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    ITT4tITRGJI,',SATt32tIA - Y ; SEPT'R 2, 1843
VTFigelioritteas &c., sec arbt page
irFaterportion of our co'.umns this mnr.
mg is occupied with the procceling , of the late Coun
ty Convention. The labors of the Convention wyre ar
duous, and the fact that all the delegates took part in
the proceedings for two days, shows with what a:nxie
ty the mph.: desired the nomination of a good ticket ,
and indicates how faithfully it will be supported.
The address and resolutions, adopted unanimously
at the close of the proceedings, commend the ticket to
the warm support of the party, and pledge the dole
gates indiiddnally to du all in their .power to ensue its
nieces,: Of this we believe there is no doubt. The
canrasiting for the notninatior.9 WILi carried on with
mach warmth, and, perhaps, a littlebitterness in some
cases, but we have too good an opinion of the demean ,
cy and 010.1111151eSS of the unsuccessful aspirants to sup
pose that any of them will be less sincere in supporting
the ticket than if the result had been dllibrent. All '
the gentlemen who were before. the Convention arc
well-tried democrats, who have bravely battled with the
i tioparty when there was no hope of success, and we are
conficient that they will not now prove Luke-wartn,when
victory is about to craw.' their eTurts.
Ypitoir FEVER IN NEw YORK—The people along
the 113rth River are very mach alarmed at the appear•
atm tam disease supposed to be Yellow Fever
tiartp appears to bl4lll spread throughout the eastern
dike& state, and measures are being adopted to
p7.l ..7 ie . *:..lllsdisease from spreading. AiicorYliog to a
*Latent:lnt of Dr. Von Hoevenburg, Health Officer at
NeV•iork, - 4 yesscl c,rcired at the Qaarantine, on the
7th froy.Poiat Fetrc, 16 days frJrc St. Marcia, load
ed with salt. One seaman sickened at Point Pctre
on the day of her sailing. On the 17th July, the mate
sickened and died; the steward and one seaman sick
ened previous to her arrival, and were sent to the
.Hospital at Quarantine. She was, after a delay of 43
hours, permitted by the Health Officer, to proceed up
:he river to Kingston. On ber way up. the. captain,
second 'mate, and a new * steward, all sickened. On
het way down her pilot sickened and has since dh d. '
Thtts,eigk,t persons hare already taken the Yellow Fe
ver on boar 4 th,is figal vessel. liew many Lai*: died
not stated,
Of those sick at hoziAt_t i g, ty,.o hart died ii;) to lasi
ndagy and mlnytnoro 013.1 iyirg
In consequence of.the sine thingo, n meeting of
she New York Beard of IleaMJ was held on Sunday
evoniar, at which a resolution tea; adopted, that Dr.
Vache, Resident Physician, be authorised to proroed
forthwith to Kingston, and report itniurdiately to the
Loard;ofllealth, the character of the dise'ase said to
exist at sail plattc, with c,Crr
gni): deem of imilortttotc.
TlO- sj.tyot of the city was a:sn dir.-ct:ti to
all tAtittour.>e with the sil.ngys and Kiags.
tan, in'lLTister county, foam this duy until ‘V, dneig.lay
PeZt, at 12 o'clock, noon, in order to give Dc. Vache
;line to make his report on the subject.
Alderman Purdy, the acing Mayor, ha; i.,sued
pruclemution of nun-ildercourAc. in (7( niphaLce with
the above <line t
The resident pli;siciau reputed the city entt:antily
heakby, aid that n.m.ic of yelluty P . VCI' or inalinant
fevehind occurred.
Theßoard of Ilcah mca-tal s to enforce
the remov a l of about tie cit, and to
t h e p re , eLt zoed hott:th.
At Crinccrt Satur.ll... S 2.1, c•P:) rr•nr-c
qt 3 o'c!0:1z
is n I) 1 . 4 rui 1 'l.! %II 1• L
, .
Thik eVenin, S•ttniliv.S 11 , ,r- 2, wi',l p,v,ent A
thr Drlnr,
VIC:1 1 31i .74
R TitaliTA; fr n L lv or Lvo.)!..
••• w-t)
ome tt,nr; /11:; Th, Carnival B /IL
C'iK le= Flitett.P,
\f rid ty—ivo
11C44 07 A.olllii I ri.-Dri , i4 Cirelt-, 50 cent 4;
tttorid Tier, 37% cent 4; Pit, 9.3 en:l6; Up . ter Tier, 12%
Th , bok .411^et will he kent ones drily from 10
to 12. olifr-mi 3 to 3 o'elmi l c. , vli.re•miti s can lm pro
cor nit anolicatimi to the Trramrer.
The tenAt rind, ord •t• will hr. expectv,l and Cllforrrd.
by 'proper offie..rs appointed for that purpo.n.,.
Tannins' Oil.
1 99- BI3LS. Oil. for cl
2-11m&tv2t. N„ . 88 ,i ‘r • at
Essential 0131,
(111,8 LQmei , Clov , . R, • I.LT:fa n vt, 5 L-...aCra:. inr
'l4l atthe Wh Le•:1!-- an] (i.n! lil I),-.117- Ware
No. 60, ror.ler Wood ara - i 4th st
liou4e of
tilt. 31
- - ' Fresh Dlorcurial & Drugs.
0 A.LOXIEL. Qq1C.5.,1.,T, Cint'iar:d..,:, Tart Acid,
L inar Carat add. Priitax•id Chalk, just received
at t. 41 Whalescile and ft2tail Dru z W-Ir •!, ~,, or
No. 60. corner Wood and 4th sts.
' Whiskey.
T HE subscribers inform their cuitcriteri, and
ere gesmrdly. Opt rlr-y are usu.:all we.ilsannlie
witiattinc(l Ls); y,orsti7erior qu.C.ity, which they
will sell st 'the low ist rn.trket pri!o. Also, an assort
mist of WINES, Ltquotts. Conn Li atai Grtic ER IES.
ang j wit. No. 160. Liltertv street.
Stray Cow.
t,,MP to the plantation of the subscriber, in Ulf-
Tnwnghip, 10- miles from Pittsburgh, on the
Nthrthern Turnpike Road, some thee in the beginnhez
of Auvest; a DARK BRINDLE Cow; has a small bell
oartoeark mark perceivable; supposed to be 7 years
old.. The owner is requested to come forward, prove
prormy, pos. charges, and take her away.
our. 31-3 t. JA MES .1 NSTON.
OLE LEATHER.-1.20 sides stile leather just
ceived by HA ILMA N, JENNING,S & CO.;
11Kg 9 43, Wood street
.4 LADY who is capable of taking charge of a
househlid, is desirous of obtaining u situatiou
Iteithonsekeeper in a private family, oral superintendent
ina respectable hotel. She would have nu objection
tq /ewe th• city if desired to do so. For further infor-
Mation inquire at this office. tni g 2l—ti
JOAF SUGA IL-10 boxe.4loaf sugar, jUit received
ald for sale by
43. 111
AR RK,CHANCE sow,.in oae of the best
b usiness stroots in the city, will be to let low to a
good votant. Apply at Foster's Agency, St Clair st
ng 30-2 w.
Ice! Ice! Ice!
ANY quantity of clean, first rate Allezheny Ice, may
he had at HUGH DUFFI"S, corner of Second
and Grant streets.
To ms chants and Others.
AGENTLEMAN, who thorou;thly understands
Book Keeping, wishes a situation; in that cepa
t'ne best of refereneve will be givea.Addreso
thti office. ' • irvArif
PENN INSURANCE COMPANY.—This institu. 'Auction Salto.
i.= tient itayugnisenati an office at, du: corner of Market I
and Third streets, is-now ready to receive applications
for Insurance on I3uildings, Merchandise, Boats, Car-
Li. corner Wood aLd Fifth strevts, willbe sold nn
goes, etc., etc. Capital Stock 200,000 dollars.
MONDAY, the 4th Inst., at 10 o'clock, A M., lar,ge ,
a-id general ast
loin Pliiithielpilia and New York, am-
Long, William Morrison, Morgan Robertson, aid Th.
which are Broadcloths, Cas,itnere s , Cassme t t s ,
Scott. J. FINNEY, Jr., Secreta: v. I a'g
In the District Court of AlletAcny County, of
July Term, 1843, Na.o3.
es-^-" L.
S s John Walker, Jr. )
v,....Peter Wilson. S ''' irtnditijmi
And now, to wit, August 2.8t1i, 1843, On motion
of G. P. Hamilton, Esq., the Court appaint Frs. R.
Spunk. Esq., Auditor, to distribute the proceeds of sale
in this case, . From the Record,
Notice is hereby giN'en mall persons interested, that
I will attend to the duties assigned to me by the
Court in the above case, at my office, in Fourth street,
Pittsburch, on Tuesday tie: QGth day of September, at
10 o'clock, A. M. ' FRS. R. SH UNE',
aug 30. Auditor.
GODOLPHIN.—A novo! by Sir E. L. Bulwer, re
ceived at the St. ChM. et. Agency and Literary
Depot. opposite the Exchange. wig 30-ot.
JUST RECEIVED, a ,good assortment of all eizerA
of good windaw glass and window sash; also, 500
cuts of yellow and purple I and 5 double carpet chai n ;
20 doz. Itrge and s:nall buclte.ts and tubs; 20 reams
writing and letter paper, for sale on accommodating
terms, for cash or approved exchange.
TcST RECEIVED and for sale on con .iguirnt,
7 !Aid:: bacon,
7 hhd:
Can Le seen at the store ofJoeob PztiotPr & Co.
J. K. 1100101EAD & CO.
rail Pain!cr, Fourth st., $.l story littrk's Butt
ding.. .1. OsJorke wou.d so,icit # 61111 fiolp tilne
desire Portraits. Spciumns can Ye Si:CD at Lip room;
may 5.
ICIiFTFL• - libb, no 3 neE -
I ha!' b!)14 no. 2do
bbbt nn !! 40;...,? prime
article for family r , cei yea and for sole by
alp; 9 43. W00(1 strei.t.
Pittsburgh Aqueduct.
QEA LED ROPOSA LS \‘],, be r,•(- •ived at the Co!
lector's Oilice in Allt..ll;,•ity Ci.y, ua!ji o'cioiit, I'.
11. cal TlltiNday, t 213:11Solacatber t, for Ow con
-.traction of an I , llk4.luct. Ailezlway Riser,
at Pitts:Jar:lt. and Imious }to
at- ~ - ticl oni:T, on , , k pr.•% ion, in thl• 4.ring•
artiori.tlst in tit , prokiftat to ti -w.
far a.; thcy rim! sound and roo,L
Supervi .or W. D. Pa. Catad.
WIZ lVtd
4. Hat and Cap Manufactory.
r~u. J3 in , Q.l.s.lrer!, 3 tflors bc.row Di in9•:.l. ley.
Tu sul.priber roa•ttaitiv L tml overy
vani,ty ftt . ,t o HAT, altd CAPS,
wlt.)k,flie a d :zr vcdawed
p 314.11
ro , t r.l!
l'itt,borzli, au
Diem & Cheap Stock Establishment,
No 111. 1)1.4110.VI) Er,
ISETI% IV,r)D AND 31 t!:1:1r. -TR! LI
T \V‘JUI,i),II 1 . ••• , ..t•t(11',iv a;;:lonaco to chi ',on
1 ;t • that 1 :A.,
:1‘ Id .v.,•1 d •it
nn , l ,thn• to ca.,. a•
.rn , P:7P4, a: 1 an
. n:n• ), ta • .:•.•
-;•rrel .:t t
a -11axe,,f!n',.1•• ;
PI HE 11.J.1!).-S )ii • • -•'.. t
t:J Ci• G • I.l'
• .; '"
1,1!11 /
• 1 1;1.: . .... III:n , f1Iy In n, on, t.p
U. ton tl...•111 ~' %:.1 ' d1.1 1 J2 i.
:1111 - !(,, , , , of:',•(• 1.,'
pqn-ol.r:r• V , • ' 1
'ern SVP.! 71 . t . p...•
1 ' 1 11v1 . 1:7:.1:1-. , :'11:111:: I I,f •,1
- A1:41111.2,..1.: :111(1 C. of
T111'..1)11, 11031 C i,r • tr
111 , torn]: of til ,
hr on , nel :V101.1t,. •.. (I of ()•f , 0.-r,
:it 10 oclo,•It. A. 11.. nt th.• .Nlonongnlic!,t If
111- rite of l'i:t.4l,to nnti fit the stork- of
Milker, in the borottglt 'of I:!i7nhotil.
Mi. Clarendon
C~nnmia•+inacrn'All. Cu
aitz !•29--dirn. (Aay.,cate and uu.rican copy.)
Oil Vitriol, Mow, (;rotund Camkvood, Verdigris.
and a very g - vnoral ?n ar.rial4 for flyers, on roa
4onable .111 , 4 to -rived at tliP Whole:air , and Re
tail Drug: Warel.otoc• of JONA. KIDD,
aug. 31. 63. e ,r!lor \ ..(1 ourtli
IiERE3Y coolly tiro h:tv. , n a n0n ,! ..,
It-w.volt , who hive talien Dr. M..1.-ttit.•', 1,:‘, 1 -
.1 .(1 lr.l‘e been nitrtlt Ity tlo :1;:r: I hHittve
C':tern to he the lost for lii et. etteeplii t ,c,, ind the
; , neral Oet of an; pill now lwiltro th•pli.•;•.
I hereby cenify r f tr 6 years
with a liver cotitplaitot .11:14 }Awe iNplit•ii to thil ., •r.:cit
•thysichtti, and all to little or no efit•Ct, ti•tCll I to.oltt
'lie of Dr. M tLIIIC' Pills. In takingt %%It hose, of tlr2m
I am nearly restored to perf , rt lion tit,
M:"C-ainfzli,tlMr ritt , trlrth; Ati_;:i,t 36; lii•P
saie It the D: u 2. Store .1
aug, '2'2 e.u-ner th and Wood Pitt-burgh
[n ate Court of c....n0n0n Pleas of Allegheny Conn
ty, of October Term, 1843. No. 130.
IN the matterof theappliration of Du-
L. S. 9upiaeCollpge fur Charter of 'mot
And now to wit, Ang 1813: The
Constitution of Duquesne College having, been present
ed to, and perused by, the Court, and the Court baring
carefully exanAtted the said instrinnent, and it appear
i }g, to the Court that the object:, articles:mil conditions
th Trio set forth and contaioed, arc lawful, ;Lod not in
jurious to the CMl2lll , lllily, do direct the said writing to
be filed in th- office of the Prothonotary of this Court,
dad that notice be inserted in the Morning Post, in the
city of Pittsburgh, for three weeks, setting forth the ap
plication to this Court, to grant such Charter of Incor
poration. Front the Record.
Attest: 1 . SUTTON, Pro.
Notice is hereby given, that applietltlon i:7ts hem
male to the Court for a Charter I tr Dugil..sne Col
lege, and that unless Call , eis SIDAVII to the contrary
thitte weeks, the Court w id be asked t ,, treant
raid Charter. THOMAS H A MI LTON,
tetg 2.1-3 w Att'y for l'e:tliOners.
TiIIE I Mow sums are it 1..1 tt , i t.„,
ninths to 1, .2. 3,4, arid 5 yeari—eitlim. for en
wind notes nr For howls and morteage t on ce6s prop
er," v•ith Yevertil timc4 tiv.nmount—tile interesf to be
paid punctually tn 1.2 month:. or when for notes
of hand. the interest to be deducted—viz: for $350.
$5OO, $lOOO. $2OOO. „Nan°, $9OOO, ttrln
every instance the debt will be made perfq-Cy safe ti'ncl
secure. All letters (post paid) promptly irtended to.
Agent and Commission .Merchant,
sep 1 '43
MOKED HERRINGS.-25 boxes smoked hez
sj rings just received and for sale by
43, Wood street
Pittburg - .11, an; 30-2 w
A zimt and Commi,ion \irrchant
that it to tir••ir hilt
n! , 11
Cif It 1.!:74 1 \ LER
THOS. 13.1K1:WE1.1.
S.kil'EL \V LRT.:II.
Fresh Dye Staffs
. ,
Frints, Frown and Bleached Muslins, Silks , Meting
aid 11 (mienD r jlli ag Sewi ng Silk, Spool
C.,:t in, Treble gilt Coat and Vest Dutton,s S c. , Sze.
At 4 o'clock, a very super - hit- second Imnd flue toned
PIANO, which cost when new 5350 in New York.—
Also, a variety of Household Furniture, viz; Dressitig
Bureaus, Gilt Frame Moses, Chairs, 'rabies, &c.,
and a variety of Pittsbargh manufactured artirles and
Shelf Goods.
At early gas light, Dry Goods, Boots, Ready Made
Clothing, 4.c., S, . JOHN D. DAVIS,
sep 2. Au.-tioneer.
Joi Davie,
Corner of Wood and sth sts., Pittsburgh,
ready to receive merchandise of every description
on consignment, for public or private sale, and
from long experience in the above business, flatters
himself that he will be able to give entire satisfaction
to all who mar favor him with their patronage.
Regular sales on Mo DA I'S and Mt:nit/A of Dry
Good; and fancy articles, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
0: Grocerias, Pittsburgiammufa,:tured articles, new
and second hand furniture, &e., at 2 o'clottlt, V. M.
Sales every_evening;atearly gas light. aug 12—y
ES oohs at Auction.
AV,li,isirt'.'s) s p n t ;. 1
: I nt t ) t e r 7 r; l ''
: l e t
1 1; ‘ ,... ' 1
i 4 " I S .
C l , t u
I n ' . 7c i e n v l ' s, -l i n n ( s -
tinn Rourn:," au e , •toniiv:. cutalozu7 of T ieolozical
Mi4cellancoo3 nooks, principally from a pirate
Cata:zque s arc nowrindv
mim 30. Auctioneer.
[Gazette, Advocate arid Chronic:o, please copy.)
Pawl Street Lot,
W ILL he so.d at Aii• los at Ig on 6sto?-
day morning, the 9tit day of September next,
as the pre nice, that very valtiabk, corner lot, 26} feet
Ito .ton P qin street, eventli , nt back a!, , ,ing Glrrison
ale 11 , 7 i feet to Exchange allpy.
The p, .ovf,4 property is Very advantazel
and can be improved so as to command a lialdonie
incom, Z. W. REMINGTON.
Terms at sale, JQIIN D. DAVIS,
aug 25. Attet.joneer,
Advocate and Gazette please copy,
[in ontwa or PPIE Cf•XXISSIONEIZS.]
ON WEDNESDA Y, the 6th clay : of September,
I $ 13, will be otier,Nl at public sale, at Pittsbur i irli,
the f blowitz Stoelta °wood by the State of l'onnsylva-
Ma, i
No. 40' .•,:/...rrcs, Co.7riLkies. - l'ar l'ohir.
11;00 Ailvgliony 13ridgo ( umpany, $25
2000 : 1 10;101/pile:a " 35
000 'lig Beaver 25
i 100 Coiontm4ll 44
100 f. , )vailiuona 4,
171 11.0,h. , . ) ,v 0 4/
' 300 IViai talc ,,, a . t.lVA4liintw,ttni CO, SO
2500 \I .•1u), , n)111. X ivi,yrin. : company, 50
21 i 1 11cE , r.l. a .1 '1 ,,,, ..,a,:v0"Tp. Ituarl co:npalty, 50
332 3 S;t-0r,10w,, ;I,A 11r.:,-.11-31,ort:11 ~
1780 nr.a.14( , :1 1 Lind ti:t.lour i li '
3437 1 ra.itingdon, Cararia Sz.lndi:lna "
9157 Pitt ;Im/1711a:id Now Alexandria "
:1.22 'N, \r A1e:.a.,,,1ri3 nod Conenraugla"
917 I'it;:burp.ll %0,1 1S , 01:1
8'2:2 lititlrr:rti M , rc,or "
320 Pitt , briqh v:11 St , -.ll.caiville '•
300 11.01 , 1 , -towo ail \L,. .t l'ica:ant
tin° :tlonnt l'ira. , i-.! -1n. , 1 S;)7norBet '• 67'l S Iner-et :. 11 1',. -, 1,...,1
3.10 -11 ~.a. ~,;- a:. I 1..,'.... n 1
:71 ••
5150 I a Ea:::1 aid 1:: 0 1,T),11-1. ..
3•2'.', kVa.lii , l.a.).lu:al ‘ri ii . .r.n..a.01t '•
frii Da Pitail - pargia, "
200 13.01(T and li.i2. , eaT2',
4 2;0 Ni ri a I'l-a , l:a a'l , l I'it..4lE:igli -
3- S no-,..et an 1 (.:010111'1'47.11
3'o D., (..,,,,i,,,,,i "
1)0 Lizo:,ior and .In4;;AL Ot t o .
L 4) 1 1e.11 - ...,ia1r,i,,, 1.1,,,iz,;!: • ., 0.1:.1
ry.,..i;:io - 50
.200 It— i 4 r 3 , 1,i 1;,. •••i4, : a ..
2'21 l'i!:-' ,, :,-2!.1%,!-I, •!-- ,K. 7 11 •cirodc-'•'
1!;0 r., , ,,!,,,•„;,::
_.:: 'COI P , I :‘,.ll:l\ViiCy " o•
I - il lI" ro 1,2: . t ..! ', .•_• . it •Ity I: Ht.. co.n ,:u :..1:1 . r, 211
11.11 i I ',l - ',.• .i_: I . 'l 1. - •::: ...1. i'.l: - .)..':0. P,o:/:lniv i )y 50
5 :9 : -, , ,, , , / , 010.0•.:.., a') , l IV , :tarc.c,l
1010 Al n , .1. and 1 , 31,.. - . c '
109 .1n 1.1.... , w', 1-err. \ Val.••,-Cm 1 and
:‘ ,. ,•rs. lin,•n
' , OO .kkiwzion and I\"nterl , .nl
80 IVarton :t.“l. Ili:Loom.-
.10 AV:ll . l , ll;eni \r•\‘' S',:ite lute •• 50
fiG fteti Uttioft . .\l3lltl
1 onitli:t
~•I S•l2'l :1;!111:)ion •• '25
300 13,3;I:
:bit) C , 3b.:111 , ia 13;o13. nod Bri.l , ze eulniewy, 100
1000 l'ino , ylvaniz t :111.1 Cent., (;aril eonyany, lOU
Porcha , vr- Will b 1 - ... ittirt••l to pay for the Stock., at
tiro • Or oviy alter the saiv, in VertilleZlWS is
sue,l by ill , .lo.litor General, tit Itursonoce of the Rest,
Itt ion or 71 h Apin. 1!:42, not?t , i4,l.ltsd by th 7 fho,b. 3 t"
this Colo. wetwealth tutant the act of 4th 31tv, 13.11,
, oeei , . nr the no, rety!te 2 l,l n't,.
of :•••••••fp4l: v•ol 1••• ri,•l•,. inn reazo ?ion. , ;titer
1:V.1 \S RO(i:11S.
sale 0,7
etett JOHN D. DAVIS,
Western University of Pennsylvania:
rri LIE 01 till' , wid bezi,
day the 4th Si - nuenther. at 9 o'eicii:k A. M..—
A ppii -at ion for admission only b , :.;thik to Cie.
Rev. HE)! DY ER, D. D„ aAirtip.74l-4.
at hi- l'oorn in the University. 3'n - it): f..) A. 'AI,
'lnc exercises of the LAW SCHOOL will co 11:1 inte
on the sortie dity at .9 o'clock, P. Al. App.iiiarion for
admi , sietn into whirih, to be nridz to the FP.if:4so? of
Law, w.LTER 11. Lewitt s, Esq., ut his office in 4th st.
Oa the eveniog of the !tame day' at c'clein. In the
Hall of the University, nn .Ant4to.4l ttill delitered
h'fore the Trustees, the Faeudy and the Students, by
Professor Lowrie, which the citizens generally are in
vited to attend. A. L, PENTLAND,
ad; 3 Secretary of the. Board of Trustees.
LlitIES.-50 boxes chocolate ;
5 do cocoa,
ki do rice flour,
1":; do ground pepper,
5 do Cayenne do.,
311 cans ground mustard,
5 kegs d!.;
5 do do ginger,
cans do do., together with
every thing, in the grocery line, all of which is otfcred
at extremely low prices, for cash.
11..t112M.1 ~ JENNINGS &
43, Wool street.
P.+•..—r25 half K•ho,t, it'. g
a - 34) b',' •s ( ibs) do
!2(1 G lb. bct:ce.. trunpoy.' kr.
'• ink leria', usi recetved dlt4
Jrssm6 - ; & co.,
.!3, %%ood street.
61 .,. 1 , b,
LL , I7, J
Aormatidd IVariid
II EN i s tir 1\11 . 1 . 1.11Y, ‘ylki left Pittsburgh in dime,
1 . 2, for St. Louis, is irifofirl.2d tine his faii;il~'
in this city is eery unxitit,s to hear fromhars, rind &hut it
necessary fot the manuaemetit of his business that
:hey rec , ive,ornti information of him.
ny person in the weste.,n cities who konws the said
Henry :kldrry will do i:f n ext of kindness by icafermil ; :,
hint of the wishes of his fiir.'diy, if he is oviafr, or by
Vriting to his wife, Miry T. i.urry, in Pittsbitrzh. such
::: - .4.mation as they may possess.
Henry Murry is, by trade, a stone mason.
(Oar Cincinnati arid St. Louis exchange's will please
is.lpy the above notice, and we ;will cheerfully recipro•
este the favor whenever inspgrrutit.y nifty offer.l I
hn D. D
Merchants and Manufacturers' Scrip. -
Exchange Bank Scrip
Eric Bank Scrip
Oa Philadelphia
. N 4 'r York._
&don ......
Bank of Pitishnigh
Merchants ai,l Manofacturcrs' bank
Do. ltdlidaysburgh
Bank of A - win Al/le liCa ...
Do Ni ilk: ra Likrtics
Do Pen nsyl ia
Cominerrial Bank of Pennsylvania
Par,ncrs' and McciLanics' Lank...
Kensington batik
Manitfactureraan,l Mechanics'._..
i echanics . . .
Maya atensing
Philadelphia bank
South wa rk ..... " . . . . . . . . .......
West( rn
Bank of Penn Township
Girard bank.
U. bank and branches
rt . :A of ne r.na !down .
" Chester :panty...,
" DiJateare county...
".Vontteduevii co i n!,.
A'ortlinolw eland
Parolees' l.t.nk of Burks county
EllB , o/1 bank
Do nle.sloon ban.l
- bank of Washington .
Bank of Cliambersbargh
Middletown ..
" aeltgab4l,4.
" Levisteeern
" , 9nequel:anna county.
Br eh, couht n bank
Columbia Tank and Bridge Company
Crrrli.ac banl- .
r.neis and .1).. ore nr• X• -- •
‘• 17 , 171 7 : of f..erfoira,te r
" of Reading.
Harriellur!e bank
onesdal.; "
Lanca.:l!ce :r. "
: If berl;k nj Pou se ili e
it.:loaggkelaitcmt of Drnxn. i11e......
Ilopc and Delapare Bridge company
NorMetniplon hank.
Tmran , la bank....
11 7 e ,, 13,-aw , h tank
York brtaL.
3 , 1,0J+11,1nk rr . f Si. Claireville
ing honk New
Li:, Eric
. .
r, 1 0 4: 1.71 .
.... • • • • • 4
F41,14'14' • 1 110r4" brink ••1 4 Steubcnrille
. .
S '111,1;4..
Z • t
Sicee n 0;r .1 1 , c•ote-4, s
.''r r,j,
Stale hoick
Bank qf liliaufg, Shan-net:l'o*n
IL//t.Z. - fi, r:f rio*Z;ftil/
1:.1 . f",,:n we bank of' rf efoit ...... • • 1
t* C,: • baitd'rl rirgini .• • . ...... 1
.V ,, r111-11'cAs bad;of Virginia
Os' anl Meritaitia bank of Virginia -.1
Branches. „ ,
Alt so touni..s -
?! s,/ve/4.! baalk°
.114)bile banks..
Country bq,4,,,1s
Vero O;deans balks (toudjz...
11l ban',
The proprietors of the AIORNING POST and NIEIZ.
CORY AND MANUFACTeRER respectfully inform their
friends and the patrons of those papers, that they have
a large and well chosen assortment. of
OPALS 11.3.1 911 E"
a3it ra.,ll4Lfttaaaleri
Ne , :essary to a Joh Primind Office, and that tha 7 are!
prepared To execute
Boul‘s, I Bills of Ladinz, I Circulsrs,
Bill 12 ds, l Cards,
Haadkills, I
Ncak CheeN, - I Hat Tips
oil lit ob.l'lattis„
,c Ica •as can, 23,,471 hs ?rah. an
s.ruveitae cuts.
//A flu sluiriest rcasior.abll
We rvsl -- ; , ...:tfu11y the patronacc of our frionci. and
the p , ;',..r2, in general io [hi.> branch of our Eurt,iaess.
July 31, 1313. PHIL LIPS & SIIII4f.
C 0 FFEE.-301TiaF'. ccrec,
n Lami yra do
55 " - St. ° Daniingd .33
50 " Havanna do
Now racciving, and foi - sale low for cash. by
43, Wood swam
• par
•• par
- • • ...... . par
. .. 'oar
- ---... ...... 35
....WO stile
.. _....?
- .71 • 1843
• - r Sale anb o
Forwarding and nail:mission' Merchantsp
A GENTS for the 11*-rrhant,,' Transportation Coin
pa -1y compost - CI 4.. f the irler,2llant3' Line, Erie
, liinitton, Liiie. limiter, Palmer & Co.'s
CEia;.'ea:,; Wii
, f Steam i.Kyi: a.. 1 ve., ,, :•!3 on the 1843. Cleve
lithil Li.ie, Perin - iyivani n a:ni Ohio Cann!. Proprie
tors ofthe Merchant 3, Line, 'Ohio Canal.
iViikic Eriswortio, No. 9, C•oelnie.. , N_ Y
Otis Chad; Boston.
Hunter, Palmer & Co., 111.0.1,1,,
M. T. 1L illiatn. & Diow e
lion. Jam Cleve:uno.
Charles M. Ciddime)
.1. S. Dicliny, lleavnr.
ap 1 18-13.-1 v.
Beaver and Warren Packet
..•.Vf HE canal racket ERIE, J. M.
riim 4 iiSliasv,rnaster, %VIII run us recular tri
weekly putthet n.•tuverui the ul,nve Latmul Aorta,
Beaver on Man,lay,t, and Fridays' morn
ing, louro3 Wnrron oa Tu Thursdays and Sat
urdays; cunuecting with the St4,-c L;aes to Cleveland
dii-ocr, For freit:lo or 0.1,3.zur apply ua board, cr to
.13IRMINCdi 1M d C(>..l'ltt.oburgh,
J. S. DICKEY, D..arcr.
Public Sale of Valuable Lands.
P URfiI'AN•I; to a decretai order of the Cif - C . 14/.51S
pvrior Court r,f Law aucl Chancery, for , Matiorii
roomy, pronounced the 19th day of April, 184.1 iu the
cause depending therein of Merry Strider, Pit., op
gains: daritcs W. Barkenridge and others. Befit the
cn.lor.ii2-0-..1 s l y, Cid COTI I MI', ,, I.n/Cl', Wiii sell at publje,
i, , vil,,ti to tlit. , l,i;ll-•,:t. biller, at the court house is
j... 4.,
i ; A i. .., eoni,tv, ~,,, the 16th day of September, 1843;
,r- c0 .. 4.7 .,- t r i „.. ,7 . „.
a ,, F ,,,,, , ,...- 71.;i .. ,
c.. ..,, ,,, %el
_., (1) , 1,1.7 the ilrs• day of thf , Cir Sty'r C.turt of fait{
_.„ , ,,,1--. ^ -
.‘,_•nr",,,,,f, - '-, .--.. N t on! ' .
_...........1._..d.................. ,
.._......-.-,-. -:..21--j„,;i: i county, wet. Known body of land commonly ea.
1 8 4 3 . .: icd -(3,-.:h.larf, satio:.," iy.,, 7 in Mason county, Vi.
. ,
(Aii,, -ivnr, co - nai-ioehy survey four thous
11 4 1 ARE REDLIC,ED.—r. S. MA:r. TAN Eor STAGES 'on toe , • .., '` '
•... 1, - '' • • ' ...a; ' l4
one }I :deed ano. tweuty- . thrte acres, ID two ~ s4oipalift
-I- Asp rt AIL ROAD CI.R;. fi ota Piitzliur , ll, via !lad
parcrtiltr, a lacgc p:oportion of which is river bottrum
ford, Cilam'o,-.‘rsburz. Harrish•arr and Li raster, to
land. The above laid , pre...kit:3m the see will
Pidladelnhia, cot:net-6.4z with tbe Main train cif ear; to la laid cfr liv the au:ire:car of the county in lots aeon
N. Y. 6.... e. - Only .150 miles staging aLa one iii•lit out.
AI Also, the direct line to Biltinion. . venient size for far nz.and plats furnished, and so marry
thereof will be sold as may be necessary to protium
Fare to Philadell:hil i' 9.
Baitimore fr -t h e sum of ruoi,e : v required by said de , retal order... 4
Leaves daiiv at £ o'c!,,el c NI.
The sale:: will he made on a credit of nine months for
otie-thini part of the purchane money, of twelve mouths
Office n.l dem bi'leTW (b . ' I‘I , 'ITIMIA.' Hotel NVoO.I st.
for another third part, and of eighteen moral's for dui
feb 23, 1.843-Iv. Pro prietors. residue.
purchaser or purchaser. 4 giving &masa
ec t
i l l r Ws
the pat of the different inatni. •
. osn r r2. i . nr.
The Groat bentral Route , ments, bearing interest from the day of ~ , ....ale, the legal
r'ia A - a l i - ,,, , , a 1 11,00 , 1 and Baltimore
anti OhiO Rail tide to he retainr,l a , further security for the paintrimtdt
Road C0i1:7,6m y.
of the purchase miney. and nahle to resale at the risk
of the purchascr or yurcia. , ers failing. to make punch.lis
~ . •••..
':'''' --•"'/' • s •-•-
\ --•
~:_,-.........„_..71. '` ; 4 Gr.O. W. STRIBLING, Special Coter.
P,, , ,,,t Plen,ant, Va., ./1111P 26,18 rd. ijy6-`2m '.
WA3IIINnTON CITY, BALTI)I011E, Prtit..tn;:t.rttrAFor Rent.
AND NEW YORK. ,e-SlAFTitat COTTAGE., situated in the Borough ot
T HIS line it in fall operation and !eat r; Pittsbu rg h r:LI La...vrenceville. at present occupied by Jukis
daily at 6 o'clock A. -IL, vi t 'Wu-lint-ton Pa. •Pars. r.
and national road to Cumberland. co:morning- here The mace }r a v,u-r fine garden and good emirs.
with 112 c mil roil/ Co'i to all the altos e places: Tray- mrnt of fruit tree , . Any person renting can have as
r•ler,.. will find !Ili a a .pr.0c1 . , ,: and corrnf,rtable. rou te , privrl'ze of .a.zat7in.c. for the emoting year. Posies.
it being a !wpm ate and distinct Pitt-Lur c h and cum_ .iion, elven on the 3.--. t of October next.
berland line, facilities will he afforded which have not' Ap , 'y at No. 5 Commercial Row, Libe.rty Wes*
been heretofore enjoyed. num en,...ehe; farrri+hr,d at or to Wm. Tomah, Smithfield .trect.
'he shortest notice with tin- privilege of going threin-h Sep. 1, 1843.
direct or taking nne night: real a , their option.
For tit . .. 401. . -., apply at onr calve at the Monongahela For sent
Tio:::e. ' L. W. STOCKTON. /-
, 1 RUB E HILL, tl,e late resider= 4111 bi
fob 3--dtf. pr, , lident
c 4. , ,,, ,;. R. st, t .. 0 In VT Acron Hart, deceased. The placedM"'
Is well stock rd with choice fruit trees, vines, &c.
. ,
rioso, a co:,v , -, ;tic nt tenet:tem lately4x•cupied by R. T
Regular Packets, far Cincinnati._
.- - --...- 7 4
; ..::. 4:-..7.7- I . ..,- , .e.-.. : ' . l'o , ,c.ssion t•: iii 1.,..7:ve n —oil, nr- , t id Oct ot , or ilex: ,
For t,-rrn, appi.7l.-) (iD.). C(iCIIRAN, Es r.
• • -
The Switl , sn-, 13.01)in:in.', .71.13-s;'-r, leav, ii" , "ri
steam power, at
To Ilat,t.
Timr,,llv at 10 , )'t.:o,-',c, a. la. - '
11 I.E.ASA NT wens a , a.lL:c r•cl. tlior
Tie , Cutter, Cu 1.11., Masttr,leavri t; cr . % rriday at I- steelfi., manufartorv, turner of Liberty ant'
10 We:or.'.: a. m. cast .
cyli ara st reet .. App;y on tile premises. july /6.
Tie' M' iltr f O•Tr-Tv, Br!..utt, Mai:er,leaveii:verySat
.. _.
ur(11. - at 10 o'c'. ,- .(1 , : a. tr... Freeman's Fire .rritic for Sale.
'fad E ,- .;1:c3 , ,, P- ....:: - s ,n. 1-1.,:e.-. '.,--).-.- -. ~. .- . -ry,i, l rn- ' 11 U - 7 , '..1 . r- roiv , (1.. !:;00(.1 Freeman': 1.e,.t Fi re Briec,
Cluv at 10 o'efocis a: tp.
: OP 't\ :•::.:11 v - i' 1-1-I.nr' , / 1 ,0 1“ - It col..?;anth on band
jr)l.rc rtin:q4,: s rt;R l AM k CO., and 3. - 1. I..‘v 0.. r visll. 1y 111 1.01INGHA.Ni 3.7. CO.
.14-erds. ' ma y '..r7 :Cr:. 60 Water at.
. _
t.l4cril.er re•-‘po:.tl . ,iliy
i„f„.„,, r
t h„bii, i„ Manufacturer of Tin, Copper and Shod
rp i if:: s
1. grzneral, that lle intend: to devote his xrhole time ' Iron W2re.
to dm Cot.t.rc rtoN or Accor.sTs in the cities of I'itts- Alo. 17, Fifa, ereci,brtween Wooden(' Arirket
bur.zit, Alleglmay tool vicildtr. i Keeps eollstroaly on immd a g - 00%.1 assortment of wares.
I laviug been para.-2,d io this busil.PA,i for some :di m ' and -olirits a -har . e on:nil:lir pat rooage. Also, nit ha n d,
and giveo wairo s•vi- faction to those who employed the follm% ingartleles: shove:, iol ers, longs. Tridirou,,
him, he rospe,:t luny :plicits.: lito , e l ino. LI:: accour.ts to 'I'll:el 3 . U'a1 ,, , • ! ,---, ..1 , , , 1.:;. nvons. c ..cr.,-• mills. &c. Mcr
e0,.1,,,t ~., give him u ti 'al. , chant , :md otl.:•:::- : , r• i:.\-i.ed to call rold exnmine toe
Pi::..i.dons anti others \N le, ea,mot s -, are time fro m ' themseo:c .:Is I.- i.. ‘.1.:::::17,.ned to ..ell cheap fir cash tre
tiwir profes:iomal business to colle , _ t their ze - couilts, ' al l i'l"'r"- - I 4 l'''r:: mar 7-tf
~,.u'al find it to their a‘hetu.trro tO gi V. • hint a , all. ' --------- -----------
llespee table rpkret:cos ran be Ellen, anti, lir-Tared/ -
semlity wili be circa for the flithful return of ail inn
nie , collected. •
He can be found at 3f Aforrb . a nt
Tailor. tip stairs:. c onicc of AVirlzet and Fourth stveuts,
ciatralw- on .Ith tst. daiic tioni 8 till 10 o'c!ock, A. 34 1
Any ni.clers thor.• during hi4nlts , tce,
ed to. oc Lv lettcr Cirotigit tilt. Pon. Othce.
Terns. 5 Pr cent commist4on.
.Erdkange Erala r,
Corner of Wood and Third streets, Pittsblrry
Pa. Gold ) Silver, and Solvent Bunk- note.:, bought
and .sola. Sit a ch. , ) , lirg on the Ertr , :ern shirt.
Drafts, note* and bill*, collPetvd,
& Co.,
Jolla I).
F. Lorenzo,
.T, Painter Sr.. Cu., PittsbuP ' r ' h '
Joaepil Wooduo21:,
Jame:: May,
Alex. Bronson &Co. )
John II Brown S.:Co.
J; It. M'Douala. L )uk
W. H. rope, Lig., Pre.,'L Bank Ky.
t. Paul's Young Ladles' Boarding, School
i: , fmmed tint ilds in-Ettition, con-
clu,ited by th , Siters rf Clittrii he req):::-
ed on the first M•indiv in Sepientlier: A so.t.ci. and li
mited number of ptrils will be received and ilitreett d
in the several bra:telies of a isoli , e eilitcatien,
together with useful anti ormimental neetlievrcek.
For tuition, ‘vaAiiii, - ; and menclinz
For bed and brdd!ng,
Ductors Fees dre nett niclildeci in !W ffk.o.r.'
N. B. A feat half boarders can be accoeltmodat:.d.
en the ittost reasonable terms, which eiil he trade
kndwit on upp'itaation to Sister hidore, t he Superior.
A reduction will he muck ha favor of chiMren under
twelve year: of age. ave 24—a2vcs:wit
County Commissioner.
Althe solicitation of r. number of friends of all
political parties, 1 respectfully offer 0:e-self to
the consideration of my fellme'-citizens for the r'llee of
County CoutlnhJsionf.!r: that rny :cntinamt..3 may not
be misuntlerstoon, Either as to polttiotl or piivate
affairs, I flake- frje tt, say [lint I In:ye been all my fife
a consistent Republican, in the true sense Of th , . word.
As the wuntry is solony.lint cmharrh,!•ed in its finan
cial affairs, and the reduction of sulat'hut
officers has received the ypco!eation of Iteze maj6ri
ties of the people, the! num'rsit , ll , 4 NVOUId not Should
he be se., fatunate 1s to he ?Ifeted, in any limner at
ten'ept to resist this snintatv sltiMel it reach
the office or Counts
t°t"'s OJ Aticgitclmi cun!y:—l re.pert
fully offer myself to your consideratien us a cindniate
rfr c 2, i flat thc effi:e cf PRO- ;
THONOTARY of Alit-hem coin'', at th
election. _ks I to tort (-caw before yo:1 I :7llCLa' d •
by a eonL:inkuri. el you to whoa: I arc not p:er
s;nally kn own w iA examine int.-)
tips, and a l; !o r. , a;un:
ut your s.tffragc..., I zhall cadta.;.,r L atte_ml; n
it? the daunt of the Mace, to sa,l f
ciaoicc. ALEX MILLER.
111 DB-ICC:L-10
25 & " 2.-1
5 ci
JO a?arte.isiles
jtst receiv,a and f r sa!t. by
4 1 , IV/21
irailabit"Zotatti Blratineksksw
13LOPS, suitable for baildiug, mug
=tett, and within two tektites' aio'itift 4496111t.'
tea 'lifer ry boat lir nelin 8., will be sold at.primal, fardr::
the times. The terms of payment will be 2111141. NOM,
either fur casli or sach barters can be made afidfaiblit
Apptv to the 3 n.bicribers in Birmingham, or Mr. P -
Peterson, No. 4, Feir . c street, Pittsburgh.
jump . 1. MS. PATTERSON,iiti
Lots for Sale.
Lots in .Manchester. Uuc ands fourth Acres yf
LaLLI on 1 - .1:' 1 .17.1'2... Fliil• Lots no:. 41,-12,52,3454
181.182. a / 1 41184.in Cook's pion of Lots, on Holmes
1.1i11.-I,:sn. Lots ::05. `26.ar.rl 27, in Cook pltua of Lists
•inlli~il uoynt. ‘‘. Court 11,. nb4•. For terril
appty to Z. W. REMINGTON
For Sale.
T oTs vt, r ~rt}t East corner of Coal Lancing
Hit , ll itrect. App?y to
SPI) 10 Market near Fourth stttxt
Sohn Cartwright,
.I'LLIt Lrol. S;: Lst:k.roolit Marotraeturee,
cor:::--r of Gt} d l . iher c qtrens. Pittsbzwg, Pa.
N. I:.—.liray, on 1,:1:.(1ri c%rerl , ivc , as , ormPrit of
n,fi Parlcor',:, Tailor' s ,
I :••: r )!v an,! 1 . .o.:1:1' . 8 Patent SLeari i ,
Copper. Tin :and E.-Ecet Iron Ware.
-,• rltts his &tends and
tb::t has 11•DION1 d bis estab
N. : . 1. \:, to Nonr:, --• Third atop
I.\ Lo et:rtit tics to
Carr: , nr. t ro;To;•, Tit: Slcrt Iron Busir;e.s, in
• %It i• • -- He rr - r:r.feilt:- so'r't::
of :Iv patror7oo• erti:y I:icterdeti to
biropica thrtt DO PlilD3 Ahall
be-i'are:l on : e Constantl*
onf;^tn:,nf nll 9114ml:rich
I will 13e :1:61 frr &r:, made to or
der at si!prt notico.
m It. M. nAwsoN.
Landreth's Garden Seeds.
A full - uoply of Lantlrstit . .., Garden Serth always 00
hand and for sa'A•. at Lie agcncy, tl,c- Dr's s'o-o rf
IS L LWertyst., head of Woot
rech Trees.
THE ,obi , crilier iva rt • ec it e ( I C row dilC Nnz•
,ere of LsndntL a:.tl FLi:t6ll. r.ea:
n'it ty oipeach tree., to is thichid
110 Uf
I. L. i7iNt_tiVIDEN,
'No, 131 Liberty 3t. bead of Wood-
weci: in Jurre, ia Clothing Stol l A_in LiLefT. street. i* Note of hand, conaitiera:ble
soiled and lvor:i. It is ,ioied by Janes 'sing
anatia.r, and dray. a iii fn‘or of ‘l'.l3lack. The own.
er ran have it be it, and paying expenses.
per anini:n
6 00 do,
CAITTIIIrLDhni rcnio ett iii, marble EstaL
1 . I!,:litent to li'ontl st. opposite Falaiesteek's
Druz* Store, where he ¶ t 1 keep constantly on hand
Tornt. Stone , . Monuments etc.
William C. Wall,
.P/al7? r 7•01 P,7;ruit arid Pic!ure Frame
N... 87. - fourth Slrctt, l'itt•bftsgb, Pa.
C AN VASS 'brushes. varnish, for artists, alwa! 8
on hand. LookineGia.sc &c., promptly fin
mod to order. Fkpairing dune at the Shortest notice.
Purticulstr arftntion paRl to regi:(l4 and jobbing or,
Oyez -N. descriptinn.
fittinz btar-boais or burins w•i11 ui4 it !ct
t•rlo seri 10-y
ground a::,1 ar,d othrr loLds of
:rindin..;dolie at t . :w Cat Steel Lilt. :llanufactor, eon=
ncr of Liburtv and O'Hara. street_. aur,lB
Books and StatUtory.
0.; rnwl!!, a:.d for sale on ac
cr•rnro,da!irt, The E.;. , :yc'opotlia iliete•
rr, 1 'nr 'c 1)i• •i Lad's in Intlit,n
the 4.r. a: • 1-I,rol variety of Em
ily. Fclool and ,rxes Te,tnr!+CT‘t..,
TrriT•erartb Doc
ur . nent7, s ar.d 111",t1-73 . 1r
r ip nr , r„.l al‘out Wnshingtoo
Fl7 7nn Boo.:-. ra-c, florpzo,
F - , 1 :•••••• ar tr r entree+
c-' r ce d
It) ocnof
Jonr Yr•••”. T- ••••••n , •••••:+,, F. Ar 3 vrov-e., of the§
3trier:ctit,Tern eztance r'n'eto. York, t,a:e
N. 12, kV' 6'relis'