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    # MCR I URLY, U •31, 1843.
tinsiate r s mat, &Tx., - ste fait page
aI4IONSTU4XCE.—A large pcirtion of our Taper this
isfdled With the names of the moons who re
itoostrated against the granting of Li6ense ton number
of tavern keepers at the present session of the Court of
Qusrtei*sviona. The remonstrance of the Martha
Washisigtosdsuas, was presented by a committee of la
dles, and we understand that the remarks of the spokes
' " Venfest were more appropriate than any that could
have been made on the subject, by the most learned
Ind eloquent members of the bar.
ILAN.—OnSaturday afternoon, and yesterday, after
*drought of many weeks, we were visited with a most
lidiatiful and refreshing rain. It was greatly needed,
twill be of immense benefit. Farmers talked gloom
4tt of their prospectsfor a crop of corn, which looked
Idroopin . er,. 'sickly and yellow. The scarcity of grass,
'which was almost entirely dried up, had caused a rise
in the price of butter in our markets. And so misera
ble wttsthe appearance of the potatoes, that wiseacres
A Nweeke riredic:.ing a great scarcity of, and high prices for,
that. Impoitaut. article of food. The rain has quite re
's/tiedihGhones of ; , ;riculturalists, and will no doubt
vibe oso• rivers somewhat, and enliven trade consider-
We saw, on Saturday, during the shower, an apt ii-
lustrettio' of the old adage that there is "danger in de
thy:" and another proof of the saying that, if you have
Is aloft ill) to do and a long rime to do it in, the chances
are that you will leave it alone until you are pressed
cork. A man went along in a great hurry with tWa or
Ake "pieces of house spouting, which ho had been get ,
.• •
tag repaired. Now there was surely: enouch time in
the kat six weeks of drought to at tend to this little mat
bitintiter, but our friend neglected it from day to day,
till he saw the shower approaching, and then he "'set
dbont it straight" Hereafter he will mject the max
i^ "there 's luck in leisure."
For the Morning Poet
An . ihtempt is being made by some street politicians,
to impress the democracy of the county with a most nor
iel ides i that the selection for Congress made by the Con
eninof lastyear, is obligatory ou the party this time,
:and that tie delegates about to convene next month are
boandto respond to those who preceed them. Certain
ly this isnot democratic doctrine. The very respecta
bkmoninsittee of correspondence, together with a large
of the people,"repudiate" this slavish dictation
apparent. upon the face of this impudent position. The
demo** have no desire to confer "vested rights" in
their nominations. . To obtain the cordial co-operation
of the party, there must be an expression from the coun
try, and the voice of the people should be respected. The
time has arrived when the voice of the democracy in Al
legheny cenxitY rivist and will be heard—they will have
no entail in race but they are determined to regard the
claims of those mon whose talents have been freely and
fearlessly employed in the cause of Democracy, and
party directed against the tremendous torrent of
Whighumbutgery in IS4O.
Among the advocates of republican principles at that
critical period, no one did more to serve the party iu ev
ery respect, than E. D. Gizi3.st.
He devoted nil his time to the cause of the people at
the mit& referred to—the democratic party is not un
gradefel, and according to the received views ofpartv
justice—to a gentleman of acknowledged capability and
greatpersonal worth—let all unite to give him a unani
mous nomination for Congress. S.
y the following letter, the gradual decline of Bue
nas Ares is presented in a most striking light, as a
bonsetmence of the ascendancy of a paper currency.—
Jlestattiasted with the flourishing condition of Montevi
,tlno ander a Gold and Silver currency, the facts elicited
cannot fail to strike the attention of every rellectirr'
ndid,. These two cities are separated only by a river.
TIM ono in a period of twenty-five years, has been re
dncea to poverty, and periodically involved in anarchy
by the National Bank, established there; while the oth
er, by a simple adherence to the only just and honest
standard of value, a specie currency, has prospered in
the higisest degree. Inhabited by people of the same
original habits, and speaking the same language, the
differences which exist have been "produced by paper
=nay gambling ."—lnd. Slate Sentinel.
"The Bank of Buenos Ayres was established by the
General Congress of the United Provinces of La Plata,
or the Argentine Republic, as it is usually called, dur
ing the session which began in Mar, 1822. At that
period the country watered by the River of Plate, was
in a condition of greater prosperily than at any period
eirtee the revolution of 1310, by which the indepen
, deiice Of these VLSI and productive regions upon the
4Patialfriaortarch was :es_ v ered .
•- " Upon the establishment of this bank as a part of
the machinery of Giverarnent, its paler currency was
mule alawrtil tender for debts. Until the declaration
of war Uy Brazil, in Detiernber, 1326, the bank contin- ' Tot MINE READY TO Egmont:.—A writer in the
tied to redeem its paper circulation with specie. Soon Charleston Mercury save—" The dangers of England
afterwards doubloons rose to the value of $33 carh, in increase and darken, and we rejoice at it, because her
ban/up:Ter, and in the course of a year they weut up course has been -one of treachery, bribery, spoliation,
to $5O each. The market price of doubloons conduit- . persecution, robbery, plunder and massacre. There
;ad to raeg - ,e. between 50 and 00 d altars earn ti;.;il errs are 250,000 Irishmen in London, 90,000 in Liverpool,
withßrazil took nine, in August, 1228. Th -...,!,,,• domoo in Manchester-73.000 in Glasgow—they are
of paper curren c y thin improved a Littl:i---1 , i , 1.1.icm. , ~- :- ol ,iver the rural districts—they crowd mailufacto
could lie par:lli-al. - el er i 4.0 each. . ~- —iliey nil all the mineries of England. If altos tile
"Sehn afterw , u , l ,, , the civil War. ( . 0mn•r....: , 1 ii : G.-n- :, Any appears again in Ireland, to butcher or to trample
• -ersUltyeilie, brel.• .' , ur. •Ahr n d-'a'loOili Wet nn to the liberties of her people, so certain as they have the
,$lO4 eat's.. In r. sle , rt lime ilo y mt.-armed to $l2O, at power, so certain will they make attack on the shipping
'whititilte, eitirna , .. - din the currency of the bank, they and the commerce of those arrogant oppressors of the
continued with little fluctuation until the blockade of human race."
the poirtif Buenos Ayres, by the French, in 1838, when .. -
they itte to $l5O. I FOUND,
"From the period when the bank went into opera- I
, A BOUT the last week in June, in a Clothing Store
don, real estate of every description has constantly d e •
in Liberty street, a Note of hand, considerably
ellsest in value if measured by the universal standard,
soiled cold worn. It is signed by James GU..40 11 a/111
gold mud silver. There is not a house, store or lot of
another, and drawn . in favor of ts'. Black. T he own
land In the city of Buenos Ayress, which can be sold
or one-half the price itwould have brought in 1822. Cr
. ..a.r .i r h a v e It. h f y identifying it, and paying expenses.
Emery kind business has been literally ruined, and
__"'"-Y ' ' -
there tatmot be a doubt-in the mind of any man of in-
telligenre, who is acquainted with the facts, but all the,
troubles which have been visited upon that unfortu
nate city, have arisen from the Bank. Being con
trolled by , t.be Government, paper currency has been
issued to carry on wars,
revolutions and other political
Imiltunel—rnost of which could never have been prose- ' i
anted, but for this rag money. As this currency is a
a lawful tender, each individual is compelled to take it
istiss nominal value, in discharge of obligations ()few- '
gmedaseription , Most of the merchants, as well as
who had entirely enriched thewselves by mechan- ,
ital.Qpt ts, hate been ruined by this bank, and the
whoiecountry, is nearly in the same condition.
"On die opposite side of the river, and a short dis-
Skeictance helo*l3uenos Ayres, is Montevideo. They are
kW) principal ports of the river Plate, and since
the - ion from Spain, have always been under too
diseinti. 'bovernments. The Banda Oriental, or the
Republic' of Uruguay, as it is - now called, of which
Minteiideo is the eapital,hn, never established a bank.
It Is a place of very extensive and flourishing com
merce, There is no barter, every thing being bought
As a . 1 a for cash, and business transacted without diffl- '
task, in gold and silver currency. Every description
otreelestate has risen in value there since 1324, more!
dis a o 100 per cent. The increase of buildings,
• bith in the city of Montevideo and its vicinity, is very
great. Houses are going up in every airection in the
city and suburbs; labor is high, and every kind of bu
siness brisk, and this is a country where a bank has
never existed.
" I dollen believe that there is a place in the world
where mechanical and every other kind of labor re
ceives so groat a remuneration a.. at Montevideo.—
Though it seems to be the opinion of some, that no
country tan flourish without a bank—the mechanics
- said all laboring men must be slaves where there is
nothing but specie currency—Montevideo is certainly
an exception, which has come under my observatie e.—
anse contrast between its dozulition and that of its rival
Buenos Ayres, ou the other side of the river, furnishes
to my mind a powerful reason for preferring a specie
currency, which comma fail to be Understood by every
one acquainted with these two •cities." -.
Woinitter6ttral that a great deal of excitement re
velled InSt Wednesday, in Georgetown, arising out of
an audn.pt On the part of two brothers, named Wm.
and James O'Brian, to take away the life of their step
father, Bernard Brian, by shooting him in his own
house, situated on Bridge street, near the market
house. Fortunately, however, fur Brian, the stepfather,
the pistol went off suddenly, while Wm. O'Brian was
in the act of drawing it out of his pocket; the contents,
however, lodged in the door sill, and O'Brian was
wounded. After this desperate attack, Wm. O'Brian
was arrested by H. Reaver, but made his escape to
Baltimore. James O'Brian was arrested by officer
Barnacle, and put in the watch-house for safe-keeping,
on Wednesday night. The next morning, after a full
examination before Justice White, James O'Brian was
fully committed, for want of bail, to the county prison,
to await his trial at the criminal court. It is under
stood that this desperate attempt to shoot the stepfath
er was formed by the O'Brians in consequence of some
dispute about property belonging to the father of James
and Wm. O'Brian.--;.Nat. let.
A lite London paper records one of those swind
ling tricks to which rogues it, lar g e cities so often re
sort. One afternoon, a Captain ount.joy Martin, of
the second Life Guards, stationed at Windsor, called
upon Mr. Barton, upholsterer, in the High street of
that town, in his dennit, to pay his account for furni
ture, &e. The shop door being - closed, Captain Mar•
tyn asked a man standing on the pavement to ring
the bell, to save him alighting. Mr. Barton's son
immediately came to the door, to whom the captain
gave a ,C.loel Bank of Ingland note, with directions
fur his father to deduct froth it the money which was
due, and that the balance would be sent for and the
receipt in the course of the day. About two or three
hours afterwards a man, with a broad Scotch accent
(who, there is na doubt, was the same fellow who
rang the tie% and who saw the note and heard the
message delivered to Mr. Barton, jr.) called upon
Mr. Barton for the change of the £lOO note and the
receipt, stating that he had been sent by his master,
Captain Martyrs, who waiting his return at the caval
ry barracks. Mr. Barton little dreaming that the fel
low was an imposter, inclosed the change amount.
ing to 440, in note and gold, and the receipt, in an
envelope, and sent it as he imagined to Captain
Martyr, at the. barracks at Spital. It was shortly
afterwards discovered that the whole was a barefaced
robbery on the part of the thief, who managed to get
clear off with the money.
The last Belfast (Me.) Signal gives a new feature
to the fanaticism of the Millerites. It says that on
Saturday last their attention was arrested by a flag
suspended upon a liberty pole in front of Mr. Jonas S.
Barrett's house, and on visiting that place we learned
Mr. Barrett was celebrating the coming of the first year
of the second advent of Christ. The flag bore the in
scription of the "Opening of the Seven Seals," and a
picture representing the bible in seven clasps, three of
which were broken. At nine o'clock, seven cannon
were fired, representing the seven thunders that uttered
their voices upon the opening of the seven seals. The
bugle, fife and drum were introduced, with other cere
monies, and the military rattle Wll3 kept up in the
grove of pine trees set out for the occasion in front of
the bolts-. Mr. Barrett an honest and hard labor
ing man, and seems to be insane on no .üble-t but re
ligion. We regret that so industriou , a citizen should
waste his scanty funds in giving free dinners, and pro
pa,gating such enthusiasm.
'Mr. Saiioiel G. Chase, of Hopkinton, New
Hampshire, has invented a new railroad track, which
is considered a very material improvement on the one
now in use. By this plan the bottom of the car will
be elevated three feet above the level of the base of
the road; at this elevation rails supported by cross and
side posts r laid, and s o constructed as to avoid the
possibility of the ears running off the track, or crush
ing any one beneath them who may accidentally be in
the way of their progress. The plan of Mr. Chase is
admirably adapted for sections of country where much
snow falls, as it will save the delay now occasioned by
snow storms, and the heavy expense of shovelling it
away. In building new roads upon this plan, great
expense will be saved in grading—in many cases at
least $5,000 r mile.
The United States col:Factor for Cincinnati, hasseized
upon a lot of rail rani iron, with $40,000, which was
originally imported by Can State of Illinois, and by an
net of Congress, if it was laid down for use by the 4th
of March la -it, it would have been duty free. The State
qbandonerl her railroad project, and sold the iron to
another company. The collector has seized it for the
duties, the iron not having been laid down within th.i
prescribed time.
The Packenham defeat of the Whigs in Louisiana, is
one of the severestblows that whiz:pry has yet receiv
ed since 1840. Louisiana was the first state that was
to hold an election in the South this summer, and it
was considered all important to Cla:.ism that she
should lead ofl well. In order to make "assurance
doubly sure," Mr. Cliy himself went to New Orleans
a few weeks uz,), and at: dinners and made speeches
to eneittri,4 - e his followers. Ani mirk the result. In
the last Con;,:e , s the democrats had but one member
from Louisiana, and now they have elected the whole
TWENTY CENTS A QUIRE.—A good article
ofLetter Paper at 20 cents. Also, super blue
wave lined Letter and Cap paper, Pens, Quills, Ink,
Wafers, Sand and Inkstands. For sale at Wm. M.
Foster's Universal Agency and Literary Depot,St Clair
street. jy 21.—Gt.
CIGARS AND TOBACCO.—Regalia, La Norma,
Principe and Pa.netelan Cigars, a superior article.
Also, fine leaf chewing Tobacco, &c. &c., at W. M.
Foster's Medical Agency and Literary Depot, St. Cluir
street- July 31.—fit.
TADY'S BOOK and Musical Library, August Nos.
rec'd at W. M. Foster's Medical Agency and
Literary Depot, St. Clair ed. July 31.-3 t.
FOR SALE.--A Mineral Water apparatus, corn
plete, for sale low, at W. M. FOSTER'S
Univorsal Avacy and Literary Depot, St. Clair st.
jy 31-6 t
BAILEY & CO, In the District Court of Alle
ys. ghenycounty, N 0.308 of April
KIRKPATRICK. Tcrm, 1843.
An no` to wit, Jly 26th, 1843, the
;,.:** , t ; court appoint George W. Layng, Esq., to
r A v •, distribute the proceeds of sale in this case.
'f 4 l , By the Court.
All persons interested will plea...-e take
notice, that the undersigned auditor, will attend, for the
purpose of his appointment, at his office in Fourth st. in
the city of Pittsh,irgh, on Thursday the 17th of August
next. at 2 I'. M.. when and where you are re
(incited r.
j) 23-3,
r TIE arse ctbr, of N 1.1 . - 1)..7-7:-...r.3 of tais Ins titu
.l. tion will be held at the House on
Thursday the 3d day of Augtist, pro i .irno, between the
hours of 8 o'clock, A. M., and 4, P. M., by order,
R. MILLER, JR., Sec'y.
To the Corn wistioncr3.
October Vittthm.
I respectfully offer myself a candidate for the office
of Prothonotaryy of Allegheny county, subject to the
action of the Democratic county convention, which
meets on the 30th August next.
Allegheny city, may 31--tc d&w.
I respectfully offer myself as a candidate for the of
fice of Prothonotary, subject to the action of the Dem
ocratic Convention. VEVI. G. HAWKINS.
Wilkins township, june ‘27—tc.
To the voters of Allegheny eounty:-4 respect
fully offer myself to your consideration as a candidate
(independent of parties) for the office of PRO
THONOTARY of Allegheny county,- at the ensuing
election. As Ido not come before you recommended
by a Convention, those of you to whom I am not per
sonally known will please examine into my qualifica
tions, &c.; and if so fortunate as to obtain a majority
of your suffrages, I shall endeavor by strict attention
to the duties of the office, to satisfy you with your
choice. ALEX. MILLER.
may 10—te
WILLIAM B. FOSTER.)of Allegheny city,
will be a candidate for the office of .Prothonotary of Al
legheny county, at the Octohei election. jnne 4.
Irespectfully present myself to the citizens of Alle
glteny county, as a candidate for the Sheriffalty, sub.
ject to the action of the Democratic convention, which
meets on the 30th of August next.
jun° 9—d&wte. ELIJAH TROVILLO.
MANY Citizens of Pittsburgh, recommend Dr. JO
SEI'H CURRY a 3 a suitable person to fill a seat in
the Assembly, the ensuing session. july 11, 1843.
M ANY citizens of Allegheny city recommend Dr,
J. C. M'CULLY as a suitable person to fill the office
of Prothonotary. july 12.
We are authorised to announce JOHN BROTN,
Esq., of Pine township, a 3 a candidate for Assembly,
subject to the nomination of the Democratic Conven
tion. ,July 29—to
County ConimissiOner.
MES3II.S. EDITORS:—PIea3e announce the name of
Genl. JOHN M. DAVIS, of Peebles, for County Com
missioner, subject to the decision of the Democratic
county Convention, to be held in Auguat next.
County C orcuniAsionet.
Messrs. Editors: A.l the general opinion appears
to prevail that inammah as there are already two of
the County CominissioneN from the country, it is Lot
a matter of right and justine that the city or its imme
diate neighborhood should have the third candidate—
We therefore beg leave to recommend to the people of
Allegheny county, JAMES C. CUMMINS, Esq., of the
city district, for County Commissioner, at the ensuing
AT the solicitation i,f ri number of friends of all
politietd parties. I respectfully offer myself to
the consideration of my felluw-citizens for the office of
County Commissioner. That my sentiments may nut
be misunder,:tood, either as to political or private
aTairs, I make free to say that I have been all my life
a consistent Republican, in the true sense of the word.
As the country is :tomewhat embarrassed in it.. 4 finan
cial affairs, and the reduction of salaries of public
officers has received the approbation of large majori
ties of the peup!e, the undersigned would not should
he be so fortunate as to be elected, in any manner at
tempt to resist this salutary reform; should it reach
the office of County Commissioner.
apr 6. sAmur.r.
1 628pectfully Mfer my elf to the citizens of Alleghe
ny county. for tim office of Cormier, subject to the de
ci inn the Democratic Convention.
IRESFECTFULLY offer iny6cif as a candidate for
Coroner of Alleizinnly county, Autiect to the action
of th: - . democratic Counts Cuavomi,m to he held on the
30W Itntin:t. JOHN JOHNSTON.
Alle v I—te.
'ia! Eta! ha!
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may 5.
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22 TIERCES RICE, on hand and for sale by
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Powelrs Balsam of &missed:
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ENIPLOYMENT fortwo or three married men with
small families; and wbo are good clerks, and wish'
to engage as Book keepers. Also, wanted soon, places
for several young meta arid boys, in Dry Goods, Groce
ry, or wholesale and retail stores. Also, fol. several
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Wanted, a good Coal digger to go down the river, about
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1:0. W. LANNO,
Clear the course for the Volunteers
County Commissioner.
Landreth's Garden Seeds.
William C. Wall,
The Proprietors'of the IVIORNERO POST 11114 MER
CURY MID MAR vrAertrnzit resp2etfally inform their
friends and the patrons of those papers, that they have
a large and well chosen assortment of
ar4100.111133 711L111111110,31E0-,
calD azta (0i2Z1133 wagramaaaas
Necessary to a JAI) Prindng Office, atul that they arc
prepared to execute
Stage, Steamboat and Canal Boat Bills, with ap
proioriate eats,
Printed on the shortest notice and most reasonable
We respectfully ask the patronage of our friends and
the public in general in this branch of our business.
July 31, 1843. PHILLIPS & SMITH.
of Pittsburg
Bank Notes anb excl)angc.
A. SCRAMS, EXCHANGE 11116 . 1113' R,
Merchants and Manufacturers' Scrip
Exchange Bank Scrip
Cu rrency
Eric Bank Scrip
, . .
On Philadelphia
New York ,
Gold. par
Silver par
Bank of Pittsburghpar
. .
Merchants and Manufacturers' bank par
Exchange ~
Do. Hollidaysburgh
Bank of North America par
Do Northern Liberties par
Do Pennsylvania
Commercial Bank of Pinn.iyTifania . par
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank •' ' -.- . ....par
Kensington bank par
Manufacturers and Afechanies' par
Philadelphia bank
Southwark ..... "...........
Bank of Pcnn Township
Girard bank
U. S. bank and brandies..-... 33
Bank Germantown .. -. -par
Chester county .... par
" Delaware county par
" Montgomery county par
" Northumberland par
Farmers bank of Bucks county par
Easton bank par
Doylestown bank ....... . ...... . . . —par
Franklin bank of Washington par
Bank of Chamber:burgh
" Middletown 3i
" Gettysburgh ........
" Lewistown
" Susquehanna county..
Becks county bank
Columbia Bonkand Bridge Company
Carlisle bank
Eric bank
Farmers and Drovers' bank
Bank of Lancaster
" Bunko( Reading
Harrisburg baisk
Honesdale "
Lancaster cu. 2
Lebanon "
Miners' bank of Pollsville 3
Monongahela bank of Brownsville 1
New Hope and Delawai c Bridge company ....35
Northampton bank ....no sale
Torte! nda bank 83
Wyoming banl• 6
West Bra:telt bank........ 35
York ban . '• .
Belmont bank of St. Clairsville 1
Clinton bank of Columbus—. ~..1
Columbiana bank of New Lisbon .....
Circleville (Lawrence, cashier) 1
" ( Warren, cashler).. .... sale
Chillicothe bank.... ....._.__...1
Commercial bank of Lake Eric.... 20
Dayton bank., ......1
Franklin bank of Columbus 1
Farmers' and Mechanics' bank of kitenbenville..l
Farmers' bank of Canton
Mechanics' and Traders'. Cincinnati
Mount Pleasant
Stale bank and branches
Slate Scrip 50
All banks
Stale bank 43
Bank of Illinois, Shawneetorn 55
Bank of the Valley of Virginia 1
Bank of Virginia 1
Exchange bank of Virginia ...1
Farmers' bank of Virginia-...
North-Western bank of .. 1
Merchants' and Mechanics' hank of Virginia.. ~1
Branckes ...... .1
Baltimore City banks..:.:...
Allother solvent banks.:.:....
All solvent banks_
All solvent banks
All solrenl banks
Mobile banks
Country banks
Seto CliZeans banks (g00d).............
All banks.
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me ß s ic' Ti=o,
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july 1. DEVINE & Mc AN LILT Y
1. W. CORNIR 01 WOOD & 171711
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Bill Heads, Cards,
Blank Checks, Hat Tips.
XII tants of 131 auks,
1Q 4 41?" -- :::_' ii - , iii.----., - 1 - Publit filtilieriMailido .
..IL.V,2't"liiliIlliIIIIIII - Mllg ; 1100p$119iT to btleaetai . ,K4ff Alt4attikgrOlit
STAN DART, INGRAHAM 6r. 0 .:304. - IA. peiio' i "Cotir t eif Li* an4llllll . 0f 1 .4640 4 4, fold . ~. „ ,
r etward i ng via cama i ishia In enhants, • county, pronotincea the igth awykltAprii,-1843`,1w . --- " , -. 4
cause depending therein °Enemy Snider, Eit.,...4.
CLIVIMAID, 011/0* I gainst James W. Barkearidge and OtAcra. Net,a_olo
A GENTS for the Merchants' Transportation Conf - `.tutdersigned special commissioner, will sell it paW
pany composed of the Merchants' Line, Erie auction to the highest bidder, at the •ccitrt hausaA, c -- .
Canal: IVnshington, Line. Hunte r , Palmer & Co.'s' Mason county, on the lfith day of Septet-I:diet, I
Line of Steam boats and vessels on the lakes. , Cleve- , (being the first clay of the Cir Sop'r Court of
land Line, Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal". Proptio- ' e,onnty,) that well known Lady of land commonly ill-'
tors of the Merchants, Line, Ohio Canal. led "Graham's Station," lying. in Mason county, Va.'s '- ":
nErElt TO tin the Ohio river, containing Ly survey ver, ft.itir thousanst IW,
Wilkie & Ensworth, No. 9, Cixmties Slip, N. Y. one hundred and twenty-three acres,in two adjoins;`,
R. Hunter & Co. Albany. parcels, a large proportion (#fwiaidi is river bottom -
Otis Chaff, Boston. land. The above. lands pre vit 1113 to the day of snla will -
Hunter, Palmer & Co., Buffalo, be laid off by the surveyor of the county its lots °Ewa.
M. T. Williams & Dow, venient size for farms, and plats furnished, and so many
Hon. John M. Allen, Cleveland. thereof will he sulil as may be ;:ect• i,ary to produce
Charles M. Giddings,the .s urn of money required Icy said deoreti...l order....
J. S. Dickey, Beaver. The sales will be made on a credit of nine months fin ° -
Birmingham & Co., Pittsburgh. one-third part of the purchase money, ofmelve menthe
ap 1 18 , 13-Iy. for another third part, and of•ci,ghteen months for this
- residue, the purclutser or purchasers giving bonds witlf.
good security for the payment of the different i
znents, hearing interest from the day of sale, the
title to be retained as further security fur the payment
of the purchase money, and liable to resale at the risk
of the purchaser or purchasers failing :o make punetti.
al payments. ,
......h.m•A .THE canal packet ERIE, J. M.
XlM Shaw,master, will run as regular tri
weekly packet between the above named ports, leaves
Beaver on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays' morn
ing, leaves Warren on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sat
urd:,vs; connecting with the Stage Lines to Cleveland
direct, For freight or passage apply on board, or to
BIRMINGHAM & CO., Pittsburgh,
J. S. DICKEY, Beaver.
r*:,.*4;2- paa
; Fit ' " 'rm . " -
1 8 4 3.
_L AND RAIL ROAD C ki.6 front l'itts' ur rh, cia Bed
ford, Chambersimrg L Ica ter, to
Philadelphia, connecting with the Main train occurs to
N. Y. &c Only• 150 miles staffing and one night out.
Also, the direct line to Baltimore.
Fare to Philadelphia
Baltimore $9 9 .
Lew es daily at 8 o'clock A. M.
Office 2d door below the \ler( leant,' Hotel IVood st.
feb 23, 1843-1 A Proprietor .
The Great Central Route,
Via National Road and Baltimore and 0. 7 :i0 Rail
Road Company.
THIS line is in full operation and leaves. Pittsburgh
daily at 6 o'clock A. M, via Washington Pa.
and national road to Cumberland, connecting here
with the rail rood Co's to all the above places: Trav
elers will find this a speedy and comfortable route,
it being a separate and distinct Pittsburgh and Cum
berland line, facilities will be afforded which have not
been heretofore enjoyed. Extra coaches furnished at
the shortest notice. with the privilege of going through
direct or taking one nights rest at teir option.
For tickets, apply at our office at the .Monongahela
House. L. W. STOCKTON,
feb 3—dtf. President of N. R. Stage Co.
Regular Packets, for Cincinnati.
L _
The Swiftsure, Robinson,
Thursday at 10 o'clock, a. in.
The Cutter, Collins, Master, leaves every Friday at
10 o'clock a. in.
The Montgomery, Bennett, Master, leaves every Sat
urday at 10 o'clork a. m.
The Express rarkinsun, Master, leaves every Sun
day nt 10 o'clock a. tn.
MINERAL WATER, on the Now Yorl: Pian,
SU tickets for $l, at W. M. FOSTER'S St. Clair
street opposite the Exchange
ADELICATE Perfume to Wardrobe and Draw—
ers; also; a preventive ag-ainst Moth. For sale at
W. M. FOSTER'S Universal Agency and Literary
Depot, St. Clair sr. julv 24
To Rent.
PLEASANT rooms and good steam power, at the
cast steel file manufactory, corner of Liberty and
O'Hara streets. Apply on the premises. july 16.
The False Heir.
MMES' new novel, just received at W. M. Fo=ur's
Universal Agency and Literary Depot; St. Clair g.
Price 12, cents. july 17.
Ringwood the Rover. •
A TALE of Florida. Price cents. For sale
at F'oster's 'Universal Agency and Literary De=
pot, St. Clair street. july 17.
BY Daniel O'Connell, M. P. nire only 25 as: ran
be had of \V. M. Fosrmt, at his Universal A 2 -e tt .
cy and Literary Depot St. Clair st. jnly 24
AT the Cast Steel File Manufact 3ry, one to learn to
harden and one to learn to forge Files. Appli
cants who have previously wrought at the smith's fire
and had some practice in working steel will be prefer
None but such as can give undoubted testimoniu!s
of sober and industrious habits need apply.
Corner of Liberty and O'Hara sts, sth Ward.
Aft THE subscriber ha_g jolt received from the Nur
=sery of Landreth and Fulton, near Philadelphia,
a lot of the choicest variety of poach trees, to which he
would cull the attention of the public.
No. 184 Liberty st. head of Wood.
Dr. Bechter's Pulmonary Preservative. Freeman's Piro Brick for Sale. ,
FOR coughs, colds, influenzas, catarrhs, whooping I
UST received, 5000 Freeman's beat Fire Brick'
cough, spitting of blood, pain in the breast, all CP which will hereafter be kept constantly on hand'
diseases of the breast and lungs, andarrest of approach- and sold low for cash, by BIRMINGHAM & CO:
ing consumption. Warranted free from mercury and may 27 No. 60IVater st
other minerals. B. A. FAHNESTOCK & CO., ......
... .
jy 12 Agents for Pittsburgh. I Dissolution of Partnership.
MBE laze firm of T. S. A. Nesmith & co. shoe
B ACON. -4 casks hams;tanner, isdissolved
1. and leather dealers nod
4 " shoulders;
2 " sides; ! day by mutual consent, by the withdrawal of Alfred
, "
I Nesmith, whose interest in said firm has been sold
Just received on consignment and for sale low fur
and transferred to Thomas Nesmith, Sr.; and Thomas:
Nesmith, sr. and Thomas Nesmith jr., have formed i
jy 113 43, Wood street..
copartnership, under the firm of TiII:MIS NESIIITS 6r.;.
A LLEN KRAMER, Exchange Broker, No. 46, SON, who are duly authorised to settle the business of
..ti.. Corner of Wood and Third streets, Pittsburg . the late firm for that purpose.
Pa. Gold, Silver, and Solvent Bank notes, boughtl THOMAS NE:._NMITH, SR.
and sold. Sight cheeks on the Eastern cities, for sale. ! ALFRED NESMITH,
Drafts, notes and bills, collected. THOMAS NES'AIITII, JR:
REFER.ENCES: jllly 22---illf,
Wm. Bell & Co.,
John D. Davis,
F. Lorenic
• J. Painter &.. Co.,
Joseph Woodwell, 1
Janies May, . J
Alex. B muson &Co. Philadelphia.
John HBrown&Co. •
James M'Candloss. Cincinnati, 0.,
J. IL M'Donald. St. T,ouis, Mo.
W. H. Pope, Esq., Pres't Bank y. ` i Louisville
. ...... 1
PCAWFIELD'nI4 re-.-oced w risble Estab
• lishment to NVood st. uppo:ite Fahnestock's .
Drug Store, where be will keep conAa:ltly on hand
Tomb Stones, Nlonuments• etc. ap 19-Iyr
. ... ...3
CUTLER and Surgical instrument Manufacturer,
corner of Gth and Liberty streets, Pittsburg; Pa.
N. B.—Always on band an extensive assortment of
Surgical and Dental instruments, Banker's, Tailor's,
Haw's, Hair Dresser'a and Tanzer'3 Patent Shears.
Saddler's Toela, &r. jc
Beaver mid Warren:Packet.
Master, leaves every
Nov York Plan.
Odoriferous Compound.
Apprentices Wanted.
Peach Trees.
John Cartwright,
GEO. W. STII.II3LINg; Special Ccrni'r.
Point Pleasant, Va., June '26,1841 Liye—`n:—'n3
THE Influenza, which is now in almost a univnysiki
epidemic, is exciting the inventors of paw*
medicines to increased exertions in the poifi ng b a ;
but owing, to the general distrust entertained farthe
,generality of such drugs, people fear taking theta:—
The following,. however, from a distinguished physi
cian in New York, Dr. Nelson, we think mayebe re
lied on:
"The object of the present communication is to Ito
ommend a Single remedy, cheap and of etts7.*??o,o4
the poor, and to caution them against an hutttiouroa,
in this disease, aamely, bleeding, either gettertg,&-hit
leeches. In all those cases in Which the first ghat of
symptoms prevail, let the patient small frequently at
a common salts bottle, (Sims' Aromatic ,e
Salts are preferred) and by putting the vial to:4i
mouth to draw a few deep inspirations of volatile ntat+
ter into the lungs. Let this process be repeated two
or three times in an hour, and it wdl give more speedy
and greater relief, in all slight cases of the first clasi
than any other remedy, and will Be sufficient for ti
cure. It will also be essentially useful in the beverc
cases; and those of the class of prostration, a few
drops of amonia, or hartshorn, ought to taken, inter;
really. A neat way of doing so is to take an old &ash:
ioned mixture called lac ammoniaci. However, it is
as a local remedy, to act on the disordered surface',
t h at i ts w o is advised. The principles will be recog
nized all physicians versed in molecular organize
tion, and those who are deficient in that knowledge
may do in that instance as they do in all othemr-ed}
upon the faith they imbibe." These salt.s.a.ns furs sale
and within the reach of all classes, at Wm. Thous's',
53 Market street, Pittsburgh. jg 17.
Zt Card,
subscriber respaitfully informs the public 4T
general, that he intends to devote his whole, Limp
to the COLLECTION OF ACCOUNTS in the cities of Pittis;
burgh, Allegheny and vicinity'.
Having bean engaged in this business for some time;
and given entire satisfaeCon to those who employed
him, he respectfully solicits. aCt'bditits td
collect to give him a trial.
Physicians and ethers who cramot spare time front
their professional bushleis to collect their accounts;
would fual itto their advantage to give him a call.
Respectable references ran be given, and, Umpired
secw:ty will be given fiat the I:titbit:ll return of till mg.
nies collected.
He can be found at Mr - !Jour s, Sierchatui
Tailor, up stairs, corner of Mat-bet and Fourth streets;
entrance on lth St. daily from P till 10 o'clock, 24:
Any orders left there during, hia absence, txill be Ittctia;
ed to, or by letter through the Post Off ce
Term;, fi pr cent cornthission. .
jy ssilrL. GELSTON.
New Arrangement.
THE L. DIES' CLASS iii Mr. Fistee'i 'Writing
heitioite hereafter receive ie., s oas at 10 a'-
clock, a. m. In addition to the present Class, a new
one will be orgnnized on Wednesday, the sth IZIAt., at
the above hour. The Ladies and Gentlemen's Clasi
will receive lessons evoryevening at 8 o'clock: A new
evening Class will also be organl7cd op the sth inst!
Mr. E. will be at liberty, during; the ETtern' - .4. 4 n; tb sive;
le-sons at the rosidnices of tho.e who wish: All: tthd.-
‘vhi to become adepts in the art of wielding the pen;
will make immediate application for a series of lessons;
and your best wishes w ill ba more than realized, as
"Those now can write WhO never wrote before,
And those who always wrote, can write the rrigrp,",.
N. 13. A class of gentlemen will receive
the Institute every morning at E o'clock. '",j'y 4
Farms to Lesic:
TIFF uudcrsigned will leak• two Farm:situated in
Ea:t Deer Township, with the necessary tene:
menu and from 75 to 100 acres cleared ota
Also, a Farm situated in 'West Deer Township, A.lle
gheny County, with from 66 to 75 acres cleared. Tae
above described property is in reasonably good repair,
lying about 15 miles from the city of Vitt...burgh, and
within two rnilo: the Penr3ylvania Canal. and 1i:ill be
leased on reasonable terms for from, 1 to a veatA, ttt
rood tenrlt, , . lIARTILNM MURRY.
niar 3—tf
4Lots in Maru.-liesir•r. Ore and a fcarth Acres of
Landon Holmes' Hill. I.ots nos. 41,12, 52,5344;
181, 132, and 131, in Cook's plan of Lots, on Holmes'
Hill. Also, Lots nos. 2(3, and 27, in Cook'splanof Lod
on High street, near tlic new Court House. Forternsi
apply to
sep 10
13 LOTS,
andsu ~ foritab ,i le thin building, tr\omm mu m te ol u .al
k of tho.
steam ferry boat land in tr, will be sold at prices to suit
the times. The terms of payment will be made easy;
either for cash or such barmr as ran be made mailable:
Apply to the subscriber; in Birrnineiarn, or Mr. P:
I'etersom No. 4, Ferry street, Pittsburgh.
june 1. .JAS. PATTERSOII; jr.
iuly 19, 1313
JUite 23, 1843.
A DVIOE having been rcecivcd from the Register
lA_ of the Land Office at Lexington, Missouri, that
the removal of that Office to the town ,of Clinton,.
in Henry county, a 3 directed by the President, will be
effected on or about the 3d day of July next: this is to
g ive notice that the pan sale of lands ordered to' he'
held at Lexington on the second day of October next,:
by the Executive proclamation bearing date Ow SOL
inst., will he held at the time prescribed in the town 01 . ..
Clinton af9reaid. TllO. H. 8 7 . 41 Cre.,
June 30—lawt 10 Commissioner.
Pit ti•burgh, Pa
For Sale Cheap.
300 DOZ. assorted window FBA, and Feats,
wanted to suit; 500 cuts of 4 and , double
carpet chain; 1.2 doz. good cheap ~ . icidepls 302. - nasea4
20 doz. corn brooms: 3 doz. coffee mills; 10 doz: pal-7
tent tubs nod buckets shOrels; spades; hoes martocksr
cheap aces, with han.lles.; writing, letterand wrapping!'
paper,.bruvhes; bed cords, twine; &C., Sac., - feg anti/
cheap for cash, or approved exchange, to enit paaatg-:
nee, ISAAC HARRIS, A7't and ComMestki,'
jy 13 -- No :to" •
Remedy for the influenza.
Lots fOr Said
Building Lots in Birmingham.