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    ed ouvai.e. fl is true I approved the bill foe the
remits,. arks Delaware Canal Company, substan•
ally therm. as this bill, but (di I that more in ac
eordance wish the apparent wisees of the people,
announced by the vote of their representatives in :tie
Legislature than in accord iti , :e with my own prior
. 4 4 0 , 0 , 0 , or these etiteiteioed at the time. Had
'Lathing occurred in the attempt of the Counnissiere
-west proture subscriptions to that stock, to induce
Ihisbeftef that it was not likely to operate to the ad
sesamegi of Me public interest, I should probably have
waived my scruples, and, In the same reaso n , h ave
r apptmaid this bill also. But I shoula ill discharge
rrair duty ifs should shut my eyes to that proceeding.
When we see a most unexampled scramble for
the stock-hired men forcing their way hvo the room
of the Commissionert-not a man subscribing bona
fide fol hiertesif,but all wearing the aspect of bold and
ellytuthing speculation-persons who took ao active
part in the passage of the Le lin the Lsgislatnre,cons
gregating from remote parts of the State, and wit. ,
messing the transactions wilt more intense anxi
_talttelll mere patriotis•n usually produces-ami the
Uommlsiioners finally compelled to diadems hastily
- and close the bookiewithnut completing the task cons
fided in them by the Legislature-i t is aal I calcula
ted to induce us to pause; to retrace our steps, it
we have acted without due caution, and to proceed
only upon the clearest convictions of duty and of,
sound policy. In this condition do I find myself
placed. 1 would moat gladly avoid it, but that is
Impossible. I will discharge my duty as I under- i
deed it, at all haatide.
In my last annual message to the Legislature, I
adverted to the subject of selling the public im
provemeets, and as what I then slid still is, and has
been tbvariabiy my o p inion, I beg Irate to refer you
to the follnsving paragraph, to show taat I am assu
ming tra wow position:
`You will observe, by a report accompanying
this message, that, in pursuance of the Act of As
sembly passed for that purp tee, en the 27,a d a y
of July last, proposals were invited for the see ul
the public improvements u. i h..e el
t. -orninunweialth•-
Ne bid for the Beene, that can possibly' b: accep.
tad, was received. T,:i3 tneasuri was soars ,
In ma last annual message, belo•ring that, in our
enab.ir steed candition,it was on experime n t wh eh
might be produce ive of relief worth tr) in .e, It has
been tried, and has utterly tai cl. Tiu .truth ia,
the amount' of money nuesslry fur the puri_hase
of any considerable pont m I ~or imi•rovements,
is far greater than any ewe no ut our couatry,ace
able to raisa fur that purpose. Were they to be
sold at all, they would necessarily, either direct..
ly'or indirectly, fall into th • lemds of renege cap
italists. The people must in a great measure lose
the control over their management, and they
would necessarily become eriv )to monopulies.—
This would Vein to be a measure as dang roue to
tbs public Interest, as it would be humiliatin to
the public pride.' g
Whether this view of the subject is erroilenus or
true, (cheerfully submit to the representatives of
the people to decide. I Lase n, dou a about it
The income from the main line of improvements
this year, will very coaaid rably exceed that of the
last rear. During the two first mouths of the us. i
trim season, under vest disadvantages, it is upe
metes ot thirty thousand dollars beyoLd the cor
responding months of last year. T lis is sum sly no
Gum for desponding, but for confidence and hope
ilk the future value of these improvement-.
At all events, if they are to be sold or disposed
Of, let it be on the most advantageous terms to the
State. If, inst :ad of confining the Commissioners
to taking subscriptions of stock on the terms
mentioned, they were allowed to sell the stock at
Pablo) diction to the highest and best bidders, in
totem' to suit purchasers, an advance would prob..
ably be realized beyond the simple subscription.
Had this power been given to the Commissioners
to procure subscription to the Delaware Canal
stock, much of the difficulty encoontered would i
have been obviated, however ill it would have
suited the wishes of those who seem to have hid
a desire to monopolize the subseciptions. The
power can be added hereafter, if you deem it ad-
Wm. Karns, ,Esq.—The Democrat',
vivid& to transfer the public improvements to pre.' ------ e ,
, e .
HE LANAGANS.-'1 ne rtarriaburg U- ej
vats companies. The whole matter is siubmi•ted l
mon, tit neticing the appointmeht of Mr
to vas.- It seems to me proper to correct a min t I nion of the 21st inst. has the following in
, Karns to be Post master in Allegheny,
taken opinion, which prevails to a great extent in •
to these men:--'lt will be remem..
regard to the immediate operation of this meas. I
says that "all of a sudden, he became met
er*. It is taken for granted that to dispose of berod, that some months since, two broth.. ! amorphosed into a most &voted friend of
sixteen or more millions of the pu'•lic debt, will ' ~
e.e, named Bernard and Patrick Flanagan. the Governor," and intimates that this
et onee relieve the people from the burden o' tax. ,
alien under which they now fable Ttii's is not so. ! were convicted in Cambria county of the of fi ce is his reward. Justire to Mr K. re-
After deducting $17,500.000 fur Delaware di. I
murder of Trite an aged and highly respect quire" us to say that he never was an 00.
vision, and the Main line, the balance of the/eau:l.
set debt of the Comieon wealth would •ed lady. named Elizabeth Ho!den. Thoy : riginal enemy of Gov. Porter," as the U.
be about $29 000,000 I were sereenced to be hung on Friday. 3dTo which add the other debts amount.
i nion asserts, but has a krill's been ranked
ing without 2,000,000 • March last,but a few days before the period among thefriends ofthat o cer.
'--- assigned for the execuriort had arrived, I _________________
$23 1 00,000
were respired by Governor Porter until Fr- Craniological. -A schoolmaster some
down east recommends
The Inte res t serni.annualiy accruing on le bleb, : day, April 21, for the alleged reason that
emit lie provided for ex , lusively by taxation; for I
are a very fine edition of Combs on the
new and important testimony, calculated to
the toils on the remaining portions of the canal
hear/ He says they have the rrgan of
will not more than defray the repa.ra and in iden _ throw doubt upon the guilt of the accused, . ' -
lid etpenees. The prospect of tee immediate re. •
znhabitiveness very strongly developed.
;.., th ere - had been discovered.
lief which is to grew out of this m esuro,•
- --- -
fore by no means so encouraging as has b•.:en ! Oa the sth of April an act passed both I Stop the Rascals!!—Our city has been
generally supposed.
thrown into some considerable excitement,
bes of the Legislature,and was appro-
I deem it right to remark that I ordered this branc
mesinege to be fi.ed at an early period,in the office ved by the Governor, authorizing and re. says the J. ffers mien Republican, of the
*film Secretary of the Commonwealth, for the' . .
amble purpose of settling in the public mind the
qetring the court of Oyer and Terminer of d 10th i ns t .. ) by the tingle; of the Peniten
oeutee I have thought proper to pursue on the sue- Cambria county, if requested by the defen. nary alarm bell. C tiz is who have
jest, and elan to give the people timid ) , notice or .
hastened there and returned, report that
ants, to enter a rile to shew rause why the
tbe most interesting question that will probat ly c ants,
s, 20 convicts have male th , it escape by
come before the Legislature, so that thy can, if sentence of the court and verdict . .1 j
the o
tey see it, select their representatives with rea '
ference to its final disposition. Under any circum. , -
ry should not be net aside and anew trial knocking down the gu rd arid passing out
arteecesea subject of sich magnitude as this, ought granted. In case the court should,en hear-
at the back gate. Among this number is
net to be abselutely determined by any single Le. ingobe saris et that a new trialwas justly
' ti 1 the notorious Johnson.
Optative. -
You will thtre t ore take such action in relaiio i ; due the condemned, atithrn sty was confer- : Baird° Bill, who was wounded in at.
to'tbis subject, as you in your NI isdom may think ;red u2on them to make the rule absolute; ; tempting to escape from the Missouri
lb* beat interests of the people r quite:.
DAVID R P I 'RTER. and if a new trial be thus granted, the case Penitentiary, is nut dead as was reported.
keret-wive Chamber. 20th June. 1843 . I wan to be again proceeded in to another The other rascals hive escaped c'ear.
trial and fi nal judgment. In consequence -----
How to 4 1 1csrnerize Yourself.—Take a
of' the passage of this act, the Flans ens I piece of charcoal and make a d lack
were again reptioved, we believe, until , spot on a white wall, then take roun your b seat
sometime next fall. It is now stated in the ,
lin a chair about six feet off, and fix your
papers, that Judge Woodwird refuses to
eyes steadfastly on the spot. If you are of
i , le , you will
take cognizance of the act of Assembly re- , fall intonervous whatexcitais cballed tem thp eramente
mesmeric sleep
ferred to, on the ground of unconstitution.' in about the same time that a magnetizer
ality. What the next step will be in this I would require to produce the same effect.
unpleasant case, involving the lives of two —Es. Paper.
human beings, it is difficult to say. Most W e give the above for the benefit of
probably the Governor will grant them a- those who are fond of novelties. It may
Bother respite.' be that a black inetk on the wall will put
a person into a mesmeric slumber, but how
they are to wake up is the question. Try
it, any how.
Making as aggregate of
TATIOL—The National, publi&bes a stvi‘
wary of the proceedings of a late meeting
orthe Repeal Association, in Dublin, and
observes that though Mr O'Connell is pa.
eiecelly inclined, the enemies of Ireland
are not so. England is a jealous conqueror,
which will tot cuff r that her victims
should break her chain. She conquered
Ireland, and she holds her oppresses poor,
attached to her power by the heaviest
Ai l ing, She has imposed an Ireland her
laws, her aristocracy, her territorial conga
intim and the dominion of her clergy...—
It fain this atmosphere, without air, and
without sun, that Ireland is condemned to
edit, always destitute, aLd always indi
gent; and if her heart revolts, if her
valiant population endeavor to break their
thins, the cannon are ready, and the war
of extermination will not tong be 'delayed.
each at present is her situation. It must
laid, sooner or later, to a dreadful crisis.—
Let Ireland prepare for it! Jus'ice, right.
and Europe are on her side. Nations will
rig in the contest, and wherever humanity
respected, ardent prayers will be offered
for the success of the cause of Ireland,
which is the cause of all oppressed people.
Such is the opinion of Frenchmen.
SXRIOUS AFFAllL—Between twelve
said twenty laborers have been shot, sod
dotty or forty wounded to the canal riots
bear Montreal.
The cost of •ntertainiog the President.
and his snit• at Howard's Hotel, is N. Y.
seannated to slsoo.
sgbiect to the deelesoo of a National- Commotion.
MONDAY, JUNE 2 - 67 1843
It will no doubt be gratifying to every
friend of the interests of Pennsylvania to
learn that the Governor has vetoed the bill
passed at the last session, for the sale of the
Main Line of our State improvements. His
reasons for declining to sign the bill, will
be found in our paper this morning.
When the bill was first brought forward
in the Legislature, we expressed our strong
disapprobation of the measure, and have
since, on al! prop-r occasione, condemned
it. We thought that it would be the means
of delivering into the hands of speculators,
all the vast improvements of Pennsylvania,
just at a time when they are becoming prof
itable, (i rot hut - w'ist is cost the
1)f-opte to con,tru, t thorn, a'Ri t,i peirrit
thet.e speculatots to pay f,r the works in,
state stock at i spar Value, witch they have
purchased at a dis-onnt of from fifty to six
ty per cent.
!courtesy at our hands, than the persons
Besides the manifest iniquity of taking
from the state the main line of improve employed them. If the Aurora had
e... 1
been started on the just and fair principles
merits, at a time when they are becoming!
a source of revenue, their sale to a comp of compelition,we would have received anda.
ny would establish a monopoly in our state welcomed it as we do all our cotempora
more dangerous, and wieldingmore power ri se ; but knowing the, facts stated above,
than any with which we have heretofore we could not, from a feeling of self re
spect, commend to honorable notice a jour.
been burthened. The twenty-first section
of the bill confers almostnal that was backed by the 'Toney purse' ,
unlimited povrers ofa few discontented individuals who did
on the company,and the twentysthird gives II not find us as pliable as they desired, and
it a total immunity from all responsibility, who boasted that they would "trip us up."
and places it beyond the reach of legiala- Added to this, the suspicious character
pears to have been framed with a special
Lion. In fact, every section of the bill ap
-1 given to the Aurora in advance by the Ga.
view to placing the state in the power of
l ette and its correspondents, and the fart
the company, and if the people should everhat one or the editors used the argnmenta
wish to regain control of the works, it was of Deacon White to commend his journal
only to be accom fished i to the democratic party, we did not consid
by permitting the ! er it entitled to any favor from us, and we
pornpany to realize nine or ten millions on I gave it such a welt as we believed it
what the works actually cost them.
The reader will find the infamous char- I
! erved.
With this notice we will let the Aurora
acter of the bill clearly set forth in the pass.
We have twice distinctly stated
Gevernor's Veto, and, whatever difference
that we were willing to take the word of
may exist on other questions between him , t he edi tors that they do not now intend to
and the democratic party, we ahmtld all ,
assist the Gazette in religious persecution.
approve the decided manner in which the i Knowing what we do of the mo •
Executive has condemned this schem e religiousders.
sell the state and her works to rascally rives and feelings of its foun
on. we thinr
speculators. that this no slight cones s
T F-
Dull Times at New Orleans, --Th e Pic.
ayune complaint dreadfully of the sterility
of the good city of New Orleans, in local
news and says: —Will no one kick up a
shine here, just for the fun of the thine—
The Recorders have a perfect sinecure of it .
Police-men might be put to planting cab—
bage, for all they have to do in their own
immediate line, and the workhouses may
be turned into a menageries, unless they
supply of inmates be increased. The times i
are dull, and that's a fact."
St. Louis is full of great men. Benton,
Ctittenden, J. Philips Phenix, and otb-
era are there.
Who raised the report.thst Marshall, of
the Kentuckian, bad been appointed P. M.
of Louisville? It's eot true, any bow:
iee Pest Page.
An Alligator 14 fag beg was recently
seen eight miles below Cincinnati.
The Aurora conaplains that we .? not
notice its "debut" in a ithut manlier, and
attributes our conduct to lerlouty," or a
"contemptible idolatry of afip." It is en.
tirely mistaken in its conjectures; we can
not believe that-there is any ground for us
to be jealous of the Aurora, and if a "fip"
was what it realized at its "debut," the ed
itors may enjoy all the luxuries it can pur
chase without any fear that we will envy
their magnificent success.
But we have the best teason to believe
that Messrs. Flinn and Maine's paper was
not started for the honorable purpose of
fair competition. We know that one of
the editors snatched up the misrepresen
tations of the Gazette against our paper,
and held there up as an inducement to
members of the party to bestow patronage
on the Aurora. When their paper vas
first spoken of, we were stopped en the
street by their principal backers, and in.
formed that we were about to he "tripped
up." We were told at the same time,
that personal hostility to one of the editors
of the Post was the motive that induced
him to desire another paper, and of course
we could only infer from such remarks
that those who would sell themselves for
such a purpose, were entitled to no more
The wertith of Antiquity.
W e find in antiquity some instances o
splendid wealth. While writing magnifi ,
cent treatises upon th e contempt for riches,
Seneca had contrived to accumula'e a lit
tle fortune of 65.000,000 francs. An as
trologer named Lentillus was conte n t with
56,000'000 ("lanes. When Tiberius dies,
6 42,000.000 francs were found in his cof
fers—n.-it a franc less. In less than a year
_nod Caligula spent the whole of it; there
remoinel not an as—not a quadrans.
The debts of Milo amounted to 120.000,,
000 francs. Cm.tar had not 49.000.000
francs, 49,000,000 ere htors, befor e he ob
tained any publi c office; the poor fellow
was soon enabled to present Curi o uith
12 000.000 franca, and Lucius Paulu s with
7 500 000, in order to detach them from
the party opposed to him; he one (lay bea
ged Servillia (the mother of Brutus) to ac
cept a trifle in the shape of a pearl worth
550 000.000 frances. Mark Atitons's
ho u s e wig sold to Messalla for the auto of
10,000 0(0 francs. A fire destroyed Scau
ros's villa; the loss was reckoned 2122 000,-
000 francs. When Crossos supped with
Lucullus, the cost or a sane rerrnannie
meal amounted to betwe en 90.000 arid
100,000 francs! and, after the death of that
refined coim.ul, the fishes that swain in the
pot I of' his country-house were sold fur
the trifle of 700,000 francs.
Otho spent 26,000.000 francs on the
finishing of a tyin g of a palace commenced
by Nero. One of Coliatila's dinne-s cost -
1.900,000 frances. Heliogabalus was WESTERN UNIVERSITY OF PA.
more parsimor loos, one of his breakfasts
r this annu a l- o rhe b ti
willec a m
commencei u at ioo of
r t h h i the
D a t u
only reqoired 500.000 francs—a gastron,n. dente
(14on , thv, June 264 and he continued as tulloAs?
rnin example also set by Cleopatra. Ths
aopus we advert to (his son, b the-b hlunday, A. M. 9 to 10 o'clock,—Algebra.
.:Ey-y, Itll ". do.
melt- precious stones to drink at his ens 11 0
to o
12 " do.
P. M. 3to 4 " G om'y & Trigon'y.
tertainment-!) was not, as you may well
4to .5 " Final on'sNat Phil`y.
suppose, the jolly fabulist and Greek
hunchback whom every body is acquainted Tueaday,A. M. 9to 10 "Latta, (
10 to In' .. Mental sophy.
with;but Claudius YEoopus, an actor on the 101 to 11 a it , Latin (Clew() 0:a )
Roman stage, very intimate with Cicero; 11 ito 12 " 0 , (Virgil.)
P. M. 3to 4 " Algebra.
th a opulent hsitortan earned, in one day,
4to s " Chian .I,w, &ilisey.
It is said to be quite common in N.York i more then eight hundred Stoic, Pythago.,
Wedney, A, M. 9to 10 " Latin (L Rea'rCtesai)
or Peripateticien philosophers could
for gentlemen to smoke 'long nines' while ric.
10 to 102 " Moral Science.
/ pocket in a year. A picius, the most rale- 102 to 112 " Greek, (Homer.)
in the company of ladies.
1 brated gourmand of the "eternal city," de. 114 to 124 " Latin, (Otod.)
The Ravel Family are in Providence. ivoured (we use the proper word) 14,000.- P. M. 3to 4 " do. (1.. Reads.)
4to 5 " Arithmetic.
Horace Greedy , editor of the New York ' 000 francs; he then examined his financial
I • •
y, A. M. 9to 10 " Greek, (G Reader.)
Tribune, has been named by several Whig sttuation, when the poor creature found 10 to 11 "Ev Chritc& Pol. Ec. , y
that all that remained was 1,650,000 francs; r 11 to 12 " Greek,(G.Re'r.Ex'n)
papers as a candidate fur Vice Preaident.
I foreseeing that he must die of hunger, be P. M, 3to 4 " Modern Languages.
We hope lie may not be nominated, for we
4to 54 " Rhe'ic,Logie,N.Ph'y.
' committer suicide. Crassus, when he
should be sorry to see him defeated, as he ,
inevitably would be.
, went tofight the Parthians and he killed moot
On Fide!, at 9 A. M., the annual commence
will be held in the Hall of the University;
Iby them, was the possessor of landed e‘.l and after the usual eru.eises or the graduatin g
states worth 40.000,000 francs; his slaves, , class. and declamations, and ye Readior of On
furniture, and trinkets were, fortunately, of Anal Essays, by nuouteqs alba otter S'a . ""ls: an
a little more value.—Sears' Family Ma I Address will be delivered by WALTIII H. LOW& I Z,
gazette.i Esq., the Professor of Law.
17,0.141111 P. AILS, •
Cox 'does ou Useattou
Poisonous Cheese.—Several cases of Bud,
den illness have been occasioned in Phila
delphia, by eating cheese which contained
some poisonous ingredient.
- - - -
The eternise—A LOndou correspondent
of the New• York Commercial w
'The Ministers do not deny that the repeal
question is fraught with danger to the pub
lie peace, and the immense numbers who
attend these meetings give an air of univer.
sality to the movement which is is very o
minous. The removal and resignation a l
magistrates, both Protestant and Catholic,
Is another indication of ihe general feeling
in Ireland, and it is possible that the Irish
arms bill passed on Tuesday in the House ,
of Commons, may by the enforcement of
its provision, bring about the dreadful col
QUEER TASTES.- Geo. Selwyn, 9 man
of fashion of the last century in London
and Paris, whose memoirs have just been
published, had a morbid taste to see death
or the dead. Not an exception escaped
him, and be is said to have made a journey
!o Paris to see Damien broken on the
wheel. This last propensity was the subs
ject of many a joke among his intimates;
of which the first Lord ll' lland's was the
best. When on his deatli.bed, he was told
that Selwyn had called to inquire after him:
'The next time Mr Selwyn calls,' said he,
'show him up: if I am alive I shall be de
lighted to nee him, and if i am dead he
will be glad to see me.'
A MAN Ursa tv MISTAKE. --An anony
mous correspondent of the Macon (Geo,)
Messenger says that some time since a
geetleman from Alabama, who put up at
the Union Hotel, in Forsyth, said that a
negto was recently arrested for an outrage,
when he confessed that he some time
since nearly killed and then hung a white
female near Milledgeville. He said that
lie choked her first, and finding she was so
near gone, he concluded to hang her, in
which situation the body was discovered.
The negro also stated, that Mr Johnston
was executed for the supposed murder,
and that he was an innocent man: that he
himself had committed the murder, and
that no person was concerned with him.
were 183 n ,, raons struck by lizloning, in
the U.S. This is a fact of painful interest,
when we contemplate th-it for a very tri
fling expense nine tenths of this number
might have averted their fearful doom, and
been forever secure from lightning. !fan
equal number are struck in 1843, accord
ing to the &tett ine of chances, several of
nor readers will be among the sufferers.--
Delat• not, then, in having your dw •Ilings
supplied with conductors. The next thun
der storm will, in all human probability,
number several among its victims, and the
fated seal of destiny may be upon those
who least anticipate it.
"Hope, although indigenous to England'
were little attended tn, and never employ"
ed in brewing until the sixteenth century;
an then, when they began to be more
re'd, the citizens f London petitioned
Parliament to prevent rhem as a nui"ance.
•It is not rniny years says Walter
With, writing in the year 1653. 'the famous
city of London petitioned alainst two nui
sance•, and these were Newcastle coals, in
regard to their stench. &c., and hoop., in
regard they wows spoil the taste of drink
and endanger the people."
Ths water in the Hudson has for save.
sal days been four or five feet above high
water mark. So says ate Albany Citizen.
during his sojourn in New York, receivei
the ladies,who formed the celebrated in
dignatiun proces-ion last fall. He shook
hands with each lady and expressed his
gratification at the pleasure of making her
Long Imprisonment.—A I man named
Mulford, in Goshon, N. Y., has been sen
tenced to 2.5 years imprisonment, on five
indictments for burglary.
An attempt was made last week, accord
ing to the Tompkins Democrat to rob the
Farmers and Mechanics Bank of Ithica.
The robbers were alarmed at seeing a light
inside, and raa off, leaving their tools be
hind them.
White lead is made in Buffalo, N. Y.,
equal to the best Enulish.
✓i!nother Border Outrage.—Th e Calais
(Me.) Journal records a recent outrage at
St: Stephen. A young man named Tobin,
falsely suepectsd of having informed at
the Custom House against some leather
belongin g to W. E. Colwe'l, a shoemaker
in Milltown, was seized, carried across the
border into New Brunswick, strapped of
his clothing, and tarred and feathered.—
The Journal says the probabilities are that
the outrag e was perpetrated by citizens of
the Province. No grounds fur this belief
are sated.
er ommeriial 24Teing.
_ eet water in the tl , annel.
AU Bunts marked thus ( 6 ) are provided with
Ev.intra Safety Guard.
Reported by SHIM,/ & MITCHIL, General S. B
Agents, Water street, Late Custom /louse tele •
Peterson's Building.
"Michigan. Buies, Beaver,
se7ieveland, Hemphill, do.
•Columbiatia, Murdock, Wheeling
North Qu-en, .I.lcLuin,
Wllhatd, Parkinson, Monong City
"Vul'ey Bawl, S Lint!
Little Mail, Gaskill, Louisville
Belmont, Puu, Wheel i.g,
Clipper, Crooks, Cincinnati
tar rschel, Allen, Cincinnati
Belle of Nashville, Newenrab, Cincinnati
'Cleveland, Hemphill, Beaver.
"Michigan, lloies, Beaver
"Cutter. Cullus , Cint innati.
• Mantgomery, Bennet, Cincinnati,
A Ipine, Cockburn, Brownsville,
*Columbiana, Murdock, Wheeling
North, Qu..eo McLean , Wellsville
Tinge, 14 113071, st Lo ou
Mozahala, Parkinson, Monongahela City
• Iviessenger, Baldwin, St Louis
Manhattan, King, St Louie
Lancaster. Klmeteller, Louisville
'l' H E A 'l' 1{ E E.
This evening, June 26.5vi1l be presented the Nautili
eel Drhuri4 nrti•e
Jack Junk,
AriPr w' , ich!h. Drawl of
To conclude wi,h the
[lector Timid,
Dome open at 7 o'clock, Performance to corn
mence at totli past 7
Lower Boseo, 50 cents Secants Tier, 37i cents
Pit. 25 " G 12i cents.
AT No 13, VOA :413E1{8 STREET, near Post
11l Office, New York have on hand an untisua:ly lore,*
stork or thrir well k !mown Printing Type, Ornaments,
Runlets, Kirke, kr, of the hest metal, cast on original
Matrices. and very accurately finished, alt or which they
have deter mined bo ac II at
Placing the Rook and Newspaper Fonts as follow 8:
Pica, at 3: cents a ib.
Smell Plea, 34
Long Primer, "
Pourerok, 40 "
Brasier, 96Altnion .•
Nonpareil 66 "
A.2.31f1 R 6 "
arl 120 tt
Far approve! paprr at 6 month... or 6 per rent ler' for
cash. Wood 'NT,. Pruning Ink, 1- resseg,Ca+(s,Gall
Rre-s Roles. C.l,llnth.g evs,
end olio, l'tint•
ing materials furnished mil] pt omptil ndr, and at the low
est priers.
Priutvrs of Newspapers who publish this advertise.
meet R itb this note three limes, and vend one of the pa
pen to the foundry, will he eolith d to payment of their
bill on bit) int: four times the amount of it.
jnite 26. 1843.
j see 26.-0.
Ma. Erns will Ointai au evening eta.. at his WtWy
r mit Itule, on 14014114 v, to neron.rt odf.te s nuntl.tr of F..
Hamra who rannof re:rive le-sona at any ether beet.
Gentlemen, will you rive Mr, F. a call I kites
ant n candidate for the office of County Treannine.
vut.fret to tite - drelsi••n of the Democratic County Con
vention. The fiupport of shy fellow citizen. will be gel,
eptreciuted •
June 26, Of Allegheny city.
We are authorized to announce Mr. EDDY PAT.
TERSON, of the city of Piiishurgh. as a candidate MK
the office oh Sheriff', at the ensuing election, subject I.
the n3mlnallon of the county Democratic Convenikte.
pine 24—fe
1:1;:r• At the solicitation of a number of my dentocratie
friends, I offer myself ns a candidate for the ones le
County Treasurer, subject to the dee Winn of the dew>.
trade county convention. ROBT. GLASS.
June 24.
RUSPECTFULyotTer invent(' a candidate for !betake
of Prothonotary of A I loc heny county subject to the it•
!inn of the Democratic county convention which the
on t Ise 30t it A itcuett ner, GEO. IL RIDDLE.
Allegheny City, May 3f—te dew.
T R csrdrrrruLLY present myself to the etas:ease
1 Allegheny county, as a candidate for the Sherltrally.
subject to the act lon of the Democtatic ConsontkontitLitth
nnetl. on mite 30th of August next,
We are authorized to announce Dr WILLIAM KERR
a. a candidate for the office of County Treasurer, sub—
Jen to t he decimon of the Democratic County ConzeaMaa,
June 19
To the Voter , of 41 te:heng County:—l rropectlltllyof•
fer myself to your convilleratio n ay a candidate (tiorlepea•
dent of parties) for the office of PRoTtiONOTARY of
Allegheny county, at the entmln: el, minn. Ao Ido hot
come before yru recommended by a Corms* t in, those at
you to whom I oni rnt personally known will-mem et.
amine into my rmliticationg, and ifs° fortunate at
to obtain a maturity of your stiffrogey, I Mall eadmot
by stria attention to the (twits of t Ire office. to Filial). yes
with your choice. ALEX. MILLAR.
Ina v 10 --tE• Of Pittsburgh:
A T the solicitation of a number of frtends of all pol
ofeal parties, I respectfully offer myself to the Ceti.
sideration of my fellow -citizens ;or the °Mee of Collet) ,
Commissioner. That ny sentiments may not be Wien.
derstood, either as to political or private affairs. I make
free to say that I have been all my fife a committal Rs
pohilvan, in the true sense Grille word. I As the COaldy
IS somewhat ernhameeed In lie financial a dallll. and IN *r
ediuclinn of salaries of pu'4lc - officers has received the
:ipprobei ion oflar2e majorities ofthe people, toe ander -
signed would not stu,old he be s+l3 fortanatp as to he elee •
led, In any manner attempt to rest g t this sahtary re
form; should It reach the office of County Crmtnteslollet.
upr 6: SA m UEL HUBLEY.
Clear ne course for the Plasutteero.
WILLIAM 11 "OSTF:Ft. Eaq. of A Ilettheny city aniti
he a rotund:iv Ihr the ntlire of Prothonotary of A netball,
county. at thebrioher election. ja oe-
gritril,Eß and Bulgiest Instrument INlansfaetsrErs
cornerar6th and Liberty streets, Pittsbuith, Pa.
N 13.----Ativayson hand an extensive assortment or der.
'feat ezUd Dental isstrinnests, Ba-ker's,
Hatters', Heir D ' and Tattarrs' Patna
Skeerrs, ftadillsvo' Toots, Trusses, 4te. Je 24.
riptlF: hooks ol 1111elitoy and Slaughterhaelt him h
1.1. fen With me for collection. All persons Itnowhig
themeetves indebted to them,. wilt please earl and sedle
before the 23d of July next, and save collie.
ALEX. id , LL t R, .ildermen.
June 24—d3t w3'. Smithfield, near 3d,
Ivo c E.— W tiereas, a quantity of wotthi e ware
• Palmed on the citizens Pltistiorsh mid vicinity,
nti , norilne In he made by Bennet., # Brother, I take Ole
method or Infortnine the public how they may Allege
eeei, Imposition forth*. Intere. All Bennett and Bro.li
dishes are stamped nn the bottom of each dish, ~ B enionit.
4- Bro.. Liverpool, Onin."and alt Ware nOt of • Clbent•
onndin: quality with said dkhes are not genuine. saki
wit °level.. and retail by 'rhos flogenn, Robinson at. .1111111 r
BlackliioV+ Conon Faclory, Allegheny city, who is sole
to the ma nnrarinrers. jone24- 3mw Iwd.
No. 151, Lae? ty street, Pittsburgh,
1 8 now in the eastern markets, purchasing the !argot
and most varied sock of seasonable Goods that hag
ever been hrotight to this city, and In a few days ha Will
he able to furnish lus rtestomere, and the public at tarp,
with every article In the Clothing Ilne, of a gustily aura
sty le onegnalled by any other establishment in the thy.
The nubric are respverfully invited to call, as abort,
and examine hi, splendid stock..
ne 24-3 t JOHN McCIOSKEY,
Washington Examiner and Beaver Patriot copy thine
Limes and charge advertiser.
NISH, TOBACCO—IR bales Cuba Leaf Tobsete,
►7 this day received and rot sale by
Ely R. Fee,
From 4 to 6 o'clock, P. M.,
jj Ul FR D hoti.e east of Whittaker's Clothing mitahlleb
rnerit,Serond street ,helween Grant and Rossi igeta,
it:r.l'hose willing to enter. will Weave call dal Int dais
low i n lot, tosutt and on accomda•
nh) for or good harirr, or on titre 10
rnrielsneee;-300 dog asr.oried window trash and ens
I° suit. if wanted. 30 clime writinz wrapping and
letter paper, 25 doz rend sickles. 25 dig corn !Tornio
and wisps. 11)0 grn..s niatrizes. 250 Lions suspender
&ID cute oi 4 nod five doable, purple and yel
low cal pet chain. 50 'Oxen Burlington smoked Her.
rho , . A good supply of Louisviiie Lime. :0 doe iw•
sizi-s Rockets.
June 23 Agent and C %ler.
,No 9, sth sti
1200 PIGS LEAD, Just received and for pate by
Julie 21. JAMES MAT.
g Nile moat sal , and certal- remedy ever knownitStall
world for various chronic dineases, after they bass
reached a mate, and assumed a character, hitherto coat
sidered dettperate and Incurable.
Scrofula; King's Evil, attended with swellingn, and:
ulrenr, Sure Eyes and Loss of Bight, to a frightfhl
has been cured. Females pining away be reason of wo
e retionp, broken calculations, and obstructed meneeek,
(monthly courses, even when attended by epeame Of fib,
have been re‘toliytell-red.
Dyspepsia yields without a tornsele to its mild yet
powerful action upon the stomach. In Catarrh,
or Cough, Rheumatism and Fistula it never halite CON,
an we have fully proved,
The tinrm e tends direct Iy to excite a healthy action In
the stomach, liver, lunge and kidneys—to partly the
blood and other fluids, by espellinv every particle tail
morbid matter from the system, and therefore never IMO,
(with its accompaniments,) to prove a valuable risesoly
fur the diseases for which calomel by been Invariably
used. Old sores or uicers.or any chronic steeliest: Mal
for the calomel disease it Is an infallible remedy.
This remedy Is perfectly vegetable, ,utild, agreeable.
and safe for persona of any age, either sex,or in say
condition; acknowledged by theft who have tried It, le
be the best known family medicine.
The justly celebrated Tincture create. a craving sp,
penile. and the patient is lei at innerly to iridnlgaity—,
indeed he in particularly requested to do so. The am et
this medicine wilt change it complexion from a pallid
to a tine bloomine one. After using this Tincture fen
weeks, a person crab) , age May eat any thing that a
child of ttn years of P tte. in full health, could eat with.
out the least inconvenience,
117 A large number of certificates from the citizens
of Lexington, Ky..whose respectability is conchal fisr
by Fiona. it X Ahem" and Hoary Clay, as wan as
natotow taken in Alex 'ldris and Washington, D.
hoses* on application to the min of the ki prep
Packing. Hotel. . . rietat -
Price. pas Deter per bottle.
tun 21,-4br
J. G. 4- A. GORDEN,
12 Water sired