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rritsßußGH, MONDAY, SE
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00rF0r business cards, &c., see firstpage
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'''.gt'lligliqp!ur readers will fled copiyus extracts of Euro
, :_Lat anaTex.ns,news in our impel this morning. To
niiirrow, we will pu blish plan fur the organ
. itiiion'a the Irish Parliament.
--TARATRE.-To-night, Mr. HISTING 3, the iadefati
tatdo.lll.dnager, produces a most brilliant and interest
iponnacle, called the "Botile Lap." Preparations
lift been making fur some weeks past, to bring out
itkik piece with a display of gorgeous scenery never e
frualkxl in our city, and, we are informed, that in every
. "04 - ipoct, it will be a most interesting exhibition. Fins
:Oast deseries success, for he spares neither labor nor
7 1, exionse to make his entertainments attractive; and we
kiwi no doubt but the spectacle of the "Bottle Imp,”
wif.bo the means of enabling die manager to "raise
wind "
- - .
Asorant AtcA Tws.—Augußin Kennedy, one
atbo Collector: of the city of Saint LOUi3, iS a defaulter
so the amount 0f58,456 42.
MeSirS Editors—lll your daily and weekly papers
Ifiad my name associated with two others as a Com
mittee of Vigilance for the Third W ard, Allegheny City;
this high honor conferred on me by the Committee
alCorrevondence t (of course) feel very grateful; but
. olhe same time respectfully beg leave to decline ser
.. firia4for reasons which I explained fully to the chairman
jof Ltutiomtnittyx us soon es I first saw my name in the
mar. Had my request been attended to, I would
- hew been saved the trouble of thus coming before the
public in what may appearto some a small matter; but
-IP toe itis ()noel very great importance.
litustNEss IS Beurtmon.y..—The Sun of the 20th
has the •following:
FALi TRADE.—We arc pleased to see, by the large
ncmiber of boxes of goods daily turned oat by our
yhrhOlesale merchants, that the fall trade has already
seintmenePA, and it is thought from present appearati
ces,there is every prospect eta mire brisk season than
.Fos several years past. Country merchants are daily
- arriving in considerable numbers, and, with a few ex
ceptions, come fully prepared to square off old liahili
ties prior to incurring new ones. This is, endoubOdly,
- the right plan, and, if strictly enforced-by sellers and
• adhered to by buyers, will prevent a recurrence of the
ipirit of over-trading which has, of late, so severely
shocked the mercantile interests of the country. and be
equally beneficial to both. -
OZTA. A. ADDA 31 s, the Tragedian,accidentally stab
bed himself in the closing scene of Othello, on Monday
'tight last, at Cincinnati. The wound is in the left
breast, below the region of the heart, is about an inch
ind !shalt in depth, but is not considered dangerous.
The steamship Caledonia, Capr. E. G. Lott, arrived •
Iliaaton on ‘Vcdasisday morning at o'clock, having
left Liverpool on the afternoon of the sth inst. The
Caledonia arrived at H difax . at 1 o'clock, P.
Msf, Mt the 18th. She bronght 97 passengers.
The crops; look as promising u.s can be expected,
considering the heavy rains which have prevailed in va
rious parts of the cOuntry of late, and the cold spring.
Parliament was prorogued by Queen Victoria in per
son, August 24:h. All the foreign miaistera were in
The speech itself says little which is not common
place, except the portion which relates to Ireland In
reaaing that portion of the document, her Majesty, it is
. said, raised her voice and emphasized a good d. The
terrnsof the speech as applied to that section of the
empire are rather strong, burif O'Connell is to be cred
ited, her Majesty 4u l )stit uted "deep concern - ' for "indig
nation" in the ori,linal draft, when speakiag ofthe Re
peal agitation. The great azi cum. would scan to have
friends—not to say spies—in high place?.
Among the I laNiClOYrri by the Csdedessia is Mr. Ma
crawly, thecelebrated Tragedian.
Arrival of the Quern of England in France,—The
European Times, sayst—Espartero has arrived in Loa •
don. His-arrival has caused situ stir,und the ex-Re
. gent of Spain has received the most hospitable treat
ment fr o m Or: leading men of all parties
is l_nglanJ.—
Ho was presented to her Majesty nt Windsor, by the
Ears of Aberdeen, and has been the guest of Lord Pal
user4ton and other distinguished individuals. A day
- or two before he reached our shores as a fugitive, the
Prince de Joinville and the Duke d'Ausnale arrived on
a visit-to the Queen. They left. hastily. and their sud
den departure wits attributed to the unfortunate conlre
• tittlip of meeting in our "tight little island" with the
ex-Regent. BM- the cause of their arrival, and the
- ilarlenneo of their departure, originated in another
• and aj totally different cause.
The - Kitrz of the French hearing, of:Queen Victoria's
himption of taking a short excursion in sea, COMlllii
ifianed his sons to invite her to his chateau et Eu. She
took her departure on Monday from Southampton, am 7
id3tgreatiejuicings, and her progress along the coast
is recorded with great Mlll , ltellf±S by the daily journals.
jisin rapid squadron reached Treport on the afternoon
SatUrdav, where it was received by the King of the
'ArFinaneh and his family with great eclat.
* The Royal families of England and France then :
aalictst gi - ent,rojoicingi, let t for tile chateau d' Flu, which
they reached at seven the same evening, and a Niko
, rdialanquet was served up at eight. The Qw: en's jour
ney to France his excited no little interest on both sides
of the channel. Some of the Paris papera look upon it
with any thing but satisfaction. This is the first oc
ensiOn, for upwards of three centuries, that the sover
e;igns-of the two countries have met und?r similar cir
O'Connell continues to blaze away in Ireland. The .
agitation increases, if possible, in intensity, and the
at is kept up to the mark—swelled by contributions
from various parts of the American continent: Ile has
*tacked the Queen's speech with great ferocity, treat
ing it as the speech of the ministers, and wishing; it to
be believed that her Majesty was coerced into its de
liverr--that she is not a fee agent, and that a resigna
tioa would have been the result of a refusal. This does
Ilianot tally, however, with the marked intention which
her Majesty is said to have imparted to the reading of
the passages about the Repeal agitation. The reading
inlY indicated her feeling on the subjc:ct.
" The great Protestant meeting which was announced
on the eve of taking place in Beiftst, a countet de
onstration to the Repeal meetings, has been given up.
he advice contained in the Queen's speech is assign-
ed as the cause.
At' Roscommon there was an immense meeting of
.... Repeaters, and O'Connell spoke with great boldness
and effect. At the usual weekly repeal meeting on the
"jBth, the subject of the Queen's speech was taken up.
'ti ll Remittances front the repeal asmelations of Louisiana
• and Ohio wort:brought in. A letter from the Ohio Ito
: pealers was read, expies,ing their dissent at O'Con
nell's views on slavery. Mr. O'Connell then repeated
' his views on slavery in brief, and condemned the letter,
which he m wed should be referred to a committee for
a detailed answer. Speaking of the Queen's speech,
be said it was notthe expression of royal, but of minis-
• canal authority. lie still urged peaceable but stronti
ous exert ms.
*- ' Arthe usual meet ing' of the Repeal Association on
Itteoday, the 21st ultimo, the rent for the week was an
atsinead to be g 1,130. Air. O'Connell was not pre
seat, and the ineetin , * ' adjourned till next day; when he
propounded his plan for the restoration of the Irish Par-
B r iMent, as prepared by a committee.
Di'shop Doane's Pamphlet.
AFEW COPIESBiThop Doane'sParaphleton "Pu
seyism" received and for sale at Foster's Liter
!. gry Depot, St. Clair street, opposite the Exchange,
sept. 22
•. "'UST RECEIVED from the Eastward on consign
.' ELP went, direct film the Importers, 15 half cijests
Young Hyson TEA, also ten 13 lb. boxes ditto, all of
which I which I will sell at the_yerlSy Lowe price.
148 Liberty street.
Dept 22-1 w
-.7 - j , • V.V!"12... • '
October elation.
Comity Commissioner.
AT the solicitation of a number of friends of all
political parties, I respectfully offer myself to
the consideration of my fellow -citizens for the office of
County Commissioner. That my sentiments may not
be misunderstood, either as to political or private
affairs, I make free to say that I have been all my life
a consistent Republican, in the true sense of the word.
As the country is somewhat embarrassed in its finan
cial affairs, and the rixtuction of salaries of public
officers has received the approbation of large majori-_
ties of the people, the undersigned would not should
ho be so fortunate as to be elected, in any manner at
tempt to resist this salutary- reform; should it reach
the office of County Commissioner.
To the voters of Allegheny eounty:—.l. respect
fully offer myself to your consideration as a candidate
(independent of parties) for the office of PRO
THONOTARY of Allegheny county, at the ensuing
election. As Ido not come before you recommended
by a Convention, those of you to whom 1 am not per
sonally known will please examine into my qualifica
tions, &c.; and if so fortunate as to obtain a majority
of your suffrages, I shall endeavor by strict attention
fo the duties of the office, to satisfy you with your
choice. - ALEX MILLER.
New Fall and Winter Goods.
ARE now oreriing and offer for sale u very large
and general assortment of amisonable Dry Goods,.
consisting of plain waved, and diamond beaver cloth,
broad cloths of every color, cassimeres, sattinetts, jeans,
kerseys, linseys, flannels, bair.es, bleached and brown
cottons, drills, Alpacca lustres black and colored,
plain and printed merinos mouslin de lamas, Irish li.
Mattioni aadother silks, ribbons, laces, cambrics,
muslinS, merino, fancy and blanket shawLs, sewing
silks, spool and skein threads. &c., &c.. together with
an assortment of carpets, runs floor cloths, &c , all of
which we are able to sell as cheap as goodscan now he
bought in. any market, east or west:: sep2l—tf
Dissolution of Partnership.
TP HE Partnership heretofore existing, under the firm
1 of DICKEY and ALExs.spert, is this day dissol
ved by mutual consent. JAMES DICKEY,
sept. 1, 1843. M. G. ALEXANDER.
JAMES DICKEY respectfully informs his friends
and the public, Olathe still continues in the Transpor
tation Business, at his 'Warehouse, CORN F.R OiLIDER
TY AND WAYNE STREETS, Canal Basin, wider the
f the "Independent Portable Boat Line,"
a will receive and forward freight to the East at
st tetras. Sept. 4—tf.
where h.
the Lowe
Hati now received and opened their Stock of
prising the greatest rariely to be found in any house
in the city.
These goods have been very rtirofully, and it is be
lievedjudiriously purchased for cash, most of them at
the lowest spring prices, and will be sold accordingly.
Goods can now ho bought cheaper than in any of the
Eastern cities, and merchants will do well to examine
here, before going far/her and faring worse.
Iron Safes.
T RESPECTFULLY inform the public that I have
1 . and keep always on hand an asrortment of Fire
Proof Safes. The price, in consequence of the ma
terials and labor being much lower, is reduced about
thirty percent. They are kept firi sale at my shop, in
Sixth shwa, above Smithfield, next to the church on
the corner of 6th street—as also with Atwood, Jones
&CO., and Dasell & Fleming. In regard to the qual
ity of my safes I leave those persons who have pur
chased and will purchase my safes to attest the
theta. I desire no newspaper puffs on my safes;
. ju lice and truth warrant or: in informing the public
that all my safes which have been in buildings burnt
down for several years since Icommenced have pre
' served:al the papers, book, &c., which they contain
ed. I have a card containing a number of certificates
of the same, which arc in circulation and in my hands
aud the agernes. JOHN DENNING.
N. B. A few pair •if steel Spring,s for sale, made by.
Jones i Coleman, and will be sold low. Also, a screw
pees:, with power to pumthly&s in half inch iron.
rep :20—tf
For Sale Low For Cash.
300 D
R'inEz,uf sizesallof
retail, Putty; nails and spikes; carpet-chain; country
carpets; all sizes Patent Buckets, tubs. churns, coffee
mills, measures, tin ware; shovels, spades, hoes, axes
and hatchets, augurs, Beam-di+, twine, Louisville
Lilac. The Balm of Life and a variety of cheap Fam
ily Medicines; Books and Stationary, and School
Bboks. •
ISAAC HARRIS, Agt. & Corn. Merchant.
sop 99 No. 9, Fifth St.
N. B.—Country carpet. socks and stockings, woal,
feathers, flax and tow and woolen yarn, flannels_and
linsays, hags, paper, rags, beeswax, tallow, butter, &c.
tuked in payment at cash prices.
Lace Leather.
4) fi SIDES Lace Leather,u very superior *Article
O for sewinz Machine Belt , , for tale by
cep 2-film&w2t No. 83 Liberty
Sole Leather.
011i:k SIDES of Baltimore and New Yolk
V V Sole Leather; also a general :issortment
of Morocco, Lining and Binding Skins, for sale by
sep2-d1m4,...-‘2t._ No. 83 Liberty ,itreet.
,300 LIGHT BIDES, suitable for Upper
900 heavy Spanish Tildes,
250 city slaughter do.,
700 Madras Goat Skins,
in store and for sale by
sep2-tikrn&l,v2t. No. 83 Liberty st.
112 si
v i a z n i ar , , _ b k y lleghen s v
o lip s Ne . S p t.t , z v k i tt pii
sep ii Coiper; of Woad and Fifth Rtreets:
New C heap Steck Illsiabliihrneut,
IWOULD most respectfully announce to the citizens
of Pittsburgh and the country generally, that I have
commenced the manufacture of STOCKS, of every va
riety, form and description, and would solicit merchant*
and others to call and examine for themselves, as lain
determined to sell on the most accommodating termi
for cash, and hope, by strict attention to business, to
merit a share of public patronage. aug. 19-6 m.
Executor's Notice.
ALL persons will please take notice that Letters
Testamentary have been granted to the undersign
ed upon the estuto of Sidney J. Moreland, late of the
city of Pittsburg - h, deceased.
Those indebted to said Moreland will mike payment
to either of the undersigned; and those having claims
against him arc requested to present the same proper
ly authenticated for settlement.
JAMES GRAY, 4th st.
sep 19—d1w&w6t
ATALE of the Revolution, be J. H. Muncur, for
sale at Foster's Literary Depot, St. Clair street,
opposite the Exchange. sop 22-1 w
sMOKED HERRINGS.-25 boxes smoked her
rings j Wit received and for sale by
43, Wood street
ground and polished, anvils and other kinds of
grinding done at the Cant Steel File Manufactory, cor
ner of Liberty and O'Hara streets. aug 18
WANTED, a seamstress, a first rate hand. Ap
ply at the store, No. 4, Wood street.
scp 20-ti WM. NOBLE, Upholsterer.
Corner ,f Wood and sth sts. Pittsburgh,
Iready to receive merchandize of' every description
on consignment, for public or private sale, and
from long experience in the, above business, flatters
himself that he will be able to give entire satisfaction
to all who may favor him with their patronage.
Regular sales on MONDAYS and THURSDATS, of Dry
Goods and fancy articles, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Of Groceries, I' ittsburgh manufactured articles, new
and second hand furniture, &c., at 2 o'clock, I'. M.
Sales every evening, at early gas light. aug 12—y
Executors' Sale of Beal Estate.
THE subscribers will expose at public sale, on the
premises in the city of Allegheny, on Friday, 29th
day of September, at 2 o'clock, P. st., the following
described property, belonging to the estate of the late
Mrs. Ann Maria Cummins, dec'd, viz: Lots Noe. 11,
12,14 and 15, in James Anderson 's plan of lots being
putt of Lot No. 40, in the Reserve Tract, opposite
Pittsburgh, each of said lots containing in front on Mor
gun street 25 feet, and extending back 94 feet. On each
of lots Nos. 12 and 15, there is erected a good double
frame dwelling house. Persons wishing to purchase
can have the property exhibited to them, awl the terms
of sale made known, on application to the subscribers
sep 20-9 t
N Monday morning, the 25th inst., at 10 o'clock,
will be sold at the Corn. Auction Rooms, corner
of \Yood and Fifth streets, a general assortment of Dry
Goods, among which area great variety of cloihs, cas
simeres and cassinotts, of every shade and color.
Flannels, white, red, green and yellow, twilled and
Fancy chintzes and prints.
Bleached and brown sheeting* and shirtings,
Striped and plain drillings,
Checks, blankets, shawls, sewing silk, spool cotton,
patent thread, silk and cotton hdkfs., &c.
Also, boots, shoes, hats, &c.
At: o'clock,P. M., 1 second hand, well tuned piano
forte and Stool.
13 school writing desks;
1 mahogany hair seat sofa, new;
2 '• bureaus;
Chairs, tables, bedsteads, and a variety of articles of
kitchen fat niturc.
Also, writing and wrapping paper, brass and wood
en clocks, cordage, &c.
Evening sales at early gas light of dry goods and
fancy articles
sep 23
AT DAVIS' Commercial Amnion Rooms, corner
of Wood and Fifth streets. An extensive as
sortment of DRY GOODS, rccently purchased in the.
East fur ca-+h, and which will be sold at a small ad
vance on Eastern prices. fur currency or approved.en
diirsed notes. The assortment coniF , ti in pita of `.
20 pieces wool dyed blue black broadcloths;
15 " super. blue cloth;
10 " brown, olive and mixed cloths;
4 - super. Beaver cloths;
5 " pilot cloth=;
40 " cassinett , , assorted color.; some very
50 - flannels, twilled and plain white, red,
green and yellow.
20 " Englishrom ino, assorted colors;
i 100 all wool blanket shawls;
200 cotton plaid shawls;
1,000,13 x. spool cotton, all colors;
100 pieces bleached and brown muslins, and a
great variety of other articles usually found in a Dry
Goods House.
ti 'e Also, an a,,,,rtinent of boots, shoes, and hat's,
I ' which will all he sold at prices without regard to the
late advances in the I:a.q. sept 23.
f i gt—
The sul,scialier having returned from the East with
the latest style of DaLs, has now on utd nut will c,m
stantly keep It i'll'Zt` a.: , .orttnent of his own Manufac
ture, which for li , iht Tic 4S, si`rViCe, beauty, and cheap
ness, cannot he surp-1.5e,1, and would respectfully in
vite his friends and the public to examine his Sti)Ck of
lints and Caps, at the Manufactory, N 0.73. Wood at.
John D. Davis,
J D. DAVIS, Auctioneer
JOHN D. DAVIS, Auctioneer
Canal Basin, (7 orner Wayne and Liberty street, Pitts
burgh. Anuit United States Portiihit Boat Line.
sept 4-3 m.
PCAFIELDhas rem wed, his marble Estab
• lbdiment to Wood At. opposite Fahriestoek's
Drug Store, where he will keep constantly on hand
Tomb Stones, Moutunents etc. ap 19-Iyr
J UST RECEIVED and fot sale on consigunient,
7 likid bacon,
7 Illtd!= ,a4ar,
Can be seen at the sture of Jacob Painter S Cu . :
A Di )I_7l the last week in June,in a clothing Store
in Liberty street,a Note of hand, considerably
soiled and worn. It is signed by James Gaston and
another, and drawn in favor of W. Black. Theown
er can have it by identifyingi: and paying expenses.
July -31.—tef.
all sorts of clothing and wearing apperal. Please
call at No. 151 Liberty street, and see for yourselves
sep 7. J. McCLOSKEY.
Coughs and Colds.
known cure fortlic complaints, can be obtained
ut TUTTL'ES 86 Fourth st. Only cents per bot
tle. Sept
Dissolution of Partnership.
TIIE partnership heretofore existing under the
style of Devine & IPAnulty, is this day dissolved
by mutual consent, 11. Devine is to collect all sums
due to the concern, and pay all claims contracted for
the concern up to this date.
Pittsburgh, Sept. 1. 1813.
11. Devine respectfully inforrits his friends and the
public, that he still Lontinues in the Transporting
business, and that .he has removed the office of the U.
S. Portable Boat Line, to No. 45 Water street, next
door below Lewis Hutchinson, where he will receive
and forward Freight to the East, on the very lowest
terms. H. DEVINE.
SONDRIES.-- , 50 lxuces chocolate,
5 do cocoa,
3 do " rice flour,
25 do ground pepper,
5 do Cayenne do.
36 cans ground mustard,
5 kegs do allspice,
5 do do ginger,
12 cans do do., together with
every thing in the grocery line, all of which is offered
at extremely lou , prices, for cash.
43. Wood street
PLACES WANTED; in town or ,country, for a
mimber of salesmen, book-keepers, shopmen and
boys, in stores and warehouses. ALso, for collecting,
and for a number of mechanics, farmers and laborers,
coachmen, waiters, hostler., and all kinds of hands for
steamboats, hotels, and private families; for select and
common school teachers.
Cooks, chambermaids, dry and wet nurses, and girls
for housework provided at short notice. Places pro
cured for hands of all kinds as soon as possible. And
all kinds of Agencies and Intelligence business attend
ed to for moderate charges. 12 to 15 Farms for sale.
Several farms wanted to rent. Call at ISAAC HAR
RIS' Intelligence Office, Na: 9, Fifth street.
sept 20.
Tanners' OM
BBLS. Tanners' Oil, for sale by
sep`..l4lhu&l!v2t. No.BB, Liberty sr
.Yc' •G.
Merchants and Manufacturers' Scrip
Exchange Bank Scrip
Erie Bank Scrip ...................
On Philadelphia. ..
New Y0rk.....
Boston ..
Gold par
Silver par
Bank of Pittsburgh ............ par
Merchants an 4 Manufacturers' bank ...par
Exchanr,e <4
Do. ° Hollidaysburgh par
Bank of North America.-..--
Do Northern Liberties par
Do Pennsylvania
Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania par
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank par
Kensington bank. par
Manufacturer:and Mechanics' par
Mechanics'.-.._ ....... par
liloyainensing par
Philadelphia bank par
Schuylkill " .. par
Southwark ..... ".... par
Western ....par
Bank of Penn-Totonship ...... par
Girard bank 16
U. S. bank and branches .. - . ..... 36
Germantown par
Chester county ........ par
Delaware county par
-- Montgomery county ........ ..... .par
" N0rthumber1and....._._......._.... par
Farmers' bank of Bucks county ..... .....par
Eastonbank ...... par
Doylestown bank . ....... . ... . . par
Franklin bank of IVashington par
Bank of Chambersburgh •
" Middletown ...... • • ....
" Gettysburg," ...
" Lewistown ..... . . ............
Susquehanna county. _.._... .
Berks county bank ..... . .......
Columbia Bank and Bridge Company
Carlisle bank
Erie bank
Farmers and Drovers' bank
" Bank of Lancaster
" Bank of Reading
Harrisburg bank
Honesclal. ".... ...... -
Lancaster "
Lancaster co. "
Lebanon "
Miners' bank of Pottsville • . .. • .
Monongahela bank of Brownsville ..
New Hope and Delaware Bridge company
Northampton bank
Towanda bank
Wyoming bank
West Branch bank
York bank...
Bank o
Behnont bank of St. Clairsville
Clinton bank of COIIOE6IIB - ---
Columbiana bank of New Lisbon.. -
Circleville (Lawrence, cashier)......
" ( Warren, cashier)
Cincinnati banks
Chillicothe bank
Commercial bank of Lake Eric....
Dayton bank • I
Franklin bank of Columbus.... • ...-
Formers' and Mecha n ics' bank .of Stenbensille—li
Farmers' bank of Canton 40
Granga ••
Marietta ..
.I(assillon . .
Mechanics' and Traders'. Cincintali
Mount Pleasant
Zanesville. ..
Slate bank and branches
State Scrip
Sit banks
State bunk
Bank of Illinois, Shanniestozon
Bailk of the Valley of -Virginia
Bank of Virginia
Exchange bank of Virginia
Fa nner s' bank of Virginia.. ; .. .
North• Western bank of Virginia.. _—
Merchants' and Mechanics' bank of Virginia
Baltimore City banks.. .. • . . • .
All other solvent bank5.... ....:_
All solvent banks.. .
All solvent banks .. -•. • .• .• ..
All solvent banks - . . .
Mobile banks . -
Country banks.. ..... .
New Orleans banks (good)..
AU banks
The proprietors of the MORN tNo Posr and MER
CURY AND MAN UFACTCREIC respectfully inform their
friends and the patrons of those papers, that they have
a large and well chosen assortment of
SOS r3IIIC".£3IIP- 11 /E0
&sip mava - aaalu
Necesi.ry to a Job Printing Office, and that they are
prepared to execute
Books, Bills of Lading, Circulars,
Pamphlets, Bill Heads, Cards,
Handbills, Blank Checks, Hat Tips.
SOU kinbs of 131auk5,
Stage, Steamboat and Canal Boat Bills, with ap
propriate cuts,
Printed on the shortest notice and most reasonable
We respectfully ask the patrona,ge of our friends and
the public in general in this branch of our business.
July 31, 1843. PHILLIPS & SMITH.
fiat and Cap Ildanulhatary. OIL
f 0.93 Wood street, 3 doors below Diamond Alley.
THE subscriber will constantly on hand every
variety of the mostfashionable liars and C A es,
wholesale and retail, at reduced prices.
Persons wishingto purchase will find it to their inte
rest to give him a call.. S. MOORE.
Pittsburgh, aug. 29,1843.
.. -~
~~ Q`~:ii
—2!=-- 1 84.3.
Forwarding and commission Merchants,
AGENTS for the Tran.iportation Cum
pany composed of the Merchants' Line, Erie
Canal; Wnshin , :ton, Line.' Hunter, Palmer Co.'s
Line of Steamboats and vessels on the lakes. Cleve
land Line. Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal. Proprie
tors dant Merchants, Line, Ohio Canal.
Wilkie & Ellsworth, No. 9, Ciicatic6 Slip, N. Y.
R. Hunter S Co. Albany.
Otis Churl', Boston.
Hunter, Palmer & Co., Buffalo,
M. T. Williams & Dow,
Hon. John M. Allen, Cleveland.
Chin-lei M. Giddings,
J. S. Dickey, Beaver.
Birmingham & Co., Pittsburgh.
ap 1 1843-Iy.
Beaver and Warren Packet
. THE canal packet ERIE, J. M.
Shaw,mastor, will run as regular tri
weekly packet between the abuse named ports, leaves
Beaver on Mondays. Wednesdays, and Fridays' morn
ing, leaves Warren on Tuesdny:s, Tletn.days and Sat
urdays; connecting ss ith the Stage Lines to Cleveland
direct, For freight or !,t , ingt• apply on board, or to
BI II CO., Pittsburgh,
J. S. MC NEI', 13( aver.
liARE REDUCED.-I.i. S. MA it. LINE OF ST.sc.Es
AND RAIL. ROAD CAR'', from Pittsburgh, via Bed
ford, Charubershurg, Harrisburtt and Lancaster, to
Philadelphia, connectin:i - )Aith the Main truin °fears to
N. Y. &c. Only 150 miles staging undone night out.
Also, the direct line to Baltimore.
Fare to Philadelphia CO•
Leaves daily at 8 o'clock A. M.
Office 2d door below the Merchants' Hotel Wood et.
feb 23, 1843—1 y
Tho Great Central Rome Freeman's Fire Brick for Sale:
e ll UST received, 5110 0 Freeman's best Fire Brick,'
Via National Road an-I 13altirnore and Ohio Rail
Road Cux.pany. whirl, will hereafterbe kept constantly on band
and sold low for cash, by BIRMINGHAM & CO.
.iri_- ..s .
sa-...TA.i.ce_• _. ....., 't-rs-T7A*'.-2.1 m a 2- 27 No. 60 Water se.
I'_."- -.. ".....11ift - '' r ' : • ' ---..f
:,' 3L-.. - ' 9 : Souses and Farms to Rent •
NEW LINE OF U. S. MAIL COACHES FOR ril HE s.uhserilier has opened an ollice (in conneltdoil
, BALTIMORE. PHILADI:LPRIA ' -I- with his )1C , 1147%1 Al,ency) for the renting aria
- AND NEW YORK. : selling of Houses and Farms. As many persona aria
THIS line is in full op.-ration and leaves Pittsburgh constantly wanting to rent houses without having the
daily at G o ' c l o ck Ai M.. vi a W as hing- t on 1 , 0 .. time to run about-the city iasearela done, can by call - -
and national road to Cumberland, co:die:this here in upon the subscriber, and stating the kind (I' house
with the rail road Co's to all the above places: Tray- they want, find one that will suit them, also know thii
elers will find this a speedy and comfort-ilk: rune, number of E 00171.1, situation and rent, without further
it being a separate and distinct Pittsbni-01 and Cum- trouble.
bcrland line, facilities will be atibrded whigh have n o t Owners of houses would find it to their interest to
been heretofore enjoyed. Extra coaches furaishval at call, and give a description of them, and the rent thei
the shortest notice. with the priyilore of goin, through require, as they would then find their hurßes rented
direct or taking one ni,lit..3 rest at their option. 7 sooner and with less trouble.
F o rtike ts ,
tickets, apply at our otlige at the Monongaliola ' The patronage ef the public is respectfully solicited:
House. L. W. STOCKTON, ' se nl—if T. IL TUTTLE:, 86, 4th sr . ,
President of N. R. Stage Co. --
Honscs, iii.e., For Bout. ,
T HE sithscriber has opened a book to record any
i dwelling house, warehouse, store, shop, TOT."
or country" farms and seats for rent, charging 'IAA*.
ers 23 c.mis each record. He will keep it open fair all
The Swiftsnre, Rubinson, Master, leave:, every who wish to rent any kind of property to examisbe, and
Thursday at 10 o'clock, a. m. charge them 12/ cents; and for a small compensation 2
The Cutter, Collins, Master, Icaves every Friday at ' will attend to renting all kinds of property, and amn4
10 o'clock a. m. - to ill kinds of business between landlord and tenaii*•
The Montgomery, Bennett, Master, leaves every Sat' ! ISAAC HARRIS, Agent, .- -,,,,.
urday at 10 o'clock a. rii. i srpt 21. No. 9, Fifth; ; ,,'
The Express, l'arkins...n. Mister, Laves every S 1_212: . -
day at 10 o'clock a. in. Landreth's Garden Seeds.
' A fell sunply oof Landreth's Garden Seeds always oS" JOHN BIRMINCI IA M & CO.,
,1,,,,1 5. band and for sale, a; his agency, the Drug store of
184, Liberty st., head of Wood.
— ticgular Packets, for Cincinnati.
no sale
United States Portable Boat Lire Depot..
CA. MeANULTI - very re , pectfully infotms his
• *rids and the public, that he ha made arrange
ments to continue the apency of the boats forming
U. S. Portable Boat Line. at the !arff:: new Warehouse, ' -.-
CORNER OF WAYNE AND LIBERTY STR^ ETS, Canal I lIEREIii certify that I have known a number crt
people who have taken Dr. McLane's Liver Pillsi
Basin, where goods will be received and forwarded .
and have been much benefitted by them, and I believe
with usual despatch, and on the met favorable tonne, them to he the best pills for liver complaints, and tat'
to Baltimore, rhiladelphia. New Truk or Boston.
THOMAS BORBIDGE. Agent, general use, of any pril now before the public.
272 Market sc., Philadelphia. illei.o, MICHAEL FORNEY:
MOORE SLCIIASE, Agents. certify that I have Leen afflicted for 6 yearti
1 wit i a . i.ct complaint; and have applied m dilerent'
I - I I . ': •
75 BOndy'., Wharf, Baltimore.
Phyrdc.a.is, and all to little or no effect, until Lmade
. i
_ ____--,_ ; use of Dr. McLane' 3 Pills. In taking two bones of tbeni
A LLEN KRAMER, Exchange Broker. No. .16, :I am nearly restored to perfect health.
_CI Corner of .IVOoLI and Third streets, Pittsburgl SAMUEL
16, 1843
Pa. Gold, Silver, and Solvent Bank • notes, bought t MilivrAairgh, nvar Pittsburgh, August
and sold. Sight cheeks en the Eastern cities, for 2ale. 1 EIF For sule at the Drug Store of
Drafts, notes and bills, collected. Wood streets;Pirtabuilib
REFERENCE -:. C.,:lv.‘r It tit and
‘Vm. Bell & Co.. '
John D. Davis,
F. Lorene.
J. Painter St Co., t
Joseph Woodiyell.
James May, l
Alex.BrOnS WI Si C O.
John lißrown&Co. i
James M . Candi. - ss. `i•
J. R. M'Donald..
at, Esq., Prcs't Bank It
Sept. 4-3 m
IVER COMPl.AlNTS—Dysrepsib. and Fndi
gesfion; with CWitint2Es, useidity of the stints
iteh, hal daess of food niter meals. heartburn, tiiiii4ency,
. liver complaints, v.ith pain in the side and shenlact.
jaundice, bilious cumi,laint,, dropsy diabetes; .gravel.
stone, and inflammation fthe l a gs, arc most perfectly
removed oral cured by the HEPATIC; ELIXIR..
This articl , lia, the most astonishing effierts in eta*
1 all complaints °tithe stomach and digestive .organs.--
Man:: highly respectable l.iditiduals in New York
have been cured, alter trying every other remedy in
lac Lane's American Worm Specific. i vain, and have given in theirnatnes with petmiasiont9
r HIS is to certify that with MeLANE'S Wort), ! refer to them. It is pi' asnin to the taste, and does
JL SPECIFIC, a child of mine pa , sed upwards of 600 not in the leant int-rlore tt ith the daily avocation don*
worms; it is the most powerful Worm Specific now in ta king it. Many families of this city hare become so
ur. 11. BARTHOLOMEW. 1146,,,1 with the medicine, that Ilse use it as theill
Middlebury, 0.. Oct. I, 1L 13. only medicine. By using it occasionally, it
For sale at the Drue . Store of JON, KIDD, Leeks the stomach free from bilious disorders, and the
sept. Corner 4th and Wood its ! liver acti e, with the secretions of the body in the most
perfect activity. It is composed entirely of vegetables.
The cure w ill be gradual, but certain-and pe rrnanant.
For sale at TtTTLL ' e, 36 Fourth street.
sep 6.
W. 11. l'o
McLane's American Worm Specific.
isto certify that a chill of-mitic aged 4 years
passed upwards of 30 worms of an ristoni4liirm
size, from 4to 5 inches long. In my neiiLhliorlioo ' d
some dozen of certificates of its astonish' ng e ii -cts could
beproducod. IF .SN'ON
Poland, Ohio, Oct. 4, 1342.
For sale at the Drug Store of JON. KIDD,
Sept 12 Corner 4:11 ac,l Wood
Dye Stuffs last Received.
Vitriol, Camwood, Alum, and a ,7,etieril stock of
DYL \Voons, in store, and fur sale at the Drn: Store
Sept. Cornos 4th and \Frond sts.
ALor taking charge o. a
1.1-)Y who is cap
househuld, is desirous of obtaining - a situation
as housekeeper in a private family, or superintendent
in a respectable hotel.
She weuld h as ave no objection
to leave the city if desired to do se. For further info;:-
!nation inquire at this office. • au.:
ATACKF,REL.-16 13b15. No. 3 ISlaclerel.
11 received and for sale by
scp S. 43 Wood 9t.
To Merchants and Othcrs.
A GE:s:TLEMAN, VAlu tittirctiglijy understnr.d ,
Book Keeping, svi.ihes a sit nation in that. capa
city: the best of references will be given. Address H.,
at, this office_ nug2B—tf
T OBACCO. -1 0 boxes Burton's 5 b lump tobacco,
25 do Russell d 6 Robinsons do
5 do Hare's
do assorted sizes and brands,
just received and for stile by
43, 'Wood street
SAMUEL 110111',OW,
Mar.ufacturer of Tin, Copper and Sheri
Iron Ware,
No. 17 , Fifth street,between 34'ocid;and Market,
Keepsconstantly on hstaditgood assortment of m-ams,
at id solici ts a share of public patronage. Also, on hand,
the following articles: shovels, pikers, tongs, „Tr , : di rons ,
t eakettles, pots, oven coffer , &c. c•
chant , and others ti.ce invited to call aml examine fur
themselve,:, , s he i 3 determined te ..a..11 cheap fm-ca.,h or
nviayed paper. mar7—tf
Pittsbllrol, Pa
Cincivaati; 0.
St. Louii, M.o
1 '
Building Lots in plyininght &
of Nit
113 LOTS, suitable for building ,ly
eared, and within two minutes' wi
steamferry boat landing, gill be sold al prices to ndt
the times. The terms of payment will be made easy;
either fur cash or such barter as canbo made available.
Apply to the subscribers in Birmingham, or Mr. F.
Petersen. No. 4, Ferry street. Pittsburgh.
Lots for Salo.
4Lots in Manchester. One and u fourth Acres et
Land on Lots nos. 41,42,52,53,54 4 - et
131, 132, n.9(1131,1:1 Cook's plan of Lots, on Holmes
Hill. Also, Lots nos. 26, and 27, in Cook's planof Lou
on High stroct, near the n ew Court House. For tern:4
apply to. Z. W. RE3,III I iGTONJ
son 10
For Saic.
Lois ~n the North Eay. corner of Coal Lsitio'luia
lli;ii sAreet. Appry to
Market near Fourth accost
For Rent.
That COTTAGE, situated in tle 'Bora* of • ,
Law renceN. ille, at present occupied by John,„,:.
Parker. . . . -., 6 -71 , -.. ,
The place has a eery - fine garden anaiocid iiiieri;;;,,, ,
meat of fruit trees. Any person renting can bacethit - i' .... -:.
privilege of engaging for the ensuing year. Po sses "•.....:1:
sion given on the 1.1. of October next.
Apply at No. 5 Commercial Row, Liberty afree't
or to Wm. TOMZU3. SiPithfielii 5102 - 01 -•
se . 1. 1.513. - -
For Rent
d th e e c e late
. residence ft
Aaron h art,ane
is well stocked withehoice fruit trees, sines, IS4e 7
AL:O, a convenient tenenit-nt lately occupicaby K. I
Posses-ion lvill be given on the first of October nexti
For terms apply to GLO. COCHRAN, Ex'r.
To Rent.
PLEASANT rooms and gOod steam power s at dui
cat steel file manufactory, corner of Liberty itia
cr tiara streets. Apply on the pr?mises. july
reach Trees.
THE subscriber has
_just rectived from the Ni.ti
=sere of Landreth dnd Ftlton, near Philadelphia;
a lot of the choicest variety of peach trees, to whichha
i would call the attention t , f att public.
No. 10 1 Liberty st_ head of lircioa.
In tine Distric! (...'o7:rt or Alle g heny County, of
Jui! , Term. 10 i'3. .1 - 0.`, 1 3.
' •-----, ) John Walker, Jr. )
L. S ` f t , Veuditsoni Expo:.
Petrr NV ilson. ) -
And nov.. to wit, August 26th, 1843, On motion
of G. P. Hamilton, Esa., the Court appoint Fn. R.
Slitmlz, Eq., Ar.ditnr, to distribute the proceed' CAt . sale
in this case. From thi Record, -
Notice is hereby girt to all persenA interested, that
I will attend to the duties assigned to me by the
'Court in the cibuve rase, at my ofECe, in Fourth street.
, Pitt,bur2l.l. on Tuesday the ‘..'.6th day of September, r
10 u'clock, A. :NI FRS. R. SHUNIL„.. - -
I auz 30. Auditor.
posse's Eloaxhound Candy.
Fresh supply just received fretn Sew York. and
for sale at TUTTLE'S-, 88 st.
L' PIKE ROAD.—Notice is hereby giver thattby
an art of the General A•Fsembly of the Commonvissaith
of Pennsylvania. the 5111. day of April, 184134:w
subi-nriber ,- arc rarord a: ComnaisFinners in Allegheny
counts, w i th 3 ;thorny to open books at such-tie:masa
pllace a; may he clecrnt.d expedient hr them, for the
purpose of receNinz sltbscribtians of stuck, for the
construction of a turnpilv. mad from T2rtiontown toPitta•
burgh. In pursuance of which anthcrity the subscri
hers will proceed to open hook.sfor the purpose of rt.
- c eivin7 - Fithicriptirr.c cfstcck, pa: - . able to "The Presi-
Manai...-en , and Company of the Uniontown and .3
Pittsburgh Turnpike Road Company," accordingto
the tenna r.f the act.of incorporation. Such bookato •
be opened on Monday, the second day of October,
at 10 o'clock, A. M.. at the !siononr„abelslionse, in
the city of Pitt-btugh. and nt the storeer'Swareel
Walker, in the borough of Elittabeth.
aue 29-11 m. (Avoca