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    np CADY MADE COFFLN WAREHOUSE, Four Pittsburgh 'Lard Oil _Manufactory.
st, two deer, from the U. S. Bank. Wee Tr _
Oat. Mice-faker respectfully informs the public thabh
?S 'ersoicd his early made coffin warehouse to the
lot lisp recently Aceupied !Ay Mr. R. G. Iterford,directly
zppoilltebis old st And, where he is always arepared to at •
end promptly to any orders in his line, sod by strict at
*lollOn to all the detail.; of the business of an Undertaker
Fat hopes to merit public, confidence, lie will be preparen
et.t.eocas to provide Hearses, Biers, C fazes and
every requtlite on the most hbrrai terms. Calls from the
country will he promptly attended to.
,Nis residence is in the same buildiiii; with his wart
*Rite, where tito(e will) need his services inAy And hint
litany time. RtrERV.NcR,:
4 .ll:lDag MDT/LC
',Rene Tarry*,
w; ra. ic'c carts,
arm 10
TO T110.3E — 1V115:1 I; in:cCl ' ~'l'luNr TEND TO
PRODUCE Oft ttla it IV VIT. DISEA3E.-1 his
ell is of individuals is very nilitterous. They are those
who work id an ttolteall by al masitlicre. Pfinters, work-
Igen in feather stores, stone cutlers, halters, white lead
ntstoufacturers, arc all in mit. or Ices subject to disease ac.
cordin?, , to the 5tr..n2.111 of their constant lon• The only
method to pit - went k the o7easional use Ora
akelticine which abstracts from the circulation all delete
rrous humors, and e sock them I,v the bowels. Tonics
In any form are injurious, as they only -at off the evil
toy to make it more fatal. The use of Brand relies rills
MD insure health, because they take all ilorrure matter
out of the blood; and the body is not weakened hut
stren;theiled by their operation, fir the-, valuable Pills
do not force, but they asiskt nature, and arc not opposed,
Mgt harmonize with her.
g gold at Dr. 13ratitirctliN Office, in the Diamond,
Pitliiburan. Price 25 cents per bus, with fail (thulium..
MARK—The only place in Pittsburgh where the
t7EVQlNEPillscanbeobtatncd,ia the Doctor's own f.
flee la the Diamond. sep 10
La I what make , your teeth so irinually
Quoth Josh's dui iii i to him l'oilter night,
To make yours looli , a grill, replied
're brought you a bottle of Thorn,' Tooth Wash,
.11'.8 the best now in use, , zo the h.r.,lkA say,
A nil aittee they have triad this, cast all othets away
Tint to provell the be,l, to noise Ihe [yell, slimy,
Look aaaiti, my dear r'a!, at the In4tre -1111.111 e.
Then try It ;rent tooth v,•rt,d),
The Teabero tooth %v-I,b.
And scc tf ttri Tooth 11M-11 of 'Phut no( foie
14..."1",wr. IC, lea Got ry Fowl] tV1,41,•
Ilti 1,111 , 1:11 ‘Vil 11 I lit. big 0(11‘;111:A of it coopdo
sot iqn,l cherrittily .ay, it our of the a
It is 0111 o 1 the titt,st note in u-,•.
rittilhargli Sop. lv, 1112 It %VIII itelotd
I take pled , ure in .t.tt.m_.. ttirind
.rg:a [terry rlt 1V;) , :)." .t)1 i , retie or !tie 1e. , 1 den
trilirne (:,..n 4 ii. 11,1 form, it iit.it•
1104.1 with convent,. ice. hre s the en ; ,,,,,•1
removes the tartar fr t lie teeth, it- , perfume yells
a fra,v-amee ttectitiirly i'do. J. 'IA
The umiersi.dued have it e.t •cl'lto ids Compound Tea
Berry Tooth W.,11,"an I ',sive fore red i , to he an extreme.
ly pleasant dentifrice., salutary hint].
once over the Teeth and Idistit , , tirrservitig !loge indi s .
pea l aide member: ft o,n premature decay, Nevelt! ing the
aecum.tlation of Tartar, and purifsiti2 the !tread I. IlztV.
tug thoroughly tested ita virtt we take plea , tire in re.
-Citittuiending it to the ;ta.,11..., helieeine it to he the heel ar•
Miele of the kind now in use.
L RING 1.7
Prepared and SOL! by WILLA 111 Till /11N, pm lieca.
ry and Chemist, Na M Ishii rah; and
at all the prleci pa nr,2.41-4,', and Tut; le's Medical ace
cy, Form!) street. sep
INTERESTING. CUR I; ~ r forined by lir.Swayuc's
• Coutimusd Syrup of Pruq.i.; Or C'hcr•
ry. Having made Syrup in my
which entirely eared cnild. Tl, symptom:: wend
wheezing and chotti,e.: oil plitemo, driMully
attended with com , tairt cough, COIII , III-1011,, 4.c.
ofwhich I had given up,il lion, of it, recovery until
wa advised to timkc tri.ll of in, mvaltialite medicine.
After geeing tire etiects it Ilarl tipoo my child,. and coil
eluding to make the :mute trial upon irry,4nl - , ,- WiTrai'en-
Irely relieved e..e ola conga t h,rl I was :ifilicthl with for
•ttt 'ny years Any per,on wig:oll2 ill ra
*my house in Beach Street, above the ICensinglon.
Wt. ca!! the attention of the pubic I o the. numerous
Certlifietstes Which have been in I irculation in our paper
and some others of this ciiy, recommending Dy.
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry ~ ,s -4.l:_edukire
seen thl original certitietitc , , and it.tve int douM Intl they
come from truly zrateful hearts, ex pre,:ive of 111 , I:itent,:
which they have received from ti.at vat a aide compound.
We have acquaintances who have frequently used the
above medicine, who ran speak with confidence of ils
vlrlc e3.—Saturday Chronicle.
FiLLOW Sincerity I would
you, one and all, I , oth sick and well, altva% s 10 have a
battleof Dr SWALYNCS Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry
ymtr noise—it is invalnaldc in cows of ein"11 ,, ,,y,
such as Spitlira of Blood, .I, , thrna, attacics of violent
Couglilnc, whi..h is often the chn4e of spit! in: of klooa,
ViOltql Nervous ,%lTrrti,rn tchi li occasionally come
from flight, and various oiler causes, producing _rear
raiorm. sudden colds from improper exposure, wind]
often let run to an alarming extent, for want of
meaty tieing ready at hand;—and as I have 11,ed Dr.
SWATZIICS Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry repeatelly
in my family, and always with twirhed surcrp:—l ran
recommend It with roolidence a= wing one of the hest
Comity medicines which has ever been offered to the
publlr.—Safttrday Chrun irk.
Sold by Win. l'horn, WlRde. , ale Retail, only:l2.mi
tor Pittsburgh. \o, w 3 NI a k" ,ep 1(1
PITTSBURGH, OCT. 22, 1842.
3. DERN!No—On Friday, the 311; of last month, about
9 O'clock at night, lie Plantrig.G roaring and Sash Man
ufactory, owned by Gay, Dilworth Fr Co, with a large
quantity of itre: , sgtl and indre.ssed lumber, was all constr.
teed by fire.
The Iron at which I bought of you some time hack
was in the most exposed situation during the fire, and
was entirety red hot —I ant itleised to inform you it was.
opened at the close of the fire, and all the hooks, papers,
te-saired;—thie , is the best recommendation I can aivc of
the Utility of your safes.
oct24—lf THOMAS 7 ) COTT
Unrivalled Blacking,
MANUFACTURED and sold wholesale and retail
&Mill STlrelti, one door below Stnillifield.
net 21—ty.
TOBIN BUTTERWORTH. ✓luctiaweer and Uotitnus.
J • ion .Mcrchrurt, Louisville, KY.. will attend to Die
sale of Real E=tatc, Dry Goodit,GoorerieA. Furnilure, kc•
/re. Regularsales every Tuesday, Thursday. and p r i
day mornings, at If) o'clock, A. NI. Cali advancer:made
nor cignment :` cp 10
10.807/ELD has removed his marble Establish
went to Wood rt. Oppolite Fahnestock's Dm!
e, where he will keep constantly on hand Tomb
sllppet6,ll‘Willnients etc. ap 19—lyr
JOSBORNE, Portrait Primal., Fourth rt., ;hi story
. atirkes Bui .I.l:Worse would solicit a can
row those who desire portraits. Epee'mess ran be
een at his rooms. may 5.
R6V. ctoL RT 131WC6, b. P
kt V. s M!' }: I. WI,
X. Y. S virr
W.ll .11C.INDL, E.SS
. .
' -
- . .
- V
• .
• .
..,...---- ,
. .
....,„ _, -
.. - .,‘,. !--.8 , tito „-- 15... _
'...• ..,k 4l. - '
; 4 , ~i 1
Vim_ 7, Itgi
. . - .m; .r. •-•-- • L-: - ..1 7-- - - .. • ,
- - .. - '7 -- ;., - .-.....;- - " ,,,- •.7. 0 ":. - ...., -,- -- -
( - 10-VS7'.9.IV7'LY on hand a superior article of Lard
V.) Oil, writ ranted to burn at any tenyer..tore, and
equal to the best winter strained Sperm Oil, without
its offett4tve quallttes, and one third cheaper, titan.
ulactured by the subscrilier at the old stand, Thlril it.,
nearly opposite the Post Office• M. C. EDEY.
kin 4.1843
T"Esolisrrilier having opened a shop No fig, Second
sirPei,l , ellve.ru Market andWonil slreets,PLtsliargh.
i n co,ineetic n with toe Faciery in Birmingham, respert.
fully Inform, his friends and the public, that he will 14
Irippy to lie favored us ith their orders for any articles in
his gine,
I).str Lnrks and rosieners,n ! •arlous d scriptions, or
tu ordrr„
Ton: t een, Mill :Ind Ti nrbrr Srrews.
1 Seretvs, for Iron ‘Vorki,:ind re ws for (tresses
ade a , otny lie required,
Carpe•lter: and Bullders are rerine.4ted to call ilcfnrr
ronttacting for job., and rxatiline artic It s and prices
lor k. repaired and j.) l, lllllll.eni.rutly one in lie !lest
nil liner. an t on I lie lawr•nt temp+.
11 4 . PA rrr.fuz,ox. Jr.
On ERT ponT .Ritoruey at Law.—Ottice
Ct, oti , 1 , 1 her of Forth acid Smithfield s , s. • 11 10
Looking Glass Manufactory.
\iid .liSe Forniqhing Warehou , e, 101 Wuod
S reel, near sth
111: Bolen I iher Itavolg ronti.leted hja arra,) 2 rmrnis
at on. new , is now prepared to otter to his
rt , e , tk...ed !no putdir, a larve and complete
Lou:Lei 000 Gtasse.s, and Howse rurni4ltitt; Hardware,
( al pr ie to bait flit tilliCB.)
Pier and 'Mantel Clie.!.S In Gill and Nlallozany
Vr.tnie2r, in - the ino:i aiiiirr-ved and superwr workman_
TOIL I with 1 2. 3 4 and .5 drawer:.
Common, slained, fluted, and p liar framed 131o.isii.
for NI melt:intr. Int tbu.e ttlaasrs.)
Japanned Travb ocalf color,: and parlerns.
Knives and Forks. in sells or dozens.
Burk aail Bone handle 'Fable tery.
Carviii Knives and Forks, du.
Dixati's Britt:lllkt '.ll Mal 'I r a nod 'Cotfce Setts ism
polio, quaff .)
Aint , riran linfactu Z do, in tells, or single pieces.
4:erinan Silver Tea and Table Spoons,
..'i"vcr plated and Brass Candles, ic ks, Snuticis do,
ISt - mania Metal Lamps. Mr miming Sperm or Lord Oil.
Ilra-is aril Wire Fire Fertilii.s. (various patterns.)
Fire Shod Is and Tomz-i, lions, ike,
Willi ova r ici v of et In, isles too 1111111PIMIS In men
tion, all of which will lie offered at the lowest cash pri
NJ: Port rail, !il inialore,and oilier Fratiiinn done at the
shoriest notice, repairing of all 1.61,14 attended to. Look.
ph.iridiy i:•` I.on
• Prints for Fia.
mine constantly on hand
1..! 1 3 TIMS. A 111 1.1.1 ER.
Adams' Patent "Hangliphy" Mills.
ILIPT now Leer [wrote
X the yeats du
ring which tint" sever:it
thud ands have hren sold
tied in daily use, We are
Conti lent lining sustained
s in.,: tiiev are the to e.,t
t,'rtT - 4. !gills ti the I 'tined
Stites, ant' way yint•li.x It.'
Severnl ininlitieallons
inridetii tort the iairry of
wives and the purses of
S.,:tl Lv the grosn nr dozen
at the inainilaclory.---
Malleable Castings made
Fairbanks' Patent Platform Scales.
Tf , e.e of :ill sizes, and ino,l improved
varietic=,cnn•lat!lV on hand and for.ale at y rcdnred
prirr:!ry tlit• Ina!: tiro,. 1, R. I.IV I N GST( N ,
ma r 2. —if
f•roul bei wcrll liozs ;1.1 I:: not -J:4
(Owlslevy Furnishings.
V!IR E sul/scril:ets r.+pccllully infnrin tlwir frif lid , and
thcy have opened tho: , tnrt• Vo f.
SO rin h •Ireet. nelr ih Excl. Rank, and
Mr J• Wianis'Crorerv, rvh. re 1I re intrn l lo inanu-
IlLelnre in Illyhe<t Flvlc, and have I endy for , alr a fall
, " 3- or i fiirii l of Ili , ' first quality of Up Ardlenl Pt 0 .111.114
i 101,4 fl • tionr% an. I :Fran: 'AI in; t“-z.Frath
rr red,, Savkidg , • whir li titre w; I sell for Cart al
nrarli 100 Cl . lll 11, , Itrtn furmrr priCri.
rolials , eriol• carpels inad_
aid afn - r 1110 ocw,sl fatuous—All of
tiny rarr to i•Nocui inn aintini . r unequaled in
i his or Illi: , 11111:1S,ell in any in her city.
JOHN T. ST Ml ' itT
Mar 201 v
to execute all kinds of
OP wntiwz, , , -wit a, I).eti,=, llort2,4eg, A ',vent i..es Im
dentares„ , lrlie'rs of Partner hip. Ertlers of Attorney,
11'illz , ,Yre..8.•, in a neat and manlier. and al 1101101
(miler char.4€4, al his old stand Penn ,treel, stli
tvari mantel iIOIN.`. tido. 25.
The old stand of Mall hew Patrick,
(Lately occupied by John Irons;)
r ll E , üb,criber wishes to inform the citizens of Pills.
burgh, and the travelling pnhlie, that lie has leased
the above well known stand, ( ~ ittiat; d on PIMh street,
hetween Markel und Wood,) where he will he happy to
accomnind tie - all his old friend:, and as many new one ,
a , will he ide.ised to a knowledge Idal as t.;eir host.-
111, terinq will le moderate. suited to the fime.e. His
Talilr will be ,tinplied will] the lie , ' that the Market af.
fords. fli4 bar will he fitrnklied with the choirem of
liquors, [loth daineYti and foreiyn. stables are Npa
rim) , and conimodioti., conducted by experlenced and
attentive 0-,tier.
wonld inform the citizens that lie is prepare
to rxeommodate a number of Weekly, Monthly or Year
ly hoarders atreduced prices.
25 cents. i Lodging, 12 1 , cis
Single -Ural
!Wald per Neck, 82.50.
'rifle 8-3 m. NICII. PORTSER.
r US sult,criber has just received front Philadelphia and
New York, isnha grneral and extensive assort
ment of DR UGS, ell EXICA LS, PERFUMERY, and
every :uncle in Iris line of business, which he is deter
mined to seii on the most reasonable terms for cash.
Ile believe: , Ire Call direr stronger inducements than any
sirtilla- establishment in this city to country Physician ,
and Merchants, who wish to supply themselves eith
Drugs and Medicines. His articles have been selected
with the utmost roar, and are warranted oft he best qual.
ilv and uniform SI ren2i h. Orders will lie filled with ac
curacy and, leganre. Famili s ran hesupplied with Fine
and Fancy Snaps of every conceivable variety, and of
il:e mo=t ex.tuisite perfumes; likewise with Perfumery
and Cocniettc , of evr ry de.cription.
The irtiler-igrieil returns his thanks for the liberal sup_
port heretofore extended to hitn, and Mines by a constant
di...position to please and acconiutodate—a rare in pro—
curing and selling only what is excellent and genuine—a
close :,tipervision °film sales and transaction of the
lishment—precaniluit and accuracy in compound' nied_
lc toes —a nd by tudu:try atiMperseverancm to mer ii in
crease of public patronage
may 25
• !legality Morning Packet
The fast running and well known.
Sti.tte 11Emmucc, Muller, will depart daily from Pitt:_
burgh at. 9 o'clock, A. Pl„ and Beaver at 1 o'clock P. M.
For freight or pasB,tge, apply on board, or to
No GO Water street.
N. B.—The regu tar canal par Let to Cleveland, Ohio
Greenville and Meadville Pa.; and alassitton on. the
Ohio Canal, connect,m; with steamer Cleseland at Bea
ver,wiii be in operation immediately on opening ornav•
, mar 16 -tf.
removed Isis Mime to No 63 PM [street, be
tween Wood and :smitlifield sta. nelt door to Alderman
apr 7.
itrflow important it Is that you commence without
less of time with itataniticries Pmts. They mildly but
surely remove all impurities from the blood,and no case
of sickness can affect the human frame, that these cele.
Mated Pills do not relieve as much or medicine can do.
Colds and coughs are wore henebtled by the Brandreth
Pills than by lozenges and cant:lies. Very well, per•
haps. as paliat Ives, but worth nothing as eradicators of
diseases from the human system. The Bitasoiternrit.cs
cote, they do not merely relit ye, they cure diseases.
whether &Heinle or recent, infectious or otherwise, will
certainly be cured by the use of three all sufficient Pills.
selves and every one who knew of the case, the swelling
and the inflammation began to cease so that she felt quite
ca , l, and would steep comfortably, and, sir, after slk•
weeks' use she was able to go throbgli the holse, and
again attend to the management of her family. which
she had lot done for nearly 14 months. In a little over
two months from the time she first commenced the use
cf your invaluable Pills, her ankle was quite sound, and
her health better than It had been in quite a number of
years before. I send you this statement after' wo years
test of the cure. colishir ring qt only an act of Justice to
you and the public al large,
We are, with much gra Rude,
Very respectfully,
P. S. The Botanical Doctor pronounced the sore can
cerous, and finally said no good could (redone, unless Die
whole of the flesh wav cut off, ami the bone scraped.—
Thank a kind Providence, this made resort to your
pills, which sayed us from all further misery, and for
ti we hope t be thankful. 'l'. et E. h.
CO-Sold at '25 cent:• per box, with dirertionq.
observe the new labels, each having upon it two ',lg.
natures of Dr. Brandretti: So each hot of the genuine
ha+ six signature!—three Benjamin Brandreth and three
11. Brandrelli upon it.
The only place in Pittsburgh where the real Bran
dretti Pill; ran I,e ohmined, is the Doctor's own office,
in the Diamond, behind the Market Mun, ?dark,
the genuine Brancirellt Pilir run never lie obtained in any
drug store
The following are the only azents appointed by Dr. 13
Branilreth, for the sale of big Vegetable Univer-al Pills
in A llegheny county:
the office in l'utshurzh wldrh vvarr cot:16110)yd for the
purpose of roost" areor+ in the we- , t, having arc.,nt
pli;hrd II al of j now chase I, nod Mr, I:. 11. L ft;
in the Nato nnl Nlarket eft eel, appoioted row anent for
the of I'ilir an I Liniments Ali fir. B...n.lrilpt
will itierfure.unifer•eaotf,that Ilr,ll. wt:l • vod a Irivellic.z
&zero throazit the country 011 re a year 111C0'4,1 ur ore yo
for Fait. tirade and re. qipply J.lrolg. lie Fail traveller
veil! Ire pr",videtf with a power of attorney, duly proved
before the I'l rk of the city and rnnnly of New York,
wt.:miter with all nec , ,, , try your her: anti papers,
Mr. J, J. Yoe, trav , lliti2mtent 110 ill Penitsyl.
11. MI 1N1)1 . :111, 51 11l
N. 11, Remern',er G • fl, I,r•e, In rear of the Mar
ket k now my only agent in Pitls!nirgli.
New Viol , ne 14 1 h, 11141,
'rflE matte WAY TO I? ECOV E R 11E A uni.
r- Au individual only wisliesto know the right way
to piirsue it; and three ate none, were it senEtv made
known how Lan: might he 14010117,rd and flitAllit re
covered, iv: o would not adopt The plan. Evidence is
required I inll the riTlit way is jACOVerf!d • This is what
!hoer suffering front sickness want to he satisfied about.
For who is so foolio as not. to enjoy all the health his
holy 1F ....wide 01? Who is there that would not live
when his exp. c can sn much benefit himi•elf and
family? It is a melancholy fact that a very large 'oro_
portion of the most me a I members of society die lie_
twee!' the age , of thirty and forty. flow many widows
and helpless orphans have been the consequence of Omit.
kind not having !... le own power the ineans of re.stor
itte, health when lost.
Now all the4e dangers and difficulties can he prevented
and the long nod eel lain sickness, and by assisiln.g Na.
in the outset, with a good dose of Brandreth's
This is a fact, wt It undeislood to be oil by thousands of
our citizens Thin medicine, if taken so as to purge
freely, will surely cure any cordite ilkease. There is
no form or kind of sickness that Il does not exert a cur
alive influence upon. Thus, by their power in resisting
pUtrefarlion, they cure measles small pox, worms and
all enntrkeous fevers. There is not a medicine In the
world so able to purify the mass of blood and restore it
to healthy condition, as the Bilindrellt Pills.
The Brandreth are purely ve!!etable, and so in
nocent that the infant of a mot th old cony use them if
medicine is required, not only with safety but with a cer.
Dainty of receivinz all the hettetit medicine is capahte of
imparting. Females may use them in all the critical
periods of their lives. Time Brandrtth Mils will insure
their health, and produce regularity in a'l the functions
of life.
The same may l'e said of Brandretles External Rem
edy, as an outward application in all external pains, or
swellings, or sores, It greatly assists the cure. When
used where the skin Is very tender or broken. It should
lie mixed with one or two pints of water.
sure Tea! Oeautne Rrandreth Pills„—Exa m i ne
he box of Pills, Then look at the certificate of agency,
whose engraved date must lie within the year, which
every authorised agent must possess; if the three labelit
on the box agree with the !Lute labela on the certificate,
the Pills are true—lf not, they are false.
Principal office, 241 Broadway, New York;
june 16.
Headache! Headache!
ACE now known to thousands as a most extraordina•
ry remedy for this amiction as well as the incon
trovertible fact of their curing DYSPEPSIA. Will those
suffering only ask among their rriends If they have nut
known of the positibe effects of said Pills. and If they
do not hear them more warmly praised (and deservedly
too) than any other, then let them net buy them. In
ilte,te few remark, all fancy or imagination is excluded,
and nothing will be said of their merits at any time
but what can be fairly proved by respectable meantera of
our community.
Read the following certificate given by a respectable
citizen of Allegheny City, and attested by one of tliejudg.
es of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny co.
A LLICGIIMENY CITY, January 9, 1343.
Dear Sir—l have fur a ,number of years past been af—
flicted with a severe and almost constant Headache, a—
rising from derangement of stomach and bowels and al.
though I have taken nearly every kind of Medicine re•
commended for its cure, have never derived any mate
rial benefit until I used some of your truly valuable An.
ti Dyspeptic Pills. I have not taken quite two boxes and
consider myself perfectly relieved from that distressing
complaint. 1 have no hesitation in recommending your
Pills as the best medicine! have ever used.
I am acquainted with Mr, Turne-, I have no hesita
tion In certifying that I consider the statements of Mr,
T. respsctisg Dr. Brodie's Pills, as entitled to the most
perfect and entire confidence. HUGH DAVIS.
For sale, Wholeiale and Retail at the grodonian Pill
Est a blishm e nt Pittsburgh Pa ; and by all authorised a
gents throughout the Union
A Bey if!) , Jilt 9 1845
Sum Stau, January 21,1843.
Doctor BOlijullliN Brandeeth—Houored Sir: Owing to
you a dent of gratitude that money cannot pay, I am .
Induced to make a public aeknowledgemhut of the benefit
my wife has derived from your invaluable pills. About
three yeais this whiter she wall taken with a pain in her
ankle, which soon became very much inflamed and
'molten, so much so that we became alarmed, and sent
for the doctor. Daring his atiendauce the pain and swell
ing increased to an alarming degree, and In three weeks
Gum Its first commencing it became a running sore—
She could get no rest at night the pain was so great.—
Our first Doctor attended her for six months, and she
received no benefit whatever, the Fain growing worse,
and the sore larger all the while. He said if It was heal
ed up it would be her death, but lie appeared to lie at a
loss how t 3 proceed, and my pour wife still continued
to staffer the most terrlbitt tortures. We therefore sought
other aid In a tlotanlcal doctor, who said when he titan
saw it that he could soon cure the sore, and give her
rase at once. To our surprise he pve her no relief,
and acknowledged that it baffled all his skill.
Thus we felt after having tried during one whole year
the experience of two celebrated physicians in vain, In
absolute despair. My poor wife's constitution rapidly
failing in the prime of her years from her continued
suffcrlng. Under these circumstances we concluded that
we would try your Universal Veget ibis Pilts,deterniined
to fairly test their curative effects. To my wife's great
comfort the first few doses afforded great relief of the
pain. Wit Ms one week, to the astonishment of our-
Mr. John Glas:=—AlleThrnY,
Rnbrrl Innnenn—Birmin2hain.
C. P. D'ehl—Elizahei lrtuw n.
II Rowlar,l-51'KenN, 01 -1.
John Joho,ton—Nobiesinwn.
t:hr•>m:ut Siinohltnr -Stawartstown
Itob••rt Smith Purser—Tntenium.
Grnr:;L• I'ower—F:lll-v w.
Imvol ft Conn- Plum township.
Neztn,—Ea.ft Liheriy.
Edward Thnnrp=on_-LCitkinsburgh
Wm. o.llurrer--Alien',. Mill
Yours, Respectfully,
Qum/it:A 'KUbtENTat tIUIt6ICAI. I d•
Brew,ENTBf....p, Afeetrths, Ostler and Surliest
Instrument Maker, Third street, nearly opposite the
Post Office, Pittsburgh
Fhyslcians. Dentists and Druggists can have t heir In.
strumentq,made by the subscriber of a superior quality
and at Eastern prices.
Tailors' Patent Shears and Scissors always on hand.
also Hatters Shears, a superior article. Orders respect.
fully solicited.
N. B. Al:articles warranted of the best quality. and
jobbing done as usual. sep 10
A LLEN KRAMER, Exchange Broker, Aro. 46, Cor
ner of Wood •nd Third Streets, Pittsburgh Pa.—
Gold, Silver, and Solvent Rank notes, bought and sold.
Sight checks on the Eastern cities, for sale. Drafts,
notes and bills, collected.
Pittsbursh,Pa, Wm. Bell k Co., John D. Davis, F
Lorcnz,J. Painter k Co., JcFepli Woodwell, James May
Philadelphia, Alexander Bronson 4. Co., John U. Brown
co. ci.cinsati, 0., James M'Candless. St. Louis,
.410., J. R. M'Donald. Louisville, W. U. Pope, Esq.
Pres'i Bank Ky. imp 10
ItEMOVAL.—The undersigned begsleave to inform
the public, that he has removed from his old stand,
to the corner of Prnn and St. Clair Ms., opposilethe Ex
change ilotel, where he has fitted up a large Puno FORI I
WAR t Roost, and now offers for sale the most splendid
assortment of Pt•mos ever offered in 1111 A market.
His pianos consist of different patterns, of superior
oqe Wood and Mahogany, beaaifully finished and ma.
dPled, and roast' ueted throughout of the very lie , t ma
terials,which,for durability, and quality of lone, as well
as touch, he warrants to be superior to any ever seen
As he haslen!arged his manufactory, and made arrange.
melds to supply the increasing demand for lill3 instru
ment, he respectfully ropiest: , those intending to pur.
chase to tall and, xamlne ills avortment before purcha.
sing elsewhere, ab he is determined to sell Lowe*, for
cash,than any other establishment east or west of the
mountains. F. BLUME,
Corner of Penn and Si. Clair streets,
sep 10 Opposite the Exchange Hotel. Pittsburgh. Pa.
Evans'a Camomile Pills.
CERTITICATM—LeiIer from iLe 800. Wien) M'Clcl.
lan,Bullivan County, East T.•nneesee,MemberofCongress
WASLIINOTOM, July 3d. 1838.
. .
Sir—Since I have been in this city I have used some of
your Dyspeptic medicine with infinite benefit and sail,
faction, and believe it to belt mast valuable remedy. One
of my :onsti thetas, Dr. A. Carden, of Campbell county,
Tenneesce. wrote to me to stud him sonic. which I did,
and lie has mployed it very successfully in his practice,
and says It is invaluable. Mr. Johnson, your agent al
this place,^ thinks you would probably like an agent in
Tennessee. If so, I would recomirld Dr. A C . rd'en, as
a proper person to officiate for the sale of your celebrated
medicine. Should you commission him he Is willing to
act for you. You can Fend the medicine by water to the
rare of Robert Kim: s r Sons. Knoxville county, Tennes.
see, or by land to Graham ¢ Houston, Tazewell, East
Fennessee. I hove no doubt but if you had agents In
several counties in East Tennessee. a great deal of medi
cine would be sold. I ant goinz to take some of it home
for my own use, and that of my friends, and should
like to hear from you whether you would like on agent
at Montville. Sullivan County. East 'Tennessee; I can get
some of t he merchants to act for you cis I live near there.
Ycurs respectfully,
ABRAHAM M 'CLEM.. AN, of Tennessee.
For sale Wholesale and Retail, by
R. E SELL ERS„Agent,
sep 1 0 No. O. Vood street,Lelow Second.
Thirt infallible remedy has preserved hundreds
when thought pat recovery, limn convulsion,. As soon
as the Etyritit is rubbed on the the child will ref( y.
er. This preparation is so innocent, so ellicac ions. and , o
plea-ant, Ilia,/ no child will refuqe to let its urns be rub
tied with it: 11 Ilea inlaid are al the a;e of four months.
rho' thew ta ore of teeth, one lioltle of the
syrup wed to open the purrs. Parents should
ever lie o tlb gut the <m nip In the 'misery where there
are ortrii: cWtdren,for if a child wakes in the night with
pain in tin the Syrup immediately glees ease, by
openi,g the pories. and healing I lie :urns; I hereby prevent-
In: l'onvu 1101,. Ft! Vl . l 4-c. For Sate lVlialesale and
Retail try R. I SELL ERS. Agent,
Fr i t 10 Na. 211. Wo al 'street. Second
II VER COM PLAINT cured by the use of Or. liar.
_4 lir l.'s colllpound Sktericrlienins avid Aperient role.
Mr. Will. Richard., of I s itt,hurgtr,l;a,. entirely cured of
the abov. Ms ... Symptoms were pail
and wei:lii in the left side, IC? , of - arpetile, vomiting, acid
crucial ions, a distension of the stomarli.. , ick he id-ache,
furred losiatir, countenance changed ilia Cil run color, diffi
f oh, of local hing. disturbed rest,attended with a cough,
grew debility, with ritlosr Fyinpinliis indicating :real de•
rangenteiti of the functions of the liver. Mr. Richardi ,
had ilie advice of several physicians, lint received no
relief, mild usin: Dr. Ilarlich's Medicine, which lermina.
led in r•ifeiitin: a pe - feel cute.
mar 23, 1843
Pi incipat ()trice, 19 North ri2hth s , :t reel, Philadelphia
For sale in r•2ls l y Salim I Frew, corner of Libor
ty and Wood st reel s. sep 10
B Ros VoN (117112111:t.E1 11 P. Ft R
Villa are rout posed of he! whirl' exert
a specific action upon the heart, give impulse or
strength to the arterial system; the blood is quickened
and equalixed in its circulation through all the vessels,
whether of the skin, the part, situated interna Ily, or the
extremities; and as all the secretions of the body are
drawn from the blood, there is a consequent iiicrease of
every seuet ion , and a quickened action of the absorbent
and exhalent, or discharging vessels. Any morbid action
which may br.ve taken Warr is corrected. all obstrut
tilus art" re ,P.O 11.: no p iirttled. and t he body
rss lams a t fit! .:.ate. Pori ale Wholesale and Re
SELLERS, .-Agent,
-,p 10 a l ) Wood si. below second
FOR carrying Merehantlize anti Produce to and from
Pittsburgh, Philade:pit:a, Baltirnore, New York and
lioNt on, by the Pennsylvania Canal and Rail road, on
entirely temperate principles.
Stock of this line consists of new large Tidewater boats
built expre,sly for this route, with all the modern Irn•
provensents In boat building; of a superabundant supply
of first rate Car on the. Portage Railroad; and a full cup
ply of strong and commodious Pennsylvania boats be.
I wren Johnstown and Pittsburgh; all of which will be
conducted by sober, iniltistilous and experienced captains
and shpertntendents • Charges will tie paid On dB goods
intended to he shipped front Phisburyh tp Philadelphia,
Baltimore, New York or Boston, and consizned to James
Dickey 4- Co., Canal Basin, corner of Liberty and Wayne
sis. and will be promptly attended to and forwarded with
All Goods and produce intended to he chipped from
Philadelphia coastwise, or via the Delaware and Rani
tan Canal,land consigned to Hart, Andrew and McKcver,
will be received at their warehouse. first wharf above
Race street. Philadelphia, and shipped directly from
thence without additional handling or expense; a line of
Roston packets connects with the line at this pain.-
Shippers are invited to examine the stock of this line
and Judge for themselves, before shipping by any other,
as their Interest will be advanced by shipping by It, the
proprietors being determined to exert themselves to the
utmost of their ability for the interest of their custo
nters'and prosperity of their line.
t _ ranee can be e ff ected cheaper by this line than any
as the route is considered the sacest•
Har , Andrews 4- McKever, from Philadelphia and Bal.
timore to lloilidaysbnrg.
Henry L. Patterson, from Hollidaysburg to Pittsburgh.
Hart, Andrews 4. 111cRever, Philadelphia.
Elder, Geiston 4- Co., Baltimore.
Henry L. Patterson, Hollidaysburg
Jessee Patterson, Johnstown.
James Dickey 4- CO. Pittsburgh
Judson & Flanegin,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Smithfield near 7th street.
Colle lions made on moderate perms. Pensions
for widows jof old soldiers under the late act of con
gress, obtained. Papers and drawings for the Patent of
fice, prepared. mar 17-Iy.
PILES cured by the tae of Dr. Harlich's Compound
Strengthening and German Aperient Pills
Dr. Harlich—Dear Sir—Shortly after I received the
Agency (iota you for the sate of your medicine, I
formed an acquaintance with a lady of this place, who
was severely afflicted with the Piles. For eight or ten
years this lady was subject to frequent painful attacks,
and her physician considered her case so complicated,
that be very seldom prescribed medicine for her. Throng])
my persuasion, she commenced using your Pills, and was
perfectly cured. Yours, 4-c. JAMES R. KIRBY
October 3, 1840. Chamhensbog, Pa.
irrOffice and General Depot, No. 19. North Eighth
Street, Philadelphia. And by Samuel Frew, corner of
Liberty and Wood streets, Pittsburgh. sep 10
jan 13—ly
For the Transportation of Aferchandize and Produce
DEVINE 4- fticA NULTY rmipvctiully inform the pub
lic that they have completed their arrangements
for the above Line on
The public has long wished for Individual compel ii ion
in Transportation on the Public Works, by which alone
It can be freed from unnecessary expenses and reduced
to Rs lowest rates; that wish will now he realized; the
stale of Pennsylvania having placed Trucks on her Rail
Roads. Individums owning Portable Boats are enabled
to bid for the Carrying Trade and successfully to com•
pcte with compan'es.
This line i.ccunposed or Twenty new, Four Section
Portable Boats, owned by the Captains who command
them and well known as enterprising, industrious and
experienced Boatmen.
The superiority andadvantages of the Portable Boat
over every other mode of Transportation, are too well
known to shippers generally:to require comment; suf
fice it to sdy. that the detention, loss,separation and dam
age to Goods, invariably :Mending three Transhipments
between Pittslurgh and Phiadelphia are by the Portable
Boat most effectually removed
The Portable Boat possesses the, great advantage too,
of being well ventilated arid cool in Summer; which pre.
vants Flour from souring, and Bacon and Tobacco from
Destine ¢ McAnulty, standing as they do,hetween the
owners of goods and the Boatmen who carry them, and
enantly interested In protecting the interests of 6oth, will
make no promises to the public they will not faithfully
Tlicy are now Tireptred to receive and forward Pro.
duce to Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and Boston
in the shortest flute, and pledge themselves to enter into
no combination with other Lines,hut always stand ready
to carry out the principlesuf their Linc,and contract for
freight on thievery lowest terms.
nr.To give andoutued-secority to owners and shippers
of goods an open policy of Insurance hat been effected.
by which all mereliandlze shipped by this Line will he
Insuied withcot an,' additional expense to the owner.
Devine 4. Me nutty will receive all produceconsigned
to them at Pittsburgh, pay fril Olt and charges to Steam
BoatS and forward the same it built delay to Philadel
phia,• Baltimore, New York, aad Boston without any
charge for advancing or commit-sion.
DEVINE ar t4cA NULTY, Aeilts.,
Canal Basin, Liberty street, Pittsburgh.
172 Market street, Philadelphia.
MOOrtg h CH ASE Agents,
75 Bowler's Wharf, Baltimore.
Cincinnati, Ohla
Madison Ind.
Thos. McADA M, Ca , Agent.
27 Old Slip New York.
March 10,1:142
7 - : .TiTk.Estt.7. i tztri4ifti,
C(7- .‘ll'lly will ye live at this•
dying rale?"
To he had at TitYmts Medical Agency I 6 Fourth 31.
the only:vent Pittslurgh.
Fe!. 22.
PTO THE L.IDIF'S.—Why do %nu not remove
that su pet II nous hair you nave upon yonr lot eheads and
tipper lip ? By c•tllioc al Terti.Cs, 313 ruurth St., and
obtaining a bottle of Gouraud's I•oudtes Suldles, which
will rentrve it at onre wtt hoot lad - y.7lin:: the skin. You
can also übtain Gouraud's truly (liberated Ens de Beanie,
whicht iIl at once remove all freckles, pimples, emo
tions oe the skin, and make your face look perfectly fair;
and tit those who wisn to assist nature by adding more
color to t I i it checks, they ran obtain come of Gouratitl,s
celebrated !Auld Roue, witicli'cannot he rubbed otieven
by a wet chit li Also may lie found a 2ood assortment of
Perfumery, such as Co'ogne, Bra-a' Oil, Almond, PE 17',
Wii;tl.4or; and other Soaps.
Remember. at Tuttle'm Medical A lertry, 06 4111 street,'
Dritgeists and others can Eesti optic,' at Wholesale and
retail terms. may 26 1342
Caveat entered 9th June. 1842--Patent granted to
Ben . dirnin B andretb,2oth January, 1643.
The extracts of which Brandreth's Pills are com
posed are obtained by this now patented process,
without boiling or any applicetion of heat. The ac
live principle of the herbs is thus seen , ed the same
as it is in the
The Public should he cautious of medicines Tee—
conneudel in ad vertisments stolen from me, in
which the CONTEMPTIBLE ROBBERS steals my lan—
guage, merely alter n;, the name. Time will show
these wholesale deceivers ill their true light,
BiIANDRETII'S PILLS are the People's
Medicine, proved by thnu•ands. who daily reccom.
mend them to the afflicted. The BRANDRETII
PILLS are growing every day more popular, their
eit tues are extendiNg their usefulness. The sick of
both sexes are daily deriving benefit from them.
No case of disease but they can be used with advan
tage. Blotches ra hard lumps of the skin they speed
ily cure, so with erysipelas, so with salt rheum, FO
with indigestion, so with coughs and colds, so with
costiveness, so with cancer, so ith hot parched lips
and canker in the mouth. Lel the afflicted use this
medicine, and they will find they require no other.
Sold at 25 cents per box, with directions.
Observe the new !abets each haviin , ' upon it two
signatures or Dr. Brandreth. :So earls bnx of the
genuine has six signatures—three Benjamin Brand
reth and three B. Brandreth upon it. •
The °NIA PLACE in Pittsburgh where the REAL
Braticireth Pills CAN BE OBTAINED, is the Doctor's
own Office, Diamond back of the Alaiket House,
Mark, the GENUINE BrandrethPills can never be ob
taiced in any Dana STORE
The following al e the ONLY AGENTS appoint.
ed by Dr. B Brandreth, for the sale of his Vegeta
ble universal Pills in Allegheny County.
G 11 Lee—Principal Office, Diamond, Pittsburgh;
Mr. John Glass—Allegheny.
Robert Duncan—Birmingham.
C. F. Diehl—Elizabethtown.
H. now)and—McKeesport..
Pressly Irwin—Pleasant Dill.
Jchn Johnson—Noblestown.
Chessman & Spaulding—Stewartstown.
Asdell & Cnut.ell— Clinton .
Robert Smith Porter—Tarentutn.
George Power—Fairview.
David R. Coon—Plum Township.
Daniel Negley—East Liberty.
Edward Thompson—Wilkinsborgh.
Wm. O. Hunter—A lion's Mills.
TO PEN, A LES.—Theie is a larg e class of Females in
this City who from their contiued sitting, to which
their occupstions oblige thein,a re atkcted with costiveness
which gives rise to palpitation at the heart on the least ex
ertion, sense of heaviness extending over the whole head,
intolerance of light and sound .ao inability of fixing the
attention to any mental operatiothe, rumbling in the bow
els, sometimes a sense of suffocation, especially after
meals when any exertion is used, as going quickly up
stairs; temprefickle; these are symptoms which yield at
once to a few dosesof the Brandreth Pills The occa.
Monal use of this medicine would saves deal of trouble
and years of suffering. One, or two, or even three of
the Brandreth Pills just before dinner, arc °Pen found
highly beneficial; many use them very advantageously in
this way; they aid and assist digestion, restore the bowels
to a proper condition, enliven the 'spirits, impart clear
nms to thecompleXion,purify the blood, and promote a
general feeling of health and happiness.
Bold at Dr. B•andreth's Office. in the Diamond
Pittsburgh—Price 25cenm per box, with full directions.
MARK—The only place in Pittsburgh, where the
GENUINE Pills can be obtained, is the Doctor's own Of.
face, Diamond, Sep, 10
UHE subscriber has just received Las amnia] supply •
Landreth's Garden Seeds, consisting La part ofjli
following kinds—all of the last year , ' crop 4 watralked
Egg Plant,
Mater• Melon,
Rhubarb, Cabbay,
Salsal'y, Carrpt,
Cauliflower, ' gploady
Celery, Okrai
Curled Ciesa, Onihn,
Cucumber, Parderr
Mustard, (white and browny
&e. &c. &c_
To:ether with el variety of rot Sweet herbs tad Aoo►t
Kr-Orders for Seeds, Shrubs; Tn es, otC. frogs Gird...
era and others will be received and promptly atteedad
No. IS4 Liberty. head of Wood st.
FARMFOR SA L E.—The undersigned offers for Raba.
his farm, lying in flo , s Township dy miles from the
City of containing 114 acres ofland of wit et
60 are cleared and undc7 fence, I mlsto 20 acres. a
meadow, 2 gcod Orchards of Apple, t few Peach - aid'
Cherry trees—the improvements arc a wage frauds homage
containlng 10 rooms well furnished, calculated for 'a Ta
vcrn o. private Dwelling, a frame Barn 2.8 by 60,ithell
liasemoit, and stabling, sheds t nd other out • houses suit
able for a tenement!-2 good Gardens surrounded With
currant bushes. and a well of excellent water, with its
pump in at the front door. In relation to the Pittsburgh
and Allegheny market, there is no place now offered fee
sale with morel nducennint to those wishing to parches*
near Pittsburgh, the terms will be made moderate, the'
further pnrticufarsapply tothe proprietor at his Ckotkiew
Store, Liberty street, corner of Virgin Alley.
N. B. )(not gold before the Ist of October hest. IL
will be divided into 10 and 20 acre lola to suit potato
serf. doo IS
JAMES HOWARD r co„ Manufacturers 40' Wa
el Paper, No. 18, .Wood Street, Pittsbaret,
Have alwa,,, ,iii nand an extensive 'assortment of Seth'
Glazed and platu PAPER HANGINGS, Vetvet sad
Imitation Borders, of the lwest style and haat - hoer
patterns, for papering halls, parlors and 'cbamhers.
They manufacture and have or hand at all times—
Printing. Writing, Letter, Wrapping and Tea Paper,B•u•
net and Pullers' Comas—all of which they otter formate
on the most accommodating terms; and to which they
invite the fluent ion of merchants and ethers.
ALSO—Blank Books of ail kinds and the nestquplity„
School Rooks, etc. always on hand and for sale asabove
N. B. Ragsa nd Tataers'Scrans' taken in exebaste.
N. A 9 RA W rt HAMILTON, Attorneys at Law, have
JL removed their Office to the residence of H.S. Ili&
;Jaw, on Faun) PI, wo doors above Stith lifield.sep 10,
Cincinnati, February 15, 1849
Dr. SWAYNK—near i ir:— Permit me to take the liberty
of writing to you at titls time to express my apprubalkai
and to recommend to the attention of heads of familleta
and others your invaluable medicine—the Compound
Syrup of Prunus Virginians, or Wild Cherry Bark. In
my travels of late I Lave Seen in a great many instance!'
the wonderful effects of your medicine in relieving all
dreti of very obstinate complaints, such as Congbiti
VPlteezing, Choakieg of Phlegm, Asthmatic attacks, te.
4•c. I should not have written this letter, however, at
presen• although I have felt it my duly Vny iesll•
utony it, it for some time, had it not been for a late la.
stance where the medicine above alluded to was inatrn•
mental in restoring to perfect health an "only
whose case was almost hopeh Es, in a family of my at
quaintance. "I thank !lefty( n," said the 'amatlng moth.
yr, only child is saved from the jags of death, 0 how I
feared the relentless ravager But my child is safe!
Beyond all doubt Dr. Swat ne's Compound -Syrup 0
Wilk_Cherry Is the most vain:dile medicine In Ibis or any
01 her' con tory. I ant certain I '.ave witnessed more than
one litindrett cases where it ha= been attended with corn.
plete succes, 1 am using It myself in an obstinate as.
tack of Bronchitis, in which it-proved effectual In a •x.
reedlngly snort time. conslderA the severity of ihe rasa.
I ran reromend it in the fullest eonfidet.ce of its superior
virtues; I would advise that no family should be without
it; it Is very pleasant and always beneficial—worth
double and often ten times its pi ice. The public are as
surer] there is no quackery about it. R. Jsestsos, D. D.
Formerly Pastor of the Firt. Freeigterian Chuerb,
N. Y.
Sold by WM. THORN. w•ho'csale 4 retail, outrages!
for Pittsburgh. N. 53. Nlarket street. sep 10
HUMAN RACE/—,Disersur
what will destroy Life, and you are a /red num.
Dzseorer what will prolong Life, and the woild, wit/
call !jou IWpoitor."
“There are faculties, bodily and intellectual, witkia to
with which certain herbs hare affinity, and ever eelliteh
they have power."
Dr. B. Brandretti's External Remedy, or Liniment
which, by Its extraordinary poive!v, alisUraels Pain Of
Sorene,s; thus Sprains. Stiff Sinews, White Smelliest,
Rheumatic Pains, or Stiffness, Stiffness of the Joints,
Tumors, Unnatural Hardness, Still Neek Sore Throat,
Croup, Contractions of the muscles, Scrofulous may
lareements, Tender Peet, and every description of ha
jury affecting the Exterior of the Human Ftame, !ire
currd or greatly relieved by his necersto be *efficient/1
extolled remedy.
Cznytne.vm—The followintl letter front Major OW
end Sandford, as to the qualities of the External Reme
dy, speaks volumes:
Bxw Yottx,Yeb. 9, 1842.
Dear Sir—Will you oblige 'ine wit honigher bottle 41
your excellent Liniment? It is certainly. the best of Um
kind I hive ever seen. It has cured entirely my Mel
knee, about which l was so uneasy,and I have found It
productive of immediate relief in several eases of exter
nal injury in my family. A few evenings sines, my
youngest child was seized with a violent attack - of, CM!,
which was entirely removed In twenty minutes, by
bin her chest and throat freely with the External Res
edy. I think you ought to manufacture this Liniment
for general use, instead of confining the use of it, as you
have heretofore done, to your particular acqoalnissets,
Yours truly, C. W. SANDFORD
DR. B. Bansinarra.24l Broadway, N. Y.
[D-For sale at 241 Broadway, New York, and at hts
office , in the Diamond, Pittsburgh. Pr ICE-50 owls
per bottle with directions. oepio
Tsubscriher would respectfully inform the entails
1. of Pittsburgh, Allegheny and their vicirities, that he
has cennmenced manufacturing the article of Lard Oi
and Canates. Be Intends making but one quality, which
w:II equal thereat made in the Union and not surnamed
by the best winter strained sperm oil either for machinery
or burning, without its offensive properties, and one
ber wishes to impress distinctly on the public mind that
it is not necessary to purchase any new fangled lamps sisal
are daily palmed upon them as being requisite to Wrath'
lard oil in. Persons wishing a pure and brilliant tight
can obtain It by calling at the old stand ,3d street, Deady
opposite the Post Office.
The attention of Wholesale dealers, Churches mid
ciliate.' respectfully solicited.
N. B.—All the barrels will bear the manufacturer's
name. /an 2; 12.0-4 f.
BPERRY lakes this method of informing the peak
in general that he continues to carry on the
above business in the blososcixactx House BUILIPIIIIIBII
Nol Water street, where, with strict personal attention
he hopes to please all who will favor him with tteir pi
tronage. From his long experience In the business, he
flatters himself that his work cannot be exalted in neat
ness and durability, at least west of the Mountains; be'
it is useless to boast—a fair trial is the best evidence )
To suit the times he manufactures Boots at various pci
ces; from as low as five dollars np to his best quailt
which he affords at seven dollars per pal"! sp 40 3m
HAVE removed thsi taper Store from Market
street to No. &I' wood 6lreet, one door from , tbe
corner of 4th, where they keep on hands their timed IJA
sort went of WALL PAPERS, for poperleg panorama
trles,chamhers. 4.c. and also PRINIIING, WINTING
all of which they offer for sale on accommodating to mass
feb 14, 1843.—dt f
.Peppery •
Brinca l
6tiO. r. nArtitmox