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fieshiset to the decision of a National Convention.
V it. tillt.LIPB wag. H. MUSH, VIKTORt VID PROPRltrots
The Canal Commissioners and the Trans
The Gazette says that "some years ago' /
We commence to-day the publication
' of the reply of the Canal Commissioners
one of the editors of this paper was'an ad
vocate for the doctrine of "Native Amer
to the Writ of Mandamus caused to be is
icanism," which went to debar all foreign
cued• by a number of transporters who de
ers, Irishmen as well as others, from the
site iodrive individual competition from
• the public improvements, by breaking up rights of American citizens.' We
defy the editor of the Gazette to
the Truck system. The grew - . success of
' the public works during the present sea-
show that either of the editors of t his paper
.'see, is mainly owing to the new mode of
ever advocated any doctrine relative to the
suffrage of foreigners, adverse to those hi-d
doing business on them which has been in-
traduced by the present Board of Commis- by the Democratic party, to which theyhave always belonged, an with which they
, .
sinners, and the people now feel assured h
that with prudent management they will have always acted. We defy him to show
yet be the means of liquidating a large that either of us ever sought to 'debar Irish.
portion of the State debt. men or others from the rights i f American
citizens.' We haw. been the pUblishers
The document of the Commissioners
that we now refer to, gives a full history of of papers in this city fur eight y ars past,,
and we challnoge the Gazette to point out
the Truck system; points Out its advantas a.
ges, not only to the Treasury of the State, a singl e line of our writing that can be for
tared into an iittark upon the rights of our
• but to the public at large, and clearly
re (
fates every charge of f 1 voritism mad , by aiopted citizens. W e know the basis of
' t h e
n a , azette's charge, and may just as well
their accusers. The fact is est„l , liihed by
allude to it in this p'ac ', and put it at rest
figures, beyond the po e'er of cavil or con
tradiction, that instead of the s .ction {,,rata
Many years ago,.one of the editors at
befog transported over the Rail Riad at tended a Democratic festival, at which
lower rates thin are chlri!ed the old lines, toasts were drunk in prase of the Poles,
the favoritism appears to he on the other
1 Germans, and other foreigre rs who had
side. By referring to the statern"nt it fought i n the revolution. He, no doubt
will be seen that the State has ehar2,il the ! erroneously, toy k up the notion that some'
section boats 8940,26 m ,i e than it did the slight was intended to the Americans who
old lines for the same arn•not I of service . ; had participated in that glorious war, and Later from Trinidad.
Yet in the face of this, arid other facts ' drew up a toast in their honor, which read Carved at New York: —On the Ist
equally strong, the tranaporters have the 'substantially thus: inst., a schooner of very suspicious appear
folly to gravely charge the Commissioners i "-The Native dmericans who fought in ante was seen to be becalmei in the Gulf
With permitting the s-ction boats to pass the Revolution. Equal to the best and of Parer for three days; boats were sent to
over the Rail roads at a lower rate of toll the bravest who shared in that glor ious board her and ascertain whence she came.
than is charged the old lines, ;struggle." The commander would not allow any boats
The fact is, these transporters know that ! Now here is the origin af the charge, whatever to board her. The men who
the section boats receive no favors that are ! that he was willing to debar .liishrnen went alongside heard noises which appear
not granted to all others engaged in the . and others from the rights of American rd to come from the hold, and led them to
,citizens.' The meaning of the toast yeas believe that there were slaves confined
forwarding businesa, but the introduction l
of individual enterprise has curtailed the i misapprehended and its intention perverted there' Upon teat supposition two boats
immense profits that they made i full of armed men were sent to ascertain if
individuals who, we are confident, arc b y
now convinced of the injustice they did us
their suspicions were correct. When they
seasons, when they halo the public works '
approached the ache., a small breeze sprung
in that business, and in the discussion
as a vast monopoly in their over. hands, and i
up and she got under weigh and escaped,
which grew out of it• If it be asked why
by illegal combination were enabled to'
drive off all competition, and at length es.' not, honey,r without losing part of her
such an unobjectionable sentiment could
cargo, as two of the slaves escaped by
sayed to bid defiance to the laws and tothe 'e construed into an attack on foreigners,
Jumping overboard. Nothing could be as
we will explain by stating that they were
State in carrying out the &;jects of their ;
certained from them except that there were
consphaCy. They desire a restoration of rendered feelingly alive to all such matters. ' •
a great number more nn board. A cutter
they'd system, when they would have the by the base and malignant persecution then
has been sent in pursuit of her.
'aging against them, in which the Gazette
public works anise their control, but bee
: All was very quiet on the Island, and
must; bore a conspicuous part.
fore this can be accomplished,
drive off the section boats and break up . Another Strike.—The Weavers in n nothing of any interest had occurred thereal- lately. The inhabitantslly n
the Truck system, and restore their o'd timor e havestruck for an advance of wages. good health; indeed this ha generally
were i been the
. combinations. This is the grand object of It appears from their statement that at the healthiest season known for ten years.—
all their complaints, and nothing short of present prices they cannot earn more than B.
osiness was not very brisk, and motley
this will satisfy them. s2 per week, and all they ask is an alli-
This Mandamus movement, will, we tion of 37 cents which is surely hut sleni
. suppose, be the last attempt of these men 'der recompense for a week's labor. They:
to seize the public works, and with its dis- have held a public meeting, and to the
missal by the Court, as we confidently ex- ' number of about 70, embracing all in the 1
peel it will be dismissed they will abane city, have refused to work at the old prices.
don all further efforts to break up a system . The Squibbs Debating Society will De
which has already resulted so advanta, bate on the following, submitted by the
geously to the State, and which is appro-
Question committee—'Are stockings pull
ved by every honest man who g ives the ed over the feet—or are feet pushed into
matter a moment's consideration. stockings.'—Rich. Star.
By last evening's mail we learn that the
sion of the Commis
On Monday we will publish the conclua 's,,iety have unanimously decided that
sioners' reply.
they are.
Theeditor ofthe Gazette announces that The British paper s mention the case of
he bas rec3vered fiona his late indisposition; a religious lunatic, who, having escaped
. but we.regret to find that although the from the asylum, climbed to the top of a
medicine he was obliged to take may have tre e , intendin g , a s he said, to go straight to
purified his physical system, his mind re• ! heaven. He jumped down, was but little
rosins as vile as ever. It is natural to sup . hurt, and recovered the use of his senses !
pose that sickness would have chastened
his disposition, and have deterred him, for ANTICIPATED REBELLION IN CANADA.,
usbort time at least, from his usual course The Canada papers seem to apprehend
of reckless falsehood and vulgar abuse.— another outbreak against the Government •
But the Deacon appears to be incorrigible;
foundedlncountry, an apprehensisn which is
upon that
certain movements recently
billingsgate and falsehood is his elementn observed in different quarters. The Mon
and aliment; he wades through it, feeds o
it, and wallows in it. I n yesterday's i.). tree! Herald of the 24th inst., in apprising
per he gorged himself to repletion, and con-
toe public of its fears that another rebellion
,is organizing in that country, says: "We
sidering his late aickness, we should not
wonder if he weenld have a relapse from! have heard for some time past that bodies
such inordinate indulgence, of cavalry have been mancervreina in the
neighborhood 61S t. Philip every Sunday
Our exposure of the base trick by which mounting and dismounting, charging, in
be attempt e d t o injure the Repeal cause in aquadrons, and going throtigh all the evo
this country, by coupling it with the Abole i lutions of regular troops at the word of
.question, has roused his wrath,and he command. On Sunday last a body of in
timate us to a column of abuse, couched in fanner was seen, by some officers of high
the elegant language peculiar to fellows ' e•
stahuing, drilling upon the north bank of
'who have been cau g h t i n a eiseeneseele act, the St, Lawr ence, some miles below Mon.,
and who, by uttering vehement denuncia-
60= upon others, hope tree). Some were armed with muskets,
scrutinyscrutiny from themselves, eto divert public others had fuses, and many shad shot belts
and powder horns slung across their s;loul-
He calls on us to point to 'the
page, the ders. They were commanded by one
column, the paragraph,' in which he reviled' who carried a drawn sword in his hand,
the countrymen of O'Connell; and in the which he waved about his head when giv
paragraph tha tfellow s this bold
very next ing the word of command. The man ap
call,- he admits that a short time since, e e peered to be tolerably disciplined, march.
published an article against them and fur ing and going through their exercise, fie
signers generally, o. r
so gross a nature,that ring in companies, &c., with great eteadi
be had to apologize fur it the next day. Is ness. Meetings are frequently held in
there any further proof wanted than the Montreal, which are largely attended by
fellow's own admission? He acknowledges the French Canadians, and secret socie
that b e was forced to apologize for abusing ties, having for their object the dismember
resent of Canada from the mother country,
Irishmen and other foreigners, and yet the prevail throughout the French districts."
lee First Page.
" very
Furth priaq than this we'think is not
*an ted s ici substautiate all we have said a
bout his feelings towards the countrymen
of O'Connel', and it is publications such
as the one he had to 'apologize' far, that
has won for„,him the scorn, not only of the
adopted citizens, but of every liberal mind
ed man in the community.
irhtipoisin - eseiO•ru. • —--
We find the following in the N.
of the Phila. Mercury cf
the 26th ult.
"The examination of the 'Scotch mur
deress' has been further postponed to next
Wednesday week, instead of next Satur
j day. It is thought she will not go back.
The Drama droops wofully at all our
establishments except Niblo's. Button
and Miss Ayres have engaged there; Bur.
I ton makes his last appearance tonight.
Suicides are so common that you ail!
:scarcely think them news. Another one
occurred yesterday. John Patrullo, a
wine merchant, shot himself through the
head. He was a Scotchman, in good bu
siness and no cause is assigned for the deed.
A day or two before he attempted to hang
himself with a handkerchief but was pre
vented. He was a single man aged 35.
There was a large Repeal meeting at
Washington Hall last night— a liberal con•
tribution was made, and the utmost har
mony prevailed, notwithstanding one cf the
papers attempted to bring about a disa
The business at the stock board, to-day,
was pretty fair. State Sixes improved
State Fives 1; Ohio Sixes 1; Indiana 1;
Keniurky i; Illinois .1; Ohio Sevens sold
at 105; Ohio Trust 1; Harlem 3 ; Sinnin g _
tun •. There is rather a better demand
for bills to day, and Sterling is steady at
8.4 a 81. Yesietday was the time appoin
ted for the opening of the Government
Loan. It is supposed that bids have been
made for at least $14,000,000 at par to 1
per cent premiu,m."
very scarce
Great Storm in Roeltester—Destruction
of the Miller Tent. —The Rochester Post
of Saturday says:—One of the heaviest
storms we remember to have. seen, occur.
red this day about 11 o'clock AM. The
rain poured d.).va with force and impetu
osity that baffles description, and seemed
one dense mass of water dashing from the
heavens, to the eirtti The imposing tent
erected by the Miller ilea has sufft red from
its effects. The Rev Mr Rimes was en
gaged in exhortation to not less than 500
persons, when the firce of the wind and
raw broke some of the fasts, and a scene
of indescribable confusion ensued. The
ladies, about 70 in numberAvere seated
without bonnets when the ropes gave way,
and bonnets, ladies, children, men, water,
mud and wind were mixed up in a most
fearful confusion. Luckily, we hear there
was no serious accident, though some of
the ladies are sevet ely bruised.
Hatching Eggs by Machinery!
the following advertisement which appears
in a London paper, it will bo seen that
they have actually a machine for briuging
out little chickens in broods of fifties and
hundreds, with all the neatness* and des.
patch of an experienced old hen:
H ATCHING A Pt' A R ATUS!—Reduced prices (from
Eight to Sixteen Guineas) —Messrs Todd and Ban,
of Bury at. Bloomsbury, beg to call the attention of the
p üblie to their Patent Hatching and Rearing Apparatus,
being the original manufactur,rs. This successfut inven..
dun is capable of hatehing,at a trilling expense,any nom•
ber of game and poultry eggs oral' sorts, from 50 to 200,
at one time, and possesses the further recommendation of
rearing the young birds at all seasonsand of furnishing
poultry for h ta!)le at a trifling cost at all periods of the
tear, For further particulars apply to the manufacta.
tern. A maeltine may be seen In use daily.
We insert the above advertisement gra
tis, for this tittle only.
Can any of our Washingtonians recog
nize the fullowing speech. It is said' (by
the N. Y. Sun) to have been delivered in
Western Pennsylvania:
1 4 " Well—the subject to be discussed is,
whether ardent spirits dues any good or
not. I confer it don't. Just think of our
ancestors in future days—they lived to a
most numerous age—so that I think that
whiskey nor ardent spirits don't d 4 no
gond. (Long pause.) Well—the ques
tion to be exceeded is whether ardent api.
rite does any good or not--so that I ineinde
it don't. (Another long pause.) I, can't
get hold of the plaguy thing."
Commotiwealth vs.. Job Wheatly and Caleb
For the Cornmotrwealth—EVaer, Flanekin and
Judson. Fur the Defendants Biddle and Loomis
Fainev, JUNE 30, 1843.
Charles Norcross sworn —I was awaked by my
mother, On the morning they came to my house.
She is about 74 or 75; she coughs sometimes; she
resides with me; we sleep in the same room. The
estate iert for the child was about $4OOO. I never
hrard Wheatley say the child was not well at the
John Cook affirmed.-1 have known Job Wheat
ley for about 37 years—since he waa a boy. He has
a very good character as to temper and decorum. I
have never heard the least blemish on his character reason,;
of any description, till this report came out. I have truks of the Co 1, Because, the Canal
mmonwealth, purchased under the
known the son since he was a child, h's general char• act c of first July, 1842, to be used on the Philadel.
actalf is good
phiu and Columbia and Allegheny Portage Rail-
F. Shearer and Robert Johnson also swore to the roads, without any charge for motive power while
persons carrying merehandiv. in their own cars,
good character of the clefts.
Dr. J. P. Gazzam sarong.—The ca aril) and bit-
or using their own trucks, are obliged to pay the
1 State fur motive power.
loos fevers are not identic a l. Bairns fever is ocelot- i 2. Because, the effect of this reeulation is to
compel persons using their oa n cars or trucks, to
gaps, especially the
panted by a disordered condition of the digestive nr -
I c
par on each trip from Philadelphia and Pittsburg
liver. Catarrh fever is accain-
and back, the RUM 01,534 08 to the Commonwealth
for motive p , wt r, while those who use the trucks
panied by it flimmation of the bronchial membrane;
but although these two disease s are n u t identicalabey of the Commonwealth, in the transportation of a
are not incompatible. Yon may have lever with like quantity of Merchandiza, are entirely free
i the disordered conditimi of the digestive capacities, from such chaage, and must therefore, very soon,
and at the same time, you may hate combined with
1 obtain the monopoly of the carrying trade.
that, inflammation of the bronchial membrane No l.
a il s ts i n t e ,, r - r s s.
deny the truth of the alle
guidons o ' ;
f the
competent doctor could mistake the characteristic 1 By the act of the 1 t July,lB4l, ;pamphlet laws,
indications of the tam diseases. p. 8 0 9) the Board Pre authorized to establish sut h
rates and cliarges fur the use of the Coin mon.
By Mr. Biddle, Hew soon would disease develope l
dalit! trans t pur d tation i of bi section
itself in a child 3 or 4 lea s old, who had just re- 1 b w o c a d t i s t :` . :' , t t i r it u . c s k l s nl u : .
covered from disease. According to the mildttess of t pursuan eof this tans, the m j ' Canal C cq o u rn t i a nistsioners
the previous disease and ronstitution of the child, ,
passel tae following tots ilutious, tixi...g the
the lime rni,;lit vary from 6to :36 hours. Tire great ' fur I.c use of the trucks;
danger is in an ahrupt transition from warm to sold. I I ,,: o ' Ltis&vc d' That sect ion hosts, plying
, fi • e
e n y sy ls l7 , i r o a i a „,
e Ca ß nf t if f , r, a , o ,
d l z i a -,
truckss. n gitv i e ) f l u
n th e A 1 ' L c ;
on the
It would be more perilous to take it out of a warm
bed into the cold than to keep it out doriag a warm t h e comi„„iiwciiii.a , shall, in aildition to t l im in r g egu-
October day.
lat. tolls, (excepting motive po.vor tolls on wheel,)
Cross Ex—Paposor e and usage sireli as described ; be subject to a charge of twenty -tiee cents p r
would effect a child of three years , f age carried 14' thousand pounds on each one th o u-.,std-.,stdpound s of
twi l dg i•s e„ l s v o ed tra Tl7l t. ref
for he , use e el r a a i i d l
i t truck c k s .
irides as described by „fitness, Fever would fol
low, and mach comtitutioital d sou bailee, and 1 (ion boats on the trucks lieloiii
would tend toe a.
id he
the weaker part. A healthy ; wealth, over the Allegheny P gino to the Common•
ortae ailroad
child wotte in a dangerous condition before the t shall, in adelition to t e regular tolls g , be R subject ,
end of a fourteen miles ride. A le-ser degree of ill- I
to a ch urge of twelve cc ita for the use of said
jury would riot maailest itself Si soon .
Dr. E G Rif ifigfoll sw , rl)—.l relapse would, "Rest lveri, That all tannage passing over the t Combia d Philadlphi Ra i said see
m inifest itself in a few hours after the exprisor e t ion lu boats, a o n n trucks e beloe a
gingilroa to d
the n C
im mon •
which the child is alleged to h 1 es receieeti. The : wealth, shall, in ad (Ilion to the regular tolls, (ex.
effect would depend !lim o the pre% 1 , 1151 disease. The cepting motive newer tolls on wheels,) be subject
tthreaucalleadrgeof thirty-:even and 7 -half cents per
effect would manifest itself in 24 or 45 bona; 48 is
poundsso t ransporte d , o the use of said
the utmost Mild. If catarrh lever be one of the
prominent diseases truck-.
, it would shear itaelf by fever, I "Resolved, That each passenger carried in sec
. o gh, d fficalty or br,,itiii rig. The bilious fever is tti to boats oa the tru ks belonging to the Guru
irionty alth, over the Columbia and Philauelphia
a pei iodmal diaease, the eaten h Peter is not. Bil- '
inns fever is either intermittent or remittent. If in-
sub Ratle c kad, shall, in addition to the regular tolls, be
, at to a Cll3lgc of 25 cents, for the use of said
termittem it would show itself pat oxy•ms. e The exposure 1 tricks,
takiog the child from the bed at : "'Resolved, That the owners of section boats
night would b e more dangerous than ilie ride on this ' shall be permitted to detain the trucks in Phila
horse. A past m rtem examinatioil would tell
delphia only fur one day; for every day's detention
chargebey ond
o t t h fi a v t
e p d e r i m . r r l , s
I. they rtn
ci shall ti f e t subj k ee i t , to SI
whether the disease had been caused by bruises.
Attu. such an rxrwerti,e the child would not he like- ' fri what patticular are the Relators aggrieved
ly to take the sor e throat or the catarrh fever a week by these resolutions?- Tha eh gas
'for the use
aftervvards, it would either manifest itself or be ex- of the trucks" are as nearly equal to the amount
bans rd wohm forty eight hours, I think. ; of toll paid by tran-porters not using said trucks,
as present experienc e will enable the Board . to im-
Cro•s Ex—lt would he it•jutious to ride a child : poss The amount of to I pit! over tt.e railroads
foorteen miles on a horse with-nit being d essed. It by transporters using the truc ks and by those who
is improhafale that the child could be going about on du not use them, depends upon the tonnage trans.
, ported. If :ell loads wt re carried each way, the
ait eel: the germs of disease were in it. Should
itt , ) , advantage d w ould be in favor of transporters who
a child be poorly fur a week, I should attribute it
e o ,m n p o e t l
l u e s d e S tate
tl truck.. The Bard
: are therelbre
exposure. A child is more apt to sleep
forthe purpose of equalizing the to la,
than an adult; it would not wake 3or 4 times an to resort to eatimate. That estimate miry be erro
! neous,but 11. e error can only be ascertained at the
Dr. Jas Ester, affirmed—l have heard the prin. el ate of the navigable season, As it is not de
esiligt.osedeftitir givetu,,eratiet;vs
e i• f np n r e o r pc h r at p d rivileges to one n
cipal malt of the testimony. In a majority of st ch
cases, I would say that a relapse woald com e in six Cr, the Board will most cheer
eq v ua r lize the
hi ors Fr oth my knoa ledge of this child I would tolls when expel Mace provassattsfactorily that any
s a y that twelv e hours would be the utmost. T.,.. inequality exists. Put sufficient time has not ea
la peed since the imposition of these tolls, to jun
kieg the ehilti out• of bed at twelve at night would be more dangerous than riding fourteen miles on the ( i f th e y possess ßut the power) of interfering with
tilt; the Board in changing th a rates, or the court
horses. A caild exposed 'di that way would have ; a
toe matter.
its circulation ottickeeed, an lin consequence, the die- ; these tolls? what is the fact in relation to
ease would develops itself in a few hours. lat end- The following table, prepared from the official
ea its father riming his illness and saw the child fir-
I books of the Collectors, will show the number of
, section boats passing east and west over the Co
lumbia and Philadelphia and the Allegheny Por.
Mn, Biddle off :red in evidence a verified co py Of I lain Rai l roads—the number of boat loads }the aa
the will of the late Thos. Wheatley. The clause to ' mount of tonnage—the whole amount of toll char •
t value! ) he referred was the one appoint ingJob iYhea t- 1 ged—the amount or truckage p , .id—and the ex
ley guardian to Margaret Lain a Wheatley, during 121.01 of the charge for truckage over Out amount
her minter its.
which wo ilo have been charged on the same n-
Ile then showed that the n a rrant war ;,stied on mount of tonnage cat vied over the roads by the
the 2.1 rd Januar tranaporting command( s using their own cars or
y, 1 , i41, itp.tair is ~r forty days after trucks.
the burial of the child.
Statement o fSection Boats paving
hue number of
Rob't Lytle sworn —lt is about 6 miles from Stu- occr the Co/umbig and Philadelphia and Allegheny
rer's to the county line, on the road they tiavelled„ Portage Rail Reads, on State Trucks, from the
opening the navigation this spring to the lit of June,
Testimony for the defence closed.
.d 4.
z z, a
. a ,
a p -a 0 0 l ...el
Jesse Wilson sworia—[Celle,( to rebut the testi- B tet 0 c = - s vi 4,t5 la 7
efi ' s- = .-, e
moray in relation to the child being wrapped 1111`in an 9ll 2, al , .ar ..-I,:i g2l :
overt oat: objected to by derta counsel: partially ":;', , i , , g-7, .° a. a.-; s ~.a 1. ". 2 .
2 — . g -
overruled]. It is called 7 miles from Storer's (Al-
leglieny co) to where I saw the child. 1 took no Johnstown, 106 2.980} $5,147 99 $1,495 01 $732 54
notice of any buffalo robe, nor overcoat. It was be-
llonidaysterg.Bs 1 ,3234 2.734 26 666 71 53 93
tween sun down and dark I saw them.
Nathaniel Stevens affirmed.—On the Stir of No.
veniber I - was at Storer',, after sundown. The
child was lying in the ciatile, very sick, the mother
rocking it. It coughed very hard: every time it
coughed it kind of strangled. She had to raise it up
to keep it frail, strangling. It had a high fever.
Cross Ex.—They told me the child nad a whoop.
ing coop.
Mrs. Storer recalled.—The diddle hair was light;
a shade lighter than that one. It never was out of
the house after Tuesday; it was from that time con
fined to the cradle. Mr. Storer had a child a year
yijungea than mine, about the size, and rather hea
vier. Both of the gills wale nett, At the time MO.
Itobinseame to our house I wad waiting at the table,
with the child in my arms. The child did not go
cn: Ica. ried it in my mans to meet my sister. I
don't recollect of Mr. storer's child 1 - tinning about
tat that time. Mr. Storer had 9 children; this is the
tenth (the nee in her arms).
John Snyder affirmed.--[Cal led to state the con
dition o f t h e child.] °Tinted to. Testimony me.
Here the testimony closed on both sides.
The Jury was briefly add , essed, in n eery effec
rive manner, by Mr Juds•on 1 1 / 1 the Commonwealth.
He was fol'owed by Mr Eyrer, who merely quoted
authorities on the subject of vo'nntary and iavohm•
tary manslaugh ter. Mr Loomis followed for the
Defence in his usual able style; and was followed by
Mr fiddle, who almost surpassed even himself in
defence of his clients. Mr Erster will address the
Jury this morning.
1111C7aGat out of my way, or I'll strike
you—sa the thunderbolt said todhe pine.
PSI be split first! was the saucy reply,—
UPR OECOUP . 4 . ;; - :`
Corn u rtirri!Cr•
In the ca 4 e of Davit,- ,I,Eren .
11iNni - OTHERB
vs. Tin CANAL' COM M liS PENN -
"TVAN lA. the Canal Commissioners
make the following ;darn to the Writ
of Mandamus which has been served up
on them by the Honorable the Supreme
Court of the C'ommontoealth afPennsyl•
Tolls on Trucks,
The Relators ask the Court to enjoin it u;ion the
Canal Commisioner a to repeal, abrogate, and an.
nul, all rules, regulations, orders, and resolutions,
by which any privileges or advantages are given
to any individuals, or companies, over the ethor
citizens of this Commonwealth, either in respect
to rates of toll or motive i owcr, for the following
Total Port-
_ -- _—
age R. R., 191 4,304 37,882 25 $2,161 72 $786 52
- -------- -
Columbia 32 906 2,492 67 632 88Z
,44 2371 1,181 97 213 705 153 74
Total Col. R. 76 1.1431 3.674 64 901 53 153 74
sdd P • ;'e R 191 4,304 7.832 25 2,161 72 736 52
both roads, 267 5, 44 7 1-$11,56 99 $3,053 30 $94026
Number of Beats transported on both
2r;7 00
Amount paid for the use Or T. ticks, $3,063 39
Amount which wott!d have been charged,
dale goods had been tram ported
cars or trucks owned by the Relators, 2 ,123 04
Difference in favor of Care or Trucks
owned by the Relators, $940
It is thus satisfact,,rily established that the indi
virtue's using the trucks belonging to the Common
wealth, have been, and Mill are, paving a higber rate
of toll for the transportation of their cargoes over
the public improvemcms, that) the relaters. or those
who employ the old method of transportation by
The relators hkevrise allege that the present reso•
lotinns, in regard to tolls for the use of trucks, will
very soon obtain for the section boats a monopoly
of the carrying trade upon the improvements of the'
Commonwealth. It mt:st appear to the Court, as
it will t o every b..dy else, to be a very strange kind
of monopoly of trade which every individual is per
mitted to enjoy. It is unnecessary to show to the
Court, by proof, for it is a fact of general notoriety,
that the carrying node npon our public works has
been heretofore in the hands Ufa few monopolist , ,,
who, by the employment of large capitals, and by
combination and concert of action, were enabled to
put down cnmpetition, and it: keep down indi, Huai
enterprise. These monopol re have enjoyed almost
exclusively the advantage of the carryiag trade for
years, and ouw, when the hers are opened to coin.
petition; when individuals era permitted to snare in
the benefits to be derived Irem the rublic works;
when it is proved Met the eysiem of syctios bests
has reduced the ler nr ind eased the - public
revenue, and (ors qoently Idtsdied The public taZeit;
they come to. tit endesk the i.detp.4ition of the Court
to suppress that competition, 10 drive iuditidulti
enterptiNe I urn ally share in the ca , ryins . pude,.
to give (Lein the orenpattry or the Canals
andlt-talroads of the Commomveal , h, and to perpou
uate a menefiety t , ittrly has herctororo scented to re.
gar 1 tie public interest as being rented in is - p
pecuniary aggrandizement. For such would be the
effect of the success of Ihr present application 16 dos
Tim Experiment made this year, of the use eitha
trucks and section boa's, has fully dementiteatStbes
advantage: il ier syst m. The great reduceallat jts
freights an nsequent increase °donnas. thumping
over other seasons, are justly ascribed, by the botanist
community, to that system alone. Previotssly, own
reductions of toll bad no such effects upon tbe price
of treight--carriage on goods did not come down Is
proportion. The moans of transportation, aifirded
by the combined companies, were limited, and witb
every int:, ease of produce the freights were raised.
In this combination system, theta was no permanent
inducement to bring trade to the Pennsylvania in'
proi'ements, nor did any ever corn, except
which naturally sought the route at any price, or was
thrown upon it by over - trading, and occasionally by
superabsinlant crops. The stet ktics of our western,.
trade for the last eight years, will show, at a glance,
that its annual monotonous routine IF , s been railed
by these circumstances alone.
The following is an abstract of the receipts, from
the book of the Col:ector at Pittsburgh, during the
period referred to:
Fiscal year ending timbe r 31st, 1835, $33.1M1 48
Do. dn. do. do. 1836, 34,54940
Do. do. do. do. 1837, 48,807 97
DJ. do. du. do. 1838, 45,0e6 97
Do. do , d. do. 1839. 37,01X3 83
Do. do. do. do 1840, 43,583
Do. do. November 30, 18.11, 43,115 43
November 30, 1842, 42,46546
rest experience has proved that the olel system of
transportation has availed nothing to the state. It
is felt in her present condition. She has been ink
ing under its influence; and her improvements %DUN
have become a wreck, a montemetit "flier folly an
imbecility—for she could never hate secured the
trade of the West by such a mum, in the hands of
lew companies.
The Portable boat s3stern. nn the contrary, hold,
nu( the strongest inducements to the public. To ad
d‘ton to its being he:thr adapted than any other 1
the trade on our ea :tie and railroads, it has this
great advattinge,:—it is capable of being extended
so as to meet the largest demands of trace, and at
the same time it is effect illy restrained, by individ,
ual competition, from all collusive arrangements to
xtort high freights at pat tinnier seasons—a prac
tice wbieb :ins been as ruinous to our prospects as
has been injurious to the business on our ptabliC-NOrks.
Lr F-
.oco Foce ruin.—The Cle ,, elaii Plain Dealer
has the following. it is a pretty cOrnmemi'.itry on
the cant of the %Vhigs about Loco foci, misrule
and ruin:—sTwn years ago, with two Betake is
full blast, Co/eland did not employ over twol hun.
dred mechanics, exchanges were from 8 to Ilier
ct. on New York; wheat b - ouutit 60 cents per
bushel; pork, mess, 07,0 j; and Ohio stocks sold
for 50 or 60 cents on the dollar. N.aw, without a
Bank, 500 mechanics aro daily employed, paid
better wdges, and in 'cash i,,,tead nistiinplastere
—exchanges nn New York I premium—wheat
brings from 96 cents to 31.00—pork, mess $lO,OO
—Ohio stocks, 6 per cents, 93 cents; 7 par oast*,
pa% This is the ruin at which the whiga are so
much alarmed when Loco Focos rule.
The people dou't like too much of a good thing,
and they have concluded - to try a 11104 • JUCO
rule and ruin' in the place or •roasl beef Whigge.
Conscience,—Alexander Furgeson t na l
Philadelphia, recently received a letter,:or
which the following is a copy:
"Alexander Futgeson, Merchant, Mar.
ket street:
"In the name of God, amen. The trri..
ter had business with you in former year.,
and defrauded you in 4 of money. He
now wishes to mike re\stitutirn, and eau&
ou the enclosed wite for $lOO, praying
your fo - giveness, and desiring d our pray.
era to God in his behalf?"
Su , cases of "conscience" as. the e s
hove are rather too plenty to bo genaiiies-
omelhing Novel.—A new paper edited
entirely by laiiee is about to be comma°
ced in New York. It will go warmly fc
John Tyler.
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l o o t - Lti st gds jir
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Phi/a.—.11 4- W Esher, Day 4. Gerrish, D. Leech* eari.
Dctrissore—W Winn 4. co., Wilson 4. Bert', g Eldert-'
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joly 1-6 m.
To tit Voters of .411ezheey County;-1 respectlally Of;
fer myself to your consideration as a candidate
dent of parties) for the office of PROTRONOTARY r
Allegheny county, at the ensuing election, Ala doilnii
come before you recommended by a Conveittftra, time./
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HE .
We are author S
ized to aRIFFA
nnounceL T Y
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the nomination of the county Democratic Convent iOO.
jane 24—tc
y RESPECTFULLY present myself to the - chilli*,
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so _
bjeet tO the artists of the Deaoetatie Conseetteer,telkillfte
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June 9.—d4wcc. ELIJAH TR6ITILLA,