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Subject to the decision of a National Convention.
Y TIM riuLtare ts' wm. 8. 6UITSI, tOITOR3 aND PROPRINTORS
TtESDIIY, JUNE 27, 1843
4ee Fist Page.
irThe Advocate charges us with hav
ing misrepresented the Whigs in se) ing
that they had "no principles for the public
eye" in the campaign of 1840. We can
not refute this accusation more effectual
ly than by once mote referring to the offi
• cial refusal of the Cincinnati committee.—
The people had looked in vain to the
Whig Conventions for some definite decla
ration of the course to be pursued, in case
. the federal party should obtain possession
of the administration. It has always been
the custom, since the formation of parties
in this country, for Democratic Conven•
tions to re-assert the standard princiglas
of their party in the resolutions passed by
them, and to embody therein their views
arm the engrossing political topics of the
day. And the people, refer ring to Ibis
practice, bad a right to expect the same
candid course would be pursued by those
who sought, in the person of Gen. Hard_
son, to obtain government, and RR they
loudly asserted, to "change" its course for
the letter. In this reasonable expecta•
.timi they were disappointed. As their
- last, and only alternative, numbers of them
'addressed letters to General Harrison, to
learn his political views and intentions.—
To these inquiries he matte no answer, bit
*committee, claiming power to act in the
business, returned the same stereotyped,
supercilious answer that the General
,"would make no farther disclosures of
principle fur the public eye." That he
approved this answer, he gave unquestion
able evidence in every speech he made
subsequent to its pullication. He decli
neclup to the very day of his inauggration.
to make any "promises" as to his policy
ind denounced such pledges and promise s
as derogatory to a candidate. Have we
not, then, undeniable authority for saying
that the Whigs of 1840 had "no principles
for the public eye.
There can be no doubt hut that some
newspapers and many individuals of the
Whig party, made candid avowals of prin
&pie. But these were merely isolated
opinions; they had no binding effect what_
ever on the action of the party when it
should triumph. They had positively ruM
fused to enlighten the public or commit
themselves on any question, through the
Best medium which a party can employ:its,
eoneentions or its candidates. They ye •
keineutly threatened to tear dovtn, bu: did
not youchafe to say how they meant to rep.
build the fabric.
The Advocate, however, is willing to
change the subject, and come to present
Matters—the editor asks if we see nothing
"tangible" in a quotation from Henry Clay,
(indicating the means by which we may re-
turn toprosperity) which now stands under
the head ofalmost every Clay paper. W e
admit that it is much more "tangible" than
no principles at all, but still riot sufficiently
explicit. It is a great improvement on the
non-committal system of 1840, and proves
that the Whigs have learned something by
sad experience. But how does the Advo,
cafe know that that quotation is approved
by the whole whig party, or how does it
know that Henry . Clay will be the candi,
date of that political body. We commend
C. candor, certainly, but then Mr.
Clay is not yet nominated, and his nomi
nation, we rather think,w ill meet with con
siderable opposition. And when he is no
minated, what assurance has the Advocate
that the Convention will adopt Mr. C's
programme of principles. Perhaps it may
make him change it materially. Who
itnoova what device they may employ to
obtain victory.
We observe that the Advocate has made
so alter:llkm in the order of the words
"revenue and protection;" it places reve-
nue first, as Mr Clay Las it, but insists that
protection must to more than a mere "in
ciaviti" We are pleased to see this—it
Wine qs another step nearer a general a-
greement on this momentuots qpestion
sat gives hope that it will soon be with
drawn from party politics. Whenever po.
liticians cease to use it as a hobby, it can
be -settled, permanently and satiafactorily;
and not till Men.
of every day make it more apparent that
Antimasonry is on its 'last legs,' and that
in a little time it will be spoken of as am
ong the things that were. To judge from
the floundering of the leading blue noses
for the last few months, it would seem tint
they are conscious of their approaching die
solhtion, and they are busily engaged
in attempting to originate a new humbug to
talcs` tbe Owe of dead; fetid Antimasonry.
Abolitionism was first suatcked up,with the
,would ermble theM.W d to
er7o 4:party,:buti;:tsj4 c . rietic
treachery, 4 attempted. to.befeit the ab
oliticmists, anti the Liberty men deelined to
have any fellowship with them. Tll3 next
`happy thought' of the miserable squad
who control the organ of the blue noses,
was to get up a religious excitement against
a portion of the community, and to perse
cute every one who would not join in the
proscription ; For such a business, their
innate baseness well qualified them; the la
bour of persecution could not be confided
to more appropriate hands.
Buceven in this they appear to be doubt
ful of success, as they have received no in
dication that their proscription is approved
by the community, and for some time, the
Gazetteand its correspondents have strewn
evident signs of starting on a new tack.—
The last project is an effirt to get up an
anti-Morning-Post party. Our success,
and the frequent exposures we have been
compelled to make of ths vile course of the
Deacon, has excited his molted enmity,and
as neither ant- masons v nor anti-catholi
ci..rn will do, he appears determined to try
what lie can effect by anti-Morning/Jost,
ism. In this, the poor little creature will
find himself more disappointed than in any
of his former projects. Fie might get some
easy credulous s u's to believe los horrid
stories about Masonry, particularly when
he informs them that l:e was once a mem
ber of the Lodge, and possibly his tin iti
cism and intolerance might pass unrebuked
but it is labor lost to attempt to injure the
Morning Post—no body in this community
will tolerate such unpara'leled effrontery , as
iltat,—even though it be backed by the
ious spirit' of his new ally.
This is the end of antimasonry; what lit
tle strength it has left will be expended in
its ridiculous attack on the Post, and when
that folly explodes its epitaph may be writs
ten. Poor antirnasonry!
Mery e. E ore—ln my recent cepoinunicatippno
published in-your valuable pap- r, I endeavored to
lay before the public a candid and general view of
the state of seciety and metals of that p. iio,n
Pitt Township, embraced within a hat to g. nera;ly
pleimminatept Arthorsville and Denny's tield , pear
the nt w basin, without an; allusion weioever to
the remainder the Township. The whale of
my remarks in slid communications, I reiterate
are substantially true and beyond coritradtction
in truth, notwithstanding the like erp'oring that
an article ir. y or pai•e. ofL.i, 2C.11 inst. under
the signature of 'Not am' has t mita, wed to give
(hero, by endeavoring to lead y, ur readers to cdn
strue them sip as to CtilbriCe the whole p I the
Township or D - striet as he terms it, and nil de
the eitiz no of ether parts with the pot tt di I have
en braced. This tniscppestroi tom ahi at mice
appear a dishonest subterfm : e or i?rel , run, c in ow
caption (Tuae'l of my commonicati,,ns In which
the bounds arc plainly s'..t forth, and to which I
had 7111(131On.
If Namur, alias Alartin, alias Doctor Martin
D is in the laudable pursuit or endeavor
Mg to correct the morals of his brethren, I !repot
auiccrrly wish loin more extensive 6tl: ess 0 1 , 1 ,
he has heretofore met with, and shall ire st
lily co operate with him and all others engaged
i the like good comiedto eradicate the oserwhe m
ing evils, but at the same time, he should not b e
false statemt:As endeavor to screen their seanplol
ous actions; and thus rile pppiogd ifiein in their
Cause. As I said before, I had no allekton to th.
er pails of the Township, as the mita no the rem
ore as moral and orderly :po any othcr COolftliol
ly in the cdunly; hey, will In or compare -an in
very respect with yU ii tli.n II y io our st a t e;
there are e lily colored famiheo residing amongst
them who arc well behave.:,2, it P, the case in
every ins anee where colored peotPle are dm fed
and scattered amongst the whites, they generally
conduct themselves as they see their where neigh
hors phi. and participate in the general tone given
to society, or, are inure or less influenced by it;
but on the contrary in every in-lance where they
are congregated in considerable Epafies they do
not nor nr v-r did conduct themselves in an otter
ly o' moral manner, and tle:Or pestilential influs
nice, as a matter of course, has • he inevitable ef
fect of blighting the morals of youth Such has
been the effect in that portom of the To.vnship of
which I have spoken.
Nitratil admits that there are some v, ry immor
al characters in the parts to which I have alluded,
but denies that they aro anything near the major
ity of tesidents of the neighborhood, or that they
ba'ong to the place at all, or even the county •
Now, I again assert that out of the body of color
ed pt ogle to be found there, there is net more than
about five out of every hundred that to not a corn
mon nuisance to society, and if, as Dictor Ni
train says, the majority of them arc not resident,
iif the place, and not even belonging to the cuun
ty, why do the residents receive, entertain, ac
commodate, countenance and harbor them? Sure
ly if these vagabonds had no harbor or entertain
'tient. they would not be found (Iv re; this at once
settles the question as to the morality of the place.
As to his assertions shout the colored free holders
of the places I have alluded to, I can tlesUrC 111111
that in Denny's field there is not a free holder
,vliite or black in it, unless they hold real estate
elsewhere: and as to . Arthursville, the number of
blacks, free holder-, wool! probably not exceed a
dozen who arc residents. That there are idlets,
rogues, gamblers-, vagabonds, ,Szei, among the
whites, as he asserts is true, only Bu far as relates
to the youth of the place: and their corrupt morals I
is the inevitable result of long continued bad ex-
amides set before them by the great circle of the
blauks; that some of these have found a home in
the penitentiary, some arc ripe for the same place,
and others prominent candidates for the same,
'Allot be denied, and all their misfortunes Call
only be attributed to the bad example set before
It is not true, that there are as many lewd boo
see kept by whites as there are by blacks; as there
is but one lewd white woman known in Arthur:4-
, IWe, and if there be any in Denny's field, it is but
one, and that one, the wife of a negro; to enumer.
ate the colored lewd women I will not undertake
the job, it is sufficient to know that the number
is not small, and enough to draw the attention of
crowds of negroes and colored dandies of the city,
who pass through the day for well bt.haved young
men but are found passing. arid rcpassing up end
down the roast at all lions, from dark to daylight.
The Doctor says that be knew of but three public
houses kept by Colored persons on the hill, two of
which they succeeded i t breaking up, and the third
they so far routed as to cause them to move their
quarters. Pray, how eiled he halm overlooked
the one keot with a barber's pole for a sign, the
keeper of which was convicted only a week ago,
and is now in prison, and from whose shop re
spectable white citizens of the city bad to drag
,yeuthful sons home; and the frame haute
at the turn orthe road irbere a bar WO openly.
andf4wilzlidy kept atitiltquot:iod, truss& y# - //g yesiogi jfife see steucwilkr
tabte•seollity* antOttiraye -ihirty ca d
to fly begrime engaged in . tinittlini,Aritiking, 1 " ° exchatiies the death of bits
caning; swearing and fighting at aAhoura, and Sarah Pf / ait, wife of Benjaman Wait, one
the keeper's f which was convicted otalg a week o f t h e
go for other offences, and sent to the penitentiary; Canadians. - insergents in 1837 and .
But Nitram asserts that all the public tippling 38. She was a most extraordinary wo—
houses are now kept by whites, and if the blacks man. Her exertions in behalf of her husband
sell any at all they conceal' it. Now the fact is, if
he is engaged in tl4e moral and laudable enter. and his fellow prisoners, while uoder sen.
prise of correcting the evils, why does he neglect teuce of death seem almost suerhuman,
to give information against the keepers of these , p
tippling houses and abate the nuisances as lie pass After having procured a commutation of
sesses the information? Why not carry out the the sentence from death to perpetual ban
moral principle as a good citizen should do? But
the fact is, I do know that there has not been a ishtnent to Vandeman's Land, Ora went to
licensed house kept on the hill for a very consid. London, where she continued ten months
erable length of time, but one, and that one does her unwearied exertions for their final re. ,
not, nor never did suffer any improper conduct in
or about his premises, yet without license liquors lease.
are, and can be sold by the gallon, and buy as
She was most kindly received by' the
small a measure as a quart, and it. is in this way •
colored people purchase it and privately retail it. Queen—the heads of department and all
It is true, as Nitram remarks, that "twine of the the officers of the Crown. Through her
most respectable, worthy and wealthy citizens re
side there, yes, some of the first talent, of the put. exertions, the freedom of the island was
pit and the bar." Yes, and some of them had
open and extended to them, and all the liberty they
their loofas broketi robbed too, and °th
eta have their families so annoyed by the lode- could enjoy in the land of their exile—
cent exhibitions of negroes, th.,t they have jellify and but for their escape, she soon would
and loualy complained and sought protection.
But Nitrarn seritiu , lv complains that I should have procured their final pardon. Her
have selected this period to come out with my trials and suf f erings during thisperiod of
communications exposing these vices when the p
most succiissful efforts were making to put down Incessant toil and anxiety are most affec
the existing cv.ls, and Batters himself that they tingly and graphically described in het let
had alinti,.l succeedul in neutralizing the evil. I
have no objection that Nitram should believe so, tars to a friend, published in her husband's
and if lie is confident that he has partially m. t
with success, I hope he may n 1 relax in hislaud
able exertions to accomplish his object, but I an
infirm him ors little more than he may be aware
ov: that he Ills not yet succeeded in . puttieg a stop
to ne_rro bells made and given for the express par.
prise iif making money, instead of pursuing indus
try for a living; that eight of these halis have ta
ken Wee.) within the last Iwo week., and eight
r Mberies wet,• cent i ted in the immediate neig
hot-hood of these public dance houses, the most rd
which, if not all of said robberies were committed
on the same nights the balls were held. These
facts, together with the appearance of an unusual
number of strange and ferneinus looking 'merriest
infesting the neighborbo. d, does not sty., Inm:li
of a serious change of morals in that on or %albite
seceion of country. With the knowl e dge of (hi Pe
facts and an ote.erver for fifteen years of these
evil-, I would not expose them to the public, still
hell iing that uliimaiely the morality, patience
and good example of the go-id eitiz ns arid tic
laws of the country wou'd tilt seeing no
ringer a glimmering hope. I consider it my duty
as it %Todd be the duty of any go d c ttx. N 11l -
recf the attention of the putt-die to the evils, with
the hope of their a d I I'M dr,vn
the e
se .nda bins lintrioreltiie-, of, I it th.it I.llod, to call
for I.i.i•latir aid, fele atll be Lila only
arid effectual remedy.
rot Ihe Rost
Tonintcrrial Xcino.
Boat R
boat. novi on the !tut at the atti?yard., in ('in
coinali Seven biat4 hate h•rn eompletei since
idnuary.and ur. g .ing on lot nevi:nil
more. lithe l'incinnitium, pr . r‘evcre, they may
rr. r.c ..f time. h- aide to romprie er
rn with Le at if in tilor branch of tpi
" Lan, rt ,at hearing :hi. name
41 rived at nur landing on Sunday. i. inn nd
fid, We heir ve, In p'y tint this city nu .li n t
L .- nig, and i. 'lnd , a o :at tuntty eo I emnfid (Ade
Cral.. l{er chnit-rniinria are a. .1! 1.17 futt,
length K• , ir 161 Cent, length on deck; 21 feet
brain, and 53 feet hold. She rnea•urer
but dui; 300, with case—
R and I f".! , .;[ne. : , !tc wat built :it Cloy n
!tali, and r, umlr r the ronrnand of that evtertenc•
ed a tt , t watt, Capt. Win. iht ke. in 01, main
itoutediatelv artj , doing the Ladira' Ca to:n. rour or
five .t ,le roo.o. are .:t apart for fanlike:a, end
lurot.thed with all thttrga nee , ,tary fite comfort
and Llcn.ure. Th, 14 a great isuprt:veroent cr; the
dd plan, and well noun codie 1,,t0 g.neral u•r..
Mr Cray. Clerk of the All, vlieny.icas our thank!.
for late Cincinnati paper.. Th,. ; I ;,:heny I. Bret.
a'. 10 o'clock tu•day.po:. for Cu Q
Flour Id
led. 1,00, inspec
Whiskey 19^.
-- -
The last acconornfnvn N,, O CMS rPpOrl:
fir at.34,5u i n 4,62. r.kry 17j to 18. The
ruck of this urtiele had been much reduced in
C.rl•PrilletTe of a large sillionunt to New Yn k.
Pork, Bacon and barn ' I,.rd wire nil tut Lard
in Kegs Wa. selling at 6 66 and 7c.
- •
Steamer Belmont, Poe, fawn Wheeling, 149
(Dols. 'Tobacco, 2 1.1 Ricon, 3 Sacks Wont,
2G3 1111 s. Flour, •1 sacks rags, 11 sacks wool, to
W. lhogtvini, D. Leech & Co., ..1311n A. Roe,
roindester, Rhcr, & Co., Thomas Bell, Walling
ford Jr. Taylor, R. Bdllloan, John McFadden
Sc (:o. and James M'Cull , y.
Cabin ['assent ! : rs.
Belk of Nusliville, Newcomb, from Nashville.
11 sacks wool, 70 casks Bacon, 22 ps. Iron, 7
casks Beeswax, I barrel Aldsc..lB6 Bales Cotton,
25 tons Pig &P. Glaff, Capt. Ster
ling, W. 4- I. F. Kid v, lames Al C) ycr, P, M's
Corm iek, M. Allen & son.
31 Cabin, and 31 way Cubi , , en I Deck
Lancet, flicks, fro a Cincinn a ti . 1 b„ x
[lnds. Baena, 2 Casa; do.. 3 and 2 fills. D.
Peaches, 14 sucks do., 193 cu.,ks Bacon, I box
Specie,—Atwood Jones, Co., Wait & King, Jo
seph Jordon, D. Leech & Co., N. Holmes 4- Son,
Abram %Vim:on,
50 way Cabin, and 60 Dock Passengers.
Allegheny, Dean, from Cincinnati; 21 Ilhds.
Tobacco, .5 bbl.. Lird Oil, 1 do. llama, 19 Mids.
lla'on, 41 casks do. 83 bble. llama, 22 bags Rugs.
1 bbl. Blue Lick water—Wallingford & Taylor,
Divines & 111'Anulty. Joseph Jordan, D. Lech
& Co.' J. 51'Cullouv h.
30 Cabin, 25 way Cabin, and 61 Deck Pansen.
Illit IL ‘C7 - 3E MEW._•
31 feet Water in the channel.
All Bums (narked thus (*) are provided with
Evans's Safety Guard.
Reported by SHEIMI & MITCH/CI, General S. B.
Agents, Water street, Late Custom House uks t
Peterson's Building.
Belmont, Poe, Whoeling,
*Clipper, Crooks, Cincinnati,
Herschel, Allen, Nashville.
Little Mail, Gaskill, Louisvil/a,
Lancet, Hicks, Cincinnati.
Kittaning, Goff, A rkansar
Belle of Nashville, Newoonab, Nashville.
Cella, Bowman, Brownsville.
Allegheny, Dean, Cinainnatit
Manhattan, King, St Louis.
Lancaster, Klinefeher,Cincinnati,
Alpine, Cockburn, Brownsville.
Tioga, Mason, St Loui,s
-r, Crooks, Cincinnati, ,
*Valley rate; Baird, Si Louis.
lkaionto Elbe, Whe
—ThPre aro sercatecn new
N-. 1.1 4 31 in
_ .
The McKenzie Case.--The vote of the
Court Martial stood nine fot acquittal and
three aping. This fact has been elicited
in the libel euit instituted by McKenzie
against tl e Journal of C omnierce to find
out the truth.
All the large manufacturing establiTh.
milts, in Norristown, Pa., ore in full op
eration: giving emplot ment to upwards
of seven hundred workmen.
The fire companies of Lancaster, Pa..
are making preparati.is fur a splendid pa-
rade on the Fourth of July.
The year ISI3 began, and will end on
Sunray—making fifty three days of rest
for all except printers, mail-ear l lets, and
Benefit cy 'Mrs Eaton. Last Fridiy
eveoing, the widow of the late C. H. Ea
ton, had a benefit at tie Nati4)ty3l Theatre
Rochester, N. V. is improving very fist.
Lbout 250 buildings are now• m progresi of
LAt.-• -- ti 4
1..0.-- The splendid steamer SI ASFACIIV.
r , EI - 11 4 , Pennell, Maori. wiP dens,'
for nee above and inter/net:l;4.e port'', nil l'ut rat a y fir
.7.:511 Inv at 10 G'clock, a. at. ro. fre
,Tht or pa"a;e
anti) on rased, Of 10 It: R tt INC II AM .1 - 1. 0
Jane :7
VO Water •irret.
B Acti:s.— I I Cal kr , Pr !me 11311.1.
Er do r•lmwde re,
r Ircr ••1,11 re Atad .11 r on.ig nl , and for •;„Is.
II I 1,N1.1 N. I ENN I NGS ,f• CO
4:3, WIJOti I,t rrei
I: : ()C"R'ffi OF JULY.
cr r -rt, wa.m., : in n T.. 4. Sock t
cey of Plitehtitch. will
1, 1 ,, then pp , ont liing 4th hi July, •.•1•0t11. r,X II 11, 111
hi, M0..nr.;011.13, on %Vest's ware, where the Mrtinidasts
hell] .11.1. c3fitt. nirrlin2 tonve‘ anrr tt .
I hr siettttatt.atit teal hr cOt rettlittnt Rift! rlp6lllwue.Tltt.
total ate:thence tc, it tie, of Poly, ;tild vicinitc are
fe . i.• , 'llllV invited 10 itita iti II (el, t•tattrott Th.. so
cirly n from I tin 1140 p - ttrl.ottly 418 0'.: 1 0 , k A. M.
Mt mt., it of the Exc. , wire (:oru j• 27.
dif Ili E , ll . f:DIUIN for ill, tiTeri..j.-rur tale, in
•t) it all elar , es. Dr Brodlt't and A
['erten! PM,: Dr I:van,' iunontilv Filly, Ward,' trite
for Co,n.; Dalin of Life, c,,tn i 0/1 and A vaiiely of
raruit) NI edit..lrus lur sta'e
13 A 'IC 11 11;111S,
June 27. A:eta and Com. Merl.s Filth al.
- -
'l' No 1.1, (11.1:118F,IIS STREET, near MI- Post
f atßce . New York hare on hand an unusua:ty taree
stork of [loth' well k two., Priming Type, Ornament,.
Mochas, Rules, kr. of the bast metal. east on orizinal
Matrices, and very arcurately finished, all of whit
h ihra
have ilvte, ii,ivrd ho Pt it DI
Placing the Ronk and Newsraper root. as tni 10%8.
lira, at :12 rents a it..
Soleil Plea, :14
Long Primer, ~
Pourgeoi,, aQ ••
flrevicr, 46
Minion 54
Nonpareil 66
hsato 86
Pearl 120
l'ar approved paper at 6 tnontli., or 6 per cent lest for
cash. Wood Type, Printing Ink, Fresses,Casees•GaiteYs.
Rraa Rules, Composing Sticks, Chases, and other Print•
in materials furnished with pi omptit ode, and at the low
est prices.
Printers of Newspapers who publish thie advertise
ment ia ilh this note three limes and send one of the pa
pets to the foundry, will he entitlid to payment of their
hill on lilt) in?, four times the amount of it.
June 26 , 1843.
Lilly , annual public examination of the .tu
dents of this lii.tituti mil will commence This Day
(Month.y, June 2.6,) and be cont,nued as 101104 P:
Monday, A. M. 9 to 10 o'clock,—Algebra.
10 to 11 " do.
11 to 12 " do.
P. M. 3to 4 G om'y & Trigen'y
4to 5 " Fluxion'sNat Phil'y
Tuesday,A. M. 9to 10 " Latin, (Cie. Di Orat.
10 toll)! " Mental Philosophy.
10! to 111 " Latin (Cicero 0.. a )
11 jto 12 " " (Virgi'.)
P. M. 3to 4 " Algebra.
4to 5 " Chron 'logy &Ilist'y.
‘Vednt.`y, A, M9to 10 " Latin (L RelerCresai)
10 to 10! " Moral Science,
101 to II i Greek, (Homer.)
li to 12i " Latin, (Ovid.)
P. M. 3to 1 " do. (I. Reade.)
4to 5 " Arithmetic.
Thurs'y, A. M. 9to 10 " Greek, (G Reader.)
10 to II Ev. Chris .& Pol. Ec'y
11 to 12 " Greek,(G.Rea'r.Ex'n)
P. M, 3to 4 " Modern Languages.
4to .5i " Rhe'ic,Logic,N.Pley.
On Friday, at 9A. the annual commence.
ment will be held in the Hall of the University;
and after the usual exercises of the graduating
class, and declamations, and the Reading of Ori
ginal Essays, by members of the other classes, an
Address will be delivered by WALTER H. Lowaix,
Esq., the Professor of. Law.
.5. W. BL4CIC,
Con initial on Education
June 26-4 t
By R. Fee
Prom . 4 to 6 o'clock, P. M.,
RD house east of Whittaker's Clothing estahlinh.
inent,Second tstreet,bets'eask -Gault and Roam strann
iclrtkftsa will/nit. Sitter, will please call dos leg cigeg
lane X3--attgo
P . **
plus morning at IU o'clusk, an •aetottu; tt of Dry
_IL Goods.
20 boxes Raisins,
2 Mahogany Pianos,
I do Centre Table,
I superior Sofa,
8 boxes Window Glass,
Cbairs, Tables, and a variety of new and second band
Vurniture. S, FA HNESIOt2K 4- CO.,
june 27. Auctioneers, corner of Wood 4- sth st.
N pursuance of the law, I 301 IN TYLER, Presi
dent of the United States of America, du here
by declare and make known that public sales will
be held at the undermentioned Land Offices, in the
Ter, itory of wIsKoNsAN,at the periods hereinaf
ter d, signated, to wit:
At the Laud Office t MINERAL POINT, corn
mencing on Monday, the twenty-third day of Octo
h. r nest, f r the dispn,al of the public lands within
she undermentioned townships and fractional tcwn
ships, viz:
~ V orth of the base line and West of the fourth prinei.
pal meridian.
Tow"sl i t eight, flange five.
.Volth of th e Gaze line and East of the fourthprinci.
pal meridian,and North of the /Viskon.ran river.
F's fictional Townships eight und nine, of range
Fractkind Towmhip eight, including parts of isl
ands in aecti os eleven, twelve, thirteen and four
teen, and town-hip nine, ui iange two.
Factional towii,hip right, indoding parts of isl
ands in se''ti n g ighteen, of range thre.e.
township eight, ut range tour.
F. ae•innal township ei gh t . inclwiing the Wand in
"' cli . "" nine, and township uiur, of range five.
F. dct , thalH. , hil,sl.l(le and ten, ul range six.
Fractional townships nine, tell and eleven, of gauge
SeVell .
Ft ;let I towiiship eleven, of range eight.
At the Lattd Office at GREEN BAY, com merle—
iro3 on Mcoday, the st cued clay of October next, fur
the iitsp•ortl of the public la mid wer.in the under—
meotioucd to n,litib,, to wit: •
North of Cie base line and Eat of the fulcra princi-
pal met ilia*.
Fi actio/la I townsaip rleveu , Lincluding the island]
tall the t•o:th side ut the Wiskohseu river , aaaoe
Sectiot.B four, five, six, seven, eight, seventeen,
eighteen, ini,reen, twenty, twenty-eight, twetty•
n lie, that), titit ot,e, 111.11 y two and fitirty.ttiree i
lyitq, are; of the IVitmenitgo Like and Fox Ili% er,
in to., nihip twenty, of tat.ge sevenleen.
At itir Lau ;t Ottice at Al iLWALIKIE, coalmen•
cog on 31011.4), 1. e sixteenth day of October n-xt,
for the 41011 , 05.11 ut me puol.c lands bereitaftet destp
noted, vt:-.:
Sorth Lair lisle and East of the fourth princis
pal fittrultan.
Towne ,ip trn, nt gauge ten.
The west halt of the sotulin est quarter of section
three, ~I to,na lip LW 11f ritii,e ~ itteteeu,
The east II lit of ieettun twetursix, iu township
en, of ralige tut eaty-one.
The lot tau...twr live of the southwest fractional
qua, to of lone, in township three, of rahge
I‘ , .crity-thi ee.
'lle south , ast fta tional quarter of section nine.
, Cen, .111:1 the lots one and two, or northeast bat:lion.
al (loaner ttf ,ection t:iir y, in tuNusifip two, of r ange
0 , cloy -1 krre.
I. 13 ~, ; :r„primed ro, tile use of - schools, military,
, or tinier p rput r ntii be ~eluded from sale.
The eases wiN reef be kept open lur too weeks,
Ll.llllr9s !he Ia lids ate ;o:)l,irr di-posed t i and no
a,;(1 uu pr va.e eiitrira of land, in the town
td; re , 1, wid Re admitted, until alter the e:.
01 me two weeks.
; u under my hatt4, at the City of Wat•hi.g , On
iti,, e hih oziy of J uue, Awn) Domini 1643
By the Yrr.:itleot
H , L H. BLAKE.,
Cot/Init.:it/11(r of the General Lary! Office
Every pe.SO,) etitltlett to tie right of pre•etnitti oh
to any t% Hite tt.e limits of the tOWItAtipS abo , e
et.titricrated, is requir e d to e,tahligli hie same to the
sat , sta , tion 01 the IZegi:acr and Receiver of the pro.-
pet' I. ttid ( )Ifiee an I make payment le for, as s.oon
at pr ar!irab'e afar steing this notice, and before the
ea t apimiotra I r the commencement of the public
of the toe nship, viol), acing the tract claimed
:ibnv, deignated, otocrw,ke troth claim will be for..
feited. THO. H. BLAKE,
Cummizsioner of The General Land Office.
pursnaitce of law, 1, Jon, Trt.r.ll, President
I of the United States of Aloe! tea, do hereby de
elare it, I make known that public •al's will be liel.l
a t tf. e ontu neri,, ne d Laud Officer, in the State of
MICH II: AN, at the iter•ods het einalterderignated,
t•' wit:
A , the La, ,1 Office of GEN ESSEE, commencing
on Monday the u.nth day of October next, far the
di ,sal of the !white lands within the limits of the
mid , rinenti. , ned townships and fractional townships,
to %s
Al,rth of the base line a'nd east of the meridian.
'rown,h,ps thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty three end
thirty-four, an,' fractional township thirty-five, bor•
during on Lake Huron, of range six.
Townships thirty -rule, thirty-two and thirty three,
and fractional ton nship thirty four, bordering on
Lake Huron, of range seven.
Fractional townships thirtpone, IhirtY•two, thirty
three and Ihirt3srOllr, bordering on Lake Huron and
'Thunder nay, of ange eight.
Fractional townships thirty, thirtysone,thirty•two,
and thirty-th:ee, borderiog on Lake }Loon, of range
' Fractional township thirty, of range tan.
.PS'ora t of the base line and West of the meridian .
Township thirly-tive, and fractional townships
thii ty-si v, thirty-seven and thirty-eight, bordering on
Lake Huron and Mullet's Bay,of range one.
Townships thirty-five, thirty-six and thirty-seven,
and tractional township; thirty-eight and thirty•nine,
bordering on Lake Huron, of range two.
At the Land Office at DETROIT, commencing
~n ;mud:ly, the twenty-fifth day of September reat,
for the disposal of the public lauds within the limits
°id l e following detached tracts, viz;
The lot number one itt section eight; lot number
nine in section nine; lots three, four and five in sec ,
tion seventeen, and lot number one in section eigh.
teen, which have recently heen surveyed in township
six, South of range ten, East of the meridian.
Lands appropriated by law (or the use of sohools,
military, or other purposes, will be excluded from
The sales will each he kept open for two weeks,
[unless the land , are gunner disposed ofland no longer.
and no private entries of land, in the townships so
offered, will be admitted, until after the expiration
of the two weeks.
Given under my hand, at the city of Washington,
this eighth day of June, Anna Dnmini, 1843.
By the President,
CommitSiOnCT of the General Land Office.
Every persosiewititled to the right of pre-emption
to ;any lands within the limits of the township. above
enumerated, is requited to establish the same to the
satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the pros
per Land Office, and make payment therefor as soon
as practicable after seeing Ihis notiee, and before the
day appointed for the commencement of the public
sale of the township, embracing the tract claimed, SHOE THREAD. ,:s.,it
abase designated, otherwise such claim wi4 bit for.. sui t
cited. LBS. PITLY,TATHA.M 4- wituterft:
'rlla-11. BLAKE•tIz - w and half b'eh'd Shoe threadjastreeelveri i. O
Qnratthrioneryfar •Gentral Land o.ffice. , iiid e , very low, by JOHN KENNEDY
jUne 27—tds,
le 2—w2t d2t.
No. SS Wooirst - •
I respectfully °fret myself as a candhlate fur
of Prothonotary, suljce.t to the action of the Deal cAlk
Convention. WU. G. G.RII KIN!.
Wilkins Township, Hine 27—le
am ebodiduie for the office of Connie .TEeassinf•
subject 10th, decision of I ITe Democratic County Co—
vention, The Eiipport of my fellow citizen- 'vitt be *kr
api reclated, JOIIN FLEMING,
June 26, Of Allegheny city
We are authorized to tinnotince Mr. RODY
TERSON, of the city of Piiithurgh, as a candidate e
the office ofSherliT, at the ensuing election, maitre
the n3minallon of the county Democratic Conventiel
June ‘24--te
Ott- At the solicitation ofa number of my del:wets
friends, I offer myself as a candidate fur the *Meet
County Treasurer. subject to the decision of the des
erotic county convention. ROBT, GLASS.
Jane 24.
1. RESPECTFULYoffer myvelf a candidate for Unclip
of Prothonotary of Allegheny connty,suldect to owl,
lion of the Democratic county convention which we
on the 3Uth Augutgt next. GEO. ft. R
Allegheny City, May 31—to Ow.
I RESPECTFULLY prisent myself to the elttisenor-
Allegheny county, as a eandtdale for the Sherltfati,
subject to L he a'ction of the Democt site Conventionorhith,
meets on the 30th of Angus, next.
We are authorized to tinnonnee Dr WILLIAM KEI
as a candidata for the office of County Trestaarer,sel—
Ject to thedecirion Of the Democratic County,c . onvestles.
June 19--k .
To the Voters of Allegheny County,:-_l respeelfollysf
fer myself to your consideration as a candidate (instepsa.
dent of parties) for the office of PROTHONOTARY o I
Allegheny county, at the ensuing election. As IJo not
come before you recommended by a Comentiox, those 01
you to whom I nm not personally known will please et
amine into my qualifications, and if so fortunate a
to obtain a majority of Tour suffrages, I shall ewdert or
by strict attention to the duties of the office .;to satisfy yes
with your choice. ALEX. MILLAR,
may 10 —tE* Of Pittsburib:
A T the solicitation of n numner of friends of all poi
leal part mg, I re- peclfully offer myself to the coo.
sideration of my fellow-citizens tor the office Of County
Commissioner. That say sentiments may not be liaison.
deistood, either as to political or private affairs, I Bulk,
free to say that I have been all my life a contusteat Re
publican, in the true sense of the word. t As the county
is somewhat embarrassed In its financial atrairs,and the
reducilon of salaries ofpul.lic officers hag received 0m
approhat ion of (arse majorities o f the people, the under_
sittned would not should he he so fortunate as to heeled.
ted, In any manner attempt to resist this salutary r •
form; should it reach the office of County Crmmlss)aissir.
Clear tie coarse for the V,lsalsers.
WILLIAM B. FOSTER. Eeq.or A Ileehany city Will
be a candidate for the office of Frothonotary of Allegheny
county, at the October election. June 4.
C LTTLEIi and Surgical instrument Manufacturer,
corner of 6th and Liberty streets, Pittsbur g h, F
N. 8.--Alwayson hand an extensive assortment or Sir
gloat and Dental instruments, Bakers,
Hatters' Hair Dressers' and Tanners' Pictsiot
Shears, Saddlers' Tools, Trusses, 4-c. Je 24:
T HE books of Pricllroy and Slaughterback have be
left with me for collection. All persons knowing
themselves indebted to them, will please call sad settle
before the 2.341 of July next, and save COMP.
ALEX. MILL ti R, Alderman,
June 24--d3t w3'. Smithfield, near 34.
The business will be continued at the old stand h r
J. D, Mcl • OY.
.0 ncE.—Whereas, a quantity of wot thi eta wars Is
Wined on the citizens of Pittsburgh and *laity,
purporting to be made by Benneii 4. Biother, I take this
method of informing the public bow they may detect
such impniiition for the Were. AB Bennett and Bro.'s
dishes are t tamped on the bottom of each dish, ..Ettraisett
it Bro.. Liverpool, Onio," and all ware not of a corres
ponding quntity with said dishes are not genuine. Sold
wit nlesalr and retail by 'rhos Bortan. Robinson et. ,near
Blackstock's Cotton Factory, Allegheny city, who In sole
agent for the manufactnrers. June 24--3mw I wd.
No. 151, Libet ty street, Pittsburgh,
1S now in the eastern markets purchasing the large",
1 and most varied stock of seasonable Goods that MN
ever been brought to this city, and in a few days he will
be able to furnish his customers, and the public at hw,
with every article in the Clothing hue, of a qW111111.04
aisle unequalled by any other establishment tn the
The public are respectfully invited to call, as abeye,
and examine Ills splendid stock.
June 24-3 t JOHN McCLOSKEY.
Washington Examiner and Beaver Patriot copy throe
antes and charge advertiser
PA NISI! TOIIACCO.--12 bales Cuba Leaf T
J obmak
this day received and fot sale by
F OR SALE, low In lois to suit and on aecotiniatioda
ring terms, for cash.or good barter, or on thew to
cult consigneeti;—.3oo doz assorted window sash aniline
to suit, if wanted. 30 tennis writing, wrapping IA
letter paper. 25 doz good sickles. 25 doz corn broom
and wisps. 100 gross matches. :250 gross tmuljotaillr
buttons. 500 cuts of 4 and five double, purple amid yet
low carpet chain. 50 toxes Burlington smoked Vet;
ring. A good supply of Louisville Lime. 519 cleat twip
sizes Buckets.
June Agent and Corn Mer„ No 9, &VIOL
1200 PIGS LEAD, just received and for eafiiflT
June 21. JAMES UAL
r most safe and certal , remedy ever known to al
1 world for various chronic diseases, after they.lsoss
reached a state, and assumed a character, hitherto ad.
sidered desperate and incurable.
Scrofula; King's Evil, attended with swelliags, and,
ulre-s, Sore Eyes and Loss of Sight, to a frightful extant
has been cured. Females pining away by reason of as.
cretfons, broken calculations, and obstructed mend,
(monthly courses, even when attended by spasms or lids
have been readily relieved. „
Dyspepsia yields without • struggle to its MN yet
powerful; action upon the stomach. In Catarrh,
or Cough, Rheumatism and Fistula it never fails to Car o
as we have fully proved,
The tincture tends directly to excite a healthy actittachli
the atom liver, lungs and kidneys—to purify
blood anolf""other fluids, by expelling every particle
morbid matter from the system, and therefore sever rime r
(with its accompanlments,) to prove a valuable rioardy
fur the diseases for which calomel him been invariably
used. Old sores or ulcers, or any chronic affectiOn; and
for the calomel disease it is an infallible remedy.
This remedy Is perfectly vegetable, mild, actemallcl.
and sure for persons of any age, either sex, or in LEY
condition; acknowledged by those who have tried It, bla
be the hest known family medicine.
Tile justly celebrated Tincture creates a craving ap .
petite. and the patient Is left at liberty to indulge
indeed he Is particularly requested to do so. The v Of
this medicine will change his complexion from a pallid
to a fine blooming one. After using this Tincture for
Weeks, a person cf any age may eat any thing that It
child of ten years of sae, in full health, could eat With.
out the least Inconvenience,
icr A large number of certificates from the citizens -
of Lexington, Ky„whose respeetabilit, is ranched tbr
by Hons. A X Janson and Henry Cloy, as welt a• •
number taken in Alex ndria and Washington, D. C., CU
he seen on application to the room of the proprietor at
Exchange Hotel.
Price, One Dollar per bottle
June 21--d2w
J. G. 4- A. GORDEW,
12 Water street.