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To the Editors of the Post
Gentlemen;—This morning's Aurora contains a
c•immunication from J B Guthrie, with a request
for you to republish it, in which en attack is made
on l McKenna, Esq., under the mistaken suppo.i
affirm that he was the author of an article signed
'A Democrat' in the Aurora of Thursday. In
justice to Mr MeK, I will state that I am the I
writer of, an alone responsible for tint article,
, and that he was not privy to nor had anything to
' do with it—facts cf which the editors of the Au
rora were informed yesterday. I trust you will
perceive, from this statement, that the attack up
on .I.cK. is entirely improvoied, and founded up.
on in erroneous imputation,and that you will con
sider this as supercAing any revon or nee,:ssity
tur i givingit further cut rency.
1 . 1 M. KANE, Ja.
Pittsburgh, July 14th, 1843.
Yesterday we received the above note
from Mr M. Kane, jr. His avowal of the
authorship of the article attributed to Mr
• ;McKenna by Mr Guthrie tenders it unne.
cessary for us to copy from the Aurora the
reply of the latter gentleman. Mr Kane's
, declaration that be is the author of the ar
ticle that has given offence to Mr Guthrie,
will, we presume, sati-fy him that his at
' tack on Mr McKenna was made under false
impressions,And we do not suppose that
he would, with this information before him,
desire us to republish the letter.
We regret that a correspondence be.
' tween Democrats, of such an angry tone,
should find its way into the public prints,
l and we hope the gentlemen will see how
extremely injudicious it is, and submit their
1 little differences to no further public 1
cussion. The dispute .originated in an ill
ladvised and improper squib that should nev•
kr have been published, and it must be
(evident to every man of common sense,
that the writer is a person who has no re
, gard for the harmony of the democratic
. . .
createhad feeling and discord in our ranks.
It is not the part of a good Democrat to
wantonly misrepresent or pervert the con—
duct of his political brethren, and we hope
I I t he gentlemen who have been excited into
a controversy by the anonymous corres
y pendant of the Aurora, will see the nse
s that this fomenter of discord wishes to turn
t I them to, and drop the discussion at once.
e 1 __
The Mormons.—The last St. Louis
New Era says the occurrences which led
to the expulsion of the Morrrions from
Missouri, and which were signalized by a
savage and brutal vindictiveness on the
part of a portion of her citizens, are said to
From Mexico.
have formed the ground work of the late We copy the following from the Pica
charges against the prophet. if so, there yune:—Our advices, as usual, represen
can be little doubt that Jo Smith will escape the country as in the most laavontable and
from this new attack upon him, and there- precarious posi.ion. Universal discontent
by obtain still greater popularity with his prevails save with the immediate personal
followers. In that affair, the Mormons friends and adherents of Santa Anna.—
were more sinned against than sinning, The best advised assure us that a revolution
and regard for the character of the State may surely be expected, and that the flames
should lead them to say as little about it as will burst out when they least expect it.
possible. The indictment is a recent one, It was confidently hoped and believed
procured it ie said, sometime last month, that the poor 'Pexan prisoners would have
and this circumstance induces us to be. been released from their captivity on the
lieve that there are other motives than a 13th ult.; but the Dictator did not choose
desire to see justice administered upon Jo. to mark the day with any such act of cle-
Smith, at the bottom of a proceeding- whichtmency. He set at liberty some distinguish.
if instituted at all, should have been corn f%ed citizens of Mexico confined for politi.
mended years ago. t tt,cal offsnces; among others, Pedraza, Ote—
oThe Aurora, we perceive, has taken
itr cue from the Gazette, and attacks us es
that paper suggests, This is all very prop
er—we have no objection in life to Mr.
Poindexter's taking counsel with his blue
nose coadjutors, as to the best mode of as
sailing us. The Gazette will find the Au•
rora an apt scholar in the art of abusing
Democrats, as the last few numbers of that
iaper will show. They have regularly
tsed up one or two a day. Democrats
vill not wonder at this when they learn
hat the printer and chief proprietor of the
Lurora is a Whig.
A wag standing by at the execution of a
aging, remarked that "it must put a fel
w out of breath most awfully to stand on
.othing and pull a hemp rope by the neck,"
Aecident.—The Louisville Dime of Sat,
uday says: As that handsome steamer
3rrey Eagle. was yesterday running up
Prom Portland to Sbippingpor t, she struck
uron a bar, about midway between the
two places and became so firmly embeded
as to destroy all hopes of releasing her un
til a. rise of water shall take place. She
was light, and was proceeding to Shipping
port to lay up for the season.
elibwhidon, Ikeithizette
that a ttoalit* of the
lup Noses will take Place—
. `from this, that the negotia
terminated unfavorably, and that
not yet soften down the asperi
have already been awakened in
tpaign. The Gltzette's anxiety to
billingsgate, however, did not pre-
it-from abusing us for putting into
print a report that was quite current a
mong the politicians, and it makes the sil
ly charge that we did so to sustain our
own "hopeless cause." Now, how our
notice of the contemplated teeuniou was
to aid our "cause," is more than we can
tell. Or how the announcement of the
overtures for reconciliation could retard or
promote that event, passeth our compre
hension. The pompous declaration of the
Gazette, however, that the "principles of
thu Antimasonic party are just and true,
and will not be given up," is conclusive to
us, that the Whigs would not give them all
they asked on the ticket, and so they pre..
tend to act on lofty motives. A party that
has been so thoroughly devoted to the gr.*
quisition of "spoils," need not hope to
press the public with the ilea that they are
actuated by any exalted principle.
OC?" The travelling correspondent of
the Boston Pilot, makes the relief notes
of our State much worse than they really
are. He says that our currenc yis all made
up of relief notes on the different Banks;
some of them 6i, 1.2 i, 25, &c. This is a
mistake, and the writer in question must
be a very careless observer to have fell in
to it. None of the Banks have issued re
lief notes of a smaller denomination than
one dollar, and any shinplasters for a small.
er sum that may bo in circulation, are those
issued by Bridge Companies, Stage Com
panies, &c., and have but a very limited
circulation. A great improvement has ta.
ken place in the value of the relief notes o
Pennsylvania, and as they are being grad
ually cancelled, their value is steadily in
Mrs. Sigourney and Mrs. Southey.—
The Edinburgh Scotsman of May 28th.
says:—"An article appeared some weeks
ago in several of the metropolitan and oth
er newspapers, relative to these ladies, re.
flectiog considerable blame upon Mrs. Si
gourney. We think it fair to state that
we ire had auivilta.43 Juntatu 2 Cil,t WIDOW.
tittle weep rs. • r and a party
resident in Edinburgh, in which Mrs.
Southey distinctly dislairnl any oarticipa.
tion in the authorship of the article in
ques:ion, or knowledge of the enure e
whence it originated. It satisf.setoty to
.the friends of Mrs Sigourney to know
that the paragraph '•annoyed as much
as it surprised" Mra. Southey, and that
the opinion expressed by that estimable
lady—who, we presume, is best qualified
to form a judgment in the case—is as fa'
vorable as could be desired, and 'Erectly
opposed to the misrepresentations recently
ro, Lafragua and Riva Palacio.
The inaugural address of Santa Anna to
the Legislative Junta is moderate in tone,
affects great horror at the concentration of
the supreme power in the hands of a sin,
gle citizen, and promises very patrioti-
cally to look after the safety of the State,
&c. &c.
Forgery by a Clergyman.—Rev Wil—
liam Hammond, Pastor of the Episcopal
Church at Jefferson city, Missouri, some
time since wrote a petition to the Post Of
fice Department, and forged signatures to
the document, praying the removal of Mr.
White, the Postmaster at Jefferson. The
petition was forwarded to Mr White by
the Department. His reverence own ,
ed to the forgery,
Health of New Orleans.—The Crescent
City of the Ist inst. observes —The city.
at the present time is, for the season of
the year, in quite a healthy condition.—
There have been rumors of the yellow fe
ver; but they are entirely false. If the ep•
idemic makes its apperance at all, it will
not be heard of befori the 10th of July,
and perhaps not until the let of August.
Mad doge have made their appearance in
cheater, Albany and Hartford.
Vtiat &Lan he 'Troy (N Y.)
'Whet of thi:loth inst. mpg.... We stop the press
I to announce a few brief and imperfect particulars I
of a most destructive fire which occurred at Lan
sinburgh ,yesterduy afternoon. Tho fire was first
discovered about half past 4 o'clock, breaking out
near the centre of the village from a barn and 'shed
on the north side of Richard street, in rear of the
Renssealrer House,occupied by Mr J Lamb,which
were soon zonsumed, and communicated immedi
ately to the extensive candle factory of Mr
Wright, the dwelling houses of Mrs E Parmelce, l
Mr J F Parmelee, the Rensselaer House, and the
stares and dwelling houses, with the adjacent cut.
buildings on Congress, State, and Richard streets,
and destroyed, in all about thirty buildings.. It
was impossible yesterday afternozn and evening,
amidst the excitement and confusion of the dime
ter, to ascertain the full particulars of the confleg.
retina. Such details as we are enabled to publish
this morning, we obtained through the kindness of
our fiiends, Mr W F Gray, Mr Barber, the editor
of the Lansiuburgh Gazette, and Mr J C Shaw of
his city.
As ISVZPITION.—The Pennsylvania Inquirer
says a new apparatus is about to be introduced
in the British Navy, the obj :et of which is to pre.
vent the collision of steamers at night. The
command** of the steamer, while on the bridge
that connects the two paddle boxes, is enabled by
it, without uttering' a word, id direct the man at
the hilin in the darkest night how to steer, with
the Gams facility as be now does in open daylight
by the wave of his hand, and th 5 sa as signal
which directs the helmsman how to put the helm,
also points out the position of the helm to any
ether vessel that may be near, so that vessels may
be enabled to steer clear of each other without the
chance of collision, as eaeli ship will know how
the other is steering, and whether her helm is
hard a•port or starboard.
About 30,000 Luthoran subjects of Prussia ,from
the Borders of the Baltic, are shortly to come over
and settle in the United States. It is a religious
movement, these people preferring the orthodox
doctrines of the modern philosophy to Berlin.—
There are men of very largo fortunes among them
old Csrman noblemen whose pedigree dates back
to the thirteenth century. They will'meke ex
cannot Western Farmers, and are about to settle
in Wisconsin.
Me/trochelg.—One of the pupils Of the Ohio In•
etitution for the blind at Columbus, a boy, named
George Brown, aged 15 years fell from the roof
of the building on Ft iday afternoon the 7th inst.,
and died almost instantly, having struck wttli his
head nn the pavement. Two or three children
had gone up through the scuttle whim the acei •
dent occurred.
Great Fire owl Big leap.—Two hue were
destroyed by fire at Mills' Point, Ky. The licr.•
aid F3r, that Mr Dorris, one of the suti:rers, his
wife and two small children, together with a
young man living in his family, were obltged to
leap from a two story window, upon a bed previ
ously thrown out, in order to save their lives.
Av•mpt la isre4klA4. Si. Louis Jail.—On Thurs
day week a number or prisoners eonnnan In me
Louie jail attempted to escape. Eleven of the,,,
who were in one room, headed by k notorious
villain named Forsyti,, succeeded by the aid of a
piece of cast iron belonging to th'i stove, in mi.
king a hole in the wall; but the vigilance of the
jailor detected them before they gained the out
Enviable Siluation.—The Picayune thus de..
scribes the appearance of a man whom the editor
saw trudging the streets: ''He had a bundle un•
dei and a lady upon each atm, a parasol in each
Card, a pair of gloves in his mouth, and a little
dog, belonging probably to one of the ladies, was
trotting along after, every . now and the , jumping,
and trying to catch the skirts of his coat."
New Theory.—A writer in the Albany Daily
Advertiser has undertaken ti disprove tho preva
lent idea that lightninz descends from the clouds
to the earth, and to in tintain that, on the contra
ry, it ascends from' the earth into the air, the
earth being the great reservoir in which the elee
tric fluid is generated, or at least contained,
The Westminster Carroltonian mentions a field
of wheat, in Ihe vicinity °filial town, which is 'fly
proof,' at lea.t it has proved itself 6.1 this season.
Whilst other descriptions of wheat in the same
field have been destroyed, it has remained intact
by the insect. It is called June Wheat.
The editor of the Pottsville Emporium has re.
ceived a letter from Cul. R. M. Johnsen, which
states that be will start on-his eastern tour to Now
Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, and other places
some time between the 19th and the 30th August
The Journal de Quebec says that the influenza
has made its appearance in that city in a shape
to create alarm, and the oilier dangerous maladies
are very prevalent
Puseyism is creatin; a great excitement in N.
York. The editors aro grumbling about being
annoyed tettli communications on the subject.
rrFlannel is in great demand in Louisville on
account of every person having the Influenza.
LTA very handsome observance of the 4th of
July took place at Seekonk, (Mass.) where about
txo thousand ladies and gentlemen joined in a
"pie nic." An oration was delivered, the declara
tion of independence road, and every thing passed
off in tine style.
An American Aloe is about blooming in New
Orleans. It stands 30 feet high, ani is said to
contain 5000 blossoms.
The body of a man supposed to have been mur
dered, was found in the woods on the 4th inst.
near the road leading from Albany, N. Y., to the
Shaker village. He was well dressed, and
thought to be an Englishman.
A 'reeling has been held in New York,
in behalf of the Fall River sufferers, and
a Committee appointed to collect subscrip•
lions. Meetings are contemplated in tith
er cities.
Times are so hard now in New Orleans,
that several gentlemen in that city cannot
even collect their senses! Those who have
done so have made very small collections.
Meliricholy- :Satisfaction —There is a I g tab, the Pait.
cemetry at Liverpool quite as noted there 1 Messrs Editora—Permit me, thirough year 04
, to mention JOSEPH COOPER, or hose.
as Mt. Auhurn is here. A Liverpool pa—, ms s worthy a r.ourunati Al on the Aoeusety ticket.
per thus strangely announces the first in, citiz en
withl 'e
t ts ait h: l; , , t esteemed
dt for honesty slul
Asa c . i t t l y..
terment in the place: "Mr. Henry - crity g ; l atern and unflinching in his ' aborts
.o r
had the pleasure of being the fir .:t individ•l is ca`culated to do honor to bite - district. '
A Dartodaxr.
nal buried in our new cemetery."
i The wheat is havered in North Caw.
Ginner on Presh 'Meat. lina. The crop is said to be larger apd flap.
An interesting individual called "Ana..
than usual. The corn crop is promising
conda," now at. the Boston Museum, on
The Influenza is raging in Ciocionsd. ;
last Saturday swallowed a live rabbit for
The Rev J N Maffit. is in Chillicothe,
his dinner. The B. S. Democrat gives
the following as the modus operandi of the preaching to crowded houses.
41 A. large white rabbit having been thrown
in the animal's cage, immediately sought
the nearest corner, the reptile fixing its
twinkling little eyes upon it, at the same ,
time running out a moat villainous looking
forked tongue. After a few minutes pass
ed in a sort of magnetic gaze between the
two animals, the serpent raised its small
fiat head, and drawing it slightly backward
darted with the rapidity of light at its poor
victim; but the little red•eyed stranger
was on its guard, and avoided its antagos,
nist by dodging to the opposite corner.—
The serpent so fairly foiled, - evinced no de
gree of haste to renew the attack, but lei•
surely changed its position, and 'after an.
other pause of a few minutes, again darted
wite open mouth upon its prey, and seizing
the rabbit by the throat, took a couple of
coils of its scaly body about the paor crea
ture, crushing it to death immediately.—
We have read of the 'sliming over' of the
prey by the Anaconda before it is swal
lowed, but saw nothing of it on this occa-.
',ion. No sooner did the animal appear
to be conscious of the death of its victim,
than it began leisurely to swallow the body
whole, which feat it ac( 0 rplished in about
15 minutes, without much apparent disten.
Lion of its throat or body. The creature
appeared in no degree sluggish after its
meal, but moved nimbly about its case,
apparently well satisfied with its dinner.
The keeper told us that these _serpents u
sually feed but a few times in a year, tho'
the one now exhibiting here, being a young
one, and growing fast, rats often. We
forthwith propounded to ourself the query,
if this young one could swallow a large
sized rabbit, what could an old one
Doubtless the answer might be got by the
rule of three—at any rate, the digestive or•
gaus of either must be 'a caution' to dys.
peptic people.
Sore Generosity.
The following instance of generosity on
the part of a young gentleman, is recorded
in tho Now Haven Courier:
Rev. John Mitchell, formerly the es
teemed pastor of the Society in Fair Ha
ven, has just sailed for Europe. He was
compelled to relinquish his parish in North.
amnton n ronaenuence of ill health; which
even now is piecarious.
'You should visit Europe, before 'yon
can expect an entire restoration,' said a
young, but opulent parishioner, in a polite
note addressed to his dejected pastor.
"Doubtless it would be the means of
giving me essential relief; perhaps entire .
restoration,' said he in reply 'But like
tht rest of my profession, I am not opulent,
and my protracted illness has deprived me
of much of my little means, I must re
main at home, and if possible regain my
health, unless God in his goodness has
willed it otherwise.'
The following day brought something
like the following response:
"My dear sir: 1 have made arrange
ments to visit Europe, intending to be ab
sent one year. I want some friend—some
congenial companion. In the --Bank
you will find $2OOO placed to your credit.
Your health will not permit yin now to
engage in your arduous profession, and
you have an abundance of leisure. You
must not refuse to go with me."
The esteemed pastor did not refuse, and
both have sailed for Europe.
Ernigrants.—A Havre paper of the 15th
of June states, that "for some time the
emigration. from the north of Europe for
the United States of America, from our
port greatly increases. The last week, in
the short space of three days, two thou
sand emigrants quitted Havre, taking with
their families a capital of working tools.
One peculiarity, until now unexampled,
distinguishes this new flood of pioneers,
they are no longer only the peasants of Al
•ace, Switzerland and the poor States, sit
uated at the north of France, who expatri
ate themselves to run after prosperity, our
quays are co eered with a different emigra
ting population, whose picturesque cos
tumes, and strange physiognomy excite the
curiosity of passengers and cause them to
stop in their course. These are the in
habitantslof the depths of Norway, who
have nme by the economical method of
navigation, and after having passed over
from north to south, eleven degrees of !at
titude, have come to Havre to embark; and
satl for more favored climates. Several
companies, numbering more than six hum.
d-ed m-n, women and children, have al
ready passed by our city, and all the Nor
wegian vessels, this season, bring us some
of these emigrants."
The amount of subscriptions made in
France, and paid into the Central treasury
at Paris up to the 15th of June, in aid of
the sufferers by the earthquake at G audit
loupe, was 2,826,201 francs.
Fall River Sufferers.— There was a
large meeting of merchants. mechanics,
and other citizens, held at New York, P ARTNER WANTED,
F OR the lucrative manufacture of a branch of Rank
Saturday afternoon, for the purpose of a r ware in which there Is no domestic eakifielltkoll•
dopting measures for the relief of the in— A person well and favorably known la this city; or
habitants of Fall River,. who suffered by strictly temperate and business liabits.competeutotesio
the late disastrous fire at that place. The t w h i l b lm ac k a s pi a i n a d i
odroont:ethoouutsadnood r d bu olla si ni ne" . er or K the lbe concern,
meeting, after some remarks bad been applying shoald be of good credit gad eower UY, a
made appointed Gentlemen to act as corn- r ekeleha jo t mai :" "In might " f ewer ' Me ernes ill `-
mitten for the purpose of receiving dons- A n .C. Per E at .e'r l y' w rac i i i itt ay
prospectar Informa tion o-
elmb Rte m
be W
dons, to be transmitted to the suffering irk , given,and refereocra given and required. .-
, Address real name 4e., to NECTIMIII44. .- a
habitants of Fall River. July 15 numb the hit pica, .;.
We are indebted to an intelligent friend, for the
subjoined account of this new and important trade.
Seven respectable gentlemen, traders from Banta
Fe, came to our city a few weeks ago with a rpm-.
ter of a million of dollars in spLcie, and went en - to
the Eastern cities to make their purchases, Issigsw e
their orders with several of our manufacturers.—
They have returned to Pittsburgh within a few days,
and put up at the Exchange Hotel; and are raw
loading their goods in the 'New York' Steamer,
which is to leave this morning for Indeptimitum,
400 miles above Saint Louis, where-the stepand
load their goods in wagons, drawn by UAW to SOW*
to Fe, in Mexico.
They have purchased in Pittsburgh about $20,-
000 worth of goods—amongst which are 50 good
new wagons wade by Mr Townsend; full sets of
gears for: about 700 mules, made by Mr 11.11.. Hart
ley; about $7OO worth of Glass ware from Bake
well's and Co., and $5O) of Tin ware front. Kr.
Dunlap. Their Dry Goods and Hardware from be
Eastern Markets, by the Pennsylvania Canal, am
ounts to about 23') tons. These respectable and
enterprising, merchants come to our Cjiy and go to
the east to make their purchases about once a seat,
and in order to give the American people souse idea
of the distance they travel and transport their goods,
we give the following calculation: From Santa Fe,
in Mexico, to Independence, in Missonri,aboot 1000
miles. Of this, more than 900 is a Desert, withou t
a house, with very little timber, little water, and
roamed over by wi'd Indians.' From ludepeodenead
to St Louis about 400 miles; from St. Louis to . the
mouth of the Ohio, at Cairo, 200 miles, and from
Cairo to Pittsburgh 1003 miles. Fran Fivabargb
to Philadelphia 300 miles, and front Philadelphia to
New York 100 miles.
Total from Santa Fe to New York, 3003 milt.,
Hick again via Pittsburgh,
We wish these enterprising and respectable tra
ders great success in their labors, and hope our Ara
erican people and gorernment will both patronize
and aid them in c‘ery possible way.
*Pm informant is a very intelligent Irish genikt
man, an interpreter, who travels with this Santa Fe
Imo' The river yesterday was agate reced,
but there will be plenty of water for our larg r
cla pa_jlLL
lErThe steamers New York and Mestese®a
are now loading with the gouda of the Sarita Fe
KrThe Clerk ofthr Vigilant yesterday famiieh•
rd Me with a late Cincinnati -paper, fur whick hs
has our thanks•
Hest Point, Grace, from Cincinnati-44 bales
lieutp, 64 Wide Tobacco,2 bales Furs and Skins
18 caskeß_con, 4 bble Scorched Salts—Lewis
Hutchison & Co., Poindexter, Rhey & Ca., Ming
& Holmes, Devine & McAnulty, Taffee ilr
Cttnnor and J Vanhousen.
43 Cabin and 33 Deck t'aasengem
Vi gaunt, Reno, frorniCincinnati-30 tons Pipe
Clay,ll cask*, 8 bbla and 1 hf bbl Pink &nit— ,
W. McCully and Wallingford 4,Taylor„
15 Cabin, 30 way Cabtu, 36 Deck Passenger;.
Orpheus, Dales, frum Louisvtile-24
bacco,;42 sacks Feather-, 7 sacks 6i ,
Betawat, 10 hbds Bacon, 42 NOP soap, —& bblt
Lime, and a lot of Fugoissare'io Thus Lawmen%
Cala. C Stone, 11a o tternin, Jennings & Co., &
A GoidonOV Semple & Bar+
kg,jaird Robertson & litppert.
25 Cabin, 40 Way do., and 50 Deck Pisseena
8 feet water in the Channel.
All Bouts marked thus (a) are provided with
Evans's Safety Guard •
Reported by SHEOL'S & MITCH/I" General*.
Agents, Water street, Late Custom House ogee
Peterson's Building.
West Point, Grace, Louisville,
Montezuma, Martin, Shipyard
New York, Greenlee. do
Orpheus, Dales, Louisville
Vigilant, Reno, Cincinnati
Muskingum Valley, Ru.sell, Zancsuille
Warren, Ward, Beaver.
*Bridgewater, Clark, do.
Minstrel, Ingram, Cincinnati,
*Bridgewater, Clark, Beaver,
Warren, War], Beaver.
TE subscriber having commenced the manufactUtit
Cast Steel Flies, from American materials euha.
!direly, merchants or other persons wanting calm be asp.
plied by him with a better article than the foreignosaa
at lower prices. Intendin.. to use only the best quality
of Pile Steel,manufacturedby the Messrs Elsosenzarmell.
which Is now brought to a perfection equal tote lileat
English article, manufactured for :he same parpolleAlle
subscriber has full confidence that he will be able, ta
quality or articles and prices, to realize the best. hopes o ?
the friends of American industry.
July 15-Iv. Corner of O'Hara and Liberty**.
PLEASANT room' and good Steam Power, at She
Cast Steel File Manufactory, corner of Liberty as*
O'Flare. ',trews. Apply on the premises.
July 16.
iry- The members arc requested to meet Odd after
noon at 4 o'clock, for the purpose of rookies iiirkd of
the "new Engles" to be presented to the ComptlPlT-BY
the patriotic citizens of the South Ward.
July 15 Treasure►.
6006 mites.