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    ~AIL~ - ~'~~•
MAYMOTII 611 W yesteraay, at t.o , •
hit• S. Burnside, the finest ex that we think WV% ever
exhibited in our city. He was raised by Mr. S. :Vic-
Cartney, of Belmont county, Ohio, ittla is an honorable
evidence of the successful efforts of the farmers of that
neighboehood for improving their stock.
stock We un
stand he is of the Teesewater breed, a
esteemedby the agricul. uralists of England; is 8 years
Old, and weighs 4317 pounds. He is 6 . 1 feet high,
measures 15} feet from the nese to the tip of his tail,
feet girth and 5 feet brisket. A sight of this huge
animilwill delight the eyes of our enterprizing farmers,
andinduce some of them to make an effort to e mulate
their buckeye neighbors in the rearing of fine cattle.
RiCRVILDING THE Mu EDUCT.---We understand
that separate proposals were received on Thursday.
for rebuilding the Aqueduct, from seven gentlemen, ei
ther of whom are fully competent to complete the job if
it should be allotted to them
MAGAZINES FOR OCTOBF.R --Coolthas received Gra- i Now Fall and Winter' Goods.
ham's Magazine for next month. It contains three i IiAMPTO*.i & SIITII,
Ca a
n, to-vrit: Highland Sport, a portrait of 1 No. 112 WOOD SMELT,
C. F. Holman, and Othello Relating his Adventures. ARE now opening and oar for sole a very large
The last named is, we think, the bast. Among the con-1 -CX. and general assortment of scalsonable Dry Goods,
, t cboroansiastclinagthoifopleain waved, and diamond beaver cloth,
is to the n umber, are many of the most talented
writersof fiction of this or any other country: Grattan, 1 kerseys, color,ii.ievii.vfierli.:3eli
Willis, Fay, and Mrs. Fanny Kemble 'Butler, may all cottons, drili4, ticks. Alco. Ili:tree black and ciSlored,
lay just claim to this praise. Those who delight in plain ~.ttul printed merinos, mouslin de lains, Irish li
will be i nmen:sti,in:l3lattioni andother silks, ribbons, laces, cambries,
the lightest and most trifling of light reading, , merino, fancy and blanket shawls sewing
silks, spool and skein threads. &c., &c..tcr,et'her with
gratified by the perusal of a story from the pen of Fran- I
ces S. Osgood.
an assortment of carpets, rues floor cloths, all of
TII6 LADIES' .NAT/ONAL MAGAZIN& is also FOCei- which we are able to sell as cheap as goodscan now be
\ bought in any market, east or west. .
wed at Cook's. The publishers of this work announce sep 21—tf
that they receive reports of the Fashions one mouth in Dissolution of Partnership.
advance of all their cotemporaries. This will be an i rr HE Partnership heretofore existing under the firm
object with many who patronize the Magazhies. The I -I- of DICKE r and ALEX .ss Gra, is this day disaol
ved by mutual consent. JAMES DICKEY,
anzbellislaments end reading matter of this number are i :
I Sept. 1, 1343. IV NI. G. ALEXANDER.
equal to any in similar works.
IThe trotting match over the Beacon Course,he
tweet' A mer icas and Dutchman, three mile heats, purse
WO, came off on last Monday. The first heat was
WOO by Americus, in Bm. 4 seconds. The second by
Dutchman in 3m. 11 sec. The third, a detui heat, was
perfumed in Bm. 6 sec. In the fourth. Dutchman
broke down in the second mile, leaving Americus the
winner. ,
leauv A STATI. SCRIP 11 improving. Thelloosiers
eau pay their taxes with it, dollar for dollar, and they
am buying it up in Cincinnati at 33c. It is supposed
that within'the yenr it will he worth the face of it, as
there aro four years interest due on it on the Ist Janu-
all nest.
Parrrr coo e:--The wife of - Mr. Owen 1 1 . t ines, of
north Bridgewater, Mass. recently gave birth to four
fuse childrerr--who are doing as well as could be expect-.
ed. Mrs. W. herself has certainly done as well 33
could be expected.
Iron Safes.
RESPECTFULLY inform the public that I have l it e'
land keep always on hand an assortmeot of Fire 1 Dissolution of Partnership.
Proof Safes. The price, in consequence of . the l
' THE partnership heretofore existing under the
terials and labor bsiag mach lower, is reduced about style of Devine& NV Anultv, is this day dissolved
thirty per cent. They are kept for sale at my ship, in . •
•by to consent. H. Devine is to collect all sums
Sixth street, above Smithfield, next to the
BUSINESS IN PHILADELPHI,I.—The l'lninumptua • church on ' due to thi concern, and pa
y all claims cont ded for
Ledger contains the follnwing, from which it will be 1 the corner of Gth street—as also with Atwood, Jones t
-- - 1 hie concern up tr , this dae • .
' :,t - ti Didzell & Fle•nim , n r ~ • •i -I to thegoal-I •
seem that the trading community is again launching , -, •, and
.• . . . ; „, I ,
itv of my sales I leave those wrsons who have ur-
Vrthintb till the imprudence and recklessness which. 1
chased and will por•.haso my sat os to attest the u:il- Pittsburgh soot. I. 1843.
but a few years Since,tifought ruin and VvrAchedoeis i - ts ,. f term.
•I. ' / I desire no n , .., , ..;:imp , T putT on my safes; 1 . „
upon all the lain justice and truth warrant m• in inflaming the public I 11. Dovine resp.e.c.fally informs his friends and the
"Business cantinues bnissuldiy active in this city , and that all my safes which have been in buildings burnt 1 pub 4„., that Ito still , ontimes in the Transportine
matey is very abundant and cheap, bin. we fear with all ; down for several years since 1 commenced have Pre* 1% business, and that he has rendived tho office of the
p, all the papers, boeks, &c., whiell they emtain- S.
i:s C heapness, :OM! of our traders are M skin; credit ' Portable Boat Line, to No. 45 Water o f nem
G • pally cheap, and by the inercitse of crAit sales invi- ; ed. I have a card containing a number of cm-title:ill's (1.,)r below Lewis Hutchinson, where lic will r.-ceive
li.ct, h 'retain of the evils from which an observance uf of the sante, which mein circulati,m and in zny hands n :id forward Frei:ht to the East, on the very lowest
'.etshitialthiliii w as fast raising them. We Irive been add the agentes. JOHN DENNING. • t•.,„„; II DEVINE.
fOrmed that sdrae of our larger
; jobbers nr, sending • N. 13, A. f. , iv pair of stool Springs for sale, inale by --- ----
• Jo•les Cc, Col•.erin anti WU he s 111 1.• •--,••CI U N DR I ES.-50 ININcs chocolate,
oft areAthAvi• bills of gohasecithhnt
h emt ,new; llral la • ''• ' ' ' I .OAOA . . .iil. a ...LI l , ...ii
fist, with little Other security than t bu:,er's wow. press, with ,acs to punehltoles in half inch iroe. 5 do • c,coa,
gO-f 3do rice flour, •
, ,
This is a deviatiOn from duo line of 4JU la IIrIIICI i,l,s, rep - , .
1 ...., do ground pepper,
and is caleolateil to lead to sad can?, inces. rho • 5 do Cayenne do.,
same strif . is waging to some extent, as we learn, that .
3u calls ground mustard,
wasted a few years ; agre.:--rival houses are en strife as . ,
to which shall make the largest yearly sales, rather
5 kegs do allspice, •
~ do do g411. , ,t r,
I`2 cans do do., together with
then which shall save the most money in the course of
the year." • every thing in the grocery line, all of which is offered
at extremely low prices, for cash.
43, Wood streot
Potl of Pittoburgl).
Reportedliyß g! arid kiechell,
o : .Akerit s,
titter street
Daily Beaver Packet.. .
*Cutter,,Gray, Cincinnati,
'Cecilia, Clarke, St. Louis,
*Bridgewstei, Clarke, Wheeling:,
•Nlaylinvrer, Foster. Sr. Louis . .
dally 'nicer Packets.
'Cater, 'dray, Cincinnati,
'Bridgewater, Clarke, Wheeling.
AU boat. 4 marked thus (") in the above list, are provi
ded with Pram' Safety Guard to prevent the plosion
of swan boilem.
1....--- --
~ . For Saba Louis and Galena.
sl The Steamer CECILIA, CLARK,
- - Ma3ter, will leave for the above and
.-. intermediate lanclidgs, on TEES
DM( next, October 3d, at 10 o'clock, A. M. For
fteiiht or:pa@xage apply on board, or to
eep 30, JAMES MAY.
lar'Tise Cecilia is furnished with Evans' Safety
Guard to prevent the explosion of Boilers.
ISAYE now received and opened their Stock of
the greatest variety to be foiled in any house
in the city.
These goods have been very carefully, and it is be
lieved judieionsty purchased for cash, most of them at
the lowest spring prices, and will be sold accordingly.
Gods can now ha bought cheaper than in any of the
Bement cities. and merchants will do well to examine
here, before going farther and faring worse.
sap 22
Toothache! Toothache !! Toothacbs!!!
T HE above complaints can be cured in five nun
idea, by usingthe celebrated MuscoviTu
io DRO
Which 18 warranted. There are many imitatns
counteifeits, of the above. The only trete aad rim
joie articleis tube bud at TUTTLE'S 86 Fourth st
1 1 3 0 0 l e
. HIDES, suitable for Upper
000 heavy Slnuaisb Hides,
250 city slaughter do.,
700 Madras Ow Skins,
awe assdfor sale
WAL by
No. 83 Liberty
SHARES Allegheny Bridge Stack, at pri•
vate rule, by JOHN D. DAVIS,
wo 11 Corner of Wood and Fifth streets.
The Fashions: The rashioni!:
TUST receivedat ALGEO & Fashion
able Head Quarters, a splendid lot of goods for the
fall trade; amongst which will be found superior buck
skin plain and fancy cassimeres, new style w oolen vel
vet vestings, plain satin and figured silk do.; diamond ,
waved and plain Beaver Cloths; a few pi_sce4 extra
heavy Yn4.448 Broad Cloths, fashionable colors for
wipter, fr'e't euats, extra sal erfine blue and v. 00l
drd hlsak, E wirrreach bro clodis. All of
which will be male to order in the m
style, at very low prices. Ai.,(11.10 IllE,
sep 25--10td. 251, Liberty street.
October (Elutio ates.
n: - 1 Auction O 1?, 0 , 11 , ~• : , , .
... •
County Coundssilmori Sohn D. Davis,
oortstscrati natty . DT
k T the solicitation of a number of friends of all \ AUCTIONEE R AND COMMISSION MERCH'T, ! 'is.. Willealt, NICIFIANGE 338011.118,
ri- political parties, I respectfully offer myself to Corner of Wood and sth sts., Pittsburgh, 00D.77.11 07 WOOD AND TtilltD STS•
the consideration of my fellow-citizens for the office of . 1
ready to receive merchandize of every description
County Commissioner. That my sentiments may not on consignment, for public or private sale, and
be misunderstood, either as to political or private from long experience in the above business, flatters
affairs, I make free to say that I have been all my life himself that he will be able to give entire saiisfaction
a consistent Republican, in the true sense of the word. to all who may favor him with their patronage.
As the country is somewhat embarrassed in its finan-
Regular sales on MOND/LYS and THURSDAYS, of Dry
cial affairs, and the reduction of salaries of public Goods ' and fancy articles, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
officers has received the approbation of large majori- Of Groceries, Pittsburgh manufactured article,,new
ties of the people, the undersignod would not should i and second Mad furnitdre, &c., at 2 o'clock,
Ihebe so fortunate as to be elected, in any manner at- Sales every evening,at early gas light. aug 12—y
tempt to resist this salutary reform; should it reach ____
I the office of County CommiAsioner .
I apr (1. SAMUEL
ProthOnOtarY •
To the voters of Allegheny count yt—l respect
fully offer myself to your consideration as a candidate
(independent of patties) for the office of PRO
THONOTARY of Allegheny coonty, at the ensuing
election. As Ido not come before you •'recommended
by a Convention, those of you tosunnily whom 1 am not pe
knawn will plewie examineinto my qualifica
ons, &c.; and if so fortunate as obtain a majority
of your suffrages, I shall endeavobyyou with your
strict attention
to the duties of the office,, to sstitify
choice. ALEX MILLER.
JAMES DICKEY respectfully informs his friend::
and the public, thathe still continues in the Transpor-
tation Bueinese, at hie 'Warehouse, CORNER OF LIBER
TY AND WAYNF. STREETS, Canal Basin. under the
name of the "Independent Portable Boat Line,"
where he will receive and forward freight s to the tat
the lowest terms. pt. Eas
Lace Leather.
39(-1 SIDES Lace Leathern very ailpPrior article
As/ A-I for sewine Machine Belt., fur sale by
Nu. 83 Liberty At.
sep 2411 Tn&w2t
Val* Leather.
91111 SIDES of Baltimore and New York
'V 'so/ V Sole Leather. also a general assortmer
of Morocco, Lining and Binding Skins, f o r : sale by
No. 83 Liberty street.
iep ;.11 niA•w2t
'1 HE undersigned will offer at PUBT.IC SALE, or
Lease, on Satu rda p, the 16th of No re t;,her next,
at 10 o'clock, A. M., that valuable property, on the
south side of the. Monongahela river, opposite this city,
lately laid off in lots, embracing between f2O and 30
acres of ground.
This 13 wellknown to be the, m tat advantavous
caticn for Manuf icturing, purposes in the vicinity of our
great manulaTituring city. having an extensive front on
the river, and extending back tb Coal Hill, celebrated
for the quality of its coal over any other, and in which
immediate vicinity ant extendiag back arc inexhausti
ble mines; railways from which can be run directly in
to works on this property, as is now done in the neigh
borhood. There are also several Strata of coal beneath
the surface on this property, which will be valuable in
Time, by the use .of shafts; one of which is ascertained
to be 112 to 15 feet in thickness.
A portion of the property being elevated above the
proper level, and the clay being of the best quality for
brick Making, can be used very advantageously in im
Its advanta4cOus loration for Manufacturing and
Building, the Slack Water Navization of the Motion4u
hula, its being nearly opposite the mouth of the Penn
sylvania Canal, and affording every facidty fur the re
ception of materials by river, at all seasons when navi
gable at any other point is the vicinity of the city, its
proximity and connexion with which.as will be the core
by a bridge so soon it becomes occupied, altogether
render it in every point of view, one of the most dcsira
blo locations for investment and improvement.
Notwithstatidiag the number of extensive Works
which have been erected wi t hin the past few years, man
ufactures haw never flourished more successfully than
at present, the yearly increasing extent of our city, the
immense emigration to the West, and its unequalled
rapid settlement, which our city must ever, as it now
does, most a dvantageously supply with manufactures,
will yearly increase the demand, and great as is our
character as a manufacturing place, when we review
the great increase in number and extent of our manu
factures within the past few years, we must consider it
in its infancy, as the great manufacturing and commer
cial point it is destined to become.
In addition to the manufacturing of Iron, Nails, Glass,
Engines and Machinery, Cotton Yarns, &c. which are
operated advantageously here, we require in this
manufactories of Cotton Goods, as the immense quanti
ties of these articles yearly brought from the East for
this, and Western and Southern maskets evince, the
profits to the different hands generally through which
they pass between the manufacturer and the western
merchant, would satisfy a manufacturer, in addition
there is the carriage west to east of the materials, and
cast to west of the manufactured articles, besides insur
ance, time, &c., offering every inducement to compan
ies of our own or Eastern Capitalists beyond competi-
Applications have been made for a number of years
past for locations on this property for Manufacturing
and 13uilding purposes, and it has been laid off into lots
containing nearly an acre on the river, for the former,
and2.l by 100 feet for the latter purpose, fronting on
50 feet streets, and 20 feet alleys.
It. will be sold in a body, (exclusive of a •few lots) dr •
portions will be sold together: to suit the views of indi
viduals or coMpanies wishing to purchase, or otherwise
separately in lots: Some lots may be exchanged for
buildings on this property, or for a farm.
The terms willbe matte perfectly easy, only a small
portion required down, and the remainder in a term of
years, payable annually or otherwise.
It is not desired to dispose of the property under the
late and still exising depression of real estate, except
for its fair value, hut from the frequent applications for
its purchase, and the inducements offered at present for
ithprovements, every article and expense connected
1 therewith being so low. it is con=iderel tho present
po , , , e:sion for thr•se pqr --, s by per-ons or compaoi. ,
of wealth, would b;• so a lva^.tp.r^,:l, r, :h .
1 - , : , -ti tiv wt
with the t-rni. , ..on .I,4liich it is ~, T . r,.‘l,
' offer of- sal , : a: this tini'. NEVI I. I. I. ° l CltAl , .;
1 p.m:Rime a Mrs, Sidaq tirei.:g
og 1-lawd&wts
A T DAVIS ' COlnmercial Auction Rooms, corner
Aof Wood and Fifth streets. An extensive as
sortment of DRY GOODS, recently purchased in the
east fur ca.4h, and which will he sold at a small ad
vance on Eastern prices. for currency or approved en
dorsed notes. The assortment con.iats in part of
20 pieces wool (bed blue black broadcloths;
15 " super. blue cloth;
10 " brown, olive and mixed cloths;
4 " super. Beaver cloths;
5 " pilot cloths;
40 cassinetts, assorted colors; some very-
50 " flannels, twilled and plain white, red,
green and yellow.
t2O " English merino, assorted colors;
100 all wool blanket shawls;
200 cotton plaid shawls;
1,000 doz. spool cotton, all colors;
100 pieces bleached and brown mualins, and a
great variety of other articles usually found in a Dry
Goods House.
" Also, an assortment of boots, shoes, and hats,
which will all be sold at prßes without regard tithe
late advances in the East. sept
C. AL DlGANtrialr,
Canal Bll3ill, corner Wayne and Liberty streets, Pitts
burgh. Agent Unitea States Portable Boat Line.
wept 4-3 m.
CAWFIELD has removed his marble Eitel,
P. lishment to Wood at. opposite Fahnestock's
Drug Store, where he will keep constantly on hand
Tomb Stones, Monuments etc. ap 19-Iyr
JUST RECEIVED and fox sale on consignment,
7 hhds bacon,
7 hhds sugar,
Can be seen atthe st rc of Jacob Painter & Co
aug. 29 J. K. MOORHEAD Se, CO.
ABOUT the last week in Jiine,in a Clothing
e in Liberty street, a Note of hand, cOnsiderably
soiletland worn. It is signed by James Gaston and
another, and drawn in favor of W. Black. The own
er can have it by identifyingi: and paying expenses.
July 31.—tcf.
All sons of clothing and wearing apperal. Please I
I i call at No. 151 Liberty street, aud see for yourselves
seP 7. .T. LOKEY.
Coughs and Colds.
Pknown cure for!he complaints, can be obtains
at TUT rL'ES 86 Fourth st. Only 25 centc pt per bo
PLACES WANTED in town or country, for a
number of salesinen, bookkeepers, shopmen and
bey , . is stores and warehouses. Atm:), for coliectinz,
and fee a number of mechanics, farmers and laborers,
coachnien, waiters, bostlers, and all kinds of hands for
s teamboats , hotels, and private families; for sele& and
comman school teachers.
Cooks, chambermaid.,, dry and wet nurses, and girls
for housework provided at short notice. Places pro
\cured for hands of all kinds as soon as possible. And
all kinds of Agencies and Intelligence business attend
ed to for moderate charges. 12 to 15 Viiirras for .ale,
Several farms wanted to ren. Call at ISAAC II AR
RIS' Intelligence Office. No. t 9, Fifth street.
Sept 20.
'armies' OiL •
13, BBIS, Tanners' Oil..ft)r sale 1-y
• ftl VVALTErt BRA ANT & CO.,
- No.IIS, Liberty st
sep'2•4llm&ve 2 t
1 - UST RECEIVED from the Eastward
meet, direct from the Importe rs, 15 half chests
young Hyson TEA. also ten 13 lb. boxes ditto, all of
which I which I ryl ow AC C sell at the veest price.
143 Liberty street.
QMOKED HERRINGS. -25 boxes smoked her
ringijuAt roceived and for sale by
43, Wood .itrect
CIIF.IP LITERATURE.—AII the cheap popular
publications can be had at eastern prices by call
ing at FOSTER'S Literary Depot, St. Clair w
stree l t,'
pmkite the Exchange. sep `22—
Good Farm for Sale or Exchange.
AFARM of 130 acres on Sugar Creek, Ann4trong
county, 100 of which improved. Tli , s f inn is
well watered by springs and two large runs which p a ss
nearly through it and then unite. funning an excellent
Mill Seat. 40 acres are first rate for meadow or
spring crops, and the balance is good for fall grain.—
There is oo waste land, and it is well adapted for a dai
ry or for sheep, and lies very well. There is on it a
good apple orchard. a substantial hewed log house. a
large log barn and a good coal bank, easily accessible,
in good order, and the quantity inexhaustible. This
farm lies within 18 miles of Freeport, 9 miles from
Kittanning, 4 miles from a Catholic chapel, and 2 miles
from a Presbyterian and Seceder churches It will be
sold at a bargain for cash or exchlinged for a good
three story brick house and lot in Pittsburgh. For
terms nod particulars enquire at Harris' General A
gency and Intelligence office, or of the subscriber on
the premises. S. J. WHITE.
pep 27
For Sale Low For Cash.
3o n DOZEN of all sizes of Window Sash, and
Window Glass of all sizes, by the box or
retail, Putty; nails and spikes; carpet.cbain; country
carpets; all sizes Patent 'Buckets, tubs, churns, coffee
mills, measures, tin ware; s hels, spades, boas, axes
and hatchets, augurs, Bed ov cords, twine, Louisville
Lime. The Balm of Life and a variety of cheap Fam
ily Medicines; Books and Stationary, and School
Books. -
ISAAC IiA.RItIS, Agt. & Co m. FinMeth nt.
So. 9, St.
N. hock: and stockings, w.)
rcls. a:ttl tow 4.1.1 woolen yara, thnnt Is tvid
Iv, bags, paper, rags, beeswax, tallow, butter, &r..•
taked in payment at cash prices.
Merchants and Manufacturers' Scrip
Exchange Bank Scrip-
Currency ................
Erie Bank Scrip ..................
On Philadelphia
New York..
Baltimore.. .
Silver ....................
Bank of Pittsburgh ..................
' bank.....-
Merchants and Manufacturers
" .....
Exchange ..................... . .
Do. If ollidayaburgh ............
Bank of North America ..................
Do Northern Liberties ........ .
........ ....par
...... par
Do Pennsylvania ...........
Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania.. ......... par
Farmers' and 3fechanics' ba5k....... •
.. ..
Kensington hank. ...................... par
Manufacturers and Mechanics' ............... par
bfechanics .......................
Moyamenring ............ , .......
Philadelphia bank ............. ..•
SchuyikiU ..... .................
Southmark..... ".. .... . .......
TVestern ....... ............ ..• .
Bank of Penn Township....._. :..
Girard bask ....... .•.. .....
U. S. bank and branches ...... ...•
Bank of Germantown..
" Chester county...
" Delaware county....
" -Montgomery county—
" Northumberland .. •• •
Farmers' bunk of Bucks county.
Easton bank ...................
Doylestown bank ....... . . .....
Franklin bank of Washington .....
Bank of Ckambersburgh.. ........
" lifiddletoson .......
" Gettysburgh .•..• ".
" Lewistoum ..... ........
" Susque&nutscounty .........
Be rkscounty bank ......• . .......
Columbia Bank and Bridge Company
Carlisle bank .........................
Erie bank ...........................
Farmers and Droveri bank............
" Bank of Lancaster ..............
" Bank of Reading .............
Harrisburg bank ............ . ...........
Honesdale ...........................
Lancaster " ............................
Lancaster CO. " ..................... ...............
Lebanon " ............ . ......
Miners' bank of Pottsville. _ .......
Monongahela bank of Brownsville ............. 1
\'ew Hope and Delaware Bridge company.
. n0 ... 10
Northampton bank .................. ... sal
:Towanda bank .................. . ..... .85
Wyoming ba nk .....................
West Branch bank....
York bank..--
Belmont bank of St. Clairseille
Clinton bank of Columbus • •
Colambiana bank of New Lisbon..
Circleville (L
Warreawrence, cashier)...
`• ( n, cashier)... •
Cincinnati banks ........... .. . . •
Chillicothe bank ............ ........ .......
Commercial bank of Lake Erie .............
Dayton bank... • ... • ........ •.. .11
Prontlin bank of Columbus ..................
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank of Steubenville ..14
Farmers' bank of Canton ................... 40
eauga ............
Granville ........................
Laneaster ........... ......
Marietta ................ • ..
Massillon . - .............
Mechanics' and Traders'. Cincinnati
Mount Pleasant ...................
Nortvalk ......
Mil nam . .
Sandusi y
&tato . ..
Wooster .
Xenia .....
State bank and branches......
State Scrip .-
All banks
State bank ........................
Bank of Illinois, S ` ........
Bank of the Valley of Virginia ............
Bank of Virginia .......................
Exchange bank of Virginia ...... • • .... • •
Farmers bank of Virginia.. .• .. .• ..
North- Western bank of Virginil.. —• ..
Merchants' and Afeehataes' bank of Virginia
Baltimore City banks ... • .
All other solvent banks . .••.. • . • • • 7
.411 solvent banks.. ... . ....
All solvent banks .............
Mobile banks.. ..... . .
Country banks• ..
New Orleans banks good).—
11 backs
DOOR AND 308 •
N. W. CORSEtt or Wool" ,t rtrrn srs.
Tho proprietors of the MORNING POST and Max-
CURT AND MANUFACTURER respectfully inform their
friends and the patrons of those papers, that they have
a largo and well chosen assortment of
.TO NES rllr Illrikr E...Am
asiD (...)thuaa mate_maaaake
Necessary to a Job Printing Office, and that they are
prepared to execute
Books, Bills of Lading,l Circulars,
Pamphles, Bill Heads, Cards,
Handbills, Blank Checks, Hat Tips.
QM ktnbS of Vlautts,
Stage, Steamboat and anal Boat Bills, with ap
propri C ate cuts,
Printed on the shortest notice and most reasonable
\We respectfully ask the patronage of our friends and
the public in general in this branch of our business.
July 31, 1843. PHILLIPS & SMITH.
Bishop Demas'a Pamphlet.
A FEW COPIES Bish#Doane's Pamphletnn "Pu
seyiste received and for sale at Foster's Liter
ary Depot, St. Clair street, opposite the Exchange.
W ‘ P T ly E a D „h a e :teoarem‘thwtr, 4 aNfiNnlotodnitget ha nd.
tO—tf WM NOBLE, Oholstver•
7...,.......- ..Z:=Z a
1843 17";""".
. -
or CI C I 1 .1 s • „
.., , .
- STANDA.RT, rs GRAB AM. & CO,, --------- ----7------. -
Balding Lots in rminehistn:''._ -- -
Forwarding awl ensunission Merchants, - 13 Lua(Ls'
w ettib o ly f
I st up
steam ferry boat landing , will be sold at prices to stilt
the times. The terms of payment will be made east,
either for cash or such bart, r as can be made arailablis.
Apply to the subscribers in Birmingham, or Mr. P.
Peterson, No. 4, Ferry street, Pittsburgh.
jut,e 1. JAS. PATTERSON - , jr.
AGENTS forth° 'Merchants' Transportation Com
pany composed of the li•lerchants' Line. Erie
Canat; Wnshington, Line. Hunter, Palmer &Cleve-
Line of Steam boats and vessels on the lakes.
laud Line, Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal. Proprie
tors oftho Merchants, Line, Ohio Canal.
Wilkie & Ensworth, No. 9, Coantios Slip, N. Y
R. Ili:nto'r & Co. Albany.
Otis Chaff, Boston.
Hunter, Palmer & Co., Buffalo,
M. T. Williams & Dow,
lion. John M. Allen, Cleveland.
Charles M. Giddings,
J. S. Dickey, Beaver.
Birmingham & Cry., Pittsburg-h
-ap 1 1843-Iy.
. ...par
.... par
Deaver and Warren Packet,
N.a.kr. THE canal packet ERIE, J. M.
Shasvmaster, will run as regular t
weekly packet between the above named ports, l
Beaver on Mondays, 'Wednesdays, and Fridays' morn
ing, leaves Warren on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat
urdays; connecting with the Stage Lines to Cleveland
diroct, For frci:ht or passage apply ,La board, or to
& CO., Pittsburgh,
J. S. DICKEY, Beaver.
-4144 " .
"gar: s"
18 43.
-I: AND Rut ROAD C krts. from Pittsburgh, via Bed
ford, Chatrthersburg. HarrisburT. and Lanca.stcr, to
Philadelphia, connectinz with then Main train of cars t
N. Y. &c. Only 150 miles stagig and one night ou
Also, the direct line to Baltimore •
Fare to Philadelphia $9.
Baltimore 9.
Leaves daily at 13 o'clock A. M.
Office 2d door belo GRAHAM Merchants' Hotel W0c..1
feb 23, 1843-Iy. Proprietors.
• -Par
. .... • par
.....par par
- -...par
... . . par
....... I 1
The Great Contra, .onto
Via National Road and Banfiore and Ohio Rail
Road Company.
4.. r
THIS line is in full operation and leaves Pittsburgh
daily at o'clock A. M., via Washington r
and national road to Cumberland, connecting here
with the rail road Co's to all the above places: Trav
elers will find this a speedy and c omiorta.ble route,
it being a separate and distinct Pittsburgh and Cum
berland line, facilities will be Aided which have not
been heretofore enjoyed. Extra coaches furnished at
the shortest notice. with the privilege of going through
direct or taking one nights rest at thir option.
For tickets, apply at our office at e
the Monongahela
a.r President of N. R. Stage Co.
ac ts, for Cinci nn ati.
i• "
The Swiftsure, Robinson, Master, leas-es every 1
Thursday at 10 o'clock, a. in. at
The Cutter, Collins, Master, leaves every Triday
10 o'clock a. m.
The Montgomery, Bennett,
Maater,leaves every Sat
urday at 10 o'clock a. m.
The Express, Parkinson, Muter, leaves every Sun-.
day at 10 o'clock a. m.
rrmv Arent.
..... 11
LLEN KRAMER, Exchange B raker, .No. -16,
ACorner of Wood and Third streets, Pittsburg
Pa. Gold, Silver, and Solvent Bank notes, bought
and sold. Sight cheeks on the Eastern cities, for sale.
Drafts, notes and bills, collected.
.Tra-ax"'-~— -
Wm .71re & Co.,
John D. Davis,
F. Lorene , Pittsburgh, Pa.
J. Painter &Co.,
Joseph Woodwell,
James May,
Alex. Bronson &Co. '1) Philadelphia.n
John 11 Brown &C i
James Nl' Cana less. } Cincinnati, 0.,
J. R. .),F Donald. > St. Louis. Mo.
W. H. Pone. Esq•.Pres't Bank Ky. > Louisville.
McLane's American Worm Spocific.
Tr HIS is to certify thlt with l‘leLA NE'S Ntion.3l
.1 SP EC [Tic, a child of mine prosecl 'upwars of 600
w orrm; it is the moat powerful ;fit Sp.-66e uow in
Islidcliehury, 0.. Ort. 4, 1543 ,
For ;Ale tit the Drug Store of 'SON. KIDD,
Sept. 12 Corner 4:11 and Wood los
McLane's American Worm Specific.
Ti; to certify that a chill of mine aged 4 years
passed upwards of 30 worms of an astoni.hing ood
size, from 4to 5 inches long. In my neighborh
some dozen of certificates of its astonishing effects could
beproduced. H. SNOW.
Poland. Ohio. Oct. 4.1342,
For sale at the Drug Store of JON. KIDD,
sept 12 Corner 4th and Wood tts.
Dvo Stuff% Just Receivild.
Vitriol, Camwood, Alum, and aeOnertil stock of
DrE Wooos, in store, and for sale at theN. Druz o
JO 'M St D. re
Cornor 4th and Wood sts.
Rept. 12
Al. \ )Y wl) is cap3bto or t - C6,lg . charze of a
household, is dosirous of obtaining a situation
as housekeeper in n private family, or 33 superintendent
in a respectable-hotel. She would have no oh,ection
to leave the city if desired to do so. For further in for.
autr f
oration inquire at this office.
Pease's Boashoaisd Candy. A
AFresh supply lust r eceived - Tr( ro L ew' ork. aniCF
for sale at TUTTLE'S, 06
sept 12.
_..-------------------------------- i
UPIKE ROAD.—Notice is bereLy given that 1.7
an act of the General Assemble - of the Corm:rot wealth.
of Pennsylvania, pa ssr d the Sib day of April. 1e13.t
s ubscribers are non - :id a: Commissioners in Allegbc
1 county, with aothority to open bo oks at inch time a
place es may he deemed exped ient by them, for
TOBACCO. -10 boxes 13urton ; s 5 b lump tobacco, -
purpose of rrceosong subscribtions of stock, for t
25 do Russell & Robinson% do
a . construction of a turnpike road from Uniontevrn tor.
5 do Hare's , burgh. In pursuance of which authority the r
10 do assorted sizes and brands, ' bers will proceed to open books for the parrs:se of
jest received and for sale by ceivine sub , criptiors of stock, payable to "Thecwn
HAILMAN, JENNLNGS & CO., dent, Managers and Company of the Urdout
slag 9 . 43, Wood street
\ Pittsburgh Turnpike Road Company," according
SAMUEL MORROW, the terms of the act of incorporation. Such hooks
Mannfacturcr of Tin, Copper and Sheet be opened on Monday, the second clay of Octobee
Iron Ware, at 10 o'clock. A. M., at the 'Monongahela 'Homo f
No. 17, Fifth street. between Woodard 3..rorket, i Tl' , . citv of rittsbuToi. .I,a or the store of Sati n
Keeps constantly on hand a r.,aml as sortment of w ares. i \Volker, in the borough of Elirehrtb.
and •aolicits a share o f public parronae. Also, on hand. I
f o llowine; articles: s hovels, pokers, tonga, gridirons,
4,i11et..k. t e aket t l:, pots, o vens, eo {pe m in., &,.. men. JOSIAH 11 4 3.
theme and other.: are invited to call and examir.e for . SANirri wAtitER.
the mselves, ashe is de termined to soli cheap for cash or Commissioners frr .42-.q. 0
A pprerveri paper. mar7—tf (Advocate ard Americas eopy.yl
A l f ACKEREL.-16 Bbls. No. 3 Mackerel, just
J3l received vigor vile by
91 Wood st.
To Diet chants and Others.
AGENTLEMAN, who thorough.y unaerstands
Book Keeping. wishes a situation n that capia
city: the best of referonces will be given. Address
aug 28-tf H.,
at this office.
Lots for Sale.
4Lots in Manchester. One and a fourth Acres of
Landon llolines' Hill. Lott nos. 41,42,5%53,54
181, 182, 8.11(1184, in Cook's plan of Lots, an Holmes
Hill. Also, Lots nos. 26, and 27, in Cook's planar Lots
on High street, near the new Court ,use.
For - ters 4
apply to Z. W. RENIINOTON
sop 10 •
For Sslc.
T OTS onthe North East conaor of Coal Lazzaxii
_IA High street. Apply to
Market near Fourth sneer-
For Bent
m i.
That COTTAGE, situatoa in tbe Borough of
Lawrenceville, at present occupied by J
The place, has a wry fine garden and'
. good assort.
meat of fruit trees. Any person renting can bays dal
privilege of engaging for the ensuing year. Power
sion given on the 17. t of October next.
Apply at No. 5 Commercial Row, Liberty meet
or to Wm. Toman, Smithfield street
sep. 1, 1843.
For 'Scat.
MIGROVE HILL, the late residence
Aaron Hart, deceased. The place
is %veil stocked withchoice fruit trees, vines, &c.
Also, a. convenient tenement lately occupied by R.ll
Poasesaion will be given ensile nrst of Ootobet Mats
For terms apply to GEO. COCHRAN, SAS%
au , " ‘..1•.2—t10 •
To !tent
TLEASANT rooms and good steam power, st tint
1. cast steel file manufactory, corner of Liberty sari
O'Hara streets. Apply on the premises. :in_ky
Freeman's Fire Brick for Sale.
UST received, 5000 Freeman's best Fire Brick'
Jwhich will hereafter be kept constantly on Wmid
l and sold low for cash, by BIRMINGHAM &
m `27 No. 60 Water it.
Honesad Farms to Rent.
THE subscriber has opened an office (in canted=
with his Medical A qnncy) for the renting and
selling of Houses and Farms. As many persons are
constantly wanting to rent houses without baying the
time torn about the city in search of one, can by call
ing frpo'n the subscriber, and stating the kind ( f house
they want, find one Ost.'will suit them, also luxia, the
number of rooms, situation and rent, without farther
trouble. .
Owners f houses would find it to their intereet to
I call, and giv o e a description of them. and the rent thel
require, as they would then find their houses rented
sooner and with less trouble.
The pattnnage of thTub .ic is r6toee, tfully solicited.
sep `2,l—tf TUTTLE, 86, 4th st.
Rouses, &c., For Rent.
THE Pub=cribPr has opened a book to record any
dwelling house, warehouse, store, shop, roc=
or country farms and seats for rent, charging the own
er; 25 cents each record. He will keep it open for all
who wish to rent any kind of property to examine, and
charge them 124 cents; and foi a smalleornpensation ,
will attend to renting ail kinds of properly, and attend
1 to all kinds of business b2tween landlord. and tenant.
No. 9, Fifth st.
Landreth's C-arden Seeds.
A. full supply of Landreth's Garden Seeds always Ns
hand and for sale, at his agency, the Dreg store of
sip 10_ _ 184, Liberty st., head of Wood.
Peach Trees.
/SA THE subscriber has just received from the Nur
sery of Landreth and Fulton. near Philadelphia,
e lot of . the choicest variety of peach trees, to which ba A
would call the attention of the Iniblic.
may 8. 1. No. 184 Libcrly st. head of Wood.
.---- -,
T HEREBY certify that I have known a number of li g
i people who have taken Dr. INlciane's Liver Pills,
and have been much bencfatcci by th and
em. a I
toe. for
believe -
them to he the best pills for liver complaints,
general use, of aty pill now bcfore the public.
I hereby certify that I have been afflicted for 6 years
with a liver complaint; and have *applied to different
pliy6icians, and all to little or no effect, until I made
use of Dr. NlcLene's Pills. In taking t we boxes of them
1 amnearlyiestored to perfect licath. 1
.Miliersburgh, near Pittsburgh, An a -
For sale at the - . • „ . I
_......--------- JONATHAN KIDD, ,
71.--,,, corner 4th and Wood street tl, Pittsburo -'
____. ------------------..
T IVER CO'MPLAINTS--Dysperia rt•t
gestion,, with costiveness. ascidity of the stern.
rich, hardness of food after meals, hearthurn, flatulency,
liver complaints, with pain in the side and 'boulder.
jaundice. hiiious complaii:ts, dropsy, diabetes, gravel,
stone, and inflammation of th , inngs. are most perfectly
removed ar.d cured by the HEPATIC ELIXIR.
This article I.a, the most astonishing. effects in curing
all complaint , of the stomach and digestive organs.—.
Many 16 . 40 ,- r esi.ectable it.dicidr.nle in licsv York
have been cured. after trying every other remedy
vain, and have given in their nsmes with re! mission to
refer to them. It is pleasant to the taste, and doe,-
not in the least interfere with the daily avocation of ona',",
taking it. Many families cf this city have becpres
pleased with the medicine, that they use it p,
only family medicine. By using it occasionally, it.:
keeps the stomach free from bilious disorders, end tba
liver active. with the secretion* of the body in the moat
perfect activity. It is composed entirely of vegetable , .
The core will he gradual, but certain Val permanent.
;:.; For gale at Tcrr tr.'s, 86 Fourth LITCPL.
sop 6.
In J the Distr,iet Court of Allegheny Comity, 01
uly Term. 84. 3 .
•••••••••••• John Walker, Jr.
L. S vs. Veit ditioni Expon.
......,,-... Peter Wilson. .
And now, to wit, An7ust 26th. 1843, On m
of G. P. Hamilton, Esq., the Court appoint Frs. 11,... , ..
Sbuntt. Esq.,.A uditor, {Ai distritute the proceeds of
in this case.ir" From the Record,
. ~ A. SCTION,,,,Pro.
Notice is hereby given to all persons interested, thoc.l
I will attend to the duties assiaed to me by thsti
Court in the above case, at my office, in Fourth street,
Pittsburch. on Tuesday the 26th day o S ep
roemb, INC
10 o'clock, A. NI FRS. R. sircc.
am 30.
;lug 129 --a 1 m