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N. W. corner of -Wood and Fifth Streets.
TIRSIIS.—Five dollars a year, payable in advance
Single copies Two CENTS—for sale at the counter o
the Office, and by News Bop.
The Weekly Mercury and Manufacturer
Is published at the same office, on a double medium
sheet, at TWO DOLLARS a . year, in advance. Sin
gle copies, SIX CtNTS.
.-- .
One uwepage, $0.50 One inotith, $5 00
Two - 416 - ; -1 , ,•5-,,, 1 . 075 Two do., 600
Throe do.,
.2 00_Three do.,
7 00
One week, 1 50 Four.dji ii ... 8 00
Two do., 300 Six Dr,"" 10 00
Three do., 4 00 One year, 15 00
One Square. - Two Squares.
Six months, -$lB 00 Six mnitlii, $23 00
One year, . 25 00 One year, 35 00
MPLarger advertisements in proportion.
tarCARDS of four lines Six DOLLARS a year.
. Public Offices, &c.
City Post Office, Third between Market and Wood
streets—R. M. Riddle, Postmaster.
Custom House, Water, 4th door from Wood st.,Pe
terson's buildings—Major John Willock, Collector.
City Treasury, Wookhetween Firu. and Second
streets—James A. Bartram, Trea:urer.
County Treasury, Third street, next door to the
Third Presbyterian Church—S. H. Johnston, Treasu
Mayor's Office, Fourth, betwoen Marl etand Wood
itrects—Alexatider Ilay, Mayor.
Merchant's Exchange, Fourth near Market st.
Pittsburgh, Ir4ween 31irket and W0.).0 streets on
1111 rhird and Fourth streets.
Merchants' andifanufacturers . and Fai:iners' Dc
posit Bank, (fonry , rly Saving Flid,) Vourth, betweeu
Wood and Market st
Exchange, Fifth st. near Wood.
Monongahela Ironer, stre,t, near the
liessige Hotel, corner of l'i•rin and St. Clair.
Merchants' Hotel, corner of Third and Wood.
American flotd,coracrofTiiirdnodiiniitlifield.
United States, corner of Peon at. and Canal .
Spread Engle, Lih?rty street. near .seventh.
Miller's Mansion Hoo se, Li!r. , ,i.y Se. , apposite
Broalleurst's Mansion Huse, Penn St., opposite
'important to Owners of Saw Mills.
SNYDER'S unrivalled Self Smteri., for saw
which have bunt so fully t e di:K- ren t p ar t A
of the United States, as well a: io the eides of Pitt,;-
burgh an& Allegheny, can be set in operation at a
number of mills in this neighborhood, viz: :ft Mr. Wick
orsham's mills, on Penn street: at llowmon & Clium
bera's mills, near the upper Allegheny bridge, and
at Aiorrison's mills, on Ilare'r, 1..,!a•u1, and others.—
The above named towline can he olitninr,l a: W. W.
Wallare's sh ip, tam sire,o, near Smithfield,
I.vhre it is in ti.lZandN% - fl'!l*.• the nywhilie wilt be
kept comoantly on Lath. Apply to B. P. Snyder, or
W. W. Wallace. 71111 y 5
Evans' Chamomile Pills
.T. CLEMER, r. , ..iding at 66, Mnt:
stroet, 1, was u l llieted De.Tep:ia
is its rilostaggA.VatPa I.nm. The symptmn: W. - re V
°hint Ilea:l'm:h, ;Teat 'ver, it-ene
heartburn, pain in the chest and si (mita a!wAy: r
eating, impaired appetite, sennyi..a or ,:in!dn:.; at the
stomach, furred tongue, naus:.a. viut fr. , i.t of vomit
in,gs, dizziness towards night and restlessness. TlD:se
had continued upwards of a tw-lvemonth, when, on
consulting Dr. Wm. Evans, DM Chwham ' , trout, and
submitting to his ever successful and atTreenble mode
of treatment, the patient was completely restored to
health in the short space of one month, and grateful for
the incalculable benefit derived, gladly came forward
and volunteered the above statement For sale, whole-
sale and retail, by R. E. SELLERS, Aehr,
sep 10—y Nu. 20, Wood street, below Steen,
Pease's Iloarhonnd Candy.
UTTLE has received this day from New York,
1 a fresh supply of the above celebrated cure for
Coughs, Colds and Consumptions; and is ready to sup
ply customers at wholesale or retail, at his Medical
Agency, 86 Fourth st. nor
Bettor Bargains than ever, at the Three Big
Fr subscriber would respectfully inform his cu. ,
tourers an d the public,r2;enerally, that notwithstud
iug the unprecedented sales nt the Three Big Doors,
during the present season; he has still on hand the lar
gest and most varied assortment of elegant CLO
THING that can be bought west of the mountains.—
The public may rest assured that all articles offered at
hie store are maufactured from FRESII GOODS, pur
chased in tha Eastern markets this spring and made in
to garments by Pitttsburgh workmen.
Inconsequence of the multiplication of. lop shop s i n
our city, filled with pawn brokers clothes and the musty,
cast off garments of former seasons, from the eastern ci
ties, the public should be cautious to ascertain the char
acter of the establishments in which they are invited to
purchase, before they part with their money. The arti
cles offered at several of the concerns in this city, are
the mere drab of New York and Philadelphia slop
shops, and sent out here to be palmed off on the Pitts
burgh public. Purchasers should be on their guard a
gainst these impositions, and they miy rely on the fact
thatno establishment that advertises eastern made Clo
thing, can give as good an article or as advantageous
bargains as can be had at the "Three Big Doors."
The public will please remember that all the subscri
ber's garments are made in this city, by competent work
men, and not gathered up like the goods now offered by
the "birds Of passage" from the shreds and patches of I
eastern slop shops. It will always be his endeavor to
maintain the reputation that the "Three Big Doors"
have obtained for furnishing a superior style of CLO
THING in every respect, and at prices below those of
Any other establishment.
He would again return his thanks to his friends and
the public for the unprecedented patronage bestowed
upon his establishment, and believing that they have
found it to their advantaer to deal with hint, he would
repeat his invitation to all those who wish to purchase
Clothing of every description at the lowest priee,to call
fg'Observe Metal Plate in the pavement. ap 26
Look at This
HE attention of those who have been somewhat
sceptical in reference to the uumerous certifi
dunes published in favor of Dr. Swavue's C om p oun d
Syrup of Wild Cherry, on account of the persons being
unicnown in this Section of the State, is respectfully di
rected to the following certificate, the writer of which
has been a (Afire° of this borough for several years, and
ill known as a gentleman of integrity and responsibility.
To the Agent, Mr. J. KIEBY.
I have used Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild
Cherry for a Cough, with which I have been severely
of for abbot four months, and I have no hesitation
in saying that it is the most effective medicine that I
have been able to procure. It composes all uneasiness,
and agrees well with my diet,—and maintains a regular
and good appetite. I can sinceaely recommend it to all
others similarly afflicted. J. MINN tee, Borough of
March 9,1810. Chambersburgh.
For sale by WILLIAM THORN,
No. 53 Market street
(sep 23)
. 290.
11. Woods, Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Office removed to Bakewell's Offices, on Grant street,
nearly opposite the new Court flouie, next rooms to J.
D.. 1131,011, Esq., first floor. sep 10
Hugh Toner, Attorney at Law,
North East corner of Smithfield and Fourth streets,
PittsburF,h. sop 10—y
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
Office in the Diamond, back of the old Court House,
sep 10 Pittsburgh.
Francis IL Shin*, Attorney at Law,
Fourth street, above Wooa,
p lO—lc Pittsburzli, Pn
Thomas Hamilton, Attorney at Law,
Fifth, between Wood and Smithfield sts.,
sap 10—Nt Pittsburgh, Pa.
Wm. O'Hara Robinson, Attorney at Law,
Office on the North side of die Dinniond, between Mar
ket and Union streets, up stairs sep 10
A. I. Darboraw, Attorney at. Law,
Tenders his professional services to the oolitic. Oflict
see 10 on sth st., above Wood. Pittsburgh.
Eyster & Buchanan, Attorneys at Law,
Of removed from the Diamond to "Attorney's Row,'
shady 3id , ..! 014th, het wean .)I.u.li.et and Wood
siiri 10 Pittsburidi
N. Buckmaster, Attorney at Law,
removed his office to Beares' Liv Buildings, Itia
st., above Smithfield, Pittsburgh. sup 10
George W. Layng, Attorney at Law,
o;lice in Fourth street, near Srnitlni , .!l(l, Pittsburgh
Rcadc Washington, Attorney at Law,
otlice ii Bakewa's builditur, Grua street, Pittsburgh
nov 5, 1111.1
John J. Mitchell, Attorney at Law,
corner of Sinithlidd and I itch Pitt-.l.urgh.
eatro-t,d t , ,
care will lie rslinpt lv att , ynd.(ll to. -
t;•1) 16—v
William Eldcr, Attorney at Law,
Offp:o I'l , 111", q, SPC.):Id d , /or a!).ive corner of
up '29-11 Smitlitiekl, -north
Wm.' E. Austin, Attorney at Law,
Pittsburgh Pa. (Alice iu Fourth stm , l,,,ppoiite Burke's
EV'IVILLIAm E. Ausris, his atten
tion to my wifini:hed ;mil 1 recumnemd him
the pail-mm:2r, of tn•; friends.
stip 10—y IVA LT ER F ., )ILIV A 13. D.
Daniel M. C carry, Attorney at Law,
Office on Fifth stre...t, between Smithfield.
up U Pittsbur-h.
Robert Portcr, Attorney at Law,
0111,,, 0:1 th , care-rot Fou.rtlt and Smitlditd(l
,vp 10 l'itt,Atur
Judson & Flanegin, Attorneys at Law,
',1.• 7th ,ti.....t. C,.:1 •,•r I 1, ,
erat , t-rm=. l'cniions for wid,,w, und, r
nt of Co:lz-re,. obtainyd. Papt•rs and draw
-1112, f..:•!'t • I'AL 'at (Ant! '1,r1,3,-,2,1. inlr 17-v
13oary S. Magraw,littoracy at Law,
!Et, r,•:11 ~tfd ..fTirP r,, Fr/Tr:l4 t
IW 11••. r, •!,1. ; ,•••, 111
J. D. Creigh, Attorney at Law,
.1:!d Th.:A
L. Harper, Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
r.\9l/., PAR ry. 011:o
V a•!..1,1 Yo, 31. 1 • 111";.: Ot
and la! 11,.•,1 1 0
r ai o f
and lit'avilo. lir:FElt TO
Metral . f Loomi.v,l
Dal:el/ ,S.
John Ilarprr, Pitt Lni;~h
T). T.
...1107 . ! ., 111,
R. Morrow, Alderman,
north of woo.] at
Pitt,t,,,,h. sop 10-tf
Magistrate's Blanks,
Fur pr0 ,, e41in24 in attachment unl , .•r the late law, for
sale at
.ty 25
Blank Petitions, Notices, &c.,
TuLcu,edin Pc' rnpt cy proceeding:, priuted egl gond
paper, and in the form , approved by the Court, for sale
at this , jy
Dr. S. R. Holmes,
)fficedoort,. C,,
11'arvlimi,e. ,( 1 , 10-v
Dr. A. W. Pa,tterson,
Office 011 Smithfield strl4l, third th,o r from the corner
sixth street
H. D. Sellers, M. D., •
)ITire and dwellißT in Fourth street, 11Car Ferry,
ep 13—y Pittsburgh
Ward & Hunt, Dentists,
Liberty street, a few doors below St. Clair
ap 6. 1813
Doctor Daniel McMeal,
Office on Fifth 6treet, I , ctwveri Wood Find Smithfield
street', Pitt4itirghi dec o-v
)\o. -13, Wood Street,
Agont,: fo r the ,:de or the Eagle Cotton Faetory Vern.
mar 17—v
Williams & Dilworth,
Vholesale Grocers, Produce and Commission Mer
chants, and Dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactured Ar
ticles, No. 29, Wood ,treet
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
English,' French and Domestic Dry Goods,
N. 81. Market street.Vittsburgh.
-•( plO
J. & J. 11"Devitt,
Wholesale GnWel'S, Rectifying Distiller., and Dealers.
in Produce and Pittsburgh Manufactured Articles,
No. 2:24, Libert y Street, Pittslitrgk. sep 10
J. G. & A. GORDON,
Commission and Forwarding Merchants,
Water street, Pittstturch. set) 10—v
Commission and Forwarding Merchants,
No. 60, Water street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
.TERMS. — Receiving and shipping, 5 cents per
100 lbs. Commission on purchases and sales, 2. per
cent 322—v
Brownsville Juniata Iron Work *,
Edward Hughes, Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
Warehouse, No. 25, Wood st., Pittsburgh.
sep 10—y
Wholesale Grocers, Commission and Pro.
duce Merchants,
dad dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactures,
marl 7 No. 43, Wood:art-et. rittabargh.
Caution & Co.,
General Agents, Forwarding and Commission
Levee Street, Vicksburg, Miss. They rover:tit/Hy so
licit consizernents.
J. W. Burbridgo & Co.,
.I.a - etits for the sale of Beatty's Powder, Water street,
between Weed and Smithfield. mar 30—y
Wholesale Grocers & Dealers in Produce,
116 Wood Strect, 4 doors above Fifth st.,
may 15 PittAburgh, Pa.
TACY LLOYD, Jr., Wholesale and Retail Gal
cer and Fruiterer, No. 140 Liberty street Pitts
burgh. niztv 20.
Birmingham & Co.,
March '32
John IL Brant, Wholcsalo Grocer,
Dealer in Grain, Gent: Ca! Pnr,ca 'Wirtz and Coin
Ilarrishorgh, Pa.
WI LL aztll L.,oods :cut for CommisAion
Salc: , at the lowe , t commission rates.
& W. E-her, Day S.;G iri..h. D. Leech &Co
Baitimore—W.Whm & cu. Willsrm& I leiT,J. E. Elder
Ha rri.,lt ozh—Michl Burke,ll. Antes, J M. Heldman
Booksellers, Printers and Paper Makers,
N,). 37, :‘larket stre-t. Senn)
John Anderson. Smithfield Fotmdry,
IV., ter =4.. , c, t)w .Nlu:lougalicll, 11,
..•1) 111-y
ritt.otA , B. YOCNI
Thos. B. Young & Co.,
unlit liro ar.• 1t01,1114. erwrior rif I land , tn•et zuld Ex
to I.lzrelt,t-r furriiture,
will lied it To I 1111 zi t. a call, I),ing
auti,ll,-ti i •1 We r t:, lnuinr:❑td price.
H. ( T( NSEN D &
Wire Workers and Wire Manufacturers,
N. M ir kt. t .;, ee:. 21 and 3,lstreet:,
: t i , 10-t
Corner ey . Pcan an , ' Saint Clair streets, by
seplo McKIBBINS: smrril
rilkington's Unrivalled Blacking,
r .0; L: A( 'l . l NEI) w:4l -o,:,1 who', .al.. ;1%1 n•titi!
, 1% r. 110,)1 .
11,1 In —IV.
fuiliT, mill
&t.. 10-::
John IYl'Closkcy, Tailor and Clothier,
fib: - *\ l -I: 0-et, In! \‘ een and Vlll7lll 1111 , •V
- 0,10
Webb Closey's Boot and Shoe Manufactory,
;33, .1:1‘ to the I'. S. Br, fik.
m.,(le ill.. 1. , •: ee.-t
nrimi,r. and th.• 11)
William Doherty,
411 1T \\l) (' l' I.INCTACTI . III:It,=
1 V: Lih •rt, Letwe.•:t Marlaq
ol DollgiaS 4. Moore, gasia.4lq.)
N, 17, NV.mdstrect.
Evcry de:rrip!itni r.f 11:0 , : old cap,: and for ,:t1(
n.t ai I. at prim. to alit tho titne-n. my 5
Bookbinders and Paper Rulers,
Continue busines: at thr staid law of Al'Candlpss &
John.on. doscription of ,vork in ilzt•ir line neat
ly and promptly nxecttmd. ' niay B—y
Oak and Poplar Lumber for Sale.
FEW tbo usan d f eet of Oak and Poplar
I. , unber, tiw sale by witt , losale. Enquire ;,f JanICS
C. Cub 111ie. , EST twar the Fountain Inn. jy '2l.
Dr. Good's Celebrated Female Pills.
T 111 ESE Pills are strongly recommended to the
notice of ladies us a safe and efficient remedy in
wmoving- those complaints peculiarto theirsex, from
want ofexemise,orgencral debility of the systeM. They
obviate costiveness, and counteract all Hysterical and
Nervous affections. These Pills have gained the sanc
tion and approbation of the most eminent Physicians in
the United States, and muny Mothers. For sale
Wholesale and.Retaibby R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
sep 10 No. 20, Wood Street, below Socond
Notice to Dr. Drandreth's Agents.
THE office in Pittsburgh, which was established for
the purpose of constituting agents in the we=t,
having accomplished that ooject, is now closed, and
Mr. G. H. LEE, in the Diamond. Market street, ap
pointcd niv acient f a i. the sale of my Pills and Lini
ments. An Brandpith's agents will. there f.re,tll/-
derStflrld tha,t Dr. B. it ill send a travelling ngent
thrnugh the country- once a year to collect ninnies Gar
sales untie and re supply agents. The said travel,ler
will be provided with power of attorney, duly proved
before the Clerk of the city and county of New 'York,
together with all the necessary voucher , and papers.
Mr J. J. Yoe is my traveling agent now in Pennsyl
vania. B. BAANDRETII, M. D.
N. B.—Rvnioinbor, Mr. G. IL LEE, in the ruar of the
.Markut i,. now niv only agent in Pittsburgh.
op 10—N
11uviug been afflicted for nearly two years, with a
hard swelling on the cap of my knee, which
produced much pain, and used various applications
recommended by the faculty—all in vain. was cured
, mpletely by the use of one bottle of Dr. Brandreth'
linament, or external remedy
Witness my hand,
Ohio tp., Allegheny co. l'a. Jan. 10, 1840
Dr. Brandroth's external remedy or linament; sold
at the store of GEORGE 11. LEE, Pittsburgh, price
50 cents per bottle. feb 8.
HE subscribers have removed to Water, between
Wood and Smithfield streets, where they will
continue the Wholesale Grocery and Commission busi
ness, and would respectfully solicit the patronage of
their friends. J. W. BURBRIDGE & CO.
dec 3
Estee's Writing Institute.
CORNER of Third and Wood street, over Kram
er's Exchange office, entrance on Third st. His
classes meet daily as follows: Gentlemen's class at 8
o'clock, A. M.; Ladies' class at 10, A. M. Ladies'
and Gentlemen's class at 7 P. M. Ladies' can re
ceive lessons at their residences during the afternoon.
V niters will please call during school hours. 18.
L. & J. I). WICK,
Exchange Hotcl,
James Patterson, jr.,
William Douglass,
Cheap for Cash,-
Short Reel Yarn
No. 5 at 15 cti per lb
6 at 15 do
7 at 15 do
8 at 15 do
9 at 15 do
10 at 15 do
11 at 15 do
12 at 15 do
.Tows.( D. IV-1---c—K7
13 at 1G do
14 at 17 do
13 :it 18 do
Ili at 19 do
17 at 20 (lo
18 at 21 do
19 at 2 do
20 at 23 do
tie Orders promptly
Painter's,Logan &Kenn
f 27 J.
and Reference Library.
OF religious, historical, political and iniseellaneoui
works, will be ripen every day, Sabbath except
ed, from 7 o'clock .1. M., moil 9 P. M., in the Ex
ehdnge building, comer of St. Clair street and Ex
change alley, where punctual attendance will be given
Springs ani Axles for Carriages,
rif I E subsia ihers nriaufacture and keep constant
'. lc on hand C and Eliptic Springs (war
rated,) Juniata Iron Axles, Silver mid Brass plated
Dash Frame 3, Bras; and plated Hub Band:, Stump
Joint's, patent Lather, Silver and Brit:: Lamps,
Three fold Steps, Malleable Iron, Door Handle: and
Hinges, gc. , &e. JONES & COLEMAN.
Aep 10 St. Clair st., near the Allegheny Bridge.
Trarell, vs should stied Boats provi , led with
Eva l's Safety Gnarls for eventing Explosion of
Steafw Boilers
T would be well for the traveling cJammility to
_L bear in mind that their security depends entirely
upon their own chc.oragement of boats that have or
may be at the N,et.se 1/I . l‘l Willing t h e a b o v e appara
to:. And that every in making such ,-elec
ti,nis contributing toccurds a general introduction of
an invention admitted by all mon who understand the
principle; of tie Steam Engine, to be a sure preventa
tive against those dreadful disasters. You have cer- '
ctinly, in th,lntnifivds of explosions that have alroady
taken Mare, tin iv allmy..t d•!ily occurrence, and the
tlnarsands of lives rho have been lost, a suffi
cient warning. and induct mem to make inquiry for a
' Safety guard Boat. and in over: case to give it the
prefi•retiee. They have we,u to an tablitional oxpense
that your live; mar be secure. ( flight you not therefore
to meet them with a corn spondieg degn-e of liberality
and by your prefOrl`3,o , 1111 W th3t you appreciate their
laudable endeavors to stop this awful sacrifice of hu-
TliaN life. They do not more than other boats;
tie- accommodation. , in other respects are equal, and
in many cases !mperior, and as there is one leaving
Pittsburgh every day, why will you run any risk, when
it i. , so completelyiu vour own power to avoid tlmse
All boats marked thus ["] in the List of Arrivals and
Departurvs, in another part of this paper, are supplied
with the Safety (Mard.
List c:f Bori I s provided with (hr Safe, y Guard.
C IC E R. o , iti Es,s: 1.• A - a E are,
.11 0 .N; TGOM.E R I',
?'Ol.lllll B US, OSPREY,
.R.O IV EN A .
FORMOSA. .S.' A1?.4 H AX X ,
.1 11. BILLS, mar 22
New York Dyer.
rkSEE lIIM ES. wouldrespecdfully informhis friends
and the public in general, that he dyes Ladies'
dresses, Ilahits and Mantel: of every description, black;
awl is arrants them not to smut, and to look equal to new
goods. He dyes fancy colors of all descriptions of silk
and carpet yarn. Also, cleans and restores the colors of
gentlemen'; clothing, so as to resemble new goods.
Mr. H. flatters himself that he can please the public,
as he has done an extensive business in New York for
twenty year , . All work done on moderate terms, at his
establishment in sth st., between Wood and Smithfield
near the Theatre.
P7'This is to certify that OSEE I lIMES has done
work focus, which has fully answered our expec
tations, and We consider him a competent dyer.
S. Hemphill, Andrew Purdy
Wm. Barnes. W. B. Boics
J. B. Shurtletr, Wm. Porter,
David Hail, H. H. Smith,
B. F. Mann, Henry Javens
David Boics, A. Shoekey, jr.
Joseph French, jr., Joseph Vera,
George Barnes
Naylor & Co.'s Best Refined Cast SteeL
T HE undersigned, agents for the above celebrated
stamp of Steel, will always keep on hand an as
sortment of the same, consisting in
BeatrefinedCast Steel, squared, flat, round and octagon,
do do do do axe temper,
Extra do do do for nail cutters,
Best do Double and Single Shear steel,
English Blister, German, Granite; Wedge and Craw
ley Steel, at wholesale, by the case, or in smaller lots
tosnitpurthavers. LYON, SHORB & CO.,
je 24-3 m Foot of Wood mem,
nion Cotton Factory
Long Reel Yarn.
500 at 8. cents per dozen
600 at 7. do
700 at Gi do
800 at 5. do
900 at 5 do
1000 at. 5 do
Candlewick at 15 cents per lb
Com. Batting, 3 do
Family do., 12 do
Carpet Chain, 20 do
Cotton Twine, 20 do
Stocking Want and Cover
let Yarn always on hand.
Cotton Warps made to or
• attiqulca to, if Teti at .1 . & C.
edy's,or the Post Office: address
41 East,' ru prices
A Card.
J - WILMA M McCARTHY begs leave to
Fr V announce to the Gentlemen of Pi USbUrgh.
that he is prepared to make BOOTS of all
kinds, of the best Leather obtained. from Philadelphia,
and over Lasts made by instructions from himself. He
does now for himself what he has so long done fur the
ritLibUrgil Bosses, i. e. alter and lit his lasts to suit the
foot. H e has worked at the most fashionable work in
the Eastern cities came here and instructed several how
to alter and fit, which can be attested by numbers of
Journeymen in this city, and now is rewarded by them
with contumely and abuse. He hereby challenges any
Bootmaker in l'ittshurgh, (Boss of course,) to make a
pair or more of Boots, stock equal, measure to be ta
ken by each in his own way. %Workmanship to decide
the matter.
Fourth st. or the Monongalodu Boot znaker,
(a; he culls hint.adi,) have a rare chance now to show
themselves. If they can mulct., a Boot let us see it.
\V. .McCarthy'.; Shop and Store is on Market street.
next door to Second, and oppulite J. Dunlap's Tilt and
Sheet Iron ware Factory. july
To the Gentlemen of Pittsburgh.
THE subscriber most respectfully
informs the gentlemen of this city and 44
vicinity, that he has commenced the BOOT and
inakina business m Fourth street, opposite the
Mayor's office. flaying been foreman in some of the
most fashionabb• boot shops in the Eauern cities; and
having furnished himself with the bet French awl
American calf skins, he hopes by his 101"111.1011 to b 1133..
to merit a share of public patronage. To those
gentlemen who have kindly patronised him he retunis
his sincere thanks, and can with confidence appeal
for the groodness of his work and knowledge of his ,
business. P. KERRIGAN.
may 11.
William Adair, Boot and Shoe Maker,
Liberty st. opposite the head of Smithfield.
JThe subscriber having bought out the
of the late Thomas Rafferty, deceased,has
commenced business at the old stand of Mr. R.,
and is prepared to execute all tkscriptious of work in
hi: line, in the best manlier, and on the shortest notice.
Ile keeps con:tautly on hand a large assortment of shoe
iindint-s of all descriptions, and of the best quality. He
solicits the patronage °lithe public and of the craft.
~:op 10—y WM. ADAIR.
David Clark, Ag't,
to No. :3t Market street, between Sacund and
Third streets, where he would be happy to see his
old customers. and all others who feel disposed to pa
tronise hint. lie uses nothing but first rate stock, and
employ, the best of werktnen; and as lie gives his con
stant personal attention to business. he trusts that he
will deserve and receive a fair share of patronage
sep 10
Pittsburgh Mannactarcs, Cheap for Cash.
No 8, Fifth st. ir e loons from .Markel.
T ].IT ES intends [I, manufaettMer a bet
• L'r , Lrtiele of Ladies', Chiidrens and
Misses' Shoes, and sell them cheaper for cash than
They can be bought in the city. He will keep constant
ly on hand and makes to order Ladies' Shoes of all
kin le and color- , , at very low prices, of the following
Ladies' Lasting Foxed Gaiter Boots. $1 75
" best quality Kidor MoroccoGniters, 150
" Calfskin Boots, 1 371
" Foxed Half Gaiters, all colors, 1 37.1
best kid and Moroeo buskin, 1 18i
Double Soled Slippers, (JOE) 1 12,11
line Kid Springs and Turns, best qual.l 00
" Springs, heavy, 87,1
" Slippers, 87}
All Shoes made here warranted. Misses' and Chil
dren,' in the same proportion.
E - s -- IZernt•mb(l. the place, at the sign of the Red
[lox,No. 8, Fifth street.
V. 11t, I Vona , slreel,one door above 6111,
T 4 - EFA's constantly on hand all kinds of the lies'
IX_ Spanish Cignrs. Regalias, Casadores, Coor.
manes, Trabucas,Prinripes.
Also, half Spanish and conunon cigars.
Tobacco of all lie best brands. Cavendish, 5s
lump; Baltimore Plug, Els and 16s, lump.
ALso, Mrs. Miller's fine cut chewing tobacco.
Snitors—Rnppe o , Scotch, Macouba, High Toast.Scc.
Ile has also, all other articles in his line, which he
dyers, wholesale and retuil, at the lowest cash prices.
CALL AND SEE. je 8-6 m
At the old stand of Young 4. 'Curdy, No. 43, Se
cond street, between flood and Market,
RESPECTFULLY informsthe friends of the late
firm, and the liublie generally, that he Is prepa
red to fill all orders for Cabinet It'Ork. of any kind,
with all ro.:ible dezpitteli, and , varranted to be equal
to anyto the city.
Every attention will be paid to ItirniFliin; COFFINS.
fc when required.
je fi-y
File Manufactory.
IHE subscriber having commenced the manufae - -
. ture of Cast Steel Files, from Ameiican materials
merchants or other persons wanting can be
supplied by him with a better article than the foreign,
and at lower prices. Inter - line: to use only the best
quality of File Steel, nrinufacturcd by the Messrs.
STIOENBERGEICS, wirieh is now brought to a perfection
equal to the best Ene - lish article, manufactured for the
same purpose, the subscriber has full confidence that he
will be able, in quality of articles and prices, to realize
the best hopes oldie friends of American Industry.
Corner 111 0 1 lam & Liberty sts.
Horatio P. Young, Cabinet Maker,
(Late of the firm of Young .5- 31' Curdy)
TTAS commenced the ousiness in all its branches at
11 No 2' l , axl street, between First and Second
stre., where he will keep constantly on hand a good as
sortment of well mule FURNITURE, and hopes, by
strict attention to hominess, to merit a continuance of
the patronace of the public.
Every attention willhepaid to furnishing COFFLNS,
&c. A. Furniture Car for hire. July 11
- 5 Upholsterer and Cabinet Nlaker,7 l
Third at., between Wood and Market, BZ2
Respectfully informs his friends and the public that he
is prepared to execute all orders for sofas, sideboards,
bureaus, chairs, tables, bedsteads, stands, hair and
spring mattresses, curtains, carpets; all sorts of uphol
stering work, which ho will warrant equal to any made
in the city, and on reasonable terms. sep 10
Matthew Jones, Barber and Bair Dresser,
Has removed to Fourth street, opposite the Mayor's of
fice, where be be happy to wait upon permanent or
transient customers. He solicit. a .hare of pciblie_pa
!tie Oaitp Illorning put
From Noah's Weekly Messestm.
BETTER TIMES.—"ShaII I hold your horse, sirt" said
nice - looking,Nveli-spoken boy, at the upper mama.
I was pleased a ith his appearance and address; eft,
after a walk around the stone parapet, prepared to M.
turn home. .•My little fellow, would you like to hem
a trade? if you would, you shall have a place is a pri tro
ing office." "Thank yet honor," said a partly friii•
woman, "me and me four children live in that booms
there, and make a dacent living; I should not like topers
• with the boy at all." "That house," referred to, am
a mud hovel—a shanty with a single room, and yet the
!nether contrived to bring up four children in it with so
much contentment, that she was unwilling to part with
one, although it might evidently have bcitetad his for.
times. "I low strangely is society divided," said my
frie n d, who took his seat in the buggy as we wereabout
returning to the city. "1 also have four children, mid
yet my house with thirteen rooms in it, and for which I
pay $l,OOO per annum, is not big enough to cowrie
"Fortune in men bath so:::. small differencettlis*
1 One flaunts in rags--one flutters in brocade."
• "The c tYoler apwa'd, and the bishop gown'd,
The friar Ilo'll.••d, and the monarch crown'd."
I b e li eve we are beginning to find out the folly e['
rnakinz sacrifice.; to keep u;; appearances. The credit
o f a man of business is now strengthened if he resides
in a butts,: plainly furnished, is frugal in his living, amp
ages to save a penny; makes a decent appearance with
out the aid of fashionable extravagance, does nothiagfor
' effect, and makes no costly entertainments. How &S.' .
ferent it was in 1336. It aas a furious contest for ea
trava.gant :Lod costly rivalry. hone man in business hi
red a In rge house, furnished it splendidly, kept 2. pair of
spanking bays and a barouchetanother caught the infec
tion, and also hired a larzer house, furnishes it more
splendidly, and sported a more elegant baroucheorsis•
d-ris than his neighbor; and thus competition, rivalry,
and fashionable opposition involved great outlays; fail-.
tire followed failure; and, in a short time, these aspiring
bloods crowded close upon each other in the list of bank
rupts. It is incredible how evil exam2les are closely
imitated. If mylkeighbor, no better off than myself,
lives extravagantly; sees company, gives good dinners,
has a box at the opera, and keeps a fast trotter, I am
in a measure restless and discontented till 1 can do the
same: the contagion spreads; we are all in the infected
district, all have a touch of the disease, all take the
same medieine, and all LUC equally prostrated. Now,
if we were more disposed to imitate what was worthy
of imitation—economy, propriety, comfort without os
tentation, simplicity in living, plainness of manners,and
absence of all pride and self-sufficiency—how muchbelt.
ter we would all be off in the world.
_ -
When shall the reform commence? We answer,now,
'rum this very ninZnent. Better times prevail; say what
we will, we hare better times. The surface begins to
smooth; the biiiows and uphenN ings are less agitated;
confidence is beginning to be gradually restored: what
business is done, is done with less profit, it is true, but
with more security; it is more difficult to earn the silver
dollar,yet, with ordinary management, it will go further
and provide much more than in 183 G. We have seen
the worst; let us improx e the present by introducing ev
erywhen; a rigid economy, and save a sixpence when
ever we can do so. Let ut begin by discardingevery:
thing looking like slew and ostentation: let us study
comfort, and give up luxuries altogether.
A few months. ago I was led by curiosity to attend a
sale of splendid furniture in a spacious house in one of
our fashionable squares. Everything was on the most
costly scale, and paid for out of the money procured from
the unguarded credit system. Looking-glasses of $5OO
each; window -curtains $2.00 each; satin-covered rose.
wood chairs, too frail and delicate to sit upon;the whale
r outlay for furniture was somewhat over $lO,OOO, and
brought scarcely one-half that sum. I knew the lady
and her two daughters well; they were thin and pale
from want oflaboriuus exe rc isr , ; they looked discontented
and unsettled; out of sorts with everything; they were se
bout to enter, upon czunpulsion, on a new course oflik
to pursue a rigid emmononly, to live upon their actual
earnings, and it made them uneasy and fretful.
.A short time after the sale, passing a small neat two
story house, of $3OO rent, one of time young ladies tap
ped at the window, threw it up, and asked me to come
in. I was surprised and pleased at the change I saw
in everything. The girls looked fresh and rosy, were
dressed with great neatness, and the mother appeared
quite happy and contented. Everything was plain--a
Kidderminster carpet on the floor, chairs cheap and
substantial; on the mantle-piece were races tilled with
fresh flowers, instead of the $5OO clock and or-issolis
candolnbras. "We take great exercise now," said the
mother; "haunt; no carriage, we are obliged to walk;
The girls rub flit furniture, dust the things, and go to
mark. , t; we have nothing superfluous; we purchase for
our family just one half we did in Place; we keep
but one girl; and when breakfast and dinner are ready,
you cannot imagine how hungry we are, and hay we
enjoy our meal; everything tastes sweet—for we pre
pare it ourselves, and we sleep like tops—everything
has changed for the better." And so it had; they had
discovered the fully of competition, of striving to live
as extravagant as their neighbors, and had sobered
down to the comforts and economy of life, and were re
alizing substantial benefits from the change; they had
the mural courage to rise above the sneers of the intami.- - -
and the fictitious sympathy of professing friends. They
are now contented, and contentment is happiness.
One can hardly believe his own senses when be
looks bask upon the gross and disgusting scenes of
1840, and the appeals made by the coons to the bed
appetites of their followers during the hard-cider del
uge. They were to conquer, as they openly boasted,
because, in the language of one of their songs,
' "Good hard cider the people do crave."
What an insult to popular elections and the cause of
free government! Who that believes in the intelligence
of the people, and in an overruling Providence, could
expect a party that obtained power by such raeaas to
prosper! Here is an extract from one of their elec.
tioneerine appeals:
"HarlCider we'll drink, 'tis a motto we'll wear,
Inscribed on our banners—hard cider is there;
Our log-cabin, too, with the flag of the brave,
We'll go go forth to battle, our country to save,
For good Hard Cider the Ppple do crave."
And yet in the train of those who went "forth to bat
tle," bellowing as they went "hard cider we'll drink,"
were to be found professors of religioia, dea&nas of
churches, and in some instances ministeitof the gob
pel! men who knew the demoralizing effects such a
course would have upon the community. But their
triumph has passed. They ''stooped to conquer," and
the base means resorted to alarmed even those who aid
ed them. They maddend the brain that they might;
control the action, but returning sense brought convic
tion of error. The historian who records these facts
will hardly be believed by the next generation. Those
only can fully realize, who saw, the scenes of 1840.
• •
The schooner Denmark. Capt. Wright, arrived
this morning seven days from Sisal, and reports that an
English schooner which cleared from this port for si.
sal (name not recollected) was captured on the 16th
July by one of the Yucatan gnn boats, to the windward
of Sisal, for smuggling. The vessel was still lying a 4
Sisal when Capt. W. 0. Courier of dug.
By the steam packet St. Mathew, Capt. McNell],
we re ei , ,ted the St. Augustine News of the ..S.th hut.—
The Time for granting Permits to settlers under dp
Armed Occupation Law expired on the 3d inst. rink
News states that the whole number of Permits imisord
from the Land office in St. Augustine was 366-.-sixty
qf which slur.. the Ist iast.—Saranna Gcnr4o,4lm-