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    AMU HOWARD n• CO„ Jihsnafnet I Wall
ire. 18, Wood Serest, Pittsburgh, Pa.—
Hitireadways on hand an extensive awtortutent of Satir
°laud and Kato CAPER HANGINGS, Velvet end
/mitation Borden, of the la'est style and handsome r
patteitc for papering halls, parlors and chambers.
Tod, manufacture and have or. hand at nil times—
Printing. Writing, Letter, Wrapptur and lea Pa per,Hon
Met and Pullers' Boards—all of which they offer for sale
OM the MOM accommodating term.; and to which they
Hrritethe attention of merchants and ot here.
ALSO—Blank Hooks °fail kinds and the hestquality,
School Rooks, etc. always on hand and for sale as above
N. B. !Lust nd Tacuers'Scraps' taken In exchange
I{, OVAL.—The undersigned begs leave to inform
the publie,that he has removed from his old eland,
to the cora., of Penn and St. Clair sts., opposite the Ex
iyange Hotel, where he has Sited up a large Pzkao FORTE
WALES Rood, and now offers for sale the most splendid
assortment of Pumos ever offered in this market.
Mle pianos consist of different patterns, of superior
Rose Wood and Mahogany, beautifully' finished and mo•
tlFled and constructed throughout of the very be , t
terlals,which,for durability, and quality of tone, as well
touch, he warrants to be superior to any ever seen
As he has erOarzed his manufactory, and made arrange .
Meatsto supply the increasing demand for this insult
illteitt, he respectfully rogues's those intending to pur•
chase to call and examine his avortmeat before pnrcha.
slag elsewhere, ar he is determined to sell LOWICR, (or
wittaktitais ony other establishment east or wog of the
mountains, P. BLUME,
Corner of Penn and St. Clair st frets,
imp 10 C4)110416 the Exchange Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pa.
IlLeady Made Coffin Warehouse,
Amara Se , 2 door:from the U.S. Bank.
RE3P ECT FULLY informs the public that be
has removed his ready made coffin ware.
rouse to the building recently .rccupied by Mr.
R. G. Berford, directly opposite his old shad,
where he is always prepared to attend promptly
to any orders in his line, and I .y strict alt - noon
to all the details of thebusinesa of an Undertaker,
bebop= to merit public confidence. lie will he prepared
atat.t.nonns to provide hearse'. Biers. C ieges and
every requisite on the most liberal teems. Calls from the
Country wlllbe promptly attended to.
Ws residence Is In the same building with Ills wan.
*Mose, where those who need his services may bud him
'Lissy time. trignuncti:
nu.w.iftwur, RV/. JOll4 BLACK. D. D
. Nip 10
. La I what makes your teeth so unusually white?
()moth Josh's duicinia to him t'iai her night,
. , To makeyours took so, with a ;fin, replied Irish,
'. • Ive brought youa bottle of Thorns' Tooth Wash,
.r.s the best now in use, so the gentlefolks say,
'And since they have tried this, cast all others away.
But to provelt the best; to maketite teeth shine,
Loeb again, nay dear Sal, at the lustre ocusine.
Then try this great tooth wash,
The Tcaberry tooth wash,
. , And see [(this Tooth Wash of Thorn's Is not fine.
Raving tried Dr. "Thorn's Tea Berry Tooth Wish,'
• and become acquainted with the ingredients of its compo
'llion, I cheerfully say, I consider it one of the safest, as
it hone of the most pleasant Tooth Wael es now in use.
Pittsburgh Sep. 15,1842 DAVID HUNT, Dentist.
I take pleasure in stating, having made use of" Thorn's
• Tca Berry Tooth Wash," t br.t it is one of the best dest•
trttices in use. Being in a liquid form, It combines neat.
new with convenience. While it cleanses the enamel
and removes the tartar from the teeth, its perfume yelds
, - a fragrance peculiarly desirable- J. P. TIBBETTS. M. D.
The undersigned have used ‘‘Tito , n's Compound Tea
''... , - !terry Tooth Wash," and have found it to bean extreme.
.....x.. - .
elms o nt dentifrice, exercising a moat salutary influ
pensable members from p Gnms; preserving those ladle.
. .
accumulation of Tartar, am:7l .---- suri f6 preventing-14
v. 1
tag thoroughly tested its virtues, we take pleasure in re. i
. --
commending it to the public, belieeing It to be the best at. I
Meteor the kind now in use.
• : di ROBERTSON, JAMES P mcir,
Prepared and sold by WILLIAM THORN, A potheca•
ry and Chemist, No. 53 Market street: Pittsburgh; and
at MI the principa Druggists', and Tuti Se's Medical Agen .
--- 'cr. Fourth street.
T HE subscriber having opened a Shop No 6q, Second
street,between Market and Wood streele,Ptrtaburgl.
canner - tic n with tie rectory in Rirmincharri, rplpert.
roily In( 'ms his friends and the publir, that he will be
happy to be favored with their orders fur any articles in
Door Locks and Fasteners, o . various d scriptions, or.
band and made to order.
Tobacco, Mill and Timber Screws.
Large Screws, fur Iron Works, and Screws for Presses,
made as may be required,
Carpenters and guilders are requested to call before
contracting for jabs, and examine his arttetes and prices.
Locks repaired and jobbing generally Cone in. he best
• manner, and on the lowest terms.
may 2.-6 m JAS. PATTERSON, Jr.-
De. Leidy's Tetter & itch Ointment.
F OR the cure of every variety of TETTER, the ITCH,
• and all disea , es of the Shin, has proved itself more
dilutions than any other preparation for the saute pur
pose in use.
Upwards of five hundred certificates might he procured
and published of its efficacy from :triton! Tearhers, Pro.
prielOre of Factories. Parents, Guardians, Child Nurses,
cspialns of vessels and others, were it not for the dell
eacy in having their names published in connection with
each disagreeable affections.
By the use of Dr Leidy's Tenor Ointment in corjunc.
eon with his extract of Sarsaparilla or Blood Pills, he
wilt guarantee to cure any disease common to the skin,
however bad, or of however long standing, or refund the
motley. There are however very few instances but can
&scared by the Ointment alone,
Price - 2i cents a Box.
Prepared only and sold wholesale and retail at Dr Lel.
dies Health Emporium, 191 N. Second st. Philadelphia,
and by B. A. FAHNESTOCK 4. Co. corner of Wood
,tad Sixth streets, Agents fbr Pittsburg. ittlY 12.
TOE subscriber would respeet fully inform the eltisens
el Pitt= mrgh, Allegheny and their vicirlites, that he
has es-wwenced manufacturing the article of Lard 01
*tai Qlwidies. He intends making but one quality, which
will Opal the best made In the Union and not surpassed
by the best winter strained sperm oil either NI . machinery
3 °rimming, without its offensive properties, and one
ter wishes to impress distinctly on the public mind that
it Isnot necessary to purchase any new fa ngled lamps that
are daily palmed upon them as being requisite to burn the
tail oil in. Persons wishing a pure and brilliant light
CU °Willa it by calling at the old stand,3d street, nearly
5 . ,) quite the Post Office.
'inattention of %rat wale dealers, Churches and
.rs respeetiti.7s a 'sued.
the na I will bear the manufacturer's
Jant 1343-0.
ply. soars,. WILLIAMS, I
ENV. J0e161.11 NUM,
riffE ambit fiber hat,just received front Plinatlelpit in and
New York, with a general and exteusiVe assort_
every article in his line of business, which he is deter.
mined to sell on the most reasonable terms for cash.—
He believes he can offer stronger Inducements than any
similar establishment In this city to country Physician
and Merchants, who wish to supply themselres v lib
Drugs and Medicines. His articles have been selected
with the utmost care, and are warranted of the best qual.
ity and nnifurtit strength. Outer* w:11 he filled with ac
ruraey and elegance. Plinths can he supplied with Fine
and Fancy Soaps of every conceivable varl , ty, and of
the most exquisite perfumes; tllectvise with Perfumery
and Cosmetics of corn , descrip
The undersigned returns his thanks for the littera I stip.
port heretofore extended to him, and hones by a constant
to fliCtlrte and accommodate—a rare in pro
curing and selling only what i. excellent and genuine—s
close ;al pervkion of the sales and t rnnsact Inn of the "stab_
lishment—precantion and accuracy in rompoundi med_
tines—and by Industry and perseverance, to mere nin
rease or public patronage
- Pr- AL
VpholstiTy - INtra&Lthin s .
/1111 E suliscribers respectfully inform their friends and
_L the public that they have just opened tbe lore No
30 Fifth street, near the Exchange flank, and adjoining ,
Mr. J. D. Williams' Grocery. where they intend to manu
facture in the best style, and have ready for ea',. a full
assortment of the first quality of Upholstery Parste
ings, such as flair, Shuck and Straw Ma t rasses, Fea It I
er Beds, Sackings, 4'c. which they wid sell fur Cash at
nearly 100 per cent less than former prices.
ALSO: sofas, Chairs, etc Upholstered, carpets mac'.
and Curtains arranged after the newest fashions—All of
which they offer to execute in a manner unequaled in
this or unsurpassed in any other city,
it ern! ar
.egular horning Packet for Beaver.
PIIIIE runtitte; and welt knov.n
JL encamer
SHARP flemmitt.c. Master, will depart daily front Pitt..
Morel' at 9 o'clock, A. P.l„ and Enver at 1 o'clock P. M
For f relght or pasa.tge, apply on hoard, or to
No 60 Water street.
N. 8...--The rezu Inc canal partet to Clevela no 01110
Greenville and Meadville Pa ; and Masstllon oa the
Ohio Canal, con neeCng with steamer Cleveland at Llea•
ver,will he in operation immedtatrly on openine nine s .
izattem• mar 1 6 -If
Case of Liver Complaint of 25 years ttanding.
This may certify that for twenty five years I wusaf
' flirted with pain in my side, %slid' was frequently so
severe as to entirely Incapacitate me from labor. I have
been under the care and treatment of various physician+
without any permanent benefit, Hearing of the many
cures effected by the Hepatic Elixir prepared by Dr.
Starbtveather,l was Induced to give it a trial, and am
happy In say that it has entirely removed. / have felt
no symptoms of it for pore than a year past.
Northbridre, JiineBB 30. 1841 AMOS 11711ITE.
Thegennine to be bad at TUTTLE'S:Ur-dice! Agenry,
Denning's Pire Je.srooffiliti es ts.
Piressuacii, OCT. 22. 1842.
.1. tieflximo—On Friday, 'health of last mont bout
9 o'clock at nlalit. the Planing. Grooving and Sash Man.
ufactory, owned by Gay, Dilworth 4. Co, with a large
quantity of dressed and Undressed lumber, was all coon.
med by fire.
The Iron Safe which I bought of you some time back
was to the must exposed situation during the fire, and
was entirely red hot —I am pleased to inform you It was
opened at the close of the fire, and ail flier books, Papers,
4.c.saued;—this is the beat recommendation I can give of
the utility of your safes.
oct 24-4 f
FEW A LES.—There is a large ciass of Beatales in
thlaClty who from their continuetisittln g , to which
their eecupailimsoltHgethem,areaffccted with costiveness
which gives rise to palpitation at the heart on the least ex•
ertion, seine or heaviliess extending over the whole head,
intolerance of light andionnd.an inability of fixing the
attention to any mental operations; rumbling In the how.
sit,:genictimes a sense of atiffocation, especially after
when any exertion Is tired, as going quickly up
stairs; tempre fickle; these are symptoms which yield at
once to a few doses of the Brandreth Pills The occa.
clonal use of this medicine would save a deal of trouble
and years of suffering. One, or tufo, or even three of
the Brandreth Pdlslust before dinner, are °fan found
highly beneficial; many use them very advantageously In
this way - ft hey aid and asslit digestion, repore the bowels
to a proper condition,enliven the spirits, impart clear.
ri °XS T.INT Yon hand a superior article of Lard iaessto the estnpkgion,purlfy the blood, and promote a
V Oil, warranted to burn at any temperature, and general feeling of health and happiness.
equal to the best winter strained Sperm Oil, wit Sold at Dr. B'sudreth's Office. in the Diamond
its offensive qualities, and one third cheesier, burgh—Prlce 2.seent.s per box, with full directions.
ufactured by the subscriber at the old stand, Thir MARK—The only place In Pittsburgh, where the
nearly opposite the Post Office. M. E. EDE GENUINE Pills can be obtained,ls the Doctor's own Of.
Jan 4,1843 _ fig*, Diamond, Sep, ID
Pittsburgh Lard OA ianfactory.
. .
Pam • • 1 - 7 -
For the Transportation of Nerthandi:6 and Prodac
H fiEVINE respectfully Inform the public that they
• have completed their arrangcmentsfor the above
Line on
The public has long wished for individual competition
In Transportation on the Public Works, by which alone
it can be freed from unnecessary expenses and reduced
to Its lowest rates; that wish will now be realized; the
State of Pennsylvania having placed Trucks on her Rail
Roads. Individuais owning Portable Boats are enabled
to bid for the Carrying Trade and successfully to cony
pete with compan'es.
This line iscomposed of Twenty new, Pour S. , clion
Portable Boat, owned by the Captains who command
them and well known as enterprising, Industrious and
experienced Boatmen.
- Thekurieriority and advantages of the Poriattle Boat
over every other mode of Tt*ansportation, are too well
known to shippers generally., to require comment; suf
rice it to say. that the detention, loss .8 eparation gad dam
age to Goode. Invariably atientlinz three Transhipments
between Pittsburgh and Phindelphla are by the Portable
Boat most effectually removed.
The Portable Boat passessei the great advantage too,
of being well ventilated and cool in Simmer; which pre.
vantsPloarfrons soaring. and Bacon and . Tottaecu Com
❑. Devine, standing as he doe , , between the owners
of goods and the Boatmen who carry t hem, and erpally
intcref , ted in proteetinz the Interests of both, will make
no priiiiiisei= tot he public he will not faithfully perform!.
Ile is now prepared to receive and forward Produce
t.i Philadelphia, ralthuorc, New York, and Boston in the
shortest t itne, and pledge's hlmsclf to enter Into no COM.
0111:11100 with 01 her Li neA,hut always stand ready to early
out the principlesuf his Lille, and contract for freight on
the very lowest terms.
To Div,
Ondmihted•sectinly to owners and shippers
of coods an open policy m . Insurance has been effected.
by which all metchandize shipped by this Line will be
In>uted without any additional , xpense to the owner.
R. Devine will receive ail produce consigned to him
at Pittsburgh, pay freight and charges to steam Boats
and forward the name without delay to Philadelphia.
Baltimore, New York, and Boston without any charge
for advancin; or commis,ion.
N 0.45 Water rt, Pittsburgh.
272 Market street, Philadelphia.
MOORE er CHASE Agents.
- 7.5 Rowley's Wharf, Baltimore.
BOWEN k lIIBI3ERD, Agents,
Cincinnati, Ohio
Madison Ind,
Thus McADAM, ea , Agent.
27 Old Slip New York.
March lit, 1.142
%BM FOR SAL(' The undersigned titters for sale
F .
Lb; iarm, lying in Ross Township 44 miles from the
City of Pittsburgh, containing 114 acres (gland of which
60 ate cleared and untle7 fence, I.Lni 15 to 20 arses of
meadow, 2 gcod Orchards of Apple, a few Pearl] and
Cherry trees—She improvements are a ,arge frame house
containing 10 rooms well f urnisheil, calculated for a Ta
vern private Dwelling, a frame Barn 26 by 60,stone
lia , •erro,itt, and stabling, sheds rod other out houses suit
able for a tenement!-2 good Gardens surrounded with
ctirrant bushes. and a well of eseellent water. with a
pump in at the front door. In reiallon to the Pittsburgh
and Allegheny market, there is no place now Offered for
sale with mart - Inducement to those g to purcha s e
near Pittsburgh, the terms will be made moderate, for
further particularsapply to I lie prop, ietor at Ids Clothing
Store, Liberty street, corner of Virgin Alley.
N. B. if not sold before the Ist of October ricit. it
will be divided Into 10 and 20 acre lots to snit pa►;ha
AFT 10
mar 211 1 v
rn, -
Ipimitiance of law, I,".Tnnsi TYLER., President
of the-United States of America, do hereby de.
clare and make kociwn that public sales will be held
RI the undertnentioned Land o:fices. in the State of
MISSOURI, at the pelt-Kis hereinafter designated,
to wit:
AT PLATTSBURG, in Clinton couoy, the seat
of the Land Office for the Platte district of Missou
ri. commencing on Monday, the ninth day of Oct.!.
ber next, for ihe disposal of the public lands within
the undernientioned townships, and fractional town
irtins, to wit:
Worth of the base line and weal of the f ifth piaci
pal meridian, and weal of.the former toe4ern born -
dory of the Stale.
Township Sixty two, of range thirty four.
Townships sixty ono and sixty three, of range
thirty 6t-o •
Townships sixty two and sixty four, of range thirty
Townships sixty one and sixty three, el range
irty seven.
otvii ships sixty two and sixty four, of range thir
The tvcst half of township sixty ono, of range
[hirty nine.
Fractional township sixty two and township sixty
r eef, of range forty.
Fractional townships sixty two and sixty three, of
range forty one.
I' ',actions! townships sixty three and sixty four, of
ranee 1. rty two.
North of the bap- line and east of the fifth princr)m;
meridian, and west r/ the former toesiern boundary of
the -Stain.
Townall'os sixty our and sixty two, of ratize
twenty seven.
Towoships sixty. sixty one and sixty two, of range
twenty eight.
Township sixty one, of range twenty nine.
Also at the seine place, commencing on 31ntiday,
the thirteenth day of November nekt, for the disposal
o f the public lands a 'thin the lintitistil the untlermen
linnet townships a.id fractional I'ol,ol4n:is, viz:
North of the bare line and west of the fifth principal
meridian, and west of the former we t rn boundary of
the Stale.
Fractional townships fifty, fifty one, fifty three,
fifiy five and fifty set en, of range thirty three.
Townships fi'ty two. fifty four, fifty six, fifty eight
and sixty, of ranee thirty four.
actional township fifty one, townships fi fry three,
fifty five, factional township fifty seven and low 'l
shii, fifty :nog ' , of range thi.:y five.
Fractional townships (thy lour, filly six, and fifty
seven and town hip sixty, of range thtr, y six.
Fractioaal townships fifty five, fifty six, fifty eight
and fifty awe, of range thiriy seven.
Fractional townships fitly five and sixty of range
At the Land Aire at LEXINGTON, commenc
:ug oa Monday •he second day of October mixt, ft,
the disposal of the public finds within the limit; of
the undermentioned townships, to Nit:—
North of the lossc line and went of the fifth principa
Townships thirty 5 x, tltit ty seven and chi. ty eight
' of range font teen.
Townships thirty shirty seven, of range
Township thirty lie of ranges gixtcPii and ninetLen
'Fiwnships thirty five, thirty six, thirty seven and
thirty eight, of range twenty one.
Township thirty eight, of range twenty three.
Tiivvmh , p thirty nine, of range twenty eight.
TetvEships (hit ty eight and chit ty nine, cf range
twenty nine,
Towi.ship forty, of rarges thirty nue, thirty two
and thi.ty three.
Sr • ruth west fractional quarter of •Section twenty
one, and the north e .51 and oorli west fraeri.4l,l
qua, tyro of section twenty (our in t 0.% atr.itip fifty one,
srmtli 01 Al issotn i tit rr, arrange ixenly S;X.
SOillli west guar ter of section seven, Itl tOWfISKI
(*duty nine, of . ange :wen?) , se en.
Lands appropriated by !aw, for the 11 , e of 'Chords
mi'itary or o ber puriames, % , 1;11 be ex( lu etl num
The sales ill ea. It be kept open for two I...eks,
ta•ats sre 01,1rns..el 0011.4 1.0
arvi ti Inhale entries of land in the town-
Atips so otr,trct itt be adini ted, until alter l ex
piration i•litte two ~ ‘reks.
liven Ittni , r tap thittil at the City of Wa.ltingt,n,,
this eighth da) of June, A itool)ornitit, 1843.
By he Pr. sicitiu
THo. 11. BLAKE,
Conma'r of the General Land Wire
Every prrsoo claiming the right of pm-empnim
to any lanes the loons of the I ovi nships boy.-
etiornetao d, i< reipire•l to emohliso the same to the
saiisfaciloo t.,.. Register and liereivrr of %lir
prom., 1.41 d Oilier. and to make pa, went he, elm,
as s ,an a: prarlirabl , aft< r setin,g mace, and he
fore the day appointe.t f" thect , MßlC ncement of the
public sal , : of the town-hip, embracing the tin,
clatiiii.d, above designated: otherwise such rictus
Will be forfeited.
Conuni , sioner of [he General Land Office
D rt •
cable In all calms, whether for Purgation or Parift
cation. They possess all the boabierl vino , a of other
pills, and are additionally eflicaciom,, containin.: Sar-ap
arilla In their composition, which is not contained in
other pills In existence. They a realso different from our
ler pills In composition, being welly vegetable, and Can
ibe employed at all lininn. Without any dat.ser, and re
gniting, no restraint Gorr occupation or usual course 01
Notwithstanding Dr. Leidy never pretended his Blood
Pills would cure all diseases, yet It Is riot sa) Mg too mu , li I
of them, from the Innumerable cures performed by them
in every vailety and form of disease (certificates of many
of which have been published from persons of all denom
t.tations, physicians. Cergymen, and others) that then
seem to be almost universal in their effect; and persons
ask!: them for whatever sickness or disease, may real
assured they will ht found more efficacious than any oth
er pills In existence.
From the known reputation of Dr Leidy's Blond PIII9.
'tis deemed 1 1 1 . res , ary to remind the puldlc where they
may at all I trues prucure the /coulee, as it is attempted
to impose other pills called •Illood Pills' upon the [white
on the reputation of Dr. Leidy's. fri-Be particular and
a ,- k for Dr Leidy's Sarsaparilla frond Pilk, and see Ivat
the name of Dr S. B. Leidy coot lord on Iwo sides
of each hor,(the ;trues ;sing on - riper, and oblong ~quart
shone, snriOtnideti by a yellow and black late I.
PRICE-25 cents fi Box.
Prepared only, and sold Wholesale and Retail, at Dr
Leidy's Health Emoorlarn, 191 North Second street, he
low Vine. Philadelphia, and by 8..11. FA)LIVE:TOCE
k CO. corner of Wood and zlixth streets, Agents for Pitts
burgh • . -
S TR UM ENTSI T. McCarthy, Curier and Surgrira:
instrument Maker, TAird street, nearly Opposite i.;"
Post Oillee, Pitteburgh
rhypielans. Dentists and Druggists eau have their in•
struments made by the subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears and Scissors always on hand.
also Hatters Shears, a superior article. Orders.fespect.
fully solicited.
N. B. A Hankies, warranted of the best quality. and
obbing done as usual.
sep 10
Adams' Patent "Itaugikphy"
These g,e nu Inc articles, of all sizes. and 1101 improved
varielies,coristantiy on hand and for gale at very reduced
prices by the marmfactnrer L. R. LIVINGISTON.
mar 2. —ti Front beg %Vern Et.o4s and Grant sts.
H AVE removed the; taper Store front Marker
street to No. OA; Wood b treet. one door from the
corner of 4th, where they keep ou hand their tumid as.
sortmet.t. of WALL PAPEZei,.for papering parlors, en
riev,clianMere. 4•c • and also PRINTING, AV KITING
all of which they offer for sale on accommodating Terto,,
feb 14.1843. —di f
important It Is that you commence wulmiii
Foes of lime with BasknneTtes Pmts. ''hey ',Amy bui
sorely remove all impurities from the blood, and no case
of sickness can affect the human frame, that these cele-
Mated Pills do not relieve, as much ar medicine ena do.
Colds and coughs are more benefited by the Brundreil,
Pills than by lozenges and ranks.- - Very well, iier
haps.as paliatives but worth nothing as' eradicators or
diseases from the bunion system. The BILLNDRICTIIFtt.r.s
cure. they do not merely relit ye. they cure disease
tvhether chronic or reeent, infectious or otherwise, will
certainly he cured by the use of these all sii...mcient
FINO SING, January 21.1843.
Doctor Benjumin Brandreth —ilotiored Sir:Owing to
you a dent of gratitude that money cannot pay, I ant
indu red to make a nubile arknowledgeathtat of the benefit
my wl!e has derived fruit, your invalttaltie pills. About
three yeainibis winter she was laketa r With a pain In her
ankle, which soon became very much Inflamed and
swollen, so much so that we became alarmed, and sent
for the doctor During hisalretidance the paid and swell
ing increased to an alarming degree,
and In three weeks
Gum Its first commencing it becarne a rtinning sore
Sim Cduald get no rest at night the pain Was so great.—
Oar first Doctor attended tier for sis months, and she
received no benefit whatever, the pain growing worse,
and the sore larger all the while. Ile said if terms heal
ed up It would be her death, but he appeared to i.e at n
loss how t" proceed, and my poor wife still continued
to stiffer the most terrible tortures. herefore
al her aid Ina Botanical 110c1Or, who said wife!: lie first'
saw It that he could soon care the sor'% and live her
ease at once. To our sortithr
:he I t' cc iter no
21141 acknowledged th; i t it baft,...;;', 1 1 hi, s ki ll.
Thus we r`!: . . after ;paving tried durinione whole year
the elperiettre °city° celebrated physicians in vain, in
ohs:Acne despair. My poor wile'. constitution rapidly
tailing in the prime of her years from her continued
suffering. Crider these circumstances weconcinded that
we would try your Universal Vegst tble Pllls,detertnined
to fairly le s , their rural lye efferts. To my wife's gredl
comfort the first few dales afforded great relief of the
pain. Within one week, to the astonl4hirent of our
selves and every one who ):new of the case, I he swrltin 2
and the inflaitimatfon began to cense so that she fell unite
easy, and would steep crunfortahlv, and, sir, after eta
nrerlis' use t.lte was aids-to go titribuzli the house. and
again attend to 1111• manifernent of he- family %%filch
she had not dente for 111.011111 , . In a Milt , over
10,011,1.1bn frost the lime -w fir-I contnienre•l tile Ni'i
of soar invaluable Pill, her ankle was milie F0U,1,1,4111,1
her health bet'er than It been in guile a of ;
Yejleni.Yr9rt.. I send yait this statement an., 'two y,
test of tile cure. considering it only an ant of jit,tice to
you and the nublk a , large
• "
P. S. The Rot:taloa! nrononor , •d ,tire
re rnol. and fina!ly sa.d no good door•. I! *-
whole of !fie flesh wa< rut off, am) the hone Qcra
Tliniik a kind Providence. till, made re.ori to tour
titilittlt sated from all furti,r rv. f. .r
whieli tier Impel lie
fry - Sohl at 25 celor per Lon, with 4imrt ron..•
Ohs, rvr• the havin~Upon it Rrn o '2
nalrer. sof (4. Prand.,•th S.. ear h h of 14r
Rao Heil:lllin firm .1101 thre•P
If Brand relit upon
Tlns only Ware In PillAlnirrli I,vl•re lho re /I Itran
drain Plllr r:in I e o , eainelt. k the Dorlor'4 own oefir,.
In the fhomnnO, behoul the Market hoe*, 91,11.1:,
the zenehte Bra ildreth rillecatt never he nlgained in arc
drnz ionre.
The rollowinz , hr. only a f e nlY:lPP.l'd , 'd by "
Itraorlr.lll, for the Fait' of his Ve,:einlae Uoi ver , a I Nib.
in Alte2hrny count
PRINCIPAL At:I:KT.G 11 LEE, Pittstatrgh.
Mr. /Wm G'aze—.llle:thenv,
Robert Doneatl—Rirminy ham.
C. P. Diehl—Elizabethtown.
H Howhira—Sl'Kee,mo r t.
John Johnainn—Nn , n..to,vo,
Cbe.emao rtpaohlioz —Slewartslown.
.Ard.•ll (`n'u'll—Climon.
Roberi Smith ror , er—Tarentom.
GeorßeVorver—Faire,t w.
David R Conn- Prom township.
Pantel —Ear: Lmeri
Edward iiis'ourt2l).
Wm 0 hunt''— Allen's MM. mar 23, 1843
The Aire Pi' loon rgli whh h was establkiten ror the
our pore of conslioll Ina azent+ in the, west, havins nreari t
plaited Mai nikei, Is nnw cln.ted t and Mr . G. ft LEI , :
In the Dhoti Ind, Market street, appointed air 712eitt for
the sale of Pills and Liniments .91i Dr. Prandeths a:ewn
will trierfore.titinerteanty hat Or. it. will 'enda trivet lin g
ascii; through the country once a year to collect it mess
for isles made and re.su:ply a geeirk The said traveller
will he provided with a power nt a , ' ernes, do lv
before the Clerk 01 the coy eaooty of New V.
inaellier with all nee , wary vouchers and [tapers,
Mr. J, J. Yoe, Is my itterti 110,v in PrnrisvL
vanla, It. lift NDETII, Di
N. 8, Reinetri'ler %f r. C• 11, Lee, in rear of thc Mar.
kel is now lily only agent It Pitt shur.lli.
New York, June 1-ith, 1243,
An individual only k onw the right way
to pursue ii; amid there are 1.0110, Were It sertei.v matte
known how I.lre ini2ni he prolonged and Ittt.lru re•
covered. w: ti would not adopt lie plan. r,Videpte
required that r.glit way is discovered. This is what
thnee suffering from sick ties: want in he salkfleti ahout,
For who I. so foolish as lint to enjoy aliTlie health his
hotly is cripwile oil II in Is there that would not live
when hi+ experient e ran so notch' hlm-cif and
family? It In a melancholy fart 11 '31 a very large pro.
portion of the ninst tr..ect I me tubers of society die lie.
:ween the :4es Of : thirty and forty. How malty widows
anti helpless orphans have been the ennnequenee of man.
kind not having In their own power the means of restor
ing health When lost
1.v12 Iv
Now all these dangers and difficulties can be preventrd
and the long and certain sinkness, nod by assisting Na.
litre, In Ihe outset, with a good dose of Brandreth's Pills,
This is a fact, wilt undeistood to be so by thousands of
our citizens This medicine, if taken so as to purge
freely wilt surely cure any curable disease. There is
no form or kind of sickness hal it does not exert a ear
ative influence upon. Thus. by their power ht resisting
putrefaction, they cure measles small pox, worms and
alleontageousfevers. There is not a medicine in the
world so able to purify the macs of blood and restore it
to healthy condition, as the Brandreth
The Brandreth Pitts are purely vegetable, and so in.
nocent that the infant of a mot th old may oar them if
medicine is required, not only with safely but with a Der.
tainty ofreeetvlng all the benefit medicine is carmine of
imparting. Females may use them In all the critical
periods of their lives. The Br:lndult' Pills will insure
their health, and produce regularity in WI the function;
of life.
The same may I e said of BroadrerA's Krtereal Rem
eetr, risen out ward application in all external pains, Or
slyellinas, or Fores, it greatly assists the cure. When
used where the skin is very tender or broken. it should
be mired with one or two pints of water.
A trues Testof Oenutme Brandreth Pitts.—Examine
the box of Pitts. Then look at the certificate of agenry,
whose engraved date must he within the year, whirl,
every authorised agent must possess; if the three labels
on the box agree with the three labels on the certificate,
the Pills are true—lf not, they are raise.
Principal office, 241 Broadway, New York.
lune 18.
HAVE, now been before
the public 3 years , du•
ring which time several
thou:am!s have been ,old
and in daily use, We are
confident of being Tuvtaitied
In saying they are the test
Coffee Mills in the United
Stales, any way you •liz it.'
Several modifications are
madeio suit the fancy of '
wives and the purses of
Suld by the zrot= or dazed
at the ma au ram ory.—__
allrable Castings made to
VVe are , w.i h murk gra jig&
Very re lwrifii fly,
rl MOTH Y V1.17.A A. LITT LI
OtrTO THE LZIDIE.S.—Why do you not remove
that superfluous hairyou have ewe_ yony foieheads and
upper lip 7 By minim! at To - i-rut's;
.88 Fourth st„ and
obtaining a bottle olGourand's l'ou,lres Subtle!, which
will renmve it at once without ntrectlnr the skin. You
Can also uluaiii Cour:Has trulycelberated Lan de Beaitte,
which nu ill al once remove all freckles, pimples, men
tions la , the skin, and make yourface look perfectly tap.;
and to those who wisn as:ist nature by adding more
color to their cheeks, they eau Ohio In some of Gouraud,s
celebrated Liquid Rouse, welch cannot be rel Med oil ecen
by a wet cloth. Also may he found a rood as.sortmentof
Perfumery, such as Cologne, Bears' Oil, A Iniond,Pa
Windsor; and other Soaps.
Remember, at Tuttle's Medical Agency, 86 4th streetd
Dim:gists and others can besupplied at Whoresale and
retail terms. may . 26 1842
Headache ! Headache !
A RE now -known to thousands as a most eV raordina•
ry remedy for this affliction as well as the incon
trovertible fact of their coring Dri3PCPSI.I. Will those
suffering only ask ;talon , : their friends if they hare not
known of the positive eTects 01' said fill.. aid If they
do nor 'tear them more warmly itraird (and dm . reediy
too) than any other, l hen let them net hity them. In
these few rentark:., all fancy or imagination is eirludgcl,
and within_• will he said of Iheir merits at any time
but what can he fairly proved by re,peciohle invail-er, 0 1
Read the coltoivine certificate 2iven by a reapertable
aitizao of Alloeheny city, 00d ni:rated Ly o:.e ofthejudg.
CS al tha Cutlet of Coittmem 1' , 1 , 0 Or
Dn. fiRoDIL
Dentr , gie—l have fur a flamber of yell, past been ,f_
dieted with a severe colislant
rising imin derangemeni of stomach and bowels and nl
tliougd I have taken nearl. rye! y kind of Medici-e rc
cointursidtid fur its cure, have never derived any mate
rial be,neill until I used some or your truly valuable An.
111 Dy.peptic hits. I lave nal taken finite Iwo boxes and
con,ider perfeelly relieved froin that dist res , rne
' enuiplaint. I have no lie, , tialion in recommending your
Pills as the be: t medicilie I have ever aged.
Yours, Iteslicrtfaily,
I nai aelpin.n:ed with Mr, Tonle-, I have no he.iia
lion in eertilfylng that I consider Hie ertatruient= , of Mr.
T. re.iiiscoin2 Dr. ftrodie'a P Ds, as entitled to till' mos,
Perfect and entire Confidence. IYA
For s. , le..l,Vholesale and [lt tail al the Brodonlan Pill
Establislinient Pittsburgh Pa ; and by all antliorised
.4ents thron;liont the Union
Alley thy Jan 9 114 S
Evatisi Ca/11011111e PIPv.
reartricarcs.—Lei ler from the lion. AVli'm
iflo,Sullivan County, Cast Tennessee„Meni het orConsrrss.
WAsntscrotr. July 3d. 1838.
Sir—Since I Jove been in this city I have used some r“.
your Essai:piir medici ne wit!: infinite benefit sati.
faction, and believe it to lien mast valuab i : remedy. One
of my . .tonstituents, Dr. A • Cdr. l "ll, or canioheti county,
TennecSce. wrote to me to ,:end hint anh ro. which I di r t,
and he has Otplo , : e d it very outces..fully in his nraclir , •
aid -ays it is Intraluaitle. Mr. Johnson, your agent- al
Oat [dace,' thinks you would probably like nu :writ in
Tennessee. If so, I would recommend Dr. A Carden, as
it proper tier-oat a officiate for the sale of your ceteb.ated
medicine. Should you rorninis‘ion him he is willins to
act for you. Your can vend tire medicine by water to the
rare of Robert Kin:: ¢ Suns. Knoxville rall ,, ty.Tl'nnev
see, or by land to Craltain noustal.. ' l32PWell, Cast
Tennessee. I have no doubt but if you had atlents in
severatrounlics in Cast Tennessee, a :real deal of medi
cine would Inc sold. lam coin.: io rake some of it borne
for my own rise. and that of my friendg, and should
like to Irene from you whether you would like an agent
at Illuntrille.FmlivanConniy. Cost Tennessee:l can get
sonic of the merchants to act for you as I live near there.
Ycurs repertftilly.
A 'MAIM M k 1 'CIALL A N., of Tennessee.
For sale Wholesale and Retail, by
No. 20. Wood sirret,iielow Second
It. A 51 CV NS'S SOO - 1111N R
-1), 'Phis tortlht.lii remedy arts prese. ved hundred,
wheit thought ; , a , t recovery. f•n,u eonvist-ions. As soon
as the rulstq; l l no tin' I I.e t hlld will rec.(
Th in oceparai Pin is no innorctit. no enicarlous, and
plenznnt. Ihot rffiel,iid will refit,. to let Ha curbs be rub
bell with it. Whet. iiitt.r.tsare at Inn aur of fenr months
tho' there Is to appearance of teeth. one Mule of the
Syrup should be to open the pores. Parents 811°40.1
ever be wit Ii ut the scrr,, in the nursery where there
are y ouTrz children. Int 11 rt child ivakrs iu tLe ri7lit with
Nutt in Ili.- gums. the t , vrtip immediately tires ease, fit
Opeth; - .1! Ihe pore', and heatitt.: the not , : t herrhv prvvvill•
In; oh., Fracas , d j r . For Sole lVliolesate and
f;ciaitt.t. R. E S.
10 No. 20. SYmvl vt rept. beton. ,tefinne.
IVER Pf .A tsT cured by the use or
1 1 1.4 licti'e column:lnd Strencl hernia!! and Aperient fits.
31r. Wm. Riehards, of l'intsburn:nn, Pa., enttiely cured of
ale move di-1 iessirei di- 1 ,-, e Ills symptoms were paih
and arirh in the I sit nn iin,s of:tenet - ire, vomit' ri arid
ructatiues, a deorninsloni of Ibe iouinorli. sick tre.rd•artin
fnrre,l tontine. reittithriornee riiainced ton eil run rotor, dun.
rutty iithreathiniz.rlivturlied rPsi,atiende i l with n eonell,
irrat ilininitity with ether svinpnunis indiraiin3 nireat de
ranntement of the functliens ..1 the liver. Mr. Richard- ,
had the advice of several nhyQ;clans, hut received tin
relief, unlit rosin: Dr. II rlneh.li Mivlitine, which lerinina.
led in etrectinz a pelt./ I cure.
Principal Odic,. 19 North I:i_hlh Street, Philadelphia .
Po, sale In PfilFl.Orzli by Samuel Frew, cornier of hirer
y anti Wood el reers. Pep 10
These Pit's are ennthosed of her ha, which exert
specific action upon the helrt, tire ininufso or
sirentith TO the arterial system; the Wood In quicken e d
equolreed in its circulation thron2h 311 the vessels,
whether nfllie <kin, the - pariS .ilualed Internal ly, or the
extremities; and a. all tlie secretions of the tn,,,dy or e
dray% n froan Ihe nitubd. there is a consequent nacre:nay of
every - , er ...et inn. and a quickened nob of the absorbent
and ,•= holeri•, r .:117.•,ri.. Any morbid a c th on
w Cie h may Inn. yie taken place is corrected. all °horns..
thins are rii3tr vcd. !to I,lernd iaannhe.l and the body
rest Imes a t :Late. Fe- ale Wholesale and Re
ta! 'my c cal I..LERS. A2ent.
,r) let • ; ood et. ItelOW :10ron,1
P I f.rS en , rll by it I'. 01 Pr. rontootind
St , ren.ti hettint! and Cerium A nertent. Piro
Il4.ll:Wien —Dear S.r—Sitnrtly after I received the
A:enry from y,,tr for the rate of t I,ed;eive, I
Intrned an newt:moaner %In I) n lady fplace. who
w , ». - everelv atfltete t i with the Pik, FOl • izilt or ten
tram thi lady wa.) subject to fre, , ,,,.tir painful attacks,
att.! her phy , irian eonshlered her rase sn rantrtfiraied,
that Ire very seldom preserlhed medicine for her. Th mita h
rry nersna,ln n , she emu men red aslntt vonrfills,rtnel was
perfectly emelt. Yours, ke. //JOKES R. KIR BY
o,lither 3. 1210. Charnherahna, Pa.
Office and Genera! Depot, No. 19. North ElVith
?F•trPet. Philadrlnhia. And by Samuel FITIV, COrner of
Liberty and Wood streets Pillidttirel. Sep 10
-:-TILE-Oft----A,r-rEart: 7
(K)— ey :till ye lire at //its p•,:a
dying rate?"
/ -it : • t/ LiiilP/ME VEGET.9
FISSURES, 4 - c.
0 I.:, had al 7'tt rrLetl Medical A;ctley, 86 Fourth St.
the only agent In Pitlsturgh,
Feb 22
N O sooner does one of Dr. Liddy' preparations he_
comepopular, in consequence of its success and ef
ficacy, than if Is counterfeited or imitated.
To prevent imposition. Dr Leidy bait now procured
mOulded bottles for Ids relelmited 'fetter and Itch °int.
meat, with the words 'Dr Leury's Triter end Itch Dint.
mem,' blown in the gloss, hesides costaining his written
..,tanatnre en a yellow h.hel outside.
Dr Leidy's Teuer nod Itch Ointment. has proved more
rtfwacious than any other preparation for Tenet,
Dry and Vl , 'Wery Pimples or Pustules, and diseases of
the skin xenerally l ,
I ha, heel, enkployed In schools, factor! le, and on hoard ,
vessel: ca. rylita na,:rtencers, where children, as well as
crown per,una, contract disea.rs of the akin from their
enntasinus not oe, with the most unexampled sure, a :
certificates anti reentarnetnialions have been heretofore
pub!l+lted from them; and 17.1 n,• roan whet,
tallied tor pnblicalinn. but for the objections morn percon,'
have, In ha vinc Their 114111 "..SInsillisl.ril in connect ion with
such disacreeable and low Ilfron, aff..et neg
In no ,:nclp on , ta nee ha+it ever boon krnwn lo
It has been u-ed upon infants and by persnr sof at ,
aces. It is perfectly safe, contains mercury in hi:
COmansil ion. and may be nil unde- all rirruinsiances.
Price Twenty-five cents a battle. Fsoparesi and sold
at frr Leidy's Dealt li Emporium. (sign of the Golden Ea
gte and Serpents,[ and by 8. A. PACIPM , VOCK k CO.
corner of Wood and Sixth streets, Agents for Pittsburg.
A LT,Eauk.NY CITY, January 9, 1843
Jan 13—.13-
The. Public sheit'd he c,:tit ions 01 medicines , rer—
commended in ad vei ti , menr , s'olee from me, iw
which the CovrEmPTITII.F. i: OBE FRS steals my -lan—
guage, merely alterre, !lit' !lam-. Time wilt show
these whtilesa!e 'l.cttkert in th;;r- true light.
i.):7- B'..IANDRETIPS PI I.LS are the People,
Manske, proved by than-ands tvho daily oar
mend 'beat to the afflicted. The BR ANDRETH
PILLS are grr.v.i• g ^very (in% more popular, their
Yii toes are ext..c th• g tht it u-elnltiess. The sick of
both sexesare drii,y deriving benefit from them,.
No case of &set-q.t. but the 3 1%111 he used with advan
tage. Blotches rat bait: lumps of the skin tley speed
ily cure, so with erysipelas, so with salt rheum, so
withiodiestion, so 'Vs it li couos and colds, so with
costiveness, so with cancer, so a lib brit parched Ups
acd conker in the mouth. Let the al - Mated use this
medicine, and they will find thee require no other.
Sold at 25 cents perhics, u lin flirecrions.
Observe the new labels each having upon ft two
•iiinatiirrls of Dr. Ili andreth. So each box of ths
genuine has six signatitres—three Benjamin Brand
reth and three B. Brandre.h noon it.
The oNLY PLACF: in Pittsburgh where the AEA
Brandreth Pills c*a BE. OBTAINED, is the Doecc,r
own Office. Diaincnd back or the. Mat ket House
Mark the Gl...ems: BrandrethPills can never be o b
tali ed in any DRUG SToRE
The tillowing ale die ( 'N Ll' AGENTS anpoisn.
ed by Dr. B Brandretli, for the siste of his :Vel,eia.
ble Universal Pills in A 11,,gbertv County.
G II Lee—Principal Office, Diamond, Pittshargt
Mr John ( Pass—Allegheny.
Rohe , t Duncan—Birmin g ham.
c F Dwhl—Elizaheihrne.n.
11. iton , and—Mcii.e, ( rt.
Pre s'•. Erwin—Piea , pn: fj 1 ji,
1' •,:.: 7-, • rr & Span! .1, g—S,e war ts! own.
A.C. :1 ..1... Colivell— Cm,.. ..,;u
f? , 4lert Smith Pnripi—Tarentern.
George Power—Fare,, w.
David R. Cora l — P um Township.
Daniel Negley—Last Liberty.
Edward Thompson—Wilkinsburet,
Win. 0 . Huntar—Altou'a Mille.
r‘t . 1\1 ( SV / ..t lj /
4:7/. la
pHr.sultseriber hs.just received Ma annual supplY <,
Landreth's Garden Seeds, consisting in part 01'4,
following kinds—all of the last year.' crop g• warranted
Bea rags
N(atr•r Melon,
osturtim n ,
&c: &c. &c_
Togr.ther is ilh d varier} of Pot ¢ Gwen herbs and nosie
Dcr Orders for Serlib, Shrub*, Tries, itc. front Carden.
pr s and others will be rerrived anti promptly attended
No. IL:4 Liberty. bend ()Mood st.
Cincianati, February . ls, 1840.
Dr. SWAYSIC—Dear ir:- Permit me In lake the liberty
of writing to you at Ibis time to express my apprtbarson
and t, recommend to the attention of heads of familial
and others your invaluable medicine—the Compound
syrup of Prtinusirirginialta, or Wild Cherry Park. Ili
my travels of late I have PTA 111 A vent ninny instance/
the wonderful effects of poor medlclne in relieving chit
Iron of very otistittate complaints, such as Coughing
heezin.2!..Clioaking of Plilent, A,thmatir attacks, lid
.fir. I should not have written this letter, bovretie, it, -
pre,ett• all homth I have felt it my duty to add illy lent .
mony It for some time, had it not tieeh foi a late 111:
;lance where the medicine al , ove alluded to was
mental In restoring to perfect health an "only chlfdi . "
whose rase was almost hopelees, in a family of tri . 7 . Ite
quaintanre. uf thank ileavrn," said the clualib;i. mptY
child is saved from the jawt ofdril it 0 t ow I'
dared the relentless ravngin Cut my eLiii.L is safe! h
safe!" .
Beyond all doitin Dr. SwaYne's bom:''ound Syrup
/111 d Cherry k l lie moat VO l ',labir c . ,,edicin e in' Um, or any
of her country. I out t ertai7. i 'Ave witnessed wore lbs.
O ne hundred bases " It has been attended with COM.
pielP suc , co,:. I am using it myself in an obstinate at.
tack of Bronchitis, in which It proved effectual In a fox.
r , :z,jinaly snort time, considering the severity of the ease.
f ran remittent) it in the fillies! confidence of its superior
virtues; t would advise that no fbnilly should be witheal
it; it is very pleasant and always beneficial—womb
double and often ten times it. pi ice. The eoblic are as.
faired there is no quackery about It. R. Jacsson.D. D.
Forinerly Pastor ()Nile First Presbyterian Church,
N. Y.
Sold by WM. THORN. who'esale 4 retail, only aeent
for P.u='•ur_b. No 11 llarkrt qreet. seri i 0
1:00N TO TII E lII'M .1 N R Acr.!—“Di
L :chat will destroy Life, and you area T reat mum
, Thiscarer what will prolong Life, and the world Win
call you Impostor."
'There are faculties. bodily and intellectual, within w 1
With which certain herbs hate affinity, and over wkiaA
they have power."
Dr. B—Biandreth's External Remedy, or Liniment
tyliMh, by its extraordinary powers, ahstracts Pain or
R.orene-s; tints Sprains. stiff Sinews, % tine Sweflinga
Rheriteatic Pains, or Stiffness, Stiffness of the Jolnti
Tumors, Unnatural Hardness, Stiff Neck Sore Throat
Crimp, Contractions of the muscles, Scrofulous en
larcements. Tender Feet, and every description of t
Jury affecting the Exterior of the Human Fianteor
cured or greatly relieved by his never to be sefficient
eziolled rcmcdy.
Ct:RTlr:r ATE.—Thr ral!onin2 Ectior from MAJor Gen
oral Far. ford, as to the quail( or the External Rene
dy, speaks valutues.
Next Yoroc, Fe h. 9, 1842.
Dear yon ult , ice me with another bottle Of
your ex , ellent Liniment? It is certainly the hest of the
kind Iha recver teen. It has cured entirely my . eon'e
knee, about w Welt I was so uneasy, and I have found i•
productive of immediate relict' lit seireral cases of enter
nal injury in toy family. A few evenings sloe,- tut
younzest child was seized with a violent attack of Crout
which was entirety removed In twerlry minxtes, by rub
hi,: her el:est and t fre,lv v, it h he External Rent
edy. 1 think you oth.:ht to manufacture this Liniment
for:corral ase, lei. , end c•f confining the use of it, 28 you
have lit•retofore time, to your particular arquaintances.
Yours truly, C. W. SANDFORD
Da. R. Eta•Yrnterrn. 241 Rrnadway, N. Y.
77.F0r sale at 241 ['roadway, New York, and at hie
office , in the Di nnni il, Pittston-7,h. PC ICE--50 cents
: er home with di.eriinns. sep
• -----
:la-s of indivlditals is very numerous. They are Home
who work in an unhealthy at mosnhere. Printers, work
men In feather stores, stone cutters, bakers, white tear
manufacturer s , are all more or 'es4 sultjert to disease ac
conflate to the strength of their constilui Inn The only
method to prevent lii5PaZP, is the °erosional use oft
medicine which abstracts from the circulat ion all delete
tiOns humors, and expel. them by the bowels. Tonic
In any form are injurious, as they only -.al otr the evi
lay to make it more, fatal. The use of Brandreth's Pill
will insure health, because they take alt Impure mailer
out of the blood; and the body is not weakened hitt
strenzlhetted by their operation, for these valuable Pills
do not force. lout they asykt nature, and are tidl appcsemi
but harmonize with her.
Said at Dr. Brandrttlei Office, In the Diamond
Plti , tiit run. Price 5 cents per box, with full ditectlonn s .
:%IA RFC—Tile only ,place in rltistinrnh wlwre 'be
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