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tiZrEnr business cards, &c., see first page
did collection of animals, as will be seen by referring
to the advertisement of the proprietors, will be in this
city on the 23d, and , remain for three or four days.
This we understand is considered the most magnificent
exhibition of the kind that has ever visited our part of
the country, and as there has been no " lion show" with
us for some years, we have no doubt but it will be well
patronised while is remains. A detailed notice of it
will be found in the advertisement.
MP' The American advertises a political theatrical
performtussa which is to ,"come off" in Wilkins town
ship on Saturday next. We do not tlupposc that the
entertainment will take place exactly as act down in
re A•bi ll s of the day," but if it should, it will not be more
ridictilous than many-of the other clap-traps resorted to
°flats years by the whigs and blue noses to catch the
applause of the groundlinga that believe in their political
DAILY AslRCA!.—Hereafter the American will
be 'antorning paper. The editor makes this new at
nultigemtnt for the purpose of furnishing his readers
widtearlier news than they can receive through an
evening journal. Biddle has put himself to unnecessa
ry trouble in this matter: if he had waited until after
thri denim he might have issued a mourning paper
wisisaut changing his publication hours; and no fur the
nemv it will make littlo odds to his readersat what
thee they get it tken.
The editor of the Sun defends his predecessor—Mr.
18. ElRlLLT—against the attack made upon him by
the editor of the Age. As far as our knowledge of Mr.
E. extends, we consider the attack of the Age entirely
nirsjustiftaide, and believe with the Sun, that personal
intimosily is not sufficient ground to induce an editor
to penotusce a citizen of respectable standing a "no
We are informed that the statements that appeared
in die Chronicle and Age, respecting the conduct of
constable Mc'Kelvy while apprehending some disor
d stiy tsegroes a few days since, aro untrue in nil impor
tint! particulars. A gentleman who has the best oppor
-,.:,: forknowing, tells us that a more efficient officer
than Mr. Mc'Kelvy cannot be found in either city or
county, and that there are none on whotn he could cc
ly with more confidence to perform the duties of con
;table faithfully. The statement that he was in
tosicated at the time he made the arrest is a falsehood
of the grossest kind, as he does not drink liquor at any
Weintve no doubt but our neighb.irs were imposed
upon in this matter, and by misrepresentations induced
to dogroatinjustice to a faithful officer, who in attempt
*Flo gitotharge his duty where law and decency were
to tot flagrantly outrage& was b:utally assaulted and
mkt* have been murdered by the infuriated gang
lorkase haunt of vi . .to and debauchery• he had been in
stnacted to break up.
A Bah Investment.
THE subscriber otfers to sell ground rents in
the city of Pittsburgh. The lots arc all
1 11 1somely improved, and it is believed a safer invest-
Abut cannot be found. Particulars mty be learned on
application to me personally, or through the Post Of
15—tf corner Liberty and O'Hara streets.
AND BE CONVINCED.-Mr. J. Kidd—Sir: 1
I eall to buy another vial of Dr. McLane's Worm
Specific, and let you know the surprising effects of the
vial I purchased a few days ago. My child had been
infer some time, and I was advised by me neighb.ws
to try Dr. McLane's Worm Specific; 1 bought a sial,
and gave only a half teaspoonful. The child passed
worms; I repeated the medicine until 63 worms cause
from the ail& Before this I could not credit the cer
tificates on the wrappers round the vial; now I fully be
live them. My child is quite recovered.
_ _ . .
Aug. 12, 1343. Sawmill run, near Pittsburgh
OPFor sale atithe Drug Store of
:siog 1.5-6 m corner 4tli and Wood sts., Pittsburgh
cope' s ofthase popular works, by James, just re
ceived at the St. Clair street titulary Depot, opposite
he Exchanges Price 14. auz I.s—bt
editions, history, miscellany, novels, tales,
magazines, &0., arriving daily, and for sale, at the N.
York-and Philadelphia prices, at the St. Clair street
Agency and Literary Depot, by W. M. FOSTER.
sag 15-6 t
1. aad Advocate of Industrial Association, No 1,
Attest, 1843: W. M: Conelly, Editor, received and
iAst y at the St. Clair street agency and Literary De-
tug 15-6 t
JUST RECEIVED, a good assortment of all sites
of good window glass and window sash; also, 500
cuts of yellow and purple 4 and 5 double carpet chain;
SO doe. large and small buckets and tubs; 20 reams
writing and letter paper, for sale on accommodating
tenon, for cash or approved exchange.
Agent and Commission Merchant.
SUNDRIES. -50 boxes chocolate,
5 do cocoa,
3 do rico flour,
25 do ground pepper,
5 do Cayenne do.,
36 cans ground mustard,
5 kegs do allspice,
5 do do ginger,
12 cans do do., together with
every ion in the grocery line, all of which is offered
at eleetwely low prsoes, for cash.
43, Wood street.
MOKED HERRINGS.-25 boxes smoked her
/a rings just received and for sale by
43, Wood street.
rftE4,-..25 half chests young hyson,
30 bodes (13 lbs) do
• 20 6 lb, bones gunpowder,
26 " " imperial, just received and
for saleby MAILMAN, JENNINGS & CO.,
mg 43, Wood street.
MACIMREL,-.40 bble no. 3 mackerel,
half bbls no. 2 do
10 quarter bbls no 2 do, a prime
wide for family use, just received and for sale by
43, Wood street.
T OBACCO. -10 boxes Burton's 5 b lump tobacco
25 do Russell & Robinson do
5 do Hare's
10 do assorted sizes and breeds,
pot received acid fer sale by
43, Wood street
TOAF SUGAR.-40 boxes loaf sugar, jtastreceise
sod (oriole by
43; Wood street
# 01: C 0 FF&E,-400 bags Rio coffee,
50 " Laguyra do
SO " St. Domingo do
50 " Havanna do
sow rookring, and for sale los , for cash.. by
43, Wood street
Auction Oaks.
John D. Davis,
Corner of Wood and sth sts., Pittsburgh,
ready to receive merchandize of,every• description
on consignment, for public or private sale, and
from long experience in the above business, flatters
himself that he will be able to give entire satisfaction
to all who may favor him with their patronage.
Regular sales on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS, of Dry
Goods and fancy articles, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Of Groceries, Pittsburgh manufactured articles, new
and second hand furniture, &c., at 2 o'clock, P. M.
Sales every evening, at early gas light. aug 12—y
I. the Commercial Auction Rooms, corner of Wood
and Fifth streets, on Monday next, August 21st, at
o'clock in the Afternoon, will he Sold without reserve
the contents of four Trunks, containing a lot of Thcat-
cal DrcsgeA, &c
aug 17—ta
32 Cases Boots and Shoes at Auction.
AT the Commercial Auction Booms, corner Wood
and sth streets, on Monday next, August 21st;
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, will be sold, without re
serve, in lots to suit purchasers, the best lot of Boots
and Shoes offered at auction, in this city, lot several
years, received direct from the manufacturers. They
are now ready for examination:
Comprising, in part,
Men's fine sewed calf and seal boots.
Do heavy pegged, seal, calf and kip boots.
Do do do brogans.
Do fine sewed calf and seal munroes.
Women's kip, seal and calf shoes and gaiters.
Do kid, goat and calf slippers (very fine).
Men's seal and calf slippers.
Boys' brogans and munroes, &c.
Terms at sale. JOHN D. DAVIS,
augls--Cit Auctioneer.
Sheriff's sae.
WILL be sold, at 2 o'clock, on Thursday afternoon,
17th inst., at the Commercial Auction Rooms,
corner of Wood and sth sts., by order of B. Weaver,
Esq., High Sheriff' of Allegheny co., for cash, par mo
no, 2 bbls. sweet Malaga wine; part of cask good quali
ty French brandv, part of cask good quality Malaga
wine; 1 bbl. 801. Jamaica rum; 1 do. vinegar wine; 1
cask sour wine; 5 large size stand casks and 5 small do.;
7 boxes 8-10 window glass; 1 keg alum; 1 keg epsom
salts; 1 keg sulphur; Bdy nails; nail rods; pewter law
cets; funnels; gallon measures; jars; 1 bureau; 1 stove
and pipe; 7 chairs; 4 writing desks; rag carpeting; 1
sleigh and bells, &e.
Also, 1 pipe brandy, good quality; 2 casks Yankee
rum; 1 bbl. sweet Malaga wine; 3 bags filberts; 10 box
es pint tumblers; 20 boxes 12-20, 12-18 and 12-14
window glass; 50 reams writing, and 25 reams wrap
ping paper, a quantity of household and kitchen furni
ture, &e. JOHN D. DAVIS,
nag 12-5 t Auctioneer.
Western University of Pennsylvania.
rp HE neat term of this Institution will begin on Mon
."- day the 4th of September, at 9 o'clock A. M.—
Application for admission may be made to the Princi
pal, the Rev. 11E5r AN DYER, D. D., after the 21st inst.,
at his room in the University, from 9 to 11, A. M.
The exercises of the LAW SCHOOL will commence
on the same day at 3 o'clock, P. M. Application for
admission into which, to be made to the Professor of
Law, WALTER H. Low n x, Esq., at his office in 4th st..
On the evening of the same day at 7 o'clock, in the
Hall of the University, an ADDRESS will be delivered
before the Trustees, the Faculty and the Students, by
Professor Lowrie, which the citizens generally are in
vited to auend. A. L. rENTLA:D,
aug 11—ad Secretary of the Board of Trustrei
Penn Insurance Company'.
TrifiE subscribers to the Stock of this Company are
LL are hereby notified, that pursuant to a resolution
of the Directors, a second instalment of Seven and
one half Dollar.; on each share subscribed for under
the Commissioners, is required to be paid in at the of
fice of the Company, (corner of Market and Third
streets) on Tue4lay. the 22d day of August, inst.
PUBLIC NOTICE is also given that tit•
Books of the Penn Insurance Company will be opened
at 9 o'clock, A. M., at the Aire of the Company, nit
the '221 A11.2:11 4 t, inst., to receive further subscriptions
to its capital stock, on which an instalm of t‘‘ elve
and one half dollars per :share will be required at the
time of subscribing. 13v order of the Directors.
aug 11—td jOSI All KING, President:
Proposals for Chain Iron.
NAvy AGENT'somcr,
Washington, July 23,1343.
PROPOSALS will he received at this Office until
3 o'clock, on the first day of September ensuing,
to deliver at the Navy Yard in this vin•, the following
Chain Iron, for eighteen Chain Cables, 1 11-16 inches
in diameter, each 150 fathoms long, constituting the fol
low•ing bill of Iron, viz:
35,100 links 1 11-16 inches in diameter-20i inches
450 links 1 13-10 inches in diameter-22i inches
20 feet 3i inch by 2.1 Oval pin Iron.
90 do 2. do 2 do do.
70 Swivel, 198 Shackle, and 18 box pieces.
Specifications of the Swivel, Shackle, Box pieces;
and Oval pin Iron, can be seen on application at this of
fice; all of the above Iron must be the very best Amer
ican, and undergo such proof, under the increased tests
and inspection, as the Commandant of the Yard may
subject it to; to be delivered free of expense to the
Government, and in as short a time after the Contract
is made as is possible, which time will be designated
in the contract.
Bonds with good and sufficient sureties in double the
amount of the Contract will be required, and a reser
vation made from each payment of 10 per cent, till the
Contract is completed.
aug. 8, WM. B. SCOTT, Navy Agent
William 11 Welly
Plain and Fancy Portrait and Picture France
No. 87, Fourth street, Pittsburgh, Pu.
CAN VASS brushes, varnish, &r., for artists, always
on hand. Looking Glasses, &c., promptly fra
med to order. Repairing done at the shortest notice.
Particular attention paid to regilding and jobbing of
every description.
Persons fitting stamboats or houses will find it to
their advantage to call. sep 10-y
FOR AMERICAN NOTES—by an American La
dy, received at the St. Clair street Literary De
pot., opposite the Exchange. Price, 12,i cents.
aug 1.54 t
Summer Complaint, Diarrham, &c
WI LITE :MO RE' S Compound Vegetable Sprup, is
a medicine well known in the East as one of the
most efficacious in the cure of the above complaints —
read the following certificate:
(From a respectable ,iliZen of Afiddlettcon, Ct.l
MIDDLETOWN, Sept. 24, 1841.
Dear sir.—Feeling that I owe a duty to the public,
as well as yourself, in communicating facts which may
benefit my fellow mortals, I would just state, that 1
have been afflicted with the diarrhoea; and having tried
the various prescriptions recommended, with but little
effect. a short time since my eye caught a notice in one
of the newspapers, of your "Concentrated Vegetable
Syrup," for the cure of the Diarrhma, for sale in this
city. 1 immediately purchased abottle, and to my
surprise and entire satisfaction, after the trial of a few
doses, was healed of my complaint, and restored to a
healthy action in my bowels. I can now say, I would
not be without it in my possession on any accoune, and
would advise all who may require its use to try it as I
have done, and they will be satisfied of its virtues.
You at liberty, Sir, to make such use of this as you
may deem proper,
Very respectfully yours,
The subscriber has been appointed sole agent for the
West and having a large stock, is now ready to supply
Druggists and others by the dozen or single bottle.—
Pamphlets containing all the particulars, to be had at
his store gratis. T. H. TUTTLE,
aug 12-Iw. 86 4th at. Pittsburgh.
Niis Leslie'sMass:dm, August No.,
BEAUTIFUL raised Medallion and Fashion plate,
just received by W. IV. Foster, at his Agency
and Literary Depot, St. Clair st. aug 15--4 t
excellent invention for the reduction of friction in
machinery has =length been introduced in our city.—
It consists of a lined box, suitable for ail revolving and ,
sliding motions in the various kinds of machinery,where
great weight or speed are applied; these boxes reduce
friction in a remarkable degree, requiring but little oil,
and are warranted entirely free from the objections
found with those now in use.
These lined boxes have been introduced in many of
the Eastern Rail Roads, and in various manufacturing
establishments in that section of country, to which the
limits ofun advertisement will not allow us to refer,and
nearly thirty well known superintendents,engineers,ma
sts and engine builders in the east certify that, "in
the use of these boxes, friction is reduced in a remark
able degree; oil is required only in small quantities, and
the wear is hardly perceptible, during a period in which
a hard metal box of the same thickness would be worn
out; journals running in these boxes attain a smooth&
surface than they have seen on those which have been
run in any other box." They also certify "that the pa
tenter of this improvement has received the highest a
ward of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic's Asso
ciation, for specimens of these boxes, (some of which
had been run on the crank of alocomotive engine more
than thirty thousand miles,) at the fair of the Institu
tion, held in Boston in September and October,lB4l."
The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, also awarded
Mr. Babbitt the premium for the improvement in box
es, under the Scott Legacy, which confines such awards
to new and useful improvements.
The Committee on naval affairs reported strongly in
its favor, in consequence of which the right to use it was
purchased by the Government for $20,000. The com
mittee refer to, and make a part of their report the let
ters of S. V. Merrick, J. Erricson, George C. Read. C.
\V. Copeland, Corn. L. Warrington, Hon. A.IP. lip
shur, and Charles Howard, recommending the inven
Mr. S. V. Merrick states that the metal having been
long enough in use to test its merits fully, he has no
hesitation in saying that it is one of the most valuable
improvements that has come to his notice. The effects
produced are: a great diminution in friction; a saving
in oil—one half or more: an economy in the original
construction, the brasses being much lighter; a saving
in repair, the metal lasting longerand being replaced at
a less Cost; and a saving in fuel, consequent upon di
minished friction."
The metal has also been introduced with great ad . -
vantage, in lining carriage and wagon boxes, for which
i s well adapted.
It is also, amongst many others, strongly recommen
ded by Mr. Charles Howard, President of the Balti
more and Susquehanna Railroad Company, who par
cnased the right fur the road,a distance of seventy miles,
for CLOW. Mr. Howard gives the article the follow
ing recommendation:
"The price was considered a high one, for the com
paratively limited extent to which the Company would
have an opportunity of making use of the patent right;
but we were satisfied that it was for our interest to a
vail ourselves of the invitation. I can now say, that,
having better tested its value by a more extensive ap
plication of it, I think that the company would be very
unwise to relinquish their right to use it for a much high
er consideration than that which was given for it; and I
have no doubt, that if such a proposition were to be
made to the Company, it would, without hesitation, be
The great merits of the invention are, that it prevents
the heating, and consequent cutting and destruction
of the bearings, which are so numerous on the steam
engine; and on the perfection of which depends the val
ue of the engine; while, at the same time, there is a
very great saving of oil, the expenditure forms a mate
rial item in the cost of working a large engine. In the
locomotives of the company. I Lind the saving to be ful
ly one half of the quantity which was required before
Mr. Babbitt's inventicni was applied to them. Some
of those locomotives having run several thousand miles
I can also say that this invention makes the machinery
much more durable, so that while the effective power
of the machine is increased, the cost of repairs is di
. .
F:r7:r The comini.:ition alluded to ha% Mg, been used
in this vicinity, the proprietor is enabled to refer to the
following: gentletwm as to its merits, viz:
\V m. L vitt.; of the firm of Lvon, Shorb & Co.
WA PD MOM; AN, Engineer of the steam ht,m
West Point.
.IO.F:PIi 11.0111 TON, En•zitteen: of the .I.teatrter
JoSEl'll TA TLon, S Brunette.
..,„r_.- The how' , an,l compo:ition can be purchased
S.:. itlpected at the Bell 111111 lit - . 1 44 Foundry of ANDW.
111,ToN.corlier of thld A out and Chancery L•ow.
mtiq 4-'2w
[P.I mintn o f THE COMMINSIONF.B.S.)
(AN WEDNESDAY, the 6th (lay of September,
NJ 1343,, will be offered at public sale, at Pittsburgh.
the fullowino Storks owned by die State of Perinsylva•
Ma, viz:
No. of Shares. Companit.s. Par Value
1600 Allegheny Bridge Company, $25
2000 Monongahela " 25
600 Big Beaver " 25
100 Conernaugh " 50
100 Lovallianna " 25
171 Robbstown 50
300 Williamsport, Washington co., 50
2500 Monongahala Navigation company, 50
2151 Bedford and Stoystown Tp. Road company, 50
3823 Stoystown and Greensburgh " ' 50
1780 Greensburgh and Pittsburgh " 50
3437 Huntingdon, Cambria & Indiana" 50
967 Pittsburgh and New Alexandria " ' 50
322 New Alexandria and Conemaugh" 50
947 Pittsburgh and Butler 25
832 Butler and Mercer 25
320 Pittsburgh and Steubenville " 50
300 Robbstown and Mount Pleasiuit " 50
660 Mount Pleasant and Somerset " 50
672 Somerset and Bedford ~ 50
360 Armstrong and Indiana " 25
560 Indiana and Ebensburg " 25
329 Washington and Williamsport " 50
855 Do Pittsburgh " 50
200 Butler and Kittanning o 25
240 Mount Pleasant and Pittsburgh " 25
360 Somerset and Conemaugh 25
320 Do Cumberland 14 25
160 Ligonier and Johnstown 50
224 Armstrong and Clearfield 41 25
80 I.lrownington, Harrisville, and
Franklin 41 50
200 Butler and Freeport2o
224 Pittsburgh Farmers & Mechanics'" - 23
160 Bedford and Hollidaysburgh " 50
160 Birmingham and Elizabethtown " 25
160 Taithersburgh and Punxatawney " 25
300 French Creek Bridge company,
1250 Franklin and Allegheny Bridge company, 20
100 Erie and Waterford Turnpike Road company 50
560 Susquehanna and Waterford " 25
1010 Mercer and Meadville 25
100 Anderson's Ferr: , .•, Waterford and
• New Haven 100
200 Abington and Waterford ~ 25 I
280 Warren and Ridgeway " 25
40 Warren and New York State line " 50
96 Titusville and Union Mills 25
160 Warren and Franklin " 25
80 Sugar Grove and Union " 25
300 Bunk of Pennsylvania, 400
300 Columbia Bank and Bridge company, 100
1000 Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal company, 100
Purchasers will be required to pay for the Stocks, at
the time or immediately after the sale, in certificates is
sued by the Auditor General, in pursuance of the Reso
lution of 7th April, 1342, notes issued by the Banks of
this Commonwealth under the act of 4th May, 1841,
specie, or the notes of specie paying banks. The trans
fer of Stock will be made in a reasonable time after
Commissioners for sale of State Stocks.
aug I—ts JOHN D. DAVIS, Auger.
JUST received from the American Temperance So
ciety, New York, 3050 Youth's Advocates and Tern
penance Journals for August. 250 Hymn Books,
Washington Harps and Lyres, Cbrystal Fount Melo
dies, Pic Nic Songs, 250 Reports, Prints, National
Prints, National Preacher, Permanent Temperance
Documents. Bacchosand Anti-Bacchus Dialogue, Voice
from the Vintage, &c., for Ladies, Gentlemen and our
yerith, and for sale in large quantities tostit and:wises,
by ISAAC HARRIS, Agent and Commission Meet
chant, No. 9, Fifth street. aug. 10.
October (Election.
I respectfully offer myself a candidate for the office
of Prothonotary of Allegheny county, subject to the
action of the Democratic county convention, which
meets on the 30th August next.
Allegheny city, may 31—tc cl&w.
I respectfully offer myself as a candidate for the of
fice of Prothonotary, subject to the action of the Dem
ocratic Convention. WNI. G. HAWKINS.
Wilkins township, june 27—tc.
To the voters of Allegheny county:—l respect
fully offer myself to your consideration as a candidate
(independent of parties) for the office of PRO
THONOTARY of Allegheny county, at the ensuing
election. As Ido not come before you recommended
by a Convention, those of you to whom I am not per
sonally 'known will please examine into my qualifica
tions, &c.; and if so fortunate as to obtain a majority
of your suffrages, I shall endeavor by strict attention
to the duties of the office, to satisfy you with your
choice. ALEX. MILLER.
ma• of Pittsburg.
y 10—tc
Clear the course for the Volunteers
WILLIAM B. FOSTER. EN., of Allegheny city,
will be a candidate for the office of Prothonotary of Al
legheny county, at the October election. jnne 4.
M ANY citizens of Allegheny city recommend Dr.
J. C. M'CULLY as a suitable person to fill the office
of Prothonotary. july 12.
T respectfully present myself to the citizens of Alle
gheny gheny county, as a candidate for the Sheriffalty,suh
ject to the action of the Democratic convention, which
meets on the 30th of Augitst next.
june 9—d&wte. ELIJAH TROVILLO.
To the Electors of Allegheny County:
Fellow Citizens—l offer nivielf to your considera
tion, as a candidate fur the office of Sheriff, subject to
the nomination oldie Democratic Convention, and shall
be thankful for your support.
aug. 10—tc. CHAMBERS McKIBBEN.
MANY Citizens of Pittsburgh, recommend Dr. JO
SEPH CURRY as a anitable person to fill a seat in
the Islwmbly, the ensuing session. July 11, 1843.
A number of the Democrats of Mifflin township
have concluded to present the name of SAMUEL
COCHRAN, Esq., of that township, for the considera
tion of the Convention which meets on the 30th inst.,
for a nomination for the Legislature. Mr C: is a well
known and a well tried democrat, and his neighbors
confidently present his claims
We are authorised to announce JOHN BROWN,
Esq., of Pine township, as a candidate for Assembly,
subject to the nomination of the Democratic Conven
tion. julv 29—te
We are authorized to announce It. A. BA CS
MAN, of Birmingham, as a candidate for Assembly,
subject to the decision of the democratic convention.
au , 14—tc
County Commissioner.
We are authorized to announce ALEXANDER
jr., of Robinson, as a candidate for Count}•
ionimissioner, subject to the decision of the democrat
c county convention. aug, 7—tc
County Commissioner.
EDITORS:—PIease announce the name Of
Genl. JOHN M. DAVIS, of PeebleA, for County Com
miA,ioner, Hubject to the deci4on of the Democratic
county Convention, to be held in Augugt next.
County Commissioner.
Messrs. Editors: A . the general opinion appears
to prevail that inasmuch as there ar already two of
the County Commbisioners from the country, it is but
a matter of right and justice that the city or its imme
diate neighborhood should have the third candidate—
We therefore beg leave to recommend to the people of
Allegheny county, JAMES C. CUMMINS, Esq., of die
city district, for County Commissioner, at the ensuing
County Commissioner.
AT the solicitation of a number of friends of all
political parties, I respectfully offer myself to
the consideration of my fellow-citizens for the office of
County Commissioner. That my sentiments may not
be misunderstood, either as to political or private
affairs, I make free to say that I have been all my life
a consistent Republican, in the true sense of the word.
As the country is somewhat embarrassed in its finan
cial affairs, and the reduction of salaries of public
officers has received the approbation of large majori
ties of the people, the undersigned 'would not should
he be so fortunate as to be elected, in any manner at
tempt to resist this salutary reform; should it reach
the office of County Commissioner.
We are authorized to announce Mr. JAMES H.
ROBB, of Upper St. Clair township, 114 a candidate
for County Commissioner, subject to the action of the
Democratic Convention. aug 3—tc
Messrs. Editors: Please announce Major JAMES
C. RITCHIE, of Robinson township, as a candidate for
the office of County Commissioner, at the ensuing elec
tion, subject to the decision of the County Convention,
and oblige MANY DEMOCRATS.
r4F• We are authorized to state that JAMES AN
DERSON, of the city, will be a candidate for County
Commissioner, subject to the decision of the Demo
cratic Convention. aug 12—tc.
County Trearurer.
Messrs. Editors: Please announce the name of
ALEXANDER M'Ct.tRE, of Mifflin Township, as a
candidate fur nomination by the Democratic Conven
tion, for the office of County Treasurer.
Mr. M'Clure is an old and tried Democrat, of the
Jefferson school, whose character and capacity for bu
siness would be a guarantee that the duties of the office
would be discharged in a manner satisfactory to the
aug 14—tc
JACOB TOM ER, Esq. of Pitt township, well known
to the Democracy of Allegheny county, as a staunch,
uniform Republican of the Jackson school, will be a
candidate for County Treasurer, subject to the decision
of the Democratic County Convention.
aug 2—tC. AN OLD DEMnCRAT.
At the solicitation of many radical democrats, Mr•
SAMUEL McKEE, of Birmingham. has consented to
become a candidate for the office of County Treasurer
subject to the decision of the Democratic County Con
vention. Of Mr. McKee it may be truly said, to be
known is to be popular.
Many Frintlt , of Unammin R. Worth.
I respectfully offer myself to the citizens of Alleghe
ny county, for the office of Coroner, subject to the de
cision of the Democratic Convention.
jy 18—tc DAVID HARTZ.
I take the liberty of offering myself as a candidate
for the office of Coroner, to my democratic fellow citi
zens of Allegheny county, subject to the decision of the
Democratic Convention which meets on the 30th inst.
aug l 3—tc ROBERT IvrCHES:CEY.
County Auditor.
Messrs. Editors:—Please announce the name of
JOHN W. M'CLELLAND, of Franklin township, as
a suitable candidate for Ccruitty Auditor at the coming
election, subject to the decision of the County Conven
tion. Mr. M'Cl.au..ttcp is a Democrat of the warm
est and purest hind, and will bet warmly supported
Avg. 7. '43--te.
glikani •
Forwarding and Coowsisaion Merchants,
AGENTS for the Merchants' Transportation Com
pany composed of the Merchants' Line, Erie
Canal; Wnshington, Line. Hunter, Palmer & Co.'s
Line of Steam boats and vessels on the lakes. Cleve
land Line, Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal. Proprie
tors ofthe Merchants, Line, Ohio Canal.
Wilkie & Ensworth, No. D, Comities Slip, N. Y.
R. Hunter & Co. Albany.
Otis Chaff, Boston.
Hunter, Palmer & Co., Buffalo,
M. T. Williams & Dow,
Hon. John M. Allen, Cleveland.
Charles M. Giddings,
J. S. Dickey, Beaver.
Birmingham & Co., Pittsburgh.
ap 1 1843-Iy.
THE canal packet ERIE, J. M.
Shaw,master, will run as regular tri
weekly packet between the above named ports, leaves
Beaver on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays' morn
ing, leaves Warren on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat
urdays; connecting with the Stage Lines to Cleveland
direct, For freight or passage apply on board, or to
BIRMINGHAM & CO., Pittsburgh,
J. S. DICKEY, Beaver.
4, 1* - 1 6 0 # 4 l : a .
as ^Gan=
18 4 3 .
1. AND RAIL ROAD CARS, from Pittsburgh, via Bed
ford, Chambersburg, Harrisburg and Lancaster, to
Philadelphia, connecting with the Main train of cars to
N. Y. &c. Only 150 miles staging and one night out.
Also, the direct line to Baltimore.
Fare to Philadelphia $9.
Baltimore 9.
Leaves daily at 8 o'clock A. M.
Office 2il door below the Merchants' Hotel Wood st.
feh 23, 1843-Iy. Proprietors.
Via National Road and Baltimore and Ohio- Rail
Road Company.
THIS line is in full operation and leaves Pittsburgh
daily at 6 o'clock A. M., via Washington Pa.
and national road to Cumberland, connecting here
with the rail road Co's to all the above places: Trav
elers will find this a speedy and comfortable route,
it being a separate and distinct Pittsburgh and Cum
berland line, facilities will be afforded which have not
been heretofore enjoyed. Extra coaches furnished at
the shortest notice. with the privilege of going through
direct or taking one nights rest at their option.
For tickets, apply at our office at the Monongahela
House. L. W. STOCKTON,
fel) 3---dtf. President of N. R. Stage Co.
aug 7—ti
Regular Packets, for Cincinnati.
The Swiftsure, Rubinson, Master, leaves every
Thursday at 10 o'clock, a. m.
The Cutter, Collins, Master, leaves every Friday at
10 o'clock a. in.
The Montgomery, Bennett, Maiter,lenvei even• Sat
urdav at 70 o'clock a. m.
The Express, Parkinson, Ma,ter, leaves cvery Sun
day at 10 o'clock a. m.
To Let,
1p OR a term of years, my house, store room 1: and work shop, on 2d street, opposite Jas.
Park, jr., &Co The shop is brick, 19 feet wide, by
30 10ng,3 stories high. T have in it a small steam en
gine, about 5 horse power, which I will also rent, if
desired. For further particulars enquire of me, on the
premises. ORRIN NEWTON.
To Bent.
PLEASANT rooms and good steam power, at the
cast steel file manufactory, corner of Liberty and
O'Hara streets. Apply on the premises. july 16.
Public Sale of Valuable Lanai. •
URSUANT to a decretal order of the Circuit Su
perior Court of Law and Chancery, for Mason
county, pronounced the 19th day of April, 1843, in the ,
cause depending therein of Henry Strider, Pit., a-':
gainst James W. Barkenridge and others. Det'ts the
undersigned speCial commissioner, will sell at public
auction to the highest bidder, at the court house in
Mason county, on the 16th day of September, 1843,
(being the first day of the Cir Sup'r Court of said
county,) that well known body of land commonly cal
led "Graham's Station," lying in Mason county, Va.,
on the Ohio river, containing by survey four thousand
one hundred and twenty-three acres, in two adjoining
parcels, a large proportion of which is river bottom
land. The above lands previous to the day of sale will
be laid off by the surveyor of the minty in lots of con
venient size for farrns,and plats furnished, and so many
thereof will be sold as may be necessary to produce
the sum of money required by said decretal order.—
The sales will be made on a credit of nine months fur
one-third part of the purchase money, oftwelve months
for another third part, and of eighteen months for the
residue, the purchaser or purchasers giving bonds with
good security for the payment of the different instru
ments, bearing interest from the day of sale, the legal
title to be retained as further security for the payment
of the purchase money, and liable to resale at the risk
of the purchaser or purchasers failing to make punctu
al payments.
GEO. W. STRII3LING, Special Com'r.
Point Pleasant, Va., Jane 26,1843. Uy6-2m
Building Lots in Birmingham.
13 LOTS, suitable for building, most eligibly sit
uated, and within two minutes' walk of the
steam ferry boat landing, will be sold at prices to suit
the times. The terms of payment will be made ettA,y,
either for cash or such barter as ran be made available.
Apply to the subscribers in Birmingham, or Mr. P.
Peterson, No.. 4, Ferry street, PittsbureiL
june 1. JAS. PATTERSI.K jr.
4Lots in Manchester. One and a fourth Acres of
Land on Holmes' Hill. Lots nos. 41,42, 52,53,54,
181, 182, andlB4, in Cook's plan of Lots, on Holmes'
Hill. Also, Lots nos. 26, and 27, in Cook's plan of Lots
on High street, near the new Court, House. For terms
apply to Z. W. REMINGTON.
se 10
J OTS on the North East corner of Coal Lane and
High street. Apply to
Market near Fourth street.
June 23,1843.
AUNICE having been received from the Register
of the Land Office at Lexington, Missouri, that
the removal of that Office to the town of Clinton,
in Henry county, as directed by the President, will be
effected on or about the 3d day of July next: this is to
give notice that the public sale of lands ordered to be
held at Lexington on the second day of October next,
by the Executive proclamation bearing date the Bth
inst., will be held at the time prescribe - lin the town of
Clinton aforesaid. THO. H. BLAKE,
June 30—lawt 10 Commissioner.
AWARNlNG.—lnasmuch, as the Directors or
Trustees of the Western Theological Seminary
have advertised a part of the Common ground of the
city of Allegheny for lease. This is to give notice to
a'l persons not to take leases from said Trustees for any
part of saici.Common ground, or in any way to trespass
en the common right of the citizens in said ground, as
it is the determination of the city authorities to contest
the right of any person or persons either to lease or erect
buildings thereon.
By order of the Councils.
E. W. STEPHENS,Presi,Ient, S. C.
tug 12-6 t HENRY IRWIN, President, C. C.
Beaver and Warren;Packet.
The Great Central Bente
Lots for Sale.
For Sale
Zwaseiy by the
THE ll:diuerustb which is now in ilineat a
-L, epidemic, is exciting the invenices o f-
medicines to increased exertions in the phiell
but owing to the general distrust entertaMok
generality of such drugs, people fear taking theme•e;
The following, however, from a distinguished So*,
clan in New York; Dr. Nelson; we think tarry lie Si:-
lied on: . .
"The object of the present communication is to ree
ommend a single remedy, cheap and of easy . wain te
the poor, and to caution them against an irtjurioes cue
in this disease, namely, bleeding, -either general a by,
leeches. In all those cases in which the rain ci u. 4,
symptoms prevail, let the patient smell frequently it
a common salts bottle, (Sint' Aromatic' Volortite
Salts are preferred) and by putting the vial to did
month to draw a few deep inspirations of volatile
ter into the lungs. Let this process be repented pmd
or three times in an hour, and it will give more
and greater relief, in all slight cases of the fiat= -
than any other remedy, and will be sitificiesit feria,
cure. It will also be essentially useful in the mew
cases; and those of the class of prostretio' aOw
drops of amonia, or hartshorn, ought to token . iiittr
nallv. A neat way of doing so is to take an old nisi*
ioned mixture called Inc turmioniaci. Holetrai
as a local remedy, to act on the disordered inufnok
that its use is advised. The principles will be rear
nized by all physicians versed in too
iec ri
tion, and those who are deficient in that its
do in that instance as they do in all othistelosick
upon the faith they imbibe." These salts are far
and within the reach of all classes, at Wm. Tenses,
53 Market street, Pittsburgh. j„ 17.
41. Card.
rpHE subscriber respectfully informs the pub& ill
.1 general, that he intends to devote his wbok, dna
to the COLLECTION OF ACCOUNTS in the cities of PUMP
burgh, Allegheny and vicinity.
Having been engaged in this business for s4:= 4
and given entire satisfaction to those who
him, he respectfully solicits those hosing accounls W
collect to give him a trial.
Physicians and others who cannot spare titde front'
their professional business to collect their accounU
would find it to their advantage 0 give hint a ea.
Respectable references can be given, and, if require&
secuxity will be given for the faithfill l'efthit .of an no
nits collected.
He can be found at Mr Gcorge A rmor l s, Mercian!
Tailor, up stairs, corner of Market and F'onrt,l3 smete,
entrance on 9th st. daily from 8 till Di o'clock, A.
Any orders left there during his absence, will be
ed to, or by letter through the Post ce.
Terms,s pr cent commission.
jy 21—.11m SANIL, GELSTORI
Ice.: Ice! Ice!
A NYf'cl
quantity oean, flistrate Allegheny Ice, til
he had at HUGH DUFFY'S, earner of Se id
and Grant streets. july
Freeman's Piro Brick for irgi:
UST received, 5000 Freeman's beat Fite B4ick
0 which will hereafter be kept constantly oit his
and sold low for cash, by BIRMIN6HAM 6r CO
may 27 No. 60 Wen* at.
Dissolution of Partnershijr.
HE late firm of T. &A. Nesmith & shad
and leather dealers and tanners, is dissolved thl#
day by mutual consent, by the withdrawal of Alfred
Nesmith, whose interest in said firm has been sold
and transferred to Thomas Nesmith, sr.; and Thomas
Nesmith, sr. and Thomas Nesmith jr., have formed
copartnership, under the firm of THOMAS Nasstrris As
Sots, who are duly authorised to settle tbe 'mines' Of
the late firm, and to U3C the name' of the late firm for
that purpose.
jaly 22--dtf.
July 19, 1845
Manufacturer of Tin, Capper and Mies,
Iron Ware,.
No. 17, Fifth street, between Wood and Market,
Keeps constantly on hand a good assortment of waret4
and solicits a share of public patronage. Also, on hand)
the following articles: shovels, pokers, tongs, gridirons;
skillets, teakettles, pots, ovens, coffee mills, &c. Mer
chants and others are invited to call and examine for
themselves, as he is determined to sell cheap for cash Pt
approved paper. [Mar 7 —tf
John Cartwright;
CUTLER and Surgical Instrumeni Manufactuieii
corner of Calt and Liberty streets, Pittsburg, Pa,
N. B.—Always on Mandan extensibe assortment
Surgical and Dental instruments, Banker's, Tailor'ir,
Hatter's, Hair Dresser's and Tanner's Patent Shears,
Saddler's Tools, Trusses, &c. *a 241:
Copper, Tin and Sheet. Iron Ware.
TE subscriber respect fully informs his friends and
former patrons, that he has removed his estab
lishment from No. Gl, Liberty, to No. Third et,
nearly opposite the Poet Office, where he continues to
carry on the Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Business, in
all its 'various branches. He respectfully solicits *
continuance of the patronage so liberally extended td
him herefofore, and pledges himself that no pains abill
be spared on his part to.merit the same. Constiatlj
on hand, Manufactured Ware, of all kinds, all of whiclll
will be sold low for cash. Spouting, &c . ~tnade to tiP
der at short notice.
nue4-1m It M.. bAtIVSON.
A full supply of Landreth's Garden Seeds *l*k-a ea
hand and for sale, at his agen'eS-, the Garden ,
attire of
184, Liberty st., head of Wood:
Peach Trees
da l THV. subscribiLr has just received from the Nur
sery of Landreth and Fulton, near Philadelphia,
a lot of the choicest variety of peach trees, to which be
would call the attention of the public.
NO. 184 Liberty st. head orAIME7".
A BOUT the last week in June, in a Clothing Stet*
_ti in Liberty street, a Note of hand, c'onsiderably
soiled and worn. It is signed by Jaines Gaston and
another, and drawn in favor of W. Black. ?brown
er can have it by identifying it, and paying expenses_
PCAWFIELDhas removed his marble Eau&
• lishment to Wood at. opposite Fahneittock 3 a
Drug Store, where he will keep constantly on hand
Tomb Stones, Monuments etc. a. Is--113-
Dr. Doubter's Pulmonary Preservative. •
FOR coughs, colds, intluenzas, catarrhs, whooping
couch, spitting of blood, pain in the breast, all
diseases of the brca:t and lungs, and tu-rest of approach..
ing consumption. Warranted free from mercury and
oter minerals. I. A. FAHNESTOCK & CO.,
jy 12 Agents for Pittsburgh.
ALLEN HRANIER. Exchange Broker, No. 46>
Corner of Wood and Third streets, Pittsburg
Pa. Gold, Silver, and Solvent Bank notes, bought
and sold. Sight cheeks on the Eastern cities, for sae.
Drafts, notes and bills, collet ted.
Wm. Bell & Co.,
John D. Davis,
F. Lorenzo,
J. Painter & Co..
Joseph Woodwell,
James May,
Ales. Bronson & Co.
John H Brown &Co.
James Nl:Caw:Bess.
J. R. WDonald.
W. H. Pope s Esq., Pres't Bank
fait Painter, Fourth st., 3d story Bark's 13ttil
(ling. J. Osborne would sobrit a call from those who
desire Portraits. Speimens can be seen as his rooms.
mar 5.
PLACES WAITED, for a number of young and
middle aged men, as teachers for town and amuse
try schools: also, for clerks and shopmem for laborers.
and farmers; for manufacturers and mechanics, of va.
rious trades; for coachmen, hostler:, gardeners, and
man and boys for all work; also, wanted, places fern
number of seamstresses, chamber maids and natratv,
&c. Apply at HARRIS'
General Agency and Inielliswo Moe,
111 0,Tii:la WWI
Pittsburgh, Pa
I' hi, adelphia
Cincinnati, 0.,
St. Louis, Mo.
y. > Louisville.