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iB7Torbusiness cards, &c., sec firstpage
nr See advertisemcment of Dr. Laidner's
: - .trre. We understand that Saturday is his last night
Ascrr az a LIBEL SUIT.—Our friends ofthe Chroni-
• de have got themsolve6 into a difficult) . with Miss RA -
Lova, which she isnot inclined to settle in..nny
Cluterwnythanhy "clue course of law."
-tette& 6mmittee of Correspondence met yesterday at
I*e hope of IL Cassiday. An Address in 'elation to
pproachirgelection was adopted, and Committees
'lpstme appointed for the several wards and town-
Resolutions were also adopted in favor of re—
the delegate system, and a committee appoint
dress the members of the party on the subject.
ill publish the Address to-morrow, and in our
of Saturday, if the Secretary of the Committee
.mish us with a copy today in time to put it in
A Conferee was appointed to confer with the German
Democratic Committee.
A letter was received:from Mr. John Irvin declining.
to serve as a momber of the Committee, whereupon Mr
Charles Barnett was elected in his place.
..; New YORK STA. rE CON VENTION.—We yesterday na
-1 "dud the result of the New York State Convention.—
The following are the delegates appointed to the Ne
i:. tional Convention:
i State—Samuel Young and Henry K. Smith.
''l C. C. Cambreleng 10 John Fine
2 Coe S. Downing 19 O. Hungerford
3 Charles A. Senor, 20 John Stryker,
4 Niel Gray, 21 John C. Wright,
.3 Peter. Crawford, 22 Daniel S. Dickinson
T.‘ 6 Benjamin F. Butler, 23 Nathan S. Roberts,
-`k ik
7 John Hunter. 24 Moses D. Burnett,
-, 8 Gouverneur Kemble, 25 Horatio Ballard,
7 ;11. John W. Brown, 26 Robert Halsey,
'-.10 Orrin Griffin, - 27 William C. Kelly,
11 Anthony Van Bergen, 23 Josiah Howell,
' . 12 Job Pierson, 29 Albeit Lester,
. ' 13 Erastus Corning, 30 Robert Campbell, Jr.
il4 John Williams,Jr. 31 Oliver Lee,
' 15 E. P. Burhans, 32 John T Hudson,
! 16 Alonzo C. Paige, 33 George Cooley,
7 Thomas B. Mitchell, 34 Sandford E. Church.
aeries of resolutions were reported from a comm i t
inted to prepare them, by Mr. D tv is, of Dutch
ems resolutions, which the Albany Argus say
licit and strong in favor of Mr. Van Buren d
oicc of New York for the Presidency, and if
re 3 of his administration; in favor of the u.; t it
pointing delegates to the national cenvit
adverse to the district system , --and w.kr:i..•
g• the administration of Governor Boteek, itd
to administration, were emphatically applatied,
'cularly tits first and last resolutions." -
1 ., Mr. Taylor, of New York, presented a pees , .
l" against the action of the convention in thus proceding
.1) choose delegates to the Baltimore convention ather
in refer the matter to the districts—signed ''him
Messrs. Shalor, Maloney and Murphy, of ire city
tew York, and, after some debate, it was u t tered to
nterel oaths minutes of the convention.
los l of t is
m pre oyam ttyt en n s e in r g ally known
e t
been on
c at n ti a ni hdm
,lr on ike‘b lo rth, te
~ ,v l y : t
. ' fear or five weeks for the purpose of retailing a cor
'3wita rate of wages, which it ampears, Irtd.t. , en n:re , d
to be givenarrn by the manuf t:tturors, sone time sine,..
butwhicb the latter alleged they could not sent.inuete a 10.;,.
o.; , .
ford, and which the workingmen assertedwas but a fo it
remuneration. In this state the mattmstood for ti I .:!
length of time of whirl. see-peak, untillat Sattirday.,e
-t ning when the neces..itie- t t of 4,, teen i:.10r...1 them to
resolve to go to w..,14 for all tile rnatik:'l.urer , exttept.
three who had m -,st pertinaooolv ren, , ed to trcat or
compromise with thorn while the di.lreaco et..ism.l.
Nato, while the "...;,"riLt" of lb t •xe•tv.rs eNi 41 l it up
pears that the emploriatr Manaraf t it ctr i hut" also usso
... cilitaa for an unity of action, art 1
on 1 ~ a rninz tie re
/03100 of all workin; truso pro :rribiie l threz. of their bo
dy, they called council to determine :,hat cours.e. they
shonkl pursue in giving out the wolth to applicant....—
How they made out ii not known, hit it is pretty well
; . ascertained that any thing but an tuanimity of opinion
i or action must have governed titer procnehings; for
the workman on applying to the principal employer:,
yesterday for "cltabts," were not only readily given
work, but to their utter taitortddrnent received along
with it "tickets" for the work gu uanteeingt hem an ad
VaACE of price double the difference for which they
)lad '
stood ott'. In other words good, for which the
employers offered 3 cents per yard, and the workmen
asked 3i, is new given out at 3i !! Wet have. this from
the workmen them3elves.
At a first-rate lintel, that of Coulon, kept by a degeae
rate Frenchman, scarcely was I installed than I lay
down, wrapped in a cloak, anon immense leather sofa,
and slept profoundly during—three minutes. At the
end of this time I woke in a fever; and, on casting
my eyes upon the cloak, what a sight awaited them!—
A brown but living mass : things must be called by
their proper names—l was covered, I was devoured!
with bugs. Russia is, in this respect, not a whit
inferior to Spain but in the south we can bath console
and secure ourselves in the open air; here we remain
imprisoned with the enemy, and the war is consequent
ly more sanguine. I began throwing off rev clothes
and calling for help. What a prospect for the night!
bought made me cry out more lustily. A
waiter appeared. I made him understand
'fished to see his master. The master kept me
a long time; and when he at length did come,
informed of the nature of my treeble, he be
an+, and soon left the room, telling me that
become accustomed to it, fir it we: the
'erywhere in Petersbureh. Ile first ads ised
•ever, never to seat myself oe a Russian sofa,
the domestics, who always carry about with
'ions of insects, sleep on these •article; of
To tranquilise me, he further stated that
nrnin would not follow roe if I kept at a proper
from the furniture in which they had tined
rode.—Thc Empire of the Czar.
Dr. Lardncr's Lectures.
'on: Tfrenfy-Fire cents to a?! parts.cf
rid;ervater Lecture., a discourse an the.evi-
Divine attributes, dorived front the mattnial
ra Borealis—E,Ty's Theory of Stormi—Steam
ion in the United States and in England—E,
ity Guard—The Eve and Light—The Ear and
.The Drummond Light—With numerous dio
id experiments. To commence at 8 o'clock,
ow& Cheap Stock Establishment,
LD most respectfully announce to the citizens
;tsburgh and the country ernei-allv, that I have
2,ed the manufacture of STOCKS, of evory vu
, Jrm and description, and would solicit merchants
andothers to call and examine for them ;elves, as I am
determined to sell on the most accommotlating term,
for cash, and hope, by strict attention to business, to
merit a share of public patronage. nug. 19—tim.
Bat and Cap Manufactory,
No. 93 Wood street, 3 doors below Diamond Alley.
THE subscriber will keep constantly on hand every
variety of the most fashionable /IA TS and CAPS,
wholesale and retail, at reduced prices.
Persons wishing to purchase will find it to.their lute
,LL ,A• IN
'& 1 1 1 S ttISZ CAPS.
The subsdber havins r retied from t 1,.: East with
the latest st j iallats, i,a4; on baud and will con
:-tantly hecit lark tt.:so,ratat of his own Manufac
ture, whi..i.tor lightnessrice, beauty, ant, cheap
ness, eannia gUrpas3eC ma would re:To:l..6llly in
vite his fri4s and the rblicto en: inins hi; stock of
Hats and qv, at the :Wid:m.lT, No. 73. Wk st.
sep 9-.3a WJILIXM DOUG...AS.
tisolutioi of Pirtnership.
rpHE on<lor.ilw
1 of Dp:s and ALL:X.AN>I:I:, i. 1.1114 (by di.,sol
red by mull cones J_O ES DICKEY,
sept. 1, 43. Wk I. G. ALEX.-1:TDEII.
JAMIAMKEI: reTectfillv inforani his friend
anti the pie. than still colinue ; in the TjAn , por
tation Buss, )ie Warehiv,ie, cons r.it OF LIEF.F.
name of "Iriep:nd , :nt sortable Boat
where he 1 receive and forwLid freight to the Eir,t at
the limes se:d. 4—;i.
isototion of Pirtnekship,
THE herotofop existing Lza-r tho
stv iperine& 11'AI:ob., is this day dis;olved
by mutu*ent. H. Devin t is to collect all sons
due to thincern, and pay alclaint CJI/tracud rur
th e conedip to this date.
PittLl S: pr. 1. 1043
H. D ro . spectfally infoie; his friends and th. ,
public, the still coatiauesjn the 'frau-Tolling
business - that he has rornoi'd the ofilco of the U.
S. Port oat Lino, to No. i 5 Water strett, next
door hel+ewis Hutchinson,where he will Inecive
and for Freight to the Eat, on the very :owest
terms. 1 : H. DLVIKE.
b Sole Leatltr.
JSID,/ ES of liall.ioro arid N rrv, York
y 4/ . SOk lA‘at her: abl a - ,21.er.1.1 liz.io2l2loll'.
of Mao! Linitis and iiindilSkin,, for sale by
N. 113 Liberryweet.
53 , :24.5.T‘r t
LIGHT liHill su . :Ate fol Upper
13 L‘ati:-r.
~ 30 Iy!avy Spani,lild.s,
:250 ,i t s!all'..:lLter do.,
TOO Mailra , Goat `(lo.,
In stotal ff.r sale. Ly •
I WAL TER fItYANT 4. co.
8, , I tn. No. 83 Libtrry st.
mairtEmp AND pcOK-ron 2844.
• i Ndr Y Dr]i'AtIM.ENT
Bu 4, of Provisions 4-:!/-tAinj, i .. ,
Auttalt 14. 1343.
Q i ,„I.IALIPP,A4I'OSALS, criorsed '•Propt,als for
4-.).11 , 144d - Proposals for forh,” as the cnso may
be, Wilib.,..iNTLl at this chivy Ulli: 3 o'clock P 51., on
MOllthly. L::CO:.11 day ‘-f Octok-r neat, for funtishite.,
and deliv ; faat of all costadriA to the United
Scvcn th d ,i , _:ltt ice: ired 14::e?, of Navy Beef, And seN Jusat.d ei:4lt hulked Larr..46 if Navy.
each bar: Ccatain not less tan two hundrcdpounds
net weir cif or Pork; no ttNce,is of weighlin eith-
er article ,t)e paid for. To), -, a,li:ered at the re- i
spective. ?bards and Naval Stations as fdlows:—
, . L'l , l. , .rin'r. Mils Pork.
At PortA, N. 11., 9, .94 i
I: 1 5 2 071 6 5 5 l
3 8 l
At Bost; ass.,
At Bro , 'N. 1 - ., 2,5 , 4
At l'i ' * hitt, Pa., IT
At B Md., ri
At W t . 1, " 1, 1:). C . ,--
~ 97 I
At - I\ -, VZL-,
° Yi3
At Cl ,S• C., 15 ,‘) .7
56 15 3 1
At At 1, ,,,,,k, Flor.da., 11 15
At L'N'e \Mit'' , L' 3 ., 47 . -,
- s.
~..... ~ / .4. rl. :n:1.5
!v.,: ! 7 1 4....e.f 1 . 1. , ,, - , .!ry, .l; 1.1. u,,,1 the 15th d...:v of
1 (1 . 1 - ' ,l - ' k : , 111. , .. 111.. 1551 i day ~f do., ..
. n l J, 14
~ '. h‘l•ren h dlld b.., re,i . :".r.'d i,,
,i„ .
~,,.// '. ',', 'C' l', , i-io., -.. and Cloillin , -.-L
t.).t; , ; 4• . ,J.,:' ''', ' • '4,45, if ...epar.,t,.•iy a.ld dis
ti,,, t ;. kJ, : :,,.., 1, :7:' ,1, d , V.,.'t J'. I • I,etn,u, first of
‘,„,..•,...„.„,:„.,"., 1, ;T: t!. • Ililld, ,i :eral ie
s. , :tc , „
, 1 .,,
... r ~,,,,.;,,, f i r t:r , ;. , :ll W . -11 ri. • ' 9-deit :1 -,
-,llu 4i.A.1,/,, , 'At ~ ,r, 1 ' " 1. N , A , 7.1 -r, I'7l':_
, 7: ,. 1 r l i , Ji2...J#..., 1 ,
.P...,,. 1..i.. : II.a: •1 '.c . i4titt2; not
1.1: , -5 trt, , ll -*.
. ' 1 ti!'" Lit„ l b,C- I ' ' '' `' llt "a'il.
1 b "
k ! _., ~, , ;,,i . .-z , d a . 1 ,, a.stl,li'l,:yl',, “I1(1111(' Slllll5,
~,,t ,:i,,ki .1 7 ,, ,, . ri,, , ,,, ~,
,),. ''..,“, pir,d, from th 5
ne,•k Ju e .. sir d e1i ,,,, , :;' 1' , ,t5 Nos. I, 2,
Zinc! 2, .rl'j. 5,, 1 ' .4 4 bleb will . 1 " : " ‘)f.'"A3 fun; and
laihd ct! , • - io .i , i ' - , t, mu. _ i ): attach, to and
s I 1 ""- N ".. l 'lly exelo 1.1
from a N ot:,
,tl,, r.nna n de • ••• ' ' "
from t'a.- . 4, 1 / /.'e ~,.„ . , i 0,. .„ ti ,,, ' .`",'', lic • (:r-
Ca.. ,, , Illi,: ' , ,'P VCl I:, 7,ciced' •,-: e1,h ti ,,,,,, ,i.,
, ,7%
The Tf 4 , 2) initi .-,,, IT', , bto 4 , 1) j t ivn red ',yr)! C u t., n _
edlio.: - .5.. •",sii, ''' `/ 1:J• •'' .4r -" , lii'.'" l ;\ ••\ ett-lhe •
'' , l4, ' ''''''iri, . .„.d .•, ')
IL -13, - €l. cc r';' o.„ '', /- 1. .,` ( :.' , J•il , `" , '';'-l'lair .
not Ir'ss ''''4' o ' ' ''':u . 1 ' '...r. „ . "1xc• . +.;10e,.,h,
L c , , ,-, ''.' I, .... . •
bead;, 3... '''' ' 2 .- % . and. lard,
and ail, .. ,1 Pieces weigh
ing; rut :
... ~,
.1 1 •47,,•ef 51,1 d Pork Inn , t he salted with at lose:
ono , 7111.,h , I of Turl. l , 1..1 , 1i.d, I•le of Nran or St.
I.ILE'3il the 13e,..f to" r,t have five clinces of fine,
1 - m l v:lp:tn.:to each barrel, exclusive of a pickle
' to be ant fresh water, as strung as salt will
1 ruakci
the quantity of 13cef and ow-third the
quan rk must Le packed in half bartot,, and
Co. undyed pounds net v..eizlit of cacti, as
the /b e .
T and half larri.-1.3 must be mid... of the
hest white oak or white oak staves and head
, in z; 'ruler, to be not less than three-fourth : , of
' , 'lrl ii if of the hater, to be not less than we inch
dilei Is, and three-fourths clan inch fur half bar
eels', huoped at least throc , -fourths over :sibs
the I oak or hickory 1,,,,, r ,:.
L 1 and half bart,l must be brand. Si on its
ht. 715 'eel'," or Navy Pork," a ti,' rasq , ma,. b e ,
wi'lraster's nuns", and the, '.'..r when pack , d.
'r id l'orl. will !c.' in ,- pected by the inspecting
1 .
offir respect i, ravy n card-.and stations afo
', re
aid 'sty' ..s,vorn inspector of salted provision7, s
who 3.'keted by 'lie resne:ulve commanding
ellielheir charues for such ini.pectiou must b e
pale:peed vu contractors, who 11111,t likewise
has ! pot in good shipping order, to the sat
iJ-1-41n., co:nm;C:d'illtl ul tit- respective 51.t.:,'
:van:tio::s aforesahl. after the. inspection, andt i
at t Npense.
set specify tir ir prices. sup:lrately and dis
tins' arate order- , for the Beef and fur the Por:..;
and f the places of delivery, coverin all e 7.-
pen 1 charge , .
1 !mew ruse:nes to itself the rilfl,s to reject
all , pee,:uns ~s, he have hen'tefore failed to ful•
fil t -fts.
the atnuu-t oi" the re7riective ran
i r, quired, and ten per cent um ;n alditio❑
'old from the amount of coal payment to
linteral security for the due and faithful
of their resprictive coatracts, whinh will on
c paid until the coatraets are complied
pees. and is to b...., the United
event of failure to complen.ithri &live:des
'scribed periods. And in case of fuiiur
the contractor:, to deik et the aforccaid
-within the times specified the Chi,f of
Provisions and Cinilan::ihail have the
rig purchases to be inmie to a:ploy the (ton
ele any exccgs of costs shall be charzed to
em he contractors. Payment IN - ill be made
' il States (excepting ten re: contern to b.
: the completion of the ciltracti-, as he
within thirty days after the said beef and
'p.-e been inspected and reciiyed, and bills
shad have bem preserved to the N avy
ittively, duly approved by tie commandants
ise Navy Vards and S.:tailor - is, according
• f the contracts.
of the beef to be exitale3 will be particu
ed in the engraving to in attached to the
1 sons interested can obtait them on appli
-1 office.
bidde r s will be forihwitbinotified of their
ad a contract and bond trill be transmit
'tich must be execute 4 and returned to
in thirty days. . aug 19—t30s.
John D. Davis,
Corner of IT 7 od and sth sts., Pittsburgh,
T ready to receive merchandize of every description
I_ on consignment, for public or private sale, and
from long experience in the above business, flatters
himself that he will he able to givc) entire satisfaction
to all who may favor him with their patronage.
Regular sales on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS, of Dry
Goods and fancy articles, at It) o'clock, A. M.
Of Groceries, Pit tsliurii - it manufactured articles, new
and s; pond hand furniture, &c., at 2 o'clock, I'. M.
Sahis every eveninir,at early ;ir,rts light. aug l2—y
Furnituro at Auction.
A T Davis' Commercial Auction Rooms, corner
11_ Wood and sth streets, on Monday next, Sept.
13th, at'' o'clock, I'. M., will be sold, tho Household
and Kitchen Furniture of a family leaving the city, com
prising in part:
Mali me SiTrctario:: and hook case,
Do bureaus,
Do fram , spring hair neat sofa and chairs,
Fancy Wind , or and cmn aam c h a i rs ,
brealdast and card tables,
:I:l(l‘vaah stands,
luntel glasses, hall and astral lamps,
Ingrain and rag carpets, hearth rugs,
Brass, wire and iron fenders,
Steel aid brass fire irons,
Feather beds arid betiding,
ITair and straw mattrasse.,,
pi.um fort , , 1 mantel clod
Alen, kitchen uten4ils
sep 14—ts
A. IM'A Nt:
Executor's Sale..
ILL bo so!d. at 3 o'elo on SATURDAY af
ternoon, the 23d instant, nt the late residence of
Aaron Hart, deceaseili,igrrove Hill, by order of the Ex
One Horse, one ti, a number of young hogs,
one wag,gon and harness, sundry farming utensils, one
Sideboard, and sundry artiele, , or hon.whold furniture.
Turms at Sale, JOHN D. DAVIS,
sect 11. Auctioneer.
N THURSDAY MORNING, at 10 o'clock, will
b.: sold at the Cornmf.rci:tl Auction Rooms, cor
nerof Wood and Firth str,•ts, an extensive assartimmt
of DRY GOODS, selected with cute in the, Eastern
cities, ex..pre, , ,dy fir this market, among which are
Wool, dyed Moo illsek, Blue. Brown, Olive, Invisible
Green Clothi, Ca ssinieres and Cassinett-‘, Kentucky
Jeans, Flannels, Prints, HARD TIMES, Moos de
Lain,' , , Canton Flaar.wl., Chintz, Silk, Cotton. Woolen
and Worsted Shawl: a:A S.:win; Silk, Spool
Cotton. Brown and 13:ea:died Muslia3, &c. Al.so, 30
Fairs 10 qr. arid 12 qr. "Whitney Blankets." A Lso,
at 2 o'ithiek, P. M., a variety of tern and second hand
furniture, vin: Chairs. Tables, Bureaus, Sofas. Wash ,
Stands, Work Stands, Bedsteads, &c. Also, 10 half I
!ibis and 10 ke2.s Madder, JO bYs Alum, 30 kegs best
quality Philadelphia . Mustard, and a variety of Miscel
laneous articles.
,Eveving salt at 7 o'clock cf . Dry
Goods. Ciozhiug, Btiots, Shoes, Fancy Goods.
scp: 13 JOHN D. DAVIS, Anc,r.
William C. Wall,
Plain Fancy Portrait and Picture Frame
411 . a:11:facture r,
No. 27, street, Pitt,lJurglt, Pa.
brwlicF, varni,ll, &c., for artists, always
on band. &c., promptly fta•
mccl to order. It:pairing done at the shortest notice.
Particular wtentionpaid to regilding and jobbing of
every description.
Per, , ons st =boats or }:oases will find it to
their ndvanta.:. , to call. sop 10-y
Manufacturer of Tin, Copper and Shoot
Iron Warc,
No. 17, Piph street, bet IC Cell Wood and Marker,
hej. CO:1,1;111(.1y on hand a cood assortment of wares,
a - ?. , l , Micits ilmre pat rona;:o. Also, on hand,
trio!louin artialt sho% el., pokers. tonzs, Tridirow,
pul.,•ttlo4, rot., oven , . colfor &c. Men.
han:.4 and invivAl to call and eNanlil:c for
her' cheat f , reash
H'ai'r. m 7—tf
C. A. D'lc.=lll, TY,
B Wave , and Lilwrty street=, Pitts
imr4ll. United States Puriab!elliat Line.
) AY; IA 1: LI ) 1114 rear Li nvu-Llo Es tub
• ii .Inn Pot to Wo,la st. oppo;ilC Failrlo3tOCk'S
I):3 ' /7.', wl;.•r• , he will keep constantly on Land
Mc• ap 19-Iyr
Pc; n ' ,'+; Fourth st. , 3d story Burk's Buil
.J.•qulicit a call from those xell
-ire Portnut,. ta be sem at his reorn3
JITUST RECEIVED and for sate on consiamment,
7 hhde bacon,
7 1111113
Can Le secs attiia store ofJaeob Pnintor & Co.
no 4 =J J. K. MOORHEAD & CO.
CIIANCE.-1 store in one of the best
-t_ business streets in the city, will be to Jet low to a
good tenant. Apply at Foster's Agency, St Clair st.
nu 7 30-2 w.
ABOUT the last week in June,in Clotling Store
in Liberty street, a Note or hand, considerably
soiled and ivorn. It is signed by Tames, Gaston and
anoth?r, and drawn in favor of W. Black. The own
er can have it by identifying it; and paying expenses.
July 31.—tcf.
FOSTER, t the St. Clair &red Literary De
pot, has ju.4treceivecik small lot of beautiful straw col
ored and zreen Letter Paper, which he sells at the ex
traordinary_prica of 12,1 cents perTnre. sep
TIHE HUTTED KNOLL, Cooper's last novel, for
ERARY Dr poi, opposite the Exchange. Pri.7.6-25
per VOILIMe.
ARGAIN - ' 13
4_, .111 sort, ~r clothing and wearing appetal. Fleas©
call at No. 151 Liberty street. and see fir yourselves
sep 7.
A LL TI E MAGAZINES f Septornhcr have been
received ut the Sr. Clair street LITERARY
DEPOT oppo,ite the Exchange. sep 8-6 t
---- •
Little Pilgrims.
Asequel to the "Tailor's Apprentice"' received at
FOSTER'S Literary Depot, St. Clair st. appo
site the Exchange.
sept lI—I w.
Flo SHARES Allegheny Bridge Stock, at pri
'ft..' yase sale, bs JOHN D. DAVIS,
sep 11 Corne'e of Wood and Fifth streets.
AICK . ER d E a I Tf 1G r
g ri ß i No. 3 Mackerel, just
receve e b
43 Wood st.
NINA ! NlNA!—This great work - by Fredericka
lirernPr is received at Foster's Literary Depot,
St. Clair street, opposite the Exchange Hotel. Price
—cer.ts. sep 8-6 t
To Me; chants and Others.
A GENTLEMAN, who thoroughly- understands
Book Keeping, wishes a sin:alio:l in that capa
city: the best of references will begiven. Address H.,
at this office. ring 20-tf
MOKED HERRINGS.-25 boxes smoked her
-1-.) rings just received and for sale by
Coughs and Colds.
known care for the complaint, can be obtained
at TUTTL'ES 86 Fourth st. Only 25 cents per bot
tle. sept 12.
Laco Leather.
9fi SIDES Lace Leather,a very superior article
for sewing Machine Belts, for sale by
Nu. 83 Liberty st.
sep mS:w2t
'auction Sales. (Bank Notes ant) (Exchange
43, IVoo.d. street
Merchants and Manufacturers' Scrip .. -
Exchange Bank Scrip
Eric Bank Scrip
On Philadelphia
New York
Boston. . . .
Bank of Pittsburgh
Merchants and Manufacturers' bank
Do. Hollidaysburgh
Bank of North America
Do Northern Liberties ..
Do Pennsylvania
Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania...
Farmers' and ihrechanies' bank
Kensington bank.
Manufacturers and Mechanics'
Moyamen .....
Philadelphia bank
Southwark "
Bank of Penn Township
Girard bank
S. bank and branches
Bank of Germantown • • • • - • • •
" Chester county .......
" Delaware county
" Montgomery county ..
" Northumberland
Farmers' bank Backs county
Easton bank
Doylestown bank ....... .....
Franklin bank of Washington
Bank of Citam ,, ers",urgh....
~ .11tddletorm .........
" Gettysburgh
" Le ItleOtrl .
" Suscluehanna county....
Berkscounty ban?
Columbia Bank and Bridge Company
Carlisle bank
Erie bank-
Farmers and Drovers' bank
" Bank of Lancaster
Bank of Reading
Harrisburg bank
Honesdale "
Lancaster "
Lancaster co. "
Lebanon "
Miners' bank of Pottsville .. .
Monongahela bank of Brownsville 1
New Hope and Delaware Bridge company.... 10
Northampton bank
....no sale
Towanda bank
. --- g5
Wyoming bank 4
West Branch bank........... .. ...........35
You., bank....
Belmont bank of St. Clairsville
ClAton bank of Columbus. .............
Columbiana bank of New Lisbon
Circleville (Lawrence,' cashier) 14
( Warren, cashier)__ __no tee
Cincinnati banks ................. .
Chillicothe bank._.. 14
Commercial bank of Lake Erie.... 00
Dayton bank
Franklin bank of Columbus 14
Eirnters' and Mechanics' bank of Steubenville —l4
Farmers' bank of Canton 40
Hamilton 30
,Massillon . . .
Mechanics' and Traders', Cincinnati
Mount Pleasant
Putnam. _
Xenia ...
State bank and branches
State Scrip....
An banks.....
Staff! banl-
Bank of I,7inoil, Shawncctown
Bank of the Valley of Virginia
Bank of Virginia
Exchange bank of Virginia.
Farmers' bank of Virginia....
North-lVestern bank of Virginia.. .....,
Merchants' and Mechanics' bank of Virginia
Baltimore City banks....
All other solvent banks....
All solvent banks...
Allsolvent banks ..
All solvent banks
Mobile banks..
Country banks
New Orleans bank, (g00d)...
AU bank.,
The proprietors of the MORNING POST and NIER
CURT AND MANUFACTURER respectfully inform their
friends and the patrons of those papers, that they have
a large and well chosen assortment of
argIICSAEN "3111r1111 7- 7P3G-4
Necessary to a Job Printing, Office, and that they are
prepared to execute
Book, I Bills of Lading, Circulars,
Pamphlets, Bill Heads, Cards,
Handbills, Black Checks, Hat Tips.
au Mobs of Biaufts,
Stage, &samball and Canal Boat Bills, with ap
propriate cuts,
Printed on the shortest notice and most reasonable
We respectfully ask the patronage of our friends and
the public in general in this branch of our business.
July 31, 1843. - PHILLIPS & SMITH.
V NY or neighborhood, a good place as Coach
man, Groom or Waiter by a sober, experienced sin
gle man,who can come well recornended, and will make
himself generally useful. - Also, wanted plaies for a
number of mechanics, coachmen, laborers, waiters.
farmers, and men and boys for all work in town or
country. Please apply at HARRIS' Agency and
Intelligence Office, No. 3 Fifth street.
sep 7
-- - • ------
-- - ........ . 1
----- 20
-- 25
nig= 1 84 3. Mai=
Forwarding and Commixsian Merchants.,
A GENTS for the Merchants' Transportation Com
pany composed of the Merchants' Line, Erie
Canal; Wnshington, Line. Hunter. Palmer & Co.'s
Line of Steam boats and vessels on the lakes. Cleve
land Line, Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal. Proprie
tors of tho Merchants, Line, Ohio Canal.
Wilkie & Ensworth, No. 9, Coenties Slip, N. Y.
R. Hunter & Co. Albany.
Otis Chaff, Boston.
Hunter, Palmer & Co., Buffalo,
M. T. Williams & Dow,
Hon. John M. Alien, Cleveland.
Charles M. Giddings,
J. S. Dickey, Bearer.
Birmingham C Co„ Pittsburgh.
ap 1 1843-Iy.
Beaver and Warren Packet.
a4 , = ,,,,griar t THE canal packet ERIE, J. M.
Shaw,tnaster, will run as regular tri
weekly packet between the above named ports, leaves
Beaver on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays' morn
i9g, leaves Warren on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat
urdays; connecting, with the Stage Lines to Cleveland
direct, For freight or passage apply on board, or to
& CO., Pittsburgh,
J. S. DICKEY, Beaver.
. par
. par
' ItQ c i. I,
T 4 l ARE REDUCED.- , --li. S. MA tt. LINE OF STAGES
1. AND RAIL ROAD CAE., , , from Pitt ihurgh, via Bed
ford, Chambersburet, Ilarrisbur; and Lancaster, to
Philadelphia, connecting with the Main train ofcara to
N. Y. &c. Only 130 miles staging and one night out.
Also, the direct line to Baltimor:.
Fare to Philadelphia $9.
Baltimore 9.
Leaves daily at 8 o'elecli A. M.
Office 2d door below the Merchanhi' Hotel Wood st.
feb 23, 1843-Iy. Proprietors. ,
.. .. par
. par
• par
- par
. .. —par
The Great Central Roate
Via Naiionai Ro , ?d an,-1 and Ohic
Road Company.
lirAsiusrvroN CITY, BALTIM )ItE,
HIS line is in foil operation and lea...es l'ittsLanch
daily at 6 o'ylrx-'s M . via WasiLi-,rten Pa.
and national road to Curni.erlatA, ........... ia-ac
with the rail road Co's to ail the ;C.)
elers will find this a speedy an I e.enliert-..iiie route,
it being a separate and di-tines F.42.;1 Cum
beria:/d line faciiities wiil ht a:Tordtd whirl: have not
been heretofore enj, yed. liege etarli , •:; furnished at
the shortest notice with tho oti
direct or taking, one nig:its rest at 11-iy unt:oa.
For tickets, apply at our Aloe at the .lonor.,=•,itela
-House. L. \V. STOCKTON,
feb 3—dtf President of N. It. Stage Co.
lar rackets, for Cincinnati.
The Swiftsure,
Thursday at 10 o'clock, a. in.
The Cutter, aFriday at
10 o'clock a. in.
The 11ontgornery, Bear:Litt, lez..vs ever . : Sat
urday at 10 o'clock a. to.
The Expres9, M.titer, ic.tres cyrry Sun
day at 10 o'clock a. m.
T, IVER COMP L AIN T.S—Dzirpe psia and indi
szcs!ion, with costiveness, asridity of the atom
nit:tit States Pertabl3 Beat Lite D-pot ach, hardness of food after meals, heartburn, flatulency,
liver complaints, with pain in the side and shoulder.
;am:dice. bilious complaints, dropsy ; diabetes, gravel,
:stone, and inflammation L - the lunzs, are most perfectly
removed and mired by the HEPATIC ELIXIR.
'This article Las the most astonishingeffects in curing
all cornplidnts of the stomach and digestive organs.—.
Many illshly respectable individuals in INcw York
have -been cured. after tryinz every other rentiedy in
vain, and have given in theirnamss with permission to
refer to them. It is pleasant to the taste, and deal
net in the least interfere with rime daily avocation of Otie
taking its Many families of this city have become so
pleased with the medicine, that they use it as their
only family medicine. By using it occasionally, it
keeps the stomach free from bilious disorders, and the
liver active, with the secretions of the body in the most
Perfect activity. It is composed entirely of Yeeetabiesi.
The cure will be gradual, but certain and permanent:
For sale at Turrufs, S 6 Fourth street.
sep G. •
el A. McANULTY vm-y r2 , Tectfully informs his
• friel,d s ar . d the rulMiu, that he I,asmilde :273.r2
ments to continue a.. - el:ey of the beats curniirig the
U. S. Portal Boat Line, at the large new 11'antillomr.e.
Bmiu, where r,•e,•ir.d and forwarthd
with usual do. , ralch, and to, tim f...,vorable te rms ,
to Baltimore, Yoth or Boston,
Sept. 4-3 m.
A LLEN KRAMER, Exchange Broker, 21 - 0. 46,
Cerncr of Wood anti Third streets, Pittsbur7
Pa. Gold, Silver, and Solvent Bank notes, Lougki
and sold. Sight clocks on the Eastern cities, for sale.
Drafts, notes and bilis, collected.
Win. Bell & CO.,
Jahn D. Dx. is,
F. Lorenze,
T. Pittsburgh, Pa
Painter (
Joseph NVoudwell,
James May,
Alex. Bronson &Co.
John II Brown S.: Co. Philadelphia.
James M'Candhess. Cincinnati. 0.,
J. R. M' Donald. } St. Louis, Mo.
W. 11. Pope, Esq., Pres't Bach Inc. } Louisville.
...... i~
County Commissioner.
A T the solicitation of a number of friends of all
Xi. political parties, I re=pectlully offer myself to
the consideration of my fellow-citizens for the office of
County Commissioner. That my sentiments may not
lm misunderstood, either hv to political or private
affairs, I make free to sav that I have been all my life
a consistent Republican, in the true sense of the word.
As the country iv, somewhat embarrav , ed in its finan
cial affairs, and the reduction of salaries of public
officers has received the approbation of larce majori
lies of the people, the und , r,hzhed would not :should
he be so fortunate as to be elected, in any manner at
tempt to resist this salutary reform; should it reach
the office of County Cenimss:
Pro thczotary.
To the voters of Alter:hen!, e,:?znty:-4 respect
fully offer myself to your considerathsa as a candidate
(independent of parties) for the office of PRO
THONOTARY of Alle;heny count
r y, at the ensuing
election. As Ido not come before you resommended
by a Convention, those of you to whom I am not per
sonally known will please examine into my qualilica
tines, and if so fortunate as to obtain a majority
of your steirsa,7es, I shall endeavor by strict attention
to the duties of the office, to satisfy you with your
choice. ALEX MILLER.
A L ADY who is capable of takinz chame of
household, is desirou+ of obtaining a situation
as housekeeper in a private fhtnily, or as superintendent
in a respectable hotel. She would have no objection
to leave the city if desired to do so. For farther infor
mation iaquire at this (Zee. au- 2.1-tf
PIKE ROAD.—Notice is hereby given that by
an act of the General Assembly of the Commony.tertltis
of Pennsylvania, passed the sth day of April, 1043. the
subscribers are named as Cornmi sieuers in Allegheny
county, with authority to open banks at such time and
place as may be deemed expedient by them. for the
purpose of receiving sub9cril,tiiins of stock, for the
consn - uction Dia turnpike road from Union: OIV a to Fitter
burcb. In pursuance of trithoritY the subscri
ber 3 will pr.-3ed to open bock: for the purpose of re
ceirinzsubseriptions ofstock, payable to "The Presi
dent, Managers and Company of the. Uniontown and
Pittsburgh Turnpike Road Company," anctordirm to
the terms of the act of incorporation. Such bunks to
be opened on Monday, the, second day of October,
at 10 o'clock. A. M., at the Monongahela House, in
the city of Pittsburgh, and ar the store of Samuel
Walker. in the borough of Eiizabc:ll.
Commiesionirifor All. Co
wag (Adronate and Amc , .rican copy.)
so::, :lia-I.?r, ?caves even-
for Sale anb ifeltst
Building Lots in Itirmingirsin.
LOTS, da
within fortable
t h w uil o din n f nu , mosttewalkeli niblyuatci
steam ferry boat landing, will beaolti at prices t o not
the times. The terms of payment will bo made easy;
either for cash or such barteras can be made available.
Apply to the subscribers in Birmingham, or Mr. P.
Peterzon, No. 4, Ferry street, Pittsburgh.
june 1. JAS. PATTERSON. jr.
Lots for Sale. •
4 Lots in Manchester. One and a fourth Acres a
Land ou Holmes' Hill. Lots nos. 41 , 42,52,53,54
181, 182, andlB4, in Cook's planof Lotion Holmes
Hill. Also, Lots cos. 26,and 27, in Cook's pLanof Lori
on High street, near the new Court I louse. For tenni
apply to Z. W. REMINGTON
sep 10
For Sale,
T 4 OTS on the North East corner of Coal Lane and
I High street. Apply to
Market near Fourth street
For Rent
That COTTAGE, situated in the Borough of
rin Lawrenceville, at present occupied by John
The place has a very fine garden and good assert
men tof fruit trees. Any person renting can have the
privilege of engaging for the ensuing year. Posses
sion given on the Ist of October next.
Apply at No. 5 Commercial Row, Liberty streei
or to Wm. Toman, Smithfield street.
sep. 1, 1843.
Por Bent
GROV r E on ly i a
LL, the late
placeeresidence of
is widi stocked with choice fruit trees, vines, &c. t
Also, a convenient tenement lately occupied by R:1
Possession will be given on the first of October nei'4.-
For terms apply to GEO. COCIIRAN,
To Rent.
LEASANT roorn and. good steam power, at th 9
ca.gt steel file manufactory, corner of Liberty and
O'Hara streets. Apply on the premises. july 16
"reemait's tire Brick fcr Sale.
J UST received, 5000 Freeman's best Tire B 7 rick'
will hereafter be kept constantly on ignd
and sold low for cash, by BIRMINGHAM & CO.
may 27 ii o. 60 'Water sc.
Landreth's Grden eeds.
A full supply of Landreth's a
Garden S Seeds always a
hand and for sale, at his a4;eney. the DrnT, store of
ISt Libcrt , ,,t.. head of Wood,
Peach Trees.
THE subscriber has just received from the Nur
scry of Landreth and Fulton, near Philadelphia;
a k t of the choicest variety of peach trees, to which ha
would call the attention of the public.
No. 184 Liberty st. head of Wood. ,
-L HEREBY certify that I have known a number of
pecp'.e who have taken Dr. McLane'e Liver Pille,
awl have been much benefited by them, and I believe
them to be the best pills fur liver complaints, and for
general use, of a:.v pia now before the public.
I hereby certify that' have Leon afflicted for 6 years
with a liver complaint; and have applied to different
phy3icians, and all to littlo or no effect, until I made
tnie of Dr. McLane's Pills. In taking two boxes oftliernt
I am nearly te, , tored to perfect health.
Millersburch, near PitLibaro.l,Au,-rn6t 16, 1843
Forsale at the Drug Store of
an; 43 corrier4:l and Wood Etrt-Lti,PittstibilAa.
In the District Court of Allegheny County, of
July Term. 1843, .10.93.
3 "----, John Walker, Jr.
L. S vs. Vendinto xtfretie.
i E
~...,-... Peter Wilson.
And now, to wit, August 28th. 1843, Oki motion.
of G. P. Hamilton, Esq., the Court appoint Frs. R.
Shunk, Esq., A udi tor, to distribute the proceeds of sale
in this case. From the Record,
A. SUTTON, Pro.,
Notice is hereby given to all persons interested, that
I will attend to the duties assigned to ma by the
Court in the above case, at my office, in Fourth street,
Pittsburch, on Tuesday the 26th day of September, at
10 o'clock, A. NI FRS. R. SLUNK, ., V,
nu r 30.
, ...Ladiiior.
I " — ^Nete Coen-
n the Court of Comma= Pleas of A11e44,
ty, of October Term, 1843. No. 130.
TN the matter of the application
L. s.
poratq io u n e : sne College fur Charter.
And now to wit,. Aug 13, 1843: naV
Con.,...itut.,i on of Duquesne College having been piisazit:
ed to, and peruscd by, the Court, and the Court 1 . 144743 c
carefully er.arnined the raid instrument, and it a
inn to the Court that the objects, articles and ocnditiomi
therein set forth and contained, ere lawful, and not in
jurious to the community, do direct the said writing to
be filed in the office of the Prothonotary of. this Cour;
and that notice be inserted in the Morning Post, in tlit
city of Pittsburgh, for three weeks, settingforth then* :
plication to this Court, to grant such Charter of Incor
poration. From the Record.
Attest A. SUTTON, Pro,
Notice is hereby given, that application has been
made to the Court for a Charter' fur Duquesne Col
lege, and that unless cause is shown to the contra
whhin.ihreo weeks, the Court will be asked tograia.
said Criarter. THOMAS HAMILTON,
aug24-3w Att'y for Petitioners.:
Pease's lloarhound Candy.
A Fresh supply just received from New York, sad for sale at TUTTLE'S, 86 Fourth st. -
sent 12.
Proposals for Chairl iroru • -.--.. -
NAV T AGENT'S 0117IC 2, ...r . r."
WELihington, July 28, 1843. ..: L
DROPOSAIS will be received at this Office .. I -„-• ~:7) .. ..
1 3 o'clock, on the first day of September ens;•, .. - 9 4 7..."°- ;
to deliver. et the Navy Yard in this city, the folio • • ..- It:- - ."." .. 4 , - •
Chain Iron. for eighteen Chain Cables, 1 11-16 inches
in diameter, each 130 fatbiorns long, constituting the tot- . 1 -
lowintr billof Iron, viz
35,1003inka 1 11-16 inches in diarneter--420i inches
450 links 1 1:3-16 inches is diemetcr-22i incheili
20 feet :3# inch by F.li Oval pin Iron.
90 do 2 do 2 do' do. „
70 Syvivel, 198 Shackle, and 13 box pieces.
Speciflcvicns of the Swivel, Shackle, Box pieces
and Oval pin Iron, can he seen on application at this of
nce; ail of the above Iron most be the very
;can, and undergo such proof; under the -
and inspection, as the Commandant of
subject it to; to be delivered free of =pea*, to the
Government, and in as short a time after the Cfrariet
is made as it possible, which time will be tiegipswill"
in the contract
Ek.rhis good aLdsuilic..iezt aureti x ,, , s in - doubliorpo.
aro ,-, urt M. - the Contract win be requireclois v i
;A:ion made from each pago,t of 14per anti qtapp,
Contractis ceinleted.
S. WM. 11 . 30 %7400y Alin;