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~; ,l''j ,N. __,.
1110NDA.Y, JULY 30,C E
1843. PRI
L. I _NO. 2175
N. scorner of Wood and Fifth Streets.
• Tsions.--Five dollars a year, payable in advance.
aingbe oopie' s Two CENTS --for sale at the counter of
die Moe, and by News Boys.
'rh. Weekly Mercury and fflanufactarer
6 riblisbeti at the Beane office, on a double medium
bet, a; TWO DOLLARS a year, in advance. Sin•
gl6 copies, SIX CENTS.
gills iniond°l2, $0 50 \ One month
Two do., 075 Two do.,
gave do. 200 Threedo.,
Oise week, - 150 \ Four do.,
Two do., 300 Six do.,
Mow ao., 400 One year,
One Square. . 1 Two Squ 2 ares.
ay. lamas, ISIS 150 Six months, 23 00
Om yaw, 25 00 One year, 35 00
.gicAarger advertisements in proportion.
. 7 ARDS'of four lines Six Doxt.sus a year.
Public Offices, &c.
Oft Post Office, Third between Market and Wood
attoste--R. M. Riddle, Postmaster. -
Citifires Houle, Water, 4th door from Wool st.,Pe-
Suriaa's baildinp--Major John Willock, Collector.
City Treasury, Wood, between Fir3t and Second
streeti—James A. Bartram, Treasurer.
Calmly Treasury, Third street, next door to the
Third Presbyterian Church—S , R. Johnston, Trefoil
Mayor's Office, Fourth, between Market and Wood
stsmetr—Alexander Hay, Mayor.
Merchant's Exciazige, Fourth near Market st.
Rittsfrurgk, between Market and Wood streets on
Third and F ou rth streets.
Jilereisaate and Manufacturers and Farmers' De
roe Bala, (formerly Saving Fund,) Fourth, between
od and Marisa streets.
Exchange, Fifth st. near Wood.
- Monongahela House, Water street, near the
Ezeisasige Hotel, corner of Penn and St. Clair.
Merelsa.nts Hotel, corner of Third and Wood.
American HoteLconaer ofThird and an
United States, corner ,of Penn st. and Canal.
Spread Eagle, Liberty street, near seventh.
W eer
Mansion House, Liberty St., opposite
iiirtes4k-krat's Mansion House, Penn St., opposite
StiliffErileSautnrrallitriFtr SoeftteSrs,"fror saw ' m ills,
which have been so folly tested in different parts
of the United States, as well as in the cities of Pitts
and Allegheny, can be seen in operation at a
umber of mills in this neighborhood, viz: atiqr. Wick
*rsham's mills, on Penn street; at Bowman & Chain-
near snag, near the upper Allegheny bridge, and
.st. Slimaxis lid a stills, on Bare 's island, and others.—
The 'above named machine can be obtained at W. W.
liiralienis's shop, on liberty street, near Smithfield,
walk* it is fitting up, and where the machine will be
fitepreonstantlY on hands. Apply to B. F. Snyder, or
V. N. W
Evans' Chamomile Pills.
ASRA.HANI J. CLENIER, residing at 66, Mott
street, New York, was afflicted with Dyspepsia
in its moat aggravat,(l form. The symptoms ),vere yi
°lent:headache, great debility, fever, costiveness,cough ,
-heartburn, pain in the chest and stom ac h always. after
eating, impaired appetite, sensation of sinking at the
, smooch, furred tongue, nausea, with frequent I'm:rat
ings, dizziness towards night and restlessness. These
had continued upwards of a twelvemonth, when, on
.consulting Dr. Wtn. Evans, 100 Chatham street, and
submitting to his :patient cessful and agreeable mode
of tesatinent, she :pa was completely restored. to
bealthin the short space of one month, and grateful for
the incalculable benefit derived, gladly came forward
and volunteered the above statement. 'For sale, whole
' sale and retail, by 11. E. SELLERS, Agent,
No. 20, Woodt7fl2l__------- low Second.
..___ . l2:y
passesttearhessd Candy.
orr UTTLE has received this day from New York,
• I afresh supply of the above celebrated cure for
Coughs, Colds and‘Consurnptions; and is ready to sup
ply ansoment at wholesale or retail, at his Medic
2 al
Arras, 86 Fourth st. nov 1
1110 Ur sins than ever, at the Three Bit
T. tit. subscriber would respectfully inform his cus
tamers and the public generally, that notwithstad
lards unprecedented sales at the Three Big Doors,
%during the present season; he has still on hand the lar
va and most varied assortment of elegant CLO
'THING that can be bought west of the
'The public may rest assured that all articles offered at
his, sore are maufacturod from PRERHGOODS, par
cbassi in tha Eastern markets this spring and made in
ta by Pitttsburgh workmen.
it consequence of the multiplication of slop shops in
Our t city, filled with pawn brokers clothes and the musty,
east off garments of former aeasons,.from the eastern ci
ties,.the public should be cautious to ascertain the char
acter of the establishments in which they are invited to
purrObule, before they part with their money. The arti
cles offered at .?veral of the concerns in this city, are
the Mere offuls of New York and Philadelphia slop
shops, and sent out here to be palmed off on the Pitts
burgh public. Purchuseri ~ h ould be on their guard a
gainst these impositions, and they may rely on the fact
. thirsts establishment that advertises eastern made Clo
th:kW, can give as good an article or as advroongeous
bar; as can be land at the "Three Big Doors.
public will please, remember that all the subscri
gsnoents are mule y
in this cit,
bett bv competent v:ork
on, sod vat gathered up like the goods now offered by
oho "binli of passage" from the shreds and patches of
eastern slap shops. It will always be his endeavor to
insinnsin the reputation that the "Three Big Doors"
hive obtained for furnishing a superior style of CLO
THING in every respect, and at prices below those of
atelier establishment.
would again return his thanks to hi friendests and
das public for the unprecedented patronage bowe
SmailiPOkkis establishment, and believin th g c hit, hehat they
-1611—ild it to tbeir advantage to deal wi
repeat bisinvitation to all those who wish to purchase
Clothing of every description at the lowest price to cSKEY. all
st24o: 151, LIBERTY ST. JOHN M'CLO
fir Observe !Metal Plate in the awement. P
Look. at This.
'pin attention of those who have been somewhat
J. sceptical in reference to the numerous certifi
-41011 published in favor of Dr. Swayne's Compound
Sirup of Wild Cherry, on account of the persons being
stiksown in this Section of the State, it. resputtfolly di
to the following certificate, the writer of which
his berm a citizen of this borough far several years and
islotown as a
gentleman of integrity and responsibility.
0 To the Agent, Mr. J. Kmay.
nave used Dr. Swayne's Compound Syrup of Wild
Cherry for a Cough, with which I have been severely
afflicted for about four months, and I have no hesitation
lasaatilog that it is the most effective medicine that I
tave beest able to procure. It cox tposes all uneasiness,
sad agrees well with my diet, awl maintains a regular
sad rod app!rite. I can sincerely recommend it to all
odors iamilarly affiicred. J. Mum tow, Borough of
ir March 9, 1840 . Chambersburgh.
For sale by WILLIAM THORN,
_ _. No. 53 Market street,
6 00
7 00
8 00
10 00
15 00
S. Woods, Attorney and Connsellcrr at Loin, Nicaotss D. COLEMAN ..... .LLOYD Cotysta.
Office removed to Bakewell's Offices, on Grant street, Colton:us & Co.,
nearly opposite the new Court House, nest rooms to J. General Agents, Forwarding and Commission
Mahon, Esq., first Merck:anis,
Levee Street, Vicksburg, Miss. They respectfully so
licit con sh n 22—tf
Eingh Toner, Attorney at Law,
North East corner of Smithfield and Four l
th streets,
Pittsburgh. sep et-y
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law,
Office in the Diamond, back of the old Court House,
sep 10 Pittsburgh.
Francis R. Shtilt, Attorney at Law,
Fourth street, above Wood,
Pittsburgh, Pa
sep 10-1 Y
Thomas Hamilton, Attorney at Law,
Fifth, between Wood and Smithfield s
r ts.
P e.
sep 10-,; Pittsbugh',
Win. O'Hara Robinson, Attorney at Law,
Office on the North side of the Diamond, be Mar
ket and Union streets, PsePIO
A. I. Darboravr, Attorney at Law,
Tenders his professional services to the ulic. Office
sep 10 on sth st., above Wood, Pittsbpurbgh.
Elystor & Buchanan, Attorneys at Law,
Office removed from the Diamond to "Attorney's Row,"
shady side of 4th, between "Market and Wood ats.,
sep 10 __ _ Pitt
N. Bncgmaster, Attorney at Laigro
Has removed his office to Wrares' Law Buildings, 4th
st., above Smithfield, Pittsburth. sep 18
George W. Layng, Attorney at Law,
Office in Fourth street, near Smithfield, Pitt3burgh.
Beads Washington, Attorney at Law,
Office in Bakewell's building, Grant street, Pittsburgh,
nor 5, 1842
John J. Mitchell. Attorney at Law,
Office corner of Smithfield and Fifth streets, Pittsburgh.
r;PF' Collections mado• usiness entrusted to his
care will be promptly att
feb 16—y
William Marx, Attorney at Law,
Office in Second street, second door above the corner of
apc29-tf Smithfield, north side.
Wm. E. Alltti3l, Attorney at Lao., 1
Pittsburgh Pa. Office in Fourth street, opposite Burke's
rar'Wir.a.tax E. AuSTIS, Esq., will give his atten
tion to my unfinished business, and I recommend him
to the patronage of my friend
Vaniel M. Curry, Attorney at Law,
Office on Fifth street, between Wood and Smithfield,
ap 8
Robert Porter, Attorney at Law,
Office on the corner of Fourth and Smithfietts d burg - h. l streets,
sep 19 Pi
Judson & Plariegin, Attorneys at Law,
Smithfield, near 7th street. Collections made onmod
erate terms. Pensions for widows of old soldiers under
thelate act of Congress obtained. Papers and draw
\ings for the patent office pre p ared.__ _ _ mar 17—y _
Usury S. 1* agraw, Attorney at Law,
Has removed his office to his residence, on Fourth
10 a t
two doors above Smithfield. sep
J. D. Creigb,. Attorney at Law,
Office corner Smithfield end Third streets, Fiteiburgh.
n uv 9.5,1
L. Etarper, Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Will attend promptly to the collection or security of
claims, and all professional business entrusted to s care
in the counties of Harrison, Jefferson, Belmont,hi Guern
sey, Tuscarawas, Holmes, Coshocton, Carroll, Stark
and Wayne. REFER TO
Metcalf e r Loomis,
Dalz ell 4. Fleming,
John Harper,
P. T. Morgan,
my 'YT, 1843-tf
U. Morrow, Aldernwai,
,Office north side of Fifth street, between Wood
- tf and
Smithfield, Pittsburgh. sep 16
Magistrate's Blanks,
For proceedings in at tachment under the late law, for
s ale at this office Y 9-5
Slack Pethints, Notices, &C.,
To be used in Bankruptcy proceeding-a, printed on good
in t be,fornas npprov.ed by the Court, /or sale
paper, and
iy 9.
at tbiscAlice. 5
IDr. IL 1110 lines,
015c.ein Second street, next door to Mulvany & Co•'s
Glass Warehouse. s en 10—y
Dr. A. W. rAtterSoll,
Office on Smithfield street, third door from the corner o
sixth street. sep 10
U. D. Sellers, M. D.,
Office and dwelling in Fourth street, near Ferry,
sell 13—y
Ward & Mint, Dentists,
Liberty street, a few doors below St. Clair,
ap 6,1843
Doctor Daniel McNeal,
Oirwe on Fifth street, between Wood and Smithfield
Its, Pittsburgh. din 10—y
No. 43, Wood Street,
Agents for the sale of the Eagle Cotton Factory Yarns
mar 17—y
Williams &Dilworth,
Wholesale Grocers, Produce and Commission Mer
chants, and Dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactured Ar
ticleA, No. 29, Wood street. scp 10—y
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
English,' French and Domestic Dry Goods ;
No. 81, Market street, Pittsburgh.
3. & 3. Vl'Devitt,
Wholesale Grocers, Rectifying Distillers, and Dealers
in Produce and Pittsburgh Manufactured Articles,
No. 224, Liberty Street, Pittsburg.
se 10
J. G. & A. GORDON,
and Forwarding Merchants,
Water street, l'ittsburgh. sep I.o—y
Commission and rorwarding Merchants,
N 0.60 , Water atreet,f ittsburgh, Ps.
Tzsms.—Receiving and shipping, 5 cents per
10-0-Ibs. Commission on purchases and sales, 2 per
cent tpar 2-y
Browns Juniata Iron Works,
Ed w ard Hughes, Manufacturer of Iron and Nails
Warehouse, No. 25, Wood st., Pittsburgh•
sep 10—y
Wholesale Grocers, Clouunission sad Pro
duce rierchants,
And dealers in Pittsburgh Manufactures,
mar 17 No. 43, Wood street :Pittsburgh.
J. W. Bstabsidge
Agents for the sale of Beatt's rowder, Water
mar Wit,
Wood and Smithfield.
. 3. D. WICK,
ViTholesale Grocers & Dealers in Produce
116 Wood Ssreet, 4 doors above Fifth st.,
Pittsburgh, P.
EAGLE 4313001111184 STONE.
'. •
ST ACY LLOYD, Jr., Wholesale and Retail Gro
cer and Fruiterer, No. 140 Liberty street Pitts
burgh. may 9.0.
Birminghasn & Co"
March 22
John H. Brant, Wholasalo Grocer,
Dealer in Grain, General Forwarding and Com
mission Merchant H ,
errisbusgh, PR.,
WILL disperse of all goods sent for Comraission.
Sales at the lowest commission rates.
Ry.rE4r.sc Est
Ph ila.--J . & NV . Esher, Day &G orri Oa, D. Leech
Elde r.
Belli atore—W .W inn &co. Willson & H e rr,J . E.
Har risburgh—Mich'lßorke,H. Antes, 3 M. Heldman.
jely I—Gm.
Booksellers, Printers and Paper Makers,
No. 37, Nist___•ket
John Anderson, Smithfield Votuldiy,
Water street, near the 'Monongahela House, Pittsburgh
sep 10-y
Taontss B. YouNn ............ Fro.Ncis L. YOVNG.
Thos. B. Young 84 Co.,
Furniture Ware Rooms, corner of Hand street and Ex
change alley. Persons wishing to purchase furniture
will find it to their advantage to rive us a call, be
ri ing
ce. ful
ly satisfied that we can please as to quality told p
sep 10
Wire Workers and Wire Manufacturers,
No. 23, Market street, between 2(1 and 3d streets,
• •
Exchange llotel,
Corner of Penn and Saint Clair streets, by
Pilkington'slinrivalled Blacking,
MA\I'FALTURED andsold wholesale and retail,
SIXTH STREET, 0130 door below Smithfield.
oct2l- I .y
James Patterson, Jr.,
Birmingham, near Pittsburgh, Pa., manufacturer of
locks, hinges and boils; tobacco, fuller, mill and timber
s crews; housen r.rreers for rolling mills, &c. sep 10—y
John XrCloskey, Tailor and Clothier,
Liberty 3treet, between Sixth street and Virgin alley
South side. sep 10
Webb Close?' Soot and Shoe Manufactory,
No. 83, 4th at., next door to the S. Bank.
Ladle; p runella, kit and satin shncs made iit the
ep neatest
m anner, and by the n eatest French patterns. s
Moore &Loughrey,
152 Wond street ,between Sixth and Liberty, next door
to :SteCully's Flour store, Pittsburgh. 25-1 y
William Poipprty,
148 Liberty street, laitween Market
10-6 m•
and Sixth. ap
William 'Doug • as,
Old stand of Douglas 'S' Moore.,
No. 11, W - ood street.
Every description of hats and cap; on hand and for sa s le,
wholesale and retail, at prices to suit the Uri-• TnY
Bookbinders and raper nubs*
Continue business at the stand late of M'Candless &
Johnson. Every description of work in their line neat
ly and promptly executed. may 8.1
Dr. Good's cdebratea Female n
ly recommeded to the
T HESE Pills are strong
notice of ladies as a safe and effic theirsex,ient reme dy (rom •
removing those complaints peculiar to
want of exercise, orgencraldebility of the system. They
obviate costiveness, and counteract all Hyste
rical and
Nervous affections. These Pills have gained the
Lion and approbation of the most etninentPhysiF tans
the United States, and many Mothers•
or sale
Wholesale and Retail ,by R. E. SELLERS, Agent,
-- 1 n No. 20, Wood Street, below Sacond,
Notice to Dr. Drandreth's Agent&
THE office in Pittsburgh, whichwas established for
the purpose of constituting agents in the west,
having accomplished that object, is now closed,
Mr. G. H. LEE, in the Diamond, arkt street, ap
pointed my agent for the sale of my Pi l ls and Lini
ments. All Dr. Brandreth's agents will, therefore,un
derstand that Dr. B. will send a travelling agent
through the country once a year to collect monies for
sales made. and re supply agents. The said traveller
will be provided with power of attorney, duly proved
before the Clerk of the city and county of New York,
together with all the necessary vouchers and papers.
Mr J. 3. Yoe is my traveling agent now in Pennsyl
N. B .—Remember, Mr. G. H. LEE, in the rear of the
Market is now my only agent in Pittsburgh.
june 14 -----
Having been afflicted for nearly two years, with a
hard swelling on the cap o my knee, which
produced much pain, and used various applioations
in vain, was cared
recommended by the factilty—all
completely by the use of one bottle of Dr. Brandreth's
linament, or external remedy.
Witness my hand, JAMES TAYLOR.
Ohio tp., Allegheny co. Pa. Jan. 10, 1840.
Dr. s tor e
of external remedy or linament; sold
at the store of GEORGE H. LEE, Pittsburgh, price
feb 8.
50 cents per bottle.---------_—___----
THE s ubscribers have removed to Water, between
Wood and Smithfield streets, where they will
continue the Wholesale Grocery and Commission busi
ness, and would respectfully solicit the patronage of
their friends. J. W. BURBRIDGE & CO.
dec 3
Entee's Writing Institute.
C l ORNER or Third and Wood street, over Kram-
V er's Exchange office, entrance on Third st. His
classes meet daily as follows: Gentlemen's class at 8
o'slock, A. M.; Ladies' class at 10, A. M. Ladies'
and Gentlemen's class at 7 P. M. Ladies' can re
ceive lessons at.tbeir residences during the afternoon.
V carters, please call during school hours. ly 18.
°heap for Cashowtraion aottoa Factory.
riucEs R EDucED.
Short Reel Yarn, Long Reel Yarn.
No, 5 at 15 eta per lb. 500 at 84 cents per ,dozen.
6at 15 do 600 at 74 do
7at 15 do 700 at 64 do
Bat 15 do 800 at 54 do
9at 15 do 900 at 5 do
10 at 15 do • 1000 at 5
11 at 15 do
12 at 15 do
13 at 16 do
14 at 17 do
15 at 18 do
16 at 19 do
17 at 20 do
18 at 21 do
19 at 22 do
20 at 23 do I
!Order. promptly
Painter's,Logan &Kew
° 27 J
Circulating and lieference Library.
OF religious, historical, political and miscellaneous
vorks, will be open every day, Sabbath except
ed, from 7 o'clock A. M., until 9 P. Ist, in the Ex
change building, corner of St. Clair street and Ex
change alley, where punctual attendance will be given
sop 10
Springs and Axles for Oarringes,
At Eastern Prices.
r IHE subscribers manufacture and keep consumt
ly on hand Coach, C and Eliptic Springs (war-
Juniata Iron Axles, Silver and Brass plated
Dash Frames, Brass and plated Hub Bands, Stump
Joints, patent Leather, Silver and Brass Lamps,
Three fold Steps, Malleable Iron, Door Handles and
Hlnrs, &c., &r. JONES & COLEMAN.
sep 10 St. Clair st., near the Allegheny Bridge.
Travellers select Bouts provided. with
Eran's Safety Guards for preventing Explosion of
Steam Balers
IT would be well for the traveling community to
bear hi mind that their security depends entirely
upon their own encouragement of boatsthat have.ara-
may be at the expense of procuring the above app
tus. And that ever: individual making such suctionelec
tions is contributing towards a general introd of
an invention admitted by all men who understand the
principles, of the Steam Engine, to be a sure preventa
tive against those dreadful disasters. You have cer
tainly, in:the hundreds of explosions that have already
taken place, their almost daily occurrence, and the
thoushaili pf lives that have already been lost, a suffi
cient wahrug, and inducement to make inquiry for a
Safety guard Boat, and in evety case to give it the
preference. They have went to an a dditional expense
that your lives may be secure. Ought you not therefore
to meet them with a corresponding degree of liberalitY,
and by your preference show that you a ppreciate their
laudable endeavors to stop this awful sacrifice of hu
man lif.. They do not charge more than other boats;
their accommodations in other respects are equal, and
in many cases superior, and as there is one leaving
Pittsburgh every day, why will you run any risk, when
it is so c o mpletely in your own power to avoid those dis-
Candlewick at 15 cents per lb.
Com. Batting, s do
Family do., 124 do
Carperellain, 20 do
Cotton Twine, 20 do
Stocking Yarn and Cover
let Yarn always on hand.
Cotton Warps made to
, attended to, if left at J & C•
the Post Office: address
All boats marked thus [• 3 in the List of .4.rrivals and
Departures, in another part of this paper, are supplied
with the Safety Guard.
List of Boats provided icith the Safety Guard.
mar '22
New York Dyer.
0"E - ' !IDES. would respectfully informhis friends t i
' an4 } the public in general, that be dyes Ladies' '
dresse!,Habits and Mantels of every description, black; I
and 1 arrants them not to smut, and to look equal to new
goad s. He dyes fancy colors of all descriptions of silk ,
and carpet yarn. Also, cleans and restores the colors of
gentlemen's clothing, so as to resemble new goods.
Mr. H. flatters himself that he can please the public,
as he has done an extensive business in New York for
twenty years. All work done on moderate terms, at his
establishment in sth st., between Wood and Smithficld
near the Theatre.
rePThis is to certify that OSEE lIIMES has done
v•lrk for us, Krim has fully answered our expee
tations, and we consider him a competent dyer.
S. Hemphill, Andrew Purdy,
Wm. Barnes,• W. B. Boles,
J. B. Shurtleff, • Wm. Porter,
David Hall, H.H. Smith,
B. F. Maori, Henry Jevons,
David Bake, A. Shockey, jr., .
Joseph French, jr., Joseph Vera,
alk 'IQ
George Barnes.
_ __
Naylor & Co.'s Best Refined Cast Stool.
THE undersigned, agents for the above celebrated
stamp of Steel, will always keep on hand an as
sortment of the same,.ccmsisting in
BestrefinedCast Steel,squared,dot, round and octagon.
do do do do axe temper,
Extra do do do for nail cutters,
Best do Double and Single Shear steel,
English Blister, Gorman, Granite; Wedge and Craw
ley Steel, at t
wholesale, by the case, or in smaller lots
to suit purchasers. LYON, SHORE & CO.,
je 24-3 m Foot of Wood street,
di CariL
-vvILLIAM. McCARTHY begs leave t o
announce to the Gentlemen of Pittsburgh,
that he is prepared td make BOOTS of all
kinds, of the best Leather obtained from Philadelphia,
and ()vit. Lasts made by instructions from himself. He
does now for himself whathe has so long done for the
Pittsburgh Bosses,l. C.. alter and. fit his lasts to suit the
foot. He has worked at the most fashionable work in
the Eastern cities,came here and instructed several how
to alter and fit, which can be attested by numbers of
Journeymen in this city, and now is rewarded by them
with contumely and abuse. He hereby c hallenges any i
Bootmaker in Pittsburgh, (Boss of course,) to make a I
pair or more of Boots, stock equal, measure to be ta- 1 ,
ken by each in his own way. Workmanship to decide
the matter.
Fourth et. or the Monongahela House Boot maker, \
(as he calls himself,) have a rare chance now to show
themselves. If they can make a Boot let us see it. i
W. McCarthy's Shop and Store is on Market street, j
neat door to Second, and opposite J. Dunlap's Tin and
Sheet Iron ware Factory. .iuly 11—tf. !
Translated from the Renck for the "Trio Sen." •
Corporal Ploquet, of the 61st regiment of the
was, without question the most ori g inal of the "gran&
armee." It was on his account that the old soldiers . :.k
suffered the epithet of "grognards" which Napoleon
gate them at Elba. Ploquet was an excellent comrade,
and a brave soldier, having no other fault than that of ...
being always discontented. He W 33 ever complaining,
in all places and on all occasions. During the four
years that I was his companion and his bedfellow, I
never heard a word of approbation from his lips, on
saw his countenance express - the least sign of satisfac
tion. When in garrison, he complained of ropanser, in ..
campaign of fatigue; when his knapsack was well filled,
he found it too heavy; when it was empty, he corm:War
ed that he could not till it; all of which caused hiacosn, • i
rades to say of him that "in a regiment of roaleanteats
Ploquet would infallibly become colonel." Everybe. • ....
dv laughed at Info—the officers even, who pardoned ..
To the Gentlemen of Pittsburgh, ithe whims of Ploquct because of his good conduct, his
THE subscriber most respectfully 1 c ourage in every trial. and the many other good Tali.
informs the gentlemen of this city and ties which he possessed.
j i...
vicinity, that he has commenced the BOOT and , It was in the campaig,n of Russia that this manomat -...
SHOE making business in Fourth street, opposite the 'is of the corporal must strikingly developed itself.-, :' .....
Mayor's office. Having been foreman in some of the Those long marches across u desolate country fermi&
most fashionable boot shops in the Eastern cities; and 1 tAI him an inexhaustible theme for complairrigs. '
having furnished himself with the bc.4t French and , "For what now," said he, "do we continuo to beer • . • . '
our bones about the world! I would like toknow whey ... a
American calf skins, he hopes by his attention to busi- - .
ness to merit a share of public patronage. To those iwe have to uoivith a country of savages, where one rosy
gentlemen who have kindly patronised him he returns ; march a hundred leagues without finding even apotatot i.
his sincere thanks, and can with confidence areal !If one might occasionally refresh himself with the r& .=.•
fur the goodness of his work and kritewledge oi l his Iport of cannon, as among civilizednatioris, it inight be .....-
business. P. KERRIGAN. I endured; but no, we have not the chance to burn a.
single cartridge and I am bearing about five bunch
may 11. - i es!"i
He insisted particularly on this pont—those Car
: -;-
triages which he feared never burning were a weight -,'•
insupportable. ..
But the two nations could not longer dehe coM- •
flirt. The Russians, wearied of flight, tu lartialdy t
to Linn . ....•:.
their foe.
Two days before the battle of Moscow, at =rises
the general's orders were given along the lines. The ~.,
colonel of the 61st went through the ranks of his rem
meet, and addressed the soldiers:
"Children!" said he, "the Emperor has bestowed. trp,
on us the glorious tnsk of raising one of the redoubts
which the enemy has constructed to arrest the march
of the army. Fire 1' Empereur, et en avani!"-.;
This exclamation was shouted back by the eleetrifaed
host. Ploquet alone returned it not. 1 heard him on,
... -
l• mutter:
"These provincials are always the same! They my
the greatest service they can render us is to force us t 4
be the first cut in two by the fire of the enemy."
"How, Corporal Ploquet," said I, "are you not de;
lighted to see those fellows near by.''
"Near by! Yes, when we shall have marched an
h lannfactares, Cheap for Cash• hour, with our arms shouldered, under Oa?. fire dm?,
No 8, Fifth st. Two doors from Market- shot, more than half our regiment will be fricasseed lxv .
e can get a.chance to work a liede."
I' YATES intends to manufacturer a bet- fore v , "
41111glijaci • ter article of Ladi, Childrens and "But what glory!" said I.
Misses' Shoes, and sell them cheaper for cash than "Ah,,yet glory! but not for you and me. We avant*
they can be bought in the city. He will keep constant- not share in it, were there too much of it. We figlatfcrr -
the glory of these laced-hat Parisians who hold the rantr.
ly cm hand and makes to order Ladies' Shoes of all
kitris and colors, at very low prices, of the following , of major, who always have new boots, and dine three
list.. ' times a day."
Ladies' Lasting Foxed Gaiter Boots, $1 75 The regiment took up its march. An hour aftorr
" best quality Kid or Morocco Gaiters, 150 wards it was exposed to the fire of the redoubt, whicli -
" Calfskin Boots, 1 371 . swept off every moment entire ranks. Our battalion
Foxed Half Gaiters, all colors, 1 374 i suffered most. There was a moment's le-itation.-..e .
" best kid d oe Morose ,i Da Some new re.craits, who had never before beencriga,ged
Double Soled Slipper=, (seff.) I P2i in a like conflict, disregarding orders, half-wheel ed a.
fine Kid Springs and Turns, best quail 00 retreat, Ploquet, who was in the third rank, intercepted
y, 874 them at the bayonet's point, swearing, at the same time,
Springs, heav
7 5 ,to run through the first man who should raise a foot.
I ii 624 i t
While in that situation, a ball from the enemy carnet.
an aco_ \ away his cartridge-box. At this bA nule th e drollest
All Shoes made here warranted. Misses'
grimace that I ever saw. "Five bunches of cartridges",
Arens' in the same proportion.
said he, gnashing his teeth. "To carry there three
aP Remember the place, et the sign of the said
hundred leagues, and not burn one of them!"
Box, No. 8, Fifth street.
July 1 JAMES YATES. i At this moment the entire regiment advanced. The
; Russian artillery ceased; and a moment of awful, so
! emu silence ensued. The oldest soldiers gave the sig;
nal of parting adieu, and officers clasped hands.
Ploquet was two steps from me. He convialsivt
lv grasped his firelock, his eye darted lightnings, and
his lips quivered. All at once a bluish light shot from
the redoubt, a dreadful rumbling shook the earth, aud
a thick cloud of smoke obscured a view of the battle;
ground. already swerved with the dead. Ploquet was
m le is a s r in n g g ,
a a w nd ay
t s h u e p pomseodk h
di had
veareld ;
t w o h
meen the wi' nd
his lower
half projecting from. one of the port-holes of the forte'
mess, and violently agitated in the endeavor
to y
el l
the other half, which was struggling within. I easily
i recognised him by the fragment of the cr i onlagt
and ran to his relief; but, before I reached him, he bill
succeeded in entering. I followed him immediagekra
but last sight of him. What passed there would.
hardly be of interest to relate. The assault condole'
the example of Ploquet had been followed by many 9,
daring spirit the report of firearms was heard no more ]
but the sabre and bayonet, glittering on all sides, made'
destructive carnage. They met front to front, rolled
in blood, and were hurled among the deal Thistle.*
lasted about twenty minutes; and I think I never saw
a more frightful encounter. The battle ceased, elle!'
of victory rent the air; the fortress was ours, and Mr
eagle was floating over its walls.
An order was now given for the drum-major tobeet
ww. N a n ufaztory.o our flan,there was no drum-major, he and a ll *
rr HE s uhacriber having commenced the manufac- t
band had perished in the struggle. Four hundred'
./1.. cure of Cast Steel Files, from American materials
were can be were there--all that remained of a regiment of four 10...
exclustivelv, merchants or other persons wanting f , ctive battalions of eight hundred men each.
supplied by him with a better article than the foreign,
and at lower prices. Intending to use only the best , I now discovered Ploquet. He was seated on the
I ground . . leonine against a caniage-wheel, and wiping
quality of File Steel, manufactured by the Messrs.
ith his shirt-sleeve the blood which flowed profusely
&MEN BERGE R'.4, which is now brought to a perfect ion i
I from a wound on the top of his bead. I eagerly flew to.
equal to the best English article, manufactured fur the
! succor him. and I saw that the same stroke which had
v.ouncLA trim had split open his cap.
same purpose, the subscriber has full confidence 1 hat be
"Fortunately, it was well filled," said I.
will be able, in quality of articles and prices. to realize
the best hopes of the friends of American
GEORGE ROTH "Ah! do vou call that fortunate?" he replied:
Corner of O'Hara Sa Liberty sts. ! bunches cf . ch;!!ars, such as ',on never smoked fuel !.
never shall find again!" "
\ "But had it not been for those cigars, Corporal, you
would have been "fricasseed."
' "It is possible."
His wound being fortunately not deep, he refused
to go to the hospital, and asked only to be .relieved of
service fur twenty-four hours. He was placed on di
list for "good conduct," and received the thanks of the
colonel, but all this without evincing more than his a k
customed satisfaction.
The next day the soldiers were informed that tint ,
Emperor had received a portrait of his son, and that
he had placed it in front of his tent to gratify their mai
osity. I proposed that Ploquet and I should go ara4
see it together. He accepted. not without grumbling,
however; and we soon a rrived at the tent, arourxlwhlnfi
pressed a crowd of superior off.ecrs. We soon heard
the name of Ploquet m entioned in little groups about
' us, and soon the crowd gave way, the Emperor a.p ,
peered in the door of his tent, and, beckoning [?lo-
quet, whom he easily distinguished by his heteklesee,
' which was an oaten sack surmounted by a bletsly 'hen&
kerchief, ordered him to approach. Plequet ebryed
without the least sign of satisfaction. • -
"Ploquet," said the Emperor, "I. know that yester•
day you were the first to enter the redcsalu; you ei
a brave soldier, and I am satisfied " -
"Faith, my Emperor, it is fOrtnnate for pm IN*
you are so, for there are but devlish few who are.
" -
A look of the Emperor silenced the gang t4'
caused by this imprudent response, and Napoleon 4-
William Adair, Boot and Shoe Maker,
Liberty at. opposite the head of Smithfield.
JlThe s ubscriber haying bought out the®
stock of the late Thomas Rafferty, deceased,has
commenced business tit the old stand of Mr. R.,
and is prepared to execute all descriptions
rte of work in
his line, in the best manner, and on the shost notice.
He keeps constantly unhand a large assortment of shoe
findings of all descriptions, and of the best q uality. He
solicits the patronage of the public and of the
AcD raf
sep 10—y WM.
---_ _
David Clark, AtLet,
to No. 34 Market street, between Second and
Third streets, where he would be happy to see his
old customers, and all others who feel disposed to pa
tronise him. He uses nothing but first rate stock, and
employs the best of workmen; and as he gives his con
stant personal attention to business, he trusts that he
will deserve and receive a fair share of patronage
1 sep 10
No. 116, Wood street, one door above 6th,
KEEPS constantly on hand all kinds of the best
Spanish Cigars, Reralias, Casadores, C oor
manes, Trabacas, Principes. ,
Also, half Spanish and common cigars.
Tobacco of all the best brands. 'Cavendish, 5s i I
lump; Baltimore Plug, Itls and 16s, lump.
Also, Mrs. Miller's fine cut chewing tobacco.
Snrifs—Rappee, Scotch, Macouba, High Toast,&c.
He has also, all other articles in his line, Which he
offers, wholesale and retail, at the lowest cash prices.
CALL AND SEE. je 8-6 m
riatrannEo WAF/a ROOMS.
At the old stand of Young tS• M' Curdy, No. 43, Se
cond street, between 'Wood and Mart:et,
RESPECTFULLY informs the friend= of the late
firm, and the public g enerally, that he is prepa
red to fill all orders for Cabinet Work, of any kind,
with all possible despatch, and warranted to be equal
to any in the city.
Every attention will be paid to furnishing COFFINS,
Ste., viten required. je 16—v
Horatio P. Yong, Cabinet Maker, {
(Late of the firm of Young 4.i.df Curdy)
S commencedthe business in all its branches at
H' No 2 , 2, Wood street, between First and Second
suv., where he will keep constantly on hand a good as
' garment of well made FURNITURE. and hopes, by
I strict attention to business. to merit a continuance of
the patronage of the public.
Every attention willbe paid to furnishing COFFINS,
&c. 41. Furniture Car for hire. July 11.
rpbobitarer and Cabinet makor,Tl4 .
Tkird st., between Wood and Market, IV
Respectfully informs his friends and the public that he
is prepared to execute all orders for s o f a s,oa sidhair eboardansd
bureaus, chairs, tables, bedsteads, ds,
spring mattresses, curtain., carpets; all sorts of uphol
stering work, which he will warrant equal to any made
the city, and on reasonable rms. sep 10
Matthew Jones, Barber ana Bair Dresser,
Iles removed to Fourth street, opposite the Mayor's of
floe, ,wbcre he will be happy to wait upon permanent or
transient oustomers. He solicits a share of public pa
iffanchiciartx of lin, Copper and Shoet
Iron Ware,
No. 17, Fifth street, between Wood and Market,
Keeps constantly on hand a good assortme
so, t o on hand,
f wares,
sod solicits a share of public patronage.
the follo articles: shovels, pokers, tongs, gridirons,
skillets wing,
teakettles, pots, ovens, coffee mills, &c. Mer
chants and others are invited to call and examine for
themselves, as he is deterrnined to sell cheap for cash or
mar 7—tf
aPPrcr ved l'efer•
Pc Oath) Aotning Poo
"Well! let us see; what do you wishl is itmointion
that you desire?"
"ID, have mercy, my Emperor, I want no mere of
that it is enough or me to have the care of o corpo.
rail s para."
"Ia it the cross you need?—Take cbis, that we, may
continue good Friends." " - •