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    hanomixing, after the fashion of wealthier
professors, who exult in laying in a stock,
and securing the "cheapest in the enB."
To pay double, however, is not'the ex.
elusive affliction of the poor, nor is the at
tainment of cheapness the easy privilege of
the etch. The man of wealth, like the man
of need. must almost necessarily pay dou
ble. His wide-necked pose may distend
or collapse at his will; bat he must gener
ally. against his will, pay double. He may
choose his servants, 'and change his trades.
men; hat there 2tte invariably two to one
against him; Ind the continual consequence
Is, the abdtninable double payment.
fie pays the highest premium for confi
dential servante,who plunder him cum pri
vilegio,and play the cankerworm sub tom.
He gives the best vtages, that his trusty
servitors may be beyond the reach of
temptation; and they sell his wax-lights to
his own chandler before they have burnt
half way- This is surely burning the can
die at both ends, or, in other words,paying
The only choice he has, is, not whether
he will pay too much or enough,but wheth
er the sum to be purloined from him shall
be extracted from the right- hand pocket or
the left. He may reduce his establish
ment, and keep but a einele servant; yet a
tingle servant is quite sufficient to make a
man pay double. He may so watch the
aol tary extortioner, so cramp in his sphere
°faction, so bind him down upon the rack
of ucdeviating honesty, as to prevent all
ordinary inroads upon his own pocket; hut
to do this,he must spend more in tim- thin
be can save in cash; mote in labor than a
statute fair could relieve him from; more
in health than his physi-ian could restore
him in fifty visits. He weuld rob himself
of his pea's to save his purse. He would
hang himself in a twelvemonth, through
sheer anxiety to prevent another from in
cursing the penalty. He must keep his
eye open in sleep, and receive his guests
by the kirchen.fire. He must be prepared
to die the death of a martyr every di r•he
lived; which would be paying the debt of
nature—obt more than double,
But without rendering himself a slave to
servants or tradesmen, the rich man may
exercise an ordinary sagacity, and forestal i
the practicer of imposition. by striking off!
as an overcharge one.half of the emnunt of
every demand made upon him. Still,has
he any security—grantin g that his deduc
tion is Assested to—that he is not agreeing
even to pay doublet
'Five hundred is ton much for the mare,
Mr Sharpe; two hundred and firty is my
max i mum."Ruinousrreturn s Mr Sharpe;
`bet I must trouble your lordship to draw'
the check.' And the rich man still pays
Such is the tenor of every verse through
out the chapter. An individual is seldom
so cunning as the world; and the world is
ever lying in ambush near the rich man's
pocket. If to counteract the effect of his
losses, and to retort the egg, e=sions which ;
he cannot avoid, he sues his debtors, n:-,
equeteaes his tenants without due secrecy
and method, then the world pounces, not
upon his pocket, but his reputation. He
i& detneged in character, ruined in temper,
hurt a little perhaps in conscience—and i
thusmain,to avoid the evils of overcharge,
hems double in another way. The rich
know that they are expected to pay, not at
an ad valorem rare , but according 'to their ,
own honor and ignity;' which exactly
doubles that of the class halfway down in I
the gulf of society:
Then it must be this class of personal
who seem to have just enough for their
wants without a superabundance,by whom
the penalty of paying double is felicitously
avoided 1 We shouid judge hastily in so
deciding. • They have their debts and diffi
cultism, and consequently their double pay
ments. like the notoriously rich and the ,
notoriously poor. They borrow money
at k hundred per cent., for the purpose, as 1
they prettily phrase it,of settling with their i
creditors and starting clear. They ex- I
pect to reeeiVe cash in September, and,
- buy upon trust in spring what they could
get et'halt price with ready money in the
autumn. They promise to pay, and really
do pay—for the stamp on which the prom
ise is written. Then follow law expenses,
and these soon leave more double pay-
mente far in the distance. When the prison'
door is double locked upon them, they that
have been paying in money and repute
—destroying their credit for probity, by
actually giving forty shillings for a sover.
eign• If they can raise the wind high
enough to blow them over the walls, they
turn out to be rigid economists; and eall a
hackney coach to drive to a cheap shop
Iwo miles off for a half crown pair of
'Misfortunes never come single,' and if
there be people, as some think there are,
who deem the payment of debts a misfor.
tune, they must of course, pay 'double.—
We have heard of persona who pay before-
and who, being looked upon as the!
worst of paymasters, are made to pay a-I
gait": This species of liquidation ii fast
dwindling away, and wilt soon be as ex
tinct as Old Double himself, who died in
the time of Shallow.
But money (Heaven be praised) is not
the only aubstantial thing in this world of
debtor and creditor. There is such an an ,
title as love; but with the desperate deter.
initiation of securing it, men, corrupted by
habit in pecuniary affairs, will nut scruple
now and then to pay double—paying their
addresses, that is to say, to two ladies at a
tiate—or to one rapidly after the other.--
Then there is the social principle, which
Involves the paying of visits; and these are
sometimes paid double, by guests who lin
ger with the door in their hand an uncon
scionable time; promising when they do
go, to return speedily and spend a long day
with you.
So, too, there are other purchases than
those s3ads in the cheap suarkeus, which
rich sad poor have much difficulty in fil fi nd -
- en bay fame, awl glory . pparently
at alteraiAeetilLebers,„ P rlttli* itl‘l4.* ~ , :Ilait 34 . 41DN1N11v '
eXplebditiiii•of Witty yeametketir lieessver JAMES BUtIFIANAN
at rte total cost of ,thair &maw i hg•es L
' 3 " ,- ""•C " 1 4• Pi" Subjeettoilio decision of a National Convention.
fleas and qtiret. Dot wben they have bott .
fame and glory, they find themselves irne , DAILY MORNING POST.
peratively obliged to expend whatever may
remain of liver or intetlect,i!of worldly ease --- --
or moral energy in protecting their purcha
ses from the libeller, the retractor, the as-
Bassin. What a painful, what a sickening
exhibition have we here, of the common
lot—to pay double! I Libel Suits.
Self love, no less than enmity, often en. The proprietors of the Philadelphia
and th the obsti n doubate p . for exam ple, le ayment. Theinflict irascible the Ledger have lately been sentenced to pay
evil uan themselves. The hasty unjust
a fine of twenty dollars for publishing a fin
p e ,
net on the editors of the Phila. Chronicle
exweeston, at once recalled, seldom reacts
with fearful echoes in the breast of the tit- The system adopted by some printers and
terer. But he has spoken it, and pride for. editors of applying to Courts to patch up
bid s him to retract; the summons to unsay their damaged reputations, we think should
it only irritates him to a fiercer extent; the
be abandoned by
to a revolution to make bad worse; and the the fraternity, and leave
consciousness that his wrong galls him in
the decision of all such questions to public
little word, the honorable admission, which opinion. It not only evinces a craven spir-
frankly offered at first, would have been it in those who resort to such means of
received as an atonement, and have pus-' punishing an adversary, but it leads the
chased him peace, deeper:s into the abject public to suppose that the libelled parties
apology, a jury's verdict against a slander- •
think in their own minds that the rectitude
er, or the dying groan of a duelist,
To obviate a gloomy ending, (which our of their course has,heen so quest ionnble that
littl e essay needs not,) we shall offer a it requires the solemn evidence of twelve
simple sugeest"'ll The serest way to pro - men to make it even passable with their
pare. ourselves tor a ju,t and necessary re., fellow citizens. An editor who will pur-
sent root of inj 1 ries. is to cultivate a faith
in kind iness, an to yield to instir.cts of sue an honorable, upright course, uninflu- ,
genero,ey, There ',at least one situation ienced by the patronage or advice of the
in life—and it is by no means of' rare oc.- corrupt, vicious orate ma
currence to any man—in whin'', with im. p , y expect thus- whose misdeeds he rebukes will
mense advantage to ourselves,
we may
liquidate a debt, as , it were, by double en • do all in their power to injure him. But
try, and savingly discharge a claim twice if he is co , scious of his own rectitude; if
over. Reader, as often as you may ex- he knows that his life would not give
perience that invaluable blessing—a lib,r- a coloring of truth to the bass charges of
al and timely opportnnity of returning a,
hie enetnies,he would commit an act of the
kindness—pay double!
/ greatest folly to take his case from before
his fellow citizens and submit it to a Court
of Law, which some who have lately
brought such prosecutions have discovered
is not al ways a Court of justice.
Public opinion will always do justice to aa
upright man, and the honest indignation of
his neighbors against the base slanderer
will be more effective in repelling a cal.
umny than all the judgments that can Se
obtained by the touching appeals of gentle
men learned in the law.
If editors will give bard knocks in the
course of their business, they must expect
to receive similar, treatment from their ad.-
versaries, and if they are unable to defend
themselves agai nst the assaults of black.,
eller& or slanderers, it would be better
for them to abandon the pinfession and take
to some other e nployment that is n-it so
likely to attract public scrutiny to their
- -
The N Y Post has received intelligence
that Gov Roses has expelled the clergy of
the order of Jesuits from Buenos Ayres, in
consequence of their having refused to
hang up his portrait over the altar of their
church.as has been d toe by all other friars
in the city. Latet intelligence confirms
the fact of their expu'sion, but ase.gris a
different cause for it. On the 20th ult., the
Rev. Cabezas, of the company of
'Jesuits, addressed a memorial to His Ex
cellency the Governor,in tenor that the as
socisttug of the Rev. Fraucisco Mageste,
with them, to perform service in the church
of San Ignacio, in their city, had materially
altered their aituation;inasm uc h as the said I
Mageste, no longer belonging to the com
pany afJesuits,of which they are members,
they could not act with the unanimity so
necessary amongst individuals of the same
religious family, uniformity of action be,
ing impossible. His duty, therefore. cool
pelted him to solicit His Excellency to be
removed from the charge of the church of
San Ignacio, which he could not fulfil in
company with Mageste; but he was ready
Ito continue his official duties, alone, or as
sociated with any other clergymen of the
same profession, or in any service of his
ministty which might be deemed us
Adding, that in whatever part of the world
Divine Providence might places him, he
should ever feel grateful for the many kind
nesses he had received train His Excellen
cy, and from the generous people over
whom he so worthily presides. On the
22nd, the Governor issued an order to the
Chief of Police, to inform the Rev. Jesuit,
Cabeza, and the other Jesuits in the Pro
' vinces,who are not secularised clergymen
similar to the Rev. Francisco Megeste and
lldeftnso Garcia, they that must,on or be
fore the 31st inclusive, quit the territory of
the Republic; and that, in making this
communicated, he was to read to each of
them, the memorial of the present decree.
In pursuance of the above resolution, the
Jesuits,sixteen in number, left Buenos Ay
res on the 29th ult..in the packet schooner
Orestes, for Monteviieo, whence we hear
it is their intention to proceed to Brazil
Another oWrage in the streets of New
York. ---On last Friday a man named
Reynolds, was committed to prison in N.
Y.4rk, charged with stabbing, his wife Mary
with a knife, under the following circum
It appeared that the parties hive been
living separately fur some time, in conse
quence of the jealous disposition of the
husband. The wife, who has been living
as servant with Mr John P Stag, in Broad
street, came down town in the evening to
visit an accquaintance in City Hall Place.
While she was there, her husband, who
had gained a knowledge of the fact, came
and cilled her outside, and on her coming,
he stabbed her near the region of the heart
in five different places, once in the back
arid also in the right arin. She was con
veyed to the City hospital, "here she lies
dangerously ill, although hopes were en
tertained 01 her recovery on Saturday e
IStepper! ry: , Ilear Him!—The Edito
of the Dansville (N V) Republican, speaks
as follows;—"We have, since our last pa
per was issued, launched our bark upon
the matrimonial sea—sown our wild oats,
and bid farewell to our boyish freaks and
follies. The poetry of love no more for us
shall chaunt the praises of the spring—the
summer flowers shall bloom for other
young, lovesick admirers! We're in the
prose of this, our brief existence, and the
frail and transitory things of life, we'll call ' Whenever a Russian meets a funeral
by their true names. procession, he takes off his hat and stands
We have a wife, dear reader!—and like uncovered until it passes, a mark of re.
ten thousand married men whom you wot spect for the dead, which is becoming and
of—it is our serious intention .to settle worthy of imitation.
down, and devote our• whole time and ----
mind to your service.. We shall endeavor THEATRA.
Mr. .T. H. Kirby, the celebratedhdllTLra.
to make-enr paper more worthy oLyour
gedian ,appears tonig ht ye
as R'
patronage—and when you have soy husi•
Great curiosity has be en manifested by our
ness in mil. line, )ou will always be able
play-goers td witness this gentleman, who
to find us "at home."
appears tobe a 'bright particular star,"
and we hope he may be greeted by a good
Money is still abundant in New York.
Tie exposure ue gave yesterday of the
course pursued by several leading anti.
masons in 1842, towards the "Union Tick
et," has placed the Gazette in a unpleasant
position, and to call public attention from
the fact that many of their leaders, I fter
tricking the whigs into a union, voted
against such of that party as were on the
ticket, it attempts to get Jp a controversy
about the printing of a handbill! Deacon
White certainly does not suppose that the
pub'ic attach any importance to the privet
ing of the bill; the treachery consisted in
circulating it, and we are told that this
was dc no by several of the prominent an
timasons in Wilkins township. If out
neighbor wants names, let him inquire of
Messrs J and B Kelly and Mr C Snively; we
think they can satisfy him that our state.
men; is correct.
The Dentin's mode of getting out of the
difficulty would be very amusing if it were
not so outrageously impudent. In.
stead of denying the charge that leading
antimasons circulated documents against
the whigs and voted against them in 1842,
lie gets into a furious passion about the
printing of a handbill, and calls on us to re..
ply to a string of interrogatories which the
public believe could be tnore readily an
swered by himself. We have no disposi
tion to humor his impertinence by replying
to his questions, but if Deacon White will
solemnly aver that he does not believe that
any antimason circulated the handbill r•o•
ferred to, or that any of them voted against
the whigs on the ticket last fall, and pro.
duce any respectable evidence that he
spook s th e truth, we may then think of an.
swering his queries. This we consider a
fair offer, and easily complied with; if the
Deacon and his patty are as honest as Ile
wishes to make the public believe they are.
Jue Smith, the Mormon prophet has ap
plied fur the benefit of the Bankrupt law,
and is not yet discharged I Is he entitled
to his "certificate and discharge," if he ne•
glected to put down in his schedule of as
sets the golden plates of his Bible. The
Cleveland Herald says that several of his
creditors holding notes of the Kirtland
Bank wait seriously a solution of the diffi
lee First Page.
For the
Messrs Enrrotts:—On Wednesday Poet.
Revolutionary soldier, Mr Brown, was bu
ried, and to the shame of our city be it
spoken, not a single citizen was seen fol.
lowing him to his last home. True, the
military presented an imposing and solemn
appearance, but that should not prevent
the community from paying the last tribute
of respect to one who fought and bled to
achieve the liberties they now enjoy. But
few of these heroes at present remain, and
to permit them to be committed "dust to
dust and ashes to ashes" in this shameful
mannerispeaks but little for either the head
or heart of the present generation. O.
414. eoritifr.4firip an y toren
leg in Pittabergh for Oregon, have pub , .
Hilted a list of the articles whidh each per.
son !nun furnish. They amount in the
aggregate to 885. Among the articles
deemed indispensable, is a mom Under
such a rule, there will be no barbarian de
geoeracy.—Philu Chron. -
Trails*" Usten.
The fi-et regular meeting for the mutineer:it or
ganizing an Industrial Association, to be called
the TRADES' .UNION, was held on Thursday
evening. It was very large, and a determination
was evinced by all present to persevere in the
great work of the resorganizatin n of Society.
On motion, Mr. E. I. HIGBY was called to the
chair, and James D. THORNBURGH appointed Sec
On motion of Mr. Van Amringe, it was
Resolved, That the chairman and two others be
a committee to revise the Constitution of the
Trades' Union, and report to next meeting.
The following gentlemen were chosen said coin
mittee, viz: E I. Rigby, 11. H. Van Am:inge and
Jaa D. Thornburgh.
On motion, it wee
Resolved, That a committee of foto- be appointed
to make report on the subject of a location, who
shall have power to correspond with land holders,
and who may, if they deem it expedient, appoint
on agent to visit such tract or tracts about which
they may desire accurate information.
The following gentlemen were chosen said com•
mittee,—E. 1. Rigby, iidw Norton, S. Feppard
and J. Heron Foster.
The chair then laid before the Meeting some in
formation in relation to certain lands, *bleb gave
rise to some discussion among the members. H e
alsn introduced to the meeting Mr. JOIINSON, of
Tennessee, an extensive land holder in that state,
who in a few words gave a detailed description
of the quality, price &c of his lands on the Ten
nesece river, which he recommended to the As
sociation, A discussion here arose on the pro
, priety of locating in a slave state, which was con
dueled in a remarkably good temper. The rub
jest of .livery beine incidentally introduced, a
resolittiot. was finally unanimously adopted, de.
elating that it was, in the present opinion of the
members, impracticable to locate in a slave state.
The following resolution, offered by Mr. J. H.
Foster, was unanimously adopted.
Resolved, That we this evening make a prov's
innal organization by choosing a President, Vice
President. Recording ar.d Corresponding Secreta
ry, and a:cutnmittee of election of seven per.ous,
who shall act until the Association is organized
wider the Constitution, and that hereafter no one
whose name is not on the list of the Recording
Secretary, shall he permitted to vote in the Socie
ty; and that the President and Vice President shall
shall have power to call future meetings.
The fallowing are the officers elected under the
fo•egoing resolution:
President—E. I Higby.
Vice President—H• H. Van Amringe.
Corresponding Secretary—J. Heron Foster.
The messenger whir visited the Presi- Recording Secietary—J. D. Thornburgh.
Executive Committee t -A_. Bradley, Ellt!t. Nor
dent in such li.rt h rate a day or two ago, l on, Luther Ballard, Otis oung, IV dlsktne, IV,
was merely an office hunter . i Sharp, Ephraim Jones.
Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting
John Holden, a trmlat to, has been tried Re
be published in the Spirit of the Age, Post, Chioni
at Waynesboro, Ga., for the murder of , de Sun, Gazette and Advocate, Pittsburgh; Ban
George Harbert, on the 2d April, found I tier, States
Allegheny; a and J ournal, guilty, and and sentenced to be hung on the 3d , bug. 0 ; Cincinnati pape m rs, n
rribune an i Pathfind-
July, proximo. J er, New York.
On m tion. the men ad, to
Do it.—The Philadelphia Me rcury Monday evening next,eti g
at the dj sameourne plate. that on
threatens to expose the pretensions ofi faApplication for membership must be made
Madame Adolph. For a text, we would ito the Executive Committee.
mention that she fleeced some five hun. i The St Louis Organ says: ''Our Mil
dred dollars from the factory girls at Lo•mouri farmers have turned their attention
well, by her infamous tricker Ru s ton
Bee, entirely to the cultivation of Tobacco. The
warehouse is not large enough to hold the
'rite planet Mars now shows his fiery immense quantities which are daily arri -
face c inspictiously every evening in the ving in the city, The Inspectors have
heay. ns, being neatly in opposition to the therefore been obliged to erect a tempo.
rary shed warehouse on the west side of
Second street, corner of Laurel. There
will be storage enough to fill another, and
the staple must be improving in quality,
for we have been informed by an experi
enced gentleman that it is taking the pre
cedence of all other :ear Tobacco in the
manufacture of Segars at the East.
We think the above is a mistake. N o
company is forming in Pittsburgh, to go to
Oregon; those who once talked of it hav
ing all turned Fouriei ists. Association is
all the agony now.
In Lancaster county antimasonty is be
coming an "obsolete idea." The Exami
ner and Herald, at one time foremost
among the advocates for a distinct antima•
soote organizatioi, now goes for "union
and harmony," and to show its si naerity,it
bas hoisted the name of HENRY CLAY as
the anlimasonic candidate for the Presi•
dency. The party in that county approve
ofihe course pursued by the Examiner, as
at a late convention of the pure blue noses,
which was called to organize on disiinct anti
masonic grounds, they could scarcely mus
ter a corporal's guard. The fact is, that
all the signs of the times indicate that an.
timasonry is on its last legs; Lancaster and
Allegheny were their last otrong holds, acd
on the 10th of October they will be a s
completely routed in tvith these places as
wore the Mexicans at San Jacinta.
Boyer in Jamaica.—A Kingston, Ja
maica, paper of the 19,h, says: 11r Boy.
er, Ex-President of Hayti, accompanied
by tl.e Hon Dowell O'Reilly, her Mejes.
ty's Attorney General, arrived in Spanish
Town, yesterday, and was to dine with his
Exclllency the Governor, last evening.—
We learn that the President of the Council,
the Speaker of the Assembly, and other
distinguished characters, were invited to
meet Mr Boyer on Cie occasion."
The Smaller! Hmteenpolhic Dose Ever
Known. -0 9 Thursday last we read that
Sir Robert Peel took The sense of the
I The New Jersey Pilo's brought in:' New
York, (luring the month of May, 43 veFr,
eels from sea, rf which 31 were ho oded
out of sight of land, arid pilotted nut 27.
It is worthy of notice, that these indefati.
gable pilots cruise for vessels 120 mike
Pram Sandy Hook,
Capt. Elliot, Consul Genera! of Eng
land, to Tera 3, left New Orleans on the
2nd instant, for Galveston.
'A fair French Duchess recently eloped
from Paris, with a Nepolitart
'!'hey wete leaders of ton; and one left a
husband and two children behind—the
other, a wife and ditto. They went to
A newspaper say•, the question "may
man marry his wife's sister?" can only be
properly answered by the sister herself,
when the widower pops the question.
The Oil Trade.—There were import•
ed into the United States, during the
month of May, 37,881 burets of sperm oil;
36,268 barrels of whale oil, and 362,280
pounds of whalebone.
Pick Pockets! Pick Pockets!! —These
scoundrels will be as thick among the
crowd today as blackberries on the briar
bushes in August. Look out for your
pocket books.—N Y Surt.
The Secretary of the Treasury of the
U. S., through the Madison ian, acknowl
edges the receipt of two hundred dollars
for the use of the government, in an an
onymous letter, dated June 7 184 , and
post-marked, "New York,"
Look out.---A fellow calling himself J.
Winchester, has been palming himself off
in different parts of the Union, as agent for
the N Y Sun.
There are many other children, females
particularly, strolling the streets begging,
who are laying for themselves the founds.
tion for a life of infamy. Pity but we
had a house ofrefuge for them.—Ballimore
The same may be seen in every city in
the union. Can Legislators do nothing to
arrest the growth of this evil.
Strawberries.—O ur thank s to Mr Hern
for the fine strawberries he 'sent us. See
First appearance of MR KIRBY
This evening tile Tragedy of
• RICHARD 111.
Mr. Kirby,
A variety of Songs, Dance■ t &c.
To conclude with
Doors open at 7 o'clock, Performance to elm
mence et Lnir pool 7
I.ovrer Buxes, .50 cent; Secona Tier, 374 cents
it. 25 " Gallery 12i cents
er om inertial NettuY.
AM_ IC - 111 7- 11 , MEAL •
6 feet water in the channel.
All Boats marked thus (*) are, provided with
Evans's Safety Guard.
Reported by SII ELLE & MITCHEL, General B
Agents, No 5, Market street.
North Queen, McLain, - Wells% ille,
Republic, Johnson, N Orleans,
Mingo Chief, Dcrinny, Wheeling.
* Montgomery, Bennet, Cin.
*Colunhiana, Murdock, 4% heeling.
• Bridgewater, Ebbert, do.
North Queen, :McClain; Wellsville.
Oelia, Barnard, Brownsville.
Moxahala, Parkison, Monongahela City.
*Michigan. Boles, Boaver,
s.7.lcveland, Hemphill, do.
*Cleveland, Hemphill, Beaver,
*Michig. m Nines, Beaver.
Muskingdon Valley, Thompson, Zanesville,
*Cotter, Collins, Cin.,
Moxahala, Parkinson, Monongahela city
Utica, Elinefelter, St Louis.
Alpine, Cockburn, Brownsville.
*Raritan, Sheble, Galena.
* Neptune, Decamps, N. 0.
Ming. Chief, D.:vinny, Wheeling
*Bridgewater,Ebbert, do,
River at Cincinnati—after having risen
25 feet, was falling slowly on the 13th
O"At Louisville-7 feet water in the
la" The Mississippi is in a good stage
at all points above Vicksburgh.
The market for Western Produce in N
Orleans on the sth inst., was dull.
STRAWBERRIEEIand CREAM at Washington Hall
(late residence or James Adams, deceased.)
June 17.
TEBbscribers will give the highest market price
cash, for good Whiskey.
W. 4. N. 111 rCHELTREE,
160 Liberty @feet.
June 17.-4tal4*w
DIED—At Brownrville, Pa., on oda'', if.*
12th inst„ in the twenty.sk veld,' year hrr age,
AlraSusex Ilvotric4. c onsort of ELIA Alb HtrObirle
proprietor of the Ehewhevllie Iron Works.
DIED—On Prissy mining, 16th inst., Mr.
NICHOLAS FiTzimmotts, in the 95th year of his'
His funeral will take place this aftternoon, at 3
ceclork, from his late residence, in Strawberry al
ley. His friends and acquaintaucca are requested
to attend.
DIED-.on Wctinesday evening, about 9 o'ehetk i ,
the Rev. loosen Keen, of this city. June 17.
azrAn adjourned meeting of the Duquesne Greys Ida
be held this eveting, (Saturday,) at their armory. Peso—
tual auendanee is requested, as business of ImportaJoe is
to be transacted; By order of CHAS. GLENN.
it:r A meeting ef the Fire Wardens of the city of
Pittsburgh will be held on thin evening (Saturday the 171,
inst.) at the Hail of the Duqueane Fire Company. at 7f
o'clock,for the adoption of a Constitution and the eder
lion of officers. JAMES A. BARTItAIit,
June 17. President.
T HE stockholders of the Pittsburgh and Ailegbe*
Bridge Company are hereby notified that the sow
al elecir on for one President, ten Managers, nee Tram.
trrer. and a clerk to conduct the business of the Cooper
ny for the enduing year, will he held on Monday 'bent'
of July next, at the boor of 3 o'clock P. M.. at Hoe
room.= belonging to said Companyosnrth end of the Haad
Street Bridgr, JOHN TANEY,
June 17—te, - President.
To the Voters of Allegheny COll7ll y --I respectfully o(.
fer myself to your consideration as a candidate (ioidepett
dent of parties) for the office of PROTHONOTARY •e'
Allegheny county, at the ensuing election. All do not
coupe before you recommended by a Courtrai's, those 01
you to whom I am not personally known will please ex,
amine into my qualifications, ite.; and if so fortenale at
to obtain a majority of your suffrages, I shall autism°,
by strict attention to the ditties of lime office: to satisfy see
may 10 --tE• 01 Pittsburgh:
/lA T the solicitation of a number of Pleads of all pot
aical parties, 1 respectfully offer myself to the eon.
alderation of my fellow•citizens for the office el County
Commissioner. That fly sentiments may not be mistld.
derstood, either as to political or private affairs. I roe
free to say that I have been all my life a eons:sleet Re.
publlean, In the true sense of the word. At the county
is somewhat embarrassed In Its financial affairs. and the
reduction of salaries of public officers has received the
approbation oflarge majorities oft he people, tale endow-,
signed would not should he be so fortunate as to Melee.
ted, in any manner attempt to reslo this salutary re
form; should It reach the office of County Crmmisaloner.
apr 6: SAM UEL HU BLF.:Y.
Clear the course for the :masers,
WILLI AM B. FOSTER, Esq. of A Ileeliany c ity w
be a candidate for the fame of Prothonotary of A Ilegheny
county, al the Ocioher election. june 4.
Fr BU:LDING LOTS. on Hand street, between Pena
SC., and Duquesne way, Pittsburgh, at Auction will
out reserve.
The above Lots will be sold on ihe p. - emiaes, on Sale r;
day, June 24, n 1 3 o'clock, P. M.—Terms wade anoint a 1
june 15 ts., JOHN D DAVIS,
The office In littiburgh, which was established far
the purpose of constinnin•. ascents in the West. having
accomplished that ol Jett, 13 now closed, and Mr. G. ff.
LEE, in the Diamond, Market street, appointed my
agent for the sale of my Pills and Liniments. All Dr.
13 randrelh'sagr•.r,ts will, therefore, understand that Dr.
8. will send a travelling agent through the country OM
a year to collect moneys rot sales made and re supply
agents. The said traveler will be provided wlib
power of aitorrey.duly proved behore the Clerk of Mat
thy arid county of New York, together Wilhaltlhowe_.
tessary vouchers and pantre.
Mr. J. J. Yoe is my traveling agent now In Pei's.
N B —Remetnber Mr, C. H. LEE. In the rear of the
Market is now my only agent in Pittsburgh.
June 14.
SFAIINEE rT3C/f it Cs , Ettiecenots to .1 B . Guth
• rie, the old stand corner of sth and Wood Obi._
havingcomplied with the requisitions of the new illicit
tion Law, •re prepared to make advances on Coosigo
meat...and to sell oh favorable terms. They hope by
continuing to make ready sales and prompt retinas,
receive a fair portion of business.
Pittsburgh, A prll Ht 43
In retiring from the Auction businees. I takegeet:-
pleasure in
_recommending to tile nubile Messrs. flensise.
Pahnestock 4- Co.. who have complied with the requfre
mats or the new Auction Law and will do business-a
my old stand.
sprit 31843.
Now is the time of year for persons attacked whit
Coughs, Coulds. Rheumatism, Gout., 4c, fc. —To those
afflicted, a speedy cure can he effected by using
which be allowed by all who have used it to be Um bast
remedy ever offered for Congas cord Colds, and
HE WES XERT E 4.11rD DONE Moir.d;VE,lleT,
an outward remedy, with the
an Inward application, is a minis and positive cure far
the Rheumatism. Gout, Contracted Cords and Limbo:
No one need Puffer from these diseases if they alit .
the above medicines. The eenufne to he had only It r
TUTTLE'S hfsme.t.t. AGINCY.
, Drueeists and Country merchants will he supplied a
NM YORK prices. 86 Fou rth Street.
J r SACKS Ohio Feathers, Ca prime article) on consign
ment, and for sale by
43 Wood street
No. 99 Wood street,
/VlM ei
:NAN 4 - JONES are recvin PITTSBU ta GH
g consntly (mph
iipplies of seasonable Dry Goods which they will
confinue to dispose of at eastern priees,with Iheaddition
of Carriage, fur cash, par money, only.
Every merchant making purchases in the city wish
money, Is respectfully invitell to call and examine our
zoods, and the chances are ten to one against him that
hu will not consider his time and lalmr lust. -
Davin: adopted this system from a convict' in Ist h
must tre to the advantage c* the pu:cdaser we trust It
may rccrive altar triql, and he Judged accordingly.
June 16—dint
r o the Honorable the Judges otthe Cona of General'
Quarter Sessions of the Peace in and ibr Alisgliony
The petition or Matthias Wilhelm, of the NI. Wang of n
r .
the city of Pittsburgh in the county atbresald, Notably
aheweib, That your petitioner bath provided itiosoli
with materials fbr the a:commodatron of travelers's*
others at his dwarfing holm In the city and ward afores ;
said, and prays th at your honors will grant him license
to keep a public house of entertainment, And your pe,
titioner as in duty hound, will pray.
MATTHIAS W1L1121141.
We the subscribers, citizens of the Fifth 'Ward,
cily of Pittsburg h,"do certify that the above petitioner it
of gond repute for honesty and temperance, and la wet,
provided with house moat and. convenieneks for the ac—
commodation and lodging ofstrangera and traveler*, aa4
that said tavern Is neeetmary.
Jae Gosling. Anthony Mangle, Jt.L: Agnew %
Bernard Soluble, John Kearney, Jacob Hoek .,
Geo Porter. Holt /Ansley, R. Fogli a
Joseph Snyder, Wilhelm Bobasidt, M. 3.
Jule 12.
rtrz.nrsTuals Wes}] it.OOlMll6
.it at old stand of YOUNG 4- XeCURDY, No. 43
Second, ietiocen Woodard Markin streets.
RESPECTFULLY Informs the friends of the Wean*
and the public generally. that he la prepared to
All all orders forCeliest Work, of any kind, with are'
Possible despatch, and warranted to be equal to any.%
the ehy
c Every attention will be paid to furnishing COPIPIIII6'
when regaired. Juno Rt. litt.
Bee. D. G..