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    th spilit - e. and fully determined to sue
sin their ptintiplee.
Repudiation.—We observe that a con•
ciderable portion of the whig press of this
Sense is disposed to make a hobby of what
is called Wm. Cost Johnson's scheme fir
the assumption of State debt,. The
amount of these debts is over two bun—
deed nillions of dollars. Were the bur.
then of them transferred to the. General
Government, at an interest of 5 per cent,
perinnum,the addition to the Government
expenses would be ten millions a year.
The necessary annual expenses of Govern.
meet are now twenty.five millions. Make
them thirty-five millions, and how long
would the people endure them g The
truth is, this assumption scheme is a sort of
half way house to repudiation. Let the
indOted States once throw off their debts
on to the General Government, and then
let them take care that the men whom they
fetid to Congress shall be opposed to di
rect taAation, , and the work of repudiation
111/ ill have been finished. The assumption
jets, are repudiators, who have not sufficient
hildnesa to march directly on their object
Ohio Statesman. •
-.tore Murderers in .irkanuts.—The
Washington Telegraph, of the 24th ult.,
brings intelligence of shocking murders
committed in Ecore Fabre,Ouachita county,
Arkansas. Mr Ezra Hill, of the firm of
Hill & Butler, was the owner of five ne•
groes-- , a man and his wife and three fe.
male children, the eldest about fourteen
and the youngest about nine years old.—
Mr Hill, on the 15th ult., gave the mother
orders to do certain work, which she re
fused, and bang thretened with punish
ment, she ran and made her escape to the
woods, Her husband then seized a club
axe and made an attack on Mr Hill, inflict.
ing several blows, when his daughter, a
girl of aboutfifteen, interposed between
them, and received a blow intended for
her father, and fell to the earth mortally
wounded. Mr H. finally overpowered the
negro, and wr•-sted the axe from him.--
His little son, a lad F
0. fourteen, tail to the
house fora gun I.ladetl with buck-shot,
which he discharged into the shoulder of
the eegro. The fellow, however, did not
fell, but took to his heels. He found his
wife and children upon the banks of the
river, and having explained to them the
crimes which he had committed, be insis
tek that thy should die with him, and af
lei muehconstraint he succeeded in drown
ing himself and h's three children. His
wife escaped lay clinging to a tree. A
play in pursuit of the fiend discovered her
in this situation, and subsequently recover
ed the four bodies of the drowned negro:.s,
and buried them. Mr Hill's daughter
still survived at the last accounts.
Appended to the account of the trage..
dy, is a statement that instead of severity,
undue indulgence to his slaves, on the part
of Mr Hill, is the cause to which mast be
attributed this afflictive dispensation.
The Sandwich Islands.
All the statements that have been pub.
Hatred in regard to the character of °nark
ton, the late British Consul at the Sand
wich Islands, seem conclusively to estab
lish the fact of his unmitigated baseness.—
The. Providence Journal, in giving some
interesting extracts from a history of the
Sandwich Islands, recently published by
Mr Jarves, Boston, says: 'Mr Jarves has
resided there for a number of years, and
his testimony concerning the conditon of
the Islands, is regarded as of the highest
cbaracter.---He states that the American
population exceeds by several hundred all
other foreigners together—that there are
about sixty families from the United States
now resident there, and about an equa
number formed by intermarriage of Amer
icans with the natives. The property in
buildings, printing presses, furniture,
books, &c., belonging to the Amer•
ican Mission, is estimated at not less
than $100,000; and this whole amount of'
permanent capital held by Americans, ir
respective of vessels touching there, is at
least $1,000,000. All other foreign prop.
arty in 1836, did not amount to more than
one fifth of this sum,
From , AlrJarves's book, it would ap.
pear, that Charlton; the absconding Brit.
ish Consul, has lung been notorious for a
character and conduct of the most execra•
ble.baseness. He has opposed in every
way in his power the civilization of the na
tive, and has even sought by his own per
sonal influence, to allure many of them
back to the degradation of intemperanc e
and licentiousness from which they had
been reclaimed. He has sanctioned the
most, fraudulent and iniquitous claims of
certain British residents upon the govern
ment, and is represented by Mr Jarves, as
an'indivic;ual who has long held the Hawai-
Lane in dread, frustrated the efforts of be.
nevoleuce, treacherously undermined the
interests of American citizens, ar.d, it may
be justly added, corrupted and ruined those
of hie own.'
He further remarks of this same func
'So well are the machinations, effrontery
and ribaldry of this man known by those
with whom he has come irt contact, that
were it not for the importance and means
of injury derived from his official station,
hewould be an object of pity and con..
tempt. His ascendance uver whites and
natives, is proportionate. to the looseness
ofmorals. In 1833, during the abolition
ofthe laws, he was all-dominant, and
openly expressed his determination uf hav•
ing the American Missionaries sent from ,
the Islands. It would be a great task to
allude to a moiety of his intrigues and de
signs; to refer to his character at all, is a
melancholy ono, but i!s importance in
Hawaiian annals, renders it necessary.—
Through the whole of his career, he has
been to that nation, what the nightmare
to a half-awakened man; an incubus, The St.' Louis Fire Company acknowlq
it .was powerless to remove; a monstrous edges the receipt of the splendid. resent
pbantotu to a legatt hie mind; . but loam p
" , frurn the Aregheny Fire Company of this
ten one. an objert ofifiaguat.!
the wan %horn England ha city.
empf t
u la
A o va
lenietA Wiithiniztorreiot- 'II* its bees rim uttikti ck . behove test
~,., ,- ••-•::•;,. - •', • •
that your:shid hitieso far gentres . to render you ince..
respondAtri!7.4thEr 17. S. txtstintts sail pill'. of judging correctli, upon a subject with
Mr Spesinerhas it:grand scherrie of finance which, at least, you taught to be familiar. Per,.
haps, too, •
someti m e portion of vanity in the: sue
and circulation on foot, to issue ten mil's
lions of Treasury cotes, all of $5O cess of your Ashburton negotiations, in the course
, a'l ie. - of which, you succeeded in sur,enderin g the
ge cl aims of your country, (just and proper thou 7 ,ll
deemable at different banks in the lap they were,
cities th
,which are to be made deposit banks. mighty pr ) obtaining nothing in return but the
ilege ng a eet of not e than
Tae plan is fixed and settled, and it is in- eighty guns force upon ofkeepi
the African emit l to ss
the right of searchina, in conjunction with Er.g
tended as a movement again s t a United fish cruisers, the vessel, sailing under their own
States Bank by giving a circulation to the fllg. Your unheard of unequalli.d abilities as
, a Diplomatist, which some gaud and wise men
(Treat country in the form of notes. have yet had the audacity to doubt, many thus
importance is attached to it by the Cabinet have inspired you with a laudable ambition to dis,
play your potters un a mute extended and imput
es a political move, and it will probably w
tent sphere; foriunately you are new known too
to be trusted. I would n , t
. haye dwelt thus
be the nucleus on which to build a great
tctilptril:::: ycetinc,ltin,t,irrfadi
political machine embracing its :rou its and
exchanges, &c.,
T:eaty, id I not deem it important that they
. ._ .. should be properly appreciated in order that the
The people of St. L•eris - had some merits ofthe scham e itself might be fully under
great timed of it on sth inst., in witnessing stood:, Others may nut be inclined, (as I candidly
coontess, I urn.) to leek upon every chi ig mania
the efforts of the deck hands on board the flog from Mr. Webster with distrust. It is but
gr a u s p s .. i r li t a h n e g ti , t i l i i ai t s thetrcin m , a intlz i o i f b h i ype r cri b s r.
i w h i li
Champlain in shipping a drove of cattle.—
But it was dear sport to some of them.— teetime should be turn fro m your tiltouider, and
that menmay be able to forma proper estimate of
sae Whigs one the Blue Noses. I Two men were severely injured, one of
the patriotis m and morality of th e gentleman from
As a friend of' ours frequeetly remarks, them by the ox jumping on him in the river, Massachus ats. Ido 'Lt. ttuW dread your influ•
'it is foreign from our disposition" to and the other by a wound ie the back.— once, in oppositio n to the Doinocracy.your friend. NOTICE
ship were Wore sincerely to be depreedted. Pu-
meddle with the affairs of others, but we There were numbers that got hurt, but laically, the Democracy blue now but little to
a „,„.. tear fro m you, you 'Mave laden from your high
really cannot keep silent when we hear the one most injured, was a fireman,
pu T ii , e ., uttire . ‘ i ,: Ti t : i tts . i. , u a rti e i ti . , ,, h i i n cti oi % e va w s e e o s i ta i ti ta li v s i h ne. d a r cocraimbe
plislied that Wiped, is now closed, and Mr, G. H. LEE
the blu e noses charging the whir with . gro, named John, who gut gored untie, e e r s y t a t c e o'n " s i a d n e d ra l t o t u . t n
1 m e i l d ireidi m eat
p t ha t
c n Xe4:l)ta.‘t.ttit);:titil.toenv-: in the Diem md, Market vtreei, appointed my agent fur
having' b ell instrumental in defeatin g a the left arm;frore the nature of the wound • esty, that would now consent to be led by the dist- the late °rein., and Liniments ..itli Dr. Breeden's aeents
carded Secretary' of Iwo administrati o la. will Ilierrofe.iindera'and,lliat f/r,n. will Benda travelling
porti:m of the amalgamation ticket last amputation will be necessary.
Have you Sir, forzolLir", or have you abando n - agent Iltrough the country once • a year in collect moneys
year. IL is known to almost evety one
fluz7i/t of Jul - —The W 1• rt • ed, as unweally the a •rtoui eittelderaliutt or . for Pate.; made and re-supply aeries. The said traveller
e provided with a power of attorne d I rased
who took any interrst in the election of
are making actis . re q. re arationass f a ( t ) n t
h o n te e n , s su „bi,,,%,„na,,,:
n o d ( th is
Americasertltghten te d era;
t the homely, re.
w ee ' i r l o b re the Clerk 01 the cityand coanty y o ' r New p l(ork ,
1812, that a number of le !ding untituasons ebration of g
the anniversary of th r e Aemccri.- P mulgated, so dearly cher: s ' i n i che r i sh e d , c ant; a3c..c'tine:r..!.. i v ii pr d o e:
toz s e i r r he j r w i ti y h all
inecemary vOtteltery and papera,
, Ix, lin!, travellii;znt now in Penns'''.
dance with which we have so long enjoyo.l the . • .
not only voted against some of the whigs can Independence. They ought to be r ti ' lesr , in z s of national prosperity' That it i., th , ,, 'an'''.
w it n e ,y in:a n ,;, ; r w. l e f rn.leir f r i i , u [ s .c b •e l , r 2 h n . rear of the Mar
on the . ticket, but openly elJctioneered able to get a large 'h ' f
Tit ering. or , from f icedshi Witt! -11 I. t r
true policy of this e ?entry to pres-rve terms of k e l : I I; to
New York,June him, 13,13,
against them. They even went so far ai present appearances, they will have the ces with it'ione,"we: ntw i fer ° tlie efintd;.filing bear to circulate hand bills (said to have been field to themselves on that day, as the d.spated. 0: d ) pal euneciVe that r a
Goirliticl;re.taitl Tin...lE: An Pi ii r :vi ‘ d V ii . ;AI l u ',,T iv O vi ß l E C : t " it V E 1 „"I: i l tVw l a l y .
printed at the Gazette office) appealing to politicians are too busy quarrelling about n T v " ,l t rl . ,: r f nfrilt,iin2;,,the fate
Pr l aPeritY of
i?"- to pursue it; and there are none, were it liCtik g l.lf made
the anti at
to oppese the tlection of the county officers to think uf such things. ,i
ii i a
~,,,, a
iii,.!,,,,,iistyrl,:itie R;tl .l
i l i
e a r n 0 cot, 1 .: , 1 1 , 1; :i l
f l i t , .
, 1 4 , :l v il e W:1 ,1, Ii
% o , ~ •. i ,, . I
would. IF a in i giolint
i l i ii , m4 p ti l i . l ..kn a . nd x
i n 'vi a de li n li ce re t . s
['ugh Mitchell and J.ihn Forsyth-. Arid
try: D•ser t S,r, !hi- Lind inirk for WIC 111 .int•til, required that the right way ildlaV/Vrelis This is What
IVal in If eather ha s again made its ap.. and it w. , u 1 ,1 I): to vain to ant'cidalc th i coos., , iilll.l. I,lirering rfOU/ ,10011,11 t 1 :4 2 W . 1u lie sails Clod about,
now they have the impudenc e to say it was
, 11 ,, ,,, , .!,„ ,N, aii wIIII/d 11- , 1!I 111'21U bUt WO I ft . eph,',lll, , f i •u; witui. ,
• ••• , 1 1 1 - uo. r i , sli a i not . (0 eluly all !lie health ii . a,
pearance in our cily.
. 1 1eielidnic to his work -slp+ and the PA( "(`r :it , r,.), : y
111 ta.io 1.0 :, XI bit ii i het e that would . not !Re
the whigs who opposed these gentlemen!
i , ,,, ~ ~, , tii . 4rieni.i. C4ll NO 11111 Ch lornet!i. litelsor and
. . - -- -
his ploirrli would have lot too moil) Vc . u.i /I to re -
Nu wonder that all the blue iliiSti i Whir I The South Ward is stir: in g up another
,zaid y•tt " ; u . .i tile dollior of their 111:4';,1,111d. 1 ~, ! , only. I, o ls Ji,tsttel.:nrih,r:y. ra , r , t , I tiatmrit very t lar t r p h ro..
have any regari.l fi r tr u th or einisi . .tency,!''Kingaroo . ' among some of vie editor IS.-- :1 M e ad 01 10, llt lot! with anal, ass eyes to (lie 11,11,(.., I of•••••er Irr, rrivr. rof iltirly arid forty, ilow'; wiiloW,s
t l . i e n r i: ,
y eti:
, 1: , , , ii ,.. 0 .
~C , ,: i1. 1 1 . 1 1 !d r t::::, ,, %h i
(.. 1 . 1. /1 1 , 1 2% . g . i i r i r %pp , , re :_, l ,„, „., . I . , :t . d id li m :• , l , i; I :
n 7, i ::.: i ;I , l , :i t t i i , s e
.r halve
own bre l ' o ri ..„ l he ( 11 7 s t r i ni e n ti , r.
o e
r e i r e .- :: a .. .
are dropping off from the clique that puts The Age af.d S /II are at it. %V neffever an
I election C0M...4 otr i n th at war ,I, something earket would !A, I.,•irt'ully walled kr. .itlii t r ie " A ri I':
Ift.'" Token
forth such birefiiCej fillYt•iloodS. Every
NJW J'! t 'l.r, di! , ',:"l, rtdd dial - iiitieli can be prevented
Incric.of ~ ,,,p ',.. w nil: c ...oder ti i ,,,,,,, 1,•cs but too -
body knows the history of the haitilbill that
i her it i t ivr ',
i •
occurs tltat excites e.t I, , lan in r I ~,,i , 1 , ) ,
~,, 1 ,,,, :
a, Eur
should and ill, ;0,4 and rei tam sir knew, and by roinisiing N lwo. in Ili . init.et, with a igu•nl d.n.e of Eranilreth's Ihile,
was circulated by the atitienesuns its Wil• risibility.
reit am true tII. I • •-r tr,aly stipuli.tioris. certspily Tip, 1., ;a cod, wi ti itiolesoo o d to lie iio by toh - ands Or
not enterod into witti.,te all eVe I i Their oWil in- our Hirer. rid • 1 , 116 . r I k •to
kins and other strong antim•aslnic districts. • r i
i ,' ,lii morionz pipers of' yesterlay were tereste, and which wirold 00 e - ertdinly be aban.lon r
_ reel,' :1,111 ,Uil ly ' r In/re ithy "e r . U i r.. td:l r d r i i, C7l.fe a .. 7 . ile p r u e r ls e
- kiod to' iorkor . sii that it does nut exert a . Cul'
ii i t i 1 i. ,, ,, , , , ,., 0
w i nt ~,,I.ouid b ut be chant in: .0 , .,...... f ... ,. r i n nv i ii l up . ni. I hitt. by the ir Power il restsliil
leaders l" the c ity did ❑th't V"te l'im a" .!' ' "i. beries Were tate:my—the Ave had two or l i h n e their
unc e r t t l at:t c y l
vsletive action for Pi" a ell. or , , cure loe.tstes sroxli pox. worms and
a;I cimilgruusretert. There is not a medicine in the
the candidates on the ticket except N th ree, th e sun 0,,,, a„,l w e lud ai d . nost. ilia bizti telteity of dancing atiendancl tr.ioii the
, world •st.. ah'e lit Mit ill , the mats of hlOuil and
political 'novel) sots of •
every for , 1,7 n enurt. The
B Craig. Yt-t while he is fully a' t . „, 0.
la healthy conditio-. air; the drell, Cilia
A meniu•als rie , y!i! A' , ll pals , l•iii,..: ere ;bey eillls.2nt The Er . andrioli PO . .ire Purelv vegetable: and so in
ware that these feels are known to the - .
to poteli a c'i inze oral i‘ter-, however dep;erabl e • horot,t 111,1 III , " I , l:itlt 01 a 1 1 , 0111 i u , .1 may use them if
The Boat I? , icc• —A cot resdorident 11l .: „.. .! r r , present 11:•.priliiciiii sYsteiti, .tc,: /r 111111; to AI, nirdicid e 0 r , ,,,,,,,, L nor oiliy with safrly but with a cer
plblie, the editor of the ( .4a7, - ..tte his the of
thc Chroltt lets l'hon al the r dsl'i" ~,,e„".,t,'2„r-',.:,",14:,,a:,:i-thr,'„l N.:ri,,V4 ill
. t"'',l 7 "."' the
tin:,',ll,',"„i',:.'''F',..7l3.i :e",tlfi:ati"ie!1:11":1::•11:;:":Ilhichae"c"ri':;eic!'irl
frontry to make the same sours of con,luct
.., ~, , ..
( . ' luli for backing out. Tire I.' asiiiii9 mcm- ~ , : itau,fi 1,4 Nail al:
~/ le Eif yr , ;yr ,) i4.,-, w•iuLl i1,'hir,f,:,.':,1;Nii::::::iiii:;,.:u.',1,.',..:,.,:!1.r.,3::h.‘ i:} 1.:!;1:1,"1fi1,,i,.710",ce
on the part of the whir, a grevious ofFritcr!
[tor 4 Viltit.tirld 1.1141. lilt, Ili ilr'e W:l9 tt“ ) a hor 1, : . : . i a ' : .. i t
„ivil,t'er:•,,,ri.:!t.•:!,•a,;aua•ji:jvcrr.;:,•,,it,:e„,,,- t;; ‘ , : ,, ,i
Oh! impudence, thy name is blue nosc! '
t.I. ~,f or Br a orb, tA's Trtcruai itene
W e do not make these remarks for • the I and
hi '''' mernbef s e intert,l f hat Ilk, rr.itic:,.. arid E ,, r1.A.,1, for ii.siaiii:r, hi ici n!....,.1 at '1;:•'1.•,:1*':1":1.11::'1Vrti ii . i . iiiriiiiii iln ail esitir . iial pnirw, Or
the entire was I , fa, efoolvh We pre.ittne 1
t_1:: time cif. lig colv Ittni mof sue/i a I ecatr 'ict Wren •• w• kits•.ni •.i.i•-. ii ',.me.111,' 'O-1.'14 I . lt. (lire when
purpose of defending the w higs against
tun!: - -,
' - '
'.lit' t 7 ,,,t,,,i:.r,t, • A ~ted e timer or thoill, 1iV . 1 . .i i : ' "'" "''''''" Ho' .iiiii I:Vrry tell . d . lr 'Of lio.ken. ' it should
11 i lA.:
that, like mos! ,I soot . e s .rf t he. k:111. (key !brio in new did; •.:14..r., h.. rr ,, 1 • 1 , 1,: hr•W 1•1!,.r,2,!,, !". ""S'l ".'.l'
h"l."''' "I
charges made by the anti tiascos, for '
9 ...,, T...“ .1' Oeran t •e Br..lmiret 4 P,ll.l,—ii .nike
were both a little I I grit aft - I a lit t:t2 wrint_t. a”ti hero re,:,,,n-i' rill *, 'wt.C•l nverdid,• c:piti ~ ' -
believe that they posses s but little mine :
Ili - p , ,, ?Inn 111. ei.ll-r iif the li-li , er ol " naiiii.74 'hp
rin'' Then look al the rerlitiraie of agenry,
woo:: e•igrac..l ihte mild he within the year, whirl'
political honor or li.mesty than their for
t Pickpockets follow in the 'fain of Mc i t.v..ir•:,. It, aril it' tii - hr ,t ..o..•it a il; . -.iti.. sli raid ,
rnerallies, but we think :he cause of truth I
ph" ... i de , ll.lnd 1 , , are y ,),,, „ r is au ..
cue, b 1,11,1 e ~, iii 411 to :: :- 1 1 . 1,4 ...:: th :14 1 r .' er . .',l satin
i ' l ' l ' : :1; C I . ':
President —scveral holt vidrills, in
requtres us to show th tt. if the whigs are , d 1 tja ,
k t k l' . 1 - I ~ , u,i, , i,.,..• if, it tie Trrevy ciaire.iche i l th i• it siliglit Ilio Nil+ are Wu:. --if .101. tli ,, i , are rl , e,
poc et- )r)CI 9MI ' rii a) 'ie, ei .1 all iiie, narellinent frini i,l'iiedl=, signx, Prioritisi Mike% 2.41 Itru,ttl way, New Yu. k.
rascals for having acted tr eacrous t y, they I eP 1 ' l'''
lute , nil fit:tic:dn., w , IIA il IVO hi till owl; 11, tile I irthe /6 '
are no more guilty than the blue nose: who! •
~,„ I : , Th,„, ' , ir, 1,/1 .1 i 11'1! !1.1%.1• I , l'.lile'l 1 1 'U, liut ' -----
practiced the same game.
~, „,.,•.),,,,..! 1., do ,i, • ~.„,; !,,, z „1. )''cur E„ .i.:l
, I , iii is . DR. - S - rA RK wE TH E -
ter, ,Wmitl , oOW - r • s• ,e,l
clench y . ..m thern,that she sends
her war •hips to overthrow their govern
ment, to orpress their citizens, and to put
in peril the rights and interests of other na ,,
FGR Pit.281D81,7,
sawed to the decision of a National Convention,
FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 1843
Appointment.—.We underbland that
WILLIAM KARNS. Esq., has been appointed
Post Master in Allegheny city in place of
Mr R. C. Fleeson.
An adveisiseinent /vas left at Our office
yesterday by th:Executor of a certa'n es
tate .
in Westmoreland county, with a note
conveying the pleasant information that by ....
coming the notice 'we can serve orphans
and the purposes of humanity.' No one r
would be more delighted to serve 'orphans
and the purposes of humanity' than
selves, but as this is a case in which the I'
orphans appear to be better ab!e to help
us than we are to help them , in as much ! i
June 12, 1843
Sin:—.l have already Fuld thatolthou g h ue wil
as they are the owners of a fin© estate, we
r ling to give you any creett for orieinelity in the
i conception of your prepo•ed Treaty Compromise
think the 'purposes of humanity' would be !Lel
c e s t s i 1 0 1
des,rep.igr ~ : i d
, lt ii n u o u e , .. , • e lt u 'd u g u e i , n that
n, so
u fur l as
better served if they would pay us for the ! gation are concerned, you are entitled to all the
insertion of their advertisement. If the! glory, ee equivocal an honor may briug yen. The
Executor will favor us with a call we think des:go is a bold one, because it i. at war with all
we can convince him that our hearts are our preconceived notion s with regard to the tru:
not as bird as steel,but then we do not like
I extent of the treaty 11l ,king power.
'Pie deeign
to 'work for nothing andfind ourselves, i fr om yo u , t, who m honesty either of purpose or
particularly when those whd would rep i intention would be a novelty in the history of your
ceive the benefit of our labor, are better 1 political l car t ee rt r e , o q . I .i h i
e t e
t unexpected on t (°, :t t t this a in o
a l t a te n d u a y ,
able to pay than we are to toil gratuitously, I Y . " . 9 i •
the same
i picrous moment, at this very time when same
doctrine, adveceted and sustained by all the pow.
er arid talent of Sir Robert Peel, is about to ex
plode, and when those Etiropee n re:i.e.:The e who
had been iii :Fe. ;Irwine in lb serneg:e for the sup
port and erealion of .1 sender p ere:, are repidiy
and wit) cenfueiou receding from their position. PITTSBURGH NIA RICE I'.
That at midi a moment you should raise you r h!..port,:q fi r Mr , Ifornin, 7 Poyi by has
voice in favor of a Taeijr Teeute, and declare VIZ 1017 Morrerec, June 16, 1843.
yourself the champion of a policy on this side of Our Rivers. hke our bueines have cmitinued
the Atlantic, which was met with such signal de. well, and iii goue order u 7 Li thia time, and al.
feat on the other, is indeed strange. It is a tru- thou g h falling gradually, are still high enough
ly bold stroke in politics, for which no party was fin. most elusse3 of boats, end an excellent and
prepared.and the forthemni ug a whicle was (trimly lively business continues on the Monongahela,
she lowed forth by vague eurrnlses, retained iii Ohio and Allegheny, arid on the Penasylvania
your official journois only a few days p •vious to Canal.
your withdrawal from the Cabinet. Whet - this W e have been in all the beeiness depertmente
was intended as a feeler to elicitef possible, before and find still a go od deal selling amongst the
a more open avowal should be made, some expres- wholesale stores soil menu fare urers; and our Pitts.
,yion of public: opinio n , you of course know beet, hureeli menufacturers having, reduced their ;pods
and jedgine, (as e e are at liberty to do,) from op- to tlic lowest prices, find reedy sale for all they
pearanees, lam inelin el to think that such was matte; and our cotton, e bite lend and iron and
the case, but like many other movements in which nail manufacturer s can seared; supply their daily
you have been nageged in weaving the web of orders, withouta little delay
ileeeptien,yo ur finess e will re co il upon in creasing yourself:Fleur—Selle readily from bears and wagons at
Your sagacity and knowledge of the pepohir 93,75 a 3,873 and from stores 94 a 94' 3 5 per bbl.
wiqlies convinced you that the present Tariff Bill , Ashes—Scorchirig s 3 at 4 inos; efts, dull al
was odious alike to men of all parties. You can- 4, Pearls 43 aSc per lb.
not surely have si soon forgotte n the paternity of ; 44,,Cottott Yarn—wholes a l e at the Cotton facet).
this Bit', yeti e--annul have forgotten that Li you ries and warehous es 140 No 5 a l'e and all high.
we arc indebted for its exestence, and diet its hot e r Nos be pr lb advance.
bed gruth was cherished by the Lowell interest t;roceries—Skeks large, good, aril cheap.
and influence, summoned to Washin g to.l at your Celfee, in lots by the bag Bto lUe pr lb, accord
request to dictate a tariff to th e Ame r i can people , ing. to quality. N 0 Sugar from 6a 61 in blids
The Committee Boom of the Lower House could By the bbl 61 a7c pr lb, sale of 20 lihds, good,
reveal the di.igraceftil secret of its birtlebut du riot ut Gc lb, epecie, Melasses: sales in lets 25c pr
suppose that the public can long remain in igno • ge n e ,.
ranee of your share in ite formatter]. ‘Vhat has Produce—Baco n is lookin g up and held about
gimee happened, escaped you at the time, but you be advance. Sales of good country hog round 33
n w see that front its evident sectional bearing it a 4, arid city cured 4 a 43e lb. Hems 5 a Ge ;
will be unable to sun ive the uncumpromishrg flitches 4 sliculders, 33 a .31. Lard 5/ a 6e,
scrutiny of the ne x t Con gress . You must, then, fresh roll butter in bble, G, a 7e. pr !b.
desert it and leave it to its fate, but unwilling to Iron—Sales of b ar iron and nails good: blooms
offend Win powerful interest in your own State,you 915 a $47, one small lot sold for $5O cash.
are Win
to an alternative, whwhilst it 8 " 48 Pig Metal—sales s'2o a $22, a small lot of
the desperate situation of your political creed, in- choice sold a $27 Ohio hinds.
dicates the extremity to which you have been dris Load—Sales of pig a 3 a 31. White lead,
yen. - I -have-ellosen !hits method of explaining the sales by one Iteuio tilts week of 1000 kegs a $l.-
motives that bare actuated yon in urging the tree. 75 .
ti reidieinent, because they are sack as may bo W001..--C 1 1131/104 18;1 20; 1 1 22; 1 24; 1 26,
naturally ascribed to a man in your forlorn peat. full blood 28, and prime 30 pr lb.
The following Post Office joke was'
started in our paper several months since,
and after travelling over the union, it re.-
turns with several addiiiins,rnade by sonic
odd it encountered during its rambles.
A correspondent sends it to us with an ad.
dilional verse, and an,we presume from the
scriptural allusion contained in his "Ad— l
denda,"ll , , wishes the joke to take a more
serious turn, we give it another start in our
LT' was a Liter recaired at Ihe
burgh Post 0.11:x, a few days ago, directed as fol
'3WIrl U. , (1111 111111 pursue your route,
Nor stop 11-Jr stay tl , t any,
Uutil you rear: l ) Ntivs Ca , lierinc Trout,
In Pittsbin unsy Ivaai a.'
The witty clerk in the P. 0. adds a P. S.
Miss Catherine Trout,
Soon came about,
And fished this runny letter out.--pitta Pon.
And we wil! fin-ish the story:
Thus pretty Trou t as we opine,
Is caught by him whu ((rapped that Y.
A ttrora.
And we will add-the following for post bcripturn
If that line eateheA the pretty :Visa Trou I,
She'll prove a gudgeon, or mayhap a pout,
'The hook is placed so heedlessly,
That any fish the hub can see.'—Doslo n pope]
tuinisfer will give at an Addenda.
I'll cast my net on the other side
And wait till Op return of tide,
To catch Miss Trout and many more
And land them on Canan's happy shore.
ice First Face:
Actor Dead.—Mr.C.ine, of the Chatham
theatre, New York, died in that city on
Friday night. lie was weU him Nit in
Hal timore.
Later accounts front Havau +, induce the
belief that there was sonic et ror about the
report that an insurrection had taken place
in the Island of Cuba.
f Fur the Post
To lion. Weli•ster.
- • Vizi ~yqur
Milt tli
yJur Clic a. lei V:
It r.:113114:1: ul uid te Lral !'veltrig.
1)k:110( I ti...
Commercial Nellie%
-1111 r
_llf I Z,e•
7 fee( wicci in th r channel.
.11 ttuar. ttiarkel thus (''! ore it,twitted
Sartty GUard.
, ried by Sileiibb Mirt: (leiieral
N. :3, .11 itliet street.
A IZ I; I)
Weq Gi aee,
Niir,li (4,1,•en. McLain, Wells% ille,
ThuilipsUll, Zanesville,
A ciickburti, Lirownsvire,
'.llr,higan. Biiier, 11.4ver,
I.)F. D.
•cierefund, PAR.TBeE
'Michigan. Hoicq, Heaver
Stvilisiire, Biker, ('in.
3)0113, 11,tvinan,
North Q tort, NieCiiiiit Wellsville,
13 iinonf , Poe, IVlleeing,
1)uvall, Marlette.
goat James nos+ Nag .totil
, t .Itl , :tion t') J.P. Stualt for 1)00 dollars
X l . lll+ uC!y Caa , of Liver Complaint of :25 !war: 4tondtap...
rertlly Hilt foritwenty five years I
af •
i flirted will) pain in my tx lib It was frequeully
V , rl: :I, 10 ero trely ineapacii ate me from tabor. I hove l
been tinder the care and I realment of various physlela
Withorit pi,rnoineni benefit. !fearing of Ilte many
i elites effected by the lt , patir Elixir prepared by Or.
ritark weather. I war imzive it a lrlal, and am
happy to :43y that a Im-ienitrely removed. I Aare fell
r Re syntronts of it fee more tAui a gun'. pan.
Norttibliitoi. /Ai"' .ft). 1331 A 1108 WHITE.
Tor;emilite to be hail at TUTTLE'S Medical Agency,
86 Fourth street.
lis a-k
~Vo. 99 !rood street,
rill ERNA N JONES are reeeiv:nz constantly fresh
, mpptics of seasonable Dry Goods which they will
c to dispose of at essfern prices,Wlth the addition
ore:lmage, for cash, par 'nosey.
Every merchant makinz purchases in the city with
usoripy,la respectfully invited to 4 all and examine our
mods, and ibe changes are ten to one against him that
by will not eunsider his lime and lalmr lost.
adonle this system Irani a eonvicli ot that it
mud be to the advantaze of the pis:chaser, we trust It
may receive a Ali , trial, and be judjed accordingly.
June 16-41 tit
4 LI, perP.ons indebted to the estate of Joseph Porter,
IL late of Robinson townalito. Allegheny County,dre'd,
are requested to make Immediate payment to ilie under
signed;l and all rrer-mns haying claims against said estate
Ivall please present them properly nuthemicaled for ad-
J.w mem.
June 15--Gt* ISII.I, GRIIInEN,
'llO the Honorable the Judges of the Com t of Cetteral
Quarter Se , lonei of Peace In and for Allegheny,
The petition of Matthias Wilhelm, of the sth. Ward of
the city of Pittsbur g h In the county aforesaid, humbly
bliewolt, That your petitioner !lath provided himself
with materials for the a:comunodatron of travelers and
others at his dwelling house In the city and ward afore
said, and prays that your honors will grant him a license
to keep a public !mis of entertainment. And your pe
titiotter as in duty bound, will pray.
We the Atibacribers, citizens of the Fifth Ward,
city oiPitisblirgli, do certify that the above petitione r is
of go d d o repute for honesty and temperance. and Is well
with hou , e room and coueentencies to. the at.-
com modation and lodging of st rangers and travelers, and
that said tavern is necessary.
Jos Gosling. Anthony Pfrangle, R. L. Agnew,
Bernard iluerkle, John Kearney, Jacob Hoek,
Gco Porter. Illott Einstev, R. J. Hugh,
Joseph Snyder, IVilhelni Sohmidl, 51, Forster.
j , Jne 12,
incfi highest Market Price paid for WOOL, delivered
A. to the sidiscrii er, at his warehouse, ,moo, 100 /.iocsty
strcec, opposite the foot of St b.
All kinds of Groceries, and Pittsbur2ll Manufactures,
Myers on hand, and will lie sold low fol. CASII;
3000 yards 40 inch Ilth laps,
June 12—wit
rumNiTtrali WAILE ROOM S .
:Jr t he old stand of YOUNG 4- IIeCURD Y • No. 43
Second, between Wood and Nark et streets.
R EST EC 'TULLY Informs the friends of the late firm
and the public generally, that he Is prepared to
fill all orders foreatinet Work, of any kind, with all
poasible despatch, and warranted to be equal to any In
the city
Every attention will be paid to furnishing coPriss
4c. when requlrcd. Jane 10, 1843.
For tAtis - klornicir at.
Truh by times is galling it'
In reply to an article that appontrsid in
the "Morning Chronicle;" without s name,
passing some remarks ou a school bill
headed "Select School:"
The wretched man, when he had seen the truth,
Which brought conviction to his hcart,and shame,
Well knows his lectures are corruptin g youth—
The brainless pedant who denies his name.
The wandering outcast, dare ho show his feco,
I'll trace his actions to his own disgrace.
June 16.
ne eastern papers are complaining of
the barrenness ofnews.
Suction %.,,.,ales.
A Ur,' TION.
ON Friday, (thi , morning) at 10 o'c;ock a. m., a large
lot of Dry Goods,all fresh and consignee direct from
the importers and manufacturers.
2.0 boxes Malaga Raisins
6 bones Cavendish and Plug Tobacco,
8-10. 9-1:2, 10-12, and 10-14 Window Glass.
o.lelli day Clock, and a variety of new and second
hand furniture.
Ar 81 o'clock in the evening one superior patent lever
double cane :silver Watch. S. FA EINE:STOCK 4 , CO.
j.ine 16. Anc'rs, corner of sth and Wood.
woo L.
Corner t'ecil's Alley 4- Llheny
T H E - A
T E .
Third appearance of Mr A. W . BL ACK
Three pieces on the same Evening
Thin &ening; will be pr rfcrnicd the
Aficr which
Doors open at 7 o'clock, Performance to coat
mence at Leif past 7
Lower Boxes, 50 cents I Second Tier, 371 coup'
Pit. 25 a Gallery 124 cot,
WE are authorised to state that JANI4I A xotaahm will
he a candidate for County Commissioner, subject 10 the
derision of the Democratic Convention,
june 16.
7's tke Voters of drregkcwy County: -1 respertfisilyet.
fer myself to your consideration us a candidate (isdelppp.
dent of portico) for t lie office of PROTHONOTARY of
Allegheny county, at the ensuing election. Au I Jovial
come before yeti recommended by a Concretion, thercius
you to whom I am not personally known will Oudot ex
amine Into my qualifications, kr.; and ifso fortunate at
to obtain a majority o r your suffrages, I shall 'plateau:or
by strict at ent ion to :lie dttllesoflheoffice.tosatisfy pelf
‘,,,“1, your choice.
may 10 —tE• 01 Pittsburgh:
A T the solicitation of a number of friends of all poi
ttical partiee, I respectfully offer myself to the to*.
elder/Won of my fettow•cittsens tor the odice el Comity
Commissioner. That in y a entimrnts nay not be Wren.
derstood, either as to political or private affairs. 1 mate
free to say that I have been alt my life a ronsistent
publiean, in the true sense °film word. I AP the calmly
is somewhat embarmssed in its financial affairs, and the
reduction of salaries of public officers has received the
approbation of large majorities ofthe penple, tae under
signed would not sheuld he he so fortunate as to 1m eiee•
led, in any mariner at tempt in resit this 1,3 hoary re
form; should it reach the office of County Crourniasiotter.
ape 6: SA MUEL 1 MILKY.
Clcir the teurse fee the Vtlirtitettre.
W I 1.1.1 > B. FOSTER, Esq. or Altrzhany cilywit
lie a candidate. for the office of Pnithottotary.orAllesttetty
county, the October Pied i 01). jests .4.
rzcF•pcf:Trtyr.Ly ro.usent myself 10 the ettteenittief
Alle:heny county . as a candidate for the Shrtinlinr.
sillject in t he arlinn of the Demi:lei:tile Conventioiyiniell
me, ts onthe 3Urh of A tignst next
June 9 —.l,ll•Wle. EIJI tR TnoviLLe.
DUZLEHNG LOTS. on (land street. between 'Ann
he Si., and Duquesne wat, rittsbutgit, a kAllcLiOs "kr
out reerve.
The above Lois will be act'id on the p:eallsen,on Smut.
,lay. June 24,sale. al 3 o'clock, P. M. —Tennis made know* at
jUne 15
A uction.
~F.IIIX.E: TOCK Cu Suecesgot I. Alio
• • OW stand corner 01'5 , 6 and W09d1114.:
having ehniplied with the requishions of the new Aue•
lion Law. 're prepared to Drake advances OR CROIVII.
meet, n ltd to sell or, fa•orahie terms. They homely
r.roleete ; le :iialce ren , lv sales and prompt returesiio
rteeive a fair portio n of hiwinese.
Pittsburgh, Aprll Ist 180
In refit*); from Auction tnsisegs. 1 takagtst:
pleasure r econa in endi rir to the nuMic Messrs. SallMte.
Fahnestork k C0...wh0 have cornp•led with lb. require
ment,' of the new Auction Law and wilt do linstrweit
my oid stand. al
J. B. GUTillitg.
aprit 31243.
Now is the tune of year for persons attacked aild%
ermails, heumat ism, Gout, 4-e, 4.c. —To those
afflict/41,a speedy cure enn lie effected by using
PEdISE'S 110.4RH0 LIND catarDr,
which is allowed by all who have used it to be the koit
remedy ever offered for Confles and Colds,and
aanoutward remedy, with the ,
an Inward upp:lcal ion, is a eertais and positive cart for
the Rheumatism. Gout, Contracted Cords and Lignite.--
No one need suffer front these diseases if they wain use
the above medic Ines. The cenuine lobe had only
, Druleisis and Country merchants will be supp
New Yenta pries.B6 Fou rth St lied "It
(i,: ,, 3 I,oEiimed ,B.v°llLheESilerl'r.eXt:rLy°o6ll°ifiNeSNaZhtetionmallailhie X
Perimental trials of such invention; and plans, deatzned
to prevent the explosion ofsteam Softest, and collator
flue?, as they may deem worthy of examination,*
quest that those persons who have apparatus to present
fur trial, will forward them to the Navy Yardost Was*.
'flagon, without delay, as the hoard will be preparedlo
proceed with the experimental trials by the 15th lust,
The instruments sent must be on a practical scale, and be
ready to be attache? to their boilers; that which boa been
prepared for the experiments ie twenty feet limy, three
feet in diameter, and has two twelve inch flues passing
through it.
Navy Yurd ,Wasitinglon . June 3 1843. Dunel3,3ll.
TE undersigned, agents for the above eelebratid
sortment stamp of Steel, will alst ways keep on hand as as
of 1 he same, consiing in
Best Refined Cast Steel, equated, dat,round and Octagolt,
do do do do axe temper,
Guts do do do for nail cutters,
Best do Double and Single Shear Steel,
En. 71611 Blister, German, Granite. Wedge and Crawicy
Steel, at wholesale, by the case, or in smaller lots to tett
June 24—d3m4-w6m.• Foot of R 4. CA,
Wood — ----
Warranted equal to an note before
Public. y
0::7-...co family of tit or will he without it after a lrial,ce
Ille.xers Shinn Last Pelestize, Jmne 29th, 1840. -
and Selle-e.--Genten:—You
recollect that when I was in Pittsburgh /eni
April last,l
purchased ofyorta dozen of your Vartnifuge. To ten
ha virtue, (rifler having used without effect the A inellear4w.
Worm Specitle, and winie that Is made in year city by
ealiiiestock, and said "never to have /ailed In a single
lamaece,r) 1 gave it to one of my children who had
been compiainlng for 0 long time. and tam happy la 01,
form you, that it brought away a large quantity a
worms, and that my child is now enjoying good health.
I have also disposed of one or two vials, and the per.
sons who got tlicui slate that it produced the happiest
Believing it Is equal if not superior to any Vermifuge
before the public, l ant your friend, AND. CRAIG.
Front James .4, BArtraxi„ City Treasurer.
Mr rt. •Seilers:--It Is with pleasure that I testify
to the efficacy cf the Veriniftige prepared by you. I
have found it to be the best "worm medicine'' I ever use/
for toy children, and would recommend it to the pubtli
as superior to any medicine Peed for that purpose.
Pitisburgh,May 12,1843, JAR. A. BA TGA .
Mr, R E.Sellers:- The vial of Vermifuge R
bought of
you some two or three Wielis since, 1 gave to my daugh
ter, according tO ftreetkips, and ara pressed to state that
three doses produced an a,undant discharge ofwonleat
flaying full confidence in the efficacy of your Ventag e
I h orarecommend it to the public.
Upper St. Clair tp., Allegheny Co. May 14, 1843.
Prepued ONLY and sold by R. E. Sellars. Whets, ..
sale ago /feted DruggittNo 20 Wood street, Pittsburgh ,;
k• BACKS 'Alto Feathers, (a prime arliela) oasa.
meat, cad for sale by commi
11E1.1E1'1 l' of Marl 'lle (74,ben
Singe and Dances
To Conclude with