .4%,
to No. 31 Market street, , between Second and
Third streets, where he would be happy to see his
old customers, and all others who feel disposed to pa
trellis& hint. He Ll3e9 tiatking but first rate stock, and
employs the best of workmen; and as he gives his con
stant personal attentin to business, he trusts tlrat he
/1 1 1111 .: subset fibers manuen eture and keep constant. will deserve and recciv o ct a fair share of patronage
ly on hand Couch, C and Minn. Springs (war- i step 10
ranted,) Juniata Iron Axles, Silver and Brass plated
Hash Frames, Brass and plated Hub Bands, Stump
Joints, patent Leather, Silver and Brass Lamps,
Three fold Steps, :Malleable Iron, Door Handles and
Hinges, &c., &c. JONES & COLEMAN.
sep 10 St. Clair st., near the Allegheny Bridge
Springs and Axles for Carriages,
At Eastern Price:.
I'ru veil,. re should .qcluel Boats prorided will(
Evan's Softly Guards fur p/ eroding Explu.>ion of
Steam lin filers
, I T would be well fur the (rat cling community' to
_IL bear in mind that their security depends entirely
upon their oven eticunro:4ement of boats that hate or
may be a; the expense of procuring the above appara
tus. .li.d that every individual making such :elec
. lions i, co,,tribuzing towards a general introduction of
an imentimi admitted In all men who understand the
principles , if thc Steam Engine, to be a ,ure preventa
-1 tke against those dr , tadful disasters. Yon have cer
mainly, in du.. hundreds of .c<plo:ions that have already
token place, their almost daily occurrence, and the
110117 , and of live: , that have al, catty been lost, a surß
-6011t is a;..,ing, and inducement to make inquiry for a
Safety meant Boat, mil hi evec ea,e to git 2 it the
preferelice. They have ..,,_: n r to an additional expense
flint y , .'I"I'rIVI!S nrty 6,.. - , ccue:. Vu- lit you nel therefore
to meet die nt with a COrri. , llo:lliiii., 4 dc!,..-iee ollibcrality,
tad by your,prutMence show that you appreciate their
lanirahle endeavors to stop this awful sacrifice of la
ma life. They do not cliarr naiire than other boats;
their accornasxlations in other respects use equal. and
in many cases superior; and its then: is one leavin g
Pittsburgh every day, why will you run tiny risk, when
it is so completely in your own power to avoid those dis•
New York Dyer.
O SEE HIM ES. would wspectfully inform his friends
and the public in general, that lie dyes Ladies'
dresses, Habits and Mantels of every description, black;
and warrant.: them not to smut, and to look equal to new
goods. lie dyes fancy colors of all descriptions of silk
and carpet yarn. Also, cleans and restores the colors of
gentlemen's clothing, so as to resemble new goodi.
Mr. IL Barters himself that he can please the public,
as he has done an extensive business in New York for
pigmy. years. All work done on Moderate terms, at his
establishment in Stb st., between Wood andiSmithfield
near the Theatre.
This is to certify that °SEE HIMES has drum
work for us, which a fully answered our expec
rations, and we consider him a competent dyer.
S. Hemphill, Aluirew Purdy,
Wrti. Barnes, IV. B. Boies
J . B. Shurtletr, Wm. Porter',
David Hall, H. H.Sridth;
B. F. Mann. Henry Javetzt
David Bolles.. A: Slictelsey,ir•
JusephFrestih,jr, - Itiseph Vera,
George Barnes'. ap 20
it Naylor &ex.'s Best Refined Cast SteeL
T HE andersizned , amts for the above celebrated
stamp of Simi, ;dways keep on hand an as
sortment of the satne, consisling in
Be strefinexiCast Steel, w !uared,flat,round and octagon,
do do do do axe temper,
Extra do do do for nail cutters,
Best do Double and Single Shear steel.
English Blister, tLerman, Granite; Wedge and Craw
ley Steel, at wholesale, by the case, nr in smaller lots
VI Slit purchaser& LYON, S HORE & CO.,
je 24-3 m Foot of Wood stree
nion Cotton Factory
Long Rcel Yarn.
500 at 8 cents per dozen
600 at 74 do
700 at 64 do
, 800 at 545
900 Ea 5 _ do
1000 at 5 do
Candlewick at 15 vl:flu per lb.
Com. Bntting, 8 do
Family do.. 121 do
Carpet Chain, 20 do
Cotton Twine,2o do
Stocking Yarn and Cover
let Yarn always on hand.
Cotton Warps made to or
auendcd w, if left at &C.
ray' ,n r Post 011iee:n.ddress
runarrtram WARE ROOMS.
ALEXANDEn i•curtpl",
.1! Me old stanel of Yoong
.31' Curd o. Nc. 43, Se
cond street. between Wood and: Market,
D ESPECTFULLY inform.= the friends of the late
I firm. and On: public generally, that he is prepa
red to till till erares for Cc/bine! TVer/c, of any kind,
with all po,i4hle despatch, and warran:cd to be equal
i;.) any in the rity.
Lvery atOmtion *ill betiaid to furnishing COFFI NS, I
&A: , when required.
le I.6—y
File 1114xtufactory.
T HE: suk;rribe r hail* comnieneed the manufac
ture of Cut Steel i from American materials
merchants or other persons wanting can be
supplier' by him Leith a better article than the
and at lower price:, I:/ivdrng to nse only the best
duality of File Steel. manufactured by the Messrs.
SHOEN BE ra: F. [CS , Which i 110 W brought to a:perfection
equal to the best English article, manillactured forthe
same purpos e , the subscribe r has full confidence thathe
will be able, in quality of articles and prices, to realize
the best hopeg of the friend: of American Industry.
Corner ofO'Mara Sz Liberty.
Horatio P. Itniutin Cabinet Maker.
' (Late nf thc.firla of Yortng cy- 31 - Cu rcly)
LT AS commenced the otisiness in all its branches at
11 N.)22, Wood street, between First and Second
stns., where he will keep eonstarttivo n hand a goottas
sortment of Well made FUR.NITtbIE, and hopes; by
strict attention to bosineps, to merit a. continuance of
the patronage of the putithe.
Every attention willtiepitid to furnishing COFFINS,
&e. Furttiture Car ihr hire. .- July 11"
Upholsterer and FARLAN
Cabinet Sinker, 7-;:'
At' Third st.,between Wood and Market,
lte.pectfullc informs his friend, and the public that he
preparedis to execute all order. for sofas, sideboards,
bureaus, chairs, tables, b.•d , tead,, statals, hair and
urtain..., carpets; ullsurts of uphol
steiing work, which he will ‘. arrant equal to any made
in the city-, and on rea,onable terms. sep 10
Matthew Jones. Barber and Flair
~ re Dresser
Ha, to Fourth Street, Opposite the Mayor's of
fice, where he will be happy to wait upon permanent or
transient customers. He solicits a share of public pa- ,
i,cp 1(.
The subscriber hasingreturned from the East with
the latest style of Hats, has now •on hand and will con
stantly keep a large assortment of hi, -
ture, wbieh for lightness, service, beauty, and cueap
;acct., cannot be surpassed. and would respectfully in
vite his friends and the public co examine his stock of
Hats and Cap. at the Manufactory, No. 73. Wood st
ol i a Hat and Cap Manufactory.
No. 93 Wood street, 3 doors below Diamond Alley.
THE subscriber will keep constantly on hand every
1 variety °lithe ECOSt fashionable HATS and CA PS '
‘VhiliPaZde and retail. at reduced prices.
Persons wishingto purchase will find it to their Tote.
rest togive him a call. S. MOORE.
Pittsburgh, aug. 29,1643.
ernund and poli,hed, anvils and other fonds of
zrinding done at the Cast StcelFile Mannfaetory,cor
iler of Lihert7 and 01Tara pr.**. wig 18
To the Gentlemen of Pittsburgh. - (11)C Oath) Itioruittg tJost
TILE subscriber most respectfully
, . informs the gentlemen of this city and®
vicinity; that he has commenced the BOOT and i
SHOE makin g business in Fourth street, opposite the
Mayor's office. Having been foreman in some of the
most fa.shionable boot shops in the Eastern cities; and
having furnished himself with the best French and
American calf skins, he hopes by his attention to busi
ness to merit a share of public patronage. To those
gentlemen who have kindly patronised him be returns
hiwitinijere thanks, and can with confidence appeal
foif• the geodnes; of his woik and knowledge. of his
holiness. P. KERRIGAN.
may 11.
William Adair, Boot and Shoe Maker,
Liberty st, oppoaite the head of Smithfield.
jThe subscriber having bought out the®
stock of the laty Thomas RatTerty, deceased,has
commenced business at the old stand of Mr. R.,
and is prepared to execute all de;criptions of work in
his line, in tho best manner, and on the "shortest notice.
He keeps constantly on hand a larze assortment of stun i
findings of all descriptions, and of the best quality. He 1
solicits the patronage of the public and oi - the craft.
sep 10—y WM, ADAIR.
1 Pittsburgh Manufactures, Cheap for Cash.
No 3, Fifa st. Tv. - odoorffiro az Ala rica.
b _ T YATES intends to manufacturer a het
ter article of Ladies', Childrens and
11is , es' Shoes, and sell them cheaper for cash than
they can be bought in the city. He will keep constant
ly on hand and makes to order Lacidea' Shoes of all
li:inds and colors, at',try
list. low prices, of the following
Ladies' Lasting Foxed Gaiter Boots.
..$1 75
bostqualite Kidor Morocco Gaiters, 150
Calfskin Boots,
Foxed Half Gaiters, all co! 1 37i ors. 1 37i
best kid and Moroco buskin, 1 1
Double Soled Slippers, (Jefr.) 1 1 84
• fine Kid - Springs and Turns, best qual.l 00
" Springs, li,-.•avy, 874
All Shuts in.ple ham w artMit:-,es' 64
dren4' in the same proportion.
, - ' ll .orn..tol,i.r ri . plac.,, at the s
Box, No, £:. Fifzli street. •
July 1
.Vo. 116, I 11 , 0,1 street, one door above 614,
12 - EEPS con.tautly no hnnd all kinds of the best
Spanish Cizars, liegolias,C,nzadorc s , Coor
manes, Trobncos, Principes.
Also, hail Spani.ll and common cizars.
Tobacco of all The best brands. Carendisk, .5s
lump; .73altimore Pln.sr,l2 s and 16.. baron.
Also, Miller's fine cot clicwin:z tobacco.
Stivrs—Rappoe, Scotch, 31acouha, Hi ii Tottst.&e.
lie bae aloe, all other article. in his line, which he
offers, wholesale and retail, nt the lowest cash prices.
My dent," said Mrs. Weldon to hnr daughter See'
phia, - had you nol better be getting ready fur your
music lesion. It. is now half past nine, and you have
several squares to walk,"
"Oh ! there's plenty of time," answered Sophia,
can get ready in fi%c minutes and walk to Si r „ - -nor Tor;
icolli's in Eva minutes more."
" . So you said on Monday when you were too late. In.
deed I fear Sophia, that you are contracting a habit
of procrastinntioo which %kill be a fruitful cause et
sorrow to vou through life. 'Never pot off till to.
morrow abut can he dune to-day.' is an excellent pro.
verb, but I would amend it by 'e.t.a never des
lay a minute in doing what has to be done.' Do put
down that novel, love, end uo and attire
Sophia reluctantly obeyed and left the teem. But
when she reached her chamber, instead of donning her
bonnet and shawl, she threw herself 'pet:is:Ay into a
"I do wish ma," she sail, ''would not lecture one
I so. She is always talking about my being too late.
One would think father was a bank clerk, she has such
a regard for i.uactun lite. Now for spite I'll go to Signal;
Toricelli's tuolate." 4
But when a tow minutos had cooled *passion, So=
phia felt ashamed of herAelf, for she was an impulsivu
rather than a had girl, and began to attire herself, re;
;Solved to ho at Si; tot' Toricelli's in time. Her delay.
however, fatal. Though she almost rat;
throogli the strect. she arrived too late. And the Sign,
o:, who made a point of !levet waiting a minute had
owe wit.
of the Red
J. 1.11 ES YATES
“.S.,phy.“ said her father to her a few days a iterwardS
there is nothirej fur me to d' , iu town until Monday;
so I have a n ohm of rormitiy;Lto the country for the
test of the week. And I nckily the steamboat i; to make
an excursion to day, and win stop en route at Elms-
dale. This is a chance that wont occur again this sea ,
Is' - 'a to ice your fl iemli the IVy illcs. The boat
start; at four. I shall lia7s , to return to the counting
room for an hour after dinner, hut you can get ready'
and meet me at the bout. John will attend you e
41..' ,
"Very well," said Sophia, delighted at the prapeata. "`:i•
"I %lilt he there in time." • •
Slie hastened up - stair's to prepare herself, and aftei
ii.;chiag-, her dress2s, opened her little casket to select, '
the jess.els she should wear. She timl: up two brio*. .:
lets of different paticro'A, tried each of them an; and. - • ;,:
held them in different tights; before she could maket*
her mind which to take. Then she was a long dine' fa'
selecting tin% c not of a dozen rings, the gifts - if/sec
fond parent's and god mothers. In this sirumied the
time slipped away so rapidly that the clock was on Ai .
chime of fou'r bet;-tre she became aware of her idleneis.
It was then too late and she sat down and wept Elitten'
For a fortnight the lesson did Sophia good, and did
was a pattern of panctmility. But gradually her oti
habits revived, she became as careless is ever, ended
every occasion was too late. Her mother reasoned
with her in vain, a Ki at last her father spoko seriousl:D
on the subject.
"Sephy," said he, one evening, several days afteeh e
bad requested her to purchase a certain scarce fabric
of slimmer wear for him which was In the market, but
Which she had delayed going fur till it was all sold;
"your want of punctuality is:ict , lurable. Your moth ,
erand J, and indeed the whole family are daily suffer
ers by it. If you do not correct the habit, it will be tht'.
cause ofincalculable evil to you through life: Many
battle on which hung the fate of an empire, has been
lost by Some one bt og too late ott the ground. Many
a woman has lust time affections of h T husband, never
to recovet them, by being toolate. warn you, my
dear child, against the habit, fur I FCC it growing
stronger daily, and unless vou rally at once against it,
you will fluid yoor,elf unable to conquet ir."
Sophia hurst into tears, for her father had mstral .
spoken thus to her before, and rising left the room,
with a determination to profit by hit advice. And
again, for several days, she struggled to be I:mantas? to
her engagements; but now she found the effort so much
harder than before, she became discouraged, and after
several vain attempts to remitter, she reaper& Mt
her old indifference, and became the slave of habit:
At eighteen Sophia was one of the most bestitirni
girls of her.native city, and her hand Eras sought for by
a crowd of admirers. Of these she selected one every
way worthy of her. He was a young lawyer rapidly
rising eminence, for his legal attainments and elafr
oe n ce were both of a superior order. He Indio/ 1 g
Jeer, the prize for which numerous of her friends tad
:.untended, and when Sophia found him at her feet.
naturai thrill of pride could not be avoided.
B ut i t was from no selfish vanity that she accepted
him. His e.:tima..ble qualities had deepened the Mit
pression which his person at first made on her, and sbe
soon learned to love Walter Conrad with all the been,
city of woman's Erg affection. She anticipl-ted Ida
slightest wish, and regulated her cot:duet ocnortliagl ,
and her opinions were always moulded as gthe oug h t
his would be framed, for Sophia was one of those too*
ing beings who gave up all to the one they love, Retie:
fled that he should be their exemplary in everything ;
Conrad returned her love with equal fervency, but
with more discrimination. As he became bettor set.
inainted with brae be 64" - T . many faults at whi , F hw cif,:
We stand among the fallen leaves,
Young children at our play,
And laugh to see the yellow things
Go rustling 011 their way;
Right merrily we hunt them down,
The autumn winds and we,
Nor pause to gaze where snow-drifts tie,
Or sunbeams gild the tree,
With dancing feet we leap along
Where withered boughs are strewn,
The past nor future checks our song—
The present is our own.
We stand among tho falllen Teases,
In youth's enchanted spring•.—
When hope (who wearies at the iartz)
First spreads her eagle wing.
We tread with steps of con3tiona strangtll
Beneaththe leafless trees,
And the color kindles on our cheek
Aa blows the ;tinter breeze;
While gazing toward the cold, gray sky,
Clouded with snow and rain,
We wish the old year all past by,
And the young spring again.
IVO s tand among the fallen leaves,
In manhood's lu prime—
When first our pausing hearts begin
To love "the olden time;"
And, as we gaze, we sigh to think
How many a year bath passed,
Since 'neath these cold and faded um"
Our footstep, wandered last;
And old companiaris—aow, perchance;
Estranged, forgot, or dead—
Come round us, as those autumn leave!
Arc crushedbeueatlL our tread.
We stand among the fallen leave's
In our own autumn day—
And tottering on with feeble steps,
Pursue our cheerless way.
We look not back—too long Ago
Math all we loved been lost;
Nor forward—for we may not Lae
To see our new hope crossed;
'nut cla we go—the sun's faint beam
A feeble warmth imparts
Childhood without its joy returns--
The present tills our heart!
Froir. 14c Ladies' National Magazine
BY 1:)11LY A. MAY.